The Shadow on the Window (1957) - full transcript

Three teenagers, led by psychopathic Jess Reber, break into an isolated farmhouse and murder its prosperous owner whose secretary, Linda Atlas, witnesses the crime. The three thugs decide ...

- What's the matter kid? You Ok?
- What's the matter cowboy? You all right?

- Is he all right?
- I don't know.

- Look, he's been crying.
- Must live around here somewhere

yeah, around here
somewhere could be anywhere.

Tell us where you live son.

- Like he don't even hear us.
- How about it young fella?

Can you tell us what's
the matter? You hurt somewhere?

- Tell me where you're hurt.
- Something is wrong with him for sure.

We're only a couple of miles from town.

Might be better if we
take him in with us, eh?

Come on son, you ride the big truck?

- What you got for 19? We just pulled in.
- 19, let me look.

We brought a lost kid in with
us, he's sick or something.

What am I supposed to do with him?

Better call the police and tell them
we found a kid wandering the highway.

Ok, here's your bill of lading.
Dock seven, two drops and then to Frisco.

- What's wrong with him?
- I don't know.

Can't get anything out of him.
When am I supposed to make Frisco?

- By midnight.
- Well, I better bail.

- See you later cowboy.
- Just stay there kid.

Yeah, it went out two days
ago, I saw them load it myself.

- Ok, I'll put a tracer on but don't say I...
- Hey amigo, watch your step.

Hey Kid.

Look, the only other place
it could be is Denver.

Come right over
here Sonny. Alright, here we go.

Oh, hi there.

- What he do? Escape the death house?
- Stole city hall.

Here's the kid we radio in about sergeant.

Hi, young fella.

- What's his name?
- Can't get a peep out of him.

I think he's scared, here feel his hand.

What's your name Sonny?

Sure you don't want it?
First time an ice cream cone didn't work.

- Deaf mute?
- No, he can hear.

When there's a noise back of him he jumps a
little but he doesn't talk, won't even try.

- You're melting.
- Looks like I'm stuck with it.

You alright son?

Are you frightened of something?

Dr. Turnesa please.

- Dr. Turnesa?
- Hi Petey.

- Hi Petey.
- Sergeant Shaw.

I got a little boy in here, 6 to 7 years old.
I think you ought to take a look at him,

I'll send him over.

- Oh Paul, you know this kid?
- I thought he looked familiar.

- Hey Petey, hey Petey.
- District car brought him in, lost child.

Looks Tony Atlas' kid.
Hey boy, where's your mother?

What's the matter boy, eh?
Where's your mother?

Cute little guy.
Just sits there and won't say a word.

- Tony Atlas, I know him?
- Yeah, used to work with him in homicide.

He's down in central now.


Petey, where's your mother?

- I better get Tony.
- How it go Tony?

The jury is got it now,
be lucky if he gets less than 10.

If he doesn't get 20,
the jury should be sent up.

- Hey Tony.
- Hey Paul, how are you?

- You looking great.
- What brings you downtown?

- I just thought I'd drop down and see you.
- What's up?

Seen Linda lately?

- Week ago when I picked up Petey.
- You talked to her since?

What are you? A marriage counselor?

No, nothing like that.
It's Petey, he was down at the station.

Oh, what's he doing down there?

Was picked up lost. One
of our men brought him in.

What happened?

We don't know what happened.
He's not hurt, he's just sort of in a daze.

Where's he now?

Down at Georgia street, the doc is looking...

- You told me he wasn't hurt.
- There were no injuries.

- How long goes since picked up?
- About two hours ago.

- Two hours? What about Linda?
- Tony...

I already called Linda, there's no answer.

- She hasn't called in?
- Nobody is called in.

- Take me to Petey.
- Right.

Hi Petey, they tell me you got yourself lost.

Petey, it's me, your dad.

Everything is going to be all right son.

- He doesn't even know me, what's wrong?
- Well, we can't be certain.

That's why I asked Dr.
Hodges to have a look at him.

Sergeant Atlas, Dr. Hodges,
staff psychiatrist, general hospital.

Your boy is suffering from shock of some
kind, he can hear but he can't connect.

Something happened...

probably something he saw was
too big a burden for his mind to carry.


where's your mother?


where were you when you left her?

Where was he found?

12th and Central, was standing on the corner,

some guy noticed there was something
wrong with him and he called us.

Did you check the guy?

Yeah, he don't know anything,
just passing by, checked out.

- Where could she be?
- Tony, is she been working lately?

She's been doing a little secretarial
work since we separated, just odds jobs.

Then maybe she left the kid,

She wouldn't let that kid out
of her sight for 10 minutes.

This is Tony Atlas, send a car over to my
place, 3350 Westwood terrace, Apartment 5.

I think there's something
wrong there, break in if you have to.

I'm at Georgia street, get right back to me.

Petey, you got to do something for me.

Just a little thing.

Where did you go today? You and mommy.

Tell me where you went Petey.

Come on, you can tell me if you try.

Come on Petey, tell me where you went...

- and what you did.
- Sergeant...

- Shouldn't he come out of it for me?
- There are no rules, I'd hoped he might.

Look, don't be
offended by anything I ask you...

but you know the boy, you can
help me know him better.

- Sure, anything you say.
- Is he been healthy mentally?

Good as any, better than most, I guess.

- Any serious illnesses?
- Kid's stuff, mumps, measles.

Sensitive nature?

Sensitive? I guess you'd
call him that, no sissy though.

You said you and your wife
were separated sergeant?

- Yes.
- What caused the separation?

Little things, I really don't know.

Was there much arguing, you
know shouting, in front of the boy?

Oh, nothing big.

I guess when there was,
he was in on some of it.

Look doc, I know what you're driving at
but it wasn't that kind of a split-up.

They were silly things,
I don't even know now.

- How long you've been separated?
- About eight weeks.

That's a long time in his life.

I'm with him every chance
I get, my days off, weekends.

I guess that isn't
living with him though, is it?

Yeah, I'll take it.

9 o'clock, hold it.

They checked the apartment,
empty and no sign of trouble.

Landlady said Linda left with Petey
at nine this morning on a job.

Doesn't know where.

Tell them to send out a description.

Age 27, height 5' 3, brown hair, blue eyes.

That's it, I don't know what she was wearing.

Linda Atlas, age 27, height
5' 3, brown hair, blue eyes.

Check everything.

- Petey, where's Petey?
- Who's Petey?

My little boy.

What little boy? There was no
kid around here, where was he?

Where was he?

There wasn't any little boy.
There was, I would've seen him.

Joey, maybe she's lying
and maybe she isn't lying.

Either way we got to get rid of her.

Nobody is going to hurt
her, we've done enough.

Oh, what do you have to do?
Paint this guy a mural?

Yeah, yeah, you could do it.

- You're the kind who could do it.
- You bet I could do it, I could do.

I could do just
about anything to save my skin.

- We've all got to save our skins Joey.
- Don't you try anything Gil.

Because that'll make you just like
Jess, you'll get what he gets.

- Just touch her, either one of you.
- Will you talk to him?

Will you talk to him before I go nuts?

Listen to me boy, the cops
got my picture downtown.

We let her go, five minutes later
she'll pick me out of the mug book.

And I'm not going to
that gas chamber alone, not alone.

If I got to go because your buddy
over there is got rocks in his head...

you going to go with me.
So you better talk to him.

Joey, we got to be smart about this Joey.

What kind of smart Gil?
Jess is kind of smart?

Nobody is going to hurt her no matter what.

Joey, we weren't going to
hurt anybody, you and me.

Was just an old man and he was living alone.

Unarmed robbery.

Now who's going to figure
that he's going to hire a secretary?

Only he did Joey, now we're in trouble.

- We've never gotten into trouble before.
- Well, you're in trouble now.

There ain't none bigger.

Listen Joey, we got to get rid of her.

You couldn't do that Gil,
think of what it would be like.

You know what you have to do?

You've to put your hands
around her neck and choke her.

Or maybe, or maybe pick
up something and hit her.

I couldn't do that, you
couldn't do it either Gil.

What's the difference, man and woman?

Just do like you did to
the old man, that's all.

Well, you know what you did, don't you?

You beat his brains out, that's what you did.

I didn't want to do that.

Oh, brother, why did I ever
get mixed up with you two punks?

For more than 6,000
dollars a piece, that's why.

Now the only reason we
took you in in the first place is...

because you said you could open up the safe.

- Well, I got it open, didn't I?
- Sure, with a sledgehammer, afterward.

Didn't need you for that.

Oh, I wish I didn't have
any of it, I wish I was out of here.

If you were smart, you'd all
be out of here, all three of you.

You got the money you came for,
why don't you take it and go?

Hear lady, you want to call
the cops now or wait till we go?

Joey me buddy, listen to me, we've been
pals for a long time now, haven't we?

Now, never once have I steered
you wrong, ain't that right, now come on.

- No.
- Ok, you got to listen to me now.

I don't like this any
more than you do, you know that.

- Now if I change it's not because...
- You couldn't change.

Everything is changed Joey...

take my word for it.

Gil, you're smart, you
could figure a way out.

- There ain't any other way.
- Ok, then we stay here.

Till somebody figures out
something, we stay right here.

Yeah, I'm going upstairs, take a look around.

I'll think of something lady, believe me.

The sodium pentothal will
take effect in just a few seconds.

The boy will be in a state
of what we call twilight sleep.

He'll talk?

- In a few moments he'll open his eyes.
- Will he recognize me?

It'll be better if he
didn't, so don't say anything.

But he'll talk, may tell us everything.

May tell us only part
of it, may tell us nothing.


You have any special pet name
that you and his mother use?

No, we just call him Petey.

- Hello Petey.
- Hello.

Say, I bet you had a big time this
morning when you got up, didn't you?

Try hard to remember.

Now, your mommy had some work
to do and you went along with her.

Where you go then Petey?

Got in the car, I always liked that.

- And you rode?
- And we rode.

Good, it was a fine day for
a ride, where you go Petey?

We went to a house, a big house.

A big house, where was it Petey?

There was a man there,
he was talking to mommy.

Good, now can you tell me where it was Petey?

The man said I could go
out and play and I did.

- Good, you played and then?
- And then I heard mommy.

- And I ran.
- Yes Petey, you ran?

And I looked in the window.

That's all he can give us
now, he'll sleep for a while.

When he comes out of it, he may talk.
There's not much chance though.

Nothing upstairs, lady's purse.

Please, could I have a glass of water?

Oh sure Joey boy,

get your girlfriends glass of water now.

Maybe she'll give you a little
kiss if you treat her real nice.

- You're rotten, you know that, just rotten.
- Excuse me all the pieces.

Go on, just keep it up.

Sure, I'll get you water.

Don't try anything.

No, don't, this guy goes
crazy, he could kill the both of us.

You saw what happened to the old man.

You know, if anybody ever told
me I hit a lady like I done to you...

I would've told him he was
nuts, I'm not the kind to do that.

And so, maybe the lady fell down stairs.

Gil, tell him to shut up.
I had all I'm taking from him.

You can't blame him Joey.

- Look at the mess we're in.
- Then let him figure something out.

Take my car, the keys are in my purse.

In an hour you could be
60 miles away from here.

In an hour we could be in the can
when you blow the whistle on us.

- We could tie her up real tight.
- - No, no, forget that.

- We could be over the border by dark.
- Look at her.

Will you look at her?

Can't you see what she's trying to do?

Oh, you're just dying to get
us in that car, aren't you?

Somebody report you missing and the...

first thing they going
to start looking for is that car.

I thought that was the old man's car.

You get it under cover.

Meanwhile think about how many other things
there are that we don't know about her.

He's coming for the house Joey, watch her.

You think the guy saw her?

You don't have to answer the door.

- What about them?
- Don't worry, I'll take care of them.

One sound out of you and it'll be the last.

Now Joey, you understand that, don't you?

One sound out of her and we're
cooked, so you know what you got to do.

- Yeah?
- Canfield home?

Why, what do you want?

Got some bad news for him, 10 cents
due on this, it's going to break his heart.

- Oh, that's Ok, I'll take it.
- - You working here?

Yeah, I'm just helping out around
the place for a couple of days.

I'd like to break to tell him myself.

Well, he's resting right now,
I don't think he wants to be bothered.

Oh, it's too bad, I'd
like to see his face fall.

- A dime, eh?
- Yeap, 10 cents.

- Ok.
- You probably have to wrestle him for it.

How many times we going to be that lucky?

How many times Joey, it's up to you.

We don't know much, my
little boy Petey is in shock.

Something scared him, something he saw.

Whatever it was, it was big.

And Linda, his mother is missing.

How long?

Half a day, maybe longer.

Somebody is holding her,
they can't hold her forever.

What is the doctor say about the boy?

He says not to count on
him, not right now anyway.

Petey was picked up at twelfth and central.

Stuart, I want you to
shake that neighborhood.

Take it apart, somebody might remember him.

A little guy like that wandering alone.

- What about pictures?
- Check the print shop, they should be ready.

Both the boy and his mother.


How about starting with what the boy saw?

If was big enough to throw him
into shock, should've been reported.

I think Linda stumbled into something,
inside, under a roof, out of sight.

Or in a car.

Did she drive a car?

There's a tracer on
the car nothing is turned up.

Since we separated, Linda
is worked as a public stenographer.

Ran an open ad in classifieds.

She went out in a job,
there's no way of telling where.

Could be a psycho, boy's mother involved...

they work that way sometimes, answering ad.

We got to figure it.

I got a long list of the kind that
operate that way, I'll round them up.

Some things we ought to know
Tony, what about personal habits?

Was she a drinker for instance?

She take a drink, that's about all.

- What about boyfriends?
- None as far as I know.

Was she depressed, moody?

Things are a little mixed up now but
she's not the type to go off the deep end.

Well, could she have gone shopping with him?

Those supermarkets are
murder, maybe a department store.

If Petey was missing this long, she'd call.

If she could have.

How they get separated? If the boy
saw something, how did he get away?

- Why would they let him?
- It happened.

Cap, let's hold off on
radio and TV for a while.

Who's ever holding Linda,
let's not frighten them into anything.

- Where you want in on this?
- At the apartment.

She might've kept a record
of some of the places she worked.

Paul and I will go and take a quick look.

Here are the prints of
the boy, want to check them?

- Alright?
- Fine.

Good, I'll get them out.

Funny, I've, I've never
seen the place empty before.

Paul check the desk over there, will you?

- Hello?
- Louise?

Tony Atlas, I'm trying to locate Linda.
She's not at home and I wondered if...

She's at Disneyland Tony, she
and Petey, I talked to her this morning.

Oh, was she going anywhere else, she say?

No, oh yes, some job she had to go on first.

She was taking Petey with her.

Where was the job, she tell you that?

No, she didn't Tony and
they probably won't be back till late.

You know how it is at Disneyland.

Yeah, well thanks Louise.

She had a job first and then she
was going to take Petey to Disneyland.

Doesn't figure, he's picked
up at 12th and central.

They never made Disneyland.

If I told her, I told her a 100 times,

give me a call, tell me where you're working.

Nothing much in the desk.

Just a grocery list, letter
from Brockton, Massachusetts.

- That's from her mother.
- A couple of bills.

Start with the As,
I'm going to check the bedroom.


- Joey?
- Yeah?

What's going to happen to
you after you leave here?

I never thought much about that.

What do you think about Joey?

Yourself, ever?

Listen Joey, I know Gil is your friend
and I know he's always stuck by you.

But that was in little things,
this is a big thing Joey, this is murder.

It may cost Gil his life if he's caught.

- And he even kill you to save his own life.
- Gil?

Lady, you sure all wrong about him.

Look Joey...

if you let me go while
they're still outside and you run...

while there's time, they may never
find you for killing Mr. Canfield.

It's a chance you may never be caught.

But if anything happens to me,
you will be caught, all three of you.

And it's, there'll be no place you can run.
No place in the world you can hide.

They'll hunt you and, and
they'll never quit until they find you.

- What makes you think you're so special?
- Maybe she's a very important person.

- A big movie star or something, eh?
- I'm not the one that's special.

- My husband is a police officer.
- Oh lady, a cop's wife?

- When did you dream that one up?
- It's true.

Sure and we're the three musketeers

Joey, hey, it's all fixed,
we decided you're right.

There's no use hurting her,
we only get more trouble.

Yeah, that's right,
look, we'll do it your way.

When, when we leave, we'll,
we'll take her with us, that's all.

- Isn't that right Gil?
- That's the scoop buddy.

- Ok, that's more like it.
- Alright.

Now, this is the way it goes. We'll stay
here for a couple of hours till it gets dark.

We'll eat, we'll rest, then I'll get out
of here and I'll get my stepfather's car.

How's that sound to you, eh?

- Where we take her?
- We cross the border, something like that.

- No Joey, don't believe it.
- How about it buddy?

Sure Gil.

He'll get a gun, without a
gun, they're afraid of you.

- With a gun they...
- Will you shut up?

Gun is a good idea Joey, we might need one.

Yeah, we might need one.

Ok, now my stepfather got an army .45.

He hits the bottle as soon as he gets home.

He's out cold by
10 o'clock, I'll get the gun.

Then it's all settled, eh?

So, let's relax.

These pictures of the
kid, they're not working.

Six of us covered everything down the line.

There's another group covering the
whole neighborhood, nothing so far.

Well, he could've been dropped here by a car.

- That angle we can check.
- Or a bus.

- You check the buses?
- No.


we're looking for
a little boy looks like this...

wearing twin holsters,
one gun missing, see him?

No, a little boy like that
alone I'd remembered.

We don't know whether he's alone or not.

We think he might've been on
a bus sometime this morning.

No, he wasn't on this one, sorry.

Say, you might check the depot, there's
about guys 20 pushing bus on this run.


- He hasn't seen him.
- Have cap check all the drivers in this run.

Calling car 126.

- 126, Stuart.
- 126...

Central Produce Market, 11th and Alameda.

Check with the officers there,
they've got some information on the boy.

- Right, thanks.
- You drive.

This man works here sergeant,
he says he saw the boy this morning.

Yes, the boy in the picture.

- What time, do you remember?
- Before lunchtime.

11:30 perhaps, I was pushing
my truck, I almost ran him over.

Where was that?

Right here, I see him come
from the dispatchers window.



- What can I do for you?
- You saw this boy today?

Not me.

Well, he was here this
morning. 11, 11:30, maybe earlier.

Oh, I didn't get on till four.
Jim Warren is the guy you'd want to see.

Oh, where can I reach him?
You got a home number on him?

Sure, I'll call him for you.

- What's it all about?
- You'll read about it in the papers.

Bessie, Jim there?

Just a minute, there's a guy
here who wants to talk to him.

It's his wife, he ain't got home yet.

Mrs. Warren, sergeant Atlas, police.

No, no, no, no trouble.

He has some information we
need, when do you expect him?

Where do you live
Mrs. Warren? We'll be right over

1329 Sweeney street, thank you.


Corned beef, forgot to turn it off.

It's his favorite,
he knew we're having it too.

It's not like him to be
late on a corned beef night.

Is he usually come home
right after work Mrs. Warren?

Well, on his feet all day like he is, he
likes to get home, of course it is Saturday.

- Payday?
- He likes to stop off for a beer or two.

- He isn't a drinking man.
- Any particular place?

Well, there's one place, Al's
Right Spot over on Jefferson somewhere.

You wouldn't happen to know the phone number?

Well, it just so happens
he got a little late last night too.

I'll call him.

I says to him, listen, I don't
care if you do own the place.

If you going to act up to
it, do it in some other joint.

We got to keep this place respectable.

So what happens?
He fires me, he'll be all right tomorrow.

- Al's Right Sot.
- Is Jim Warren there?

Just a minute, Jim Warren here?

He ain't here lady, haven't seen him all day.

- Well baby, we're in the clear.
- He wasn't there, they haven't seen him.

I'm sorry to bothered you Mrs. Warren.
We'll keep in touch, good night.

I just don't understand it.

There isn't anything in the world
Jim likes better than corned beef.

Oh, no, no, no, no, you lay off that stuff.

Maybe the dame would like a drink,
might make her a little friendlier, eh?

Jess, when we're out of here,
you do just as you please but not now.

Hey Joey, ask your
girlfriend if she'd like a drink.

- Grow up Jess.
- Just a minute mister.

I'm grown up to your
size any day of the week.

We better answer it, you.

- How can I?
- Joey, you untie her, would you?

Oh, come on.

Now lady, whoever that is, you get
rid of him real quick, you understand?

Joey, just like the last time.

And lady, please be smart.

- Hello?
- Is this the canfield residence?

- Yes, it is.
- Well, who is this?

I'm a stenographer, I'm
working for Mr. Canfield.

Oh, may I speak to him please?

- He's, he's not in right now.
- Well, do you know when he will be?

- He didn't say, can I take a message?
- Just have him call his niece please.

Who you talking to honey?

It's uncle Ben's night for
dinner, I just called to remind him.

Oh honey, again?

It's only once a month
and it won't be forever.

I know, it just seems that way.

What's going to happen if Mr.
Canfield doesn't call back?

Maybe she'll come over here.

Maybe she'll think something
is wrong and call the police.

If that happens, you better not be here.

You can leave right now, tie me up and leave.

Oh lady, you're always in
there thinking, aren't you?

Well, forget it, our plans are all made
and nobody is going to change them.

Nobody but possibly that
woman there on the phone.

Anybody who might drop in or the police.

Oh, you're always in there
thinking too, aren't you?

Look sarge,

I've done a lot of things but I never
got mixed up with nothing with no dame.

Especially if she's married
to a cop, I'm not that crazy sergeant.

Crazy but not that crazy.

- Anything?
- Nothing here.

- How's Petey?
- Doc says he'll be alright, not in time.

That's all I was doing.

On my way to my girl's house
for dinner and you picked me up.

Is that why you had this on you?

- So maybe they was going to ask me to carve.
- Funny.

We're racking up the
odds boss and getting nowhere.

- 10, 11 hours she's missing, not a rumble.
- We'll find her Tony.

Everybody tells him, we'll find
her and But nobody tells him how.

One guy on a bat and we're nowhere.

We're using everything we
have Tony, I only wish we had more.

We have, percentage.

You told me that a long time ago cap...

figure the percentages, work the
short odds, forget the long ones.

You should've tattooed it on my chest.

- Where you figure the short odds are?
- Look, we got a crime.

90% of all the crimes are the
work of repeaters, you told me that too.

That makes it a nine to one shot
we got a card on the guy who did this.


What kind of a crime?
What kind of a criminal?

Say it was a thief and a
robbery Linda stumbled into.

Make sense, something not reported.

Let's figure it, Petey was
seen at the Produce Market.

Let's say he was brought
here maybe by some truckers.

From out here, let's say.
Mainly citrus groves, ranches, big spreads.

That puts money in it, keeps it out of sight.

How are we going to search
an are like that? Take us a week.

We're not. Look, over here, people with
money, over here, people who'd like some.

Now, suppose someone
over here had a sizable...

amount of cash or
something valuable tucked away.

Someone working around here gets wind of it.

It's a rumor, the rumor drifts back here.

And it spreads and is picked up
by somebody with a record.

A character in that neighborhood,
a guy who knew his ground.

A stranger would've taken something obvious.

A bank or a supermarket.

We'll pull cards on every ex-con,
and every parolee in that whole area.

You picked a
neighborhood with plenty of talent.

Give me a rundown on this one.

George French, safe-man, out of prison
for eight months, been idle for six.

No job, no income.

He's been due to start
rutting around for quite a while.

- Oh, we're looking for George French.
- You police?

- We just like to talk to him.
- You're a little late.

San Francisco police picked him up yesterday.

- You his wife?
- We've been married just a week.

- Sorry to bother you.
- What else have I got to do?

Tony, if you don't talk,
you going to explode.

Now I know what people mean when they say
when you want a cop, they never around.

I feel like the cop that isn't there.

You never told me about it,
what happened between you and Linda.

I never told anybody, I guess I didn't want
anybody to know what a lunkhead I was.

I won't spread it around.

All started with a little thing, sitting
around the apartment one night, just talking.

She said she'd like to do a little
stenographic work, earn some extra money.

She even answered an ad that
day, made herself 10 bucks.

I said, kind of kidding, we don't
need 10 bucks, we got 10 bucks.

Only, she wasn't kidding, she
figured she could save the money...

and eventually, we could get
a house, backyard for Petey.

Me, big man, put my foot down.

No wife of mine was going to work to get
us a house, I'll get the house, I told her.

Big detective sergeant makes a lot of money.

All she wanted to do was
help and I wouldn't let her.

She tried to reason with
me and I wouldn't listen.

Wrapped myself up in a lot of
phony pride and walked out.

- It's a way back Tony.
- Back where?

Whoever has her, has had her
a long time, 10 to 12 hours.

Time is running out Paul.

Every cop within a hundred miles is
been called in on this, we'll find her Tony.

Oh dear god, where's Petey?


- Looking for something honey?
- No.

Maybe she's looking for the
little boy who wasn't there.

Yeah, it'd sure taken him a
long time to find a cop.

- I'll take these out in the kitchen.
- No, you won't.

You leave them right here.
And you'll sit down right over there.

Hey, it's time for me to
shove off, if I need to I'll call you.

Hey, how will we know it's you?

Oh, never mind explaining
it to him again, will you?

I'll ring once and I'll
hang up, then I'll call right back.

- How long you figure it'll take you?
- A couple of hours.

I better make sure of the phone number.

Hey, brainwave...

now, don't go stupid on
us like Joey here, will you?

All we need is for you to get
picked up with this on you.

Ok, I'll remember it.

And make sure you come back, because if
you get any wise ideas and take a powder...

and the cops don't get you, I will.

Gil don't run out on pals.

Who asked you, when I
want to talk you, I'll let you know.

- You don't talk to me like that.
- Joey, leave him, alright Joey.

You come one step closer to me, you
crazy idiot and I'll brain you so help me.

I'll scramble you worse than you are now.

Joey, Joey, listen to me, Joey.

I don't like to hurt anybody,
but he's like a rat or something.

- Thanks, I won't forget that.
- Don't you forget it.

Joey, now I'm trusting
you to watch the girl till I get back.

- No more rough stuff, eh?
- Sure Gil.

As long as he leaves me
alone, I'll leave him alone.

That's a deal, let me get out of here.

And I'll get rid of this,
nobody is going to need it.

I still think this is a crazy
notion Myra, just asking for trouble.

Maybe you right but I just had a feeling...

Remember, not a sound.

There's a light on
inside, I know he's in there.

Yeah, he's probably in
there counting his money.

Look honey, if he was in trouble,
you would've heard from him.

- Like I said, he probably went to a movie.
- But you can't be sure of that.

I'll prove it to you, let's
check the garage, come on.

- Going to see Gil.
- Don't worry about Gil, he make out.

I'm not worried
about Gil, I'm worried about me.

Now you keep your eye on her,
I'll take a look out back.

You know, it'd be nice if we
could go to a movie ourselves...

if we ever get dinner that is.

Uncle Ben's car is
here and who's car is that?

Something is wrong,
we better call the police.

Now, don't get carried
away. First, let's take a look.

Linda Atlas.

- Well, the old boy must be entertaining.
- Oh, don't be silly.

He's too old and besides
that, he's too sensible.

There ain't no age when a
man stops being a fool honey.

I still think we ought to call the police.

What you want to do? Bust in there
and spoil the old man's good time?

That's a sure way of getting
written out of his will.

Oh, come on.

Maybe you're right, we better
not get nosy, I'll call him in the morning.

That's right, now, let's go have dinner, eh?

How about that? The secret
life of uncle Ben Canfield.

Honey, you just never know.

Hey, it's Gil, open up.

Listen, there is nothing to worry about.

They've gone and
they're not going to be back.

I'll see you later.

They've gone.

Oh, when are people going
to stop ringing that doorbell.

You shouldn't be doing that.

I'm old enough, you want
to see my driver's license?

We're looking for Marty Faine.
I understand he hangs out here.

He hangs somewhere else
now, I haven't seen him for months.

- Know where?
- No, but I'm glad it's not here.

You thought I was looking for you, why?

Nothing, I ain't done
nothing since I got out.

- Where were you today?
- Well, I work till five.

I got a job in the kitchen at
the Meridian hotel, then I come here.

- I spend every night here, don't I?
- Yeah, he spends every night here.

- That's all he spends.
- See?


You know, it's Saturday night.

Well, this guy is brilliant,
he even knows what day it is.

Just thinking what I'd be doing if I was out.

I'll tell you what I'd be doing,
I'd have me a real dame.

No, not just any ordinary broad, see.
No sir, I'd have me a real dame.

- What's that for?
- It's Saturday night.

- May as well have some music.
- Oh, sure.

Little music never hurt anybody.

You going to drink that whole bottle?

The stuff is good for it.
Makes me feel real friendly.

You know Joey, I'm just like you now.

I don't want to hurt any
dames, especially this one.

What do you do on Saturday night?

Go dancing sometimes.

- Like tonight?
- You lay off Jess.

Now, take it easy Joey.
There's no harm in a little dance.

- You lay off.
- It's Ok Joey.

Sure, now you watch this
Joey, you may learn something.

What was that?

- I thought I heard something outside.
- I don't hear anything

I think I heard it too Joey, it's probably
only a dog, you better go take a look.

You better go.

It's all right Joey, you don't have to worry.

- I'll look out front.
- I'm all right Joey.

Be sure you look around real
good now, we don't want any trouble.

We don't want any trouble at all.

- What's the matter baby?
- Nothing is the matter.

- Don't you ever buy your girls a drink?
- Oh, you want to drink?

You said we going to be friendly, didn't we?

Sure, sure, real friendly, come on.

Sure, a little drink will
make things even better.

I, I'm not much of a bourbon
drinker, is there anything else?

- Will scotch do it?
- Yes, scotch is fine.

Listen, a girl with Jess
gets anything she wants.

Who's stupid now Jess, who?

It just may turn out to be her.

- Yeah?
- Police.

You're name Polikoff?

Hey look, if it's about that little fight
in the bar last night, nobody was hurt.

And it ain't as if I walked up to this girl
and talked to her, I mean, my wife, she's...

Alright, alright, I'm not
interested in what you did last night.

Where were you this morning?

Oh, I work regular now, Hercules
Van and storage, you can check it.

Ok, sorry to bother you.

Hey look, if they get to mention about that
little fight last night, I mean, wasn't my...

Forget it.

- Anything?
- Dirty conscience.

Our top suspects are all gone
now, bottom of the barrel.

- Jess Reber, a juvenile.
- What's his record?

Car clouts, petty theft, kids' stuff mostly.

Kids grow up.

Police, Jess Reber still live here?

Jess lives here all right,
but he's not here now.

Almost 3 o'clock, is he make a habit of this?

He should've been here at seven,
we were supposed to have a date.

- What's he done?
- Maybe nothing.

We'd want to know where he was this morning.

- He took off kind of early.
- Is he work?

You kidding? Not if he can help it.

How he pay his rent around here?

Sometimes he gets behind
like now, then I cover for him.

Said he'd have it today
though for sure, doesn't even show.

How about his friends, anyone in particular?

Hangs around mostly with
the younger kid Gil Ramsey, why?

- Got an address on Ramsey?
- Sure, phone too.

He called him all the time.

You shouldn't have tried to run away, why
you do it? I told you, you wouldn't get hurt.

It's not me that matters now.


There was a little boy
here, I didn't lie about that.

My little boy, Petey.

And I, I don't know where he is Joey or
what's happened to him and he needs me.

Joey, don't you understand, my baby needs me.

Been over 12 hours now...

if he was all right he, he would've
come back with some help or something.

Something must've happened to him.

Joey, please let me go and find him!

Gil, Gil will be back soon, we'll see.

It'll be too late then Joey.

Look, you don't have to worry and
you don't have to be afraid of Jess.

Joey, we made a fool of Jess,
that's one thing he can't stand.

He's got to kill us now,
both of us, you and me.

He'll find a way, he'll,
get a gun or something.

- Where would he find a gun?
- Yeah, where?

In the closet behind a shoe box, maybe?

Oh, take a look at
that, will you? A real Cannon.

You know, a thing like that could
blow a hole in you the size of your hat.

Makes a difference, a gun.

We got a whole new deal around
here now. Now, you tell him who's boss.

But slow, real slow so
the stupid over here can undest...

- Joey, sit down.
- Well,

The lady just saved your
life, you sit down too.

Well, while I'm thinking
you better start praying, both of you.

Because if Gil
ain't back before it's daylight...

her first Joey, so you can watch.

Oh, I've never seen so many dirty halls.

- Who is it?
- Police.

What you want?

We're looking for
Gilbert Ramsey, are you his mother?

Gil hasn't done anything
wrong, why do you want him?

Just routine questioning, won't take long.

But, he's not home, he hasn't come home yet.

Kind of late for him to be
out, isn't it? Any idea where he might be?

Maybe a late movie or something,
I don't know, I don't know where he is.

You know a friend of his named Jess Reber?

I don't know any of his friends,
he never brings anybody here.

Sorry to bother you
Mrs. Ramsey, we might check back later.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Going to get the car keys.

What's wrong Gil? What did they want you for?

Just routine questioning
mama, now you heard them.

I never know what you're doing these days.

Wait a minute Paul, it's
something bothering me.

- Oh, what's the matter?
- Gil's mother,

Those eyes, it'd take an
hour to cry eyes that red.

And she's scared, not just ordinary
scared, the way people are when we drop in.

- Think she might be lying?
- I'm sure of it.

Sleeps like a horse, looks like one too.

How come you picked two
lemons, him and my old man?

Gil, I don't want you to go.

Mama, I've got to go, I've
got to go away for a while.

- Yeah, but I'll write you.
- Tell me now, tell me what you did.

I can't mama, not now,
I've just got to get away.

Goodbye mama.

- I've got to go.
- Don't go at all Gil, stay here tonight.

And tomorrow we'll go to the
police, you and me together.

Open up, police.

Whatever it is, we can...

I'll take him, you call in.

He's just a boy, he
couldn't have done anything bad.

Then why he run?

Come on out Ramsey, don't
be a fool, just want to talk to you.

Next time won't be the wall give yourself up.

We got to stop him, aim for his legs.

Cover me.

I was aiming low and he fell.

Dumb crazy kid, how do they get that way?

That's the coroner's job,
might cost you your badge.

This kid is loaded.

Must be 4 or 5.000, maybe more.


This kid had the answer and
I killed him, a smart cop killed him.

- Gil is dead, you killed him.
- Did we?

Who hid him from the police?
Who helped him get a gun?

- I didn't know he had a gun.
- He stole the gun.

- Stole it out of my drawer.
- Nice handy place to keep it.

- Where was he tonight, you know?
- How should I know?

I work hard all day long, come
home, generally, he's gone.

- I don't know where he goes.
- Or care, maybe.

- 6,000 dollars, where he get it?
- I don't know.

I'll tell you, your
son was a thief, he stole it.

We want to now where
he stole it, he tell you?


- When he came home, what he have to say?
- Nothing, I...

Look, you son...

had a change purse on him, it belongs to
a woman missing since early this morning.

She may be dead, we don't
know but we've got to find her.

We think she's where
ever Gil got the 6,000 dollars.

- If you know where he got it, tell us.
- I don't know, he didn't say anything.

Been out most of the night...

he comes in with 6,000 dollars
and doesn't have anything to say?

- Lie to me, lie to me some more.
- Why should I lie to you? He's dead now.

- Why did you have to kill him,
- He tried to kill a cop.

What about him? You
going to pin a medal on him?

How do you feel? Are you
proud of yourself? Killed my boy.

There's another boy in this
and it's his mother it's missing.

He saw what happened,
what your boy did to her.

He's in a hospital, out of his mind.

Scared so bad he can't
even remember his own name.

What about him?

I don't want any more suffering.

I'd help you if I could,
there's no reason not to.


Gil doesn't need to be protected anymore.

Tony, the dispatcher Warren, his
wife called downtown, he just got in.

- Let's go.
- Call back here, I'll be waiting.

Alright Warren, that's
four cups, start remembering.

He'd better start remembering
where he's been all night.

You can have him when we're through.

- How about it?
- I remember the kid.

I was on the phone or something
maybe, when they brought him in.

They who?

A couple of truckers,
they said look after him.

- How can I, I got a million things...
- Alright alright.

- The truckers, who were they?
- Let me see?

- Headed for Frisco. Bay produce.
- Remember their names?

No, but they're with Apex trucking.

Dispatcher in Frisco would know.

- Apex trucking.
- Alright, start talking.

The kid, yeah, we picked him up, he looked
like he was hurt, is he all right, how is he?

Where you pick him up?
Do you remember exactly?

Well, I can hit it pretty close, we're
behind schedule a little bit and gunning it.

He was right out there on the highway.
I'd say, 2 miles beyond the Garvey turn-off.

It'd be right about here they picked him up.

Here on the highway, wandering,
couldn't have come from too far.

There isn't anything in
sight, no house, nothing.

Find anything?

Yeah, there's a side road
down about a quarter of a mile.

There's an orange grove and a house.
Seems to be the only one around.

- I'll try it.
- We'll lag behind.

If it's the house we're looking for, we
don't want to scare them or anything.


- Where is that guy?
- He's not coming back.

He's smart, he's gone, miles away from here.

Yeah, he's smart all right, leaves
me holding the sack with stupid here.

Alright, it's time.

If you know any prayers,
you better start saying now.

You too sweetheart, you go with stupid here.

- Only, you go first.
- You leave her alone.

Sure, you watch how I leave her alone Joey.

You watch how you scare me.

Dead, big crazy stupid is dead.

Now, can you see anything you remember Petey?

Petey, try and remember.

Something you saw, anything, anything at all.

- Come on Petey.
- One thing...

just one thing he could relate to.

- Stop the car.
- Back up.


Linda is in there, we got to get her out.

We don't know what's in
there, who or how many.

I'd better get Mcquade.

Stinking lousy mess.

Tie up with a couple of punks
and what happens, this happens.

A cinch, nothing to it, a breeze.
Sure, and where is it leave me?

You think I wanted any part in this?

No, right from the beginning I
told them we ought to think it over.

But not him, not Gil.
And where is he, where's that car?

You know what he did, he took off,
he must be a thousand miles from here by now.

Took off and made a sucker
out of me, left me here with you.

The place is quiet, shades are drawn.

- Could be a watch.
- We'll cover you Tony.

If the shade moves, we'll put a hole in it.

- No, Jess, don't!
- Oh, no.

No, nobody is going to make
a pigeon out of me, not me.

Jess, you can't do it.

- Bigelow?
- Yeah?

You and Stuart take a couple
of boys and cover the back.


That front door is partly
glass, we could kick it in.

Cover him boys.



Shut up.

One sound out of you, just
one, will be your last.

It's an old man lying in the hall,
dead, nothing else downstairs.

It's clean out back.

Watch it, stay down there or she gets it.

Drop your guns.

I said drop them.

Drop them.

Jess, they don't want to hurt you.

Jess, it's time to give up.

One more move, just one
more move and I'll kill her.

Listen to me kid.

There 30 cops around this house.

You pull that
trigger and they'll start blasting.

And even your own
mother wouldn't recognize you.

Remember, we don't want to hurt you.

One word from me and
nobody lay a finger on you.

Nobody will touch you, think it over.

Give yourself every break.

The only chance you got
is to put that gun down.

You asked for it cop.

Please, don't hurt me.

You promised.

Take him.

Oh, Tony, Tony, Petey was here.

Tony, Petey was here.

He saw everything and I
don't know what happened to him.

- And I don't know where he is,
- He's outside waiting for you.

He's had a bad scare but he'll be all right.

Hi Petey.

Petey, Petey?

- Mommy, mommy!
- Oh, baby!

Oh Petey, it's all right, sweetheart.

I'm all right, don't cry darling.

My baby, it's all right.

It's Ok.