The Shadow of the Bat (1968) - full transcript


I didn't tell you about my arrival,
or my debut here at the cabaret.

Because honestly,
I wanted to surprise you.

This is very lovely of you, Marta.

You sang just as wonderfully as
when we first met, in Puerto Rico.

If only you had informed me you were coming,
I would have prepared a worthy greeting.

If only you could stay here.

Regrettably I can't Daniel.

You see...

...I have a number of engagements in
Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

In that case let's toast...

...To the pleasure of seeing you again.

To our next rendez-vous, Daniel.

Wrestling is the greatest sport ever.

Its earliest account can be found
in the Old Testament.

It was Jacob,
who wrestled with an angel.

From this account Jacob was renamed Israel.

This makes the origin of wrestling sacred.

It must be pure.
As great as man, and his history.

Are you hearing me Gerardo?

Yes Master!

Hear the audience applaud Gerardo!
Hear their applause every time I wrestle!

For I am the Bat!

My shadow envelops them all!

You cannot see this Gerardo.
Thousands of people admire me when...

...I say wrestling!
Behold them!

...Behold and hear them applaud!

Only wrestling and music calm my nerves.

Come Gerardo, we will wrestle.



- Who was the woman we saw on television?
- I don't know, Master.

- I've never seen her before.
- She is beautiful, and has a passion...

- ...for music as I do. Bring her to me!
- Yes, Master.

Did you take that man to the city?

What's biting your tongue?!

Did you feed him?

- No, Master.
- We'll go and see him immediately! Go!

Hurry up!

Yes, Master.

What happened?

Look at his head.

How did this happen you fool!?

I picked him up to carry him but...
I dropped him.

You've killed him!

I only had him brought here to wrestle!

To relive my glorious days of old!

He was strong, but he couldn't wrestle.

You've disobeyed me!

Disobedient murderer!

- Forgive me, Master.
- I ordered you to bring me wrestlers!

I did bring some Master.

I want the strongest!
Those worthy of challenging me! Understand?!

You're going to clean this up.

As punishment I will no longer teach you.

A wrestler is no murderer!

Hurry up, get rid of him!
And get me that woman!

Yes, Master.

Tired from rehearsals Marta?

I'm so conditioned by now that I never am!

You really are a professional.

Any average person would give up.

Thanks Daniel.

Your words fascinate and captivate me.

This is why I went so far away.

What do you mean?

I was afraid to see you again.


Yes Daniel.

Afraid to dream something that
would never come true.


Senseless fool! You've interrupted my music!

You asked for wine.

Ah, you're right. I'd forgotten.

In this gloomy mansion...

...That has hidden my tragedy for so long...

...I want to celebrate the 13th anniversary
of my wrestling career. With you, my...

...most faithful servant.
Glorifying the

days when my name terrified every opponent.

- Yes, Master.
- How painful it is to remember Gerardo...

...Especially when I still have to hear
thousands applaud in my head.

Of course, Master.

I'm going to drink a glass of liquor for
the very first time.

To my days of glory!

To my audience and presence.
To him!

Another murder!

Mario, this must end.

Both the public and the press demand it!

These murders must be solved.

I agree boss, but there are no leads at all.

No leads! There are witnesses!
Every single piece of evidence has...

...been recorded!
What's eating you?

Is your keenness waining?
- No, look...

All the victims' skulls were found crushed.

The murderer must be a man of
tremendous strength!


- Who?
- By all means follow your own...

...subjective deduction, I don't care, as
long as it yields positive results!

Or you can wave your job goodbye!

And I...

...with you.


- They're back.
- There's something strange about this...

...woman, in her voice and her beauty.
Her presence will revitalize me.

Bring her to me.

Master, we weren't able to capture her.

A man defended her and...

You're all useless!
I'm sending you this time Gerardo!

Take them away!

Fools, you will both die.

Choose how.
The room of bats,...

...Or the well of rats.

No Gerardo! Don't do this!

I'll take you to a hospital.

Thank you sir...

- ...I don't think I'm that hurt.
- You should still see a doctor Daniel.

- Sir, would you please tell us who you are?
- Blue Demon, at your service.

Thank you.
Thank you for helping us sir.

Don't mention it.
I find purpose in helping others.

You put yourself in harms way for us.

If injustice is stopped, it's worthwhile.
Let's go.

Where is the woman?

- I couldn't capture her either.
- What did you say!?

A masked man got in my way.
He almost killed me.

- He fought like a wrestler, and hit hard.
- A wrestler?, and he beat you?

- Bring him to me, I'll fight him!
- Me bring him?!

That's what I said!
Find out who he is! He shall be...

...the one who'll revitalize my glory!

When I defeat him, and raise my hand...
I will see the faces of those who admire...

- and applaud me everywhere.
- And after you defeat him, I'll kill him!

I won't nurture your murderous
instinct anymore.

But the masked man will be defeated!

- How do you feel?
- Just a little pain.

- Will you remove my bandage nurse?
- Right away. It's just a light injury.

Why did that man attack us?

What's your impression chief?

We're not sure yet.

- But we have a lead.
- Honestly I'm so scared. Who can say...

...this won't happen again.

Maybe next time we won't be alive
to tell the tale.

You're right Marta...

...We can't count on that man helping us.

Which man?

The masked man who saved us.

Blue Demon.

- Know him?
- Of course!

He's always on the side of justice.

He's actually wrestling
tonight at the Coliseo arena.

- Good evening. Do you remember us?
- Of course I do.

We've been wanting to see you again...

To kindly ask you to discover who
keeps attacking us.

I fear for Marta, Blue Demon...

And would be so grateful if you
could help us solve this mystery.

Your predicament has been on my mind
since the night of the assault.

The large man who attacked you reminded
me of other similar crimes.


Does that mean there's more to
this than meets the eye?


...What happened the other night
just an assault?

No, I don't.
A number of men have been killed,...

...All of them had crushed skulls.
- Crushed skulls?

My God, murdered...

- Who's responsible?
- Nobody knows, but...

...the murderer is a very strong man.

- As strong as the man who assaulted you.
- I see...

- ...What should we do Blue Demon?
- For now, have patience.

Sooner or later the murderer will
make a mistake.


- That's odd.
- Odd?

- What's that Blue Demon?
- I've seen the plant that drops...

...such leaves before, but I can't
remember where.

Let's go.

- Have you captured the masked man?
- I couldn't Master.

You fool!

Is he that invincible?

I was outside his dressing room,
but suddenly Marta...

...and her companion arrived.
The man from the other night.

- Were you afraid?
- Not of them Master...

...But should the police have caught me,
or followed me. I would be to blame...

- ...for leading them to your whereabouts.
- Excuses! Nothing but excuses!

I want Marta and Blue Demon!

I need her love and will have it.
Even if my deformed face disgusts her,...

...I will give her all my love and my music!

What if I can't bring her Master?

Imbecil! You must!

Nothing is impossible for me!

And if I can't have her affection...
I'll kill her!

You'll see what I'm capable of.

I am convinced considering the weight of the
victim, that the murderer is the same one.

From where is this supposition Blue Demon?

All the victims were strong and heavy.
Only a man of matched strength...

...could have done it.

Couldn't you too though? You are strong
as well after all.

I'm no murderer Marta.

Certainly not, Blue Demon.

Could the culprit be a wrestler?

I've never seen him at any event,
or any gymnasium.

Could he be a retired wrestler?

Not one I'd remember.
Although some do escape my memory.

Do you remember that strange man,
who I've only heard of mind you.

The Bat.

I believe he left the country,
a few years ago.

His moves were very powerful and strange.

No one's heard of him since.

I think it'd be wise to ascertain
his whereabouts.

The threat we all face means we have to
investigate every possible lead.

You'd better stay home.

You're in great danger.

I can't...

...I have performances to attend to.

Marta, you asked me for help.
Now, allow me to help you.

Chief, we must avoid something
worse happening.

You're right, Blue Demon.

- You'll be guarded day and night.
- Oh well...

Couldn't Daniel be my guardian?

This is more dangerous than any
of us originally thought.

Exactly Marta...

We must stay very alert.

Good afternoon.

Am I talking to Cirila?

What do you want?

I have a very important
question to ask you.


Here, only invisible shadows reign.
Those unseen by profane eyes.

In darkness there is truth.
Yet only those who command it,...

...can obtain wisdom from it.

Furious to those who provoke it.

Deadly to those who challenge it.

And painful to those who fear it.


...Incredible powers.

Aided by the shadows, and guided by the

princes of darkness, anything I can see.


- ...and death.
- My visit has nothing to do with such.

I have an inquiry.
Where does this leaf come from?

This is an 'Androma' leaf.
- What is it used for?

For love... And to kill.
Its roots resemble a woman's body in shape.

It can only be uprooted at full moon,
and with ones ears well closed.

For the plant cries and
yells when uprooted.

- Why?
- It is a curse.

Who hears its cry,
becomes eternally mad.

- Where did you find it?
- It doesn't matter,

What I'd like to know, is where
does this plant grow?

In lands where the soil is as red as blood.

I cannot tell you more.

I'll pay you well.

I will show you something.

Wait here.

As you can see...

...A woman's body.

Only the Androma plant has such a root.

It lives.


Suffers like a human being.

Bound by evil.

I will free it, with fire.

Cover your ears. Or you will turn
eternally mad.

Use of the root, grants the person who

possesses it,
love from any woman.

All of this is yours, if you tell
me where I can find it.

Put your money away fool.
This secret cannot be sold.

I don't care about the root.
I only need to find it.

I'll never reveal it!
Let alone sell it!

Go! Go away!

Excuse me...
Oh hello sir! Just the man I'm looking for.

- How can I help?
- If you'd allow me, I'd like to speak to... about something.
I'll gladly repay you by taking you wherever

- need to go.
- Go ahead.

- Weren't you The Bat's trainer?
- That's correct.

Could you tell me what happened to him?

- And when did you see him last?
- The last time was when he fell into...

...the seats in the audience and scarred his
face. He left bleeding and crazed.

I went after him into the street,
and he hit me. Almost killed me.

- Haven't seen him since.
- Any idea where he ended up?

I heard he was in an insane asylum,
in some country to the south.

- That's the last I've heard.
- Do you remember his technique, and his...

- ...favourite move?
- Well...

His favourite move was...

...The 'Noya'.

- I'll fight like he did.
- Perfect.

He would always do other moves
before building up to La Noya.

- Alright?
- Sure.

Grasping the arms and turning with his legs.
Pressing against the head.

He spun round until the opponent gave up.

That's La Noya.

That's right! Now spin!

That's enough! Let go!

Good, well done.

- Did I hurt you?
- No, I'm alright.

Let me help you up.

- You're a quick learner huh.
- Especially with such a great teacher.

You still picked it up real fast.
- Thanks, I hope I've got it right.

That's how The Bat wrestled.

I hope you'll forgive me Marta.
I can't stay and wait for you tonight.

I have an important meeting with
the police chief and Blue Demon.

Don't worry Daniel.
My show will keep me busy.

I can leave confidently. Over there is a man
assigned to protect you.

Thank you.
- Good night dearest.

See you tomorrow.

Good evening.

Any news?

The chief is awaiting a message from the
ministry, let's hope it will help...

- locate The Bat once and for all.
- Hello?

Yes sir.

He returned to the country?

Five years ago?

No, that's all for now, thank you.


The Bat, is here.


Somewhere in the country at least.

- It's something to go on Blue Demon.
- Gentlemen, have you heard of any similar..

- ...crimes committed in other cities?
- Not at all. Only here.

- We should be able to locate him.
- It won't be that easy...

The murderer is dangerous and insane.

It sounds like you know
something Blue Demon.

I've followed some leads of my own,...

- ...and I think I'm really on to him.
- What lead?

You'll know in time chief.

In any case, as a precautionary measure, I
have assigned a man to guard Marta.

Better safe, than sorry.

- Agent, would you like a cup of coffee?
- With pleasure miss.

You must feel very tired.

- Aida, please bring the agent some coffee.
- Yes miss.

- It'll only take a minute.
- Thank you miss.

- Here you are sir.
- Thank you.

What happened?!

Let go of me!

Let go of her!


Yes, this is him.

What! Marta's been kidnapped?!

And the agent!? How could this happen!?

I'll be right there!

I have chosen you to be my companion.
Your beauty will soften my destructive...


Your adorable company will change my life.

From now on I may relish only
what is beautiful.

I shall no longer feel this fury that
consumes my soul. Driving me to...

...nothing but destruction.

Indeed. I destroy everything
contrary to my instincts.

But you will pacify my instincts Marta.

If you don't, I'll kill you!
I assure you!

Hear my music Marta!
You will hear my true soul!

You must love me Marta!
As much as I love you!


Don't touch her!

You'll have precious jewels and such luxury.
Everything worthy of the beauty that...

- ...calms me.
- You're mad!

- Let me go!
- Never!

And if you'll try to escape I'll kill
you with these very hands!

Will you stay, and be my companion?

Without asking to ever see my true face?

Excellent. An almost exact portrait of
the man who attacked Marta and Daniel.

Am I right?

This should help to find him.


Make copies of this drawing, at once!

- We'll distribute them everywhere possible.
- Yes chief.

- Do you agree Blue Demon?
- Yes, we must act straight away.

Marta's in the hands of a terrible madman.
Why did I leave her alone?

Calm yourself. We'll do everything we can.
- Another life is in danger. This time... innocent woman. Each of us must

do whatever possible to
rescue her! Let's go!

Open! Now!

Do not fear me Marta...

...I beg you.

You not only deny my affection,
you also threaten me!

Do not anger me.

All around you can be happy.
Lively, you only need to want it.

Your voice touched my heart.

I want to hear you sing.

- You're crazy!

You're so beautiful.
But choose not to sing,...

...I'll be compelled to kill you!
Hear me!?

Do whatever you want.

Take her to the well of rats!

Stop! Let go of her!

I cannot kill you.

In doing so...
I'll kill myself.

Love me Marta.

For I adore you.

- How are you Blue Demon?
- What's up Daniel?

It was all for nothing Blue Demon.

I get your distress Daniel.

But right now we have no leads on
Marta's disappearance.

It seems incredible that neither you, nor
the chief, nor I have anything to go on.

At any given moment, a friend of mine is
coming to town. He'll provide me with...

- ...some very important information.
- Good. Get changed and we'll leave.


Marta, you cannot escape.
The only way out is death!

Years ago, when I was a man of glory,
I had an accident. My face may be...

...gone but my strength and spirit remain!

None of this justifies your cruelty.

You're heartless!

Nobody understands me!

Not even you!

Why?! Why?!


I've brought a wrestler.

Now, you will witness my glory.

Prepare the fight Gerardo!

Before you and before my audience I
will fight just as I always have!

Why did you bring me here?
What do you want from me?

Master will tell you.

I am The Bat.
Everyone took me for dead, but I am immortal

We will wrestle.

He's a great wrestler.
But I didn't require my special move.

Take him to the city Gerardo.

Listen Marta! Do you hear the applause!?
Behold the audience cheering for me!

Hear how the crowd hails me!

What am I doing here!?
Weren't you going to take me to the city?!

- What will you do!?
- I'll kill you!

You're also crazy!

You also killed the others!

A strong man killed my father.

I was just a little boy and
couldn't defend him.

Searching for him in vain...

...I now get even with others like him.

Like you!

A madman's revenge!

You won't live to tell the tale!

Extra extra!

Another wrestler found dead!


Yes, speaking.

Oh it's you Blue Demon!
It's so nice to hear you!

Do you remember our trip to Guadalajara?
We took a detour, and our car broke down.

- Sure, I remember perfectly.
- Where were we exactly?

Just outside Aurora.

Near the ruins of what looked like
an abandoned castle.


That's right! Where you stumbled
upon that strange plant.


- Daniel, I reckon I have a lead!
- Really Blue Demon?

This is it.

What is it Blue Demon?

It's the leaf I found
outside my dressing room.

Look. Let's head up there.

Let's see what's behind the wall.

She must love me!
She must love me!

Only your omnipotence can make her!

For this I will...
And to you alone...

I will reveal my true self.
So you may see me for who I am.

Look at me! Look at me!

Bring her here Gerardo!

Yes Master!

This is your body Marta.

It has seen my true self and
accepted me for what I am.

Do not fear me...

You fear me!

My face terrifies you!

You'll see what I'm truly capable of
unless you embrace my affection!

Look Marta. All these women rejected my
affection. They will never be free.

Here they will rot.

Love me Marta! Love me!
You won't become a ghost like them!


Never will I submit to you!

I would rather die!

Very well. You've asked for this.

Gerardo, imprison her!

- What should we do Blue Demon?
- You go that way, I'll go this way.

You will wrestle against me.
Win and you'll go free.

Lose, and you'll be thrown into
the well of rats!

- Who of you is the murderer?!
- Shut up and wrestle!

- Where is Marta? Why kidnap her!?
- It's none of your business! Wrestle!

Your life depends on it!

Stay back!

You have lost, and your defeat
will cost you your life.

I remain invincible!
My name was once feared by every opponent!

With this mask, I've achieved
power, and glory!

This is why I still wear it!

Also you...
Who's destiny was also scarred...

You may also avenge yourselves.
I chose for us all to live here for this...

...sole purpose. So we may all avenge
ourselves from the unjust sentence...

...we've been served. Marking us forever.

For years like a caged animal I've awaited
this moment. For only the delight of music,

And the fever of wrestling
alleviate the pain!

On this occasion my audience will applaud
me louder than ever!

Hold it!

Turn yourself in Bat!
You must pay for your crimes!

It wasn't me...

It was his fault...

But now I'll kill all of you.
You too Master.


Don't move!

I'll kill all of you!
Marta will be mine forever!

Up there! Move the stone.

Over there Daniel! Over there!

Move the stone!

Hurry up Daniel! This is gonna blow!

This way. Careful now. Hold on to Marta.

- Let's get out of here Blue Demon!
- I must save the others!

It's too late! Look!

What an extraordinary man.

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