The Shadow of Chikara (1977) - full transcript

Confederate veterans of the last battle of the Civil War set out to find a hidden treasure: diamonds hidden in a cave. However, the soldiers find they are being followed by a mysterious hunter (or hunters) who may have a connection to a mythic eagle spirit.

(ominous orchestral music)


(guns firing)

(guns firing)

- Captain, there's artillery
there, there, and there.

All of Cluster Ridge.

No good Captain.

- Damn.

- Captain Cutter?

- [Captain] Yes sir.

- The Colonel wants you
to bring your troop,

and attack from the right flank.

- Across that open ground?

That's suicide.

They got a hundred monitors
zeroed in across there.

- Now I'm not here to discuss strategy.

You have your orders.

- Has Colonel Turner lost his mind?

That's an open field with mortars,

they're gonna kill us out there.

We could go right--

- Listen, I'm tired of
your mouthin' Cutter.

You have two choices.

You can either follow orders,

or face a firing squad.

- Yes sir.

What I like about the army,
they give you choices.

All right Virgil, line 'em up.

- All right boys, line up.

Come on, go into position here.

- All right boys, we got a bad one.





(guns firing)

(dramatic music)

- Keep together.

(guns firing)

(muffled speaking)


(guns firing)

- Retreat!

Get the hell out of here!

- Fall back!


(dramatic orchestral music)

(gun firing)

(guns firing)

- Virgil!





(gun firing)

("The Night They Drove Old
Dixie Down" by The Band)

♪ Virgil Cane is the name ♪

♪ And I served on the Danville train ♪

♪ 'Til Stoneman's cavalry came ♪

♪ And tore up the tracks again ♪

♪ In the winter of '65, we were
hungry, just barely alive ♪

♪ By May the tenth, Richmond had fell ♪

♪ It's a time I remember, oh so well ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And the bells were ringing ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And the people were singing ♪

♪ They went, "Na, la, la, la, na, na ♪

♪ La la, na, na, la, la, la, la, la" ♪

♪ Like my father before me ♪

♪ I will work the land ♪

♪ And like my brother above me ♪

♪ Who took a rebel stand ♪

♪ He was just eighteen, proud and brave ♪

♪ But a Yankee laid him in his grave ♪

♪ I swear by the mud below my feet ♪

♪ You can't raise a Cane
back up when he's in defeat ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And the bells were ringing ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And all the people were singing ♪

♪ They went, "Na, la, la, la, na, na ♪

♪ La la, na, na, la, la, la, la, la" ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And all the bells were ringing ♪

♪ The night they drove old Dixie down ♪

♪ And the people were singing ♪

♪ They went, "Na, la, la, la, na, na ♪

♪ La la, na, na, la, la, la, la, la" ♪

- God, I'm sick of this damn war.

Goin' back up on the Buffalo.

You ever been up on the Buffalo River?

- No Virgil.

- Listen Captain,

you're in the mood.

I got something for you.

Listen real close.

Ever since I was a boy
I've been trappin' beaver,

up there on the Buffalo River.

Every now and then, I'd look
down there amongst the rocks,

on the bottom,

and I'd see a clear, shiny stone.

I found a couple of hundred
of them over the years.

Always figured on taking
them to some expert,

and find out what they was.

Captain, where are you, where'd he go?

- I'm here Virgil, I'm here.

Here Virge.

- Oh, good, good.

I can't,

I hid them stones when I joined the army,

hid 'em real good.

Up there on that mountain,

that the Indians are scared of,

you know the place.

- I ain't never been
on the Buffalo, Virge.

- I want you and Moon to have them stones.

My cabin too, if it's still there.

You go up the river,

till you come to that needle-eye rock.

And you look through that needle eye,

till you see them big bluffs up yonder.

There's a cave up there.

It's where I hid them stones.

Watch yourself up there on that mountain.

It's spooky up there.

There was somethin', somethin' up there,

botherin' me.

Somethin' was after me.

- Virgil?

- He's gone.

(dog barking)

- [Moon] Looks like the blue coats

have taken over your house, Captain.

- [Captain] Yeah, it looks that way.

(dogs barking)

- Halt, you can't go in
there without an appointment.

- Lee honey, you're such an animal.

You've gotta give me time to--

- Hi.

- They told me you were dead.

- You can't believe
everything they say, can you?

(dramatic orchestral music)

Rosalie, what's wrong?

Where's my mama?

- She died last spring.

We tried to get a hold of you.

They told me you were dead.

- Who's this 'Lee honey'?

- Well,

Major Blackburn and I.

- Lee Blackburn?

Oh my God.

Oh God.

- Well what did you expect?

What, that I would sit
around waiting and hoping

that maybe someday you'd come home?

- And when you're gone a long time

you tend to forget things
you've always known.

That you married a brown-heeled--

A Yankee-lovin' (mumbling).

- You stinkin' bastard!

I wish you were dead.

- You wish.


You got a cushy job during the fightin'.

Here in my house.

Except my wife.

Rosalie, with all the Yankees around,

couldn't you do better than
this dunce of class of '51?

- Listen you turncoat scum,

get the hell out of my house.


- Your sentry's busy.

Maybe you'd like to
throw me out of my house?

- You're damn right I would.

I've been waitin' for this
ever since that lucky cut--

- [Captain] Come on.

(mumbling) Yankee.

Come here.


You come on.

- Leave him alone you bastard!

(glass shattering)

Run Lee, run!


- Don't lose your head over this, Major.

Get off of him.

Come on Captain, get up.

- Rosalie.

- You don't own this house
anymore, and you don't own me.

So just get out of here,
and leave us alone.

- You'll pay for this, both of you.

What are you doin' up there?

- Sewing your head.

- Well I learned one thing,
it sure don't pay to lose.

- You didn't lose, Captain.

- Lost a war.

Lost every damn thing.

Go on, that smarts.

- I know one thing, Captain.

Okay on that.

If we don't get out of here,

Blacky's troops are gonna be on us.

- The hell with them Yankees.

- Well I don't like your jails Captain,

and I don't like reservations.

- All right, all right.

All right, beam core,

I'm gettin' old.

I can't stand it.

- We need money.

What about Virgil's stones?

- Oh, you really think them
rocks are worth anything?

- Captain, I don't know
anything about stones,

except arrowheads or flints.

- You finished up there?

- Just put this on.

- Get the herbs.

- There you go.

Put your hat on, Captain.

- Amos Richmond.

Willy's brother?

Willy's always talkin'
about how smart he is.

He always (mumbling) rocks and such.

I bet if we get a message to him.

You ready?

- Yeah.

- He's in Little Rock, or he was.

Get him to meet us at the loft.

Down the hatch.

And I'm with you.

- I don't know what side of
me this stuff drives crazy,

my Irish side, or my Indian side.

And cheers.

- All right, listen up Teach.

For a third of the interest
that we might find up there,

you'd be willin' to go along with us,

up on the Buffalo River?

Take a look at some
rocks hidden out up there

by a friend of ours?

- Well that's quite a tempting offer.

But, I have my classes at the college.

There are arrangements
that I would have to make.

I need time to think.

- They way things stand now,
you've got about five minutes.

We're in a little bit of
trouble with the Yankees.

- How long did you say it
would take you to get ready?

- Well, if I hurry,

a couple hours ought to do it.

- Captain, may I suggest that we hurry?

Because I smell the bad breath

of the blue coats on our behinds.

(light orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- My God.

- Arrows.

Why arrows?

- Oh!

- Watch it Captain!

(horse neighing)

(gun firing)

- Where are they?

Men, let's get out of here.

Go go, move!

(guns firing)

(tense orchestral music)

(horse neighing)

- Come back here, boy.

Come on, let's go boy!

(ominous music)

Whoa there.

Hell, that's just a scratch,
you'll be all right.

Did you see what they looked like?

- I didn't see 'em.

Can you get it out?

- [Captain] Oh hell yeah,
Teach, you're in luck.

If it was a bullet,
we'd have to dig it out.

But an arrow's no problem.

Take a hit on that.

This is real simple.

No problem.

- No problem?

How you gonna remove it?

- It's real simple.


Just break it off, and pull it back out.

Take another drink on that
boy, you'll be all right.

It's a long way from your heart.

You'll live.

- I'm sure the Captain means well,

but what if the arrow was in my chest?

- Don't ask.

I don't know Captain,
I don't know the sign.

These people, they must
have come a long way.

- Why would they use arrows?

All the Indian tribes I know of,

they've got better weapons than we've got.

- My head is filled with
unanswered questions, Captain.

I don't know, I don't know these people.

- I've got a feelin' we're
gonna meet 'em pretty soon.

Why don't you go up there, somewhere?

See if you see anybody comin'.

(tense music)

The girl, we forgot.

- He's got her.

- He raped her, didn't he?

- Yeah.

I just can't figure out
whey they didn't scalp her.

Come on girl.

- Hey.



- Cutter, now I don't mind you takin' out

your sadistic tendencies on me,

but this poor girl does not
deserve your kind of brutality.

That was disgusting, Captain.

- Get a blanket, boy.


Here, take a drink of this.

Come on, it won't poison you, drink it.

Come on, damn it.

- I've got a cup.

I'll fetch it.

- Girl, come on.

Open your mouth.

Come on, come on, swallow.



See, that didn't kill ya.

To your rapid recovery, Miss?

Got a name?

- My name is Drusilla Wilcox.

- Miss Wilcox.


- I must apologize for
Captain Cutter's behavior,

which has come as a
complete surprise to me.

Are you feelin' better now?

- I thought I was dead.

Who are you?

- I'm Amos Richmond.

- Who is he?

- That's Captain Wishbone Cutter,

formerly of the First Arkansas Cavalry.

- What brought you here,
where are you going?

- We have some business upriver,

and it's lucky for you we
came along when we did.

- Yes I'm, I'm very grateful.

I'm sorry you hurt yourself.

- Oh, I'll be all right.

It's like the Captain says,
it's a long ways from the heart.

- Is he always so cruel?

- I really don't know
the Captain that well.

Are you feelin' better now?

(sentimental orchestral music)

What an idiotic question to ask somebody

who's just gone through what you have.

- No, I'm fine, really.

- The other member of our
party is Half Moon O'Brian.

I'm told that his father
was an Irish trapper,

and his mother a Cherokee squaw.

He was a army scout.

He's been with Captain
Cutter for many years.

- I saw no one, Captain.

- Oh good.

- No, it's not good.

- What's wrong?

- I couldn't find any signs,

but I think somebody's following us.

Somebody is following us, Captain.

- Let's get the hell out of here.

These people who attacked
and killed your family,

how did they look?

- They were strange.

They were almost naked

and their bodies were painted all silver.

Had markings, blue and red
markings on their faces.

- How many?

- It happened so sudden I,

I don't know, maybe five,
maybe six, maybe more.

I don't know.

- Did you see their horses?

- Can't this wait till we stop?

Can't you see Miss Wilcox
is all tuckered out?

- It won't be long now.

Well, get all the rest you can tonight.

We've got a lot of hard ridin' ahead.

- We rode all day like
they were right behind us,

and I never saw a thing.

You still believe we're being followed?

- Well, Moon does.

I've learned to expect
company when his nose itches.

She asleep?

- [Amos] Yeah, she's all right now.

- [Captain] Good, I think
it's time we had a talk

about what to do with her.

- What do you mean?

- Well, we need to take her with us,

or we can leave her behind.

Or one of us can pack her out of here.

Seems like it's all the choices we got.

- Well to even consider leaving
her behind is ridiculous.

- Well, we can't take her
with us, that's insane.

If we find some stones up there,

we're gonna need to time

to set up some claims around this river.

We can't keep her with us indefinitely.

The less she knows about

what we're doing up here, the better.

- Well, I think Miss Wilcox
can be trusted to be discreet.

- Damn it Teach, this is
not the Maypole dance.

More likely the little
lady here'll turn out

to be some greedy little

and have this whole river bottom
swarming with prostitution.

- I do not understand
your way of thinking.

- The only you gotta
understand Teach, is rocks.

And when the time comes,

you just tell us which
ones are worth somethin',

and which ones aren't.

- Now look, I'm not your dog on a leash,

here to lead you to some
ridiculous rock pile.

I'm a full partner in this enterprise,

and I will have my say.

- Richmond, I want you to
listen to me very carefully.

You are a partner in the
profits of this enterprise,

if any, not in running it.

And when the time comes you will use

your area of expertise to make decisions,

but until then, Moon or I
will decide what happens.

And maybe if we're lucky,

you will stay alive to
share in the profits

of what we find.

- All right.

- All right.

- Then what's your decision?

What's gonna happen to Drusilla?

- Moon, what do you think?

The girl, shall we take her
with us, or leave her behind?

- If we leave he woman behind,

they will find her and kill her,

or take her as a slave woman.

- And before you make
your decision Captain,

let me say this.

If the lady stays behind, so do I.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- All right.

Since you're so anxious
for some responsibility

she's all yours.

I'm tired of lookin' at her, come on.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(gun firing)

(gun firing)

- I thought I saw
somethin', did you see it?

- [Adam] Good Lord Drusilla,
we coulda shot you.

- I didn't know where you were.

- [Captain] Get behind a tree.

- What is it?

- [Captain] Let's get back to the horses.

Hey Moon,

this arrow would have gone
all the way through ya.

(birds chirping)

- These are strange people, Captain.

Why do they track us so cleverly,

then strike just once?

And then disappear?

- What I can't understand
is why you can't track 'em.

I've seen you track
Osage braves for two days

across damn near solid rock.

- These people leave no tracks, Captain.

They move like a fog,

through the forest,

leaving no trace.

- Moon, if you're trying to
scare me, you're doing it.

(river flowing)

- Teach?

- Moon, got that needle handy?

- You do seem somewhat the worse for wear.

- Thank you.

I'm going down the
river to sew up my dress

if you'll allow me a little privacy.

- Don't worry, we haven't been gone

from civilization that long.


Hey, don't fool around out
there, we ain't got all day.


(eerie music)


Moon, hurry it up, we're movin' out.

Good stuff.

You bet.

Girl, ride with me.

- I'd rather ride with Teach, thank you.

- Teach, as far as I'm
concerned, with not you.

That animal needs his burden lightened.

Ride with me, or you walk.

Put your foot in that
stirrup, and give me your arm.

All right.


(eerie music)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder rumbling)

(muffled speaking)

(horses neighing)

(dark music)

(thunder rumbling)

(thunder crashing)

- I want to do my share of sentry duty.

I'll relieve Half Moon so
he can come in and dry out.

- Oh sit down, Teach.

You couldn't see a thing out there.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Did you hear anything?

(thunder crashing)

- No, nothin'.

- I didn't either.

That's what's wrong.

- The horses.

(thunder rumbling)

- God damn!

The rope's been cut.

So we find out which way they took 'em.

- Right here, Captain.

They went that way.

- Moon, we both go after 'em,

they gonna come back here and
slaughter those two up there.

- Captain, if I'm not back by noon,

I won't be back.

(dramatic orchestral music)

I caught 'em about five miles
down the river, Captain.

Somebody or some thing herded them there.

They were spooked as hell, Captain.

- What kind of weird claw marks are these?

Did they like jab 'em or something?

- [Moon] Let's get the hell out of here.

Let's forget about the stones.

- This thing's gotten
to you, hasn't it Moon?

- I fear no man, Captain.

You know that.

But these are not natural people.

They're spirits.


- Oh Moon, I quit believin'
in spirits and demons

when I was knee-high to a bobcat.

- Captain, no man flies like a bird.

Whatever chased our horses
away, is following us,

leaves no tracks.

I feel its presence.

It's a spirit that moves
through the air like the wind.

- Now just quit it. Just quit
it, when we seriously start

thinkin' things like that we'll panic.

I don't know what the hell
it is any more than you do.

I'll tell you one thing,

whatever it is, it's real.

It's got flesh and blood.

It's not a ghost.

I'm gonna kill it.

- I go where you go
Captain, you know that.

But you are wrong.

I can track any man,

but I cannot track a demon
that leaves no tracks.

(sentimental orchestral music)

There's a man in the woods to your left.

- [Captain] I figured they'd
show up sooner or later.

- [Moon] This is different Captain,

it's not like the others.

- Well you're right, that's not an Indian.

The Lord never made an Indian that clumsy.

- I think we should
introduce ourselves, Captain.

- [Captain] All right, next time he moves

I'll pin him down.

You fetch him, go on.

(gun firing)

- Don't move.


(crazy laughing)

- I'll bet I scared y'all, didn't I?


Well you liked to scared
the pee out of me.

I never been squirreled
between a rock and a hard spot

in all my life,

except when that mama
bear caught me in the cave

with her three cubs.

- You'd been better off with
that mama bear than with Moon.

Why you spyin' on us?

- Spyin'?

- Spyin'.

- Well, me and old Dancer,
now he's my partner,

we're just out huntin' fresh
meat for the winter and,

this is dangerous country my friend.

You fellas gotta be careful.

- You live around.

- Captain, there's a man
behind you, a fat one.

- Tell him to come on out here.

- You gotta be mistaken, my friend.

Old Dancer's way on up the river there.

- Mister, if I've gotta
send Moon after him,

old Dancer ain't gonna like it.

(gun cocking)

- Dancer, is that you?

Why don't you come on out
and meet our new friends?

Now y'all don't need those.

Hey there come on.

That's old Dancer, he's my partner.

(harmonica music)


Good old Dancer!

Dancer, Dancer?

You reckon we ought to have these folks

out to the cabin for a bite of that deer?

What do you think about it, huh?

Show me to 'em.

That's it, that a boy.


Y'all come on.

Make yourself comfortable.

(laughing) You know it
kind of tickled me to think

y'all thought we was spyin' on ya.

Why, you know the truth is that,

we and old Dancer and I was in the army

but we didn't like it,

so we left.

So we come up here and hid out.

The thing is we didn't tell
'em we was gonna leave.


So well we figured we'd,

well we figured y'all were,

well you know I guy can't be too careful.

- Don't worry, nobody's lookin' for you.

We lost.

- You did?


I believe I'll put a little
more wood on the fire.

Well now, first things first.


And one in the gizzard.

- Three men live here Captain, not two.

- [Mountain Man] Yeah,
take all you need, friend.

- They're bushwhackers.

They'd kill ya for your boots.

- Dancer, we're gonna need
some wood in here now,

hurry it up.

I hope you all like deer stew.

It's good.

Dancer, you comin' in here with that wood?

He's gettin' slower and slower.

(Dancer gasping)

- What's wrong with him?

- Well old Dancer,

he ain't been right in the head for years.

At least not since that eagle
scratched him on the face.

- Did you say an eagle made those scars?

- Yeah.

- Well now that's a little strange.

Eagle never attacks anything
it doesn't intend to eat.

- Well we figured it had to be an eagle,

there's no other bird big
enough to have claws like that.

- Well, what'd old Dancer
have to say about it?


- Old Dancer ain't talked in years.

He ain't talked since it happened.


- Sure there ain't no new Indians in here?

Using black arrows?

- Black arrows?

- Little red and white markings, skull.

- No.

Escapes me.

Where you folks headed?

- Upriver just huntin' and fishin'.

- Gonna be mighty lonely up there.

You know,

folks say that there's haints up there.

- Haints?

- Things that scare ya.

You know like ghosts, and
things like that, you know,

things you can't see.

- That's crap.

- You couldn't get old
Dancer to go up there

if you beat him with a stick.

I figure he must have,

that's where he got
his, clawed on his eye,

from the eagle.

- Any strangers, any new
people comin' through here?

- Well we did see trappers.

We won't get a lot of 'em now,

now that the weather's
gonna turn bad on us,

but I never seen 'em come back.

Of course, they could
find another place out.

- Goin' to Texas or Oklahoma.

A lot of people leavin' the South.

- Y'all are more than
welcome to stay, I mean,

we got a warm cabin, we
got plenty of deer meat,

and plenty of places just
to kind of rent down.

You're more'n welcome, more'n welcome.

- No, we gotta move on, thank you a lot.

- Well it sure was a pleasure
havin' you folks stop by.

It's gonna get cold.

Sure I can't give you
another jar of that honey

to take along with you?

- No, thanks, you've done
enough, we're much obliged.

Thank you.

Let's move out.

- Well, you all have a good trip.

Just remember what old Posey told ya.

Don't let the haints get ya!

They'll scare ya!


Just follow that path,

it'll take you right down to the river.

Sorry y'all lost the war!

- Powder on them because of you.

Now get your gun and come on!

Come on!

Hurry it up.

- Come on!

(horse neighing)

- Quiet.

(horse neighing)

- I'll bet they're setting up

quite a surprise party for us up the way.

Lead on.

- The hell's going on,
what are they doin'?

- Looks like one of the
horses throwed his shoe.

- They're up in there for sure.

- [Man] You sure that quackin'
idiot didn't tip our hand?

- [Posey] Naw.

They're just havin' a little
trouble with the nail.

- You fix the horse's shoe.

That'll give me time to
check out their positions.

- You mind if I make a suggestion?

- Sure, why not?

- You see those rocks up
on the hillside there,

above the trail?

- I saw 'em, what about 'em?

- Well, while you and
Half Moon change the shoe,

Drusilla and I'll take a walk.

I got a box of dynamite
on the pack horse there.

I'll take a couple of
sticks up there with me,

plant 'em in the proper positions.

An explosion'll cause a landslide.

That'll bury 'em.

- That's a hell of a good idea.

- Now don't you be shootin' that girl!

Listen Rafe,

I get the girl first.

- Like hell you do.

- Now don't be startin' that with me.

You had the last one first.

It's my turn.

That's only fair.

- Well I seen her, and I want her.

You can have the next two that come along.

- I don't want the next two.

I want her!

And by God I'm gonna have her.

Hell, it could be a year
before another one comes by.

- You're gonna get her over my dead body.



- We're close, Moon.

There's that needle-eye rock
Virgil told us to look for.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Excuse me.

- Now where do you suppose she's goin'?

- Goin' to get herself a cold
derriere, that's for sure.


- Teach, you want some coffee?

- Don't mind if I do.

(gun firing)

- Drusilla.


- She's downriver.

Come back here. Get back
here, she's out there,

nothin' we can do about it now.

- But Cutter, damn it, she's in danger.

- Sure as you two'd like to help her,

you'd just get yourself killed.

- You don't really give a damn
what happens to her, do you?

- I give a damn what happens to you.

I didn't tell her to go down there.

- If anything happens to her,

I'm gonna kill you both.

- Shut up.

You listen.


That's not a woman's scream.

- You're right, it's not a woman.

But she is out there.

Wait, listen.

- I was there.

- [Captain] We don't give a damn,

just sit down and stay there.

- Captain, I'll go see, I'll check it out.

(ominous orchestral music)

- You're right again, Moon.

They're still followin' us.

I wonder why they're mad at us?

- They're demons.

- Now come on, let's
get back, come on Moon.

- I should have known.


- What?

- Chakasobe.

I know of this mountain, Captain.

I've known of it all my life.

No wonder Virgil hid the stones here.

Every tribe knows this mountain.

In the tongue of my mother,

Chakasobe, the mountain of demons.

- You mean you actually believe

there's some connection
between this place,

and the attacks on us?

- There is a legend, Teach,

of Chikara,

a great and powerful eagle.

Chikara took care of the
people on this mountain.

Fed them, clothed and protected
them from their enemies.

(dramatic orchestral music)

The medicine man of the
people became jealous

of Chikara's great power,

and killed the magnificent bird.

To hide his crime,

he cast the bird into the river,

but Chikara rose up, and destroyed him.

Chikara then cast the
people off the mountain,

forbidding them ever to return,

under penalty of death.


mountain of demons.

Anyone who enters this
sacred ground will die.

- We don't, Indian superstitions, right?

Hey, Moon.

That arrow in Teach's arm,

that hole there isn't real?

What about the men who
killed Drusilla's people?


- This is sacred ground.

You don't understand.

You go ahead.

I'll catch up.

- I didn't mean to make you mad, damn it.

You're half Irish too, you know.

(sinister orchestral music)

Make us some pine nut jelly.

Y'all make yourselves at home.

- Teach, would you ask Mister Cutter

if it's all right if somebody
tells me what's going on?

- Go ahead, tell her.

We find 'em, we can't hide it from her.

If we don't, it don't matter no how.

- I'm touched by your trust.

- Any time.

- I just want you to know that
it wasn't me, it was Cutter,

who was against taking
you into our confidence.

- I know, but tell me what the stones are.

- Actually, we don't know.

- You don't know?

You came all this way,
and risked your lives

for some kind of stones and
you don't know what they are?

- That's why I'm here, to identify,

and evaluate old Virgil's treasure.

And there's no way we can
possibly know until we find 'em.

- But surely you must have
some idea what they are.

- Yeah, according to Virgil's description,

Cutter thinks they're diamonds.

- Diamonds?

(dramatic orchestral music)

- All right, let's go slowly.

Throw a rock down there.

- Two,







- That's one hell of a hole.

So what else is in here?

(eerie music)

Moon, see what's in that hole over there.

- Yeah?

- Check the lip over there.

- [Teach] God, this is beautiful.

- Well if you see any rocks.

- Yeah, a bunch of rocks,
but nothin' valuable.

- [Captain] So how's it
look over there, Teach?

- [Teach] No, it's all holed up.

- Well, why don't you go
on back and set up camp?

Teach and I'll check a couple more rooms.

Let's try this one.

A low one.

- [Teach] See any rocks?

- [Captain] Lots of rocks, the wrong kind.


Put these out and store 'em up there.

- How'd it go, Captain?

- Not a bit of luck.

That old Virgil, he was
half out of his mind,

in fear and pain.

Maybe he was confused.

Maybe we got the wrong cave.

- Chakasobe is filled
with many, many caves.

We might never find the right one.

- It was our instructions
where (mumbling).

This has gotta be the right cave.

(mumbling) a little more careful.

- I'm not supposed to be here, Captain.

The gods are against us.

- Gods?

To hell with the gods.

- Maybe after we have a
little somethin' to eat,

take a little rest.

We'll do much better in the morning.

- Drusilla?

What are we eating?

- Eating?

You didn't say anything
to me about eating,

you just said I was to keep watch

and fire a shot if I saw somebody.

- Well I didn't know how
to tell you everything.

Never mind.

- It's all right, I
can make something now.

- Oh forget it, Moon
and I can do it faster.

Come on, Moon.

- Said I was sorry, didn't I?

What do you want me to
do, get down on my knees,

and beg your forgiveness?

- Girl, I can't think of
a thing I want you to do,

when you get right down to it.

- You've made one snide
remark after another about me.

I'm sick of it.

I didn't choose to be in your company

any more than you chose to be in mine,

but I've done my best to put up with you.

Why don't you loan me a horse

and I'll ride out of here, right now?

If you won't do that,
then the least you can do

is just ignore my presence.

- Consider yourself ignored.

(dark orchestral music)

- That's tellin' him.


I wondered how much abuse
you were gonna take,

before you started fightin' back.

It's all right.

Everything gonna be all right.

(sentimental orchestral music)

- Isn't it a beautiful day?

So beautiful, I got up
and went for a walk.

- Yes it is Drusilla, but there's,

there's much danger here.

- It's so hard to believe, isn't it?

When it's so beautiful?

But you're right, I guess it was stupid.

- Drusilla and I are gonna
go water the horses, Captain.

- You can do it.

(horses neighing)

Something's wrong, Drusilla.

Get back Drusilla!

Get back!



Hey, Drusilla!

Oh my God.

- Moon!

What the hell happened?

- I don't know, the hill
must have collapsed.

I don't see Drusilla anywhere, do you?

- No.

But all the horses are gone.

- [Teach] Drusilla?


- [Drusilla] Help!


- We see ya.

We'll get you outta there, you all right?

- I think so.

Go get them ropes out of the cave, quick,

on the double, boy.

- Help.

- Hang on!

Hurry up, Teach!

- Hurry!

- Hang on, girl.

- I'm trying.

- All right, when I holler
'slack' you give me slack,

when I holler 'hold' you hold.

Okay, ready?

Here I come, girl.

- [Teach] You all right?

- Yeah.

A little slack.

All right, give me a little more.

- All right?

- So far.

Make sure you got a good foothold.

Hang on girl, we'll get you out.


Anything broke, girl?

- I don't know.

- A little slack.

- [Teach] Okay.

- I got ya.

Come on up.

Come on.

You're all right honey.

You're all right.

Look at me.

Look at me.

Come here, come here.

(Drusilla squealing)

But you're all now, you're all right?

Come over here.

I'll get ya.

- You're sure nothin's broke?

- [Drusilla] I don't know.

- All right Teach, I got her.

(Drusilla yelling)

It's all right.

- Okay.

- Now you're gonna have
to stand right here.

You have to stand right there.

Yes you are.

Come on, get your butt around there.

Come on.

(Drusilla squealing)

I got ya!

All right now listen to me.


All right, Teach.

Hold on a second, wait a second.

Gotta go down.

You jump up on me piggyback, you hear?

Piggyback to start, get up on me.

Go on up!

(Drusilla squealing)

- Hang on!

Here we go!

- All right, pull.

Got ya girl, I got ya, come on.

(Drusilla yelling)

- [Captain] Take up the slack.

All right, go on up.

- [Drusilla] Oh, oh my hand.

- [Captain] Hang on girl.

Take up the slack.

Hold it!

Hold it.

Get up on me girl, come on up.

That's good, ride up there now.

- [Teach] Ya all right?

- Yeah!

Pull it.

All right.

All right.

Comin' up.


Get her off me.

(Drusilla sobbing)

- Get the rope off me.

It's all right, it's all right now.

Just breathe.

You're all right.

We did it!

By God, we did it!

And I thought this arm was gone.

- Oh Moon.

My God, Moon.

(sinister orchestral music)

Not that it makes any difference anymore,

but I'll bet I know where them rocks are.

This area.

- Captain, look here.

- Oh yeah, I thought so.

Old Virgil let himself
down in that black hole.

Okay Teacher.

Bet he tied himself off on that rock.

Virgil had a lot of nerve.

- Well, I guess we're gonna
have to go down in there.

- I hate to tell you this, Teach.

It's your turn over the side.

- [Teach] Let me go.

- Go on and take it.

(Teach grunting)

Watch yourself there.

- [Teach] Need more slack.

- See anything yet?

- [Teach] No.

Okay, a little more slack.

Hold on!

I think I found it.

- What is it?


- Hey.

It sure is a rotten bag, though.

Bag's got a hole in it.

I got another bag up there on the pack.

- Drusilla, go get it.

Get that--

- [Teach] Back of that rope,

where the rope's back to,

tie it on the rope and lower it down.

- We'll take care of it.

Step on the double, girl.

- [Teach] Hurry it up.

Send that bag on down.

- Toss it on down, give
him plenty of rope.

- [Teach] Ya comin' with it?

Bring it on down.

Okay, I got it.

Now hold on a minute.

Damn, dropped my torch.


All right.

Bring it up.

Bring it up slowly.

- Take it on over there.

We don't want it to bust open.

- That Virgil was a sly one.
- Easy!


I'm gonna turn loose of it.

Gonna give her another shake.

Here you go!

- What about old Teach?

All right, you ready?

- [Teach] Ready.

- Climb up, Drusilla and I'll pull.

- [Teach] Okay.

- Get a good hold.

- [Teach] Okay.


- Come on.

Come on.

- Open that bag.

- Come on (mumbling).

- Be patient.

- Patient, hell.

- Hang on, hang on, hang on.

- Come on.

- [Teach] Be patient.

- [Captain] Patience, hell.

My God, they're pretty.


- Diamonds, all right.




(Captain laughing)

- [Drusilla] Well Cutter, looks like

you're gonna be a rich man.

- You're a fool if you don't.

- In the meantime, we've
got a hundred miles to go.

On foot.

I'm dead tired.

You take the first watch.

- He still gives the orders.

Drusilla, what are you doing up?

- Shh.

You'll wake the Captain.

I couldn't sleep so I thought
I'd come and keep you company.

- That's real nice.

- It's cold out here.

Should have brought my blanket.

- This old arm's still a little painful.

If you come over on this
side, I'll keep you warm.

Is that better?

- Mm-hmm.

Now how am I supposed to stay
alert when you're doing that?

I'm on watch, you know.

- Want me to go away?

(romantic orchestral music)

Why don't we go over there,

so Cutter doesn't hear us?

- [Teach] This is far enough.

(ominous orchestral music)


(Drusilla screaming)

- No, no!

Don't, don't go out there.

- Douse that fire!

(dramatic orchestral music)

Oh good God.

(muffled speaking)

Get behind there, get down.

What the hell you doin' out there?


That explains enough.

You got teeth?

Now I got two good men dead.

Did you see 'em?

- No!

- Did you hear 'em?

- No.


- Wherever they are,
I can't see 'em there.

In any case, we gotta get
the hell off this mountain.

I hope we can get down off of here.


Oh girl.

What is it now?

Come on, brace up.

Come on.

We survived, didn't we?

Come on.

Girl, we got a long way to go.

You can't fall apart on me now.

Come on.

Come on, wipe your eyes.

It's not that bad.

Come on.

(romantic orchestral music)

(breathing hard)

You're really somethin', aren't you?

Oh my God.


You mean it's been you all the time?

What the hell are you?



(eerie music)


(riders talking)

- Four horses down there.

- Must have fallen all
the way from the top.

(bird screeching)

(riders talking)

- It's a long way up.

(sinister orchestral music)