The Shadow in My Eye (2021) - full transcript

On March 21st, 1945, the British Royal Air Force set out on a mission to bomb Gestapo's headquarters in Copenhagen. The raid had fatal consequences as some of the bombers accidentally targeted a school and more than 120 people were killed, 86 of whom were children.




Early on in 1945, the resistance
had repeatedly asked the British

to bomb the Gestapo HQ
at the Shell House in Copenhagen.

The RAF hesitated.

Captured members of the resistance
were kept under the roof as human shields.

However, in March,
Gestapo were so close

to unraveling the resistance
that a decision was made to attack.

[boy whistling]



- There's a run, Mom.
- [indistinct chattering]


- [woman] We can use the nail polish.
- [women laughing]

- [chattering and laughing]
- The cab's here.

- Here, hold the newspaper over your head.
- Yeah. Okay.

- [kisses]
- [man laughing] Yeah! Yeah!

[chattering and laughing]

[whistling continues]

[chattering, laughing continue]


[whistling stops]

[gunfire pattering]

[gunfire continues]

[steam hissing]

There's someone here to see you.

- They've been to my place.
- [man] What?

My mom said two men came by.

- Can I stay here just a bit?
- [man] Here?

- Please, Frede.
- Now? No. Are you mad?

- Why not?
- You can't, Svend. You have to go.

They'll kill me.

I... I can't help you.
Do you understand? I can't.

Have you talked to Petersen?

I can't find him.

[loud bang]

I'd go to the Shell House.

- I'll meet you there later.
- The Shell House?


- I'll do that.
- Good.

[Svend] Frede?

I owe you ten kroner. Goodbye.

Are you going to sit here
in that bloody uniform?

Oh, come on, it's only a white shirt.

[father] Why do we live with vermin?

Well, tell me.

Shame on you. Shame.

Did you have a good day, Grandma?

That there is not your son.

The son you gave birth to
isn't here anymore.

Where did he go?

He turned into a HIPO-pig. A traitor!

[mother gasps]

You'd better bloody come back here!

[Frederik] Leave me alone, Dad!
Leave me alone!

- [father] What is wrong with you? Get up.
- [Frederik] Don't touch me!

- [father] Get up, goddamn you!
- [mother sobbing]

[in German] ♪ Our fists will crush them
If they spite us ♪

♪ Youth, Youth ♪

- ♪ Our flag... ♪
- I know, Dad!

♪ Our flag waves ahead of us ♪

♪ We march into the future with our men ♪

♪ We march for Hitler
Through the night and suffering ♪

- ♪ With the flag of Youth... ♪
- ♪ Down, what does she want down here? ♪

♪ Down! ♪

♪ She wants
To marry Henrik, Henrik, Henrik ♪

♪ She wants to marry Henrik, Henrik ♪

♪ So please say yes and smile
Smile, smile, say yes and... ♪

[in English] Can you stay
and watch Selma?


[in German] ♪ A girl came a-walking
Walking, walking ♪

♪ A girl came a-walking, walking ♪

♪ And what does she want down here? ♪

♪ Down, down
What does she want down here? ♪

♪ She wants
To marry Henrik, Henrik, Henrik ♪

♪ She wants to marry Henrik, Henrik ♪

♪ But she is not allowed
Allowed, allowed ♪

♪ She is not allowed, allowed ♪

- [Svend panting]
- ♪ She wants to marry Peter, Peter ♪

- ♪ Peter, she wants to marry Peter ♪
- [women gasp, scream]

- [in English] Are you Svend Nielsen?
- No, that's... that's not me.

- Show me your ID.
- That's not me.

- [man] Let me see your ID. Come on.
- No. No.

Please don't.

Please don't. It's not me.

It's not me. It's not me. Not me.

It's not me. [shudders]

It looks all right to me.

- By the way, say hello to Poul.
- [grunts]

- [gunshot]
- [crowd screaming]

[officer in German] Damn it.

- Take a look, Herr Schultz.
- [officer 2] Yes, sir.

Eva! Dad, it's Eva from my class.

[in English] Eva, it's me, Greta.
Eva! Eva!

- [man] Who do you think that was?
- [man 2] A bloody snitch.

He knew too much.

[crowd clamoring]

Did he know too much, Mom?
Was it because he knew too much?

[mother] Come on.

Come along.
Sweetie, there's nothing there.

Henry, we'll be late. We'll be...
Come on, let's go!

Hen... Henry! Henry!



So, Henry, you stubborn little lad.

We can't go anywhere.
The worst part is his voice.

What a mess, huh, Henry?

You should answer your mother
when she asks you a question.

I'm sure you understand
that if you don't say anything,

then you make her nervous.

And then you can't tell us
what's wrong either.

What was it you saw?

- Well?
- [whimpers]

What did you see?



Was it the people in the car?

[Henry mumbling]

I don't get a word.

[Henry mumbling]

[shouting] Say something,
goddamn it, Henry!

Speak! Say something!

Get it together!

Be a man and not a measly, little wimp!

[normal] That may seem harsh,

but sometimes the children benefit
from being scared stiff.

Can you say something now, Henry, huh?

[Henry whimpers]

- Can you say something now? Well?
- [sobs]

- [doctor] Apparently not.
- [mother] I've been thinking.

I have a sister in Copenhagen.

There isn't much sky there,
and it's mainly the sky he's afraid of.

[doctor] So, you get rewarded with a trip
to Copenhagen for acting like a sissy.

Well, well. Good luck with that then.

[airplane engine roars]

[navigator] I was invited to my sister's
school to tell them about our squadron.

So I told 'em, "One day on a mission, out
of the clouds this Fokker appears." Right?

[imitates engine droning]
The kids start giggling.

I say, "We shoot one of 'em down.
All of a sudden... [exhales sharply]

...Fokker appears from behind us, right?"
Now the kids start really laughing.

All of a sudden, the teacher
angrily interrupts me, goes...

[imitates woman's voice]
"I should make it clear that Fokker

is the name of a German aircraft."
But I was like, "That's true. That's true.

- These fuckers were Messerschmitts."
- [laughing]

a quick word prior to the briefing.

- [exhales] You're on 977, right?
- [both] Yes, sir.

This is, uh,
Major Truelsen of the Danish SOE.

He has some intelligence
he wants to share with you.

You were on a ranger mission over Jutland

a couple of weeks ago
with Brown and Smith?

- Uh, yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

According to their report, they hit
a German staff vehicle north of Hobro.

Yes, sir.

We have received a telegram
from the local resistance group.

It wasn't a staff vehicle.
It was a taxi with a wedding party.

A driver and three young women.

We urge all pilots
to be more thorough next time.

Yes, sir.

All right.
I'll see you at the briefing, chaps.

[pilot] It could've been us...

But it wasn't. So come on, Reggie.

[executioner] Let me tell you
how this is gonna go.

I'll ask you a question,
and if you don't answer,

I'll ask if you're ready.

[inhales] And then I'll flog you.
Shall we proceed?

- I don't know anything. I am just...
- No, you're just small fry.

- Correct. I'm just small fry.
- You're not a small fry.

You're a maggot.
A little maggot man. [chuckles]

Take off your shirt.
Straddle the chair with your hands up.

[prisoner] If you say so.

[executioner] Believe me, you'll talk.

You all do.
You might think this looks harmless,

and you'll even think you can bear
the pain after the first blow.

But you can't.
The next blow will be unbearable.

We know you're a leading figure.

- Which of these people do you work with?
- [officer typing]

Truelsen, Schoch,
Bork-Andersen, Lippmann, Tiemroth?

I know Andersen.

He's my local butcher.

[chuckles] Ready?

- [grunts]
- [shouts]



- So tell me where do you usually meet?
- [exhales] I don't know...


- [exhales]
- [both shout]




- Try to embrace it.
- [exhales]

[executioner] It makes it much easier.


What's the chain of command
between SOE and the Freedom Council?

- Ready?
- [gasps]






- [prisoner] Your...
- I can't hear you.

Your... your time is up,
you goddamn traitor.

[yells] You don't hit me
when I'm not ready, damn it!

First you ask the question,

then you ask me if I'm ready,
and then you hit me!

That was the deal! [grunts]

- [gasps, shouts]
- Damned subhuman!

[whispering] What is going on?
What is he doing?

Come here. Come and listen.

What are you doing?
Get away from the door.

[sister shudders]





[continues gasping]

[knock on door]

[sister] Sister Teresa.

Sister Teresa.

[panting] Yeah.

[sister] The prioress
wants to talk to you.

[sisters laughing]

[laughing stops]


They say you flog yourself.

We're not 15th-century Jesuits.

We're St. Joseph sisters.
What good will it do?

[sister] Say something, girl.

[whispers] I'm searching for God.


I'm searching for God.

Why would he appear before you
just because you flog yourself?

If it's a sin, he'll punish me,
and then I'll know he sees me.

[sister] God doesn't care
about your pain.

Teresa, God is everywhere.

But he can't be.

With everything that's happening.

Does God really not care at all
about us humans?

[prioress] God loves us humans.

Aren't Jews human then?

Maybe it's because the Jews
don't believe Christ is the son of God.

So they're punished with death? [inhales]

And the children being bombed
in London and Berlin?

And the ones
who are taken to camps and killed?

[sister] We don't know
anything about that.

[Teresa] Aren't they human?

Teresa, God is both in you...

and in those who suffer.

He can't ease their suffering.

- But he can offer them comfort.
- [sniffles]

[sobbing] And what
if they lose their faith?

Then they have nothing left. [blubbers]

True. Then they have nothing left.

[in French] I'm the beautiful
Elizabeth of Thuringia.

There is famine
and distress in this world.

[mother in English] Yes, of course.

[mother 2] It's so hard now.

Yes, but they say it will be over soon.

- [mother 2] Yes.
- [mother] But poor Henry.

[mother 2] Mm-hmm.

The worst thing
for him is big spaces with the open sky.

[mother] Yes, I can imagine.

[mother 2] You have to drag him across.

[mother] He'll be fine here.

[mother 2] It's so sweet of you.

[mother] Of course.
It's the least we can do.

- Hey.
- Not so fast. Say hello to your Aunt Anna.

Good morning, Rigmor. Did you sleep well?

- [Rigmor] Mm-hmm.
- [mother] Hmm.

Is it because you saw
the dead people in the burning car?

Is that why you don't speak?

[mother] Rigmor,
we only talk about happy things, remember?

This here is Wolle.

Some teddies think it's childish
when children want to hug all the time.

But Wolle is fine with it.

- [Anna] I have a train to catch.
- [mother] Yes.

[Anna] The notepad.
Do make him use it. It's a big help.

[mother] Of course.

My darling boy,
you'll have such a good stay here.

Have fun now, all right?

Do you promise
to look after Henry, also at school?

[mother] I've talked to the sisters.

They're looking forward to having him.

Then I'll see you in a month, right?

- [Henry sobs, sniffles]
- Farewell.

Remember to say something.

- [mother] Well, you have a train to catch.
- Yeah.


[pilots chattering]

[man] Attention, please.

Operation Carthage is the name
of our perhaps riskiest mission yet.

At 450 km/h,

we will fly at roof altitude

straight into the very heart
of a capital city,

and we will hit
and destroy one single building.

The target is
the Gestapo headquarters of Copenhagen.

[taps map] The Shell House.

Our aim is to destroy their archives
and kill as many Huns as possible.

To avoid radars,
we will fly low across the North Sea

escorted by 30 Mustangs.

We will cross over Jutland

towards Zealand, and here at Lake Tissø...

[taps map] we will divide
into three groups.

The first group
heads directly to Copenhagen.

The second group circles the lake once,
the third group twice,

thus separating us.

We shall strike late in the morning,

which is the busiest hour, and therefore
providing us with the highest kill ratio.

And we will be armed
with delay-action bombs

set at 30 seconds from impact.

Now, the Gestapo will be expecting us.

And therefore, they have
unfortunately positioned 30 prisoners

of the Danish resistance
immediately below the roof

to serve as a form of human shield.

I give the word to Special Operations
Executive Major Truelsen.

[pilots murmuring]

[Truelsen] Gentlemen, gentlemen!

The Gestapo is dangerously close
to eradicating the Danish resistance.

That's why the leaders have been
begging us for several months now

to perform this attack,

even if it means
the death of our comrades.

We need to do this.

To sacrifice the few
in order to save the many.

[big band music playing]

[Rigmor] Goodbye, Mom.

Bye, honey.

- Goodbye, Henry.
- [door closes]

Eva saw someone die too.
He was shot right in the head.

But you can still speak, right, Eva?

You must say something to speak.

What should I say?

See? She can speak
although she saw a person die. Try.

Just say something.


- It doesn't matter.
- [Henry sniffles]

Maybe it's a lump in your throat.

- Maybe a bun would help?
- Oh, no.

- [sniffles]
- Come on.

This is dangerous.

The only problem is,
the really frightening thing is,

that in there lives the Pig Lady.

[Pig Lady breathing ragged]

[Rigmor] And inside the Pig Lady
lives the Witch of Death.

Her pointy fingers are made
from the bones of dead children.

But it gets worse.

Her eyes can burn holes,
so don't look her in the eye. Ever!

And it gets even worse.

- The worst thing is...
- The buns are poisoned.

[both] One bite and you'll die!

- [Rigmor] Let's go.
- [bell rings]

[ragged breathing]

[Rigmor whispering] And now you might ask

what we're going to do with a deadly bun.

[Eva] Rigmor has an antidote.

[ragged breathing continues]


Look here, Henry.
Here comes the hard part.

[Eva] Yes.

[Rigmor] This is a very wide street
with a lot of sky.

[Eva] It's a very big street.

Here's what we'll do.
I'll tie the clothesline around you.

- And pull it and you just follow me.
- [Eva] Yes.

- And then we'll get to the other side.
- Mm-hmm.

Eva will be right behind you.

- Come on, Henry. Come on.
- [Henry grunts]

Come on.

Eva, push!

- [Eva] I'm pushing.
- Come on, Henry.

- We're almost there.
- [Henry gasps]

- [Rigmor] You have nothing to fear.
- [Henry panting]

[Rigmor] Come on, Henry. Eva, push.


[Rigmor] Come on. You can do it!

[Eva, singsong] Come on, come on!

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

- Come on!
- [Eva] Come on, come on.

- [grunts]
- [Rigmor] You made it!

Yes, you made it.

And tomorrow,
you'll do it without the line.


- [whispering] No! It's poisoned!
- Are you insane?

You have to dip it three times.

And then you salute Jesus.

And then you eat.

We survived! [laughs]



[Rigmor and Eva] Hurrah!

There you are.
It's excursion time. Come on.

This is cousin Henry. He can't speak.

[sister] Oh, right. Welcome, Henry.

[bell tolling]

- [officers shouting]
- [officer] Come back here!

- [shouting continues]
- [prisoner] Get away from me!

[officer] Hold him down.

- [shouting]
- [grunting]

Can I help you? [panting]


You're the devil.

[whispers] Unless you find God,
you'll burn in hell.


Teresa! What on earth
are you thinking, girl?


[prisoner grunts]

- [prisoners shouting]
- [prisoner groans]

[prisoner 2] Let me out!

[prisoner 3] Traitor! Damned HIPO bastard!

[officer] Come on, Frede.

Hello. [sighs]

- [prisoner groaning]
- [knocks]

[prisoner 2] Hello.

[prisoner] Hello.


Where are we? Are we in prison?

We're in the Shell House.

[prisoner] The Shell House?

We walked up the stairs
right below the roof.

[prisoner 2] Below the roof.

Below the roof, right.

[prisoner 2]
We're in the cells below the roof.

Below the roof. The Shell House.

[grunts] How many of us?

I don't know. Thirty, perhaps.


we'll soon be transferred to Vestre.


[prisoner 2] No?

We're their human shield.

We're going to be attacked.

The Brits?

[coughs] Mm-hmm.

- [prisoner 2] Do you think they'll come?
- Yes.

So we're expendable?

[prisoner] Yes. Hmm.

But... but how can you be sure?

[prisoner] I was there
when we made the decision.

- That the Royal Air Force should bomb?
- [prisoner] Yes.

And now you're imprisoned here too?

[prisoner] Yes, it is rather odd.


[prisoner] Yes. Absurd.

[airplane engine droning]

[Frederik] You! Stop. Turn around.

Move along.

What do you want? Well?

The other day, you said something.

That thing about God.

I don't know what it means.

- And besides, it's too late.
- What's too late?

The war's over. I'm a dead man.

How I pity you.

- [scoffs] I'm not asking for your pity.
- Then what do you want?

Weren't you the one
who said I should find that guy?

- That guy doesn't like black uniforms.
- And isn't yours black too?

Well, maybe God
doesn't like sanctimonious virgins either

who shut themselves off
from the real world.

- I shouldn't be talking to a HIPO traitor.
- [scoffs] I'm missing the halo.

I'm the devil.

Kiss me.

[Frederik] What?

If I kiss someone like you,

God will punish me,
and I'll know he exists.

Kiss me.


[both gasp]

Well, hey.

No, I wasn't struck by lightning.

God doesn't exist.

Move along.

[sister] As you know,

this year's play is
about Elizabeth of Thuringia.

She lived in 13th-century Germany.

Although Elizabeth was of royal descent,

she did her utmost to help the poor.

But then what happened?

Yes, Greta.

The rich, evil Jews didn't like
that she helped the people.

One day she came
with a basket of bread.

- And the rich, evil Jews stopped her.
- Well, I don't think they were Jews.

But apart from that, you're right.

What happened when they asked her
to reveal the contents of her basket?

Yes, Rigmor.

It was transformed into roses.

[sister] God worked a miracle.

To help Elizabeth hide the bread,

he transformed it into roses.

- [knock on door]
- Yes.

Sister Hanna, do you have a moment?

Teresa, will you take over the class?

[Teresa] Yes, Rigmor.

But how could it be turned into flowers?

That's what a miracle is.

There are many stories about statues
of the Virgin Mary

that suddenly come alive and weep.

In Civitavecchia, in Italy,
she sometimes weeps...

[sobs] blood.

- [cries]
- [students laughing]

Other Madonnas are even said to speak.

- [speaking gibberish]
- [students laughing]

[chuckles] But how?

Because God can do anything.



Well, even when he's asleep?

God never sleeps.

Then how does he stay awake?

Well, sometimes on rare occasions,

something might distract him.

And then Sister Teresa told us
to drop a pencil.

So we did it of course.

It fell to the floor,
and then she said to pick it up.

Then Sister Teresa said that God's hours
and minutes are different than ours.

[Teresa] See?
That took about three seconds.

Three seconds where you didn't look at me
because you were looking at the pencil.

Because God's hours and minutes
are different from ours,

one day for God is the same
as maybe a hundred years.

Or a second for God
is the same as one year.

So if you look away
for just a few seconds,

then he may be gone.

So if God, he drops a pencil,
he looks away,

and then he's gone for two years.

Okay. And that's what Sister Teresa said?


So what I'm thinking is
if we're really unfortunate,

God is taking a nap right now,
all of our lifetime.

That may last a hundred years.
If it's a long nap, maybe even longer.

[father laughs]

- [Teresa yawning]
- [students laughing]

[Hanna] Teresa!

What was that?

What just happened?

Looks like those muscles
are starting to move a little.

- Was that a smile?
- [chuckles]

So you can smile.

[chuckles] Mm-hmm.

- [laughs] Yeah, that's right.
- [all laughing]

[Rigmor] Hey!
What does it say? What does it say?

Me? If anybody here is nuts,
it's you for sure.

You're definitely nuts, right?

Yeah, yeah.

[Rigmor] I am a nun
from Hawaii called Henry.

[big band music playing]

- I'm very fond of my niece Rigmor.
- [all laughing]

[Rigmor] She's sweet and bright.

Her parents are also very sweet

because they say the war will end soon.

That's very fortunate
because God has gone out for cigarettes.


- That's good. Great!
- Bravo!

[parents] Encore! Encore!

[Rigmor] If you want an encore,
you can have this.

Henry, try to keep up.

My name is Henry.


[Rigmor] I can't speak,

but if me and Rigmor
can have another cake,

then I'll speak again.

- No, no, you don't. Off to bed. [chuckles]
- Oh.

- Bravo!
- That was so good.

[Frederik] Sister.

[Teresa gasps]


What is it?

- Did you kiss me because I'm the devil?
- Yes.

I don't want to be him anymore.

[Teresa huffs]


Teach me to pray.

[Teresa whispering] Here.

Hail Mary, full of grace.
The Lord is with thee.



I can't read.

Repeat after me.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

Hail Mary, full of grace.

The Lord is with thee.

The Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst women...

Blessed art thou amongst women...

...and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

...and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.

[Teresa] Again.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.

If you want to kiss the devil,
it ought to be here.

No. No, you can't do that. Not in here.

- Stop! No, stop!
- [panting]

[Teresa] Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! [gasps]


He spoke to us.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm a pig.

My name is Frederik.

[Teresa] Teresa.

Are you all right?


- [clicks]
- [engine turns over]

[Reggie] There's our escort.

That is fucking beautiful.

[pilot] Tell them
to watch out for seagulls.

Watch out for seagulls, lads.

- I can't.
- [father] Yes, you can.

I won't.

Stop that and finish your breakfast.

I feel sick.

There's nothing wrong with you.

I'm not hungry.

You'll be hungry in a minute.
The moment you leave, you will be.

- You can't go to school starving.
- I don't like it.

Did you hear the one about picky Mads?

He wouldn't eat either. Oh, no.

And the fourth day almost finished him.
He was all skin and bones.

And on the fifth day, Mads was dead

because he didn't eat his bread.


Now you eat up!

Fine, off you go on an empty stomach.

The porridge will be waiting for you.

Then you will have cold porridge,
young lady!

[Eva] Wait! Wait for me!

[sobs, sniffles]

- What's the matter?
- [sniffling] Nothing.

- [pilot grunting]
- [gasping] Christ!


- [grunts]
- [groans]


- Where's Frederik?
- Haven't seen him for two days.

- I don't know how the Corps will react.
- [mother sobbing]

But I'm done.

[father] My son.

When we're liberated, you're a dead man.

[mother sobbing]

[father] Goodbye, my boy.

[mother sobbing]

Time estimate to target?

[Reggie] Approx seven minutes.





[Handel's "Messiah" playing]

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! ♪

- [Hanna] Rigmor. Rigmor.
- [chuckles]

Rigmor, what are you doing?

Mm, walking with my basket.

Well, just do a few rounds
and greet people.

Then take a step forward
and speak to the audience.

- Fine.
- Yes. Go ahead. Yep.

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

Rigmor! Rigmor, why don't you stop?

I just wanted to go and say hello
to my old grandma in the woods.

No, you're not, because
that's not the fairy tale we're doing!

Very well.

[navigator] Dividing into three groups.
First group, check in.

- [navigator 2] One-two.
- [Reggie] First group third.

[navigator 3] One-five.

- [navigator 4] One-seven.
- [navigator] Second group check in.

- [navigator 5] Two-two.
- [navigator 6] Two-three.

Two-one, for check in.

- [navigator 7] Three-one.
- [navigator 8] Three-two.

[navigator 9] Three-six.

[navigator] And from now on,
radio silence.

[students] ♪ Hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelujah! ♪

[in French]
I'm the beautiful Elizabeth of Thuringia.

There is famine
and distress in this world.

My heart is broken. My faith is weak.

Little children die from hunger.

Tonight, I heard a calling, a sound.

"Elizabeth, my harbinger.
I am the Lord, and this is the truth."

[Handel's "Messiah" continues playing]

Who is it?

Open the basket.



[Hanna in English] Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, girls. That was splendid.

Eva, come here.

What's the matter with you?
Do you have bellyache?

Haven't you had any breakfast?


Eva, you can't survive without breakfast.

Well, off you go to the bathroom.

Yes, you go with her.

Have you found God?

Or do you prefer your HIPO bastard?

I've talked to the prioress.

Today is your last day at the school.

What you have done is despicable!

Maybe try dipping your head.

Maybe that could cure you.
It's the antidote.

Go on. Try it.


- [pilot] What happened back there?
- Our tail! We lost our tail!


- Come on, come on. Come on.
- [engine sputtering]

- Get up! Come on.
- [gasping]

Up, up, up! [screams]

- Tail! Pull up! Pull up!
- [grunts]

[Reggie shouts]

[pilot grunts]

[Reggie screaming] Pull up!

- Pull up! Pull up! Pull up!
- [pilot] Come on, come on, come on!

- [Reggie] Pull up!
- Come on. Come on!

[Reggie whimpering]


- [airplane engine droning]
- [clamoring]


[loud rumbling]


- [explosion]
- [shouts]






- [in German] Help! Keys!
- [men shouting]

- [glass shattering]
- [ticking]

- [exhales]
- [explosion]

[in English] Let us out!

- [grunting]
- [prisoners shouting]


Give 'em to me! Give 'em to me!

Damn it! Let go!

- Stay calm. Off we go in pairs. Off we go.
- [clamoring]

[Hanna] Stay calm.

[Teresa] No running, girls. Stay calm.

- [clamoring]
- [prisoner] Come on!

[prisoner 2] Come on!

- [prisoner 3] Come on. Go! Yeah.
- [prisoner 4] Come on.

- [prisoners shouting]
- [prisoner coughs]

[air raid sirens wailing]


[navigator] We're coming in
a little bit off.

We ought
to be 15 degrees further starboard.

No worries.
I've spotted the target. Bomb doors open.

[air raid sirens continue wailing]

Stay calm now.

Damn! It's not the target.
Abort, abort, abort!

What are the others doing?

[navigator] Oh, my God!




- Get away from the stairs! Get away!
- [screaming]

- [glass shatters]
- [explosion]


[student] Teresa! Teresa!

- [student 2] Teresa!
- [student 3] Teresa!

- [student 4] Teresa!
- [student 5] Teresa!

[students shouting] Teresa! Teresa!

- Teresa!
- Teresa! [sobbing]

- [both] Teresa!
- [Teresa] Hurry down to the basement.

[students continue shouting]



Did you hurt your finger, dear?
Here you go.

Don't worry.
It'll... it'll grow back out again.

[sobs] It'll grow back out again.

[pilot] What's that smoke?

What's going on out there?

Is that our boys? Is that wave two?

God damn it!
They're bombing the wrong target!

Where's wave three?

Where's wave three?
Have they come through yet?


Where's wave three? I can't see 'em.

They're coming in from the west.

They're flying towards the wrong target.

[pilot] Oh, bloody hell!

[airplanes approaching]



- [explosions]
- [screaming]

- [explosions]
- [screaming]


- [crying]
- [muttering]


[big band music playing]


[air raid siren wailing]

- What's going on?
- [woman] The school's on fire!

They're bombing the French School!
They're bombing the school!

[father] Emma!

- [panting]
- [crowd gasping]

[girls sobbing, coughing]

[ambulance siren wailing]


[man] Wait inside the theater.

Has anyone seen Eva?


You haven't seen her? Eva?

Has she come out? Have you seen her?

- Emma, stay here.
- Rigmor!

- Rigmor!
- Stay here. Emma, stay here!

Listen to me! I'll find her!
Okay? I'll find her.

- You have to find her. Find her.
- I'll find both of them, yes.

[woman shouting]

[girl] Mom!

- Mom!
- Hello!

[girl] Mom!

- Hello!
- [girl] Mom!

Hey, help! There's somebody down here!
There's somebody down here!


[father grunts]

- Hello! Hello! Is anyone there?
- Hello! Hello!

- [girl] Mom.
- [both grunting]

[father] Oh, my God.



We found one.

- [grunting]
- [panting]

[whispers] No.

[whispers] Okay.


[exhales, inhales]

Rigmor. Greta.

Greta, Rigmor, are you there?

Are you there?

[Rigmor] Sister.

Where are you, Rigmor?

[Rigmor] Sister Teresa.

Yes. Where are you?

[Rigmor] I'm lying down here.

How long do we have to stay here?

Just... just for a short while,

and then someone will come for us, okay?





[Rigmor] Why won't Greta answer?



Come on! Go! Come on!

Go to the theater and wait there.






[muffled] Hello!
You there! Yes, you. Come here.

Get over here.

Hey! Hello!

Are you okay?

Look, I need someone
to describe each of the girls we get out.

Then write it down

and run over to the theater with the note
and give it to the lady inside

so she can tell the parents
whom we've gotten out.

Are you able to do that? What about that?

- Can you write on here? Can you do that?
- Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Good. You see her?

Can you see her, with light hair?
Green dress, yellow stockings?

About eight years.
Can you write that down?

We'll drive her to Frederiksberg Hospital.
You ought to write that down!

If they can talk, then you ask
what their name is and write it down.

And then deliver the note.
Do you understand?

That's my boy. Off you go.

She's conscious.
Get her name and run to the theater.

- Hurry! We have to get going.
- [whimpering]

[man] Come on!


What is... what is your na... name?

- [fire chief] Lift! Come on!
- Your name.

- What... what's your name?
- [woman] Is anyone down there?

Hello! Come on, hurry...

[Henry] What's your name?

Wh... wh... what is your...
what is your name? What is your name?

[fire chief] Finished. Let's go!

- [man] Sorry.
- [Henry grunts]

[fire chief] All right, son.

- What's your name?
- [fire chief] Let's go, move on, move on!

What... what... you have to sp...
you have to loud... louder.

- Jenny.
- How old are you?

- [man] Help me, help me.
- [Jenny] Seven.

- [man] Next please.
- What color is your dress?

- [fire chief] Come on! Lift this!
- [spits]

[man] Lift!

- [woman 2] Anyone seen anyone down there?
- [fire chief] It's done. Get on! Come on!

[man] That's it.



[Rigmor] Yes.

Do you see anything?
Do you see anything?

[Rigmor] I can't see anything.

But I can feel water on my stomach.


Are you... are you lying on your stomach?


Are you lying on your stomach?

[Rigmor] Yes, there's a lot of water now.

Help! [whimpers]

[gasping] Help!




I'm going in.
Does anyone have a lamp?

[fireman] Here.




[metal tapping]

[metal creaks]

- Eva?
- [children coughing]

[actress] Everyone,
everyone, all parents...

- Have you found her?
- [sobs] No.

[actress] Come with me to the theater.

- Should we stay here?
- Yes.

Come this way, everyone, into the theater.

- [chattering]
- [sobbing]

Would you please tell the parents...

[actress] Yes.

- ...and where they've been taken.
- Yes.

[fireman] Good.

If we remain here,
we will receive some information,

which girls have been found...

and where they've been taken.

[father sobbing]




It is a little girl of seven years.

In a red dress.

She's on her way
to Frederiksberg Hospital.

Her name is Jenny.

[woman] Jenny!

Well done, my boy.

- Hurry and get some more notes, okay?
- [exhales]

[actress] Little Agnete of eight years...

has been taken
to Frederiksberg Hospital.

Gray dress, red stockings, black hair.

- Rigmor! Rigmor!
- [man] Come on.


[man] Come, this way. Come.


- [Teresa] Help!
- [Frederik grunts] We're coming!

[Teresa] We're here. We're here!

[Frederick panting]

We're on our way. We're coming!

- Did you hear that, Rigmor?
- [Frederik grunts]

Did you hear?


Rigmor, are you there?

Are you there?

[Rigmor] Yes.

Did you hear that? Someone's coming.

There's someone coming for us.

[gulps] Someone's on the way.






We're coming!

[gasping] Rigmor.

Rigmor. Rigmor!

[sobs] Rigmor!

- [Rigmor] The water. It's rising.
- [sobbing]

[Rigmor] The water's rising.

The water, do you still feel it under you?

[Rigmor] It's almost up to my mouth now.

Can you... can you lift your head? Can you?

[Rigmor] My mouth is all the way up.


What... what do you mean?

[Rigmor] An iron thing has gone
through my shoulder, lifting me up.



Need help.





Down here. We're down here!

- We're here.
- [Frederik] Hello!

We're here! Help us! Help! We're here!

The water's rising!

Help! Help! The water's rising!

[Frederik] Damn it. God damn it!




[crowd shouting]

- [mutters]
- [father] Come on!


Come on!

Will you read it? Will you?
Can you help read it?

[clears throat]

Fair hair,

e-eight... eight years old.

- Yellow stockings, blue...
- Louder, louder, louder!

F-fair hair, eight years old,
yellow stockings, blue dress.

[woman] Nora!



- Oh, God.
- [sobbing]

Are you all right? Are you?

Have you seen Rigmor?

Have you seen her? Have you?

No, no.

- [sobbing] I-I have... have to...
- Where... where is she?

Henry! [exhales]

[Rigmor] Sister Teresa.

Yes, Rigmor.

[Rigmor] Do you think
God has dropped a pencil?

Yes, I think so.

[Rigmor] Do you think
it'll last a long time?


Perhaps. I don't know.

[Rigmor] Are we going to heaven?


Yes, we all are.

[Rigmor] Is Jesus then waiting for us?

Yes, he is.

I'm sure he is.

Yes, he is.


The water's running into the basement.
They're drowning!

Hello! Those kids there.

- [fire chief] What's that?
- There's kids down there.

[fire chief] That's where
we'll find most of them.

What about the water?

- [fire chief] What water?
- What about the water?

Jensen! Rasmussen!

Fetch the pumps.
All the pumps you can get your hands on!

Hurry! Get a move on!

[Frederik] There's too much water.

Come on! Come on!







- [shattering]
- [grunts]

Hello! Where are you?


- [Teresa] Hello! Down here.
- [grunting]

[Teresa] We're down here.

[Frederik panting]

I have a hose
that will pump the water away.

I'll send it down to you.



Rigmor. Rigmor!

Listen to me.

A hose is coming down
to pump the water away from you.

Do you hear, Rigmor?

It will take...
it will take the water away.


[sobbing] Rigmor!


Rigmor! Rigmor!

[Frederik grunting]


[sobs] Rigmor.


[Frederik panting]

- [loud rumbling]
- No!

[men gasp]




[gasps] I yelled at her.


[gasps] Said she would die.

[gasps] It was the last thing I did.

[sobbing] Because she
wouldn't eat her porridge.

All because
she wouldn't finish it. [sobbing]

I need some air.


[strikes match]

You're the boy with the notes, right?

Is there a girl called Eva?

Eva. Fair hair.

Brown coat, check dress,
yellow stockings and gloves.

But... but... but Eva...
Eva isn't here anymore.

What do you mean?

Why isn't she here?

I think she went home.