The Shadow Riders (1982) - full transcript

Tom Selleck (TV's Magnum P.I.) and Sam Elliot (Tombstone) star as brothers who battled on opposing sides of the Civil War only to return home to discover that their family, including a younger brother and one of the brothers' fiance, have been kidnapped by a marauding band of rebel guerrillas who refuse to accept the defeat of the Confederacy. Aided by their uncle, they set out to rescue the f...

April 1865.

Dear Ma and Pa, I hope
this letter finds you well.

I have some good news.

Word is the war
may be over soon.

I tell you, if there's
one thing I've learned,

it's the Travens ain't the
only family split by this war,

brother against brother.

I just keep fearin', one day
I might look down my sight

and find Dal across from me.

I hear little brother
Jesse signed up, too,

but nobody's told me
which side.

Well, kiss Heather
and Sissy for me,

and don't fret none,
I'm fine.

Right now
I'm somewhere in Georgia,

and since
I've been made Captain,

the burdens of responsibility
have been heavy.

It's a dirty job,
but somebody's got to do it.

Your lovin' son, Mac.

You feeling good,


I hope you'll be stayin'
around here for a while.

Oh, I'm afraid not. I think
we're gonna be pullin' out soon.

Well, I'm sorry to hear
that. I was hopin' that

we could get to know
each other a little bit better.

Well, darlin', I am afraid that
is one of the curses of war.

You meet somebody

and you only got one night
to really get to know 'em.

One night, huh?

I love soothin' a man.

Oh, just imagine these
poor old feet of yours

marched clear
across Georgia.

Marched? I'm in the cavalry.

All that hard ridin'
clear across Georgia.

And Virginia.

Not to mention Tennessee.

Then I got my geography
all wrong.

Who is it?

Sergeant Ballock, sir.

Go away.

It's important, sir.

Nothin' can be
that important.

Lee's surrendered, sir.

Come in.


what about the war?

Excuse me, Captain.
A courier just rode in.

Straight from General Grant.

The war is over.

The men are anxious to celebrate,
Captain, and they're waitin' on you.

Tell 'em I'll be right along.

Squad, halt!

Right face!

Would you like a blindfold?

I'd like to know
why I'm bein' shot.

For blowin' up an
ammo depot, a train.

Of course I did, you dumb
knobhead, I'm a soldier.

You've been found guilty.

I don't recall no trial.

Squad, attention.



Hold your hands out!

Thank you, Major.

I'm glad you fellas
happened along.

Couldn't let you
get shot, Traven.

You're too good
a fightin' man.

Where you fellas bound?

We're crossin'
the Mississippi.

Lick our wounds,
gather ourselves,

try to get back
some of that old swagger,

and come back fightin'.

I'd like you
to ride with us.

No, sir.

The first thing I'm gonna do
is lie down somewhere

and die for
a couple of days.

Then I'm headin'
back to Texas.

Gonna work the land, try
to make somethin' out of it,

instead of blowin'
it all to hell.

Yeah, at least you have
a home to go back to.

Most of these men don't.


Bring up that runaway
for Sergeant Traven.

Yes, sir.

Good luck, Sergeant.

Thank you, Major.
For everything.

I figure you'll be
needin' this, too.


Well, looky there.

You get the horse.

You sure you want to do this?

Well, maybe we ought
to talk about it.

Weren't nice of you fellas,

tryin' to steal
another man's horse.

Hey, Crystal, how about
gettin' in here with me?

You should be so lucky.

How you doin', honey?

Any law hereabouts?

In my part of Texas
we hang horse thieves.

If rope isn't handy,
we just shoot 'em.

Mister, I'm afraid you
really went and did it.

Those two men you're sayin'
are horse thieves are our kin.

Oh, not again.

Ever push cattle?

Of course not.

Well, I'll tell you,
sometimes they get spooked.

So spooked, the slightest
little thing'll start a stampede.

And when they
get that way,

well, a man has to ride
a mile just to spit.

You talk too much.

Yeah, I know.

My ma used to say,

when they were passin' out
tongues, I was the first in line.

Time for your bath,

What's that?

Find us a tree.


No, what's goin' on?
Just the usual.

They're just hangin'
some Reb.

Get off of me.

I gotta go.

Aren't you gonna
take a bath?

What about it, Reb?
Any last words?

Go to hell.

Excuse me,

I seem to have caught you
in the middle of somethin'.

We just havin'
a little fun.

I mean, up to now, it's just
been swattin' mosquitoes.

Now we gonna
hang us a Reb.

Get him down.

What for?

You a Yankee, ain't you?

That's right.

Well, this man's a Reb.
A damned Reb.

Why you botherin'?

Usually wouldn't, except this
one happens to be my brother.

Get him down.

Put your guns down
by that tree.


Now, get him down
and cut him loose.

Come on, fellas, it's hot.

Just how many holes
you want to dig?

Down on your bellies.

Seems to remind you
of somethin', don't it?

Yeah, only it was
the other way around.

Old Man Childer's barn?


I recall his daughter
was there, too.

And her brothers
comin' after you.

Yeah. I had a hell of a time
pullin' my boots on.

It wasn't just your boots,
little brother.

What're you doin' here?

Just passin' through.


Doesn't matter anymore.

It's good to see you, Dal.
Especially alive.

Good to see you, too, Mac.

Let's go home.

You know, Mac,

half a day's ride,
we'll be home.

Does Kate know
you're comin'?

Nobody knows I'm comin'.

Sure did miss her.

I got a feelin' it was
more than home cookin'.

Where is everybody?



Don't neither
one of you move.


Mac, is that you?

Well, of course it's me.

Well, it's a good thing
you yelled out, boy.

I was all set to shoot.

Who's that with you, boy?

It's me, Pa. Dal.

By God, it is.

Ma, you better
come out here.

Take a good look, Mother.

They got it wrong.

Damn, I knew they did.

Quit your swearin',

Dal, is it you?

How you doin', Mama?

There's only one man in
the world with that voice.

Underneath that grizzle,
it's his face.

The army told us
you were dead.

Oh, Son.

Mac, give me a hug.

Hey, where are the girls?

What happened, Ma?

Let me get a jug,
and I'll tell you.

Hold this.

They were in this place before
anybody knew it. Tore it apart.

When they pulled out,

they took Sissy
and Heather with them.

Jesse tried fightin' 'em off,
but they just hit too fast.

You mean Jesse was here?

Two months ago.

He got wounded somewhere in
Tennessee, and they sent him home.

Looks like you
put up a fight.

Oh, I managed to get off
a couple of shots,

but there was just
too many of 'em.

Comanches have got
nothin' on them.

They took all the livestock

and just about every speck
of food we had in the place.

You keep sayin' they, Pa.
Who're you talkin' about?

Soldiers. Like him. Rebs.

You got any idea
where they went?

South is all
anybody seems to know.

Mama? You all right?

She ain't slept
since it happened.

How can I sleep when
they stole my children?

What about the Connery place?

Kate all right?

Kate was here.
Came for supper.

You mean she's with them?

You know Kate,
she'd give 'em a fight.

What about the law?
What've they been doin'?

Not much they could do
without gettin' folks killed.

And if it's Gillette you're talkin'
about, he wasn't even around.

Where the hell's he been
the last few days?

I figure I'll go into
town and ask him that.

Go get my children
and you bring 'em back.

Don't worry, Mama,
we'll find them.

Mac, I don't want you havin'
a run-in with Miles Gillette.

You might kill him.

Why don't you stay here
with the folks?

I'm gonna ride over to the
Sparks place and talk to Shorty.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Somebody ought to stay
with Ma and Pa.

You just find out
who did it, Dal.

Be ready to ride.

Dal? I'll be doggone.

Everybody had you dead
and buried for dang near a year.

Good to see
you're still kickin'.

How are you, Miles?

You got any idea
who hit our folks' place?

And all we know is
a band of renegades

swept through
about a week ago.

Hit about a half a dozen
places in the county,

then just disappeared.

Eh, how many of 'em?

Oh, about a dozen of 'em,
from what I heard.

Armed to the teeth.
Had some wagons with 'em.

Some of 'em full of grain,
others were carryin' prisoners.

Where were you when all
of this was goin' on?

I was down in Converse,
runnin' down a prisoner of my own.

That's kind of out of
your territory, isn't it?

Yep, a ways.

But I wanted to see
this man locked up.

Happens he was a kin
of yours, your Uncle Jack.

Dal, even if I'd been here when
the renegades come through,

there's nothin' I could
have done about it.

You could've gone after 'em.

They didn't leave much choice.

Said anyone tried followin',
they'd find nothin' but bodies.


Hello, Frank.

Sorry you had to come back
to somethin' like this.

Appears they hit
your place, too.

Happens I was out at
your folks', with Kate.

We were engaged, Dal.
Gonna get married.

We all thought
you were dead.

Pa said they were
headed south.

Yeah, pulled out
about four days ago.

I got a feelin'
you're goin' after 'em.

Mac's out at the place now.
He'll ride with me.

Sharp's. Take 'em.

Knock the stripes off a skunk
from 500 yard.

Thanks, Miles.

I'm sorry.

She's a hell of a woman.

I want to go home.

I know, Heather.
We all do.

Why hasn't someone
come to help us, Kate?

Someone has to come.

We can't count on that.

We've got to do it ourselves.


I'm gonna talk to Jesse.

Do you think
they'll let you?

Only one way to find out.

Watch yourself, Kate.

Hold it.

How're the girls holdin' up?

They want to go home.

Kate, if they take us all to
Mexico, we don't have a chance.

Maybe this'll help.

Where'd you get that?

From Dal, when we were kids.

I keep thinkin'
I'm gonna look up someday,

and there he is.

He's dead, Jesse.

I don't believe that.

He's too ornery.

I might need some help.

I'll be waitin'
for your move.

Miss Connery?

Get back to the women.

And as for you,

whatever it is you're hatchin',
forget it, or end up dead.

Horses, cattle,

Three or four wagons, all
of 'em carryin' a real load.

a regular caravan.

They're headin'
for the coast.

Figured they'd head straight
for Mexico. I don't get it.

Maybe they're goin'
for a swim.

Well, they can swim
in the Rio Grande.

No matter what happens, I
want you to stay out of the way.

What are you up to?

Just do as I say.

Miss Connery.

Please, sit down.

I was wonderin' when
we'd have a little time to visit.

Why are you
doing this?

I have my reasons.

No reason could be worth
what you're doing.

I'm talkin' about the South,
Miss Connery,

and a way of life
that was taken from us.

What makes you think
you can get it back?

Miss Connery,

the rebel yell was
first heard at Manassas,

and at 100 battles since then,
from Richmond to Gettysburg.

The rebel yell is
hard to describe.

It's a mixture of fear
and anger and exaltation

but it inspires men,
even from defeat.

These damn Yankees think
they've heard the last of it,

but they haven't,

and I'm gonna get it back
any way I can.

These people have
nothing to do with any of that.

I'm sorry. I'm truly sorry.

Hey, you,

these ropes are startin'
my wrists to bleed.

How about makin' 'em looser?

Somebody's escapin'.

Hold your fire.

I don't want him dead.

I'll get him.
I'll get him.

I said, no shootin'.


Kill him.

That's the end of him.

Too bad, he would've brought
a good price in Mexico.

Great idea of yours,
takin' this canyon.

It's hot enough
to pop corn.

Get a leg broke.

Everything seems
to have a bite to it,

and I'm smellin' like
an old sheepherder.

Mac, they got
a four-day jump on us.

This canyon's the shortest way
I know to the coast.


Come on, big brother.

What's got your back up? You ain't
said much the last couple of hours.

Uh, it's Kate.

I never figured
that woman to run off.

Well, Dal,
she thought you were dead.

Well, she might have
waited to find out.

I mean, Frank King!

Nice enough fella.

Owns a big ranch,
runs a lot of cattle.

Always said there never
could be no other man.

Hell, even if I was dead, she
didn't give me a chance to get cold.

You're right. Forget her.

What do you mean, forget her?

She might have had
her reasons, you know.

I'm sorry
about your friend.

Go on.

You don't have to end up
like the others, Miss Connery.

I would like to take you
back south with me.

I can offer you a...
A more genteel way of life.

You go back there,
and they'll shoot you.

You're not a soldier anymore,
you're an outlaw.

I'm still Major Cooper
Ashbury, and they'll follow me.

What about the Traven girls?

They'll end up
in Chihuahua eventually.

What about you, Miss Connery?
Does my proposal interest you?

Nothing about you
interests me, Major.

I'd rather end up
in Chihuahua.

She's comin' in, Major.

Bring down the trade goods and
all the people now onto the beach.

Yes, sir.

Attention, men!

Bring down the trade goods
and the people to the beach now!

Look, there's the ship.

You heard
the Lieutenant!

Don't just stand there
gapin', move!

Pull them wagons round.

Soldier, get these women
lined up with the others.

Get up.
Don't you touch her.

Hell in petticoats.
Don't touch 'em, Hardy.


Get in there.

Come on, let's get in there.
Get in there.

Take it
right up to shore.

Careful, señor.

Colonel Hammond,
I'm Major Ashbury.

Even down here, Major,
we're aware that the war is over.

It's not for me,
or for my men.

That's why I contacted you.

We're in the market
for arms and ammunition.

We plan to go back
and kill the Yankees.

Well, it's a relief to see that
you don't hold a grudge, Major.

I'd like to see the guns.



- Lieutenant.
- Sir?

I'll need 200 more,
and ammunition.

That is not a problem,

I'd like to see the
rest of the guns now.

You can't. They're not here.

Then where are they?

Two days sailing from here.

I've run guns for
too long, Major.

I make it a practice to see the
other man's merchandise first.

Then take a look.

I guarantee these women
will bring a good price.

The men I took are strong, they're
ideal for workin' in the silver mines.

Plus a herd of cattle
and horses.

That's the grain?

Most of it.
We have close to a ton.

I understand Maximilian
needs it to feed his troops,

and you do business
with Maximilian.

I do business with
the highest bidder.

She won't do.

She's strong.
She's a hard worker.

So is a mule, but it's not what
they're interested in down there.

You see, this is what
they're interested in.

Young and fresh.

And spirited.

What's your price?

They're not for sale.

She speak for you,

They are special.

Well, I agree.

Blonde hair is rare south of
the border, brings a good price.

And red hair's
even more rare.

I'll give you
$1,000 for her.

Well, what'll it be,
Miss Connery?

I meant what I
said last night.

Throw in a dozen rifles,
and she's yours.


Too bad.

Get his boots.




At least he remembers us.

Dal, it is you.

They said you were...
I know,

I'm gettin' tired
of hearin' that.

Yeah, they were Rebs,
all right.

Still fightin' the war.

Man leadin' 'em
calls himself Ashbury.

Cooper Ashbury? A Major?

That's him.

The men he's ridin' with

would follow him straight
into hell if he called it.

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

You're right about them
followin' him into hell, they would.

I rode with him once myself.

Why did they take
so many hostages?

Figured we'd be worth
somethin' to slave traders.


Sell the men for slave labor
in the silver mines,

take the women down to
Chihuahua and sell them for...

Yeah, we get the picture.

The folks,
how they doin' anyway?

Sittin' home alone, waitin'.

Well, at least
they're together.


They always done
just fine together.

How're the girls doin'?
They all right?

Uh, Heather's scared.

Sissy's lookin' out for her, and
Kate's lookin' out for both of them.

Hear you got yourself wounded
somewhere in Tennessee.


But it's all right now.

Did, uh, Ma tell you
what color I was wearin'?

Blue, gray, it doesn't matter.

A man fights for what he
believes in. Just be glad it's over.

Amen to that.

Can you ride?

Yeah, I can ride.

Goin' in the mornin'.

When do we go
for the guns?

The first tide.

But there'll only be yourself
and two men allowed along.

There's the grain
and the prisoners.

No room for everyone.

What about the horses
and the cattle?

My men will drive 'em down when
we come back, in four or five days.

You have a deal, Major.

You can trust me.

I was wondering if you
would care to join me.

The pheasant in this part of
the country is extraordinary.

Cooked with wine and sage.

You must be starved.


If you're thinking of using
that knife on me, don't.

And if I did?

That man out there
would shoot you.

Thereby making you a somewhat
less attractive dinner partner.

Allow me.

What happens to us now?



Not you.

You're much too good
for that.

Why not Mexico City,
St. Louis, New Orleans?

I'm really tempted to
take you along with me,

but I'm just afraid that
I'd awaken some morning

and find you'd made
a necklace with my teeth.

No, you'll stay here for now.

What about the girls?

They're coming with me.

I'd rather go with them.

I'm sorry.

I'll be back in a while,

and then we'll decide
what to do with you.

Put your backs
into it, boys!

Oh, God.

Kate's there,
but they took the girls.

Stampede! Stampede!


You cut that kind of close,
didn't you?

I got sand in my eye.

I should have known
you'd come.

Yeah, you should've.

I told you
he was too ornery.


Oh, God, we thought
they'd killed you.

If you ain't learned by now,
the Travens are a hard kill.

I, uh, got somethin' here
that belongs to you.

Thank you, Kate.

Hello, Mac.

Hello, Kate.

Hey, how do you like
what I picked up on the trail?

What about Heather and Sissy?

They sailed this morning
for Mexico.

Why didn't they
take you along?

They thought I'd be trouble.

I can appreciate that.

What about Ashbury?

He sailed with them.

It's a hard ride between
here and Chihuahua.

And them travelin' by ship.

I don't know nothin'
about Mexico.


Not much.


I know someone who does.

Jack Traven.

You are talkin' about
Uncle Black Jack Traven?

Yes, sir.

Well, big brother,

you know there are some people
who call him scoundrel.

Some might even call him

And we all know he's a rogue.

Besides, we don't know
where to find him.

Converse County Jail.

What are we waitin' for?

Never seen old Uncle Jack
raise a sweat before.


good to see you boys made
it through the war all right.

Well, quit gawkin'. It's humiliatin'
enough without you laughin' on it.

Aw, come on, Uncle Jack,
you've been in jail before.

Well, I don't care about that.

It's the workin'
I'm talkin' about.

A lot of men have seen me
raise a lot of hell in my time,

but not one man alive has
ever seen me raise a blister.

Well, don't fret
about it, Jack.

We're not gonna
tell nobody.

What did they
lock you up for?

Oh, they're just tryin' to
make somethin' out of nothin'.

I met this gal
over in Big Springs,

and it turned out
she was married.

You're in here
'cause of that?

Well, it's a little more
complicated than that, but...

How'd you boys know
where to find me?

Miles Gillette.

Miles Gillette, huh?

Oh, Mac, I sure hope you're
still figurin' on runnin' against him.

I'll swear that man's
been after my hide

for 30 years,
and he won't let up.

What did you ever do to him?

Nothin' serious.

I mean, a man can't even
bend the law a little bit anymore.

Now, last time you were in
jail, it was over a woman, too.

Judge's wife, I recall.

And there was shootin'.

Self defense.

Ain't you gettin'
a little old for that?

Uh, you mean gunplay?

No, I mean the other.

When I get too old for that,
they'll be shovelin' dirt in my face.

How about this last woman?
Any shootin'?

No serious shootin'.

We just dropped by
to say hello.

Well, thanks.

Mac, we need him.

You heard what he said.

Yep, except we need him.

Well, that's fine.

Except, how we gonna get
him out? I mean, it's a jail.

Got any ideas?


Come on, Uncle Jack,
we gotta get out of here.

Come on, Uncle Jack.

Well, did you have to use
two sticks of dynamite?

Hello, Kate.

Hello, Jack.

Brought your horse.

Oh, thank you.

Glad to see
you're still alive.

Well, thank you.

Take a look at these wrinkles
and these here gray hairs.

Every one of 'em earned.

Well, I sure do appreciate
you boys bustin' me out.

I hope nobody back there
got a good look.

I gotta be loco.
Blowin' up a jail!

By the way,
where we bound?


You do know the country
down there, don't you?

I know more about
that country

than a jackrabbit
knows about runnin'.

Every trail, back trail,


We're not exactly goin'
down there sightseein', Jack.

We ain't?

Then why?

Mac, Dal,
better get up here!

Right out there.

Who the hell are they?

I'd say that's
gotta be a posse.

Looks like
they're in a hurry.

Uncle Jack, have you been
tellin' us everything?

What do you mean?

I mean, by the way they're
ridin', you left out somethin'.

Yeah, it might be that fella
I shot over in Waco.

You mean you killed someone?

No, it's worse.

His father was the mayor.

I don't want to hear any more.

If they catch up to us, my chances
of runnin' for office are dead.

You hear me? Dead!

You could always start over.

That's Miles Gillette
leadin' 'em.

What's he doin' along?

Maybe he heard you're fixin'
to run for sheriff.

Why is the sheriff of Big
Springs chasin' after you

for somethin'
you did in Waco?

Well, Mac, you know
how that old turkey's

had it in for me
all these years.

If you keep jawin',
they're gonna catch up to us.

No, because in a few hours
we'll be at the Rio Grande.

When we cross that,
we'll be in Mexico.

Come on.

It's your men?

My welcoming committee.

I don't see any sign
of the rifles.

We have a system here.

You see those wagons?

They're to transport the grain
and the prisoners to the train.


The train that will take us
to Chihuahua.

Your rifles
are on that train.

How far?

Half a day's journey
from here.

Hey, Carlos,

what do you think of this
pretty blonde girl here?

Where is Jack?

He was supposed to be keepin'
watch, but he disappeared.

Where's Mac?

Lookin' for Uncle Jack.

Here, I brought you
a little drink.

Where you been?

There's a village back there,

and you know they got some
girls there that would just...

That posse's in sight.
Best get goin'.

You still haven't told us
why that posse isn't lettin' up.

Well, it must be
that other thing.

What thing?

Well, it wasn't my fault.

I was just drinkin'
a lot of whiskey and...

Whiskey gets the blame for a
lot of things it didn't do. Come on.

Hold on
to that tequila.

Unload everything.

Put them all in the stockade!

And I mean all of 'em.

No, no!

All right, get down.

No sign of 'em.


I best get back up there
and keep a lookout.

Good thing they let up.
Horses need a rest.

Yeah, could be they're
doin' the same thing.

How you makin' out?

I'm doin' fine.

Kind of warm.

Hey, Kate.

How did you manage to get
so friendly with Frank King?

What do you mean?

The two of you're engaged.

I'd say that's gettin'
pretty friendly.

I heard you were killed.

What was I supposed to do?

You always said
you'd wait for me.


I waited for you
most of my life.

Like I said,
I heard you were dead.

Well, I ain't dead.

I never got word otherwise.

Same as when you left,
not a word.

There was a war goin' on.

You know, sometimes
a man's gotta do...

What he has to do. Well,
sometimes a woman does, too

and I'm a woman,
Dal Traven, not a martyr.

I just thought you always
knew I'd be comin' back.

How was I supposed to know?

I thought that's the way
it was meant to be.

You thought?

Why didn't you ever ask me?

Ask you? Ask you what?

Oh, why didn't you ever ask me
what Frank King asked me?

Hey, Dal,
while you're down there

tryin' to figure out
the female race,

you might as well
take a bath.

Those two gotta be loco.

I think they call that love,
little brother.

Amounts to the same thing,
don't it?

How's your love life?

Not me.

Since I've been home,

I spend my time with the folks
helpin' with the ranch.

What about your schoolin'?

I figured I'd pick that up
again when we get back.

Well, that's good to hear.

We Travens got
a lot of faults,

but bein' ignorant
ain't one of them.

Especially havin' a big brother
aimin' to run for governor.

No. That just sounds good
to the ladies.

You sure did leave an
awful big footprint, Mac.


you just be yourself,

So far, I'd say you're
doin' just fine.

I just realized Holiday Hammond's
hangout's over that next ridge.

I know those boys up there,
and I can ride in.

But they'll probably
shoot you.

You mean, there's nobody else
they'd let pass through there

besides thieves and killers?

Oh, no offense.

Do you mind tellin' me how you're
gonna get the rest of us in there

without us endin' up
in a funeral procession?

Well, there's a mission
over here a little ways.

I figured I'd ride over there
and say a prayer for you boys.

What'd he say?

Said he was gonna
take up prayin'.

You best go with him.


Hey, where'd you get that?

I borrowed them.

You mean stole.

They don't sell 'em,
you know.

You gonna borrow him,

Here, you best
take these

and we best quit jawin'
and get out of here.

Colonel, I would like
to see those guns now.

Why, what's your hurry?
Enjoy the festivities.

I have kept my end
of the bargain.

Mañana, mañana.

Now! I want to see them now!

The Major said now.

Right now?

Right now.

You have been double-dealin'
from the start, Colonel.

That's right, Major.

But, you see,
that's the risks you take

when you deal with
the likes of me.

Lock him up.

What the hell's
goin' on here?

Kate's goin' in there and lend
a little comfort to the prisoners.


You mean you want to
send her in there alone?

Well, it's gonna take
at least three of us, Dal.

That's the only way
I know how to get us in.

Why does it have to be Kate?

Well, you'd look pretty
foolish in this getup.

Dal, don't forget
Ashbury's in there.

Now, he knows you
and he knows Jesse.

Now I figure Uncle Jack
knows what he's sayin'.

It's gonna take
three of us inside.

That leaves me,
Jack, and Kate.

Well, Ashbury knows Kate,
too, you know.

Not in that outfit he don't.

I don't want her
goin' in there.

Well, what about what I want?

I've been with this thing
a lot longer than you have.

Heather and Sissy
are in there.

How else are we
gonna get them out?

We'll find another way.

Come on, Dal.

What do you say let's
take a little ride?

Jesse, why don't you go
take that Sharp's off my horse?

The way this is goin', you're
gonna need it more than me.

Don't go hard
on him, Kate.

I'm afraid he inherited
that ornery streak from Pa.

I never seen your pa
ride hard on your ma.

Oh, he tries.

He tries, but she just
fights right back.

Just like you do.

They ended up havin'
a pretty good thing.

That's all I want.

Well, if you can tolerate him,
you'll have it.

Kate, he needs you,
you know that.

You're right, he does need me,
but he doesn't know it.

I think he does.

Hell, you know him as
well as I do. He cares.

I think he cares a lot,
he just...

He... He don't know
how to say it.

Well, isn't it about time
he learned?

Well, it's not his way.

But I'll tell you somethin',

I'd be willin' to bet, you
stick with him, he'll learn.

What about you?


you sure you're gonna be
all right goin' in there alone?

Don't worry, Mac.

Even if they find me out,
they probably won't hurt me.

You didn't answer my
question. What about you?

Goin' in there alone,
I mean, that's risky.

You always do that.


Change the subject when
things get too close.


You think you got me
figured out, don't you?

Well, that's not
gonna work, see,

because I'm not talkin'
about me, I'm talkin' about Dal.

Now, I think he's actin'
the way he is...

What is it with
you Traven boys?


I got the feelin' you're
fixin' to make a point.

Dal can't say how he feels about
a woman, and you run from it.

I'm not runnin'.

I mean, Kate, you know
how it is. You know...

Well, I am runnin', I'm...
I'm runnin' for Sheriff.

There is no room in my
life right now for a woman.

The trouble with you, Mac
Traven, is you're gun-shy.

Well, let me put it this way.

Somebody like you
comes along,

I might consider it.

Now cool down.

It's like a damn
hornet's nest down there.

If you got a plan, Jack, you
better be lettin' me in on it.

You know, you never asked
me how I got this tequila.


Stole it.

Just like I did this.

I got a plan.

Quit worryin' about
that woman, will you?

She's a tough one, and
smart. You know that.

And when the shootin' starts,

she'll be there
to look after the girls.

We'll take care of her, Dal.
That's a promise.

I'm gonna hold you to it.

You looking for someone?

I heard at the mission
some women were brought in.

I'd like to see them.

This is not
a good place for you.

Take me to them, please.

Then come.

How you boys doin'?

Haven't seen you
for a while.

Figured either a lawman
or a husband finally got you.

There's a few of them
chasin' me, I guess.

Who's he?

This is my nephew.

Go on through.

That wasn't too hard.

Sister, will you pray for me?

Of course, my child.

I'm Sister Katherine.

Uncle Jack,

now I know you got a plan, but
don't you think you ought to fill me in?

Here, you might
need this.


Mac is here.
So's Jesse and Dal.

You mean they're alive?

They're goin' to get you
out of here.

You're intruding, sir.

I'm sorry, Sister.

But I couldn't help noticing,
despite the habit,

that you're quite young.

And now I can't
help wondering

what you'd look like
without that outfit.

I am a nun.
Have you no conscience?

Not when there's
a profit in it.

Hello, Kate.
Welcome to Mexico.

You all know what the old maid
said to the cowpuncher, don't you?


You tell 'em, Uncle Jack.

Come on, amigos.

It's been a long, hard
trail, and I'm buyin'.

Damn, it won't take forever
for that posse to get here.

What're they waitin' on?

Jack said to wait
for his signal.

What signal?

Said we couldn't miss it.

Come on, amigo!

Hold on. I'll be right there.

I reckon that's
Uncle Jack's signal.

I'll take
the one on the left.

Got you.

Bring her to my car.
Them, too.


Thanks, Uncle Jack.

Here come Dal and Jesse.

Come on, come on.

Let's go. Let's go.

Tell the engineer
to get movin', now!

I'm gonna get the girls.

Find the girls.

Hi, Uncle Jack.

Where's the Travens?

On the train.

Get down! Get down!

Thank God you're alive.

Get back.

Where's Kate
and the girls?

By God, I ought to kill you

for what you done
to my family.

Then do it.

This killing's got
to stop somewhere.

I recall this belongs to you.

Makes us even, Major.

Dal, Hammond's got the girls
and Kate on the train.

Looks like somebody
started a war.

Everybody's dead?

There's gotta be
somebody around here.

Mac, watch out!

Mac, watch out!

We'll be getting
into Chihuahua tonight.

Perhaps the day after you'd
care to go on into Mexico City.

Colonel Hammond,

are you going to keep
the brandy all to yourself?

Why, no.
No, not at all.

Please sit down.

Stop this train.

Do it now!

Whoa, cowboy.

Jack Traven!

I ain't seen him.



You all right?
Yes, you?

Stay here.

You boys are in
enough trouble.

You best get
out of the way.

Sorry, Sheriff, can't
do that. We want Jack.

Now, I know why you
boys come down here.

I'm sorry for what
happened to your family,

but I got a job to do.

Jack Traven is goin'
back to Texas.

We're all goin' back to Texas.

Uncle Jack's ridin' with us.

You boys busted your
Uncle Jack out of jail.

Now, I'm willin'
to let that slide.

You ain't got
no authority down here.

What'd he do anyway?

What'd he do?

This man's a horse thief,
a renegade,

a double-dealin',
lyin', womanizin'...

Womanizin' ain't
against the law.

Go on, tell 'em,

how you been settin' on
your rump for all these years.

All of a sudden
you start chasin' me

till I about
turned into raw meat.

You just been
runnin' loose too long.

There's more to it than that.
You tell them, or I will.

I'll carve your
tongue out, Jack.

You better tell us, Miles.

He's been after my wife.

That ain't all of it.

That wife of yours has
been chasin' me for years,

and I just got
tired of runnin'.

I... I caught
'em together.

And I'm takin' him in.

You take one Traven,
you gotta take 'em all.

Sorry it had to
come to this.

Maybe it doesn't have to.

Make you a trade,

Holiday Hammond for
Black Jack Traven.

Hammond's a big fish
compared to Uncle Jack.

Mean a lot more to you fellas
ridin' back into Texas

with Holiday Hammond in tow.

Been on the wanted list
almost 20 years.

Most wanted man in Texas,
the way I hear it.

You boys got yourself
a trade.

You'd have loved
Mexico City.

Maybe, but you'd never
have seen it alive.

Kate, I might have died
a happy man.

Jack Traven, I don't want

to ever see you around
Big Springs again.

Afraid you got no say
in the matter, Gillette.

See, I'm gonna be the
next sheriff of Big Springs.

See you at the polls.

Give my regards to your wife.

Jack Traven
for Holiday Hammond.

You boys sure did get
the best of that trade.

That's a matter of opinion.


Got room for one more?

You mean you're tradin' in
your horse for a wagon ride?

Yeah, well, I got somethin'
I want to ask you.

Let's go home.