The Shadow Hour (2021) - full transcript

In 1942, Christian writer Jochen Klepper lived with his Jewish wife and daughter in Berlin, Germany. Their applications to emigrate got rejected and they became part of the last and sad defense of the Jewish-Christian community.




Night falls across the earth...

and darkness lies upon the bird's song.

I see it in the shade of the trees.

I see it in the alleys and houses.

I see it in the cities of the world.

They are found in London, in Paris

and here in Germany.

They are found everywhere.

Because they don't have
a country of their own...

they want to have
all the countries in the world

just for themselves.

Today is a new day.

The stillness of a little stream
becomes the roar of the sea.

The whispering in the wind
becomes the roar of the storm.

And the earth trembles.

And light will no longer fall
on the path of humankind.

The final hour has faded away.

We will not bow down
in our own country.

We will free this land
from the parasitic grasp...

for there is only one thing
on their minds:

The weakening
of the entire German population...

for their own benefit.

It's the Jews.

The Jews.

The Jews.

Though these pages
speak of happy people,

the atmosphere does not need

to be joyful from the start.

Everyone familiar
with the circumstances will understand.

Der Kahn der fröhlichen Leute.

A good read.

Yes, I'm familiar
with your works, Mr. Klepper.

Well, some of them at least.

An author since 1927,
albeit only under a pseudonym at first.

A journalist employed at the
Funk-Stunde radio station in Berlin.

A clever man.

That's kind, Mr. Eichmann...

You have some
high-ranking admirers, Mr. Klepper.

Your work is appreciated
and I'm quite willing to stand up for you.

That would be wonderful.

Our country is going
to lay a new foundation.

And you can be part of it... if you like.

If I can help...

If I'm allowed to fight for my country
and for the people, I want to do it.

-I've always done that.
-I know, Mr. Klepper, I know.

-Jochen Klepper.
-Don't you worry.

As I said, some of your texts
are indeed more than worthy of approval.


-You betrayed your country and God.
-...are difficult.

-Traitor, Traitor, Traitor.
-You served in Poland and... Romania?

76th infantry division,
Southern Army Group.

Until you were removed
from the Army as ineligible for service

due to your non-Aryan marriage

Shame on you. Backstabber.
You are useless.

I didn't want to return home to Germany.
I wanted to keep on fighting.

I have repeatedly tried
not to have to end my service.


Though, I do believe we can use you
on other fronts, Mr. Klepper.

Minds like yours strengthen
the country from the inside out.

Your writing is like...

water in a vase.

And the people, the flowers,

should drink it.

Yes, they should.

We just need to make sure
the water doesn't become cloudy.

For if the water gets murky,

the flowers will rot, too.

I want to speak openly with you.

It's a degradation
of our German artistic life

that a German is expected
to read literature

by an author who is
influenced in his writing by a Jew.

Disgusting. Unbelievable.
This is inacceptable.

Reich Minister Frick
has asked me to approve

your stepdaughter and wife's applications
for an exit visa to Sweden.

-You want to stay in Germany?

A joint departure
would not have been possible, anyway.

We already have the confirmation
from Sweden for my stepdaughter.

Mr. Klepper, you are a good German...

and have the chance to really
get somewhere in the German Reich.

However, you have suffered constant
setbacks due to your mixed marriage,

dismissal from the Wehrmacht ,

termination of your job
at the Ullstein Publishing House,

you still haven't
separated from your Jewish wife.

Especially considering
the forced divorce is imminent.


I grew up in a Christian home.

And I live my life as a good German.

But also, as a good Christian,
as far as is possible.

And the Bible says "What God has joined
together, let no one separate."

So, you make the Bible
responsible for your actions?

Well, then the question here is
what comes first for you?

Are you a German or Christian first?

I think, first, I'm a human.

Who then takes on his duties
as a German and also as a Christian.

That's too poetic for me.

But that's typical of you artists.

If a snake bites you,

you ponder on the allegory
of the poison in your blood,

until it's too late,
and you pay the price with your life.

I am more pragmatic.

Poison in the arm. Cut off the arm.

And kill the snake.

Have you been able to reach a decision?

On what?

On the exit permission for my family.

I rejected it, of course.

Don't get me wrong...

this is not about your Jewish wife
or stepdaughter, this is about you.

And my assessment
of your German-Jewish mindset.

-Are you a German or a Jew at heart?
-I'm not Jewish.

It is for me to decide
who is a Jew and who is not.

-Mr. Eichmann.
-Just a minute, please.

I will put it quite simply.

We would not like to miss out
on your novels and your talent.

You want to fight for Germany?

Then help me, so that I can help you.

You divorce the Jew. Your wife
and stepdaughter will be evacuated.

And you... can keep on writing.

I am speaking to you now as a friend.

Frick's writ of protection for
your stepdaughter will soon be worthless.

And your marriage with the Jew
will soon be declared void,

if not by you, then by the German Reich.

You set your heart on a Jew.

The farmer, too, gets used to his cattle,
yet brings it to the slaughterhouse.

Because it must be done.

Yet the farmer won't put
himself on the slaughter block, too.

Miss Wagner.

Mr. Eichmann, the hauliers.

Fantastic. Come in, come in.

-Heil Hitler.
-Heil Hitler.

Here, please.


Siegesallee With Victory Column
by Leo Lesser Ury.



Dry yourself off first.

Renate, bring Dad
something dry to wear.


I've made us tea.

Thanks, Hanni.

-So tell us.
-Let Daddy come in first.

Reni's application
for an exit visa has been rejected.

They are coming to get us.

-They are coming to get us.

-I don't know.

I don't know, Reni.

-What have we done?

Reni should have
fled while she still had the chance.

-We should have been more cunning.

What's the point of that? We're together.

Now. Still.

I really thought we could make it.

Only three days ago,
I was in Frick's office, making plans.

Well, I'm glad.


Yes, I'm really glad.

How nice for you.

Well, we've been waiting for some sort
of decision for a year... even longer.

I'm glad the waiting
has finally come to an end.

Well, I'm not glad.

I'd be glad if my wife and child
weren't being deported.

But they won't be. We won't be.

For God's sake...

I know.

I was hoping for a miracle so badly.

I know what you mean, Renerle.

I'm sorry.



We've talked about this
for so long and so often...

that I woke up in the middle of the night

not knowing
whether everything was over yet or not.

The constant fear of being deported....

felt like the deportation
had already begun.

-I'm not even devastated.
-What do you mean?

I thought I'd be devastated.

Fall apart.

But I am so...

It's like closing a book.

Being sad to leave
the characters and story behind,

but also happy to have finished the book.

That's just wonderful.

My daughter is glad to be deported
and my wife isn't devastated. What luck.

Let's pack our suitcases right away
and go to the train station then.

What am I saying?

I can't believe it.

Before we could at least hope.

Yes, but clinging on to an abyss
with hope

does not make you blind to the ravine
that's opening below you.

Would it be best
to smash our dishes in anger?

-Yes, maybe that would be better.

Everything is already in ruins outside.

I'm sorry for bringing
the outside in here.

-I wanted to protect you both from it.


everything is...

fine, I almost want to say.

No matter what happens around us...

we'll do the best we can, okay?

Yes, Reni.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Suddenly everything's so real.

You really think this is "sudden"?

No, of course not.

And yet somehow, I do.

So, it starts now.

It already has.

-What I meant earlier was...
-I know, Hanni.

I'm not devastated...

not surprised
that the application has been rejected.

Whilst we were here waiting for you,

it felt as if you were only getting
Eichmann's stamp on a rejection

that had already
been issued a long time ago.

I'm shocked for us.

Not by the decision.

Are we sure?



Then on to the final feat.

I'll light the Advent wreath.

It's stopped raining.

Reni, go hide. Turn off the lights.

Open the door, please.

Open the door.

-Turn on the lights.
-What if they come to us, too?

What are you doing?

Light. Light.

Only one small suitcase.
And now hurry up, please.

-I won't leave without my violin.
-Is that so?

Okay, then. The violin.
Get it. And let's go.

Oh, please, can't you tell us
where exactly you're taking us?

Don't touch me.

Can we at least take
the small suitcase for the child?

I have no problem with breaking
your arm in front of your child.

Don't touch me.

Thank you.

-Come on. Hurry.

Was that all of them?

We waited too long.


Jochen, Johanna, it's me, Hans.

They took the Lämmles.

I thought they were here for you.


Did things go well today?


Come, have a seat.

Eichmann rejected the exit visa.

That bastard.

-For Renate, too?
-Yes, for them both.

-Come up here.
-Reni, not on the bed.

Why? It doesn't matter anymore, does it?

What are you going to do now?

All that's left is
Reni's and my inevitable deportation.

You have to go to the Reich Minister.

He issued a writ of protection
for you before.

Tell him you can't write
without your family.

Frick has been deprived of all power.

No more getting around Eichmann
for exit applications for Jews.

My books won't be allowed
to be published, anyway,

same as for almost all Christian authors.

As an artist in a mixed marriage
you have privileges.

Not anymore.

Joachim Gottschalk, the actor,
was also summoned before Hinkel.

Due to the Goebbels' Ultimatum:
job or marriage.

-He, too, was married to a Jew...
-Yes, I know.

Yes, job or marriage?

What did he answer?

"Marriage and another job,
even if I have to be a labourer."

But the deportation of his wife
had long been decided on.

The Gottschalks' marriage
represented the best case.

He was an Aryan, one child,
all of them Christian,

professional special permissions.

They all took their own lives.

All together.

We've reached the end of the road,

But what are you going to do now?

These are my old diaries.

A couple of texts and songs.

In addition, a list with names.

We wanted to ask you
to keep them for us.

I don't think they're safe
in this apartment.

And the list of names?

These are some friends and relatives

we need to be informed
when we're no longer here tomorrow.

Where are you going?

We're taking our lives, Hans.

Forced labour and misery
is the only thing waiting for us...

and either freezing or starving to death
due to the growing shortages.

Our decision
was made more than a year ago.

This is the only way we can go together.

I don't understand.

Johanna's and Renate's
deportation is a done deal.

-We've been fighting for a long time.

But we won't let them separate us if,

death is waiting for us, anyway.

Even if Reni had made it to Sweden,

she wanted Hanni and me
to be free to decide our own end.

-And not stay alive for her sake.

Hanni deported and me... here.

But why?

What use is a new life in Sweden
if my parents pay for it with deportation?

No, I mean
I don't understand why you won't flee.

Where to?
One of the neighbouring countries?

If the war's successful they'll soon
be part of the Greater German Reich.

Which country is still taking in refugees?

Even Sweden only granted
an entry permit to Reni.

If they catch us at the border,
we'll be imprisoned.

Others at work decided to take
their lives before they're deported.

You talk about dying like others talk
about baking bread. Unbelievable.

-Hans, don't you understand...
-No, not a thing.

You're presenting a suicide plan
as if it had nothing to do with you.

-We just want you to...

-What no?
-Everything no.


We have talked about
and cried over this too many times

for death to frighten us.

Oh, so you talked about it and cried?


The death we choose...

will bring us freedom in God.

-But that's...
-Our life means only captivity now.

Sorry you've been dragged into this.

That's not the point.

The point is that you are scaring me,

how numbly
you talk about your own suicide.

Yes, you're right. Partially.

We've already got
so used to the thought that...

We shouldn't have sprung it
on you like this,

but the decision has been made.

Adolf Eichmann's and thus ours.
Now only time is working against us.

I'm getting dizzy.

You're so tough, aren't you?

Sitting here without
a doubt that this is the only way.

Hans, yes, we have doubts.

-Every single day.
-Then don't do it.

They could be here
at our door in an hour, Hans.

They picked up old Talka Gerstel's sister
at 3am and deported her to Łódź.

At 70 years old.

Suicides are said to have become
so frequent they're taking scissors

from the Jews in collective synagogues.

But you?

Jochen, Johanna...

Our lives are the only thing
we still have control over. For now.

When they come the next time
and stand at our door...

they will tear us apart.

Everything after that would be
far worse than the death

we choose for ourselves.

God has guided you
so wonderfully through the war...

and now the darkness
of the homecoming.

And now?

Should I just leave? Close the door
and know that next door you...

And then find you tomorrow?

Yes, Hans.

I can't do that.

Hans, there is a way out for everything.

But not for the Jews in Germany.

This is madness.

In Berlin alone, there are
already 20 to 30 Jewish suicides a day.


It's as if Hitler is fighting two wars.

The one for Germany

and the one against the Jews.

As willingly as I was a soldier,

and I would even have liked
to have done more,

I can only lose this second war.

I was already familiar with German greed.

I was not familiar
with German cruelty, though.


Yes. What yes? No.


You have to pull yourself together now.
Don't you wage war against us, too.

Today is the day of our death.

Or the day
for the biggest miracle of our lives.

There is no other way.

What are you talking about?
Of course there is.

This is between death,
or a miracle or infinite agony.

Can you give us the miracle, Hans?

Then don't be the one
who condemns us to infinite agony.

I can't do this.

I won't allow you to do this...

I forgot my dog.

I don't want to let you down.

We're no longer in distress, Hans.

Distress was in the past, before
Eichmann turned down our application.

And distress would be in the future.

You're not letting us down.

You're helping us.

Let us go our own way, Hans. Please.

I must be dreaming.


Hans, listen to me.

If the Gestapo stops in front
of our house now and carts us off,

is that supposed to be a better way
for us to go? Would you be happier?

-And what if we hide you?

-Why not?
-There is no hiding place that...

In my apartment
until we find a better solution.

-Hans, please.
-No, Jochen, please.

When your dog Lilly scents
a mouse out in the fields...

once the smell of a stinking
Jewish mouse is up her nose...

once she starts digging for it,

will she stop
before she has found a nest?

Of course, if I command her to.

But who's going to command
Hitler's Gestapo dog?


Woe betide the poor Jew mouse
when the dog's claws catch it.

When you have to watch them
take us away...

Like the Lämmles...

Then I would never forgive myself.

I wish I could do something.

I know.

I will leave you in peace.

Will you take this with you?

-It must be kept safe.

I'll do that.

I'll keep my last diary for now.

Please take that as well tomorrow.

It's good to have you as a friend.

I'm sorry.

Truly sorry.

And I'm ashamed.

I wish...

I could help you some other way
than simply letting you go.

May God be with you.

And may he be with you, as well.

I left the key
to my apartment here somewhere...

Oh, no. No...

It's here.


Right, then.

To us it's just like
swimming through a small pond.

We'll say goodbye...

and see each other again
on the other side.

I would like
to write one last diary entry.

And I...

I don't know what I should do.

I'll tidy up.

"II Peter.

Chapter 1.

Verse 19.

'We have also a more sure...

word of prophecy...

whereunto ye do well...

that ye take heed,

as unto a light
that shineth in a dark place...

until the day dawn,
and the day star arise in your hearts.'"

Will the star be able
to arise in our hearts, as well?

Is it not the case
that our stars are setting,

but we know that the morning star
rises over our downfall?

We also understand God's power.

We know he can still thwart
the execution of the suicide,

know that I could be dead and Hanni
and Reni would have to live on.

In an uncanny way,
I'm released from everything.

I've been praying for days to let us die

before the great, seemingly inevitable
hour of extreme temptation comes,

which I am no longer able
to withstand today.

Hanni and Reni have also been
questioning our decision

to die in the past weeks.

But apart from these moments of fear,
our hearts are determined.

Every day, every situation
shows us we only have each other.

This makes it easier.

The demands of life that I can no longer
meet seem to be breaking me...

as I am already broken
by my fear for Hanni and Renerle.

World was world.

World is world.

World remains world.



Yes, I'm done.

Reni? Let's say our prayers once more.



The night will soon be ending;

the dawn cannot be far.

Let songs of praise ascending

now greet the morning star.

All you whom darkness frightens
with guilt or grief or pain,

God's radiant star now brightens
and bids you sing again.

The One whom angels tended
comes near, a child, to serve;

thus God, the judge offended,
bears all our sins deserve.

The guilty need not cower,
for God has reconciled

through his redemptive power
all those who trust his child.

Yet nights will bring their sadness
and rob our hearts of peace,

and sin in all its madness
around us may increase.

But now one star is beaming,
whose rays have pierced the night:

God comes for our redeeming
from sin's oppressive might.

God dwells with us in darkness
and makes the night as day;

Yet we resist the brightness
and turn from God away.

But grace does not forsake us,
however far we run.

God claims us still as children
through Mary's infant son.

God claims us still as children
through Mary's infant son.

Our Father in heaven.

When did we need your forgiveness
of sins through Jesus Christ

more than on this day?

Forgive us
that our hearts no longer carry us.

Your gift of life is taken from us

and so we give our lives
back into your hands today.

You can't catch me!

Mum doesn't want us
playing on the stairs.

Let us not come to naught.

Let your eternal grace rise
above us and keep your...

keep your... I don't know...

I don't know.

I am scared, Lord.

Give us strength.

Save us from pain.

Give comfort to our families and friends
and hope of reunion in you.

You are the strength.

I... I trust you.

Our soul has escaped...

like a bird from the fowler's rope.

The rope has torn...

and we are free.

So, that's how
you're dragging them to their deaths?

I am not dragging anyone to death.

Oh, really?

And why are they dying then?

At your hands?

The arm that kills us reaches much
further than my humble self.

Our deaths were decided
by someone else.

We're only determining
the how and when.

You're killing your wife and your child.

Go away.

We made this decision together.

The girl wanted to emigrate
a short while ago.

You see the doubt in her young eyes.

You know that you have influenced her.

You coward.

You want to die,
but not with the bad conscience

of having forsaken your stepdaughter.

Thus, she is thrown to the wolves, too.

That's not true.

She made the decision herself.
She's sure of her decision.

Is she?

Oh, the youth.

So fierce.

So fickle.

Has she not told you of her doubts?

Yes, she has.

Again and again.

Stop it. Stop it.

Reni? Hanni?

And your poor wife has
to breathe her last, too, at your wish.

They are both facing deportation.
I am the one going with them.

No, they are the ones going with you.

Let your Hanni go to the camp.

Who are you to think
you know her destiny there?

Who knows what will happen to her there
and when she will return?

There is no return.

You selfish weak man.

You dread being alone.

You don't think
they can survive this nightmare.

It's you who cannot wait for them.

It's you who cannot stand
the suffering. Not them.

And therefore,
you're even betraying God.

What are you talking about, you devil?

Jesus is my Lord and I live in his name.

-And yet you wrest yourself from him.
-I'm not! Hanni!

And yet you wrest from him
the control of your life.

What if his plan for you
is not yet complete?

God has not heard your prayer,
your begging for death.

So, his will is life.

Though, you defraud God of his will
and end your life by suicide.

God knows us.

He's knows our hearts and our souls.

He knows that we love him.
That he's everything to us.

And he knows our fears
and our weaknesses.

He always knew which path it would be
impossible for us to continue along.

Hanni and Reni
are only facing darkness and dismay.

Even rats in a trap would be happier
than they could ever be again.

And if your God wants your family
exactly there, in the camp for Jews?

Maybe they are meant to be a light
in the dark for others there?

Announce the Word of God in exile?

You are a thief.

-Robbing God of his children.

And so, you choose death for all of you.

The void.

Death isn't the void.

Who knows?

One can only believe and hope.

Empty words.

What remains when the body dies?

The soul.

And does the soul...

bear your name?

Does only one breath
separate you from reunion?

What defines you,
are your feelings and your thoughts.

But those require a brain.

The brain, however, dies.

So, if your brain cannot travel
without your soul...

neither can your feelings and thoughts.

And your memories.

So how can you reunite
without remembering?

Without your names.

The soul bears more than a name.
It contains the self.

The divine inside of us
that lives in the light and everywhere.

-But where is the divine self?

Everything that is, is in the present.

The body, born from water,
coming out of nowhere,

disappears, decomposes.

Comes to naught again.

It disappears, but I cannot see the soul.

Where does it go
once the last breath is taken?

And how will it find its way out...

of the self?

The soul goes to a place
where the living cannot follow.

A place much greater than our...

than our mind...

can comprehend.

It's a place...

that is more peaceful.

To a world that is free...

from time and space.

A place...

that doesn't need our explanations.

Hanni! Reni!

And yet doubts fill your heart.

God is not afraid of my doubts.

But you...

you are indeed afraid.

You are not fleeing from the war,
Jochen Klepper.

You are fleeing from fear.

Your shaking hand reaches
for the beyond, you worm.

But no beyond awaits you
and your weak heart.

There will be no reunion.

-The only thing waiting for you...
-No! the void.

I have been seeing you
in every mirror I've looked in for a year.

I know.

The war is...

a hell on earth of sorts,

which has been established
by the impatient human race,

so that they don't have
to wait for the time after death.

Above mankind is night.

Our night turns to morning.

I only know this one answer:
that Christ is our saviour.

My war is fought out.

With humankind and with you.

The struggle now comes to an end.

You have no power over me.

So why am I still here?

Thank you, Lord, that we don't have
to be alone in this difficult time.

Stay with us and bless us.




To us it's just like swimming
through a small pond, right?

We'll say goodbye

and see each other again
on the other side.


Are you having doubts
about our decision?

What do you mean?

I don't want to...

talk you into going this way.


Reni. Are you not scared?

Of course, I am.

I've been scared for a year.
Why are you starting this again?

Scared of saying the wrong thing,
of being taken,

of the things
they have done to the other Jews.

But we leave that behind us.

And scared of what's to come?
Of the afterlife?

Why should I fear the afterlife?

What are you thinking about, Jochen?

I had a dream some time ago.

In a battle,
the command to flee was given.

A terrible act of sabotage.

I fled.

With the dead parents suddenly,
with other dead people I was attached to.

But wounded people called me back
to rescue the more severely wounded.

And I couldn't stay with the dead....

There were moments I wondered if...

If God's silence on all of this
is proof that Christianity is an error.

I understand
the nagging doubts one can have...

and I don't want similar thoughts
troubling you before we go.

Light and shadow fight in each of us.

In this moment,
do you believe with all your heart...

that God is waiting for us?

I don't believe he has to wait for us
as he is already here with us.


My hand might be shaking...
but I am not afraid.

Just a tiny bit.

Then it's time for our Sunday
clothes now.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine.

Everything's fine. Everything's fine.

What is this?

Is that me? That's awful.

-This picture here.

I look like a dropped cake.


That was your eighth birthday.
It's a nice memory...

Yes, a very nice memory if it's found...

"The poor Kleppers have died.
Together with cake face."

-Renate, I can't believe it.
-The picture has to go.

-It's a lovely picture.
-All right.

Hurry up.

I like the photograph.

You look so excited and happy...

The picture can get lost
among the others,

but I'm not throwing it away.


But still, thanks.

Oh my.

It feels as if I must memorize your faces.

Like seeing a beautiful sky

and wanting to memorize
every cloud and colour.


Yet you know you will have
forgotten the picture by the next day.

If you had already known back then...

would you have married
this old Jew anyway?

If I could, I would again and again
and every day.

We have all become
each other's demise...

and I am happy about it.

I love you both.

Just to make that clear again.



You are both everything
I could ever have wished for...

I can...

Oh, reading aloud isn't right.

Besides, there are no words appropriate

for what our souls have been
telling each other all our lives.

You two are everything to me.

You and God.

And I am with you now,

so I am not losing anything today.

My Renate.

I love you so much, Mummy.

Thank you for always being there for me.

You, too, Daddy.

Oh, my knees are all weak.

I'd love to say something good right now.

Everything has been said.

I would have been lost without you both.

Yes. This has to be.

You are the angels
I will see again in a heartbeat.

Everything's fine.

Everything's fine.

I'm turning on the gas.


My heart is beating very fast....


"10 December 1942.


The hearing at the Reich Security Service
in the afternoon.

We will die now.

Oh, that, too, is in God's hands.

Tonight, we are going
to our deaths together.

Above us in the last hours...

is the picture of Christ the Redeemer,
who struggles for us.

In his sight, our lives end."


How I would love to go
for a walk with you both again.

To the lake in summer.

And soaking Daddy from top to bottom.

And then carrying Renerle
into the water, letting her fall.

We are just swimming
through a small pond.

We will see each other again
on the other side.

We are together.

No one got left behind.

I love you both.

And I love you both.

I wonder what it's like on the other side.

Wonderful. How else?

Like grass and flowers.

And everything is happiness.

Like being a child.

All warm.

I can already see the other shore.

Like the silence of the birds
in the moment before sunrise...

so the silence of the heart
in the moment before death.

Then the light comes.

Can you say that again?

Like the silence of the birds
in the moment before sunrise...

so the silence of the heart
in the moment before death.

Then the light comes.

Everything will be fine.





It's not goodbye, Jochen.

She's already swum...

to the other side.

We will meet again.

In just a moment.



The sun is going down.

I know, Hanni.

You are so beautiful.



Will you forgive me...


I am sorry, Reni.

Hanni, I love you.

Will you come for us, Jesus?

Don't let me go into the dark, Lord.

Take my hand.

Come on, faster. We're really late.

I'll just say it's your fault.

Don't be so stupid.

Be sure to always remember this

This homeland is ours,
let's keep it pure

German soil, German blood,

Should always be holy to you

The young are singing
their cheerful song,

They're marching come rain or shine,

The youth march on
with triumphant purpose,

Towards the victory line.

We'll take over the world,
steady as we go,

The young are ready for victory,

We'll keep on marching,
no path is too steep,

To stop us from making history.

Sieg Heil.