The Shade Shepherd (2019) - full transcript

An adventure set in the late 80s, a psychiatrist leads his junkie older brother towards the Canadian border to escape a murder charge.

It's your fucking fault.

It's your fucking fault.

It's your fucking fault.

It's your fucking fault!

It's your fucking fault!

Well, think about it Jack.

With the baby-

Yeah, I know-

I love Pike, it's just that he-

I know you do.

Did he at least lock the door?



I gotta go to work.

Your call, but I'm
gonna be taking some time off.

A month or so.

Susan will give you the details.

Thanks Doc, I'll work on it.

Eggs are ready.

You didn't have to do that.

It's fine.

Ya gonna miss
being a teacher?

Miss my kids,
but I'll have my hands full.

What's uh, what's
Jack thinking about it?

I don't really know Pike...

He doesn't really talk about it.

Well, sure glad you
guys decided to keep it.


Hey Jack,
some guy dropped this off... think fast!

What ya doing
with your time off?

Just gonna relax.

Hey uh, next week I
gotta few things to wrap up

here, think ya can help me out?

Sure, anytime.
Give me a call.

Okay parents to be.
We're about to get started.

But first, welcome.

You all are about to
embark on a beautiful journey.

Don't worry,
I know you're scared to the max.

Now there's a part of me
that believes that there's

nothing that
I can say to you really

that can prepare
you for this experience.

But what's important
is that you are all here.


And you will be able to face the
challenges as they come.

We are here, in the center
of this gym, in this circle,

this circle together.

This circle is your life.

I'm sorry.

What are
you doing here?

You know
how embarrassed I was?

What are you talking about?

Just sitting there.

only one without her husband.

Oh, fuck.

Where were you?

I took a run. I just forgot.

How long?

How long what?

I saw Susan at
the store the other day.

Thought it was
strange you were at work.

Of course I
made an excuse for you.

I'm sorry.

Sit down Jack!


Talk to me.

Isn't that what people do here?

I stopped seeing
patients about a week ago.

And I'm sorry
I didn't tell ya.

I'm still
doing work I'm just...

I'm trying to get my
mind right with everything.

With the baby?

Yeah. I just want
everything to be ready.

I gotta
be ready ya know?

Jack being ready is
showing up to that meeting.

It's about
being honest, talking to me.


Jack you're not...

you're not here.

You haven't
been here for awhile now.

I gave
up everything.

I gave up teaching.
I'm home now.

I get that.

And I wanna know why.

Okay uh-

I wanna know why!

I see the same people make the

same mistakes
over and over again and,

I can't fix them,

I understand
people, but I can't fix them.

Look at Pike
my own fuckin' brother.

not your job to fix people.

Then what is my job Stace?

I mean really
who am I without that-

My husband.

I know and I appreciate that.

But right now it's
not good enough for me.


Who will our son see?

Just his dad
that's all he needs.

This is not okay.

Figure it out.

I'm sorry for leaving like this...

Something happened...

Pike could be
in serious trouble.

I hope you can understand...


Stay calm, Pike.

Pike! Stop or
you're gonna tip the boat!

Jack! What are
you doing man!?


I can't swim Jack! Jack?

You motherfucker! Come back!

Don't go!

I'll see you at
the end of all this.

Maybe it'll
make more sense then.

You ain't gonna shoot me!

I'll shoot your leg, man!

Fuck you!

I outta beat your ass!

What happened last night?

What do ya
mean? Man put that shit down!

You remember anything?

Man I don't
know. I was drinking!

Man stop doing this to me.

Try to remember something.

I'm spinning.

You remember Butch Miller?


The cop.


He was at your wedding Pike,
there was like 15 people there!


Yeah well,

Butch called me last night said
they were looking for ya.

Fuck the cops man!

You must
have done something.

Man I
don't know I blacked!

You sober now?

Here's some dry clothes.

Try to remember
something. I'll set up.

I'm fucking cold, Jack!

It's fucking cold out here!


Did you get my jacket?

What jacket?

Man the one I
always wear! Fuck!

Get a
fire going if you're cold.

Man why you
fucking with that shit now?

You ain't hungry?

Don't have any food.

You got a tent? But no beans?

Grocery store wasn't open.

Don't get me wrong Jack.

I appreciate you
looking out for me.

Fuck man ,
People gotta eat!

Man you ain't shooting shit!


Oh my god. It's
delicious if I'm being honest.

It ain't bad.

I didn't know
you were shooting again.


Thought I'd
teach the boy one day.

You guys got a name?


Why were you asking
about your jacket earlier?

Cause I was cold.

No you weren't.

You think the cops
could get in my place?


Yeah, I mean especially
if they got a warrant.

Well shit.

What are you saying?

It's just that-

it's just a little
shit is in my jacket is all.

That's why
I need my jacket!

I mean, I'm
trying to quit.

It's just, it's not a lot-

it's just, they could lock
me up for it if they find it.

Yeah man I found it.

Give it to me.

I flushed it.

That's good thinking.

Yeah, that's good thinking.

Ma used to listen
to music just like that.

I like it.

Makes me
wanna slow dance.

Here's your
news at the top of the hour.

State Police are searching for
a local man they believe was

responsible for an altercation
that lead to a fight at a local

bar that left one man
dead and another injured.

Police are not
yet releasing the name of the

victim but they say the suspect
is 43 year old Phillip Ables,

who goes by the name of Pike.

If you have any information on
his whereabouts you are urged to

contact your
local police or dial 911.

We will keep you
posted as the news comes in.

Now, back
to the classics at ten.


I don't remember.


I don't remember.


I don't remember.

Looks like you cut it.

You bandaged me up?


This isn't your problem
Jack you should go home.



Cause I don't
think you're a murderer.

I mean they're saying I did it.

Looks like I did it.


I gotta go the bathroom.



coming. We gotta go man!

You sure?

man they got dogs! Come on!

Well let's-
we need the-

Fuck the tent! Let's go!

They say the suspect
is 43 year-old Phillip Ables.

It's your fucking fault.


Follow me.



Seriously? You missing
on purpose! I gotta eat.

I gotta find that arrow.

You should have
brought my jacket fuck!

I feel like I'm dying Jack.

Then start praying Pike.

I'm doing everything I can.

Doesn't look like anyone's home.

That'd be a miracle.

Stay here. I'll turn
a light on if we can get in.

Are you shitting me?

Oh, thank you God.

Hey! Hey!

It's like Thanksgiving.

Find a can opener!

Stove works.

Can opener.

Are you kidding me?

It's my brand!

Lord, thank you for the food.

Thank you for
helping us finding the food.

And thank you for giving
me my little brother Jack...

About now
he's the only thing I got.

And I know he's
going to be a good dad,

even through Stacey says
he's scared like a little bitch.

She said that?

Man I thought
you said this was personal?

Sorry for the
interruption man.

But you know,

or at
least I hope you know.

That I...

really never
wanted to hurt anybody.

Maybe I'm cursed?

Some people
just are I guess.

But I really
do want to be better.

So, amen.

Shh. It's a cop.

I'm scared Jack.

Get inside.

I need your eyes.

So we're here.

The closest place
you're safe is here.


Cops don't have
jurisdiction there.

Man what the
hell am I gonna do in Canada?

Man what are
you gonna do in jail!?

gotta be something else-

Then tell me! If you got
something let's hear it!

I know it sounds crazy, I just
don't know what else to do.

They speak English there?

For the most part yeah.
Above Michigan for sure.

It's not that much
different than here.

What am I gonna do?

Whatever you want.

Nobody will know
ya. It's a new start.

How far is it?

So we're here.

It's about 70 miles until
we can get into Michigan.

we cross state line we might be

able to figure
something else out.

But, until then
we gotta hike it.

It's too risky.

We can
take some cans and what not,

but we don't have a tent.

It ain't gonna be easy.

What do you say?

You got the
fight in you or not?

Thank you.

Pack those cans.

Oh come on
man. We can go around.

We can swim across it.

Grab a rope. Grab a rope.

You alright?

Yeah, come on.



You remember
how to hot wire a car?

Who says I know how to?

I know that was you.

Well I
ain't stealing that one.

I ain't
sleeping outside tonight.

Hey, I found that
extension we were looking for.

Man you gotta
start putting my tools back.

What where was it?

Toolbox around the corner.

Spent half as much time looking
for tools we'd be done already.

I don't think
that's the problem.

Try that one.

Let's see it.

You hear that?

it's probably a coon. Come on.

Let's finish this.

Man it's probably a
coon, let's do this. Come on.

Get back here.

alright, you're probably right.

Come on man.

You get that tight?

Sooner we get this done,
sooner we're having beers.

Let's go.



Go! Go! Go!

They're stealing
a car! Let's get them!

Go go go
go we gotta go Jack!

- I'm going!
- Go! Go! Go!

- I'm going!
- Floor it! Come on! Let's go!

I'm going!

Oh shit man
they're getting their truck.

Oh man we
gotta go! Floor it, Jack!

- Come on!
- I am flooring it man! You stole

a fucking car
from a junk yard man!

Hey! Where you going?

I'm just going
through fucking dirt man!

- Find a road!
- I'm trying, man!

Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! We gotta go man!

I am riding the
fucking lightening Pike!

I am riding the lightening!

I think we lost them.


Oh shit that was close.

Woo! Man, I knew you could hot

wire that car. I knew
you could hot wire that car-


Holy shit.





You okay buddy?

Ride the lightening.

We'll get you outta here okay?

Stay right there.

I got you buddy.
Come on. Come on.

We gotta get out come on.

Let's go!
Jack come on we gotta go!

Come on buddy!
We gotta go! Jack come on!


I don't
know what to do.

I have an idea.

I'm over here fat asses.

Let's go motherfucker. Let's go!

Don't you
make me fucking do it!

Don't you
make me fucking do it!

you make me fucking do it!

The fuck is going on?

just want it one at a time?

Or you both wanna do it at once?

- Come on!
- Billy, back up.

This mother fucker is crazy.

Oh man!
Come on man! Oh man!

Calm the fuck down!

One question!

You both like
getting taken from behind?

Hey boys.

Get in the truck Pike.

Ow! Ow! Yeah!

Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ow wow wow wow! Yes!

Holy shit that
was awesome man!

That was all you, brother.

Man being crazy is way
more scarier when you're sober.


Oh my God.

This truck is bitchin'.

- Yeah?
- Yeah!

Oh my God! I feel alive.

Police are still
looking for Phillip Pike Ables who was a

suspect in a
bar fight turned deadly.

Authorities said they
received a search warrant for

his property on Monday morning.

Officer Miller
stated that the residence

was empty at the time.

But described
the scene as a squalor.

Local authorities have
widened the search through more

parts of Northern Indiana
and into lower Michigan.

Where are we?

Motel for the
night. Put this on.

Put it on.

Found a room unlocked.

Nobody will be by until morning.

Really? You sure?

Just act normal.

Oh you
gotta try this, Jack.

I will.

So good.

I gotta ditch this truck.

You can
stay here, relax, shower...

But don't leave this room.

don't take those bandages off.

I'm gonna try
to get some supplies,

I'll look for
some new ones,

but I don't
know what will be open.

We needed this, man.

Be safe, man.

I'm gonna lock this. You're
gonna have to let me back in.

Stay here and
take a fucking shower.

I don't need
a fucking shower...

I need a fucking shower.

Oh, oh my gosh.
I am so sorry, I didn't know

anybody was in this room.

Mind if I finish?
It won't take long.


So uh, you
traveling for business?


What do you do?

I'm a business man.

I'm Sammy.

What's your name doll?


Well, nice to meet you Jack.

I'm married.

Is she at home?

She passed
away a few years ago.

I'm sorry doll.

How'd she go?

I was gonna
invite you to my room.

I got at
least a dime of boss.


God I want to.

But I shouldn't.

It wouldn't be right.

When we first met. She
just dabbled with the stuff.

But I liked her.

And I got it for her.

I should go.

So yeah...

it's my fucking fault.

Goodnight Jack.

You alright?

I'm good man.

- Jack.
- Hm?

Nothing, just
making sure you're awake.

That's not cool.

Jack you'll tell
your son about me right?

I mean...

the good stuff.

Yeah, I'll tell him.

I got some good I think.


The map! It's gone!

You still know
where you're going right?

Yeah Pike! Let's just
follow the North fucking star!

Just asking.



It's gonna
sound a little nutty.

But I think I might
kind of know where we are.



When I was a kid I
used to run away from the house.

And I found my way back by
following this creek that seemed

like it went forever.

you saying you know this creek?


I mean a creeks a creek but...

Our house is in
Southern Michigan,

we're in
Southern Michigan now right?


Well fuck it then, follow me.

Holy shit.

Looks abandoned.


Where you going?

Look man there's a store
about 3 miles up the road.

You can get a map there.

It's too risky
and I'm too tired.

Let's just park it here tonight.

Shits haunted man.

You really
don't remember this place?

Not really.

You were young.

Home sweet home.

Brings it back, yeah?

Oh yeah.

You took
your first steps right there.

How long were we here for again?

You? About 4 years.

Right up to a
month after dad left.

And what was that story?

He went for a pack of
smokes and never came back?

You believe that shit?


I think
mom stole it from a movie.

Yeah, she was
always good at lying for him.

Was he really that bad Pike?

Till I was old
enough to fight back.

Couldn't have been all fight.

You're lucky
you didn't know him.

Man I miss this.

Used to be
pretty good ya know? At ball.

Yeah we've seen your trophies.

Why'd ya stop playing?

When you drop out of high
school they don't let ya play.

Man, do you ever
remember Ma going to work?


Being a nobody drop
out wasn't really a choice Jack.

All the other kids my age were
coming through the drive-thru,

having fun, hanging out and I'm

stuck there 40 hours
a week making burgers.

You regret it?

Had you, had Ma...

Sometimes you do things
that you don't wanna do.

because you have to.

you man up.

I've never
thought of it like that.

That's the point.

I did my job little brother.

I think ya did.

Wanna see what ya got?

I mean can ya handle it?

Don't make me take it back.

You won't.

Jesus Christ okay.

It wasn't that bad.

Yeah it was.

Alright so,
get your back elbow up-

- Okay
- Feet shoulder width-

- Alright
- Front shoulder down

- eye on the bag.
- Alright.

Something like...

Yeah. Bend the
knees, there ya go.

You're looking at
the wall when you swing.

Eyes on the bag.

There ya go.

You and uh...

You and Jennifer would go
the batting cages wouldn't ya?

I don't really
wanna talk about it, Jack.

You know I miss her too?

I'm sorry.

Wasn't your fault.

You have no idea, Jack.

I'm just saying
man she had an addiction-

Watch your
fucking mouth-

And you of all people
know how powerful that is-

You don't have a clue-

Pike, isn't it a bit
selfish to think that everything

revolves around you?

Oh my God!

That it's your fault for
Mom, Dad, Jennifer, everybody?

Why the hell you
bringing up all this shit?

Because fuck Dad and Mom
and anyone else who's ever made

you feel that every
fucking thing was on you.

Man do
you know why I am here?

you gave me a chance.

And you know I know I
can never pay you back man,

but I can have it. I do have it.

But this shit...

that you been living in

for years now.


Can't change what's
already happened Jack-

But you can
let it go if you wanna.

I'm not on your couch.


It's your fucking fault.

I mean do you even
know why I'm here right now?

It's your fucking fault.

Because you
gave me a chance.

We're gonna
teach him how to swim.

It's your fucking fault.

I do not want.
I do not want another

fucking little
runt lying around here.

A fucking runt!

I will fucking kill it!

Hey Dad.


You ready to go?

Yeah, I am.

I'm gonna get my stuff.



I'm sorry.


Here. Before.

to take my own life like that.

I just
didn't know you were that sad.

I don't wanna
hurt you anymore.

I'm gonna get my stuff.


You know I love you, right?

Stace too.





What are you doing man?

Go home Jack!

What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong yet!

Not risking you going
to jail when your baby's coming!

I'm gonna turn myself in.

You're not thinking!

That's exactly what I am doing.

Okay, make sure this time
you fill it out. All the way,

through to the end, I need to
hear all the descriptions you

have of the assailant ma'am.

Let me see.

Excuse me.

Excuse me sir,
there is a line and I will be

with you in a few minutes.

No, no I
need to speak to someone.

Then I need you to get to the

back of the line and
wait like everybody else.

Sorry, Excuse me!

Hey hey hey, if it's an
emergency you can use the

and call 911, it's free.

But I-

Is your life being
threatened at this moment sir?

Well, no.

Then I need you to get to

the back of the line
and wait like everybody else.

Sir! Please.
I will be with you when I can.

May I look at it?

Keep it moving!

That's better.

The heck you doing?

What are you looking at, bitch?

You done
messed up now! Let's go!

meant to be little brother.

Wait, what?

Hey there!

Oh shit!

Hey stop!


I fucked up.

What happened?
What they say?

I just couldn't do it.

Got scared.

Why didn't you leave?

I don't know.

Just go home Jack.

Give me your lighter.

What is this?

Some food.

You got any quarters?

There we go.

Do you want
cookies or donuts?


No problem.

This is some kind of...

storage space or something.

How old is this shit?

That's what you
get for making me run.

Should have just went to jail.


Think they got a bar?

Pike what the hell you doing?


Put those on.

Sign says they're closed for
remodeling. For like a month.

Come on man!

Get me a beer!

Watch this one.

You got this!

Dude, you
wanna get the ball and knock

down all the pins, you
understand the concept of this?

You got it?

I think so.

Get it
Pike! Get it! Get it!

- Two! Three!
- Oh that's not fair!

number one! We're number one!

Clear! Clear!

Oh man!

Why didn't we do
this shit more often?

Man I
would tell Stacey, you were a

breakfast kind of guy.

When you're smoking that shit.

Ya know...

I was thinking about,
maybe coaching some baseball.


Yeah I mean. I think
I'd be good at it ya know?

You'd be great.

This is a
second chance. I get that.


I want a hit so bad
right now. You have no idea.

It's just not
worth a trip to hell.

I just don't want
you to worry that...

I'm not gonna be right.


Just don't ya to wonder
and then just not bring him.

It ain't forever, Pike.

Anyways, how
you holding up?

Yeah, I'm alright.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I can always
tell when you're lying.

You're fucking crazy.

I mean, I don't
know shit about babies...

But if I have any advice,

I'd say just love them.

Just show up and love them.

Just that huh?

That's the
thing about it man.

You're gonna love it.

And I think
you'll be great.


Stace it's me.

Stace ya there?

He said he wants
to coach baseball.

Are you fucking crazy?


This baby's
coming any day.


Are you?

I will be.

Give me a chance.

I love you.

I'll guess we'll see.

I don't wanna do this alone.

Don't hang up yet.

Come home.

your dad on the phone,

it's Jack.

Pike! Get up!

Get up!

What, what is going on?

Just here to
touch up some walls.

I never saw ya.


That your van outside?

Yes sir.

Anybody with ya?

No sir.

Alright, here's
what's going to happen.

gonna drive us up past Detroit,

to the St. Clair
River you understand?

I think so, sir.

Pike, get around.


Can I smoke?

Do I have a choice?

I'm sorry. For pulling the

bow on ya earlier.

But you understand.


What do I do?

Pull over. Act normal.

Another 100 when we get there.

Hello there.

Were we speeding officer?

License and registration.

guys heading back home?

Yes, yes sir. We were on a job.

Can you step out
of the vehicle please?

Let me show you
why I pulled you over.

My brother-in-law
has a similar van.

A year earlier.

All you do is here.

Just pop that little
compartment out right there,

you can pick up one of
these bulbs for like 60 cents.

Real cheap.

Oh okay. Yeah, I'll do that sir.

Yeah, piece of cake.

You have a nice day...

Drive safe.

Thank you.

So you know this guy?

We go back. I trust them.

Well I guess this is it.

You saved my life.

You hungry?


I gotta go home.

You Pike?


You play?


Are we going?

Every hour border
patrol swipes through here.

Same times everyday.

So we got a few.

Make yourself at home.

Give me a beat.


Give me a beat. Like
a boom boom boom.

It'll make the time go faster.

Give me a beat.

There you go.

Why'd ya stop?

That's as far
as a man can go.


You can swim from here.

I can't swim.

Well I can't dock son.

Take me closer.

No no, Jack already paid me
and it's not worth anymore risk.

You wanna go back?

It's now or never.

It's beautiful.

They say the suspect
is 43 year old Philip Ables.

Who goes by the name of Pike. If
you have any information on his

whereabouts, you are urged
to contact your local police or

dial 911. We
will keep you posted-

No! Come on, Billy, grab him!

He's out cold.
Sure you wanna do this?

This it?

Yep, end of the line.

Alright, let's do this.

What happened last
night? You remember anything?

Man I don't
know I blacked! Blacked!

You must
have done something.

Butch called me last night
said they were looking for ya.

You sober now?

When you're smoking that shit.

I flushed it.

It's my brand.

Jack already paid me and
it's not worth anymore risk.

Keep your back elbow up,
feet shoulder width, front

shoulder down, eye on the bag.

I got at least, a dime of boss.

And you know I can never pay
you back, but man I can have it.

I do have it.

Ow wow wow wow!

This truck is bitchin'!

She in here?

Sir you can't go in here.

if you're reading this your home.

And I'm sorry
for lying to you.

But I felt
like I didn't have a choice.

I was gonna lose you.

You were
just on that path and I thought

I needed to save you.

Funny thing is,
I think you saved me too.

I still need you
big brother. I always will.

Maternity ward, is right down
the hall. Then you take a left.

I hope I can make things right.

Think fast!

Here's your news at
the top of the hour. State Police

are searching for a local man
they believe was responsible for

an altercation
that lead to a fight at a local

bar, that left one man
dead and another injured.

They say the
suspect is 43 year old Phillip

Ables who
goes by the name of Pike...

Who goes by
the name of Pike...

Don't take
those bandages off.

Looks like ya cut it.

I mean they're saying I did it,

looks like I did it.

It's not my fault.