The Sexy Mysterious Murders (2000) - full transcript

Richard, a science-fiction writer, works from home. Gradually he becomes obsessed with his beautiful new neighbour, a woman called Angelica. Richard moves from normal desire to becoming psychologically unbalanced, when he begins to regulate his life to observe her. He starts to photograph her, soon he begins to follow her. Through deceit and lies, he manages to get close to her flat-mate and through her to Angelica herself. Richard is utterly ruthless in the pursuit of his obsession, eventually leading to triple murder. A twisted and incredible tale of suburban madness and infatuation with the girl next door.

(uptempo techno music)

- [Man] Our period of waiting is over.

This is the time.

(uptempo techno music)

Our period of waiting is over.

This is the time.

Our period of waiting is over.

This is the time.

(electronic music)

Our period of waiting is over.

This is the time, this is
the time, this is the time.

This where we go.

(upbeat techno music)

(birds chirping)

(gentle acoustic music)

(Jazz flute)

- [Clerk] Can I help you, sir?

- Yeah, I'm looking for a
camera to photograph wildlife,

but I've never used one before.

- Okay, I've got these two.

Basically, you just point and shoot.

- How do they differ?

- Well this one's got a zoom lens on it.

It gets you 10 times closer than this one,

but it costs twice as much than this one.

- I'll take them both.

(gentle acoustic music)

(camera clicking)

(camera clicking)

- [Richard Voiceover] I
really want to meet her,

but I don't know how to make an approach.

What a chickenshit, madly in love

and I haven't even
enough guts to say hello.

I don't even know her name.

(gentle music and humming)

(dark electronic music)

- Hmm.

You've got exactly the same
goods as the young lady bought.


- I've only just become a vegetarian.

I didn't know what to buy.

(upbeat harpsichord music)

- Ugh.


(upbeat harpsichord music)

- [Richard Voiceover] Friday night.

Leaves with flatmate, again.

(upbeat harpsichord music)


(upbeat acoustic music)

She is gorgeous.

She is so gorgeous.

Flat-mate's a bit of a dog, though.

Did she hear that?

She's looking at me.

I've gotta find a way to talk to her.

But she's there, though.

Are they talking about me?

Oh, shit.

(door intercom buzzing)

- Hello?

Oh, hi, yeah.

I mean, no.

Come on up.

- And you don't come out
with your mates for a month.

You don't answer the phone,
you don't leave any messages,

I've gotta come and look you
down and you give me this shit.

I mean, weird, strange shit.

What's wrong with you?

Just go up to her and say hello,
give her some old bullshit.

Take her to an expensive restaurant,

seduce her, fuck her and forget her.

- You just don't get it, do you?

I can't help myself.

I enjoy watching her
more than anything else.

If I met her, tried to talk to her,

I'd just crease up inside and die.

- Are you listening to yourself?

Do you realize how weird you sound?

- She's an angel.

And I'm just a plain,
boring, potbellied git

with a receding hairline.

- That didn't stop Jack Nicholson

from becoming a sex symbol.

Remember Brando in the Last Tango film,

he was over twice your age.

- They were film stars.

In the real word, a mere mortal like me

is invisible to an angel.

Besides, I'm nearly 30.

- What the hell happened to you?

One minute, you're a carefree,
young successful author.

The next, you're Grandpoppy
Quasimodo with delusions

of becoming a reincarnated
15th century priest.

With a little luck, any
woman can be seduced.

- Is that the best you can do?

Take the piss out of me then
tell me to rely on luck?

Mate, friend, is that your best advice?

Luck doesn't just happen.

You've gotta be prepared,
carefully designed.

- My advice is take a long
holiday or move flats.

Better still, find out if
anybody knows a good therapist

and make an appointment.

I'm in over my head on this one.

I'm serious.

Get some professional help.

I'm worried about you, this isn't normal.

I'll call you, we'll go
out for a drink, okay?

I'll see you.

So that's it, you're just shutting us out?

- Did you ever get the feeling
that you were having a last

conversation with someone
that you were never

going to see again?

- You are seriously ill.

And I don't need this shit.

- [Richard Voiceover]
She looks like a goddess.

An angel.

That's what I'll call her,


- Ooh.

Don't I know you?

Haven't we met somewhere?

- My name's Richard, how do you do?

- I do okay, my name's Angelica.

Now I remember you.

You were that shy guy in
the pub a few days ago

that was staring at my mate.

Then you disappeared.

Pity, she fancied you.

- She did?

- Yeah, she likes the strong silent type,

especially shy guys.

Would you like to meet her?

- No, I couldn't.

- She's really nice.

You can meet her in the
pub on Friday night.

I know she's not busy,

and she's definitely not
seeing each other, mm, anyone.

- I'm not sure it'd be a good idea.

- Please, she's as shy as you are.

I've been trying to fix her
up with a nice guy for ages.

(soft jazz music)

- I'm not sure if it'd be a good idea.

- Go on, just come and meet her.

I'll introduce you to each other.

If you don't get on, there's nothing lost.

(horn blowing)

Please, for me?

This is my train.

Till Friday, then, seven o'clock.

- [PA] Waterloo, Big
Ben, Buckingham Palace,

Shropshire, and Heathrow Airport.

(upbeat instrumental music)

♪ To heaven ♪

♪ I am still alone ♪

♪ I am waiting ♪

♪ Out in the street ♪

♪ What is there for me anyone ♪

♪ Who could care for me now ♪

♪ Care for me ♪

♪ Whenever I go ♪

♪ All these people I see ♪

♪ Not to all of these people ♪

♪ Is the person for me ♪

♪ So I'm thinking to myself ♪

♪ And I'm talking to myself ♪

♪ When dream it's not a dream ♪

♪ And I'm thinking to myself ♪

♪ And I'm talking to myself ♪

♪ When I dream it's not a dream ♪

♪ It's not a dream ♪

- Hi, glad you came.

This is my flat-mate, Ruth,

and this is Richard.

- How do you do?


- You're so old-fashioned.

Oh, you're a real gentleman.

It's so nice to meet such a
polite and sweet guy nowadays.

- Yeah, all the guys around
here are like bulls on heat.

- Can I get you some drinks?

- Yeah, I'll have a pint of lager, thanks.

- I'll have the same.

- Excuse me?

- Three pints of lager please.

- To us.

- Live young and die fast.

- Here's to sex and plenty of it.

- Yes, sex and plenty of it.


- What do you do then?

- I write,

science fiction.

- Oh wicked, magazines, or comics?

- Neither, novels, I've just
had two novels published.

- Wow, bet that pays well.

- I do okay.

- What do you do?

- Well I'm--

- Angelica's a secretary,

and I've just become assistant manager

at King Chicken, Leicester Square branch.

- Yeah, only because the
old assistant manager

kept on saying she'd been
sexually assaulted by the owner.

- You could take all your clothes off

while dancing at the Christmas party,

and then insist on the owner
giving you a lift home,

to talk about career prospects.



- Alex!

- That's Alex, Angelica's boyfriend.

He works in films.

He's a cameraman.

- Alex.

- Richard.

- Been working on a film in Manchester

for the last two months,
called, Drugs, Clubs, and Guts,

and then managed to get
away for the weekend twice.

- Got in at 7:30,

I don't have to be back
till Monday, at seven.


Two more weeks and that's it.


It's holiday time, baby.

Around the world, we go.

- Isn't that romantic?

He's taking her on an
around the world cruise

as an engagement present.

- So, what was it like
filming a love scene

between Chuck Riding
and Jeanette Cummings?

Is she really as beautiful in real life,

as she is in the movies.

- Body doubles.

She even has a girl just for tits.

- You all right, there?

You look a bit off.

- Just thinking of my parents.

That's how they died, on a cruise.

It was a storm.

Two survivors.

They said there were over
40 after it went down.

Taken one by one.


- You poor thing.

How old were you?

- Four.

- Oh baby.

An orphan.

- Um, can I get you a drink?

Who fancies cocktails?

- Yeah.

- Long slow comfortable screws please.

- You said you lived opposite us yeah?


- Just over there.

- Oh wow, that's handy.

You must be able to see
in our living room window.


Fancy inviting me up for
a cup of coffee, then?

- Yes, of course.

(uptempo harpsichord music)

(harpsichord music repeats
continuing to speed up)

(toilet flushing)

- Do you like them?

- Oh?

- The walls.

- They're mental.

- Thank you.

The flat used to belong to an artist,

I just left the walls the
way she had left them.

- Must have been on serious drugs.

Great place to trip and get stoned.

- [Richard Voiceover] I've been playing

the perfect gentleman, and
tonight I've been invited

to Ruth and Angelica's
flat for the evening.

- [Radio Voice] Good morning again,

and here is Leslie Penis on Shite FM.

Good morning, it's a
fine and lovely morning,

fine but cloudy.

And we've got some

(muffled by farts)

Good morning, Jay Medner.

- [Jay] Good morning Michael.

- [Michael] Yes, here she is again.

She's gonna give us some good fun.

- Breakfast'll be two minutes babe.

How do you want your eggs?

Over easy, sunny side up?

- Actually, over, well-done please.

(pop music)

- Mmm, wonderful, fresh coffee.


- Morning.

- There's a man at the breakfast table.

Is he yours?

- Poor little orphan, there's no one

to look after him at home,
so I brought him back here.

Gave him a good seeing to.

- [Man] Hello.

- Shit, it's Monday.

- [Man] I said, hello!

(knocking on door)

Can you hear me knocking?

(knocking on door)

Now come on now, you little monkeys.

Let me in.

Oh come on, I'm getting
a little bit annoyed now.

- A man walks up to a bar.

A man walks up to a bar.

A man walks up to a bar, and says, ouch.

A man walks up,

in to a bar, and says, ouch!

What's the different
between light and hard?

You can sleep with a light on.

Too crude.

Nelson Mandela walks up to Woody Allen,

at a bus stop I Belgravia, and asks,

what time is the next bus due?

Woody Allen says,

Woody Allen would never say that.

I know.

- Invisible girl, special powers, eight.

- Captain America, three.

- Shit.

You've got my galactus.

Physical strength, nine,

weapons, nine, beaten by
crappy invisible girl.

- The Gremlin.

Weapons, seven.

The wasp, none.

- I don't bloody believe
it, Silver Surfer,

strength, nine, powers, 10,

weapons, sodding five, bloody shit.

That's it, I'm not playing anymore.

The two best damn cards in the whole game,

and I've lost them both,
one after the other.

- [Ruth] We set you up.

We looked at your cards
when you went for wee.

- I'd persuade Ruth to stay in,

saying it's not fair to leave Angelica

on her own all the time
just because we're dating.

Angelica's boyfriend is
only here at the weekends.

What do I get for my consideration?


- There there, poor baby.

I know, why don't you tell
Angelica some of your jokes?

- I don't want to.

- Oh, go on Richard, please.

- One vampire bat flies up

and lands on a branch next to his mate.

His friend, seeing his other friend's face

is covered in blood, says,

I'm hungry, where's the feast?

The other bat turns and says,

See that tree over there,

indicating with one furry wing,

and the other bat nods eagerly.

And his mate continues, well I didn't.

Mister Nelson Mandela
walks up to Woody Allen

at a bus stop in Belgravia, and asks,

what time is the next bus due?

And Woody Allen says,

suck off you black bar steward.

What time is the next bus due?


- Morning, baby.


I'm off now, babe.

Angelica's already left for
work, so let yourself out.

(masturbating and grunting)

- [Richard Voiceover] I
love you my sexy pussycat.

My love and kisses, Alex.

- So it's A, B, C, D, and E,

and an inch for each.

- You boys.

The initial figure is found

by placing a measuring
tape around you back,

and underneath the breast.

Then take another measurement
around your boobs,

and subtract the original figure.

The difference is an inch, an A cup,

two inches, a B,

three inches, C, four inches, D, and five,

is double-D.

- Whoa whoa whoa whoa, wait.

What happened to E?

- There is no E.

- There is no E.

- And after that, I don't know.

I think you should find out.

- See, nothing.

- It doesn't work if you
don't take it seriously.

- This sort of shit only
happens in the movies.

- Yeah, when all the characters are locked

into a creepy only
mansion for the weekend,

with no way out.

- And it's always dark, with
a gigantic thunderstorm.

- Not always.

An old girlfriend told me a story once,

and swore it was true.

The scariest story I
ever heard in my life.


Imogen, my ex-girlfriend was 15.

She was left one afternoon to look after

her older, heavily pregnant sister.

Her parents were just leaving to visit

their third and youngest child.

Imogen's sister was deaf,
dumb, never left the house,

and yet had incredibly, become pregnant.

Almost seconds after her parents

had walked out the door and driven off,

Imogen heard screams coming

from her sister's bedroom upstairs.

Not her sister's voice,

it seemed like several other voices,

both male and female.

Although she was terrified,
in fear for her sister,

Imogen overcame her own fear,

and ran up the stairs.

(confused voices)

Imogen's mother and father were arrested.

Supposedly they were devil worshipers.

Imogen was put into psychiatric care.

She never saw her younger
brother or sister again.


- Funny, hearing a scary
story punctuated by hiccups.

- When I was a child,

I had hiccups for three days.

I remember a nurse slapping me repeatedly,

and telling me to calm down and stop.

A doctor gave several extremely painful

lumbar puncture injections in my spine,

and he was telling the
nurse that it probably

wouldn't have any effect.

Luckily I came out of it.

Something to do with
swallowing my own sick

and choking on it whilst
falling unconscious.

I heard of this boy that had
hiccups for three whole years,

and he died hiccuping.

So don't laugh, and say
it's funny to laugh,

at people who are hiccuping.

- Enough.

- 'Cause it can kill you.
- Enough, already.

Okay, I swear I'll never laugh

at anyone with the hiccups again.

You've convinced me, I swear.

- So funny.

You should be onstage.

- Have your own TV show, Mister Hiccups.


(thunder rumbling)

- [Richard Voiceover] Gotta
get rid of that bastard.

I'll kill him how he talks.

Just by knowing him I'll be a suspect.

They'll know I did it.

- [Richard Voiceover] Accident.

I'd run the son-of-a-bitch over,

by a big, powerful car.

Keep it in the lockup,

and when the time is
right, I'll run him over.

Squash his shaging head.

- One woman is my destiny.

Then he woke up.

Isn't it poetic?

And romantic

- I know, let's go down to the pub

for a couple of pints over football.

It'll give us a chance to
get to know each other.

Look, tell the girls we'll
meet them after, yeah?

- All right.

- Evil.

- Let's go now.

Going down the pub.

(people talking loudly)

- Get them in, I'm just going for a piss.

Watch it, mate.

- Hey, do you know that guy there?

- Alright guys.

Just got out this morning after
doing four years, Brixton.

Come home, visit my mother.

Found out she died, yesterday.

Comin' in, nearest pub, a few
pints to drown my sorrows.

Lo and behold, spot the
copper from the drugstore

that sent me up.

Found 50 E's on me.

The guy you bumped into.

I'll give you 20 quid each, if
you beat the shit out of him.

'Cause I'm out on parole.

- I fucking hate the DS,

but it's your life.

You're shit.

Now if you want us to join your party,

to beat the fucking shit out of that guy,

it'll cost you 40 quid each,

in advance.

- You never know?

- He could be some Van Damme
mother, for all I know.

- Police please.

Yeah, there's a gang of
thugs beatin' up my mate .

in the 100 pub

Yes, Richard Wells, 116 Ainsley Street.

Please hurry.

(siren blaring)

(uptempo electronic music)

Quickly thinking to find the police,

I rushed down High Street until
I found a phone that worked.

Then I rushed back to the pub but,

too late.

If only I'd known they were
actually beating him up.

I thought they were just hooligans,

just tearing the pub up.

- To tell you the truth, I
think you saved his life.

If the police hadn't have
come along when they did,

he could have been seriously hurt.

Thank you.

- Hey, you're a hero, baby.

You saved Alex from,

I don't even want to think about it.

(car starting)

(eerie electronic music)

(engine revving)


- Another beer.

(soft jazz music)

- I want the bastard to suffer.

I'm not giving you 500
just to get rid of him.

I want him to suffer.

(fast-paced techno music)


- You ain't wearing a wire,

and you're too stupid even to be a pig,

what the fuck do you want?

- I heard you talking in the bar.

I want you to kill somebody for me.

- I don't know you from Adam.

Yet you think you know me
well enough to kill for you?

- I don't want to know
you, or anything about you,

and I'm not asking.

I'm offering you, 500 pounds,
if you could do a job for me.

- Walk away.

Walk away.

- Please, I'm serious.

I really need your help.

- Walk away, now!

- Please, I beg you.


- Walk away, now.

- Please, I beg you.


- Walk away now, or die.

- Please, please, I'm desperate.

If you won't help me then,

pull the trigger.

- You got money?

- Yeah.

- Well,

buy me a drink.

Let's talk.

- Yeah.

(dark electronic music)

(dissonant electronic music)

(uptempo electronic music)

♪ Is this life the one that I want ♪

♪ Is it the one that I chose ♪

♪ Do I have options ♪

♪ Have I a plan ♪

♪ A plan for another to start ♪

♪ Do I leave quickly ♪

♪ Should I change slow ♪

♪ Do I have somewhere to go ♪

- [Richard Voiceover]
Two months since Alex

had his head cut off.

Loving every minute of consoling my angel.

Except when the happy bitch
insists we go out alone.

Been sniffing around Angelica's laundry.

It's her time of the month.

Joy, joy,

happy, happy.

What are you doing?

- I was just curious.

- Well you know what they say.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Come on now, bed.

(light jazz music)

♪ It's hard to feel ♪

♪ I don't think you're real ♪

♪ The truth must come
can anything be done ♪

♪ It's hard to fight ♪

♪ When I just can't see the light ♪

♪ No hope no fun ♪

♪ I turn around and run ♪

♪ I'd like to think you're scum now ♪

♪ But come now you're more than this ♪

♪ I thought that you were fun now ♪

♪ I'm numb now has it come to this ♪

♪ I'd like to think you're scum now ♪

♪ But come now you're more than this ♪

♪ I thought that you were fun now ♪

♪ I'm numb how's it come to this ♪

♪ I turned aside ♪

♪ Leave you alone ♪

♪ Outside alone ♪

♪ Out there alone ♪

♪ I don't care ♪

♪ I don't care ♪

(dark organ music)

(bell ringing)

(bell ringing)


- [Richard Voiceover]
Two months since Alex

had his head cut off.

Loving every minute of consoling my angel,

Except when the happy bitch
insists that we go out alone.

Been sniffing around Angelica's laundry.

It's her time of the month.

Joy, joy.

(uptempo techno music)


♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

♪ Happy birthday dear Richard ♪

♪ Happy birthday to me ♪

- Cheers.

(doorbell buzzing)

Excuse me.


Big ears, big nose.

What have you got?

- I don't know.

- Dumbo, the elephant.

Have you eaten yet?

I'm so rude, let me introduce you.

This is the hit man.

And this, is Dumbo,

the victim.

There's enough for two.

There you are.

Some wine.

You want cake?

We have cake.

(Ruth crying)

- Aren't you going to
blow out the candles?

Did you make a wish?

- I wish that I could
have my cake, and eat it.

- Dumbo doesn't want anything.


- Dumbo already has her mouth full.

To Dumbo,

such a short life, but oh, loads of kicks.

- Drink and be merry,

for tomorrow she--


- Now where did I leave my camera?

(Ruth whimpering)

Tomorrow night, then?

- I've been thinking,

you want it done tomorrow,
it costs you double.

- Why?

- I may want to kill some
other guy tomorrow night.

Besides, if you want me to do
the other stuff, it's double.

- Okay, a thousand.

I'm sure she said seven o'clock.

It's just not like her.

- She probably suspected
that she might be late.

That's why she suggested meeting here.

Anyway, it's Friday night.

Let's have a drink while we're waiting.

(tense electronic music)

- Bitch, stupid bitch.


I guess you know by now.

I'm gonna kill you!

But how you die, could
be short and painless, eh

Or involve a lot of nasty torture.

Your boyfriend paid me
extra to wait until tonight

before raping and killing you.

I think he's got the horn
for your skinny flat-mate.

(screaming) Don't you dare touch Angelica

(muffled whimpering)

Wouldn't want to.

I like my women more full-figured.

Soft, not all skin and bones.

- Something's happened to Ruth.

Don't ask me how I know but...

- Tart!

(doorbell buzzing)

- Angelica...

- Hello?


- I'm Detective Barnes,
this is Detective Watts.

We'd like to ask you a few questions.

- What's this about?

- Do you know Ruth Longsdale?

- Yeah, she's my girlfriend, she--

- Where were you last night

between hours of 11 p.m. and one a.m.?

- I was here all yesterday evening,

waiting for Ruth to meet

me here.
- All evening?

- Yes, all evening.

We waited all evening for her.

We even fell asleep on the sofa, waiting.

- I'm sorry to inform you

that Ruth has been found on
the side of a country road.

She'd been raped,

and stabbed in the back.

- Angelica?


- Something's not quite right.

He looked mighty guilty all of a sudden.

- He was there all night,

so he could hardly have done in Longsdale.

Looks to me as if he was
banging her flat-mate

while Longsdale was being done.

Just your average two-timing asshole.

(car starting)

♪ So soon, what now ♪

♪ You say it's time to die ♪

♪ Oh well ♪

♪ Oh well ♪

(uptempo instrumental music)

♪ Bye bye shady ♪

♪ No hope baby ♪

♪ It was fun, it was real ♪

♪ Oh girlfriend you were
such a deal, bye bye ♪

♪ Bye bye shady ♪

♪ No hope baby ♪

♪ It was fun, it was real ♪

♪ Oh girlfriend you were
such a deal, bye bye ♪

(soft harpsicord music)

- I haven't been able to
sleep the last few nights.

Guess it's just

I got used to always
having someone around.

- After Alex's death, if it
hadn't have been for Ruth,

I would have gone crazy.

- And?

- What?

Go on.

- This might sound a bit crazy but,

why should I be alone over here,

and you're alone over there with some

terrible murdering rapist on the prowl.

- Are suggesting moving in together?

- Just as flat-mates.

- That'd would be lovely.

Yeah, I'd like that very much.

I could do with a friend being near.

- Friends.

(soft vocal music)

(uptempo instrumental music)

- [Richard Voiceover] Two
weeks since Angelica moved in.

I think I've waited long enough.

Time to get what's mine.

- When was this taken?

What's going on?

- It was taken on a timer.

It was the night before Ruth disappeared.

We were so happy, we were just

mucking about and being silly.

You can see how happy she was,

we were almost crying with laughter.

It was the

last picture of Ruth, before,

she was murdered.

(dark orchestral music)

(phone ringing)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Man] Hello, Angelica?

Is Richard there?

- How do you know my name?

- [Hit Man] Richard introduced
me to you're flatmate once.

You told me on the back end.

Is Richard there?

- I'll get him, hold on.

- Hello?

- [Hit Man] There'll be a
map in your post tomorrow,

with a meeting point marked on it.

I'm clearing out the country,

and I want 20,000 pounds from you

tomorrow night at two a.m.

Or I'll have to meet Angelica.

Have a little chat, maybe
take her for a ride.

- Okay.

- Who was that?

- Just my agent.

- Beautiful, isn't it?

I like it here.

I used to take acid and
come here when I was a kid.

Sit for hours and admire the view.

Changed a bit since then

You know really,

we're very similar people.

Both ruthless when it comes
to getting what we want.

We're not lettin' anybody get in our way.

In fact, under different circumstances

we may have been friends.

(gun firing)

Got me partner.

Didn't know you had it in you.

- I never had any reservations
about killing anyone.

I just didn't want to be
connected to any murder.

Now, I don't need an alibi,

because no one knows we know each other.

We're as unconnected as
strangers on a train.

- You know,

I always dreamt of being
able to travel in time.

If I finally figured it out,

I was going togo back and give my

eight-month pregnant
mother a good kicking,

at least enough to make her abort me.

- Well, I'll save you the trouble.

You know,

I was shocked, really shocked,

to find you can buy a gun
in a bar for 200 pounds,

costs 500 to have someone killed,

and only 200 pounds to buy a loaded gun.

I'm economizing.

(gun firing)

(tense electronic music)

(uptempo techno music)

- [Woman] Going to Paris
for the fashion shows.

Sorry to miss you, darling.

Love, Mary-France.

(crowd chatting)

(uptempo techno music)

- [Richard Voiceover] Come
on (muffled speaking).


Somewhere in all this crap.

Oh, yes!

(uptempo techno music)

(east Indian vocal music)

(uptempo techno music)

(eerie electronic music)

- Round the world cruise tickets.

- I've got something important to ask you.

Please sit down.

We both suffered terrible loss.

I think we should start afresh,

start enjoying life again.

Angelica, will you join me
on a round-the-world cruise?

- Acapulco, Bali, Cape Town,

Honolulu, Mauritius,
Singapore, Saint Lucia, Sydney.

- Will you make me the luckiest man alive,

and marry me?

- I'd love to.

(eerie electronic music)