The Sex Machine (1975) - full transcript

In the future, the world's oil supply has finally been exhausted, causing a massive enery crisis. In a search for alternative sources of energy, a scientist invents a machine that can harness the energy expended during sexual intercourse and transfer it into electrical power.

In the early 80s it occurred.

the dreaded fatal energy catastrophe
and the resulting technological collapse.

We are on the threshold
of 2000 and since about

20 years the earth has become a

cold dark place. Life falls ever

more and more into the nightmare of

regression to the
levels of medieval life.

get out of the way

We already had the gag on

change horses.

where are we?

We're still in Rome.

Well, yes, of course.

Let's get going then.

I'm sure I'm the only
scientist on the right track.

People have adapted, I know.

Resignedly pulled out bicycles carts,
stagecoaches, mules and horses.

live in the moon light.

with candle heat and they cook by burning
what little wood still manages to

be plundered from the woods that remain.

she does her laundry by hand
like in the old days.

carrier pigeons are also back in use

but only the rich and the

authorities can afford them.

they have to send hand-me-downs

around these inert machines.

If even there is kind of a nostalgia to it.

Those were called airplanes. and they
used to soar through the sky like the birds

you should've seen us as children traveling in them.

Some continue to
carefully preserve the

shiny clean cars.
Ready to drive again someday.

I'm sorry, it's just for fun.

we are on the verge of a collective neurosis.

I'm told that many families have

kept the habit of spending the
evening in front of the television.

They stand there staring at the black screen

and they don't say
a word for hours.

I am convinced that
finding a solution to the

problem of energy sources has has
become an urgent necessity

All the universities are working
night and day to this end.

researching all the echoes of sound in caves,
the vibrations of magnetism and light.

they also tried to study the
electrical discharges in the sky.

A professor of thermodynamics has started
studying the natural heat of animals.

He believes that he can create electricity from high fevers

my colleague De Renzi is researching
the transformation of solar heat.

If at least there was once a sunny day, everyone would remember my work.

Keep at it, Renzi.

You'll see, sooner or later.
you'll make it

About your experiments.

Where is it?

The only one
who is on the right track, is me. I know it.

it's such a simple idea.

so simple, so elementary,
the egg of Columbus.

it's amazing that no one
else has thought of it yet.

to think that even a child remembers
Galvani's experiments with frogs.

That was two centuries ago.

Not to mention Wilhelm's research

on the bio-electric potential
present in the skin of human beings

in this field I have
I've come a long way.


close the curtains

trageda, lock the door

Yes professor.

The decisive moment is coming.

We will finally know if the potential

of the electricity in the skin can be
measured and captured,

used for a practical purpose.

are we ready?

Yes, Professor.

Well before we begin, I
would like to thank you.

for your precious and
faithful cooperation.

It's an honor for us, Professor

and also to remind you that if I asked you

to step in as
volunteer assistants for

this experiment, it's only to protect
the absolute secrecy of my research.

Craig Johnson and Masters

you're gonna be in charge of the experiment

yes professor


you undress, please.

Yes, Professor.

this might be cold, please excuse me.

That's fine.

Thank you.

Besides, I'm engaged. it's fine if he finds out

who's sure to hear about this, i'm sure.

She'll end up in all the
encyclopedias, but also

Sorry professor.

this is your task

you simply have to stimulate
her areas

Yes. Professor

that will tell the devices whether the
energy produced here can justify the

practical exploitation of areas

as is written.

certain areas of the body have a

electrical behavior different from
that of the rest of the surface

they are lips
,nipples and earlobes.

In this case

when these zones are excited the
electrical potential increases considerably.

So there you go.


are you ready?

Yes, Professor.

Contact established.


There is energy. the energy is flowing



But now,

I need more direct evidence.

concrete, sensitive, luminous evidence.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


But look, I only need one.

Just one in the living room.

Excuse me

Listen, I need some of
those non-utility bulbs.

Now these are lightning fast.

What are you doing here?
It's none of your business.

I want them working
with healthy filaments.

Then let's go antiquing.

Well, I don't have just one.

i have 4. Look Philips even has
the authentic date "1974".

Of course it's all about price here.

You're a collector.

generous and open too.

Even Rai says the most important

characteristic of urban power
is the urge to penetrate.

It goes without saying that
penetration implies the

presence of two elements. Element Two
penetrating one.

This time I have to work on a couple.

Darling maybe it would be
better if you used a spoon.

the real energy flows from
the most complete sexual act.

Of course, darling.

It's been a long time since
you've said anything so gentle to me.

and the most
complete sexual act on this planet,

I have no doubt, is the
friction between member and vagina.

I have no doubt either, my love

I'm going to go get ready

they will turn on.

They will then light up

then it's not just a theory anymore.
we'll have concrete proof that

it is the case, that sexual acts,
if of course the bulbs during

the copula turn on, present
an undistinct but relative current.

Lie down.


If you don't take your
hands off, I can't put

The leash-

enough, enough.
Stop it.

Status established.

can you hurry up?

have patience professor.

I'm ready professor


A chandelier

She still has it. i need the chandelier for the bulbs

I have a Bohemian crystal
made fire cost a fortune.

I'll buy it and all the bulbs.


5 kilowatts.

Five kilowatts. One word at a time.

doctor, you're out of order.

No offense.

out of four bulbs, one is lit

You understand that it would
take you months to light a chandelier.

I'm sorry, but I can't wait that long.

I repeat, I need two subjects.

exceptionally gifted, you understand.

but professor, not
with three people watching you.

And I believe it should happen under normal

circumstances with no
electrical wires between them.

Excuse me.

I am fully aware of the the
difficulties you've had to overcome

which is exactly why I replaced
the electrode wires.

I directly applied them to the genitals with these

magnetic plates. they're to be
applied under the nets.

these magnetic plates absorb

all the electrical discharges produced
and transmit them to us through these wires

I'll explain upstairs
where we're connected.

This time the two subjects will not be

Hindered or frightened neither by wires
nor of wood. It is well certain that

they won't even expect that they're
lending themselves to an experiment

read two

well let's check
if the implant works.

Dr. Spina?

I feel great professor

and you can see the controls well?
I have perfect control of the whole environment.



Yes professor, Yes?

He's DT'd on the bed, Spina said.

stimulate the earlobes and the scalp.

It comes in current if the professor
does it well, but it comes in very well.


That's enough.

Excuse me, Professor.
I don't understand.

You're not making any effort.

we treat these two as sexual specimens.

How do we bring them
together as if by accident?

they're not just gonna come here

i'm expecting a baby.

this is a state hospital, not a home.

Excuse me for saying so, but
who's supplying us with them?

we'll go through police files.

There's everyone's file in there

there's everything, just everything:
name, measurements, political ideas, habits.

bank accounts, gastronomic tastes
and sexual proclivities.

I was given permission to access it under

the guise of
a scientific investigation.

we worked through two nights before
we found the right two subjects.

we are certain. Daniele Venturoni
who is the hotel manager

he's a so-and-so director but
all the hotel companies compete for him.

because it says in the file that
where he works, the clientele turnout

increases by 150%. the number of women by
200 percent. Not to mention that he finds time

to satisfy
even corporate requests.

So the oil tanker, hairdresser, the
masseuse, and all the maids at the

plan all make up for each 10 60

I want him here now.

Franscesca Renzi. Age 29.

Your file calls you a prolific housewife.

prolific housewife, but
it seems to her that the

one's dreams, we're talking
about pressing sexual needs.

A nymphomaniac. not a great card to pull in life
but it's perfect for the experiment.

we will explain. it couldn't wait

we had to bring them together
by chance. otherwise it wouldn't work out.

Good Morning,Good Morning

overcoming some petty prejudices
that will always exist,

highlights the historical
significance of the experiment.

I'm sorry, it's all so strange. it is true
that you were run over on the same day by

an ambulance... The same ambulance

please understand it's what
they call a unique case.

you'll have to stay for 15 days.

i will, unless there are complications.

I'm sorry, but I can't just turn away.
it's instinctive, don't you think?

No problem.

Of course, since they took away our health

they could have at least put
us in two separate rooms.

No, the
clinic is as full as an egg.

In fact, we were lucky to find two
free beds i think

i believe.

believe me i'd ask.

But believe me, I don't
know what to do about it.

I'd change it, but I can't.

I see you're breaking and entering.
I'd do it.

I would if I wasn't as banned as you.

An idiot takes advantage
because the smart man doesn't.

what does it say.

Excuse me, ma'am.

I'm sorry.

Maybe it's better to
sleep, don't you think?

That you got right.

good thing he has an erection
so he can't sleep and hurt the results.

No, it's okay.

That means that soon
the chandelier will turn on.

Two weeks is a long time, I'm sorry.

There's no hurry to heal.

That's what's important.

your children are here.

I'll let them in if it's okay with the man over here.

of course, for god's sake.

I really like children.

very kind.

I love them.

Kids kids come in.

Come and say hello to the mob.

there is a new Pope Mom

but you didn't even say hello to Mom.

is it true that your arm is broken?

You don't look like it mom.
You're not retiring, right?

What are you talking about?
in this economy?

Ha ha ha, my leg.
I'm sorry.

I thought it was was from
eating the panel.

this Leg is not your mother's
this is the property Of Mr.Venturoli

i'm sorry for yur leg.

we've gotta go now. Say
goodbye to your mom.

Be good at home.

Say goodbye to the man.


going to break my balls aswell.

papa will stay here, meet him at the carriage.

I remembered to bring your flute if you want
to play it once in a while.

Thank you for thinking
of that.

alright, let's go

My love, get well soon. the house is so empty without you.

so empty i can hardly believe it.

Come on, come on, come on.

when your finances prosper
see where you are.

Mr. Renzi, can i have a word with you for a minute

you came to the stage of an

unfortunate accident. you're lucky she is alive.

My wife was a victim of an accident.

your wife?

Of course, his name is Renzi.

But I thought everyone from the Renzi family
is super hot.

damn right your wife was due.

There you go.

An ambulance from the hospital hit her!

Of course it's unfortunate.

I don't want to say absurd and I
don't know what to do for you.

If I could at least get a single room in the hospital.

can't take the risk

It's very difficult.

Every day a plan Tu Catania.

tomorrow the deputy director is coming to the hotel.

permission is given to all

Together we can take the lady
Dane asked us about her

i'm sure francesca is fine
Thank you girls for coming.

But the others had better not come now.
Get back to work on the third floor.

thank you
and goodbye

they told me that the directors of the
Berg are kind of like the great John.

But you amaze me

we all have to take the test, aptitude falls under very humorous duties.

how so?

I was told that sometimes housewives

are very prolific and yet
even you, Renzi, amaze me.

It's part of the job description.

You're a bachelor, aren't
you? Yes, of course I am.

you know, but what about

i have children.

Very funny.

but I'm a graduate of the
Cecilia school.

and you're going to play it here.

But if it bothers you, I'm not.

not at all

although I must say I'd prefer you
to practice your other business.

preferred the one of
the prolific housewife.

Now you're not even funny anymore.

sorry. it doesn't matter.

Mr. Venturoni, it's your wife.

Hi, how are you?

i feel like a cricket.

I don't get it.

I don't get it.
I don't get it.

I don't get that they don't
talk to each other anymore

as if they didn't know each other.
Good morning.

I don't understand.

put it over here.

And then.


But there.

Paprika and candle powder

it lasting till the 12th of may is good for you

if that's the way it is, then it's fine.


has always been a great help
in the seduction business.

This is Chopin, I'm told.

he never missed a shot.

Musically numb. I tried erotic readings

Casanova de Saint Emmanuel
The recipes of the Kamasutra.

They laugh.

What they're laughing at, I don't know.

Instead, insert something
that makes them friends and buddies.

What I want from these two ingrates
is not a cordial friendship

but a simple naturalistic
sexual one. They have to fuck.

I know Dr.


Does it seem dignified to you to

wear a gown in that

I mean, no, I'll go change right now.

No, no, no, no.

Go over there and see what those two
traitors are up to.

This coffee tastes like nothing

you don't mind if i play the-

but for heaven's sake, please.

Thank you.


Weird... Really! I feel like a genital tingle.

What music is this? Mozart.

Francesca, I need to talk to you.
Bear with me.

I don't want you to think the worst of me.

Please don't worry.

thank you.

Excuse me.

I wish i had told you about this earlier.

Francesca, I feel a
great desire to make love.

I wondered when you'd ask me

don't worry about it, it's the flute

the flute?

Yes it
does the exact same thing to my husband.

Even he has B-flat
on the sharp B-flat.

I don't know. If you don't look now
you'll see what you did to me.

Let's hope so, but I thought
it would only have an effect

on my husband, but look.

I can't see a damn thing.

I'm sorry, but right now
could do you a favor.

I would just like to

lie down next to you, you know?

And then.

And then?

And then touch you here and there.

And then and then and then
the cross on both breasts.

Then if you precede, you'll make me think.

I'll say it again maybe I'll stay
here a little while on the breasts

and you meanwhile think out loud if you
want to speak or especially if you sing.

i have a husband and eight children.

are you quite sure that you have
a husband and eight children.

Not everyone wants that.

someone who has been
faithful to a husband.


Because it would have been beautiful.

if we were together

love with you would have been beautiful.


Here we go.

look professor


I recognise professor,
They're generating power at %25.

Now it's no longer enough
to simply turn on a

chandelier I want to light up an entire
building a street a neighborhood.

If I can accumulate the energy produced
from a sufficient number of assaults.

And by linking the test subjects to this

organic box we should be
able to accumulate enough energy to reach this goal.

I don't know, but I have

calculated that it should be
sufficient to get them to do it 10 times.

And it's like when you do conservation
and you put all your effort into one box

and then when they're needed you
pull them out all at once.

in that box there?

In this box here.

is the most beautiful canning box

that I've ever heard of

you'll be able to light
up the whole boulevard.

Other than in oil or a high-powered power plant

here, tension actually helps

my love, are you ready yet?

Yes, nearly.

Damn it, Renzi.

who could've seen this coming

he can't take her with him yet.
We must stop him.

Professor how will you stop him.

The period of hospitalization is over.


you have to push not pull.

like I don't know.

I've been working here for years.

But love, aren't you forgetting your flute

mom forgets everything

Well, good bye.

Have a good recovery.

See you again,

and thanks for everything.

I'll pick you up here

with the carriage the 16 children will be sitting on

Mr. Renzi I have
to tell you something.

how am I gonna convince Renzi to please let me keep his wife for

one more day and that I have to
mate her a dozen times with Mr.Venturoni.

Venturoni. of course for a highly noble and scientific purpose

I must thank you.

no I must thank you.

Very, very much, very much to say, madam.

she says she's been well looked
after, she's been provided for for free

and I believe you deserve the credit.

So thank you very, very, very much

cuckolded and happy.

i'll be certain, after
one or two more days, of her health.

So as a precaution-

but for goodness'
sake. healed, perfectly articulate

her arm, her hand.
thank you for everything you have done.

Come on, dear.

Congratulations, ma'am, on everything.

I lost out on 20 kids, I'm screwed.


Yes, Professor.

you are a very pretty girl.

Yes, Professor.

You know how important this is experiment is.

and if the subjects and

streetlights are already
connected, you know...

Just in case he liked some other girl too.

Yes, professor, please.

Piera, I'm sorry to ask
you this, but I really...

I really shouldn't be asking. you know
how much I care. and how much we all do.

We all care about this proud creature Piera

I would like to ask you to couple
ten times with Mr Venturoni.

And I'm ashamed of it.

But how do I ask Piera.

I swear I'll never ask you for
anything like that ever again.

Help me.
Please believe me.


She's already gone.


what are you doing?

What is happening, tell me what you are doing.

excuse my impetuousness

I don't want to lose the pajama, I didn't sign up for this.

I don't agree with what i'm doing aswell.

I just want to talk to you.

But as we speak i want you to caresses me.

I like my breasts caressed, I'll be happy.

Look, lady, I know I'm not doing this.

you have misjudged me today.

I just can't do it

is it because you don't
think I'm pretty enough?

No, you're very pretty.

but I really haven't eaten.

So let's make love a few times

You're not being nice.

a few times?


How many.

let's see

just enough so the experiment
turns out great. maybe 10

I can make love 10 times.

You're exaggerating.

There it is.

it seems like a quick little
thing, not even a quarter kilowatt.

Let's hope the other nine do better.

We'll do them another time.

I promise you, honestly.

In fact, I'm taking a
note now,

so i won't forget it



wake up, wake up


look, I need you to do a little favor for me

If you could just be quiet and give me
the address... You understand?

I live in Prati in via Monti

but No

i mean the address of
the lady who was admitted with me.

you need to get to a hospital!

Taxi! Taxi! get over here!

thank you thank you, please bring me to the previous clinic

Seniora, wouldn't it be
better to go to a Hospital that is closer.

no i am too severly injured to go to a low end clinic

Well, do as you please. we'll head to your previous clinic

Good Morning

Excuse me, is Mrs.
Renzi here?

She just came back from yesterday's

clinic but just now
they took her there again.

she must have broken her foot

at the clinic?

These two didn't go so well.

they sustained various rib fractures and
severe dislocations of the lower limbs.

are they alive?


but they're injured from top to bottom?

Professor! Professor!

The test subjects are back!

Professor! What about these two?

get them fixed up and sent home.

There's no room for them here.

What a coincidence.

Well this meat mallet fell on
my foot.

I know what that's like...

And you?

I broke two phalanges in my middle
finger and one in my ring finger.

and a pinkie finger.
Go figure.

so you're the one whose metatarsal they're
taking out..

None of it's true.

between you and me,

I just wanted to see you right away

I did that on purpose, too.

I had come to your house.

I brought you wildflowers.

but the doorman told me you were back at the clinic

so I took a brick

and hit your hand with it?

Well it was a for a good cause.

I just wanted to see you again to

tell you that we must never
see each other again.

You're right.

I'm sorry,
but it's impossible.

Of course it was good of you to come back

and to tell me you
did the right thing.

But maybe at this point
it's best if we just keep going.


Establish contact with the
accumulators immediately prefixed for.

I like making love to you too much.

That's why we have to do more.

We can't to do it anymore.

This is the last time we're doing this.

or at least one of the last
times and then we'll stop.

Who does Beethoven think he is?

But he's already up to 46 kilowatts, professor

that's not enough.

It takes 50, I need an orgasm.

I'll explain, poor thing.

Give him time, Professor.

Maybe he'll get a little less tired.

No, it's important!

I want the tenth intercourse.
Come on.

three aspects. One more is strength or
perhaps just the powerful rock

just don't mention the name The
tenth. One doesn't count for anything.

Come on, come on.


51 kilowatts.


Sometimes even a language that is not

properly scientific
has its effectiveness.


with 300 million in salary.
What am I supposed to do on the 20th?

you're asking for an advance?


are you seeing these lights?

I must be drunk

it's not an hallucination, it's real.

I'm curious about something.

what about my sexual energy.

what could i do? they're able to light up and entire neighborhood!

I'll just try the old high-fidelity
turntable to start with.

she's always so beautiful.

Let's see, you're not making love to her.

You're wasting a lot of time.

who is it.

don't worry, dear.

what are you doing there under the bed.


I'm looking for my slippers

I can barely
see you beautiful.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do.

I'll get me some glasses.

and you feel good about yourself.

you're pretty and beautiful


but you're very beautiful

You're great.

As they say if a piece is ever a piece

i like what you're talking about.

finally you're not reading a book

How do you wanna have it, honey?

Now I'd like a practical one.

I don't remember exactly
which side you're on.

Yeah, I know.

But you said
that we don't do it enough.

then let's do it right.

I'm interested, but no.

Yes yes yes I'd like for it to play at least
until the end of the first song.

I wish.

What is this music.

it's like a record

but it's so high fidelity

it's not your
average crank gramophone.

Noble professor, please follow us.

There has been an issue, you must follow us.

Please You must speak, you must answer.

I don't know if you realize
the importance of this matter.

you turned the lights on.

Minister, I know of no such thing.

who set fire to a burned-out candle.

Professor Nobili you're responsible for this

exactly three hours ago, and
right underneath you're lab.

and you know nothing about this?

that's right.

Look, there are people who
would do this the hard way.

What does that have to do with the inquiry

Powerful Asian, European, American Companies
would kill for this technology.

what are you doing?


You're not taking this seriously and you
won't get out of here unless you do your part.


What is this story
about the boulevard lighting up.

monsignor, a miracle.

So we're waiting for an explanation.

All right.

It was me

I point this out as a

non-polluting source of clean energy.

professor, I object to the nonchalance
of calling this clean energy.

I'm a scientist Monsignor the theological


you claim that we can

get heating and television back, the
means of transport and even the cars

ready and drawing power.
From a boost of sexual energy.

yes, exactly

I can show you if you want.

I can have you witness, in person,
the repetition of the experiment.

But if it were true

to think Italy for the first time in its

history would be known as the number one power supplier.

It would be known to all that in this field
we are unbeatable.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Science has always inflicted upon our

heart painful blows, but this is
certainly the hardest one to take in my position

if he gets in our way ...

there's gonna be trouble.

you have to convince him

they'll have to persuade him.

But what exactly did he
mean by eventual energy.

Sexual energy, not eventual energy.

Ah, I see.

Monsignor Monsignor.

you too have always preached
love right in the heart.

love in the heart, not-

do not commit impure acts.

It will be a matter of
changing only one commandment.

It wouldn't be complicated.

won't affect modesty?

My authorities make decisions officially
i have to attend to my duties.

we'd appreciate if you could put in a
good word, Your Eminence.

think about it, seniore.

you could be the new Luther, you
could become a great reformer.

I'll think about it and what do you think you're doing.

please step through this door.

You see, through the lens of this
periscope you can witness the development

of the experiment. Our two guinea
pigs were asleep a minute ago

deeply and tenderly embraced but

it is to be hoped that when they

it will not take a long time for
for the experiment to begin.

Please, Minister.

you should have the first look.

Professor, there are three of them.


The two guinea pigs are joined by a third.

Venturoli's wife.

Love, what a nice surprise

love, a suprise to see you embracing
this lady.

what lady?

oh this lady!

yes, this one.

You say I slept with her in my arms

i'm sure of what I saw.

Be quiet! They recommended absolute rest.

That's good, but what were you
doing hugging this lady.

I don't know, maybe i did it in my sleep

I don't understand why they put
the beds so close together.

Maybe it was her hugging me.

I didn't even notice.

I swear.

So now you're all healed up come home and
You can sleep with me in your bed.

Don't worry.

no one will hug you
without your knowledge.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I
was going to say that.

i'm cured.

I'll go get the carriages. I'll be waiting
for you.

i'll be down in a flash.

oh you've awoken?

I was awake the entire time.

You're a coward.

and rude too.

if you come back and i'll stomp
you on your little hands.

you're being sarcastic.

it's not a great time to
talk, you know. I'm in a hurry.

One more hand, one more foot free. Go to
my house and when I come back we'll talk

Everything is fine.

I don't want to see or
hear from you ever again.

you can break all your bones if you want
It's over!

It's okay.

With anyone else, I can't guarantee

We put them in white

and force them to fuck like a couple of soldiers

we can discuss that in the future.

At least for now, it is absolutely
indispensable that the two subjects

are completely unaware that they were
taking part in an experiment

we need to find a way to bring them together again.

without any wives and husbands
getting in the way.

I have a sneaking suspicion

that my wife is cheating on me and that
makes me a little uncomfortable.

Old prejudices.

You're a man of science.

let's pretend this is about Dinner.

it's a physiological need for you to
get nervous if your wife is

going out to dinner
sometime with someone else.

Not me.

Watch out.

A couple of harmless
fractures, but other than that they were fine.

We had now secured the complicity of
the the hotel owner and the

director of the Concerto di Santa Cecilia

the adherence of
the former student to her craft may give us a chance.

the concert will be a chance to lead her

right in the arms of our genius plan.
Go ahead now.

Just like how the other plan was to have the
hotel staff on vacation,

would you watch out?

i'm sorry.

watch out next time.

instead of waiters and waitresses we'll hire

scientists and authorities
to take control of the venue.

Then we can carry out our experiment
without arousing suspicion.

Idiots, who taught you!

Don't worry about it.



the government will pay for everything.

I'm more concerened about Venturoni suspecting our plan

No, no, no. He's just very upset about the service.

you know how much i care about that.

this is the room the event will occur in.

i want plates everywhere!

Under the armchairs, under the table,
under the vase of flowers, everywhere!

Even under the bed, in the bathroom,
under the toilet seat.

But I think they're gonna
make love on the glass.

I don't know where they'll do it.

So put plates under all those.

Even uncomfortable surfaces that might not
propitiate and welcome an intercourse

improvised both horizontal and vertical.

Yes Professor!

this time I
won't take no for an asnwer.

I don't want to attract
any more prying eyes.

I'll start the elevators.

(mumbled math)

Five orgasms should be enough to
get all three elevators up to the

ninth floor and get them back down to the first.

it'll be a joy to hear Francesca Renzi's playing.

It's too bad I don't have an
excuse to see her again.

Can you open this bottle?

(With his
granddaughter graduating from high school.)

(she has to do
two more years of advanced training.)

(she studies with Professor Michael)

(Professor Michael Johnson.)

(he's a wonderful Professor)

It's not coming out.

There she is.

Unfortunately, she hasn't seen him yet.

She entered when Venturoni was in the back
of the management but she will see him.

And if I'm not mistaken,
as soon as she sees him

she'll lose her senses, and if she doesn't,

I'll knock her out.

I confess that maneuvering people's

destinies as if
they were Geneva puppets,

is an incipient
delusion of grandeur.

here I am.

I'm sorry i'll go and get a new bottle.

It's a pain in the ass.

this concert of old hens.

You think that's a flute?

Here we go.




Out of the way! i am a doctor!

it won't come out.

You are the director because you should have
the simple intuition to help out.

You have a spare room?

bring her to room 325!

There are at least 20 other rooms closer to this one

forget about that.

no no, bring her to 325!


Good Job.

and now you help me undress her

me? undress her?


I think there's a blanket somewhere.

There's not much here.

I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

Help me cover her up.

you're doing it,
and you're taking it well.

I'm gonna go get something.
It's gonna take me a while.

It's all you.

keep an eye out and make sure
that no one disturbs you.




pay attention


i think.

It's the service.

I can't do this.

Maybe just three.

and now you'll see it.

Congratulations, Professor.

You do realize that by destiny

You can only meet so many
times in life by pure chance.

Now would you please allow me to do it.

You need to rest.

I'm telling you.

i won't think about how beautiful you are.

I swear I I'll never call you again.

Such sensual touches.

I'll do everything.

let's wait now.

So you need no scruples. we can sleep and noone can find us.

Besides, we're alone here.

it's all my fault.

How can I say no.

I think it's like last time.

3, 4

this is a beautiful dream. us making love.

Okay we're there

Calm down, gentlemen.

I think three of you will be more than

enough to control the
experiment from the inside.

Professor Gabrielli, you're the dean.

You have the honor of elevator number one.

I'm claustrophobic, but no one in the

world would give up this opportunity

Professor De Marchi,


contact established.



Professor, allow me to express to
you my great respect.

just wait.

i apologize for my doubts

magnificent, extraordinary,
fantastic job.

we would've still been searching for copper without your greatness.

he's stuck.

Professor Gabrielli can you hear me.

Try operating the emergency opening.

There must be a ring.

do you see it?

I can't even jump in here


can you reach it?

It's too high up!

that guy's gonna die

i want to pay tribute to the first victim

of the new scientific era

general please.

it's just a slight miscalculation.

it shouldn't need more than 10 watts, maybe we can fix it.

Professor Gabrielli? do you hear me?

Just be patient for a few minutes.

We'll set you free in the
time it takes to make love.

those two are fast. gentlemen, let's head downstairs.

No no I won't ever forget what happened.

you understand
how risky this is for me.

Even in a hotel room i'm not safe.

I work here, but that's beside the point.

I'm not some object.

I have a husband and son who loves me.

it happened once

this isn't a movie.

you've had 8 husbands in thirty years

get away from me!

Listen to me, Listen to me

all i want is you

i don't wanna hear it!

You rascal

we are in this place and are doing it.

But it's not.

Francesca I will never make love with anyone else ever again

i don't want to be an adulterer.

I'm a decent woman.

I want a husband and children.

please Francesca, please.

Don't do this!

I'm leaving.

I'm leaving for good.

Francesca, you're the woman i think of every day.

Well, she's right.

What now?

who will pull Gabrielli
out of the elevator.

No, professor, I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry.

All right, I'll go then.

it won't be a lot

but it'll be enough.

Come on, run.

what are you doing here?

You owe me, remember?

But the real talent is talking.

No, I don't like talking

You've got nine more times to go with me.

You promised, remember?

i never promised anything!

Yes, in the hospital,
you must remember that.

I said nine times!

and we did it.

so out of 10 times, means there's 9 times left.

That's a good pounding.

Well, that's enough.


naked while there is no one there.

is he still alive?

Hopefully rescued soon.

we'll get him.

Francesca it's not what it looks like.

Francesca, please.

Francesco, try to understand me.

Let me explain.

Francesca Please don't leave.
you are all i want.

I'm sorry.

happen to be acting on

this obsession with fucking at the worst

possible time.

it always
ruins everything.

It's over.

This time it's really over.

He's on his way down.

Professor Gabrielli.

Please get the ladies out of here.

Then, Monsignor, what news do you have to report. good or bad?

I'll be here to observe and
assess where you stand.

The final experiment remains, Monsignor.

We will operate on a much larger sample.

no longer one couple but
many pairs all at once.

No more super-talented champions

people unaware of their ability to engage

excuse me, Monsignor.

I want to know
if even you and me could do it.

I'm just saying, sir. if it produces
energy. we should exploit it.

solitary sexuality, homosexuality,
mating against nature, libido,

Oral coitus.

Axillary coitus.

Everything. we should use it.

God, what a scandal!

professor, it's useless to beg.

more importantly.

to know if to release electrical energy.

the simple action of penetration is enough

,or whether the presence of the love, of feeling is required.

And in this case we'd be screwed.

The Lord could not be exploited

or even militarily.

And me.

I certainly hope not.

That's the awful suspicion
that's been bothering me.

Rick was convinced that
the presence of the

feeling of tenderness was
decisive and if he was right

we must start all over again.


i'm stupid.

The other night I forgot to to
disconnect my colleague and colleagues.

But here it is happening in my bed.

I wanted to yell.

My own wife cheating on me with a
guy. And why.


Thank you.

But that's Ugo, the doorman.


Thank you Ugo

on the first day of
the month? it may be no longer

necessary. It seems the professor shows
a certain reawakening of interest.

That's right, Mrs.
Martini is here.

she booked a session.
I didn't have

a day off. you realize there are
more than 30 of you in the building.

i'm still available

Let me know at your

Thank you, sir.

A mistress in our condo.

Not even the dignity to know that we
we have one another for our exclusive use.

No, it's the same way that

Professor De Marchi getting off
Professor Torri is a disgrace.

But it's less of a burden on the family
budget Honey, Ugo has been very kind.

We've agreed on a a very
affordable flat rate.

I'm not questioning that
he gave a group discount

you don't understand anything.

It's a mechanical thing.

body maintenance. believe
me. I don't love him.

It's stupid.

But it's Ugo
who starts the record player.

record player?

What are you talking about?

are you sure, honey.

about what?

That you have no feeling for him.

no feeling, however vague, of friendship.

Of love and affection.

I feel nothing.
for him.

How can I tell you?

and the turntable went
off anyway.


I'm going with much more security
into this decisive experiment.

I know now that love is not needed.

above all let's not make a
mess that's the rule of showing up.

We've connected all the rooms to the
hotel's electrical equipment

fan, electric oven, coffee machines.

Microwave, toaster, the


you get in here

everything was connected in here.

here's what happens when the
first one goes off in a bed.

Energy discharges.

The little number in the
room below comes on.

the number of kilowatts

you'll see if you have a
vacuum cleaner or because my

assistants will act as
as spotters and relays.

We will know as we go along,

what happens in each room and I'll
explain the value of energy.

expressed by various sexual acts
and behaviors.

A great experiment!

A great whorehouse!

are we ready, professor.

Gentlemen we can begin.

Room 907, with the normal 5 kilowatts.

anal sex, four kilowatts.

teasing, 6 kilowatts.

masturbation, 2 kilowatts.

it's not much but everything helps.

spontaneous, room 708
two kilowatts

Twelve kilowatts.

oral sex, six kilowatts.

four legged, like beasts

7 kilowatts.

come on let's go

blessed son, are you sure
you couldn't generate discharges

from spiritual bonds between
worthy maidens of sure virtue.

I'm sorry, Monsignor, but I couldn't

to get a pound out of platonic love and
from chaste cohabitation it needs to be done.

but monsignor, We could become the most powerful
nation in the world.

Armoured divisions

aircraft and navy
at the service of the Church

the church can take a more
benevolent attitude towards sex.

We're not entirely unprepared for the rest

as early as the eighteenth century the
Belgian Jesuit fathers admitted to the

palpation of the breasts.
during sex.

On this road we can certainly agree.

Surely it will be enough to drive the
spouses to all sorts of excesses.

Encourage masturbation

as part of

of the family institution it's

but no that's not enough

not enough?

No, this isn't about lighting

chandeliers. our problems here require
enormous amounts of energy to reactivate

large power plants factories.
Depravity must be encouraged

adultery, homosexuality, rape, not only encorouged.
But we need hold them up as new models of moral life.

for example discourage

Perhaps with a tax.

The triumph of lust.

On the other hand, a gentleman is
left with six other deadly sins.

For example, we could agree

and then call a council to replace
lust with some new sin.

It's not that easy.

And what would you say to such a thing.


Such as freedom of opinion

or lese-majesty.

It's never been heard of.

We had done so well
with sex without it.


Professor your experiment has been compromised

the science equipment stolen.


that's not possible.

These are the jerks from room 124.

go tell him it's not the
right time.

what do you want?

stay quiet Mr. Venturoli and you won't get hurt.

We just need a little bit of information about the experiment.

What experiment.

The experiment.

We want to see if you can
run a train.

A Train?

That's right.

you're crazy.

So what are you telling us.

I don't understand anything.

Maybe you made a mistake.

i spied on you, get it

I still don't understand.

Then you must now strip naked

get going!

What do you hope to find if I may know?

Let me go.

Don't touch me.

calm down

Normal penis,


sorry if this hurts.

stop pushing me this way



i can't believe this is happening.

All of
these people asked me about an experiment.

I don't get it either.

I've never experimented,

neither have I.

when you and me were stripped naked they said

those things about an experiment and
that I have to do something.

they said the same thing to me

but I'm glad to see you. I missed you very much.

I always thought you
felt that it's all over.

that between us can never
ever be anything again.

What do you want.

I didn't do anything.

i can't give you a single penny

but you can drive a train?

O isn't she beautiful?

in perfect condition.

But that only means so much when it
doesn't start.

It's all over here then.

you will be free and paid given you cooperate.

But it's been 20 years since we've had power to drive. it can't drive without electricity.

Do as I say.

the time has come.

Now I will tell you what you must do.

if you do do well I won't
come back often

within a blink of the eye we can become
very bad guys obviously.

But what do we have to do.

this is crazy

5 hours. Within that time
you must mate ten times.

I don't understand. Who are you?

that doesn't matter

But why do we have to fuck 10 times?

what do you want from us?

And why ten?

Because that's what it
says on the clipboard

on the bed

only on the bed.

Not on the floor. Clear?

Not on the ground?

Nor standing understood

not even standing up?

who are these people
what they want from us.

Honey, five hours is a short time.

We'd better get started.

Okay, go.

alright get going.

I think you should get
yourself committed up front.

just do it.

see, it's just as i told you.

All in all, I'm glad my

discovery went into effect even
sooner than I thought.

Heritage of all mankind.

And it's impressive how quickly
the world got back on track.

People seem happy again now that the
old dear comforts of the past are back.

Once transport communications, radio, the
television, telephone, washing machine and

the automobile were back. The pleasure
of returning to living fast returned

making the
machines work again and resting their own muscles

all their muscles except for a few.

it's understandable that the one thing that has
become indispensable to make it work.

almost Incessantly became popular

each family is in fact able to produce
the energy they need on their own

my mashine has now become an
essential household appliance.

in each sales centre they explain in a few minutes
how to use and operate them.

Dad, Mom, that's enough.

We thank you for your kind attention and
we wish you all a good evening

drink and be merry because in a few
minutes the first episode will air.

of the 1997 edition of Sexuality
combined with the New Year's Eve raffle.

At the end of the evening

a cultural debate on the topic school
reform in the classroom.

explain in your own words a serene

family orgy day at home
or on a field trip.

It was inevitable that sex would become

the dominant theme of
life and for that reason

constantly remembered and depicted in every
aspect of industrial design

for high society.

with the explicit purpose of
conditioning the mind

of every man to think of only one
thing can produce and generate energy.

Of course the industrial need of

Energy is provided by large power plants
that are fed by

skilled workers called
word vendors. which I assume has

originated from a contraction of the
primitive definition of an atomic ant.

Everything seems to be in order
again. it all is perfectly normal.

65 speed up the pace and finish.

They're beating the crap out of 104.

Seventh case in 24 hours.

I don't understand.
Instead of providing energy exchange

this couple has been steadily decreasing.

in the last production week it has experienced a drop of 32

percent over the past week.

on the hole?

you still
haven't figured out what sentiment is.

The old sentiment trap

they no longer provide because they
fall in love they get distracted.

you think so?

daddy always told me that
business doesn't go with the heart.

It's not enough to encourage sex.



can you do me another little favor?

what favor

instead of deciding a new sin, make up a new taboo

That's love.

Love as a feeling
must be discouraged.

Forbid love to persecute it.

You have to establish that people

can mate freely when, how and
where they want but without love.

Books such as The Betrothed,
Romeo and Juliet,

Little Flowers of Saint Francis or
Snow White and the seven dwarfs

must be condemmed as obscene.

we must
forbid slow dances.

Establish censorship of love letters.
purge vocabularies of all words

that can signify and express
affection, feeling, sympathy.

Prohibiting walking and holding hands

hand out life sentences for innocuous caresses. prohibit prohibit.

arested last night in deference to
recent legislation issued by the

government to strike at the deplorable
regurgitations of petty sentimentality in Rome,

the policed carried out

a complex anti-crime operation

exchanging expressions of disgusting

tenderness for a more acceptable form of expression

the couple were wearing, for the purpose of clear
provocation, scandalously clean clothes.

They were caught red-handed

and charged
with indecent exposure.

and now a filmed report from our correspondent
from Stockholm

the awarding of Nobel Prizes has
had a particular importance this year.

it was in fact
awarded for physics and biology to

the distinguished Italian
scientist Professor

Enrico nobili in recognition of his
clamorous discovery that brought the

world the well-being and
serenity that it had lost.


to our famous Nobel Prize winner, scientist and
friend of mankind.

for him even a woman kneels.

In Italy you'd see swimming pools
if you knew how hot it was here.

But what if someone sees?

I don't care.

Even though the law now says

they can only send those out at funerals.

I'd give you a bunch of 'em this big.

let's be quiet. But in my god's name.

I have a feeling that
after she spent some time there.

Francesca no longer provides
it willingly.

after that unfortunate accident

I'm a wreck, but you know
how it is with people.

With friends and guests they find a

thousand excuses to say they can't come

I'm just annoyed.
I'm mortified.

You understand it's not a position that people take

you'll see that you're
wrong and you're definitely wrong.

Finally, no one here can see us.

We can only hope as much as we like.

We can look into each other's eyes

without a shadow of lust and hold
hands with no lustful purpose.

Are you sure that Francesca and that

Venturoni are not something different
than a pure and simple normal honest

carnal intercourse. There was
no excuse. The term was sentiment

you must be imagining things, dear Renzi
you work too much on your imagination.


Francesca where are you?

My husband

quick, let's fuck


good evening
hello good evening

You saw that.

You have absolutely
nothing to worry about.

Nothing at all.

You don't, but I do.


As long as sex was considered a sin
people thought of nothing else.

Now that it has become a social obligation

in fact morally it ends up that you
don't want to know about it anymore.