The Seduction (1982) - full transcript

Los Angeles anchorwoman Jaime Douglas has it all: a glamorous career on a top-rated news show, a luxurious house in the hills, and a devoted young admirer named Derek. But when Jaime rebuffs his romantic advances, Derek becomes an obsessed stalker who plays out an increasingly psychotic courtship with the frightened newswoman. Soon he is threatening every part of her life, secretly watching ever her most intimate moments. Her tough-talking lover can't help her. A by-the-book policeman can't protect her. Now Jaime is alone, trapped like an animal and fighting back with the only weapon she has left. Will she finally be forced to use luscious body to fulfill the seduction?

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♪ Dreams may not
all come true ♪

♪ I'll train all my dreams
to be with you ♪

♪ In your embrace ♪

♪ Here in love's
hiding place ♪

♪ Free me from all
my doubts ♪

♪ Touch me ♪

♪ And from
the inside out ♪

♪ Open the gates ♪

♪ Here in love's
hiding place ♪

♪ Heart to heart
here we are ♪

♪ Sharing secrets
in the dark ♪

♪ We both know ♪

♪ How love starts ♪

♪ Hand in hand
you and me ♪

♪ As we go
where love leads ♪

♪ We'll win this game
of hide and seek ♪

♪ A moon's peeking
through the shade ♪

♪ Softly love's
afterglow remains ♪

♪ Upon your face ♪

♪ Here in love's
hiding place ♪

♪ Night changes
into day ♪

♪ Feels right ♪

♪ There's one thing
left to say ♪

♪ We're here to stay ♪

♪ Here in love's
hiding place ♪

♪ We're in love's
hiding place ♪

[camera shutter clicks]

[camera shutter clicks]

I like looking at you.

I like being looked at.

[camera shutter clicks]

I have everything
in life I want.

I'm completely happy.

You'll recover.

Besides, happiness is just
a temporary affliction.

It doesn't last.

you're a cynic.

No, I'm not.

I'm just old enough
to know that

just because
you're rich and successful

is no reason
to be happy.

[phone rings]

Let it ring.

[phone rings]

Might be important.



I watched you today.


You look beautiful.

Who was it?

Um, just an admirer.

[indistinct chatter,
various office equipment]

Oh, thanks.

[phone rings]


Lisa, we need Jamie
in ten minutes.

Okay, hold on
one second.

Jamie, they're calling
you from the stage.

Thank you, Lisa.
Tell them I'll be there
in just a minute.

Clear the decks!

Bingo, baby.

Flowers from Brandon?


They're from Derek.

I don't know
any Derek.


[knocking at door]

[knocking at door]


Derek, Mrs. Wilson
and Ricky are here.

Julie, would you mind taking
this session for me, please?



Commercial's up
in one minute, Jamie.

Let's move it.


Okay, Jamie.
A couple things.

Your operator
on Camera Three's

not here today,
so be careful.

He's a little fuzzy.

What happened to Bill?

Bill will be right back,
don't worry.


Zoom in tighter,
Camera Two.

That's good.

Stand by, tape.

Here we go.

Roll tape.

This is Channel 6 News,

the news program
watched by more

Los Angeles viewers
than any other station.

Featuring the award-winning
Channel 6 News team,

with Jamie Douglas,
Frank Bilson,

and Pete Pierce
with sports.

And now,
here's Jamie Douglas.

Good evening.

I'm Jamie Douglas
and this is the 6:00 report.

At the top of the news
is the discovery

of yet another
young victim

in the so-called
Sweetheart Murders.


Come on,
smile for Mom, Ricky.


Come on, smile.

Mrs. Wilson, please.

I don't wanna go
through this again.

Ricky, smile.

Please, Mrs. Wilson.

Hello, Mrs. Wilson.

Everything going
all right?
Hiya, Ricky.

[Mrs. Wilson]
I'm trying to get Ricky
to smile.

Oh, I'm sure everything
will be just fine.

Julie will get
exactly what you want.

I hope so.

If you'll excuse me,
can I see you a minute?

Sure, excuse me.

How can anybody smile
with a mother like that?

Look, I'm gonna run
and get a bite to eat.

If you finish up in time,
you're welcome to join me.

Give me two seconds.

[phone rings]


May I speak
to Jamie Douglas, please?

Uh, hold on
one second, please.

Bobby, phone.

They wanna
speak to Jamie.




Hi. Jamie Douglas, please.

I'm sorry,

she's on the air;
may I take a message?

Uh, just tell her
Derek called.

Is there a number where you
can be reached, Derek?

No, no. Just, uh--

I'll call back later.

Smells like Jamie's
got herself a new boyfriend.

We'll have more
on that story

about the disastrous fire
in Chicago when we come back.

And Pete Pierce
will have the sports

and Frank Bilson
will fill us in

on all the weather
for this weekend.

Commercial's up.

[Man 2]
This is the voice
of God, guys.

We're still ahead
in the ratings

and I'd like
to keep it that way--

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hPhone call.


It says,
"Derek called."

I can see that.
Derek who?

The same Derek
that sent you

a bouquet of roses.

Hey, come on, Jamie,
you can tell me.

Who's the new

I don't know anyone
named Derek.

You're out, Bobby.

Well, he sure seems
to know you.

Go on. Dig in.

I can't. It's huge.

Aw, come on, now.
You deserve it.

You know, you've been
doing a great job.

You really
think so?


Mmm. It's so good!

I hate it.

Have you ever really
liked someone,

even loved someone,

and were afraid
to tell them?

Yeah. Once.

I had a crush on
my college art teacher.

I-- She was a few years
older than I was,

but, uh-- well,
it didn't matter,

I was so crazy
about her.

You know, for years
I took every class
she taught.

I never spoke to her once.

Why not?

I don't know.

I guess because
as long as I didn't
say anything to her,

she couldn't tell me no.

It was safe.

You mean you never
told her?


You should have told her.

I know.


One night if you're
not doing anything,

would you like to go
see a movie or something?

Oh, I'd love to if things
were different, Julie.

You see...there's
someone I'm seeing.

There's someone
I'm going with.


So. Tell me.
Who's the lucky girl?

Just someone I know.

[Woman on answering machine]
Hi, Jamie. This is Robin.

Give me a call
when you get home.
[call ends]


[man on machine]
Hi, honey.

They upped the deadline
on my column,

so I'm gonna have to
work late.

I'll try and get there
as soon as I can, okay?

[call ends]


[man on machine]
Hi, Jamie?

Uh, you don't know me,

but my name is Derek.

[sighs] I've been trying
to reach you all day.

Um...did you
like the flowers?

Look, um...why don't I--
I call you later,
when you get home?

Maybe we can talk.


[phone rings]


[Derek] Hi. It's Derek.

Look, I-- I hope you don't
think I'm bothering you,

but...I really think
we should meet.

How did you
get this number?

[Derek] It wasn't very hard.

Who are you?

Well, like I said,
you don't know me.

Look. Why don't we get
together for dinner,

and, uh...I'll tell you
all about myself.

Look. Derek. I'm-- I'm sure
you're a very nice person.

But I don't
know you at all,

and I don't think
meeting you would be

a very good idea.

So I'm gonna
hang up now, okay?


[drops phone]

[Robin] Hello?

Hello, Robin?
Can I come right over?

[Robin] What's wrong?

I'll tell you when
I get there.

Just have a strong
drink ready, okay?

Oh, thanks.

What rattled your cage?

You get a facial by mail
or something?

It's this guy.
He keeps calling me.

Following me.

Watching me all the time.

I haven't the foggiest
idea who he is.

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h[phone rings]
Excuse me, honey.


Uh, this is Derek.
Is Jamie there, please?

Yes, she is.
It's for you.

Who is it?

He says his name
is Derek?

Should I hang up?


How would he get
your phone number?

I don't know.

[phone rings]

I won't answer it.

I will.

[phone rings]

What do you want?

To talk.

About what?

[Derek] About us.

Jamie, you've
gotta see me.

Would you please
just leave me alone?

You poor darling.

[phone rings]

Look, bucko. If you don't
leave us alone, I'm calling
the cops. Get my drift?

[Brandon] Robin.
This is Brandon.

Oh, shit.

It's Brandon.

Where are you?

Waiting for you.

I'll be right there.

[hangs up phone]

Thanks for the drink.

Canteen's open
any time, darlin'.


[warbling bird]

Oh! God, Mrs. Caluso.
You scared me.

Oh, I'm sorry, Jamie.

It's just me and Butch,

lookin' for a place
to poo-poo.

Oh. Well...

\h\h\h\hgood hunting.

Come on, good dog.

Come on, good doggie!

Momma's little tiger.

Come on, good boy.






[running water]





I'm sorry.

[crying] I just
thought you...

[Derek] You can't keep
your eyes off me, can you?

Oh, uh, tell Fred
to put these on
the VTR.

I wanna work this into
the sweetheart segment,
as soon as possible.


See you later.

Rough day with
the civilians?

Oh, no more so
than usual.

Now tell Miss Rona.

What's the real scoop?

Are you seeing this
Derek person or what?

Yes and no.

Does that mean yes?


Well, which is it?

It's "no"!

I don't even
know this man.

Look, as far
as I can tell,

he picked me up
on television.

He sent me
some flowers.

He bothered me on
the phone a few times.

That's all
there is to it.

Some of the world's
greatest romances

started out
just that way.

Do me a favor.

Take your history lesson,

Put on your bee wings,

and buzz off.


[sets down bag]


Who are you?

I'm Derek.

Jamie, listen.

I just came
to apologize.

How did you get in here?

It wasn't hard.

Look, I didn't mean
to scare you last night,

with all the phone calls.

I'm sorry if I
bothered ya.

It's candy.

It's-- Man, it's
just something to

let you know that I won't
be bothering you anymore.

Jamie, I--

Well, I guess I'll let you
get back to work.


Thanks for the candy.

Handsome devil,
isn't he?

[elevator bell]

Can you spare a dime
for an old lover?

Hi! I was just
gonna call you.

That man was here.

You mean Derek?

Yeah. He brought
me this.

He came here?

To apologize.

And, uh, to tell me
he won't be bothering
me any more.

Seems to me, if he
wasn't going to
bother you anymore,

he wouldn't have come here
in the first place.

[camera shutter clicks]

[camera shutter clicks]

Oh, shit.

[engine starts]

[squealing tires]

Hey, there.


[camera shutter clicks]

Hi, Jamie.

[camera shutter clicks]

What are you doing?

Please. Derek!

Jamie, I just wanna
take your picture.

I don't want you
to take my picture.

I want you to
get out of my house.

Now I mean it! Stop it!

Your eyes are so exciting.

Look. I'm not
kidding around!

Would you
get out of here?

God, you're pretty
when you look at me that way.

Derek! Stop it!
Get out!

Good expression!

Get out of here!
Leave me alone!

Come on! Wet your lips!

Damn you! Get away!

\h\h\h\h\h\hCome on! Let's get--
Stop it!

Will you stop it!
Leave me alone!
Get out of my house!

[Jamie, distant]
I'm warning you!

[cutting engine]

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hGo ahead! Scream!
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hThat's great!
Get out of here!

\h\h\h\h\h\hScream as loud as you can!
I'm warning you!

[slams car door]

Damn you!
Get out of here!

Come on. Scream.

Get away! Stop it!

Scream as loud as you can!

Get off me!
\h\h\h\hCome on, Jamie!

Keep it up! Loud.

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h[Derek] Come on. Scream.
[Jamie] Leave me alone!


Stop it! Leave me alone!

[jumbled shouting]


Get your ass
out of here!


Who in the hell
do you think you are?

Stop it!

Listen to me, slug!

No more candy!
No more phone calls!

No more nothin'!

You understand?


Brandon! Stop it!
Let him go!

Next time, I won't stop.

Thank you, Jamie.

I shoulda killed him.

[electric stapler]

[phone rings]

[knocking at door]

Come in.

Hi, Maxie.

Oh, morning,
Jamie, Brandon.

Oh, still rearranging
unimportant papers, I see.

Well, that's
the price you pay

when you become
a paper-pusher.

Now what was so important
that we couldn't discuss it

over the telephone?

Maxie, there's a man
that's been harassing me.

I thought he was
just an admirer,

up until yesterday.

The guy's a nut.

He's been following
her around.

He's been making
phone calls

and giving her

And yesterday,
he barged
into her house

and chased her around
with a camera.

Well, this lover boy,
do you know him?

Maxie, he's
a total stranger.

Has he threatened
your life, Jamie?

No, not really.

you're a public figure.

I mean, the guy's
probably just

an overheated
fan of yours.

Max, we're not talking
about a simple fan.

Now this guy is crazy.

I think Jamie needs
police protection.

Police protection?

We haven't got
anything on this guy.

I mean, I could have
gotten him for trespassing

or something like that.

We're not talking
about trespassing.

This guy is dangerous.

He stormed into Jamie's
house yesterday

and terrorized her.

Max, I was gonna
kill the guy.

Brandon, there's not
a hell of a lot
I can do about it.

I'm sorry.

Look, I know this
is gonna be difficult

for you to understand,

but as far as
the law is concerned,

the guy really hasn't
committed a crime.

Jamie, if he shows up again,
you give me a call.

I'll do what I can.

I am sorry.

Robin, will you just
listen to me for one--

All right, all right,
stay calm.

You could be doing
baby pictures.

Just give me
a minute.

I know exactly
what I'm doing.


All right.

All right,
look, Robin,

this is a very
expensive location,

and I'm not shooting
a Rome ad

or some commercials
for designer jeans;

I am creating art.

Art fart.

Look, Fernando,
I work with the worst

and I work
with the best,

and I'm good
at what I do.

But if you expect me
to climb up there

and straddle
that swing with my ass,

you can
kiss it, honey.

Just kiss it!

Okay, Robin...

Robin, take it easy.

We--we can
talk this over, Rob--

Just, will you
relax and wait--


Ro-- I can lower
the swing, Robin.

[clears throat]
Art fart.

Guess that
puts it nicely.


Excuse me,
Robin Dunlap?

Look, if you're one
of those schmuckaroos

from the ad agency,
I'll tell you the same thing

I told "Bonsai" Fernando
out there.

I am not busting
my buns on that swing.

I'm not.

Well, I'm not
from the ad agency.

You're not?


You look like you are.

Well, actually,
I'm a friend
of Jamie Douglas.

Oh, yeah?
What's your name?


See, there's been
a terrible

about me.

That's why
I'm here.

I thought maybe
you could help me

to clear
things up.

See, Jamie,

I don't know,
she thinks

I'm some kind
of crack pot

or something,
but I'm not.

She just hasn't
given me a chance yet.

You know, I was
thinking that,

well, if you
could talk her

into having dinner
with me,

look, she'll
change her mind.

She will.

Once she understands
how much I love her.


I think it's time
you took a walk, Romeo.

You're afraid of me,
aren't you?

No. I just can't
stand slimy creeps,

so why don't you
just slime your way
out of here, okay?

You'll regret that.


You know, honey,
this Romeo of yours

is a heartthrob
run completely amuck.

If he ever got you
into bed with him,

he'd probably
screw you to death.

Look, Robin, I am trying
to forget about him.

I mean, that's why
we're here.

Ooh, sor-ry.

I guess I better
keep my trap clapped

if that's what
you want.

That is exactly
what I want.

Just clap
your trap.

Oh, look
at those purses.

They are gorgeous.

Probably cost
a fortune.

Jamie Douglas.

I watch you
all the time.

Oh, thank you.

How 'bout me,

I'm in commercials.

I avoid commercials.

Did you ladies have
anything special in mind?

Yes, we'd like something
very expensive

to get our minds
off our troubles,

if you know
what I mean.

I usually seek
the advice
from a bottle

when I have
that problem,

but maybe this
is what you want:

a 55-pound
cigarette lighter.

Good Lord!

That's the most
ridiculous thing

I ever seen.

Isn't it?

Sells like hot cakes.

Well, that's not exactly
what we had in mind.

It is expensive;

solid silver,
you know.

Will take your mind
off all your problems.

I don't think so.

All right,
don't go away.

♪ [music box]

This is lovely.

You got one that
plays jazz, honey?

Would you like me
to put that

on your account,
Ms. Douglas?

Oh, it's very pretty,

but I really
don't need it.


Okay, thank you
very much.



♪ [music box]

What's the price
for it?

It's very modest.

She'll greatly
appreciate it.

Well, it's a gift
for my girlfriend.

May I help you?

Okay, I'll take it.
Do you have a box?

No, no, no, no.
Thank you very much.

I think she'll like it.

[Man]I'm trying to
find something for
someone very special.

We've known
each other for a while.

I just wanted
to get her something

that would
mean something.

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hAre you all right?


\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hOh, good.

Tell me,
is this me?

Definitely you.

It's on sale.
I'm gonna buy it.


Hi, honey.

I'm going down
to the station

to see Dr. Weston.

I'll see you
at home later.


This is Tony,
Ms. Douglas.

I fixed the pump
on the spa.

I'll come back tomorrow
and clean the pool. Okay?


Hi, Jamie.
It's Derek.

The pictures I took of you
are just fantastic.

I can't wait
to show them to you.

Hello, Jamie.

I bought this
for you.

Well, I watched you
admiring it.

♪ [music box]

This can be our song.

You stay away
from me.

You can't seem
to get it

through your head,

but I can't
stand you.

Tell Frank to stand by
five seconds, coming up.

Will somebody get me
a cup of coffee?

Heads or tails?



You lose.

All right, but what's
your point, Dr. Weston?

Odds were 50/50
you'd win.

And from your description
of this Derek character,

I'd say these
are the same odds

that's he's
a clinical psychotic.

On the other hand,
there's this mental disorder

known as
Clerambault's syndrome,

sometimes humorously
referred to as "erotomania,"

where the victim
is under the illusion

that the love he gives
to someone is returned.

Now, this Derek
is in love with Jamie

and he probably thinks
that she's just as much

in love with him.

She doesn't even
know the man.

That minor detail
doesn't matter.

He is in love
with her.

Come on.

You see, you'd all
be shocked if you knew

just how many lonely
people are out there

with nothing
in their lives

but fantasies to keep
them from despair.

And what better target
for their fantasies

than a beautiful woman,
like Jamie,

who talks to them
every night on television?

See, love from
a distance is safe.

In fact,
love is probably

the noblest
of all emotions

and that gives him

to do just about
anything he wants

to win
her affection.

What? Do you think
he might hurt her?

God forbid
she should reject him.

There's no telling
what he'd do.

Frankly, I think
we've entered

a new age of madness.

That's why you have
a pop psychologist
like me.

Mass media shrink

to solve mass
mental illness.

Just how dangerous
could this guy get?

I don't know.

He probably seems
like the average guy

on the street,
but who knows.

Push the wrong button,
he could kill her.

And then,
all of his friends

would swear
up and down

that he was
the kind of person

who couldn't
harm a flea.

What can we do?

Don't cross him.

♪ [music box]


I think I'm gonna
move in with Brandon.

Just for
a little while.

I don't
believe you, Jamie.

You swore you'd
never do that.

You told me that
would be the first step

in letting a man
control your life.

Well, what the hell
do you think

this Derek character
is doing right now?

He's practically
got me dancing

in the palm
of his hand.

\h\h\h\h\h\h\hWell, then,
\h\h\h\h\h\h\hget the control back.

Don't let him drive you
out of your house.

If you let him do that,
he won't stop

until he gets everything
of you that he wants.

Robin, I'm scared
of the man.


Come on, Max.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hI said "no".

Max, this guy
is dangerous.

You don't
know that.

Look, you have got
to put someone on her.

I'm tellin' ya.

Brandon, I've had
a real slice-o-life day

and I'm tired,
but if you don't let go...

All right, you wanna
make it hard for me,

I'll make it
hard for you.

If you don't
assign someone

to her immediately,
I'll write

a front-page
yellow sheet

on your department
that will wipe out

every member
of your force

above the rank
of trainee traffic cop.

You probably
can't even spell

traffic cop."

Max, I'm scared
for her.

Don't you think
I'm just as concerned

about Jamie
as you are?

Believe me,
if there was something

I could do,
I would.

But I can't.

There's no way
you can stop

these kind of people.

They're crawling
all over

the Goddamn place.

Even if I put
Lover Boy in jail,

the minute he got out,
he'd start all over again.

Come on, Max, isn't there
something I can do?


Get a gun.

You want me
to kill him,

don't you?

I didn't say that.

I'm a cop;
I can't say that.

I just said,
"Get a gun."

Take my advice,

Don't put up
with this creep.

Turn it around on him
and you'll see.

He'll hang dog tail
and snake

right out of your life
as fast as he slid in.

I'm not gonna
become like him.

That's very noble.

And very stupid.

He's not
gonna disappear

just because
you want him to.

You have to
do something.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hLike what?

What am I
supposed to do?

Take karate?
Pack a gun?

Become some kind
of street thug?

I can't do that.

Even if I could,
I wouldn't.

I'm not
a violent person.

You might have to
become one, darlin'.

Come on.


♪ [music box]

Oh, no.

[running bath]


[Jamie giggles]


[breathing heavily]

[phone rings]







What's the matter?

He's here again.

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hDown the stairs
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hin the bedroom.

That son of a bitch!



♪ [music box]

[knocking at door]



Oh, I'm sorry to come by
unannounced like this,

but you left this
at the studio

and I thought
you might need it.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, don't worry;
I didn't look at it.

I know how protective
you are about your work.

Insecure, Julie.


Well, it's not
that I'm protective

about my work, it's that
I'm insecure about it.

I wanna make sure it's good
before anybody sees it.

Well, I--I appreciate you
coming all the way up here.

Well, that's not
why I came.

I came to talk to you.


Well, I came
to tell you--

I wish I could just--


I must seem
really silly

just coming up here
like this.

Look, Julie, I think
you're a very sweet girl.

And, you know,
sometimes I really wish

things were different.

What do you mean?

Well, I hadn't planned
on telling anybody yet,

but I--

I'm engaged
to be married.



Pull the trigger.

Brandon, I'm not
gonna be reduced

to a common

You might wanna
change that policy

unless you want this jerk
to maybe kill you.

Look, he may succeed
in frightening me,

but I'm not gonna be
reduced to his level.

I'm too strong
for that.

Strong don't mean
jack shit

when you're
dealing with crazy.

[phone ringing]

I'll get it.

No, I'll get it.

I'm not gonna
let him make me afraid

to use my own phone.


That friend of yours
is there, isn't he?

That reporter?

I know all
about him, Jamie.

Now, he can't
keep us apart.

I won't let him.

All right,
who is this?

I was talking
to the lady.

Well, you're talking
to me now.

Look, friend,
what is it you want?

I'm not your friend.

I'm Jamie's friend.

You realize you've been
reported to the police?

I thought you're
supposed to be
a hot-shot reporter

and have
all the facts,

but you don't
know anything.

You don't know me.

You don't know
where I live.

You don't know
anything about me.

Listen, you wimpy
little bastard,

you leave Jamie alone,
do you hear me?

I love Jamie.

I love Jamie...

and she loves me.

It's that simple.

[dial tone]

I'm gonna kill him.

Brandon, look what
he's doing to us.

You're talking
about murder.

We're not murderers.

♪ [music box]


You look like shit.

I feel like shit.

Hi. How 'bout
some coffee?

Yes, please.

Mm, I see you
bought yourself a gun.


And if Lover Boy ever
so much as shows his face,

I'm gonna blow
his pecker off.

Well, I hope your aim
is real good,

because you'd lose
all your charm

if he blew yours
off instead.

I'm talking about
taking the law

into my own hands
and you sit there

and give me
a smartass remark?

Brandon, don't get
your Phi Beta Cappa
gander up.

I did you
a big favor.

Oh, yeah?

Well, there's this ex-con.

You see, I got him
on a parole violation.

I keep him out of jail
and he keeps his eye on Jamie,

maybe finds out
about Lover Boy

in the process.

An ex-con?

That's the best
I could do.

That's great.

First I get stuck
with some reject

from the Don Juan
school of romance,

now you throw in
an ex-con.

Thanks, Max.

Well, what do you
want from me

for Christ's sakes?


Simple protection.

Is that too much
to ask for?

Maybe I'm wrong,

but I always thought
that was your job,

to serve and protect.

To serve
and protect?

Well, here,
I served you.

And now
I'll protect you.

Go ahead, eat.


I'm not hungry.

You see,
I'm a by-the-numbers cop.

I do my job
as best I can.

I used to think that
counted for something.

Now I'm beginning
to think it doesn't.

Put that thing away,
will ya?

Law and order
depends on people

playing by the rules.

But somewhere
along the way,

a bunch of people
figure out

they're not gonna play
the game anymore,

much less by the rules.

And as a result,
this country's

in the grips
of a crime wave

unlike anything
it's ever seen.

Crime in the streets
is the new

national characteristic.

And you know what?

There's nothing
to turn to.

Not the courts
or the law-makers.

Not church, not punishment
or rehabilitation

or the jails
or treatment.

Not the politicians,
not Daddy, not Mommy,

not even God Almighty

And when everybody else
has failed,

society turns
to one guy: the cop.

They expect him
to have all the answers.

Well, I've run
out of answers, Brandon.

And what can I do
about that harmless

lover boy of yours
when I can't do anything

about the rapists,
the thieves,

your everyday
mass murderers?

Now why don't you
just leave me alone?

I just wanna eat my eggs
like everybody else.


This is Jamie Douglas
at the Baldwin Hills Cemetery,

where this morning
the body of another young woman

was found
by two caretakers.

At this point
in the police investigation,

homicide detectives
are speculating

that this is yet
another in a series

of the so-called
"Sweetheart Murders".

As in the first six cases,
the victim was found--

This is terrific
stuff, Jamie.

Ought to have 'em
squirming in their seats.

How can you
say that?

I think
it's horrible.


But it's great
for the ratings.

Look at these people.

They look like extras
from Night of the Living Dead.


At this stage
in police investigation,

homicide detectives
are speculating

that this is the last
in a series of murders,

which has come
to be known

as the calling card
of the Sweetheart Killer--

Wait a minute.

Go back.

Right there.

Now, go forward.

Sweetheart Killer.

Can you
slow-mo it back?

What is it, Jamie?

Right there.

That's Derek.

What's he
trying to do?

Maybe he's
the Sweetheart Killer.


Jamie, I didn't
mean that.

Listen, it was a stupid
thing for me to say.

I'm sorry.

Now, if that man
in the cemetery was Derek,

and it probably wasn't,

then he was only there
to see you.

That's all.

Now get a hold
of yourself.

We go on the air soon.

You've got nothing
to worry about,
believe me.

[indistinct chatter,
office equipment]

Things were damaged
beyond repair.

The total damage
in the San Jose area

is estimated to be
in excess of $1.5 million.

Mayor Kobie said
that the city

will also apply
for state aid.

Arson investigators
are looking into the cause

of a fire that destroyed
a manufacturing company

in east Los Angles today.

The fire broke out
around 3 a.m. this morning.

It apparently started
in a furniture plant

and spread quickly throughout
the entire building.

The damage was estimated
at $2.6 million.

Although, in spite of the size
and intensity of the fire,

there were no injuries.

At this time,
the cause of the blaze

is under investigation.

Come on,
come on.

Well, what are they
gonna do?

Start without ya?

I don't know.
They might.

Thank you.

Up to One.

Stand by on Two.

That's all
for the 5:00 shift.

Stay tuned for Jamie Douglas
and the 6:00 report.

Good night, everyone.

♪ [news theme]

Okay, gang,
we're running behind.

6:00 team up.
Let's go.

[indistinct chatter]

You're on
Camera One, Jamie.

Oh, thanks.


It's a last-minute

Who's the new runner?

I don't know,
but he sure is cute.

Zoom in tighter,
Camera Two.

Dolly a little right.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hStand by, Jamie.

Give me a two-shot.

\h\h\h\hStand by, Cam One, on Jamie.
Stand by, Camera Two.

Ready audio theme music.

Teleprompters, key.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hStand by, keys.

Stand by.

They attract the best.

They've got the best
total employment package.

Up on Cam One.




♪ [show theme]

"Good evening.
I'm Jamie Douglas,

"and this is
the six o'clock news.

"In the news tonight
is the report

"of another jet airliner
hijacked to Cuba.

"Also standing by
with a live minicam report

"is KXLA reporter
John Leefley

"at the site
of a westside supermarket

"where a gunman is holding
at least three people hostage.

"And later in tonight's news,
I'll have the first

"in a series of special reports

"on the Sweetheart Killer Case

"that has plaguing Los Angeles
for the past three months.

Jamie, I'm watching you--"

It's him.


He's watching me.

What's goin' on?

He watches me
all the time.

Go to commercial.



The police won't help.
Nobody will help.

He's gonna kill me.


He's gonna kill me.

Please help me.

That's it.
Get her off.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Oh, uh...uh,
get Tony up there.

Have, uh, ready
for the sports right now.

Oh, Jamie,
it's okay, it's okay.

Come on. Come on.
It's all right.

You're gonna be
all right. Come on.

Timex takes sports...

to make a watch
beyond time

as we know it.

I need you
to get me Brandon.

Get on the phone and
see if you can find him.

It's okay. It's okay.

It's all right.

[indistinct chatter]

Come on, have another sip.
It'll do you good.

I can't stop shaking.

I talked to the Chief
of Security at the station.

I've put a phone call
in to Max.

They're both
working on it.

There's nothing
we can do right now.

Forget about him.

I'm trying.

The water should be
nice and warm now.

Come on. It'll
do us both good.

[water bubbling]

relax you.

Come on,
put your feet in.

I'll be right back.

Brandon, don't
leave me. Please.

I'm just going to get us
something to eat.

It's okay.

Mmm. Be right back.

[telephone rings]


You got a pencil
and paper?


Derek Sanford.


Lover boy.
That's his name.

Derek Sanford.

[Jacuzzi bubbling]

Hang on. Let me
get that down.

Derek Sanford.




What am I supposed
to do now, Max?

Go out and shoot him?

No. I'm gonna
pay lover boy

a little social call.

When he finds out
that I'm onto him,

I don't think
he'll be giving Jamie

any more
of that bullshit.

That was Max
on the phone.

I think we've heard the last
from our friend Derek.

What do you mean?

Well, Max has found out
who he is, where he lives,

and he'll be paying him
a personal visit.

That takes care
of that.

just hold me.

I'm so scared.

Jamie, it's over, honey.

It's been
taken care of.

You're all I have
left in the world.

Please don't ever
leave me. Please.

I won't.

[leaves rustling]














\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h[breathing passionately]









[moaning fearfully]

[sobs, gasps]

[telephone rings]


Give me the police.

Is this an emergency?


I'll connect you.



This is a recording.

You have reached
the Police Department

emergency number.

All our stations
are busy at the moment.

Please do not hang up.

Your call will be answered
as soon as possible.

This is a recording.
You have reached

the Police Department
emergency number.

All our stations
are busy at the moment.

Please do not hang up.

Your call will be answered
as soon as possible.

This is a recording.
You have--

[telephone rings]

[hinges creaking]

[telephone ringing]

[telephone ringing]

[telephone ringing]




I need you.

Please come back.

[dial tone]

[hangs up]



Jamie, I'm here.

[loud clacking]


[cocks shotgun]

[cocks shotgun]

[cocks shotgun]

[trigger clicks]

[telephone rings]


You left
so quickly.

What's the matter?
Don't you love me anymore?

[breathing hard]

Jamie, I don't understand.

Derek, this is just
part of the courtship.

[breathing hard]

Jamie, don't
do this to me.

This is what
you wanted.

You did everything
you could to win me.

Well, now
I'm all yours.

And you're all mine.

[breathing hard]
Why are you doing this?

Because even
if they locked you up,

they'd only let you
out again.

So now you've got
just what you wanted.

This is just
between us now.

[Derek breathes

Just you and me.

[slams phone down]


[breathes hard]



[breathing hard]

[telephone rings]


It's Robin.




Are you all right?


What is go--

[breathing uneasily]





Who is it?

It's Julie.

Derek, I've gotta
talk to you.

Just a minute.


I thought
I'd better warn you.

A police detective
came by the studio today,

and he was
asking about you.

You don't
have to explain.

I know all about you
and Jamie Douglas.

I know
what you've been doing.

I don't know
what you mean, Julie.

Derek, I just want
to help you!

I don't want your help!


You Derek Sanford?


I'm Captain Maxwell,

Tell you what, Derek.
You invite me in, and

I'll, uh, share
a little secret with you.

What do you want?

Now, you stop pestering
Jamie Douglas...

and I'll see what I can do
to keep you out of jail.

I don't know what you're
talkin' about, mister.

Yes, you do.


You're makin' a goddamn fool
of yourself. You know that?

You don't want people
laughing at you, do you?

Now, why don't you
give it some thought?


Let me, uh...

Don't touch me!

Please let me
help you!

I don't want
your help!

I don't need your help.

I just want you
to leave me alone.

Derek. Don't you realize
I love you?

I thought
we could--

We could what?


I said don't touch me.

Don't you understand
what you're doing?!

She doesn't love you!

You're a liar!

You're a liar!

Just get outta here.

What do you know about
Jamie?! Get outta here!

Go on!


[telephone rings]

I'm not at home.


Is this what
you're lookin' for?

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hHuh? Is this
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hwhat you want?


Ooh! Whoo!




Now, what's the matter?

Aren't you glad to see me?


So, why don't you
just lay back

and make it easy
for both of us.


You bastard.

[breathes hard]





Ohh! Uhh!

Goddamn it!



Uhh! Aah!


Uhh! Uhh!

Unhh! Unhh!

[breathing rapidly]


Jamie, I love you.

[breathes emotionally]

I don't want
to hurt you.


I want to make
you happy.


You're mine now.

[breathing rapidly]


[breathing hard]

You're mine now.

[breathing hard]

[Jamie breathes hard]

[Jamie moans]

Oh, no.


Please don't.




Oh, please.

Wait. Please.

Please. Please wait.

Please wait.

[Jamie breathes hard]




Don't wait.


Don't wait.

Don't wait.
Give it to me.

I want it.
Give it.

This is what you wanted,
isn't it?

[breathing passionately]

[breathing passionately]

Come on.

What are
you waiting for?

Wait. Don't.

Jamie, what are
you doing? Stop.

Jamie, don't.

This is what you wanted,
Derek. Give it to me.

What the fuck?
Come on.

I wanna feel it.


This is what
you wanted.

All right, then
give it to me.

this is it.

Jamie, don't.
Stop it!

\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hLie back.

don't fight me.

This is what
it was all about.

You're okay.

You've got it.

Come on, fuck me.

Come on.

Do it.

Fuck me.

I can't.

[sobs] I can't.

[sobs] I'm sorry.

I didn't want it
to be this way.

You little
son of a bitch.

I oughta kill you.

You're not a man.



[breathing hard]



[breathing rapidly]




Aah! [sobs]


[inhales, exhales slowly]


\h\h\h\hClosed-captioned By
J.R. Media Services, Inc.
\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hBurbank, CA