The Scorpion Monster (2020) - full transcript

­čĆ«Monster Killers Monks­čĆ«

Take care.

Blood Spiritual Open

Suffering will befall
Yueling Village today!



[The Scorpion Monster]

Your Majesty.

A scorpion monster is wreaking
havoc in Yueling Village.

The village and the
villagers vanished overnight.

We fear that the scorpion monster
will threaten the imperial court

and ruin the imperial city of Chang'an.

We seek your permission
to capture the monster.

Monsters and ghosts don't exist.

Only owls are singing loudly.

Evil has come to rampage
the world yet again.

Seems like our good days
have come to an end.

Let's go.

Finally, it's time to work.

All monsters and ghosts

are doomed before me, Yan Chixia.

Let's go.

Hey, I'm talking to you.

The monster will be captured
by others if we're slow.

- Get up.
- I'm not going.

I'm hungry.


You ate the roasted chicken from Mrs.
Zhang, didn't you?

You've been stealing Mr. Li's
pigs too, haven't you?

I didn't!

You didn't?

I already saw pig bristle
strewn in the backyard.

Little Red Wolf,

I spent so much effort
and almost half my powers

to eliminate the evil in you.

Don't waste all my efforts on you.

You've stolen my powers

to gain fame by capturing monsters.

What's that bullshit about my evil ways?

Didn't you promise to
reincarnate me as a wolf?

Look at me now.

I'm a powerless mortal girl who has to
tag along on your monster-hunting trips.


I don't even have a single tuft of fur.

Evil ways?

I'm worse than a dog.

Don't be angry.

Actually, here's the truth.

Reincarnation arts are forbidden arts.

My powers are weak, so it's
hard to avoid mistakes.

Hard to avoid mistakes?

Your incompetence turned
me into this bloody form.

Here's what I think.

You're just exacting
revenge for your father!

Let go!

I told you, I couldn't avoid slipping up!

But, look at you now.

It's pretty nice.

If I hadn't turned you into this form,

you wouldn't even know that you're female.

I'll snap your neck!


You just can't overcome your evil nature.

You're so audacious
even without any powers.

Listen up, pack up and come
monster hunting with me.

Who are you?

How dare you ambush me.


Yan Chixia.

[Monster Slaying Bureau]
How have you been?

They're from the Monster Slaying Bureau.

Oh, officials from the
Monster Slaying Bureau.

It's been over ten years
since we last met, Chief Ye.

You haven't changed the slightest.

Now that you're an official,

even your subjects are equally distasteful.



You made meritorious contributions

in capturing Red Wolf during the rampage on Chang'an,
but you defied the imperial edict and vanished.

I didn't think you'd be
enjoying life out here.

Commander Ye, cut to the chase.

Are you here

due to a misunderstanding that
Lanruo Temple has monsters?

I supposed you've heard.

The scorpion monster has
destroyed Yueling Village.

People are in panic.

His Majesty is worried about his people.

He has ordered you to abide
by the Monster Slaying Bureau.

You are to come with me and
hunt the scorpion monster.

Isn't the Monster Slaying Bureau
capable enough with you around?

If I join you, I'll just slow you down.

Slaying monsters is a duty to His
Majesty and the imperial court-

Hold on!

Your imperial court is none of my business.

You'll be beheaded for
defying the imperial edict.

My father told me this before his death.

I can just settle down with a wife

and bear offspring.

- Let's go, my dear wife.
- When did I become your wife?

Yan Chixia, receive the imperial edict.

Kneel down or you'll lose your head.

His Majesty has sent a verbal order.

Ye Tianqing and his subjects from the Monster Slaying
Bureau are to head to Lanruo Temple immediately.

After delivering the edict to Yan Chixia, they
are to hunt the scorpion monster together.

Defiance of the edict

leads to an immediate death sentence.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

Come on. Let's make babies.

What's he doing?

If he doesn't hunt the monster with us, we'll be
committing the crime of lying to the emperor.

Great Master Yan, you've inherited
the blood and power of the Yuchi clan.

You're truly admirable for
sealing the demon in your body.

Nevertheless, using forbidden
arts will shorten your life.

Big Brother, be careful!

Despicable rat.

Since there are no heirs to the Yuchi clan,

I will request that His Majesty
let you bear offspring in peace.

Horse, please be obedient.

If you aren't, I'll gobble you up.

- Be good.
- Stop!

Country bumpkins! How
dare you steal our horses!

Fools who can't even distinguish
humans from monsters.

What is the emperor even thinking?

In my opinion,

the monster seal is just
a lie by the Yuchi clan.

We can use this opportunity to kill him.


Big Brother, His Majesty ignored
grievances over our fathers' deaths

and even appointed him to join our party.

He clearly distrusts us.

When we slay the scorpion monster,

His Majesty is bound to appoint
him as the State Preceptor.

It'll be too late then.

This appointment is His Majesty decision.

Since the court has proven
Yuchi Qianhu to be innocent,

Red Wolf was the real
murderer of the 11 warriors.

That means he's not involved
in our fathers' deaths.

Right now, our mission is to hunt down
the scorpion monster as soon as possible.

We should forget about all
other irrelevant matters.

How dare you hide from me!

The Monster Slaying Bureau?

Yan Chixia?


According to those three fools behind us,

the scorpion monster has the power
to devour mountains and rivers.

It's as formidable as you were.

Are you that worried about my death?

Return my powers. I'll hunt
the scorpion monster with you.

- Well...
- Hey!

Didn't you say that
Yueling Village is nearby?

We've been wandering for hours.

- Are you sure you know the way?
- Well, you lead the way if you're so smart.

- You...
- What?

Doesn't the Monster Slaying
Bureau have powers too?

Show me what you've got!


I'll kill this couple sooner or later.

Are you acquaintances?

Why haven't I heard you mention them?

I'm a descendant of the Zodiac Warriors.

Of course, we're acquainted.

The Monster Slaying Bureau was established
by descendants of the Zodiac Warriors.

If they find out that you're Red Wolf...

You have to be careful.

No way.

I'll be careful.

But you can't piss me off, got it?

They were looking at me like
I murdered their fathers.

But, that's fine.

You're safe under the name of my wife.

No one will dare to hurt you.

What if they want to kill you because
we failed to find Yueling Village?

Won't that be a celebration for you?

Be careful.

Perfect time,

Scorpion Monster.

I almost mistook you for
a monster and killed you.

What's wrong with you?

I'm hurrying to the capital
for the examinations.

I heard that Yueling Village
was devoured by a monster.

So, I wanted to go there
and pray for the villagers.

But I got lost.

Are you sorcerers heading to
the village to slay the monster?

I've never heard about scholars
reciting scripture for the dead.

That's not all I can do. I can even sing.

Legends about the supernatural-

That's enough.

Don't sing.

All right, you can come with us.

Make sure you aren't afraid of monsters.

Thank you so much.

- He isn't a monster.
- Let's go.

Can you chant scripture?

My token!

- Fatty, keep an eye on them.
- Okay.


Who are you? Why are you sneaking about?

How ruthless. I didn't
choose the wrong person.

Is Yueling Village nearby?

You need to ask Yan Chixia.

We'll meet again.

- Big Brother.
- Let's go.

How do we get in?

It's a sealed door. We can't get
in without releasing the seal.

- Why is there a skull?
- Yikes.

You scared me.

Have you found the guy?


Seems like these skulls

belonged to the sorcerers who were
here to slay the scorpion monster.

I thought they fled after
receiving the court's money.

So, they were killed by
the scorpion monster.

Only their skeletons are
left strewn in the wild.

Why did you do that?

Can't you see?

It's a human skull, but it
doesn't belong to a human.

These clothes have also
been buried for ages.

Yet, a closer look will tell
that they weren't worn by humans.

As far as I know,

there's a type of seal

that can seal everything
within a 100-mile radius.

According to the compass,
Yueling Village is right here.

By the way, the scholar
led us here on purpose.

Seems like the scorpion
monster has sealed the village.

How can we get in?

You're the chief of the
Monster Slaying Bureau.

This should be a piece of cake for you.

Can't we get if by smashing the door?

Fatty, don't be reckless.

This is Thousand Souls Ridge.

Which insolent fool is causing mayhem here?

I'll slay you!

Big Brother!

It's just a rabid dog.

I just happen to be starving.
You can fill my stomach.

I'll attack from the front.
You take the back.

You killed it?

Do you even know how to get in?

- Don't be rude!
- Screw that!

Oh, you sure care about him.

Are you in love with him?

If you continue blabbering,
I'll yank your teeth out.

Bring it on!

Come on.

Village Chief!

Village Chief!

Village Chief!

- Why are you in such a hurry?
- Village Chief!

The monster slayers sent by the
court killed the Immortal Dog Guard.

They've already arrived at
the invisible enchantment.

What? Why didn't you say so earlier?

Village Chief, aren't
you done with your poo?

Inform the villagers to remain calm.

Damn it, I still need to poo.

Move it.

Yueling Village?

Come on.

Have a look at fresh vegetables.

Come and have a look.

Wasn't Yueling Village ruined?

Why does it still exist?

Big Brother, they're humans.

I'm hungry.

Welcome! This way please!



Serve up your signature
dishes and a pot of good tea.

Sure, right away.

Your dishes are ready!

Please enjoy.

Why are there just vegetables?
Isn't there meat?

Excuse me.

- Well...
- This isn't Yueling Village.


Yueling Village was destroyed by the
scorpion monster three months ago.

In that case...

I witnessed it!

Do you know why we're here?

I don't!

Damn it, I'll be frank.

Many sorcerers have arrived before you.

They were here to hunt
the scorpion monster.

I heard that all of them were
killed by the scorpion monster.

Night is falling.

Please finish your dishes quickly
and leave this place at once.

Still insisting on lies?

I'm telling the truth,
and I'm worried about you!

We're tired from a whole day of traveling.

Are there any premium rooms? I'd like one.

Nope, we're full.


Stop eating. Move it.

I'm not finished yet!

It's my treat.

Excuse me, we're really full!

- I'm hungry.
- We have no rooms available.

Excuse me, our rooms are full.

Please don't go inside.

There aren't any rooms
available even if you enter.

All the rooms are occupied.

Please don't make it hard for me.

Isn't this room available?

Stop dwadling.

Excuse me, we're really out of rooms.

My goodness, what should I do?

Seems like the villagers are under
the scorpion monster's control.

We won't get any information
from the villagers.

We can only track the
scorpion monster at night.

Track it?

The reward for hunting me
was 10,000 taels of gold!

Did Ye Tianqing pay you or
promise you an official's title?

The duty of monster slayers
is to slay monsters. Besides-


The village and the villagers are all here.

What's the point of this hunt?

Even if you can nab the scorpion monster,

how will you punish it?

Did it kill people or steal their powers?

What's wrong with you today?

Just do as you usually would in hunts.

Let's go hunting.

Get your filthy hands off me.

Didn't you find me a nuisance?
I'm not going.

Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?

I was excited about hunting monsters
because they were eviler than me.

Yes, you can gain fame and
earn respect from such deeds.

But what about me?

Not only did I lose my power, but
I even have to hide my identity.

I can't even eat meat when I'm with you.

If I want a bite of meat,
I have to do it secretly.

What do I even gain?

This is all for your benefit.

Listen up.

Without my protection,
you would be dead by now.

Don't think so highly of yourself
just because of your meager powers.

Listen up, I can cultivate
my powers without you.

Yes, I owe your father and your
eleven martial uncles an apology.

But we're even now that
you turned me into this!

We're square now! I'm going my own way!

Farewell! Forever!

Eat up.

Big Brother, have you noticed?

The villagers here are
concealing something.

Have they been bewitched
by the scorpion monster?

Is that why we can't find any traces of it?

It's indeed very strange.

The innkeeper is especially so.

We must find the scorpion
monster as soon as possible.

By the way,

I think the bride of Yan
Chixia is suspicious.

During our fight with
the Immortal Dog Guard,

she looked just like a wolf.

Do you think Yan Chixia is
hiding something from us too?

Even with the greatest power,

Yan Chixia can't possibly
turn Red Wolf into a human.

Big Brother, I think it's possible.

Only the Yuchi clan has the
ability to seal monsters.

Besides, Yan Chixia's
powers are above ours.

I've secretly kept watch on
him for the past few days.

He has brought along magical
tools and a compass for this trip.

This means that even
without the imperial edict,

he would've come to hunt the
scorpion monster on his own

and sought rewards from His Majesty.

In addition, I think this fraudster
is just like his deceased father.

They covet demonic powers by
sealing demons and monsters.

Big Brother, should we...

Big Brother, I agree with Zishuang.

The Monster Slaying Bureau has
already lost His Majesty's trust.

We must not cause unnecessary trouble.

Wait for me here.

If I'm not back in two hours,

report to His Majesty and
request reinforcements.

Big Brother!

Please be careful.

What's going on? Why is my heart racing?

Oh my goodness!

This jerk has been lusting over me.

No wonder he turned me into a
human and keeps me by his side.

Damn pervert.

What should I do?

If he gets rough, how can I resist him?

What should I do?

Is she continues to delay us,

Ye Tianqing will claim the entire
scorpion monster for himself.


If you scream, I'll exorcize you.

Let's go.

Hey! Didn't Big Brother
ask us to wait for him?

Look at you.

Why did you remove the
invisibility talisman?

You know that the toilet stench can
only hide your smell temporarily.

Why are you so wilful?

The imperial court's monster
slayers have sniffed you out.

If you continue being so obstinate,
you'll doom the entire village.

Even you'll lose your life.

All right.

From now on, ignore everything outside.

You aren't allowed to leave the dark room.

Otherwise, even the gods can't save you.

Don't be afraid.

I'll figure out a way to make
those monster slayers leave.

What's going on?

Ever since we arrived here, your
precious tool has been wonky.

Are you sure you can do this?

My compass isn't malfunctioning.

The scorpion monster is just too powerful.

Roast duck!

Where are you going?

Sir, I want two!

This one! This one too!

I want both of them!

- Do you want one too?
- No!

I'm on a diet!

Forget it.

Why? I've already chopped it up!

They're too hideous!

Miss, I've already chopped it up!


- Fresh buns!
- Buns!

I want to eat buns!

I want 80 grams.

Come on.

You haven't paid!

Why are you tailing me?

Who are you? Are you a monster?

What I am doesn't matter.

You should be more concerned
about your foolishness.

You even let your father's murderer flee.

What an unfilial son.


What are your motives?

You're devoted to the imperial court,

but the emperor doesn't trust you.

Yan Chixia isn't even an official,

but his name is known to all.

He's adored by the emperor and the people.
Why is that?

That's because he has the
blood of the Yuchi clan.

He can use forbidden arts
to gain demonic powers.

You can't.

He should've been sentenced to death,

but the emperor didn't
even pronounce him guilty.

Instead, he was assigned
an important mission.

As the chief of the Monster Slaying Bureau,

you should understand
the emperor's intentions.

So what?

His Majesty is wise.

As subjects, we shouldn't
speculate his intentions.


The emperor is doing this so that Yan Chixia
can take over the Monster Slaying Bureau.

Ye Tianqing.

Will you let your father's
murderer trample over you?

You'll be a laughing stock of the world.

Who's that person in black?

The scorpion monster's power
is greater than Red Wolf's.

If you can nab the scorpion monster,

I can help you obtain power ten
times greater than Yan Chixia.

The title of State Preceptor will be yours.

You'll dominate over
all except the emperor.

Who's there?

That was a close shave.

What the hell is Ye Tianqing up to?

Let's keep this a secret
to avoid suspicion.

The scorpion monster has appeared.

Let's go.

Scorpion monster, I'll find you.


I have something to tell you.

What is it?

This bun is delicious. Want a bite?

Enjoy it yourself. I'm going
to hunt the scorpion monster.

Do you think the village
chief made the right decision?

I'm jittery.

We have no say about this.
Just forget about it.

Let's not talk about it. Come on.

Scorpion monster, you finally showed up.

You can't get away from me.

What a wretched seller.

The stone in the bun almost broke my fang!

Wait for me!

You scared me.

You're never gentle.

Look what I found.

The scorpion monster is taking a shower.

A monster taking a shower?

Shut up and move it.

No way.

The innkeeper is the scorpion monster?

A hairless and plump scorpion.

I bet you're just hungry.

Why is there only one person here?

Take her away!

She isn't dead, is she?

Stop. Get back.

Wake up.

Get up.

Time to eat meat.

Are you okay? Wake up.

Wake up!

You died so easily?

Wake up.

Wake up!

Are you all right?

Are you okay?

Why are you laughing? Get down.

Come on. What's going on?

Tell me, where is the scorpion monster?

To be honest, I'm the scorpion monster.

You're the scorpion monster?

This is bullshit.

Listen up, release the
scorpion monster now.

Otherwise, I'll make a
report to the imperial court.

I'll say that Yueling Village
is colluding with a monster.

All of you will be beheaded.

Run! Go!

Are you okay?

I'm fine.

Crimson Snow Dragon.


Ye Tianqing, what are you doing?

That's my question for you.

Did you try to hunt the monster
in secret to gain its powers?

How dare you harm my man!



Big Brother, the scorpion escaped.

Let's go!

Take it down!

Utter trash.

Yan Chixia, you're preventing
me from hunting the monster.

Do you want me to make a report to
His Majesty for your death sentence?

Big Brother, he's shielding
the scorpion monster.

It's clear that he's opposing us.

Quite on the contrary!

Chief Ye is concealing something.

You aren't here to hunt monsters.

You have other motives!

Yan Chixia, enough with the slander!

He's right!

If he didn't protect me,
you would've killed me!

Miss, you can't spout lies!

Master Yan colluded with the villagers

to protect the scorpion monster
and oppose the imperial court.

Spit it out! What are you plotting?

Don't make me the scapegoat!

Fine, we can meet His Majesty.

You shouldn't have been
so nice to Ye Tianqing.

He's clearly in cahoots
with that person in black.

You should've just exposed him.

What good will that do for us?

The villagers see us as their companions.

They don't see us as their companions.

See, he's here to cause trouble.

Yan Chixia.

I'm here to tell you that
I'm aware of your plans.

His Majesty might think highly of you,

but don't forget this.

The Yuchi clan stole 11
lives of the Zodiac Warriors.

You're well aware of the
Yuchi clan's sacrifices.

His Majesty, too.

Here's a piece of advice. Finish your task.

Don't play with fire and
end up burning yourself.

I'm an honorable man.

I won't be manipulated by others.

That includes you, Yan Chixia.

Watch your back.

You're the guilty one! Why
are you glaring at others?

Hey, you...

Miss Wolf.

Master Yan, can we have a private chat?

This way, please.

Big Brother, I'm perplexed.

Why have you been tolerating Yan Chixia?

If he wants to oppose us,

officials like us don't
have to fear a bumpkin.


The village chief is the key to
locating the scorpion monster.

Come this way.


Just up ahead.

Please come in.

Please have a seat.

Village Chief, why did you invite
so many people to a simple meal?

You're being too optimistic.

Someone so mean can't
possibly treat us to a meal.

I invited you here to tell you something.


Actually, the scorpion monster didn't
kill anyone in Yueling Village.

On the contrary, it saved all of us.

- Yes.
- That's right.

The scorpion monster saved us from doom.

It's true. It saved us.

Here's what happened.

The scorpion monster committed
great evil in the past.

Master Nanwu sealed it
under Yueling Temple.

He predicted that the scorpion
monster would reemerge 20 years later.

So, he set off to capture it again.

Unexpectedly, he witnessed the
scorpion monster saving the village.

Brother Scorpion.

This is for you.


Thank you, young man.

Come this way.

Be careful.

I really owe you my thanks.

Watch your step.

Master Nanwu was moved by the
scorpion monster's kindness.

Hence, he set up an enchantment to seal
all kind monsters in Yueling Village.

He wanted monsters and
humans to live in harmony.

In a bid to prevent greedy
sorcerers from causing trouble,

Master Nanwu set traps outside the village.

He hoped that these would deter them.

In fact, not all monsters
are evil and brutal.

Human greed and violence sparked the
resentment between themselves and monsters.

Master Yan, I really wish the
imperial court can be merciful

and leave Yueling Village alone.

Do you think this crappy story can stop
me from hunting the scorpion monster?

I bet the scorpion monster
has devoured your souls.


Humans and monsters have been
enemies since ancient times.

A harmonious relationship is impossible.

You're just using this chance to rebel.

You've committed such serious crimes.

How dare you speak such honeyed lies.

If you don't hand over
the scorpion monster,

the imperial court will send
troops to destroy Yueling Village.

What? Destroy us?

When the disaster occurred,

the city's guards fled in desperation.

They didn't care about our lives.

How dare you threaten us
with the imperial court

and flaunt your authority here!

Piss off! Leave Yueling Village!

Leave! Scram!


Stubborn fools!

What are you doing?

I'm warning you.

The scorpion monster is mine.

If you ruin my plans,

Miss Red Wolf will die.

Red Wolf?

- Why is Red Wolf here?
- Wasn't Red Wolf sealed?

Will she eat us?

So what if you're an official?

Officials give no shit about the people.

Isn't that right?

Why can't humans and
monsters live in harmony?

Why can't love bloom between them?

That's right.

She's Red Wolf.

But after she was sealed by me,

we spent every day together
and love blossomed.

Look, isn't she cute?

So, I'm going to resist the government
and the imperial court with you.

So, you're the son of General Yuchi!

Yan Chixia, with your help,
Yueling Village will be saved.

We'll be saved!

Long live Yan Chixia!

This worked?

Once Ye Tianqing leaves, the
scorpion monster is mine.

Big Brother, are you really going
to let him take all the credit?

Head back and gather the
entire Monster Slaying Bureau.

I'll show them the consequences
of defying the imperial court.


Guys, follow my instructions.

Step one.

- Cleave.
- Cleave!

- Slash.
- Slash!

- Stab.
- Stab!

Good. One more time.

- Cleave.
- Cleave!

- Slash.
- Slash!

- Stab.
- Stab!

Good. Train by yourself.

Little girl, come here.

Do you know where the scorpion monster is?

I don't know.

Continue training.

Who's there? Show yourself.

You sure are having it easy.

Once you kill the villagers, you
can capture the scorpion monster.

Yet, you gave this wonderful
chance to Yan Chixia.

I was utterly wrong about you.

Why don't you kill the
scorpion monster yourself?

You've tried to spark my resentment
for Yan Chixia time and again.

What are your motives?

It's been a long time, Ye Tianqing.

I should've figured out you were the one.

Qiuhan, daughter of General Snake.

When you were chosen for
the Monster Slaying Bureau,

you were bent on training the
forbidden blood sacrifice arts.

In the end, you were dismissed
by the imperial court.

You even stole scrolls on forbidden arts.

If my guesses are right,

you were the one who summoned
the scorpion monster.

Yes, that's right.

Heavens above and earth
under Mount Yueling.

Ancient monsters come
forth to rumble nature.

Scorpion monster, I'll free
you from your seal today.

I will establish a blood contract with you.

You must abide by my wishes.

If you break this contract,

your thousand-year cultivation will be destroyed,
and you'll turn into a normal scorpion.

Do you agree?

I spent all my power to master necromancy

and avenge my mother.

Ye Tianqing, have you forgotten
about your father's death?

Don't you hear the villagers' cries?

Long live Yan Chixia.

You've resented him since childhood.

Are you willing to be trampled over by him?

The power of Blood Sacrifice Arts
are above the Yuchi clan's blood.

If you acquire such power,

you can do more than
avenge your father's death.

You can also become the State Preceptor.

Of course.

If Yan Chixia captures
the scorpion monster,

you'll lose everything
you're about to gain.

Consider wisely.

I will only do my duty

to keep the peace of the world.

I won't kill any innocent folks.

If you hesitate any longer,

you'll never realize your goals.

Reviving the Tiger clan
will remain a fantasy.

Look at them.

What's wrong? Do you still
want to be a wolf demon?

When I was a demon,

I committed many unforgivable crimes.

Now that I'm thinking back on that,

I really regret everything I did.

I'm an orphan.

My parents and brothers were hunted.

I killed people to exact revenge on humans.

I like this place.

Some people are still wary of me,

but this feeling of acceptance
is wonderful and unqiue.

What do you call this?

That's right.


I've made my decision.

I'll stay here to protect these villagers.

Thank you for everything
you've done for me.

Sister Wolf!

Come and play with us.

Let's go.

Come on.


Humans are different from monsters.

How could I ever fall
in love with a monster?

No, this won't do.

Calm down.

Young man, do you have time now?

He looks suspicious. Why
are you looking for me?

The scorpion monster is here.


The toilet?

Why are we here?

Master, please come in.


Village Chief, are you...

interested in men?

Wait, safety first.

Forget it.

Young man, don't get me wrong.

I think I should join the dance.

Come on.

Come here.

Village Chief, what are
we doing in the toilet?

So, you hid the scorpion monster here.

You used the toilet stench
to conceal its demonic aura.

What a clever method.

Village Chief, to be honest,

this place is really disgusting.

Master Yan, the Monster Slaying Bureau's
reinforcements will arrive tomorrow.

Please help him.

The scorpion monster looked hideous.

Master Nanwu transformed him
into the young man you see now.

It has 1,000 years of cultivation. Why
did Master Nanwu turn it into a young man?


Besides, if the scorpion monster is kind,

why was your village threatened
when the rock seal was removed?


Village Chief.

You're leading the villagers
to resist the imperial court.

Moreover, you're hiding
the scorpion monster.

You're pretty bold.

Are you guilty of something?

Are you trying to make the scorpion monster
your ally in the fight against your enemies?

Master Yan, we're good people.

That's enough. Let me seal it first.

Seal it? That's akin to killing it!

You know nothing.

Scorpion monster, why aren't
you revealing your true form?

Was the Village Chief telling the truth?

Am I wrong?

Are you really a good monster
or is this a pretense?

Leave! Go!

You aren't welcome here! Leave!

Get out!

Who the heck are you?


Get lost. You aren't welcome here.

Village Chief, what's wrong?

He wants to seal the scorpion
monster for the imperial court.

He's horrible. Get lost.

Yan Chixia, is that true?

The toilet's stench won't
hide its aura forever.

I want to seal it inside my body.

Once that's done, the imperial
court will stop the hunt for it.

But the Village Chief-

What if you come across
other monsters in the future?

Will you seal all of them in your body?

I'm clear about your tricks.

I'm doing this for the
benefit of the villagers.

Well, is the scorpion
monster willing to be sealed?

A monster's feelings don't matter.

- What about me?
- You're a monster too...

I didn't mean that.

I mean...

I think they have ulterior motives.

I get it now.

Everything you did wasn't for me.

It was for yourself.

I was such a fool.

I thought that if I gave up my dignity
as a monster to become a kind person,

you won't mind my past and true form.

But, in your eyes,

I'm still that unforgivable wolf demon

that killed your father
and ravaged Chang'an.

Ye Tianqing is right.

Monsters will always be monsters.

We can't live in harmony with humans.

Leave this place now!
You aren't welcome here!

Get lost!


You aren't welcome here!


I'm staying no matter what happens.

I'll fight the Monster Slaying Bureau
and the imperial court with them.

That's because this place

is my home.

Leave! You aren't welcome here!

Get lost!

Never come back!

She's a friend.

Don't be afraid.


- Don't be scared.
- She's one of us.

I'm a monster too.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be scared.

You needn't be terrified.

I'm also a monster.

We're square now! I'm going my own way!

Farewell! Forever!

What a bunch of fools!

I was so polite to them.
Why did they snap at me?

How can humans and
monsters live in harmony?

It's nothing but a fantasy.

The Yuchi clan made countless
contributions to the imperial court.

In the end, our whole clan was slaughtered.

The thought of this infuriates me.

Especially that wolf girl.

She's helping strangers!


Damn it!

Let's go, my dear wife.

When did I become your wife?


Thank you for everything
you've done for me.

If you hesitate any longer,

you'll never realize your goals.

Reviving the Tiger clan
will remain a fantasy.

Big Brother!

Let's go!

Capture every last one of them!



Move it!

Hurry up!

Get moving!

Keep up!

Move it!

Let me go!

Be still!

Where is the scorpion monster?

Your life will be spared if you answer me.

Don't move or I'll kill you!

Ye Tianqing, let them go!

Don't you want to hunt monsters?
I'm a monster!

Don't move.

Don't think you can fool me
with this human disguise!

Kill it!

Ye Tianqing.

The Heavens are merciful.
Why must you kill it?

It won't harm the world once it's
sealed and turned into a human.

Yan Chixia.

I feel disgraced for the Yuchi clan.

You're pretending to be righteous
just to gain the monster's power.

If you insist on defying the
imperial court by stopping us,

I won't show any mercy.

You're far more disgraceful than me!

You plotted with the
person in black for this!

She's really the one.

Do you know her? Why does she
want the scorpion monster?

It's karma.

Just tell me!

It's all your fault!


Get out of here!

You should be sealed under a rock!

That's right!

Get out of our village!


Let's go!

One day, I'll crush all
of you under a boulder!

Actually, Master Yan didn't
harm the scorpion monster.

I said that he wanted to
seal it to chase him away.

Do you know where he is? Take me to him!


- I know where he is.
- Come on.

Serpentine woman!

I see, everyone is here.

Ye Tianqing, you-

Summoning the scorpion monster!

Seal the Yuchi bloodline!

The Heavens are on my side!

Must you kill people
just for your ugliness?

Do you know how it feels to be
bullied and ostracized as a child?

I'm an orphan too. I know best.

But not every villager bullied you.

Neither did the whole world bully you.

Ye Tianqing, free me!

It's useless to holler.

This face is the very reason

everyone treated me like a monster
and chased me out of the village.

Since they think I'm a monster,

I'll make this world pay in blood.

I'll make them suffer horribly!

The villagers have changed.
I witnessed this.

That's just because you're blind.

If humanity isn't evil,
monsters wouldn't exist.

You've been hunting monsters for mankind.

Have they ever shown you any gratitude?

General Shenlong protected the
imperial court with his life.

Yet, his entire family was executed.

You and I are dispensible pawns.

Don't be naive.

What about the scorpion monster?
Did he ever cross you?

He has a kind heart and
saved people from disaster.

What about you?

Take a good look at him.


At that time,

Master Nanwu understood the reason for
the scorpion monster's reemergence.

So, he turned it into a young man
for the villagers to look after.

He wanted it to be nurtured well.

The villagers were also given a
chance to atone for their mistake.

Impossible! They'll never repent!

You're lying!

Qiuhan, we recognize our mistakes!

Please spare the scorpion
monster and Master Yan!

Give us a chance to make it up to you!

It's too late.

I'm a serpentine woman,
an omen of catastrophe.

Anyone who prevents the revival
of the Tiger clan will die.

Big Brother.

Ye Tianqing, get lost!

How dare you fool me!

Qiuhan! No!

We're sorry for what we did to
you, but we can't continue erring.

Get up!

Yueling Village, I'll crush all of
you under a boulder for eternity.


Yueling Village, I'll crush all of
you under a boulder for eternity!

Yueling Village, I'll crush all of
you under a boulder for eternity!

For eternity!

Scorpion monster, you finally appeared.

We are one. Devour me so
that we can be united.

Yan Chixia!

Why are you so stupid?

You don't have any powers!
Why did you save me?

I'm a foolish monster.

I want to return to your body.

I want to see you worry over me.


Yan Chixia, the scorpion
monster is battling her will.

Take the opportunity to seal it.

Otherwise, the villagers and
the village will be doomed.

Big Brother.

Let's go.

[Grave of Red Wolf]

His Majesty will bestow
rewards for this battle.

Brother Yan, are you sure you don't
want to join the Monster Slaying Bureau?

His Majesty is already
wary of the Yuchi clan.

How can I join the of
Monster Slaying Bureau?

I think you're the only
one fit for this title.

I won't interfere.

You smiled?

To be honest,

your smile is hideous.

Brother Yan, I'll make an
honest report to His Majesty.

The scorpion monster died to save people.

Yueling Village has been restored.

Master Yan made the greatest contribution.

Just do as you wish.

Brother Yan, are you really staying?

My powers are still lacking.

I'll wait here for Master Nanwu.

I hope that humans and
monsters can live in harmony,

and the world has fewer killings.


Warrior Yan, may we meet again.

Brother Ye.

Although we can't work in
the imperial court together,

we can still hunt monsters together

and enchant Yueling Village.