The Scary of Sixty-First (2021) - full transcript

Two roommates' lives are upended after finding out that their new Manhattan apartment harbors a dark secret. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Don't do that.

Oh, I'm so sorry!

Here, we don't.

It's broken.

Great light.

especially in the morning.

You know, there's a lovely
courtyard in the back.

You should take a look.

Can we afford this?

It's a good deal.

Whose stuff is this?

Yeah, this is all
from a previous tenant.

And you know, it's been
unoccupied for some time,

as you can see,
but you know, all this stuff,

you can take it, leave it.
You can do whatever you want.

Could we get it cleaned, though?

I'm sorry.

Could cleaners come?


It's just kind of dirty.

Don't you have a broom?

Shall we see the bedrooms?

Here, I'll follow you up,
there's more to see

just right up this way.

- Okay, thank you.
- After you.

So this bedroom comes equipped
with a Murphy bed,

you can keep it up
or you can bring it down.

Really as you wish,
which is nice.

But you have to walk
through this room

to get to the other one.


Well, you see, actually,
if you go through here,

you'll see that each room
has a separate entrance.

Addie you can take this room.

But the rooms are connected.

No, they look...
they have separate locks

right here on the doors.

Okay, but how does that work?

I suppose
whoever gets there first

gets to lock the other one out.

Or in.

I'm not gonna lock you in.

And look,
you get a little doorway

out into the hall.

But I only have access
to the rest of the apartment

through this hallway.

No... yeah, that's good.

I can't have you going in
and out of my room all the time.

You know, it's a little
private entrance for you.

- That's true.
- Yeah.


Also I've gotta show you...


- Sorry.
- It's annoying.


Oh, for each side, bro


- It's nice of you.
- Yeah.

Let's get drunk to celebrate.

I really want to,
but I have to learn my lines.

Well, we're uptown girls.
It rocks.

No! Oh, I have to focus.

Take it.

Okay, fine.


Chin chin!

Eww, it's so warm,

Uh, it's room temp.

It's it's an acquired taste.

Okay, but that's disgusting.

It's not.

It's very sophisticated.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Eww. What the...

Oh God. Oh God.

Is there somewhere we could
donate the rest of these?

It's expired.

Well, it's not all expired

and it just seems
pretty wasteful.

Okay, so you want to donate
mostly expired poisonous food

to poor people?

I'm just trying
to be considerate.

Poverty mentality.


Poverty is a mindset.

Rich dad, poor dad.

Your dad is poor.
Does he have poverty mentality?

My dad's not poor.
You're just really rich.

I am not rich.

My family has money, but...

Money they should give us.

Well, they don't, so...

Why don't you just ask.

You know my dad.
I can't answer.

Yeah, you can.
It's almost Christmas.

Come on, I'm Jewish.

Okay, well, that doesn't matter.

I don't get Christmas presents.

Whatever. Your dad would have
written a cheque.

He's not emotionally
invested in you.

He doesn't care. You're right.

But he would have written
a cheque

and he owes it to you anyway

'cause he fucked you up
so badly.

Okay, Noelle.


Please stop.

You love been a victim.

I'm a survivor.

You're a victim and you love it.

What are you?

A high functioning,
emotionally stable person?

Okay. Why have you never had
a boyfriend before then?

Because I'm not you.

I don't seek validation
from men.

Or a real job.

- Your job is not real.
- Yes, it is.

You're an aspiring actress!

You make videos of yourself
doing pretend shit

on your phone all day.

It's called a self-tape
and it takes a lot of courage.


- Hey.
- What are you doing?


What's smudging.

All kinds of space.

It smells really nice.

No gets rid of bad vibes.

Yeah, um, about that.

I'm really sorry, but I was
earlier just being a bitch.

It's okay.

It's not. It was so unnecessary.

Oh, it is.

I'm excited to live here.

It's gonna be so cool,
you know, making it nice...

make it more us.


Hey, could I sleep in your bed
with you tonight?


Come on, it'll be fun.

Just like Salvatore
first night vibes.

Just tonight.

Greg is getting my bed
out of storage tomorrow.

There's an air mattress.

Okay, but I just thought
it would be nice.

I'm not drunk enough
to share a bed with someone.

Come on.
We did it in college.

I was on drugs and drunk
the entire time in college.

I'll give you an Ambien.

That gives me nightmares.

I don't want any Ambien.

I just really don't like
sleeping alone.

Then go to Greg's.
Have Greg over here.

He says,
I have bad boundaries,

which is just
absolutely ridiculous

because he is a retard

and doesn't know
what boundaries even mean.

And I agree that he's retarded.

I... stop.
I... only I can call him that.

I only I.

Let me check.

Hmm, it's some girl.


She looks kind of
Jehovah's Witnesses,

Fuck that, fuck that.
Get down. Get down.

Down, down, down,
down, down, down,.

What size do you think
my bed is?

Like a whole...

Hmm, twin XL.

What the fuck is a twin XL?

It's like a twin,
but for a bigger children

or single adults.

Bigger children.

Single adults like you.

Okay, well, what if these
single adults get horny?

Well, then I guess
they just do it

in their twin sized bed.

What kind of loser
would fuck somebody

in a twin bed?

- No.
- Oh, hey. Here you are.


Hey, what's up, Noelle?


Congrats on the new pad.

- Thank you.
- Can't wait to see that.

Yeah, you're gonna love it.

You guys gonna get a tree?

what is this new obsession?

What, it's beautiful.

Hey, Greg,
would you have sex with a girl

who slept in a twin bed?

Yeah, I have.

Just get a new mattress,

if you're so worried
about your sexual viability.

Hmm. Then I'd have to move it
when I leave and it just...

Wait, what do you mean?

- Like when I move out?
- Why would you move out?

I don't know.

People change.
Things change.

But we literally just moved in.

Yeah, but, you know.

What am I supposed to do
when you move out?

- Live with Greg.
- What? No.

But I thought
we were in this together.

Are you kidding me?

No, I hate it
when you get like this.

Why... like what?

Hey, hand soap
honey suckle or oat blossom.

I'm not so keen on honeysuckle.

- Like what?
- Like shrill and annoying.

Just relax.

Don't tell me to relax, okay?

You want to live
with a hostage,

is that what you want,
is that make you feel good?

Fuck you.

- Okay, I'm going to go home.
- Okay.

You okay?

Noelle hurt my feelings.

You okay, baby?


- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm a broker with Arrow Realty.

Did my associate tell you
I would be coming by?


Oh, well I just have some
unfinished paperwork.

Is now a good time?

No actually...

It really isn't gonna take long.

Hey, excuse me.

It really just, it'll really
only take a minute.

No, whoa, whoa.

It's fine, it's...

Oh my god.

I'm gonna be sick.


It's water.


I have to tell you something.


Something extremely sinister
happened in this apartment,

in your room.


Do you know
who Jeffrey Epstein is?

The billionaire?

He owned this apartment.

He lived here?

No, he didn't live here.

This was probably
some kind of orgy flop house.

Maybe he housed his slaves
here, I don't know.

You're not a realtor.

I'm sorry I lied.

Why did you come here?

I'm investigating
Epstein's death

and the high-profile rapists
in his network.

My work has led me here,

which I believe to be
one of his many properties.

So you're a detective?

No, I think we know the feds

aren't to be trusted
in this case.

That's true.

But you think that somebody
was murdered in my bed?

I don't know.

Murdered, raped, sacrificed.

Please don't tell anyone
you saw me here.

Are you in danger?

You came here for a reason.

I came here to get closer
to the truth.

Sorry Noelle's being
such a bitch.

What's that cunt's problem?



We've been looking
for a place for weeks,

and we finally find
this beautiful apartment.

and like usual,
she can't commit to anything.

Yeah well, maybe a certain tree
will cheer her up, huh?

I even let her have
the better room.

I slept on an air mattress
last night,

and I had the most insane dream.

- Was I in it?
- No.

I was alone, but I felt like
there was somebody there.

I couldn't speak.


My hands
were tied in this like...

blue and white like twine,

covered in oil.

What kind of oil?

I don't know.

It was nighttime.

Everything felt so familiar.

There were palm trees,
someone was playing the piano.

You play piano?

No, Greg!

Listen, it was really scary.

No, no, no, I do get it,
but hey...

it's just a dream, all right?

It's not real.

Yeah, but it felt real.

The island felt so remote,

and I had no like,
identity or autonomy.


Well, it sounds like

what you really need's
a wake up call.

Stop, it's not funny.

I couldn't move.

I was vibrating
and I don't know,

it just made me feel sick.

It was like sleep paralysis.

Yeah, no, that is weird.

Are you listening at all?

Look, I'm sorry your dream
sucked, all right?

Maybe lay off the Ambien.

It's not the Ambien.

Jeffrey Epstein's
death remains mysterious.

Even after reviewing
the autopsy,

and looking at the photos
of his body

and from inside the cell,

that there are questions
that remain unanswered.

After speaking
with multiple pathologists,

they agreed that the cause
of death is impossible to know

without knowing
the position of the body,

the way Jeffrey Epstein's body
was found.

Two days after his death,

FBI agents
swarmed Little Saint James,

Epstein's private
Caribbean island,

where he trafficked
and sexually abused minors,

locally known
as "Island of Sin"

or "Pedophile Island."

You know one of the
girls tried to swim off the island?

Shark infested waters.

Ghislaine Maxwell came for her
on a jet ski.

What would they
have done with the dome?


No I know,
there's fucking mattresses in there.

they're probably soaked in blood, too.

Why would you need
a private island,

unless you were fucking kids?


They say he played piano
in there.

You think?

Hey, Noelle.


I went ahead and got that tree.

Thought it could you know,

make it a little seasonal
and homey in here,

spice things up
for the holidays.

Thanks Greg, it's cute.

Um, hi.

Hi, sorry, we were just,
doing some work.

It's okay. I'm Addie.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, this one,
this is a good one.

Uh Noelle, can I talk to you
for a second upstairs?

I'll be there momentarily.



I'm Greg, by the way.

- Hi.
- Enchante.

What are you working on?


That's the girl who
came over here last night.

I know.

She has it on good authority

that this place used to belong
to Jeffrey Epstein.


When's she leaving?

I don't know. We're just
starting to figure things out.

Figure what out?

Again, I don't know,
just all of this.

Okay, well is it fun?

Do you care
about Jeffrey Epstein?

Do you?

Very much so, yes.

Isn't that the guy who
murdered himself in jail?

He was murdered.

You can't murder yourself,
someone else has to do it.

Wow, really?

I could've sworn I heard

that it was like a suicide
on the news or something.

Well, it wasn't a suicide,
no one thinks that.

Huh, maybe he was sad.

Okay well can you guys
just go to a park,

or a diner, or something,
because I do have an audition?

That's great, very excited
to hear that but no,

because things that are
very sinister happened here.

So we have to be here.

You understand?

- Okay.
- This is the space.

- Yes, fine.
- I'm gonna go to Greg's but...

- That's good, that's great.
- When I get back,

I think we should talk
about house rules or...

You know people can seem
happy on the surface,

but deep down,
they're hurting inside.

He had to cum
three times a day.

Sounds pretty sad to me.

Greg, we're leaving.

I'm just gonna
plug this in and...

No, we're Jewish, Greg.

We're Jewish, can we go?

Okay, good luck
with that project.

Nice meeting you.

Bye, Noelle.
See you later, alligator.

Sorry about that.

Who were those people?

My roommate and her boyfriend.

She's really hostile.

Yeah, she's got
a lot mental problems.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

She seems so normal.

No, very sick girl.

Do you know about pizza gate?

It was described
as four penises, oval shaped,

and claimed with a rack that
was thick towards the bottom,

but was thin and small
towards the head portion.

Have you seen
the deposition video,

where they're talking about
tiny, egg-shaped cock?



Have you been on the Reddit?

Reddit's for fucking
bottom feeders,

but there's a lot
of really good threads.

There's like this one about
if it's a-


This is speed.

No, it's not, it's Vyvanse.

Then why'd you take it
out of the capsule?

Manufacturer recommends it.

Just drink it.

I just looked at
so much occult imagery,

the ornate red glyphs
on the ground,

fucking owl statues.

Kamal, considered the
god of ritualistic child sacrifice.

Bohemian grove type shit.

Bohemia Grove?

You know the thing,
where those rich people,

they LARP, and they like
worship that statue,

it's like a bull sometimes.

Did you know...

No one talks about it.

The harsh angularity
of these blue and white stripes.

When you contrast
with concentric dome,

it's pretty fucked up.

And this door is a trumploy,

but to a trained eye
it's very poorly painted.

Are you an architect
or something?


God, are these yours?

- Ew!
- Demented!

Why does Ghislaine dress
like a fucking nutcracker?


Blah, blah, blah.

Noelle, the collar
is the symbol parts

belongs to slave hood.

It's an outward symbol of your-

Whoever did the body...

Did a fucking good job!

Why do you
think I circled the nose?

Not. Not.

I circled the notes.


Do you think she's pretty?


That girl, Noelle's friend.

Oh, I didn't really notice.

Do you think I'm pretty?

Um, I'm just like
really focused.

Yeah, but I'm just really...

Just not right now.


I really gotta focus
on the game.

Are you staying over tonight?

Do you not want me to?

No, I mean, I just wake up
early for work.

But I thought you were gonna
help me move tomorrow?

Yeah, sorry.

Touch these,
they feel like sandpaper.

Your roommate's fucking weird.

Why do you live with her,

her dad used to pay for everything,

and then she decided
she was too good

to take money from him
because of some that he did

to her a long time ago,
I don't know.


How'd you end up here?

No proof of credit, no income.

It's good to be off the grid.


Where do you live?


Epstein had to have
known it was gonna happen

when he landed at Teterboro.

There's no way he didn't.

God dammit, Noelle!

I don't care about your
kinky roommate, okay.

I've been following this
for years.

When Epstein got arrested,
I knew something wasn't right.

I could feel it in my bones.

Who do you think killed him?

The Clinton crime family,

No, it was the Royals.

- What, because of Andrew?
- Mm-hmm.

- They're irrelevant.
- No, they're not.

Bill Clinton flew
on the Lolita express

like 52 times.

No, they're not, the British
are so fucking cucked

by the Royal family,
you have no idea.

They'll do anything
to protect their image,

even if it means hiring
their intelligence service

to fucking kill someone,
on behalf of Andrew,

so that he can continue
to fuck kids.

No, you're right.

Queen Elizabeth is despicable.

She's a batty old cunt,
and I wish she would drop dead.

They killed Princess Di.

That's true.


The important thing is that
we're awake.

I wanna see the cell.

I wanna see the body.

The real body, not some decoy.

They use our tax dollars...

I don't pay taxes.

Neither do I,
but some people do,

and their money paid
for a fake body.

Do you know no one
in the history of MCC

has ever committed suicide?

Technically they still haven't.

Because he was murdered!

He knelt with force.

- No, he didn't.
- Watch.

Are you okay?

- Are you okay?
- See, there's no way.

The suicide angle's
the most apocryphal bullshit.

They want us dead,
and they wanna fuck our kids.

Celebrities, politicians.

Of course, they're pedophiles.

Their exploitation knows
no bounds.

No bounds.

They're driving the world
into chaos, into ruin.

What's that?

Um, it's just my research.

Like what?

Like, names, locations,

flight logs.

It's kind of like
my black book.

Can I see it?

I've never shown anybody

You don't trust me?

It's not, it's not that.

Then what?

It's just been alone
in this for so long.

But all your hard work,

everything's starting
to come to fruition.

People are really starting
to listen.

I've never done this
with a girl before.


I mean, I want to.

They're going to get away
with it, aren't they?

They always do.

Don't you get scared?


But it's my path.


I'm not like normal people.

I'm obsessed
with political struggle.

I admire it.

I never really cared
about anything.


I care about you, though.

I know.

I don't want anything
bad to happen to you.

You know,
Epstein wanted to live forever.

He knew he was going to hell.

We're already in hell.

Does that feel good?


Yeah, I'm so fucking tall.

I could've been in the NBA.

Fuck me like we're on a plane!

Oh, yeah.

Mile high club.


The 727 Boeing.


Say it!

A big Boeing plane,
I'm fucking you on a Boeing.

How old am I?

You're 26.


Oh, sorry, 25.

Much younger.

Oh, yeah.

You're 18.

Yeah, baby, you're so...

So tight.

Oh, younger!


Fuck me like I'm 13!

What the fuck?


What the fuck?

Why did you stop?

Addie, no, I'm not like into
that age shit, or whatever.

What are you talking about?

That's not fucking cool, okay.

That's fucked.

You are fucked.

Wait, what did I do?

Are you with fucking me?


Greg, I love you.

Come on, let's keep going.

I feel so connected.



No, you should go home.

I have to go to work,
and you should go home.

Are you kidding me?


Don't you wanna finish?

I'll finish myself.


Fuck! What the fuck?

What the fuck?

What the fucking shit?
What the fuck?

Fuck you, Greg, fuck!



What's this?

Ask your fucking roommate.

Royal wedding, Prince Andrew.

This is our 9/11.

What do you mean?

I mean,
it's a total paradigm shift.

It's red-pilled a lot of people.

Opened their eyes
to the realities

of pedophilic corruption.

Do you feel like
you're being watched?

Oh yeah,
you're so fucking royal.

You're so fucking royal.






Fuck you! Fuck you!

Fuck you!

Fuck you!


Hello, world.

I've made it!

Epstein was
trying to find a particle

that would make people feel
like they're being watched.

- Oh my god! I can feel it!
- Oh, stop.

I can't, I felt watched

ever since
we left the townhouse.

No one is watching this.

They are!

Noelle, the particle isn't real.

Epstein was a total suit,
all he knew about was pussy,

and he just kept those
horny scientists around

to feel smart!

I don't wanna go back
to that fucking apartment.

We don't have to,
we'll go to 66th.


There's a compound
his brother owns.

61st, 66th, 71st.

I don't wanna sound
fucking autistic,

but there's a pattern of five

all of the properties.

A pentagram.

Five points
on a fucking pentagram!


I found this in Addie's room.

Holy shit.

My parents are getting divorced,

and I was looking
for a protective crystal

that could maybe prevent it?

Rose crystals, in the back.

This? Thank you.

Excuse me.

Excuse us?

Please don't run a muck
in my shop.

We're not.

We just have a question.


Do you know anything
about this card?

We don't practice
that kind of magic here.

Isn't this a magic store?

It's a magical apothecary.

Okay, so...

So, we don't dabble
in the dark arts here.

Neither do we.

We just have a question
about a card.

If you're persistent
in your quest,

your path will reveal
the deepest secrets.

Some secrets, however,
cannot be transmitted,

through the written
or the spoken word.


I have a question
about a product.

I'm not withholding this
from you deliberately.

It's simply a result
of your ignorance and inability

to grasp the concepts
and reasoning

required of advanced science.

What exactly
are your spiritual goals?

I want answers.

Are you looking for higher
states of consciousness?


When the teaching appears,
the student is ready.

Okay, well, we found this card...

- Where?
- Our house.

Move out.


You found that card loose
in your house?

Yeah, and we found this one
in our roommate's bedroom.

You're in grave danger.

Can you just tell us
a little bit more about...

Absolutely not!

You should leave your house
as soon as possible.

But more importantly,

you should leave my shop

I'm sorry to say,
that your roommate is doomed.

There still might be time
for you.



I'm going to give you
an obsidian crystal

for protection.

But you must leave, right away.

You don't understand!

You can't stay here!


The apartment is
cursed, we can't stay here.

We discovered, the townhouse,
the compound,

and this property
are all separated

by five blocks, Addie!

Five blocks!

Five points on a pentagram.

That sounds scary.


Addie, are you okay?

Why are are you wearing that?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Don't you get it?
This place is cursed.

Oh, it's not so bad.

Once you get used to it.

Well, I'm not getting
used to it.

I'm getting the fuck
out of here.

Addie, what's going on?

Are you okay?

Greg and I got into a fight.

About what?

I don't really know.

You don't seem well.


did I have any mail?


I'm not a conspiracy theorist.

The only conspiracy,
is the one between the elites,

who depend on a permanent
underclass for them to exploit.

She had
the Prince Andrew spoon,

the one that was in my pocket.

What is wrong with her?

I don't know!

I told you
she's a very sick girl.

And she's always been like
into the UK.

Into the UK?

Anglophilia is one thing,
but pedophilia?

It's demented,
even by her standards.

This place has bad vibes, man.

I feel fucking cursed
just being here.

What kind of fucking
cunt bootlicker

is even into the Royals?

- The Royal family.
- Jesus Christ!

what happened in there?

We'll never know.

The cameras malfunctioned.

That's what
they want you to think.

I'm scared.

Me too.

If they get to him in there?

They can do anything!

I think maybe we're starting

to get too close to the truth.

Oh my god.

Is that your roommate?

Why is she dressed like that?

Is she fucking following us?

Is there someone we can call?

Someone in her family?

No, her mom's on some
goddamn Klonopin,

she doesn't know left
from right.

- What about her dad?
- He's a pedophile!

Jesus Christ.

Should we call Greg?

- Who's Greg?
- Her boyfriend.

I thought that guy was gay.

He is.

Oh my God.

It's Ghislaine,
Ghislaine Maxwell.

What are you guys doing here?

What's going on with Addie?

I don't know, you're the ones
who live with her.

Don't be cheeky,
you fucking cock!

Noelle, I told you not
to call me a cock anymore.

- Have you seen her lately?
- No.

She said you guys
got in a fight.

It wasn't really a fight.

Well, what happened?

I don't know, I don't really
want to get into it.

It was weird.

Spill it, faggot.

Normal, pathetic
Addie weird, or like satanic?

I wouldn't know
if something was satanic.

Just get to the point.

I'm not a fucking satanist.

What happened?

All right.

We were having sex,

and she started saying
that we were on a plane.

What kind of plane?

A Boeing.

And look,
we don't normally like talk

when we're fucking,
we're pretty vanilla.

And then she told me
to fuck her like she was 13.

And so I freaked out.

I didn't mean to yell,
but I'm not into like,

pedophile role play shit.

I didn't mean to scare her,

but she was pretending
like she didn't even know

what the fuck
I was talking about.

I don't know, maybe
she was like embarrassed or...


I said no more girlfriend
at work.

We're customers,
we're buying a fucking box!

You're not customer,
you're not customer, bye.

Go play, go to Peewee Herman's

and play with
the other children, bye.

- Please, just go.
- Sorry, I'm very sorry, sir.

I'm very sorry.

So the ton of sword symbolizes
betrayal, painful ends,

crisis, loss, wounds.


- Painful ends.
- Right.

I think your roommate
is a victim of CIA mind control.

Have you heard of MK Ultra?

Most of the files are destroyed
by the government,

obviously, but she's exhibiting
all the symptoms.

She's completely depersonalized.

It's obviously gotten to her.

What are you getting at?

She's not like us, Noelle.

She's a liability.

What do you mean?

I mean,
we have to get rid of her.

Get rid of her?

She's weak psychologically,
that's why they targeted her!

You wanna kill my roommate?

Sort of how you targeted me!


How do I know that
you've been gotten to you?

- You know me, Noelle.
- No, I don't!

You know that
I was trying to...

Trying what?

Trying to warn me?

- All I wanted was the truth.
- Uh-huh.

That's all I ever wanted.

And you were willing
to do whatever it takes.

Of course.

You don't care
if people get hurt.

You don't care what happens
to anyone, not even yourself!

I'm selflessly focused,
but I would never hurt you.

I don't even know your name!

You're just some fucking
meth head

who showed up
on my doorstep,

and decided to rip
my life apart!

I was trying to warn you
about the apartment.

I didn't want to be involved.

I didn't have a choice.

Stay the fuck away from me!



It's done.

How you feel?



It's good.


Your... your roommate,

your roommate tried to kill me!

She tried to kill me!


Noelle? Are you okay?

Noelle, are you okay?

Do you think my tits
are too big?

Maybe, but I like that.

You're crazy!

You're crazy.

What are you doing after work?

I dunno,
what are you doing after work?

I dunno,
what are you doing after work?

I dunno, maybe I kick it,
we could play some video games.

Do you like games?


What the fuck?

You you have to come with me
right now!


Goddamn it, Greg,
come with me right now!

I can't leave, I'm at work.

Why the fuck are you covered
in blood?

Your girlfriend
is fucking dead!

- What!
- Wait, you have a girlfriend?

Help me!

Is this a prank?

I tried to tell them,
I tried to tell them!

Noelle knew!
Noelle knew! Noelle!



Now, Greg, you fucking faggot!



No, no, no, no, no.

Noelle was here!

- Where?
- Here! And she was bleeding!

- You know...
- I hit her with a crystal!

I'm probably gonna lose
my job over this, okay.

So I hope you have a good laugh
at my fucking expense.

No! No!

Is Addie even here?

Or are you and Noelle
just being cunts?

Is she even here?

- The basement!
- What basement?

What are you talking about?

What basement,

you don't have
a fucking basement.

Cool, yeah.

No, no, no, Greg.

You have to believe me,
they were down here.

I saw her body!





You know,
I'm so sick of you girls.

I don't even know who you are!


No, no, you're just
so retarded, fucking,

spoiled bitch!



Grow up, okay?

Grow the fuck up, and get...
and get some fucking help.

Get some fucking mental help,

Jesus fucking Christ.