The Santa Box (2020) - full transcript

Kallie thinks she's cursed by Christmas. For the past 5 years, something bad has happened every Christmas season. One day she finds THE SANTA BOX on her doorstep. Inside is a note that changes how Kallie feels about Christmas forever. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(turntable whirring)

(debris crunching)

(fire crackling)

(rock clattering)

(speaking in a foreign language)

(door bangs)

(Rachel sighs)

(Rachel banging)

Wake up sleepyhead.

(door bangs)

(exhales) Oh no.

[Kallie Voice over]
My name is Kallie Watts

and I do not like Christmas.

Now before you think I'm going
full Scrooge for nothing,

you should know that Christmas
didn't like me first.

See, every Christmas season

something bad
happens to my family.

This year Christmas decided
to give us an early preview:

Our apartment burned down.

The guy upstairs
tried deep-frying

a turkey for Thanksgiving.

No one got hurt, but
we lost everything.

Thankfully some nice people

donated a little
money to help us move.

The curse started long ago
with dad's cancer diagnosis.

He died a year later
on Christmas Eve.

Next we lost our home due
to dad's medical bills.

Then mom's car accident.

So, we said goodbye
car and hello bus pass.

(both grunting)

Grandpa died last Christmas.

I still miss him a lot.

So, as far as I'm concerned,

there is nothing
merry about Christmas.

It's official,

worlds heaviest dresser.

(Rachel sighs)

I hope you're happy
with how tall you are,

because I'm pretty sure we
just stunted your growth.

You okay, kiddo?

I was okay, until
you decided to move us

to the human
version of Whoville.

We moved here because
someone was kind enough

to lower the rent so
we could afford it.

Human Whoville is
just a pleasant bonus.

Look, I know how you feel
about Christmas, but I love it.

It's my favorite time
of year actually.

Even though it
wants to destroy us?

(laughs) Christmas does
not want to destroy us.

It wants to draw us closer,

remind us how grateful we
should be for all we have.

Christmas burned up all we have.

Technically that
was Thanksgiving.

(Kallie sneers)

(plates clattering)

(faucet clinking)

(sighs) Sink's broke.

No water.

I'll look at it later.

Our first visitor.
- Mm.

How do we decide
who gets to answer it?

Draw straws?


Gun duel in the street?

Oo, gun duel,

might turn our new
neighbors against us though.

You get this, I'll get
our first phone call

if we ever get a phone.


(Kallie gasps)
- Welcome to the neighborhood.

How precious are you!

You must be Kallie Watts.

Which would make
you Rachel Watts.

Yeah, how'd you now?

I know everything there is
to know of my neighborhood.

I'm Nelly Green.

I live in that really nice,
big house across the street.

(gasps) Oh.

(door creaks)

I guess your movers haven't
come with your furniture yet?

Actually, this is it, for now.

Oh, that's right.

You lost everything in the fire

and your husband two years ago.


So sad.

Did you Google us?

Don't worry Rachel, lots
of eligible men out here.

Rachel doesn't need help dating.



(gasps) You are a little bit
younger than my darling Lisa,

but I'll make her
be your friend.

No thanks necessary.

Lisa is the most
popular girl in school,

and she is absolutely stunning.

Takes after me thank
goodness. (laughs)

I am kind of the town leader.

I don't know if you noticed

the decorations
coming into town?

All me.

(titters) But, it's
not even December yet.

Oh Honey, I had them put
that up clear back in October.

All in preparation for.

"I'm dreaming of
a green Christmas?"

Oh, (titters) Green,
like your last name.

It's a Christmas party?

It's not a Christmas party,

it is the Christmas party.

I hire the most wonderful Santa

and I buy a ton of gifts
for the local poor kids.

When that Santa
and his Elf walk in

with that big sack of toys,

those impoverished children
just light up with joy.

It's fabulous.
- Wow!

That's really generous of you.

It is, isn't it?

Oh, but I don't do it for
the glory, no, of course not.


I do it for those
filthy, poor kids

who would have absolutely
nothing were it not for me.

Oh, and I have tons of
extra Christmas decorations

if you need them. (titters)

Thanks, but we're good.

Suit yourself.

But you really don't wanna be

the only people in the
town without decorations.

I mean, even Otto
has them. (gasps)

Speaking of your neighbor,
Otto, rumor has it,

he is a former World War
|I Nazi soldier in hiding.


That's why he rents
that house over there,

so he can just run off
at a moments notice.

I'd steer clear.

Why hasn't someone
done something?

(scoffs) I've been
trying to get Otto

kicked out of this
neighborhood for years,

but the police won't
listen to me anymore

and the town council
just turns a blind eye.

There is something
going on over there.

Every now and then, late
at night a van comes in.

Men go in and they come back
out with different packages.

Packages of what?

That, my girl, is the mystery.

But, don't worry.

I've got a new angle,

one that's gonna get Otto
kicked out of this neighborhood

once and for all. (titters)

(rocks clattering)

[Rachel] You alive?


I miss having a TV.

All in good time.

So, how are you feeling about
starting school tomorrow?

Neuronal, irresolute.


See, aren't you glad

someone donated a
thesaurus and not a TV?

I am disinclined to concur.

I got it last time,
it's all yours.

(door bangs)
- Chicken.

If it's Nelly again, I'm
telling her to adopt you.

Mm, she has a big TV
and a streaming service,

I'll consider it.



I'm Chris.

Oh, sorry.

Here you go.

A volunteer handyman?

Yep, mostly for new
people in the neighborhood.

That sounds really nice.

It sounds like a scam to me.

(chuckles) No scam.

I just like to help people.

Exactly what a
scammer would say.

I have references on the card.

Anyone can print a little card.

How do we know
this is really you?

Hey Chris.

Hey Bob.

That was awfully convenient.

Is Bob a part of the scam?

(chuckles) Do you need
help moving stuff in?


Lost everything in a fire.

Makes moving real easy.


Well I've got a hot dog
waiting for me in the truck.

If you do need help in
the future, call anytime.

Why didn't you eat
your hot dog before?

I'll be cold now.

I like cold hot dogs.

That's weird.

What was that?

I've never seen you
be so mean to someone.

I'm just being cautious,

stranger-danger and all that,

like you taught me by the way.

For all we know, Chris
here could be another Nazi

like our neighbor, Autobahn.

I think his name is Otto.

Chris is pretty
cute though, right?

Pretty repulsive if you ask me.

Oh, so I definitely shouldn't
date him if he asks me out?

I'm just looking out for you.

You're a sucker
for a pretty face.

Ah-ha, so you
admit it, he's cute.

I'm going for a walk.

Gonna look for wanted posters
with Chris's face on them.

If you find any,
bring me one back.

I'll hang it in my room.

(Kallie groans)

(Kallie groans)

(Santa statue thunks)

(Kallie sighs)

Do you need some help?


That would be wonderful.

Thank you.

(Otto sighs)

(Otto exhales)

Here you go.

Oh, thank you.

I saw the boys that did this.

Jake and Peter.

This is not the first
year they do this.

Did you call their parents?

Long ago.

Did not help then,

will not help now.

So, (chuckles) they make a mess,

I clean it up and so it goes.


that's not fair

My name is Otto.

And you are?

I'm Kallie.

Just moved in next door.

Oh, well Kallie...

you have heard the saying,

"Life is not fair?"

I definitely know that one.

But you may not
have heard is this:

"To err is human;

"to forgive, divine."

Forgiveness frees us

from anger, hatred and pain.

At my age,

I wish to spend my life in
as little pain as possible.

(both chuckle)

So, when the boys err...

I forgive.

Time to get up sweetheart.

Our new lives await!

(Kallie groans sleepily)

Just five more minutes.

Good morning, sunshine.

What if I let you
pick breakfast?

Anything you want, you name it.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Strawberry waffles,

hash-browns covered
in melted cheese,

buttermilk biscuits
drowning in butter.

That sounds perfect.

(cereal clattering)


Had to get you up somehow.

Our buses will be here soon.

How you feeling, excited?

Mm, more like anxious,
restive, high-strung,

tense, apprehensive, excitable,

fearful, perturbed.

I'm hiding that thesaurus.

(titters) And what about you?

Excited for multiple bus
rides to your new job,

then more buses after
work to the library

for four glorious hours
of online hacker school?

Computer coding school.

And I don't have
your fancy thesaurus

so I am hesitant,
doubtful, scared.

Sorry, that was too truthful.

You're the smartest and
bravest person I know.

You'll do great.

Thank you sweetie,

but I'm supposed to
be telling you that.

You do.

Where do you think I got it?

[Office Secretary] This
is a wonderful school.

I really think you're going
to enjoy it here, Kallie.

The kids are great,
they're so welcoming.

And you're here at the
perfect time of year too.

We have so many Christmas
programs planned this month.


Kallie, this is Lisa Green.

Welcome to Kenville
Middle School.

Lisa will show you around.

She'll take you to
your first class.

Okay, bye bye.

You met my mom Nelly, yesterday.

Mom sensed you could
use a little extra help

so she asked me to
take you under my wing,

show you around, be
your friend, you know,

'cause you're the new
kid and like super poor.

Mom's really into charity
as you already know.

So she figured I
could help you fit in

since I'm kinda like
the queen of the school.

Right girls?

Oh, that's Johanna and Kassiah.

- Oh hey...
- Come on now.

I'll show you around.

(gasps) Oh.

So there's the cafeteria.

I bring macrobiotic
lunches from home,

so I have no idea if the
food here is any good.

Oh, but the school does
have a free lunch program,

so you should make sure your
mom signs you up for that.

- Oh, I don't really...
- And down the hall

is ceramics, woodworking
and AV classes.

I call it Loser Land,
kinda self explanatory.

Oh, and there's the
teacher's lounge,

but I'm allowed to use it

since my mom's like super
in charge of the town

and head of the PTA so
everyone's kind of scared of her.

So if you ever want
to like watch TV

or take a nap during
class, just let me know.


Those are my besties.

I'm cheer captain of course.

Good morning Binocular Boy.

(tree crashes)

Can you believe those glasses?

You'd think he could see

satellites in space
with those things,

but instead he's constantly
running into things.

It's hilarious.
(Kallie sighs)

That's Second-hand Sue.

She gets all her clothes
donated from charity.

Just be glad you're
not as poor as her.

Oh, there's Mini Mindy.

Watch this.

(garbage can thuds)

(Lisa chuckles)

I love this school.

That's Diana.

She was the new kid
before you showed up here.

She's just like you,
poor and super unlucky.

Someone stole her electric
wheelchair during the move here.

I mean like what's with all
the poor people coming here?

It's like an invasion.

Super weird.

(gasps) Speaking of weirdos,

did my mom tell you about
your neighbor, Otto?

He's like an old German
man version of Sue.

No family, no
friends, total loser.

Have you ever met Otto?

You kidding?

I see him taking care of
his yard all the time,

but I've never
actually talked to him.

Does anyone talk to him?

Why would they?

(bus idling)

(bus idling)

"Dear Kallie:

"Seasons greetings, Merry
Christmas, Happy Hanukkah to you.

"You've received the Santa Box,

"now here is what to do.

"A Christmas Wish I'll grant,
just write it on the back.

"Please keep it within reason,

"a car won't fit
in Santa's sack.

"Place the note back in the box,

"and wait until it's night.

"Then put it back
where you found it,

"and be sure to
turn off the light.

"Then last but not least,

"go directly back to bed.

"Do not peek, do not spy,
on the jolly man in red.

"The Santa Box is special,
and must be kept a secret.

"Tell your parents
if you'd like,

"just be sure that
they won't leak it.

"If you follow
these instructions,

"your wish will soon come true.

"Peace and joy this
Christmas season,

"from the Santa Box to you."

Boy, did you pick
the wrong person!

(lid thuds)

(box clatters)


Ed, he's at it again.

(Ed sighs)

What's going on?

(Ed sighs)

How are you not bored with this?

Don't you ever wonder

what he's doing over there
at two in the morning?

It's been like 10 years.

I think I stopped caring
nine and a half of them ago.

Why don't you just go
over and ask him yourself

and end the mystery?

Like he'd tell me.

Besides you should care if
you wanna get your hands

on that property he's renting.

Donald's already rich
and he actually likes Otto.

So he's never gonna kick him out

so that he can
sell us the place,

no matter what you offer him.

Besides, my investor's moved
on like a long time ago.

And so should you Nell.

Can we please just
like go to sleep?

Forget investors.

I had Ted update the plans.

He was able to fit another
home on the property layout.

That's four.

With the current market
value, imagine the money

that we would be making
off this one deal?

So this house that we live
in has two mortgages on it.

So no bank is gonna
give us a loan.

Do you understand?

I've have some dirt on Mindy.

She'll make sure the
loan goes through.

I'm pretty sure
that's called extorsion.

Honey, we need this
deal to go through

in order to get out of debt.

Do you understand
that we're in debt

because you spend money like
we have a printing machine

in our over-mortgaged basement?


No mortgages.

All bills paid for.

A college fund for Lisa.

You'd rather kick an
old man out of his home,

than start spending
and saving responsibly?


Hi, it's Sue, right?


Mr. Anderson assigned
me as your lab partner

since I didn't have one.

Is that okay?

Of course.

I look forward to blowing
up the school with you.

Just a joke.

Science class?

Mixing chemicals and stuff?

Sorry, I'm not
used to hearing jokes

unless they're about me.

I'm sorry Sue

but, if you're my lab partner,

you're gonna hear a lot
of terribly unfunny jokes

because I get them
all from my mom.

Our big science
project is coming up.

We should get together...
- There you are.

Oh, it's Sue.

I thought Kallie was talking
to a pile of old laundry

someone left in the hallway.

We can talk later.

Look, it's only been a couple
of days so I'll forgive you,

but if you're going
to be my friend,

you can not be caught
talking to losers like Sue.

Mom, you're exhausted.

I told you, I'll make dinner

until you're done
with online school.

I appreciate the
thought sweetie,

and as much as I
love mac and cheese

I don't think we
can live off it.

Hey, I make a mean PB and J too.

How did I beat you home?

Where have you been?

I met my lab
partner after school,

worked on a science
project and then,

promise you won't get mad?

In the history of anyone
asking that question,

has anyone ever
kept that promise?

I was helping
our neighbor, Otto.

The Nazi neighbor?

He's not a Nazi, mom,
he's a sweet old man

and everyone hates him.

There must be a reason.

Mom, he has no
friends or family.

- Kall...
- You've always told me

to make my own decisions

based on actual
facts, not gossip.

(exhales) Okay fine.

But I wanna meet this Otto guy.

You think he likes lasagne?

(Kallie knocking)


Hello there.

You must be Rachel.

It's nice to finally meet you.

Kallie has told
me all about you,

but she didn't know
if you liked lasagne.

Oh, it is one of
my very favorites.

Sorry, we just moved in,

so I don't have a
casserole dish yet.

Oh no, no, not to worry.

Do you need this returned?

How pathetic would
I sound if I said yes?

Not in the least.

"Conservation is the heart
and soul of economy."

Otto has all sorts of
cool sayings like that.

Oh, your daughter flatters me.

I steal them from
movies, books and such.

Oh, but I,

I apologize.

I should be bringing
you welcome gifts,

but I do not drive anymore,
so shopping can be...

No, don't worry about it.

And if you ever need anything,

I'm happy to go to
the store for you.

You are too kind.

Oh, are you Jewish?


Why yes, yes I am.

Did Nelly make you put up all
these Christmas decorations?

No, no, not at all.

I may not celebrate
Christmas like you do,

but I love its festive nature,

and the good spirit
it brings each year.

I am sorry,

I would invite you in but...

I have an aversion to people
coming inside my home.

It's an old habit from
the war, I'm afraid.

Oh, no problem, I
completely understand.

It's close to
bedtime anyway, so.

It was so nice
meeting you, Otto.

Lovely meeting you too.

And goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Goodnight now.

Oh, and thank you.

Ah, of course.

There you go.


What do you think of Otto?

(exhales) Okay.

He is a charming, sweet old man.

He really doesn't have anyone?


And since he can't drive,
he's stuck at home,

forced to do yard work.

Some people love yard work.

I heard it was a
punishment for murder

in some countries.
(Rachel laughs)

So, can I help him
with his yard work

after school every
once in a while?

Why, you murder someone?

Mom, I saw kids throwing rocks

at his decorations last week.

I mean, I hate Christmas
but even I wouldn't do that.

And the neighbors just stood

and watched the kids do it.

You can help Otto as long
as your homework is done.

But if his rule of no
people in his house

just happens to change for you...

Okay, I know.

When I'm helping Otto,

I feel like I'm helping grandpa,

and then I don't
miss him as much.

I mean, I know I'm
extremely pretty,

but the real question
is, am I too pretty?

Like is that even a thing?

I don't think so.

(engine roaring)

Rachel, right?


You want a ride?

(doors banging)

I can get those.

Doesn't mean you have to.

(Rachel sighs)

Hey, how's it going, Kallie?

I don't mind taking these in.

Are they heavy?

(exhales) Yeah, extremely.

Probably have a hernia.

Mm, are hernias fatal?

(Chris chuckles)

(Chris clearing throat)

What is he doing here?

Eye candy.

You're so gross.

If you wanna meet me at
the bus stop on grocery day

and help haul our food to
the house, be my guest.

Oh, you know I would.

Sweetie, I know!

But I'd much rather
watch him do it.

(Kallie groans)

Right here good?

Do you need help
putting anything away?

Or I could fix something?

I've got some extra time.
- Nope, we're good.

Thank you for the ride.

If you have some extra time,

I'm about to turn some of
this stuff into dinner,

if you're hungry.


Um, actually I just remembered
I have somewhere to be.

Raincheck though?
- Yeah.

All right.

Dinner mom?



You're making new
friends at school,

can't I make a new friend?

It's been a long time.

I thought you'd finally given up

on getting Otto kicked out.

Because otherwise
you've driven a long way

to hear me repeat myself.

I'm not going to evict Otto.

You and that entire
town should be ashamed

of the way you've treated him.

He's a Nazi, Donald.

Give it up.

You've never even
spoken to the man.

I know Otto.

Aside from him being

the kindest and gentlest
person I've ever met,

he pays his rent on time.

He's turned that place
into a Garden of Eden.

He's probably tripled
my property value.

Why on earth would I
ever want him to leave?

Because you really wanna
build that condo development.

How did you hear
about the condo?

I'm gonna make this
real simple, Donald.

If you want the city to
sign off on your plans,

you'll evict Otto,

and you'll sell
that property to me

at a drastically reduced price.

I don't know who you're working
with from my organization,

but by the time my lawyer
is done with both of you...

By the time you're done,
one of your competitors

would've already broken ground.

It's simple.

You either lose a friend...

or a fortune.

Choice is yours.


You've gotta be kidding me.

Is it the guilt?

Tell you what.

Let the town council
decide if Otto stays.

They say yes, I'll drop it.

And you'll leave
Otto alone for good?

And your condo
deal goes through.

If you're willing to sign
a contract stating as much,

you have a deal.

You may have turned that
whole town against Otto,

but I can't possibly
imagine they would

kick an old man out of his home.

Especially during Christmas.

Probably right.

♪ O Tannenbaum ♪

♪ O Tannenbaum ♪

♪ Wie treu sind deine Blatter ♪

- Hey Otto.
- Mm.

If you don't drive then

where did these all
new flowers come from?

Come, I show you.

(garage door rolling)

Could I get arrested as an
accomplice for seeing this?

(laughs) Nothing
nefarious in here,

just flowers and vegetables.

You have a garage garden?

I grow them from
seedlings in here,

to keep them away from
vermin and the elements.

Then, when they are strong,

I transfer them into the yard.


What's this one?


that is radish.

And onions.

And this,

this is broccoli.

You like broccoli?

You very quickly learn
to love many things

when you are young and starving.

Even broccoli.

Was that from World War II?



I do not wish to
speak of sad things.

I will show you happy things.


This is

my favorite.

The Purple Snapdragon.


It's beautiful.


She is.

Must be a lot of work, though.

Oh it is.


I do it "To please the
eye and brighten the way,

"of strangers who
may pass by someday."

Movie quote?

Fortune cookie.
(both giggle)

But everyone around
here is so mean to you.

Why try brightening their day?

I am like a man who fishes.

I throw a line of joy
out into the world,

sometimes I get a bite,

sometimes I get bit.


I keep fishing.

One never knows.

Small moments created,
can bring big changes.

Small moments?

Imagine you are having

a most terrible day.

You feel lonely,



And then

you pass by a yard

filled with God's
exquisite creations.

The beauty, color, and majesty,

is just enough to chase
the darkness away;,

granting a moment's peace,

just long enough for you to hear

that whispering voice
inside that says,

you are not alone.

You are of worth.

You are loved...


you are mine.


I will show you the
rest of the garden.

Did you order a computer?


Yes, I put it on our gold card.

I also decided to buy us
a vacation home in Hawaii.

Ah, great.

But seriously.

Someone made a huge mistake.

What did the shipping label say?

That's the weird part.

It had my name, our address,

but no packing slip,
or return address.

It's a $3,000 computer.

Our last car cost half that.

I'll just call the post
office tomorrow at work

and have them pick it up.

Or, you could just use it

so you don't have to
spend extra hours on buses

and at the library?

Otto's a movie
streaming fanatic,

I'm sure he'd let
you use his WiFi.

Someone could lose
their job over this.

No way I'm keeping.

But it's yours.

Like it was addressed
to you and everything.

Nobody's gonna get in trouble.

Do you know anything about this?

I can't believe you sacrificed
your Christmas wish for me.

Aw, well believe me,

if I knew they'd actually
go through with it,

I would've asked for a
TV the size of a truck.

Face it kiddo, you
are an amazing person.

Consider this your gift as well.

Well having you
home more is my gift.

Did you know that I'm the
same height as movie stars?

So it means I'm technically
like kind of the perfect height

because everyone wants to be

the same height as
movie stars are.

And like I wouldn't
wanna be shorter.

No offense, I wouldn't
really wanna be your height

because then I wouldn't
be tall enough...

Can I join you?

Not if it's going to
bring Lisa over here.

Don't worry, she went to
go lecture the cheer squad.

Apparently they
weren't peppy enough

during the last assembly.

(sighs) I'm sorry for
not saying anything

when Lisa's mean to you.

It wouldn't have mattered.

She'd still do it, but

then you'd be an
outcast like me.

I promise, I'm not like her.

Then why did you
wait for Lisa to go,

before you came to talk to me?

You're totally right.

I just don't know what's
wrong with me lately.

It's fine, I don't blame you

for being embarrassed
to hang out in public.

But it's not fine.

I've been so horrible to you.

I am so sorry, Sue.

Can we still be mad scientists?

Can you work on the
project after school today?

Yeah, but Mr. Anderson wants
us to work on it at home.

My place is about as
nice as my clothes,

so we should go to your house.

(scoffs) Do you have a
couch, chairs, a kitchen table?

Well, yeah.

Trust me, your place is better.

Do you happen to have a TV?

(paper scrunching)

"In all my years of life

"I thought I'd never see the day

"when someone with so little

"would give their wish away.

"So again, I give the Santa Box,

"you already know what to do.

"But this time
think of yourself,

"and make a Christmas
wish for you."

Someone really wants you
to have a Christmas wish.

Why are they doing this?

This whole thing just reminds me

of all the bad stuff that
happened during Christmas.

Those things have nothing
to do with Christmas, sweetie.

You're missing the whole point.

We can't control when
bad things happen,

but we can control
when good things do.

You know, most people take
a computer for granted,

but for me it's an
enormous blessing.

That's the gift
Christmas gives everyone.

The chance to change
the world for someone

that needs a little help.

You helped me.

Let someone help you.

- Come on in.
- Thank you.

I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.

Oh, not at all, I'm
just making dinner,

waiting for Kallie to get home.


Follow me.

Come on.

So I passed a yard-sale,

and I thought of
your starving house

and its poor empty tummy.

My house is not starving.

I fed it a dresser, two
mattresses and my daughter.

(Chris giggles)

You didn't have to do this,

but thank you,
I'll pay you back.

Sorry, that's against
the Christmas rules,

and you'll invoke the
wrath of Santa if you try.

The wrath of Santa?

I don't know, maybe it
was the wreath of Santa?

Fine, but you should
stay at least for dinner

and try them out with us.

Kallie's made it pretty
clear how she feels about me.

Kallie's a doll once
you get to know her.

The last doll I saw
was in a horror movie,

and it was killing everyone.

Don't worry, you can sit
far, far away from her.

Table looked a lot bigger
in the back of my truck.

Isn't this great?

We don't have to sit
on the floor anymore?

So, Kallie, how's that science
project going with Sue?

Oh, science project, huh?

That sounds interesting.

What are you building?

It's a contraption that
can make people disappear.



That's handy.

What is it really?

It's a catapult that
can fling up to 200 pounds

over 100 miles away.

How much do you
weigh again, Chris?

(fork clangs)

I'm sorry your daughter
loves me more than you.

(laughs) She really
is the sweetest girl.

You just need to
come around more

so she can get to know you.

I'd like that.

Thanks again for the
early Christmas gift.

You didn't happen to buy
me a computer, did you?


But I can keep an
eye out for one.

Although yard-sale computers

are usually glorified doorstops.

No, I meant...

Never mind.

Sorry, forget I said anything.

Actually, if you see a
couch in the $50 range,

just go ahead and buy
it, I'll pay you back.

At this point as
long as it's not

infested with something
creepy, I'm good.

Yeah, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

And I'm paying you for it,

so don't give me
any guff over it.


I'll keep my guff

and share none with you.

- I'm kidding.
- Oh, mom!

The toilet's clogged.

I need help!

(both sigh)

- I'm just gonna go.
- Yeah.

(Rachel giggles)

Finally figure
out what to ask for?


Will it injure Chris in any way?

Darn, I should
have thought of that.

(Rachel sighs)

(Rachel sighs)



Guess what?
- What?

Hold that thought.

My Santa Box wish came.

That was fast, what
did you wish for?

(locker clangs)

(book thuds)

[Kallie Voice over]
"A season like this,

"is for someone like you.

"Smart and kind and a
friend that is true.

"Use this gift card to
buy something that's cool.

"Like gallons of ice cream,

"now I'm starting to drool.

"Merry Christmas from
'The Santa Box Elf.'"

Christmas curse?

These things, they
are not curses.

My dad, home, car,

grandpa, burned apartment?

Well, I mean, technically
that was Thanksgiving,

but it's still Christmas's
fault for being a bad influence.

(harrumphs) Question.

How was your life between
all these so called curses?

What do you mean?

Were you homeless, starving?

Begging for scraps of
food in the street?

Well, no.

We've always been happy.

I have been through many
bad things in my life,

but when they were happening

I never bothered to stop
and check the calendar.

Purple Snapdragon, right?

Very good. (chuckles)

Ah, it was Aglaia's favorite.

This is the very
flower I gave to her

on the day we were
married. (giggles)

In Greek,

Aglaia means beauty or splendor,

but she was so much more.

I have been grafting the
original with new Snapdragon

to keep it alive
all these years.

Aside from my memories,

this is my most
cherished possession.

Aglaia and I had
a very good life,


we also had many trials.

But the bad times helped
us appreciate the good.

When I see this flower,

those happy memories return,


I feel she is with me.

Did you ever get angry?

You know, because of all
the bad stuff that happened?

At who would I
direct this anger?

You know...



How could I be angry at the One

who brought Aglaia into my life?

You have been through
much my young friend,

perhaps more than most
children your age.

But our trials are not
only what makes us strong,

they also help to guide us.


The events of my
life, good and bad,

led me to Aglaia.

Your good and bad
has led you here,

at this very moment in time.

Yet, you believe Christmas
will not bring you joy,

but tragedy?


You are lucky.

How could that
possibly be lucky?

Because you know it is coming.

You have time to prepare.

Decide right now

how you will respond.

Will you allow it to
make you bitter and angry

as you have been in the past?

Or will you face the
challenge and be brave?

Will you allow
yourself to grow strong

by asking yourself
one simple question:

What am I meant to
learn from all of this?


Everything looks good.

I think this will be the
biggest and best party

I've ever thrown.

(people applauding)

That is if you can remember
to do your job correctly.

Now, there is one last thing

I would like to discuss
before we leave,

and that is
concerning Otto Nemz.

(people groaning)

I'm sorry,

does anyone have anything
that they'd like to say?

Well, it's just that

you've tried everything
to remove Otto,

but legally there's
nothing we can do.

You know, I've been
financing this Christmas party

for the last 10 years.

Maybe I should
just let all of you

buy all of the gifts
for all those poor kids.

And pay for catering,

building rentals,
insurance, security...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
we're not saying give up.

I think I speak for
everyone here when I say,

if you can find a legal way
of getting Otto kicked out,

we'll back you.

I'm so glad to
hear you say that.

Shall we put it to a vote?

(bell ringing)

I feel like sometimes you
ought to bring jean jackets,

a lot of people have been
wearing jean jackets.

I mean, like I'm not
saying you're copying me.

Technically, like you
kinda are, you know.

Hi Sue, you look amazing!

Thanks, early
Christmas presents.

It's great wearing pants

that don't fall
down when I sneeze.

- You look like a...
- It's nice actually knowing

the size of clothes I wear.

Well done.

Doesn't she look great, Lisa?

I mean we're still working on

the science project
after school?

Yeah, I'll see
you at your place.

- I bet those clothes...
- Great, see you then.

I bet you smell good.

As opposed to before.

She's gone, the moment's over.

Let's go put some
lip gloss on you

so you can feel better.

You should have seen it,

Sue looked amazing and
Lisa almost blew a gasket!

I wish I had a video
of her face. (giggles)

Are you not afraid that

Sue will turn out like Lisa?


Lisa's a brat
because of her mom.

But Sue only has a dad,
and he's a really good guy.

They don't have much
but they're happy.

They sound quite wealthy to me.

Oh, are you still coming to

our New Home celebration
dinner tonight?

(chuckles) But of course.

Can I bring anything?


My mom's really excited

to be cooking for
someone than just me,

so there will be lots
and lots of food.

Plus her new friend
Chris will be there.

And is this

Chris not your friend also?

He's nice I guess.

I mean, mom's dated before

but I've never seen
her look at a guy

the way she looks at him.

That is bad?

It's just weird,

mom liking someone
other than my dad.

And he keeps bringing
us stuff for Christmas.

He just brought a
couch and a chair.


It's like he's trying to
replace what we've lost.

He can't replace what I've lost.

Is he trying to replace?

It is Christmas after all

and you just told me
of a very kind gift

that brought joy
to your friend Sue.

Perhaps this Chris

is just trying to bring
joy to you and your mother.

"It's time to give up,

"I know when I'm beat.

"With a spirit like yours,

"I cannot compete.

"And since I can't win,

"I'll offer you a deal.

"Find those who need wishes,

"and I'll make them real.

"Help anyone you like,
but the same rules apply.

"Keep the Santa Box secret,

"so you'll have to be sly.

"If your mother approves,

"and I think that she will,

"we'll make lots of folks happy,

"Christmas joy they will feel.

"The Santa Box."


can I?

Hey time is up, everyone.

Relax until class is over,

and feel free to
bother each other,

just leave me alone.

Are you okay, Ben?

Yeah, it's just allergies.

It's not just allergies.

Little Benny is sad because
his only friend just died.

That's horrible, Ben.

I'm so sorry.

Don't be, it was
just an ugly dog.

Wait, you have a cat, right?

What if your cat killed your
dog because he was jealous?

(bell rings)

(Ben sobbing)

Hold on.

Why are you home so early?

Is it the Christmas curse?

Did you get fired?

Do we have to move again?

No, a water pipe broke
and it flooded the office

so they sent us home early.

Hurry, there's something
for you inside.

What, okay.

It wasn't here when I got home,

then I went to check
the mail and boom,

it was sitting on the porch.

Why are you acting so weird?

There was a note that
told me to look inside.

So I looked.

Now you, go, go, go.
- Okay!

(lid clangs)

Are those real?

I've never seen that
many all together before,

but yeah.


That looks like a lot!

It is a lot.

Read the note.

- Careful.
- Okay.

It's says for you to read it.

"Dear Kallie.

"This money is yours
to do as you wish.

"Your gift of sacrifice
has given me hope

"for the youth of this time,

"and I pray your example

"will spread farther
and wider in this world

"than the darkness that's
currently fighting to engulf it.

"You have wisely discovered

"that it's not about the gift,

"but what need
that gift fulfills.

"But don't forget
that sometimes money

"or a material
object is perfect,

"but other times
what people need most

"is just to know that
someone out there cares.

"This will be the last time
you receive the Santa Box.

"Please set it outside tonight

"so I can continue my
favorite tradition.

"Thank you for making my
Christmas extra special this year.

"Merry Christmas, Kallie.

"The Santa Box."

What should I do with the money?

That's up to you, sweetie.


I need a bus pass.

There's something I need to buy.

(Ben gasps)


That was amazing.

Did you see Ben's
little face light up

when he saw that puppy?

(giggles) Yup,
look, still crying.

I can see why you love this.

Who's next on the list?

I don't know.

Well, if you need
a helpful elf again,

you know where to find me.

(Kallie exhales)

Wait, I got it!

Lisa is the answer.

If Lisa's the answer,

I'm afraid to hear the question.


Lisa loves making fun of
kids for different things.

I'm going to use those
things to help them.

- That's brilliant.
- Mm-hmm.

Lisa doesn't know it yet,

but she's about to help me
fill my Santa Box Wish list.

(bright music)

Hi Binocular Boy.

(boy screams)

(students cheering)
(students applauding)


I ate way too much.

(chuckles) You
outdid yourself Rachel.

Best meal I have
had in many years.

Thanks for the complement,

you are now invited
to Christmas dinner.

Oh, well, I would be honored.

Thank you.

I agree.

Dinner was great.





Mesmerizing, really?

Fine, you're also invited.

And thank you for helping
with dinner tonight.


he brought cold hot dogs.

[Chris And Rachel]
They had cheese inside.

(Otto chuckles)

Where do you normally eat?

On Christmas?


Porter's Pizza.

That's so sad, I
feel like hugging you.

I say go with your instincts.

(Otto clears throat)
(Kallie clears throat)

So Otto, when did you
start celebrating Christmas?

My wife, Aglaia and I,

we adopted Christmas
many years ago.

And while, as Jews, we
do not worship Jesus,

we recognized that he
was an extraordinary man.

A good rabbi, a teacher who
taught others to be kind,

to love one another,


to forgive those
who have wronged us.

I witnessed

the very worst that
man can become.

He was an example

of what man should strive to be.

One cannot help but



and cherish

such an amazing person.

(students speaking indistinctly)

(locker bangs)
- Oh.

Something is going on.

Horrid Tooth Hailee got braces.

Apparently she got sick
of her crooked smile.

Her parents probably
had to mortgage

their trailer home to get them.

Binocular Boy Josh got contacts.

Now he can actually see.

There goes my entertainment.

And you will never believe
what Mini Mindy did.

Why are you wearing
pajamas to school?

You look ridiculous.

Let me help you out.

(Mindy screams)

(bin thuds)

Yeah, yes.

I don't get it.

Everyone's so...

- Happy?
- Yes.

It's disgusting.

Hey Sue.

Today's the day, you're excited?

Heck yeah.

History is about to be made
in science class. (giggles)

What are you
losers talking about?

Mr. Anderson's judging
the science projects today.

What lame thing did you make?

Only the most epic volcano ever.

Oh, a volcano.

How original.

This is no ordinary volcano.

It's got smoke, lights
and even sound effects.

So, we're basically
guaranteed victory.

It's a huge part of our grade,

so we worked super hard on it.

I'm going to class, you coming?

I'll see you in 8th
period after the assembly.

We're going to dominate!

- Come through.
- Hello!

(scissors snips)

(chuckles) Let's see
how epic it is now.

(Lisa screams)

(students laughing)

(students laughing raucously)


We need to talk.

You just get along with
everybody, don't you?

Is this a part of your
volunteering charity stuff?

Snowmen for widows?

Not normally, but everyone
else has decorations

to show their
Christmas spirit, so.

Did you not see
the smiling Santa

hanging on the wall inside?

Yes, but that's inside.

Out here it's like
a corpse factory.

No spirit.

Now, your neighbor Otto
had an orphaned Frosty,

so he thought you guys
could give him a good home.

Frosty doesn't seem
to like you much.

Yeah, but once
he gets to know me,

he'll realize I'm a good guy,

and that I really
care about him.

You wanna help with
Frosty's mid section?

You can't have a snowman

without six-pack
abs to hold him up.

[Kallie] Are you sure
you want to make a showman

with better abs than yours?

[Chris] Hey.

That can't possibly
be my daughter

setting up a
Christmas decoration!

Hey, I gave into peer pressure.

Hey Kallie, when we're done

why don't you go and
invite Otto for dinner

to say thank you for Frosty.

You think he'll like my stew?

Everyone likes your stew.

Do you like stew, Chris?

(Kallie knocking)


Hello, there.

Is this real?

I did not mean
for you to see that.


They can't just kick you out.

The owner has decided to sell.

Isn't there something we can do?

This is Nelly.

She's been trying to
get you kicked out.

It will be all right.

If this is what is
required, I will comply.

You can't just give up.

I fear, the law
is on their side.

That doesn't mean it's hopeless.

I came to invite you to dinner.

Chris will be there too.

Between the four of us,

we can definitely
figure something out.

So, do you think it'll work?

It's worth a shot.

I have read more rental agreements
than I care to remember.

A landlord has to give you
longer than a week to move out.

At the very least, an
attorney will get you more time

to figure things out.

And Otto, if you need money
or help with the attorney,

I know someone who
can help with that.

You are all so kind.

Between this wonderful
meal and your friendship,

I feel much better. (chuckles)

By the way,

you are all going to the
big Christmas Party, yes?

No way.

It's Nelly's party.

(sighs) But this party, it
is so much more than Nelly.

Many people work
hard on this party.

Many children receive
gifts from Santa.

For some,

I'm afraid that is
all they will receive.

Do not let one person
spoil the Christmas spirit

you have allowed
back into your heart.

It's up to you, but I'm going.

You'd really leave
me and go alone?

(Chris clears throat)

Technically she
wouldn't be going alone.

And I was just
starting to like you.

Please, Kallie.

Promise me you will go.

It would mean so
very much to me.


I promise.

But if Nelly talks to
me, I might do something

that might get me in even more
trouble than I am at school.

(Kallie gulps)

I'll walk Otto home,

then we should probably talk.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.


Come on Otto.

Goodnight, and thank you again.

- Goodnight Otto.
- Goodnight Otto.


this revenge you and
Sue play on Lisa,

it made you feel better, yes?

When I saw the humiliated
look on Lisa's face,

I felt like crying.

I don't get it!

Lisa's rich, popular, beautiful.

(sighs) Why did Sue and
I feel so bad for her?

But when Lisa was
mean to the other kids,

you do nothing at first, yes?

I mean, it was nice
having popular friends.

I didn't wanna give that up.

But, then you give up popularity

to play this joke on Lisa

as a way to come to
Sue's defense, yes?



Who came to Lisa's defense

when she was standing
there, humiliated?

No one.

Everyone just laughed.


For such a popular girl,

is that not strange?

I never though
about it like that.

But yeah.

I have lived across from Lisa

most of her life.

I have seen much.

You and Sue felt bad


for one brief moment,

you saw the real Lisa.

A girl who feels lonely.



Sometimes, our enemies
are only our enemies

until we truly get to know them.

What's that from?

My life.

(metal clangs)

Can you save it?

I'm so, so sorry, Otto!


How is he?

Well, the procedure went well.

The stent restored the
blood flow to his heart

but, unfortunately, Otto hasn't
regained consciousness yet.

We're not exactly sure why.

There is a chance
that a blood clot

may have formed and
traveled to his brain.

If that is the case...

The chances of Otto of
waking up are pretty slim.

But the odds of him waking up

without debilitating
brain damage...

You all right, sweetie?

No, mom,

I'm not all right.

I finally allowed
myself to believe

that the Christmas curse
was gone, that it was done,

but I was wrong, and
it's all my fault.

You know that's not true.

Yes it is.

I saw the Santa Box
in Otto's living room.

It was him the whole time.

He's lived here for 10 years,

perfectly happy.

Then he gives me the Santa Box.

And now he's getting evicted,

his garden is ruined, his
wife's flower is destroyed,

and now he's in the
hospital, dying.

This is why I hate Christmas.

Nothing ever happens to me,

it's the people I
love that suffer.

Dad, you, grandpa...

and now Otto.

You better think twice

before coming back here
for Christmas next year.

Does that mean
you care about me?

(Santa picture ripping)

(Santa picture thunks)

Morning sweetie.

What's wrong?

Is Otto okay?

(exhales) I just called,

but no changes unfortunately.

How are you?

I don't know.

Maybe the Christmas
party will cheer you up?

Even if I didn't hate
Christmas more than ever,

how could I go to
the Christmas party

with Otto dying in the hospital?

I have something to tell you.

I help Otto with the Santa Box.


My mom died when I was 10.

My dad was a drunk.

Life was hard.

And then the Santa
Box showed up.

What did you wish for?

A family.

I got my wish too.

Child services showed up one day

and eventually I was adopted
by an amazing family.

I don't know where I'd be
without this little box.

Years later I found
out it was Otto,

and we've been
friends ever since.

He gives me the money
and the Santa Box list,

and I buy all the
stuff and deliver it.

He calls me his Elf.

Geez, he got you a family.

I just got everybody
gift cards and stuff.


Don't do that.

Don't diminish what
you did for those kids.

You gave exactly what they
needed, when they needed it.

Take it from somebody who's
been on the other side of it;

you have no idea what
that meant to them.

You should be proud.

I am.

And I know your mom is.

And Otto is amazed by you.

Why didn't he just tell me?

He's got his reasons.

And he swore me to secrecy,

but under the
current circumstances

I think it's time for all of
Otto's secrets to come out.


He has more?


And one I didn't even
know about until today.

Otto's pretty much
sold everything he owns

in order to keep
funding the Santa Box.

I'm sorry, I still can't go.

Would you like to know

why Christmas means
So much to Otto?

It's because this little
box saved his life.

How did it save his life?

Well, I guess you're
gonna have to come

to the Christmas
party to find out.

I'll tell you on the way.

(people speaking indistinctly)

The gifts have
still not arrived!

Parents and dozens
of excited kids

are asking me where Santa is.

I just talked to Santa,

he's running a little late.

Everything is fine.

Okay, I'm sorry, it's
just the little kids...

The kids, kids, kids.

The party just started,
tell everyone to chill.

Then tell their parents
that the snot-nosed kids

are getting free toys,

so maybe they shouldn't
complain about having to wait.

Great party as always.

Thank your mother for us.

Merry Christmas Lisa.

Tell your mom the
party is amazing.

Have you seen
Johanna and Kassiah?

They're an hour late.

♪ Silent night ♪

♪ Holy night ♪

♪ All is calm ♪

♪ All is bright ♪

♪ Round yon virgin ♪

♪ Mother and child ♪
- Lisa?

Don't bother begging
to be my friend again.

I only hung out with you
because my mom made me.

You're a loser, just
like the others.

I came to apologize.

Instead of playing
a joke on you,

I should have just been
honest and talked to you.

Talked about what?

Why you act the way you do.

Me, there's nothing
wrong with me,

you're the loser who...
- Just stop it, Lisa.

(exhales) You
tease certain kids.

You call them cruel
names, isolate them.

You make them feel bad

because that's how
you feel all the time.

You just barely moved here,

don't act like you know me.

You're right, I don't know you.

Not the real you anyway.

But that's the Lisa I
want to be friends with.

And I don't care if you're
rich or popular or pretty.

But I do care if you're
sad, or if you're lonely,

or just need
somebody to talk to.

I care because
I'm a good friend.

And I hope to be yours someday.

♪ Christ the Savior is born ♪

(audience applauding)

What do you think you're doing?

You didn't tell me
you were gonna sing.

I didn't even know
you could sing.

You were supposed to
meet me an hour ago.

I've been walking around
here by myself like a loser.


(scoffs) Oh.

You mean we actually
get to talk for once?

- Well, you didn't...
- Not that you would notice,

or would even care,

but we started taking
singing lessons.

Someone anonymously encouraged
us to develop our talents,

so we gave it a try and
we're actually good.

Good enough that we were
asked to sing tonight,

although we assume it wasn't
your mom who requested us.

But we will need
to practice more,

So we're no longer
your tag-a-longs.

Singing's more
important than money.

Money, what are
you talking about?

Your mom, she pays
kids to be your friend.

Why else would everyone
put up with you?

That's not true.

(guffaws) Aw!

You actually think
people like you?

(Nelly exhales)

So, is Santa coming or what?

I can't get a hold of the guy.

Well, who is he?

Why don't we just go to
him and pick up the gifts?

I don't know who he is.

How do you not know who he is?

You like literally use
him every single year.

Hi, sorry to
interrupt the party,

but I have some bad news.

Santa's not coming because
he's in the hospital.

Don't worry kids,
not the real Santa.

Just one of his helpers

who's been playing
Santa at these parties

for the past nine years.

His name is Otto Nemz.

You all know Otto, he's
the 80-year-old man

your town council
recently evicted,

just so Nelly Green
could buy the property.

I'm putting a stop to this.


Let her finish.


You never bothered
to get to know Otto,

so let me tell you
about my friend.

(speaking in a foreign language)

(rifle thunks)

(box clattering)

(tins clatter)

The boy was Otto.

For six months Klaus
brought food, water

and did his best to bring
whatever Otto wrote on the papers.

A blanket, medicine,

and even a toy for Christmas.

This is the box that Klaus used

to save Otto's life
all those years ago.

When I first moved
here with my mom,

I hated Christmas.

Otto used this to teach me
what Christmas is really about.

It's a time to forget ourselves

and think of others.

He and his wife
used their fortune

to fund the Santa Box.

But when the money ran out,

Otto started secretly
selling his antiques

and everything he owned, online,

all so he could continue
his favorite tradition,

and more.

(audience applauding)
(audience cheering)

He's also been buying
your Christmas gifts

for all these years.

To be fair, Nelly had no idea,

since Otto wanted
to remain anonymous.

Otto looked forward to this
party every single year,

and while he may not be
with us here in person,

the spirit of Christmas
that he loves so much, is...

(audience applauding)

Merry Christmas.

If you'd like to say
goodbye, it's time.

Thank you for opening her heart.

You never got to thank Klaus.

But I got to thank
you every day.

Goodbye, my friend.

We'll be in the
hall, okay sweetie.

I kept my promise.

I went to the Christmas party.

It was fun.


I kinda told
everyone your secret,

but blame Chris,

'cause he's the one who told me.

I remembered what you told me.


I'm choosing to stay strong.

And I asked myself the question:

what am I supposed to
learn from all this?

And I think I finally know.

I learned that friendship

is more important
than popularity.

That forgiveness is more
powerful than revenge.

And that Christmas

is the best time to spend
with the ones you love,

even if bad things are
happening at the time.

But I still want to
make memories with you.

I'm sorry for being
so angry for so long.

But I'm not anymore.

Otto helped me to understand.

He had a right to be angry,

but he never was.


if it's okay

will you please, please tell him

that he has a family
here on Earth too?

I couldn't find a
Purple Snapdragon,

so I picked the one I
thought you'd like most.

But I don't know it's name.

But you'll tell me...

when you wake up.

You'll tell me.

Goodbye, Otto.

Tolumnia bahamensis.

My second favorite flower.


Thank you.

- So, you are happy now?
- Mm.

No more of this Christmas
curse nonsense, yes?

Totally done, I promise.

Good. (chuckles)

Very good.

Maybe I spoke too soon.

I'm so glad you're
all right, Otto.

Good to see you my friend.

Well, that's the problem.

I haven't been a
very good friend.

I made a mistake that
almost cost you your home.


Does that mean that
Otto's not evicted?

This is Nelly's
purchase agreement.

It seems she had a
sudden change of heart.

Everyone's real sorry, Otto.


that is all in the past.

(chuckles) Besides,
it's Christmas Eve,

who could have bad feelings
at such a time as this?

(Otto gasps)

Hey, Otto.

The town council wanted to
wish you a Merry Christmas.

You are so kind.

(Otto gasps)

This is wonderful.

What are the speed limits
in town these days?

(everybody laughs)

We've got another
surprise for you, Otto.

Wow, the snow looks real.


What snow?

It hasn't snowed here in decades

Huh, better late than never.

And now that your
home is no longer empty,

maybe people can come inside
and visit you once in a while.

Oh, yes.

Yes, as the saying goes,

"No time like the present."

Please, come in my friends.


Everyone decided to throw
you a Santa Box party.

Half the town have stories
that they wanna share with you

about how the Santa Box

helped them in
their time of need.

Oh, I was not
alone in this work.

Without the help
of my Elf, Chris,

I could never have continued.

I think you should
promote your Elf to Santa,

then you can enjoy
the party for once.

That is a wonderful idea.

What say you, Chris?

As long as I don't have to wear

green tights anymore, I'm in.

(both laugh)

Green tights?

I'm sorry I missed that.

Oh, trust me,

you are hot.

(all laugh)

Here, you do the honors.

(all laugh)

[Kallie Voice over]
Dozens of families

shared their Santa
Box stories with Otto.

And he was so happy
when they told him

they had plans to make
Santa Boxes of their own.


I'm Lisa.


Nice to meet you, Lisa.

[Kallie Voice over]
And while I didn't get

a TV for Christmas,

I got something even better.

A new home.

New friends.

And maybe...

Even a new family.

Oh, would you look at that.

We just happened to stop
under the mistletoe.

It's like fate wants us to kiss.

Have I ever told you that
fate is my middle name?

[Otto] Thank you for
coming, my friends.

Merry Christmas.

Come back again soon.

[Kallie Voice over] My
name is Kallie Watts,

and I love Christmas.

In fact...

it's my favorite time of year.

("Gift of Christmas")

♪ Winter paints ♪
the perfect scene ♪

♪ Twinkling lights ♪
on evergreens ♪

♪ Covered in a blanket of snow ♪

♪ Hustle bustle in the square ♪

♪ Christmas spirit ♪
fills the air ♪

♪ Everyone is bright ♪
and all aglow ♪

♪ But the best gift I know ♪

♪ Isn't wrapped in ♪
ribbons and bows ♪

♪ Love is the gift ♪
of Christmas ♪

♪ It's the magic in us ♪

♪ Doesn't stop right here ♪

♪ Lasts throughout the year ♪

♪ Love is everywhere ♪

♪ Love is the gift ♪
of Christmas ♪

♪ Friendly smiles ♪
are welcoming ♪

♪ Everyone is family ♪

♪ Opening our hearts ♪
and our homes ♪

♪ We have so much to celebrate ♪

♪ Every day's a holiday ♪

♪ Spreading joy of ♪
Christmas where we go ♪

♪ What's more ♪
precious than gold ♪

♪ Isn't wrapped in ♪
ribbons and bows ♪

♪ Love is the gift ♪
of Christmas ♪

♪ It's the magic in us ♪

♪ Doesn't stop right here ♪

♪ Lasts throughout the year ♪

♪ Love is everywhere ♪

♪ Love is the gift ♪
of Christmas ♪

♪ What the world ♪
needs the most ♪

♪ Isn't wrapped in ♪
ribbons and bows ♪

♪ Love is the gift ♪
of Christmas ♪

♪ It's the magic in us ♪