The Sannikov Land (1974) - full transcript

The exiled settler Alexander Ilyin persuades the goldmines owner Trifon Perfilyev to sponsor the expedition dedicated to the searches of "Sannikov Land", a legendary warm land behind the Polar circle. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Over 100 years the mystery of the land
spotted by Sannikov in the Arctic ice
has excited many travellers, but no
one could reach it. May be it was a
land ice or the land had been immersed
into the Arctic Ocean? Even nowadays
Sannikov Land Bank still exists on
geographical maps worldwide. This film
is about everlasting quest and brave
people that tried to peek beyond the

The Sannikov Land
(subs by ilya647)

Script by Mark Zakharov
Vladislav Fedoseyev Based on the
science-fiction novel by V.A. Obruchev.

Directed by Albert Mkrtchyan
Leonid Popov.

Chief Cameraman
Mikhail Koroptsov.

Production Designer
Vladimir Filippov
Valery Filippov.

Music by A. Zatsepin.

Sound Operator B. Zuyev
Music Recording V. Babushkina
Song Lyrics L. Derbenyova.

Director A. Mstislavsky
Cameraman S. Kublanovsky.

Make-up N. Minayeva
Edit Cut L. Feyginova
Costume Designer A. Budnikova.

Special Effects:
Cameraman Y. Potapov
Designer B. Noskov.

Assistant Directors
A. Romanenko
A. Poroshin
S. Mkrtchan
Assistant Cameramen
V. Balashov
V. Golobokov
N. Glukhov
Assistant Designers
T. Elyevtseva
A. Kudryavtsev.

Editor V. Khotulyov.

Production Manager V. Moskaleichik.

Starring: Vladislav Dvorzhetsky
Georgy Vitsin Oleg Dal Yuri
Nazarov Mahmoud Esambayev.

Perfilyev - Nikolay Gritsenko
El'yin's Fiancee - Alyona Chukhrai
Dukkar - Gevork Chepchyan.

Chief - Petr Abasheyev
Setenkar - Tursun Kuraliyev
Annueer - Yekaterina Sambuyeva
Goshar - Nasira Mambetova.

Support actors...

Who is it?

Baron Schtoll in the flesh. He
was going to find the Sannikov Land.

- Where did they find the body?
- North of the Kotelny island.

- What about others?
- Did not find them.

17 lives... Too many...

- Good day, Trifon Stepanovich.
We've been waiting for you.

We were on tenterhooks...

- Hello, Ignaty. Why do you
have a criss-cross snoot?

- I've got many things to
care of, Trifon Stepanovich.

While you were enjoying your
time at the mine a certain
Aleksandr Petrovich El'yin...

...paid visits to this place 3 times a day.

He wanted to see you in person.

- Who is El'yin? A merchant?

- No, the colonist...

- ...the one under surveillance...
- I don't want to deal with this one!

I avoid such people like the
plague. Arrange the bath-house...

...and bring me the bills. Move!

- El'yin Aleksandr Petrovich.

- Ignaty!!! Why did you let him in?

- Trifon Stepanovich, 'strewth! I didn't!

Last time I turned him out of doors.

He might be a turnskin.

- Fool! Send him packing!

- OK. The exit is that way!

- Trifon Syepanovich, I
won't take much of your time...

...I have a business offer and it
might be very profitable for you.

- Well?

- I intend to get to the
Sannikov Land any time soon.

- What sort of land?

- 100 years ago Sannikov, a tradesman
from Kotelny island, spotted this land.

Since that time no one could reach it.

- What does it matter to me?
- Your Nikolsky mine is depleting.

- Lies! Who told you that?

- It's true. I have absolutely
reliable information. Look.

- After a couple of years your gold
mine will deplete. What if a new
land turns out to be second Alaska?

- Remember we had sold Alaska for a
song and kept kicking ourselves after.

- How much will your
second Alaska set back?

- I've calculated everything. It's cheap.

- I'm sure that Sannikov Land
really exists. I'm going to find it...

...Each spring birds are
flying north, to the pole.

Wait, but there's ice out there?

- Where do those
stupid birds are flying to?

- Do you know about strange
disappearance of the whole Onkilon tribe?

..They left the continent 400 years ago.
And since that time no one heard of them...

...Come on!

Where are you going to
find madmen for this sacrifice?

- One of them is right in front of
you. It means there will be others.

There was a sunrise, a rainbow
was blooming. Everything's
over. The love is gone.

The sundown was flaming, the
rainfall was tapping the glass. But
now it's all over and done with...

I can still go up in the open
sky like a bird... Sometimes.

And just like in childhood my
heart is dreaming of endmost
lands and cities of the earth.

There was a sunrise, a rainbow
was blooming. Everything's
over. The love is gone.

The sundown was flaming, the
rainfall was tapping the glass. But
now it's all over and done with...

Although my path is full of bumps I thank
my luck for being able to fly in my dreams.

- Bravo!!! You're our
star! Our Arctic warbler!

- Krestovsky, buddy, sing my favorite...
- The Gypsy one, vagabond!

Gentlemen, have a heart, he's
been singing for 3 days. He needs rest.

So, what? Let him sing.

- Nonsense! Yevgeny
Krestovsky needs no rest.

- If Krestovsky starts singing
he'll keep singing for 2-3 weeks.

Yevgeny Krestovsky was singing
in the gunpowder magazine under
shrapnel and grapeshot gunfire.

He was singing and
spawling like an African lion.

When Krestovsky had been taken
captive by Turkish smugglers,
it was their Black Day...

...He threw a concert on the top
of the Constantinopolian Mosque.

...On the stroke of 00:00 GMT
Krestovsky cut his chains and
sang "God Save the Tzar".

On the stroke of 02:00 GMT thousands of
infidels embraced Orthodoxy voluntarily...

And when Osman-pasha was carrying me
in his own arms to hand me in to the
Russian squadron against receipt...

… Passionate muslim women were
teared off their veils and waved me.

When I stepped on the deck of
my ironclad, it was the first
time I was unable to sing...

...I hugged the mast as if
it was my beloved woman.

- Are you sure it was a ship
mast? Not a gas lamp mast?

- Dear sir, may I kindly ask you
to repeat what you've just said?

- I don't say twice.

- I was speaking about the top of
the Constantinopolian Mosque...

Unfortunately in these circumstances
we can't proceed to the Bosphorus...

I offer you an equal bet instead.

I will climb up the watchtower
blindfolded and ring the bell.

If I manage to do so,
you'll blow out your brain.

If I don't, I'll crash under
your feet. What do you say?

- Brilliant idea.

- ...When do we push our luck?
- Now.

- May I kindly ask you to...
- Yevgeny, leave it out!

[French]- Vous avec
reason, Fyodor Vasilyevich...

- Let's stop the game.

- Krestovsky never stops halfway!

For God's sake, stop
him while it's not too late!

- If you want to risk your life
I suggest that you should go to
the Sannikov Land with me.

I'm telling you it's a very
dangerous trip. Grab the rope.

Why doesn't he grab the rope?

- How many miles away is your land?
- I have now precise data.

It's a tempting offer,
but I need to think it over.

You have couple of seconds left.

But I don't like thinking for a
long time. What's my salary?

Forget about salary.

- Sounds great. I don't
like thinking of money.

What if they don't come back and
disappear? My money will be gone.

- May be there is no land.
- There is. I have a gut feeling...

- ...You may rely on Aleksandr Petrovich.
- So you think there is land?

- Of course there is. The birds are flying
north, they are flying to the land. They
don't wave their wings just for nothing...

- ...They have a reason.
- It turns out that there is land.

Yes, there is. I have a gut feeling.
It's a copper bottomed venture.

Since you have a gut
feeling you'll go there.

Where to?

What do you want me to pop into?

Not to pop into. You're
going to explore the land.

- Ignasha, you need to learn the ropes...

...You are not
good at paper work.

Right. Those papers dazzle my
eyes and heart leaps into my boots.

- That's my point. God didn't
grace you with intellect. And
you don't need it anyway...

...It would be an albatross
around your neck...

...You'll become a pioneer.

God bless you, Ignasha!
Discover the Promised Land!

- Trifon Stepanovich, there is no land!
- Where the birds are flying to?

- The birds are unreasonable
creatures, they're just flying
from one place to another.

- No, I have a gut feeling.
They're flying to that land.

There is no land!

Then you'll go and check. What if
there is? It would be a pleasant surprise.

- Trifon Stepanovich, have a mercy
on me! You're sending me to my doom!

- By the way, you've reminded
me of the doom. I'm so old, I
forget about many things...

...When you find the gold, get
rid of your mates on the way back.

- Gossips are no good.
Everyone will make for it...

- ...Just a two of us. You and me.
- Me... me...

- You come back as a hero and
all mortgage notes will be burned...

...If you don't - you'll have
only yourself to blame.

- Trifon Stepanovich, have a
mercy! Don't doom my soul!

- Are you afraid?

Yes, I am.

That's great. Fear makes
people kill each other most often...

- ...Are you nuts?
- Just scratching.

- Do you love me, El'yin?

- We will live long, right?

- Right.

- When your exile is over
we shall leave this place...

- ...Do you want to go to Petersburg?
- Yes, I do.

- We'll settle down at Fontanka.
You'll return to the Geographic Society.

- I love you so much.

- You're leaving, aren't you?

...You're a terrible person...

Why are you doing this?

Forgive me if you can...

- ...Later. Some day.
- Some day after your death.

- Come back soon!
- Break your leg, Krestovsky!

- It's an illusive world. There's only
a moment you should keep hold of.

...There's only a moment between the past
and the future. That moment is called life.

Iron slumber won't gladden your heart.
Iron slumber is for ancient pyramids.

The falling star has
only a moment. A blink.

Let this world fly far
through the centuries.

But I don't always go it's way.

The only thing I have to
take care of is a moment.

Whenever you're happy or in trouble there's
only a moment you should keep hold of.

There's only a moment between the past
and the future. That moment is called life.

- Who're you?
- That's a long story.

- Escaped political convict. You'll
change the course and take me to Alaska.

- What if I say "no"?

- There is a strong argument.

- You know, my expedition will
have 1 year delay if I take
you to Alaska. That's out...

...Mr. Gubin.

- El'yin? I'm so happy to see you!

What are you convicted of?

Unsuccessful assassination attempt
in Vologda. Indefinite penal servitude.

- Listen, let's go to America together,
then to Europe, and to Russia again!

- No.

Are you going to shop
me to the authorities?

My only offer is to go to
the Sannikov Land with me.

- It's up to you...

...Anything might happen
during the expedition. I
remember you were a good doctor.

- Those are Greenberg and Malakhov.
The remains of Baron Schtoll Expedition.

- Master, it's a bad place. Death is
further on. We're not going further.

- Well, we'll go alone then.

- Dear Alexandr, I haven't
seen you for 4 months...

...When we have a snowstorm I
beg God not to let you get cold...

When the sun is shining I'm
glad that it's warming you...

I'm hurt. I might have
forced you to stay with me...

...But you'd go to the coastline,
keep looking at the horizon...

...And you'd estranged
yourself from me day by day.

I know you will think of me.
I'm sure you'll come back.

- Dear Lord, don't let me
die here without a funeral...

...A man without grave is not a man...

- Now I uderstand how baron Schtoll died...

...He was going to the phantom
mountains, just like we are...

...He died cause he had got
too eghausted to go back...

...El'yin, take it.

- Gentlemen, I need 1 day only.

- That's it. We've got in.
- Got in? Where?

- Nowhere...

...I'm leaving. I'm going back.

- Where are you going?
- I don't know. I don't care!

...There is no land!

...Ignasha, you wanted to
go home? Let's go home.

Yes, I'm coming.

- Krestovsky, stop!

- Krestovsky, El'yin has snow
blindness. And you're leaving?

He'll die!

Yes, he will! We are
all dead! There's no land!

- There is no land. But there
are people to take care of!

- Ignasha, let's go home.
You wanted to go home.

- No, you're not going anywhere.
You're going to carry him!

...I'll force you to carry
him through the ice...

...Krestovsky, one more step
and I shoot! Do you hear me?

- Go ahead, shoot! I'll
make that step. One step...

And another one, and another...

...Got no guts? Come on, shoot!

...Look! I see the land!

- Can't believe my eyes.

- What's that? Do you hear that?
- Brontides.

- I observed similar event in Turkey.
Rumbling all the time... shake up...

...And Istanbul turned into ruins...

- What's wrong?
- I saw something.

- What did you see?

- I don't know. But I saw something.

- Let's go.
- I swear I saw something!

- Rumbling again.

- We get a cold reception from this land.

- What a land! It boils and fries.

- This incredible view makes me feel
sad. When I start telling stories about
it no one is going to believe me...

...The valley of
thousand smokes.

Yeap, many smokes. But
looks like there is no gold.

- You're wrong, Ignaty. I found
interesting rock samples pointing at
the possible gold presence. Look.

Incredible land.
Plants in the Arctic ice.

That's the mystery
of the Sannikov Land.

...Volcano is heating the ground.
The circle of high mountains
protects the valley from cold winds.

- Ignaty, the porridge is getting cold!
- He's looking for gold there.

- I caught him.

- He could not disappear without a trace.

- Gentlemen, don't you
think we are being watched?

- Let's go.

- New arrow.
- Congratulation, friends.

- It's our turn now.

- We are not going to shoot
people armed with arrows.

- Of course. We'll wait till they kill us.

- Neither one thing nor another.

- Don't you think that our expedition
has shrank by one more person?

- Gentlemen, everything
is all right. Come here.

- I told you we would be
welcomed with open arms.

- My father is the Onkilon chief.
He wants to hear your voice.

- There is nothing good in me.
- Then you're a bad person.

- No, I mean there is
little fat and meat in me...

...I'm telling you in case you
intend to eat me, Your Excellency...
I don't recommend you to...

...You might get sick after. Heaven forbid!

- I like you, alien.

...Why did you come to our land?

- Your Grace, not by my own will.
Trifon Stepanovich press-ganged me.

- He forced me to discover the
Promised Land. But I don't need it.

- I don't even want to
look at your land... Sorry.

- Do you want to stay with us?

- Your Majesty! I've dreamed
of it since childhood! Adopt me!

- You'll stay with us, alien...

...But we will watch your brothers...

...If they bring sorrow to us you'll die.

- What a relief! Thank you
very much, Your Highness!

- Great chief, it's a disaster.

- The spirits are angry with
us. They don't give us fire.

- Ask them one more time.

- Your Highness, if you want to
make a fire I can do it in no time.

...You don't have to try so hard.

- What if Onkilons stop trusting you?

- You're a great shaman. Do you
have a quick fire in your hands?

- You mean this? It's
a plain sailing. Take it.

...You might need it in the forest to
get warm or to have a smoke. Take it.

- Take it, don't be afraid.

- On the sacred day of the full
moon our great ancestors bequethed...

...strong and brave Onkilon
warriors to choose their wives.

A free Onkilon female will obey the one
who overtakes her and prevents her from
throwing a sunlight into the fast flow.

- You didn't catch the bride.

- I missed you.
- You're alive!

- I keep watching aliens...

...I know they're evil shamans.
They gather rocks and plants... cook their potion and kill your
people. Order me and I'll kill them.

- Gentlemen, you should be
very careful with them. No one
knows what's on their minds.

- These are my friends,
Trifon Stepa... Your Majesty.

- We're the Onkilons. Our ancestors
fled to this land from evil people.
Who're you? Aliens, what do you want?

- We are completely
different people. Harmless.

...We've come to watch
your land. We'll go back soon.

- No one should know
about Onkilons' land...

- You'll stay with us forever.
- Calm down.

- We'll give you most beautiful girls...

...No one's going to hurt you...

...But if anyone tries to find
the way back he'll find his death.

- Your Excellency, they can't get married.

...Their wives and kids are
waiting for them back home...

...I'm single but I've never
caught those chicks...

...Besides, I have a vicious temper...

...If something isn't to my
liking, you know... I'm a hard
hitter and a bad thinker...

- You thoughts are bright as the sun.

- Is she for me?

- Alien, you should get married!
- You, little...

- Your Excellency, may I choose by myself?

- Go ahead.

- We gonna sort it all out.

- You've lost your wisdom, great chief.
You want to keep them alive.

...All right. Let's
sacrifice a white deer...

...And we'll see spirits' will...

- What's wrong with you, Ignaty?
Such a wonderful girl and you...

- Alexandr Petrovich, I can not
feed her. Besides, she is too strong.

- Alien, you're the strongest and
the most beautiful in the world.

- Don't know.

- Leave our land. Shaman wants you to die.

- But I must explore your
land and know where it ends.

- No. You'll never be able to do it.
- Why?

- The sacred valley of ancestors
is located behind the mountains.

...You can't go in there. It's
a sacred mystery of our land.
If go there you'll get killed.

- What's your name?
- Annueer.

- Annueer, will you show me the way?

- Amalon, Amundeb, the water spirits
save my people. Tell us what to do...

...If you accept the deer, we'll
send aliens to our ancestors, to
the eternal shadowland.

...If you don't accept
the deer, they'll live.

- Snakes are slithering
on the Onkilon land.

...Spirits told me that they want to
sting the deer with their deadly poison...

...They already stroke blind the
hawk. Spirits want us to sacrifice aliens.

- Father, don't listen to shaman!

- Aliens brought us a quick fire.
I shall follow xenial customs...

...Ancestors' will.

- The great chief loves ancestors.
- And ancestors love the chief.

- They've been waiting for
him by their fire for a long time.

- I'll help him to join them.
- Yes!

- Great shaman, aliens stepped
into the sacred valley of our ancestors!

- Bang the big drum!

...Aliens have touched the
mystery of our ancestors!

...I shall lead warriors to the
sacred valley. Death to aliens!

- This is the place...

...Long time ago our ancestors found
drops of solid yellow fire in this wall...

...They were afraid that its
glitter would strike people blind...

...People would see no
difference between day and night...

...They tabooed touching these drops...

...Those who had broken the taboo
had their eyes dissolved in tears...

...Here they are. Their
tears. Do you see them?

...This salty waterfall will always be
here. It washes solid yellow fire drops.

- What's a...
- What's wrong, Ignaty?

- What?

- Gold.

- It's mine! I found it!

...I was crouching my back
before Perfil'yev like a bilge
rat! For nothing! It's mine!

- What's wrong with you?
- It's mine!

- Don't look at them. The spirits
might get angry and you'll get blind.

- What's that?

- Let's run, shaman is calling warriors.

- Don't kill him! It's my fault!

- I brought him here! Don't kill him!

- Get back!


- Get back to caves!

- ...Don't mess with me!
- We were coming out and...

- An earthquake!

- Strange silence.

- Alexandr Petrovich, look what
happened. The lake has cooled down.

...We were taking boiling water
yesterday. Today the water is cold.

- Subsoil thermal
conditions were disrupted.

- The oven is out.

- The valley of thousand
smokes went out as well.

...You can't cook dinner there any more...

...The earthquake must have
disrupted heater of the Sannikov Land...

...Soon there will be an Arctic desert.

- What will happen to the Onkilons?

- Great shaman, chief's son
escaped to the mountains. He's
planning something against us.

- Did you bring that woman?
- Yes.

- Aliens killed the chief.
They're shaking our land.

...Many of our children
and elders have died...

...I shall hoodoo the spirits
and cleanse your soul...

...And you'll follow
the will of our ancestors.

- Take it. Pour it into aliens' food.

...They fell asleep. And you'll
follow the will of our ancestors.

- It's an illusive world. There's only
a moment you should keep hold of.

...There's only a moment between the past
and the future. That moment is called life.

- Gentlemen, the land is
getting colder remarkably fast.

- Shouldn't we go back home?

- Gentlemen, don't you think that
leaving this place we abandon children?

We'll try to explain
what they're heading to.

I'm afraid they
won't believe you.

...They think we are
wizards shaking their land.

- A rescue party should be sent here.

- All of them will freeze
to death before it arrives.

- They're over a barrel.

- One of us should stay here to
help them make it through the winter...

...Build warm shelters.
Gubin will take care of it.

- Dukar, when first arrow touches
their bodies you'll bang a big drum.

- Big drum. I will, great shaman.

You'll kill them.

Yes, I'll make them
wriggle in painful death dance.

...I'll kill aliens.

- I'll teach you how
to talk with the spirits.

- And I'll take Anueer.

- Cut and run! Let's meet
over there, near the stone.

- Go away Gashar, you'll be rewarded.
You followed the will of our ancestors.

- You'll die in terrible throes.

- Don't!

- Go away.
- Don't kill him!

- Dukaar, wait. His time will
come. They'llget back here.

...They'll find your
arrows. Go get them first!

- There is no man who wouldn't
wail when veins are taken out...

...I'll put out your eyes first.
Then I'll cut out your heart. Scream!

- Look at me, shaman! I
am Saktinkar, chief's son...

...I've revenged the death of my father!

- I'm so sorry, alien!

...Shaman was holding
my soul in his hands!

I believe you.

- Alien, you are free. My
people meant you no harm...

...But please ask other
aliens to stop shaking our land...

...I know you're kind, you
were sorry for our children.

Trust me, we didn't
shake your land.

...There are no people
able to shake your land.

Who did it then?

- I can't explain that.

- The spirits don't allow you to?
- No, not spirits.

...We meant no harm to your
people. We ought to go back home.

- Go back. But it's a sore grief
to me. You're a great shaman.
You know how to heal people.

You've made up your mind?

Yes, can't leave them. I'd
be more helpful than any of us.

...Our lives are in your hands now.
You must return return with the
rescue party before we get frozen.

- Vladimir Ivanovich,
I have a gift for you.

...Trifon Stepanovich gave
me that. Take it as a keepsake.

- Thank you, Ignaty.

- ...But you'll need it.
- No. I don't even know how to use it.

- Take it. I don't want any more
gunshots on the Onkilon land.

- Good-bye.

- Good-bye, Anueer.

- Alien, I'm coming with you!

- Don't call me "alien".

- OK, alien, I won't.

- I have to go, Anueer.
- I'm coming with you.

- You can't go with me. We'll go
through snow and ice. We may die.

- I'll die with you.

- No, you'll stay here.
We're sure to come back.

- Alien, I'll be waiting for you.

- Come one, Annueer! I
have something for you.

- Take it. A present for you.

...What was that?

- Hold on!

- Drop it! We both die!

- Don't!

- El'yin, stop.

...I don't feel well...

- ...Was my life well-spent?
- Yes, it was. Trust me.

- Now everything depends on you...

...You must survive. You must get there.

...Keep walking. If you come
back to Onkilons and save them
our lives will be well-spent.

Hello, puppies. The
land is not far away, is it?


- Why don't you stay at home, man?

...Why are you treading the globe?
Why are you agate?