The Sandman (1995) - full transcript

Gary is a trailer park romance novelist who can't seem to sleep at night. He also thinks that he saw a monster assaulting his girlfriend while she was sleeping. People is his trailer park begin to die in their sleep. Soon, Gary's friends begin to think that he has gone crazy with all his ranting and raving and that all he needs is a good night's sleep. Gary is afraid to sleep... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

All right! Let's get it into gear.

What have we got here?

"The pale moon hung in the night sky

like a silvery coin.

By this light Veronica looked at him,

her loins shaking..."

"Shaking" no, that's not right.

How about "shimmering?"

Maybe "quaking?"

How about "quivering?"

Quivering in anticipation

as young Vincent fumbled with his trousers.

The sweat trickled down between her breasts

as she eagerly awaited in
anticipation of young Vincent's...


What's another word for penis?


Uh, this is bullshit.


Wait! You lil' shit, I still have six
more payments to make on you.


What the hell?

Hey, hey hey! It's...

It's cousin, Gary. How've you been, man?

Who are you?

Do I know you?

It's me...

It's Ozzy.

It's your cousin, man.
Well, it's your second cousin.

Who gives a shit, right man? I
mean Blood's blood, am I right?

All right...

All right, remember, when you
and I were like kids. And uh...

I had this... this dead
fly collection and uh,

and I accidentally ate the whole box.

And then I got really sick
and I like barfed calling mom,

that was me, man.

Oh, yeah! You.

So, uh...

What brings you to the Ridgeway at...

three in the morning?

You're gonna get this,
man. Sorry. Check this out.

All right, you know how's my
dad it's like three hundred pound

red neck, potato farmer,
right, and everything.

I told him how me and the
guys are gonna make it like

really big with the band
and everything, you know.

But he kept coming at
me which this job shit.

I mean, what an ass-wipe.

Am I right?

See, this is what I told. I
went up to him and I said,

"That's it! You fat
bastard. I'm out of here."

And I just kept on
rocking in the free world.

Man you know, how cool you are, Gary?

That's why I look you up first thing.

Also, if you can let me crash
here in your love shack, man.

Wait a minute, I don't think...

Man, this is a really cool place.

You know, if I ever...

ever made any money in my life

I would like to get a place

just like this one.


I don't care what anybody
else in the family says about you,

I love you, man, I love you, man.

So where do I stash my stuff?

Your "stuff?"

Yeah, where do you
want me to stash it, man?

I mean, I can leave it sittin' here though,

for ain't no biggie to me man.

Ah, you mind if I smoke pot in the house?

"Pot!" Wait a minute.

Oh, I can share it with
you, man, that's cool.

Wait a minute,

I don't think I invited you to stay here.

You see, I like living here by myself.

And that I can make a bed like right here.

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

We can stereo set up, man.

I guess you can put your
stuff in the closet back there.



Uh... yeah Joe, whatever.

Hey, is this... is this a
wicked freaking tool man, huh?

Great! Really great. Have a blast.

I'll be out in the kitchen
swinging from the news

if you need me. Okay?


MAN ON TV: Ladies and
gentleman, It's live with Gerald Rivers.

That's right, you are tuned
to the only place on television

that dares to explore what
no other talk show can.

All this week we are
featuring a special panel

of educated guests,

Doctor Carl Hooper,

child psychologist, Anton Hershberger,

and professor of sociology
at Penn state university

Ken Joyner.

Hello again everyone and welcome back.

It's controversial, it's
in all the newspapers.

It's everywhere you turned these days.

USA today just released their findings

of a recent study.

Seems the number of
people dying in their sleep

in this country alone,

has risen over 200 percent

in the last four months.

Some people are calling it an epidemic

others are calling it an
outright phenomenon.

Doctor Hooper, Carl,

what is it?

Yes, well, Gerald, I'll tell you

I've studied this thing very,

very carefully.

What we may be experiencing

here is... something very similar

to an adult version of crib death.

"Crib death!", Jesus, Carl,

where the hell do you ever
get a masters' degree in physics,

from a crack a joke box?

It's so un-scientific, it makes me sick.

I mean, where'd you ever scrap up
a ridiculous theory like that anyway,

the late show? Get a real job, huh.

What's wrong with crib death?

It's rationally enough.

Excuse me, Dr. Hooper,

but I really can't picture
grown men and women

being suffocated in their sleep

by their own blanket.

Who said blanket? I never said blanket.

Well, I think you are all a
bunch of freaking loonies.

Then I suppose you have a better idea.

As a matter of fact, I do.

As you know, the excessive
use of fluorocarbons

and the destruction of the rain forests

have opened up a huge
hole in the Ozone layer,

this has led the people being bombarded

by potentially deadly solar radiations,

mixed in the industrial waste.

The carcinogens from second hand smoke,

the radon pockets underground.

What you have is a virtual domino effect

of evil here.

Most of these sleeping
victims have been diagnosed

with brain embolisms,
heart attacks, strokes.

I tried to find relationship
between those two elements.

It sounds like Earth day propaganda to me.

Woodsy Owl says,
"Give a hoot, don't pollute

or you'll die in your
sleep tonight." Am I right?

Now see, Anton, I am bigger than you.

I can kick your fat ass out...

Gentlemen! Gentlemen.

We're all adults here remember.

Blow it out your narrow little ass, Gerald.

I hate this show and I think you suck.


Obliquely feisty subject on this week's

Live With Gerald Rivers,
and we'll be right back.


Are you all right, Maris?

My hero.

Well, I try to be.

Why don't you sit down or something?

I am fine, sweetheart. Would
you like a urine sample?

Very cute, so when are they
gonna let you go for the day?

I am about to be fired.
Do you see this mess?

Hey, Maris, god dammit. I
wanna see a broom in your hands,

I wanna see that dishes cleaned up, pronto!

I'll go. Wait for me outside, okay.

So uh, what was that scene back there?

Well, you know how Merle is, Gary?

He is pushy.

That's not what I am talking about, Maris.

Why? You mean the stuff with the plates?

I drop plates all the
time. It's no big deal.

Well, you look like you were
going to faint or something.

I wasn't going to faint.

Don't be so melodramatic.

What was it then?

I don't know, okay. There you satisfied?

If I thought it to be something
serious I'd be worried about it.

Next subject.


Uh, your parents still out of town?

Yup, they are in Tempe,
Arizona, till the end of the winter.

Is that why you weren't sleeping?

I'm sleeping just fine, Gary.

Do me a favor and stop
worrying about it, okay?

I am a big girl.

I happen to care about you, Maris,

a lot, you know.

Why don't you save this tough
act for your folks or something.

This could be something serious.

Fine, you wanna talk about
sleeping problems, Gary,

let's talk about your insomnia.

It's not insomnia.

I'm just having a little trouble
with this new book, that's all.

When I am done I'll be fine.

Anyway, I am not the one
falling asleep on my feet, you are.

Yeah, well, I am sure you
didn't get sleep last night

or the night before that

or the night before that.

Why do you keep beating
yourself like that, Gary?

Those books you are writing
just aren't taking you anywhere.

They are just torturing you

and me with you.

Okay, everything that's wrong
here because of my writing career.

Is that what you want to hear, Maris?

Well, if you're waiting on
the fame and the fortune

to come and make me a millionaire tomorrow,

you can keep on waiting.

Whatever gonna happen with
my stuff is gonna to take time

and you knew that, getting into this.

I have given you all the
time in the world to go out

and chase this fantasy of your's, Gary.

But I'm almost out of college.

It's time to think about the future.

Our future.

Maybe we should just let it go.

What, so I can become a
busboy at the Newport cafe?

Be a banker, no, I could deliver pizzas.

I like what I am doing for living, writing.

You write romance novels for your living.

That's not what you really want, is it?

Hey, it pays the rent.

Yeah, but you are not
going to get anywhere with it.

You're not giving me enough time.

Fine then.

I am sick of your career getting
in the way of our relationship.

You wanna live in
your little fantasy world,

you can go right ahead.

But you have to do it by yourself.

I got to go.

Yoo-hoo, Maris! Maris.

Hi, Mrs. Martinak. Mowing the lawn, huh?

Oh, good heavens no. It's just a toy.

My son, Paul, drove by
today and gave it to me.

He is such a good boy.

Don't you just love it? I just love toys.

How is, Paul?

He just doesn't drive all the way out here

to Ridgeway like he is to.

Not after that terrible accident
at the junkyard and his divorce.

He just doesn't seem to be the same.

It was such a bad time.

Dear lord honey, what's wrong?

You look so sad, so pale.

I am fine really.

Just another bad fight
with Gary again, that's all.

And I am tired a lot lately.

I mean I sleep okay

it just doesn't seem like I
am getting any rest, you know.

Sleep but no rest.

Maybe you are having
a lot of bad dreams then.

I can't remember,
doesn't seem like it though.

You know what they say
about bad dreams, don't you?

They say bad dreams keeps the devil awake.

He'll come crawling into
your bedroom window

while you sleep, looking for your soul

then you'll have really good
dreams but they'll turn real bad

so you can wake up just
in time to turn the lights on

and chase him away.

Devil cannot abide the light you know.

Oh yeah, and what was suppose to happen

if the bad dream doesn't wake you up?

Oh, oh dear,

well, it's just an old
wives's tale, all right.

I am sure I'm fine, Mrs. Martinak.

It's just I have to get
my act together, that's all.

Oh, I am sure you are gonna be just fine.

You are just going through
some really rough times,

what with living in that big old trailer

all by yourself for the winter.

I know, why don't you come on in

let me fix you a nice hot cup of tea

then I can show you all my wonderful toys.

Thanks. I'd like that.

Hello, stranger.

Uh-oh! Hi, Zachariah,
Having a cook out, huh?

Cook out?


You know, I don't remember
to use that expression since

since... the hell since 'Nam!

You know, back during the Tet offensive,

and you were just itching your
daddy's balls back then, Gary.

But we had ourselves
one hell of a cook out.

Let me tell you, now, one of them gooks

was using one of them rat tunnels
they was using to run around in

and I said, "Hell with that."

Undrop me a whole canister of napalm right

on top of that little yellow
slain eye bastard, ha.

The hell, what was left of him look like...

it look like one of them bare
ribs Pugsley is eating over there.


See what you did, man, now he won't eat.

Our son's gonna waste
away to skin and bones

because you had to tell him
one of your sick old war stories



so they're sick old now, are they?

Well, let me tell you something, woman.

That boy ought to be thanking me for telling
him how it really went down there in the war

He sure as hell ain't going
to get it from watching Platoon

Or Full Metal Jacket.

Don't tune into him, Gary.
It'll just make things worse.

He's still, you know, fighting
soldiers from the sky, dig?

He stays up all night these days

parades around the
house with that rifle of his.

He's probably gonna
end up blowing us all away

in our sleep.

I told you why dammit.

You've seen him yet, Gary?

Seen who?

The Sandman, Gary.

The Sandman.

I thought I was hallucinating
when I saw him back in Vietnam.

Wait for me and my buddies
to go sleep back there

in the dark old jungle.

You get in touch with
death over there, Gary,

That's what of it gets worse.

That's how I probably got
to see him in the first place.

Oh Jesus, dad's tripping again.

You hear that old song, "Mr. Sandman,"


That's why me and my buddies call him that.

You see. You won't see it.

Go to sleep.

You won't see it and have
a nice wonderful dream.

And then...

He comes out of the dark to get
you like some freaking vampire.

Oh, I thought I had forgotten
about him all this time

I wanted to forget.

I thought it was some old nightmare

and maybe I was still having it

because you see

I have seen him


You know,

bet the VA hospital has
got real good psychiatrist.

First you go check up on that.


I am crazy.



Or maybe you better be real careful.

When you go to sleep tonight, huh, pal.

Real... careful.

Yeah, I'll watch out for him.

Well, I have got to go.

Got a lot of stuff to do.

Still! [LAUGHS]

Hell, I haven't heard
anybody use that ever since

since... since Hanoi.

When uh... I stabbed at one
of them gooks, my god damn,

bayonet hell!

What poured out of his body looked like...

like uh... that spaghetti
we had in supper last night.


Zachariah, get back over here.

Oh, huh!

BUD: Okay, honey want
to see it move in here now.

Betrayal is all about sex.

Your sex okay. Yeah,
that's it. Get in with the Bee.

Oh, that's it, baby. Grind them hips, baby.

Oh, that's it, that's it, oh.
Move, baby, move all together.

Spread them legs, oh that's it.

Oh baby, can fuck you
like a monkey with me now.

Oh yeah. Okay baby, move.

Ooh! Show me what you got, baby.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.



Are you sure these pictures
will get me into playboy, Bud?

Oh, trust me baby, trust me.

Now, do that thing you
do with the carrot again.

Pal, you are screwing my
angle there for crying out loud.

Oh hey, Gary, how is it going, babe?

When's the next beat off book coming out?

Maris, and I had a little argument.

[LAUGHING] Jesus Christ, Gary

You guys are like an old married couple

you argue all the time.

But if you think that's a compliment

you've got another thing coming, man.

I am serious, Bud.

Serious, huh.

Hey baby, why don't you take five minutes

and go grab a snatch...

go grab a snack or something, okay.

Well, what was this time, Gary?

No, no, no, no, wait. Let me guess,

is it your writing career again, pal?


Hmm-huh! Gary.

Women are evil, Gary.

Pure, dark, sinister an adulterated evil.

The sooner you realize that
pal the better off you gonna be.

Why do you think I screw them over so much?

Because they are no damn good
and they deserve it. Am I right?

Hey, first thing you know some
fraud comes along with real ass,

sweet ass

and a decent set of tits.

Snip, cuts off the family
jewels, brother, Barbour size.

Learn from me.

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there

and you're wearing milkman underwear.



Bud, What is it, pal?

Was it always this bad?

You mean between you and Maris?

She's bitch as S-S.

Oh, absolutely.

I mean everything, like
something is in the air,

maybe something bad.

It's like everything is fallen
apart around here, you know.

Jesus Christ, are you depressing, Gary.

I'd certainly help you with Dr. Gevorkian's

home number on your speed dialer, pal.

It's just the bad vibes that's all.

I think it's over between Maris and me.

Maybe the end of the
world too, I don't know.

Well, brother,

god made man,

Satan made woman,

that's what coming off man,


Women are evil.

Wisdom thrown down from the mountain

Mount Gary, hitch on, Brother Gary.

Bud, I have to get to my
job at the phone sex line

in a half hour, hurry up.

Be right there, sweet cheeks.

Hey, Gar, I've been trying
discount for the last week now,

I think she is about ready to be introduced
to Bud's old heat seeking moisture missile,

you know what am saying.
I'll talk, catch you later.


Hey, Cousin Gary, pull up
a seat, man, it's movie night.

How nice, thanks for asking me first.

What is that?

Is that uh... Is that a porno movie?

You guys are sitting around in
the dark watching porno movies

in my house.

Oh great! Your parents will love me.

It's not a porno movie,
be cool man. It's like...

an art movie.

It's got a lot of barfing in it though.

Yeah, well, it push outs too.

Well, I'll just seal
myself up in he kitchen

for the rest of the night, okay?


Man, those are the fakest
looking tits I have ever seen.

Ah, who cares man. I'd still do her.

Man, could you guys
keep it down this is like

a majorly plot point
coming up here, thanks!

Pale moon

hung like a silvery coin in the night sky

as Veronica...

Veronica, shit!

Know watch you doing Veronica?

You are playing with his head.

Sure, everything is going great now.

But wait till Vince wants to do something

like uh... writing the
great American novel.

Or... Or being able to pay his bills

by doing something he enjoys than
self slaving away in some factory.


And you'll smother him
like a freaking pillow.

Just like...


[SIGHS] Bud was right,

women are evil.

No uh... No sleep.

None at all.


Bom bom bom bom bom.

Bom bom bom bom.

Bom bom...

Bom bom bom bom...

Bom bom bom...

Bom bom bom...

Not again.


Move it. Shit!





HERSHBERGER: Nightmares are

logically very healthy

defense systems.

It goes back to the end of all times.

When man had to keep
on his toes so to speak.

Deep sleeper back then
would have been helpless.

Helpless from what exactly?

Well, I... I imagine

back then it would have
been from large predators.

Uh... right?

Also, there is some
speculative data out now to

support the theory that

the uh...

our own subconscious triggers

nightmares, huh!

Whenever, so we say whenever

something out of the ordinary occurs

uh... a burglar perhaps or

perhaps may be ah...

truck going by on the street.

Hey! Carl, I brought you your own blanket.

Hey! Are you calling me a crack pot?

You got it, Doc!

You know, you really look

stupid with that

so called blanket cramped up your...

your ass sideways.

Oh yeah! Give it your best shot, fat boy!


Stupid show.

You know what your problem is, Gary?
At least you know, what I think it is?

No, what is it?

You are a putz!

A putz!

That's what I said "A putz."

First you let this cousin
of yours, this Skuzzy...


Whatever, come in and take over your home

then you let Maris, a broad, nonetheless

screw with your head.

Personally, I would have kicked you out of
the He-man women haters club for that one.

And now I come over here and you tell me

you saw some kind of monster
roaming around here last night.

[SIGHS] Yeah, what's your point?

I think it's obvious, you are a putz!

Did it really eat the dog?
You're gonna stick with that story?

I saw something.

Maybe it wasn't a monster.

Maybe it was my imagination. I don't know

but I did see something.

You saw that dead dog back there.

What do you think could
have done something like that?

Well, for Christ sake, it
could have been another

stray dog. Granted a big stray dog

but nonetheless a stray dog.

It wasn't a stray dog, that much I know.

This thing, whatever it was,

it had these glowing red eyes.

It was huge.

Well, maybe you saw the devil last night.

Maybe you had a date with Linda Blair.

Maybe even bumped into the anti-Christ,

and last night's three digit
lotto number was six, six, six.

Hey, what you want to hear from me, pal?

Tell me I am not crazy.

But you are crazy, Gary.

You definitely need to
get laid or something.

I'm not crazy.

OZZY: Okay, guys keep it down.

This is like a really cool movie, okay?

Rage, in the end, gets
bloodthirsty camel demons

from Kansas city

kicks ass.

GIRL: Hey man, why don't you just get

the remote and skip the gore.

OZZY: Man, that's stupid.

MAN: Who gives a shit. I
wanna see that porno flick

we were watching last night again.

OZZY: Tough, cool breathe.

We are watching this, radical, cool flick.

MAN: Is there a lot of tities in this one?

OZZY: Would you shut up?

This is like the most important
part of the whole movie

and you guys are all screwing
up with your big freaking mouths.

MAN: Wait a minute, you guys.

Hey, is that chick gonna
take her clothes off or what?

ALL: Uh... ew...

GIRL: This is like a stupid movie man.

Like a chick's standing on
a step ladder for ten minutes

while the dude pulls
her guts out of her crotch.

[SCOFFS] Stupid.

Man, I could have made
a better movie than this

in my backyard lawn
with my own video camera.

MAN: Hey, man can we
like get our money back?

I really feel like violated
by this one, you know.

Hey, Ozzy, going on my
girlfriend's house, okay?


Go dream.

Toys... Oh... my wonderful toys.




My God!









What the hell are you doing here?

Did you see that?

Did I see what, Gary?

You're really starting to scare me.

I saw something in here.

In the same room with
you, it was holding you.

Nobody was holding me,
Gary, I was asleep by myself.

It was huge.

It had these glowing red eyes.

It had you off the bed. You
didn't feel it holding you?

Either you are pulling a hell of a good act

or you've been out boozing up with Bud.

Dammit, I know what I saw.

Gary, you are tired.

You need some rest.

Go home and get some sleep.

Gary, you can lay down right here,

it'll be just like old times.

I did see something. I'm not imagining it.

Well, get some sleep. I love you.

You don't love me.

No, you don't love me, Gary,

you don't even love yourself any more.

I mean look at you, you are going crazy.

I am not crazy.

Maris, I came here to apologize

that's what I wanted to do

then I came down the hall

and that's when I saw it.

That thing!


You don't believe me?

No, I don't believe you.

What you think I am
supposed to be impress with you

if you come over here, trying to scare me

with some stupid story you made up?

Not impressed, sorry.

I am not making it up.

I need you to believe me.

Okay, Gary, so you are not making it up,


just leave, get out.

Whatever game you
are trying to play with me

I can't play it anymore.

I refuse to play it.

All I ever wanted for
me was you to grow up.

I don't think you can, Gary.
Don't think you want to.

Maris, please.

Goodbye, Gary.

And I want my spare key back.

Wake up, wake up.

BOY ON TV: Jay, over here.

MAN: I am saying that...

that I am here to see that
you get a good night's sleep.

But I don't wanna go to sleep.

Aww, you will. While I
put you on a brand new

collar X brand mattress that is.


Yesterday, as... some of you
may or may not be aware of

Doctor Carl Hooper

noticed physicist, philosopher

and long time friend

of the "Live With Gerald Rivers show"

was discovered dead in his home.

Yet another victim of this

ongoing, inexplicable plague

of sleeping deaths has
currently shocked this nation.

The official report released
by the coroner's office states

that Doctor Hooper died of
a massive brain embolism.

And yet...

And yet many of us here

feel that our esteemed colleague died

within striking distance of the dream.

His dream. This senseless epidemic.

So, gentleman,

why don't you tell arguing audience

what your opinion is

of this, so called sleeping death plague?

Now that your adversary
Doctor Hooper, is dead.

Well, Gerald, at this point

I would have to say

that we should all
rethink the implications of

what exactly is going on here.

These things are becoming very serious.

The cycle of death isn't
just going to go away, is it?

So, what should we, the people at large

do at this point?


I don't know.

Perhaps, we should all just
lay down, go to sleep and die.

If people are going to be
afraid to go to sleep in night,

the situation has become very bad indeed.


Stand back off, please. Stand back.

WOMAN: What happened?

MAN: No idea.

Get back to the curve with the others, pal.

Hey, what happened?

Are you a relative of hers?

Just a friend of the family.

Well, as far as I could help

she just went into massive
heart failure in her sleep.

No signs of foul play,

probably didn't feel a thing.



You just let me know if you
need anything else, okay?

We have to talk, Maris.

Gary, I'm working. Does
that mean anything to you?

No, of course not.

We have nothing to talk
about, especially here.

This is important.

Right, excuse me, please!

Listen to me.

I am through listening, Gary.

I am not making anything up.

I really did see something
in your room last night.

If that was an apology, pal,
it was the hell of a bad one.

I wasn't trying to apologize.

Then go screw yourself.

Something bad's happening
around here, something really bad.

Yeah, you're finally
starting to lose your mind.

I think what I saw in your room last night

is part of it.

I think you want me to go
crazy with you, that's what I think.

I'm not crazy.

You look like you haven't slept in a month.

You look crazy.

Mrs. Martinak died last night.


Mrs. Martinak, died?

They said she had a heart attack.

They said she died in her sleep.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

They said she died in her sleep, Maris.

Haven't you been watching the news?

The stuff's happening all over

and I think...

I think whatever I saw
in your room last night

has got something to do with it.

What are you... I can't believe this.

I can't believe you are taking it this far.

How can you stand there and talk like that?

If you just...

Just get away from me.

Don't touch me.

Don't even talk to me. Do you hear me?

You're crazy.

I am not crazy, Maris.

Dammit, I'm not crazy.

Am I?

Gary, my friend,

I think you ought to go home
and get yourself some shut eye.

You really look like hell.

With all due respect don't
come back here again, okay?

You are a nice kid.

I'd hate to have to call the cops on you.

I am just running my
business here, you understand?

This is a stupid, stupid idea, Gary.

If I didn't think you were one
week from being carted off

to freaking loony being, I would
have never let you talk me into this.

It's morbid, besides that it's illegal.

We gonna get caught, man.
We gonna be on the next episode

of Cops. I am telling you
we are gonna get caught.

We are not gonna get
caught if you shut the hell up.



It's locked, okay. Lets go back to my place

I got a bottle of Tequila with
both our names on the label.

Granted your name's a little bit bigger on the
label than mine, well, what are you gonna do?

There's got to be another way in.

Yeah, man, it's called illegal entry.

Maybe you have heard of it, my friend.

Besides, why are you so
obsessed with getting into this place?

The old prude is dead.

It's a funny thing about old people, Gary.

They die alive.

I know it's a weirdo concept
for you to handle and all

and not being able to tune
into the reality channel any more.

She was murdered.

Whoa! [SCOFFS]

We whine a little bit,
pal, I read it in the paper.

An old madam died of a heart attack.

A heart attack, Gary, in her sleep.

I think something caused it to happen.

Oh! Let me guess, something
big with glowing red eyes

it likes to eat small animals. Am I right?

I don't know, that's why I
want to get in there to find out.

God! Listen to what's coming
out of your mouth, Gary,

It's crazy and so are you.

I am not crazy.

People are dying in their
sleep all over this place.

How crazy is that? Is that normal?

Is that perfectly reasonable to you?

Well, Gary, my friend whatever it is

it certainly isn't attack of the
50 foot freaking cooty monster

amazonia ninja mutant
slime balls from vampire world

and Walley world and all these
places combined for crying out loud.

How do you know?

Maybe it's really good at hiding,

maybe that's why nobody has ever seen him.

Oh, oh, Gary, hey, did you hear that thing

that was freaking reality
flying out of the window.

Okay, let's say for the sake of argument,

there is some case running around here

What you gonna do if you find it?

Beat the shit out of it, call the cops,

use the force, scary one?


We'll find out when we.

Just keep watch out here, okay?

God, monsters! Jesus Christ,

those beat off books really
burn out the poor kid's brain cells.


And they tell me, my dark room
chemicals are no good for me.

Oh, come on, Gary, the old
one-eyed wonder lizard's gotta stake.

Oh! Come on, Gary.



You should not have looked for me.


What shall be your demise on this...

Sleep... Sleep.

So I can devour you.

Bud! For Christ sake,
he is in here with me.


Devour you.


For the Christ sake, Gary,
what the hell is going on in here?

Come on, man, it's getting
late, let's get the hell out of here.

This place gives me the heaves.

Besides, I've gotta
feel like a rain forest.

Hello, boy.

You look like one of them
green privates I had in my

platoon back in Vietnam.


I remember this one kid
he... he couldn't be more 19

and one night he was out
taking a leak in on of the latrines

when this, god damn goop
chucked his shrapnel grenade

right through the damn latrine door.


There was blood and guts and shit and piss

and more blood and more piss.

More shit and more guts...

Oh, for Christ sake,
Gary, let's get out here

before I lose my lunch.

Tell me more about the Sandman.


What do you already know, boy?

I think I saw him, tonight.

Uh, best we hadn't this
conversation here then.

Listen to me.

Whatever this thing out
there is, it's killing people,

it tried to kill me tonight.

Now if you know something about it

and it's not just from
your crazy horse shit,

well, then you better damn well tell me.

If you have already seen
him it's already too late.

I know, anybody ever saw
the Sandman either died

or went crazy.

"Or went crazy," it's a lot healthier.



I've seen him before,
it was during the war.

At the end of our stay in the Tahoe valley

that mother got every
last soldier in my platoon.

Except of me and Big Barny.

And when I came out and my beard was white

and I was crazy.

When I got back to HQ I kept my mouth shut.

So as the big wigs wouldn't
lock me up in a rubber pokey

and throw away the key.

But I know what I saw.

But what the hell was it?

Oh! Jesus Christ, Gary,

don't tell me you are actually
buying colonel clink over here.

I don't know what it was.

But I think...

I think it's been around for a long time.

Almost as long as we have.

That travels by night like a goon.

Hell, it uses a knife to protect itself

and it's smart, Gary.

I could feel that.

We can't live as long as this thing has,

feeding all of human beings

and not get real freaking smart.

It did.

And it knows nobody believes in it.

So it's safe in this world.

I believe in it.


It's too late for you.

It waits for you to go to sleep, you know.

Until you're helpless

and then it makes you dream.

A dream so good

you never wanna wake up


Stay awake, Gary. Stay awake.

Stay awake!

Hey, Gary, this guy has
guns, now let's get out of here

before he breaks them up and
we start looking like the enemy.

He's crazy.


Maybe I am, too.

Nobody ever comes over just
to shoot the chatty any more.

What is happening to me?

Great, this is great Pete.

Okay, oh yeah.


Hi, it's uh... it's Cousin Gary.

Uh, how about that, huh?

Uh, I know this kind of looks bad

uh... but see it really
wasn't anything like that

let me just explain.

I don't want to know, really.

Well, see I didn't take you'd be home

till like... later and stuff.

So I thought you wouldn't mind.

You thought I wouldn't mind?

Did you ever even think
to ask me if I minded

or even to ask me to let your pals
come over here and watch porno flicks?

Or to even let you stay here?

This act is getting real old, Skuzzy.

Uh... that's Ozzy.


Look, Cousin Gary,

I didn't mean any harm or anything,
I am sorry, I didn't mean any harm.

Take her home now.

And tomorrow, I want you to
call your dad and apologize.

Call my dad?


Yes, call your dad

and tomorrow I am taking
you home myself, okay?

Man, Cousin Gary,

you are mean, totally uncool.

Yeah, well, maybe I just need some sleep.

Well, call, Ozzy.





I thought you hated me.

You are evil.

I am not evil,

I don't hate you.

I love you with all my heart.

I keep saying it to
understand who you are...

Deep inside,

I love you.

Let me show you, Gary.

Show you.

I love you.



Let me sleep.

Please, dear god, let me sleep.


C'mon Bud, answer the damn phone.



Uh... It's three quarter,
this better be good.


Oh, Jesus Christ, Gary,

it's 2 o'clock in the freaking morning.

Listen, I know you are going nuts and all

but I don't want to hear
about it at 2 o'clock in the...

Listen to me

We have to do something about the Sandman.

We have to do it now.

Oh boy, the Sandman, huh!

Listen, Gary, why don't
you take few Valiums,

sleep for about a year, huh?

God! It sounds like a plan to me.

He is waiting for me to go to sleep.

I can feel it.

I think he is watching me.

Gary, my main man,
you are starting to lose it

big time.

Would you shut up and listen?

What we have to do is
track this son of a bitch down.

We have to hunt it down and kill it.

We have to do it now.

Uh... sure, Gary, whatever you say, okay?

Holy cow, hey, would you look at the time?

Well, Jesus, Gary, I'd love to sit here

and talk with you but
really got to go, okay then,


[SIGHS] Jesus, Bud, how do you
get hooked up with these psychos?

Sandman, huh. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, I give up.

Okay baby, it's all about sex.

You're sexy, just keep moving.

That's it baby, grind it.

Move to the beat, baby,
that's it, fucking like a monkey.

C'mon baby, move.

Show me what you got.

Got a better idea, why don't
you show me what you've got?

Oh! Baby.

This Bud's for you.

Oh god, baby! Yeah.

Show me what you've got.
Show me what you've got.

[GASPING] Jesus.

Wow, are you ugly.

This is only a dream, isn't it?

Isn't it?

Oh god, I hate being such a light sleeper.


Make it stop! Make it stop.


And when I came for my
Halloween photo shoot this morning

I found him in the, you
know in the... in the bed.

He didn't really look dead or anything

I just thought he got
really, really drunk last night

or something.

That's the third infrequent
aneurysm in this week.

You ever seen anything like this before?

No, I'll tell you, Mitch, I
don't wanna sleep at night.

I don't sleep anyway, not on this damn job.

Amen, brother.

Nope, doesn't look like a
brain embolism to me, Gary.

By the way, Gary,
Sandman told me to tell you

stay awake.

Oh, pal, take it easy.

I just want to ask you a few
questions about the deceased.

Did you know him?

Bud, was my best...




MAN ON TV: Gee, it's been
years since I got a good night sleep.

How about you?

WOMAN ON TV: I just can't get
a good night's rest either, John.

I wonder what could be keeping us awake?

Tossing and turning.

MAN ON TV: Wouldn't it be nice
if you could just turn off the lights,

slip it into the bed, get more
than snug under the covers

and sleep.

WOMAN ON TV: [ECHOING] Boy, would it be...

No... no sleep. No sleep.

Wake up, wake up time for school.

Wake up.

That's right, you'll sleep better tonight

on a coma expand mattress.

Especially now. We're
slashing price to the very central.

C'mon and see what we've got

and tell them that Sandman sent you.



Please, stop.



MARIS: Gary!

It's me,

it's, Maris.




I can't move, I am so tired.

I can't move anymore.

Sleep for the rest

I am so tired.

Stay awake, do you hear me? Stay awake!

I'm going to come right
over and get you, okay?

Sorry, I am so sorry, Gary.

I do love you.

I saw him.

I saw him.


in the dark.


He can't do this.



Hey, you big shit. You want me?

You want a piece of me?

Well, here I am.


They're all dead.


Wonder what's up his ass.

I don't know, maybe he got a hold some of
that bad hash that he's been smoking upon.

You better have a real good freaking reason

for breaking into my house.

Unless, a man might have
blown your head off, you dig?

The Sandman's here.

Everybody's dead.

He killed them all.

We have got to stop him tonight.

And now, I see what you have done, Zachy.

You've been blabbered about
this Sandman garbage so much

you got poor Gary here believe in it.

You happy?

Next you'll probably start
having non flash backs.

Damn it, woman.

Don't you joke about what I did over there.

Ah, what you did over there?

You were a mess-cook.

You only saw action once
during your whole tour of duty.


I was a mess-cook if
that's what you wanna call it,

fine, a mess-cook.

We don't have time for this bullshit.

Uh... Can't go with you, Gary.

I got a family that needs me.

I'm an old man, just
scared old man, that's all.

You know what this thing is capable of?

Sooner or later whether you stand in guard

or not it will come here.

We've got to stop it
before it kills more people.

I am not going with you.

I don't care.

I've been scared too damn long.

I don't know any other way to help you.

All right,

then I need a gun.

A couple of souvenirs from the war.

What do you think?

You know, I had me some years too,

but the little woman
made me get rid of them.

If you were just a mess-cook
where did you get all of this stuff?

I was one hell of a cook.


Maris, baby, wake up.

Oh, Maris!

I won't let him hurt you again, I promise.

All right.

We'll fight your way.

Devour you.





Know this, mortal,

how you will suffer.

If you say so, haunted face.

Why don't you come over
here and give it your best shot?



I got some more mail for you.

Son of a bitch...



Your light, use your light.

Gary, you make a run for it.

I got this asshole's number.






Gary, help me

The groins were filled with blood.

Now I walk in his world.

Make it stop.

Oh god, no.

Let us go home.

Where are we?

We walk in his world.

Whose world?

You know his name, Gary.

He brought you here.

How do I get back?

How do I get home?

None of us will ever leave here.

None of us.


No, it can't be.

There're so many of them.

He couldn't have killed them all.

He has a system since the beginning of time

from stronger to the centuries.

His time in our world has come to maturity.

He will drain all the life from it

and keep his souls here as trophies.

The sand...

The sand pulls him into this one.

Listen, I can stop him I know how.

But first we have to get out of here.

You have to show me how to do it.

Maris, is your darling

she is caught between this world and earth.


Where is the doorway?

Maris, is your darling.

[GROANING] No more.


make it stop, I can't take this.

You can help me,

just show me the way back.

Say hello to my little friend.




Welcome back to hell.


And I brought some friends.


Get back.


Gary, Gary, wake up.

Oh! Great.

What the hell?


Wait, wait.

Sorry, to hear about the boy, Maris.


He was one hell of a nice kid.

Excuse me, ma'am, we'd like to ask
you a few questions about the deceased.

It's him.

Are you sure?


I'm gonna give you something
that's gonna make you sleep.

Okay, Miss Peralta,
and wait in the hospital.

Now this will make you go to sleep soon.

Every thing's gonna be just fine.

You just need your rest, that's all.




What hit me?

Oh my god!


What happened?

Ah, don't ask.

I didn't...

What's wrong?


Oh my god! No.

What's happening? What's going on?