The Sandlot: Heading Home (2007) - full transcript

Sucessful, arrogant baseball superstar Tommy "Santa" Santorelli travels back in time to 1976 and relives his boyhood days on the sandlot baseball team, and has the chance to this time choose friendship over glory. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ Man Narrating ] Babe Ruth,
Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig,

Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle,

Al Kaline, Carl Yastrzemski,

Pete Rose, Barry Bonds,
Cal Ripkin and a handful more...

are all considered to
be the greatest hitters...

in baseball's
celebrated history.

But this list would not be complete
without one name in particular.

Tommy "Santa" Santorelli.

In the middle of his 19th and
recently announced final season,

Tommy has been named
to 11 all-star teams,

broken dozens of records,
and seems destined for Cooperstown.

That is,
if his ego doesn't get in the way.

From humble beginnings,
Tommy Santorelli and his mother Sara...

moved to Southern California
the summer Tommy turned 13.

It was there that Tommy
began playing sandlot ball,

and let's just say he's always
had a talent for the game.

It was with that July 4,
1976 catch...

that Tommy single-handedly
won the all-city championship.

shortly thereafter...

Tommy's mother lost a
courageous battle with cancer,

and a local
benefactor sent him...

to the legendary Baseball Academy
St. Agnus Preparatory School.

It was there that he coined
his own nickname... "Santa."

His explanation? Simple. It was a
gift for anyone to watch him play.

The loss of his mother affected him deeply,
and some see this...

as the reason for Tommy's
lack of loyalty to the list...

of major league teams
he's been a part of.

Finishing his career
where it started,

in his hometown of Los Angeles,

Tommy signed a three-year,
multi-million-dollar deal...

with the Dodgers.

Though Tommy's
numbers have been strong,

the Dodgers have suffered
their worst losing streak in years.

- [ All Groan ] - Famed Dodger
manager Benny Rodriguez explains:

Problem is, guys like Tommy
don't play for the love of the game,

and that translates
to the rest of the guys.

If the top earner don't care,
why should they?

Now, these kids...

They played because
they loved playing. That's it.

No... No money, no agents.

[ Chuckles ] No complaining.

Just the pure love of the game.

[ Sighs ] But ballplayers
like them don't exist anymore.

In fact,
the old sandlot doesn't even exist.

But yeah, they got it.

I've known Tommy since he was a kid.

We grew up in the same town,

I don't know,
maybe it's 'cause I'm older than him.

But, uh, the sad thing is,

I could always
tell... He never got it.

What do I know?

I'm just an old,
washed-up manger now anyhow.

Let's get some dirt on those uniforms,

[ Woman ] So what do you
think went wrong today, Santa?

What are you askin' me
for? I went three for four.

Homered in the sixth, in case you
didn't see that. Yeah, but you lost.

- No, sweetie. They lost.
- Did you just call me sweetie?

Listen, I'm just trying to be friendly,

Look. If these guys want to
play like a bunch of losers,

there's nothing I can
do to stop 'em okay?

So, Tommy,
with this being your last season,

you must be looking back
on your career a little bit.

- Some say you're getting out before the hammer falls.
- What?

Any regrets?

Nope. None. Really?

What about that tell-all book written
by your ex-fiancée, Judy Kroll...


come on. What do you have to...

it's a great day for baseball.

Yeah, and one of the last.

And I'll tell you what,
boys. When Santa's gone, party's over.

You better cherish these
days while they're here.

He's in a talkative mood today.

Yeah. Probably 'cause
he's not under oath.

Yo, 26, what gives?

it's for the July 4 fireworks next week.

That's next week. What are
they doin' in my yard today?

I don't know. That's
just what I was told.

You know, I've been comin'
here early for three years...

so this diva can have
B.P. all to himself,

and he doesn't even know my
name. Consider yourself lucky.

At least you're on a
first-number basis with him.

- Right.
- Yeah, they wanna see some fireworks?

I'll show 'em some fireworks.

Been workin' on that
new pitch we talked about?

What new pitch?

It's called a strike.

And Santa takes
that to the North Pole.

All right.

So on the big night,
when I say "now,"

I want you to light it up right here,

Hey, Lou.

You understand me,
right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, Bud.

I'm just watching out
for incoming. Okay.

You got a problem with your breakin' stuff,

- Yeah? What's that?
- It don't break.

- Excuse me?
- You're excused. Bring it.

You understand me, right?

On the big night,
when I say "now,"

I want you to light it up. Okay? What,

Now. Now?

When I say "now," Lou. Now?

your head's like cement. Now is now.

What do you mean, now? Now.

Okay, now. Whoo!

Lou! Not "now,"
now. Pull it out.

- Pull it out!
- What do you mean, pull it out? You said light it.

Run! [ Screams ]

[ Boy ] How far did he skid?

[ Boy #2 ] He stopped here.

Four, five, six, seven, eight...

He looks bad.

We should do something. Yeah,
kick him. See if he's fakin' it.

- Kick him? What, are you nuts?
- "Nuts"? Good idea.

Kick in the family jewels,
excellent fake breaker.

- [ Boy #2 ] That should wake him up.
- Bad idea on many levels.

As a medical procedure,
I think kicking...

is way down on the list of
any prescribed remedies.

- Got any better ideas, Q?
- Slap in the face?

Bucket of water.
That always works.

My mom says you should
always wake someone gently.

- Gently.
- How about seeking medical attention, doofus?

The average ambulance
takes four minutes...

to respond to the
scene of an accident.

Kick in the family jewels,
lot faster.

- We're gonna get this guy help.
- Why are you in charge?

- Yeah, why are you in charge?
- Since when?

- I'm the tallest.
- What's that got to do with anything?

I am the smartest.

I think you mean
shortest. I'm the biggest.

I think you mean
fattest. Fattest.

- I say we go with the kick.
- I'm the captain.

- [ Boys ] What?
- Who made you captain, D.P.?

The catcher is
always the captain.

- You're not the captain. What about pitcher?
- [ Chattering ]

- Guys, look. Guys. He's waking up.
- [ Groaning ]

We could still kick
him before it's too late.

[ Boy #2 ] Ask him a
question that everyone knows.

See if he's okay. Good idea.

Who's the greatest
baseball player of all time?

- I am. - [ All ] What?

[ Boy ] Who are you?
Tommy Santorelli.

Well, I don't care if you're Steve
Garvey. The answer is Babe Ruth.

Hello! The Sultan of
Swat. The King of Crash.

The Colossus of Clout.
The Home Run King.

The Babe. [ Together
] The Great Bambino.

No. It's Santa.

Santa? As in Claus?

- [ Groans ] - Can
I kick him now?

Go ahead. [ Man ] Back up, kids!

Clear out!

[ Panting ]

I'm trained for
situations like this.

Now, who started it?

Stand back, boys. I'm goin' in.

[ All Groaning ]

[ Screaming ]

Hey! What's goin' on here?

All right, kids,
give him some air. What happened?

[ Boy ] He took a fly
ball to the forehead.

- Sorry, Uncle Chops.
- Would have been a triple too,

if he hadn't screwed it up.

In your dreams,
fat ass. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Are we gonna have
a situation here?

'Cause we don't want a situation,
do we? Huh?

[ Boys ] No. Good. What's your name,

Who you calling kid, Tubs?

Is that any way to talk
to an officer of the law?

Where's my P.D.A.? Your what?

- My blackberry?
- Hey, that's mine.

And it's not blackberry.
It's strawberry-banana.

Are you serious? I
love strawberry. Hey!

He's that new kid who just
moved onto Glenview Road.

What are you talking
about? I live in Beverly Hills.

And what's up
with this "kid" crap?

Which one of you jacked my
phone? I gotta call my agent.

Don't even think
about autographs.

[ Boy ] Why would we want your autograph,



What's goin' on?

Yeah. We got a situation.

[ Woman ] * Sleep,
angel, sleep * [ Moans ]

** [ Humming ]

Where am I?

You're home, sweetheart.

I can't be. I must be dreaming.

Just relax. You'll feel
better in the morning.


It's really good to see
you again. [ Chuckles ]

Honey. I've missed you so much.

Oh, honey. I'm right here.

** [ Humming ]

I like this dream. Shh.

[ Tommy Screams ]

Well, hello there,
sleepyhead. Wh-Where am I?

You're home, sweetheart.

No, no,
no. Something's very wrong.

Mom? Am I dead?

Why would you ask
such a silly thing?

Because I'm wearing my Speed Racer
p.j.'s that I haven't seen in 30 years.

Fine. I got a little
backed up on the laundry.

There's still a lot
of unpacking to do.

Don't worry,
your Batman and Robin ones haven't run off.

- Mom, do you know how old I am?
- Twelve, almost 13.

No. I'm 41 years old.
I live in Beverly Hills.

I've got a smokin'-hot girlfriend
who's got her own reality show.

I play center field
for the Dodgers.

And somehow I'm back here.

And you're here. And the
pancakes smell so real.

And I think I'm gonna throw up.

All right, all right. Take it easy.
I thought you loved pancakes.

- I'll make you some eggs.
- No eggs. I do protein shakes.

- Ginseng, spirulina.
- Maybe you have a concussion and I let you sleep too long.

I'm gonna call the
doctor right now.

Mom, put down the phone.

I don't think I
have a concussion.

I just think I'm dead.

[ Chuckling ]

I bet this'll bring
you back to life.

Give me a break.

Has everyone gone nuts?

Okay, Tommy,
why don't you tell me what's wrong?

Come on, Doc. Isn't it your
job to tell me what's wrong?

All right. Uh,
how's your memory?

I remember some things like they were real.

Like my mom and the house...

and the kids from the sandlot.

But other things,
they're kind of foggy.

Like I'm watching TiVo. TiVo?
You mean TV? Uh, television?

No, TiVo. Pausing in real time,
zapping commercials.

Unless I'm in them.

Why don't you wait outside a
minute while I talk to your mom, okay?

I'd actually prefer to stay,

My trainers back at Dodger Stadium
give me the skinny all the time.

That's what I mean. I don't know
half the things he's talking about.

Well, his... Your retinas appear to
be fine, and the heart rate is normal.

Other than a little bump on your noggin,
I think... [ Chuckles ]

Well, he's fine.

[ Tommy ] "Fine"?
You think I'm fine?

Look at me. Look
at this haircut.

Look at these
weak little biceps.

How can you call any of
this fine? Let's go, Mom.

This guy's a quack.

you apologize this instant.

No, no. That's okay.

Actually, Tommy, I would like to have
another word with your mother though.

[ Whispering ] In
private. Whatever.

[ Door Opens, Closes ] Sara,
I think Tommy's suffering from some sort...

of emotional stress,
but he'll be fine.

You are the one that
I am concerned about.

Me? I'm well, thank you.

I guess I'm strong enough
for the chemo again.

Mmm. Then maybe we should
pick up on the treatments...

where you left off
before the move.

That'd be fine, Doctor.

if he starts acting up again,

I'd show him some
pictures of family and friends,

just to bring him back to reality,
as it were.

Maybe that's what he's fighting.


That was surreal.

I don't know about you, Mom,
but I could sure use a drink.

We could go get a soda.

And this is your Uncle Henry.

Uncle Henry. You remember your Uncle Henry,
don't you, sweetheart?

sure. I remember Uncle Henry.

Cheap son of a...
Who is this again?

That's you. And
that's you at the lake.

Oh. And there's you at Big Bear.

And this is that day last summer,
you remember,

when we went to that music
festival with your Cousin Jimmy?

right. Shame what happened to him though.

What happened to him? Did
Margie call with some bad news?

No. When Jimmy's band
broke up in the early '90s,

he got himself a job at
Home Depot in Calabasas.

What's Home Depot?

Last I heard,
he was assistant manager in Hardware.

[ Chuckles ] Divorced,
up to his neck in alimony payments.

- What?
- Little Jimmy's in the fourth grade...

and got all straight A's this past year,

Who's this again?
[ Doorbell Rings ]

[ Kids Chattering
] I'll get that.

stop pushing. What's your problem?

Shut up. Guys, guys.

some boys are here for you.

Get your hand off me. Good job.

Shut up.

- Hey, I'm D.P. This is Wings...
- Timber and Two Ton.

Yeah, I remember you guys.
It's all comin' back to me.

- Like it was yesterday.
- It was yesterday.

we just wanted to see how you were feeling.

Yeah. Lucky it
wasn't your eyeball.

[ Slurps, Pops ]

Well, I'm fine now. Thanks for stopping by,
kids. See ya around.

What's with this
constant "kid" crap?

I'm really glad you're not
gonna be playing on our team.

- What team?
- Our team. We play on the sandlot.

[ Whispering ] The sandlot. [ Wings ] Yeah,

- Needs another player.
- And only because the best ballplayer in the history...

of sandlot is back,
puttin' on a clinic.

Who said anything about
me putting on a clinic?

- You?
- I'm talkin' about Benny.

The Jet. Rodriguez.

[ Chucking ] That bum? "Bum"?

He's got the best batting
average on the Dodgers this year.

Wait. He's here too?

Benny's amazing, man. The best.

Please. Benny only got as far
as he did because he can run.

Then his knee tanked him.
He retired and became a coach.

What's he talking about? [ Sara ]
You should go with them, honey.

Fresh air'll do you some good. But,

No buts. Get out. I'm serious.

Let me get my mitt.

[ Whispering ] Guy's
nuts. [ Indistinct ]

[ Sniffs ]

** [ Folk-Rock Intro ]

[ Man ] * Sky's falling
through the solid ground *

* The world shook
and I'm all alone *

* Where are you now *

* When everything
was goin' my way *

** [ Indistinct ]

* So tell me *

* Old friend where are you now *

* You were standing
right beside me *

* Where are you now *

** [ Ends ]

All right, so we're gonna do some hitting,
some fielding,

and you're gonna play outfield.

D.P., behind the plate,
as usual.

[ Wings ] We've got
everybody here. Let's play.

I want you three
to play outfield.

[ Boy ] We've got
this new kid today.

- We're gonna have four outfielders then.
- That makes sense.

Let's play some ball. All right,
fellas, let's go.

I want you to focus. When I start talking,
I want you listening, okay?

All right, let's go.

[ Chattering, Whooping ]

Hey, Benny, over here. You might
wanna get a little further out there.

[ Boy ] Out there,
Two Ton. Here we go, fellas.

Hey, Benny. It's pretty weird,

I mean,
it's like The Twilight Zone or something.

Maybe you could tell me how we,
uh, got...


You asking me how I got here?

Same way these kids
are gonna get there.

'Cause they love to play ball.
That's the key, kid. You look so...

So... Yeah?

Well, young. Really?

Maybe I should be lookin' in the
same mirror you're lookin' in, kid.

I wouldn't really recommend that.

Come on,
hotshot. Let's see what you got.

You know what? I think
I'm just gonna watch.

- Okay. - Some all-star.

"All-star"? Ha.

As in,
"I'll start later." Just full of it.

I'll tell you, try to do a weirdo a favor,
and it just gets "weirdo-er."

- Yeah, really.
- Get ready, fellas. Here it comes.

Let's go. Get it!

Come on. That's it. I've got it.

Nice. Now throw it back home.

Oh, nice throw.

Yeah, nice catch.

You new to town?

Not really. I'm
Squints Palledorous.

Baseball commissioner,
right? Yeah, that's right.

Go, Wings! Go, Wings!

Wings. You know Wings McKay?

Sure. You can never
forget that kind of speed.

[ Laughs ] Kid's got no second gear,
that's for sure.

It's gonna catch
up to him though.

I don't think anyone can
catch him. Except the cops.

- [ Boy ] Hey, Wok, move to second.
- [ Boy #2 ] Come on, Q.

Just pick up the ball,
Q. In a minute.

That's Q. Short for
I.Q. He's wicked smart.

Not really that great
an outfielder though.

I'm using the probability
calculation of wind-speed velocity...

versus the angle of
the descent of the ball.

I'm gonna descend upon your head if you
don't pick up that ball and throw it in.

Takes it all apart. Breaks
everything down to a science.

You ever notice how the wind-speed
velocity changes when you speak, Two Ton?

Pick up the ball now.

I guess it paid off. He's only one
of the biggest brain surgeons...

I mean brains in the world.

[ Laughs ] You okay, kid?

You might wanna
get out of the sun.

It's not the sun. I just can't
believe what I'm seeing.

That's not good. Here.

Here. You give this card to your mom,
come in,

I'll set you up with
some quality shades.

Speakin' of the shade. Come on,

Follow me.

What's up with this "kid" crap?

[ Benny ] Oh, nice,
Timber. Go to second.

All right, here we go. Another... Wings,
go to first.

[ Benny ] Nice catch.
That guy taking the mound.

His name's Timber. That
kid can throw some real heat.

- Yeah.
- But he can't pitch at batters, right?

Yeah, left or right. Put anybody in
the box, his arm turns into spaghetti.

- Whoa! - Sorry.

Okay, that's good. Just
keep throwin' 'em a little lower.

You're doin' good.

Should have worn
a batting helmet.

You know a lot about
these kids for a new kid.

[ Chuckles ] What do you
know about Wok and Roll?

It's a little old school.

Lately I've been getting into some hip-hop,
some rap here and there.

What? I'm talking about
Matt "Wok" Wakamoto...

and Rolando "Roll" Alvarez.

Of course. Wok and Roll.

How could I forget those
guys? "Forget those guys"?

No, no. I mean, together they play great,
separate they play awful.

If you know so much about these guys,
how come I don't know you?

How come you're not playing?

Okay, guys,
bring it in. Bring it in.

[ Boy ] You guys,
go. Come on. [ Boy #2 ] Go!

Okay, now,

do one of you guys have the
guts to hit off a real major leaguer?

- Oh, no, not me.
- I gotta rest my arm, Benny.

he's your guy. I'm the catcher.

Right here, partner. Right here.

[ Boy ] Guys,
I gotta see this. Okay, fine.

[ Boy #2 ] He's gonna
get his butt whupped.

- Come on, strike him out, Benny.
- Come on, Benny.

- Strike him out. - All right.

What's your name,
kid? Tommy Santorelli.

And I promise you this. You're
not gonna forget it, Benny.

Ooh! Oh, man. Ho, ho.

- Who does this kid think he is, Hank Aaron?
- I like your confidence, kid.

- Now let's see what you got.
- This is like déjà vu.

What's like déjà vu?
This is like déjà vu.

What's like déjà vu? [ Laughs ]

Got ya.

I'm just gonna go nice and
easy on ya at first, okay?

You know what, Benny? That's always
been your problem. You're too nice.

- Excuse me? - You're excused.

[ Jeering ]

Now bring it.


And Santa takes
it to the North Pole.

Nice shot, kid. All right,
now a little more.

You're gonna have to do better than that,
Benny. Come on.

Yeah, I think his swing might
be better than Hank Aaron's.


All right, now, I'm gonna give
you a little more heat, okay?

Please hit this.

Don't worry about it.
I'm the Santa. Come on.


Good pick, kid.

Wait. Your name's Ryan, right?

Hey, what do you say?

Where'd you learn to hit like that,

Starin' down the likes of Randy Johnson,
Roger Clemens.

- You learn fast, or you die trying.
- Who are those guys?

- Must be seventh graders.
- Seventh graders.

Hey, with him on our team,
we could enter the all-city championships.

- "Enter"? You guys could win it.
- Very high probability.

Wait a minute, guys. Who said
anything about me playing on your team?

I'm not gonna be here that long.

Look at it this way. I showed you
how it's done. That's my gift to you.

they don't call me the Santa for nothin'.

[ Grumbling ] Stupid Santa.

You got some talent, kid.

There's a lot more to
baseball than talent.

Maybe you should have taken some
of that advice in the '81 World Series.

[ Chuckles ]

I like you,
kid. You got quite the imagination.

'81 World Series, huh?

You guys see that homer?
It was pretty good, right?

Yeah. You need to show us how.

Squints! How's it goin' there,
buddy? Like you really care.

Just being polite.

all the way to the fence now.

What are you doing here,

- Taking some measurements.
- Measurements? For what?

Oh, didn't you hear? City's
putting the sandlot up for sale.

- You can't sell the sandlot.
- Oh, yeah, they can, and I'm buying it.

Excuse me? Face it, Squints.

This old field
has run its course.

Besides, there's no real talent
over here nowadays anyway.

you didn't see what I just saw.

I know that I can fetch a nice price tag...

on some newly developed
condos right where we're standing.

Well, as long as I'm commissioner here,
I don't see that happening.

Yeah? Well,
then clean your glasses,

because you got the future right here,
and you don't even see it.

Don't slack that off now!

E.J.! Take it all the
way out to the fence.

[ Continues, Indistinct ]

did you have fun playing today?

It was a little below my league,
but yeah, I think I did.

That's great, sweetie. I'm glad.

How was your day?
Are you feeling all right?

I'm feeling fine, sweetie.

You're sweet for asking though.

Wow. I really miss our movie
nights. What are you talking about?

We haven't missed a
movie night in months.

I hope this movie isn't too scary for you.

Young Frankenstein? It
gets funnier every time I see it.

[ Two Ton ] Great. Now we
gotta wait two hours to talk to him.

Why do we need this
kid on our team anyway?

- With him we could have a real team.
- Maybe win the championship.

Yeah! Who cares about
those butt-faces anyway?

I care about kicking
those butt-faces' butts.

- He wasn't that "boffanado."
- I took some calculations today.

At the risk of
sounding like a dweeb,

if you don't count the
pitch he didn't swing at,

Tommy's batting
average was 1,000.

You are L-7 weenies.

[ Whispering ]

Guys. Guys,
let's go. Let's go. Come on.

Shh! Shh!

Two Ton's goin' in.
Open the window.

[ Chattering ]

[ Pounding, Grunting ]

- You okay over there?
- [ Breaks Wind ]

Oh! He got me
with my mouth open.

[ Two Ton ] Oh, I knew I shouldn't
have had that last cheeseburger.

Sometimes you
gotta wait five minutes.

- [ Grunting ] - Just
relax and let it come out.

What I do is,
I count backwards. [ Grunting Continues ]

- Five. - [ Grunting ]


Ooh. Three.

- Two. - [ Moans ]


That's it. I bet you
feel better already.

- [ Groans ] - [ Clamoring ]

- [ Clattering ] - [ Groaning ]

- You okay, buddy?
- [ Indistinct ]

- [ Chattering ] - [ Thump ]

[ Chattering ]

[ Thumping Continues ] Did
you want to borrow some T.P.?

[ Clattering ]

Whoa! Whoa!

- [ Chattering ] -
Get off me. Come on.

I should have known.

There's only one
stall. Yeah. One.

We all had to go bad.

You're not gonna rat on us,
are you, Uncle Pork Chop?

Yeah. Yeah, we're not here
to see the movie or anything.

No. We just wanted
to see the new kid.

He's our only shot at
the all-city championship.

Yeah. Relax, boys.

The big Pork Chop
wasn't always a cop.

Besides, it's my night off.

Oh. Just as long as we
don't have a situation here.

We're not gonna have a situation here,
are we?

No. Are you sure?

Good. You wait
here for my signal.

[ Together ] Yes!

Evening, Pork Chop. Hey,
Casper. Can I get some popcorn?

You bet. Thanks.

Here you go. It's fresh.

Good. Oh, Uh... I'll take
a little bit of butter on that.

Oh, of course. Thank you.

Well, it's topping, but... Yeah.

Here it is. There you are.

Thank you very much.
Yeah. Everything okay?

You seem a bit edgy. No,
I'm fine. I'm fine.

Just a little parched. I
could do with a Fanta. Yeah!

An orange Fanta,
if you have one. Yeah, of course.

Fanta. Thanks.

uh... Here you go. Thank you very Much.

That's good. That's good. I'm
feelin' a little peckish though.

What else can I get for you? Listen,
can I get some Jujubes too?

Jujubes comin' up. Thanks.

[ Whispering ] Go!

There you go. Mm-mmm. Okay,
that should just about do it,

except now I need
something sweet.

[ Whispering ] Goobers.
Is everything all right?

just a little athlete's foot.

[ Two Ton Whispering
] Don't open 'em.

You're one of the good ones,
Cassie. Okay.

[ Electrical Sputtering ]

This movie gets funnier
every time I see it.

Psst! Guys, I got 'im.

Hey, Tommy.

Hey, Tommy,
Mrs. Santorelli. How you guys doin'?

What are you guys doing here?

Stop it. What?

Why don't you take your
friends outside so you can talk?

I'll miss the part where the
monster sings and dances.

I love this part.

What do you mean,
the monster sings and dances?

Nothing. I'll just go. [
Man Shouting In Movie ]

It's my favorite part. You guys,
come on.

Excuse me. Hi, Mrs. Santorelli.

Look, fellas,
I appreciate you asking and everything,

but truth is I have too much
going on in my life right now.

We wouldn't be here
if we didn't need you.

Truth is, we're not exactly
what one would call "good."

I'm sorry, guys. I can't.

Hey! Tommy,
I'm only gonna ask you this once,

so I want you to be completely
honest with me, okay?

Mm-hmm. Can you spot me
25 cents for some Goobers?

God. Are you
serious? Geez Louise.

- I only have a nickel.
- My guess is you guys don't have any tickets.

What do you got
to say for yourself?

We're with him.

- Kill the monster.
- "Kill the monster"?

Kill the monster!

- See ya. Wouldn't wanna be ya.
- Smell ya. Shouldn't have to tell ya.

- Bye, bye. - Adios.

[ Clamoring ] Hey,
I'm calling the cops.

Hey! Come back here.

Officer Pork Chop, I need you.

Hey, manager,
you can't catch me.

- I see your faces.
- [ Boy ] Not now.

Where are your parents?

Pork Chop, some help here?

Come on, let's go! Keep running.

Excuse me. [ Boy ]
Ow! He almost got me.

Come on!

Okay, we're out. We're out. Let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Goobers. Goobers.

Come on, Two Ton. Hey!

I have needs.

I got ya! Oh,
I got ya right there.

Hey, usher guy,
I found my tickets.

There's only two. What
about all the other guys?

What other guys?

Hey! You...

[ Whirring ]


One chocolate shake comin' up.

Why, hello there, sweetie.

[ Laughs ] Who are you callin' sweetie,

Just trying to be friendly,
that's all.

All right, little lady-killer,

why don't you lean back
and tell me what you want.

How about a coffee?

A coffee? At your age? You crack me up,

Here's a cherry Coke. Kids
these days wanna grow up so fast.


Look, I'm not gonna play.

There's just too much going on in my life
right now you just wouldn't understand.

Hit me again?

All right,
look. I might as well tell you.

It's not like you're gonna go tell anybody,


I'm not supposed to be here. I was
transported back here from the future.

I'm really a superstar. Last
season I hit a .328 for the Dodgers.

I was on a box of Wheaties.

I'm gonna be elected
into the Hall of Fame.

Chicks dig me. Men wanna be me.

That's my real life.

Not this place.

I don't know if
this is a dream...

or a second chance...

or what.

I'm gonna enjoy it
for as long as it lasts,

'cause of one reason
and one reason only.

My mom's here.

I'm gonna spend as much
time with her as possible.

I knew you'd understand.

Hey, Ryan?

Thanks for listening, buddy.

That boy's mute. Yeah, I know.

What happened there?
He hasn't spoken a word...

- since his father died four years ago.
- Whoa.

- How much do I owe you?
- It's on the house. Get out of here.

By the way, this fall,
Jimmy Carter wins.

What? Cat got your tongue?

More like cat got
his brain. [ Laughs ]

Teach this punk a lesson, boys.

why don't you leave the kid alone?

Yeah? Why don't you mind
your own business? Man.

I forgot how much of a chump you were,

How do you know my name?
'Cause no one forgets the town bully.

- You got a big mouth, you know that?
- Hey, you're that new kid...

The one that everyone says is
the best baseball player in town.

No, no, no. I'm the new kid
that's asking you politely...

to let the kid go on his way.

And if we don't? Do you
really wanna find out?

You're outnumbered seven to one.

and the odds aren't exactly in your favor.

[ D.P. ] Everything
cool over here?

[ Whistles ] Saved
by the cavalry.

I don't need them to take you on,

You'll need anything you
can get your hands on,

"Santa-smelly." Okay, look.

I'm not gonna get into this sophomoric,
name-calling contest with a kid.

Frankly, it's beneath me.

Well, maybe it's because
you're a "lame-oid" loser...

with pimple breath. That's
an intelligent comeback.

Got anymore, Einstein? Or is
that all your pea brain is capable of?

[ Laughter ] "Pea brain"?
That's a really good one, man.

You gonna let him get away with that,

You know,
you should spend more time...

working on your baseball
practice than your weak insults.

- Insulting you isn't work.
- Oh, yeah?

It comes pretty easy.

Dog face. Turd mouth.
Rotten-faced bonehead.

pathetic sociopath-in-training.

I have no idea what that means,
but it sounded good, guys.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

At least my girlfriend
doesn't wear a collar.

I heard your girlfriend got
kicked out of an ugly contest...

because they said no
professionals allowed.

[ Laughing ]

Now, is it true that your mother
smacked the doctor when you were born?

- [ Imitates Rim Shot ] -
Oh. Speaking of mothers,

do you guys need another player?

'Cause my mom plays ball pretty good,
and she's better than all you fools.

[ Chattering ]

Sorry. What was that? Go ahead.

Go ahead. Go ahead. I can't... I
can't hear you. I'm listening. Go ahead.

at least my mom's not sick.

You ever say something like that again,
I will ruin you.

- Oh, yeah?
- Don't mess with me on this, E.J.

I'll go Tarantino
on you so fast...

you won't know what
hit you. Tear a what?

That's some kind
of martial arts.

In moron terms,

it means I'm gonna hurt you.

I'm gonna hurt you real bad,
you got that?

And you,
weirdo. Next time be a man.

Fight your own battles. Let's go,

Yeah, beat it.

Get out of here. We
don't like you here anyway.

You okay, man?

- Do we get to play him?
- [ All ] Yeah.

Sure do.

- I'm in. - [ All ] Yeah!

[ Cheering ]

Hey, Mom,
I was thinking about joining a team...

with those kids from
the movie the other night.

That's if you're feeling
okay. Are you down with that?

Honey, I'm feeling fine.

And why would you possibly
think I'd be down with it?

I'm definitely up with it.


[ Door Opens, Closes ] Groovy.

If you want it to ride? Mm-hmm?

Throw it two-seam,
okay? Two seam?

Come on, Timber, let's go.

- Two seam.
- Right down the middle.

Ow! Timber, take it easy.

Come on,
D.P. You're such a wimp. Get in the game.

What are you whining about? Why
don't you come and play catcher.

- That's where you belong anyhow.
- Just because I'm husky doesn't mean I have to play catcher.

Two Ton? What?

- You're not husky. - See?

You're fat. That's it.

The death of Wok and Roll,
right here, right now. Come here!

Whoa! Run! Guys!

Can we play some baseball?

- Is practice always like this?
- No.

- Sometimes Two Ton chases somebody else.
- Come on, Timber.

- Just pretend like I'm not here, okay?
- Batter up, guys. Let's go.

Two seam again? Two seam.

Just try to hit my bat, okay?

- [ Groans ] - Ooh! Sorry.

Gee! [ Groans ]

Wrong bat, Timber.

- Guys, look at this.
- [ Groaning Continues ]

What are we gonna do about
Timber's control problems?

I bet Wings has got
some good ideas.

[ High Voice ] Timber,
if I live, you're dead.

I don't know about you guys,
but I'm gettin' a cup.

Hey, Two Ton. What do you want?

I got a hurts doughnut.
You want one?

Doughnut? Sure. Okay.


Hurts, don't it? Hurts,
don't it?

You know something? You
guys are better than I remember.

With a little help from me,
I can hammer you into a winning team.

How ever can we pay you,
your holiness of baseball?

Look. All we wanted you to do was
play with us 'cause you're real good.

We didn't ask you
to coach or anything.

Squints coaches the games
and Benny comes by when he can.

- We just needed another player.
- How often can Benny come by?

His team's hanging
on by a thread,

and with me gone,
he's got nobody to work with.

What you talkin' about?

I heard Benny the Jet hurt
his knee in Cincinnati last night.

I heard it's pretty serious. Uncle Chops
said he was gonna be out for six weeks.

Hey, knowing Benny, he'll be playing
in two. That knee's always trouble.

Yeah? In '96, he got that
replaced and it ended his car...

- Car... Career? - 1996?

- I've gotta go.
- [ D.P. ] Replaced his knee?

But if we are gonna be a real team,
we're gonna need some equipment...

Bats, balls,
a new glove for Wings and some pad for D.P.

The last thing I
wanna be is a coach.

I just figure that if
we're gonna play,

we should play like
pros and play to win.

See ya.

[ Indistinct Conversations ]

- Order! - [ Chattering ]

Please, people.

Mr. Needman still has the floor. Thank you,
Mr. Chairman.

I know most of you have a sentimental
attachment to that old sandlot.

Heck, I even used to play ball
there myself, back in the day.

The truth of the matter is,

that old sandlot is sitting
smack-dab in the middle...

of some very profitable
land for this town.

Now, I am not gonna stand up
here and lie to you fine people,

and tell you that I'm not
in this to make a buck,

because I am, and I sure will.

The fact remains,
this town has seen some hard times lately,

and we could use this.

Now if this council
votes to allow me to build,

the condominiums I'm proposing
will bring nice, affordable housing,

more jobs and more pride.

Now, let's be honest. Who
couldn't use a little of that nowadays?

I can't believe this. Come on,

The only thing that Earl
Needman has ever cared about...

is fattening his wallet.
[ Man ] That's right.

if we vote to let him do this now,

we're losing something more
important than any of us can imagine.

And what would that,
Mr. Palledorous?

- Our history. - [ Man ] Yeah.

And our future. How many of you
grew up playing ball in that field?

[ Man ] I did. And
how many of you...

are willing to take that
opportunity away from your kids?

This man is,
unless we stop him now.

[ Cheering, Chattering ]

Well, it, uh,
seems we all have a lot to consider.

We'll reconvene next
on July the second,

and we'll decide on this matter then,

Meeting adjourned.
[ Chattering ]

this is the chance of a lifetime.

Chance of a lifetime! People...

[ Thunder Rumbling ]

[ Echoing ] Chance
of a lifetime...

[ Echoing ] Tommy.

Wake up, darling.

[ Groans ] What happened?
You crashed after the game.

You've been asleep for a few hours now,
but Lou's here to see you.

Lou? What's my agent doing
here? [ Cell Phone Ringing ]

That's me. Lou.

That's chump change. Call
me back with the real deal.

I've got shoes that
cost more than that.

New York Yankees. The Big Apple,

New York? But Tommy
I took my residency here.

we're talking about the New York Yankees.

That's 3,000 miles away.

Tommy is a money machine. The owners,
they want to buy him, okay?

The fans,
they want to pay to see him.

He is what baseball should be...

Caps, T-shirts, memorabilia,
cash just for signing your name.

They have these things called
bobble-head dolls now. All right?

It's payday,
and New York is the ticket.

That's the way it was,
the way it always will be.

Yankees! Yankees.

They are making me
the offer of a lifetime.

- I thought that's what I was doing.
- [ Tapping ]

- Can you hear that? - Not now.

Tommy, this is us we're
talking about. Baby, I love you.

Judy, no! [ Panting ]

[ Judy's Voice ] You're not
gonna get another chance.

[ Tapping ] [ D.P. ] Tommy,
wake up.

you're gonna miss the chance of a lifetime.

Come on. Open it.

We're going to get that
equipment you talked about.

- In the middle of the night? What's open?
- Old Man Mertle's house.

- [ Q ] Yeah.
- It sounds like breaking and entering.

- The place is abandoned.
- Except for the treasure.

You want to stay on
the right side of the law.

- [ Imitating Chickens ] -
Told you he wouldn't go.

Come on. Let pretty boy
here get his beauty sleep.

Go now, Tommy. You're not
gonna get a second chance at this.

Hold on. I'll come.

[ Thunder ] [ Two Ton ] Can
somebody please tell me...

why we didn't go
over the back fence?

[ Wok ] Because pushing your
fat butt over could get real stinky.

[ D.P. ] So I heard that Mr. Mertle
was once a great baseball player...

until he went blind after getting
hit with a baseball in the head.

Legend has it that he has a
secret stash of old baseball stuff.

[ Tommy ] So whatever
happened to Mr. Mertle?

Some say he just died.
Others say he up and vanished.

Hit in the head with a
baseball? Vanished?

[ Thunder ]

- [ Two Ton ] Guys, I just saw something move.
- Guys, it's just a house.

- If we're going to do this, let's do it.
- What about the ghost?

[ D.P. ] All right. Come on. Let's
go. All right. Move! Move! Move!

[ All ] Shut up, D.P.! All right,
move your butts.

- [ Wok ] Hey, check it out.
- [ Roll ] Hercules? Who names their dog Hercules?

It was probably just some
Chihuahua or something.

You know how people name their
dog just the opposite of what they are.

[ Thunderclap ]

- That must have been a grande Chihuahua, man.
- ** [ Whistles ]

[ Thunder ] [ Boy ] Let's go.

This... This is crazy,
guys. That's it. I'm out of here.

Oh, come on. Don't be such a
wuss. I thought we were a team.

All right, then. Go ahead,
you're up.

I say we send in one of the little guys,
kind of like a scout.

Since when does the
shortest guy have to go first?

When the taller
guys tell him to.

- Speaking of short guys, where's Ryan?
- [ Wok ] Yeah, where is he?

- Where is he? He was here?
- [ All Screaming ]

[ Barking ]

- It's Ryan! - Ohh!

- Gutsy move, kid. Pretty impressive.
- [ Boy ] What was that for?

[ Tommy ] You guys check
this floor. I'll check upstairs.

[ All Screaming ]

[ Exhales ]

That's a big baseball.

- [ Shouting ] - [ Screaming ]

That's not funny, you idiot!

Whoa! That's a big baseball.

[ Thunder ]

[ Both Scream ]

[ Both Sigh ]

You stay here. Yeah.

I'm gonna check over there,
okay? Yeah.

[ Squeaking ]

- Bats! - Baseball bats?

No, bat bats! [ Squeaking ]

[ Both Screaming ]

If I were something
really important,

where would I be?

[ Sighs ] Let's go,
guys. Come on.

[ Thunder ]

[ Both Screaming ]

- There's nothing down there.
- Except for bats.

[ Timber ] Baseball bats?
[ Together ] No. Bats bats.

Oh, okay. There's nothing here,

Yeah, this place is a bust. Hey,
up there. Let's beat it.

Come on, let's go. Let's go.

Come on, guys.

What is that?

My best guess would be a hole.


- I told you there's treasure in here.
- This is treasure, all right.

But why leave it in
such an obvious place?

[ Clunking, Creaking ]

I've got a bad feeling about this,

What should we do?

[ Together ] Run!

Hey, guys!

- [ Screaming ] -
[ All Screaming ]

* Oh, it's getting so hard livin'
with the things you do to me *

[ Screaming ] Get it off!

* Oh,
my dreams are getting so strange *

* I'd like to tell you
everything I see *

- Oh, no.
- * Oh, I see a man in the back *

* As a matter of fact his
eyes are red as the sun *

* And the girl in the corner
Let no one ignore her *

* 'Cause she thinks
she's the passionate one *

* Oh,
yeah It was like lightning *

* Everybody was frightening
And the music was soothing *

* And they all started grooving * * Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah *

* And the man in the back said everyone
attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz *

* And the girl in the corner said boy,
I wanna warn ya *

* And it turned into a
ballroom blitz Ballroom blitz *

* Ballroom blitz *

* Ballroom blitz
Ballroom blitz *

* I'm reaching
out for something *

* Touching nothing's
all I ever do *

[ Rumbling ] * Oh,
I softly call you over *

* When you appear
there's nothing left of you *

- * Uh-huh * - [ Screaming ]

* Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah *

* And the man in the back said everyone
attack and it turned into a ballroom blitz *

* And the girl in the corner said boy,
I wanna warn ya * That's a big baseball.

* Ballroom blitz *

* Ballroom blitz ** [ D.P.
] You brought the ball?

Of course. Then I think
we've got everything.

- We do now. This is the real treasure.
- [ Two Ton ] Whoa.

[ D.P. ] Yeah, it's signed by all
the '63 Dodgers. Koufax. Drysdale.

- Tommy Davis. - The whole team!

- I say we sell it.
- That's loco. - No, you loco.

- Imagine what you can get for this on eBay.
- [ Together ] What bay?

Nothing. I don't ever think we should ever
sell this ball. I mean, it's why we found it.

Old man Mertle's trying
to tell us something.

- I think he's right, guys.
- So what do you say? Deal?

[ All ] Deal! Our ball!

Our lucky charm.
Our championship.

On three, guys. One, two,
three! [ All ] Sandlots!

Yeah! Let's go!

I've seen it time and time again.

Teams not playing
up to their full potential.

- Time and time again?
- I've been around, Wings.

Now, listen, the thing of it is,
you guys could be good.

You guys got the stuff, but we're
going to have to work on some basics,

play heads-up ball,
work together as a team, all right?

Yeah! All right.

- Now just remember, baseball's more than just...
- Talent.

- Benny? - Benny!

What's up, man? Hey!

Hey, man. Hey,
how's it going? We missed you.

How's the ankle, man? Oh, it's okay. I
figured instead of laying around the house...

I'd come out and see how the
old sandlot gang is doing, right?

- Yeah!
- What about you, Santorelli?

Seems like you've had a change
of heart since a few days ago.

I've seen some things,
that's all.

Yeah? Well, I'm glad.

What do you say you take center field,
then shag some fly balls?

I mean, that is, if there's room for
more than one coach on this team.

[ Chuckles ] I'd say
that's... boffanado!

[ All ] Yeah!

Here, let me take those for you. Ah,
thanks, D.P.

Thanks, Benny.

Right here, Benny. Come on, Ben.

All right, let's turn two!

* In the summertime
when the weather is high *

* You can stretch right
up and touch the sky *

* When the weather's
right you got women *

* You got women on
your mind * Turn two.

Hit the cutoff. * Have
a drink Have a drive *

* Go out and see
what you can find *

* If her daddy's rich
take her out for a meal *

* If daddy's poor
just do what you feel *

* Speed along the lane
Do a ton or a ton and 25 *

Slide! There you go!

* When the sun goes down you
can make it * Come on. Come on.

All right! * We're
not gray people *

* We're not dirty
We're not mean *

* We love everybody
but we do as we please *

* When the weather's
fine we go fishing *

[ Benny ] Okay. New plan.

* We're always
happy Life's for living *

* Yeah, that's our philosophy *

* Sing along with us
Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee *

- * Da-da-da-da-da Yeah,
we're happy happy * - Okay, try it again.

- * Da-da-da-da-dah * - D.P.,
give me a target.

- * Yeah,
Da-dee-da-da-dah * - Yes!

* Da-da-da-da-dah *

* All right *

** [ Continues ]

Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig!

All right, he was out.

All right, so. Ear,
chin, ear, chin.

Slap, slap, slap.

* When the winter's here Yeah,
it's party time *

* Bring a bottle It'll
soon be summertime *

* And we'll sing again We'll be
driving Or we maybe settle down **

Good jobs, you guys. All right,
bring it in. Bring it in.

** [ Ends ] [ Groans ]

Nice catch. [ Chattering ]

that was... That was so groovy.

Well, what do you say,

Think these guys are ready
for the city tournament?

Yeah, I think they can bring it.

- Bring it? What? - What?

- What were we supposed to bring?
- Home. Bring it home to the sandlot!

- [ All ] Oh!
- Not so fast, guys.

Squints! You can't be
a real team without...

Uniforms! Whoa!

Squints, they look perfect!

- Far out. - Just like you.

Here you go, kid. All, right.

- Come on, guys, pick a number.
- Whoa.

I've got seven! I've
got first dibs on 12!

** [ "Yankee Doodle" ]

Welcome one and all to the Valley
Little League Baseball Tournament.

where all teams are invited,

but only one team gets to
take home this here trophy.

So let's get to it. Play ball!

[ All Shouting ]

** [ Rock ] Okay, guys.

** [ Continues ]

* Sixteen days on the road Yeah,
that's all I need *

Come on,
guys. Get back to the dugout. Come on.

[ Two Ton ] Strike him out,

* She rocked me down
through F-L-A * [ Man ] Out!

- * Sixteen days on the road *
- [ Boy ] Come on, Ryan. Get it!

[ Man ] Out!

* Yeah,
16 days on the road We got it made *

- Come on, Tommy! - [ Cheering ]

** [ Continues ]

* Whiskey and
smoke for breakfast *

* Keepin' them
Southern boys proud *

** [ Continues ] Yeah, Tommy!

* All the way to Savannah, G-A *

Hey, that Santorelli kid,
he ain't bad. Ain't bad?

The kid's the best thing to happen to the
sandlot since the day Benny conquered the beast.

* Sixteen days on the road Yeah,
we got it made *

[ Two Ton ] Make
way for Two Ton.

Play ball! [ Woman ] All right,
Two Ton.

All right, Two Ton,
bring Tommy home.

Let's go.

Strike one!

[ Timber ] Keep going! Keep
going! Keep going, keep going!

* Days on the road Yeah,
we got it made *

Down! Down! He's safe!

- Nice! - Ohh!

* Whiskey and smoke breakfast *

* Keepin' them
Southern boys proud *

** [ Continues ]

- Out! - [ Cheering ]

* Sixteen days on the road Yeah,
we got it made *

That's two in a row. Two to go.

We keep this up, we'll be playing
Needman's team in the championships.

With Tommy,
I think we might actually have a shot.

All right, fellows, good game. Get
in the dugout, batting order. Let's go.

Hey, Chop. Any inside
word on the city council vote?

Oh, yeah. Split right
down the center every time.

What's it going to take to
get this thing behind us?

** [ Continues ]

* Yeah,
you know I just can't stay *

* Sixteen days on the road Yeah,
we got it made *

* Man, these days on the road Yeah,
we got it made *

* Well, man, these days on the
road * Mom! Mom! We won! We won.

That's great, sweetheart.

** [ Ends ] Honey,
we have a visitor.

Mr. Needman came by and has something
very important to talk to you about.

I saw you play today. You've got a lot
of potential, if you're on the right team.


[ Projector Whirring ]

[ Crowd Cheering ]

Of course.

[ Gavel Raps ]

Mr. Chairman,
have we come to a decision?

Sadly, we have not. The vote
was a dead tie every time we took it,

which brings us to a crossroads,
I'm afraid.

We will have to push
this back until next quarter.

What? You can't do that!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute
now. We have to act on this now.

[ Man ] Yes. I'm
open to suggestions.

- Why don't you just give it to my dad? He deserves it.
- Shut up.

Well, Mr. Chairman, if I may,

I think I have a solution that would
be the fairest way to settle this matter.

I'd love to hear it.

I'm not one to believe in miracles,

but it appears
Mr. Palledorous's Sandlot team...

is playing my team in the All-Valley
Championship Baseball Tournament.

we're all proud of our sandlot boys.

I propose a challenge.

If my team wins,
we get to build and develop on the sandlot.

Mr. Palledorous's team wins,
the sandlot stays.

- I'm in for that. Hear, hear!
- [ Chattering ]

All right.

We have no objections, if
Mr. Palledorous will honor the challenge.

Do it,
Squints. The kids are playing great ball,

and with Santorelli in center field,
we can't be beat.

[ Chattering ]

All right,
Mr. Chairman. We accept the challenge.

[ Cheering ]

On one condition.

The game for the sandlot
is played on the sandlot.

- [ Cheering ] - Done!

[ Tommy ] So, you see,
guys? I have no choice.

I have to play for Needman.

I made the over-the-wall
catch in the bottom of the ninth...

to win the All-City

And Needman had the St. Agnus coach come
to that game, and he saw the whole thing.

So you see, it was because of
that catch I got into St. Agnus Prep.

Because of my years in St. Agnus, I
got scouted and drafted in the first place.

So I have to do it.

I've got no other choice here.

Plus my mom thinks
it's the best thing for me.

I can't risk my whole
future for the sandlot, can I?

Maybe you're the one who
shouldn't speak for a while.

You can talk?

Hey, wait! Ryan!

Hold on a sec!

Ryan. Hey, why did you do that?

You play with us, teach us all
this great stuff about baseball,

being a team, playing together.

Now you're going to up
and leave us? But I have to.

You don't have to do
nothing. You're a crock, man.

We looked up to you. You made
us feel for the game, and it showed.

I thought we were showing you
something too. Yeah? What's that?

Friendship, dummy.

- [ Baseball Bat Cracks ] - Yeah,
get it, Tommy.

- Come on, Tommy!
- Come on! Come on!

[ Boy ] What? Come on.
[ Boy #2 ] What was that?

Look, I don't know how you do
things over there in Loserville,

but here we have a
way of doing things.

We hit the cutoff man.
Do you understand me?

Just let me do what I have
to do. Leave me alone, E.J.

Something wrong,
Santorelli? I'm here, aren't I?

Yeah, well,
at the big championship game...

I'm going to need you more than just here,
you understand?

A lot of people counting on you,

I'll be fine. For your sake,
I hope so.

And the rest of you guys,
you've all got to work harder.

I bet that other team is busting their
butts trying to get ready for this game!

- [ D.P. ] Oh! No way!
- Seven jawbreakers, ladies and gentlemen!

- Whoa, good job, Two Ton.
- He's gonna pop, guys!

[ All Screaming ]

You've got to lay off the jawbreakers,
man. You're gonna put somebody's eye out.

Hey, guys, shouldn't we be
practicing for the big game?

Give me some more.
I'm going for eight.

[ D.P. ] Beat your own
record. Put them in.

Go! Go! Put more.

Hey, sorry I'm late,
buddy. Oh, Benny.

You didn't have to come help. I'm sure
you must have more important things to do.

Come on. What's more
important than this?

Looks good. The old
gang would be proud.

[ Squints ] Hey, did you hear Ham is
wrestling at the State Fair next month?

The old Hambino is still at it,

How's your knee? Ah, Doc says I'll
probably be out for the rest of the season.

I'm sorry, Benny. Hey,
don't be. I'll be all right.

Nothing like it, though, huh?

Coming out to the old ball field,
spending the summer with your friends,

playing the sport
you love. Yeah.

Playing in the majors must be really great,

I was talking about you guys.

[ Ryan's Voice ] Friendship,

So how's Wendy? Great.

- [ Benny ] Yeah? How many kids you got now?
- Oh, four.

Bet they're keeping
you busy. Yeah.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]


Why aren't you at the game?

I don't know if I should go.

Why not?

Because I need
to be here with you.

Honey, come here.

I'm so grateful to have
such a wonderful son.

Now you go play
the game you love.

I'll be here when you get back.

Good things happen to good people,

I'll come home as
soon as the game's over.

I promise.

I love you, Mom.

[ Man ] I know. Exactly. That's the
problem. Sit down. I saved a spot.

This place is a disaster.

- This place is a gift.
- What do you mean?

I helped my dad measure this dump. We cream
the ball, even you could hit a home run.

[ Needman ] Let's go,
guys. Go on. Get in here. Hustle up! Yeah!

So what are we going
to do today? [ All ] Win!

That's right, and I'm gonna bulldoze
this place first thing in the morning.

Hey, Bill!

How are you doing? Better
than a doubleheader on Sundays.

What do you got for me today? I
got something good for you today.

I hope it's better than
that hair. Yeah. Yeah. E.J.!

Come on over here. You remember E.J. Oh,

E.J., how are you doing? How
could I forget? Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too. But how about that
Santorelli kid I've been hearing about?

They tell me a lot about him. I want to
see him. Oh, yeah, yeah. Uh, Tommy.

Come on over here. I've got somebody for
you to meet. Hey, Tommy. How are you doing?

I've heard a lot about you. I've come to
watch you play. I want to see what you can do.

Yeah. E.J. here,
he's been... I've been practicing.

I've heard a lot about you too. Okay,
well, I'm going to go warm up.

All right,
Tommy. Nice to meet you. Nice seeing you.

I'm gonna go warm up. You won't be
disappointed. All right. Yeah, I... I hope not.

No. E.J.,
he's... He's been improving, yeah.

Yeah, well, he has great coaching. Yeah,
yeah, that's right, yeah.

Welcome to the Valley Little League
Tournament championship game.

Ladies and gentlemen, will you
please rise for our national anthem.

** [ "Star-Spangled Banner" ]

** [ Ends ] Let's do this!

Dork. [ Boy ] All right. Let's
go. Let's cream these losers.

[ Whispering ] Good luck.

They'll be sorry
they were ever born.

I still can't believe
he'd play for Needman!

I knew he was a traitor
all along. So duplicitous.

Man, we are so dead. Not only did we
lose Tommy, but we're minus a player.

All right, guys,
listen up... I've got something to say.

- What? - Did Ryan just speak?

I've been around you
guys for a long time.

One thing I know is that Benny's
right. You guys love baseball.

You eat, drink and sleep baseball,
but nothing compares to playing it.

If we give up now, well, you can
say good-bye to the sandlot forever.

- But you don't...
- Zip it, tubby!

It's my turn to talk.

Tommy taught us a
lot about baseball skills.

Instead of being mad at him, let's show him
exactly what he failed to learn from us...

How to play the game we love.

I don't know about you guys, but I don't want
to lose this field to a bunch of butt-faces.

- The mouth on that kid.
- So what are we gonna do today, boys?

- We're gonna win!
- That's right.

All right, guys.

What he said. Everybody in.

- Yeah!
- [ All ] One, two, three! Sandlots!

- I need to talk to you, Needman.
- Hey, isn't that that Santorelli kid?

I thought he was
on the Sandlot team.

It ain't over till
the fat lady sings.

Oh. Oh, uh, sorry. [ Chuckles ]

Take your position, Santorelli. You can tell
me after the game. But I need to talk to you!

Yeah! Whoo!

Are you deaf, son? Move it. Now!

- Santorelli!
- What is he doing?

Where are you going?
I told you your position.

Wait! What are you doing, boy? Son,
you do not want to do this.

- What do you want?
- I want to win.

Yeah, so do we.

Get lost, Tommy. Yeah,
vamoose. We don't need you.

Look, I made a mistake.

- I'm sorry.
- What are you saying?

I made a deal to play for Needman's team,
because I thought it was my destiny.

This isn't the part where
you go off about the Dodgers,

the Hall of Fame and your
smoking-hot girlfriends, is it?

No. This is that part where I
throw that all away to do what's right.

Play ball with my friends.

What did I say? That is,
if you'll have me.

Look, I would rather lose
a game with my real team...

than win one for all
the wrong reasons.

You made a bad mistake.

We're not gonna lose.

Take off that ridiculous
uniform and get out ready to bat.

Thanks, Tommy.

you had me going there. [ Chuckles ]

What are you doing? Now, that is not
the right decision to make there, boy.

Hey, Earl.

I won't be needing this anymore.

[ Man ] Whoa! [ Cheering ]

good thing I didn't throw this away.

Great to have you back,
Tommy. [ All ] Yeah!

you can kiss St. Agnus good-bye.

and that's not the half of it.

- We're gonna play ball or what?
- [ All ] Yeah!

Let's play ball.

All right. Let's go!

[ Wok ] Nice hit, Tommy.

* Well,
beat the drum and hold the phone *

* The sun came out today *

- * We're born again * - Oh,
get under it! Get under it!

[ Clanking ]

- Yeah, I got it!
- * Rounding third and headed for home *

* It's a brown-eyed
handsome man *

* Anyone can understand the way
I feel * This way! No, that way! No...

What are you doing?
He's out of there!

* Oh, put me in, Coach *

* I'm ready to play Today *

* Put me in, Coach *

Safe! * I'm ready
to play Today *

- * Look at me I can be * - Out!

* Center field *

Come on, Sandlots! * Well,
I spent some time in the Mudville Nine *

- * Watchin' it from the
bench * - Yeah! Go! Go!

* You know I took some lumps
when the mighty Casey struck out *

You're out!

* So Say Hey Willie *
Whoo! You can do it!

* Tell Ty Cobb
and Joe DiMaggio *

* Don't say it ain't so
You know the time is now *

* Oh, put me in, Coach *

* I'm ready to play Today *

* Put me in, Coach *

* I'm ready to play Today *

* Look at me I can be *

- * Center field * - Safe!

- Let's go, boys!
- * Oh, put me in, Coach *

- * I'm ready to
play Today * - Safe!

- Come on, Two Ton!
- * Put me in, Coach I'm ready to play, today *

* Look at me I can be *

- * Oh, put me in,
Coach * - Are you okay?

* I'm ready to play Today * Man,
you're out.

* Put me in,
Coach I'm ready to play *

* Today Look at me *

* Gotta be center
field ** - Out!


** [ Ends ]

[ Timber ] Come on,
Tommy! Send it to the North Pole.

[ Boy ] Hit a homer,
Tommy! Got a man on!

Walk him, son.

- But, Dad...
- You do what I say.

Hey, Needman. You really going to
put the tying run in scoring position?

Hey, Rodriguez, you coach your
team and I'll coach mine, all right?

But, Dad... I mean,
Coach, I can take this guy.


I can get him out. Son,
it is too risky.

Look, I got him down. This
punk can't hit the outside pitch.

I promise you he's all mine. No,

You always said a Needman
never backs down from a fight.

Yeah? Well,
I'm not backing down.

All right, but if you're wrong,

your new 10-speed bike is going in
the wood chipper, you understand me?

Two words: wood chipper.

Play ball!

Strike one!

Good pitch, pitcher.

Strike two!

- Come on, boy.
- Don't worry about it, Tommy.

- [ Cheering ] - [
Man ] Foul ball!

[ Groaning ]

[ Boy ] Nice try, Tommy.

Come on! Put it
through his kitchen!

Go, Tommy!

Hey, Santa,
is that the North Pole out there?

[ Boy ] Go, Santa!

That's it,
E.J. You got him just where you want him.

[ Scoffs ] You're out of here.

So is this next pitch.

- Run! Run! Run!
- [ Glass Shattering ]

[ Cheering ]

I loved that 10-speed!

Three more outs...
And the sandlot is saved.

[ Tommy ] This is it, guys. Three
outs and the sandlot's ours forever.

One more thing. We're gonna use
this ball this inning for luck, remember?

Okay. On three!

[ Together ] One, two,
three! Sandlots! Let's go!

Hey, batter. You've got
some... 'sup on your shoe.

- What's 'sup?
- Oh, I-I don't know. What's up with you?

- Strike three!
- I... I wasn't ready!

[ Man ] Out!

What? I was gonna hit a homer!

Get out of my way. You
were suppose to walk.

I swing if I want to swing.

- [ Exhales ] - [ Boy ] All right,
guys, let's go.

- Keep your eye on the ball.
- [ Wok ] Strike him out!

- You're out! - Nice!

Sucker. Two out, guys!

Two out.

one more out and the sandlot lives.

[ Boy ] One more out! Get 'em,

You're not number
one for nothing.

Like father,
like son. Out of my way, dork.

what's that I smell? [ Sniffs ]

Come on, E.J.! Oh,
it's just Needman!

[ Boy ] Don't strike out!

All right,
Timber. It's okay, Timber.

[ Wok ] Come on, Timber.


- [ Crowd Groans ] -
[ Woman ] Come on!

He's just scared,
Timber. Give him the heat.

Let's go,
Timber! Time's a-wasting.

Just throw it right in there. Bring
him the heat. Show him some heat!

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ No Audible Dialogue ]

[ Screaming ]

Yeah! That's my boy! Yeah!

- [ Man ] Yeah! - [ Cheering ]

Batter out! What?

Look! What are you talking
about? He caught the ball.

It touched no ground. He's out!

- Yeah, guys! - Tommy!

Nice catch, kid.


We're, uh, not going to have
a situation here, are we, Earl?

'Cause, uh,
we don't want a situation.

Yeah, Sandlot!

Whoo! Yeah, all right!

[ Grunts ] You were right
about that Santorelli kid.

He's gonna be an all-star.

What about that deal with my
son? He's quite the athlete, huh?

I'm not looking for athletes. I'm looking
for ballplayers, and I just found one.

[ Cheering ] Guys! Guys! Guys!

It's been the best
game of my life.

Yeah. Yeah. Obviously.

But I've got to go. What?
We just won the big game.

At least stick around for the
fireworks and the trophy ceremony.

[ All ] Yeah! I'm sorry,
guys. I'm sorry.

I gotta go see my mom.

[ Squints ] Hey, guys.

I think Benny's got something
to say to you. Oh, yeah.

Uh, I think there's something
over there that belongs to you guys!

[ All ] Yeah!

Wow! We did it!

The sandlot's been saved!

You always knew
how to make me proud.

[ Labored Breathing ]

[ Tap On Glass ] [ Ryan ] Tommy.

- Tommy, you forgot this.
- What are you doing here?

You're going to miss the trophy
ceremony and the fireworks!

[ Fireworks Exploding ] Who
cares? This belongs to you.

- I think he's waking up, Doctor.
- [ Man ] Welcome back.

What happened? Where am I?

You're at Cedars-Sinai, Tommy.

When I, uh, heard you took
a pitch to the head in practice,

I raced over here
to check in on you.

Q? No one's called
me that in years.

I had... I had the strangest dream.

- Hey, he's awake, everyone.
- Well, who's here?

Are you kidding?
More like who isn't.

- Hey, there's my boy!
- Benny, what are you doing here?

- What? A manager can't visit his favorite player?
- His favorite what?

Yeah, you know, the guys have been here
almost every day. You know, just checking in.

- They were really worried about their captain.
- Captain?

- How could you scare me like that, you silly man.
- Judy?

I'm glad to see you
recognize your own wife.

I... I missed you so much.
I'm sorry that I ever left you.

What are you talking about? When I
went to New York to play for the Yankees.

[ Benny ] Hey,
pal. You never played for the Yankees.

You've been a Dodger
your whole career.

Hey, he may be a little groggy,
but don't worry, Judy. He'll be fine.

honey? You chose to stay with me in L.A.

I did? Yeah. Yeah, you did.

Heather. Oliver. Daddy's awake.

We-We have ki... Daddy! Daddy,
you're awake!

Oh, we have kids.

Hey. Hey, boy. Daddy,
I was so worried about you.

Looks like this old ball still has
some luck in her yet, huh, buddy?


Do you realize how many calls
we get every day asking about you?

- Calls?
- Yeah. On my sports radio show.

Hey, some of the guys
want to come in and say hi.

[ Thinking: Boys' Voices ] All right,

It's just like you said,
Mom. Good things to good people.

[ Crowd Cheering ]

Tommy Santorelli...
14-time all-star,

three-time World Series champion,
M.V.P. of two of them.

But, uh, that's not the only reason
he's going straight to Cooperstown.

Tommy could be the most loved player,
teammate and leader the game's ever seen.

Having played his entire
career for the Dodgers,

Tommy turned down big money
offers from other teams over the years.

But the thing he treasures most
to this day is saving the sandlot.

[ Tommy ] Forever.