The Sand Dune (2017) - full transcript

The Sand Dune, a quaint seaside restaurant on the coast of Texas, is a place where the unexpected happens. It is here that fate inevitably intervenes in the lives of two young people. In a ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

¶ If I had a thousand tongues, ¶

¶ I would sing with everyone ¶

¶ Voices like a mountain song ¶

¶ Sing you are my only one ¶

¶ All my, all my, all my days ¶

¶ Life is wonderful ¶

¶ Life is wonderful ¶

¶ Never understood ¶

¶ That life could be this good ¶

¶ I would launch
A thousand ships ¶

¶ Just to be about your lips ¶

¶ Tell them all to sail away ¶

¶ Just to see you every day ¶

¶ All my, all my, all my days ¶

¶ Life is wonderful
Life is wonderful ¶

¶ Life is wonderful
Life is wonderful ¶

¶ Never understood
Never understood ¶

¶ That life could be this good ¶

[birds chirping]

[Aylin] So far, this year
has been a total bore.

I'm ready to turn that around.

With school out for the summer,
I talked mom into driving
us to the beach house.

It's down on the
beautiful Texas coast.

We like to think of it as
the Corpus Christi Riviera,

but it's not French.
Well, it's Texas.

That's Riley. Riley's
quiet and sweet.

But she's like a sister to me.

And that's Jessi,
my best friend.

Oh, let me see.

[Aylin] Jessi's older
and has had--

You're blocking my light.

[Aylin] ...lots of boyfriends.

Rumor has it she's
gone all the way.

Well we set out to party
and here we are.

Last year there was a pathetic
shortage of boys on the beach.

Our whole vacation was
trying not to step on jellyfish.

I can't wait to get out there
and meet some new boys.

Boys that don't seem like
the brothers we grew up with.

-[Jessi chuckles]

-Oh Jessi, you're not
recording us, are you?
-You guys are cute, look, look.

-Oh, shaking it, yeah.
-How about that?

Music's so loud it's going
to burst my ear drums.

Do you always have
to ruin everything?

Hey, how about sharing?

No, don't give her any,
she's crazy when she drinks.

-This is true.
-Oh whatever, a little wine
won't hurt, we're on vacation.

I mean, I'm 19, I can
go to war but I can't
have a glass of w--


She's the cool
mom now, all right.

Well, can I have some?

-[Riley] No, you're too young.
-No, I'm not.

Oh, you are.

Just a sip.

-She got a glass.
-[mom] She's older than you.

Do you want it or not?

-[Riley] Yeah!

[Aylin] Our number one
vacation goal, hang out
with some major hotties.

-Where are we going?
-It's a surprise.

-Come on, just tell us.
-All right, we're going
to the Sand Dune.

-Real question,
is there a bar?

What, what?

I want to welcome everybody
to the Sand Dune Bar
and Grill this afternoon

down here on the
beautiful Texas coast.


[Aylin] Wow, a giant tiki hut?

Boys in hula
skirts toss flowers?

Okay, reality check, it's my
mom's favorite Texas hangout.

Oh, those guys are hot.

Especially that one.

Oh, I like that one,
he looks sweet.

That's it, I'm going over.

Me too. Come on, Aylin.

[guy] Don't lie, listen to me,
I'm serious I wish-- I wish
they had been there.

How are ya?

Hey cutie, yeah you're
coming with me, come on.

Yes, ma'am.

Hi, um.

[Aylin] Hi.

You can sit here if you want.

Thank you.

Kind of hidden back there.

Yeah, it's uh, hope you
like dried palm fronds.

So, my name's Jake.

I'm Aylin.

It's nice to meet you, Aylin.

That ugly guy that went off
running with your friend,

that's my buddy from college,
his name's Jarrod.


-Where you from?
-Oklahoma, but we have
a beach house down here.

Nice. I was born
and raised here.

I never got to go anywhere
'til I went to college.

Who are your friends?

That one there's Jessi, and
that pretty girl behind me,

-she's Riley.
-[Jake] Hey, Riley.


-Sittin' all by yourself?
-Thanks, that's real nice.

What are you into?

When I'm home I just
hang out with friends, play
football, work out. I'm boring.

-What do you like to do?
-Well, when I'm back
home, I usually just

hang out with friends, play
football, work out. I'm boring.

-I do boring things.

Mhmm. They say
great minds think alike.

-Is that what they say?
-That is what they say.

We should hang out.


You know something?
You have got the most
beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

How do you, or is
there like eye modeling?

-You ever think about modeling?
-I'm going to be an actress.

An actress, huh? That's cool.

-How old are you?
-[Aylin's inner voice]
Tell him the truth.


-[Aylin's inner voice] Oops.

You look older,
but in a good way.

I'm 22, it's a great song,
do you want to dance? Do
you want to dance with me?


Watch your head.

-You just got to follow
my lead, all right?
-Okay, okay.

You're gonna under.

[Aylin's inner voice]
Ugh, he dances like
a pigeon with one leg.

You spin, you spin again.

[Aylin's inner voice]
Is that an old girlfriend
giving you the evil eye?

Oh, you know how to two step,
thought you were from Oklahoma?

I guess it's all natural.

I'm not gonna argue with that.

-So, Jake, who's your friend?
-This is Aylin, Aylin, this
is my little sister, Natalie.

You can call me Nat.

Hi, nice to meet you, Nat.

-You go to school around here?
-No, actually I'm--

-We're missing a good song.

Let's go.

[Aylin's inner voice]
No worries. False alarm,
it's just his sister.

[Aylin laughing]
You're kind of good at this.

[playing country music]

[Aylin] Here come
Jessi and Jarrod.

There's no way they were
dancing that whole time.

I know Jessi better than that.

[Jake] I'm pretty sure this
place is made of palm trees.

Yeah, you remember
exactly where we were?

I do, it was your mom's
house, that's why.

-It's a really easy
place to remember.

Don't talk about my mom, Jake.

-[Jessi] What the hell?
-Okay, that was creepy.

[Jessi] Yeah, well,
c'est la vie.

How's it going out there?

Honestly, pretty great.


This boy just drives me crazy.

I don't know, there's something
different about him.

I think I might
kind of like him.

You think you might kind
of like-- are you actually
hearing yourself, girl?

-I mean-
- I know.

-you've met him a couple hours
ago and you think he's your
one true love or something?

I know, I'm ridiculous.

-Come on.
-I know, I know,
this is just vacation.

I'm just gonna have fun.

And be careful, you don't
know everything about him.

He doesn't know
everything about me.

[Aylin's inner voice] Like the
fact puberty hit me at twelve.

[Jarrod] So, it can
be good protein.

The one time
I did eat a scorpion,
though, I left the tail on-



-Your lips.

-What about my lips?
-They're a new color.

Yeah, well your sister liked it.

Really, hmm.

What's wrong with my face?
What didn't she tell me.

Nothing, you look great.

-Doesn't she look
great, Jarrod?
-Mhmm, yeah.

-You look great, you can trust
him, he got all A's in school.

-Well, there was a B, but--
-Okay, I'm going
to the bathroom.

-That's a good idea.

[Aylin's inner voice] Okay,
putting eyeliner on my lips,

definitely not my
smoothest move,

but the tiki torches, the
boy sitting across from me?

It's not Hawaii,

but I'll take it.

I think the lovely lady
deserves a flower, don't you?

There you go.

Well, thank you, but I'm more
of a sunflower kind of girl.

I'll remember that.

-Will you?

-What about five or
ten years from now?

Especially on such
a pretty girl like you.

[Aylin's inner voice]
Giddy-up, I think I found
myself a cowboy.

¶ The summer days
When you walked in ¶

¶ I knew then that this
Would never end ¶

¶ I felt the heat
Beneath my skin ¶

¶ I could feel the whole world
Start to spin ¶

¶ After all the years gone by ¶

¶ I think about
The tears I cried ¶

¶ Couldn't seem to get you
Off my mind ¶

¶ Of all the places
I have gone ¶

¶ I've never felt
Like I belonged ¶

¶ Always seem to swim
Against the tide ¶

¶ Every time my life
Seems to fall apart ¶

¶ You were like a lifeline
Around the heart ¶

¶ In my dreams, in my dreams ¶

¶ You were like a drug
That I couldn't quit ¶

¶ I can feel your blood
As it slowly drips ¶

¶ From my veins ¶

[Aylin's inner voice]
Looks like this might
be the best summer ever.

You know, I had a
good time tonight.

You think I could see you again?

You know I bet you
guys could come over.

I don't think my
mom would mind.


Hey, Jarrod.

-We're going to Aylin's.

You got it.


Hey, everybody, pictures.
Come on, come on!

[Aylin's inner voice] I wish
mom would quit taking those
pictures for her scrapbook.

So embarrassing.

[Natalie] Can I please
go with you guys?

Sorry, Nat, there's
only two kayaks.

Will you take me later, then?

Just hang out
with Jessi and Riley.

Jessi told me to eff off.

I'll be back soon,
I promise. Just have fun.

[Jessi] Get over here.

Hey, hurry back then.

-[Jessi] Hey, remember
that one time?
-[Jake] Will be back soon.

-where one of our friends--

-put something on her lips
that wasn't lipstick?
-[Aylin] Bye, you guys.

[Jessi] Remember that
one time? [chuckles]

[Riley] Aylin!

-[Riley] Stop!
-[Jessi] Hey! Get out.

Get over here.

[Jarrod] You gotta come back.

[Jessi] Where did you
find him? He's so stupid.

[Riley] Disgusting.

[Jessi] Although, I'm
glad we met you guys.

We needed some testosterone,
right? Do you lift?

[Jarrod] He might do
anything other than lift.

They don't wake your neighbors.

They won't, there's no one
here for them to wake.

All of the snow birds
who live around me fly
north for the summer.

[sighs] You know,
I've never been back
here, it's kind of hidden.

Well, surprise.

Surprised about a
lot of things tonight.

You know my parents bought this
place so they could go sailing.

You have a sailboat?

No, well we used to,
but my mom had to sell it.

Reminded her of Dad.

Did he leave?

No, he killed himself.

He had PTSD and uh...

I'm sorry.

It was last Thanksgiving.

So, as you can expect,
the holidays aren't
really my favorite thing.

I know what you mean.

You do?


My brother passed
away when I was 16.

Oh, Jake, I'm so sorry.

It's all right.

He was in a car accident

and they had to take him to
the nearest city 'cause there
was no qualified surgeon here.

By the time he got
there, it was too late.

He was gone.

Known what I was gonna
be since that day though.

And what's that?

A doctor.

You'd make a
pretty great doctor.

Yeah, you'd make a
pretty good superstar.

Oh god, no I wouldn't.

We'd be a power couple though.


I don't think superstars
go for doctors.

Well, there's a first
time for everything, so.

I think you might be right.

Wanna head back?

Yeah, let's go.

[calm music]




-You a mermaid?

Maybe. How'd you guess?

Dunno, this might have
something to do with it.
I don't know what it is.

Don't you know
what mermaids eat?

-Tons of fish?
-No, men.

You know what
their favorite are?

Young men,

poor helpless sailors,
or just maybe

college students returning
for home during the summer.


.You know what it sounds like?

I shouldn't get too close.

-Ah, ah, ah!
Break it up, you two.
-[clears his throat]

-Jake, time to go.
-Yes, ma'am.

All right, Jake, let's go.

All right.

Come on.

Just give me a sec.

All right, I'll see
you tomorrow.

[Jarrod] Nat's got shotgun.


[Aylin] I really like this guy.

[mom] Aylin, you know
how much I love you.

[Aylin] Yeah, of course.

Well, it's about you and Jake.

Now, I think he's a
fine young man, but

I worry about certain
things, temptations. What-

What I'm trying to say
is I'm worried about
you two having sex.

Mom, we wouldn't do
that, we're not stupid.

Well, maybe not
but I, I still worry.

Aylin, you're so young.

Yeah, but it's not
even like that.

We hold hands
and kiss, I swear.

I believe you, but

whoa when I see you
two look at each other,
I can't help but think that

I, well-

Well, you know me
better than that, Mom.

I was young, too.

I know.

So, listen to me.

I don't think I want to.

Well, too bad, you
don't have a choice.

It's been a very hard year
with your dad's death and all.

And I'd hate a wedge to come
between us because of a boy.

That would never happen, Mom.

Yes, Aylin, it
could, I've seen it.

-Well, it happened to
me, a long time ago.

A boy came between me and
my parents and it wrecked
our whole lives for a long time.

-You never told me that.
-Well, no need to.

I've decided that you
can continue to see
Jake on one condition,

that someone has to
be with you two always.

-Do you understand? Always.


-All right?
-All right, yes.

Okay, all right then, that's
enough said about that.

Oh, and one more thing,
don't try to sneak out together.

I know something
about that, too.

-So, what is your favorite
part of a s'more?
-The marshmallow, definitely.


-How do you like it?
-Golden, perfect golden.


That's a hard thing to achieve.

Maybe for you, but I for one
am a master s'more cooker.

-How do you like it?
-Charred, not charred
actually, just not charred.

-Do you remember the other day
when we were at the beach-
-One not charred actually,

not charred marshmallow.


Oh my God.

[Aylin's inner voice] Uh-oh.
Well, it's golden all right.

Here, done.

[Jessi] Oh that's mine.
get away from that.

Ew, Jake.

-Are you okay, man?
-Oh, my God.

-Ooh, Jake.
-It's sandy.

-Now give me a sandy kiss.

- I have to give you
a sandy kiss now.


It's like brown sugar,
you'll love it.

-No, no, no.
-[Jessi] Aylin!

-[Jake] Come on, come.
-[Jessi] Gross.

-[Aylin] No.
-[Riley] Jessi and Jarrod
are going with you.

Don't be gone long or
I'll call the Coast Guard.

-I got you, I got
you. I got you.
-[mom laughs]

If you're gone too long,
I'll call the Coast Guard!

Take a walk with me somewhere.

I wanna show you something.


-You wanna go?
-Let's go.

Come on, Aylin.

I'm not as fast as you.

-[Aylin's inner voice] Thank God
Jessi and Jarrod ditched us.

It's beautiful.

[Jake] You know
this area's famous.

-For what, mosquitoes?
-Whooping crane.

I think you're confusing
wildlife with a disease
from the 1800s.

No, not whooping cough,
whooping crane.

It's a special breed
of big awkward bird.

How big are we talking,
like a turkey, a crow?

Actually they get up
to five feet tall, can have
a seven foot wingspan,

they make that
whooping noise, so.

I'm gonna need to hear this,
can I get a demonstration?


For the sake of science?


-All right.
-Only for science.

And you can't laugh.

Whoop whoop, whoo-oop.


All right.

-All right.

Okay, so where are these
so-called whooping cranes?
I don't see any of them.

Probably on their way
back to Canada.

They're like the snow birds
in your neighborhood.

They come down here for the
winter, leave for the summer.

-Do you think they
fly over Oklahoma?
-Yeah, they're made for life,

so their partner dies,
they probably
won't find another.

That is sad.

They have an elaborate
courting ritual.

-What's that like?
-They get to know each
other with a little dance.

Kind of like how we
first met at a dance.

I'll show you.

First, they get to know each
other by bowing their heads.

My name's Jake, and you are?


Pleased to meet you, Aylin.

Then they start
flapping their wings.

-Oh, is that what they do, huh?
-Just like this, come on.

I can't court myself.

-Oh, no, no.
-I need a partner.

I'm not imitating a bird.

-Like this?
-Good, yeah, you're
getting the hang of it.

-You look very elegant.

Then they jump.

And spin, spin.

-They jump again,
impress each other.

Just like that. Whoo-oop!

They're bound forever.


And once their dance is done,

they're soul mates for
life unless, you know,
something bad happens.

I'll race you down.


[Jake] All right, now that
we've had our science lesson,

it's time to show
you my top secret base.


Not done yet.

Welcome to Area 52.

-That sounds dangerous.
-You're going in.

[Aylin] Very interesting,
excuse you.

[Jake] Not so much dangerous
as much as secretive.

[Aylin's inner voice]
This is so romantic.

[Aylin] God, these
sand dunes are huge.


It still hasn't changed.
You know I haven't taken
anyone here in years.

You're gonna love it.

I already do.

All right, be careful,
it's a little slippery.

I can tell.

[Jake] My brother and I used
to run up and down these dunes.

It was like our little
secret slice of paradise.

When he died, all I ever
wanted to do was forget.

But now, with you here,

I feel like I can do anything.

[man] Are you Jake and Aylin?

You kids have any idea how much
trouble you've caused tonight?

My mom's gonna be
so worried, I gotta go.

-[mom] Aylin!

-Oh God! Are you all right?
-Yeah I'm okay.

I was so worried.

We just fell asleep
at the beach.

-You guys, where have they been?
-[mom] Come on.

They'll be here, relax.

Jakey and Aylin.

You drive, I'm too
tired. Come on, girls.

Oh, y'all are in trouble.

[Riley] Are you okay?
You're mom's going insane,
I can't take it anymore.

Well, where you been, man?

At the expense of
sounding too cliché,

I think I fell in love
tonight, Jarrod.

Okay, well I'm
driving, so let's go.

The keys.

Hey, Aylin!

I love you!

-[Jessi] Whoo!
-[mom] Aylin, get in
the car now, please.

[Jessi] Oh my God, he loves you.

-[Riley] Get it girl!
-[Jarrod] All right, come
on, lover boy, let's go.

[Jessi] Bye, Jake.

[Aylin's inner voice]
[sighs] I really messed up.

I'm in way over my head.

I'm psyched to get to the
beach, gotta be catching
some rays today for sure.

Did you girls put on
enough sunblock?

Well, how am I supposed
to tan if I wear sunscreen?

Jessi, you have to
put on sunscreen
or you'll burn to a crisp.

I never burn.

Aylin, I thought you'd be
excited to go to the beach.

I heard Jake say he'd be there.

I am.

[mom] Well, you
don't look like it.

Yeah, you're acting
kind of weird.



-There's something I
actually need to tell you.
-What is it?

-I told Jake I was 18.

What? He's crazy about
you, everyone saw
the way he looks at you.

Don't make me feel any
worse than I already do.

I didn't think it would matter.

Well, being dishonest
always matters.

I know.

You've got to tell Jake
that you're not old enough.

[mom] Jake needs to know
you're not 18, you need
to tell him right away.

No, you've got
to tell him today.

And if it goes wrong we
can just go to another beach.

You've gotta tell him.


[Aylin's inner voice]
Okay, at least mom doesn't
know about my fake ID.

[girls cheering]

[mom] We have arrived.

We have arrived.

-Hey, don't forget what
we talked about, promise?
-I know.

-[Jessi] Hey, guys.
-[Jarrod] Hey, ladies.

-[Jessi] Hey, Jarrod.
-[mom] Well, hello.

[Natalie] Perfect day
for the beach.

Bet it will be crawling with
kids. What do you think, Aylin?

I think it'll be fine,
it's a big beach.

Oh I think one kid will
practically be on top
of us. Don't you agree?

Well, Jessi, I'm sure
there'll be plenty of children,

but I'm pretty sure there'll
be plenty of assholes too.


What was that all about?

I don't know.




Everything okay?
You seem a little quiet.

Jake, we need to talk.


-What's up?
-No, not here.

Not with all of this around.


Can we go somewhere private?


The ice cream shop.
Let me grab my shirt.

I'll be right back.

I can't believe the ice
cream shop is closed.

-What's goin' on?
-Listen, I just thought
it would be a fun night,

we'd go out and dance
and sing, and then we'd
go our separate ways.

But you came over and
we just had this great time.

Aylin, it's okay. You can
tell me, whatever it is.

I'm really actually 16.


I'm really sorry, Jake.


Wow, um.



You really do look
older than that.

I know, I should have
said something sooner.

All right.

Here's the way I look at it.

The age difference thing
is not that big of an issue.

-So, you don't
care I'm only 16?
-Well, no, I care.

It's where we are in our
lives that's the problem.

I mean, you,

still have to finish
high school and I've
already done all that.


-And I can't ever
go back again, I just--
-Yeah, I know.

Plus, I think everyone
would look at me as
that creepy old guy,

and I don't want to be that guy.

I would have never even
gone for you if I would have
thought you were that young.

-I mean, what'd everybody think?

You know?

You want to get out
of here? Come on.

[Aylin's inner voice]
This doesn't look good.

Okay, just smile and act
like nothing happened.

See, I'm not a cherry
person, though.

Do you want a cherry?

Oh, I can't believe I forgot
to put on sunscreen.

No joke. Look how
nice my skin looks.


Lou Anne, honey, why
don't you go on home?

-I think the guys can
give us a ride, right?
-Oh yeah, no problem.

I could use a cold
shower and aloe vera,
so thank you very much.

-[mom] Bye, kids.
-[Jessi] Bye, Lou Anne.

Bye, Mom.


It's good.

I'll be right back.

Okay, I got to get in.


Take my fork, take my fork.

-That looks so good.
-Anybody wants this cherry?



What's up?


That does not look like nothing.

I'm just thinking.

Is it about earlier?

[sighs] Yeah.

A hundred years ago it
wouldn't matter, but today's
day and age it's different.

It's not normal, it's looked
down upon, it's rejected.

I know that.

It just feels right.

But society says it's wrong.

Jake, it's fate.

Simple as that.

I'd like to think that.

[Aylin's inner voice]
This is fate, but can he really
get over the age thing?


-I have something
I want you to hear.

-You do?
-Mhmm, yeah.


This is the song
from the other night.

¶ Summer days
When you walked in ¶

I kind of think of it as our
song. I wouldn't forget.

Me too.


I made you a copy,

but you have to remember
to think of me every
time you play it, deal?

-Every single time?


[Jake] She just does,
she does it for me. She
makes me want to feel.

I can't believe you said
you love her, though.

Too soon.

I feel like I can fly.

Natalie, why don't you go
to your room? Your mother
and I need to talk to Jake.

Oh, okay.

I'm gonna go chill
in your room, man.

Okay. See you around.

Hey, guys.

You're home early.

What's going on?

Well, you tell us
what's going on.

'Cause you see,
Natalie called us.

She said that you were
too busy to talk to her.

Thought we'd like to know
what you'd been up to.

Told us about a friend of yours.

-What was her name?

Ah, yes, Aylin.

And I heard she led you to
believe she was much older.

-[dad] Jake.


A girl that will lie about
her age is up to no good.

You just need to
forget about her.

No, Doug, I don't need to
forget her, that's ridiculous.

Don't disrespect
your father, he is just
trying to protect you.

Mom, I like this girl.
I mean I really like this girl.

Like, like?

Jake, I'm not gonna let
you piss off your future on
some hussy you met down

on the beach. You hear me?

You don't even know her.

[dad] You're going
to Med School, Jake.

You owe it to your brother.

You know I have spent
the last six years feeling
responsible for his death.

Your brother's death has
nothing to do with this girl.

But it does.

Mom, ever since we lost
Donnie, I have not been able
to focus on anything else.

And she makes me
feel something, Mom.

She makes me feel
something, right here.


If you decide to see this
girl again, there will be no
help from us with Med School.

You can't just take that
away from me, that is
what I have worked for,

my motivation, my
ambition, my drive,
everything goes back to that.

Well, then you know how
God damned serious we are.

She's leaving tomorrow.
Can I at least say goodbye?

Hand over your phone
and the keys to your truck.
Come on, hand them over.

Doug, I'm not going to give
you my phone and keys.

If you want my help with Med
School, we're going to do this
my way. Hand them over.

I hope you feel good,
'cause I don't think
I can ever forgive you.

And you're not even my dad.

You know what? I can't.



We're all packed up to leave.

-How are you holding
up out here?
-He didn't show.

Yeah, well, it's okay.

He wasn't tall enough
for you anyways.

Aylin, if it's any consolation,
he made a huge mistake.

[mom] Come on, time to go.

We have a long
drive ahead of us.

Come on, let's go home.


Yeah, 'morning, man.

What do you need
spare keys for, man?

I'm gonna go see Aylin.

Well, you better
take the back roads.

You're busted for sure
if you go the usual way,

especially with Nat out there.

I'm just saying.

I appreciate that.

Not a problem, man,
that's what I'm here for.

See you.

Have a good one.

¶ This feeling inside of my soul
Is killing me ¶

¶ There is no reason left
Anymore for me to breathe ¶

¶ In my mind I know it's over
now I need to get away somehow ¶

¶ This feeling inside of my soul
Is killing me ¶

Come on.

¶ I can hear some voice
That's calling me ¶

¶ They say it's all
For me to be free ¶

¶ And I know
There won't be another way ¶

¶ There is nothing left
For me to say ¶

¶ I can hear some voice
That's calling me ¶

[Aylin] Jake, if you
read this note,

I hope you know I waited for
you, watching out the window,

begging to God
that you would come,

pull up in your beat up old
truck and tell me you love me.

You need to know
that the moment I met
you, I fell deeply in love,

and you know the honest
truth when I say that time
will never be an issue for us

because in the end
I know I'll be with you.


Love, Aylin.


I'm actually a fan of the
plastic bags. We recycle.

Mike and I recycle, we're
not part of the problem.

-[woman] Absolutely.
-But I did hear that they
were gonna try to ban

the plastic bags.

We recycle ours, we don't
use them for all kinds of
things and it's just not fair

they're gonna be taking
them away from us.

[woman] We just felt like
the community wanted that,
and it's good for us as well.

[employee] I hear
the film premier sold
out in only two hours.

-Excuse me?
-I said, her new movie
premier sold out in two hours.

It's going to be in Austin,
but everybody knows that.

Well, I'll be damned. She
actually did it, didn't she?

Why would you say that,
like you knew her or something?

Oh, well, actually I did.

Aylin? Dude, she is hot.

So, what you guys go
on a date or something?

Yeah, yeah, it was a long
time ago though, you know.

Didn't really mean anything.

[Aylin] Here I am in Hollywood.

I'm told I have everything,
great job, an exceptionally
attractive boyfriend,

fans, and even one very
enthusiastic stalker.

Something is missing though.

The girl with everything
feels nothing.

Oh, cheese and rice, looks
like somebody didn't get
enough beauty sleep last night.


You are a hot mess.

I know. I'm sorry, I couldn't
fall asleep last night.

Maybe it's like the legend.

What legend?

You know the one that says,
you can't sleep because you're
awake in somebody else's dream.

Sorry, haven't heard
that one before.

Let's just hope you weren't
awake in B-jorn's dream.



Oh my God, speak of the devil.

Are all of his Snapchats
of that variety?

[sighs] I don't know,
I guess I'm lonely
and Bjorn helps a little.

But you're not alone. You
have your mom and Katrina
and Riley and Jessi and me,

-and all the crew.
-I know, I know, it's just,

I don't know I want somebody
I can have a future with

and I can't meet anybody new
because I'm always on location.

Sister, what you need is a
vacation, not a lo-cation.

Go somewhere where you
can have some you time.

That does sound nice.

Except there's one problem
with that. I can't go anywhere
without somebody recognizing me.

How would you like to be
a red head? [growling]

That might be fun.

This is just what
the doctor ordered.


There. Oh, it's perfection.

-Look at you.
-Good morning.



Oh, honey.

[Aylin] Don't need to say it.

What have you been up to?
You look like you've
been in a boxing ring.

How's your stalker guy?

You simply won't believe
the day we've had.

Two clients backed out on
a contract and one renter
basically trashed a house

so we have to go in and
do a complete remodel.

This day is costing
us a fortune.

Waiter, bring us your best Cav.

Anyways, enough about
me, how have you been?

Well, Dionte and Katrina want me
to start going out in disguise.

As you can see
I'm trying it out.

Oh, they even gave me this wig.

Why didn't you wear it today?
Would have been better than that
sorry ass hat you're wearing.

No, your hat is fine, I like it.

Thank you, and it's all I
had time for this morning.

I've seen a bit about
you in the tabloids.

Bjorn, huh? Nice butt,
and those abs.

Honestly, I struggle with
taking guys seriously
when he's prettier than I am.

Personally I go by
the philosophy of use
them and lose them.

There's too many hotties out
there to choose just one.

Don't listen to her, Aylin,
she doesn't mean that.

Like hell I don't.
Whoo, see what I mean?

There are so many
of these creatures
wandering around out there.

One man's enough for me.

I agree, one good
one's all you need.

There you are, ma'am.

And for you, Miss? Aylin?

Oh my God, it is you.

Can I get your autograph?

-Who do you-- who do you
want me to make this out to?

And if you could say thanks
for the fabulous service,
I enjoyed every minute of it.


[Jessi] Actually, we got to go.

-I've got to go, I'm sorry.
-Come on.

Get out of our--
get out of our way.

[Aylin] Oh, Jesus.

[Riley] Ladies, please.

All right. How are you
doing today, Mr. Linch?

I've been better.

Looks like you had a little
fishing accident today.

Think you can tell me about it?

My buddy's fishing off
the back, and I'm facing
the other direction

and just as he was
casting, the wind caught his
line and well, look here.

Got myself an accidental nipple
piercing and I can't get it out.

Well, look at that.

Looks like your buddy
caught the big one today.

I seen the girls on TV with
piercings all over them,

they even have them
through their tongue.

Now tell me, how can you
eat with something like
that in your mouth?

-Tell me, how can you?
-Well, I don't know,
I'm just saying

if it was ever a time to do it.

-Are you sure?
-Damn sure.

Get this thing out.


I need anesthetic room
four, I'll be there in a
couple minutes, okay?

-Hey, nipple piercing, huh?

They're so hot on guys.

-Can I play with it?
-Well, it's too late,
we already took it out.

Such a little fun sucker, aren't
you? You know I'm thinking of
getting one of those myself,

-maybe both with rings.
What do you think?

By the way, have you seen
the waiting room lately?


Be prepared, there are
heaps of people coming
in with jellyfish stings.

I see yearly jellyfish
invasions taking dozens
of poor innocent tourists,

happens every year,
Janelle, you know this.

So much for a quiet little
practice by the sea.

Hey, doctor, since you'll must
likely be here late tonight.

Don't know how many
times I need to tell you,
I don't date my staff, okay?

There's always a
first, you know, date.

There we go, Aylin's lost
love connection, page eight.

"All the hoopla over
Aylin's glitzy romance
has come to an end

after her infamous
breakup with Bjorn."

Bjorn. Never heard of him.

The guy looks like the
biggest tool bag I've
ever seen, oh my God.

[on TV] Hello, and welcome
to another edition of Catch
Our Vibe. I'm Russ Ray.

And I'm Julia Hilder.

Burning up the tabloids
this week, a social media
war between the mother

of everyone's
Hollywood honey, Aylin,

and the person who's apparently
been stalking the superstar.

Mom, Lou Anne claims someone
is after Aylin and is secretly
snapping and posting photos

of her daughter in various
places around town.

[Julia] Lou Anne says the fan's
love sick posts are obscene
and have gone too far.

[Jake] I don't believe this.

In frustration to make them
stop, Lou Anne recently
got herself thrown off

several sites after
posting some strongly
worded messages

demanding the stalker
leave Aylin alone.

I don't believe this.

Catch Our Vibe reporters
will continue to cover this
breaking story and bring you-

I don't see you for ten
years and now you're
everywhere I look.

In other Aylin news, Catch
Our Vibe has learned her
on again off again romance

with Bjorn is on again,
for the fifth time.

The two could be seen
holding hands and Bjorn
was not carrying his mog,

who had been his
constant companion.

Are wedding bells in the future?

This is who she dates?
I mean come on.

Accessorizing dogs.

You know I haven't seen
Bjorn in a couple weeks.

I thought things would
slow down filming, but in all
honesty, it's just sped up.

They have me flying out
to an interview in the morning,
but that same night

they're sending me across
the country to a talk show.

Oh God.

I know it's what the job
calls for but I really wish
they would lighten the load.

Tell them to back off,
you're working yourself silly.

You should see the tabloids
about me right now.

Girls, why did you girls
talk me into this?

You know what they
say, Mom. You gotta
use it or lose it.

That depends on what
you're looking for.

I gotta find a towel.


Help! Somebody call 911!
There's a lady on the ground
in the locker room.

[priest] For none of us has life
in himself and becomes his
own master when he dies.

Or if we have life, we were
alive in the Lord. If we
die, we die in the Lord.

So, then whether we
live or die, we are the
Lord's possessions.

Happy from now on are
those who die in the Lord.

So it is says the spirit, for
they rest from their labors.

No, no, no, she is so beautiful
but why-- why is her picture
bigger than mine?

No, without Fred there is no
Ginger, they're saying this
glam duo is donezo.

No, we're not donezo,
I'm heading over to
her funeral right now,

so I'm gonna take
time away from filming.

I don't care.

I'm gonna go be by her
shoulder in her hour of need.

No, I don't know who died,
what does that matter?
What matters is publicity.

I get publicity, she gets
publicity, everybody's happy.

The reporters will be there,
I will be there by her side,

they will love me, they
will love her, end of story.

[Aylin] I didn't have a clue
my mom had a bad heart

or I wouldn't have
taken her to the gym.

She never wanted me to worry
and now my lifeline is gone.

Of course, Bjorn wasn't there
when I needed him most.

How can I love a man that
loves the mog more than me?

How much longer until we
reach this little shithole town?

I would like to make
it back to LA tonight.

That long?

[hangs up]

I'm here, I'm here.

-Where is everyone?
-What are you doing here?

What do you mean, what am
I doing here? I am here for
you in your hour of need.

You've gotta be kidding me.

The ceremony is over.
You know what?
Everything is over.

Bjorn, I needed you
one time in my life.

Over, what do you mean over?
I don't understand how can they
start the ceremony without me.

That doesn't make any sense.

I just got here.

What? I get it, you need
a shoulder to cry on.

-It's okay.
-Don't touch me, okay?

Go, Bjorn, it's over.

Aylin, if there's anything
you need in the days ahead,

-please don't hesitate
to give us a call, okay?
-Thank you.

God bless.

-How are you holding up?
-Not very well.

I think you're holding
up pretty good.

-Sweetie, what are you
gonna do about Bjorn?
-Dump him, please.

It's already done.

He's never gonna love anyone
as much as he loves himself.

Will you guys excuse
me for a minute?


Are you really leaving
without saying goodbye?

I'm sorry, Riley.

Can I ask where you're going?

Someplace private.
I need to get away,
grieve on my own terms.

The beach house.

I know because I know you.

Do you know how
long you'll be gone?

I don't know, as long as I need.

The studio won't be
too happy with me, but
it's what I have to do.

You should get going.

Don't worry, I'll cover for you.

Thank you, Riley.

Yeah, don't mention it.

Get out of here,
the clock's ticking.

Go find your love.

[Aylin] I am utterly alone
for the first time in my life.

Time to go back, find myself,
back to the beach house.

But, the house will be so empty.

When I come through that
door, Mom won't be waiting.

Hey there, doctor.

-Janelle, how you doing?
-What are you doing here?

You are the last person
I expected to see tonight.

I don't know, it's
been a rough week.

Thought a few drinks
might do me some good.

I'll have the amber short.

-How about buying
a poor girl a drink?
-Tell them what you want.

I'll have the usual.

Thank you, doctor.

You're welcome.

Say, there is an empty
booth over there.

What do you say we
go get to know each
other a little better?

Yeah, that sounds good.

We never get a chance
to talk at work, so, tell me
a little bit about yourself.

-What would you like to know?
-What's your favorite food?

I don't know.

-What's yours?
-Anything Italian.

-Italian, really?

Okay. I'd have to go
with Mediterranean.


Yeah, sounds exotic.

It kind of is.

I've never had it before.

Well, if you ever get the
chance, you should try it.

It is, I don't know, it's good.

My house is only a block away.

Let's do it.

I thought you'd never ask.

So, why don't you hang out
here, and I'm gonna go slip into
something more comfortable.

[glass breaks]

[Janelle] Oh, shit.

-Yeah, I'm fine.

I said I was fine.

I need to know, did you
take those from the clinic?

No, I would never do that.

Janelle, you need to tell me
where you got the damn pills.

-Jake, they're my pills!
-Did you get them
from the clinic?

I mean, no, I don't mean
they're my pills I mean,
they belong to a friend,

and I took them from her so
that she wouldn't use them.

Let's just forget about it.

Janelle, I think you might
need some help and-

and you may need to go
somewhere they can keep
an eye on you for a while.

I got someone who
can help you, okay?

Jake, no wait,
please don't do this.

Please, just calm down. Let's--
let's make another drink.

Please, they're not mine,
they belong to a friend.

-Let's just-- please--
-Just got to call some-

I'm begging you, okay?
Let's relax, let's get to
know each other, remember?


Jake, don't you dare!

If you do this, I'll
tell them it was you.

If you call whoever
you're gonna call,
I will blame it on you,

I will say that you made me
do it so that my friend
would sleep with you.

You do what you
gotta do, Janelle.


Jake, please!

[Aylin] It's hard being
out here without Mom.

It's so lonely.

Oh yeah, I get that. Got
a lot of memories there.

Yeah, some not so good though.

Oh I know, I remember it took
you a full year before you
could go back there after Jake.

I know, it still makes
me a little sad.

Oh. Yes! Riley, I found
the default notice.

I knew it.

Did you hear what I just said?

Oh yeah, of course,
I could see why it could
still make you sad,

especially without your mom.

Nail him, we need our money.

Just go out there, you
know, make some new
friends, have a good time.

I don't know, it's not
as easy as it sounds.

Oh come on, stop wallowing
in self pity, your mom
wouldn't have wanted that.

Go, do something.

Maybe I'll grab a bite
tonight at the Sand Dune.

Wait, the Sand Dune?

Didn't see that one coming.

Hey, Riley, Riley, it's Aylin.

She's thinking of going
to the Sand Dune.

[gasps] Put it on
speaker, I want to hear.

Hey, Aylin, it's Riley.

We know what you're up to.

What are you talking about?

After all these years you think
we don't know that you still
carry a torch for that boy?

I mean, come on, do you
think we're really that stupid?

But I'm not carrying a torch for
Jake anymore, really, I'm not.

Yeah, okay, whatever you
say, girl, but I have a plan.

I think you should go down
to the Sand Dune, you need
to find Jake, wherever he is.

Do some sort of
romantic gesture.

[Jessi] Riley, will you
take this paperwork to
the attorney's office ASAP?

All right, bye Aylin,
and remember, go follow
your love. It's the only way.

-What are you guys doing?
-[Jessi] Nothing, just work.

You know, I really gotta run.

Can I call you back later? Bye.

[Aylin's inner voice]
Jessi's right, life goes on.

Mom would have
wanted it that way.

And Riley's a mind-reader.

I've always wondered
what happened to Jake.


A crazy fashion phenomenon
called a mog has taken
American men by storm.

Small dogs are considered
the hottest new fashion
accessory for men this season.

Many find this
new trend strange,

but the movement has
gained sufficient momentum

since Hollywood star and
ex-Aylin love interest, Bjorn,

publicly showed off his mog.

Russ, do you have any
thoughts on this one?

[Julia] You're so cute, aw.

[Russ] And now here's Romeo
with more entertainment news.


-Excuse me, sorry.

[Aylin's inner voice] I guess
I should have expected it.

Going out incognito
isn't as easy as I thought.

I think I'll go for a swim.

Maybe it will relax me.

Okay, concentrate
on the beautiful day.

The water is warm and soothing.

What could possibly go wrong?

[breathing heavily]



I can't--

Uh, shot, epinephrine shot.

Don't you say a word
about who's in this room.

The media will be
all over this if you do,
do you understand?

Yes, doctor.

All right, I'm gonna
stay in here.

Oh, God, did I die?



It's been a while.


How are you feeling?

I think I've been better.

You had an allergic reaction
to a jellyfish sting.

Throat nearly swelled shut
but you're fine now. We got
it all fixed up for ya, so.

Oh, your wig is over there,
we had to put it aside.

Oh, no, no, no, I can't
be here right now.

-Calm down.
-I gotta go, I really can't-

Aylin, hey look, you
need to understand

your body has just been through
a very traumatic experience.

It's not safe for you to drive
home right, and I can't let you
drive home right now so just

do me a favor and wait, okay?

No, but if the media
sees me here.

I'm ready to leave, I could--
I could give you a ride home.
I do remember the way, so.

Okay, but you gotta
go get me my red wig.

I need to go incognito.

Red suits you,
but I prefer blonde.

[Aylin's inner voice] I couldn't
dream in a million years,

Jake, Dr. Jake,
would be saving my life.

Here we are.


I remember.

Thanks for doctoring me up
today, and the ride home.


It was my pleasure,
I-- [clears his throat]

I'm just happy you're okay.

How long you gonna
be in town? I'd--

I'd like to see you again.

I'd like that.

[message alert]

I saved your note.

You have to read it out loud.

-You promise?

[Aylin] You need to know
that the moment I met you
I fell deeply in love

and you know the honest
truth when I say that time
will never be an issue.

I can't believe you saved this.

[Aylin's inner voice]
I was crazy for Jake back then.
Things are different now.

My life is just way
too complicated
to fall for him again.

So, there I was with this
baby capuchin monkey.

-Well, it's capushin
monkey, but...
-No, it's capuchin.

Okay, it's capuchin.

Okay, you're a doctor
not a zoologist.

-What happened?
-So, we're running
through the airport

with this baby capuchin
monkey, TSA was not happy.

-What'd they do?
-They took Mittens.

-You named
the monkey Mittens?

-It needed a name.
-It's cute I guess.

I remember when you told
me you were only 16.

Oh, God.

-Do you remember that?
-How could I forget that?

I was petrified.

I was so sure you
were gonna bolt.

I almost did.

I just knew I couldn't leave.

That's not what happened.

I know.

What about now?

What about now?

Us, what do you--

think about us?

I don't know.

My life's pretty crazy.

-I mean, come on,

I can't go to the house
without that red wig on.

Yeah, we could do
it without the wig.

But I'm serious.

You remember when
your mom got sunburned?

Everything about this
place reminds me of her.

I didn't mean to bring
that up, I'm sorry.

Wanna get a movie, popcorn?

Me, you, a TV, couch, popcorn?

Sounds like my kinda night.


Come on, dance with me,
please dance with me, spin.

Guess who?


No, no, no, no.
I love these pants.

I can't do anything for
you, the water loves you.

-The water loves you.

Now I gotta come in. Whoo!



[Jake] It's a fashion statement.

[Aylin] It's not a fashion
statement, I know more
about fashion statements.

I'm in disguise, just
like you, just shh.

You know I think you
got a little something.

-Right here?
-Yeah. Let me just, come here.

-What are you doing?
-Let me just...


-Oops, sorry, did--
did that hurt?

You look pretty good
in this, what is this,
an Italian barber mustache?

Yeah, well, I hope you're happy
because now the paparazzi
are gonna be all over me.

I was thinking about this, I'm
shooting a feature next month
out in California and I was

kinda hoping you would
want to come out and visit.

-I mean-

Yeah, couple days
or weeks, I don't know.
But it, just for fun.

I just, you know I don't
think it's my scene.

Lived 32 of my life as a
small town country boy, and

plus I got the clinic and
I employ people there.

But I'll be here
when you come back.

No, I understand.

You know, as beautiful
as you look with that
wig on in all these lights,

I think we should
get out of here.

-You wanna go? Yeah?
-I'd like that.

Put it on my tab, Bill.

[Bill] Y'all have
a good night, Jake.

This just in to Catch Our Vibe,
Aylin and Bjorn are back
together for the sixth time.

The Hollywood power couple
will star in the upcoming movie
Dancing with the Devil,

which starts
shooting next week.

[message alert]

Aylin, it's me, your hot and
ever adoring better half, Bjorn.

Heard the news we're starring
in a new hit film called Dancing
in Dublin, or something.

Anyway, babe, the point
is the world needs to be
inspired by true beauty,

like when the two of us
are seen together.

You gotta admit, there's
no one hotter than moi.

Seriously, I'm looking at
myself in the mirror right now.

I look like so amazing.

[Aylin's inner voice]
Typical. Just too typical.



you leaving?


Jake, I gotta go back to work.

I got contracts, obligations,
I got people who work under me.



So, when are you leaving?

My flight leaves
tomorrow at six.

Tomorrow at six.

Well, that's quick.

When are you coming back?

I don't know if I'm coming back.

All right, what do-- what
do you mean, you don't
know if you're coming back?


what do you want me to say?

I want you to say
you're coming back.

I can't say that.

I'm not the same girl
you met ten years ago.

What are you talking about?
What does that mean?

So, you come back and
spend a couple weeks with
me, and you know everything?

Everything you
missed in ten years.


You know sometimes I think
I know you a little better
than you know yourself.

You know what I think?

I think you're scared.


of being vulnerable, needing
somebody, needing me.

'Cause I,

I need you.

I need the fake mustache
and I need the wig, I need
two stepping in the kitchen.

I need all that
'cause I need you.

I don't know why we
work together, we just do.

We're like a two-piece
puzzle, we just, we just fit.

I mean, you're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.


ever since I was
16 and I met you,

you left something in me.

And my mother's
death, it's been there--

I've always been yours
and I probably always will.

Yeah, and I'm here now.

Nothing's changed.

I'm right here, I'm not going.
You don't have to go anywhere.

I never said I didn't need you.

But right now

I need you to go.



I can't lose you again.

Just go, please.


You know you are--

breaking my heart. [crying]

[door closing]


¶ At 5 o'clock I try to wake up
From my bed ¶

¶ I'm tired but
I go in through ¶

¶ I'm fine I know
The dream come true ¶

¶ I love you so
I can't let you go ¶

¶ Let you go from my stairway ¶

¶ You make me smile
You make me smile ¶

¶ I love you so
I can't let you go ¶

¶ Let you go from my stairway ¶

¶ You make me smile
You make me smile ¶

¶ At 5 o'clock I try to wake up
From my bed ¶

¶ I'm tired but
I go in through ¶

¶ I'm fine I know
The dream come true ¶

¶ Keep, keep faith in you ¶

¶ At 5 o'clock I try
To wake up from my bed ¶

¶ I'm tired but
I go in through ¶

¶ I'm fine I know
The dream come true ¶

¶ Keep, keep faith in you ¶

¶ I love you so
I wanna let you know ¶

¶ Let you know
Five times a day ¶

¶ You make me smile
You make me smile ¶

¶ I love you so
I wanna let you know ¶

¶ Let you know
Five times a day ¶

¶ You make me smile
You make me smile ¶

¶ At 5 o'clock I try
To wake up from my bed ¶

¶ I'm tired but
I go in through ¶

¶ I'm fine I know
The dream come true ¶

¶ Keep, keep faith in you ¶

¶ At 5 o'clock I try
To wake up from my bed ¶

¶ I'm tired but
I go in through ¶

¶ I'm fine I know
The dream come true ¶

¶ Keep, keep ¶

¶ It's taken me over ¶

¶ It's take me under ¶

¶ The waves and the wind ¶

¶ Brought me to you ¶

¶ The dunes they keep drifting ¶

¶ Can't set on one thing ¶

¶ Then couldn't you? ¶

¶ Like I used to be
Washed up on the shore ¶

You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.


¶ Our love is tattooed
In the sand ¶

¶ The seagulls are laughing ¶

¶ The sawgrass is waving ¶

¶ The sun shines on ¶

[Aylin] And then,
well, see for yourself.

Sometimes there really
are happy endings.

¶ Deep in the line ¶

¶ Unlock my heart ¶

¶ Throw away the key ¶

¶ Washed up on the shore ¶

¶ Together our love
Will remain ¶

¶ Our love is tattooed
In the sand ¶

¶ All washed away
Tattooed in the sand ¶

¶ Forever and a day ¶

¶ Our love is tattooed
In the sand ¶

¶ Like a dream that remains ¶

¶ Tattooed in sand ¶

¶ I felt your breathing ¶

¶ Softly and sweetly ¶

¶ The wind through my hair ¶

¶ Reminds me of you ¶

¶I try to ignore it ¶

¶ But something kept pulling ¶

¶ And that look in your eyes ¶

¶ It's all I need ¶

¶ Washed up
On the shore together ¶

¶ Our love will remain ¶

¶ Our love is tattooed
In the sand ¶

¶ All washed away
Tattooed in the sand ¶

¶ Forever and a day ¶

¶ Our love is tattooed
In the sand ¶

¶ Like a dream that remains ¶

¶ Tattooed in the sand ¶

¶ All washed away ¶

¶ Tattooed ¶

¶ All washed away ¶

¶ Tattooed ¶

¶ All washed away ¶

¶ Tattooed ¶

[music ends]