The Sanctuary (2009) - full transcript

In 1897, the "Poisoned Knife" clan broke into the royal palace of Thailand to steal the Royal Antiques, but the thieves didn't escape with their lives. Before their deaths, they hid the antiques somewhere close to the palace.Today, Wisa (Winston Omega), the mafia boss whose ancestors masterminded the theft of the antiques wants to find them. He hires Patrick (Russell Wong - Romeo Must Die, Mummy 3: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor), the former Director of the U.S. military National Subterranean Exploration Unit, to search for the lost antiques. Patrick and Selina (Patharawarin Timkul - Bangkok Dangerous) the beautiful and sexy assassin, retrieve the antiques from beneath the Thai temple where Krit (Mike B - Brave, Ong Bak), a gifted martial artist, resides as a temple boy. When they steal the antiques from the temple, it's down to Krit with the help of Praifa (Intira Charoenpura - Nang Nak, Brokedown Palace, King Naresuan Trilogy), an Archaeology student, to retrieve them. Together they fight against the powerful and greedy group of thugs. Will they be able to rescue Thailand's national treasure and protect the world from evil? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Ok. At this special event, I really
do hope that your president... satisfied...

with our royal antique...

That's my king prepared for you.

Please inform your highest that...
We are very appreciated.

Btw, we also have a souvenir
from our president to...

your king. Needless to say that.

It's embedded with the most
advance technology up-to-date.

It contains a Thai boxing bible

that will showit off
like a cinema projector

When the proper lights come to
reflect at 45 degree angle.

It's compiled by the master Sawang.

I would like to thanks him
for dedicating his time to do this.


Can we see this
most advance technology in action



I don't care what it takes,

you must bring back
the royal antique.

If you can't,
then don't come back

The royal antiques
are of utmost importance.

Don't let our king
be worried about this.



Hurry up. Don't worry about me.

Yes, sir

Where are the antiques?

Tell me you idiot thieves... now.

If you don't tell me
what I want to know,

then you have less than 10 seconds
left to live.

But if you tell me where it is,
I will release you unconditionally.

If you don't tell me now,
then say goodbye to your head


I want to tell you... that.

The royal antiques...

...belong to us.

They belong to us.

What should we do?

Go find it. You idiots.

If we don't find them

before the king comes tonight,

We are all dead men.




No clues sir.

Go and look again.

Where the hell could they hide it.


We really can't find them, sir.

Go and tell the head minister
that I will take...

the blame completely for this incident
and I will pay for my mistake with my life.

Please tell them to take care
of my only child.


We've got job to do.

Krit, bro...

Are you hungry?

Go have something to eat.

I'll dig here myself.

Tell them to eat.



How much can I get?

What do you think?

20,000 baht.

I want 50,000 baht.

The real price is not that high

50,000 baht. Ok?

Ok, 50 K.

But you have to tell me
where you found it.

Do you want it or not?

Ok. 20K.


Kill him.

You're gonna tell me now
where you found it.

You wanna play tough guy.


This is what Mafia Wisa wants.

I lost it 2 years ago.

And that makes
your face looks like that.


I will help retrieve that back,
don't worry.

There is another thing...

Mafia Wisa poisoned me.

Poisoned you.

You're serious.
Do you see a doctor?

Mafia poisoned me...

...with some Asian. Kind of Voodoo
thing from his ancestor.

Only he has an anti-dose.

If I don't get
the anti-dose in 48 hours,

48 hours.

- That's not much time.
- Guy Stop talking.

Let me tell you the story.

My great grandfather's men hid...

...3 Thai royal antiques
and buried them somewhere

But we managed to find one.

The other 2...

...are still missing.

So to cut the story short

We want you to use your expertise

to get the rest back.

First thing first, General.

The anti-dose?

Hell. Why not?

This one is the painkiller.

For now.

And this one

will cure the poison.


my ex-pal has been hiding
in the Jungle...

simply because he lost it.

Gary is very lucky
to have a friend like you.

Have you found what I wanted?

Your men buried the king's royal
antiques more than 100 years ago.

Give me a second.

Hey you are the best money can buy...

and you are military recon.

I can have your antique back... 2 days.

2 days

2 days

2 days

2 days



we ganna need the anti-dose
and my fee.

Anti dose and your fee.

You pushing it soldier.

You know
I am a very very generous man.

There will be another one like this

waiting here for you.

When you deliver
the other 2 pieces to me.

Do we have a deal?

Now to reassure that the task
will be completed promptly.

I'd have 3 of my best men
to assist you.


your camp looks really nice
from the sattelite




I have some business to settle.

Can you please help take care
of the mineral exploration team?

They said they have come to survey
the Minerals underneath our temple.

Pichainoi leads them.

Uncle Pichainoi


That's it.

We found it, man.

Uncle Pichainoi

Uncle Pichainoi Sitkrupueam.

Sunday like this,

you're not off betting
at the boxing stadium?

How about you?
Why don't you take care of your shop?

I told Jon to do that already.

- Wow, what are these foreigners doing?
- That's impossible.

- He must be dead
- What is all the modern hi-tech stuff here for?


Nothing, don't worry

Just a mineral exploration team.

I'll call you later.

Told you already Will call later

We can talk now.


Ok. You can call me later.

What are they doing?

Ok, pick it up. Pick it up.

Ok. Ok.

Holy mother,
we found the antiques already.

We made it.


This is the real antique
from Banchiang krab.



Mam, no photo.

No photo.

How can you tell it's genuine or not.


Sir and madam.

It will have this color...

clay color, same same.

The texture is not smooth.

Because it was buried with sand.

If it's too smooth,

it's fake believe me.


Sand smell.

How much is it?

Please wait.

Two thousand five hundred.

I discount for you.

- Thank you.
- Harijato.

No. No. Not ok.
Don't by this.

This is not good.

Trust me.

If you are interested in antique.

You'd better go to Udonthani.

And Asking for Banchiang museum.

This is the real one

better than here because all is fake.

It's fake.

Hey, lady. Why did you do that?

Why not?
I gave them the right information.

What you said is all wrong,
not even a single truth.

- Everything here is fake.
- And how do you know?

I know. I'm an archaeologist.
I have to know what is real or fake.

I just came back from an internship
in Banchiang antique village.

Why did you lie to them
about the antiques?

- Who will come to visit Thailand?
- Fake or real, it has nothing to do with you.

The foreigner who buys
this should know already.

The cheap products can't be real.

I sell Banchiang Souvenirs,
not real Thai Banchiang antiques.

If I sell the real ones, the Fine
Art Department will put me in jail.

- Brother Krit.
- Right?

- Right. You'll be put in jail.
- Brother Krit.


A meteorite has fallen
into the temple.

- Meteorites?
- Nonsense. / I saw a huge hole.

- See, you're both liars.
- Go away first, I am busy here.

Believe me,

Brother Krit. I am not lying.

- Hurry.
- Is it for real?

- Hurry.
- Real?

Hurry up.

- Hurry up... bro.
- What's the hurry, Jon.

what were they stealing anyway?

What they stole is the royal antiques.

How did you know about these?

Look at the way they pulled
the antiques out of the ground.

And the antiques' size
and the top soil.

It matches perfectly with the size
and shape of the antiques.

And look at the soil's layer.
It should be over hundred years.

Moreover, look at the texture
of these antiques.

It looks like many
tiny overlapped jigsaws.

It's very hard to do in those days.


In the old days,

a lot of thieves stole antiques
and buried them in the soil somewhere.

And come back
to retrieve them later.

Because it might be difficult
to carry them away unseen.

Then they came back
to retrieve them.

Sometimes... makes the value go higher too,

like Krit does.

Somebody nowadays still behaves
the same way the ancient people did...

I think
we should report to the police.

Krit. If you have any clues.

Try to find them.

If they can make the fake one,

- How do I know about it?
- Praifa should be able to help you then.

She knows about
the Royal antiques from my class.


Are you afraid?

Ok. Prof. Since it's you who asks me,

I will work with him
but just this one time


I think Uncle Pichainoi
is involved with this.

I'll go and get the information
from him.

- Hello.
- Go and check outside.


Let's go.

Oh That's you.

How long have you been here?

Please give this book
to Ram the monk.

There is a photo inside.

So the police won't say
we are making the story up.

A group of foreigners comes
to stay at the temple

and said they are mineral explorers.
After that we found a big hole.

I think I know where to get a clue.

Then we will report
to the police to follow up.

Are you interested to come with me?

Hey, you...

Actually, I'm not a bad guy,
an evil fake Banchiang antique seller,

But I do love my country
just as much as you do.

Oh, great Why're you telling me?

This way please.


Uncle Pichainoi?

His shoes are still here.



Come in.

Uncle Pichainoi?


Come over here.

There is nothing here.

Uncle... Uncle Pichainoi

I think you should call the police first.



Hello, dad I want to report.

Dad, it's me Fah.

Hello? Can you hear me?


What's up
I am in the middle of interrogation.

Not free to talk. I'll call you back.

Good... I'll do it myself then.

Whatever I want to do,
you prohibited anyway.

They work for Mafia Visa,

...illegal weapon traders
and drug dealers

living on Thai-Burmese border.

The organization hired an international
expert to steal the Royal antiques.

They believe the possession
of these antiques

will bring them the spiritual power
to acquire whatever they want.

We are dealing
with an international thief?

They also believe that...

the price in the world market
of the royal antiques is tremendous.

The oil rich men want to buy them
for their antique collections.

That's the royal antiques they found.
But there should be 3 of them

Where is the other one?

"In my life I have never done
a good deed, but this time."

That's the mineral exploration team.

Come over here.

What's next?

That way Hurry.

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on.

- This way.
- Get out.


Hurry up.

Come on.

Come down


What happened to him?

What happened to him?

He got beat up
and fell from the floor.

I told him to go to the hospital
but he said you can cure him better.

- Are you using herbs to cure him?
- It's a rare and special Thai herb.

And difficult to find.

It will only grow in a cave

where the sun can shine inside.

We must smash it
until we get the liquid.

And pour to help soothe the pain.

Then we cover the wounds
with the crushed herb like this...

It's an ancient curing method.

The herb will absorb
into the wound,

and will cure the bruised muscle.

The next day
it will be gone like a miracle.

Krit knows well

because I cured him every time
like this since he was young.

And where do his parents live now?

Krit's father...

...was my boxing trainer.

Krit also had a twin brother.

Their father wanted them
to be he same as him.

But after he died,
the boy's lives are totally changed.

At that time I quit boxing
and became a monk.

So, I've taken care
of the twins ever since.

No matter how well
we raise the twin orphans,

they wouldn't be the same.


Kirk is gone and the other stays.

We are all born with karma

so we have to repay it anyway.

This necklace is the only thing
his brother left for him.

Does he know
who killed his father?

The only evidence found was the baseball
bat with the eagle tattoo on No. 6.

The police still can't close the case.

And I never told Krit
about how his brother died.

I only told him...

...he rested in peace and was happy.

Oh, excuse me.

Have you ever seen
these two guys?

They look very familiar to me.

They look just like the exploration
team a couple of days ago.

- Anyway, I have to go now.
- God bless you.

"Hi, spy web members."

"Thank you. *spy-888* for helping me
search for antiques places in Rangsit"

"Today 000-want your help."

"These guys stole
our national treasure."

"They are heading
to the border area,"

"to the druglord."

"Please inform if you spot them."

Found was the baseball
bat with the eagle tattoo on No. 6.

"Found the stolen dudes."

"Where are they?"


"Ayuthaya, pass the 120th milestone.
Turn right."

"I hope the dudes exhausted."
"How do we reach them in time."


Yes, we've come the right way.

Your lighter?

My boy friend's.

Dumped already.

You want it?

It's still new.

Keep it.

It's old for me.

Thank you.

- Everything get taken care of Gary.
- Basically,

We can't be relax just yet.

There is a boy and a girl
stuck their nose in.

They know something.

Which way? Left or right?

Can you help me with this?

Here, this way.
It's easy to find.

You're wasting time, you know?

Oh... They are...


Guess what Gary.

This will be easy to be taken care
of than we think.

Get ready for one more job.
Let's see what this kids got. Common.

Are you thinking
of what I am thinking.

Let's me taking care this kid for you,

- Are you using herbs to cure him?
- It's a rare and special Thai herb.

And difficult to find.

It will only grow in a cave

where the sun can shine inside.

You go upstair first.
I'll be right up.

- I want to see the real antique.
- No problem.


If you can get the whole collection,

I will pay you...


That's what I wanna hear.

I can deliver all three antiques
by next week

All you want to do is sit back
and relax and write a big cheuqe.

Good talk.

My pleasure.

No, I said tomorrow.

Generel, you have to be patient.

General. I have to go.

Long time ago, the Thai king...

wanted to give the American
the royal antique as a gift.

Now the antique is
with American hand.

I guess we can do whatever we want.

You damn right about that.

How do you think
we can get out of this country.

I already taken care of that.

What about the general?

I have a little surprise
for the general.



Are you alright?
Is your wound ok now?

Why aren't I dead?

It's good that we survive.

While you were unconscious,
the sunshine fell onto your necklace.


What does it look like?

Just like that.

What do you want?



Right here.


Are you ok now?
You can walk.

You have disappeared
from home for many days.

Your parents must
be very worried about you.

Yes, my dad might have
ordered the policeman

in the station to look for me.

Why do you think that?

Because my dad is the superintendent.

he won't let me do anything.

If we can make it this time,

he'll know I can do it on my own.

Ok. Ok.

Look Nice.


The other bomb gonna go up soon.
We have to leave now.

No, The antique.

Oh Shit.

Can I ask you something?

Why do you practice Thai boxing?

Actually it's inside of me.

But I never knew how valuable it is.

Good thinking.

Most people realize
when they lost them.

You are the least people.


can I take it back?

Ok. Check the money.

Hey guy, This is our pay-off.


Where do we suppose
to meet these guy.

Hang on, I'll check the GPS

We are about 20 minutes
away to get out of this country.

See... we've come the right way.

- You.
- You.

Come on.

You are still on top.
You wanna play.

Hang on.

Hang on. Go for ride.


Bitch Run.

- Common.
- Common faster.

I am gonna get you.


What are you looking at?

- It's dead. We gonna walk.
- Ok. Ok, let's go.

Common hurry up.


Are you alright?

I'm ok.

What's next?

They're heading that way.

Let's go.

Where are we?

We are close to the general man
wait us right down there.

Let's go

As agreed,

This is your money.

Oh, hold on.

Where do we go out
of this shit hole.

Go this way, you will see it.

Hey, you know...

Hey, man listen to me.

I know your family back in Berlin.

- Ok. I get you.
- Yeah, you got it.

Just go this way the boat
is waiting for you.

One last thing,

The cockroach is down there.

Finish them for me.

Let's go.

Good Job.

Let's go.


Stop, you bastard

Can't believe this.

Finish the job.

Hurry up.


The royal antique.

You really want this. Don't you.

You will have to show me something.

Show me what you got.

Where you go. Come back.


I thought you're dead.

I thought you were not free.

Big function like this,
how can I miss.

I just want to tell you,

although I have not had
much time for you,

You are still...

...the most important person
in my life.