The Same Sky (2017) - full transcript

Lars is a "Romeo agent" from East Germany in the 1970s. His task is to go West, first to seduce and then to spy on Western women who worked in government or defense institutions. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Not the usual candidate for a "Romeo" mission,
Comrade Lieutenant.

Everything about her.
Who she meets, when, where and how.

What have you done to me, Lauren?

What do we have here?
How much do you pay for him?

I need to look after my son.
We gotta end this before it's too late.

It's already too late for me.

I met someone.
He makes me feel alive.

Did you have him checked?
- I will if it gets serious.

Klara made the first team, it's gonna change her life!
- Hers or yours?

We'll see the doctor tomorrow.
Not a word to your father.

Another month, 6 weeks tops.

Those assholes kicked me out.
- This tunnel... where is it?

Teufelsberg is still the target.
Sabine Cutter is the only analyst left.

Her father is a big shot at NSA.



- She had another stroke and died. Things that happen.

Sign here.

What about Miss Cutter?
- Continue eye contact. More instructions will follow.

Do your job.

Mr. Eggars!

The door.

You colleagues may think I'm reproaching you, but...

...don't worry.

You've been working here for...?
- Almost 2 months, Mr. Weber.

You fit nicely into this group.

I have a feeling your colleagues appreciate you.
They trust you.

Our Party is looking for men
who posses such qualities.

I've been waiting for an opportunity like this,
Mr. Weber.

Easy, Lorenz... easy...

Socialist policing doesn't only apply to colleagues.

Also to neighbors, friends,
even your own family.

Even if you believe in what you do,
this can still be a hard task.

Sleep on it, before making a decision.

I don't need to, I'm ready.
Give me any assignment and I'll show you.

I'll talk to my superiors.
- Tell them I can already give you a dozen names, maybe more.

Where are you going this time?
- Dresden society.

I don't really feel like
and I also have an exam to prepare.

You can study there.
- When? Between training and pledging to the flag.

Bob Dylan. I exchanged it for the cologne
uncle Gregor gave me for my birthday.

Watch out, they may find it.
- Now it's here... now it's not.

It's not serious, is it?

- Of course not. We'll see the doctor after training.

I have to hurry and you too.
Don't miss the bus. I'll see you next week.

- Good luck. Don't let us down.

Too many strokes will wear you out.

Less strokes, less energy wasted.
The less you waste...

...the more I last.
- Exactly, don't forget it. Again.

More individual training then?

Till her technique gets better.
- Strength and stamina?

A day only has 24 hours
and she's not the only candidate.

They're testing higher dosage at Jena*.
(*pharmaceutical company)

I'll try to get that.
- Perfect. Only with adequate means I'll get results.

Will they let you in?
- Who's supposed to stop me?


Go home and wait for me.

Do as I tell you.

Pioneers, are you ready?
- Always ready!

We, young pioneers, love
the German Democratic Republic!

"We, young pioneers, love
the German Democratic Republic!"

We, young pioneers, love peace!

Can I help?
- I'm almost done.

Are you going to Schröters after?
They show the game against Chile.

I have all these papers to grade.
- I'll buy.

Last chance.
- Sounds like you don't have a family.

We have a common interest.
Tomorrow at Schoppenstube, 1.30pm.

Good morning.
Five lilies, please.

Have you got something by Henri Cartier-Bresson?
Like "The Decisive Moment"?

- Cartier-Bresson, the French photographer.

Father of photojournalism.
- Make it seven.

Street photography, reportages...

I got something here... how about this?
(Taking pictures of your pets)

Not quite. Thanks.
- Sorry, bye.

It's both members and supporters
of the Baader-Meinhof Complex.


A pipe is introduced into the tied prisoner's throat,
down to the stomach... allow the administration
of liquid food.

To prevent them from vomiting,
they remain tied up till after complete digestion.


Ladies and gentlemen, the show we are witnessing
is truly remarkable.

Hundreds of GDR supporters are flooding the streets
of Hamburg, filled with pride for the victory...

So... I came here, as per your order.

It was no order... just an invite.
- You wrote about a mutual interest.

I wanna help with the tunnel.

You just lost a man, I'm young and strong
and I'll work nights and weekends.

I'll do what I'm told.
- That fat windbag!

What did he tell you?
- Enough. I told him to stay quiet though.

Believe me, I know how to shut somebody up.
He won't talk.

How can we believe you?

I met someone from the West.

I wanna go to him and this is my chance.
Perhaps the only chance.

What a touching story.

Your beers.


It's not the only reason.
It's not so bad here.

Social achievements, steady jobs, healthcare.

The common good above the individual.

I see happy families through their windows,
watching TV, playing board games...

They gave up material interests
for the real values.

Still, I feel like I'm in a house of mirrors.

What I see in the mirror is not my face,
it's what they want me to be... but I can't...

...and neither can you.

It's not up to us,
my father decides.

Don't get your hopes up too high.

Let me talk to him.

If I had a dime for every time you look in the mirror
I'd be a millionaire.

Clean up this pigsty before you leave.

Member of the pioneers council,
delegate at the 9th Youth Festival in Sofia... impressive.

They gave me the Hans Beimler medal.

Your latest evaluation confirms the good impression
you made on comrade Weber.

Socialist surveillance means putting aside
personal interests, young Eggars.

It's the pillar of our organization.
Bourgeois individualism, on the other hand, destroys it.

Those who call themselves artists and speak of liberty...
we don't need them.

The thought of our workers is much more important.
Workers like you.

One could tell an innocent joke
about our Prime Minister...

The joke spreads and suddenly everyone knows it.

You cut such things at the root
or else they become anarchy.

You must flush out subversive elements
before they spring into action.

Follow every move of your target,
take note of every single detail...

...his daily routine, who he talks to,
when, where and how.

It's a great responsibility,
don't take it lightly.

I'm ready, Comrade.

Have you brought the Pledge?
- Of course.

Read it out loud.

"I, Lorenz Eggars,
born on June 5, 1954..."

"...voluntarily cooperate with
the Ministry for State Security."

"I pledge not to disclose this information
to any third party..."

"...including friends, family and relatives."

"I'll submit every written report and information,
signing under the name 'Fritz'".


Now you must sign it in front of us.

Very good.


What's that?
- A minced boiled egg.

He needs proteins, tomorrow we'll get him some earthworms.
Try yourself.

He thinks your his mother.
- When is Lars coming back?

In a while, for the holidays.

I heard you're doing great at swimming,
you're getting ready for the trials.

I wanna become the best.
- You will, with that kind of commitment.

What if I don't?
I'm not like Juliane.

She's good at everything,
I only have this.

I wanna do it well.

I'd like people to notice me too.

Klara, mom got the bath ready.
- Ok.

Goodnight, uncle Gregor.
- Goodnight.

You two really get along.
- She's a sweet kid.


I'm very proud of you, you know that, right?

Your results in swimming will change everything.
For us, for the whole family.

You must not feel ashamed
for what's happening to your body.

It's because you do so much training.

You'll always be beautiful to me.

When... will it go away?

Don't cry... you'll make me cry too.

Your body needs to adapt
to this kind of efforts.

After the World Trials, it's gonna come back to normal.
- Do you promise?

I promise...
and until that...


Clothes off.

Eyes on the floor!


On your back! Hands on your chest!
Stay like that!

5. 5. 9. 9. 6.

Space. Zero. Zero. Space. 8.
Space. 2. 2. 4. 7. 8.

2. 2. 4. 7. 8.

Space. 3. 6. 9. 4.

Attention. End.


My son.

Have you watched the games?

What time is the funeral?
- Noon.

Shall we eat out?
You pick where.

I know we haven't been in touch
for the past few years...

...but the new house, the baby...
- You already told me that.

In the letters with the checks inside.

I still call him "baby"
but he's two years old.

Here's the new house.
Bergam Laim, east of Munich.

We moved a year ago, it's best for the baby.
This one here could be your room.

20 minutes from the center.
There's plenty of good schools... museums, theaters, discos...

I know it's late but I'd like
to make things right between us, Emil.

I want to be a father for you... if you let me.

We didn't get along.

Mom and me.
- She wasn't an easy woman.

It was my fault.

Do you understand??
My fault, not hers!

It was my fucking fault!
Mine! Mine! Mine!



What's this rush?
What happened to the slow approach?

The CIA along with some old Nazis and
former members of Western Secret Services...

...have set up an espionage net.
We still don't know the target or who's financing it.

Cutter's father controls all communications.
He must know what's going on and who's behind it.

Two casual meetings in such short time?
Not possible in real life.

She must think she's the active part,
let her do the work.

I've already told them you're in,
don't let me down.

Tonight at 10,
at this Schöneberg art gallery.

3 white wines, please.
- Coming.

Did he break your camera?
- She's been through worse.

Have we met before?
- Knieper Café in Charlottenburg, I'm often there.

And I know you like Cartier-Bresson.

I heard you at the flea market.

If I was paranoid,
I'd think you've been following me.

In that case,
I would have just blown my cover.

Need help?
- I can do it.

You mind?

What do you think of the show?
- Pretentious garbage, and you?

I believe it makes you think.

It's a powerful image of
the Western military imperialism.

It doesn't say that on the poster.

Someone should tell her that flashing her tits like that
is against any femist principle.

I don't believe it!

No one will say I don't accept a challenge.


Hey! Come dance!

- Hi.

Need a ride?
- I'm going to Zehlendorf, is that ok?

It is now.

Is it just a hobby or...
- It's my job... and also my passion.

That explains Cartier-Bresson.

According to him, photography is all about
one snap decision.

That brief fraction of a second
when you decide to capture that particular moment.

If you let it pass,
it'll be gone forever.

He thinks the photographer must remain anonymous,
a face in the crowd.

He paints all his cameras black
to attract the least possible attention.

If someone notices he's being photographed,
he automatically strikes a pose.

So the photo becomes fake
and not a reflection of reality.

The camera never lies.
- Right.

The photographer who manipulates the world
to adapt it to his perception... he is the liar.

What about you?
What do you do in life?

Translator for Baumgarten publishing,
mostly guide books for tourists.

Next exit.

Thanks for the ride.
- My pleasure.

I don't know your name.
- Oskar... Fischer.

Sabine Cutter.

You are lucky to have a job
that is also your passion.

Let's check the correct translation.

Are you alone?

Look out of the window.

They plan to come up and teach you a lesson.

I got 'em to wait downstairs
while I hear what you have to say.

Do you teach?
- Physics and math.

I started the tunnel in '61,
right after they built the wall.

The STASI was everywhere
so I had to suspend.

My son is trying to finish for the third time.

The first, 3 years ago,
from Bulgaria towards Turkey.

He and a friend went through 15 km of woods
to the border... or so they thought.

When they jumped the fence, the alarm went off.
It wasn't the border... it was a trap.

Soldiers at the border get a reward
for killing fugitives.

His friend was executed.
Horst starved for 4 days in the woods...

...running from dogs and soldiers.

He tried again last year,
from Hungary to Austria.

He ended up on a truck, under a sheet,
but unfortunately it broke down right before the border.

He had to go back.

I told him the third is the lucky one,
we'll make it this time.

I don't see why not.

It's a matter of time before Tobias starts talking.
- He won't, I made sure of that.

If he had talked, you wouldn't be here now,
don't you think?

We've been working for months,
night after night.

You show up at the end to enjoy the fruit of our work,
who do you think you are?

Someone desperate.

My father never accepted me for what I am,
he thinks I'm disgusting.

I'll talk to them.

I'm not promising anything though.

Stay in position!

Why aren't you telling me what I've done wrong?

I wanna talk to someone, please.

Can I talk to someone, please?

Is there anything mine left in this house?


Talk about civilization...
You know where do they put all this trash? They send it East.

At the Kölner Damm border
they pick up our trash. The perfect business.

Talk to me.
- She's reactive.

You think or you know?
- Both.

On which bases?
- Synergy. - What?

When the result is superior
to the sum of its parts.

Is it a subtle way to say she likes you?

Good, keep it up.

I thought she had to do all the work.
- We got new info, we need to activate Cutter's source right away.

Make up an excuse and go to her house.
Find a place for the bugs: phone lines, lamps, outlets...

Didn't you say she's responding?
- Yes but she's not stupid... and neither is her father.

Your cover is watertight,
let her check on you as much as she likes.

The new info from Washington...
is it about Cutter?

Stick to your job.
I'll wait for your report.

Death is the true democracy.
In her, we're all equal.

Thanks to Kreische's score,
the game ends 1-0 for GDR.