The Samaritans (2017) - full transcript

Four co-workers get together to finish a project at their manager's home. They haven't actually met face to face and they discover they have more in common than the new App they are perfecting. As they piece together their histories, they realize that each of them has a deadly secret that could reveal a way out or seal their fates. Their pasts have provoked a vengeful force to show them the errors in their ways. The home they have been summoned to becomes their court and their prison. Can they prove that history doesn't repeat itself? Can they redeem themselves before time runs out? Will they figure out their fateful bond before revenge has its way with them? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitles by explosiveskull

Hey there.

Hey Frank?

Rosie I recognize the voice.

Yep, it's me.

Were you leaving?

No I just thought I'd
left something in the car

but I have it here.

Come on in.

Nice place.

Thanks for agreeing
to host the meeting.

I really appreciate it.

This was your idea,
it was a good one.

It'd be cool to finally
meet the rest of the team.

You found it okay?

Yeah, no problem.

An old friend used to
live in the neighborhood,

over on sixth.

Oh, does he or she
still live there?

No, he's been
gone a long time.



Oh, I'm sorry
didn't mean to pry.

It's okay.

It's been a while.

Well, make yourself at home

the others should
be arriving shortly.

Speak of the devil.

And he doth appear.

Hey, Daisy, you
got the right house.

Just park in the street
it's a pretty safe area.


We use that
phrase all the time

but do you know
where it comes from?

I don't know, the
bible trying to scare us?

It's first recorded use
was in an Italian text

by Giovanni Toreono in 1666.


It sounds like an urban legend.

The skeptic.

The nerd.

Oh, which one am I?

Hi guys.

Hey Daisy.

You're the happy one.

This is Rosie, I'm Frank.

Ah, can I use your bathroom.

I'm sorry it was
a two hour drive

and a lot of Starbucks.

Sure, right down
there and a right.

Okay, sorry.

The phrased was
used as a warning.

That what?

If you mention the evil
one's name he would appear

and wreak havoc on the innocent?

And the not so innocent.

Are you always this so upbeat?

Sorry, language
is a hobby of mine.

That's why I'm the copywriter.

And doubt has
always been my hobby,

that's why I'm the
project manager.

And Daisy, the
social media expert,

her finger on the pulse
of the youth of America.

That's me and I know.

It's weird, I have a thing
about other people's towels.

It is so silly, right?

I'm sure your towels are
perfectly clean and safe,

it's just well...

Have you ever put a black light
on in a stranger's bathroom?

I have not.

I'm curious?

What's this one like?

Wait, you really have
a black light in there?

You can use my
towel if you want.


Seriously, you have
a black light in there?

Let's just say
knowledge is power.

I like her.

I'm calling Eddie.

Feeling out numbered?

Feeling violated.

Feeling outed?


Alright girls, boy.

Nice place you got here dude.

What are you, like half
a mile from the beach?

Yeah, I used to surf
here when I was younger.

It's pretty cool.

I mean you're far enough
away from the beach

where you still get parking

but close enough to
still enjoy bikini town

am I right?

You must be Eddie.

The one and only

and you must be Rosie
the Riveter, cute.

But making sure you're
not obviously using that

to your advantage, you're
the brains of the operation.

Daisy Duke, full
of youthful energy,

dying to be taken seriously

but still dressing
like you're going

to a Taylor Swift concert.

You're gonna tell
us what the kids

are into these days right?

And Franklin my man,
you're the scrooge holding

the purse strings, the
bottom line referee.

How's it everybody?

And you are the possibly
washed up, likely dead soon,

former marketing genius
who's clinging to his youth

like a mixed tape from the
one girl that said yes.

I like you.

Taylor Swift, seriously?

Okay, now that
we're all acquainted,

can I get anybody a drink?

No thanks.

Water to start please.

Mama taught me well.

Put these on ice will ya
there Frank o' Harris?


You know we are working right?

Yes I know we're working

and I work better with a
little wiggle in my brain.

You gotta get rid of
the tension right?

Tension is the
killer to creativity.

I have to agree
with you there Eddie,

keep the flow, whatever works.

Personally, I like
the occasional 'shroom

to open up the idea channels.

Forget Taylor Swift what
Rusted Root maybe a little Fish?

How 'bout you there Rosie cheeks

what gets your juices flowing?

I find that a clear
head keeps my head clear.

That is some existential shit.

We're gonna get
a long just fine.

Ah ha!

Alright let's toast.

Here's to finally meeting
the old fashioned way

after months of working
on what will surely be

the next killer app to
enter the virtual market,

we're finally
meeting face to face,

eyeball to eyeball, sweaty
palms to sweaty palms,

here's to exchanging
ideas and bodily fluids.

How 'bout just ideas.

I'll toast to that.

Suit yourself.

As your fearless
leader I'm confident

that we'll go to sleep
tonight knowing that we did

the right thing and made
our bosses some money.



I love it.

I'm in love with
this application.

Don't you think it's
a little juvenile?

It's a lot juvenile.

Exactly, that's why I like it.

It's simple, it's clean
and dirty at the same time.

It is simple.

So let me get this straight,

some number of
people join the group

and then they play spin
the bottle on their phones?

And collectively
they decide how far

they're willing to go,

after each round
they each decide

whether they wanna keep going.

Yeah if they chicken
out they leave the game

but if they stay in it
gets freakier each round.

They don't actually
do these things?

I guess they could
do it in person

but most people will play from

the comfort of their
mother's basement.

I hate to admit it
but it could work.

My friends would love it.

I would play.

Not with you.

You're a little
tame for my taste.

Yeah and I guess the
kids that don't have any

social skills, they might be
able to get something started.

I can't really
find fault with it.

Of course not
'cause it's awesome.

I do like it.


I'm in.


This is it.


Here's to swimming
with bowlegged women.

Dude what are you washing
down there, bricks?

I'm not doing laundry.

Shit what the hell was that?

How long have you
lived here Frank?

I don't know, two years.


Have you ever heard
noises like that before?

You're freaking me out.

What are you talking about?

You guys'll think I'm crazy.

Too late.

Yeah, what's up?

Just, an energy,

like a, like a slow moving wave.

Oh, uh oh.

What do you mean uh oh?

Daisy are you okay?

shit Eddie grab her!

What the fuck?

what are you doing?

What'd we all drink?

What the hell?

I can't move my arms and legs.

Can you guys?


This doesn't make any sense.

Are they glued?

Shit Eddie are you okay?


Is he dead?

I think he's breathing.

Oh man, Franklin what'd you
spike that brew with dude?


Shit what was the last
thing we all remembered?

We were all drinking
from that brown jug.



It's called a growler

and why can't I move
my arms and legs?

A growler?

Yeah you get 'em
at local breweries,

you refill 'em every now
and then, it's a good deal.

Will you shut up?


This isn't good.

You think somebody could
have roofied us with those?

What are you
looking at me for?

That was some sweet ass IP
I wouldn't mess with it.

And besides handsome, you're
the one that had our drinks

in the kitchen.

True, you did.

That's stupid.

Why would I do that?

Look I'm stuck too.

How 'bout you Rosie cheeks?

It was your idea to
get us all here today.

Are you kidding me?

All of that alcohol
was yours joke man.

She's right Eddie,
what the fuck?

Alright, so what?

Did I glue myself then?

Is it glue?

I don't think so.

I can move my arm.

It's more like invisible rope?

Oh, like Wonder Woman.

She had an invisible
plane dumb ass,

her lariat made
people tell the truth.

Well the shit ain't working

'cause somebody here is lying.

Yeah someone.

What the fuck?

We're not alone.

Well don't get all
Linda Blair on us.

What do you mean?

Can't you feel that?


You pay your heating
bill there Francis?

I can feel it too.

Alright, you know if this is
some company bonding bullshit

I'm in I love our team.

Can we just do some
trust falls now?

Could you just shut
up for a minute Eddie?

Yes please.

Daisy are you okay?

What's happening?

It feels like, cold water
running through my whole body.


Do you have to pee?



Do you remember
our first date Eddie?


Daisy's taking a
little nap right now.

Daisy what are
you talking about?

Tell them Eddie.

I think I'd
remembered you sweetheart.

Our first date?

You took me surfing.

We hadn't even kissed yet.

I liked you.

Oh fuck.

God damn.


Daisy can you help
us get out of here?

No one can.


Eddie what happened?

You just got up
and punched him.

You just stood up.

Can you get up now?

Bullshit you just did it.

We all saw you.

I don't remember.

You said it felt like water
was going through your body.

I do remember that.

But you don't
remember just getting up

and hitting Eddie?

I'm sorry Eddie.

You just got up!

Can you do it again?

What is this shit?

You said something to Eddie.

You went on a date with him.

I did not.

I mean you're okay
for an older guy

but I never did.


I mean it.

I would totally date
you if you weren't,

you know, you.

Well what the
fuck does that mean?

Can we focus here?


Eddie what is she talking about?

I have no idea I've
never met her before.

Daisy, you said we
weren't alone before,

what did you mean?

Did you see something?

More like felt, I
felt it first upstairs.

What are we talking about?

Fucking ghosts?


Do you feel the cold?

♪ Rosie ♪

Frank, what's going on?

Tell us what's happening.

In due time my dear.

Frank is it cold?

It's icy.

Like this bitch.

Frank, Frank let us out.

There's only one way out.

At least that's what I thought.

You agreed.

You didn't exactly say it

but we both knew.

Frank don't do it!

What did I know?

You knew how to stop me.


You just
sexually assaulted Rosie.

I did not.

You just got up,
both of you got up.

Are you pulling
some shit together?


It sure looks like it.

I'm telling the truth.

If it's my turn next

I'm getting up and
walking out of here.

Rosie are you okay?

It happened to me?


I didn't hit Eddie.

No and thanks for that.

You just felt up Rosie.

How come you couldn't
do that to me?

You think I had a choice?

Oh what, you were possessed?

Get the fuck outta here.

Daisy, do you think if

someone, something wanted
to get in touch with us

it could do it like this?

Oh what, now she's
a ghost hunter?

You know they never catch
shit on that show right?

Okay Daisy, you said
you felt something before,

have you felt
things in the past?

My aunt was a medium,
my mother's sister.

Definitely a bit off.

My father warned us
against hanging around her

but every family dinner,
birthday I would corner her

and beg her to tell
me about ghosts.


She used to say that
entities were always looking

to move onto the next level.

And then if they hung
around it was usually

because they had
unfinished business.

Like sending a message
or righting a wrong?

Are we really
talking about this?

Can we discuss a real way
to get outta here please?

Eddie did you not see Daisy
just get up and punch you?

And then me get up and...

I'm sorry.

I don't think it was you.

It sure looked like
his hands on your tits.

Did your aunt ever say
anything about helping them

to resolve their issues?

What are we now?

Paranormal therapists?

Anything that could help.

Will you stop being such a dick?

You're on board with this?

Look at our hands.

We can't move them, there's
nothing tying them down.

That's beyond some
reasonable shit here.

We have to figure
out what they want.



Aunt Olive used to say that
entities were like teenagers,

they want somewhere to belong.

Like a clique.

Well I hope we get the
nerdy ghosts or the stoners

'cause if we get the jocks
they're gonna kick our asses.

Okay so what do
we know so far?

That Daisy here
and I went on a date,

and she got pissed
and slugged me

and Rosie knows
something about you

and that made you pissed
so you got a cheap feel.

Daisy what else can you
tell us about these entities?

Oh fuck, bring it on.

Oh shit.



Quiet please.

We're watching a
grown man squirm.

Eddie, Eddie can you hear me?

Eddie's not in at the moment,
may I please take a message?

What's your name?

All will be revealed.

We can help.

She's right.

What do you want?

Want him to apologize.

Make him.

Eddie you're a good person.

And what?

What else?

And suffer like I did.


What, what'd I do?

You said that you wanted
Frank to admit to something

and apologize for it.

Frank what's
he talking about?

How should I know?

What you're sorry for so
much shit you don't know

where to start?

Fuck you.

Both of you stop.

We have to figure
out what they want.

It must be your turn.

And yours.

I'm ready.

So am I.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Little Miss Sunshine.

Rosie, you don't
have to do this.

You're right, I
don't have to do this

but I really want to.


For what?

I'm not sure.

Maybe this will
help you remember.

Rosie stop, stop!



Thank you.

I didn't stop
because you asked me.

I stopped because she's
not going to die quickly.

None of you are.

What happened?

You just almost
strangled Daisy.

Oh my God, Daisy I'm so sorry.

It wasn't you.

Alright well
there you have it.

Daisy wants to kill
me after a bad date,

Frank wants Rosie but
Rosie doesn't want Frank

so Frank's pissed

and Rosie wants to
slowly strangle Daisy.

Why didn't you do anything?

Maybe because I'm the
only decent person here?

Oh bullshit.

Both of you stop.

It's because we got
to you, to Eddie,

not the other person.

Rosie's right, we
still have some control

while we're altered.

We just have to figure
out how to break through.

And what each of them wants.

And by the way,
it's using our app.


You think this
is a coincidence?

It's fucking with us.

I agree.

But I am sensing some serious
marketing possibilities here

the apps so good even
the dead are using it.

Do you ever just stop talking?

Hey, I didn't hit you,

next time I won't fight
against it so hard.

You're a piece of shit.

Both of you, stop.

This isn't just a coincidence.

It isn't just random that
we're all here together.

Like they've all
been waiting for us

to be in the same place.

You know aunt Olive used to
say that time isn't the same

for them, that they
could be patient

and wait for the
right moment to act.

Maybe they're all
working together?

What they have
in common is us.

But is that it?

Everyone in the world has
done something they regret.

I got a long list of regrets.

Plenty of ghosts
are pissed at me.

Get in line ghost bitch.

Daisy did your
aunt say anything

about appeasing them,
satisfying them somehow?

They want what they want.

But I do remember before
she died aunt Olive

was convinced that she
could help this family by...

Oh I am not getting
used to this shit.

Alright back to the
beginning I guess

bring it on Daisy girl.

What does that mean?

They're growing
bolder, stronger.

Stay focused everyone.

Try and fight it.

Focus on your own
thoughts, your own feelings.

Oh shit, stay out of my shit.

I think I beat it, I
think I fought it off.

Eddie you have to go get help.


Upstairs, there's a cop he
lives two houses to the left

his name is Schwartz.


I'm just messing with you.



Eddie you can fight it.

Come on Eddie.

Eddie, tell me what you want.

Edward would very much like
to have intercourse with you

but you are not my type.

I would like him to
know what it felt like.

What it felt like, what?


Frank are you okay?

It just stings but I'm fine.

Oh shit, sorry dude.

Eddie do you
remember any of it?

It seemed like it
was you for a minute.

Yeah, ah the bottle
stopped on me, cold,

wait, you.

What is it?

Ah it was a little
like a dream but

did I say something about you?

You said, it said
that you wanted to...

To have intercourse
yeah, that's fucking weird.

It doesn't seem so weird
for you Eddie no offense.

Weird that it
said it like that.

Totally in the
entities language.

You remember that?

It's foggy but yeah.

Is it true?


Is it true?

Ah, you know I've always
heard about crisis fueling

a potential romance but even
I'm having a little trouble

with you asking
me this right now.

If it's true, it
could give us some clue

how to stay connected
to each other,

when we're not ourselves.

Like a strong part
of who we are can

be the safety net.

Or the rope to pull us out.

Makes sense.

Ah, I mean,
you're cute but um,

you know what I also
want a drink right now.

So how about this,
next time I'm possessed

you guys offer me up some patron

I'll do a shot and
get us outta here.

Daisy do you
think we can use it?

You like me.

Listen we just met.

Can we analysis
someone else please?

It's probably one
of your turns next.

Be honest Eddie.

Hey, you're the one
that groped the professor

over here not me.

Why are you
fighting us on this?

God you guys aren't giving up.

Who do you think
might be mad at you?

I don't know.

Did you ever hurt someone?

You're the one that had
your hand down her shirt.

That wasn't me!

I'm sorry.



Someone please!

Oh Jesus.

Be strong guys.

Stay connected
to each other okay?

Keep talking to the one it gets.


Frank you can fight it.

I never realized how important
scent was to me until you.

You were telling a study you
were reading about pheromones.

Where our natural scent was
more powerful than cologne

or perfume.

Frank we love you.

We do?


The thing about pheromones
is you can only disguise them

for a short while.

Eventually the real
stink comes out.

The real Rosie.

Ah Frank, Frank I love
working for you man.

You're straight
with your people,

I really appreciate that.

We did an amazing job today.

We finished our project.

The real Rosie that
wouldn't answer the phone.

I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

But you're scaring me.

Scaring you?

You thought I was scaring you?

You haven't seen anything yet.


Dude, come back to us man.

We can't beat this without you.


I could hear some of it,

it was like there
was all this shouting

and yelling, only a
few things got through.

We can do this.

We have to focus.

Did I...

Ah, you were pretty tame dude.

Scary as shit but no fondling.

What do I, what does my...

What do they want from you?

I think I know.

What the fu...

What's up there Franklin?

Prom song?

Tell us Frank.

Everybody listen for us.

Focus on our voices.

Listen to the one thing
your hear from us.

Oh shit.

I guess we're not
taking fair turns here.

Eddie, Eddie you
don't have to do this.

You can get out, please Eddie.

Eddie, look at me.

Eddie look at me, look at me.


Oh, wow.

Man, I heard, I heard the
radio and the crash and...



Do you remember what you did?

Yeah, um, I touched your face.

Um, you have really soft skin.

Um, why do I keep pounding
you with stuff man?

Does it have to do with tools?

Yeah did you piss
somebody off at Home Depot?

What about the song Frank?

What does it mean?

It was playing when...

You've had your phone
here the whole time?

Well Rosie dial 911.

That's all she had to do.

I'm sorry, I was scared.

And I was dying.

Rosie, you're so damn
strong you can do this.

She can do it.

She can save you.

Go on Daisy, save them.

Help them.

Will you?

I didn't think so.


That's my phone.

You almost dialed 911.

And then you didn't.

Did I hurt you Daisy?

No but I know
what I need to do.

I saw someone die and
I did nothing about it.

You were scared,
like you said.

Guys snap me out of it,
I'm gonna go for the phone.

Frank you're the best damn
manager I've ever worked for,

I'd toast to ya but you know...

Frank we've done it,
we have the app that gets

the suits off your back.

All we need now is a name.



Eddie names for the
app, didn't you have some?

I, I, I can't work like this.

Come on.

Frank this is his project,
he wanted nothing more

than to succeed.

Oh Rose, you seem so
concerned about Frank.

When did you grow a heart?

Think Eddie.

Ah spin, spin it,
it spins the bottle,

turns the kissing game, fuck.

When did you
start to give a shit

about anybody else other
than good old Rose?

Spinning, spinach,
spink, spink,

that sounds like
spunk, that's a maybe.

Young Rosie would never
thing about what's good enough

for another human being.

Young Rose would just
ignore the signs.

Spi, spin,

♪ You spin me ♪

Oh you spin me, we could
license that song by...

Dead or Alive.

There's a joke
in there somewhere.

We've done it Frank we
have a name for the app.


So, how do you like the name?

I think I could get the song.

I know their agent.

You did it, we did it.

Good job Eddie.

Hey, I usually don't
work well under pressure,

normally I'd like some
Pink Floyd playing

and a couple of brews

but this time it worked.

Thanks man.

So that's it, we have to
find each persons obsession,

the thing they're currently
into more than anything else.

I gotta be honest.


The company told me
this was my last chance.

The last three app accounts I
managed all failed miserably.

I didn't wanna tell you guys

because I didn't wanna bring
the extra burden onto our work.

Good call, and it worked.

Okay, I'm all
work and no play,

Eddie wants Daisy...

Whoa I never said that.

It's okay, we have to be
honest if we're gonna beat them.

I'm sorry I, I, I mean I
know we just technically met

but, but we have been
communicating online for months

and, I don't know, you're
even cooler in person.

How about you Rosie?

I don't know.

You're easy.

Oh really?

Yeah, you've gotta be
the best at everything,

smartest person in
the room, know it all.

Hey, we get it.

What is it Rosie?

What's your latest thing?

It's silly.

You are so smart Rosie,

I don't think it
could possibly be.


You're teaching yourself
Japanese or something?

Would you lay off.




Oh I can't wait for this one.


I'm from there.

You don't talk like it

or drink like it.


Why don't they just kill
us and get it over with?

They want us to
admit what we did.

Or didn't do.

What about you Daisy?

Eddie whatever it is admit it.

I don't know what the
fuck she's talking about.

How quickly we forget.

Well, you are getting up there.

The looks start to fade, the
eyesight starts to get blurry.

The next thing you know
you can't get it up

unless you pay for it.

What the fuck?

Go on Eddie, tell
your new friends.

What's the only thing
that gets you hard?

Tell them.

Porn okay?

I watch a lot of porn.


What do you want from me?

I want you to feel small

and I want these, on a plate.

Say it!

Humiliation okay?

I'm sorry, I just,
I'm sorry, let me go.

And you better remember me
the next time I come round.

Please don't tell
her, don't say anything

I just watch it I
never do it I swear.

Of course.

Okay who is she?

I don't know.

What'd I do?

We kinda hooked up.


Well, you crunched my
manhood with your kung fu grip.

Do you work out?

Wait Rosie you might be next.

Tell us about Canada.

I'm moving there.

I didn't wanna say because
I did like the team,

I do like the team it's just

I was offered a job, a
partnership, in Toronto.

Shit what about our app?

It'll still be yours.


So your main focus
is moving up there?


Um, okay, even I'm getting
a little uncomfortable guys.

Okay so we got your
hook, what else?

What do they want from you?

Do you have any ideas?


Look out!

Keep thinking about Canada,

the new job, the
new partnership,

you're gonna be so awesome.

You think so?

I think she might not
make it out of Jersey,

just like you.

I am so sorry.

I know what I did.

My phone was dead
when I came back,

it was too late, I came back.

What happened?

She was...

Ah, ah, ah, Daisy
with your big mouth

are you going to
ruin all the fun

this early in the evening?

Rosie tell me
about the new gig,

you're so damn smart, you're
gonna make the best partner,

I'm gonna be so sad to lose you!

Toronto, that's where
your new life will begin.

They have awesome
beer up there.

Shut up or Daisy...



I was winning.

You did it Frank.

Uh what about me?

Thanks for trying Eddie.

And Daisy you were
about to spill the beans,

you okay?

Hold on, Rosie how
much do you remember?

I remember hearing your voice

and I let go of Daisy.


Then I remember
seeing all of you.

Things went black and I
felt like I was floating

back into the chair I guess.

So we definitely could beat
them if we worked together

to pull each other out.

Your turn Daisy.

I witnessed a robbery,

it was back when I lived
in the city, Bodega.

When I heard the
yelling at the counter

I hid in a corner
while it happened.

He strangled her,
he wouldn't let go.

I could see it all in one
of those circular mirrors

that they have on
the end of the aisle.

My phone wasn't
dead, I turned it off

'cause I was afraid
that it would ring.

What could you have done?

He would have killed you too.

He didn't just take the money?

She fought him and he got mad.

He ran away when he was done

and I hid in the
corner while she died.

There's nothing
you could have done.

Did you know her?

Only a little, it
was my neighborhood

and I went there a
couple times a month.

I've been searching for
her family to apologize,

that's why I was late today,

her brother lives in
this neighborhood.


And I used to surf here.

And your friend lived
in this neighborhood.

This town is the connection.

Daisy does that make sense?

Yeah, for them to be
able to work together

they'd have to have proximity
and knowledge of each other.

So Rosie is becoming
the girl in the shop.

Yeah, it's her.

And who am I becoming?

I think I know.

If it's me snap me out of it.

Who ever it is, we can do it.

I like you too Eddie, I
think you have great energy.

It's time to confess.

Confess what?

Time for playing
innocent is long past sir.

Eddie, look at me.

Look at Daisy.

What did you see?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Eddie look at me.

What did you see?

I don't know.

Eddie I was unsure of you
when you first walked in

but now I know.

Shut up, stop lying to him.

What did you see?

She's telling the truth.

I see it too

Kiss me.

I'm good, you did it.


You, you did it.

We did it.

Thanks for being so convincing,
I knew you were lying.

If you'd known I was lying

you wouldn't have
broken out of it.

What else happened?


I think it was
an accident I saw.

It just started snowing,

I was driving to a big
meeting with this new client,

my biggest yet.

The car in front of me
skidded into a parked truck.

These trucks were everywhere,

they were used to
replenish the beach.

You didn't stop.

No, I read about it the
next day, he was stuck.

The snow got worse,

emergency vehicles
couldn't get in on time.

We all stood by
and did nothing.

What about you Rosie?

His name was James.

Frankie, Frankie boy.

Listen I've got our next app,

it's an idea I've been
working on for a while.

Now let's hear the
rest of your story Rose.

Yeah, it's an app that tells
you if your breath stinks.

Yeah, we'll use the same
technology as a home breathalyzer.

Tell 'em about me, about us.

Your name is James.

We met at a conference
when I was an intern.

We had a brief relationship.

Brief but meaningful.

You said you loved me.

I don't remember that.

And you said you loved me.

After the conference we
emailed, texted, Skype'd for

about a month.

And then you stopped.

I stopped because
it was over James.

I'm sorry.

I told you what I would do
if you didn't answer my call.

I know, I'm sorry.

I'm so, so sorry.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I won't leave.

This is a really good team.



And then you didn't answer.

Old boyfriend?

I broke it off and he
kept calling and texting.

Eventually I had to
tell him to stop.

He sent me one last message,

I still have it
saved on that phone.

We all stood by
while someone died.

We love you Daisy.

You're the strongest
one here, you can do it.

I'll try my best.

I thought you were so cool.

How awesome was it to get
surf lesson on our first date.

Your name is Jenna.

You remembered.

You looked so good.

It was fall, I thought you were
gonna have to wear a wetsuit

but the water was pretty warm.

September at the
shore, my favorite.

I remember.

And you remember that the
waves were a little rough?

They were.


And I should have
been watching you.

It was my first time.

And you were not gentle.

I'm sorry.

For what?

Her name was Jenna,
we met on this beach.

I used to come here
summers from Pittsburgh.

We were watching some
kids boogie boarding,

she said she wanted
a surf lesson.

And you were gonna teach her.

What happened?

The waves were
pretty small that day

so I gave her one of
my old long boards

and pushed her in to a couple,
she even stood up once.

Then the waves were
getting bigger,

she was getting a little nervous

and I told her just
to paddle out beyond

where the waves were forming

and you know just
take a few more rides.

And I should have taken her in

but I had to get one last wave,

it was a great ride
and I was so cocky,

I knew that she would
be impressed so,

so when I pulled
out I looked back

and she wasn't there.

My long board just floated
by me and she wasn't on it.

It was an accident.

This is the first time
I've been back here since.

The four people
that we didn't help,

couldn't help, are back.

To teach us a lesson.

To fuck with us.

God what do these fuckers want?


They want what they want.

Our only shot is
breaking out one of us

for long enough to
get out of here.

Yeah but what
does that even mean?

I mean how do we get help?

How do we stop them?


Aunt Olive used to talk about

this thing that Native
Americans believe in,

it's called casting a circle.

We join hands and create
a sacred space inside it.

Yeah but we have to be
able to move to do that.

We have to break
free when we're up,

we have to get all of us.

Yeah whoever's up move
the others closer together.


Can we provoke
them to take over

more than one of us at a time?

Daisy you said sometimes
they're like teenagers,

insecure maybe?

Whoa I wouldn't
recommend bullying them.

Daisy, you're the only one
we haven't figured out yet.

What's your trigger?

Yeah what's your
obsession Daisy?

Please say me.

It's Angela and her family.

I've been trying to find
them to apologize for years.

I found a brother but
the mom won't talk to me.

Frank if we get to you
move us closer together.


Frankie we know
you're in there man.

Frank I know you can hear me.


Let's see how this feels.

No Frank don't do it.

Frank please.

Lighter than it looks right?

It feels different
when you know exactly

what you're gonna do with it.

When you know you're gonna
slice along the veins

and not across them.

I'm sorry.

Her mother will forgive you.

Eddie, when we
get out of here...

Eddie grab Frank.

Rosie pull me closer
we could beat them.

You think so?


Guys if I'm the first
to go you make your circle

and get out.

Shut up Frank, we're
in this together.

We can do this.

A goodbye kiss.

The one you didn't give me.

Frank you can save us,
you can help us please.

Frank, Frankie if they get
you again just grab my hand

and Rosie's.

We can do this.

We just have to believe
that we are good people

who made a mistake.

Eddie you can save us.

Pull Frank closer.

Eddie come to me.

Drag him over here.

What'd I do?

You killed him.

God damn it.

We can still do this.

Frank would've
wanted us to survive.

She's right.

You know what?

I was gonna make you wait

but after I stood up
on that first wave

I knew I was gonna kiss you.

Daisy her mother would want
you to look her in the eyes

and say I'm sorry.

We can still do this.


Oh God, oh God, oh God.

You were braver than me.

You fought hard

It's over.

It's over.

We had a deal, you
said if I got them here

you would leave me alone.

And I thank you.

Should've let the clowns
suffer a little more.

And Mr. Corporate America,

funny thing is, after all his
years of work and progress,

he still lived in a dump
and never quite made it.

And this one, her
head in the clouds.

I'm glad you never
got to my mother,

she might have forgiven you.

And you're right, I
did say you could go

if you helped my friends.

But then again, you
said you loved me

and you changed your mind.

Subtitles by explosiveskull