The Salvation (2014) - full transcript

The American West in the 1870s. A European settler, Jon Jensen (Mads Mikkelsen), has just welcomed his wife and son to the country when they are kidnapped and murdered. He takes revenge on the murderers, only to discover that one was the brother of a local land baron, Henry Delarue. Delarue runs the local town with a brutal hand. Now he wants vengeance on the man who killed his brother and the local townspeople are too scared of him to stand up to him. Jon is fighting more than just the local thugs, he is facing the entire town. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
After the Danish defeat
in the 1864 war, crossed

Jon and his brother
Atlantic to start fresh.

In seven years they struggled to find
foothold in the unknown country.

7 years, where Jon missed his
wife, Marie, and their son.

7 years of family separation.
The year is 1871 The country is America.

Kresten, it's your father.

Welcome Marie. Thank you.

How nice to see you. You too.

Say hello to your uncle, Peter.

Good day.

I'd better see to go.
So do not lose your place on the stage.

Are not you going with us?

Uh, no.

Peter likes to stay
inside the city once in a while.

Hey. Hello, ma'am.

Where are you going?

My wife does not speak American.
She must learn it.

You look like them not only.
You also sound like them.

It comes in also.

Sorry, but it's been a mistake.
You must take the next coach.

But we paid for this trip.
Sorry, ma'am.

How to treat not his fellow men.

We have traveled for weeks.
Sorry ma'am, but must stand by.

Do as he says.

Are there many animals?
Yes, there are many different animals.

There are foxes, there are bears, there
are deer. Are there bears where we live?

Where we live?
No, there is not any.

But if there was one...

Then we shoot it and rip it.
And sell it down in the city.

Is there a town nearby?
Yeah, not so far from us.

We can be back there in a day.

You should not be worried, right?

It's a really nice place.

And I've built,
so there is room for all of us.

When are you really big enough
to take out hunting?

I think actually,
it is tomorrow.

If you fancy.

Sorry, I have not had a drink in three
years. I had forgotten what it does to one.

Out here when offered a drink, ma'am...
So drinking man.

Marie, take a sip.

It's get em to do here.

You do not have much,
to say, right?

I like that.

My own princess does not say a word.
She is dumb.

Indians cut her
tongue when she was little.

They were probably tired
of hearing that she

screamed, when they
killed her parents.

What's your name?

My wife's name is Marie.

It's a beautiful name.

Are you just get here?

My wife and son have just come.
I've been here a while.

It is not easy for anyone,
to be outside a woman, for so long.

Boy, is this hot.

You're not used
to the heat, well, Marie?

No, you're probably not.

There is always a solution.

Let's look at the goods.

Stop it.

What a hot little flower.

Stop it.

Are you threatening me?

No, I'm saying that you need to keep
hands away and behave yourself.

It does sound as you threaten me.

That's how I hear it.
What say you, Lester?


I'm not trying to threaten anyone,
I'm just...

What will you do now?

You can not do anything.

Come here!

You can not do a damn thing.

Sit still!

Bite his ear.
Marie, bite his ear.

Do not be afraid.

Kresten, roof turret.

Do not be afraid.

Just take it.

And stay down, Kresten.
No, stay down. Stay down, Kresten!

Lower turret.

Lower it!

For fuck's sake.
You I do not like.

You have 5 seconds to get off.

Is that clear? A...




She's not dead! She is doing it!

Wait, wait!

She is not dead.

Wait, wait.

I did not touch the boy.

Who did it?

I have not seen them before.


It's a sad day, sir. Delarue.

But we must remember that
no one in this peaceful

town, involved in the
gruesome killing your men.

Where is my brother?

Your brother?

Mayor, Keane? Yes?

Make sure he does not stink of booze,
when the princess sees him.


Bring him to my house,
so do I, that he is being nice.

Take him there.

Did you catch the killer?

Mr. Delarue, I can say with certainty
that this is not here.

I want to know who killed my brother.

There are no surviving witnesses.

Competitors and gunfighter
were also killed.

We lost two men today.

One was my brother.

I will give you two hours
to find the man who did it.

And the sheriff...
I want that man alive.

It is impossible.

You are a thought man, sheriff Mallick.

You probably know the Lord's words:

Tooth for tooth...


You get up at. 12, to
find the man who did it.

Otherwise, you
with two of your citizens.

Mr. Delarue...

You choose two, Mayor Keane...

Otherwise I shoot four.


I am ready, Father.

The whole town will forever
be grateful to you.

Promise me that you take
from my grandson.

We must do our best.

I will make sure
the boy learn to operate the store.

It can not be right.

I am not sure
I can do without you, Grandma.

Of course you can, my boy.

Leave me alone, will not suffice.

I beg you, father.
Help me, Father.

My life is not so paltry.
I will not die!

I've never been a burden to anyone.
I am innocent.

May God have mercy on your wicked soul.

Stay calm, everyone.

Well, Sheriff...

A tired old woman
and a half man...

- Was not good enough.

The man's death
are you two's expense.

Tell me, Mayor Keane...

How much will your town
Black Creek, for protection.

80 dollars each month.

I believe in the need for more protection
when there is a murderer in the vicinity.

In the future...
the amount is doubled.

Mr. Delarue, the soil is not fertile.
We can not make as much money.

$ 160, by the month end.
Every month.

Until this has been
the man who killed my brother.

Do we agree?

Yes. Yes, we are.

I thought so.

Let him rest in peace, princess.

I find the man who killed Paul.

And I'll make sure he dies.
You have my word on that.

I'll take care of you now.

Raul, see.

I'll go and talk to the sheriff.

See you in a bit.

Good day.

Where is your grandmother?

She is dead.

Delarue shot her.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What can I do for you?

I have some skins.

We go west.

So the only two men in the vicinity,
who can shoot, go away.


Were not you two soldiers
where you came?

We need people like you,
To overcome the killer.

I have been a soldier once,
and it taught me something.

Do not start a fight,
as you know, you lose.



Who is it?


It's nice to see you in town
for once.

Buyer can still reasons?

From time to time, yes.

How much will you give?

I can give you no more than 145th

It is lame so much
we did 6 years ago.

As I said,
these are tough times.

Since Delerue increased fees,
there are many people who want to sell.

But because you are a good man,
I want to help.

Shall we say 150?

Or you can wait.

Who knows. If they find the man
that killed Delarue's brother -

- Then there would be peace,
and prices will rise.

What man? Have you not heard?

Delarue's brother had just come out
of prison as a madman killed him.

He shot all the coach.

Since it is so...

I take the 150th
You will not regret.

You must sign here.

Where are you going?

I will try,
to find a place on the west.

I would probably do the same,
If I was a young mayor.

These are for you.

And this is for me.

It is important to save
the money, a good place.

In your boots, maybe?

There are many hungry people out there.

14, 15-tails to a total
value of $ 3,148.

Plus 12 percent, then your
share $ 3,524.

And 76 cents.

Let's say one dollar.

Madelaine appreciate
the accounts fit.

The devil is in the details...

The company does not like,
how it looks now.

Are you aware that the
sheriff in Black Creek,

have telegraphed to the
government for help.

I have been blocked
the connection being.

But you can not use
the same methods as in the army.

It's not Indians.

Standard Atlantic, is a modern company
Colonel Delarue.

And we use seviliserede methods.

Is that clear?


When the entire Black Creek bought?

I bought the entire valley in a week
if I do it my way.

Answer my question.

If you can keep the military outside,
so I expect 3-4 months.

It was just what I wanted to know.

Have a nice day.

So they want me to,
to behave seviliseret, princess.

I can certainly good.

As long as we stack of money.

Okay guys. I will do the rest.

Let Peter go. Mallick?

He was not on the stage.
You have nothing on him.

He broke the jaw of a deputy sheriff.
He must take his sentence.

Unfortunately, it...
a little different for you.

I had to send a message to Delarue,
that we have caught you.

You probably know that he has...
made life difficult for... us.

I do not know
what has happened to him.

He was once a good man.

To kill all the Indians,
must have...

- Injured his mind.

I am sorry for your loss, Jon.

I am.

It seems that you
follow in his footsteps.

If you blue had shown little mercy, to
Delarue's brother, instead of killing him.

So would Mrs. Borowski, sir. Whisler
and Joe legless still be here.

It will not be the last man
Delarue killer around here.

No. Probably not.

But your dead will win us some time.

I have already
telegraphed for help.

So there may be law and order again.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice a sheep,
to save the rest.

I'm just a shepherd.

They say that you have been a soldier.

Have you been to war?


Who was the enemy.

The Germans.

The Germans? Bravo.

You have my respect.

Here he saw.

The sick bastard who beat
your beloved husband to death.

Your beloved husband,
beat my 10-year-old son to death.

And he raped my wife.

You must keep quiet.

We'll find out soon enough,
what can he do, soldier.

You're late.

I'll be right with you, Henry.

Can I have his boots?

Here you go.


You will not need, my friend.
Not where you are going.

I have a baptism this morning.

So Sunday Mass
takes a little longer.

Give him water if he asks for it.
And you must not think of anything.

Can I have some water?


I'm sorry that I will
back to you.

But the view is better like this.

I had given you a blow,
did not I?

You were good enough ugly
before I beat your teeth in...

But now...

I hope that you have
a woman who loves you.

For you will not find
with that face.

You've probably never gotten anything
without paying for it.

Not with your ridiculous voice.

But now it comes to cost more.
It certainly is.

Shut up!

I did you a favor actually.
I think it's better now.

Now you sound not just as a sick mule,
Now you look like also.

I said shut up!

Now people are not so surprised
when you say something.

I'll kill you.

It is certainly something
which runs in the family.

I am sure that your whore mother sounded
like a mule when you were conceived.


Do you know how long,
I've been waiting for this moment.

You could feel, right?

Of course you would.

You are so... beautiful.

What these barbarians have done to you...
Got your tongue.

I know it must have been
terrible for you.

But I see it... as a gift...

- To me.

When I'm done here...

- We find a house in New Orleans.

It will suit you.

You will be New Orleans princess.

Get the horses.

Jon! Jon! I'll be back.

They have taken different roads.

Corsican, take half
of men with you on the trail.

The rest come with me.

Third class.

Take your sister inside,
and retrieve father's rifle.

You are not welcome.

You should not drink from the well,
it is full of the sticky oil.

I have put something
bread and boiled water.

Thank you, Mrs. Whisler.

Why are you leaving?
Delarue killed my husband.

I'm sorry I leave you that way.

Are you with us?

I'll be fine.

He'll kill you.

Your Paul, he...
He saved you from the Indians.

But he never tamed you.


Now I must kill you.

It's a shame, Henry.

We could treat her well.

The body fine.

Once more...
Smiling lady luck to you.

After all you've been having fun
with her... So inserts her throat.

I want my boots back.

Your boots?


I saved these for you.

I keep them neat and clean. See.


Have you purchased Mrs. Whisler's farm?

Yes, I think that I have.

Have you lap?

What? I do not understand...
What about my deed?

Do you want your money?

Clear. They are here.

They are here, Jon.
Take them, take them all together.

What were you doing at Delarue?

There was one that was dead.

Everyone deserves a coffin.
Although they do not go to heaven.

Henry... What?

You called him Henry.

Remove the lid of the coffin.


I am undertaker.

That's why I was there.
Somebody has to take care of it.

Lie in it.

I'm just trying to get it
best of it.

That's it. I'm a businessman.

You're not even human.

What are you planning?
Lie in it.

That you will not get away with.
Lie in it.

I am the mayor.

I try to help people.

No one will buy their land.

Will not you leave it.

No. God, no.

You're right, Jon.

I keep not deeds.

I give them to Delarue.

I need a gun with belt
and ammunition for my rifle.

Give me a knife.
I'll pay for it.

Give me also two bottles of kerosene.

You must go to Mallick, for me.

Tell him that Keane has served
money on all of us.

All the land and houses he bought...

It was not for himself,
he sold it to Delarue.

It is the oil.

Delarue believe that it will soon
is worth a lot.

Do you and your brother
fight Delarue alone?

No, my brother is dead.

Let me go with you.

You're just a boy.
I am almost 16 years.

I've been practicing.
I am good at shooting.

You do not have a chance alone.

He has taken his own chest with.

Burn him.

There is a fire in the barn!

Shoot! Do it now!

I have underestimated you, soldier.

You may have killed all my people.

But you are definitely...

So you killed him.

And all his people.

We've been hoping... and praying.

In order that there should
be someone like you.

And save us from our despair.

And so did you.

Now there are only good
people back.

I thought you had
hit on all of them.

She's with me.

It will not do, Jon.

I would like to have,
that you leave the place.

May God forgive both your souls.