The Salvage Gang (1958) - full transcript

Whilst building a rabbit hutch, a group of children break Dad's saw. Needing to replace it, the children do odd jobs all across London. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
That's fine.

I'mma straighten these ends off.

Hello, you two.

How's the rabbit?
Oh he's fine.

Look, Ali's made me a hutch.

You'll never do it that way, Ali.

You need a saw.

Haven't got a saw.

Well what about this?

Leave that alone, that's my dad's.

We shouldn't touch that.

He won't mind.

My dad would if I borrowed his.

Put it back.

It'll be all right.

You do it then.

Oh, all right.

Stop it!

Stop it!


Oh no.

Ooh that's torn it.

Will your dad mind very much?


I'm not supposed to touch his tools.

Now what are you doing?

Give me that.

Hey, that's worse than ever!

We better go and tell your dad.

He's at work.

Oh no.

Ali, get the straw.

This is new, isn't it?


We could buy him another.

Then he'll never know.

But they cost about
a pound, even more.

Have you any money?


I thought as much.

Well, we could earn some.

What do you mean, we?

Do you think we could?

Of course, other people do.

But how?

It won't be easy.

You broke it, you pay for a new one.

It's all of us, we've
got to earn some money.

We can try, I suppose.

Come on, let's go out
and find ourselves a job.

Come on, Sally.

Come on, Sally.

Ask him if he wants some help.

No, you.

Yeah, yeah.

Do you want some help?

What, you?

We're very cheap.

How much?

Five shillings.

Too much.

Two and six?

That's better.

Come on down to talk business.

Come on!

You'd like a job, would you?

Yes, yes we would.

It's all yours.

This'll give me a chance to
get on with me work down below.

Here's your paintin' brushes,

and there's two and six at the end,

if you do the job properly.

All right?


We'll share the tins.
All right.

Careful with the paint!

You'll get it all over my sandals.

Might brighten them up a bit.

This won't take long.

Shouldn't do.

Hey, it would be much quicker this way.

Ask him for our money.

He's still asleep.

Do you think we've done enough?

There's a lot more paint over here.

Is it yellow?

Let's do some more.
We might get overtime.


Oi, you lot!



Come on Sally, come on!

Just throw it!

You just wait 'til I
get my hands on you!

You just wait!

That right, just wait!

Well, that wasn't too good.

Well we can't expect
everything at once.

All the same.

We'll have to think of something else.

Here you are, Sally.

Have a biscuit.

You need a bath, Sally.

She certainly does.

I know!

Let's wash dogs.

Not me.

For sixpence a time?

Oh, that would take too long.

It's better than nothing.

It's a rotten idea.

Washing dogs!

Washing cars, though.

That's more like it.

I'd rather wash dogs.

So would I.

Oh all right then, you two wash dogs

and we'll wash cars.

Coming, Kim?


We'll do this properly.

Piece of paper.

Now work out what to put
before we write the notice.

Dirty dogs?

We wash whiter.

Sixpence per dog.

Puppies half price.

What are you washing Sally for?

Well Sally wanted...


Any luck?

No, not yet, have you?

We will.

We're going to
find Mr. Caspanelli.

He's got a car.

Come on, Freddie.

Mr. Caspanelli, Mr. Caspanelli!

Mr. Caspanelli!

Hello there, kids.

Come to wash your car for you.

We'll do it for two and six.

Washin' my car?

I got other things to think about, huh?

Two shillings!
One and nine!

One and eight!

One and six?

I've gotta move in 20 minutes.

It's jolly dirty.

It's bad for business.

All right, all right,
anything for peace.

Cup of tea and a cheese roll.

Tea and a cheese roll, coming up.

These kids, they drive me crackers.

Freddie, give us a hand.

Why can't you be more careful?

It just came off.

Put it over there.

Ah, these kids.

Look what you're doing.

It just fell off.

Put it on there, then.

See you in the morning, boys.

Cheerio, boys.

Hey Kim.
Now what?

Hey look.

Wash your dog, madam?

It could do with it.

Look at her black spots.

All the dogs round here must be clean.

We'll have to bathe Sally again.

But it's her fourth time.

Well, she won't shrink.

Hey mister, mister, wash your dog?



Come back!

Ali, stay here!

How long will you be?

I'll be through in a minute.

Right, boys.

My car nice and clean?

My car!

Mama mia!

My beautiful car!

And down there, they
wait for me, Caspanelli.

With his beautiful teas and buns,

but this, and this?



Don't just stand there!

Gimme, gimme that!


Ah, mama mia!

What are you getting
so excited about, huh?

Ah, good boy, you fix it.

You fix it?

Bad boy!

Where's my beautiful carpet?

I've had it for months.

Oh, she has it.

Let go!

Sally, stop it!

Mr. Caspanelli!

Go away, go away!

Hey, the bucket of water!

Hey, Mr. Caspanelli.
The bucket!

Ay, get it up.

Get it up.

It's full of water!

How much did you earn?


Have a great day.



What are you guys
looking so cheerful about?

We've broken Dad's saw.

How did you do that?

Making a rabbit hutch.

We're trying to earn
some money for a new one.

How much have you got?


We can't earn tuppence.

All we need's about a pound.

The saw will cost you all of that.

It doesn't matter how much it costs.

We haven't got a penny.

I wish I could help you kids,

but this job isn't really worth so much.

I can hardly make both ends meet.

Well, I wish you luck then.

Hey, come and have a
look at this notice.

We give you money for your old iron.

We haven't got any old iron.

We could get some.

But Shorty said business was bad.

What about that big pile there?

Business can't be all that bad.

Where will we get ahold of it?


Ask for it.

Just like that?

Of course!

We could print some leaflets.

Yes, asking people to put it out.

We can collect it tomorrow morning.

Come on, let's get printing.

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Old iron, we will collect it in.

The morning.

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Old iron, we will collect it in...

Another bit of paper, Ali.

Quit messing about.

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Old iron,
we'll collect it in.

The morning.

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Old iron,
we'll collect it in.

The morning.

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Ali, go and get some more paper.

Old iron we'll...
Scrap collection,

put out your...

Old iron, we'll collect it...

Scrap collecting, put out your.


I mean old...


It's your dad!

Will he want the saw?

How do I know?

Huh, hello.

What are you up to?

Just printing.

Have you lost anything, Dad?

I hope not.

I was looking for my, ah there it is.

Are you going out, Dad?


All day?

All day, and tomorrow.

The shed's yours, 'til tomorrow afternoon.

Behave yourselves.


It's a good job he
didn't want the saw.

We've got 'til tomorrow.

That's not much time.

Of course it is.

Collect the scrap
tomorrow morning, sell it,

buy the new saw,

and have it back by dinner time.

How many leaflets have we got?

We'll have to do some more,

then we can deliver them.

Right, right.

Old iron, we'll collect it...

Scrap collecting, put out your.

Hurry up, Kim.

Old iron...
Scrap collection...

Put out your.

Old iron, we'll collect it.

How many leaflets have you got?

Just a few.

Well get rid of them here.

But you live in this street.

Well, that's all right, give me a few.

And me.

We're moving tomorrow.

Are you moving far?

That's our new house.

But you're only moving about
10 houses down the street.

They all look the same to me.

What do you want to move for?

Search me.

Well we'd better get
rid of these leaflets.

Freddie, Freddie, come along in now.

You better start packing
your things for tomorrow.

Righto, Mom.

Better be going in now.

Will you be able to come out tomorrow?

We've got a lot to do.

I'll fix it, don't worry.

What time?

Freddie, do come in.

Nine o'clock at the den.


And I'll bring the Comet.

Nine o'clock tomorrow at the den.

Better give him five minutes.

I expect his mother wants him to help.

We'll have to wait.

He's got the Comet.

Freddie, Freddie give me
a hand with these things.

There's not much to do, is there Mom?

Wrap these up in paper, will you?

Where are you going with those?

Find some paper.

Put them down and take these.

There's the moving men.

Go and let them in, Freddie.

Move this, I can't get down!

Now where are you going?

To the front door.

Morning, the move to number 32.

Come in then.

After you, Sam.

Do you mind?

When you're finished.

Excuse me.

After you, Sam.

Oh no no, after you Bill.

After you, Sam.

After you, Bill.

We'll collect the scrap
first in Linton Street,

then Union Square,

then this street,

and last of all, Chantry Street.

That's Freddie's street.

And he's late.

I wonder if they'll be
any salvage to collect?

Of course, piles of it.

Any old iron!

Scrap metal, scrap!

Any old...

An old fender, push chair?

Couple of bicycle wheels, and a frame.

Coal bucket, jug, rollerskates?

Oh, I'll get some money for this lot.

Freddie, take these will you?

Can't I go yet, Mom?
Yes, no!

Yes, I suppose that'll give
me a chance to turn round.

Excuse me, please.

You'd better give them a hand
with your bed before you go.

If you don't mind, madam.

Please hurry up.
Yeah, wait a minute.

Oh come on!

Hey, not so fast!

Mind my mattress!

Oh please hurry!

Look, I must have a rest.

But we're almost there.

It will be all right, you hop it.

Ow, ow!


I had to help.

You lot ready?


We've been waiting hours!

All right then, come on.

Let's collect the salvage.

No salvage.

Not even a sardine tin.

They can't have read our leaflets.

We'll try the next street.

You're having luck
with your scrap lately.

Thank you.

Sally come back!

Come back!
Sally, come back!


Come on Sally!

Oh no she's running away.

Come back!
Sally, come back!

Come back!

Come on, Sally!

I'll go and get her.

You go on and get the salvage.

I'd have thought they'd have
left something out for us.

We ought to knock and ask.

If they had any salvage,
they would've put it out.

Well, maybe the next
street will be better.

Couldn't be worse.

Come on, Ali.

For goodness sake.

Look what you're doing.

The lamp is sticking up.

Let me steer properly.

Freddie's street's our last hope.

That's more like it.
About time.

Come back, Ali!

Ali, come back!


Look at that!

Crumbs, this looks worth having.

Do you think we can carry all this?

Easy, we leave everything else.

And just take the old bed?

Why not?

We'll get tons for it.

Shall we wait for Freddie?



We could leave him a message.

All right, you write him
and we'll start loading.



Morning Shorty.

There's a load.

Where'd you get all that?

I don't know what's
come over everyone.

I've never seen so much.

And all put out ready for me.

You look as though
you want a cup of tea.

I wouldn't say no, mate.

You've got a few bob
coming for that lot.

Hm, there was a bed there.

Hey Sam, you seen the brass bed?

No brass bed here, Bill.

Hey Alf!

You seen the brass bed?

Well, what's happened to it then?

Did I leave a brass bed
in the old house, missus?

A bed, no.

That's what I thought.

Well where's it got to then?

It's vanished.
It's vanished, vanished?

Look, there's another bed.

He's bound to buy ours.

Here's someone coming.

We'd like to sell this old bed.

I'll give you 10 shillings for it.

It's worth a pound!

10 shillings, take it or leave it.

We'll take it.

Oh, I could shake the lot of you!

If that bed's been stolen,
you have to tell the police.

Tell the police?

I can't understand it, ma'am.

Understand it.

It was only left there for a minute.

It was long enough.

I've got to have my Freddie's bed back.

You had no business leaving
it on the pavement like that.

Like that.

Whoever's taken it
had better look out.

It was only left there for a minute.

For a minute.

The boy come out first,

then Sam, then me, then Alf,

and we put the bed down here.

You stay here, Sally.

I'm in a hurry.

I can't understand it, ma'am.

So you all remember
putting the bed down here.

Are you suggesting that
it just walked away?

We've got 10 shillings already.

We found an old bed.

And where did you get it?

Right near your old house.

That was my bed.

Your bed?

Yes, my bed!

Then it wasn't salvage?

I like that, salvage.

I thought it was too easy.

We'll have to ask for it back.

Buy it back, you mean.

Morning, Albert.

Wanna buy a bed?

No, I don't want to buy anything.

Well, it seems a pity
to break it up for scrap.

Anyone can have it for 12 and six.


I'll take it.

Five, seven, nine, 11, 12, and six.

Thank you.

Give this a push.

Easy, see you got a bit of rope?

Oh to tie it up.

Here, help me with this old brass bed.

Well, where is it?

We left it here.

Well it's not here now.

Can't be very far away.

Must be here somewhere.

Well it couldn't have walked away.

Hey, don't get on the heap!

Got any more salvage?

Hey, you tell him.
No you!

You know that bed they sold you?

It was a mistake.

We'll buy it back.

That's no good, I've just resold it.

Who to?


Hey, that's my bed!
Hey, stop, stop!

Quick, there's a bus!

There it is!


Fare cent please.

I haven't got it.

Who's got the money?
Ali has it.

Kim took it.

They're changing!

Mind you.

Some people.

It's gone.

Can't see a sign of it.

Must have turned off somewhere.

Stop the bus!
We can't stop it right now.

Here's a bus stop!

Come back!
Come back!


Quick, the bus!

Sit down.

We'll never catch it at this rate.

The lorry might stop again.

It won't stop for hours now.

It's a taxi.


Come on.

We're in a hurry!
I'll say.

Please get out of the way!

We've got a bed to catch!

Now we've lost it forever.

It was my bed, you
shouldn't have taken it!

I said sorry.

There it is!

The bed!

Guys, we've caught up with it.

Even though we lost it for a time.


Stop it, get off my trolley.

What do you think you're
playing at up there, eh?

Please, could we have that bed back?

It was all a mistake.

They shouldn't have sold it.

What's all this about?

Well you see, we were
out collecting scrap...

I'm sorry, like that?

And when we came back...
He sold it.

Stop it, Ali, get off my bed!

It's my bed.

It's his bed!

I paid 12 and sixpence for it.

12 and six?

Untie those knots.

Can we have it back, then?

Untie those knots.

We'll buy it back.

We've got nearly 10 shillings.

We need that for the saw!

Oh I'd forgotten all about that.

Oh anyway, let's get my bed.

We'll leave the money
at the salvage depot.

When we get it.

Aye, all right.

Mind the corner of my bed.


And you, Ali.

Gently, don't scratch it.

Well, that's that I suppose.

Thanks for letting me have it back.

Get off!

We won't forget about the money.

Oh, don't worry about that.

So long, then.


I'll give you a hand
with the tail board.

Well that's all right then.
I can manage, thanks.

Now we've got to get it back.

Well, we'll just have to push it.

But it's miles!

Well I'm not gonna
sleep here all night.

Be glad it's Saturday afternoon.

Some of the streets
aren't so full, come on.

It's a long way back.

What's Freddie doing?

I dunno, looking for some oil I hope.

Quick, oil that wheel!

This is the worst.

Get off, Ali.


Hey you!

That's St. Paul's!

Oh no.

Oh really.
We'll have be smart.

This is really bad.
We can't go back.

We'll have to lift it over.

It's heavy!

It's heavy.
Come on.

We can't do it.
I can't get my end over.

Look, lift that end up.

How will that help?
You'll see.

Now you lift that bar there.

You lot!

I've gotta sleep on that!

Hey, don't do that!

What are you doing?

Oh no.

I thought this was a short cut.

Come on, get up.

We haven't got time to
start fooling about.

Try there.

Three foot six.

Hey, come back!

You'll never get it through there.

Of course we can.

Now you're scratching it.

Don't kick it.

Way you're all going on.

Won't have any bed left.

Hey, come back, come on!

Help, help!

Come back here and let
me out of this phone box!

Hey, this is the wrong way.

We should be going that way.

Go up there and turn right.

No we don't, we go over there.

We'll never get anywhere...

You haven't got any
sense of direction.

Pat, what do you think?

That way.

Oh all right.

Why, you should look
where you're going

with that contraption.

That's no contraption.

That's my bed.

Come on, we'd better go that way.

There's a tool shop over there.

I'm going to see how much a new saw costs.

I wanna get my bed back first.

This is just as important.

What's the use?

We haven't enough money.

We can look!

They don't seem to
have one like my dad's.

That's the one, isn't it?

For 14 and six.

No, that's it.

But that's 19 and six.

We'll never get all that money.

Not by this evening.

Do you mind getting off my bed?

Wake up!

Blinking nerve.

We just, we just can't sit
around 'til he wakes up.

Well, we can't push him all the way.

Maybe the ride will wake him up.

What, he's only pretending!

He's awake!

He's not.

You're right!

Mr. Caspanelli.

He's not there.


Not again.

Now what are you doing?

We need your
help, Mr. Caspanelli.

After what you did to my car?

We're sorry about that.

So you should be.

Next time I take it to a garage.

Well, what you want?

It's him.

We can't get him off Freddie's bed.

The bed!

Come on!


Did you see it come down?

Good going!

Talk about a flying bedstead.

It looks all right.

Well, I hope it's all right.

I thought he'd be sleeping
on the roof all night.

You could laugh.

Home at last.

Thought we'd never make it.

Glad this day is through.

I hope you and yours

will be very happy in your new house.

Hear hear.

That's the lot then, ma'am.

Everything nicely moved, ma'am.

Except the bed.

Is this a joke?

It's back!

Where did that come from?

Well I never.


We left it down there in bits.

And now it's here, made up.


Oh ho, bought your saw yet?


We tried to collect
salvage like you do.

Mm, I thought I saw
you around the depot.

We even printed notices.

Asking people to put out
their old scrap ready for us.

So those piles left on the
pavements all round here,

they were for you?

Round here?

So it's you I've got to
thank for all that stuff.

Well, how much does the saw cost?

Hm, we've seen the one.

But it's 19 and six.

Well, how would you
like a pound towards it?

A pound?

Thank you very much!

Isn't it smashing?

We've got the money for the saw!

Where did that come from?


I took your salvage.

What do you mean?

Oh we'll tell you on the way, come on.

Come on!

Don't worry, I'll settle
with Albert about the bed.

Come on!


So you're back?

You forgot to feed your rabbit.

Well, you made a bloody
good job of this hutch.

It's a pity you forgot to
straighten the ends off.

Still, it won't take
a minute with the saw.

Who did this?

It was my fault.

But we bought you a new one.

You know, I told you
not to use my things

time and time again.

I say, this is a beauty.

It's much better than the other one.

Here, let's try it.

Mind the nail!

The nail!


Oh, Dad!

And it was new!

So that's how it happened.

To think we painted that boat.

And took that car apart.

And sold your bed!

And paraded all over London.

Over the bridge.
And all the way back.

It's all your fault.