The Salesman (2016) - full transcript

Forced to leave their collapsing house, Ranaa and Emad, an Iranian couple who happen to be performers rehearsing for Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" rent a new apartment from one of their fellow performers. Unaware of the fact that the previous tenant had been a woman of ill repute having many clients, they settle down. By a nasty turn of events one of the clients pays a visit to the apartment one night while Ranaa is alone at home taking a bath and the aftermath turns the peaceful life of the couple upside down. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In the Name of God

In Memory of Yadollah Najafi

Shahab Hosseini
Taraneh Alidoosti

Babak Karimi
Farid Sajjadi Hosseini

Featuring Mina Sadati

First Assistant to Director of
Photography: Morteza Sobhani.

Still Photographer:
Habib Majidi

Assistant Director:
Kaveh Sajjadi Hosseini

Script Supervisor:
Parisa Gorgin

Art Direction:
Keyvan Moqaddam

Costume Design:
Sara Samiee

Makeup Artist:
Mehrdad Mir Kiani

Sattar Ooraki

Executive Producer:
Hasan Mostafavi

Peyman Shadmanfar

Sound Recordists:
Yadollah Najafi, Hossein Bashash

Sound Designer/Mix:
Mohammadreza Delpak

Sound Editor:
Reza Narimizadeh

Hayedeh Safi Yari

Director of Photography:
Hossein Jafarian

Alexandre Mallet-Guy, Asghar Farhadi

- Hey, Mr. Etesami!
- Rana, Missy!

Come on out!

The building's about to collapse.

The building's falling apart.
Get out of here!

What's going on?

What are you doing here, honey?
Come here, honey.

Why? What's going on?

Mr. Etesami evacuate the building.
It's collapsing. Hurry up!

- Let's go, everyone!
- Rana! Rana!

- What's going on, Emad?
- Come here, Rana! Hurry up!

Nasim! Nasim! Gimme the baby!

Let's go, man!

- What's going on, Mr. Fallah?
- I don't know. Just evacuate, man!

Rana! Hurry up! Come on!

- What is it?
- Go down! Go, go!

- Nasim! Nasim!
- Mr. Amiri, let's go! Evacuate!

Emad, son! Emad!
For God's sake, someone help my baby.

I'm coming, wait.

Here, here, put this on.

- What? Let me come with you.
- No, you can't. Just go down to the alley.

- Go tell everyone to go to the alley.
- Mrs. Samimi! Mrs. Samimi!

- Where's Hossein?
- I can't get him out of there.

Hossein, get up!

Hossein, get up, my boy!
The house is coming down.

Get up, Hossein! Get up!

- Emad, come on, everyone's gone.
- Go down to the alley. Go tell everyone.

Mr. Fallah, get everyone
down to the alley.

Come on, Hossein!
What are they doing?

- Glasses... my glasses...
- I'll bring your glasses.

The Salesman
Written and Directed by Asghar Farhadi.

There's no need to bring all your stuff.

- We've got everything down in our place.
- Okay.

- I can't find it.
- I don't know, just look around.

- You want me to take these?
- Yeah, thanks a lot.

I thought you were supposed to just
bring your towel and toothbrushes?

The towel and the brushes
are in there too.

- Did you lock the car?
- Yes.

Ah, keys, keys!
Gimme the keys.

- Here.
- Put it in my pocket.



Hey Kati Hi.

What's up, Kati?

Thank goodness you;re okay!

The way Sia said the house
has collapsed...

I thought we'd have to drag
you from under the rubble.

Oh, whoa!
What's going on here?

There's a smell of gas.

It's from last night.

Well, then, get your stuff.
Let's get out of here.


Why did you come up?

Switch off the electricity,
this is water leaking up here.

I can't find the ATM card

Well, see if it's between
your documents and stuff.

Kati, dear, don't go
there, it's dangerous.

Oh, my God!

You could only hear the sobbing
of Mashti Hassan's wife,

sitting alone with her lit
lantern on the stable's roof

and the desperate moans of a
cow from inside the stable.

Sir! Is it a true story?

True? No, but you could say that
in a way, in Saedi's stories

the scenery, the type of characters,
and relationships are real. Very real.

How can someone
turn into some sort of animal, sir?

Tried looking in a mirror lately.

You think you're funny, huh?

But seriously, Sir, how does
a person turn into a beast?


Sir, are we gonna watch the
film of this story too?

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Maybe I bring it next time and
we can watch it together.


Sir, when are we gonna
see your play?

The performance begins next week.

After we've had a few performances ,
I'll definitely invite you all to come.

- Thanks, Sir!
- What's it called, Sir?

"Death of a Salesman",
Anyone here read it?

"The Enemy"!

Jokes aside,
have any of you read it?

Sir, who's the author?

Arthur Miller.

Hmm... no, I've not.

Very good.

Excuse me, boys.



Yes, that's right.

Sorry, I can't talk right now,
I'm in class.

If you call back in 10 minutes,
I'll be free.

Yeah, with stick shifts... Silver...

Sure... that's fine.

Sir, what's your role?

The Salesman.

- What are you selling, Sir?
- Potatoes!

When you come,
you'll see for yourselves.

Which model is it, Sir?

- What?
- Your Peugeot 206, you know.

- Why do you wanna know?
- Aren't you selling, Sir?

Sir, his dad's a parking officer, just
tell him to fix your tickets for you.

Do you even ever commit
anf sort of driving offenses, Sir?

Sir, why do Iranians call BMWs

I didn't hear you.

Why do Iranians call BMW's

- Get outta here!
- Fella, never mind!

That's alright.
He doesn't know, so he's asking.

I don't know either.

Guys... eh,
for your next session...

I want a summary of this story.
I don't want any excuses, like...

"I fell asleep, we had guests",
and... stuff like that.

Mister, could you please
scooch over a bit?

Sir, can I sit in front and
this young man sits back here?


Somebody in there?

No, I think the noise
was from the next door.

- No, no, somebody got in your bathroom!
- No, there's no one there.

It's the next room, there's a party.
These kind of noises are normal...

Can I come out?

There's some insect crawling around
in the bathtub, Willy!

Ah, Miss Francis, you better
go back to your room.

They must be finished painting
by now.

But I can't, I've got to
get dressed first!

Yes, you can, you can! Please!

Biff, this is Miss Francis,
my next-door neighbor.

They were painting her room.
And she asked to come and use the bath.

And I said, that's alright.
So, I let her take a shower here.

You can go back to your room now.

But, Willy, I don't have any clothes on!

Please, get out of here!
Go back to your room.

You promised me stockings, Willy!

I have no stockings here!

Why? You had two boxes of size 9s
for me, and I want them, Willy!

Alright, take one and go.
For God's sake, will you get outta here!



I just hope there's nobody in the hall.
I can't go out without any clothes!

By the way, are you...
football or...



What happened, mom?

I do my best to ignore it but he
keeps getting worse every night!

Sadra, dear, come
down, let's go!

Sanam, dear, just ignore him.

He thinks just because I'm playing a
whore, he can do whatever he wants.

What's that got to do with it?

Why don't you laugh at
the others then, huh?

I was laughing at your
clothes, not you...

Shut up! Shut the hell up!

Siavash, come here!

Sanam, don't be childish on
this final night. Sanam...

Alright, I'm very sorry... I'm sorry.

In this cold, rehearsing every night,
with this child. Let's go, honey.

You just had to
fuck it up, didn't you?

What's that got to do with us?
It's your own husband.

Ah, come on!

Let me take the k...

Let go!

Sanam, don't...

I said get off!

- I was kidding... I was kidding!
- I said get off!

- I was messing with you.
- Where are you going?

Comes out of the shower
with a raincoat, and says,

"How can I go out
without any clothes?"

I can't, man,
it makes me laugh.

Go after her or she'll get
annoyed and won't come tomorrow.

Don't make me go out without clothes!
I'm shy!

Come on, how can I go out
without any cloth...


The guy's totally nuts!

Did you find a place?

60 sq. Meters, 3rd floor, no elevator.
40 mils in front, 600k tomans per month.

- Where?
- Amiratabak.

- What sort of a place are you looking for?
- Something temporary...

If we can't find anywhere,
we have to bring our stuff,

and live right in the middle
of the stage.

- You free tomorrow afternoon?
- Why?

I'm taking you somewhere.

Come on guys... once more from
the top, no interruptions.

You tired?


Oh, you're here too!

Aww kitty! Who's this?

Come here, you!

He's tame... What's up, kitty?

This place is cool!


Is that the storage room?

- Which one?
- This.

No! It's the second bedroom.

- Really?
- Well, yeah.

- Isn't it too small?
- It's a two-bedroom!

So, it's good?

You're just two people, what do you
need all this space for anyways?

Watch your mouth, "two people"!

Who knows, maybe we end
up being three people...

Rana, is he serious?

No, come on!

- He doesn't look like it.
- Why is that?

Is this door locked?
Is it locked?

The previous tenant's stuff is in there.
They're supposed to be collecting it.

Don't be scared, kitty, it's just me.
Come here.

- How long's it been vacant?
- Three weeks.

What are they doing to this city?

I wish we could tear it
all down, and start over.

They've already destroyed and rebuilt
it, and look how it's turned out...


Yes dear.

God have mercy on us.

When do you think she'll
clear her stuff out?

She promised she'll do it
in the next couple days.

There's no parking, you'll have
to leave your car on the street.

That's alright. We're selling the car
to pay your mortgage down payment.

Who mentioned money?

Well, either way...

Hello, Hello, Mr. Salimi.

One of the good things about this
place is Mr. Shanazari and his wife.

- Hello.
- Hello, how're you doing?

- Hello.
- Hello, hello. How do you do, Ma'am?

Babak, which one's the storage?

It's here, come, take a look.

- Mr. Salimi?
- Yes?

The door's open, take a look.

Please, make sure it doesn't
turn out like the last one.

- No, come on, I know these guys.
- You said you knew the last ones too.

Don't worry about it.

- Babak, what do they do?
- They're my friends, they're into arts.

I hope so.

It's okay for a few months.

Just make sure he lets us pay him for it.
No favors.

Looks like we've finally
caught a break.

Careful, don't rush.

You need help, Sir?
- No, you go ahead and bring the rest.

Just careful not to
hit the light bulb.

Sorry, sir, thanks for the help.

- Are the keys here too?
- She took that one room's with her.

Where's Ali?

- Ali!
- Yep?

For God's sake, leave that alone,
I'll call an electrician tomorrow.

- It'll only take a second.
- Leave it, man!

If she'd said, we wouldn't have
hired the truck and the movers.

What can I say? She sounded so
sure that, I didn't think she'd bail on us.

So, what's she saying now?

Hasn't answered
ever since this morning.

Why don't you try
from a different number?

Bring your phone, Rana.

We really need that room,
we've brought all our stuff.



He's here if you like to
talk to him.


Says, she's said all
she has to say to you.

Well, what did she say?

That, she's signed the contract on
a new place two days ago,

but the landlord bucked
at the last moment,

she's looking for a place, and can't move
her stuff until she finds somewhere.

She said to tell you not to let
anyone touch her stuff. Please!

Oh, yeah, and she doesn't
want to talk to you again.

Any news?
What happened?

I don't know, nothing for now.
Let me take it, Kati.

- Ali!
- Yes?

You got a screwdriver
in your car?

This is enough stuff
for a bride's dowry!

I thought it was just a
few bits and pieces.

- Maybe we should leave it.
- It's fine, I'll take the responsibility.

Alright, boys, let's move
those things over there.


These are people's belongings.

- Huh?
- These belong to someone.

What do you want me to do?
It's been 3 days now.

She keeps saying...
"I'm coming today, I'll come tomorrow."

What if she shows up?

Well she should've kept her word then.
Never mind. Come on!

Guys, I can't carry anything heavy!

Come on, let's eat.

Rana, dear!

Yes, dear?

Honey... the charger.

I'll turn into words,
run through your ears...

I'll turn into thoughts,
stick in your head...

I'll be a Benz,
race under your feet...

I'll be poverty
in your purse...

I'll be a wolf,
raid your herd.

You two, go to the door and
bring over one of those boxes.

Hi guys.

Are these your 206's car parts, Sir?

Put these in front of the principal's
office, tell the librarian to come see me.

Put these in front of the principal's
office, tell the librarian to come see me.

Very good guys, I want the
poem memorized for next time.



Thank you.

Bye, Sir.


- Bye, Sir!
- So, long.

Thanks Sir.


- Sir, can I say something?
- What?

Sir, I was really pissed off
the other day.

Which day?

The day, that woman
insulted you in the Taxi.

Was it an insult?

You know, that she said, she
wants to sit in the front seat.

Sir, after you got out of the car, I
told them that you were my teacher.

And that we all love you so much.
Like, all the guys.

- What was your first name, again?
- Amin.

Amin, I'm sure, some guy must've done
something to her in a taxi before...

to make her think
that way about everyone.

Don't worry about it, it's just the
first 100 years that are tough.

So long.

- Bye, sir.
- Bye.


Of all the time...

I don't know what to do with her.


This woman...

I called to ask when she'll
clear her stuff out.

She got angry,
started threatening...

Over what?

"Why did you touch my personal things?
Those were my private stuff...

I'll sue you..."

Last night I was running around, saving her
stuff from the rain, up until morning.

Her problem's something else...

- Who Babak, the woman?
- Yeah.

When's she coming
to get her stuff?

Says, whenever she finds a place.

Sadra, darling, come here with me.
Hurry up.

Hurry up guys, the audience
will be in in five minutes.

Emad... Emad...

They're coming here
again after the performance.

They've approved 3 of the 6 revisions,
there's another three left.

Stay around and talk to them.

- Tonight, after the performance?
- Yeah.

If it helps, I'll stay.

Sure, or else they might cancel
the whole show tomorrow.

- How many did they say?
- Three... Guys will you please hurry up!

I'll go, then.

Won't you wait around?

No, you'll be stuck here
until around midnight.

Take the car, then.

Where are the house keys?

In my coat's pocket.

- Have a good performance.
- You too!

Say, on your way back, if
the supermarket's open...

buy something, we've got
nothing for breakfast.

Yes, I said, if it's...
if it's open!

Also, pick up some
hand sanitizer.

Maybe I take a shower
until you get here.

No, not at all, I'm a mess. I haven't
even wiped off my stage makeup.

I'll be out soon... soon.

Yup... love you, bye.

- Anything else?
- That's all, thanks.

Be my guest.
Are you paying by card?

No, cash.

- Yes?
- Hello, Ma'am.


Good evening, I'm your
upstairs neighbor.

We've just moved in, could
you open the door, please?

Thank you.





What happened to you?

Please, step outside, Sir.

You can't be in here, Sir.
We'll call you for the CT scan.

- Wait outside, please.
- Look at me, Rana!

Everything's fine, I'll call
you for the CT scan... Please.

Make sure you change the
locks, first thing tomorrow.

Why? Did someone
get into the house?

I thought she'd fainted,
was dizzy or...

We don't know what happened yet.

All of a sudden we heard shouting
and screaming from upstairs.

Not like, normal, not once,
scream after scream...

I told him go upstairs and check, he said,
couples get into fights all the time.

Then, we heard some heavy
bangs in the stairs,

I told him "Muhammad, God
knows, something's up."

Who was it?

When we reached the stairs, we
just saw someone fleeing up the street.

I don't know what happened to his foot,
but, it had bled all over the stairs.

If I'd caught him,
he'd be dead now.

Then we went upstairs and found
your wife unconscious...

there was blood all over
the bathroom floor.

I dressed her and
brought her here.

Never mind that, thank God
something worse didn't happen.

Woman, do us a favor, go to the ER,
check if there's any news or something.

Sorry for putting you
to all this trouble.

Have a seat,
sit down, son.

Was anything missing
from the house?

I don't know.
I didn't notice anything.

I don't think it was a robbery. What
would a thief be doing in the bathroom?

Then, who was it?

The guy was one of
that woman's customers.

Who? What woman?

The woman who lived there
before you moving in.

Tell you the truth, she
was kind of messed up...

and I think, the guy came here on
account of her still being there.

Don't close the door,
Ali's coming up.


Come on, lie down.

Grab my sleeve, hold it.


Wait, let me take off your scarf.

- You want me to add another pillow?
- No.

Turn off the light,
so she can sleep.

Don't turn it off.

- Can I get you anything?
- No, thanks.

Where are you going, Emad?


I said, where are you going?

I'm not going anywhere, I'm here.
You need anything?

Leave the door open.

Okay, thanks.

Look, her blood pressure's low,
careful when she's walking.

Thanks for everything.

Sit down guys, I'll make
you some breakfast.

No, thanks, we're late.

Come on, you haven't
eaten since last night.

Kati, you wanna stay here, and
make soup or something for them?

- You want me to stay?
- You want Kati to stay?

- No, no.
- You sure?

You must be tired.
Go, get some rest.

- Call if you need anything.
- Really, man, just let us know.

- Thanks again for everything, guys.
- Bye.

Scrap metal... iron doors...
aluminum doors...

Fences... metal dishes... buying...

Scrap metal... lamps... samovars...
Anything, bring it over...

Come on, stand here while
I use the bathroom.

What are you doing?

- Leave it, I'll wash it myself, Rana, dear!
- Come and wash it then.

Alright, turn off the water
and come out.

Then, come and clean it
before I use it.

The police might
need to see it.


Of course, sorry.

Who was it?

One of the neighbors.

- What did they say?
- I'll be right back.


Sorry for all
the trouble, ma'am.

Now, come on, don't say that.
If you ask me, you better call 110...

they'll be able to track
him down from his car.

Yeah, definitely. Anyways,
I'll try to find some place...

I thought, when that woman left,
she took all her troubles with her.

Have you ever seen this
car's owner around here?

Well, it wasn't like, just a
couple guys visiting her.

I might have to trouble you
again when the police comes...

to explain what you exactly saw.

Yeah, sure. Would you like to
take my cell number?

Yes, please.

- I'll get going.
- Thank you so much, ma'am.

They should tie an ewer
around these guys' necks...

parade them around
the city, shaming them.


Why are you out here?
Come in.

I'm scared of being
alone in the house.

Where were you?

I went to thank the
neighbors for last night.

- What did they say?
- Nothing.

They asked how you were.

You didn't tell Kati and the
guys what happened, did you?


Okay, I'm going to
the police station...

to file a complaint for them
to start looking for the guy.

How're they gonna find him?

He left his pickup.

And his mobile,
but it's disconnected.

Who was he, Emad?

The neighbors say the woman who
lived here before us, was shady.

The scumbag must've been
one of her customers.

Came here
on account of her.

You remember what he
looked like?


Didn't you get a look at him?

It's cold. Come inside,
you'll catch a cold.

Gimme that.

Who got me
out of the bathroom?

One of the neighbors.

Which one?

I don't know,
just forget it.

Eat your breakfast. And
then go get some rest.

I can't. As soon as I close my
eyes that scene comes to my mind.

How did he get in?

I opened the door,
I thought it was you.

I came out of the bathroom, buzzed
him in, and then went back.

I was shampooing my hair when I
realized someone had come in.

He put his hand in my hair from
behind, I thought it's you.

Then, I saw his hands,
and after that, it's blank.


Darling, have some breakfast.

Rana, dear...


What about tonight's performance?

I called and told them
to cancel it.

- No, call and say I'm coming.
- How? In this condition of yours?

It's harder for me to
stay at home.

Put this on,
let's go to the police station.

We might get held up there
for a while anyways.

No, leave it.
Let's not go to the station.

We can't just do nothing!

I don't want to go
stand there, and...

tell a bunch of officers or
whoever what happened.

Did something happen
that you can't tell?


Then, don't say anything.
I'll tell 'em myself.

I can't, it'll be too much.

No, this isn't foolish talk, Linda.

When I'm walking in the street,
I clearly feel these things...

They pass me by, but it's as if they're
laughing at me with their eyes.

Why? Why would they laugh at you? Don't
talk that way about yourself, Willy.

Sometimes they pass me by
as if I don't even exist.

As though nobody sees me.
Nobody notices me. Nothing.


How long are you going to spend
repairing those socks, huh?

You know it makes me angry.

At least don't do it while I'm
home, talking to you. Okay?

Okay, let's talk about something else,
like, my income.

My never-changing income.
God, this is really ridiculous.

What's wrong with you? Why
aren't you saying your lines?

Willy, darling, you're the most
handsome man in the world to me.

You always say this to me, Linda,
always, but it doesn't help me at all.

I'll never be able to make
you happy, you know why?

Because, I'm just a salesman.
I'm nothing! Nothing, Linda!

But, I always tried... why
are you crying, anyways?

Wait, where are you going?

Linda, come back...

Sorry, I have to stop the play.
I apologize to you all.

My wife, the other actor,
isn't feeling well.

Please, give us a
ten-minute intermission.


Can you carry on?

Carry on what, Kati? Can't you see
she's not well? Go, cancel it.

You wanna go to the other
room and lie down a little?

Alright, guys, let's clear the room.
She's not well.

Sanam, dear.

I'm coming.

Can I get you anything?

Kati darling...

Go and cancel the show.

What happened there?

The way someone in the audience
was staring at me bothered me.

The audience want to watch the play,
of course they'll be looking at you.

Looked at me just like that guy.

I thought you said
you didn't see him.

I'm really unwell, I just
don't know what to do.

Babak, come here a minute.


Is she feeling better?

Goddammit, man,
what can I say to you...?

Don't you think you had to let me know
what kind of people used to live there?

- What's happened?
- You're supposed to be my friend.

Seriously, what's happened? What is
it to you who lived there before?

That apartment's infamous
in the whole neighborhood.

- Who's said that?
- Let's say nobody's said anything...

why isn't this woman coming
to collect her stuff?

I just wanted to help.
Remember last week...

you wanted to
sleep on the set?

Regardless, why did you hide from me
that woman's line of work?

What hiding?

Well, yeah.
Did you tell me or not?

Was I supposed to pass on to you
some unfounded gossip? To upset you?

Well, what's going, anyways?
What's this all about?

Babak, I'm going.

I'm coming.

Go take a look at Rana,
you'll see what this is all about.

They said she slipped
in the bathroom.

We said right in front of you we
might be having a kid in that place.

And you didn't say a word,
what kind of...

You were joking!

If we weren't joking,
would you have told us?

Told you what?
Gimme a break!

Put yourself in my shoes, that same
room we sleep in, each night...

how many strange men have
been with that woman.

Don't take it so hard on yourself.
I haven't cashed your check yet.

Whenever you find another place whose
previous tenants had your approval,

you can move out.

- Hello.
- Hello.

How are you doing?

Careful not to slip on the stairs
Mrs. Shahnazari, they're wet.

I was actually going to ask the cleaner
to come early and sort these out.

But, I thought you'd want to report it,
the police might want to see them.

Well, it wasn't such a big deal.

You wouldn't say it
if you'd been there and...

seen the state your wife was in,
on the bathroom floor.

When Mr. Alimoradi opened
the bathroom door,

he thought, God forbid,
your wife was dead.

Say hello for me
to your wife.

Get up, I've made you
some breakfast.

- I'm heading out.
- Wait!

Wait, let me get ready
and come with you.

Where to? I have class.

I know, I'll wait in the car.

It's not just an hour or
two, you'll get tired.

Then, don't go today.


I said, don't go today.

Let's say I don't, what
about tomorrow then?

The day after tomorrow?
It's not gonna work.

I can't stay here alone.

I said, I don't want
to be here alone.

What can I do?

You want me to get you a ticket to
visit your parents for a few days?

Looking like this?

I've made up my mind...

we either have to go to the police,
or forget this altogether.

Okay, forget it, but let's look for
a place, right from today.

Okay, we'll start looking.

But until we find somewhere, you
need to try and pick yourself up.

What?! It's not something
I can control.

You taking your pills, and not staying up
at nights getting worked up about it...

is up to you, isn't it?

Go take a shower.
Here, I'll wait right here.

I don't want to go in
that bathroom.

I'll drop you off at a friend's place.
Use theirs.

Go and tell them we've
come to take a shower?

So, what do you want me to do?

You keep changing your mind.

At night you tell me
not to come near you,

then in the morning you
tell me not to leave you.

Just tell me what the hell
am I supposed to do?

Just go, you're late.

It'll take a couple of weeks
to find a new place.


You're not gonna wash up
with that wound of yours?


Just think, it could've
been worse.

What if a piece of glass
had gone in your eye, or...

your head had been
hit harder? Then...

then, what the hell
would I have done?

I wish my head
had been hit harder.

God forbid! Honey, don't
say things like that.

Hello, Mr. Etesami.

Hello Sir, how are you doing?

Mr. Yeganeh gave me these
books to give them to you.

Be quiet.
What's so funny?


He said they're not
suitable for kids.


Mr. Yeganeh decided these weren't
suitable for the kids?

Go, throw them in the trash can.

Why the trash can?

Trash can. Throw them
in the trash can.

Give me your phone.

I don't have a phone, Sir.

Give it to me.

I don't have a cell.

Sir, wait a minute.

Give it to me.

Sir, there's nothing
in it about you.

I want to see what you have.

I've deleted it.

Let me see it.

Sir, please, I've deleted it.

Sir, I have private photos
in there.

Put your hand down.

That's not fair.

Mr. Etesami?


I have personal things on there.
I deleted the video.

On my mother's life,
I deleted it.

Sir, send it on Telegram, for everyone
to see. It beats watching this movie.

I'll kick you out of the class,
if you say another word.

Mr. Etesami!

Sorry, Sir.

You stay out of this!

I mean all of you.

I'm talking to him.

I deleted it.


Call your father to come to
the school, he needs to see...

the kind of photos
you have on your cell.

His dad's dead, Sir.

- Hi, sorry about that.
- Hi, no problem.

If it's a hassle for you to keep moving it,
you can leave it in the corner.

Next to the boiler room.

When my husband gets back, he'll
move it to a better place.

I don't want you to keep
going up and down the stairs.

I'm going out for a couple of
hours, you can take my spot.

Don't worry, I'll find
a better place for it.

- Suit yourself.
- Sorry.

If you give me the keys,
I can move it for you.


My wife said, you're not
going to report it.


You're doing the right thing, they won't
do anything, even if they catch him.

And you'll have to explain over
and over why you opened the door

plus trekking back
and forth to the court.

Endless hassle for nothing.

But, he'll probably be back for his car.
Please, call me if he shows up.

I'll sort out that bastard.

I'll take mine out and
then come and park yours.

There's no need,
I'll do it myself.

Okay, then, goodbye. Thanks.


How's it going?

Hey, you okay?
Is Rana here?

- No, wasn't she with you?
- She's coming on her own.

Any news about the guy?

What guy?

Babak had heard some things
from your neighbors.

Where is he? Is he here?


Yep, he's back there.



Why didn't you tell me yesterday?

What should I have told you?

About the man turning up
the other night.

How's Rana?

The neighbors have told you.

They're also worried...

Tell 'em nothing happened,
the guy just barged in.

Then, why are you
keeping his pickup?

Shahnazari said it's
in the parking lot.

Tell 'em we'll be gone soon
we're looking for a new place.

Where will you go?
Like, I'm gonna let you.

Can you find that previous tenant,
and arrange a meeting for me?


I wanna talk to her.

Ask her why she did this.

Did what?

Did what?

- Sent this thug to our house.
- Why would she do that?

You said yourself, she made threats
about us touching her stuff.

She's nothing like that.

She hasn't taken her stuff because
she still hasn't found a place.

She was just mad at me
that day.


Feeling better?

Yep, I'm fine, thanks.

Did you tell the guys?


Then how do they know?

One of the neighbor
called Babak.

I'm not sure what they said.

Emad, get dressed and
come for the make up.

My outfit's not here.

Kati's going to take
your place tonight.

And you accepted,
just like that?

What can I do?
It's not up to me.

The director wanted her
to replace you tonight.

If you're alright, and you can
do it, I'll go talk to her.

No, I don't want to.

Have you started

No, I will do,
when I get time.

When you get time! Like it doesn't
matter how I feel in that place!

You haven't done anything.


I want us to go to the police, but
you won't let me. What do you mean?

You said you'd drop by the school, find
a substitute teacher, and pick me up.

Well, I couldn't find anyone.


Yes, Baby?

Why aren't you acting tonight?

I'm not feeling well
tonight, darling.

Why did you come here then?

I get bored at home.


I get bored at home.

Well... I get bored here.

Would you like to come to
our house this evening?

Do you have SpongeBob?

No, but we can go buy it
on the way home.

From tomorrow you really
need to perform again.

Everything's topsy-turvy.
Everybody's making mistakes.


I don't know, everyone's upset.

You're better now, you
should act again tomorrow.

- Mommy!
- Darling?

- Can I go to Auntie's house?
- No, baby.

Let him stay with me tonight, I'm alone.
I'll bring him with me tomorrow.

He can't, his dad's coming to pick
him up to go to his house tomorrow.

Well, his dad can pick
him up from our place.

You wanna go?


You won't be a nuisance
to Auntie Rana?

He won't.

Tell Emad we're taking the car.

Let me bring his things.

I need to pee, auntie.

I know, go on, go inside.

Whose bike is this?

That... belongs to some kid.

Where's the kid?

The kid's not here anymore.

Where did he go?


Where'd he go?

Moved to a new house.
Don't you need to pee?

Oh, yes!

Go on then.

Not that one, over here.


it's dark!

I'm coming...

It's scary in there.

Come on.

No, I don't need
to go anymore.

Let me help.

No, if you go...
I... I'll do it.

Are you feeling shy
in front of me?


Can you go yourself?

I'm drawing his mustache.


Come up, dear.

Who was it?

Uncle Emad.

If it's my dad, then, tell
him Sadra's not here.


Because I love my Mom.




The pickup isn't
in the parking.

I parked it outside
this morning.

Why outside?

I didn't fancy moving it
every ten minutes.


Hello, how are you, kiddo?

Where are the keys?

Where you'd left them.

How are things
with my favorite?

Welcome to our house, all good?


Leave it where it is, Emad.

I'll be right back.

Emad... Emad...

Let's forget it for
one night, just leave it.

I've made dinner,
go wash up and change.

Go on, darling.

Ready for takeoff,
ladies and gentlemen!



Emad, it's ready,
come before it gets cold.


Let's go wash
those hands of yours.

My hands are clean!

Wash 'em again anyways.

Wow, wow, wow,
look at this!

Thanks so much.

Hands off!

Rana, where are you?

Sadra, come and eat!


You, rascal! You two were out,
having fun without me?

We went shopping
we hung out together.

But, we didn't
find SpongeBob.

Yes, unfortunately.

Don't worry, Patrick, eventually a good day
will come when you and I will find someone.

Look at this, SpongeBob!

Look what Auntie Rana made, macaroni!


No, no, that's enough.

Okay, just let me know.

Thank you.

Wow, what a nice macaroni!

Bon appetit!

Let's eat it all.

Look what she's made.

Yeah, I know!

How was tonight's performance?


not that great.

It was terrible.

You're lying.

That's how it is without you.

Did you find the credit card?


How did you go shopping?

With the money you left.

What money?

In the drawer.

Why aren't you eating?
Don't you like it?

Is it not yummy?

Don't eat it.

What's up?

It's the money that
scumbag left, that night.


I've got an idea.

Do you like pizza?


Then let's order
some pizza.

Don't eat that,
it's not good.

What about fries?

And after that,
Ice Cream, huh?

Hi there. Gimme a call
when you can.

Hello? Mum? Mummy?

Hello? Ahoo, dear?
You there?

It's the 3rd time I'm calling.

Ahoo, darling, it's Babak.

Ahoo... Ahoo...

Are you there?

Guess not.

Gimme a call when you get
home, I'll be up late.

What are you doing?


Come on, go sleep.

You haven't slept
for two nights.

I can't sleep.

Why did you open
her letters?

It's her private stuff.

I wanna find out who the
hell that scumbag was.

Let's say you found out...

He'll say it was a mistake.

He came inside by mistake?

He rang the bell
and I opened the door.

He must've thought it's her,
since I opened the door so easily.

He came here by mistake.

What about when he
realized his mistake?

Why didn't he leave?

Because, the bathroom light was on,
and there was a woman in there?

- How could he know it's a wom...
- From your clothes on the bed.

If I'd just used the damn intercom,
asked who it was...

None of this would've happened.

If you think it's that simple...

You can just tell all the
neighbors about the intercom...

Why are you getting the
neighbors into this?

They knew what was
going on in this house.

So, you're fine with it
if they didn't know?

What are you on about?

Leave me alone.

The pickup's not there.



Where was it?



Where did you leave it?

I left it there.


Over there, where that Peugeot is.

He's taken it.

I have to find that asshole.


Okay, slow down!

You're gonna freeze in there.

Never mind.

What do you mean, never mind?
You'll get sick.

Let's go to a public bath.

No, I'll be out quick.
Just wait here.

Hasanpoor, come here a sec.


What can I do for you, Sir?


How's it going?

Your dad was a
traffic cop, right?

He's retired now, why?

- A car hit my wife and drove off.
- Nothing serious, I hope?

No, thank God.

It was a pickup, if I give
you the number plate...

Can your dad find the guy's address?
If it's not too much trouble, that is.

Sure, he has contacts
in the department.

If you gimme the license
plate, he can find out.

But, I think you
should report it.

It wasn't anything serious, so I
don't wanna get the police mixed up.

Okay, gimme the registration
and I'll call my Dad.

- Get a pen and a paper, then.
- 'Kay.

Why don't you want
to work for me?

Have you lost your mind, Charlie?
I've got a job.

Then what're you walkin'
in here every week for?

Well, if you don't want
me to walk in here...

I'm offering you a job.

I don't want your goddam job! I've
got one already. Get outta my way!

When the hell are you
going to grow up, huh?

Goddam you, Charlie!
You, big ignoramus!

Big ignoramus! How dare
you talk to me like that?

If you say that to me
again, I'll rap you one!

I don't care how big you are!

You, degenerate!

What's wrong with you tonight?

What did I do?

Why are you adding dialogues?

What did I add?

If you've got a problem with
me, let's sit and talk.

Not on the stage, calling
me, "You degenerate!"

It's neither improvisation, nor
acting, you're insulting me.

Did I hurt your feeling?


And if you do that one more time, I'll
answer you right in front of everyone.

Degenerate is the one who speaks
his mind through swearing.

Didn't know that.

I'm really sorry.


Hello, how're you doing?

Speaking Azeri.

What can I do for you?

Two baguettes, please.

- You want 'em cut?
- Thanks a lot.

- That pickup's yours?
- Why?

There's an officer writing tickets,
from the top of the street.

Majid, come here,
move the car.

Before the officer
slaps a ticket on it.

Soheil, bring the keys.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.



Here you go, Sir.


Thanks, dude.
I'll take a water.

Hello, mister, sorry
is that your pickup?


I had some load, I wanted to
ask you to move it for me.

Nah, that pickup
is for a store.

Well, not now,
whenever you're free.

No, it's just that,
I do something else. I don't do that.

Not even Friday?


You can find pickups at
the top of Haft-e-Tir.

No, it's just that,

my stuff are books and paintings,
I was looking for a softopper.

You know, on account of
rain or things like that.

I'm really busy.
I don't have time.

I don't care about the fee. I'll pay. I
just want my stuff to get there safe.

It's just that, I'm busy.
I can't.

Majid, come on, man. Help the guy.
Late night or something.

Well, how about you gimme your number?
I'll call you whenever you say.

And if you come yourself,
even better.

Bro, find some time between
your schedule for him.

Careful not to hit the walls.

Ah! What're you doing here?

Come here... kitty...

Careful with that
not to scratch it.

Babak, tell 'em to come
have a cup of tea.

- There's no need for that.
- It's getting cold.

Where are you taking these?

I'm taking 'em to my parents' parking lot.
We'll see what happens.

Won't she come to take 'em?

She's got problems of her own.
She hasn't found a place yet.

Get up, Babak wants to take
away that woman's stuff.

What do you want me to do?

What's going on
between you two?

Nothing, let him take 'em.
That's okay with me.

Hello? Majid?

It's me, Etesami,
couple days ago.

You free today?

How about Friday?



Yeah, come on up.

Hello, can I help you?

Hello, Sir. You okay? Have
I come to the right place?

Majid said, there's some
stuff you need to move.

That's right, come on in.
Why didn't he come himself?

Well, he was busy,
so he sent me instead.

- After you.
- You first.

But, he didn't say anything
about all these stairs.

With this heart of mine.

Well, if I knew you're coming,

I would've told him about the
stairs, and the broken elevator.

Well, I can't use elevators anyways, Sir.
Would you gimme a glass of water?

Have you hired movers?

No, I thought he's coming. And,
we'd take the boxes ourselves.

Well, the poor guy
was kinda busy today.

- Is he your son?
- Nah, my son-in-law.

Doesn't make a difference though.
He's like my own son.

Sorry, old man, we just moved out.
There's no glasses or anything.

That's alright, mister.
I'll drink from the tap.

Where are the boxes?

In that room.

We'll see. If there's too
many, we'll call movers.

Give him a call. Maybe he's around
here somewhere. I can pick him up.


Your son-in-law.

Nah, the poor souls just went shopping
for the "exchange of the vows" ceremony.

Isn't the janitor
allowed to help here?

Nah, the building's empty.

The walls caved, the residents
have all moved out.

Wow, wow! What if it collapses
on us or something?


Let's take a look and see if
it's worth hiring movers.



Would you come sit here for a sec?
I wanna tell you something.

Look here, mister, this
isn't my line of work.

Majid said, "there's this guy,
who's called a couple times...

would you do it?" I
said, okay, why not?

Now, you paying depends on
how generous you're feeling.

Nah, it's not about... wages,
fees, and stuff like that.

Just sit down. There's
something I have to tell you.

Good news, I hope.

How long do you
know this guy?

- My son-in-law?
- Yeah.

What for?

I wanna know
if you know him well.

Well, it's about two years they've
asked for my daughter's hand.

Have you asked around
about him?

Do you know Majid?

If there's anything you
know, just tell me.

When my wife and I moved out of
here, we went to a place that...

its previous tenant was... you
know, a woman of the street.

One night, when I got home a little late.
My wife was alone in the house.

One of these lowlifes on account
of that woman still being there...

enters my house.

While my wife was
in the bathroom.

The jerk goes
into the bathroom.


That filthy
son-in-law of yours.

Now, how do you know
it was Majid?

When my wife starts screaming, the
guy makes a run for it, but...

He was in such a hurry that,
he leaves his pickup behind.

I found him from his pickup. I
went down to where he works.

I wanted to go there,
grab hold of him...

and dishonor him in front of
all his co-workers, but...

I couldn't bring myself
to do it.

This pickup changes hands
a lot in that store.

That's why I asked him to come here.
To talk to him, and ask...

if it was him or
someone else.

Majid's not like that.

If I find out it's been him,
I'll call off everything.

The wedding and all.

How's your wife, now?

I don't know what to say.

Let me talk to him tonight.

Give him a call and tell
him I wanna talk to him.

Tell him to come here, I
wanna ask him who's done it.

Well, it's just,

they've gone with my wife and daughter
for "the exchange of vows" shopping.

Well, at least give him a call.

Ask him who had his pickup
that night.

When did this happen?

About two weeks ago.

Okay, so you just let me
talk to him tonight.

Oh my... oh my...

But, I wanna talk to him,
old man.

Wait a second, I wanna talk to him.
...Call him.

I don't have his number
in my phone.

I have it.

When I say call him to come here,
it's because I don't want to...

go there, make a scene
in front of his co-workers.

You just let me
make sure it's him.

I have to talk to him in such a
way that I'll get an answer...

How about I call him
myself, huh?

You want me to do it?

Okay, let me just
dial his number.

Hello, Majid? Hi, son...
where are you guys?

Yeah, I'm here with him.

Who's with you?

Listen, when you're alone, gimme a call.
I wanna tell you something.

Call my cell.

I don't have it memorized.
Ask Moj'gan.

Okay... it's nothing... Bye.

He said, he'll call
when he's alone.

Say, what do you do yourself?

I work with this car of Majid's.
His pickup.

I sell clothes from the back
of the pickup, at nights.

And I don't come out during the
day, on account of my heart.

And, how come...

you don't have your
son-in-law's number?

Well, I just don't. Not
just him, a lot of people.

Have you just bought
this number of yours?


How come... your son-in-law
doesn't have your number?

You just told him to get
it from someone else, huh?

I don't know, man,
I don't know.

I'm so messed up
right now that...

I don't even remember
my own name.

Wait a second, old man.

- It won't open.
- Not so fast. Wait a minute.

If it's okay, I want you
to take off your shoes.

What for?

I wanna see your foot.

Mister, I'm as old as your father,
you tellin me to take off my shoes?

Open the door,
let me go!

I didn't do anything to you.
Why are you talking like that?

Take it easy.

Just take off your shoes for a sec. Then,
I'll open the door for you to leave.

Why should I take off my shoes?
Open the door!

Hush! Come here.
Let's go over there.

Sit on the stair, for a
sec, take off your shoes.


Sit down!

Just sit, okay?

Take off your shoes, please.

I'm not feeling well,
just don't!

- Well, let me help you.
- I'll take it off, okay.

I'll take it off.

The other one,
take off the other one too.

Your socks too.

Mister, what do you want from me?

Take 'em off!
I said, take off your socks.

Let me do it myself.

- No!
- Let me! Just let me!

Hello, Siavash!

No, I'm a little busy
right now.

What time is it, anyways?

No, I'll be there.
Don't worry.

She'll come herself...
She's a little busy.

Yeah, I'm okay. I'm fine.

Okay, bye.

Swear on my life, I didn't
want to harass anyone.

Did that woman tell you
to go there that night?

That woman had been messaging
me for at least a month.

She said, "If you still have the
pickup, come over, I wanna see you."

And I messaged back,
"Ahoo, dear, sorry...

I'm not feeling well.
I can't come."

She took it to herself. No matter
how many times I called...

She never answered.

Didn't want to talk to me.

That night, I thought I'd drop
by and make it up to her.

Didn't you know
she's moved out?

God knows, I had no idea.
Swear on my kids' life...

You opened the door, and went in. You
saw the furniture is different...

How come you're saying
you didn't know?

I went in, I saw a bunch of stuff,
the bicycle I had bought myself...

I thought maybe she's moving.

You're not going anywhere
until you tell the truth.

If I had the slightest idea
that you guys have moved in,

I would've thought, maybe
there's a man in the bathroom.

- My wife's clothes were on the bed.
- I didn't saw those.

You saw those and figured there
must be a woman in the bath.

All alone, she even
opened the door for you.

I didn't see any clothes.

It didn't take even five minutes. I
came in, there was no one there.

Just a minute ago, your wife
had opened the door for me.

Why did your wife
open the door for me?

Well, she thought it's me.

Let me tell you
what really happened.

I went by the bathroom door, called
the kid, as soon as I did...

there starts the screaming.
Then, I ran away.

You went into the bathroom.

I didn't go in the bathroom.

Then, where was your
foot cut like that?

I have no idea. By the
time I was downstairs...

I felt a sting in my foot. I thought I've
stepped on something in the stairs.

Then, my wife's lying?

Your wife says I went
into the bathroom?

My wife was scared and
bumped into the glass,

otherwise God knows what you
would've done, dirty scumbag!

I swear on my life or
whatever's dear to you...

as soon as I found out I'm in
the wrong place, I ran away.

Well, just tell your wife to come here.
Here, I'll wait right here. Ask her.

What's my wife
supposed to say?

My wife's said all she had to say.
It's your wife's turn to come here.

Call her, and tell her
to come here, right now.

What for?

What you said, I want you to
repeat in front of your wife.

Mister, why don't you get it?
I didn't go in that bath...

Okay, you didn't!

I want you to tell your wife what
you were doing in that house.

Call her, right now!

Get it out, and call her!

Nope! Get out your cell!

Don't make me look bad in
front of my wife and kids.

Call her, right now.

My daughter's about to
get married.

Your daughter has to know
her real father.

I'm gonna tell your son-in-law everything,
just so he knows his father-in-law.

I don't have to keep you here.
Go on, get out! Go!

I'm gonna call your son-in-law,
tell him to bring your wife here...

Leave me alone, mister! Ah!

Someone help me! Help!

Don't make noises! Quiet!

Open the door! Open up!
I'll die!

I'm about to have a stroke.
Open the door!

Mister! Open the door! I'm
afraid of closed spaces.

Open the door, my boy.

At least turn on the lights.

Forgive me...

my dear!

I can't cry.

Why did you ever
do that to yourself?

I don't understand it.

Help me, Willy!

It seems to me that you're
just on another trip.

I keep expecting you.

I made the last payment
on the house today.

Right today.

And there'll be nobody home.

We're free and clear.

We're free.

Rana, lock the door,
and take the keys.

Get up... on your feet!

Here, wait.

Sit here.

You go in that room.

Look how mentally and
emotionally shattered she is.

There's my wife.

You still gonna say you haven't
gone into the bathroom?

I'm sorry.

Answer me.

I made a mistake.

Tell me, why did you
go into the bathroom?

I gave in to temptation.

What are you gonna do to him?

His family are on their way, I want
his wife to know what he's done.

You're taking your revenge.

Let him go, let him leave.

I know what I'm doing.

You sit here, there's no
need for you to come out.

Where are you going?

I'm not feeling well at all.
Let me go.

They're coming after you.

Your son-in-law called,
he asked about you.

I told him to come over.

And to bring your wife too.

They're on their way.
Sit down.

I'm begging you, please
let me go.

When your family's here. Tell 'em
everything you told me. Then leave.

I'm begging you.


Forgive me.

Let me go,
before they get here.

That woman lived with me for
35 years.

Mister! Get up! Get up, go!

You, sit down!

Leave him alone,
let him go.

He'll go, he will.

When his family get here,
they can leave together.

Sit down!

- For the love of God!
- Here, mister, go.

- Just, sit down.
- Let him go!

My girl! My boy!

- Leave him alone, Emad!
- You stay out of this!

- Sit down!
- Please.

I said sit down! Ah!
Sit... down! Here.

What? What do you want?

Oh, my God!


Does he, by any chance, take
any under-the-tongue pills?

I searched. There's
nothing in his pockets.

- What happened?
- Where are you now?

No, no, get here as soon as you can.
Okay, okay.

- Was it the Emergency?
- His family. They're coming.

- Oh, my God!
- Mister! Can you hear me?

Does he have a pulse? Emad,
can you hear his heartbeat?

Rana, for God's sake, keep quiet.
Let me see what I'm doing.

Where are you going?

He said he's got pills.
Maybe they're in the car.

Can you hear me?
Open your mouth. Open!

Mister! Get up!
Can you hear me?

Oh, God! Oh, God!

You better now?
You feeling better?

Breathe! Breathe!
You better, now?

Don't worry, he's better.

You didn't call the Emergency?

No, I was afraid he might be dead.

Wait a minute!

If you say anything to his family, I don't
wanna have anything to do with you.


- Hello.
- The elevator's broken, use the stairs.

Okay... Come on, ma!

You go ahead, I can't run
with this pain in my legs.

Ya Ali!... My dear.

Come on in. Come in.

Ya Allah! Dad! Dad!

How are you dad?

- Majid!
- What? Come in.

- Dad! Daddy!
- Thank God, he's fine.

You okay, dad?

I'm fine.

You're okay.
That was such a scare, dad.

Where's your mother?

She's in the stairs.
Let me call her.

Majid, don't call her.

- Let's go!
- We'll go, dad, just wait a little.

Majid! If mother doesn't see him, she'd
think something must've happened to him.

Let her see he's fine.

Hello, sorry. We were in such a
hurry that we didn't notice you.

That's alright.

Sit down, dad. What
are you getting up for?

I thought mother better come up and
see you, and then we'll leave. Sit.

We're in no hurry. Let him sit
down until he gets better.

We're really sorry, mister.

Dad, just sit down. Can you?

Yeah, I'm alright.


What is it, ma? We're here.

Come. Thank God, dad's
sitting here. He's all right.

What is, dad? Huh?

- It's nothing, ma.
- What happened?

What happened to you?

Sweetheart, didn't I tell you not to go?

See what you're doing
to me and yourself?

Oh, God.
Thank you so much, God!

God knows, on our way here I
vowed to give away a hundred

different charities, just to
hear his voice one more time.

Thank God.

How many times did
I tell you not to go?

My dear! I don't want you to work.
I don't!

Darling, you said, "Majid called,
I have to go, I'll be back soon."

Soon, you call this "soon"?

Mom, we have to thank these guys,
they stayed with him all this time.

Or else, we don't know what
would've happened to dad.

We really don't know
how to thank you.

May God give you back, miss.

He's my whole life, mister.
Thank you so much.

You gave me my life back.

He's all I've got.

Come on, mom, stop it.

Get up, let's go.

I'm sorry.

Did you take all your stuff, dad?
Where's your cellphone?

Car keys.

Where's his glasses? Don't
leave without his glasses.

I've got it... Come here,
I'll give it to you.

- You go, I'll get it.
- Majid, the glasses...

No, let him come.

this unfinished business
we need to take care of.

This way.

What business? You just
saved his life, son.

No, mister, we've put you
through enough trouble already.

It's nothing fancy, you know.

Come on, this way.

Well, if there's anything
to do, just let me...

No, let him come himself.
Come on, this way.

You guys go.

Majid. Let me...

How much money did you leave
in the room, that night?


How much money did you
leave in the room?

I didn't count.

What happened, dad?

What happened to you?
Oh, my God!

What happened to you?
He's sick again.

What are these?
Where were these?

- Come on, sit down a little.
- Is it your heart, dad?

Let him sit for a while.
Come on, this way.

We can't leave like this. Majid!

Majid, hurry up!

- We're almost there, dad.
- Esmat!

I'm here, dear.

- Esmat!
- Come on, mom.

Watch it, don't drop him.

- Esmat! Esmat!
- What? Darling, I'm here.

What happened to you?
Ya Abalfazl!

Stretch his legs.

Dad! Can you hear me?

- God! Dad! You hear me? Dad!
- Where are his pills?

Where are his pills?
Search his pockets.

Stretch his legs! Hurry up!

God help us!

Dad, breathe!

See if his pills are upstairs.

Miss! Miss! Are my dad's pills here?

He's got sick again,
he's lying in the stairs.

Mister, for God's sake, will
you get on the way right away?

Yes, miss, just give some time
for my colleagues to get there.

Just follow my instructions. His
legs must be straight, not bent.

He's lying face up.

Mister, he's all blue in the face.

Just keep doing what I told you. If you
get tired, let someone else do it.

Hello? Someone tell me
how he's doing?

He's not moving, mister...
No, no, nothing.

Not even his hands or legs?


Mister, can we put his
pill under his tongue?

No, no, miss, don't give him
anything, just do what I told you.

Just make sure his legs,
are stretched, not bent.

Yeah, yeah.

Guys, please hurry up!

- Hello, where's the patient?
- He's inside.