The Salamander (1981) - full transcript

An Italian policeman investigates a series of murders involving people in prominent positions. Left behind at each murder scene is a drawing of a salamander. The policeman begins to suspect these murders are linked to a plot to seize control of the government. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

According to the novel by Maurice West

This is a sad day for Italy.

General Pantaleone,
Chief of Staff of the Italian Army,

he died a natural
death in his bed.

General Pantaleone was a
devoted admirer of tyranny,

but today we must honor him
as a fallen hero of democracy

who died in his sleep.

Any mention of suicide
or murder would result in chaos.

And chaos in the Italian style,

implies a circus of
terror and bloodshed.

In the true Roman tradition, the
general was the victim of a conspirator.

Which conspirators?

General Leporelo
and his wife Elena.

He loves law and order.

Prince Baldasare, director of
counterintelligence and my boss.

Polish Vice Consul in Milan,

a good friend of the deceased's
mistress Lily Anders.

Outrageously rich
Bruno Manzini from Bologna.

The most powerful industrialist in Italy.

A charming mix of Caesar
Borgia and Nicola Machiavelli.

Dante Aligieri Matuci,
Colonel of the Counterintelligence Secret Service.

That is me.

A ray of sunshine, in sunny Italy,

my colleague and best
friend Captain Stefanelli.

A legendary hardy beast that
represents justice and resists fire.

Poetic, isn't it? - He was attached
to a file that the killer blackmailed him with.

Let's leave the poetry to
my namesake.

It won't be hard to track him down.
The design may be a family crest.

I don't know, but
I know someone who does.

I thought he
knew ?? everything, Steffi.

Doesn't knowing someone who knows
mean knowing everything, little brother?

A note with a salamander.
Let it remain a secret for now.

No file, no story.
Not even with the director.

I see, Colonel. You know,
I only saw Pantaleone once.

When Hitler came here.

I saw him enter the lobby
of the Excelsior Hotel with Göring.

Hand in hand, huh ?? like us.

I hear stories, little brother.
I hear murmurs.

Why Manzini?
- A waiter works in a chess club

who carried a
message to Pantaleone the night he died.

We found a way to get him
to talk. - And?

The message was from Manzini.
And done. - Devil's talk.

I guess you could do better. - Ah, the
documents in Pantaleone's safe.

The general sold
shares worth one hundred million lira this month .

He was selling his property as if it
didn’t exist tomorrow. The general fled.


Safe deposit box.
- Empty safe deposit box.

All of Pantaleon's documents are
gone. Gianni Bandineli is responsible for that.

A lawyer representing
Pantaleone and other fascists.

But don't despair, little brother.
We have a file on Bandineli.

Discovery ?? how to speak.

AB? He knows ?? to follow after A.
- Business card with salamander.

I was entitled
to the family grave.

It appears in Europe before
Charlemagne became Charlemagne.

My friend is sure he can be
tracked down. Listen, little brother. I'm afraid.

This is a country without a state.

We have parties, we have factions,
we have conflicting interests.

But the little man
on the street writes badly.

Are you from the carabinieri?


Please have a seat.

And what is the purpose of your visit?

I'm sorry, Miss Anders.
General Pantaleone was killed.

You can't tell anyone.

Italy believes he
died a natural death.

That's what it means.

Were you with the general that night?
- Do we have to now? - We have to.

We had dinner at the chess club.

He brought me
home early . In ten hours.

He didn't come in.
He said he was tired.

Were you alone all
night? - Yes.

Except when the waiter
brought him a message that someone was looking for him.

I don't know who. He briefly
left the dining room.

When he returned, he said nothing.

We talked about the approaching
dawn season. - May I?

Would you like some coffee?

Who is Salamander?
- Who's Salamander?

Dear Colonel ...
- Matuchi.

I was a woman
in Massimo's life.

When he came, he
would leave his second life at the door .

I gave him tenderness,
he gave me comfort.

I am a professional mistress.

Who lost her job.

Jo ?? Something, Colonel?
- Just one.

This room is wired.

Please come out.

How is that possible? How do you know?
- It's possible because you wired it.

I know because you seated me
in a special way.

When I got up,
you repeated my question.

You're actually an amateur, Lily.
You are not like your secret name.

Falcon, right?
Call me Dante, colleagues.

You said yours.
It's cold. Can we come in?

I'd like to live as
long as you let me, Dante.

Let it be more ?? a hundred years.

You are a traitor, Miss Lily Anders.

?? ta jo ?? you know, Dante?
- I know you like the back of my hand.

I even know about the Pigeon alert.

All members of your ring
are named after birds. Is it?

It's time for questioning,
isn't it? - I'm not an interrogator.

The real examiner is a monster.

By the way, he also has a secret
name. We call him the Surgeon.

And he didn't even study medicine.

Be Italian and change
sides. - Can you protect me?

It is God's work. But if
you are helpful, I will stand up for you.

Son of a bitch!
- That's not useful.

My job is to report
potential warnings

on taking over the government of
neo-fascist elements.

In other words, about changes in
command. - We can come in now.

What are your orders,
Miss Anders?

What will you report
on Pantaleone's death?

Someone is preparing a fascist coup.
Fascist Pantaleone failed.

The prince arrives on a white horse.

And Salamander?
- I've never heard of him.

Detliæ. Stanislas Stanislow.
Polish Vice Consul in Milan.

So he claims. And with that he
invokes diplomatic immunity.

No more questions, he says.
Just one thing, I say.

And we'll let you go.

The whole flock will fly away.

All right, one question.
- Tell me, Detlic.

Why did Lily Anders have to
compile a file on General Leporel?

So where has General Leporelo
spent the last five months?

Italians! He was in the south.

South America,
South Africa, South Asia.

And of course, the United States.

He studied state
terror, torture and betrayal.

What Americans
call rebellion suppression.

Maybe he would have done better if
he had studied it in Poland.

Unnecessary, Colonel!
- Who's Salamander?

We made a deal,
Colonel. One question.

If you keep your word, I
expect you to let me go.

We'll kick you out,
sir. Kick out.

I'll take care of it right away.

Matuèi. I want Leporel's file on
my desk in five minutes. What is it?

That's what it means.

It's confidential. Only the
director can see it.

Since? - Since yesterday.

We have to take care
of our own, right?

He knows ?? why did I become a police officer?

I thought I'd be the first to know if
what happened happened again.

And that was 35 years ago.

What a mistake!

I need a general Leporela.

Mussolini was there yesterday.

Today, ghosts come out of graves
in a law and order training camp.

Restraining rebellions. A classic
response to anarchist forces.

All right, stop, people!
We'll repeat the routine!

That's right, get ready!

I hope we don't have
long, Colonel.

It is my duty to inform you
that you are being followed by foreign agents

because you are a potential successor to
General Pantaleone. - How?

As the military leader of the right-wing coup.

Colonel, I
'm used to such surveillance,

both domestic and foreign.

Pantaleone was a fascist
and an opportunist. I'm not.

I hope you find out why
my name was mentioned.

There are certain documents that
the general was blackmailed. - Where are they?

In his lawyer's office,
but under our care.

The blackmailer uses
the salamander symbol.

Does that mean anything to you?

During the war, a group of partisans
and communists in the north was led by a man

which was called Salamander.

He left a business card when
they attacked the fascists or the Germans.

What was his name? -
Nobody had names then.

Good luck to you, Colonel.

Thank you for your time.

By the way, Colonel, I hope you
discussed this with the director.

I am not. - You should have.

Agent Rigoli was listing
Pantaleone's documents.

He didn't answer. - I sleep in the basement
and hear everything and anything, but now nothing.

37 years in this building and
you know her like the back of your hand.

You have a hole in your pocket.

What a smell! Everyone should
sleep. At least.


Ti èekaj tu.

It's warm. - The safe is empty.

Pantaleone's documents are missing .

I don't understand, Matuci, why
didn't you get the documents right away?

I took them, but
I misjudged safety.

Yes, so much so that on ??
primary source killed.

Not to mention poor Rigoli.

So you don't know where
Pantaleon's documents are?

You know. This greatly
simplifies things.

I didn't expect you to come
so early with just bad news.

General Leporelo.

And the proof?
- I visited him yesterday.

I told him, him
and no one else, where the documents were.

You know the rest.

The case is resolved. Is it?

Certainly, open. - Did
you study at ?? the Leporel file, right?

I tried. Only the
director can read it.

Didn't that hint at something?
- I'm investigating a fascist conspiracy.

I don't suppose anything. No one is
privileged. - Wrong assumption.

This is Rome, my dear,
not Washington or Moscow.

We cannot
say here: This is the enemy ,

than: This is the enemy today.

We may
have to be friends tomorrow .

Let's ask ourselves what to do to make our
enemies bearable.

Are you saying I give up?

I want you to continue the
investigation into your fascist conspiracy.

But if you excite the wrong spirits,

you could wake up as a
military adviser at the Vatican.

And that is the best
option. The worst ...?

That's obvious.

I intend to stay alive.

It would help to
shave and bathe.

I'll be back on Friday.

Gdine Manzini!

I'm Colonel Matuci.

Can we talk in private?

I'm looking for a business card
with a salamander on it

led to Bruno Manzini.

Manzini is a modern colossus.

Legendary war hero.
Empire builder.

A man who is still strong today

like when he
laughed at the Nazis who tortured him.

Colonel, do you have just that?

You are General
Pantaleone's brother . - Half-brother.

I don't want our mothers to interfere.

Your mother was the English
governess Anne Manchester

in service with the old count.

My father! Great fertilizer!

Miss Manchester left
him. - Fertilized.

You changed your name in 1933.
Manchester became Manzini.

Mother's name was scandalous!
My mother was a real woman.

During the war, you led partisans
in the north and your name was Salamander.

A fighter who can survive a fire.

The war is over, but
not for Salamander.

Hans Helmut Zimerman.
Found dead in Bogota in 1968.

Alleged suicide. Herman
Loefler. - Suicide in Vienna.

January 5, 1971

Two in Argentina, one in East
Berlin, two in West Germany.

A business
card with a salamander was found next to them .

They are all war criminals.
They are all suicides.

You threatened to expose them.

I allowed them
to bury the evidence.

A vaš brat?
General Pantaleone?

Half-brother, Colonel. He
died of a heart attack.

You are mistaken, Mr.
Manzini. He was killed.

He was killed by a professional killer.

Pantaleone's documents were stolen
from his lawyer's office.

They killed a lawyer
and one of our agents.

What's in those documents?

That my half-brother is for
sale and receiving the wrong customers.

One of your companies
submitted it to the government eight days ago

a shipment of sophisticated
riot control weapons.

You have good resources, young man.

General Leporelo himself
compiled the specifications.

We know that the fascists
negotiated with Leporel.

That's what it means. He won't come in person

until he gets
Pantaleone's documents.

I think they're right there now.

What's in those documents?

Coup strategy.

You don't have much time.

Whose side are you on, Manzini?

Discover. You seem to be doing well.

You can't come in.
- Open up!

Open up!

You saw it, Colonel.
He jumped.

I'm calling the director.

When I work, I cut the strings.
If you're interested, he didn't even scream.

The people of Warsaw are bald.

I let that man go today.
You killed him for what he knows.

Too late. I
'll promise you something, bastard.

There will soon be
one less sadistic killer in Italy .

We live in an age of madness.

I saw a brutal murder last night.

And now, in less than 24 hours,

I am at an elegant
reception at the Chinese Embassy.

You know, we Italians are a
very civilized people.

I told Lily about Detlic's death, the
death of her boss and compatriot.

Are you in the mood to talk?

Detlic's last order.
I should have come with Pantaleone.

Report what's going on.

But the general is
in the grave, and Detlic ...

Why does everyone die?

Wow Excellency!
- Dobro veèe, gdine Manzini.

Princess Faubiani.
- I'm glad.

This is Princess Faubiani.
I saw him at the funeral.

- Here I am now.

Here it looks ??
so different, Dante.

The way
people should look.

Because we crossed the Tiber.

I say to myself: How
awful the world on the other shore is!

Hello, Colonel! - Hello!
You know, you people. These on the other shore.

They are called my others.
They belong only to themselves.

How to join them?

Doesn't return ?? to
the other shore.

I want you
in my bed tonight , Dante.

But I don't want
to go home.

I don't want to go
back to the other shore.

Ne veèeras.

Tell me we're going
to have fun in G ?? tad.

That would be real life.
- I promised you protection.

I can't promise you that anymore.

He knows ?? What, Dante? You gave me
15 minutes to take the most important ones.

It was enough for me for
10 minutes. All important.

Therein lies the message.

Have you seen them yet?
- I am not. Unusual for this neighborhood.

Sagni se!

Tra ?? i ?? to hide a Polish pawn
in this beautiful, warm Jewish house?

I can transfer her to Switzerland ...

Let him sleep. It becomes a
threat to us . - I need a day.

Ubaciæu te u testament.

Just leave me the
gun and optimism.

I am not interested in anything else, and I
expect an inheritance soon.

Listen, little brother,
I changed my mind.

Leporelo holds all the trump cards. You
lost your trump card with the documents.

Be a little more corrupt.
Suggest it to them. Is that so ?? to survive.

You will be angry with me,
Mr. Stefanelli. You too, Dante.

Is there more ?? one copy of
Pantaleone's documents.

He had a villa on the island of Ponza.
He took them during his last visit.

We were alone.
- And you didn't tell Detlic?

Why else would I
do this? - Damn it!

Who knows what the Surgeon
got out of it?

Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- That's how I made sure.

Maybe not, but you brought me here.
You didn't guess, so neither will I.

Look at. Thinker.

What are you thinking about? That it will
be coated with all the fat,

swim to Ponza and come back
because everything else would be still ?? crazy.

And he knows it. - Where's the hideout? - I
can't describe it to you. - But you told Detlic.

I told him I
would have to take him.

I also have important
friends who owe me services.

One of them is Karl Malinowski.
Yes, I said Malinowski.

Karl is a U.S.
Marine major at the NATO base in Naples.

All right, my Italian friend. To hear
in American, Dante. What's going on here?

In American?
We're moving, you wait.

We do our thing
and see you later.

I think I'll
join you , okay?

Do not worry! You can
save the world. I'll fish.

Slowly. Let's go!

Watch where they're going ?? to stand ??.


Good luck, Colonel. - Good
catch, Malinowski. - Good luck, ma'am.

This is not Pantaleone's.
This is government property.

Here we are.

He didn't trust the servants.

How do you know ?? for that?

I'm part of a flock, remember.

I spied.

Let's get out of here, little bird.

Get out with your hands up!

Stay close to me
and don't say anything. Ok?

It's Captain Roditi.

General Lepor's assistant.

Do you recognize me, Roditi?
Major Matucci of the Carabinieri.

This is Lily Anders, a Polish
citizen who helps me.

Now order your
men to drop their weapons

and explain this situation.

General Leporelo ordered me
to supervise Villa Pantaleone.

And to prepare to
remove anyone who comes along.

Friend, that ship was
lent to us by NATO.

I fulfill top secret duties.

You have compromised the
safety of a senior officer.

One reckless move by your people
could have caused a fatal accident.

He could have destroyed this operation.
You understand that, don't you, Captain?

With all due respect,
I am just doing my duty.

We will consider this when the
time and place is right. If necessary.

Colonel ...

It won't work.


Oh, it'll work, Captain.


Drop your weapon!
Drop your weapon!


Trust me, Roditi.
I won't tell anyone.

Pantaleone's documents. A plan
for the fascist takeover of Italy.

It's all there. Military locations,
communication centers.

Roads and checkpoints.
Each step is perfectly orchestrated.

The coup will
only take a few hours.

Malinowski! - Yes? "They
'll be waiting for us at every port in Italy."

A NATO officer shot at the
Italian army. It's an invasion.

I know. I'm listening to the plan.

My boss is
intolerant of the enemy.

It's connected to the mainland, isn't it?
- Yes. Italian connection with the mainland.

What if I didn't have it?

World War III would break out.

You're crazy. All Italians are crazy.
But that doesn't mean I don't love you.

Pantaleone's private list.

Government, union leaders and parties.

Everyone will be arrested 24 hours
after the coup begins. What would you do to them?

I leave that to your imagination.

Excellent, Matuci.
Really great.

Maybe I'll even justify
your unusual methods.

And this is you, sir.
It was filmed from there.

I think you need protection.

Now they want your head, Colonel.

My head is fine. Mainly to
have Pantaleone's documents.

You don't have them anymore.

Honestly, you lack
authority and political experience

to take advantage of such knowledge.

brings us back to your head.

Leporelo must see
that you are no longer a threat.

That is why I suggest that we
send you in the long run

to foreign agencies abroad.

You will have diplomatic status.

You will receive a raise and generously
paid expenses.

How does that sound to you?

As a payment.

My dear Matuci, you are the
primary target of the assassins.

I organize a preventive funeral.

You will be
in the tomb for a while, but not dead!

And I'll get time to
deal with the conspirators in my own way.

You don't have time!
Leporelo is on the move.

And he knows he has to be fast.
- I'll judge, and you ...

To put it this way.

If you and you ?? Polish nightingale, you
will not be on a military flight to Zurich today,

you'll just have to wait ...

na ubièine metke.

As you wish, sir.

Think about how
dear the funeral will be to you.

While you wait for the resurrection.


I didn't think I was
so corrupt, Steffi.

I'm glad it's going too.

Buried alive in Switzerland.

It's not a bad death.
The bill in Geneva.

Beautiful apartment
in a four star hotel.

And the company of my beautiful darling.

I have everything. Or don't I?

For me, this is freedom.
It's an exile for you, isn't it?

I just have to get used to
being an eunuch. Just that.

But it's great here,
like on a postcard.

Something told me I was
going to need this.

Inventory from the ship.

Manzini should see this.

We'll visit him tomorrow.

Until tomorrow yet ?? we have time.

Colonel Matuci.
I called last night. - Alright.

Colonel Matuci arrived.

Do you
base your theory on this ?

Leporelo is the successor, isn't it?
the director moves to his side.

I can reproduce all the documents
from it. I have a photographic memory.

These are just rumors.

Tell me, Colonel. ?? this
mean, how can I help?

Advise me.
How do I prevent a coup?

And how do I survive?

Miss Anders, I want to
speak to the Colonel in private.

I vouch for Miss Anders.
- I have no doubt about that.

I'd rather you weren't involved.
Do you understand? - I see.

I'm sorry.
Come on, Colonel.

Tell me,
is it possible to buy you?

They bought me
48 hours ago. Not again.

Are you afraid?
- I'm scared now.

I'm isolated. Vulnerable.

We are natural allies. I
have everything you miss.

Matuci, we can make a deal.
Of course, I would profit more.

Do I have a choice? - Yes, you can leave
as if you didn't even talk to me.

No, agreed.
- Come on.

You will stay there and remember everything
about Pantaleone's documents.

It has no legal weight,
but it can be useful.

I will
prepare the next phase in the meantime .

You will return to Italy
as my servant.

Will I work for you? - Under that
mask, and with a new tailor,

you will complete the investigation and we will
decide together what to do next.

You don't seem sure.

Just about one.
- About what?

Director and Leporelo.
I think he'll read the mask.

Sla ?? em se.

But my connections,
money, friends, influence.

You have to work a little too.

Like I told Manzini,
I have a photographic memory.

For the next few
days, I reconstructed the documents.

Every map, every
list and every roll of microfilm.

Who is that?
- Domenico from the store.

Well, what do you say ???
- What is his name?

Why are you sure he's a man?

In fact,
he is a man. And it has a name.

Watch out, trunk!

Call Mr. Manzini in Rome.

I spent almost 24 hours
gathering important facts.

When Manzini was
reported as the killer, he said:

Given what Matucci knows, it's
strange they didn't send an army.

Leporelo agreed.
And the director?

He joined him.
- Is that safe?

In Italy, nothing is certain,
not even death or taxes.

But I was there
and a pact was made.

Have you been there?
- Yes, they asked me last night

and I accepted
membership in the club.

Jesus Christ!
- He didn't come.

Heavy industry,
journalists, bankers, me.

Everyone swore
to law and order.

A frightening alliance, isn't it?

I think you are an opportunist.
- Young man, don't be naive!

I am an institution.
I use every opportunity.

Gdine Manzini!

Do you realize they tried to
kill us yesterday ? - Yes, I'm really sorry. By the way ...

The colonel and I are leaving for Italy tomorrow.
I suggest you visit Klosters.

It is wonderful at this time of year.

I arranged all the arrangements,
including security.

I hope you don't find me
rude, Miss Anders.

I consider you dangerous.

You send people outside,
inside. From the rooms, from the countries.

Well, young man, it's
your turn.


Honestly, I think
Manzini is a phenomenal old freak.

But I do not accept his protection.

It binds me to my past.
And I want to cut all ties.

Do you understand ?? that, isn't it, Dante?

Where will it be ?? go, little bird?

Never in last year's nest.

Who? Milan! Sounds
like a long time ago.

Can't you hear me ???
- Who is that?

Dante. Your little brother.
- So, a long time ago!

Little brother, I hope your God is
watching over you. - Must?? come to Milan immediately.

Do you need me? I have
new office time.

All the fascists in the
police fabricated . It stinks terribly.

The director tells me that you are doing very
well in the private sector. Say.

Is it worth it? - Depends on what you think ??
whether to measure you for a suit or for a suitcase.

Kiss the cat
in my name. - What?

I said kiss me ??
a cat in my name. - Did you hear?


Are you here?
- Calm down, Big George.

The system has been checked.
It was invented by God.

- Leporelo is a bastard.

He brought his men. I can
even get you a file on the pope.

Leporelo ...
- And his assistant Roditi?

He recruits underground.
Gathers commandos.

They are evil and cruel.

Dante, I'm
just an ordinary major.

And it took me a long time to
get to that.

For God's sake, be careful.

I'm listening. - This girl
sometimes serves as an informant.

He's having fun with a sergeant who
recruits and trains in that damn camp.

It makes me sick to
think about it.

Listen, I don't want
to know anything , but the Surgeon is here.

He works according to
Leporel's orders.

Dante, they'll notice they're missing in
24 hours at most. I don't know exactly when.

I'll give them back to you in the morning.
It says here where we meet.

Thank you, George.

was in Milan until noon.

We had
files on Leporel's detachments in our hands .

We threw ourselves into work.

Gino Orlando.
Leporel's assassin.

The prints match
Agent Rigoli's killer.

Detachments that sow terror.

Ba ?? like last time.

We can prove it.
Rigoli's killer secretly works for Leporel.

And numbered police
documents cannot be lost!

Black abbot.

They came to the Roman ghetto.

They gathered everyone and took them away.

went out before dawn that Saturday .

I went to buy cigars.

Black market across the river.

The line was long.

The rain is lilac like from a cable.

But I...

I stayed in line
because I wanted cigars.

When I got
home, little brother ...

I didn't have a family anymore.

Smoking was
good for my health.

And those were the Germans.

I'll tell you something, Colonel.

In our country, the fascists
took more Jews than the Nazis.

Major Giorgio took a lot of risks
when he gave us secret files.

We have to give them back to him.

Are you OK?
- Dante!

Steffi! - Dante!
- Steffi!


I knew what I was going to hear.
They also caught Giorgio.


I need a general!
- Impossible!

The general's wife has been waiting for
half an hour. I won't disturb him!

Is that clear, sir?

Let Mr. come in first,
Captain. It must be urgent.

Thank you, ma'am.

Elena, my dear,
I'm sorry if ...

smart , Matuci. And dangerous.

You should work for
me. Would you like a cup of tea?

I'll make you an offer, General.
Release both hostages immediately.

And I will give up Manzini's protection.
- I've never heard an empty offer.

For now, she is honest, I believe.

I will sign the document.

That you forged
certain documents?

Give me the Surgeon.
Noble of you, Matuci.

I meant it.
You could work for me.

That? The two we
caught today? Let them go now.


That's what it means. No, I
'll get back to you.

Unfortunately, I can only deliver
half the deal. - Which half?

Major Giorgio. Elder
Stefanelli died on the way.

Heart attack.

Is it still there? always a deal?

Is it still there? always a deal?

I want an official autopsy. - Captain
Roditi will report when she's done.

And now I apologize, my
wife has been waiting for me long enough.

Tell her to come
out on the way out.

Please. - Just
three minutes, Colonel.

We failed, Steffi.
Why did you have to die ???

I'd get you out.

Jesus, what
nonsense that was!

You died like a
sick old man.

And you didn't even
give your little brother a chance to get you out.

I would...

Steffi! No ?? nails!

Close the door.

How not will it be ??
saraðivao, ubiæu te.

If it is ?? cooperated, I will
offer you a way out of this trouble.

Can I be more ?? clearer?

Now will ?? take off your weapon, pull up a
chair and try ?? to relax ??.

I've been waiting for this for a long time.

What is your relationship with the
general's wife?

We've been lovers for six years.

And the general knows and approves of that?

Yes, that's what keeps us going.
He could take her children.

And what do you hold on to?
- I love Elena. And the twins are mine.

I guess the
general doesn't care about the opposite sex?

You are mistaken.
And a lot of it.

The general is interested in
young girls.

Very young girls.
- Go on.

There is a meeting room in this apartment.

I make sure there are no problems.

Why did you drug
Major Giorgio?

The surgeon is experimenting
with new drugs.

Did it ever occur to you that
the general could get rid of you?

I'm not really ?? such a fool. - There ??
life insurance? - Somewhat.

I filmed it, took photos.

Where is it? - One set
is with Elena. I have a copy.

Safe deposit box in a small
bank on the Swiss border.

Excellent, Captain. We'll
stop at a small bank first and empty the box.

Then we go to the village, where
we will clear your conscience.

Will he get it ?? 24 hours to go ??
from the country with Elena and the children.

That's my offer.

Have?? a better idea? - Yes,
everything will play out quickly.

I can
give you information.

That's a bad idea, Captain.
Let's go. - But it won't work, Colonel!

When you were with the general,
we installed a tracking device in your car.

It takes time, but now the
general knows you're here. - You bastard!

They're waiting for me downstairs!
- I do not know.

I swear, I don't know.
- All right, we'll find out.

They don't follow my car.

You thought we were going to go mine?

Eight hours later
I arrived in Venice.

A warrant has been issued for my arrest
for the murder of Captain Roditi.

I am now an enemy of the state.
A fugitive awaiting arrest.

This is my last chance.

Colonel, I hope
this intrigue makes sense.

This is a record of what
Roditi told me. You might be interested.

You have nothing more? - Can there be
more? more? I believe everything is true.

It was true. Now everything is a lie.
I'll say these are monstrous lies.

I know you're afraid of your husband
and what he can do to children.

To you and the captain's children.
I can offer you protection.

?? ta? Should I change?

The photos and recordings you
own are no longer valid.

I know where Roditie's copy is.

You don't seem to understand.
I don't need your insurance anymore.

Security is dead.
- How are you?

A woman who realized that her
husband would succeed in what he set out to do.

A woman who wants to experience it.

The woman who came today to
see if you were up to it.

Sir, you are a romantic.

Honestly, my dear,
I am quite disappointed.

My namesake is Dante Aligieri

he wrote a classic epic
about the sufferings of the damned.

His name was Hell.

I can tell you that his
vision of agony was not complete.

He did not include a master of torture
whose skills would embarrass the devil.

He has no name and, of course, no
official identity.

He is only known as the Surgeon.

And now I'm going to
play with your brain , Colonel .

Don't worry, Colonel.
We were sent by Mr. Manzini.

I didn’t know if they were real.

I only heard sounds
I didn't understand.

When I looked again,
I was sure I was dead

and that I
ended up in heaven by some cosmic mistake.

I finally
remembered my name.

It was awful, wasn't it?

What is this place like?
- Pedognana. My home.

You're home, Dante.
Come, sit down.

You are God, aren't you? - Leporelo
was sure you were irretrievably broken.

In addition, we found
Captain Roditi's documents in the bank .

The bank is mine.
We made a deal.

Lily? - She's safe
in Switzerland.

Waiting for your call
as soon as possible ?? strong enough.

Everything fell apart.
Leporelo is right.

I'm broken.
- But not irreversibly.

I'm tired, Manzini.
They took too much from me.

to hate a little , my friend.

It is the best
stimulant in the world.

Yes, please connect it.

Dante? - I'm alive,
Lily. I'm very much alive.

I love you so much!

I can't wait
to be together.

Look at that!

Lactarius deliciosus. It
's as delicious as the name suggests.

He knows ?? is it deadly
if he eats it ?? raw? - Like this.

You have them tonight, and
I'll have them tomorrow.

By the way, Dante, I know the
date of Leporel's coup.

- September 21.

The people he wants to arrest will return
from vacation. It is a beautiful time of year.

No one will be on guard.

That's in three weeks.

plan requires two.

We'll have this for dinner today,
stewed with white wine from Emilia.

You're that devilish Salamander.

I'm a fighter, Dante.

Bruno Manzini's invitations were
delivered in person.

It will be the
social event of the year.

The guest list is like a
treatise on political science.

Minister of Defense.

400 Italians selected.

Everyone is here.

Lions of power.

And their kittens.

Back, Leporelo!

Sorry to keep you,
Manzini. And I can't stay.

General, I understand. You are a very
busy man. Ladies and gentlemen!

We start right away. George!

Here you go. Join us.

General, give me 60
minutes of your time.

give you a watch to remember.

Sit down.
Director, over here.

Here, sit down.


Please sit down as soon as possible.

Sit wherever you find a place.

I hope you settled down.

By the way, do not open the envelopes!
There are deep, dark secrets in them.

I apologize for the tension,

but we will watch the movie.

As for the movie, I promise
it's not one of my commercials.

And I promise you it's
not my life story.

Journalists do not know it exists.
You're the only one who's going to see that movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will
reveal the secrets in the dark, as befits.

I'm Dante Aligieri Matuci.

I'm a colonel in the carabinieri, a
branch of military intelligence.

I will tell you certain facts,
supported by irrefutable evidence.

Many of you were at
General Pantaleone's state funeral

who allegedly
died a natural death.

It is true that he was killed. - They gave
me money. I didn't know they wanted to kill him.

I swear!
He was a saint. Saint!

Pantaleone's documents are
stored in this safe.

The dead man is his
lawyer Bandinelli.

And my colleague Captain Rigoli.

They strangled them.
- This is not a family movie.

This is a killer. The prints on the left are the
same as these prints on the right.

He is Gino Orlando, a
fascist terrorist

under the secret command of
your guest, General Leporel.

The documents contained
plans for a military coup in the government.

began to implement those plans .

The date of the coup is
September 21, in eight days.

The man who will lead the coup
is again General Leporelo.

They killed a Polish secret
agent and Captain Stefaneli.

I witnessed the first murder.

saw him thrown out the window.

I was also a witness
when the captain was abducted.

They tortured them before they died.

Carabinieri Mario Ðorðone,
47th Regiment of Milan.

I ... my name is ...

I ... my name is ...

Jo ?? one victim of torture. - Please
try. Your name and rank.

Captain Mateo Roditi,
Assistant General Leporel.

He was killed by General Leporelo.

He planted a bomb
in his car. He knew too much.

All these people had evidence that
could have ruined Leporel's plans.

So they destroyed them.

This is the man
they chose to lead the coup.

Enough! Enough!
Enough slander!

La ?? i! La ?? i! These are lies!
- Mo ?? e ?? you stop a movie?

Laži! Laži!

Please, General.

Sit down, please.

Sit down.

Sit down.

Elena, I'm really sorry.

Please sit down. We try
to avoid a scandal, we do not create it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are trying
to avoid the inevitable bloodshed.

Please. - If he succeeds, he
will have no state authority.

That role was assigned to another.

Prince Baldasare arranged the
downfall of General Pantaleone

and the rise of General Leporel.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the envelopes
you received are the documents

which support my testimony.

The future of our country is
in your hands. Thank you.

Sergeant Marino, proceed.

I believe the
Secretary of Defense is here.

Excellency, if you will,

I will arrest General Leporel
and Prince Baldasare.

Do you remember our
conversation, Matuci?

This is Italy.

We are all salamanders.

Di ?? i!

Last night was a
real triumph.

We thwarted a fascist coup.

When will this happen again?

You postponed the civil war last night.

Sit ?? and wishes ?? paradise as something
that is bought with good intentions.

You are the new director! Now there is ??
a tool for fighting lions.

Baldasare will not
surrender so easily.

I will insist that he resign.
That's the price of my silence.

Popijmo piæe, Dante.

Let's make a toast to a partial victory.

Only such exists.

For a partial victory!

Well, Dante ... Goodbye.

Æao, Salamandere.

Va ?? the car is ready, sir.

Tell me.

Everything is perfect.

Jo ?? just some little things.

Tell me.
- It'll take time, Lily.

Residence permit
in Italy for someone ...

who was ...

It's complicated.
I have to pull the strings.

How long will it take?
- You were a foreign agent.

And I will be the director. - Sme ??
to park ?? in restricted areas.

Can't ?? expect me to
put pressure now! - No!

Not you, Dante.

I got a residence
permit in Switzerland.

I stood
in line and got it.

That's where I feel safe.

I love you.
I love you so much.

Goodbye, Dante.

(Good evening, Colonel!)



Gdine! Hey, gdine!

The ball.

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