The Saint of Gamblers (1995) - full transcript

'Blackie' Tat looks for a new Saint of Gamblers, and finds him in the form of a dimwitted mainlander. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
There are so many elites
in the gambling field.

God of Gamblers.

Hero of Gamblers.

Saint of Gamblers.

They went into seclusion one
after another.

Especially Saint of Gamblers,
he knows supernatural power.

He disappeared after he
got the championship of

the first
International Gambling Competition.

The second International Gambling
Competition will start soon.

All the famous gamblers are
getting ready for this competition.

All they want is the
championship of it.

Among the competitors, including
Kitoyomo from Japan.

Hokei from Thailand.

Baggio from Italy.

Tayson from America.

Paishifu from India.

And Wulidento from Africa.

Among them,the most outstanding
one is Ray Thai from Macau.

He is notorious and he is the
hot favourite of this race.

Every competitors are taking him
as number one enemy.

Kioyomo dated Ray Thai to his
place for a warm up race.

Mr.Kitoyomo, Ray Thai has sent
a representative here.

He has never come to
see me by himself!

I want his family die sooner
or later!

Where is his representative?

I am here.

What? Just a kid!

Since my senior said you are not
qualified to gamble with him.

So he asked me to test you first.

See whether you are qualified
or not.


I tell you,
I won't gamble with kids.

Right, master said kids can't gamble.

But we can hit the hand
of the loser as punishment.

You are driving me mad...

What? Can't you defeat me?

How can you face me senior?

Can't I defeat you?

Did your master teach you
this stance?

No, how can you show
others such cheap thing?

What are you good at?

You always play cards,

Do you know what is straight?

That's A K Q J and 10.


Watch me.


Kill the kid.

You can never defeat me.

Watch my kick.

Wheel turn.


Kill him for me.



Siu Loong.

Are you alright?

Sister, I am fine.

Can you defeat me?


Good job.

Thai, the world championship
hasn't been started yet,

Some people start to kill
those potential competitors.

I am afraid you would
be attacked.

I know.

No one will know how
powerful I am.

Why can't I understand
what you're thinking?

I don't want you to worry.

I want to find a new Saint
of Gamblers.

So as to diversify the attentions
of others.

Where to find a new one?

Tat is back,
come out to get the present!

Dear relatives.

I am back here, for I know...

Inside this Tin-san Village,
all are having supernatural power.

So I want to find some elites.

To take them to Hong Kong.

So as to achieve something to
gain fame for our village.

If any of you are capable,

See the presents behind?

Take any as you wish.

No hurry, one by one...

Everyone will have one...

Get lost.

I'll do it.

Oh, you are Auntie Pretty.

Can you change this card by your
supernatural power to this?


Like this...

After that, it'll become this.

It doesn't work.


I use here to release my
supernatural power.


This is Ace, wonderful!

Why there is a hole?

So big!

What are you doing?

An ace will come out soon.

I change...Change!

Good morning.

Has the meeting dismissed?
Any present left?

Take any present you like.

Thank you.

There isn't any.

No? So you are not
lucky enough, go!

Sorry for bothering!

Hold it...

What for?

Do you know how to change...

No, change the card.


Can you see through
the dice cover?


You're useless.

Yeah, everyone said
I am useless.

What's up?

It's ridiculous, in this village,
everyone knows supernatural power.

What do you know?

I can make the hen to lay eggs
10 times more than it can.

10 times?


Can you make the money
10 times more?


10 times.

Can you...


You can make it ten times bigger!?

We are rich! We are rich!

I decided to take you to
Hong Kong.

To educate the youth so as to
save the old, isn't that great?

You lied,
you are not thinking that.

Do you know what I am thinking?

Why not?

You want me to make your house
and your diamonds bigger.

To make your woman bigger.

To make your dick bigger,
is that right?


By the way, how can you read
my mind?

You touched me, that's why
I could read your mind.

What am I thinking now?

You want me to change your dick
to be as big as a coconut.

Yeah, can you make it?

Yeah, no problem.

Hold it...

What's this?

Where is my 1000 dollars note?


Here it is.

What's wrong?

After enlarging it,
it'll ruin easily.

Let me change your dick first.

No, hold it.

Hold it...

No changing.

I want to change it!

Kiddy, stop playing.

I decided to take you
back to Hong Kong.

I am sure when you get rich,
you'll have many women to sense you.

Let's go.

No, I am afraid my mom
would not allow me to go.

I know your mom.


I will talk to her!

My mom lost her mind when
she practiced supernatural power,

So she is weird now.

Please don't offend her
if she does something strange.

Or, she won't let me go to Hong Kong.

Don't worry.

I am expert in flattering women.

What's the matter?


It's you.

Do you recognize me?


Well, since you have come,
why not have dinner with us?


I cooked some soup,
have some, OK?


Come on, here comes the soup.

Drink while it's still hot.

What's this?

Lotus root and
salted fish's head in soup.

Salted fish's head


I will drink it later.

I am going to cook the dish.


Isn't my mom weird?

Isn't she crazy?

You should be a bit kind.

Don't be so honest!

Well, I will say you are
a bit ordinary, OK?

And I won't describe you
as disgusting! See?

Sister-in-law, what's this?

Tied cat.

Tied cat?

You have to eat it.

I can't even finish this!

Why not have one more?

No, thanks.


Do you want to eat
hot pot rice?

I love it.

It's better.

Yeah, Linda has just
given birth to a baby.

I will cook the baby
for you with the hot pot.

No, thanks...

I am in a hurry.

I want to take Got to
Hong Kong.

Got, let's go.

Uncle Tat, I have a son only.

If you take him away,
there won't be male in this house.

Don't worry, we will get back soon
right after making big money.

So, he will bring fame and
glory back to Got's family.

My surname isn't Got.

Why do others call you Got?

My surname is God.

Called God Bless You.

God Bless You?

Who named this for you?

When I gave birth to him,
it was a difficult delivery.

A father who helped me
to deliver the baby,

When he was born,

That father just said
God Bless You.

After saying that, he left.

Uncle Tat, isn't this name good?

Good,that was a
kind-hearted father.

Son, you don't know the
outside world at all.

You have to take more
money with you.

This is all my savings.

Keep it.


Take some back,
I don't want so much money.

I am old,
I needn't so much money.

Keep it, come on.


Uncle Tat.


By the way,

You take God to Hong Kong.

You have to give me
some money.

Sure, sure.

here is US $30,000.

Just take it.

You can't show others that
you have so much money, keep it.

Don't you think I am silly?

This is toilet paper!

These are money!

This is true.

I haven't brought this
kind of money with me.

Why not spend this
kind of money first?

This will be OK.

Just take it.

You have gone too far!

I don't think so.

I will give you two horses
for riding.

That's good.

Uncle Tat, God is a
quick learner.

He knows it just by
taking a glance.

Most important of all,
teach him more!

Mom, take care.

Be good.


Get a daughter-in-law for me.

Let's go.

Your horse runs faster than mine.

Sure, this is the best horse
in the village.

Run faster, or I will kill you.

Uncle, isn't here Hong Kong?


Uncle, what are you doing?

I have sea sick.

All because of you.

If not were you,
I wouldn't have sea sick.

I have pills for you.

Why didn't you say it earlier?

What's up?

It's tight.

Let me help you.

How did you make it?

Like this.

Bastard, you are great!

But you didn't know
how to change cards!

You just don't know
changing cards.

I will show you around
in Hong Kong.

But, you have to remember
me one important thing.

Just call me Uncle.

Don't call me Uncle San!

I see,
I can't call you Uncle Sa...


Uncle San.

What kind of kung-fu is it?

One finger stance of
Shaolin Temple.

Uncle, there is a hole!

Isn't it great?

There is a pin! Are you alright?

Uncle, why don't you get up?

Uncle, what's this place?

This is the court of Hong Kong.

When you are rich,there will be
a space reserved for you.

So easy?

That's easy.

If only you know bulffing!

Uncle, are you dancing?


Why did you tremble?

Because of this pager.

It will make you tremble!


This pager is commonly
used in Hong Kong.

Why not have this one?

Why doesn't it tremble now?

It's off.

This is like the Stone of
Marriage in my home town.

My mom said,
When you arrive Hong Kong,

Son, remember to have a romance.

When you see the Stone of Marriage,
remember to worship it.

Uncle, let's go and worship it.

Let's go.

Thank you, Stone of Marriage.

Please bless me to
find a good wife.

We will go back to hometown
and get married. And...

I want her to have big feet,
no, long nose.

No, a bit fat is better...

Anyway, just a woman will do.

Thank you, I just want a
pretty woman, thank you.

Thank you.

So quick?

I can see my dream lover
just by opening my eyes!

She is staring at me.

Are you waiting for me?

She is gone!

Where have you been?

Hokei's stuff.

Did you rob the stuff
of Hokei?

Get in.

Miss, wait for me.

Did you stare at me?

What's up?

Hold it, I can't see her.

You ruined my life.

It's not time for
dreaming yet.

Come on, let me take you
to have dessert.

Do you want to change
my romance with dessert?

I am not going!

Are you going to eat or not?

I want to have
three bowls of it.

Damn it!


4 circles, 7 circles.

Hurry up!


You're honest.
I will give you what you need.

Do you mean it?

I have to win big money.

Or, I can't afford paying the medical
fee for my dad, he will die.

I can't lose,
discard 4 and 7 bamboos out.

Your hand is so cold,
is yours an important one?

You'd better discard 4 and
7 characters.

My son needs $50,000
to cure his heart.

I can't lose.

Win $50,000 from Shing.

Win $50,000 from Auntie Chai.

Totally, I will get $100,000.

I can have a great time
in the night club tonight.

Come on, let's go on the game.

No, you are a stop.

7 characters.



How can you discard it?

Why didn't you discard
7 circles?

None of your business!

7 bamboos.


Greater tri-optimus.

Four greater blessings.

1 3 odds, pay now.


It's mine!

Uncle, what'll we do?

Nothing is left.

Serve your right!

They win all our money.

I don't mind,
I don't lose much.

The last game.

So poor! Just one fold!

One circle.

Bingo, I want this.

One fold.

No, it's the
unnatural winning.

10 folds.


You win your money back.

Pay now, uncle.

what's wrong are you?

No, he is a bit tired.

Let him take a sleep.

Uncle, are you sick?

Yes, if I don't gamble one day,
I will get sick.

And if I lose, I will die.

Are you kidding?

We are both youngsters.

We should have spirit
to face our lives.

someone is looking for you.

Who is it?

Brother Tung...

Why do you have my key?

I don't want to ring
the bell everytime.

So I copy your keys,
isn't it alright?

Sure, sure you can do anything.

You owe me money,
it's time for you to pay now.

Brother Tung,
I am seriously sick!

Please be merciful.

Since you are dying.

You'd better give me
your lungs and heart.


My organs are all rotten.

It's useless.

Uncle, isn't it popular to sell
organs in Hong Kong too?

I thought it's popular
in my hometown.

Isn't he you nephew?

May I know your name?

So tough.


I think it's better to cut his organs
for paying the debt too.

No, he delivers food only.

He isn't my nephew.

Kid, why don't you leave
after the delivery? Go.

Uncle, what's wrong with your eyes?

Isn't sand in your eyes?

Run! I asked you to run!

No, close the door
and dissect him.

What a trouble!

Don't go...

Uncle, why are we being chased?

They are the fellows of
Loan Shark Tung.

I should have learnt Kung Fu,
so I could teach them a lesson.

It's too late.

I am a quick learner.

You'd better run faster.

Why not learn driving?

God! I haven't gone in yet.

Do you want to go?

I want to learn driving too.


Watch my No-shadow kick.

God, tell me who hit me.

Just take a look at the back.


Who is so nonsense to place
barbed wire entanglements here?

It's me.

All my debtors escaped right here,
except you.

That's why I built barbed
wire entanglements here.

Brother Tung, please be merciful.

If you want to dissect me,
just go ahead. But leave him alone.

He is only a kid.

He is a kid?

He is a kid.

Do you give me face?

Damn you!

Uncle, something red is coming out
from your head.


It's just been finished,
it comes again.

So lucky.

He is looking for you.


Damn it!

I will throw you over there.



How did you reach there?

I know supernatural power.

Why didn't you take me with you?

No, I can go by myself.

So, you are not helping me.

Get all his organs out.



Uncle, just hold it.

I will be back to save you!
Hold it.

Which book teaches fighting?

No, why don't you take
this one?

Snake Ball?

I am Douglas!

Uncle, don't panic,
I am with you.

I know how to fight.

This book is very useful.

The parents should buy more
for their kids.

Who are you?

Don't you recognize me?

I am scared to lose all my memories.

Lose your memories?
Don't you think it's court?

Don't hit my head.

Wrap your head first.

Who are you?

Evil kid.

I can't imagine how ugly
you are if you undress.

Crab's Fist.

Do you want to go?

You're like Evil Kid!

What Evil Kid??


Do you pretend to die?

Stop beating,
I don't want you to pay now.

No, you have to pay my financial
and reputation loss, say 2 million.

I can't deside it, I will show you to my boss.

I won't give it a damn!

I have to buy more comics
for reference.

Tell your boss.

You know who is the most glamorous
man in gambling field?

He is called the
Invincible Flying Dragon...


Of Gamblers is here.

My name is God, God Bless You!

Boss, save me! Save me.

Shut up.

You have lost my face!

Are you Saint of Gamblers?

Isn't Saint of Gamblers called
Chor Chung Sing?

No, time flies!

Your information isn't


I am Hokei.

The Queen of Gamblers in
Thailand, Hokei?


What's the relationship between
you and Wong Chun Chun?

We have some personal business here,
we'll close for one day.

I am sorry.

Please come next time.

Why did Tung offend you?

He deserves to be killed.

I borrowed some money from him.

And he has guts to push me
to pay his loan.

And he wants my organs too.

And, he didn't treat us tea.

He didn't introduce such a
pretty girl to me too.

Tell me, doesn't he deserve
to be killed?

Under what conditions
will you let him go?

Tell her.

Be a bit tough.

A bit tough.


You will show us...

How to swallow a gold fish.

Damn you!

Cut the crap.

I tell you.

Unless you pay me 2 million
as compensation.

And body massage for me.

Well, I have to see
how capable you are.


There is a lady in
Taiwan called Ah Tat...

You mean it?

Don't move.

God, read the book and
see how to get her gun.

Shut up.

Uncle, I can't find such
technique in the comic.

How about another stance?

You called yourself Saint of Gamblers,
you must be great.

If you win me,

I will let you go.

If I lose,so?

You have to leave all your
organs here.

Shut up.

I will cut your tongue out!

What game do you
want to gamble?

Make it Big and Small.

I won't let you know how many
points I will make.

I can guess that.


how do you know it?

Since they are sticked
to my face.

Take it back.

Where is the other one?

How many points?

3, 4, 5, 12, big.

One more time.

If you don't open it,
I will shoot.

Bravo! You are really great.


What will be paid for
the grand prize?

A CD of Tsio Fung-wah.

Let's go home and
get it for her. Hurry up.

We will be back soon, wait.

Do you want to go?

Sorry, I didn't aim sharply.

I can hold it.

I haven't brought the keys.

I will get it for you
next time.

Sit down, and let's
continue playing.

Bet, big or small.

You can read other's mind
by touching others, right?

Why not try an indirect way?

I have to waste all my energy!

If you don't guess it correctly,
we will die.

Three sixs?!

It's dangerous!


What did you say?

Three sixs.

Bravo, I just hit the
cover once.

And you could get it too,
you are really great!

Sure I am.

I think we will meet in the
World Gambling Competition.


Can we go now?

What a trouble! Let's go.

What are you doing?

I feel dizzy.

Are you alright?

Save us!

Who is it?

This way... that way.

We have visited every inch of Hong Kong,
what do you want to find?

I don't know.

So, what'll we do next?

That's it!


Right here.

Wait for me.

Where is the clock?


So tricky!

Sister, I want to buy

What do you want?

I want three cones of

Thai, you hide yourself
up everyday.

You are only willing to
come out at night.

I robbed Hokei's stuff.

She hates me so much.

So I have to be very careful.

We have come here for
three nights continuously.

Tomorrow, we can't come again.

Don't you think these days
are not stable at all?

Hold it.

If my life is too peaceful,
I won't be somebody!

If only I win the
World Gambling Competition,

From Hong Kong, Macau,
America and Australia,

I will become the head of
all gambling business.

You promised, after winning
the championship,

You would go into seclusion.

Don't be silly,at that time,
it's chance to make big money.

You will be famous after being
the wife of World Champion.

I just want stable life.

I don't want to wake up at night.

It's senseless to talk to you.

I've seen Ray Thai's
girlfriend Yuen-fan.

Kill Yuen-fan, then kill Ray Thai.


Beware of the clown.

please lend me the ballons.


No Shadow Kick.

I want to play too.

Why did you take my

It's funny.

My leg isn't
long enough.

Damn you kid!

It's fixed.

Be careful, Yuen-fan.


Are you alright?


I am sorry, Mister.

I am really sorry.

Get lost.


A car crash.

Why don't you let me down?


It's fragrant.

Thai, are you alright?

We are youngsters too,
you should be reasonable.

About traffic accident...

Get lost.

None of my business.

Get lost, don't come close.

Get lost.

Crab's Fist.

I won't be cheated again.

Thai, are you alright?

None of my business.

Let me check your trousers,
it's not decent to wear broken ones.

Don't you recognize me?


What would I answer?

Sister, someone is coming.

Special Squad?

They are heavily armed,
what'll we do?

Cover me.

Is he going?

Let me shoot them!

It's useless,
just one bullet is left.

Let me try.


Watch out!


My name is God,
God Bless You

You made the gun...

Sister, he changed the gun
to be that big.

If you like it,
just take it away.

I am dying!



Don't you recognize me?

If you don't mind, why not come
and have a chat in my place?

Let's study how to make
big money.

Sure, but I have tough

Are you the head of them?

I am Ray Thai, don't you think
I am not their head?

Ray Thai?

So great! He is the
Saint of Macau Gamblers!

He is damn rich!

Junior, he saved your life,

You'd treat him a meal.

Amy meal can do,
I will be satisfied.

Are you giving me face,
Mr.Saint of Gamblers?

You can call me God.

Be careful.


Uncle, are you alright?

Sorry, don't touch me,
leave me alone please.

Mr.Ray, I mean...

Don't tell me Be careful.

I just want to remind you.
Aren't you happy?


I am full.

What's this?

This is antique.

This maul is used by the
Knights of the Round Table.


God, let me show you
how to play it.


You are so stupid!
Watch me.

It's funny, let me try.


What kind of noise is it?

My watch is inside,
get it back.

Let me help you.

Take it out, hurry up!


It's locked.

I can't get it out!

Damn it! It is locked.

My sister hates that!

Are you coming out to
watch the moon?

You have had a fast meal.

In fact, my junior
admires you so much.

If you are free,
just chat with her.

Great, I love chatting
with others.


Don't panic!

The vase is a fake!

It's a fake!

It's antique!


It's from Sung Dynasty!

It's ridiculous!
It must be fake!

It's from Sung Dynasty!
So it must be damn hard.

Say bread, just one day's time will
make it as hard as rock.

It's a vase!

You are cheated.


This is what I thought.

Watch out.


I am not afraid.

Don't panic, I am here!

If you see any cockroach
or rats, just call me.

I will help you to kill it.

Say dying happily
in front of you.

It's alright,
I've got it out for you.


let's back to business.

We decided to join the
World Championship for you.

If we win, we will share the
money 50-50.

Between you and me?

No, it's between
my nephew and me.

And about your profit,
you will find it yourself.

And, I want US $100,000
daily as per dim.

Is that right?

Have you eaten snake?

Your mouth stinks!

He said I have eaten snake.


What are you doing?

I am unhappy.

He is crazy.

God, let's go,come on.

Stay where you are.

Tat, I've said many times.

Don't be childish!
How did I teach you?

You always lose my face.

Why did you eat snake?

Why didn't you study?

You always want to eat!

You have eaten many things tonight,
why do you still want snake?

I tell you, if you go on like this,
I won't care about you.


I want to eat pirate ship.


I will buy you an
airplane tomorrow.

Your watch is right here,

My watch!

Take it, Mr.Ray.

I don't want it, just drop it.

Senior, it's antique.

I don't want it, please drop it.

I am throwing it away, I mean it.


BB glues, it's fixed by one drop.

Statue of Liberty Goddess?

Brother Thai.

Don't come close to me...


I will call the ambulance myself.

You, you always produce disaster!


Sister, don't let him stay
in the same room with you.

I know.

He will be living with you.

What a big trouble!


I can't sleep,
I want to talk with someone.

I won't be sleepy if someone
wants to chat with me.

Do you want to chat with me?


Come here.

I have prepared some
ballons for you.

This is dog.

So funny.

This is swan.

It's really pretty.

You are flattering me.

What else do you know?



I love you, I miss you.

You are a genius.

I know composing songs.

Teach me how to make it.

What are you doing?


You Michael Jacksan!

What do you mean?

Other than making the gun big,
what else do you know?

To see through the cards?

See through the dice cover?


Will you act like the
Ex-Saint of Gamblers?

Can you change one card
to another?

But I can read what's
in your mind.

I can just put my hand...

Touch you, then I know what
you are thinking.

Have something to eat.

Do you know anything
about cards?

Card? Yes.

Wait card...

This is Q and this is King.

Sister, you are inside.

This is decent!

Have one.

I don't want it.

He is here.

That's him.

Brother Thai, good morning.

Good morning.


I couldn't imagine
Saint of Gamblers is so handsome.

Comparing with you,
I am handsome.

He will sponsor you to participate
in the World Championship.

Judging from you ability,
you can represent Hong Kong.

May I represent Cheung Chou?

I love Cheung Chou more.

You nuts! Why do you want to
represent Cheung Chou?

Don't offend him,
or you will be in bad luck.

I wouldn't believe he
would beat me!

If he is nice to you,
it will be even worse too.

So, don't be nice to me.

Just treat me badly, alright?


Cut the crap.

If I am chopped by others,
don't help me.

If I am raped by woman,
don't call the police.


Don't be so nice to me, OK?


What's the smell? Barbecue?

It's your ass burning.


Your ass!

Why didn't you tell me?

You told me not to bother you.

I've said! It's your turn.

I am escaped this time.


What a nice gesture!

Today is the 1st round of the
2nd World Gambling Competition.

Representatives from all
countries have arrived.

This is a world cup of the
gambling field.

Dwarf, what do you think?

According to the rating set by
a British gambling company,

And the rating of the
Japanese triad,

The hot favourite is
Ray Thai from Macau.

One to two.

The second one is Hokei
from Thailand,one to four.

And Pairshifu from
India is one to six.

I have almost forgot a dummy
who rises rapicily in these days.

He is called the Masked Saint
of Gamblers, God Bless You.

He is representing Hong Kong.

They are out.

His rating is one to 4.5.

Uncle, what do you want to
talk to me?

Be smart.

My trousers are loose.

Shut up, you fool!

Uncle, I am called God Bless You,
not Shut Up You.

Please don't criticize my trousers.

What are you doing?

It's fast!

Brother Thai, where are you?

I am here.

Sorry, I am sorry.

I will leave myself,
I will leave now.

Eight floor...
where is it?

What an outstanding

I don't think he is powerful.

How are you?

Keep an eye on the dummy.

Where is it? Here.

My friend.

How are you?

Sorry, you know Cantonese!

May I know your name?

You masked yourself,
I don't think you are a good guy.

Don't misunderstand it,
my mom wants me to be good.




What are you doing?
Why don't you stare at me?

No, you're beautiful.

Do you have 4 threes?

OK, when I play,
I will gamble with my body too.

If you win,

I will be yours.

I follow...


Thailand, Q full house.

Italy, a pair of three
and a pair of seven.

Representative to
Thailand wins.

How come?

Damn it!

I may have a straight flush.

Show hand.

I won't follow.


You are so poor.

Why not go home for farming?

Stop fighting!

The representative of
Macau wins.

Pairshifu, I beg you,
don't follow.

Never follow.

Of if you lose, your family
will starve to death.

My friend, don't touch my cards.

Please control your emotion.

Get lost first.

I beg you, don't follow.

Show hand.

What? Show hand?

You can't bother
your competitor.

A pair of King
and a pair of Aces.

Open it.

Open it.

A, 2, 3, 4, 5, straight,
representative of Hong Kong wins.

That's too cruel.

I can't help you.

The four final candidates
are real elites.

But God Bless You,
the Hong Kong representative.

He gives us a mysterious feeling.

We seldom see anyone begging
his competitor not to follow.

I think he will become
the red hot favourite.

Dwart, eat the banana now.

You said he couldn't win,
didn't you?


I want to retreat!
I want to quit.

Can I retreat?

Alright, sure,
it's of no problem.

I needn't pay others money.

But you have to cut your
dick off.

So direct!
Any other choice?

Or just put it in the
juice mixer.

Any other way?

Let the dog bite it off.

Ray, where do you find
that dummy to help you?!

I don't know him.

Our debt hasn't been
settled yet.


Why were you so scared?

My hair style was in a mess,
so I was scared.

You look familiar to me.

Can't you recognise me?

Beware of sex.

You seem to be well educated.

Be careful, kiddy.

Beware of sex?

Yuen-fan, why did she tell
you such thing?

Where are you going?
That's male toilet.

Be patient...
he will answer whatever you ask.

Do you have faith to
win the championship?

If one has faith, he may not win,
if he hasn't faith,he will lose.

What a common answer!

Stay calm, listen to me.

I think... I will be sure win!
I won't lose.

Those guys are no
match for me.

He is filled with confidence!

Why are you so proud?

I am masked,who will recognise me?
So I can say anything.

Well, let's bluff again.

God of Gamblers retired soon.

Otherwise, he will be
defeated by him too.

You have character!

Mr.Saint of Gamblers,
which director's movie you like most?

I love Wong Jing's movies...

Why do you say Wong Jing?
His movie is so cheap.

Say Wong Ka-wei!

Wong Ka-wei's film.

Woo, you have taste!

His film is great!

Who is Wong Ka-wei?
I haven't heard of that.

That will up-grade you.

Why do you ask so many
reporters here?

He is being watched,
it'll drag him down.

I want him to be red hot

Otherwise, everyone will
pay attention to me.

So how can the Japanese triads
and me to win the lottery?

Are you working with the
international triads?

Don't bother me.

That's why I've got the information
that the lnterpol is watching you.

So what?

Yuen-fan, I just want you to
flatter him.

No love is involved.

When I win the championship,

I will have a world trip with you.

Come on, go over there.

You asked your woman...

To cheat another guy's love.


You've changed a lot.

I am not asking you to
sleep with him.

What king of girl
do you like?

Say pear shape.


That lady is the dream lover of
Mr. Saint of Gamblers.

Now, love is no more secret.

I am the good friend of
Mr.Saint of Gamblers.

Although I am a participant
of the championship.

I made great bet on
Mr.Saint of Gamblers.

I am giving you tips.

Sister, who did bully you?

Isn't that Michael Jacksan?

None of your business.

I will take revenge for you.

Brother Thai,
none of my business.

But it's great!
Just like Masked Superman.

Can't you listen?

Saint of Gamblers always wins.

Now,it's the semi-final
of the World Championship.

In this race,

Ray Thai of Macau is gambling
with Tayson of America.

And the last show
will be exciting!

Saint of Gamblers of Hong Kong
VS Hokei of Thailand.

Look, Saint of Gamblers hasn't
arrived yet.

His fans and his cheering
team are cheering loudly.

Masked Saint of Gamblers
is so popular nowadays.

Look, his shinning card.

I've heard that Hokei has powerful
way to fascinate her competitor.

So, her competitor will
show hand quickly.

He may not easily win.

Four Aces.

Ray Thai, please sign for me.

No problem...

Sign more, please.

100 of your signatures
change one Saint's signature.

I want your signatures too,
make it 100 please.

You have to win.

Saint of Gamblers are here.

Give me back my pen.

Line up...

Damn it!

I will kill you,
or I will name after you.

One by one...


Don't push...

Saint of Gamblers isn't
feeling well, don't push.

Here, thank you.

Don't push, don't push.

none of my business.

I didn't touch,
they touched me.

I know, just win this race.

I'll celebrate with you tonight.

No problem.

Mr.Silly moving the mountain?

There was a mountain in front of
Mr.Silly's house,

Mr.Silly wanted to move it away...

I am going to the race now.

What do you want?

Are you looking for me?

I want a cold drink with
ice-cream and fruits and sego.


So pretty.

Don't get nervous, relax.

I won't eat you.

If you don't eat me,
why not have...

Two hamburgers in front of
the chest...

With cheese and sesame which
will make everyone laughs.

Covered Dee.

It's the call of Jack.

2 million.

I follow.

It's the call of a pair of Jacks.

5 million.

Why they turned off the light?

Follow or not?

You don't want me
to lose, right?

Sure, if I follow,
you will lose.

I have three two, I quit.


Mr.Saint of Gamblers,
what's wrong?

I want to check my drink.

You can't leave the table.

Don't panic, deal now.

God, come here...

You have been hypnotize
by her.

Don't look at her eyes.

What? If I don't look at her,
how can I gamble then?

If you look at her,
you will lose.

If you lose, I will get a dog to
bite your dick off.


Ok, I've got a way.

I've cancelled my drink,
deal now.

I have to change Hokei's
image in my mind.

Your call.

Your call.

Say a million.

Ok, I follow.

It's your turn to call.

5 million.

I will follow.


It's your call.

Show hand.

Hey, you vomit whenever you see me,
what do you mean?

It's disgusting!

Madam, do you want some?


Should I follow?

So disgusting! I should have changed
a better look.

Ok, show hand.

I have three 10s and you?

I have three Kings.
Get lost now.

Get lost.

I wonder! Are you a man?

The representative of
Hong Kong wins!

Now, we have got the candidates
for the final race of tomorrow.

Ray Thai of Macau,

Will gamble against God Bless You,
Masked Saint of Gamblers.

I don't think you should have
further consideration, bet on Saint.

I don't think it'll be so easy!

What do you mean?

Eat the banana! You dwart.

If you bet on Ray, I'll give you
20% discount if you lose.

Thank you...

It's alright, don't panic.

Are you alright? Sit...

Take a seat.

It's a mess today, if I win tomorrow,
I can't imagine what'll happen.

No, you have to win,
or I will let the dog bite you.

You mean it.

You won't win.

Who are you?
How dare you bluff here?

Crab's Fist!

What's wrong with you?

He is fainted, don't panic.

Who are you?

This is my card, call me
Lone Seven.

I am the Special Investigator
of the Interpol.

Lone Seven?

Keep this for me please.

Maybe you know my brother
Lone Five better.

I know...

He sells roasted pigeon,
I love it.

No, Lone Five is the best friend
of the God of Gamblers.

I see, his good friend...

We have paid special attention
to Ray Thai for ages.

He is allied with the
Japanese triads...

To control the illegal!
Gambling rates of the world championship.

You are hot favourite.

And he makes you to be
red hot favourite.

But he won't let you win.

He will find someone to mask
himself and pretend to be you.

No, you are bluffing.

I am not.

He linked with Japan, Korea,
and Taiwan's underground casinos.

Once he becomes the world champion,

He will make use of his fame,

To operate illegal casinos
all over the world.

So many innocent citizens
money will be cheated.

But you are the key person
of his plan.

My senior won't do such
bad things.

Think over it.

Don't you believe you have met
such kind-hearted person?


Think over it and...

Give me a call.

I hope you to co-operate with
the Interpol to pick on Ray.

Who did you talk about?

Saint of Gamblers, take care.

We will meat again.

Damn it!

God, don't listen to others.

Go back,
I will take care of uncle.

Thank you.


Go back with Siu Lone first,
don't think so much.

Get ready be the
World Champion.

Isn't it true?!

You don't look to be sincere.

I am so sincere.

Let's go.

Damn it!

You want me to act
like sincere?!

Thai, the Interpols are coming,
you'd better quit!

So what?

I will be the
world champion soon.

Use your brain.

You are crazy.

You are no longer the
Ray that I loved.

Do you want to beat me?

So what?

No one can stop me.

You'd better sit here.

How is uncle?

He went home alone,
he will meet you tomorrow.

Have a drink.

Thank you.

That Interpol...

He said I am working
for the nasty guy.

Is brother Thai a nasty guy?

He isn't!

He gave the beggars
the food left.

And he sent assassinators
to kill the triads.

And he eats vegetable on the
1st and the 15th of the month.

So, he is a nice guy.

But a vegetarian may not
be a good guy.

My mom said,

I should not learn anything
bad in Hong Kong.

It's good to be a nasly guy,
I can make big money.

It's not fair.

See, the butterfly.

It's gone.


You two Michael Jacksans!

None of my business!
Save me.

I will have the
tattoo for you.

"I love mom"?!

It's for free.

Damn you kid!

How dare you bully the kid!

Go to hell!

Your mouth sinks!


He wants to kill you.

He is useless.

He wanted to rape me
and then killed me.

Sister asked you to
run for your life.


Since Ray wants to kill you.


Be careful.

What are you doing
at the back?

There are snipers.

What'll we do?

Well, let's walk out slowly.


Why don't you walk?

It's so comfortable.

Hurry up.


I will let you hug me
three minutes more, OK?


Why is sister so generous?

What a woman!

Siu Lone, see!
A big pan!


It's nine.

It's nine o'clock, look.

I can't see anything.

Let me hug you.

No, I won't let you
take my advantage.

Siu Lone,go out
and watch for us.

You know you are in dange?

Why did Ray want to kill me?

The final competition
will be held tomorrow.

He knows he is
no match for you.

If you die, he will become
the world champion.

He worries that...

You will co-operate
with Lone Seven.

Ray knows you are saving me,

You will be in danger too.

I've said so!

When I first saw you
in Hong Kong.

I know it's you.

That Stone of Marriage
is really great.

I tell myself, no matter how
difficult it would be,

I should marry with you.

Why are you so unhappy?

Let's get married,
you should be happy.

Are you bullied?

Tell me.

I will avenge you.

I will kill him.

I know you are nice to me.

You are nice.

But, I don't know
how to tell you.

Sorry, I want to
tell you that.

I haven't fallen for you.

I am fine, don't panic.

Do you want tissue?


But I have left that at home.

Are you pulling off a stunt?

I'm glad you laugh.

Let's go.

No, let's stay
more time together.

Don't ruin your
image in my heart.

You have promised to let
me hug you for three minutes.

I think I am not
suitable to stay here.

Why don't you go home?

I will remember you.

Michael Jacksan, don't go.

Michael Jacksan!


May I have a ride?

You shouldn't be that proud.

Are you crossing the harbour?

I will pay you $20 extra...

It's difficult to go home!

"Yuen-fan is caught by Hokei,
she is in danger".

"Come to Tai Lun Godown".

Are you going back to Mainland?

Make it next time.

Here come Little Robot!

You bad eggs!

I am coming to save you.

I want to beat you to death!

How dare you tie her up?
Go to hell!

Do you admit your fault?

I will teach you a lesson!

You are so handsome!

Yuen-fan, don't panic,
I am here to save you.

Be patient! It'll be quick!

Do you want to leave?

If you reach your home town
safely, I will name after you.

So, don't call yourself
Ray Thai.

Call God Thai.

Are you scared?

You aimed sharply!

But you hit my pager.

Stop shooting!
Your bullets are inside your stomach!

Come out.

Let's beat him together.
He'll have no chance to counter attack

Who shot me?


Yuen-fan, are you crazy?

I can't imagine that
you are so despicable!

He wants to leave Hong Kong.
why do you kill him?

Are you alright?
I am fine!

I will be the honorable
King of Gamblers tomorrow.

I won't allow anyone
to damage my image.

So, he should be killed.

God, are you alright?

I am alright.

I won't let you kill him.

Don't move.

for our future,

I have to kill him.

You used such old trick
to flatter girl!

It a woman's mind changes,
you can never ask her bask.

Shut up.

OK, I am now going
to kill him.

If you have guts,
just shoot me to death.

Don't lose your mind!

Don't push me.

God, run!

I won't leave
without a word.

Here is a distant place.

I have to call a
taxi first.

Do you fall for
the Mainlander?

What Mainlander?

Sir, I've heard that,
after two years...

You will be Mainlander too.


I won't kill you two.

You'd better leave.

By the way,
we have three persons here.

Who will you let go?

I don't want you to regret.

Michael Jackson, let's go.

God, let's go.


Why do you beat woman?

Don't stop me.

Chase after that kid!

Again? It hurts.

Are you dying?

This time,
may God bless you!

I should have taken
the van.

Shut up.

I won't kill you for
you were my lover

Do you like this stupid guy?

I will let you stay forever.

Let you become ice-bar!

Close the door and
turn it to be coldest.

Ice-bar? What's that?

Yuen-fan, I don't mind
you not answering me.

But cheer up!
We have to go out.

Ching Ching, you know?

I really love you.

Please give me a chance.

I will take care of you
for the rest of your life.

Sorry, I have something
urgent to make a call.

Wait, I am using the phone.

I want to save someone's life!

I am now propose to you.

Let me use the phone
first please.

No way!

Ching ching,
I really love you.

I want to beat you to death....

How dare you stop me
from making a call?

I want to speak to Lone Seven,
the lnterpol.

It's a steam bath!

I am cold.

Are you cold?
Wear my clothe.

Hug me tight.

You are bleeding! Hold it.

We can get out.

Don't worry, I will transfer
my power to you.

Hold it.

Stop passing me your power.

Or, you will lose
all your power.

Never mind.

No if you have no power,
you can't defeat Ray Thai.

I can make it.


Shut up! Woman shouldn't say
a word on man's business.

Yuen-fan, how are you?

You should hang on.

You can't dial you are
the only hope of mine.


You handle the six on the left.

And I'll handle
the two on the right.

Kidding? I am a kid

So, let's exchange.


You chose it yourself.

I want a change.


Wrong judgment again.

How dare you bully a kid!
I will show you the last stance.

You are great!

You too.

Sister may be over there.
let's go.


How are you?

Send her to hospital.

Saint of Gamblers always wins...

I love Ray Thai...


What a big trouble!

Sing disappeared before
the competition.

Now, God disappears too.

They just want to
drag me to death.

Time's up, if you don't go now,
Ray will be the champion.

I lost 80% of my power.

If I go, it'll be useless.

I have to stay with Yuen-fan.

If you don't go,

It will be not
fair for her to be shot.

Go, it's useless for you
to stay here.


If you want me to go,

Shed a tear for me.

I did see such scene
in a TV drama.

Not any tear!

Today is the final competition
for the world Championship.

The HK Masked Saint of Gamblers
is the red hot favored.

No matter we judge from any angles,
he is the winner.

So, in UK and Japan,
the paying rate is one $1 to $12.

It's like Brazil in the
world cup, sure win!

But he hasn't shown up yet.

See Ray Thai, he is so
handsome looking!

You can tell he is
like a champion!

Why not bet some on him?

If lose, I will eat as many as
bananas you ask.

Really? Why not this one.

According to the regulations
of out competition.

The late comer will be the loser,
he can't be late for one minute.

Brother Thai, you are our fiend.

Please ask them to delay the
competition for 15 minutes.

Anyway, you will lose.

Who are you? I don't know you.

Stop playing! Are you pretending
to lose your memory?

Come on...

Security, take thus guy
away from me.

Brother Thai,
don't be so serious.

Why do you do so?

I know him, I really know him.

International judge,
if Saint of Gamblers is late.

I request you to make
me the winner.

Still 4 minutes left.

Just throw you watch away.

Still 5 minutes left.

Are you watching
out of order?

Hands off!

Stop messing up.

Saint of Gamblers
always wins!

Here comes Saint of Gamblers!

It's just bullshit!

So what?

Who hit my head?
I warn you.

Now, time's up.

According to the regulations,
if any candidate can't appear on time.

It means a give up,
now I declare...

Uncle, wait.

What? Douglas?

I am the smartest...

Do you want a ton of oil?
Do you are drawn.

Call me, if you answer correctly
and you are drawn

You will get it.

Hold it and eat it.

Now, they haven't gambled yet!

Maybe, you will eat it later.

God, do you want to
scare me to death?

I don't want you to
pretend as dog and bite me.

Now, you have chips of
US $1 Billion.

These are won from your
previous competitions.

As another word, the winner
will get US $2 billion.

Judge, who is he?

He isn't masked, how to prove
that he is Masked Saint of Gamblers?


If you like... alright,
I will do it again.

I will wear it.


He is Masked Saint of Gamblers.

Do you have proof against it?

I have betted much money on him.

You are wise.

If you didn't want to control
the lottery, and made me...

to be the red hot favorers,
you would have been the champion.

Now, I have to ruin you plan.

Ruin your plan... to die!

Mr. Saint of Gamblers,
you can't sing and dance here.


Don't you think your
supernatural power is great?

This is a long table, you have to
use 10 times of your power.

By the way....

Take it out.


I have applied to
sit inside this box.

This can violate the waves.

And it won't be affected
by any waves.

I don't think you can
check my card.

Mr. Ray.

Brother Thai, you love setting
a loud speaker in your coffin!

Any air-condition?

Cut the crap, deal now.

Isn't the box that great?

Although my energy
is almost used up,

I think...

I have to take a risk.

Do you want to see my card?
You can pay!

Are you alright?

I am fine.

Go on playing.

Mr. Saint of Gamblers,
Ace will call.

Say $5 dollars,
Thank you.

And give me back the change.

At least a million.

Take this one.

I want to raise 10 million.

Since we are youngster,
I will follow.

He may have flush or straight,
and I have a pair of kings.

Let me bluff him.

Show hand.

Plus the watch, please.

Damn you kid!
You are playing tricks!

I'm sure he is playing trick!

I have great chance,
I should have no reason to eerie

Alright, do you want to
lose faster?

I will let your wish come true.

They don't have any
gambling technique.

But he has character.

You will eat the bananas, dwarf!

Kid, it's of no use for
having a pair.

If I get straight or
a flush, you will lose.

You have done so many bad deeds.

You won't be that lucky.

I won't give it a damn.

Watch, I am protected by God...

I won't give it a damn!

You will lose!



Let's wait and see.

The most exciting moment
is coming, dear audiences.

What card do you want to see?


Three aces.

Yes, three of a kind.

This mister.

Full house.

Yes, full house!

How about the other audiences?

Full house...

It's so exciting! Deal now.

Don't be that nervous.

What's that?

Isn't it straight flush?

No, but I have a straight.

Do you want to win?

Make it three aces.

Can I change another card?

Show me your cards.

Come on...

Show me your cards, come on.

Hold it!

Siu Lone.

Sister is no long
in the danger now.

She wants to tell you something.

I've recorded that by V8.

God, after so many
things happened.

I have something to tell you.

They've gone so far!

I love you.

You needn't be that excited!

So artistic!

I am scared to death!

So horrible!

My hair stands!

Go and take a seat.

I am coming.

So touching! I mean it.

I have got the support now.

I asked you to show me your cards.

You are just acting like a clown.

Show hand!

Sorry, you've done that already.

Make it next time.

Oh, sorry.

Show me your cards.

Damn it, I should have three aces
in order to defeat his straight.

I have only one way.

Since I have strong power now,
I have to try.

Just change it.

Changing card...

What is he doing?

He wants to change the card!

But he doesn't know how.

Isn't he that powerful?

It's still king.


A two?

Uncle, are you fainting too?

How dare you show hand
with a covered two?

Go to hell.

I am the world champion!

What? How come it's a two?

My covered card is changed,
it should be an ace!

What's wrong?

I don't know, I don't know I have
changed his card too.

Judge, So?

He has a pair of Aces,
you have got a king.

Go home for a sleep now.

Let me out first.

Let me out! I have got an ace!


Judge, I am ready,
you may declare now.

The champion of the 2nd world
championship is Saint of Gamblers.

God Bless you.


Isn't the result declared?


Wear the robe for the winner now.

Let me have a kiss first.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Have the bananas, you dwarf!

Let me go.

He lost all money,
he has no money to pay us.

Let's follow Saint of Gamblers.

You betrayer!

Saint of Gamblers.

Thank you... I love you all.

Saint of Gamblers, we are coming.

Let me go.

What's up?
Electricity cut?

Let me out,
I am afraid of darkness.

Come out.

Who are you? You are so nice!

I felt damn hot!

I am police, I come to arrest you.

When will you marry?

Have you decided your date of wedding?
When will you have baby?

I will marry on the next day.

My son was born yesterday.

This is the chief editor
Lai Chi of Pineapple Daily.

He wants to interview you.

You are the boss of the
underground reporters?

Yes, he gives you face to
interview you by himself...

For the sake of the readers,
I want to ask...

We've checked that Yuen-fan and
you have lived together for ages.

And you have two sons
and a daughter.

You have secret affair
with Mr.Tat.

So, we have sent someone
to your hometown.

To take your mom and her
adulterer's picture.

And we sent his blood for a test.

To see whether you are his son or not.

Do you admit the above facts?

If you don't admit that, I will be happier.
Go ahead and sue me.

Uncle San.

I am back.

God is so nice to me!

Mom, I've got it!