The Sacred Spirit (2021) - full transcript

Julio is dead. It's terrible news for OVNI Levante, the association of ufology aficionados that he ran. The death hits one its members, José Manuel, particularly hard. Julio and he had a secret project to change human destiny. Now he must carry on alone.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

"And then they're sold
whole or in parts

"to those who worship the devil.

"The organs of baptized people
are of no use to them,

"nor are those of retards.

"The good thing
about having a retarded child"

"is that you won't have to worry
about them getting kidnapped."

"The bad thing
is that they're retarded."

"That's why I think there should be
lots of priests in hospitals,"

"to baptize everyone
as soon as they're born."


"When I look at a flower,"

"I think
that it's an intoxicating smell,"

"its beautiful colors
and stunning, luscious shapes"

"are passing on a message to me."

"I think that it's a message from God
and I feel…."

Hello, Charo,
I'm so sorry about what happened.

You must keep the faith.

Thank you.

It will all work out.

This is a nightmare.

- Hi. Charo, right?
- Yes. We got here early.

It's through here.

We're going to start soon,
okay, Charo?

You've done this many times,

but if, for whatever reason,
you get nervous,

let me know and we'll stop.

- This isn't live, okay?
- Thank you.

Just relax,
we're doing this to help you.

So, just relax.


You'll know by now that Elche
has been in the hot seat recently.

The city has garnered
national media attention,

this time, due to some sad news,

which has left us all
with a heavy heart.

As of today, it has been 25 days
since the disappearance of little Vanesa,

the ten-year-old
whose whereabouts have been unknown

since that fateful Tuesday
in February.

Today, we're here to tell Charo
that we haven't forgotten Vanesa

and that we're still supporting the case
by doing our part.

How are you holding up?
I imagine not very well, right?


Charo, you're 24,
you were a very young mom.

You also have another daughter,
Vanesa's twin.

You're quite the fighter, right?

- Your daughter is Verónica, right?
- Yes, Vero.

How are you and your daughter Vero
holding up?

I suppose that,
as awful as this situation is,

at least you're feeling
the public's support.

Yes. What I would like to say

is that if you see Vanesa anywhere
or any little thing,

please call 116
with any information.

We'll put the number
at the bottom.

This is the number that the police set up
for missing persons.

With regards to the investigation,

we've heard
that the police are focusing

on those with ties to the girls' dad
who died recently…

Sorry, but the police advised me
not to talk about that.

Sure, it's still an open investigation.

Well, as I was saying before,

this is Vanesa's twin sister.

- Hi, Vero.
- Hello.

The clothes she's wearing

are the same as the ones Vanesa wore
the day she went missing.

Could you stand up
and give us a twirl?

That's right.

Vanesa was wearing
a very distinctive backpack like this.

It's a cat.

Yes, but Vane's had two eyes.

Oh, two eyes.

Could you turn around?

- Her hair was also the same, right?
- Yes.

They're identical,
like two peas in a pod.

Remember, if you've seen a girl
who looks exactly like this,

please call the number
that appears on the screen.

It's a 24-hour phone service

and any clue, any evidence,
however small, is relevant.

Thank you for your cooperation.

There is a place where magic exists.

Do you dare to visit it?

Open your mind
and be swept away by mystery.

At the New Dawn occult shop,

you will find products

to guide you towards
your mystic destination.

At Spain 2 Footwear
you'll find what you're looking for.

You have the right to live in peace.

You have the right to keep on smiling.

Legal advice services…


Total square meters is one thing
and living space is another.

Yes, Pascual,
it is fit to live in.

But you can't go between the walls

where all the plumbing
and pipework and stuff are.

You can't live there,
even if it is in your building.

The legislation for selling apartments

works with living space
and total square meters.

We didn't make the rules.

Pascual, we're friends,
do you really think I would con you?

I have to go. The office is closing
and I have visitors.

If you want,
we can meet tomorrow.

I'll take you out to breakfast

and I'll clear up
this whole apartment business for you.

Okay, thanks, Pascual.
See you tomorrow. Bye.

"Dear colleagues and friends,

"we have gained a week of experience
in our lives since our last meeting.

"Seven days in which we, tiny humans,
have let cosmic events pass us by.

"Whilst we were busy
with our earthly misfortunes,

"a million stars exploded up there
and another million were born.

"Thousand-year-old civilizations

"wars between spatial forces
were declared,

"and races from different worlds
signed pacts of brotherhood.

"Reflecting on the week
since our last meeting,

"I realize just how small we are,"

"like a microbe looking at an ant in awe
because of its size."

"With the utmost humility
and awareness of our insignificance,"

"I welcome you to the 37th meeting"

"of the Ovni-Levante
Association of Ufology."

Julio, before we begin,
I'd like to add a document to the file.

It's a photocopy of a news article
in El Correo Español,

from October 1984.

I've made a photocopy for each of you,
in case you're interested.

"On 14th September this year,

"in the city of Vitoria at 9:30pm,

"a UFO was spotted,

"leading to a 15-minute power cut
across the whole city.

"During this time,
it got the electrical Timex Printer"

"to break away
from established programs"

"and the usual computer codes,"

"and print a binary message
which is as follows,"


Maybe it's not for us, right?

It might've been
an intercepted message for aliens.

Or maybe it was for us,
but we can't understand it.

Many astral entities try to communicate
with us through electronic devices,

but either we don't understand,

or we assume it's just noise
or that it needs tuning.

That reminds me…
that there's a similar text

echoing what you just told us.

I want to share it with you.

"On 2nd December 1978,

"Emilio Carrascosa,
a cement factory employee,

"was driving down the road
from Buñol to Godelleta,

"when he saw a dazzling light
in the sky.

"At that moment,
the radio, which was on,

"had voice interference.

"The voice was deep, intense,
slow and monotonous,"

"clearly artificial, robotic."

"It spoke in an unknown language."

"He changed the station,"

"but the voice continued
until the light disappeared."

All of these phenomena
that we've just heard about and read,

are completely unfathomable
to us nowadays.

But I hope that over time
and in the very near future,

when the human mind and intelligence
develop to their full potential,

that all of these things
will be comprehensible for us.

Thanks, Raúl,
for your contribution to the group.

Thanks, Raúl.

Regarding our sighting trip, have you
brought us the measurements, Raúl?

I have them here.

I've already checked the forecast
and it looks like good weather.

All we need to do
is sort out the cars, transport,

and food for the whole allergy thing.

I can't eat cheese.

I can't either,
or seafood or nuts or soy…

Labor consultant, public prosecutor,
and accountant Miguel Porras.

You deal with your work or business
and we'll deal with the rest.

Count on Miguel Porras' expertise…


José Manuel, careful with the lion.

The lion's coming.
The lion's coming.

What? What did you see?

A very big lion.

It's outside.
You can see it from the window.

It has a very big shadow.

Shut everything properly
so it doesn't see us.

Mom, is this what you saw?

Yes, very big, like a house.

It's coming soon and it's hungry.

The lion's coming.


It has now been 32 days
since the disappearance of Vanesa.

Our love and support go out
to her whole family and all her loved ones.

On another note,
Easter's around the corner

and we're joined
by Antonio Tomás.

He's President of the Main Committee
of the Elche Brotherhood.

- Good morning, Antonio.
- Good morning.

You've got quite the entourage.

Yes, they're members of…

If someone knocks on the door,
be careful.

They might look well-dressed,
but they'll have an Eastern accent.

They'll say they have perfume
from a high-end brand,

but they're selling it cheap
as it's factory surplus.

If you smell it, it puts you to sleep.

They'll take a piece of you,
open you up and take an organ.

They usually take
a kidney or the liver.

They're Eastern European.

That doesn't mean
that they're all bad,

but these are the worst
of Eastern Europeans.

Hi, Mercedes.

José Manuel, listen,

that woman over there is Mercedes
and she's in a bad way.

We can help her.

Her husband died recently

and she's felt his presence
ever since.

- Brigi, my mom can't do it anymore.
- Well, we have to try.

He's driving her crazy,

moving furniture around,
opening wardrobes.

It would just be a case
of having him enter your mom

so she could talk to him
and see what happens.

She's done it before.

I wouldn't ask
if Mercedes wasn't desperate.

No can do.
My mom isn't my mom anymore.

Find someone else,
my mom can't do it now.

There's no one like your mom.

I know. I'm sorry, but no.

Sorry, my mom's in a very bad way
and she can't do it.

- Hi, José, how's it going?
- Hi.

- How are you doing?
- Hanging in there.

Your colleagues gave me this
to give to you.

Tell them thanks, I mean it.

Just as there's medicine
for other illnesses,

that's how we should view death,

as a treatable and curable illness.

We were created to be immortal

and immortality isn't a godly thing,

it's a human characteristic.

So why do we die?

The answer is simple.

The alien scientists who created us
are scared of us.

They injected us
with this fear of death

to prevent us
from finding and destroying them.

They fear their creation
will rebel against them.

Immortality means having time
to travel to their planet,

the place from which
our creators observe us.

It takes thousands of years of travel
to get there.

Immortal beings
could take on that cosmic journey.

Now we're finally learning
to free ourselves from death.

We've all heard the stories
about people who don't need to eat,

who live off the sun or breath,

or about those
living in the Amazon rainforest

who claim to be 300 years old…

Vero, don't waste my battery.

Austrian scientists left the nun,
Teresa Neumann,

alone in a room
with no food or water,

monitored 24/7.

She survived without any food
for over a month.

Immortality is possible,
it's innate to us.

Coming up, I will reveal its secrets
exactly as they're explained

in ancient alien manuscripts
hidden in the Vatican.

I recommend downloading this video
in case it gets taken down.

Before creation,
there was no Earth, nor sky,

nor time, nor movement.

The only thing that existed

was what Egyptians called
"primeval waters",

an ocean containing the vital essence
of the Demiurge,

which somehow came to life
to create itself first,

then everything else afterwards.

The Egyptians thought that water
was the nectar of the gods,

the place where spirits slept
before embarking on the journey of life.

We're certain
that the ancient parchments

being analyzed at the university's
Dept. Of Egyptology contain secrets…

Good, we're all here.

I'm afraid I must inform you

that my father, Julio, died two days ago
of a sudden heart attack.

He was buried today.

I was told by your colleagues
that once a week,

you held association meetings
in this office.

From now on, you won't be able
to hold meetings here.

I'm taking over
and there will be changes.

I hope you understand.

I've been going over my father's files

and I found this
with all of the association's files.

I understand that it must now be
in the Vice-President's safekeeping.

According to the statutes,

the person
who has been tasked with this

is "Cosmic Pharaoh".

I don't know which of you that is.

- José Manuel.
- Me.

Raúl, it's your grandad's birthday
and I don't want you to miss it.

Don't miss it
because it's going to be a surprise.

That's it.

I want you to behave
and be good.

I want to feel proud of you,
to be able to say,

"My grandson is such a good,
handsome boy."

Okay, Grandma,
don't worry, I won't be late.

I can't talk right now
or go visit you.

I've just had some bad news.
I'll see you soon.

Did you know that Julio had a son?


He never spoke about his private life.

That's because we're his private life.

I met him
because in the last page of his book,

he wrote, "I would be delighted
to meet any readers"

"who wish to join me
on this astral journey,

"and who have a PO box."
So, I wrote to him.

You have to think of it like a car:
You look after a car, fix it,

do it up to make it stand out,
whatever it is.

But a car lasts you a few years
and this car is flesh.

It seems like we die,
but we get in another car

and keep learning more,
knowing more and getting wiser,

and your car keeps improving.

Julio's in a really fancy car now,
so here's to Julio.





This morning,
at the Aparadora Gardens,

the weekly protest took place

carried out by workers
of Elche's footwear industry,

headed by the slogan,
"More job security!"

This gathering
has turned into a weekly event

and its organizers
say it will continue

until their demands have been met
by the authorities.

According to the Ministry of Labor,

40% of jobs in the footwear industry
in Elche

are carried out unofficially in homes
and secret workshops

in exchange for cash
that business owners don't declare.

This means no social security
for a predominantly female workforce.

We're here because we're sick
of being enslaved.

We work…

- Hi.
- Hi, Uncle.

Mom, listen.

Mom, it's Vane.

Do you see her?

Do you see Vane?


Can you hear me, Mom?

Mom, say something.

Tell me you see her.
Can you see her?

Mom, it's me. It's Charo.

Tell me you can see Vane.

Please tell me you know
where she is.

Mom, talk to me, please.

Did you see her, Mom?

Do you know anything about her?

Tell me you've seen her.

Is this yours?


This has been in space, you know.

A man was wearing it
when he was abducted.

- Abdu…
- Abduct.

It's when aliens
take you somewhere else.

The person it belonged to was my friend
and he was very famous, look.

He wrote about his entire experience
with the aliens.

He did radio and TV interviews.

People listened to his message.

He was a remarkable guy.

Did he die?

Physically, yes.

But life and death
meant something different to him.

I got nothing.

All she said was,
"Careful with your eyes."

She said it a few times,
"Careful with your eyes."

Is your eyesight okay?


Maybe you need to go
for a check-up.

It's better to use this kind of bread

because it's softer
and absorbs the batter more.

It's like a sponge cake.

You'll see how yummy they are.

First, put butter on one side
and mustard on the other.


Put quite a lot of cheese inside
so it melts.

Add some ham
and then close it properly.

Dip it in the milk first,
then in the egg.

Put it in the frying pan
with a lot of oil.

It was our favorite sandwich.

Uncle José Manuel would always make them
when we were home alone

without your grandma knowing.

She didn't let us use the frying pan
with that much oil.

We saw it a while back
on Arguiñano's cooking show.

It was the first thing we'd do
when grandma had to leave,

which was unusual,
she always had visitors here.

It only happened
two or three times a year, right?

Once, your grandma
had to leave after lunch

and we ended up
having a second lunch.

We'd eat them
even when we were full.

We made the most
of any opportunity.

It was like Christmas dinner.

I haven't made them since I left home
because I can't cook,

otherwise, I would've made some
for you girls.

I was looking forward to them again.

Me too.

Leave me alone.

I don't want you
to answer or look at me,

just hear me out.

I really loved your husband,
God rest his soul.

He was like a son to me,
the girls were like my granddaughters.

The police won't stop questioning
and following me, and I'm sick of it.

I haven't done anything.

I don't have anything
to do with what happened.

I did what I did in the past,

but right now,
I'm just trying to get by.

I'm telling you
for your peace of mind.

Shall I weigh it?

Pass it here.

It's 1.7 kg,
so that's two euros, okay?


- How's it going?
- Good.

Look, just picked up the bike from the
repair shop and it's fucking great.

I might go to the mountains again
and trash it.

It's awesome.

I added a disc brake.
It's fucking awesome.

Smooth as fucking shit.

A neighbor of mine
gave me another bike for free.

So, like, now I have two.

Okay, then.
Talk soon, dude.

Today is a bank holiday,

so I have to charge
the bank holiday fee.

Does your insurance cover theft?

No, it wasn't burglars.

I left the key inside
and had to break the lock.

I thought it was people
from Eastern Europe.

Sometimes I see them break shutters
that way.

Could I have your name
for the invoice?

- Your name, please?
- José Manuel García Martínez.

- Congratulations.
- Why?

Today is your saint's day.
My name is José, too.

What was that?

What happened?

Your attention, ladies.

The upholsterer collects the order
and then delivers it to your home.

Ask about prices and an estimate
with no obligations.

Attention: All jobs guaranteed
with major discounts.

Attention, attention.

The upholsterer's van is in town.

Residents were taken by surprise
this morning by a powerful explosion.

The cause was a gas butane bottle
that was tampered with.

Oh, my God!

The occupant died immediately.

The investigation is determining
whether it was suicide or not.

Neighbors claim that the woman,
recently widowed,

suffered from severe anxiety.

It's a shame what happened,
but it was on the cards.

She was paranoid,
said her husband appeared to her…

Didn't leave her be
even after he died!

He threatened to do it,
and he kept his word.

He was an evil man.

The most evil man on Earth.
One of those…

Mom, listen to me, please.

This is important, okay?

I need you to use the parts
of your brain that work.

I need to talk to Julio.
Please bring him to me.

Come on.

Try and find him, Mom.

It would mean
sharing with my mom.

We'd have to split
the electricity and water bills.

I was at the venue too

when I was
in the Static Modernism Association,

until they fell out.

Hey, Raúl.
I was just telling José Manuel

that my mom's Fibromyalgia Association

shared a venue with singers
who were dropping like flies.

They can't find new choir members.

They've lost interest or something.

It would mean sharing the venue
with my mom.

We'd also have to split
the electricity and water bills.

I went there when I was
in the Static Modernism Association,

then they fell out.

It's a bit cold inside,
but summer will be here soon.

It's boiling hot in summer though.

Check it out.
This is Miguel.

He's always with me.

This is the spaceship
that took him away.

This is how I picture Miguel now.

This is a tribute to Maikel.

This is the first tatt I got,
my mom's name.

I got this rose with eyes
for my granddad.

It represents the gods.

The rose with a clock,
it means time is precious.

This is the skull the tattoo artist
showed me.

I liked it and had it inked.

"Julio, space beckoned you,
you listened to its call and heeded it.

"You cannot ignore the call of space.

"We know you were there before,

"so we know you'll be
in a cosmic home

"full of wonders
and advanced technology.

"You escaped your biological form
to become part of the cosmic oneness.

"The body behind this niche

"is merely flesh,
with just a symbolic value.

"A body is like a vehicle made of flesh
that we renew now and again.

"Now you have rejoined your cosmic friends,
who taught us so much through you."

"We will celebrate the night
of the sighting in your honor."

"Those of us still on Earth"

"will look to the sky
and search for a new star."

"If you want to tell us something,"

"we will be watching and waiting
this Saturday."

"Signed by your colleagues, friends
and disciples."

"José Manuel, Raúl, Andrea,
Raúl and Raúl."

Another one.

Another one.

My mom asked me for some.

She sprinkles soil on her bed,
then she sleeps better.

My gran used to do it,
she fell fast asleep.

- Want some?
- I'll have a bit.

You guys go ahead.
I'm going to try and find my dad,

all of this looks the same.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Raúl, can I ask a favor?
Could you drop me off?

I have the craniosacral
bio dynamics meeting.

It's at eight, but there's a park
over the way. I'll wait there.

Sure thing.

This is staying here
from now on.

No one is going
to steal it again.

No one.

No one will steal it
chained up like this.

They'll never steal it.

No one is going
to steal this from me.

It'll stay right here.

Now they'll never steal it.

I don't want anyone
to take it away.

No one is getting it.

Now no one will ever steal it.

You've got it, Paco.

You've got this.


Perfect, Paco.

Lift it a bit.

Now you have it.

Now you have the hang of it.

He's a real hero. He needs to be well-fed
or he won't have the strength!

A nice bit of ham.

He's stocky.

He's stocky.

It's like a dead weight.

It weighs about 300 kilos.



It reminds me of that girl
who went missing in Portugal,

the little blonde one.

Her parents were on TV day and night,
on the news, looking for her.

Then I realized
that they didn't have to bloody work.

Don't say that.

We're here to support you
and help you with whatever you need.

We can help you with work.

We can do it between all of us.

Thank you all,
I mean it with all my heart.

- You can count on us.
- I know that.

But work keeps my mind off things.

Besides, the police told me
I can't do anything else.

You know what to do
if you change your mind.

Post a message to the group
and we'll come.

It's at times like this
that we really have to pull together.

Vero, don't eat everything
we brought you all at once

or you'll get a belly ache.

One day at a time.

Take care.
Remember what we said.


To cleanse and drain the energies
and remove bad vibes in the air,

you have to put it high up on a shelf
in a glass jar.

The water will turn black every month.

Change the water
and throw it in the toilet,

with all the bad energy.
And that's it.

Don't touch the water,
it's very dangerous.

Wear gloves, then put it back in a jar
on the shelf.


Thanks. Bye.

This was under the door.

Someone could slip on it.


I have to go, José Manuel.
The police called me.

I don't know where to,
maybe Turkey.

They think they found Vane,
that's all I know.

I have no one to leave her with.
Could you take her?

Behave yourself with Uncle.

What's this?

Pork loin with tomato.

- What about this?
- Garlic potatoes.

- And this?
- Fried chicken blood with onions.

Is this Russian potato salad?


What about this salad?

It has surimi sticks in it.

They're super affectionate.

He doesn't ever make a fuss.

Good boy!

He loves bread.
It's his weakness.

Hop on to my shoulder.

- Good boy!
- What a performance.

See that?
They're really affectionate.

They take a while to begin with…

- Bit by bit.
- What? Hop off.

Good boy!

If he doesn't know you,
he won't go to you.

He's a bit shy to begin with.

Huh? What's that?

You can play Candy Crush
if you're bored.


José Manuel.

It's been ages
since I last saw you.

- How's your mother?
- So-so.

Sure, it doesn't get better.

Hey, you look great.
Are you okay?

I'm good.
This is my niece.


You know that you'll always
have a place here.

Go take a seat while I sort out
the PowerPoint.

See you in a bit.

José Manuel!

How are you, sweetheart?
It's been a long time.

You've been neglecting us.
How's your mother?

Not good…

We're always thinking of you.

I'm sure she is thinking of us too.

I dream of her a lot at night.

I know that it's her,

I sense that she's the one
who visits me at night.

Her mind flies free.

This is José Manuel.

My friend Carmina's son.

She's a clairvoyant,
but now she has Alzheimer's…

I've known him since he was little.

When we went to her house…

Everything was leopard print,
curtains, vases.

She loved leopard print.

He greeted us very politely

and told us when we could go
into the room.

- Who are you, sweetie?
- Thank you.

Thank you to everyone once again.

Thank you for coming here
to the Silver Chord.

Today's talk is going to be
very interesting.

Our guest is Ignacio Apaiza.

This isn't the first time
Nacho is with us.

Some of you will remember him.

And for those who don't know him,
he describes himself thus.

"A Cosmic Soul Pilot,
an Astral Facilitator,"

"and a Sculptor of Emotions."

All yours, Nacho.

Firstly, I'd like to ask you
to close your eyes.

We will share this darkness.

Now, slowly,
I want you to open your eyes

and see the world
like you had just been born.

In this room,
there is someone special.

Someone whose destiny
is reflected in their eyes.

I'll let each one of you
think about it.

"Is it me?
Is it the person next to me?"

"Is it David, who I thank once again
for this invitation?"

Who would that special person be?

It doesn't matter who it is,

because now I'm going to ask you

to join together
as if we were one single being.

I ask you to synchronize
our heartbeats.

Focus on a single shared heartbeat.

From this moment on,
we are all one.

This is what I refer to
as "the metaphysical heartbeat".


… of bodily sacrifice.

I prefer to call it "donation".

The body is expendable.

It is undoubtedly
the least valuable thing we possess.

What we cherish inside, however,
remains intact.

That feeling of joy carries us
through life floating in the air,

like it were cradling us.

While the slumbering human
crawls through the physical world,

we spread out calmly
through the astral one

until we merge with the whole.

This was your mom's room
when she was little.

Why do we never come here?

Your mom and Gran had a row.

Because Vane and me were born?

Yeah. Gran wasn't pleased
to be a granny so young,

and she didn't like your dad.

Because he was a heroin addict?

Mom says that you can be a heroin addict
and a good person as well.

She says my dad was like that,
but not his friends.

What's the difference between
a heroin addict and a coke addict?

Well, heroin addicts are worse,
but they're more relaxed.

Coke addicts are always searching
for something, they are jumpy.

Now Gran doesn't understand anything
or leave the house, right?


Not in a wheelchair and with no lift.
She hasn't been out for a year.

But she likes TV.
The doctor said turn on the subtitles.

It's good for her memory,
she has to read all the time.

There's a boy in a wheelchair
in my class too.

- Is he a friend?
- Yeah.

He says the only good thing
about a wheelchair

is that nobody picks on you.



José Manuel.

I'm Julio.

Come with me, please.

This man is called José María.

I can talk to you thanks to him.

I've come back to tell you
something very important.

They took her away, didn't they?

- She was ready.
- Yes.

I know who they are,
they're watching me.

They've been spying on the bar,
they put stuff under the door.

José Manuel,
we must carry on as planned.

There is her twin.

But she's not ready.

Only you know the prayers.
Besides, it's tomorrow night.

We still have time.

You needed weeks of sessions
with Vane.

How will you do it in one day?

It's different now.

I'm not human anymore,
I have more powers.

What's it like where you are?

It's impossible to describe it
in human language.

I understand.

Julio, I'm so glad
to be here with you again.

Don't worry about the members,
they think we're looking for UFOs.

Look what I bought.

We can use it tomorrow.

A sentence.

A sentence is a group of words
that has a full meaning

and is used to express
ideas, feelings,

things that happen, will happen,

or already happened.

That is a sentence.

For example, if I say,

"The teacher writes on the board"
that's a…

Are you not hungry, Vero?

- I don't like it.
- Hang on.

Thank you.

- Elena.
- What's up?

- I don't like this.
- But they're chickpeas.

I want the same as her.

No. Come on, eat up.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

What about Pluto?

My friend Manu
has an old science book

where Pluto does appear,
but not in mine.

Teacher says the new book
is what counts

and we shouldn't use old books.

But Manu's mom can't afford
to buy him a new one.

It's good to learn these things,
they're important.

I like learning
about the Solar System.

And I like what we're doing in Art
and in PE too.

But I'm sick of them
feeling sorry for me

and treating me like a retard.

Also, next week is culture week.

They're going to make a mural of Vane
and they want to use me as a model.

And I fancy doing that

like I fancy eating poo
out of a dirty sock.

Well, anything can happen
between now and next week.

How about one of these?

I bet you want one of these.

In Vega Baja Bakeries you'll find
all of these and much more.


Remember what I told you about Julio
who was in space with aliens?

He's here. We can talk to him
and he can reply using this man's voice.

He's called José María. Okay?

He needs to talk to you.

It's very important.
I can't be with you.

I'll be waiting for you here.

I'm starting up.

I'm starting up.

I'm starting up.

An entrepreneur of the future
needs a modern legal advisory service.

The legal advisory group
Future Century

offers tax, accounting
and legal advice services.

Future Century sponsors
I'm Starting Out.

My name is F.J. Carrasco

and I'm the author of
Ancestral Wisdom for Entrepreneurs,

a manual that gathers
ancestral knowledge

and applies it
to the business world.

At the dawn of humanity,
there were enterprises, business deals,

managed assets,
carried out market studies,

and general accounting plans.

Even before Homo Sapiens appeared,

there was a business culture
on our young planet.

This book enables business people,
big or small,

or potential entrepreneurs,

to learn about and delve
into this ancient source of wisdom,

and use it in today's world.

I've compiled this knowledge
to help today's entrepreneurs.

We know that if they win,
we all do.

If the entrepreneur is successful,
we are all successful.

If may seem naïve or utopian,

but I wrote this book
to create a better world.

Actually, I'd like to say
that this book was revealed to me.

Sometimes, while typing,

I noticed that my fingers moved
by themselves.

I was not in control of the words
on the screen.

There were times,
like in the chapters on outsourcing

and intelligent networking,

when I felt that I was simply
transmitting knowledge.

I would almost say that
Ancestral Wisdom for Entrepreneurs

is a book of spells
for entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

Let's think
about the words we use.

What does "ancestral" mean?

Something ancient.
But it is also something that lives on.

Stones remain,
the ground we walk on remains,

the same ground
our ancestors walked on.

We must recover what is ancestral
as a source of true knowledge.


It may seem like nothing happened,
but you've become very important.

Look, a spirit has existed
for a thousand centuries.

When the sun shines, don't you see
things floating in the air?


It's the spirit.

It looks for someone born
under special circumstances,

like you and your sister.

Julio told me in secret
so I'd help him.

I was taking care of Vane
while he prepared her.

But they've taken her
and you're the new chosen one.

Julio blessed you with prayers
the aliens taught him.

Now the spirit can go into you
and take on its true form.

Will I turn into this?


But first,
we need to invoke the spirit.

It's a lovely ceremony,
but very complicated.

It can only be performed
tomorrow night,

because time will be different.

When it's inside you,

everyone's life will change
for the better.

That scares some people,
they want to prevent it.

They're a very ancient secret sect.

Anyone can be one of them.

They found where we hid Vane
and took her away.

Will they come for me?

Yes, but Julio will take you
to a safe place until your transformation.

He didn't tell me where,
so I won't tell even if I'm tortured.

Will it hurt when I change?

A little bit to begin with,
then you'll be fine forever more.

You'll be eternal
and able to do whatever you want.

Will I be able to get Vane back
and take her to Mommy again?

I'm sure you will.
Your gaze will be everywhere.


Since one of the stages
of humanity's history ends today,

fancy doing anything special?


… Elche football club,
and the ball's gone over the side-line.

The throw-in is for Real Madrid,
but the match has been stopped

because someone
has invaded the pitch.

There's a streaker on the pitch!

Must be because
the clocks change tonight,

some people go a bit mad.

We can see that the individual
has a cross drawn on his chest.

Football is like a religion
to some people, right?

- He's taken it a bit too…
- The cross is upside down.

The security staff are removing him,
and the match carries on…

- Looks delicious.
- I'm good at making them.

I took cooking courses
at the town council.

Pastry sous-chef,
basic food prepping modules 1 and 2,

banquet room set up,
and creative cooking,

but I quit
because I didn't like it.

Assistant for the food
and agriculture industry

with professional certification
and a food handling license.

I studied international cuisine…

You know, this is one of the few
good things I have in life.

One of the few things
that gives me hope.

I wanted to thank you
for making it possible.

Even if nothing happens tonight,

everything will be different
after today.

I've been reading up on UFOs
for some time

and studying statistics.

Wednesday is the day
when there are most sightings.

And usually, the witness is driving
in a non-urban setting

between 12am and 3am.

Okay, so every Wednesday night
I take my car

and drive along a country road,

hoping it happens.

It's what I want most in life.
Hoping it happens.

And relying on you guys

has been so important to me.

I had some hard times
because of this.

Sometimes I've felt alone.

I wanted to share this with you
in case something happens.

I don't want to keep it bottled up.

I wanted to thank you.
Thank you.

I mean it.

Let's take a photo of The Last Supper.



I'm Vero, Charo is my mom.

Don't go out tonight, Charo,
we're so comfy here.




- Is it in here?
- Yes.

It smells of coins.


- Do you know what "ancestral" means?
- Yes.

It means "older than the stones
and the ground".

What you have inside you
is ancestral.

Does your body feel different?


I have a question.

If I wee, will I pee it out?

No. Now listen.

Julio will take care of you
until you notice it.

That will be real soon.

The next time I see you,
you'll cast a huge shadow.

- What happened?
- There's no sign.

- How strange.
- Can't we go somewhere else?

- Now what?
- I know another place.

- Do you?
- The café is up there.

Do they serve good coffee?

So it's not too pricey?

I told you about the Romanians.

The police found, in Romania or Turkey,
an illegal hospital,

with loads of blind children
missing eyes or corneas.

A mafia took out their corneas
to give them to rich blind people.

Poor kids who were kidnapped
all over Europe,

they say there were Spaniards too.

It's on the TV now.


What secrets are hidden
behind its stony gaze?

Is she perhaps the forgotten goddess
of an ancient people?

Theories have been written
now and in the past

about this figure hidden
under the earth

that a humble day laborer
struck with his hoe

over a century ago,

thus revealing its silent mystery,
its enigma made of limestone.

Agrotech 3,000 is a benchmark
in industrial irrigation systems

and for the small-scale farmer,
striving for continuous improvement

focused on using innovative concepts
in hydraulic systems,

automation and gauging.

We are the…


Shockwaves have been sent
through the city

after the discovery
of pedophile material

in an abandoned supermarket.

It was reported by the current owner
of the property

and real-estate agency manager.

Everything points
to the child pornography

belonging to Julio Expósito,

recently deceased,
and former owner

and father of the current manager.

I haven't been in touch
for years.

My father is evil.

I'm sad he isn't alive
so justice can be served.

Police have linked this case

to the recent disappearance
of children for organ trafficking.

Julio Expósito
and José María Carrasco,

who was arrested in Turkey,

allegedly supplied minors
to the so-called "cornea mafia".

It is now known

that Julio Expósito
sexually abused the children

before handing them over,

producing pornographic material

that he hid
in the supermarket's lockers.

Preparations for Easter
are in full swing.

The church brotherhoods
are rehearsing every night…



Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.