The Riot Act (2018) - full transcript

This period film from Director Devon Parks weaves an intersecting web of characters, all having witnessed a murder from three different vantage points. The dark past of this turn of the ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

Are you certain?

Of course I'm certain!



No, no, no, no.

Papa, no!

Excuse me, Jamieson, sir?

Pardon me.


Dr. Pearrow is waiting
to speak with you outside.

Dr. Pearrow?


Yes, out front.

Thank you.

Good evening, sir.

Remove your gloves.

Excuse me?

Take off your gloves.

It's humiliating enough
that my daughter was seen

sneaking around town with a
married man

but to think that she was
gonna board a train tonight

with someone of your hobby.


She is my daughter!

I swear to God, if you
weren't the only reason

that my seats are full in my
opera house,

I would kill you right here.

Tonight will be your
last night on my stage!

After that there won't be a
worthy stage

or a concerned father either
side of the Mississippi

that doesn't know of your

If I was you,

I would catch that late train





I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Your father, he said I have

He's a fool.

You were leaving without me.

I had no choice.

He knows.

Nobody can mind their
own business in this town.


It's me.

It's us.

It's everything we dreamed


Of course.

Of course.

No, no.

No, no.

No, no, no, wait, no.

We have to go, please, please.

How many have entrance to the

Only the two keys.

Change the locks today.

The entire engagement will end

two weeks from tomorrow.

The first week's only dress

but I think it'll still spark
interest among the public.

The theater itself, however,
will remain off limits

until the evening performances.

Nickelodeons and side
shows will be situated

along a street generating
completely separate earnings

from the seat sales.

How many fixtures are
not currently in use?

They're all in use, sir.

Make sure that a bulb is burning

in the house whenever vacant.

May I inquire to the request,

Safety reasons.

About the electricity.

No matter the cost.

Sorry to interrupt.

You did.


You interrupted.

August, knock before entering.

Of course.

I sincerely apologize, sir.

What is it?

They've arrived.

Ah, this will do.

Good day, Mr. Grimes.

The company looks just like the
flyers we've been receiving.

That's because we've
been the one sending them.

We're so glad to
finally play host to you.

This is our proud owner and
world-renowned physician,

Dr. Willard I. Pearrow.

A fine town, it seems, Doctor,

and a quant venue.

We shouldn't have trouble
filling your seats.

That's why you've been brought

In my experience,

fine theater doesn't put
asses in seats anymore

but don't worry, behind me,
here, is the

finest vaudeville in the east.

And our main attraction, well,

we'll have even the gentlemen

running to check their

Same two-bit thrills under a
new vail.

Well the days of the
three act are dying, Doctor.

People need entertainment.

Whatever will remove them

from the wretched lives they're

Instead of two parts, I deliver
an eight.

Four acts with an intermission
followed by another four.

The first three dumb acts
will captivate the audience

before we hit them with a strong

heading into intermission.

Our lovely ladies will pull us
back in

before we introduce our main

as I was saying before,

in an experience like no
other company in the wold!

That, alone, makes our fee
well worth it, I assure you.

Well, you have a limited
engagement, as discussed.

Well then, no need to
waste any time, is there?

If you please,

I prefer to load in the rear.

It'll be my pleasure.



I'm certain my correspondence
was with August.

I'll unlatch the doors, sir.

It's gonna be a fantastic
show, Doctor.

I trust this isn't your
main attraction, Mr. Grimes.

Miss Rosa is one of our dumb

He means silent.


Please forgive our
inexperience, Mr. Grimes,

we've never played host
to a vaudeville show.

Only opera.

Wonderful, dear.

Thank you.

Gentlemen, I've developed a
way to fulfill the human desire

for riveting sacrifice.

Thanks to my latest, if you

Jack: Oh!

Holy Christ!

What is going on here?

Explain yourself.

Dear gracious Lord.

What we have here is one
step closer to bridging the gap

between make believe and

My guess is you'll fancy
at this trick, Doctor.

A simple physician's bulb
with reusable rubber tubing

attached to a tiny bubble
of animal intestine.

Run the tube to the chest and/or

anywhere you like, really,

fill the device with whatever
animal blood you can spare

and at the sound of a gunfire,

voilĂ .

Well done, Mr. Grimes.

It' like witnessing an actual

See, unlike our doctor, here,

who has seen this before
in your profession,

we have never experienced a
truly convincing death on stage.

There's something about seeing
the blood run from the wound

that makes it sincere.

No shame, no guilt,

in seeing something
you otherwise wouldn't.

Because you can simply walk
out of those theater doors

and go back to your normal life.


Well done.

Jack will accommodate what you

Looking forward to it, Doctor.

Do not forget,

you are not to be
backstage during the shows.

You are to purchase a
ticket like the rest.

Yes, sir, of course.

Sidewalks need sweeping.

What the hell are you doing
back here?

You're supposed to be in the
opera house.

Are you gonna tell me now

what I have to do to get rid of

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Why did you come back here?

These are not sets to be moved

in and out like an opera, Mr.

Yes, sir, and I completely
understand what you're saying.

Well, I'll say it again.

We have over a half dozen acts.

Our sets must be flown in an out

We do not have the manpower,

nor do you have the wing
space to house props.

Let alone, if the trestles
will hold the weight,

we've never done this sort of

I was assured we'd be properly
outfitted with this venue,

Mr. Jack.

Trestles will hold fine.

It's reinforced steal.

Molded myself to withstand
winds from a tornado,

same with every other
building on Main Street.

You did, aye?

Only blacksmith in town.

Doubling as a stagehand?

August came to use shortly
after our doors opened.

It's nice to have someone on the

who helped with construction to
build it.

Very well.

Good to have someone educated

August, we agreed
I'd be kept up to speed

with all the details.

I know, I'm sorry.

Pearrow would read me the Riot

if there's even the
slightest hitch in this show.

Of course, I know, and I'm

I'll be more thorough, I

I trust you, August.

It's gonna be great.

I'd like to honor the man

who puts this town on the world

His contributions make our town
soon to be

one of the greatest in the

Doctor, to your most recent

the electrifying of the

without your kind and generous

we would be a lessor society.


Where there is potential,

no amount of money can
surmount the reward.

Now, if we could just rid the

of the filth that still lingers.

To Dr. Pearrow.

So, Doctor,

I think what we are all
interested to hear about

is the new event taking place
at theater this weekend.

Yes, the show.

It's been stirring quite a buzz

amongst the merchants downtown.

More enthusiasm than
uncertainty, I assure you,

but a bit of both.

Well, it will be a fine show.

Things unseen

by anyone here before.

It's the latest rage in
the theater back east.

Word is the main attraction is
the likes

of a superhuman being.

They say he can bend
steel with his bare hands.

Even take a cannon ball to the

with little more than a flinch.

Have you seen it?

I heard the same.

Well, you'll just have
to come and see the show.

Seats will be reserved
to members only, I hope.

I mean, I hate to take
Grace to market anymore,

what, with all the people

You know, diseases.

Well, of course our
seats will be reserved.

It's no different than
a night at the opera,

right, Doctor?

I think it'll be a fantastic

I've always wondered what it'd
be like

to attend a variety show.

It's not a variety show.

It's high end vaudeville,
it's quite different.


And I assure you, the
audience will be divided

in their respected places.

The theater always feels
best when her seats are full.

As do your pockets, aye,

Well, it is rightful
time to see the theater

operating again, regardless of

Will it be lamb today, dear?

I think I'd like to try
something a bit less fatty.

Do you think they have quail
like we had in Little Rock?



that was Allye's meal.

Since when was the
club open to nonmembers?

My apologies, sir, but
it is only open to members.


No, sir, not on the bottom

Your seats are on the balcony.

You are not allowed to stand

- But I was told...
- Front of the balcony, sir.

These are for members only.

Com on!

Move, let's go!

Go get Lillian.


Lily's on right now.

Go get someone then!

Sit down.

What's wrong with you?

Everything okay, Mr. Grimes?


Uh, well...

No, no, no, it isn't.

Our headliner has injured

This is him.

What happened, exactly?

This genius

thought it wise to assist in
moving sets

right before his own damn

If you hired stage hands that
could lift

more than a bag of flower...
Shut up! Shut up!

Is he still able to go on?

Not if we don't get it
back in place quickly, no.

What happened?

He's an ignorant fool is what

Dislocated again, Lily.

Move back, please.

It's going to hurt.

I know.

Come on!


Has anyone have a gag?

Yeah, I've got a...

I'm not going to be able to do

Damn it!

We need an actual doctor.

I know set a dislocation.

It just won't take.

Where is Dr. Pearrow?

- No.
- No.

You don't want him to know
about this.

If we don't pop it back
in place like normal,

something is more seriously

and then we don't have a goddamn

I'll try to find Jack.

We wanna thank you all again
for joining us this evening.

Please come back tomorrow
night for a replay of the show

and the vigorous presentation of
our main


Come on!

What is this?

Hey, Lily.

How do you always know what to

My father was a doctor.

You must've made him proud.

Just keep it as still
as you can until morning.


Reveal yourself.

Remove it.

Take it off!


How did you get into the

What on Earth are you doing?

What is this about?

I have a thing for stage.

Don't play with me, I
saw you, I saw you at...

I've seen you around here
before in that costume.

I saw you too.

I don't know what you mean.

It was certainly a surprise.

But I was confident that
I recognized your face.

As anybody from here would.

And again, when I saw you here.

The phony accent isn't
enough to distract from that.

I'll only ask once more,

what are you doing with Dr.

I can't tell you that.

You don't have much of a choice!

If you so much as breathe a word
of this,

don't approach me.

Don't even look in my direction.

Do you understand?


I have no idea your
intention's worth turning.

And to be honest, I'm not
sure I want the answer.

But your secret will die with

I need to know mine will do the


How are you today?

I'm sorry?

Are you feeling well enough to

Of course.

Are you all feeling well
enough to do your jobs today?


My clinic was at full capacity
this morning when I arrived

and I thought it to be a good

Yet, not a single one of them
was waiting for medicine, no!

One by one, they inquired about
a refund

from last evening's show.

Because of some unexplained

the one performance they came to

which has been posted all over

the most shocking human being

decided to stay home!

Why wasn't I informed
of this immediately?!



You see, Doctor,

unfortunate circumstances
sometimes do arise.

Especially given our profile of

We tried you numerous
times by wire, sir,

but we were never able to reach

I was indisposed.

Had we reached you,
we may have been able

to continue the show in time

or today, at the latest.

It was, in fact, a medical

Show me!

You stay.

I must be asleep and dreaming

if you think I'm more fool
enough to put a negro on my stage

as a main attraction.

Sir, you are thicker than I
first thought!

Negros are not new to the stage.

Not here, not on this stage!

This is not a goddamn circus!

This is an acclaimed opera

Not grounds for your

How could you have allowed this?

Mr. Grimes never made
me aware he was colored.

This is the strongest human

these people have ever
witnessed, okay?

One they'll pay good money to

And now he's gone and hurt

He's dislodged joints before

but we can't seem to get
this one back in place.

I'm afraid, this time it's more

And now you're in need
of my medical expertise.

If Dr. Pearrow fixes,

fixes his arm,

will he be well enough
to perform tomorrow?

A day's recovery at the very

You know that, Doctor.


Drop your hand, sir.

You will not be paid for this

or last night's performance.

That was not our agreement,

It states clearly in the

that acts of God may happen.

Please, oh please, threaten me.

We both know good and well

that you couldn't feed
your horses or your clowns

without my pocket!

The only act of God will be you

from being thrown out of
my acclaimed opera house!

Just inhale.


There you go.


There you go.

A cigar?

Wish I could take credit myself.

From your father.

Thank you.

It's the least I could do.

For keeping your word.


You're a household name here.

Mothers and fathers use you as
an example

for their children now.

Only to them, I'm rotting
in the ground somewhere

while my father walks around as
the hero

who murdered my assailant.

Two years and never finding my

Why has no one questioned it?

It's a matter of who
they're questioning.

It's your father.

Half this town wouldn't
exist if it wasn't for him.

There's many rumors as
to why you were killed.

But I have to say, I'm more
interested in

what prompted him to pull the

Either way, he knew he was
losing a daughter that night.

My father's never seen
far enough past himself

to see his daughter.

Your only concern is why I

You already knew I was alive.

Thought you'd at least get one.

Ah, never lecture.

Hope exceeds your own grasp,

If it wasn't for us,

the damn walls wouldn't even be

Oh, stop with your mouth.

If it wasn't us,

they'd have just caught the
next two able-bodied fellas

capable to the job.

Be grateful for the work

and the smell of the
freshly stained timbers.

The vibrant red glow of the

The creaking of the tight
stretched ropes

just groaning with a strain.

Twas the life or wasn't it?


Why don't you head on home now,

It's freezing.

I've one this a hundred times.

I know.

I'll finish up as soon
as the train leaves.

And don't bother the engineer.



No, no, no, no, no.

Jamieson, no.

No, no, you don't have to go.

Please, don't go, please.

Your father stated in his report

that he was attacked
that night by the actor

with a ball-peen hammer.

Are you the only one who knows?

My grandfather.

But he made me promise on his

that I wouldn't breathe a word
of it.

The hammer belonged to us.

No question where the blame will

You have no intention of
having your father convicted.

I could've done that two years

You know what a girl
like yourself would receive

if she walked into your
father's clinic with

a cough and a fever?

An exam?

Perhaps a treatment of oxygen?


You know what I would get
for those same symptoms?

Just told to breathe deep and
smoke until the pain subsides.

That it would relax the throat
and lungs.

See, people like your father,

they live above everybody else.

He's only for himself
and the people like him.

No outside greater balance

even within his own circle.

Thank you, again.

Westbound train passes
through here tonight.

It's not going to again for two

See you around here tomorrow?

I have yet to accomplish
what I came here for.



The entire block

smells like horse shit.

What, sir?

I bring in a new show for
the first time in two years

and I promise it's gonna
be new and cutting edge.

Not the lesser sophisticated
variety coming form up north.

And yet,

it smells like we are housing
the entire Union Calvary

behind the theater.

And the patrons who
saw the show last night

don't have the slightest idea
that the headliner they missed

was, in fact,

a negro.

So tell me, Jack, what do
you propose that I do now?

I don't know, sir, I
didn't know, as I said.

You didn't know.

Sir, August was...



the foreman?

Tell me, son,

what do you think I should do?

Sir, I could only imagine

refund the patrons.

Perhaps offer them a simple



My employees haven't the
slightest idea

how to manage their

I wasn't able to attend, sir.

I couldn't afford a ticket, sir.

Perhaps August is right.

Refund them for last night

and we'll surely sell
any remanding tickets

for tomorrow night.

Of course.

Why shouldn't I sacrifice
for the hard working

and deserving people of this

They have a right to a
town and my practice,

and of course, entertainment.

After all, it was their
callus little hands

the forged the bricks
that I build it with.

So it's settled.

Be off.

The theater needs cleaning
before tonight.

It's already done.

Do it again.

When is money more valuable

than your reputation, Willard?

This show,

this show is eroding my

And the main attraction will
be well to resume Saturday?

Two days is long enough.

Is he really like everyone is

His size, his strength.

I've yet to see what he does
in person.

Supposedly it's remarkable

it brings people back three
or four times just to see it.

That, according to Jack,

Well, I think it is a
wise idea to make them wait.

Exclusivity only leads
to heightened desires.

I wanna ask you a question.

And I want you to think openly
about it.

Have you ever seen the dead?

Willard, still?

It's worse.

Any new ideas who it could be?

I've told you before, it's not
a man.

Oh, Willard, it is a fool in a

A fool will only be demanding

That's all they ever want.

There was no one else on
that platform that night.


I see him wearing

exactly what he had on that

Then who?

An accomplice of his?

No one new him.

How about another
degenerate taken with Allye?

I swear, sometimes I wish
you hadn't killed the bastard

so I could kill him
myself, that precious girl.

But I'm sorry Willard, as I was

either someone is patronizing

or you've been drinking with
someone more than just me,

in which case, we have a real

Oh yes, I wrote to my brother in
New York.

I told him of the show
that you brought in.

He and his wife love the
theater and attend regularly.

I'm sure he's seen or,
at least, heard of them.

As for tomorrow night,

just give a nice and heartfelt

I have nothing to apologize for.

Then make something up, Willard.

And after you've finished,

come back to my lovely

You know you're welcome here

You've never seen that thing
here, right?



sometimes people need to see us

reduced to their own

Let them see you relate.

I'm so sorry.

I had no idea how difficult
this was gonna be.

I miss you.

I miss my little girl.

I have to apologize.

Some of you may remember,

two years ago, on this
exact day, my child,

my only child was taken from me

from a performer from this very

I miscalculated, I miscalculated

seeing her seats full again

how much we enjoyed that

But I assure you, I assure you
that if,

let me see, I assure you we will

tomorrow night with a fire and

that I know my daughter would

Prayed she'd be with us this

Good evening, ladies and

I wanted to take a moment
and address you properly.

To inform you that this
evening's performance

unfortunately is canceled

and will reopen again tomorrow

Everyone here, this evening,

including the victims
of last night's letdown

will be given a full refund
for your ticket price.

And, in addition,

a free ticket to any street

outside for the remainder of the

I have to apologize.

Some of you may remember
that two years ago,

on this exact date,

was the evening my only
child was taken from me

by the hands of a performer
from this very stage.

But for the love of
theater and entertainment

we all come here for,

my daughter was murdered.

I chose this weekend

after these two long years,

to reopen this theater
to honor my daughter

and to restore the hope
that theater brings.

But I miscalculated how
difficult that would be

seeing her seats full again,

as she and I used to enjoy

So, I ask your forgiveness,

and that out of respect

that you please join me in
closing this show this evening

in remembrance of my precious

But I assure you

that we will reopen tomorrow
with the fire and excitement

that I know she would welcome,

should she have been here
with us this evening.

Thank you.

Come here!

Who are you?!

Who are you?!

Why couldn't you just do it?

Sorry for what happened to you.

I know you've never had the
comfort of hearing those words

and I can't imagine going
through that on your own.

Kiss me.


Kiss me.

Where's the hat, Allye?

Allye, where's the hat?

I was right there.

All I had to do was pull
the trigger and I couldn't.

He grabbed me.

He what?

- I didn't mean to...
- What?!

There are rules, Allye!

Specific methods to follow
when wearing this mask!

You do not speak, you do not

and God forbid you ever corner

in a situation where you could
be caught.

Be calm, he didn't see who I

That's not the point!

He's only terrified of
this because he believes

it is not real!

It is out of his control if it's
not real.

Have you seen him alone in this


Because he believes in what
lingers within these walls!

For over a year I've haunted him

as the man that he murdered

and you just ruined it.

It's not ruined.


Then let's act now.

Before the sun rises.

The two of us, we can overpower

Overpower him?

You think I'm gonna help you
murder him?


I came here for one thing!

You've been the only obstacle in
my way!

If it wasn't for you,

I wouldn't even still be
in this pathetic town!

You don't even exist
in this pathetic town.

You have resolved to the same
felt as him.

You can create an entirely
new life for yourself

and you came back here.

For two years I've
been plagued with knowing

that my so-called father robbed

of the only desire I ever

Every day I look around and I

how much better my life would be

if I had, indeed, just
done as he had asked

had I pursued medicine
as was expected of me.

Maybe he was right.

But then he proved his

when he pulled that trigger.

Revenge is nothing but

There's no freedom in that.


and you're not taking the same?

Had my father given you
and your grandfather

seats in the front row, I'd
imagine you'd feel differently.

I've tired to move on.

I will only be able to forgive

when he feels the same pain he's

That's not forgiveness.

Get out of that suit!


William, here, is just
asking me some questions

about the vaudeville
troop we've been hosting.

Jack tells me you're the
mastermind behind this operation.

I think he's just being modest.

He said you found the troop

Did all the research on them

and the legwork to get 'em here.

I did, yes.

And had you seen the troop

No, sir, I had only heard of

They're one of the most talked
about shows in the east.

Oh, indeed, they are.

My brother happens to frequent
the theater in the east,

a fair critic, I might add.

Most talked about only of

They've been kicked out of
numerous venues

for their progressive agenda.

August, how much
research did you do prior?

Who did you even speak to about

It is my guess that
your foreman was only out

to soil the name of Willard

You were determined for this
show to fail, where you not?

Sir, I'm sorry but

August has been nothing

but a valuable asset to this

He's never do anything so


You don't deny it?

You knew Allye, didn't you?

You knew the boy who killed her.

Is this some sort of payback for

killing your reprehensible


Get Willard on the wire.


Hey, where do you think you're

Get back here!


Hey, you think you're just
gonna walk away from this?!


You turn around when
I'm addressing you, boy!

You turn around!

Out of my way!

Hey, August, where do
you think you're going?!

This is our town, boy!

August, hey!

Do you think this
suit makes you powerful?



I could injure you right now

and I'd be gone before anyone
knew what happened to you.

Willard will hear of this.

Do you think that's wise?

That's not all you're
doing to him, is it?


Oh, you don't intimidate
me the way you do him.

There's a night train
headed west tonight.

He knows.

I don't know the extent
but he knows something

or he will very soon.

I'm not leaving until
I have what I came for.

The first night that I
encountered him,

I had every intention of

what I'd seen that night

under a mask that would protect

Before I even uttered a word,

the look of fear in his face

from what he thought
that he was looking at

was more humiliating than
anything that I'd ever seen.

He look terrified.

Like a pathetic little bully

who was finally facing
backlash from is peers.

I wanted him to pay for what
he'd done.

I wanted to see him tried and

But little-did-I-know

that this would be so
much more fulfilling.

Death does not feel the same to
all of us.

I have a plan and I
can't do it without you

but he stays alive.

Do you understand me?

How the hell did you get this?!

You stole it from my house!

What now, coward?

Show me your face!

You keep it covered because you
know what I could do to you!


Are you gonna kill me now?


You stop.

You stop.




You stop!

No, wait!



Wait, wait, no!

No! No! No!

No! No! No!


Do you know how this knife was

Starts nothing more than a block
of ore.

It's heated in a kiln.

Slowly melted.

Longer, thinner, sleeker.

Then an edge.


a shinny and polished blade.

A tool made from the very
callused hands that you despise.

Yet, in this moment,

when in these hands make
no different, does it,

you and I?

It was you all along.

I thought it was reaching
out from the grave.

I gave you a chance.

You had a chance.

I let you get away with murder

and it wasn't gonna happen


What're you talking about?

I only ever asked
for one thing from you.

I had in my possession
your most damning secret.

I needed your help in return.

The thought of my grandfather
was never your concern.

Only how the people around you

See, if you had taken the
moment to look at my grandfather

the first time, you would
know that cigar smoke

only worsens his condition,
doesn't it?

But an old blacksmith like him,

he wasn't warranted a
diagnoses from Dr. Pearrow.

I didn't know.

You knew.

It was that moment I fully

death brings no concern in your



For two years I
tried to rid you from my life.

You've come back.

Oh, darling.

It was you?

It was you the whole time?

Not a day goes
by that I don't despise

the man I once called my father.

Please, let me see your face.

Please, Allye, I need to
see your face, please.

Please, Allye.

Please, no, no, no, no, no.


Please, Allye, please.

- Papa, look, there's Dr.
- Pearrow!

I don't deserve this.

You're gonna wish
you were dead after this.

Allye, no!


No, August.

- Oh God, are you okay?
- What'd you do?

Is it deep?

Hold on.

August, we have to go.

We can't miss the train.

You have to walk.

You can make it.

- Just a bit.
- No, I can't do it.


Okay, let me see it.

- Oh, okay.
- Is it bad?

- Ow!
- Put pressure on it.

Okay, stay right here.

Where you going? What're you

I got to find something to put
on it.



I know, I know.


We have to make it to the

No, no, no, I can't
do that, I can't walk.

You have to.

I can't do it, I'm
not gonna be able to do it.



You have to tell them that
you had no part in this.

I forced you to do it, you
didn't know.

No you're not, you're not going.

You can't leave me here.

He's not here anymore.

You don't have to worry about

We weren't supposed to kill him.

We agreed that we weren't gonna
do that.

Why did you do that?

I'm sorry.

Would you have still come with

I would, I...

Would you have still come with



- I'm so sorry.
- Stay with me.

- I can't.
- Please don't do this.

Allye, Allye, you're not gonna
go, please!

- I'm so sorry.
- You can't go.

Put your hand here.

You have to leave your hand

It's gonna be okay.

You little shit!

Arrest this one!

Can't you see he's been shot?


Just passing through.


Just me.

"I am the spirit that negates",

"and rightfully so,"

"for all that comes to be"

"deserves to parish wretchedly."

"'Twere better nothing would

"Thus everything that
that your terms, sin,."


"evil represent."

"That is my proper element."

He must be handed
over to the marshals at once!

Sir, you can't arrest
him in his condition.

He hasn't woken since his

Will he?

He's in no immediate
danger but as I said,

he hasn't waken since his

I want to know as soon as he

I will let you know if he wakes.

Daniel, I'm needing to
close all the the accounts

of Willard Pearrow as well as
any safe boxes in his name.

I have his testament here.

Of course.

Give me a moment.

And his accounts.

Well this is it here.

All that remained in his
lockboxes are.

There must be some mistake.

It shows here that the trust
was emptied two days ago.

Emptied by who?

Who would have had access
to Willard's trust?

All his family is dead.

Well that's not possible.


Thank you.

Excuse me.

Is there any chance the boy
wakes up?

I'm sorry, sir, are you family?

No, no, the boy has no family.

His former employer.

Look, we've done all we can.

All right, we've found no
further damage.

The bullet went
through his stomach, yes?

Actually, it missed his stomach.

Missed all major organs.

Coma's a funny thing.

It can be induced by a
severe trauma of any kind.

Doesn't have to be the head.

How long can he live like this?

It could be days.

It could be weeks.

Thank you.


how long do I have to be in

I got to get back down there.

Well, it isn't gonna do you
any good

if you're not alive to spend it.


This will change everything.

I know it, I got to get out of


Can I interest you in
a fountain drink, ma'am?

Mixture of syrup and carbonated

It'll certainly quench your

on what's looking to be a warm

Coming right up.