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The story of Japanese wrestling
began shortly after WWII.

The sight of Rikidozan nonchalantly
taking down foreign wrestlers with
karate chops was a hit among the viewers.

A great number of people
stood on the streets watching the broadcast.

After the death of Rikidozan

Antonio lnoki became the standard bearer
for New Japan Pro Wrestling

and Giant Baba that of All Japan Pro Wrestling.

It was the heyday
of Japanese professional wrestling.

The 80s saw the birth of countless wrestlers
who went on to become household names.

The wrestling scene was incredibly hot.

These days, in addition to long established players
like New Japan, All Japan

NOAH and others

there are new emerging powerhouses
like Wrestle-1, Big Japan and DDT

not to mention local bodies
like Michinoku, Osaka Pro Wrestling and more.

A new era has dawned

for the world of professional wrestling.

Ringside Story

Ms Enoshima!
Can you spare a second?

But... why me?

Well, you see, I must let one person go...

All the same...

Ms Zhou need to send money back home.

Ms Wan is a single mother.

Rasudi and Nicha are in training

and dismissing them will be difficult.

This will be difficult for me too!

You're single in your thirties

and your folks live nearby.

In any event. you'll get by.


I'm sorry.

Actually... why don't you get married?

- Take advantage of this situation.
- What?

What has that got to do with this?

I've heard the rumours.

Your boyfriend's an actor.

But then again...
being an unsuccessful actor

is as good as being unemployed.

Hideo is not unemployed!

Thank you.

Good luck!

Excuse me.

What's with your look?

Do you know what today's audition is for?

You need to think ahead...

and get into the role, you know?

You can't just be waiting around.

Getting into the role means...

Yeah, it's me.

Can't we talk about it later?

I'm in the middle of an important audition.

Numbers one to five. Please step inside.

-Go ahead.

-May I?
-Let's go!

You're all fired up, huh?

Of course.

Go ahead, please.

Hope Salon

Hana, long time no see.


Come early in the morning.

Got it, thank you.

Oh, Kana!

What a rare sight.


You all right?

- Did something happen?

You only have gyoza
when you're feeling down.

I got fired.

Starting tomorrow, I'm officially jobless.

What? That's all?

It's no laughing matter!

Don't count on me.

This salon is closing down in December.

This place is too old.

I think this is a good opportunity.

We should ignore the eviction notice!
Ignore it.

This area feels all lonely and empty.

It used to be so busy.

Mum... I'm going to pick up Keita.

Mind the store for me, will you?

Now? Already?

No one will be coming anyway.

Please excuse me.

It's all right!

How is Hideo doing?

He has an audition today.

For a movie based on a girls' comic.

Trying for the role of the heroine's partner.

But he's over 30, practically an old man.
I don't think he'll get it.

He actually does look like a high-school kid.

No way! He's 35!

Hideo said he would take me
to Cannes one day.

Are you serious?

Of course. I'm all ready to go!

-Thank you.
-See you.

Momoki: Audition results...

Please. God.

Audition results...

Welcome home.

I'm home.

Have you had dinner?

I'm all set.

I see...

Did you have gyoza?

How did you guess?

Your mum makes her gyoza
with a whole lot of garlic.

How did the audition go?

That producer's really blind.

All nit-picky and judgmental.

He's full of crap.

Well, you'll get your chance.

By the way, why did you call me earlier?

Oh, well...
I quit my job.


What do you mean?

My contract will be up next month.

They told me they won't be renewing it.

I got mad and quit.

What are we going to do? I have no savings.

I know.

Then you shouldn't have been so rash.

You should've put your pride aside

and begged them renew your contract.

Even if they say no, at least
you'd still have a job until next month.

Don't you see. Kanako?

Japan's a capitalist society.

You can't lead a decent life without money.

You're no longer a child.

You need to learn to put up with things.

Apologise to your boss tomorrow

and ask to work until next month.

Actually, instead of waiting till tomorrow

why don't you call them now, Kanako?

-No way!

Why am I the one putting up with things?

-Why don't you go get a job?

An actor never knows when he'll get a call.

I know lots of guys
who missed their chance that way.

That's what you say

but you've been at home the whole time
for the past three months.

Couldn't you at least work part-time?

Listen, Takakura Ken

did nothing for three years

just to get a role in Hakkodasan.

You used to be in theatre yourself.

You, of all people, should know.

This is why Cannes is getting
farther an farther away!

Don't you worry.

Cannes was never within sight.

And didn't you refuse the job
Momoki offered you last week?

Why don't you at least take that?

A docudrama for a variety show?

That's no work for an actor!

Don't say that.

Docudramas are perfectly fine work
for an actor.

Even Kazuo and Hiro are doing it.

I'm not like them.

I've been in an NHK's Taiga drama.

How long ago was that?

And it was just that one episode.

"Your crying scene was excellent."

"Thank you for such a fine performance."

Nishida Toshiyuki said that to me!

Yeah, whatever.
He was just being kind!

There is a vista
only the chosen ones can see.

I'll show you one day!

Don't chuck your beer cans
into the combustible trash.

I'm sick of having to sort the trash for you.

Good night.

-Would you like a refill?
-No. thank you.

Take your time.

What on earth?

Do you know him?

I don't know him.

-Here's your spaghetti Napolitana.

Enjoy your meal.

Do you know this saying?

"He who does not work, neither shall he eat."

Of course I do.

What do you think you're doing?

Doesn't this sound good?

What's this? Not so close!

Professional wrestling? Forget it.

You won't have to step into the ring.

Of course not.


They have a vacancy.

He who does not work, neither shall he drink.

I've loved wrestling since I was a child.

Sitting on my dad's lap at the dinner table

the sight of wrestlers fighting it out on TV
had me breathless and my heart pounding.

I'll never forget 9th October 1995
at the Tokyo Dome.

Muto Keiji versus Takada Nobuhiko.

The match which embodied the rivalry
between New Pro Wrestling and UWF!

That last “figure four" leg-lock
left me with feelings beyond description!

Nobody loves wrestling more than I do.

I do believe that not employing me
would be a terrible loss for your company.

Sincerely yours.

Ms Enoshima? Please come in.

I know this sounds abrupt...

-But could you start tomorrow?

Tiger Mask and Dynamite Kid...

You sure are old school, aren't you?

Fujinami Tatsumi versus Maeda Akira.

That was a legendary match!

I've been waiting for someone like you!

Getting such a passionate letter

has totally made my day.

Excuse me, may I?

I'm so happy you got a new job.

How dare you send them a letter
without telling me?

What do I do now?

I just went for a meet-and-greet

and now they think I'm a superfan
of professional wrestling!

And who's Terry Funk anyway?

Don't you know Dory Punk's younger brother?

The Funks?

How would I know them?

I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow.

I thought I'd give you a little boost.

Wasn't it helpful of me?

Anyway, let's celebrate your new job!


Equilibrium has been restored at home.

Very good...

The moment I find another job
I'm out of there.

Now that you're working at Wrestle-1

I might get to go to their matches for free.

That's all you care about?

By the way,

wrestling's just a show, right?

They're not fighting in earnest, right?

Listen, wrestling is a form of entertainment

where contestants showcase their techniques.

He endures the attacks until...

That sounds silly.

He finally drives the deciding blow and wins.



we'll walk the red carpet at Cannes together.

-Let me go!

Don't even think about it!

Tidy up the room, will you?

Throw away the stuff you don't need.

I need all of this! This is all I've got.

This is the world of actor, Murakami Hideo.

One day, this will be the mecca for new actors.

It's where the legend was born.

I have to work tomorrow.

I'm taking a shower and going to bed.

You can sleep in your mecca.

Wrestle-1 Office

How may I help you?

I'm reporting for work...

Oh! You're the new girl!

Boss, the new girl is here.

Well, I...

-Fritz Von Erich, the Iron Claw.
I'm a big fan of his too.
- I see.

I'm Tsuruga, Planning Manager of Wrestle-1.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you too.

-I'm Enoshima...
-Well, then!

I don't mean to rush you but...
could you count how many we have left?

Sort them by size
and hand them to Eri, please.

-You all right there?
-Welcome back.

-Good morning...
-I'm back.

-Here you are.
-Welcome back...

How did it go in Hamamatsu?

It went well.

-Good job.
-Good on you!

I'd say it was a "crate success".
You mean great success?

Oh, you bought unagi pie back!

Man, it stinks!

-May I open it?
-Yes, go ahead!

This one too, please.

Bring these over there.

-Let's go.

Leave some for me!

Don't worry...

-Gross! It stinks!
-Let's eat!

Past the break room...
we have the cafeteria.

-Shoes off in here, please.
-Oh. OK.

Here's where the wrestlers are.

Let's go!

All right.

Keep up the good work!


The sleeping and training room.

Good job, guys.

Oh, very good.

Well, here we are.

All right!

Wash everything, please.

- What? Me?

Oh, and that pile over there too!


No! You can't mix them up like that!

I'm sorry.

They belong to separate piles.

I see.


Well, I...

I'm new here. I'm Enoshima...

What's that? An earthquake? A fire?

An earthquake? Tell me. I...

The exit is over there!

Wake up! Emergency!


Don't push...


Why are we going upstairs?

The exit's over there!

What's going on?

Where are we going?

Is it far? Wait a second.

Two minutes and 35 seconds!

We have a new record!

Good job!

Thank you for participating
in the evacuation drill.

Well done.

The president would like to say a few words.

Good job, everyone.

Thank you.

We have a new colleague joining us today.
I'd like to introduce Enoshima Kanako.

Ms Enoshima?

-Oh, Ms Enoshima.



Well then, from today you're one of us!

Keep up the good work!

Oh, I'm beat.

Well done.

Doing a job I have zero interest in
just kills me.

Hey, Kanako.

Don't you think the role of a mobster
will suit me well?

Stop talking rubbish

and give me a shoulder rub.


It must have been a tough day at work.

We've been together for 10 years now.



You haven't changed at all in ten years.

Oh, Kanako...

No sex tonight.

-I'm beat, I'm turning in.


We can just cuddle...

Drop dead!


I hear you.

Good night.


Wait a moment.

Thank you, you may go in.

Picture Island!

-Picture Island.

That's Enoshima in English, right?

Could you hand out the lunch boxes?


From the red comer...
enters the Kuma Goro and Doi Kouji team.

Excuse me, I'll leave your lunch right here.


One, two...

Sir, over here, please.



Get down!

Takita! Come down!

One, two...

One... one, two...


You win!

Watch your step.

Watch your step, please.

-Good job, guys.


Good job.

Good job, guys.

It's the Wrestle-1 Dream Grand Prix next week.

I'm counting on all of you!


The younger ones are having a meeting
to review today's performance.

-Bye, everyone!


Kanako, mind locking up when they're done?

Do you want us to go?

No... it's OK!

Sorry to ask you out at this hour.

I wanted to tell you right away.

I finally have a movie for you.
You'll be the male lead.

It's not a big budget movie

but it'll be released in theatres.

I think we should do it.

Released in pom theatres, you mean?

Don't say that.

Right now, you can't afford to turn it down.
You have to face reality.

The money isn't great.
The director is a nobody.

So, why should I do it?

In order to make someone else look good?

Listen, Hideo...


May I have a small advance?

Here you go.

Maybe I should get an agent too.

-How's yours?
-He has very little pull.

But that doesn't matter.
The big chance will come.

And when it does, you've got to be strong

-And grab it.

Our theatre company
doesn't even do auditions.

-Right, Michiyo?

I've been...

making ends meet
prancing around as Mute Bear (mascot).

-What the heck?
-Muto Bear, mind you.

What's this? "Muto Bear is coming“?

Well, I heard that even Dustin Hoffman

used to work as a waiter in diners
before becoming famous.

He said it was the perfect place
for people-watching in his autobiography.

They only say that after they become famous.

The truth is, getting a steady job
spells the end for an actor. That's why

I think about acting 24 hours a day and...

That's Shiro. Hey, Shiro!

-Hi, guys. Long time no see.
-Yeah, it is.

I saw you in that TV series the other day.

Oh, thank you.

Want to join us?

Actually, I'm here with some friends...
See you around.

Have a good time.
Excuse me.

-What the hell?

He's putting on airs.

-Two bottles of beers, please.

He's in there.

Nice place.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice meeting you.

Isn't that Iwai Shunji, the director?

-Love Letter.
-Love Letter?

I'm sorry, pardon our intrusion.

Could we just say hello to you?

We're his friends. Right, Mitaka?

Well, actually... I ran into them here.

We've been doing theatre together for ages.

I'm a great fan of yours!
Never expect to meet you in such a place.

Excuse me, but may I pour you one?

-Do you come here often?
-First time here.

-Is that so?

I'm a great fan of your work.

I decided to become an actress
after seeing Love Letter...

Iwai Shunji, huh?

Just An Illusion

First Episode: Nobunaga's Troops To Capital


30.000 men.

-My lord!

Be quiet!

I don't want to hear it!

-Thank you!
-Thanks for your hard work.

Here it is!

-What do you think?

-Looks OK, right?

-They're fine.

-Here you go.
-Details all correct?

I think so.

-OK. I'll go put these up.
-Yeah, OK.

Here you go. Thanks.

-OK, I'm off.
-Take care!

Thank you.

Since this is your first time, Ms Enoshima

-You'll go with Masakado.

-Let's go.

My, his pecs are rock hard.

Check out his biceps!

-Flex those muscles!
-I'll take 50 tickets.

-Thank you so much!
-Thank you!

Leave it to me. I'm going to mobilise

the whole sisterhood!

-Please do!
-Oh, my!

This sure brings back memories.

Tiger Jeet Singh, Umanosuke Ueda and all.

True. I'm excited too.

Our young guys
are doing a wonderful job too.

Please keep an eye out for them.

Blond Johnson will be there too?

-The Mexican Phantom himself?

-I saw him ages ago at Tokyo Dome.

I'll have two tickets then.

-For my son and I.
-Thank you so much!

Great, Boss!

How generous!

Here you go. Thank you!

Lady, listen, lady...

Drink this...
and I'll buy 10 tickets.

-Are you sure?
-Don't worry!

Drink up... drink up!

-Come on...
-Drink up...

That's it...

-Thank you!

That will be 60,000 yen. Thank you!

-60,000 yen.
-No way! No...

For the cover...
Let's use a close-up shot of Umemiya.

Since he'll be the main draw of
the next Sapporo Tournament.

The draft of the interview has just arrived.

Good. Send it to the designer, please.


When will Blond Johnson get here?

He'll be arriving at the airport at 4:45pm.

Can you go pick him up, Asami?

What? You forgot my meeting with GAORA?

Of course, you're right!

Well, could I ask you to go, Ms Enoshima?

But I can't speak any English and...

Not a problem, he has an interpreter.

Actually... I don't know
the first thing about Blond Johnson.

Don't worry! Just have dinner with him

-And send him off to his hotel.

Don't worry. You'll be all right!

You'll be all right.

-A little to the left!
-One, two and three!

Too much! A little to the right! Right!

-One, two...
-A little...

-Little more...

Yes, over here...

More to the front...

Can you move it a bit closer?

What urgent matter?

Today's match, not possible.


His foot... hurts too much.

He was dancing like crazy
at the hostess bar just last night!

This amounts to a breach of contract.

In the case of injury

girl, he gets 70% of the fees.

No... this would be a disaster!

Many of your fans
have come all this way to see you!

OK, he will become second!

Mr Blond will not fight today!


What's his problem?

Get it in your head!

I don't get it.

Try harder!

We're the best tag team!

We ask all of you

to accept our deepest apologies.

Unfortunately, Blond Johnson
who was scheduled to appear today

won't be able to attend
on his doctor's advice.

What? What's that supposed to mean?

We're so sorry!

We were just told that he injured his foot.

-A foot injury.

-He's not coming?
-His foot?

Hadn't I told you to get in touch?

Go... go!



You win!

The match was amazing!
I was really impressed!

That goes without saying.

That last hold was incredible!

I was so scared I couldn't even look.

What? You're supposed to look.

The audience was enraptured.

Before diving, you pointed at the ceiling.

Get down!

Get down!

Come on, get down!

Like a ritual or something.

-Here we go.
-Wait, grab me by the neck!

-Your neck?
-Yes, please.

He was praying to his mum in heaven.

Not to let him die.

I see.

Ms Enoshima!

Karaoke! Let's go for karaoke next!

But I can't sing.

Do come! Everybody's coming.

Everybody's coming! You'll be all right

A tiger! You've turned into a tiger!

Tiger Mask

In the jungle of the white mat.

A storm is brewing.

The lawless villains shall be...

Incoming Call: Murakami Hideo

struck hard by the fist of justice. Go! Tiger


Tiger Mask!

Be careful...


Hello? What time will you be home?

I need to talk to you about a role I got.

Get back to me, please.

Nestled in the arms of burly man

the woman let out a moan...

One, two, three!

These are your seats.

Thank you very much.

We had a deal.

But he didn't take part in the match, did he?

So, based on the deal we had
he's getting only 70% of the fees.

He fought outside the ring.

Two chops, one kick!

He has right to the full fees.

He only got paid
for the flight ticket to Japan!

The food was crap, the hotel was cheap.

If you don't pay up, he'll sue you.
So says Mr Blond.

He ate Kobe beef and then insisted on
going to a hostess bar.

A hostess bar?

He threatened to fly back home
unless I took him to one!

This is the receipt.


Mr Blond says
his memory of that night is very hazy.

He didn't say a single word.

All right.
What a cheapskate!

Well, that's life.

This time we only enjoyed the extras.

Hey. We're going back.

What? Did he just...

-Asami, come with me.

Hi there!

-Hi there!
-You gave me a fright.

Kanako, are you joining us for the trip
to Sapporo this week?

Yes, probably.

Hokkaido has the best sushi!

I can eat enough for five!

Actually, my favourite food is crab.

Oh, I'll talk to my folks.
They're fish wholesalers.

Handles the cheapest and the best.

Really? Just thinking about it
makes me drool!

Hey, that's great!

-Just great!
-Makes me want to go too!

Sounds like you're having fun.

I told you, it's not what you think.
It's just work and more work.

Still, it's been a long time
since I've been on a trip.

It'll be my first time in Hokkaido.

The farthest up north I've been was to Sendai

with the theatre group.

-Say, have you been there?

I see.

Come on...

Yeah, baby! Yeah!

What's going on?

Is he on his way here?

Hey, is he on his way over? Answer me!

OK. Let's call it a day.

-Shall we call it a day?
-I'm sorry...

I'm really sorry.

-I shot him a text.

I think he'll be here soon, I'm so sorry.

-What do we do now?

We can't do much without the actor around.

-I'm so sorry.
-I'm heading off.

-Thank you for coming!
-No... wait!

-Mika. I'm sorry!

-I'm terribly sorry!
-Mika, wait up!


-I'm home!
-Welcome back!

Are you still up? Sorry to be so late!

How was Sapporo?

Ta-da! Just look at these crabs!

Hey, do you know Umemiya Kenta?

He's our most popular wrestler.

His family runs a big fishery in Sapporo.

They sponsored this event

and on the way back

they gave us boxes and boxes of crabs!

We stayed at the office to divide the crabs.

That's why I'm late.

Why do you sound so happy telling me about
this ape of a wrestler?

Normally, you would ask,

"Why are you up this late, are you OK?"

I'm sorry. I just assumed you took a long nap
and weren't sleepy anymore.

Actually, I...

No, it doesn't matter.

Well then, I'll take a shower and go to bed.


Aren't you curious to know more?
Usually you would ask.

You said it didn't matter.

I want you to quit your job.

What? What are you talking about?

You're not even interested in wrestling.

You don't need to sacrifice yourself for me.

What are you talking about?

You're the one who wanted me to do this.

Besides, how would we live if I quit?

I've been offered the second lead in a movie.

They pay well and...

You're really selfish, Hideo!


You got something going with that Umemiya.

That's why you don't want to quit.

Huh? What are you talking about?

He's a popular wrestler, strong and cool.

Better than some unsuccessful actor.

When did you become so petty?

If you like him so much, just leave!

What? I'm the one who's paying the rent!
If anyone should leave, it's you!

Shut up!

I've spent way more time than you have here!

So this is my place.

It's mine!

What kind of logic is that?
This is all so depressing.

This is my place. Mine...

You fought over crabs?

Like I said, that's not the real reason.

Let me stay here for the time being.

Sure, but won't Hideo worry about you?

I want him to feel some remorse.

Hideo's profile looked so cool
from the backstage.

He sure did.

Let's go!

Crabs from Umemiya Fisheries tastes rotten!


He says your crabs are rotten, punk!

They're not!

I ate them, you punk!

-Hey, continue fighting.
-They're rotten!

-Hey, come on!
-They're rotten!

Hey, come on!

-What's wrong?
-They're not rotten.

He tried to get away, but I caught him.

He sneaked in with a fake pass.

What? How creepy!

-What's with him?

Hey, are you OK?

What? You know him?

I'm so sorry...
What are you doing?


You... made a copy of my pass?

I'm so sorry!

I'm really sorry he did something so stupid!

I'm really sorry!


We're really sorry.

Are you crazy or what?

You'd better have a good explanation!

I'll just leave it here.

Here, have a cup of tea and calm down.

Why did you do that?

Because you cheated on me
with that ugly gorilla!

What? Is that true?

No, it's all in his head.

Why else would he give you all those crabs?

That's some petty reasoning.

Shut up! Those crabs are definite evidence!

They were very fine crabs, indeed.
They packed so much meat.

Mum! Whose side are you on?
Don't you see how crazy this is?

Well, poor Hideo seems truly repentant...

He's not repentant at all!

You are, aren't you?

I see. So that long passionate letter
was written by your boyfriend.

Yes. I'm sorry.

He certainly feels strongly about things.

It's a real shame you're quitting.

I had a really good time working here.

I fell in love with professional wrestling.

Don't quit then.

That's right. You don't have to go.

No, it's the right thing to do.
Well then.

See you soon. Bye!


You are really quitting?

Yeah. Sorry for the trouble caused.

It's been really fun.

Oh, and everyone, please keep at it.
I'll be cheering for you.

Oh, yes!


Can I really do this?

No problem.

This way. I'll show you around.

I heard a lot about you from my brother.

Ask me if you have any questions.

Let's do our best!


Ms Enoshima, I would like you
to handle promotion with me.

Our job is to show people
the beauty of K1 and K1 fighters.

Excuse me.

Time for your interview.

Long time no see.

Give it your best.

-How are you doing?

In here, please.

Excuse me.

And now. from Taniyama Gym...

we have Kido Yasuhiro entering the arena.

The main event is Saejima Yuji

and Kido Yasuhiro's rematch title bout.

Well, about that project...

We lost it, of course.

Who cares? It was crap.

Don't say that.

And that beer commercial I mentioned...

You made it to the final three...

but you didn't get it.


So I've been thinking of quitting this job.

That joke's not funny anymore.

I'm serious.

I'm home.

Oh! Pretty early today.

I bought sushi near the station. Let's eat.


do you know Muto Bear?


He's our guest at the K-1 tournament

but the guy who plays him crashed his bike.

Busted his leg. Could you stand in for him?

Look, it's a mascot.
No one will see your face.

So you won't have to tell your agency, right?

They just want someone who can act.

What do you think?

You like salmon roe, right? Want some?

Thank you.


Sure. I can stand in for Obara.

Mr Kido, your medical checkup is coming up.

Got it!

Counting on you, Kido.

Hiroya will be coming in at 4:00pm.

-Thank you.

Ms Enoshima, have you seen Kazuki?

No, I haven't...

He's got to fight in just a bit

and he's not in his room.

There he is!

Everyone's looking for you.
The fight's going to start soon.


It'll be fine. You've trained a ton.

Can you...

help me with the bandages?

Once the bandages are on, I'll be ready.
It's do or die.

All right.

Here goes.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Everyone's looking for you. Let's go back.

For the red corner... here comes Kazuki!

Kazuki... Kazuki!

What's going on?

What's that about?

What are you doing?

What are you doing? Why would you do that?

I saw you.

That was just because I bandaged his hands.

I didn't think you were this dumb.

I'm so ashamed.
I'm sorry.

This is my fault. I will resign from this job.


Wow, you really like fighters, don't you?

That snickering snake?

My, you're pathetic.

I don't care if you're a failed actor
or whatnot.

I can't stand your whingeing.
Whingeing and whingeing...

When I see losers like you, I want to hurl.

If you're so upset with him
why don't you fight for real?

Fight Kazuki for real in the ring.

Not that you can win...

Fine! I'll fight him!

That shrimp. I'll fight you anytime!

You're being called out.
Are you going to fight?

Of course not.
He's just an amateur.

What? Are you going to chicken out?

-It's settled!

I'll set up a match in the ring for you.

We'll have an exhibition match
in this tournament. How about that?

Boss. I think that's enough joking...

If you don't last one round...

you have to break up with Enoshima. Fair?

-I know what I'm doing.

I'll do it.

Actors are men of action. You know that?

We can become anyone we want.
That's the hallmark of a true actor.

Will you really let me knock this guy out?


Heard of the movie Raging Bull?

Robert De Niro as a legendary boxer.

LaMotta. He became LaMotta.

I'll do it just like Robert De Niro.
Become the perfect fighter.

Yeah? Good for you.

He's kind of strong.

Any martial arts background?

Like a fight between Muhammad Ali
and a third grader.

Do you play any sports?

Six years of table tennis in school.

Benched the whole time, but...

Are you an idiot?




Go for it!

Keep going!

Wow, cool!

Keep it up!

Hey! One minute, on!

Come on!


What the heck?

And that is what's going on.

Sounds like fun.

No, it's not! He's just a pain.

You're living the dream.
The man you love is fighting for you.


Hideo doesn't learn, does he?


Just like your dad.
Remember him as a folk singer?

A little bit, yeah.
I remember him teaching me some guitar.

He said, "One day, I'll play at the Budokan!"


He was so cool when he debuted.

I even thought that one day he'd make it.


Then he gave up his dream

and started working at this hair salon.

And then he died.

When we first started dating,
he wrote me a song.

A really good one.

How does it go?

I'll tell you next time.

Men who show you their dreams
are hard to come by.

Sand. really?

What the heck?


What are you doing?

I can't relax unless I do this.

I was supposed to take over my parents' pub

but I couldn't give up my dream
of being a professional wrestler.

So I lifted behind the pub. Like this.

My dad caught me doing this.

You know what he said to me?

"Do what you want while you're young."

"You can always take over the pub later."

"So don't worry about it."

And so, I became a professional wrestler.

Why do you guys like fighting so much?
I just don't get it.

I don't get it either.


I'm working hard.

I feel like it will lead to something.

I want you to do well in your fight.

For Kanako's sake.

Is your boyfriend going to be OK?


Well, he's definitely giving it his all.

Already beat?

-The ring won't let you sleep!
-I can't.

-I can't go on.
-Let go of the rope!

Come on!

Get your fist out there!

What's this? Really? A straight?

Give me a hook.

OK, harder!

Good one! Next, give me a back hand!


You have a mean right hook.

What? Oh, I did this a zillion times
playing table tennis.

Although I was just an alternate.
I had to do it every day, like this.

Great! This is all you need to do.

-Just this?
-Yeah. The rest is terrible.

No, wait. My kick's getting pretty good.

Who are you planning to kick? Moron!

But, right hook is boring and...

Listen, you'll do 500 right hooks every day.

- What?
-OK. Let's do it! Come on!

Throw! Come at me! Don't stop!

Are you OK? Here we go.

-Are you OK?
-I'm dying.

-Lie down over there.
-I'm cold.

Here, Hideo. Have some water.

But you know, I'm surprised.

You're moving like a fighter now!

Can I win him?

What? Well, that's...

Hideo! It's out.


My shoulder hurts.

What's up?


This is the last time.


moving back to the countryside
at the end of this month.

Back to my hometown.

My parents run an orange farm.

I'll be taking over.

My parents are getting old.

And me too.

-Getting too close to...

I'll pay you back soon.

Don't worry about it.

You'll pay me back when you make it, right?


I guess I can't ask you for another loan?

Not a chance.

I wasn't good enough.

I'm sorry it had to end this way.

Don't say that...

Movie actor, Murakami Hideo

I believe in you.

Don't give up.

Hideo, you could play

some worthless scruff or cowardly lowlife

and really shine, I bet.

I don't feel the least bit flattered.

I know you want to be the debonair type.

You should keep doing that too.

You'll have at least one fan in your corner.

You're giving me too much credit.

I'll never amount to anything.

Never say "never"!

"Never" is...

Me, a lowlife...

My shoulder hurts...

Eat, eat, you poor beggar!

You haven't had a decent meal in ages, right?

Did something good happen?

Not really.

Just want to let loose sometimes.

-I understand.
-OK, let's drink.

-One beer, please.

The doctor said not to drink, right?

Shut it. It doesn't hurt to just have one.

-Horse sashimi, please.

Masakado called and said you were gone.

You have a fight coming up.
What are you doing here?

A fight? What's that about?

Forget it. It's impossible...

I can't fight that dude
just because I trained a little.

You know what?

I did pretty good coming this far.


You know I can't win that dude.

You know that from the beginning.

There are seven billion...
maybe eight billion people on this earth.

It's almost a miracle for a man
and a woman to find each other.

They get a mere 70 or 80 years together.

If women don't love enough to die

or get jealous enough to kill...

they'll just shrivel.

What are you going on about?

I still remember seeing you

from the wings of the stage and thinking...

"I want to be with him my whole life"

"and help him get into the spotlight."

I really... I really felt that way.

Your dream was my dream.

I'm an actor.

I'm not like them.

Yeah, you're different.

You're completely different from those guys

who step into the ring knowing they might die.



I'm serious. It's over.

I can't respect you anymore, Hideo.

Can't you at least prove to me you're a man?

You're an actor

so give me the performance of a lifetime.

She says whatever comes to mind.


Murakami Hideo, Complete Collection

Murakami Hideo

Murakami Hideo

Actor Murakami Hideo

-Oh yes, he was here.
-Tell me more.

I think it was the day before yesterday.

Day before yesterday? What time?

Around eleven...

Welcome, table for one?

Don't move!

Don't move!

I'll blow your head off!

No, please! I beg you!

Hey! Quiet!

Stop crying. I said stop!

What are you looking at?

Murakami Hideo, born on 18th June 1982

I'm sorry. It's my fault.

I'm really sorry. I'm so sorry.

Fuck, man.

Where's my fucking lawyer?

Where's my fucking...

You have the right to remain silent.

Accomplished singer and guitarist.

My lord!

There is a vista

only the chosen ones can see.

Heed! March forth to the capital!


Fine words...

Tomorrow, we'll venture forth.

There is a vista

only the chosen ones can see.

Actor Murakami Hideo

Actor Murakami Hideo

Thank you for watching

I'll make it big one day!

So he ran, huh?

He was just a talker after all.

And now you've seen him for who he is.

Don't think of me as cruel.

I'm sure you'll bounce right back.

Well... here.

I'm sorry for causing you so much trouble.

I deeply apologise for everything.

You didn't do anything wrong.

Can't be helped.

It'll be a walkover for Kazuki.

In the red corner, standing at 1.79m tall
and weighing 67kg...

here comes Murakami Hideo!

Audience, I have an announcement.

Due to sudden unforeseen circumstances

-Murakami Hideo...
-I'm so sorry.

will be forfeiting this match.

Oh, well...

Wait a second.

I'm still here.

I'm still here.

I'm still here, and I'm on my feet.

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive, and I'm on my feet.

I couldn't die, even if I tried.

What's the matter? Got nothing in hand?

You go, Tiger!

Did you use up everything

you could take pride in?

What's the matter? Got no fuel to burn?

Didn't I tell you

not to let your fire go out?

Doesn't matter if your flowers never bloom.

-Over here!
-Just lay down your roots.

And don't fall or break.

I'm still here.

-I'm still here.
-One, two... three!

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive, and I'm on my feet.

I couldn't die, even if I tried.

So which way is it?

You know which way the wind is blowing?

Then stop racking your brains

and start moving your feet.

What do you want, my kindred spirits?

You can be anything

as long as you really want it.

Doesn't matter if you never see

the light of day.

Just absorb light through your roots

and don't wither.

I'm still here.

I'm still here.

I'm still here, and I'm on my feet.

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive.

I'm still alive, and I'm on my feet.

I couldn't die, even if I tried.

Even if you look pathetic or unsightly

just lay down those roots

and send them reaching deep.

Plant your determination deep

and give me a fierce grin.

I'm still here.

I'm still here.

I'm still here, and I'm on my feet.

Bring it... come on already!

Get up! You can do it!

Are you OK?

I'm great.

Are you ready?

-OK. Do it!

In the blue corner, standing at 1.68m tall
and weighing 57kg...


In the red, standing at 1.79m tall
and weighing 67kg...

Murakami Hideo!

Three minutes. Three rounds.

Three knock-downs. Ready?

It's just an exhibition match.

Let's have a clean one. OK, touch gloves.

To your corners.

OK, ready... fight!

Watch it...

Go, go, go!

Delicious! This is good!

Ouch, my jaw hurts.

Thanks. I'm done.

Already? I whipped up a whole batch.

Sorry, I have to go. See you later!

So, can you make it to Cannes?

Yeah. I think so.

I've seen a sight

meant only for the chosen few.

Let's go! Stop stuffing your face already!

You have an audition today.


-Good luck!
-It'll work out.

Thanks for the food.

Good luck!

Good luck!

Good luck!

Have I ever once asked you
to give up the revolution?

Do you know what I wanted to say?

I love you, stay with me.

I never want to leave you!

You're one-of-a-kind.

Irreplaceable in this world.

I'd die if I lose you.

That's what I wanted to tell you.

Get out!

First of all, I'm happy to be invited.