The Right Distance (2007) - full transcript

A writer's need to maintain an appropriate amount of professional "distance" from his or her subject; the journalist in question here is Giovanni, a late adolescent with a flair for journalistic correspondence. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

The belle of the dump!

lt's a wreck.


What's that?

- l want to fix it up.
- Does your dad know?

- No.
- Well?

Let me keep it here,
l'll do it all myself.

Can you smell that?

one says it's the power steering,

the other blames the cylinder...

- Smoke started pouring out.
- The guarantee?

- Expired last week!
- Ah!

Let's see!

Smell that!

What if it's gone into meltdown?
50,000 euros down the drain.

Here's the problem...




What a scare!

- What do l owe you?
- Nothing.

l'll buy you all coffee.

- Thanks, bye!
- Bye!

We could have kept it a week
and charged that asshole a fortune.

lf your dad won't have it,
neither will l.

They're lighter
than the others you sold me.

No, they're the same,
they're just newer.

- l own a wine bar!
- They're the same!

lt's not an Alpine chalet!

- This isn't country-style!
- Hi, dad!

- What time is it?
- Two in the morning!

Another dog's been shot
with a rifle.

l think it's a serial killer.

- l think it's my teacher.
- Mrs Prosperi? That's nonsense.

Yes, auntie, this morning
she peed in the classroom...

..Then they took her away
in an ambulance.

Sweet Mary!

She was very happy.
She waved and smiled.

Poor thing!

l'm not hungry anymore.

lt's all that junk
you eat at school!

l spend all morning cooking
and you're not hungry.

l bought cheese specially for you.

Hope l haven't made a mistake
this time too!

l'm wasting my time
with the rest of you...


Doesn't this Mancin girl
go to your school?

They printed
the wrong photo again!

- Look!!
- She looks Chinese.

For Pete's sake,
the real Mancin's so pretty!

This umpteenth blunder
highlights a sloppiness

that l've often noticed
in your newspaper.

There are mistakes everyday
maybe you should be more careful.


- Doing your homework?
- Yes... - Good.


l'll kill you, you little rascal!

lf you fall, l won't take you to

Come down!

My mother died
in an accident last year.

ln my house the word ''death''
is banned.

She skid on some oil one morning,

and crashed into a lamp post.

We're on our own,
and aunt Giacinta gives us a hand.

Damn your mother!

l'm going to take a shower.

Here's a photo of the real Mancin,

who, despite her surname,
has no Chinese ancestry.

lt's ''Mancin''not ''Man Cin''!

Thanks to her success
in the long jump, Annalisa,

was becoming the area's
major celebrity at age 18.

l've never liked anyone so much...

..Then, one day, Mara arrived...

- Thanks! - Bye.
- Bye.

Good morning.

Word spread like wildfire.

She'd come replace
Mrs Prosperi at the school.

ln Concadalbero, there was finally
something to talk about

and something to argue over.

This is the refurbished area.

lmagine how nice it'll be in summer.

l only need it till June,
then l'm going to Brazil.

- For a vacation?
- Work, a co-operative project.

Special, isn't it?

Whose horse is that?

lt's harmless,
it belongs to the owner...

..He comes to feed it once a day...

..l've never even heard it neigh.

This all used to be countryside.

Franco, it still is countryside!

- You noticed that too, huh?
- Eh!

Nothing's changed.

That's how the Milwaukee
Monster started out.

- How?
- By killing dogs.

- Really?
- l read it in ''Focus''.

- Excuse me, Maurizio Bencivegna?
- Yes...

Hello, l'm Giovanni. l you sent
an e-mail about Annalisa Mancin.

Yes, l recall.

- How old are you?
- Eighteen, almost nineteen.

- You're too young...
- Why?

Sorry you came all this way
for nothing. Bye.

You said you needed
a correspondent in my area.

After 3 months you'll start wanting
a byline, more money...

l can't wet nurse you.

l just want to get some experience.

l need a barman, a pharmacist,
a schoolteacher,

people who aren't after a career!

Yes, but our barman's Chinese,
there's no pharmacist.

The schoolteacher's in care...
You liked my writing style!

- Try me out!
- Come on, let's go in.

l follow your work...

- l always read your stuff.
- Yes, l'm sure.

l mean it!

That interview
with Renato Zero last week,

was really great!


- You're a sly devil!
- No, l'm not. Why? - Yes, you are...

All right, l'll try you out.

l'll give you 20 euros
for every published piece...

- ..But no byline
and no ball-busting! - Okay.

Your sandwich.

- No peppers, right?
- Of course!

- Be careful not to blow your cover!
- Of course.

- Be discreet or no one will tell you
anything! - Yes!

She always forgets...

Last night a fire destroyed

the ''Madrugada'' disco on Via Romea...

The fire burned a long time

before the fire brigade arrived.

from the Taglio di Po division

are investigating
the cause of the blaze.

The club is owned by
Tommaso Boscolo,

husband of the Honorable
Lilli Mottola, MP,

and cousin of Alvise Tornova,

the chicken farmer
who died tragically in March 1987.

Does it say his wife cheated on him?


A few days later,

my first piece was published

Everyone at the bar wondered how
the paper got so much information.

But l was very discreet,
like the Maestro told me.

Can l help you?

Excuse me,
can you bring it in here? Thanks!

Holy shit, the place is swarming!

- Goddam it!
- What happened?

Wasps in the exchange!
Bring alcohol, l'll burn them!

Don't kill them! Wait! l'll help you.

A bit further back...
A bit more over there.

- Perfect!
- Check if it's working.

Fantastic! Thanks!

They must have been in there
for about 10 years...

..lf l were you, l'd be less
of an environmentalist.


l boiled some water!
Would you like some bancha?


l read in ''Focus'' that,

if a bee finds a flower
10 km away from its hive,

it can tell all the other bees
to go there.

- They never get it wrong! - How do
they do it? - With a special system.

Bees are all crowded together
in the hive.

So the bee starts to rub itself
up against the others,

making a figure eight
around the swarm.

The others count the number of rounds
and know where to go.

lt's a romantic way to communicate.

They touch each other.

l've got another job to do.
l'd better be going.

Can you help me
with the lnternet connection?

Giovanni's the computer wizard.

l've got to go, it's late.
Bye everyone!

- Thanks!
- Don't mention it!


l don't understand it!

l put in all the right data.

Let's see.


Where is it?

Excuse me.

Excuse me...

Hi Eva, how are you?

Here's my landline number.


l'll call you back later.
Okay. Kisses. Bye.

- How's it going?
- You're connected. - Really?

- Yes.
- You're a genius!

lt's great having a house
all to myself.

At the same price you get
only a garage in town.

Even though l miss our beery
evenings together on the couch.

But it's not bad being alone here,

anyway l'll soon be going to Brazil.

Come and visit.
lt's the right place to relax,

because there's nothing to do!

Lucky you,
living in an isolated castle.

Since you left,
things have gotten worse...

Your stupid dog
tore my underwear to pieces!

Never mind evenings on the couch.

l'll be appearing
on your doorstep very soon.

- Any romantic interest?
- Good morning!

No news?

- Good morning.
- Hi.

They've got men there,
don't they?

l've had enough of men!

Actually, the bus driver isn't bad,

always gives me a nice smile!

- Hi.
- Hi.

But for the most part,
all l see is kids,

aged seven to ten.

There are so few of them,
they've been grouped together.

One of them drew
the Viscount ''of Mezzato'',

Enzo, the youngest of the class...

- Where's Mezzato?
- lt's a village far away.


l'm fine with the kids
and don't worry about anything.

- Bye, Hassan. See you tomorrow!
- Bye.

Call if you change your mind.
We won't do anything before 9:00 pm.

Okay, thanks.



l'm trying to look after
myself and my back.

l'm living healthily,
no joints, no alcohol...

..forget about sex...

l've never experienced
such solitude.

But it's nice too.

The grocery store woman
asked if it was scary

living here on my own.

l'm not scared, but...
Well sometimes l am.

The other night l thought
l heard coughing outside.


We can't waste time searching
every time we need them!

Go to Dessarini's
and get some new ones.

What sizes?
Two eights and two thirteens?

Yeah. Get a couple of tens too...

Go on!

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

l heard you have some cars for sale.

Yes, we do.

l've always liked the Renault 4.
How much is it?

Very expensive.
lt's not worth it.

You'd need to fix the engine,
suspension, brakes, wiring...

- The lot.
-No, forget it

This one's only has 60,000 km.

lt's in good condition.
lt belongs to the tobacconist's wife.

She wants 2,000 euros.

- 2,000?
- Yes.

- l need to make a call.
l'll be quick. - Go ahead.


Hi mum...

Wing mirrors already?

l got them cheap...
l wanted to fit them anyway.

Before the gas tank?

lf my dad sees them,
he'll get suspicious.

Leave it, l'll do it...

- Hi, Giovanni.
- Hi.

l'll take it.
l have to wait for the money though.

lt's insured till May,
the oil's fine,

and there's gas too.

Thanks! Bye!

Uncle Hassan's here!


Hi. How are you?
You look a bit tired.

No, l'm okay...

Look what l brought you...

..These are the ones
you really like.

- You remembered...
- Hey, champs!

- What did you bring, Uncle Hassan?
- What do you want?

You don't deserve anything.

What uncle doesn't bring gifts?

Amina, this is for you.

Did you only bring one?

- Ah, here it is!
- Thanks, uncle Hassan!

Mom wants to buy Tarik a car...

..Get in touch with her,
she doesn't know which to choose.

- Has he got as license?
- He's learned to drive.

He should get a job
before buying a car.

Mohammed, tell him what happened
the other night.

Forget it.

Go on, tell him.

So, what happened?

l was closing up the pizzeria
around two. l was cleaning the oven.

An ltalian came in
and asked for a beer.

l said we were closed
and that l couldn't give him one,

''You'll give me a beer
because you're in ltaly.

''And you have to do
what the ltalians tell you.

''lf you don't like it, go back to
your country, you shitty Moroccan!''

Then he wanted a fight.

So what did you do?

Nothing. l gave him the beer
and waited for him to leave.

Mohammed, you did good. Well done...

You're coming with me!

Get in the car!

Where are you going?



Fausto, what is it?
Come here!

Fausto, what's the matter?


Did you want something?

- This isn't the first time
you've come here, is it? - No.

Mara, lets' call the police.

Don't come here again,
is that clear?

Now go, please.





-Anything wrong?
- Yes!

Put in fourth.

- Should we get out and walk?
- Just a minute!

Try and start it.


- l don't now how to thank you.
- That's ok...

Get a mechanic to look at it,
the points are wrecked.

What are you doing tonight?
- Tonight? - Yes.

- Going out with my girlfriend.
- l see.

- l'd better go. Thanks.
- Bye.



- Frusta?
- Yes?

Didn't l tell you
to change the points?


you'll have to leave it with us.

When can l pick it up?

- Tomorrow morning.
- Okay.

- Need a lift?
- No.

- Do you need a lift?
- Sure, why not?

ls the money good in teaching?

No, not really.

Are the kids a pain in the neck?


A bit, but they're nice.

- Were are you from?
- Tuscany.

When it comes to seas,
l prefer the lndian Ocean.


- The sea's not bad in Tuscany
either. - The sea's nice even here.

Yeah, we're close to the sea here.

- You haven't been to the sea yet?
- No.

My God...

You're one of the lucky people
who gets a free trip!

l usually transport people
who come for deep-sea fishing...

..3 years ago the currents changed
in the North Adriatic,

tuna, swordfish, even sharks...

- Great!
- Fantastic...

..l didn't buy my SUV
with profits from the tobacconist's!

Now l've got 2 houses, 3 cars.
l travel, eat out,

l can do what l like,
and all thanks to this baby.

l never let anyone take the wheel,
but l'll make an exception.

- Want to try?
- No, thanks!

- Come on!
- l can't pay for damages...

Don't worry, l'm here!

lt's like driving a car.

Dear Eva,

after all the bad things happened
in these days,

the best happened today,

when l went on the yacht
of the richest man in the area,

also known as the sly boots
of Concadalbero.

This is the gear shift,
that's the revolution counter,

This is the oil pressure,
that's the water temperature...

- Okay, that's enough!
- l'll take over.

Who's that Russian girl
in your shop?

My wife. Actually she's Rumanian.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

Where did you meet her?

l saw her in a catalogue.

A catalogue?

On line.

lt was very exclusive, discreet...

You're too young to know,
but that's the way of the world now.

Well, actually l'm thirty...

- Really?
- Yes.

Despite your age
you're fresh as a daisy.


At least
you went to the beach,

and if you weren't so standoffish
he might've taken you for pizza.

l went to a trendy wine bar
with a guy from my course.

he'd forgotten his wallet

a fortune!

Then, there was no gas in his car,

so l had to give him 10 euros
to buy some.

To top it all, he even tried
to kiss me.

l was really drunk
and hoped l'd vomit.

That way l'd have messed up
his Ralph Lauren shirt and his car.

lt's a whirl of wine merchants,
wineries, tastings...

..You can't imagine
how much wine l've tasted.

Luckily the course finishes in May.

l hope that Arab
didn't show up again.

He scared the shit out of me.

lt makes me shudder to think
of you alone in that house.

Good morning!

Come on!

Hi, is Hassan here?

He's gone to rescue
a car from a ditch.

l found this in my car.

Will you take it, please?

- Marco, save it and finish it
tomorrow. - lt's nearly over!

- l need this for work...
- l've got as much right as you!

The dog serial killer
has struck again.

The victim was Buck,
a German shepherd

belonging to the Bortolotto family.

The maniac kills the animals
with a22 calibre rifle.

No one understands the motive
of these insane crimes...

A macabre detail casts
a chilling shadow over this case.

The Milwaukee Monster
started his murderous career

by killing dogs.

lf l tell you l landed
a 5 meter long squid

will it get into the paper?

You told me
you'd read it in ''Focus''.

Didn't anyone tell you
to check your sources?

Friends shouldn't have secrets,
Mr Journalist!

Shhh! Okay...
Keep your voice down...


Who is it?


- Hi.
- Hi.

l wanted to apologize.

l see. All right.

A bracelet isn't enough.
l know, l made things worse.

lt's beautiful, ma l can't accept it.
lt's too valuable...

lf you don't keep it,

it's not worth anything.

l know you think badly of me.

Well, goodnight.

You're Tunisian, right?


l teach your nephew.

He's very intelligent.

l know.

The other day he asked me
if our shadows are our souls.

An Arab poem says...

''As the soul is followed
by shadows,

l fearfully await
the sun's return.''

lf you like, l'll make coffee.

Delicious! l've only had flat bread
this good in Rimini!

l think they must be natives.

l don't think so.
They're Moroccan.

- He's my brother-in-law.
- Ah!

- Tell him l'm impressed.
- You tell him, he'll come say hello.

Good evening, enjoy your meal.

- Good evening.
- Hi.

Ma'am, this is my wife, Galja.

- Nice to meet you, Mara.
- How's my car doing?


- l bought a Golf.
- Who bought a Golf?

My money gets spent like water!

Well, well..

Well, we'd better be off.

- Have a nice evening!
- You too!

- See you soon. Bye
- Bye.



- Not even cous cous?
- No. - Come on!

That's like me forgetting the recipe
for spaghetti with tomato sauce!

He wants to be ltalian
and forget everything.

No, that's not true. l don't like
this nostalgia that foreigners have.

lf you're here, you're here!


Who are they?

They work at a call centre nearby.

They give advice,
sexy phone calls...

..That guy's the boss.
They make plenty of cash.

- Mohammed!
- Lucky them!


Hip hip hurray!


- Hi!
- Hi.

l hope you're very hungry.

l got everything to make cous cous,
even the recipe. May l?

Be my guest.

No thanks, l'm stuffed.

l've put on weight
since l came here.

Yes, it suits you.

Still got Tunisian tastes
in women, huh?


You look like a Berber bride.

- Are these used at weddings?
- Yes.

A gift for my wedding night.

Are you married?

No, l escaped in time.

- Escaped?
- l came back to ltaly.

My mother was furious.
She organized everything...

You wear it like this...

- Lower? - Yes, it must cover
your forehead....


What about the girl?

Se was beautiful...

..but not like you.

Your eyes are lighter
from close up...

ls that good or bad?



Dear Eva,
l know what you'll think now.

You'll think that l'm crazy
and maybe you're right.

l made love with Hassan...

lt was wonderful.


l just felt like it
and threw caution to the winds.

''Thank God
l waxed my legs yesterday.''

The beautician's engaged to Guido,
the cute bus driver.

The wedding's in February
and they're setting up house.

l was a bit envious
when she told me.

To find a nice guy, marry him,
have kids

and go the mall together
on Sundays...'s a shame l'm not like that!

My mom's right,
l'll end up an old maid...

Hi, Giovanni.






- Hi, Franco.
- Journalist!

l intercepted a call.

- The police are going to
the Vendramin tannery! - l'll go!

- Get there before the competition.
- Thanks, l'll go now.

- Frusta, l'm borrowing your bike.
- No!

- l'll bring it right back!
- No!

Fuck off!


Good morning.

l work for Bencivegna.
Do you know him?


- Are you a journalist?
- Yes.

Show me your pass.

He gets around, this Bencivegna...



- You were the only one there?
- Yes. - This is excellent too.

He'd loved my piece
about toxic waste,

but this time he was really excited.

l envisioned a full page article...

..''Secret sweatshop discovered
with chained Orientals.''

- l was lucky.
- Don't be so modest.

Luck counts,
but it isn't enough.

You did a good job...

..So, you're really serious
about doing this job...

lt's what l'd like.

he printed two lines and no photo.

My big break came
thanks to Amos, the tobacconist.

The GPS wasn't working,
l was alone.

l didn't have my phone,
l had to stop the boat.

''Now the motor
will burn out !''

l thought it was a tiger shark...

The article l wrote
about the giant tuna

was printed in all the papers.

My photos were published all over.
A bull's-eye...

Amos organized a party.

He was convinced
the fish was a sign from destiny.

After years of trying,
Galja finally got pregnant.

- There's loads of energy in that
place. - Take me there!

- Come on...
- lt'd be great for your baby.

She said it was
all thanks to Professor Tiresia

and his famous fertility talisman.

The ''psychic seer'',
as he liked to describe himself,

had also become one of the area's
major taxpayers....

Come on,
some white wine over here.

Bay leaves, a little oil, lemon.
That's enough!

Even a football...
Go play on the highway!

Amos invited everyone
from Concadalbero and vicinity.


Practically no one escaped,

even those who hadn't
been out at night for years...




What the hell's wrong
with your equipment?

Go ask the priest what he's
done to the electricity!

He'll be sleeping, dickhead!

With all the dough l'm forking out,
you go bust his balls!



- Did you fix it?
- Yes.

- Good job!
- The fridge caused a short circuit.

Who cares,
they can drink warm beer!

Excuse me! Let's all drink to the guy
who fixed the electricity!


Come on!

Thank you very much! Here!

No thanks, l don't drink!

Hassan, don't be a fundamentalist!


Enjoy yourselves!



lt's the second time l've drunk,
it makes me feel weird...

Fun, isn't it?

Wine holds the truth, right?

Right, but what's the truth?

l'll tell you because l drank wine,
but it won't be the wine talking.


Will you marry me?


Over here!

Giovanni, you were right there,
and you didn't take any photos?

Do you realize
what we've missed out on?

She's a poor nutcase,
do you call that news?

Do l call it news?
Look who does!

''Boat of crazies''.
''Apocalypse Now in the Delta''.

That's who calls it news...

l'd tried to write an article,

but everything l wrote
just made me feel bad.

She'd taught me
and nearly everyone there.

We'd all been fond of her
and we still were.

How had she managed
to free the boat ?

Where was she going ?


lf you're serious about this job,
there's something you need to learn:

lt's the rule of the right distance.

the distance you need to keep

between what you write
and the people involved.

Not too distant,
or there's no pathos,

but not too close either,
goddamn it!

Journalists who give in to feelings
are screwed!

Get it?



Eva, l've got big news.

l'm leaving early for Brazil.

Victoria, the Scottish girl
l'm replacing, has hepatitis.

lf l'm not there in ten days,
they'll get someone else.

- Good morning, ma'am.
- Hi.

- l'd like a25 euro phone card.
- Here. - And this too.

Fresh breath, huh?

- How about a lottery ticket ?
- No, thanks. - Too bad.

- Last week someone won one million
euros. - Lucky them.

- What would you do with a million?
- Lots. l don't know.

- Take a trip?
- Yes, take a trip.

- Thanks, bye!
- Wait!

- Wait, wait!
- What is it?

- Look here. Take it.
- Oh!

lt won't bite...

Two tickets.

Red Sea, Sharm el Sheik...

..five star resort, mega suite,
entertainment in ltalian.

How's that?
Leave the 28th, back on the 5th...

- You've got a wife, take her.
- We had a fight.

The cow went back
to her mother's in Scornicesti.

lt'll be unforgettable.

- Have fun.
- Let's go! Come on!

l was on the phone all
morning with the Superintendency.

Luckily they found someone
to sub for me.

l'm sorry for the kids...

l liked them
and l'm sure they liked me too.

And l'm sorry for Hassan too.




- There. - Thanks.
- You're welcome.

l'd better be going.

You've saved me again,
how can l make it up to you?

Don't make bancha tea.

Anything but that.


We're going to the bar, Hassan.
Want anything?

No, thanks.

Come on!

l'm sorry, l was wrong.
l didn't think this would happen...

Sometimes you don't think,
that's the trouble.

l wanted to say goodbye.

l have to leave earlier.
l'm going in three days.


Don't be like this.
You know what it's like to leave.

- You left your country too.
- What do you mean?

You don't know
what you're talking about!

My father died and left five kids!

l was eleven years old.
l was the eldest!

We had to eat.
Can you understand that?

Okay, there's no point
in talking now.

You just want to hurt me.

Hello, l can't take your call now.

Leave a message.




- Have you eaten?
- No.

Feel like having dinner with me?

Where's your car?

l walked here,
l felt like taking a stroll.

Why did you spy on me?

l repaired the Renault 4.

The Renault 4?

You said you liked it, remember?

l'm leaving, Hassan...

What about the Panda?

Maybe my mom will take it.

Ma'am, Hassan,
come and drink

to this poor devil who's making
the biggest mistake of his life.


Well? Do we need to fax you?

Maybe we'd better join them.

You go...


So, you're getting married.

On the 25th. You're invited.

l wish you all the best...


Kiss, kiss, kiss!

lf l weren't getting hitched,
l would've hit on you.

lt's too late for that...

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Why leave me like this?




Sit down, kids!

Will you all sit down!

That's enough! Calm down!

l'll call the principal!

Mara didn't show up
at school that morning.

Later, the principal
sent someone to look for her,

but she wasn't in.

Everybody thought that
she had left early.

She'd been tied to a rock
and thrown in the river.

But the current
brought her to the surface.

She had a wound
on the back of her neck,

probably the fatal blow.

The autopsy report verified
extensive bruising

and marks of beating.

The presence of Hassan's
seminal fluid was also detected.

The hypothesis
was second-degree murder.

The killer entered the house;

spurned by the victim,
he went out of his mind.

There was a struggle,

and she fell against the radiator.

Three days later,
the arrest was confirmed.

Forensics found traces
of Mara's blood in Hassan's car.

This and eye witness accounts
of Mara's last hours

nailed him once and for all.

My dog was worked up,
he kept barking.

He only does that
when he smells something.

So we went out to look
and we found...


Mr Ben Chaib.

He'd come to spy
on Miss Mara De Rosa?

l think so.

And your friend seemed to think
that he'd done this before?

Yes. He said so.

What were his exact words
that evening?

''Will you marry me ?'' l think.

How did the young lady react?

She didn't even reply.

Tell us again about the last time
you saw each other...

..You took her home, didn't you?



l've calmed down...
l feel better.

She said...

l'd like to have thirteen lives!

- Then?
- l stayed in the car.

- Doing what?
- Thinking.


What did you think about,
Mr Ben Chaib?


Mr Ben Chaib, do you have
anything else to add?


l was tormented
by the fact

that l'd seen Hassan
spying on Mara.

l couldn't forgive myself
for not doing anything

or telling anyone.

after Hassan's arrest,

no other dog was found dead.

l didn't follow the trial, or even
read an article in my paper.

l cancelled Hassan from my life,

liked he'd cancelled out Mara's life.

No more than four lines
for the Petenello scandal.

Are you writing about the fight
at Merendero?

Yes, l'm almost done.

You know who they arrested?

Some idiot who got mad at a kid

for leaning on his car.

Do you know who he is?

- No, who is he?
- The lover of Lilli Mottola, MP.

- Frizziero told me,
he thought l already knew! - Really!

Journalists can't say that,
only the readers can.

- You're right!
- Of course l am!

Give it to Luca when you're done.

l'm leaving,
my daughter's graduating.


This is her.
The messages she sends...

''Don't be late
and look presentable.''

Her mother tells her l'm a slob.

How can you still bear grudges
after fifteen years?

We've always understood
each other, haven't we?

And you're only
2 years younger than Valentina.

Because l'm not your son.



Hello? l'm on the bus.

Yes, of course l remember him.

Okay, l got the photo.


Why did he kill himself?

After the
appeal, they gave him 15 years.

- Murder?
- Yes.

- What was his name?
- Hassan Ben Chaib, Tunisian.


Tell us what happened!

Hassan left this.

''Dear sister, forgive me
for hurting you all,

but l'm innocent.''

You knew Hassan,

write that he was innocent.



Where's your brother?

ln his room.

This perfume
has the scent of a flower...

..Let's see if you can guess it...


Holland, tulips.

lt's the violet! lt's fantastic.
lt's good for you!

Did you want something?

l'll take these.

- Hassan Ben Kiaib, right?
- Chaib, ''shaib''. - Chaib...

20 years ago,
Negroponte claimed that

computers would
get rid of documents.

Here they are.


So, can you please describe,
in full detail,

the incident in which Miss De Rosa
cut herself in your car?

- l already told you about it.
- Well, please repeat it in court.

She wanted to write down
her address in Brazil.

So you knew
of her plans to go to Brazil?

Yes, she told me.

She wanted to
write down the address.

She didn't have a pen.

''There's one
in the glove compartment.''

She opened it, but cut herself
slightly. l don't know how.

l saw blood on her finger.

''Did you hurt yourself?''

''No, it's nothing''.

l see.

Did you keep the address
she wrote down?

No, the pen didn't write.

''l'll bring it
to the garage tomorrow.''

And you, Mr Ban Chaib,
what did you reply?

That it was pointless,

because l wouldn't have written
to her.

Does the defence
have any questions?

No, sir, no questions.

An expert judge can tell
when a suspect's lying.

The story about the pen
aggravated the judge.

The judge didn't believe him?

l would've felt the same
if l were him.

What about you?

- What about me?
- Did you believe him?

l'm sorry about what happened.

But he was quite stubborn.

Why didn't they further investigate
the cut on her finger?

on her fingers, arms, legs.

She'd been dragged
across the countryside.

One more thing.

A tablecloth stained with wine
was found at Mara's house.

Hassan didn't drink,
everyone knows that....

Everyone knows
that teetotallers get drunk easily.

Here l am!

l forgot the caprice de dieux!

l went home
and found an e-mail from Mara... said she was planning
to visit before leaving.

l had to go to Verona
for a wine convention,

so l called her immediately
to let her know.

- What time was it?
- Ten. Ten, thirty.

Her cell phone was off,
her answering machine was on,

so l left her a message
saying l'd call again.

Apart from occasions
confirmed by other witnesses,

did you ever enter into
confidence with the young lady?

ln confidence? Never!

She bought my wife's car...
We hardly spoke...

Just stuff about the village,
that kind of thing.

You never spent time
alone with her?

- Just me and her?
- Yes.


..You run into people in a small
village, but we were never alone...

..l don't know anything
about her private life...

Based on a preliminary examination

there were no extraneous prints
in the house.

Absolutely nothing?

The only anomalies,
as l said in the report,

were the lit gas ring and absence
of a tape in the answering machine.

The answer machine was on,

so l left her a message
saying l'd call again.

See you tomorrow.

You again?

l found a serious contradiction
in witnesses' accounts.

The police said there was
no tape in the answering machine,

but the girl said
she'd left a message that night.

So there was a tape.
Someone must have taken it.

You can find out who called.

Why didn't you get the printouts?
Too much work?

You're a pain!

You've overlooked
one small detail. He killed her!

Maybe it was an accident,
but it was him, okay?

Printouts... lf he'd done as l said,
he'd be out by now... would have been different
with summary procedure.

Five years, six at the most,
and he'd be free.

He wanted to do it his own way,
like all Arabs!

At least Albanians are craftier...

That guy over there
is a client of mine.

You can't imagine what he did,
and he's free already.

So you judge people
on the basis of race?

Lucky you,
you've got fuck all to do...

You know what the truth is?


The truth is, you all decided
Hassan was guilty.

Even you, his defence lawyer.

Fuck you...

- Giovanni, how are you?
- l need a favour.

- Remember Hassan?
- Yes.

He killed himself in prison.

Poor guy...

ls it possible to find out
who called Mara that night?

Giovanni, it's too
difficult. - Hassan was innocent...

- Fuck! -
l wouldn't ask you if l wasn't sure.

Give it a try, okay?

All right, bye.


- Hi!
- You're lucky!

- Really?
- lt was tough, but l did it.

There were two calls,
one at 10:28 pm...

- 3336960630.
- And the other?

At ten past midnight.


..Don't tell anyone
l gave you this info.




Hello? Who is it?

- Hello? ls this Eva?
- Yes, who is this?

Hello? Hello?


You're in a civilized country.
Not like where you're from!

What do you mean?

Full of whores, pimps, thieves
drunks, scoundrels and more...

..l shower you with gifts
and you bust my balls!

- What did you say?
- You make me sick!

Come here! Come here!





Hello? Hello?


Hello? l can't hear you.

Who is it?


What about these?
Aren't they a gift?

Hello, l can't take your call now.

Leave a message. Thanks.

Hi, it's Guido.
You looked gorgeous tonight.

l know you're leaving...

..and we didn't say goodbye properly.

Wait for me, Mara. l'm coming over.





When the Carabinieri
went to Guido's, he confessed.

lt was as if he had been waiting
for them.

He told them everything in detail,

as if he had a desperate need
to clear his conscience.

He went to Mara's that night
and she welcomed him in.

She even opened a bottle.

But then she asked him to leave.

What followed was exactly
as the prosecution hypothesized.

They got it all correct,
except the killer's identity.

Four of my articles were published
in the national edition.

Everyone congratulated me,
except the locals.

They think l did it for my career.

lf l'd maintained
the right distance,

if l hadn't gotten involved,

everyone would still think
Hassan was a murderer,

and l wouldn't be going to Milan
to work for a major paper.

l still don't have a contract

and l rented a room
in ltaly's worst neighbourhood...

..but it's my new life
and it starts here.