The Rift (1990) - full transcript

An experimental submarine, the "Siren II", is sent to find out what happened to the "Siren I", which has mysteriously disappeared in a submarine rift. Things go awry when they begin to find things that shouldn't be there. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




You're too early.

Wake-up time, wimp.

You're late for your shower.

Cathy, no! Come on, Cathy, leave me alone!

-Is that you, Bliskin? -Aw, he remembers.

It's been a long time, Wick.

Is this a social call, Jake?

There's been an accident with your prized submarine.

We got a jet for DC on standby.

The big boys want to see you, Wick.


What a pleasant surprise, Wick. It's been a long time.

-Has it now? -(LAUGHING)

I see you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Sure, Staensland. The world is one big laugh factory.

God, we miss you around here, Wick.

You should have thought about that before you got military funding for my design.

Tell me, how's that pretty wife of yours?

-She still in the Navy? -Ask her lawyer.

Now, why don't you just cut through the bullshit, Staensland?

-Ah. -And tell me what happened to Siren I.

First reports indicate that the Siren I's nuclear power system

may have experienced a complete failure.

But since we've lost radio contact, we have no way of knowing.

They've probably set down, waiting for rescue.

Needless to say,

the Pentagon is very concerned

-seeing as how the Siren's... -Wait a minute.

What the Hell are you two guys trying to pull here?

There were no nuclear-powered engines in any of my designs.

Got news for you, wonder boy.

Our report indicates it was your structural design,

not our modifications, that are at fault.

Just think of it, Hayes, eight people playing gin rummy at the bottom of the ocean

because you threw a temper tantrum when somebody else tinkered with your toy.

-Now that's horseshit. -Wick, I didn't want to believe this

anymore than you.

We can't afford not to share the blame with the designer, Hayes.

Thanks for the drink, Staensland.

See you around.

Mark Macey was onboard when it happened.

STAENSLAND: Wick, when you slammed the door on us,

it was Mark who fought to build Siren I as close to your design as possible.


Surely, you're not going to abandon him

like you did the Siren project?


I know how close you are to Mark.

You're going to join a NATO rescue team to track down the Siren I.

No one knows the Siren better than you.

You leave for Norway at 0800.

He bought it.


Oh, who's this?

Unless I miss my guess, that's Wick Hayes,

the whiz kid who invented this undersea playpen.

-Not bad-looking, considering. -Ah, Roger owes me 20.

I bet him you had hormones lurking somewhere in that luscious bod.

Skeets, if you ever grow up, let me be the first to know.



-Hi, Wick Hayes. -Ana Rivera, navigator.

Nice to meet you, too.



Hey, listen up, everybody.

This here is Wick Hayes.

Glad to be aboard.

Mmm, bet they'll listen to Siren I, eh?

Then you've all heard?

Oh, we've heard. They gave us the usual briefing.

They say it was your fault that Siren I went down.

Hi, I'm Carlo, the ship's doctor. Come on.

A lot of it's just tension.

This mission's been so secretive, most of us don't even know our return dates.

No sweat, Doc.

Winning popularity contests doesn't seem to be one of my specialties lately.

(LAUGHS) Well, there's no room left for a private bunk.

Hope you don't mind sharing with Robbins. He's new too.

Yeah, well, just as long as he hasn't been talking with the rest of the crew,

we'll get along just fine.



-Uh, a touch of sea-sickness. -Uh-huh.

-I'll leave you two alone to get acquainted. -Thanks a lot, Doc.

How you doing?

-(ROBBINS BURPING) -That passes after a while.

-Sorry, I'm Robbins, computer, uh, specialist. -Hi.

-My name is... -Wick Hayes. I know, I know.

I recognize you from your, uh, Omni interview.

I'll take the, uh, bottom bunk, all right?

FLEMING: (OVER INTERCOM) Attention all hands.

-Let's go, Skeets! -Emergency meeting in the galley, ASAP!

Double-time, Skeets, in the dining room.


Man, right in my goddamn ear!

Attention! The Captain.


I would give you people at ease,

but it appears that you've already beaten me to it.

I am Captain Randolph Phillips.

This is Lieutenant Nina Crowley,

expert biogenetics.

While on tour of duty, you will address us both with prompt,

proper, military respect and courtesy.

Is that understood?

A simple, "Yes, sir" would suffice.

ALL: Yes, sir!

Yes, sir.


I've been told it stands for, "Never A Thing Organized".

-Any truth in that, son? -Probably not, sir.

-What's your name? -Joe Kane, sir, but everyone calls me Skeets.

An answer like, "Probably not" takes balls. I like that.

But in the future, please try to keep them in your regulation military trousers,

where they belong.


I'm well aware that most of you will be at odds with the Navy way.

Some obviously more than others.

But as long as you bear in mind that this mission falls under military jurisdiction,

I'm sure our problems will be minimal.

We get underway immediately.

SOLDIER: Aye, aye, sir.

I expect each of you at your stations

within five minutes.

That will be all.

Lieutenant Crowley.

My nerves aren't going to take this.

Why don't we save ourselves a lot of trouble and kill that son of a bitch now?




COMPUTER: Alteration request denied.

Alteration of computer code requires Class One password.

Ready for input.

Alteration of computer code is now implanted.


HAYES: Can we talk?

CROWLEY: I have told you I never wanted to see you again.

And for your information, never means never.


I am not here by my own choice, believe me.

Wick, everything you do is by your own choice.

Now why don't you just get the Hell out of here

and stay as far away from me as possible while we're on this mission.

Will you stop acting like some spoiled schoolgirl, Nina?

You know, there's a Hell of a lot more important things involved here

than your precious feelings.

Look, Hayes...

We have been through this before.

Now why don't we just both do our respective duties?

You can file everything else under "M" for memory.

Hey, do you want to run a diagnostic on the turbos?

Yes, that's a good idea.

It's been real nice talking with you, Lieutenant Crowley.

Let's do a full diagnosis of both turbos, I want to see how they've tweaked my design.


Let's take her down for a test dive, Mr. Fleming.


I haven't had the opportunity to run a proper diagnostic on the Siren.

And we are navigating in some very rough waters.

I mean, what we're dealing with here are

cross currents, undersea mountains, ice formations...

We thought this ship was state of the art, Mr. Hayes.

The more complicated the design, the more that can go wrong with it.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Have you detected any malfunctions so far, Mr. Hayes?

-No, I haven't. -Very well, then.

Carry out the order, Mr. Fleming.

Ms. Rivera, Mr. Robbins,

maintain full observance of sonar.

Visual range will be extremely limited at these depths.

RIVERA: Twenty-two thousand, one hundred.

Twenty-two thousand two hundred.

ROBBINS: Nearing icebergs now.

RIVERA: Twenty-two thousand three hundred.

ROBBINS: Standby sonar shows outcroppings to starboard at

zero, zero, two degrees.

It's probably ice formations, sir.

Negative, Robbins. Main scope reads location, 0-0-4 degrees.

Well, it's probably an alignment problem,

because I'm still reading 0-0-2 degrees.

We'll compensate for Mr. Robbins' display, just to be on the safe side.

Run a course around and through them, giving us 15 degrees either way.

-Aye, aye, sir. -(TYPING ON KEYBOARD)

Standby scope's off by over three degrees, sir.


Same on main. We're on a collision course!

-Starboard bow! -COMPUTER: Imminent collision.

Imminent collision.

Full evasive action! Sound the alarm!




SKEETS: Almost there, almost.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: What in the Hell just happened?

Design alterations, Captain.

They've rewired the sonar system to make way

for a to-be-installed missile-tracking system.

Hey, we're lucky we didn't run into those suckers here at all...

We never had these problems with the old submarines.

That's because they never had this vessel's capacities.

You are right, Hayes, but at least they worked.

I said it didn't have a proper diagnostic check, didn't I?

Mr. Hayes, being irate with Mr. Fleming will not change the fact that he is correct.

I want to show you something, because these are the design changes in Siren II, Captain.

-COMPUTER: Level one. -All the changes are in red.

-COMPUTER: Level two. -And this is change number two.

-COMPUTER: Level three. -That's change number three, Captain.

COMPUTER: Front view.

Now, do you understand this, Captain?

Because these are the only facts. Now why don't you open your eyes and look?

Mr. Hayes,

I'll see you in my cabin immediately.

Mr. Robbins,

-recalibrate the sonar units manually. -Yes, sir.

I expect a damage report in my quarters.

HAYES: This should be fun.

What the Hell is your problem, Hayes?

Can't face facts?

Or is the guilt too much for you?

The facts speak for themselves, Captain.

HAYES: (OVER INTERCOM) Now, I am not going to be Contek's whipping boy

because the military screwed with my designs.

-I've seen your type before, Hayes. -You have?

Always pointing a finger at someone else because it's easier that way, isn't it?

HAYES: Let's face it, sir.

We almost died back there, Captain

because of Navy tampering,

not from any fault of mine.

-Now, if you can't see what that... -That's enough.

I've made my decision.

In the interest of crew morale,

I'm placing the control room off limits to you until further notice.

What about my checking the Siren?

Robbins is qualified. You can assist,

if necessary, via ship's com.

Well, Captain, you just might as well have me tapping damn Morse code on a bulkhead.

Hayes, you can play with your pecker for all I care.

Just as long as you don't do it in my control room.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: What seems to be the problem, Mr. Robbins?

It doesn't make sense, Captain.

We should be reading more radiation.

-Possible equipment malfunction? -Negative, sir.

We read normal rad levels, just nothing beyond.

Confusing. Are you following this, Lieutenant?

Yes, sir.

Do you have any thoughts on it?

The contamination is being caused by a different source.

Perhaps non-nuclear.

Better check this out, sir.


Can you identify that?

It's a black box signal, sir.

It's a newer type, encoded signal.

Codename David.

Decoded Siren I.

At least we found out what happened to Siren I.

That black box is our only hope in knowing what the Hell happened down here.

Can you get a fix on her?

It's 27,000 feet directly below us.


notify naval headquarters that we have located the Siren I's black box

-and that Dennick and Rivkin are preparing to dive. -Aye, aye, sir.

-Ms. Rivera, plot a course. -Aye, aye, sir.


Stand by to dive.

RIVERA: Twenty-two thousand, two hundred.

Twenty-three thousand, four hundred and descending.

Twenty-five thousand, eight hundred.

Twenty-seven thousand, five hundred.

Mr. Robbins, high-intensity searchlights, please.

-(TYPING ON KEYBOARD) -Activated, Captain.

Would you take a look at that!

And what the Hell is it doing down here?

Captain Phillips, at this depth,

photosynthetic reaction cannot occur.

No sunlight, no food supply.

Basically, plant growth here is biologically impossible.

I'd like, uh, a sample.

We'll take care of that, Lieutenant.

Captain, sonar indicates metallic debris near the rift edge.

Probably major structural pieces from Siren I, sir.

-Captain? -Captain here, Mr. Hayes.

May I suggest a thorough analysis of the damages?

It just might help us to determine what caused the Siren I's downfall.

Acknowledged, Mr. Hayes.



Get suited up immediately.

Yes, sir.

All engines stop.

All engines stop, sir.



Deepest dive ever, the Captain picks you over me.

The man has superior judgment, squid face.

-Are you all set? -Yes, sir.

We need two things.

First, a seaweed sample for Lieutenant Crowley.

Second, photographs of the Siren I wreckage.

I want you suited up, in case he needs assistance.

Good luck. Carry on.

SVEN: (OVER INTERCOM) Radio check.

Repeat, diver one, radio check. Over.

SKEETS: We're reading you loud and clear, Sven. Over.

SVEN: Roger. I am entering the weeds, over.

Weird, they are all concentrated in one area. Really thick too. Over.


-Want this? -Yuck.

Look at it all! I could open a sushi bar and retire a millionaire.

SVEN: Glad for those searchlights. I can barely see 10 feet in front of me.

Weird, there's a jet stream of warm water coming from below.

The weeds seem to be growing up from it. Over.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: You can cut a weed sample

whenever you get through playing around, diver one.

You read?

Aye, aye, sir. Sorry. Over.

Collecting weed samples isn't going to be easy. (GROANS) Really thick...

Weed sample affirmative, sir.

Take it away. Over.

Looks good. I'm going to go down now. Over.

SKEETS: Roger. Y'all come back and see us now, ya hear?

CROWLEY: Nothing's normal at these depths.

This will be an interesting sample to study.

Thank you very much, Philippe.

My pleasure, Lieutenant.

(YELPS) Shit!



Sven, Goddammit, man, what's wrong?


Sven, what the Hell's happening?

I'm okay, I... I'll explain to you later, sir.

Sven, my man, you got a lot of white folks turning blue up in here.

I am okay now, really.

I could send diver two down to relieve you.

Negative, sir. I'll lose my running bet with Philippe if you did. Over.

I have located a piece of the hull from Siren I.

I'm going to start to take photos. Over.

Say cheese, baby.


Something's wrong!


-What's going on, sir? -CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: I don't know.

Diver one, report.


COMPUTER: Warning. Vital functions error.

Captain, there's something wrong here.



PHILIPPE: (OVER INTERCOM) Request permission to assist Sven, sir?

Not until we know more.

-But, sir! -That is all.

Diver one, respond, damn it!




PHILIPPE: (OVER INTERCOM) Captain, what's going on?


-Son of a bitch! -I'm really sorry.

-I could have done something! -No, there's nothing you could do.

Yes, I could have done something!

PHILIPPE: He was my best friend!

That son of a bitch!

HAYES: Philippe, he knew what he was doing out there.

He was taking his chance like we all are.

PHILIPPE: That son of a bitch! HAYES: I'm sorry.

PHILIPPE: I could have helped him! He would not let me!

-HAYES: There was nothing... -That son of a bitch!

PHILIPPE: I could have helped him. (SOBS)

He... He called out to me.


Speculation, Mr. Robbins?

Uh... I, uh...

Probably a tear in his suit, sir.


At this depth...

Mr. Kane, notify headquarters.

Is that all, sir?

What more would you suggest, Mr. Kane?

We will proceed on course to retrieve the Siren I's black box.

I'll be in my cabin if you need me for anything at all.


He was my friend.



Black box signal still loud and clear, sir.

Very well.

Engine report, Mr. Muller.

Repairs checked and double-checked. Like you ordered, sir.

Acknowledged. Run another check from the beginning.

You heard him. One more time.

ROBBINS: Sir, what do you make of this?

It just can't be.

I can't tell a damn thing by that. Put it on infrared.

Yes, sir.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Whatever it is, it's enormous.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

RIVERA: Captain, it's closing on us.

ROBBINS: It's heading straight for us, sir.

Evasive action. Bring it up 3,000 feet, Mr. Fleming.

Going up, sir.

Give me ship's external cameras.




Mother's trying to fry us in our own ship!


Doctor, we have a man down in the control room!

On my way, sir!

External pressure increased almost two-fold!

See if you can shake it!

RIVERA: Negative response from main engines, sir!

Diagnostic reads damages to the engine, sir.

Mr. Muller, engine room report!


HAYES: Come on, Muller. I'm here to help.


Engine room, report!

I don't know, I can'' tell a damn thing until I put this fire out!


This ship has a maximum depth resistance of 35,000 feet.

If this thing pulls us any deeper...

SKEETS: People, look what's on channel two.

Son of a bitch!

Captain, tell Robbins to reverse the polarity of the ship's

radar cloaking device.

That should allow the outside electrical field

to shock it.

-Possible? -Theoretically.

-HAYES: Do it! -What are the dangers?

Electrical overload, sir. The ship's cooling system overheats

and then, "Boom".

Come on.

Come on!

-It'll work! -Do it.

-Damn it! Do it! -Hit the switch, Robbins!



Hit him again!


SKEETS: That got him.

RIVERA: Automatic pilot's not responding.

We'll have to go manual.

SKEETS: I'm not getting shit out of my side either, Captain.

Switching over to backup.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Keep calm, now, just stay alert.

Come to mama, baby.


Controls aren't responding.

SKEETS: No wonder. Damn thing's clogged the turbo intake.

Power drastically reduced.

Sir, we're falling toward a crevice in the floor of the rift.

-What's the depth? -Over 45,000 feet, sir.


Somebody better do something.

Overdrive the rotary blades.

Try to lodge us into a crevice.

It just might work.

There's a ledge about 300 feet below us.

All right. Rivera, out.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Divert all unnecessary power to the main engines, Mr. Hayes.

HAYES: We're going to put it on that ledge.

Easy now, Wick. Hold it steady.

HAYES: Robbins, give us some legs.




-ROBBINS: Ingenious, Wick. -SKEETS: Yeah, you know it.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Excellent move.

RIVERA: That just saved our collective asses.



SKEETS: Yo, Wick... My man.

This has always been my lucky piece, bro.

Till just now.

You're my kind of white boy, Wick.

Thanks, Skeets.

-Mr. Kane, Mr. Robbins... -Yes, sir.

You will coordinate with Ms. Rivera in an immediate damage assessment.

BOTH: Yes, sir.

Mr. Hayes, I'll see you in my cabin.

I believe you remember the way?

HAYES: Well, here we go. Round two.


Hayes, you never, and I do mean never,

contradict a direct order by your commanding officer.

Especially in front of his crew.

With all due respect, Captain,

we wouldn't be here having this conversation if I hadn't.

Group identity via discipline is what makes a crew function.

The only thing worse than losing a man is watching an individual destroy that.

Good intentions or no.

In the future,

you will advise me before acting.

Is that understood?

-Yes. -Dismissed.

-Hayes. -Yeah?

If it's any consolation, I think you did a Hell of a job out there today.

You're free to enter the control room as of now. That's all I've got.

Thank you, Captain.

Basically, the weed absorbs oxygen and then releases highly toxic poisons.

Indigenous fish came too close and fell victim.

Voila! Instant ecological disaster.

Seems like a very minor cause for such a major problem, Lieutenant.

Well, concentration levels of toxin for its size, are incredibly strong.

If this stuff ever grew on the surface... (LAUGHS)

My guess is that it's the result of a complex group of mutations.

RIVERA: The next time we're talking to headquarters, Skeets,

they're going to be shaking our hands.


RIVERA: I don't understand what's going on with these ATQ circuits.

Why don't you check it out?

I'll get right on it.

-Just hold it right there. -Well, let's get to it, huh?



Permission to return, sir.

Are you sure that you're fit to return to duty, Mr. Fleming?

-Yes, sir. -Very well, then.


Black box signal located and locked in for retrieval.

-(DOOR CLOSING) -Mr. Hayes.

-Sir? -Engine report.

Well, let's just say I wouldn't want to race with them in this shape, Captain.

But they'll work.

Very well. We proceed for the black box, Mr. Robbins.

RIVERA: Hope no one's claustrophobic,

'cause this cave is going to be real tight.

Sir, it's not too smart to slip into a blind alley.

I think we should just blow to the surface and let somebody else deal with this nightmare.

Hell no! We get the black box, then we blow.

I don't recall asking anyone for an opinion.

-Proceed, Ms. Rivera. -Yes, sir.


Nearing cave.

One hundred fifty feet.

One hundred thirty feet.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Mr. Hayes, I want three-quarter engine surge as we enter the cave.

-Hold on, folks. -ROBBINS: Sixty feet.

I hope you like roller coasters.

Thirty feet.

-Three... -Ten feet...

-Two... -HAYES: Three-quarter power.

One... Now!



Turbulence, coming in waves and quicker now.

SKEETS: This feels like a golf ball being sucked through a garden hose.

Are we still receiving the black box signal, Mr. Robbins?

Yes, sir, we are. According to this, it's around this bend...

And through that narrow passage.

-So, do we send the exploration plot? -No way.

It would never survive the turbulence nor the temperature, Captain.

That water's working at 537 kelvin...

Sir, I can fix the eruption interval

and time our passage via the ship's computers.

Good Idea. Proceed, Mr. Robbins.

Robbins, what about the double explosions?

Of course there's an element of chance in every action that you take,

but in my estimation it's a very calculated risk.

HAYES: It's like dancing on a minefield.


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Proceed, Mr. Robbins.





CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Ms. Rivera, activate the starboard camera.


Don't you worry about a thing, Rod.

You just keep those big, brown eyes pinned to that view screen.

It's kind of like flag-flying in World War Two.

Me and John Wayne, you know?

ROBBINS: A recessed, naturally pressurized, subterranean cavern.

-Amazing. -Amazingly creepy.

And just how in the Hell did a black box get down here, anyway?

ROBBINS: Um... Underwater currents, possibly. Uh, who knows?

Wait a minute. Something's wrong with the signal.


That's an SOS.

Now I'm able to distinguish it from the black box signal which...

I mistook it for.

If there's an SOS, that means

an even better source of information than the black box.

Can you locate that source?

Well, that's the really weird part, sir.

It's the same as the black box.

It's from somewhere inside that cave tunnel.

Yeah... They were here, Captain.

Take a look at the screen.

HAYES: The real question is what were they doing here?

What the Hell happened to them?

Crew meeting in the mess deck, ASAP.

HAYES: It doesn't make sense.

RIVERA: Looks like the Siren I crew had a bad time.

SKEETS: It just don't make no sense. They had no business being there.

Under no circumstances

are you to remove your breathing apparatus.

You will notice these are not standard weapons.

They've been designed for underwater use.

I must caution you, the chambers are highly pressurized.

You're handling more firepower than you need,

so don't get trigger happy, people.

Is that understood?

-ALL: Yes, sir. -HAYES: Aye, aye.


HAYES: (ON RADIO) Visibility is extremely limited, Captain.

Okay, everybody, listen up.

According to our atmospheric testing, this air is very toxic.

Keep your masks secured.

HAYES: Captain, there's, uh, no sign of life, just scattered debris.

Easy, easy.

Skeets, drop the raft overboard.

-Right here. -Put it down over there.

Let it down.

SKEETS: Don't tell me, let me guess. I go first, right?

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: (ON RADIO) Give me a progress report, Mr. Hayes.

HAYES: It's as thick as pea soup out here, Captain.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Very well, steady as she goes, Mr. Hayes.

SKEETS: Wick, man, I got a bad feeling about this.

HAYES: Just take it easy Skeets.

Off without a hitch, sir.

Keep those spotlights trained, Mr. Robbins.

Show them where they're going.


HAYES: Everybody keep their eyes peeled.

SKEETS: Hey, did I ever mention the fact that I can't swim?

HAYES: Sit tight, Skeets.

HAYES: Captain, nearing shore.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: That's a roger, Wick.

HAYES: Okay, let's go, watch your footing.

HAYES: Fleming, we're going to need a radar reading down that tunnel.

HAYES: Siren II, this is Wick, radar reading okay?

Image quality's fine, Wick, but my monitor only displays 90 feet at a time.

SKEETS: Ninety feet? Why don't you just give us a white cane with a red tip on it?

Let's move it up, Mr. Hayes, we don't have any time for sight-seeing.

SKEETS: Uh-oh. Hey, Wick, check this out.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: What's the problem, Hayes?

HAYES: Nothing, Captain, just a dead end.

-(RAPID ELECTRONIC BEEPING) -Robbins, talk to me. Where to?

ROBBINS: Straight ahead, to the left of the division.

HAYES: Let's go.

There's a split in the tunnel up ahead.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: I believe you'll cover faster ground

if you divide yourself into two teams.


HAYES: Roger, Captain.

HAYES: All right, Fleming, Philippe, Ana, you take the right tunnel.

HAYES: Ana, you're gonna be the team leader.

Skeets, Carlo will take the left.

Ana, this is your radar contact, don't lose it.

-Understood? -RIVERA: Aye, aye, Wick.

HAYES: Okay, let's go!

SKEETS: Damn, looks like we missed some party.

HAYES: Yeah? I'm glad I wasn't invited.

Captain, we got some toxic biochemical tanks down here, it doesn't figure.

RIVERA: Yeah, and here we got nothing but darkness and goosebumps.

FLEMING: Wait a minute, what's that sound?

RIVERA: Roger, what is it?

FLEMING: Nothing, just my nerves. I thought I heard...

RIVERA: Okay, just keep together, don't fall behind.



RIVERA: How's the SOS signal, Robbins? Reading it okay?

ROBBINS: Got lots of echo, Ana, but you seem to be moving in the right direction.

RIVERA: Seems to be?

FLEMING: Hey, there's that sound again.

FLEMING: I think it's coming from inside...


RIVERA: Roger!


HAYES: Hold it. Ana, what's wrong?

COMPUTER: Vital functions error.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Team one, report!


RIVERA: Something's attacked Fleming,

he's paralyzed.

Take him and fall back to the sub.

RIVERA: We're on our way, Wick? Wick, do you copy?

HAYES: Ana, what's happening?

RIVERA: Watch overhead, I think that's where it came from.

SKEETS: Son of a... Robbins, give us coordinates, man, fast.

Roger, Skeets. Back the way you came, and left at divide.

SKEETS: Let's back track our asses out of here now!

RIVERA: Show us the way home, Robbins.

Take the middle tunnel, first intersection.

HAYES: Robbins, you reading this?

Straight ahead then first right.

HAYES: Ana, we're on our way!


RIVERA: Hurry, Wick! Hurry up!


RIVERA: Oh, shit! I dropped the radar unit.

PHILIPPE: I can't reach it!

RIVERA: Behind you, look out!


We've lost team one radar.

PHILIPPE: What the Hell did it do to him?

RIVERA: I don't know, but it's totally infected him.


FLEMING: Kill me! Kill me!

PHILIPPE: Ana, let's get him back to the ship. RIVERA: No.

FLEMING: Kill me!

RIVERA: There's nothing we can do for him now.


COMPUTER: Vital functions error.

RIVERA: Captain, Fleming's dead.

RIVERA: I'll explain later.

HAYES: This way. Keep your eyes open.

RIVERA: Come on, Philippe, let's get out of here.


RIVERA: Help me, Philippe! Help me, Philippe, my leg is caught.

PHILIPPE: Give me your arm, I've got you.

RIVERA: Hurry! Help me!


RIVERA: Help me, Philippe!

Watch out!



PHILIPPE: Bastard!


RIVERA: Captain, it got his leg!

Philippe, no! Oh.

HAYES: Ana, hold on, we're almost there.

SKEETS: Aw, man!

HAYES: Hey, what was that? I heard something.


Look out! Come on, let's get out of here!

Ana! Ana! Merde!

HAYES: Captain, we found a second man.

SKEETS: Oh, no! It got Philippe too? Shit!

HAYES: Carlo, keep out backs covered.

CARLO: I can't see anything, Wick.

SKEETS: The Hell with this radio bullshit!




HAYES: Put the mask on, Skeets!

HAYES: Put it on! What's that?

Wick, the SOS signal is coming from directly ahead of you.

HAYES: We got it, Captain.


Captain, the oxygen regenerator has lost power.

Jesus Christ, does anything work right on this boat?

Mr. Muller,

please check the oxygen regenerator, we've seemed to have lost power.

On my way, sir.

HAYES: Everybody, stay sharp. Easy now. Easy does it.

HAYES: Captain, I've found a light source.

There's a...

There's a lab inside.

Mr. Hayes, use extreme caution as you approach.

HAYES: We're going in.

Captain, they've got long-term food supply in here.

Lots of computer equipment.

This doesn't... It doesn't figure. Skeets, take the light.

I've located the source of our signal.


SKEETS: Aw, man!

ROBBINS: You've located the survivors?

HAYES: No survivors.

What about Ana?

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: There's no sign of her.

HAYES: SOS my ass.

Captain, I've found some data disks.

Maybe we can figure out what the Hell they were doing down here.

Mr. Hayes, return to the sub immediately.

Yes, sir, we're on our way. Come on, Skeets...

...we're going to have to fight our way out of here. Watch your backs.




MULLER: Help me! Help me!


Twenty-five more yards and you're home free.

FRANCISCO: Captain! Captain,

it's Muller!

-Bring him in. -FRANCISCO: Captain!

Something's happened. I'm outside the engine room. Please hurry, Captain.


Let's go, lieutenant.

FRANCISCO: Oh, my God, sir, it's terrible!

Muller. It's all over him. In there! Be careful, sir.


CROWLEY: Captain, it's from the weed sample.

How'd this happen?

CROWLEY: Robbins, punch up the aqueduct system.

How many exposed water sources in the boat?

Uh, three. The biolab, the, uh, bathrooms, and the kitchen.

-But why do you want to... -Seal them from the control room, and fast.

Okay, okay.

It's gotten into the ship's aqueduct system.

That's why I've sealed off every possible entrance way.

HAYES: Skeets, push us off. Everybody in.

Francisco, what's wrong with you?

What the Hell happened down there, Francisco?

Nothing, I was drinking a glass of water when all of a...

The ship's water, not bottled?

What's wrong with that?




I'm sorry, Francisco.




HAYES: Skeets, hand me your weapon. There's a problem.


HAYES: Watch out!






What is that thing?

SKEETS: Come on!

HAYES: Skeets, come on!

Come on, man.


HAYES: We lost him!


HAYES: Get back!

SKEETS: We can't leave him, come on! Carlo!

HAYES: Get on the boat.

SKEETS: Oh, man!

-HAYES: I've got Skeets. -Wick...

-Carlo... -I'm here.

Just take it easy.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Get 'em down to the diving room, quickly.

Yes, sir.

SKEETS: We've got to get him, man, we just left him.

Easy, easy. Easy. Not too much. Slowly.


There you go. Easy.

Breathe slowly.

-CROWLEY: Okay, Skeets, take it easy. -All right.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Did you bring the disk, Mr. Hayes?

(GASPING FOR AIR) Data tapes.

Well done. Robbins and I will analyze these in the control room.

Well that's not necessary, sir, I can do it much faster myself.

-Maybe, but I want to be there. -Of course.

Lieutenant Crowley will advise you of the quarantined areas.

Let's go, Mr. Robbins. Notify naval headquarters of Siren I's condition...

Quarantined areas?

What the Hell is he talking about?

Biolab, sick bay, and the engine room are off limits.

The algae has infected them.

Muller's dead,

and Francisco...


...he's dying.

And Ana? We blew it!

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: We're not leaving until we get Ana back, it's as simple as that.

How long before the standby oxygen tanks expire, Robbins?

Providing we leave within the next two hours, we'll be okay, sir.



The human genes are...

With the synthetic...

Newly created life forms are evolving...

We have not been able to find a bacteria...

Employed the DNA accelerator for experiment...


We can only hope...


The rest of the tapes were pretty-well ruined.

What the Hell's a DNA accelerator?

Theoretically it's designed to decrease the time necessary for genetic evolution.

But with transgenetics,

that's the splicing of genes of different species and then

submitting them to the DNA accelerator.

Who knows what could happen.

It's not just theory.

Mark Macey, our biogenetic expert, was working on a prototype for Contek.

That was Mark's assistant, Tony Garber on the tape.

This is what they have been doing all along.

They've been lying to us since the beginning.

They knew this would happen.

From the abundant mutants, it's obvious that the machine is still producing.

God forbid they reach the surface.

The only way to be sure, is destroy it ourselves.

Oh, shit.

I say, we should just blow to the surface,

play these tapes on World News Tonight

and let somebody else deal with this bullshit.

That's enough, Mr. Kane.

Mr. Robbins, you stay on the sub.

Let's get it done.

Hayes, Kane, Crowley, get suited up.

SKEETS: Still think this is bullshit.

SKEETS: Yo, man, this is like having the same damn nightmare

twice in one night.


HAYES: Okay, Robbins, take us to where the tunnel splits.

Roger, Wick.

First turn is to your left.

HAYES: Got it. Everybody watch your step. Go, man. Cover us.

Watch the holes.


HAYES: Robbins, is that you?

Negative Wick, negative.

RIVERA: Can anyone... Please...

SKEETS: Ana, is that you?

RIVERA: (CHUCKLES) I never thought I'd be so happy to hear your voice, Skeets.

SKEETS: Where the Hell are you?

RIVERA: In some kind of chemical supply room, it's a dead end.

HAYES: Robbins, you reading this?

Roger, Wick.

Coordinates momentarily.

HAYES: Ana, is there any way you can buy yourself some time?

-(SHRIEKING) -RIVERA: Yeah, I think so.

-(EXPLOSION) -Let's not wait 'til Christmas.

Okay, straight ahead...

HAYES: Let's go!

ROBBINS: Then left at the division.

RIVERA: Come on, Wick, I think I hear Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell.


Fuck it. Wick, I've got some sort of tunnel at the end of the room.

I'm going in.


RIVERA: I'm going to send you a flare.


HAYES: Come on, let's move it!



HAYES: Robbins, get us to her, quick.

Roger, Wick.

You're less than 50 yards from the supply room.

RIVERA: What is this?

Ooh! Hold the phone!

There's some sort of huge cavern,

and cages here. Some animal cages.

And what is this?

HAYES: Over here, Captain.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: The Pentagon was really holding back on this one.

RIVERA: What the Hell were they doing here?

I'm going to check out this machine.

It's huge!



HAYES: Captain! CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: I'm sorry.

RIVERA: I can't get it off.

It's dragging me. It's pulling me in!


Oh! Oh!

HAYES: Damn, look at this.


I think we've hit the mother lode.

SKEETS: Aw, man, this place is bigger than the Astrodome.

CROWLEY: Look at this, amniotic sacks with some type of fetus.

SKEETS: Damn! HAYES: Hold it, hold it! Don't shoot it.

SKEETS: What is that?

CROWLEY: My God. It's some type of mutant.

This one's clearly evolved for surface-dwelling Captain.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Damn thing looks almost human.

SKEETS: Yeah, well I call it one ugly baby.

-(RUMBLING) -Hey, what's that sound?

RIVERA: (MUFFLED) Blow it up, just blow it up.

SKEETS: Ana, what happened?

HAYES: It's accelerating.

CROWLEY: And its stores of protoplasm.


SKEETS: Heads up, we found the ugly baby's mom.



HAYES: Nina, hold on!

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Be careful, move back away from it.

SKEETS: I ain't waiting around to get ate. Come on, get some.


Oh, shit!

HAYES: Shoot it!

HAYES: Come on, get back! Come on. Get out, let's go!

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Keep moving, I'll catch up.


HAYES: The tanks! Shoot the tanks!

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Yeah, I see them, Wick.


COMPUTER: Accelerator signal terminated.

Mission accomplished.


COMPUTER: Escape pod preparation sequence ready.




HAYES: Watch out! Right behind you.


HAYES: Come on, this place is falling apart.


HAYES: Nina! You okay?

Gotcha, let me carry you.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: Let's get out of here before the whole place comes down on us.

Come on, keep moving!



COMPUTER: Please check exit seal.

Bad design, Wick. Real bad design.

HAYES: Come on, come on, let's move!

CROWLEY: Captain, you go ahead.

Okay, let's go.


HAYES: Robbins! Robbins! Over here, Robbins!


Yeah, he heard me.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: And to think I trusted that brown-nosed son of a bitch.


Hope you can hold your breath, Wick.

HAYES: We've got to crack the seal,

to stop the submerge sequence.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: All right, let's do it.

HAYES: Turn it, counter clockwise. Come on.

Come on, turn it. Here we go.

HAYES: He's starting to submerge, come on!

Turn it!

You heartless son of a bitch!



HAYES: Come on, Captain.

COMPUTER: Automatic pilot activated.

HAYES: Come on, Nina, get in!




It's got to be sealed tight.

Now let's go find Robbins.

He's not in here.

I'll try and find him on the monitor.

CROWLEY: I'll check our remaining oxygen.

HAYES: I'm not picking him up anywhere.

He's opened all the quarantined doors, now the whole ship's exposed.

ROBBINS: Not the whole ship, Nina. Easy Wick.

I'll blow her away right here.

For example, the escape pod is quite safe.

I supplied it with bottled water and food for a week.


Point blank isn't a difficult shot, Captain.

Sir, unless of course you really want to find out first-hand.

All right, now move.

This way.

Easy, easy.

Hands up.

Come on, Wick, get 'em up.

All right now move, slowly. Move.

It's too bad Contek had to deliberately screw up your designs, Wick.

That's right, Wick.

Well, hey, they couldn't have you running around after a second

Siren mishap, now could they?

They knew you'd point a finger at them.

So you seal the rift by exploding the Siren II, Contek blames me,

and no one will ever know what happened here.

Well, hey, much better loss than having to take the blame for this accelerator mishap.

Nasty business all this experimenting with biological warfare.

Makes for bad press. Open the door, Captain.

This isn't an either, or proposition, folks, inside.

Someone will eventually find the Siren I's black box, Robbins,

and then the truth will be known.


There never was a black box, Captain.

Just a signal I created and used as bait.

Inside! Move it!

Jesus Christ.


COMPUTER: Eruptions interval is now stable. Automatic navigation is now engaged.


All right, just a little more.

He's got us, and he's got us good, Hayes.

We're down, Captain, but we're not out.

I've got an idea, it's a long shot,

a real long shot, but I think it'll work.

-Yeah, well let's just say I'm in a gambling mood. -Good.

We better get to work.

Nina, we need to get in here.

Captain, why don't you give me a hand with this?

I'm looking for the central terminal. The brains.

This is the one.


CROWLEY: Captain, couldn't we short-circuit the computer management system

and get the door to open?

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: No way, not on this boat.

Design characteristics make it impossible.

Come on, baby, be the one.


COMPUTER: Warning, power failure.


COMPUTER: Main electrical field pre-empted.




You see this?

It's a circuit microchip, and not another one like it

anywhere else on this ship.

It probably cost Contek, uh, 39 cents.

Funny, huh?

Multi-million dollar vessel, helpless without a 50 cent microchip.


Okay, okay. Wait a minute. Wait!

Open the biolab.

Be cool, Wick, let's talk a deal.

Oh, we'll talk,

when we're out.




-Okay, Wick get... -(GROANS)


Captain, the door! Open the door!



It wasn't my fault, damn it!


Captain! Come on, let's get out of here! Come on!


-You okay? -Yeah, I'll live.



Oh, God, the chip.

-HAYES: Take it home, Captain. -We can't.

It's just a piece of junk, Nina.

Not bad.

I'll just reconnect the power circuit, and we'll get the Hell out of here.

We'll meet you in the control room.

Come on, Nina, I'll need your help. We've got to fool the computer...

We'll take the pod. But first, we've got to seal the rift with the ship.

HAYES: Come on, baby, don't fail me now.

Six, four, nine, on. Yes.

On my command, I want you to push the cassette in.

Thee, two, one, now.

COMPUTER: Destruct sequence, activated.



COMPUTER: Detonation sequence, activated.

One hundred and twenty seconds to detonation.

Let's go.


Let's get to the pod.

COMPUTER: One hundred and twenty seconds to detonation.

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS: We've got about 90 seconds before she blows.

HAYES: Captain, what the Hell are you doing?

Open up!

I can't.


Press the green release button when I tell you to.


There was nothing we could do.

Press it now.


COMPUTER: Fifty seconds to detonation.

Forty seconds to detonation.

Thirty seconds...

Ten seconds to detonation.


...this time

they pay.