The Rifleman of the Voroshilov Regiment (1999) - full transcript

A very typical post-Soviet era storyline. Three young men lured an innocent teenage girl to their apartment, offered her a drink, intimidated then gang raped her. Local cops are incapable to undertake an adequate action against the scoundrels - prevented by the superior chief of the local police (militia) which is the dad of one the scumbags. The case is closed. The girl's grand-dad tired of endless circumlocution decides to take revenge of his own. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

- Your turn, Fjodorics.
- Mindj?rt.

Sit down!

- And we, Fjodorics ... What is it ...
- I'm so into it.

We are ... Silence, silence!!

- I'm sick of you already, Scarlet. Sit down!
- But, Fjodorics ...

Go on! Go!

So what are you doing now with the leader?

- Check!
- Check!

- This is nothing, over here ...
- What is... Fjodorics?

- What is it - dull.
- How's that Matt?

- So, go!
- Wait, wait!

Hello, Katyusa!

Good morning, Uncle Kolja!

What is it, eagle?

Water is grass in the sun.
Vil?gotokat live in, guys!

When do you bring it?

Soon! Wait ...

What model it is?

"B?m?s", 525.

- What color is it?
- Green!

- And what?
- Duty free.
- Free ... Cool!

Its Wednesday today and driving should
be organized.

A ride in the car while chicks drive too,
isn't it?

- Today is Wednesday... already so many ...
- Why so many?

- Look, what a girl, out there!
- Where?

This is K?tyka Afonyina, one with whom I went to
school. You won't give in!

If you do not give away. Call her!

No, wait! Let's go to the center,
pick up girls there.

Call her, call!! Is it difficult,
perhaps, or what?


K?tya, K?tya, wait a minute,
I will come down!

Igor, Igor, get her!

"Igor, Igor... come ..." Like a child,
without a step closer.

- Katyusa Hi! You know ...
- Hello! What happened?

- I'm sorry, Katerina?
- Szergejevna.
- I am called Igor.

Very nice to meet you.
Free - once more? once more?

- Katerina Szergejevna, you see a
fine intelligent face?
- Yes...

He is our friend - Csuhanov Borja. A real hero.

- The hero of capitalist work.
- You watch out!

Jekatyerina Szergejevna, the situation is
that today is his birthday.

And no one, not even his love, wished him.

And what can help him?

Only a drink of cold champagne and a
little warmth from the woman's newborn soul!

No, I don't do anything hurriedly.

- Jekatyerina Szergejevna, I beg you!
- Castle of the grandfather.

- Five minutes Katyusa!
- I must go home!

- We want to beg you !
- Of course not! Please! Stand up!

If you come, we would stand up!
Can we go now? Five minutes!

Bobby! Give me your bag, hang here.
No one will steal it.

And you too.

Here - this is our friend's home.
He lives simply, but tastefully.

Here we are!

- Good day!
- Good day!
- Come on!

- What's the name of this beauty?
- K???tya!

Katerina Szergejevna, please feel at home...

Guys, to clarify at the start:
only five minutes!

Good! - What a piece !

- He thought of 15 minutes.
- This is for me?
- Aha.

- Drink that?
- It's just a glassful!
- No! I don't drink!

- Look at the bottle!
- No! I can't!

Don't disrespect the host.
Here we go! Glasses of Champagne!

- Only I have champagne ...
- The knights tequila drink.
- With what?

- A tequila,... mexican vodka.
- Kaktuszb?l.

So, this is the Mexican knights vodka!

- Cladding the orm?nyunkkal.
- This means: Come on, drink!

I'll translate ?sztr?l Russian.

- Now, a toast!
- But I don't know ...

Jekatyerina Szergejevna, offer us
an intimate t?ast.

Everything that is good!

Na, na, na. More, more, more.

- Kisses! Now - a kiss!
- This is not a wedding but a birthday.

- Why, whose birthday it is?
- Oh, but the beginning is slow!

Yeah! Its my birthday.

This means it is dull and boring!

- Katyusa, sing something!
- Jekatyerina Szergejevna also sings as well?

what does he sing?
School of Music!

Really? And what group?

- Karmesterire!
- Karmesteri?

- His conductor has the wand, right?
- Absolutely!

Katerina Szergejevna, show her?

- I'll show you my own wand!
- Very funny ...

Well ... the business man.
The upbringing of him is correct.

- Katyusa, sing, please!
- I don't know what to ...

Sing something for this new-born baby!

Brav?. Brav?! - Brav?!

For the celebrated health!

So much illness exist otherwise

Lot of drink is left in the cup.

- I have a lot of it.
- Now, health! Na, na, na. Bottoms up!
Bottoms up!

- It was bitter.
- Really?

"New World"!

- I'm going to ...
- Where? Katya!
- But you just came...

- Somehow I am not well.
- Weird!

Weird - this means it is due to
the champagne! It happens.

- Time to go.
- Well, kik?s?rlek...
- Sit down!

- I've got to go!
- I'll pass, Jekatyerina Szergejevna!

- Castle of the grandfather.
- Don't spoil the party !

- Over, boys!
- But Katerina Szergejevna! Oh!

- Don't fuck up the party!
- Grandpa will worry.
- He will not.

Stay, moment, you are amazing!

But I did stay.

You haven't even seen our
steel friend yet!

- What is this?
- This is a mouth-mazo bench. 3001's model.

Our hero, and he tortures himself
every morning!

And have new results.
Get ready for... a battlefield.

And shoot, as you shoot rabbits.

Seize off the tongue, fucking child.

Katerina Szergejevna, where do you live?

There, in that house.

- Which one?
- There, in that block.

- Yeah! I see, I see ...
- Only the entrance is on the other side.

Time to go.

Let me through!

- Why do you look at me like that?
- Delighted.

- It will delight ...
- Let me through!

- The library still hasn't opened.
- And the entertainment room either.

- You go in the boudoir... countess!
- Now move it, move it!

- Experience that.
- What?

- Imagine that?
- Get yourself ready!
- Relax!

Enough of this trash, you guys.

- Tell her.
- Calm down, relax!

- Try to enjoy it.
- Guys, I went to the eszetek?

Yes, I went to eat there.
Agreed Jekatyerina Szergejevna.

Certain to eat now, the sight of
a kitten!

- I will shout!
- Shout. Shout, Katerina Szergejevna!

Need some help?
All right, hold it, hold it!

- Silence, silence, silence!
- Let me go, you bastard!

Come on, do it faster!

The sooner done, the sooner you meet.
The grandmother and grandfather.

- You fucking bitch!
- I'll give my all to you.
- Lousy! Rubbish!


Ah, you bitch! It will hurt a bit.

God! Noo...No!

It is difficult when done for the first time?

- Done just once?
- No.

How well is this Wednesday.
Are you coming yet?

Otherwise I won't too ... It's okay,
I am very friendly. I will control myself.

Hey, you! Romantic spirit, this is the second shift!

Enough with the act, wake up!
I watched the whole movie.

Should not we separate?

- What, shit?
- No, but she is a neighbor.

Who are the parents?

I don't know. The grandfather lives.
He is retired.

What is the problem? Go on, get
yourself out more.

Catherine, we couldn't resist. It's not our fault
if this Wednesday is a powered one.

Such a beautiful creature like you.

Oh, my God, what an infamy!

Catherine, all remedial, do not cry!
Katyusa, come to me, okay?

What do you think? And then... but tomorrow?
You need to rest today.

- See you tomorrow.
- Go away, you son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch. It's okay. Well ...

You know what? A little bit of money
for you.

It is to buy yourself something, right?

Let me ...

Yes, ma'am!

Going home?

Where else? Get laid and go home.

- Gave her money?
- Yeah. One fifty.


Nice it was ...


Get your hands off!


Katerina, is that you?

Oh, my God!

Katya. Katya, what happened?

What is it, what's the matter?

K?tyenka small grandchild. Darling.
Tell me, where have you been?

Who hurt you? Listen to me!
Tell me!

- Who?
- He...

- Who was he?
- Pastuhin. The buddies.

- What? Not alone?
- Three of them.

- Where?
- The neighboring house, where his
friend lives.

- Maybe the grocer, or what?
- Yes.

Why did you go there?
- He said his birthday...

Let's go. Let's go, K?tyenka.

Let's go, baby. My dear, dear.
It's okay, it's okay.

Where're you going?

K?tya. Don't be silly!

Right, come out, K?tya.

Open the door. Open up!

Fjodorics, where to?

Ljoska, something bad. Ljosa. Big trouble.

- Now, tell me. What happened?
- Ljosa Help me, help me!
- Get in the house!

- K?ty?...
- K?ty?... what is it?
- Katya has been raped.

- Who did it?
- He is a... , the grocer.

- Csuhanov?
- Three of his friends together.

- Look. So festive.
- I said, Shut the door!

Music, as if nothing has happened,

- Now, it will kill us!
- Where's Katya?

- At home, in the bathroom.
- That's a problem.

- What problem?
- The evidence is washed!

- What is the evidence?
- Used in such a case. Don't you understand?

She must go. The evidence needs
to be documented.

- Then the situation would be quite different.
- Perhaps they need a lesson...

Well, you listen to me carefully!

Now go home. Anybody's house, anywhere...

...Katya must not be allowed anywhere!

If you came out of the tank, immediately
sit down and write a report. You understand?

What kind of report, Ljoska?
Just stay alive ...

It should not be so Ivan Fjodorovics!

These worms. Not only her, but also
raped me! Worms.

Go. Let's go home.


So. Are we going in and face the encounter?
How many are there?


One more thing. In the case of least resistance - the faces.
No. The faces - ok.

Cuffs. The issue before us. These men were no
longer cuffed man. I'm done!

Let's go!

Hold on. Come here.

- Is this it?
- Aha.

Give me the gun.

Who is it?

Hey, kid, what polluted my water?
I'll come off the ceiling.

A week ago, was the refurbishment!
Open up, fucking child!

- On the ground! Ground!
- What is it?

One more step and you get in your head -
a pimple.

What are you doing? What do you want?

- I need to telephone!
- Where, to the UN? The phone is already
getting warmer.

- Thank you.
- You do not need a lawyer?

- But I do...
- Ensign!

- Commander!
- The best lawyer!
- Got it!

Calm yourself? I read your rights.

We recieved a complaint and we are
here in this home.

Particularly dangerous crime occurred -
a group rape.

BTK 131st paragraph: 10 years.

Little! For the crime!

At the moment the victim is to testify.

Except you, who took part in it?

- Who was the organizer? You tell it all?
- Why me?

Suites the mouth. But if you do not,
then who? Who did it?

I just do not think that we ...

You should think! And remember:
extenuating circumstances, the confession in court.

Done! Lieutenant, please record his
truthful confession!

One admitted to the violence.

I did not.
All because of his consent.

Comrade Captain. The vessel is broken.
One proof has been found.

And here it is. It was in the bathroom.

What's this? This is in agreement, yes?
That's it, write the record!

- I do not write under any protocol.
- What?

I do not write under any protocol.

Comrade Lieutenant, you hear?
The resistance may produce an action.

I can see, Comrade Captain. I am
ready to write the report.

- Heard that? Now you sign?
- No! And you have this one's neck.

- Wow! How blood-thirsty you are!
- You can be anyone's neck.

This light-headed. But this one is insane,
who has been chasing for a year!

- Look out of the window, Lieutenant!
- Why?

It is full moon. These dangerous animals
go hunting.

Have you read the news on eszel?sr?l,
who cut a woman's breasts and gobble?

I've read. He is! You.

This crude eats slaughtered breasts,
there is blood on his chin.

Look at the chin, pure blood!

But I have not slaughtered no one!

- It is not gushing? - Yes!
- Only leaking? - Yes!

Enter in the record!

Oh! One has already admitted the crime
and signed. How about you?

- What did I do?
- Admit?


Sex-based violence.

Listen, Captain. Somehow I don't understand
what you're talking about?

- Why do I need it, Captain?
- What?


Eh! New Russians. There is no coordination,
without discussion.

Anything can be bought, everything is on sale.
Even the country's support and hope.

Why not?

Well, he is the ringleader.
The organizer and chief of the sexual power.

Write, Lieutenant!

- I don'know it!
- I'll give you that, that...

It is not that, but still...

Can you take the assassination of Princess Diana?
Do you understand?

- I do not sign anything.
- No?
- Not yet!

- You do not have to. Sztyepanov!
- Order!
- This man!

- Remove him!
- Got it!
- Criminals cell! 24 hours!

And he will tell glady and will
commit the filth!

You know what they're doing with
those who commit rape?

First, they give a velvet sheet that suites
your soft body.

Then the feminine ass - a gift to be criminals.

By morning, you shall be given to another cell,
with a couple of vodka bottles.

- Are you serious?
- And most importantly of all law,
the spirit of justice!

Now, I leave. I want to see the suffering
of friends tangled in the web of justice.

- Stand up!
- Comrade Captain! Comrade Captain!

- Go ahead!
- I am not free. Ease the situation!

- Ah! Talk to me.
- Aha.
- Well done!

I'll say you are the worst ones...

...compared to other criminals.

But, what shit did we do? We guys
assembled, drank a little.

And destroyed the little girl?

- Do you know ...
- I asked you a question, you filthy... answer!

Otherwise, you'll be in the cell within
30 minutes!

- it was not intentional!
- Use the word: "I"

- Well, I did. - Each of the three?
- Yes! - Who was the first?

- Do you know ...
- I repeat the question: Who was the first?

- The guys said, you go!
- And you went.
- I was obliged to.

Poor guy... How considerate!

I am sure he's the boss! Like a locomotive.
How much weight?

- What?
- The weight in kilograms?

- 100 kg.
- Fine. You worm!

I can imagine the torture and voilence caused.

But I was fast, didn't stay...

You son of a bitch! Katya grew up in front of his eyes.

- The sheets are full of blood!
- Even the bed is broken.

- Whose blood it is - your own?
- I am not a gynecologist, Captain.

I promise! I promise you a LOT broiler!

Fix his admission!

You know, a strange combination of
circumstances... Good day.

- Student?
- Student!
- What do you learn?

Structural linguistics.

We all learned a little
something and somehow.

Exactly, Comrade Captain!

- Where are we going?
- Everywhere.

- Stud!
- It's not mine.

"The last of Sicily '...
porn and porn. Filth! Elita.

- Sit properly!
- What is the connection?
- Sit properly!

- It looks to me...
- What does it look?

Comrade Captain, you should be informed...
The fact is that ...

The situation is that the accused's
testimony has already been confirmed.
The protocol has been signed.

It shows that the main villain is - you!

You dirty scoundrel!
You dragged her into the house,
and planned it all!

- Why me?
- Comrade Captain...

Because you got me?

Of course, that is the answer.
I'll confirm it in writing.

- What happened in here?
- Group rape.

- They were captured in a group.
- How many are there?

- Three.
- Who are they?

The apartment owner, Boris Csuhanov.
Businessman. Well-known in the market.

Podberjozkin, the sub-agent!
The second, Igor Zvarugin - university student.

And the third - Pasutyin.

About me: Pasutyin Nikolai Petrovich.

Kosajev Captain!
We know each other, Nikolai Petrovich.

You were here last year, passed a bad order,
due to the low rate results.

- And they've admitted the crime?
- Yes!

The trial detention with the
signed minutes.

- Quick work.
- Faster than the mind-speed.

And you, how you've been able to guess?

The neighbors called. You know my
son Cretin.

He heard the mayhem.

Drunk, boldly. Life, threatened.
Money offered.

Absolutely sure it is a well-planned

- You allow yourself, Captain.
- Excuse me!

Well, all right. What to do?

Supply them to the territorially competent station.

And if you are asked to be moved?

Give a command - the command and take them.

And may I just ask?
It depends. Do you have children?

Yes. Two. Girls. 8 and 15 years old.

Comrade Captain, I'm sorry, it
turned out to be a fact.

- What is it?
- Every Wednesday something similar happens.

What do you want to say? The fact that
every Wednesday they rape someone?

- To some extent some activities...
- Speak clearly!

The arrested Pasutyin admits. And
the neighbors attest.

There was a female with them
last Wednesday.

The men were usually sun-bathing,
and a woman was seen around.

- The day was of the sexual pleasures.
- The evidence included?
- Yes!

- Witnesses?
- Yes, comrade Captain.

Stand up!

How are you my boy? Fun, fun, you found out?

- Why is the tooth...
- Katya in the tooth?

In fact, the trial does not permit, Comrade Colonel.

It is not good for the case. The bruising
creates problems.

Give him to me, Captain. He should not
be punished harder.

Take him. Just give me a written order.

What written order?

"I, the undersigned, hereby say, the voilence
took a great toll on Pasutyin Vagyimot...

who is placed under house arrest."
Date and signature.

You're wrong. You're wrong, Captain.

And you? You are right?

I'll try to prove it to you.
I will. Just wait.

Where do we take them?

Just don't send me back, I beg you!
He would kill me.

If I could be sure about this, I would've
let him take you.

- So now where?
- The station! The cell!

Captain! Do we still tend the order?

Yes. And half an hour later they
get out of there... The cell.

- Katya!
- I'm here.

Good morning.

Katya! Tea is getting cold.

I don't understand. I look repulsive
in the mirror.

You know, now I remember.
Here, on the third floor...

...stays a doctor. I talk to her.
I always wish her.

You don't have to. You should tell
him everything.

I don't have to tell anything, the
whole place already knows it.

Everybody knows?

Well, I came from the police staion.

Grandpa, now you no longer go
out on the street?

- Why not?
- They will raise a finger.

Let them do it. Don't they have
mothers, sisters and daughters?

How is she?

Do not worry, Ivan Thedorovitch,
it's not so bad.

So I was just wrong?

What were you thinking? Such situations
are not never good the way they are.

Now the girl is not too strong physically.

Oh, my God, my God ...

Stay home. The time is the best
medicine. The most important - try
to forget everything.

Do you know why is she always in the
bathroom. I was thinking that... I am
so confused?

No, nothing serious I could see.
I'm pretty good with it.

Thank God.

Oh yes, the exams are due to jitter.
The tests are to be expected.

Call the college and tell them she is sick.
I'll give a certificate.

Yes. Good.

Ivan Thedorovitch, don't you worry.
Trust me - all will be fine.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes... yes.

All would be fine.

What does she like to eat?

- Everything.
- So give her healthy food.

Thank you.

Fjodorics, semifinals are about to
begin, how are you?

Yes... it's hard to be old.

We must... you heard? Released...

Yes! Ah, you're... How am I?
Look how well I hear.

I'm OK. My voice is what it's used
to be. Normal.

Katyerina? Well, where would she
be? In college.

What? Did you forget the size of
your daughter?

We'll talk when you come. Bye!

You free?

Your mother called from Turkey.
Coming soon. Bringing a coat for you.

What's your size?

I don't remember.

There's something else. Notification came.

The investigators' call.

- You need to go Katya.
- Why?

Well, they say the district was responsible
and that they want this thing settled.

Let it be like that.

No, we won't! No, we won't! Prison is
the only place for those pigs.

Grandpa! I don't know...

Na-na, it's all right, dear.
It's gonna be okay, we'll see.

No, I will never be all right.

You would be... my Word.

You may go in.

You free?

I'll wait here.

Finally now. We thought you've
decided to back out.

What do you mean?

The normal thing. Seek a peaceful
agreement, for example.

Well, look at what happened to

Nothing happened to me.

What about that rape?

- So, what happened?
- I wrote everything.

Yes, you also told the police.

I have the feeling as if it
was intentional.

But I wasn't there when that
violent rape actually took place.

You're strange?

Of course not! If I have been
embarrassed you, please forgive me.

Just want to clarify the details.

Well... you both... Pasutyinnal and
you - know each other well?

Yes, we studied in the same school.

Are you friends?

No. Maybe once or twice we talked
in the school.

You accompanied him. He held out his
hand. And then raped you.

Can I go?

Hurt? Unnecessarily. I do not
want to hurt you.

But, you know the nature of our work.

We deal with all kinds of humans.

Just sit back. Sit down.

And so the two of them ... Zvarigin
and Csuhanov, you knew them also?

Zvarigin is often seen in
Csuhanovhoz's courtyard.

This Zvarigin a sympathetic guy.
Handsome. Sportsman.

The girls' favorite. Right, he called
you the same day in the apartment?

- Yes, he and Pasutyin.
- Yes, he...

Well! The college does'nt have any
bad opinion about Zvarigin.

Why not? Probably no one is raped there.

You have a point.

Investigator Seveljov.

Ah... you. No, I don't know. He didn't
come today. Holidaying.

- Boris and Csuhanov you've been aware of?
- Yes.

- How many years? One, ten or twenty?
- I'm not yet twenty.

- You are ten years old?
- Twelve, yes.

So, how long you know Csuhanov?

Since he began visitng that house.

There are people in there.

- So you know Csuhanov for almost a year.
- We're not friends.

Szaprigina, sit down for a bit!

- Hey oldie, won't you like good smell?
- Stupid.

And now the next question.
What all was there in the home...

...where you were raped?

I've never gone there before!

But that night you were there. And
you drank too.

There is also a testimony that you went there.

Enjoying together, smiling.
We also know that you waited there.

Why would I wait? Tell me what would I want?

Answer. Maybe you wanted to make
some quick money.

It is also possible that you liked the
house and you dreamed it to own?

Perhaps it is that one of imaginations...
some one might marry you.

You think I would imagine marrying a prisoner?

No, I don't think so. You didn't think anyone
might go to a prison.

- Why you destroyed all the traces?
- I didn't know what to do.

- Why didn't you seek medical advice?
- I did'nt know about it!

So, in addition to your own feelings,
I know nothing of the filed case.

Garbage. I'll deal with it!

How are they?

Grandpa! Can I really ought
to go to wonderland?

Or should I imagine Csuhanov's home mine?

Grandfather, I'm just kidding, just kidding.

Ugh, God damn it!

"Miami shores..." - It's an
American tourist destination.

"our five thousand people are abroad."

I wonder where they are? In Miami? Thieves...

What are you looking at, old man?

Disgusting minds.

Unfortunately, all the facts have been
collected and looked into.

Nothing objectionable exist.

Obviously... therefore, in absence of
that, the criminal case stands closed.

I absolutely agree with this. And
all is within the framework of the Act.

We parents, need to be more responsible
towards our children and grandchildren.

Is there any question?

Do you have any? And what type?

- I don't understand.
- You'll understand!

- Soon you'll come to
understand... Son of a bitch.
- What?

- Whatever you heard!
- Now get out of here! Don't ever step here!

Oh, look at that voice! Kind of proud,
bossy, important. You - so professional.

Enjoying the victory so fast. Paid
for everything, handsomely!

Blaming old Dad, I picked up everything.

There is one sentence and...

Listen to it at night. You'll be smarter.

Although it will do no good and
there's no chance either.

Son of a bitch!

- Good day!
- Good day!
- Please come!

Yes... Well you live...
You tell me how it is?

The country has no money, still it is
building banks. What an irony?

Uncle Vanya, drink a cup of tea.

- Thank you.
- I'd like some tea please!

Ah, that's it. You want to see who
comes and who goes?

What brings you here?

You know, I need 5 thousand dollars.

- I don't understand, Uncle Vanya.
- What don't you understand?

I said: I need 5 thousand dollars!

You want to travel?

Something like that.

- Nice place but the way was...
- I was born here.

I understand but it is worth three,
maximum of five hundred.

I am asking for 5 thousand dollars.

The house is not important. It would be
demolished. And there will be a road.

You know, I need...

- Uncle there has to be a serious deal.
- There would be any or not?

When do you need the money?


Hello, Fjodorics!

Hello, Sura!

- How are you?
- Fine.

- Where do you take this?
- Turkey to dispose off waste.

- And your grandkid?
- Thank you, all right.

- Grandpa, is that you?
- Yes, Katy, don't be afraid.

I was so worried.

I was in the village. I saw my place
and as...

You know what happened here?

- Tell me, what happened?
- He came.

- Who?
- The Colonel.

- Why?
- To give money.

- What kind of money?
- Common money.

And you accepted it?

I didn't know there was any money. I
opened the door, he's standing there
without uniform.

He said: "I'm sorry for you Katya,
would you please..."

- Confused, he turned and walked away!
- You should've cut his face!

Strangulated him! Months and months he
should've been in pain. On his face!

Here! Here it is!

- Too bad to do that man.
- I've not done anything.

- You intended?
- I intended!


Aunt Masha Artyomova was here.

She left the keys.

- Where did she go?
- To village, asked to look after the bird.

- Long time?
- She said three weeks.

- I need to see the her place.
- Where is it?

There... Top...

Wait for me! I'll be back.

Grandpa, food would get cold!

- Good morning, Ivan Thedorovitch!
- Good morning.

Oh! Innokentyij!

Innokentyij, don't you remember me?


Don't open up to anybody!
You understand?

Grandpa, why did you wear these clothes?
For Moscow!

I think this would be taken as a
railwayman's hat?

Let me change it. Better.


And why d'you take the rake?

Those who want to learn... young girl.

Grandpa, what's in your head? You've
changed but I don't know in what direction?

Right direction, Katya, a better direction.

It's too late to change at my age.

Grandpa! Why're you going to Moscow?

To lodge a complaint!

What is it?


- What?
- Gas.

You take it. As a veteran,
I'll give you a discount.

The dogs are everywhere.

What you need is, may be a gun?


Perhaps a shotgun.

You decided to be a murderer?
You can be a real one daddy.

Close your big mouth or a fly
might get swallowed.

Look at what television is doing to the
old people these days.

Tata, he deals in weapons.

I need one. I am interested.

So let's go.

Let's go.

I warn you in advance...

- I don't have the money....
- And where is it?

Write the address?

Or remember?

- Here?
- Yeah.

He needs you, Tata.


I'm Tata, who must whip?

You young people should whip. I shall

Sound of the shot has a language.

- Have you heard any?
- I had to be lucky.

Dry and sharp sound powerful than
a lash.

- So I am to whip? I don't thinks so.
- Why?

- I go hunting...
- And what do you see?

That's personal. I do no damage.

Cool! Then how do you know the kind
you want?

- I do watch TV.
- It's true!

What about the catridges then?

- What about cartridges?
- Isn't he a fast learner?

I would need 20 of them.

Why so many?

To make stew.

Profit margin is high.

You understand?


And the legal implications?

Where you've seen those? All are
meant for offices and departments.

Try to give them money.

How much worth they are any how?
Money can buy anyone and anything.

I have already bought them all.

Now, blindfold, Tata, I'm sorry.
He shouldn't see no trace?

You mind?

No. Its fine.

- Here we reach?
- Yeah, right.

These are very ordinary.

Small, as I see, you don't need that.

And this?

This is a nice structure.
Altered SZVU.

- Silencer?
- No, only a flash.

But no, boys! I need a silencer!

What kind of customers do we have these day?

Well, all right. There is a special product.

- The client did not come for it.
- Well, show!

Sura, bring!

But it will be expensive by one
and a half thousand.

- Only for you as a veteran.
- As a participant of the great war.

Oh-oh! Ah, a silencer?


- The distance?
- Not bad for you guy!

If you are not drunk, can hit a matchbox
from 300 meters.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

No, it will not be that good. Feel
and place the finger like a petal.

A suggestion from the top guy.
You don't breathe as you do otherwise.

Then catch the moment between two



Come on.

You are a good shooter.

He is a perfect shooter.

- What kind of cartridges are
you taking?
- What are they?

Traditional and very effective.

That's it.

- You said you don't want no damage.
- I've changed my mind.

How many do you need?

Give me ten.

Need a reserve?

All my life I live in reserves.
Anything can happen.

Matches, kerosene, bread. Now, the
thing has come down to ammunition.
Oh, my God!

- Hello, Vanya.
- Hello.

- Hey, is there anyone alive?
- Grandpa! Grandpa!

My dear!

- Hello.
- Oh, Daddy!

What a coat! Just as H?pelyhecske.

- David.
- Good morning.

But Dad, what is it? Come change.

- Remove it.
- Good.

Come here, sweetheart.

Forget it, Katyusa, forget it.
As if nothing has happened.

You know, if I... David, shut
your ears!

If you remember all the villain in
my life, including your own papa too!

I'd have been mad. Katyusa... Katyunya.

I don't wanna be a mother.

We men, would have been killed long
ago if had learned to avoid a woman.

Certainly, when the money was taken
to Warsaw, you got away. You'd
better listen!

I'm going to talk to the grandfather.

The man's guilty. Yeah, yeah...

- Somehow, I felt it first.
- What?

Why the house should be sold so cheap?

- Why put down a glass of Scotch.
- Come on, girl, go.


You must give the money to me now, Dad.
Investment time is good.

He should be replaced. David will
be gone soon.

- He should be replaced.
- Well!

The next husband... he should be in
the kindergarten?

- Okay, okay, Dad!
- How come you always choose such

If you don't have anything good in the
mountains, why should you? Why?

But, Dad! The bags!

They need to be carried on. He was the
right one, not some drunken bastard.

Excuse me, I need the money badly.

I have no money!

How's that? The heir receives half
the money according to the law.

- The law.
- Yes.

I have no money!


It's not possible, Gambled? Spent in
striptease bars the same money?

Listen, you foolish profiteer!
Shut up!

David don't get into this. My father
is an old man, the old thinking.

- Damn fool!
- Oh, all right. What is it Dad?

Your daughter is just surviving.
You remember only money!

And all the guys.

You were never like that.


K?ty?n? has to be looked after in a
much better way.

You returned money to the Colonel.

- Which Colonel?
- Pasutyint?l.

He wanted to pay for his son's deed.

Oh! Na-na-na. What are you doing?

- Get out of here!
- Dad! Bust it. Come on, Dad!

My daughter!

- Grandpa, How do you feel?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Always hide things from me.

Oh! Don't be afraid, I wont die.

I must not die.

- Hi, Fjodorics!
- Hi.
- Hi, Fjodorics!

- Oh, hi Fjodorics, sit down.
- Look afresh, Szlavka?

Fjodorics you are back to the
major sport?

Come on. A serious sport.
Now I'm just a fan.

Not a supporter but you should
be a coach.

Wednesday... There are the boys!
They drink, scream, merry.

A big pain. They seems already drunk.

The bastion and the leader of the
horse. The stronger leader.

- Check!
- What d'you think, Fjodorics?

The non-lethal chess. Log in to
the king.

Over here! Faster!

What happened?

Something silly.
It looks like a champagne bottle exploded.

And broke the eggs?

Grandpa, what's wrong with you?

I'm tired.

What is the noise in the street?

I saw something.

Today, the forgotten thing.


I just do not understand, who fights
with whom.

Who called the ambulance?

- A sympathiser.
- Which one?

Who knows.


I did not know their names and I
don't want to know.

- What happened?
- We told that.
- I ask, what happened?

- Champagne.
- And it was blown up?
- Yes.

Where was he sitting?


- Heard sound of any weapon?
- You mean a gun?

- Well, grenades, fireworks.
- No.

Maybe there was something in his pocket?

No, he was in his underwear.

Yes, It was warm, he was in his
underwear. What are you looking at?

I want to understand what happened here!

- Is it possible that there were
strangers here?
- No.

- And you guys?
- What about we guys?

Today is Wednesday.

So what? We have'nt done anything.

Well, they say he can no longer be
helped and must be castrated.

But to save you all I need to
know what happened here.

- Saving?
- What?

Right then I want to find out.

- Who is this?
- No idea.

- Waiting for someone?
- No, incorrect.

Sit down!

I am Vagyok.

- You like it?
- Very

Come on. They've been waiting.

- And where these young men are?
- There'll be enough to work without


- Hi, Fjodorics!
- Hi. Hello.

Listen, I have an idea

Prepate a letter for the General
Prosecutor's Office.

- What is it?
- Contact the Public Prosecutor.

Ah... All right, all right. Thank you.

Where have you been? Whenever I look for
you, you're not found.


May be America. The elderly don't do
anything but travel.


Now, you! Have questions?

None. Enough has been written on
each point well.

Although not every comma has been

The thing is, you are stupid and

The expert says about a bullet. You
know that kid. Bullet.

And your friend is off his testicals.

Let's start with the less important.
Where is the gun?

I've already answered this question.

If you do not believe me, start the

Let's beat the confession out of me,
the usual thing.

Let me write the report, send the
dogs for traces.

- Get out of here!
- What?

Thus, this is guys...

...well, such is the life.

- Look, Look!
- Wow! That's a car!

Yes... because they are the new

- What's the problem?
- Well, its a new car.

I saved to buy a new one.

Listen! Let me have a round, right?

- Did'nt I Wash the engine?
- You are washed out Pupa!

Such an imported car stops in the
street, and it is full of weapons.

- What happened?
- How do I know what went wrong?

- Is it possible to have bombs in it?
- Oh, crap. Bomb?

You really like the child talks.

Grandpa, are you home?

- Imagine what's happening in the yard!
- What's happening?

- Did you hear?
- No.

Throughout the day sat in the bathroom?

Thus, the whole life goes by.

What were you looking for in the car?

You inquired about your friend's health?

Burned a little bit.

- But he is back to his senses.
- Which part of the body got hurt?

- The back. The bottom.
- And the testicals.

It's good to see you talk like that.

- Do you want me to tell you a secret?
- Sure!

You're the next one.

I don't understand.

You understand everything.

You understand everything. The life can
be gone or perhaps shortened...

- ...of course, if you have much luck.
- And if I'm not being lucky?

You'd be buried.

You don't think it can be a coincidence?

Twice the bullet has hit the target.

What does Igor say?

You can read the experts' opinion.

You see nothing, you understand nothing
because of reduced mental ability.

It is clearly written: the bullet.

What's this all about?

- Number of lines reach just one place.
- Where?

Remember the kin of the victim.

He is really hard because he wants
to pay-off.

Clever boy! All these things.

And now you will be hard to hit.

Does he wants to shoot through
the window?

He is not going to shoot through
the window.

I can see quite a large variation.

What do you want to find out from me?

- What day is today?
- Wednesday.

Accidents also occurred on Wednesdays.

And today is Wednesday.

Such kind of punishment for a little fun
we had on a Wednesday.

Two of them have already received it.
Well received with pure heart!

For you, I see the end of the deserts.

- What should I do?
- You should run. Run. Look no back.

Thank you, Dad.

Oh, I understand. Next Wednesday, I'll
call your mother.

Why, you call her?

Lawyer, cop, doctor, nurse. Everyone
but not your mother?

Because of the immense overconfidence
you will soon break down.

- The old man is home?
- No.

- All right, then I look later.
- No come on in!

- How are you? Looking good.
- Thank you.

- Where is he - traveling?
- He went to the store.

So he'll be here soon. I see.

- Why is electricity meter running fast?
- We are'nt saving.

- Apparently, this isn't yours.
- Aunt Masha's.

- Where does she live?
- The 14's house.

- Your aunt?
- Yeah.
- Where is she?

- Gone to her village. She always
leaves the keys here.
- Coming back soon?

She said three weeks.

I see. Give me some water to drink!

- Stay on.
- 20 minutes before I leave.

Thank you. Take care.

Interesting, interesting. So the
house is sold.

Interesting. I have some traces
remaining of the crime.

Ivan Ivanovich, you send me two
guys? Reliable ones.

- No problem. Five minutes later.
- Good.

- The owner will object?
- The owner is an old man.

- Pensioners are often nervous.
- Is that the case?

What are we looking for? Weapons,
documents, drugs?

Well, if I find them, I'm not
going to protest.

Actually, the weapons are involved.
Cartridges, shells...

...and there is a gun.

Stand up, please.

Grandpa, what are they looking for?

The proofs.

Thier minds are lost.

This is what? Huh?

What is this?

A piece of paper.

This isn't a piece of paper. This is
a page of the calendar found in the trash

- So what?
- What is the signal?

- A cross.
- What does it mean?

It means the cross.


Police! Robbers in the house!
Liberty Square...

You think that way?

You are to think that way sir?

Take care to avoid mistakes!

I don't make a mistake.

Calm down, guys.

Leave me, I'll take care.

Ivan Thedorovitch, here?

- Hi.
- Excuse me, you are...?

- Artyomova. Maria.
- What are you looking for?

- The keys are needed.
- What keys?

- The house keys.
- What kind of house?

Of my apartment. I left here.

Where are her keys?

- What keys?
- This woman's apartment keys.

Comrade Colonel, it is possible
that these are the ones.

- Madam, these are your keys?
- Yes, they are mine.

Come on, guys.

And you, sir, too.

Soldiers, look!

Oh, Why go this way? This is shorter.
Excuse me.

- What happened?
- I'm going to see.

Well, this was the man!

Ideally sector shot.


Good look?

Nothing is violated Comrade Colonel.

You're the one.

I know it's you.

Listen well, you vengeful man!

- If something happens to my son...
- Too late.

What is late?

It is too late to remember.

It's done...


What did you say?

What did you say?


Of course, that happened...

Once they became rapist, I'd been
to them.

But then - what is happening here?

I also want to know...

The devil you know!

Son, son, my son! Son! My son!

Comrade Colonel! What are you
doing, comrade Colonel?

Relax, take it easy. Yes...

Come, real fast. Injuries caused by
firearms. Liberty Square 12, 4th flat.

Yes... and a psychiatrist too. Somebody
looks too confused.

Fjodorics! Come on.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

- What?
- Not so good, Ivan Fjodorics.

I am not good?

It is not a good tool if it falls.

Then, what tool must you have?

I have a house in the village.

The only way to take rid of things.

This is life.

And it isn't possible to have one
without a tool.

And there can never be one.

I can see that.

Its over, Ivan Fjodorovics.

This shall be a final and there won't be
no appeal.

Liberated now.


And to live?


Thank you, Aljosa.

Fjodorics! What's wrong with you,
let it go.

Stay away please.

- Fjodorics, let me embrace you.
- Leave me alone, you!

- Fjodorics, at least shake hands tightly.
- That's too much scarlet. You stink.

- So here you are.
- Slavic...

Frozen again, everything here in this
morning. The door did not creak, no
flicker has been there in the fire...

Somewhere in the street can be heard
the sound of lonely harmonica...

Somewhere in the street can be heard
the sound of lonely harmonica...

There are the fields beyond the gates,
where he turns around and returns again...

As if looking for someone in the
dark, no one has been found...

As if looking for someone in the
dark, no one has been found...