The Rideshare Killer (2022) - full transcript

The young female CEO of a new ridesharing app must stop a serial killer who's using the app to lure victims into his car, before he destroys the company and kills her entire technology team. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(projector whirs and clicks)


(brooding orchestral music)

(ominous music)

(muffled electronic music)

(muffled chatter and laughter)

Hey, ladies.

Have a beautiful night.

[Samantha] Thank you.

(upbeat dance music)

♪ What else could I do ♪

♪ What else could I do ♪

(upbeat dance music)

♪ Don't really care
what people say ♪

♪ Don't really care
what he will say ♪

♪ Don't really care
what she will say ♪

♪ 'Cause me and you
will always be ♪

Another tequila, hon?


Come on, it's Patron!

Sure, thanks.

[Chip] Cheers!


So you're ridesharing?

Yeah. I don't even own a car.

Did you know those companies

are destroying the middle class?

While the owners
line their pockets

with millions of dollars?

Uh, no.

I just thought it was a
convenient way to get around town.

Yeah, for you!

But it's not so convenient
if you're a driver,

trying to make a living wage!

You know what? Cancel the ride.

I'll take you home.

No, thanks.

Of course.

These fucking rideshares
are the blight of humanity.

Um, well, it was
nice meeting you.


I just bought you a $20 drink.

Why don't you sit down and
talk to me for five minutes?

Hey, jerk! Leave her alone!

You heard the lady.

Fuckin' bitch.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good, thanks.

Where did she find such a loser?

Such a dick.

(glasses clink)

(brakes squeak)

(suspenseful music)
(muffled dance music)

Hey, man. Your
picture was of a girl.

Guess you thought by having
a picture of a hot chick,

you'd get picked up faster, huh?

Yeah, you're probably right,

but I'm stilling giving
you bad feedback.

How do you like that, asshole?

Fuckin' thumbs-down
for your lying ass.

(groans and chokes)

(muffled dance music)

(distant siren wails)

(suspenseful music)

(distant horn honks)

(brakes squeak)

(brakes squeak)


Thanks for the ride.


(car door opens)

(car door slams)

(keys clink)

(keys clink)

(muffled screams)

(door slams)

(ominous tones)

(footsteps approach)


So does this outfit
radiate confident leader?

Well, if you have to
ask, probably not.

I know, right?

Too much gray.



[Julia] Are you ready to go?

Can I go?

No one told you you
could talk, slave!

And no, you can't go.

Sorry, mistress.

Give me like five minutes.

[Julia] Okay.

Can you at least untie me?

In a few hours.

So, what the fuck is
this shindig tonight?

It's a pre-IPO party

for my overachieving
brother's company.

Oh, fuck.

A night with stuffy
white people.


And you're dragging
me along because?

Because my father invited
every rich person he knows,

and we need an investor for
Rock n Ride, like yesterday.

So I gotta be nice, too?

We all do.

We need to go there and
see if anyone's interested.

Collect cards, names.

Then I'll follow up with
a formal pitch next week.

(suspenseful music)

(car door slams)

(mirror creaks)

(eerie tones)

[Billy] Hey. Do you remember me?

I'm not sure.

Billy Smith. We went to
high school together.

Oh, yeah!

Remember? We were in Miss
Dahlia's biology class?

We were lab partners?

Of course.

What have you been up to?

[Billy] Uh, not much.

I heard you went into the army.

- [Billy] Air Force.
- God, it fuckin' sucked.

One motherfucker fuckin' me over

after another motherfucker
fucks me over.

First I was driving
this cab for a while,

I was picking people up
from the Beverly Hilton.

I was just taking them
to the same places.

Over and over again.

Back and forth.

You know, my life was just
like going in circles.

I'm sorry to hear that.

[Billy] It's not your
fault or anything.


[Billy] You know, I
just have to thank you,

for starting this company.

It really has turned
my life around so much.

Well, you're welcome.

[Billy] It's not like
I'm stalking or anything.

I'm just following
you on Twitter.

Good, 'cause I was a
little scared for a second.


(mellow music)

[Reginald] Bad traffic?

Hey, Dad.

We'll call you over
when we need you.


Nice to see you, Mr. Altimari.


Thank you.

I want you to meet Todd
Woodbridge and James Flayhaven.

Two heavy hitters with
billions to invest.

Be careful what you
say to Flayhaven.

He's invested heavily in
the tech taxi cab industry.

I'll give him the
abridged pitch.

Okay. Come on.

- Todd. (Chuckles)
- Hey. (Chuckles)


I want you to meet
my daughter, Julia.

How you doin'?

Very well, thank you.

I hear you might be
looking for some additional

seed investors in your company.

Well, yes, we are, but
we're a little concerned

You've already done some due
diligence. I'm impressed.

We're good that way.

I don't know which way
this thing is gonna break.

Ridesharing might
ultimately win out.

But then again, the taxi
industry is adjusting

and winning back a few markets.

I just wanna make sure
I'm on the winning side,

no matter what side wins.

Okay, but how can we be sure?

Take a meeting with me.

I'll sign any NDA you want
and bring my checkbook.

I'm prepared to give you
a full round of funding.

Well, that's a very
generous offer, James.

Isn't it, Julia?

Almost too good to be true.

[James] I'll have my
assistant ring you tomorrow,

to set something up.

That'd be great.

The rideshare industry
is expected to grow

over 400 million in the next.

There's no need for your pitch.

I understand the market.

I wanna get to know you better.

I invest in people,
not companies.

And this is our CTO,
Lorraine Barbour.


And this is our art director.

Naomi McGuinea!

- What up, peeps?
- (Reginald laughs)

Isn't she delightful?

(Naomi laughs dramatically)

(mellow music)
(footsteps approach)


So, I've got one meeting set up.

How you doin'?

Well, we're gettin'
a lot of interest.

Of course you are. You've
built a fantastic company.

Are you ready?

(chuckles) I guess.

Oh, come on.

Dad's been grooming you for
this IPO since you were three.

Yeah. I think he's more
interested in it than I am.

What're you doing? Get up!

Uh, he just gave
me a dirty look.

Well, gotta get
back to schmoozing.


There we go.


No more for him.

[Waiter] Of course, ma'am.

Why don't you just go
work for your brother?

Get in now and you'll make
millions in a few months

when they get their IPO.

My company is going to
do very well, thank you!

Of course. I didn't
mean it wasn't.

It's just...

His is a sure thing.

I didn't empty my
Rolodex on this party

so you could talk to each other.

Go! Mingle!

Meet another investor!

Yes, Dad.

(footsteps recede)

(muffled chatter and laughter)

Oh, hey, Julia.

You have time for a
little due diligence?

Sure. What would
you like to know?

Are you married?

- No.
- Boyfriend?

I'm a little too busy for
a serious relationship now.

So, you're open for a
casual relationship?

No, I don't have time
for that, either.

How old were you when you had

your first sexual experience?

That's relevant, how?

[James] I'm just trying
to get to know you better.

Well, I'm not gonna answer that.

Any more questions?

Clean shaven, landing
strip, or full-on bush?

Really? That's the
question you wanna ask me?

Not where did I grow up or
where did I go to college,

or what challenges I
think the business faces?

You grew up in Upstate New
York, you went to Stanford.

Right now, a lack of capital
is your biggest challenge.

A problem I can help you with.

Oh, congratulations. You've
done your due diligence.

Some of it, but I'd like
to do a little more.

(scoffs) No, thank you.

Do you what difference
between successful people

and unsuccessful people is?

Successful people
are willing to do

what unsuccessful
people simply aren't.

Are you working to work
with a real son of a bitch

to save your company?

(thud) (groans)


I'm so sorry. I don't
know what got into her!

(James groans)

Luckily I cryogenically froze
several billion of my sperm.

[Reginald] What the
hell happened there?

That creep sexually harassed me.

He was probably just trying

to get to know you a little bit.

He asked me how I
shave my pubic hair.

(brooding piano music)

(children giggle)



(car door opens)

(car door slams)

You okay?

We shouldn't have gone.

It was my brother's party.

And just one more thing for
my dad to criticize about me.

Dad's wrong on this, okay?

That guy was a creep and
you did the right thing.

I know.

I just wish they'd shut the
fuck up about my perfect

little brother and how fantastic
his company is, you know?


He sucks.

(both chuckle)

(switch clicks)

(keyboard clacks)


(suspenseful music)



I think you better come
take a look at this.

(keyboard clacks)

What the fuck?

That can't be real.

Well, we're gonna find out.

What is her number?

(keyboard clacks)

Um, here.

(phone dials)

(phone rings)

[Machine] The customer
you are trying to reach.


[Machine] Please leave
a message at the tone.

Hi, Samantha.

This is Julia Altimari
calling from Rock n Ride.

We just saw your
feedback from last night

and we wanna talk
to you about it.

With allegations this serious,

we're gonna have to
involve the police.

Call me back as
soon as possible.

I'm calling you
from my cellphone.

Please call me back on
this number. Thanks.

(phone bleeps)

Where was she dropped off?

(keyboard clacks)

- Uh, Woodland Hills.
- About 10 miles from here.

Are we gonna call the police?

We have to make sure
it's not a joke.

Pull the driver so he
can't pick up anyone else.

Got it.

(keyboard clacks)

[Julia] I'm goin' over there.

You're doing what?

(brooding orchestral music)

(brakes squeak)


(door creaks)


Are you here?

Call 911.

Call 911!

(phone bleeps)


It's Julia Altimari from
Rock n Ride. Are you here?

I think we should
wait for the police!

She might need our help!

I think we should get
the hell out of here

and wait for the police!

[Julia] Samantha! Are you here?

(Naomi sighs)

(Naomi screams)

Oh, my god.

(Naomi gasps)

(door slams)


Well, she didn't post the
feedback when she was tied up.

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Obviously the killer
wanted her to be found.

But why?

Well, that's what we
have to figure out.

(car door slams)

(crickets chirp)

(doorbell rings)

(Moyer sighs)


Wonder how a small startup
can afford a place like this.

Actually, it's my house.

I'm letting Rock n Ride use
it as their headquarters

until they can move
into a proper office.

- And you are?
- I'm Reginald Altimari.

- I'm chairman of the board.
- It's a pleasure.

And you're Julia
Altimari's father, right?

That's right.


No way a bunch of coeds could
afford a place like this.

You bringin' sexy back?

Uh, no?

Is Julia here?

We found the driver
in a dumpster,

about a mile from the club.

What were you able to
find out about the driver?

- Well, when I- -
Hold on a second.

Should our lawyers be here?

I don't think that's necessary.

Look, something like this,
it could sink our business.

So, it has to be
handled carefully.

I don't want this
leaking out to the media.

We're not in the habit
of leaking information.

Yeah, right. Cops
never leak information.

Two people are
dead. They're gone.

They're not coming back and
your app was used to kill 'em.

You don't know that!

We all want the same thing, pal.

Do we?

Look, stop. Everyone.

These two people deserve
all of our best efforts

to get this guy.

We're happy to share
any information we have.

Thank you.

Now what do you
have on the driver?

Uh, nothing unusual.

He's done over 300 rides

and his feedback
was all pretty good.

He's picked up 14
people from that club

in the last two weeks.

Well, you guys know your
systems better than anybody else

so why don't you keep
thinking about the problem

and see if you can come at
it from a different angle?

And no matter how trivial
you think it might be,

you let us know immediately
if you know anything, okay?

Of course.

This thing could not
only sink our business,

it could sink the
entire industry.

You've gotta do
everything you can

to help the police catch
this son of a bitch quickly.

But also, keep it as
private as possible.

We will.

If it's just one murder,

we could position it
as an anomaly, but,

if it's a string murders,
there's no way to spin that.

People would be too scared to
take even one of our rides.

Believe me, I know.

I'm giving you just enough money

to get through another month.

And then what?

I'm gonna need you to
call James Flayhaven back

and apologize.

Apologize for being
sexually harassed?

He's the only person that
showed even a remote interest

in investing in your company!

Well, I don't wanna call him!


I invested in your company,
because you told me

that you would do whatever it
takes to make this thing work.

Well, now is the time
to do whatever it takes.

Well, I think it's time
to pivot the company.

Pivot? To what?

What about a rideshare
for women only?

Women passengers, women drivers.

No men.

How many of our
rides are only women?

About 10%.

So, you literally wanna
cut our sales by 90%?

Come on. You're
smarter than this.

Women would feel safe.

We could cut into
the bigger companies'

market shares and stand out!

Nobody is going
to invest in that!

Look, your business
needs a market cap

of at least a billion
dollars, not 10% of a billion.

Well, would you consider

I'm going to need
you to call James!

I'm not going to call him!



You're the CEO.

But you're gonna have
to go back in there

and fire your friends, because
if you are not committed

to making this
company a success,

then I am not committed to
throwing any more money at it.

Well, I am going to
explore other options,

and if nothing pans out in
a month, then I'll call him!

Well, I'm glad to see you got
your head screwed back on!

(phone clicks)

[Driver] Say, are you
one of the head honchos

at Rock n Ride?

I'm on the board, if
that's what you mean.

That's exactly what I mean.

You know, I think it's
fantastic what you're doing.

Creating millions of jobs
with scheduling flexibility.

All while bringing the
consumer an amazing product.

Maybe we should hire
you as our pitch man.

Well, I'm absolutely available.

(suspenseful music)

(doorbell rings)
(keyboards clack)

(doorbell rings)

I'll get it.

(clears her throat)



Is anyone there?

(door slams)

(keyboards clack)

Who was it?

Nobody was there.

(muffled rustling)

Oh, shit.

There's someone in the backyard.

What're you doing?

(machete scrapes)


Where did you get that?

I keep it under the table,
in case of emergencies.

Good thinking.


(bottles and cans clink)

Hey, motherfucker!

I got a big-ass machete
here, with your name on it!

(music swells)

- (screams)
- Whoa!

(sighs) Fuck.

- Really?
- Do you know him?


What the hell are you doing
creeping around our backyard?

I rang the bell.
No one answered.

Hey, fuck wad!

You know you're allowed to
kill someone who trespasses.

Maybe in 1876 Texas, but not
in modern-day California.

What do you want?

I'm writing a fair and balanced
article about Rock n Ride.

Oh, of course you are.

I was hoping I can get
an interview with you.

Absolutely not.

[Rohan] I got a tip one of
your drivers killed a girl.

Who told you that?

I can't reveal my
source, but it's true.

Isn't it?

Look, don't fuck with me again.

This company has legs and I
don't want you ruining it!

Who the fuck are you?

Nice to meet you.

He also single handedly
fucked Julia's other startups.

Yeah, we had a thing in college.

I thought it was so sweet

that he was putting his
number into my contacts,

but then when I
called the next day,

it was an abortion clinic.

What a dick!

Hey, that wasn't my best moment.

Did I ever apologize for that?


Hey, if you change your
mind about the interview,

you know where to find me.

(Naomi hisses)

(suspenseful music)

Thank you for sitting
in the front seat.

It's about damn time
someone sat up here with me.

Most of the time, people just
hop in the back and ignore me.

You're sure this is a shortcut?

(groans and chokes)

(car door closes)

(distant siren wails)

(lid slams)

Have we really done
everything we can

to protect our customers?

I mean, we could always do more.

You know, my dad kept
telling us to grow quickly,

but maybe that was a mistake.

Maybe we should grow slow.

Maybe our protocol
isn't good enough.

I mean, what could we have done?

Some psychopath picks up a
driver, kills them, gets a rider.

Let's try to solve this thing.

[Lorraine] Okay.

How do you think Rohan
found out about the murder?

I don't know.

I don't think the police told
him after the talk we had.

Me neither.

And none of us
would have told him.

Absolutely not.

So the only person that
could know about the murder

would be the killer.


But why would he tell Rohan?

To get press for the murder.



Maybe to destroy our company.

Again, why?

The killer must have
visited the club, right?


To get familiar
with the location.

To plan the murder.


Maybe he just made that call

to see how everything
would play out.

How many people have been picked
up from that club recently?

(keyboard clacks)

At least half a dozen,
almost every day.

Holy fuck!


Print that out for me.

What? What is it?

(keyboard clacks)

Yeah, Dad. Yeah.

No, I've got some
leads for the police.

No, no, no. No, I'm walking
it over there myself.

Okay, bye.

Do you really think
it's a good idea

to take one of our own rides?

I'm the fucking CEO.

If I'm not gonna use my service,

how do I expect anybody else to?

You're not creeped out at all?

Of course not, even if there
is a serial killer out there,

using our app, what are the
odds of him picking us up?

(car approaches)
(suspenseful music)

(brakes squeak)

(car door closes)

(car door closes)

So, what you got?

These three men were picked
up by one of our drivers,

from the same club, numerous
times, in the last month.


I don't recognize him, but
he's been picked up nine times

in the last month.

We'll talk to this guy, ASAP.

I went to high school with him.

He took us to a party on Friday.

That's one hell
of a coincidence.

Yeah and I caught this one

creepin' around in
my backyard tonight.

Rohan Patel?

What did he want?

He said he couldn't
reveal his source,

but he knew about the murder.

Why do you have pictures
of the two of them,

but not this Rohan Patel guy?

Well, we only have
pictures of our drivers

and the first two
have driven for us,

whereas Rohan's only
been a passenger.

It's really good work.

We will follow up on this.

Thanks for a great date night.

You're welcome.

It's not over yet.

Mm, I like the sound
of that. (Chuckles)

(horn honks)

(suspenseful music)

(car door closes)

Stop! He's gonna kick us out.

It'll be the
highlight of his week.

(hand slaps)

Yo, driver.

Aren't you supposed to give
us some free water and gum?

(wheels screech)

[Female Passenger] Help! Help!

(male passenger chokes)

(fence rattles)

(car door slams)

(gasps and chokes)

(body thumps)

(crickets chirp)

(somber orchestral music)

(Julia sobs)

Yeah, I go to that
club all the time.

They let babes in for free,

so it's always
packed with hotties.

You recognize her?

Nope. Never seen her.


Take a closer look.

(ominous music)

Oh, yeah.


I met her Saturday.

You mean Sunday.

Could've been.

This picture was
taken on Sunday.

Whatever. I talked to her
for like five seconds.

She was a bitch.

What did you do after she left?

I went home, I went to bed.

Can anyone verify that?

(Chip laughs)

If this girl's missing,

I don't have anything
to do with it.

Can anybody corroborate
your whereabouts

on Sunday night around midnight?

I don't know. Maybe.

I went home, I went
to bed. I live alone.

I didn't talk to anybody.
Maybe somebody saw me.

(car approaches)

(brakes squeak)

(passenger chuckles)

[Rohan] So, she's the
girl who got killed.

We're the ones asking
the questions, pal.

Who told you about the girl?

I wouldn't tell you the
source, even if I knew.

But I don't.

I got an anonymous call saying

that a Rock n Ride
driver killed a girl.

That's all I'm gonna tell you.

Why were you at the
club on Sunday night?

So she was there, wasn't she?

We're the ones asking
the questions, asshole.

Why were you at the club?

Same tipster called me.

He said he was gonna be
there, but he never showed up.

(horn honks)

Hey. How are you this evening?

(car door closes)

I don't know her.

Have you ever seen her before?


Why were you at the
club on Sunday night?

I was just hanging out.

You go there often?

I've been there a few times.

We need you to hang in
town until further notice.


(phone camera clicks)

(footsteps approach)

(phone camera clicks)

Hey! What up, slut?

What the fuck are
you doing out here?

I heard there was another
murder last night.

[Julia] There was not.

My source tells me there was.

Do you realize that
the only person

that could tell you that
information is the murderer?

Or the police.

They have no need
to feed information

to a shitty tech blogger.


Maybe not.

Have you considered
why this murderer

wants to give you
all this information?

Maybe because he's a
fan of great journalism.

Oh, so your source is a man?

I didn't say that.

Well, he knew we had history,

and he knew you'd take the bait.

He wants you to write this story

and you are being
played like a fiddle.

And if the police
don't catch this guy,

sooner or later, he'll have
no use for you, either.

You will be a loose end
that needs to be tied up.

You're not going to scare me.

If you're not scared,
then you're the murderer.

(suspenseful music)

(keyboard clacks)

There's been more murders.


A driver was killed and
then the killer picked up

three rides and killed them all.

Let me see what I can find out.

What was the name of the driver?

Michelle Lindholm.

I gotta talk to my dad.

(sighs) Okay.

What're you looking for?

I'm gonna cross-reference
the first list of suspects

from the club with anyone
who's gotten a ride

from one of these new locations.


Oh, shit! (Suspenseful music)

That's the guy who
drove us to the party

the other day, right?



Is he driving anyone now?



Oh, my god. He's got Julia.

Hi, Julia.

(machete scrapes)

(phone clicks)

Billy. I am so glad to
see that you're my driver.

- Why is that?
- (phone chimes and vibrates)

It's a long story.

Um, I forgot something.
I'll be right back, okay?

Yeah, that sometimes gets stuck.

Wait, wait, wait.
You're gonna break it.

(tense music)

(handle rattles)

You have to.

Get away from her, motherfucker!

(engine roars)

(tires screech)

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

What happened?

(brooding piano music)

- Check that out.
- Right.


(door opens)


We searched his apartment.

We found the drivers
licenses of the victims.

But he didn't seem
like the type.


They never do.

But he fits the profile to a T.

He's a loner, high IQ
and socially awkward.

He was dishonorably
discharged from the marines

for allegedly raping a girl.

Textbook sociopath.

Turn the app off.

I don't want any more rides
until we figure this out.

It's probably a good idea.

I'll do it right now.

And ladies, we're gonna have
a police officer here 24/7

to look after you until
this blows over, okay?

Thank you.

I miss you too, baby,

but Mommy's gonna have to
tuck you in tonight, okay?

(distant cracking) And...

(suspenseful music)

I have to go. I'll
call you back.

(phone bleeps)

(switch clicks)

(switch clicks)

(Julia gasps)

(birds tweet)

[Erin] Would you like
to make a statement

about the murders?

Ma'am, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave.

Not at this time.

How many murders
have there been?

(door closes)

(Julia sighs)

How did she know
about the murders?

Rohan published the
scoop this morning.

God damn it. My dad
is gonna be so pissed.


(phone dials)

Bring the reporters
up to the courtyard.

Yes, sir.

You're gonna have to go out
there and make a statement.

What am I gonna say?

You make yourself the victim.

You tell them that this guy
harassed you in high school

and that he's a
deranged lunatic.

And you make it clear that

we're not liable
for any of this.

Julia? I'm talking to you.

I don't even know
if Billy did it.

Well, the police think he's
guilty and so do we, okay?

Well, I don't know!

Listen to me. (Tense music)

The only chance that this
app stands of surviving

is if you make it clear that
this lunatic was an aberration.


This whole thing,

it has nothing to do with any
of our policies or procedures.


You have a fiduciary
duty to your investors.

Do not get all emotional on me.

As you know, there have
been several murders

in the past few days.

The police have a suspect

and are confident that
they'll catch him very soon.

This is someone that I
went to high school with,

who apparently was
obsessed with me.

He was a deranged lunatic with
some sort of mental illness.

We're working with the police
and doing everything we can

to help catch him, but
as an added precaution,

we've taken the app offline,
until the killer is caught.

When was the last
time you had sex

with the rideshare killer?

I was never intimate with him.

I knew him in high school.

We never dated.

Could I have a word
with you, privately?

Actually, I was just leaving.

You did a good job
tonight, slave.

(chuckles) Thanks.

So, um...

I was thinking maybe
we could do like dinner

and maybe a movie, or something?


Okay, but why.

You're not my boyfriend!
Don't ruin it.

(slave sighs)



(car approaches)

Hey, ma'am, did you
call for a ride?

Come on, sweet lips!

I don't have all day
to watch you suck face!

(car bleeps)

When can I see you again?

When I ask you out!

No, okay? That doesn't
work for me anymore.


You can call me and ask me out.

But we're goin' on no date.

No! That is not what I meant.

(car door slams)

(suspenseful music)

So, I noticed we're goin'
to that Rock n Ride house.

You work for them?

I'm their creative director.

Yeah, you know, I used
to drive for that app,

until they shut it
down temporarily.

A little warning
would've been nice.

Okay. Sorry.

Is it too forward of me to ask

what your relationship
status is?

Well, that kid back
there isn't my boyfriend,

if that's what you're asking.

That's exactly what I'm asking.

How old are you?


(Naomi laughs)


Right. (Chuckles)

It's cool.

I'm 29, too.

With the recent revelation
that a serial killer has

murdered both riders and
drivers at the ridesharing

company Rock n Ride, the
entire sector has taken a hit.

All major ride companies'
stocks have plummeted,

resulting in nearly
a 75% loss of value

in the last few
hours of trading.

I'm Erin Rogers and
this is channel...

(button clicks)

Do you really think
Billy is the killer?

You don't?


I mean, Billy's weird,
but he wasn't a killer.

I mean, why would he have
been in both locations

where people got killed?

Maybe he was lured.

I mean, the killer got
Rohan to the first location.

What about Rohan?

Rohan is a son of a bitch.

But could he really
be the killer?

Can you email me everything
we have on Billy?

His resume, his application,
his feedback, his driver logs.

I wanna see everything
we have on him.


Now I'm gonna take
a couple Ambien,

because I haven't slept in days.

Okay. I'll see you
in the morning.

[Julia] Goodnight.

(button clicks)
(chatter from TV)

(door closes)

(tense music)

(Julia sighs)

(button clicks)

(mellow music)

[Woman] How can I help you, sir?

[Rohan] I need a
girl. Someone new?

[Woman] Yes, sir. I have
Sarah, but she's 800 an hour.

Does she liked to be
slapped around a little bit?

[Woman] Yes, sir. She does.

All right. Send her over.

(phone bleeps)

(phone chimes)

(phone clicks)

(phone chimes)

(phone clicks)

(phone chimes)

(muffled dog barks)

(eerie music)

(phone chimes)


(knife scrapes)


(phone bleeps)

(phone rings)

[Operator] 911.
What's your emergency?

There's a fuckin' serial
killer in my house!

[Operator] Is he armed, sir?

I don't know. Probably.

[Operator] Please,
stay calm, sir.

Please send somebody!

- [Operator] Yes, sir.
- They are on their way.

Please stay on the line with me.

Sir, are you still there?

Not for long!

(knife clangs)

(chokes) (tense music)

(body thumps)

(fire crackles)

(suspenseful music)
(muffled mellow music)

(button clicks)

So, this is your place, huh?

Yep. This is it.

I like it. It's very bohemian.

(chuckles) I know, right?
It's kind of silly.

(chuckles) No, I like it.
It adds to the fantasy.

I'm a top. I like
to be in charge.

I bet you do.

(suspenseful music)

Excuse me!

But I like to be on top.

So do I.

(Naomi moans)

(Naomi chokes)

(Naomi chokes wildly)

(Naomi coughs and gasps)

Are you okay?

Jesus! What the fuck?

- Sorry, was that too much?
- Yeah.

- Maybe a little.
- Sorry.

Domination is sort of my thing.

Thanks for the warning.

- Hey, where you goin'?
- Chill, dude.

I gotta use the bathroom.

Give me like five or ten
minutes, I'm good to go again.

They don't call me "the
machine" for nothin'.

Are you gonna let me choke you?


Stay right there.

(door closes)

(suspenseful music)

(leaves rustle)

(Billy gasps and grunts)

I know, baby. This
is the last night.

I'll tuck you in tomorrow
night. I promise.

(Billy chokes)

I'll call you back.

(switch clicks)

(Billy chokes)

(body thumps)

What the... (thud)

(suspenseful music)

(door rattles)

(keyboard clacks)

(leaves rustle)


Are you awake?





Is someone there?



The killer's in
the fucking garden!



(crickets chirp)


Did you hear something?

[Driver] Huh? What?

Why are you still here?

Go home!

I thought I could
buy you breakfast.

No, thanks.

Go, please. Don't
make this awkward.

All right. I'm outta
here, sweet lips.

All right, I'm goin'!


(suspenseful music)

(rope snaps)


What the fu...


(body thumps)

(door creaks)

Fuck, dude, really?
You need to go home.

Who the fu...


(chokes) (tense music)


(suspenseful music)

Oh, shit!

Lorraine, did you see this?



(door closes)


Oh, god.

(door slams)

(door rattles)

(door rattles)

I know who you are!

(door rattles)

Billy drove for TaxiQuick,

the company you
heavily invested in.

(door rattles)

I know it's you, James.

I called the police and they're
gonna be here in a minute.

No, you didn't.

Your phone is in your bedroom.

I used Lorraine's phone.

I have her phone.

(phone clunks)

When I was doing my due
diligence for TaxiQuick,

I took a bunch of rides.

One of the first
drivers I got was Billy.

I could tell he was trouble.

He had problems
everywhere he went.

So when he told me he
knew you in high school,

it all fell into place.

(door rattles)

I can tell he was
still in love with you.

- No, he wasn't!
- Yes, he was.

When I told him I was
interested in investing in you,

and suggested he go
work for Rock n Ride,

to get me information
about the company,

he jumped at the chance.

Then it was just a matter

of pointing the
evidence towards him.

He was the perfect patsy.

(door slams)


Why do you wanna destroy me?

Oh, stop it.

It's not about you and
your silly little company.

It's about the entire industry!

People will be afraid
to drive or take a ride.

Hell, after tonight,

people won't even wanna work
for a rideshare company.

And the cab industry
will reap the rewards.

You're not gonna be able to
frame Billy for this tonight.

I have him tied up outside.

Once I kill you, I will
mortally wound him,

and release him into
the neighborhood.

His body will be found
blocks from here.

With your DNA all over him.

You're not gonna
get away with this.

I've gotten away with more.

(door rattles)

(Julia sobs)

(door rattles)

(window rattles)

(lock clacks)

(window scrapes) (Julia grunts)

(door rattles)

(tense music)

(Julia pants)

(Julia gasps)


Are you out here?

Dad, run!

James, but...


(groans and chokes)

(body thumps)


(Julia grunts) (thuds)

(Julia pants)

(machete scrapes)

(machete thuds) (James screams)

Mm, I like a feisty girl.

I'm glad I saved you for last.

You're just a little girl!

You can't hurt me with that.
You wouldn't even know how!

(machete hacks) (Julia grunts)

(James chokes and splutters)

(machete clunks)

[Julia] Dad! Are you okay?

(Reginald coughs)

- I'm sorry.
- (melancholy piano music)

You were right.


I'm never gonna doubt you again.

Are you looking for
a safe rideshare?

I'm Julia Altimari, CEO of
a brand new ridesharing app,

created by women, for women.

The drivers and the
passengers are all women.

Oh, sorry.

No boys allowed, ever.

I mean, like never, ever.

Good day.


So, if you're alone or with
your girlfriends, try us out.

It's called W-Ride.
Download the app today.

♪ W-Ride, W-Ride, W-Ride ♪

♪ W-Ride, W-Ride, W-Ride ♪

♪ W-Ride, W-Ride, W-Ride ♪

♪ W-Ride, W-Ride ♪

(dark orchestral music)