The Ride Back (1957) - full transcript

A Sheriff goes into Mexico in search of a man wanted back in the States. Finding him, he starts back. But it's a long way back, he has a reluctant captive, and there are unfriendly Indians along the way. The Sheriff admits his life has been a failure but this mission he plans to accomplish. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food




Anybody around?

Good afternoon.

Look, I understand I gotta gets
some papers signed around here.


You speak English, because I...

- That's right.
- I speak English.


I want to go inland and
I got papers.

I want to go inland and
I got papers here.

Identification of permission,
see, to go inland.

You have to sign it or something.

I'm looking for a man who might
have come through this way...

a few months ago. A man by
the name of Kallen...

Bob Kallen, Robert Kallen.

I'm sorry.

I want to ride south...

to arrest a man by the
name of Kallen.

That's right. Has he been
through here?

Wait a minute.

You and me, we're police.


Yeah, sure.

Thank you very much.

I guess that takes care
of it. So long.

You go mucha distancia?

I'm going down to a little
place called Cerralvo.

I understand he's hiding out
around there somewhere.

- So long.
- Adiós.


You know where Cerralvo is?
Up that way?

Thanks very much.

Good morning.

Is this Cerralvo?


You speak English?

I'm looking for a man, Americano,
a gringo by the...

name of Kallen.

I just wondered if maybe...

Wait a minute!

Can I help you?

- Excuse me. I...
- Just a moment, señor.

My name's Hamish.

How do you do, señor?
I'm Father Ignatius.

How do you do, Father?

I guess the man I was talking to
didn't understand me.

That was Luis.

He does not speak English.

It is very unusual to see an
American in these parts.

You are traveling south?

That depends, Father. I'm
looking for somebody.

Someone of this village?

No. An American by the
name of Kallen.

A friend of yours?

No, he isn't, Father. You see...

I'm a lawman. I've come to take
him back to the States.

I know the man.

He is here. What has he done?

- Couple of shootings.
- Murder?

He's accused of it. He's
going to stand trial.

Kallen is a very strange man.

-I have not been happy to see him

-He's caused trouble?

He has not been trouble. My
people like him.

His father was Mexican, so
they understand him.

Ordinarily, I would be at peace
with him myself...

but there is another matter.
A woman.

She has left her parents'
house for him.

You see, this is my village.

The woman is one of my own
family. A cousin.

I have searched within
myself to know...

that it would be the same degree of
sin, were it anyone else.

But what Kallen is doing has
weakened me in the eyes of my people

and it is not good for them.

Father, I wouldn't know about it.

Has he been wearing his
guns down here?

All those times I have
seen him, no.

If he has not, he'll have them on
when I go for him.

Will there be shooting? You
will have to do this?

I don't want to. He's probably
better than me.

I hear he's better than most
people with a gun.

You are afraid?

I'd just as soon be home.

God is with you.

I never thought about that, Padre.

Where does he live?

You leave here and continue
through the village...

and a little way further,
it is a place...

in the clearing. You
cannot miss it.

Thank you, Father.

- Señor Hamish.
- Yes, Father?

- I am coming with you.
- No.

There are two lives here.

The man who is in your hands, and
the girl who is in mine.

We both serve the same law.

Seems to me a dead priest is about
as useless as a...

dead deputy, Father.

It is not far. I will
walk with you.

Hold it, Father.

- You better stay here, Father.
- No.

- He might start shooting.
- I told you, not when I am with you.

Wait a minute.



Where has he gone?

You don't speak Spanish?


We was out chasing a pig.

You looking for somebody?

That's right. I've come to take you
back to Scottsville for trial.


Will you put on some coffee?

- Will you put on the coffee?
- No!

She ain't very hospitable.

You've come a long way.
You must be tired.

Why don't you put that thing away?

You here with him, Padre?

Roberto, Elena does not belong with
you this way. It is wrong.

Why not? She's happy.

She's really happy.

We're both happy just as we are.

You put on the coffee!

I don't think anybody
wants any coffee.

I do.

I don't recollect your name.


I'm going to take you back now and
I don't want any trouble.

How you going to avoid it,
Mr. Hamish?

It's a long ride back.

If we get started now, we can make
some time before nightfall.

- I reckon I better get my gear.
- Stay where you are.

A man can't travel without
his stuff.

Does that include his guns? Seems
to me I've heard about them.

Likely you're going to hang
because of them.

How come they sent you after me?


-You don't look to me like you're

-I'm not.

You go. He do nothing!

Get back! Get out of my way!

- Step aside, Father!
- Give me the gun.

- You're gonna get killed!
- Give it to me!

The people like you, but they
will not let you kill me.

And I will not allow you
to kill him.

With a priest and a
woman to protect...

you, you do okay.

Why don't you get the rest
of your things?

Thank you, Padre.

Come on!

Do you mind If I say goodbye?

Not from right there, no.

You had better watch him.

He has given up, only, I think,
because of this.

- I thought it the best thing to do.
- I know, Father.

Will you stop worrying about that?
I told you I was coming back.

He's scared. Look at him.

A scared man makes mistakes.

You got a jacket? It gets
cold at night.

I won't be needing it.

I ain't going far.

I'm just going for a short ride.

You just be waiting.

They don't want me to go. If I say
the word, they'll kill you.

You going to say the word?

I can do my own killing.

Don't let the priest change you.
I like you just as you are.


Fill these, will you?


What are you going to do
when we camp?

You going to stay awake all night?

I'll rope and shackle
you if I have to.

You'll need two hands for that.

Think you can handle
me without a gun?

Come on, hurry it up.

With all the traveling
we've got ahead...

you've got some mighty
big problems, man.

Throw me that one.

Here, fill it yourself.

Get over there. Come on.

Man, you're sure nervous.

That's right. I am.

It's gonna be a nice night.

Elena's going to be waiting.

Come on, let me go back.

This is Mexico. Nobody's
going to blame you.

You can't take me back to
Scottsville, you know it.

Come on, you're holding us up.

Just trying to make it
easy for you, man.

We'll make camp here.

You want to gather some
wood for a fire?

You afraid of the dark?

Get back!

Get back!

Go on, get back.

You're lucky. I almost
got you. Next time.

There isn't gonna be a next time.
I'm going to tell you something.

I don't like any part of this job.

I've got a wife who didn't want me
to come down here.

I don't like this.

But I've got to take you back and
I'm going to do it.

I know you're a better gun than me,
but you haven't got a gun.

You try and run or jump me again
and I'll kill you.

You hear what I'm saying?

You missed.

We've got a lot of riding and
camping to do together.

You can make it easy or tough
for yourself.

That's up to you.

Do you want to gather the wood?

I'll go see to the horses.

You know, it ain't easy to
sleep like this.

That's rough.

You should have brought something,
like I told you.

Here. These here nights
can be cool.

Good night, Mother.

Good night.

That's enough! Kallen!

Tell her to get over by the fire.

Ask her if she's got anything
else on her.

Tell her to drop it, if she has.

You ask her.

Ask her, Kallen, or I'm going to
search her. It's a cold night.

- Has she got anything else on her?
- No, she's telling the truth.

Tell her to stay right where she
is. I don't want her near you.

It's going to be getting
light pretty soon.

You make her go back then.

What are you talking about?

She's worried about me.

Thinks I'm going to let you take
me away from her.

Look at that face.

What did she say?

She wonders how anybody
could love you.

Tell her to shut up.

Here. The air is cold.

Kallen, wake up.

I bet I slept better than you did.

All right, put them back on.

Tell her to get home where she
belongs. Let's get on our way.

Kallen, you tell him. I don't want
to go through it again.

Tell him the papers are in order
and I'm going to take you across.

Ask him if he's got a jacket or
something to sell, too.

And if you're thinking of saying
anything else, don't.

All right?

Mister, he says you is Mexican.

You just had to do it, didn't you?
I've shown you this before.

This is his papers.

Kallen's his name, he's
an American.

A citizen of the United States.


He respects you.

Did you ask him about the jacket?

- Poncho?
- Yes.

That'll be fine. Poncho.


- How about taking these things off?
- No.

We'll make better time.

You in a hurry to get there?

Right now, I'd settle
for free hands.

Might give you ideas.

I've seen your shooting, mister.

Man, you've got me
scared to death.

How about some papers?

What are you going to do about it?

You're going to have to
stop it right now.

Can I get off my horse?


He go very comfortably?

I guess so. How much
for the poncho?

He wants 10, give him 5.

Here, is that all right?

Tell him to hold the girl here.

Man, when I make a mistake,
I make it good.

I should have killed you
back in Cerralvo.

My second mistake was leaving
Elena behind.

You know, I miss her already.

- Hold it. Hold up.
- What's the matter?

- Apaches.
- Yeah.

Just keep looking at them. They'll
come out in their own time.

We'll wait.

I've got plenty of time, man.

- You get a whiff of that liquor?
- Yeah.

I wonder where they've been.

You're the lawman. Why
don't you ask them?

When you ask questions, you
gotta wait for answers.

My job's to take you back
to Scottsville.

All right, let's move out
of here, slow-like.

Wait a minute.

Looks like we shook them.

You afraid of Indians?

I'm respectful of any man who's
got enough liquor...

in him to make him kill.

Seems to me I've heard something
like that about you.

- I never killed a man with liquor.
- Yeah? I heard different.

You heard lies.

How far to Scottsville?

Riding easy, another three days.

I could sure use some fresh meat.

Maybe I can get some along the way.

You do some of that fancy
shooting of yours.

Man, I'd sure like to watch that.

How do you like your rabbit,


I wonder what's ailing him?

Maybe he smells that rabbit.

- Hamish.
- Yeah.

I don't think we shook
those Indians.

What are you going to do about it?


I know what they're like.
We're in trouble.

You afraid of Indians?

No more than you're afraid of me.

The meat's burning. Take it off.

I get in the light, they
pick me off.

Is that what you want?

That's the general idea, I guess.

Not to me, it ain't.

The meat's burning, and I don't
like my meat burnt. Take it off.

All right, that's far enough.

Come on.

It's a fine time to be suspicious.


Give me a knife to cut it.

Use your teeth.

If I decide to go back
to Scottsville...

what are my chances?

I'm not a jury.

Those two in Scottsville, that
was self-defense.

I'd taken them the night
before at cards.

They claimed I was cheating.

Next morning, I was getting a
shave, they came in.

I was faster, that's all.

You hear that?

I heard it.

You stay put.

I'm going to go out
and take a look.

You leaving me without a gun?

You just stay put, and if you get
any ideas about getting away...

if the Indians don't
kill you, I will.

- Hamish...
- Shut up!

What'd you find?

They're out there, all right.


I'd rather take my chances
with the Indians...

than you in Scottsville.

I'm getting out.

All right, drop your gun. Easy.

I swear I'll plug you.

You didn't think I'd leave it
loaded, did you?

You're foxy, mister.

I'm learning about you.

Take your time.

Look at that.

Guess I go first.

There's a house down there.

Come on.

You mean, you ain't going down?

It's out of the way.

You can shoot me if you want,
I'm going down.

I'm thirsty, I'm hungry
and I'm tired.

- You think I'm not?
- That's your worry.

Why don't you ask first?


Those Apaches.

They killed a kid.


- Kallen!
- What?

We'll bury them out back.

That's all they are to you.

Something dead.

You got nothing in you at all.

Shut up!

Don't tell me about the dead.

We'll bury them out back.

"Now I lay me down to sleep."

"I beg..."

"The Lord my soul to keep."

"If I should die before I wake..."

"I pray the Lord my soul..."

"I pray the Lord my soul to take."


Where'd it come from?

Off in the trees, over
there, I think.

Let's head for the ditch.

- You all right?
- Sure.

- The horses.
- Stay down!

- I'm gonna save my horse!
- We've gotta save our skins!

You're yellow.

We're going to have to make a run
for the cabin. Go on.

Now what, General? You've
got us stuck.

You quit riding me.

I've had enough out of you.
I can't take anymore.

You quit riding me! Keep
your mouth shut!

You're brave with that gun.

Why didn't you shoot back when
you had the chance?

You could have saved the horses!
You know what? You're yellow!

You've got a streak a mile wide.

I think one of the horses is back.

It's yours.

- Where you going?
- To get my horse.

Come on.

- What are you going to do?
- He's coming in with me.


You never had it so good.

What are you looking for?

For a gun to kill you with.



Why would anybody come to a place
like this to raise a kid?

Lots of room, maybe.

There are reasons.

I guess a kid makes a difference
in a place.

You wouldn't know about that.

That's right.

I got a wife who can't have any kids,
'cause she lost her first one.

What's the matter, you
hear something?

It's starting to rain.

I always did like the
sound of rain.

I wonder if it's raining
back at Cerralvo.

Elena's sure gonna be mad.

I never did fix the roof.

That's the second thing I do
when I get back.

Man, a bed's sure going
to feel good tonight.

What are you going to do?

I need sleep. I need it bad.
I know I won't get any...

but I don't want to worry about
you, so I'm gonna tie you up.

Come on, not tonight.

I don't trust you.

Here, put this through your feet.

I could save the law a bother by
throwing you to the Indians right

or killing you myself, but you're
going to stand trial.

If I have to drag you back at the
end of a rope...

you're gonna stand trial.

All right, lead him out.

Come on.

What's the matter?

-There's one over there, by the
woodshed. Where?

He ducked behind it now.

We're going to help you out.

Look, kid.

We're not going to hurt you.
We're your friends.

You know, for a minute, I...

Me, too.

Twins, I guess.

They ain't here now.

They've gone.

What's your name?

- What's your name, kid?
- Don't be scared of him.

What's your name?

I'm your friend.

Do you know my name?

My name's Roberto.

That means "Bob."

Come on.

Cat got your tongue or something?

Come on.

Can't you talk?

I don't know...

- You suppose she saw what happened?
- Probably.

It's a bad thing for a kid to see.

I wish she'd talk or
cry or something.

What'll we do? Three of us can't
get out of here on the horse.

- You can't leave her here!
- I know that!

Come on, have a biscuit.

Is that nag of yours any good?

He came back, didn't he?

If we hitched him to
the buckboard...

you put her in the back, and you
drove, do you think he'd pull it?

What have we got to lose
except my horse?

Come on.

All right, get some
things for her.

Here, this is for you.

Come on. You put it on.

I'll get you something to eat.

Come on!

Come on, baby. Here.

You're going to need this.
Gets cold at night.

Hey, look.

Come on.

- Hurry it up, Kallen.
- Coming.

All right, kid, you stay down.

We can't go on like this.

We'll have to drop this wagon.

I don't get it.

Why didn't they follow us when
we first left the cabin?

Why should they?

How far can we get, like this?

We're out in the open anyway. At
least we can see them coming.

I'm not worried.

You shoot real good.

I want to make some cover
before night.

Come on, let me have it.

- I gotta feed the kid.
- Feed her.

Look, kid.

Will you eat something?

Come on. You haven't eaten
for two days.

It'll make you grow big.

Come on. Get it inside her.

She ain't no hog! You don't
feed a kid like a hog!

All right, feed her then.

Kid, please eat something.

Come on, come on.

Eat this! I don't want it wasted!
Now eat it.

You have a nice way with kids.

I'm taking my problems
out on her, I guess.

Come on, now.

Will you do it for me?

It tastes real good.

Come on. That's it.

Come on, eat it.

That's a girl!

Come on. I'll let you
ride my horse.

That's it.

Tastes good?

All right.

Now, you lead him.

Go on.

Come on.

Standing still really stalled
that leg up.

Come on, boy.

How much longer you want to go?

About an hour on, there's
better country.

He's limping pretty bad.

That leg don't look good.

It's really festered.

Loan me your knife.

Got to drain it.

Easy, fella.

Easy, boy.


That'll be better now.

Kid, you gotta give him a rest.

Come on.

It'll be cold tonight. I wish
we had a fire.

Not with those Indians out there.

She has to live.

Somebody will take her in when we
get back to Scottsville.

How far, after tonight?

Like we've been going,
tomorrow night.

With the kid and all,
I almost forgot.

Things haven't changed. You've
still got a trial coming.

For what? A murder I didn't do?

How come you run?

I'm a stranger.

- They got me already hung.
- You'll get a fair trial.

I wish I could believe that.

- Things might be different.
- How?


stop all this drifting around.

Go back to Cerralvo.
It's a nice place.

Marry Elena.

Make the priest happy.

You're going to get a fair trial.

I promise you that.

We've been traveling together
four days...

I don't even know your first name.




Go on, get over by the kid.

Here, use the key. Unlock them.

I'm gonna shackle you to the tree.

Get over here.

- You don't have to do that, man.
- I'm sorry. Come on.

I know how it's been
with you and me...

but what would you have done?

Probably the same thing. Now get
your arms around it.

Don't you believe in nothing?


What's eating you?

Why're you taking me back?

For the $20, $30 they pay you?

I'll tell you why I'm taking you
back. I'm doing it for myself.

That's why.

It's not the law, it's you?

That's right.

It's me.

I'm gonna tell you something.

I've seen an awful lot of you
in the last few days.

I'd just as soon change shoes
with you right now.

That's right.

You want to know why? 'Cause you've
got a girl that loves you.

You've got friends who would've
killed me for you.

See that kid. She hates me!

And you...

I told you before I got a wife who
couldn't have any more kids...

who didn't want me to
come down here?

She hates me, too.

I've never been a success at
anything I've tried to do.

I've been a failure. And that's
all. A plain old failure.

But I'm not going to be, this time.

I'm going to make this one. I'm
going to do this right.

That's the reason you're going
back to stand trial.

Because of me. You understand?

Because of me.

You're better off dead.


Kid, wake up.

Kid. Look at me.

You know that man?

He's a bad man.

He wants to hurt me.

You wouldn't want that, would you?

Now look.


Easy, now.

Easy, kid.

Don't wake him up. That's it.

That's it. Slow.

Bring it back to me.

Drop the gun.

Don't listen to him, kid.
Bring it to me.

Hear what I'm telling you.
Drop it.

Bring it back.

Drop the gun.

If you don't want the kid hurt,
you tell her...

to drop the gun, and I mean it.

Drop it, kid!

You're a big man, hitting a kid.


Kid, come back.

What's wrong with you,
running away?

You should get your
bottom smacked!

Don't you know you might have
been caught by the Indians?

I didn't mean to slap you,
back there. I'm sorry.

Will you forgive me, please?


All right, come on. I'll take you
back to your friend.

We'll make a fine target
if they're up there.

Why don't we go around?

I want to make Scottsville
by nightfall.

We can, by cutting through here.

Come on. Get off that horse.

Give me your hand.

- You hit?
- Yeah.

Get behind that rock!

They're on this wall.

You hit bad, Hamish?

Give me your gun.

We ain't got a chance
if you don't.


You stay with him.

Go on.

Kid, come back!

They won't bother us anymore.

I got my hat back.

Give me the gun.

You give me the gun, because
we're going to go on.

You give me the gun.

You give me the gun.

Let me look at that.

Easy, man.

I got to tell you the truth.
That don't look good.

If anything happens to you,
I'm through.

I ain't got a chance in Scottsville
without you.

I'm going back to Cerralvo.

Give me the key.

Last night, you said you've never
been a success.

That ain't true.

You done the best you
could, Chris.

That's all any man can do.

Kid, I'm going home.

My wife's waiting for
me, see, and...

Kid, I'm not running out on you...

but if I go back to Scottsville, I...

Everything that's happened in the
last couple of days...

All that you've seen, you forget.

Things are going to be
fine for you.


You follow this road a few miles.
You'll come to Scottsville.

Now you go there and you bring
him some help.

You're going to find a
real nice home.


This'll bring you luck.

Go on, take it.


You do what I tell you.

Are you dead, too?


Come on, let's get going, if
you want to make...

Scottsville by nightfall.

Don't get any ideas about
dying on me.

You promised me a fair
trial, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

Come on, kid.