The Ride (2018) - full transcript

The inspiring story of a BMX champion who overcame an abusive childhood through the love and life lessons of his interracial foster family. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I've heard
that you can't choose

where you come from...

but you can choose
where you go from there.

My life
wasn't always like this.

Choices I made
led me closer to the edge.

Those choices,
they didn't just lead me here,

they led me to something
I never thought could be real.

Paging Dr. Redda, paging Dr. Redda.

Please come to OR 9.

Help! Help!

- He's hurting my mom!
- What happened?

She's down on the ground,
she's not moving!

Stay here.



John, run!



and Xanax.

- Good haul, John.
- Little man with the plan.

Welcome to the family.

Now we brand you
so you can hang with us.

No. No, Rory!

No, I don't want this.

Stop, let me go!


I wanna go back,
I wanna go home.

This is gonna be
your new home

for the time being,
all right?

Can you send
a message to my mom?

Of course.

Tell her
I think she's shit.

Hey, no, listen to me.

Let me do my job,
I'm gonna fix this, okay?

They adopt kids
out of here all the time.

I'm gonna find you
a good home, you hear me?


It'll be alright.

Come on, let's go.

No, don't tell her that.

Tell her...
Tell her to take me back!

Please, take me back!

I... I'll promise
I'll be a good boy!

I promise!

This is your bunk here,
and this is Jose.

Breakfast is at seven,
school's at eight.

You'll figure the rest out.

There's toilet paper
right there for when you cry.

I got a few rules.

You best learn them if you don'twant to get your ass...

Got a hickey
from your cellmate already?

No, from your sister.


We got ourselves
an Aryan brother up in here.

See you around
the cellblock, bitch.

So John...

Your mom passed away.

I am so sorry to be the one
to have to tell you this.

But she had a heart attack.

I think it was caused
by a drug overdose.

If there's anything
I can do for you,

let me know.



- Hey, there he is.
Check him out.

- Oosh.
- Come on!

Come on!

Knock it off!

McCord, get over here!




Now, what the hell
do you want?

I found you
a potential family.

A couple.
They're here right now.

Listen, I had to jump through
a lot of hoops to get you this,

and it's been not easy
with your record.

I told them your story.

- Fine.
So how does this work?

Anything to get me the hell out.

The fostering period
is a year.

You gotta think about it
as probation.

Now you violate it in any way,

if you have any scuffs
with the authorities,

they are gonna
bounce you back in here.

Oh yeah.

So it's another jail, huh?

Listen, I've heard about
these fights you've been in.

You're gonna die in here.

All you gotta do
is last a year

and you'll be eligible
for adoption.

Come on, John, you're smart.

I've seen your test scores.

- Hell, yeah.
- Yeah.

The guard showed me your art.


'cause this is your only shot.

Come in.

Hi, you must be John.

I'm MaryAnna Buultjens.

And this is...
This is my husband, Eldridge.

It's a pleasure
to meet you, John.

You mind if we take a seat?

Is that a swastika on your head?- So?

You should do the other side,
even it out.

I'm sorry,
he likes to tease.

We've been a little nervous
about this day,

and... and here it is.

And we are... we're so excited
to get to know you.

Where are you from?

- Me?
The west end of town.


Where are your roots?


Good fried chicken.

That's cute.

I bet you don't have
any of that in here.

I studied at Berkeley,
got my Masters degree

in Mechanical Engineering.

Which is where we met.

I was majoring in Linguistics.


And what about you, John?

Why don't you tell us
something about yourself?

There's not much to tell.

What's this that you...
You brought?

Something you want us to see?


I'd love to see it,
whatever it is.

May I?

Thank you.

This is a...

This is good.

This is really good, John.

Odysseus and the Cyclops.

You like Homer?

He's okay.

A bit dense,
but entertaining enough.

I'm just curious to know,
out of all the trials,

what made you choose this one?

You're the college guy.

Well, Cyclops is a brute.

He's mean as hell.

Blinding it, Odysseus
uses human intellect

to overcome savagery
and escape the cave.

All on his own.

All on his own.

It doesn't have to be.

Here we are.

They pay a guy like you
enough to live like this?

I thought
only athletes and rappers

made this kind of dough.

John, I'm an engineer.

I'm a specialist in my field,

fixing problems
others can't figure out.

As a matter of fact,
I'm currently working

on a water dam problem
in Central Valley.

Eldridge has a dam problem.

Why are you guys doing this?

You see, she felt
we weren't complete.

Me, I suggested a dog.
She wanted a child.

Now you're here.

John, would you like
something to drink?

No, thanks.

Your room is to the left.

Feel free to roam the house.

You two put this room
together for me?

Yeah. MaryAnna did
some clothes shopping.

She went to the local hangouts.

Searched the Internet.

Tried to get a sense of
what your age was wearing.

So I'm a fun little project
for you two.

I could think of projects
that are a bit more fun.

Dinner's in 45 minutes.

Well, I really think
you're going to like.

Eldorado High school.

Yeah, the school year
has just begun,

so you haven't missed much.

You know,
we can help you with any...

- No, thanks.
I don't need your help.

I do what I can
for this ungrateful family!

- There's no jobs.
Country has gone to shit.

- Stop making excuses!
Just feed your kids.

You look handsome.

I... I saw those shoes
on a commercial,

and they just seem...

I like them.

Well, I figured
that you might want to...


It's better than
a band-aid, right?

I'll get out here.

Yo, watch it.

Whoah! Whoo!

Hey, that's a cute outfit.

Nice shoes, bro.

I think my little sister
has those same ones.

- You got a problem?
- Ooh!

You're the new kid, right?

Sit down, gentlemen.

Not in the mood.

Lucky, lucky.


Tough guy, hmm?

You too, Mr. McCord.

Phones away,
or I confiscate.

Don't let him get to you.

Anything that's not
a mirror reflection of himself

makes him feel uncomfortable.

Interestingly enough,
as I was grading your quizzes,

I was perplexed
as to how many of you

didn't even bother to skim
the chapter I assigned.

D minus?

Some of your best work.

Who was one of Greece's
most famous inventors?



A scientist in the making
should know this.

Okay, you've been spending
too much time on the board

and not enough time
in the books.

Crash and burn, weird science.

Zip it.

and no one got this one right.

Who led the Greeks
in the battle of Thermoplylae?



Seriously, guys,
you've all seen the movie.

Sherri, please
validate my existence.

King Leonidas.


Thank you.
There's hope for you yet.

All right.
Open your books to chapter 12.

Maybe I can teach you
a little something else

you might remember.


Can I hit the bathroom?

We're still on for tonight?


- Okay.
- I'll catch you later.


So what is this,
some sort of joke?

What the hell?

Nice wheels, bro.

Well, if you don't have
any evidence that it was him,

then I don't understand

why're you at my doorstep,

Why didn't you answer the doorwhen I knocked?

I didn't hear.

Quite the first day, huh?

They found
all your classmate's wheels

in a dumpster
behind the cafeteria.

I don't know a thing
about that.

That was embarrassing, John.

I swear, I thought
you were smarter than this.

Picking a fight with a kid,

and then vandalizing his bike
in the same day?

That's not the civilized way
to handle conflict.

I guess I'm not civilized.

Stop mumbling.

Speak up if you have
something to say.

Pardon me, good sir,
I guess I'm not civilized.

That was the most intelligent
thing you've said

since you've arrived.

I told you
I shouldn't be here.

Well, one thing's for certain.

If those officers come back,
you won't be.

What do you think?

Felony assault.

Do you buy any of it?

It's his word against theirs.

That neighborhood,
those white supremacist crews,

they take care of their own.

What's the matter, John?

You're waiting
to say grace or something?

I was expecting
collard greens.

You get up in your seat
and you do it now.

You're embarrassed
to be seen with my husband?


No, don't placate him,

You are a fool
if you judge people

by the way they look.

Now, get up.

I'll sit here alldarnday
if I have to.

John, I want to let you know

I packed your lunch
myself today, okay?

Vanilla pudding, bologna
and cheese on white bread.

I cut the crust off.

Some sauerkraut.

I even threw some crackers
in there, okay?

That's my son.

Anybody know
where I can sign up

for the parent-teacher

- Stop.
- Oh, sorry.

Pretty good.


History buff, huh?

I read a lot.


So what they did to you
for messing with their bikes?

I don't know
what you're talking about.


God, I used to hate this spot.

You used to sit here?

Yeah, back when
I was the new kid.

It's... it's like
the rite of passage

for the kids
who are out of place.

I think you just
called me a misfit.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

So you're into science?

Mainly I like to know
how stuff works,

you know,
so I can improve on it.


Like polyurethane wheels,
for example.

Back in the day, skaters
were cracking their skulls

from clay and steel wheels.

And then finally,
we have a balance

between abrasion and traction,

and it's all from
some synthetic resin.

So you're officially
a science geek?

Would you like,
keep it down please?

I don't want to... you know,
end up back at this spot.

You're sitting here
with me now.

I'll catch you later,
all right?

Thanks for the apple.

I drove around for an hour
looking for you.

Didn't answer your phone.

The ringer was off.

Well, if I were you,

I'd get out of here
before Eldridge gets home.

All right, lights out.

It's ten o'clock,
you need to sleep.

Listen, when I moved here
from the south,

I didn't know anybody.

I was working three jobs
just to get through school.

I didn't have time
to make friends.

Really, it wasn't
until I met MaryAnna

that things just started
falling into place.

I still don't know
what she was thinking.

Why me?

Why not a good kid?

Everybody deserves
a second chance.

This one right here,
is this a 20.5 inch top-tube?


Chromoly, right?


Why do we have to leave
so freakin' early?

Because I have a big meeting,
that's why.

And if you don't like it,

you can get to school
on your own.



That's how.

Now MaryAnna won't have to
drive around all day

looking for you after school.

Well, what do you think?

You're trying to buy me?

It's pretty ironic.

I'm not trying to buy you.

I just thought you could use

a little independence,
that's all.

How badly did you want
a son of your own?

I bet you're the one
shooting blanks.

You should have seen your face,
all excited to give me a bike.

You know what? I'm tired
of this little tough boystuff.

You want to act grown,
let's be grown.

I'm from the worst parts
of Kentucky.

I will wear your ass down
right here, right now.

You want to hit me,
go ahead.

I've been hit before.

You know what?

Do what you want.

I don't even care.

You gotta be kidding me.

Why are we here?

I saw you last night.

I can teach you
how to ride a bike,

and I'll promise not to quit,
if you don't.

I don't want your help.


Because my skin
has more melanin than yours?

Melanin, pigmentation.

I know what melanin is.

It's not as hard
as you think it is, okay?

Once you get the hang of it,
it becomes like second nature.

Someone like you
should take five minutes.

Someone like me,
what does that mean?

It means you should have
learned how to do this

ten years ago.

Now come on.

Just do what I tell you,
all right?

Keep kicking, come on.

A little faster.

I feel dumb.

You're a smart kid,
you just act dumb.

Now come on.

I know you can do this.

Okay, that's good.

Okay, keep going.

Now start to peddle.

You can do it, trust me.

Come on.

Yeah, there you go.

There you go... oh!
I got you.

There you go.


Thatg's what I'm talking about.


Like this.

Fork, knife, spoon.

♪ There're few dark times

♪ Right out of life lies

♪ But I can't work this hard
For nothing ♪

♪ I won't quit
This close to heaven ♪

♪ But there's a long night
Not for a lifetime ♪

♪ But I can't work this hard
For nothing ♪

♪ I won't quit
This close to heaven ♪

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ah

♪ This is some dark times

♪ Right out of life lies

♪ But I can't work this hard
For nothing ♪

♪ I won't quit
This close to heaven ♪

♪ But there's a long night
Not for a lifetime ♪

♪ But I can't work this hard
For nothing ♪

♪ I won't quit
This close to heaven ♪

♪ Heaven

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Heaven

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Heaven

♪ This is some dark times

♪ Right out of life lies

♪ But I can't work this hard
For nothing ♪

♪ I won't quit
This close to heaven ♪

♪ Heaven

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Heaven

♪ Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

♪ Heaven

I'm going.

All right, John!


MaryAnna just told me
about the skate park

you want to hit up tomorrow.

- Yeah.
It looks pretty cool.

Well, I'm down.


Hey, you want me
to wear a mask or anything?

Because I don't want
to embarrass you.

Yeah, a pillow case,

and cut two holes out
for your eyes?

See, that was clever, tasteless, and offensive.

Good night, John.

Good night, eh... Eldridge.

Yeah, so it's called
the Magnus Effect.


If the air pressure
spins fast enough,

they could power
a 100,000 DWT cargo ship,

and knock it entirely
off its course.

Nothing is set in stone,
you hear me?


I hope that solves
your dam problem.

I know way more about this
bike stuff than you think I do.

Oh, yeah?


Lookie, lookie here.


Holy shit.

Little man with the plan.

We should go.

- What do you mean?
We just got here.

Yeah, you just got here.

You know, I knew you were
lost, little brother,

but this?

I can't believe this.

Come on, Rory,
you don't want to do this.

Shut up.

we don't want any trouble.

We are trouble.

And he used to be trouble.

So why you're hanging out
with one of our crew?

Come on, Jack, let's roll.

These fools
aren't worth our time.

What's wrong, Johnny boy?

You ashamed of your family?

Your dad bled for us,
he bled for you,

and now you're hanging out
with a nigger?

Excuse me?

You heard him, coon.

Jack, don't.

- John, let's go.
We're out of here.

You're not going anywhere.


What the hell do you think
you're doing?

Rory, stop!

- Ah!
- Help! Someone call 911!

No, dammit.

- No, man.
- Whose side are you on, huh?

No, man. 5-0, let's go.


I don't know what to say.

I told him we should go,
to leave the park.

You didn't hit him, John.

It's just... it churns up things
I'd rather forget.

Eldridge was pulled over
in Lexington, Kentucky

one night after a match.

He was accused of
assaulting a white woman

on a college campus nearby.

So he didn't do it?

No. He was innocent,
but it was all over the papers.

He was the first.

Olympic qualifying
wrestler from Kentucky.

Some people didn't like that.

He was wrongfully imprisoned

until one of the witnesses
finally came forward

and identified the man
who did it, months later.

Eldridge was exonerated,

but by then he...
He'd lost his full scholarship.

A black man assaulting
a white woman in the south

is about as bad as it gets
in prison.

Let's just say he experienced
more physical pain

than the human body
can withstand.

And then he got...
He got sick in there.

A seemingly benign tumor,

but it affected his...

His chances of ever
producing children.

You know, we looked at

hundreds of files of kids.

And he chose yours...

Because of the reason
behind what you did.

I was trying to help my mom.

He saw kindness
behind that hard exterior.

He also saw a survivor.

Eldridge fought
his way back, John.

So can you.

Dillan, Dillan, Dillan,
where do I start with you?

You got a long way to go, kid.

You'll get there.

We're an endangered
species, boys.

It's the problem with blacks.

They take what's not theirs,
they got no morals.

They're animals, really.

like that black yesterday.

Like the one
that put that on your face?

- Put what on my face?
- Ah, he beat your ass.

Yeah, he did.

- He blindsided me, man.
- You know what, Dillan?

This is what not to do,
right here.

Oh yeah,
what not to do, Oakland.


Jack, you stupid
son of a bitch.

Shut up!

Some kid's stealing your shit.

- Get him! Get him!
Get him! Get him!


Get in the car!

Go, go, go!

Get him!

There he is!
There he is! There he is!

We're going to kick your ass!

Where you gonna go now, John?

- Hey, Sebastian.
- Huh?

Twenty bucks
you can't 180 the stairs.

Twenty bucks
to kill myself? No.

All right, 50 bucks
so you can kill yourself.

I'll do it for a 100.

All right, deal.

I'll do it for 200.

Well he's already doing it
for half that, so...

No, he's not. He's scared.

No, I'll do it,
but I'd much rather see you

crack your skull for 200.

I'm in.


You want to do it for 200?

You got to do it with a 360.

Yo, what's going on?

New kid's going to
break his neck for 200 bucks.

Just seeing him wipe out's

worth way more than 200 bucks,

You guys are sick.

Come on, John.
Take their money.

All right,
come on, poseurs, buck up.

Yo, respect, man.

Yeah, where the hell
did you learn that?

First time.

That's bullshit.

No, man.

I've seen it done.
Knew I could do it too.


Yo, man, you got to
start riding with us.



- So what'd you think?
- I see you.

The Aryan brothers felt badly
about what happened,

so they gave the bike back

out of the goodness
of their hearts.

So John stole it back.



Sort of reminds me of someone.

It's from John.

For what?

- He didn't say.
I didn't ask.

Well, where is he?

In his room.

I think he was afraid
to watch you open it.


Stand up, John.

What for?

Just stand up.


You really owe me.

For what?

You don't know?

Check it.


Yeah, you see that?

That's huge.

That is Scott Carroll.

He's the MVP of BMX.

You're welcome.

All right, good.

Do it again, drop your height.

You got to pump harder,
you need more air.

Yo, yo!

Hey, hey!

- What's up, Sherri?
- Scott.

- How are you?
- Good.

And you must be
"Raising Hell"?


I saw your video, man.

Nice 360.


Yo, yo,
what's he doing here?

Relax. I invited him.

- Oh, okay.
That makes sense.

For one trick, huh?

It was all right.

He's gotta have
more than a 360, man.

J's right.

You think you got in you
to do a big boy variation?

- Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, totally.


John, take a lap.

- Sure thing.
- Whoa, whoa, wait.

Put this on.

Oh, yeah, don't go
in that corner over there,

there's the OG's, all right?

They don't mess around.

I got it.

In about five minutes,
you're going to be thanking me.

- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, sure I am.


That was nice.

- It's pretty good, kid.
- Yeah?

You got some talent.


Train with us,
we'll see what happens.

Okay. Yeah.

Good job.

You were hot.

- That was awesome.
- You killed it.

♪ Okay

♪ You roll your eyes

♪ A hundred times

♪ At every phony lie

♪ Are your eyes okay?

♪ They rolled away

♪ Right down the interstate

♪ But at least
You can't cry today ♪

♪ Okay

♪ So if I break my face

♪ And I don't look so great

♪ My face is just my face

♪ 'Cause everything
Is going great ♪

♪ So if I break my face

♪ It ain't my darkest day

♪ My face is just my face

♪ I'm okay

Whoo hoo-hoo!

Have fun.

See you later.

Why don't you
get the hell out of here?

Don't tell me what to do,
old man.

You don't have your boys here
to protect you this time.

I'm just here
to watch my kid brother.

All right, guys,
listen up.

This year, Etnies Shoes

is sponsoring
the Lucas Oil BMX nationals.

It's going to be
a really, really big deal,

but I can only take five of you.

So today is your day to show

if you deserve to be
one of those five.

Who wants to show their stuff

to thousands of people
on national television?

All right,
make me proud.

Don't screw up.

Just feed your kids.

Ah, they're screw ups

They had
a good example for that.

What did you say?

Let's go, guys.

Everybody gets one run.
Show me your best.



You okay?



Who's next?

Alright, come on.

Hey, tough break.

Leave me alone.

Did you think
it was going to be easy?


Because that's the way
it works for me.

I get all the breaks.

So what, you didn't
make the traveling team.

I'm never
going to be anything.

Just like my father,

and nothing's
going to change that.

- Wait a second.
- These are shit.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.

They're just fantasy,
that's all they are.

listen, wait a second.

This is my favorite.

I love this man.

You know what?

Come with me.

I know exactly
where to hang this.

Look, you've been with us
almost ten months.

I've never asked
anything from you.


Well, that I wasn't asking.

Come on.

Another inspiring
life lesson today?

What the hell is he doing here?

I asked him to come.

I'm not here to cause trouble, little man.

You kept this?

Yeah, the bank took the house
after mom passed away.

That was all I could grab.

Felony assault.

Prints came back
on the knife, his.

Where's dad?


He's not getting out.

Why did you lie to the police?

Rory. Rory!

Just ask my brother
or my mom, okay?

They'll clear it all up.

We did.

They told us you're a danger
to yourself and the family.


Mom asked me to,
to protect you from dad.


So Mom made you lie
to get me out of there?


The court ordered us to have
no contact with you.

It was... was part of
the arrangement.

Come on, what do you say?

Can we hit the reset button?

And what about your boys, huh?

Hey, don't worry about them.

I've been watching you
down at the park.

You... you got some good moves.

Not good enough.

They cut me,
I'm a non-starter.

The word NO never stopped us

when we were growing up.

♪ I've been waitin'
my whole life for this ♪


♪ I won't miss ♪

♪ I could see that look
In your eyes ♪

♪ No use in tryin' to fight

You sure about this?

♪ You can try
But you won't break my will ♪

♪ Push me down
And I rise stronger still ♪

♪ Gotta dream that no one
Can kill ♪

Don't be a wuss.

I mean, the boys do this
all the time on our boards.

♪ Sit back and watch me

♪ Take over the world

♪ You'll never stop me

♪ Don't know what you got

♪ But the truth is

♪ Make the fire burn

♪ Sit back and watch me

♪ Take over the world

Okay, to impress the judges,

we need more combos, guys.

We're gonna have to get
a lot more creative, all right?

They want to see something new.

Hey, was that John?

♪ Reckoned with
Takes away your... ♪

get the hell out of here.

♪ Doesn't end

♪ Can't you feel that shame

♪ In your step
Makes it so afraid ♪

♪ Doesn't end

♪ Sit back and watch me

♪ Take over the world

♪ You'll never stop me

♪ Don't know what you got

♪ But the truth is

- That's me.
That's what I can do.

- John, it's too late.
Scott's picked his team.


If you don't
bring me to Los Angeles,

I'll find another team.

I'll make it my mission
to kick your ass.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow your pedal, "Raising Hell".Come here.

Why didn't you do that
last time?

So the team's staying
overnight by the skate park

so we could practice
just before the tournament.

We're each allowed to
bring one person.

If it's cool with you,

I was hoping
I could bring Sherri?

I already asked her parents
and they're cool with it.

- Yeah.
Sure, whatever you think.

Yeah, they said
no uncool parents allowed, so.

I'm just kidding.

I want it to be you...
You to be with me.

Better have been me.

You should've seen your face.

I was going to have
Sherri murdered.


Where's Rory?

Where's he at?

I don't know, man.

I've called him,
I've texted him all day.

He's not answering me.

Well, we can't do it
without him.

The kid can drive.

We need two lookouts,

We need two of them.

What do want me to do?

You're having a good time?

- Hmm-mm.
- Yeah, good.

Can I get you anything?

A cigarette?
Or... or a beer?

It'll be my pleasure.


Pull up.

Get the stuff now.

Hold up.

Georgie says your golden boy's
with his little brother.

And the monkey.

So the brake line
runs this little hook.

If you squeeze it, you just...

- All right.
- Yeah.

Put the wheel on,

you take this and then you gottaline up the brake pads.


Almost there.

You level it
with the wheel, right?

And tighten.


That's it?

Yup. That does it.

I gotta get going,
little brother.

All right.

Rory? See you at the tournament, right?

Yeah, I wouldn't miss it.

I don't like this
any more than you do,

but we all saw this coming.

He's a race traitor.

This is what he deserves.

- Uh, no.
You don't need this.

Okay. I'm going to getthe snacks before I forget them.

now this, this is good.

This is, this is like a Monet.

No way.

That's so bad.

That's messed up, man.

I have feelings too, you know?

Come on, race traitor.

You're dead, Rory.

MaryAnna, call 911.

Stay here.

- Come on!
Come on, race traitor!

Get the hell back!
Get back!

Back up!

- Get!
- Hey!

- Get back!
- Get in the car!

You're dead, Johnny boy.

Stay up.

Stay up. Stay up.


You're gonna be all right.

I don't think
I'll be flying with you

anytime soon, little bro.

You know, you saved us.

I wish it was me.

This whole thing you got going,

I wish it was me.

I wish all of it was me.

I wish I got sent away
instead of you.

You've no idea
how hard it was

inside that house
without you, man.

You were my only sanity.


I can't leave you.

There'll be another competition
next year.

- It's no big deal.
- No.

No way, man.

Listen to me.

You go and you show those punks

the McCord family
can't be stopped.


You got two families
to make proud.

I'm gonna
tell the cops everything.

All the stuff we did.

You will never have to
worry about Jack again.

♪ Got every reason to fight

♪ I've got every reason
To fight ♪

♪ Have you ever shaken hands
With the devil in the night? ♪

♪ Let me tell ya

♪ I've got every reason
To fight ♪

♪ Gladiator

♪ Gladiator

♪ Gladiator

♪ Picked a fight with the gods

♪ I'm the giant slayer

♪ Gladiator

♪ Gladiator

♪ Picked a fight with the gods

♪ I'm the giant slayer

♪ Boneshaker

♪ Dominator

♪ Freight train wrecking ball

♪ I'm the gladiator

You okay?

just a lot of people.

You must be
John's father.

- Eldridge.
- Nice to meet you.

John is doing great.

- Thank you, man.
- Yeah.

- He practices a lot.
- Yeah.

- We're real excited today.
- Me too.

- Oh, hey team!
Gather up.

- Scott...
- Thank you for coming.

- How are you?
- Hello, Scott.

Team, this is Forest
and Charlotte Lucas.

They sponsor one team
every year in this tournament

and this year, they chose us.

I'm glad to have
all you boys with us this year.

We won't let you down,
will we?

No! No, sir.

Go give 'em hell, guys.



Can your guys do this?

You know,
you really got your work

cut out for you.

These guys are,
these guys are good.

I'll take care of it.

All right, guys!
Listen up!

Come in! Come in!

Guys, you're gonna
need to step up your game.

Where's the new tricks?

Where's the height?

I know you're better than this.

Why are you here?

Come on, guys! Take some risks
and show me something.

Rough day?

Seen all sorts of boys
come through here.

John reminds me a lot of myself
when I was his age.

I thought the only thing I had
was my bike.

He's riding scared.

He doesn't know
what he's got without it.

Where are we going?

Try somewhere new.

Mr. Buultjens?


Right this way.

Here you go.


Let me know
if you need anything else.


On what?


these are your official
adoption papers.

I know we're supposed to
wait a year,

but I pulled a few strings
and I think you guys are ready.

Eldridge and MaryAnna
have already signed.


So no matter
what happens, John,

from here on out, good and bad,
we want you as our son.

That is,
if you'll have us.

My stomach's
touching my back.

Can we order
some food please?

Hello, everybody!

Welcome to Lucas Oil BMX
Nationals presented by Etnies.

I'm your host, Mike Escamilla,

and we have the best
bike riders in the world

battling it out
for a ton of cash,

and most of all,
a ton of respect.

Daniel Sandoval,
Dennis Enarson,

Kris Fox, Mike Parenti,

and many others
will go toe-to-toe

with last year's champion,
Larry Edgar.

Yeah. I did it last year,

so I'm just gonna do it again
this year.

I'm gonna introduce you to our legendary cast of judges.

Down the end,
I have "X Man" Xavier.

I got Mike "The Flame"

king of all skate park king.

I've got Bryan Blyther, inventor of style.

Ron Wilkerson, the inventor
of the mythical.

And down the end,
the man, the myth, the legend,

Mat "The Condor" Hoffman.

Judges will be looking for

not just what
these guys are doing,

but how they ride as a whole.

We judge how you ride
the course, style, tricks,

everything comes into play.

By Jason Watts.

Don't see that very often.

Let's see
how the judges score that.

Judges give him 87.

Larry Edgar kicking it off a can-can.

Mike Parenti with a huge
flip transfer over the head.

Let's see what the judges
are gonna score him.

Parenti coming in
with an 88 for his first run.

My boy!

Come on, bro.

Next is newcomer,
John McCord,

of Scott Carroll's team.

Getting technical
right from the start

with a tail nose pick.

Look at that one-hander.

Can he twist it
all the way to 70?

Ending it with
a 450 truck-driver.

This kid has got some moves.

Let's see
what the judges give him.

John McCord with an 89!

That's an incredible score
for a newcomer.

Let's see if he can keep
that momentum in the bowl.

Larry, what do you think

John McCord's real chances are?

- John who?
I think it's beginner's luck.

Just because the riders
are doing tricks

doesn't mean they're gonna win.

Not too tight.

I really need you
to stop moving, okay?

The way they use
the bowl is what matters most.

Stay still.

Last year's champ,
Larry Edgar, dropping in.

But the bowl is really
where he calls home.

- Boom!
Nobody does tables like that.

Look at that style! So sick!

Everything he does
has so much power.

Right into a big
no-hander into the bank.

Wow! That score
is going to be hard to beat.

Edgar just scored a 94!

All right. Let's see
what the newcomer's got.

♪ Just watch!

♪ Yeah! Just watch!

♪ Just watch

♪ I got this

♪ Just watch

♪ Hey stop this

♪ Just watch

John, the new kid,
might have this.

I think,
he could take this to the end.

♪ Yeah just watch

♪ I got this
Just watch ♪

Oh the massive 540...


John's got time
for one more trick.

What's he got?

Going for the 720.

♪ Yeah just watch

John goes down.

Medics are over
with John now.

Let's hope he's okay.

Do you have
any neck pain?

- No.
- Any back pain?


- Shoulder?
- Don't touch it!

Yes. Okay.

Ready to set him up?

Ready? One, two, three!

You okay, kid?

All right, come on.

Well, John going down
opens up a huge opportunity

for some of the other riders.

This is gonna be a close call
now with this crash.

I think Edgar has a shot.

Can you roll
your shoulder?

I can't.


We're gonna have to
take him to the ER.

The results are in.
We have a tie!

Larry Edgar and the newcomer,
John McCord, have tied.

That's never
happened before.

I can't believe that.

This means we're gonna
have to go to sudden death,

if John can ride.

If he can't,
Larry will be our winner.

We're going to have to DQ.

- Come on.
- No, no. Wait.

I can set it.

They'll take care
of that in the ER.

- No.
- No.

He could do it.
Let him do it.

I wrestled
for 15 years.

Just buy me five minutes.
That's all I need.

I'll get you
your five minutes.

Hey, I need your help.
Come with me.

This is gonna be painful.

Pain never stopped us.

- All right.
On three, all right?



We're down
to the top two riders.

Even with John McCord's wipeout,

he still tied with Larry Edgar
for first place.

They're going to go
head to head on the big rim.

All right,
Edgar's dropping in.

Let's see what he's got.

Big corked out backflip.

No one does it
with such style as Edgar.

That is something
you cannot learn.

You have that kind of style
or you don't.

John at the top
of the roll-in.

Coming off that shoulder,

let's see
how it affects his trick.

All right.
Here we go.

My life
wasn't always like this.

The choices I made
led me closer to the edge.

But those choices,

they led me to something
I never thought could be real.

And now I know better.

John, when things get tough,

remember that they told me
I'd never have a son,

but now I have you.

Come on, John! Come on!

Come on, John!

A huge double barrel
suicide backflip.

Oh, my gosh!

I don't know if that's
ever been done before.

- That's right, John!
That's right!

That's my baby brother.

And the judges
are unanimous.

John McCord is the winner
of the Lucas Oil BMX Nationals!

- Ha-ha.
You did it, John!

My mom lived with fear
her whole life.

Now, she rests in peace.

I let her know I overcame
the fear for both of us.

Thank you, Mom,

for loving me enough
to let me go.