The Return of Don Camillo (1953) - full transcript

After his battles with the communist mayor Peppone, Don Camillo is sent in exile by his bishop in a remote village. Peppone thought he got the village in his hands. But when the municipality decide to build a dike against the periodic floods, the proprietor of the land refuses. War between the village clans is about to begin. Maybe only the strong hand of the priest could persuade the landlord to change his mind. Will Peppone passed over his pride and send for his enemy?

[Don Camillo? That's him. ]

[The parish priest
in that small world... ]

[... that revolves
around his bell tower... ]

[... overlooking the Po,
and tells a true tale each day... ]

[... to the great, placid river. ]

[Don Camillo is leaving.
Crime and punishment. ]

[He has forgotten
that priest's hands... ]

[... are for blessing. ]

[He's punched
Mayor Peppone in the belly... ]

[... as well as a few dozen
of his Red comrades. ]

[He's now arriving
in the distant mountain village... ]

[... which the Bishop chose
as more adapted... ]

[... for his parish "attack" priest. ]

[Farewell, sweet land. ]

- Good day, Father!
- Good day, my son.

Hello, can you tell me
the way to the church?

- Are you replacing Don Luciano?
- Yes, I am.

- Are you Don Camillo?
- Yes, I am.

- We've heard a lot about you.
- Oh, really?

Don Luciano was a good priest,
gentle as a lamb.

It's a pity he's gone.

That day comes for us all.

- He was 86 years old.
- May God rest his soul.


Is the church far?

It's up in the town...
about 10 kilometers.

10 kilometers?

Is there a bus?

No, the bus can't get there.

I can take you up
to a certain point!

Watch out!

I'm sorry,
that's as far as I can go!

- What do you usually do?
- I'm a railway man.

You should have been a pilot!
Where is the town?

Do you see that cloud?
Behind that.

I'll see you, Father!

Thanks, friend.

Take the path on the right,
keep going straight... can't miss.
- Thank you.

Is anyone here?

They said you're
the wrath of God...

...worse than an earthquake!

Don Luciano sat there
for more than 30 years.

You broke it
as soon as you touched it!

Who are you?

I'm a neighbor.
I took care of Don Luciano...

...and I'll take care of you.
You don't scare me.

The others are shaking,
I wouldn't be afraid...

...of the devil himself!

Don't come near me!

Jesus, I'm in a madhouse.

Don't try to play innocent.

I know you throw tables
and benches at people!

Who told you such nonsense!?

We all know! There are only
women and elderly here.

You can't play cyclone here.

- Cyclone?
- Mmh!

They exaggerated a bit.

- Only one room?
- Everything's handy that way.

Where does that door lead?

Lord, your house
is worse than mine.

[Don Camillo was in the habit
of chatting with Jesus... ]

[... who often answered him. ]

Not to complain...

...but do we really deserve this?

[This time seemed
Jesus wasn't listening. ]

I'll admit that seems
I behaved badly...

...but coming
to a village of madmen... already a punishment.

You're not leaving me alone
with these wolves, are you?


Lord, you told me when I left:

..."I'll be with you anyway".

If you don't keep promises,
who can I trust?

[Life in the old town flowed... ]

[... as calmly as the great river. ]

[With Don Camillo gone,
passions calmed... ]

[... and the barometer
returned to normal. ]


We've driven off
harder men than you, Cagnola!

We crush bullies
like Don Camillo!

Now that the town is rid...

...of its worst
Black reactionary...

...enemies of the people...

...will not sabotage
social progress!

Is destroying vineyards
social progress?

What are 10 liters less
to your 10,000?

The land
is always threatened by floods.

The only dam
we've decided to build...

...will make you
lose a few vines!

Reinforcing the existing dam
will protect the lowlands...

...that flood each year.

That land will become arable.

You'll distribute
to your voters...

...and make me a fool!

You mix social progress
with electoral interests!

This time,
the opposition I represent...

...agrees with the Mayor.

May I say that...

...if Don Camillo
were still here...

Let him be!

A vacation
will do Don Camillo good.

And for you, Cagnola,
you've been warned:

...give us deed to that land,
or we'll take it by force!

I'll shoot the first one
who touches a rock on my land!

Mr. Cagnola!

I'll order work to begin...

...and don't try to stop me!

Put your hands down!

If you bring the Red Army,
you won't touch my vineyard!

My dear sons,
anger is a bad advisor.

- You must explain calmly...
- We were doing that...

Pardon, Mr. Mayor...

there was a meeting at Town Hall...

...I came in person
to point out to the assembly...

...the grave issue
of repairing the tower.

You promised my predecessor
you would do what was needed...

...but time is passing
and it's leaning more each day.

The big bell, Gertrude,
I think it's falling.

Father, you're not from here
and don't know certain things.

Even I know
when something is falling.

That's not a fall
like any other. That's a fallout...

...between Don Camillo and I.
- But Don Camillo...

Don Camillo isn't here...

...and it won't fall
until he's back!

Now you,
why don't you tell me...

Who is the new statue in church... place of Saint Lucio?

Saint Rita of Cascia.

Saint Lucio is the patron
of dairy farmers.

You're upsetting economic
balance by removing him.

Make that other statue disappear!

I don't take civilian orders...

...for my church decor!

That depends on His Excellency,
I'll refer it to him.

Don Camillo is the one
who commands here!

I mean... he did.

It won't be
a shrimp priest like you... change orders
of the real head of the parish... will of the people!

Mr. Spiletti!

Mr. Spiletti!

- Is he worse?
- Yes.

Pardon me.

- Is it your father?
- Yes.

Poor Dr Spiletti, I'm sorry.

He's an old mummy reactionary!

but he birthed half of us...

...and saved the other half.

Is he the most loved man in town?

Comrades, there are moments in which,
not forgetting the necessities...

...of the people's revolt,
we must kneel...

...before a worthy adversary.
Especially if he's dead.

I propose a public collection...

...for a bust of Dr Spiletti...

...showing the town's affection.

We agree.

The meeting will now close.

I'll go visit him.

It's over.

God forgive him,
he wouldn't make confession.

Give Grandfather a last kiss.

He was an old adversary.

We sometimes
can't recognize people's worth.

I'll request an official
day of mourning.

That would please you...
Ugly Red ass!

What's the score, Doctor?

He's clinically dead!

He's breathing. It's true,
but it's an affront to science.

You'd like to bury me,
but you'll wait...

I'll die when Don Camillo...
has given me confession.

If you want Don Camillo, we'll
have the pleasure of having you...

...till Judgment Day!

[All the aged waited to die. ]

[Babies refused to be born... ]

[... and lovers to marry
without the help of Don Camillo. ]

[Meanwhile, in his village
in the clouds... ]

[... he tried to win the trust
of his new parishioners. ]

- Dominus vobiscum.
- Et cum spirito tuo.

- Ite. Missa est. Deo gratias.
- Amen.

Lord, I'm frightening
instead of attracting them.

I'm out of place here.

I'm like a battleship
in a pond.

Whenever I move,
the frogs revolt.

It can't go on like this.

If this damned rain keeps up
we won't have time to build.

The river will sweep all away.

More reason to start.

I'll be there
when things are ready.


If you hadn't sent
Don Camillo away...

...we wouldn't be like this.

He'd have forced Cagnola
to give in.

The Bishop sent him away,
not me.

Don Camillo can't do miracles.

I'm just telling you
what everyone thinks.

Leave me in peace...

- He's fine right where he is!
- Not exactly.

Excuse me...
I knocked before entering...

...but you were screaming
too loud to hear.

Come in, Don Camillo.

I almost didn't recognize you.

We hadn't thought
of you in so long...

...we forgot your face.

- You're all wet...
- No, it's nothing.

I didn't mean to,
but I saw your assault squad.

What is this, the second Flood?

Don't worry,
it's simple communal work.

You mean... you're still Mayor?

This isn't a fickle town!

The people have common sense
since you left.

The new priest is so kind.

A priest who's not political.
A true role model.

- Oh.
- Who can't hurt a fly.

- Some spaghetti, Don Camillo?
- Thank you.

How's going up there?

It's wonderful. The new parishioners
are so good, so affectionate.

And the climate...
you can breathe.

It rains down here,
but up there...

Even this morning when I left
there was... Well, it wasn't raining.

Good then... everybody's happy.

Everybody's happy.

- How is Lenin?
- Lenin?

Yes, Lenin Camillo Libero.
Your last god...

Oh, he's fine.

There, he's awake.


He's a wonder.

Good you're named Camillo too.
It keeps certain infection away.

I thought this band
was away at school.

You still love me, right?

He should be at school.

He's run away again.
I'll take him back tomorrow.

If they don't punish him,
I'll send him to you.

I don't want to go school.

You'll go to Don Camillo.

I won't go to Don Camillo.

Go to bed.

- Stubborn mule.
- Just like his father.

I want to come with you.

You're an angel.

I'd gladly take you with me
up there. But it's so cold... sad...

Are you learning catechism?

- I don't go anymore.
- You don't?

- That's shameful!
- It's not my fault. No one goes...

...they're waiting until you...
- Be quiet, go to sleep.

Now you're forbidding children
to attend church.

I forbid nothing...

...people here
are free to do what they want.

what your comrades forbid.

I know your methods,
your machine gun...

Mind your own business.
You're a stranger... now.
Go back to your mountains!


I need Giuseppe Bottazzi,
the mechanic-cum-truck-driver.

That's why I came here.

- When?
- Straight away!

- To do what? - To carry a heavy
object up the mountain...

...or at least as far
as the crossroads. - Alright.

How much will it cost me?

You can pay for the petrol,
the work is free...

...just for the pleasure
seeing you go home.

Fine. I'll wait for you
at 10 by the woods.

What would this heavy
object be? Your 1881 mortar?

A much more potent weapon
that will make you all shake.

Yes Lord, I know you're
in all places, in heaven and earth...

...but I want to take
my crucifix with me.

Without you... I feel lost.

Besides, they put it
in the sacristy.

Follow the cars.

He's here
with all his men and rifles.

- If he starts first, shoot.
- Band! Wait, I'm coming too.

Who's that?

It's him.

Where is your criminal Mayor?

If blood has to flow here,
let's start with his.

- Put down that cane, or I'll break
your legs. - Be my guest!

Do you need me?

No! I turned into a sponge
waiting for you.

What was the clock that rang
at 10? There's no clock here.

I placed one
on the Citizen's Center.

A progressive clock.
Well, it's slow.

- Have you lost your tongue?
- Do you need a driver or an orator?

Looks like a car
is following us.

Us? Why?

He turned.
There'd be no reason to follow us.

I'd like to submit a case
of conscience.

Do you know what conscience is?

Imagine there's
someone you know... honest man.

You have respect for him...

...under certain circumstances.
- Well?

This man
comes to tell you in anger...

...and legitimate defense
he's killed a pig.

- Help me save him.
What would you say? - Watch out!

Who did you kill?

I... it's just an idea.

An idea? Then don't worry.
Wake me when we get there.

It's thunder.

Do you think so? What nice
weather in your mountains!

Send me the bill.

- Do you need me?
- No, thanks.

You can go... Bon voyage!

You're taking that up there?
Are you crazy?

Yes... I'm crazy.
Stop talking and leave.

Lord, this cross
is heavy to carry.

You're telling me? I carried
it up a much more bitter road.

Lord, is it you?
Is that you talking to me?

I never stopped talking.
You didn't hear me...

...because your ears were closed
with pride and violence.

Thank you, Lord.
Now that I hear your voice...

is beautiful up there.

What do you want?

I've made a big mistake.

If you need me
every time you make a mistake...'d better have
a telephone put in.

No, not here.
Take that chair over there.

- So, who did you kill?
- That pig, Cagnola.

He killed Nero
and I killed him...

...because he wouldn't
let us build a dam.

I have thousands of reasons.

Murderers never have reason.

- I'm not a murderer!
- A man who kills another...

...what would you call him,
a nursemaid?

Why did you come here?

I saw a police car
from the distance.

I knew what would happen...

...if I went back to town.

- It would be a triumph for you.
- For me?

Yes, yours,
the landowners and... company.

You see? I've been here
since 9 o'clock.

Since 9?

If I was here at 9, I couldn't
have been there at 10...

...and killed Cagnola.

I can't protect an assassin
even if he is the Mayor!

What can I do?

You can wait for the cops here.
I need a sacristan.

Maybe that's the cops.

Hide in there.

Cagnola! What happened to you?

Don Camillo,
I've made a big mistake.

What was it? Sit down.

Not there, on that other chair.

I think I killed Nero.

What can I say... This is
a good night. How did it happen?

The Reds want to dam up my land...

...with the excuse of floods.

A flood would eat a dam anyway,
but meanwhile my vineyards...

...will be ruined. Nero will
become a hero of the revolution.

Here's my idea...
I've been here since 9.

Since 9 o'clock?

If I was here at 9,
I couldn't...

...have killed Nero at 10.

You have the same ideas
as Peppone does.

You were made
to understand each other.

- Commie murderer!
- Assassin!

You're just wild!
Stay still!

Lord, it's not my fault
this time.

Don Camillo,
what was that noise?

The storm, Lord.

Was there lightning?

Those two fools
need more than lightning!

I need a glass of wine.

We don't have wine here,
only water.

We don't have vineyards,
it's too cold...

...or rivers, only torrents.

We have no land,
only rocks and clouds.

And you fight because you have
that beautiful river.

You deserve the plagues of Egypt!

Now you let that dam be built
and thank God.

You'll still have enough vines
to inebriate the province.

If not, you'll roast in hell
for eternity.

What about Nero?
He split his head open.

It's impossible to split
Nero's head.

There's nothing in that head
but bone! Well?

Let them build their dam...

...but only the land that's
needed, or I'll massacre them!

Good night!

Thank you.

Listen, I have to tell you:

...things aren't like I said
with your successor.

- Everyone in town...
- I don't want to know.

I'm here and I have to stay.

Don't tell me what's
happening down there.

Go back to your land
and leave me in peace.

Go on, leave.


The likeness is perfect.

From the people
in honor of Doctor Spiletti.

There's no time for more.
He has a few hours...

No, we should write...

...everyone except
the Communists honor him.

We can't honor
that rotten reactionary!

He's rotten politically,
but apart from that...

...he cured you of typhoid
and liver colic...

- True.

So politics aside,
you can honor him.

Fine, boss.


Have you seen Cagnola?
When can we begin work?

He said never and kicked me.

I'll go now and break him in two.

No, go look in the law book.

There must be a way
to make that pig give in.

- Don Camillo can make him.
- We can live without him.

Alright, I'm going.

The old man is gone too...

- Spiletti? Already?
- What time did he die?

- Dead? He's not dead, he left.
- Where did he go?

To confess to Don Camillo
in Montenara.

He wants to be buried
close to him.

Poor Don Pietro
will make a sour face!

We'll be stuck with the statue.

What about the collection?

They'll say we threw it away
like we did Don Camillo.

I told him it was madness...

...he'd never get there alive.

Now he's here as he wanted.

I'm so happy to see you...

Dr Spiletti,
what's all this fuss?

Save your breath.
Everyone can go home.

I don't need anyone.
No one can help me...

...except Don Camillo.

Stop, you died
on the road and in sin.

- Did I die?
- You could have, so now what?

The new priest came
to give me confession...

...but I wanted you
to take me to the cemetery.

When you go...
and Don Camillo is with you... don't run any risks.

I feel better already.
The air is good here.

- If I don't die immediately, will
I bother you? - There's no rush...

[Down in town the civil workers
did no work. ]

[People continued refusing
to be married, be born or die. ]

[Peppone declared... ]

[... to anyone
who could hear him... ]

[... that he'd never let Don Camillo
step foot in town again. ]

Well, do you miss Don Camillo?

Me, miss that dictator?
Never, Excellency.

It's that since he left,
well Don Camillo in person...

Please... send him back
because people realize now...

...that he's not a priest
like any other.

I'm sorry, Mr. Mayor,
but we'd thought... keep him in Montenara

Don Camillo
is a danger to you...

...we must protect you from him.

Did you know he's begun to be known
for performing miracles...

...up there?

Miracles, Mr. Bottazzi?

He brought old Dr Spiletti
back to life...

...and people are now bringing
the sick to him on mules.

I don't think that's good
for the Church.

We are truly grateful...

...for your concern,
Mr. Bottazzi.

But this doesn't worry us.
Don Camillo... no danger to the Church.

- Let's be frank, Excellency.
- I never lie, sir...

Neither do I. But the truth is...
the town needs Don Camillo.

The town?

- Well, I do!
- Ah, listen...

Forget Spiletti, dead or alive
we'll have him back!

...But this damned landowner,
may he get cancer...

- Mr. Bottazzi!
- Sorry, Excellency.

But that vulture
opposes our dam being built...

...and the town needs it.

That pig Cagnola,
devil take him.

Only Don Camillo
can put him in his place.

Give us Don Camillo,
you can't refuse us!

I'd already decided,
but I wanted you to ask.

I'll give you
your wicked priest...

...but don't complain anymore
if he throws tables on your head.

If he throws tables, we'll...

Don Camillo?

You were supposed
to arrive tonight.

- Who told you that?
- The Mayor!

He told me
to take the first train...

...and he'd meet me.

He told everyone
you'd be on the last train.

Wait, I'll get you an umbrella.

[Peppone didn't want
Don Camillo's return... ]

[... to become
a reactionary's triumph... ]

[... and took precautions. ]

- Here, Father.
- Thank you, my son.

[To make sure... ]

[... there wasn't even
a dog there at the station... ]

[... to greet him, he'd organized
at the Citizen's Center... ]

[... a boxing match between
state champion, Gorlini... ]

[... and people's favorite
from the local section, Bagotti. ]

[Lt was an interesting
meeting between... ]

[... the city and country. ]

- Is it raining hard?
- In buckets.

Let's hope it keeps up!

This is a title match...

...for the Federation
Provincial Champion.

Defending his title:
Comrade Anteo Gorlini!

And his challenger:
Comrade Mirko Bagotti!

The hope of our city
and who we hope brightens...

...the firmament
of this noble sport.

Of course, we hope...

...the best man wins!

Dishonor this town and I'll
split your head with a hammer.

I'm happy that you've
returned. I confess...

...I’m unable to understand
your parishioners.

- They're a bit difficult.
- They're lambs!

I think the Mayor is a wolf.

I waited for you to tell you.
I tried to make him...

...keep his promise
to fix the bell tower.

I finally sent
a registered letter...

...begging him to come
and assess the damage.

- Did he answer you?
- Yes. Look.

"The Mayor receives requests
until 7 p. m."

"Please bring
the bell tower... "

"... to him for assessment".

We'll fix that too.

The rain and cold
have made the crack worse.

Come and see.

Gertrude is hanging on
by a miracle, look.

Watch out!


Excuse me, I have to be
at a boxing match!

Come on, Bagotti!
Use your left.

Come on, Bagotti!
Get stuck in!

Come on, Peppone!

But Mr. Mayor...

Come on, Peppone!
Lay it on him!

Go on, Peppone! Go on!

This is too much, Lord...
Help him.

Lord, he's the Mayor!

Don't let that bully treat
the Mayor that way.

Viva Don Camillo!
Viva Don Camil...

Thank you, my children.

I'm happy
to be back with you.

I was in such a hurry that I couldn't
wait and I took the first train.

Luckily, I got here on time.

I'm not talking about being
on time for this violent show...

...which the Lord gave me
the strength to put an end to.

Shame on you for feeding
on this show of blood.

Are you civilized
or are you cannibals?

While you had fun
with games...

...because of your indifference
and the neglect...

...of your Town Administration...

...the church bells fell
on your priest's head.

You have an appointment
at Mass on Sunday.

I hope you'll all come, including
those who are guilty...

...of the ruin of God's House.

[No one dared ignore
Don Camillo's direct invitation. ]

[Only a few seats
by the pulp were empty. ]

[Peppone and his comrades
were not there. ]

Blessed be the name
of our Lord Jesus Christ.


My beloved brothers.
Today I am happy to see...

...united before God
all his lambs...

...including those
who got lost along the way.

But my joy has been crushed
by a painful accident.

You all know, except for those
people there who should know...

...that a crack
threatens the bell tower.

It could fall at anytime
into the church.

Gertrude, the glorious bell
which has rung here for centuries...

...was a victim
of broken promises...

...and has fallen
from the tower.

I turn to my dear faithful
to come to the aid...

...of God's House
which is their own.

By faithful, I mean those who
come here to feel closer to God...

...not to political factions
and who wish... demonstrate
military force.

After Mass, on this beautiful
morning God gave to us...

...I will be by the door
to accept offerings...

...until the ones who give nothing
do before everyone.

Isn't that enough?

For me it is but it's not
enough to ease your conscience!

Fall in!


Quick march!

First, we hope that the bell
returns to its place...

...that yesterday greeted
the dawn of reparation...

...and will greet the dawn
of the proletarian revolution!

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

But the revolution
had better improve...

...its retreat tactics.

March! Right! Right!
Quick march!

So, Archpriest,
will repairs proceed?

As you can see,
it's almost finished.

What good wind
carries you here?

Cagnola refuses to keep
the promise he made to you.

He says he'd been hit
on the head wasn't reasoning then.

Between us, do you believe
the dam is needed?

I knew you'd agree
with that old vulture.

Four o'clock. That's my clock!

A clock?

I bought it thanks to
the generosity of your comrades.

I had some money left over.
Thank the Party for me.

You said the tower
was falling...

...and instead of fixing it
you bought a clock!

The tower is repaired.
I saved the money for the clock...

...and Gertrude is in her place.
- It's a fraudulent clock!

Not everyone here sets
their clock to Radio Moscow...

Listen to that, it's late.

I'll denounce your fraud,
put on a great demonstration...

About that dam... What
did you tell me? That Cagnola...

While he refuses,
I can't drain the lowlands.

If he accepts,
you'll win some votes.

This isn't about politics,
it's about poor devils...

...who don't have enough land
to plant an onion.

If that's true,
I'll speak to Cagnola.

But half the land for your poor
and half for mine.


Alright. If you can convince
that son of a mad dog...

Consider it done.
Bring in the machines.

- Are you sure?
- Like you'd thanked me already.

Thank you.

Hey, Smilzo!

Go to the Citizen's Center
and set the clock ahead 2 minutes.

- Fine, boss.
- Be quick about it!

No-one can force me to give
an inch of my land.

Is that your last word?

I think we've been clear, Father.

[Besides disobeying
the Mayor's orders, Cagnola... ]

[... refused to obey
his priest's exhortations. ]

[This was something
Peppone refused to swallow. ]

[Now even more that
half the town was mobilized... ]

[... and work was to begin
the following week. ]

Don't worry,
I'll be finished here Monday...

...and start work on the dam.

Why, did Cagnola give in?

Your parish priest isn't
the only one to do miracles.

When Peppone decides
to do something...

Why did you make me put
a window in this wall?

The sun sets on that side.

The window will save me money.
An hour's daylight...

...counted into what I spend
in 11 years I'll have saved...

In eleven years you'll hav...

Don't curse! You'll lose
your soul that way.

My soul? Do you take me
for an idiot?

- Don't you believe you have
a soul? - I believe what I see.

No one's ever seen a soul.

- What is it you have inside?
- You're a doctor, don't ask me!

Inside I have insides.
When they work, you live.

When they stop, you die.

- And what makes them work?
- Life does!

If you're sure you have
no soul, sell it to me.

- Excuse me?
- Sell it, I'll buy it from you.

It's not honest to sell
something I don't have.

Selling me your soul
means that...

...if you really don't have one
then I can pay you back...

...but if you do have one,
I own you.

- How much will you pay me?
- 500 lire.

Not enough...
I want at least 1,000 lire.

A Red soul like you isn't worth
more than 500 and that's a lot.

- 1,000 or nothing.
- 1,000 it is.

I'll give you
a registered contract.

I see! You want to publish
a photo to throw mud on the Party!

These Communists will sell
their souls for 1,000 lire.

You have my word
that this is between us.

I'll write that
into the contract.

- I'll take your word for.
- Well. Done.

"I, Francesco Carmine,
known as Nero... "

"... consign my soul
to Doctor Spiletti... "

"... for the sum
of 1,000 lire paid to me... "

"... and give him immediate right
of possession. "

"He may dispose of my soul
as he sees fit. "

Sign here.

1,000 lire for nothing. Old age
has softened your brain.

Don't worry about me. I've never
done bad business in my life.

- It's for Carnival.
- I saw Cagnola!

Thank you!

About Cagnola...

- What did Cagnola say?
- He won't listen to reason.

- What?
- He won't give in.

Couldn't you convince him?

Come in!

Leave me alone, I'm dying.

My wife made me come.
She made you a good infusion.

- Try.
- Is it poisoned?

It's chamomile.

I know you're not Cagnola's
accomplice. You know how I am...

I get angry and say things
I don't mean.

I wouldn't know what anger is.

Here, sweeten with this.
It's honey from my hive.

What do you feed your bees?

I'm not feeding them
this winter.

I repeated your last sermon
to them and they're still asleep.

You want to ask me more,
but I can't do anything.

Cagnola called a city lawyer...

...and he speaks
a different language.

Forget Cagnola.

I'll send the farmers
to blow him up...

...and make his lawyers
do the hoeing.

I don't want to talk as Mayor,
but as a father.

I see, you're producing
another little mugik.

No, it's my oldest, Peppe.

The boarding school
has asked him to leave.

If I go, I'll break his head.

That's no solution!

Maybe he'd listen to you!

But he can't stand me...
He's a mule like his father.

I know! You could talk to him
and try not to hit him.

If I go, I'm afraid
I might throw a smack or two.

A smack or two wouldn't bother
me, but go easy.

He's a Bottazzi, but he's still
not as tough as me yet.

You want to change the world
and can't even make a brat obey.

I'll go next Sunday.

I'll leave you in peace.

You'll never stop sweating...

...with all that bile in you.

Good night!

You set your dirty clock
ahead again, right?

I couldn't set my clock
behind like the reactionaries.

The tower clock goes by the sun
and the sun isn't political.

- Your clock is fast.
- It's the clock of the people.

If the Citizen's clock is slow,
too bad for the sun.

God protect me. The earth isn't
enough, they want the universe.

You see?
You didn't come for nothing.

Good morning.

Come on, let's go!

Aren't you cold?
Wrap up your scarf.

It's like London here,
do you know where that is?

Have you at least
learned some geography?

Do you think your father
would like that face?

He breaks his back
to pay for this school.

Come on, let's go.

Young man, I must speak to you.

- Well...
- Can I run?

- Don't you run at recess?
- There's no place at school.

Alright run, then come back
and we'll talk.

Come here.

- What did you find?
- Two little worms.

That one is really tiny.

Leave the worms,
I must talk to you.

When a father makes
sacrifices like yours...

- There's a nest!
- A magpie nest.

- Where are you going?
- No... blackbirds.

You don't know,
you're a kid. It's magpies.

- No, it's blackbirds.
- Stubborn like your father.

You need to be right.
Let's see the feathers.

What are they?

Blackbirds, I was right!

Can we slide?

My turn, okay?

I'll take a run at it!

Did you see that?

- 1, 2, 3.
- My turn!

- 1, 2, 3, 4.
- Bravo!

Another one!

- Wait! This'll be a smooth one!
- Go on!

- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
- I won! I won!

- You're an ace.
- Really?

- Aren't you thirsty? - I'm starving
too. - Are you hungry? Let's go.


It's already 5,
you have to go back.

- The chestnuts...
- No.


They search us at the door.

- Goodbye.
- Good night.

Try... I want to say...
Try to study a bit.


There's a hall window, wait
there for me to say goodbye.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Good night.

He ran away again,
the school called me.

- I'll kill him if I catch him.
- Then don't catch him.

You'd just given him
a lecture too!

That school is a prison,
the boy can't stand it.

I don't understand something.
He pulled...

...the bars apart to escape.

He's not only strong,
he's smart!

And while we talk,
he could be dead.

What do you mean, dead?

- You said you didn't
want to see him. - I said that?

- That you put him
in a reform school. - Who, me?

He had an attitude...

If he's alive,
I'll do whatever you say.

Watch who you say that
in front of and remember.

- But... - He's sleeping!
- What's wrong with him?

He wants to be a farmer
like the rest of his family.

You always approve...

...when a proletarian
kid is left... ignorance and slavery!

If the Party needs brains... must get them in the city,
from people who live inside...

...but he needs air. If you
send him back, he'll die!

- But I nee...
- Would you like a chestnut?

What about your
electoral promise?


Better a good farmer for love,
than a teacher by force.

- To you!
- And yours!

[Peppone put his son back
in the local school... ]

[... on the order that he at least
graduate grade school. ]

- Good morning, children.
- Good morning, Father.

Good morning. Thank you.

- Be seated.
- Thank you.

Today I want to speak of charity.
Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Good morning, Mr. Mayor.

Excuse me, Father. I thought
I'd come for my monthly inspection...

...before catechism
so I wouldn't disturb you.

But I see that you're early.
It's five minutes to 3.

It's precisely 3, Mr. Mayor.

Would it be possible... set both town clocks
to ring at the same time?

My students are either late
or too early...

The official life
of the community that pays you... regulated by
the Citizen's Center clock.

The Mayor is too close
to public interest... make
such a light decision...

...on this important matter.

If the Mayor would like
to question the children...


- Be seated.
- Thank you.

How much is it 9 times 9?

Don't you know?

You know that, dear!
Be brave and tell the Mayor.

Why won't you tell him?

- And why?
- Because he hurt my father.

- What?!
- You hit him with a wrench.

I saw you,
I was in the car.

- Who is he?
- Mario Cagnola.

- That idiot's son!
- When I'm big, you'll pay!

You'll pay for that now!

Rascals, that's what you are!
If you hit him again...

...I’ll kick you back to that school.
- You beat up his father!

Forget that! Understand?

I'll beat him when he deserves it,
and you too!

You're a good example!
Fists always raised!

If they fight,
whose fault is that?

He doesn't have
to practice politics.

If I catch him again,
I'll kill him.

Do you have a clean conscience,
Don Camillo?

You were proud that day
in the boxing ring.

Are you proud of yourself today?

It's not my fault if those kids
have their father's blood.

Violence begets violence
and you haven't avoided that.

You should have gone
to a desert, not a mountain.

You entrusted them to me and I love
them. I have to punish them sometimes.

I know, poor Don Camillo
your heart is full of love.


But why are your actions
so rough?

Why did you give me
such huge hands, Lord?

There's not a thing wrong,
you're perfectly normal.

I want you to make sure
that I don't have something...

...missing, that something
wasn't taken from me.

Did you have surgery?
I don't see a scar.

- No, I never had surgery.
- Well then, what...

But... my head...
Did you listen there?

That isn't done
with a stethoscope.

Not to worry,
your cranium is well sealed.

Nothing can escape
without your knowing.

It's rock hard.

You're a real doctor,
a modern expert.

Well, an expert...

Not like Spiletti
who's from the last century.

He gets worse as he gets older.
His brain is soft.

You can't really say that.
Experience counts above all.

I have great respect
for Dr Spiletti...

...because he knows
lots of things I don't.

"... and consequently, we invite
Comrade Bottazzi to Moscow... "

"... to benefit from the same treatment
all Russian citizens enjoy... "

"... and dedicate
yourself to peace... "

"... in the spirit of that
accepted discipline... "

"... proven trust and exceptional
gifts of autocracy... "

"... only equaled by your
professional mastery. "

"Instructions for your
departure will be sent to you. "

"Until that great day,
let this remain a secret... "

"... between you
and your Party comrades. "

- Thank you!
- That's really an honor.

An invitation like that
is worth 1,000 diplomas.

Who's this Franchini
who wrote that?

That's unimportant,
it came from the Federation.

Even for an honor,
that's an honor!

It will shut up anyone
who scolds the Mayor...

...for not devouring priests
when he can.

Let's think if this
is the right time to leave...

...with reactionary's heads
raising again.

That's the fault of those
who didn't chop...

...that head off.
- Which means?

It means there are people
who shouldn't make concessions...

...but punch first!

So, tell us what to do.

I'm not the leader here,
but if that damned priest...

...came to my shop someday
for a shave, you'd see...

...I’d cut his throat.

[That Holy Thursday... ]

Good morning, everybody.

Mr. Mayor!
How's Lenin?

- Lenin?
- Lenin, Libero Camillo.

Fine, thank you.

What have you come for?

I was told I really needed
a shave, so here I am!

Whose turn is it?
No one? Then it's mine.

A shave.

Well, it's quite soon
that you'll be leaving, Mr. Mayor.


Aren't you going to
proletariat heaven?

Who told you?

- It's public knowledge, no?
- Well... No.

The town will be deprived
of its beloved leader... pity.

- At any rate, congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Good day.
- Good day.

Russia is nice, but not exactly
around the corner.

- Chief, I...
- What do you mean?

What I said, Russia is far.

In Russia
there is no exploitation.

Workers are proud
to travel far... see the place
that gave liberty to the people.

When are you leaving?

He's not... I am.

- Do you have something to say
against Russia? - Me? What an idea.

- Would you ask a reactionary
what he thinks too? - Be quiet!

If you were in my place,
would you go?

I'm not in your place.

You're not a man...
With someone else... can talk man to man,
but is this impossible with you?

I'm all ears.

What do you think about Russia?

I've told you many times.

Won't you be frank?

In what way? Not everyone
can go to Russia.

I know only what I read
in books and newspapers...

...and you know more than I do.

I certainly do.

So why are you asking me?

Spill your sack of lies
so I can make you eat them...

...and your dirty
propaganda too.

Do you think they're no better
or worse in Russia than we are?

I've never said that. Now
that you ask... It's my opinion...

Why do you say it's worse
in your newspapers?

You know... that's politics!


Forget this is about me.

If a guy had the chance
for a good job in Russia...

...and he asked your advice,
what would you say?

If it were a job...
I'd tell him to go.

I never supposed
you had such a light touch.

He felt bad, Lord. He hoped
I'd speak badly of Russia... he could say no. I wouldn't
want to be in his shoes.

I hope there's not a dishonest
man wearing your shoes.

Why, Lord?

Who did you take the paper
with the party stamp from?

My typist needed the Communist
Federation letterhead... one day when he turned
his back, just as a joke...

It's not a joke, it's wicked.
Give back!

That's impossible now, Lord.

You have no more stolen paper?


- There's maybe one sheet left.
- Repair the evil deed. - Yes, Lord.

[A few days later,
Peppone received a letter... ]

[... canceling
his trip to Russia... ]

[... and Jesus received
an anonymous thank you note. ]

It's fantastic,
they've made a parade float.

- Who, they?
- Don Camillo.

It's a big red fish
with a banner saying:

wary of the red fish"...

...and they put a moustache on it...
it's you exactly. - Imbecile!

Did you see it? There's
the people with their promises...

...but he won't get far
with that float.

Chief, look at me, can you see
anything changed about me?

Does this seem the right time
for these matters?

[Marchetti!... who years before
had made Peppone... ]

[... and Don Camillo
drink castor oil... ]

[... to clarify their ideas. He'd
said that with a nasty grin... ]

[... and had left town
after the war. ]

Help me, Peppone is chasing me,
let me in, hide me!

Look who is!
Have you become an Indian?

I wanted to see the town
so I dressed up.

I thought it would work,
but Peppone recognized me.

This house is inviolable,
you're safe here.

Thank you.

The rain has started again.

You'd be even safer
if between us...

...there wasn't that castor oil
that you made me drink.

You still think of
after all these years?

It was a joke!
We were both kids...

All three of us.

I was passing by your window.

I have two accounts to settle, one
with you and a serious one with him.

The doctor ordered me
to have you take castor oil.

Your stomach is embarrassing
you and it will do you good.

Do fast, this bar risks
escaping my hands.

Drink! Drink!

Put down the bar!

Don't joke, it's loaded.

Put it down or I'll shoot,
I always do what I say.

Now... drink!

I'll count to three.
One, two...

Now go call your Reds.
Maybe they'll have my skin...

...but I won't go to hell alone.

A first quality oil,
you'll find it exquisite.

Don't be an idiot...
I'll shoot!

The Indian won't kill this pale face
with that rifle. It's not loaded.

Drink. I'll count to three...
or I'll beat you to a pulp.

Maybe it's rancid,
you've been waiting for years.

If you don't want Peppone's
group to attack you...

...I suggest you become a hare.

Now the lies
and the violence begin, eh?

If he knew it wasn't loaded,
Peppone would have killed him.

You could have said that
before Peppone drank the oil.

Then Peppone
wouldn't have drunk it!

Don't you think
that was revenge?

Excuse me, Lord, there's a difference.
That was not revenge, it was justice.

And you have a profound sense
of justice, right?

What do you mean?

Justice dictates that lies
and violence be repaid.

You've understood, haven't you?

Actually, Lord,
this will bring back... youth.

A sip of youth!

[Lt seemed
that the heavens had opened. ]

[The parade and its floats
could not continue. ]

[The rain fell with no stop
for days and nights... ]

[... while the river swelled
and threatened. ]

[In this cataclysmic atmosphere
the war between the boys... ]

[... ended in sudden tragedy. ]

His skull may be fractured,
he needs to be taken to surgery.

Who hit him?

Mario Cagnola
threw a rock at him.

Lord, the fathers hate,
the children hate.

What will break this chain?

And you were put on the cross
to save these ingrates.

If the Son of God was
sacrificed to save humanity...

...his sacrifice
could not have been in vain.

God doesn't make mistakes.

Who has no faith in humanity's
redemption has no faith in God.

He's dying.

Light these right away.

Not by him,
in front of the Madonna.

My wife sent them for her.

There's a small hope
he'll live.

If God is good,
he'll heal my son.

Don't listen, Lord, that poor
man didn't mean to blaspheme.

He's just a poor soul
whose son is dying.

No one is poorer than he
who has passed through trouble...

...and loses his faith.

I know, but he hasn't lost
his faith in You, I'm sure.

God wants him to think
differently than he speaks.

I'm as sure of him
as I am of myself, Lord.

Excuse me, I'm being called.

[Don Camillo ran out,
but it wasn't Peppone calling him. ]

[Lt was the sweet heart
of Don Camillo that was calling him. ]

[The sweet heart
of the rough priest from Bassa. ]

Come on, take these.
They'll be fine.

You see, Lord, he brought me
five more candles.

They're not so big,
but they cost some money.

I'm convinced
he bought them on credit.

Look Lord, seems they shine
brighter than the others.

I think you're right,
Don Camillo.

Excuse me, Lord.

[Peppone's son healed.
The flood continued... ]

[... and soon the river made Cagnola
right by bursting the dams... ]

[... and then made Peppone right
by drowning Cagnola's vineyards... ]

[... along with the rest of town. ]

Yes Mr. Prefect, of course.

Yes, we're taking everyone
to the main dam.

Yes, it's intact up to Malacorte.
Are you sure the trucks have left?

- He could only send three.
- Three? - Only three?

What do you think
we can do with three trucks?

I know, I'm sorry.

Alright. The ambulance?

It's coming, good.

Of course, Mr. Prefect.

They've been there for 2 hours,
why are you waiting?

Did your Prefect
send the trucks?

The trucks
should have been here at 12!

- What time is it? - It's 12:35.
- You're slow, it's 12:45.

It's precisely 1:00.


Wait a minute...
It's ten to one.

- They said it's quarter
to twelve in the city. - But...

Let's hope they hurry!

You can count on me, Mr. Prefect.

Don Camillo, it's time you used
your moral authority... convince the resisters...

...that we need everyone
possible before night.

The Citizen's Center has water
to here, they evacuated...

I'll give you a hand...

Tell me, Mr. Mayor, have you found
a way to move your weapons?

What will happen to the
proletarian revolution?

I took yours! You'd stored
them in the bell tower...

I only put
the hand grenades in there!

Are you planning to stay here?

I was in exile once,
that was enough.

I knew you'd want to be a hero!

Shame on you for using
this trouble for your propaganda!

I forgive you, poor Peppone!
You'll never be able to see...

...the harmony of Creation if it's
not as a political organization.

Pardon, but duty calls me.

Go to the devil and drown.

- The flood will have served
its purpose. - Thank you!

Can you swim?

Like a piece of iron.

- Has your family left yet?
- Yes.

- Then you can take care of mine!
- Alright.

- I'll stay. - Where
will you stay? - I'll stay here!

I don't want him being
a martyr in the bell tower.

When we come back,
he'll have saved the town.

Don't cry, Granny. I'll be here and
everything will be waiting for you.

How nice!

Is it true
old Spiletti is dying?

It's nothing, it's happened
many times before.

Didn't he say anything about
the contract he has with me?

I'm not his accountant,
I take care of souls.

Exactly, I sold him
my soul for 1,000 lire.

I signed a contract to him...

You always said
souls were a priest's invention... you put it in a bag!
Are you sorry?

That dirty reactionary
will go right to hell.

What will he do with a contract
when he dies? Will his son inherit?

I want that paper back!

I'll pay back the 1,000 lire.

Come to the church,
your owner is in the bell tower.

My owner?

He didn't want to leave me.

I have a seat if you'd like it.

May I?

Mario, go help your friend.

- Do we have to go?
- Yes, go.

Come on!

Get the kids into the car.
I'll take the case.

Be careful the baby
doesn't get cold.

I'll come when the evacuation
is finished.

- Get in! - Be careful.
- Don't worry about that.

Good morning, sir.

Be good, now. Bye-bye.

- Thank you, Mr. Cagnola.
- You're welcome.

- Hurry!
- I'll be there as soon as I can.

Bon voyage!

- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!

Give it back, this contract
is making him ill.

Where is he sick?
In his viscera.

That's all he has inside.

What I have inside
doesn't concern you.

If there is anything...
You have nothing to do with it!

Here, I don't need it anymore.
I got what I wanted.

Keep the 1,000 lire,
it's well spent.

The contract is void
and to each his own!

Here you are.

Here, for your poor.

This sacrilegious money
is no good for the poor either.

Thank you.

Are you sure I'm alright now?

- As sure as God exists.
- Fine.

Now that you have your soul back
think about cleaning it of sin!

I don't need your soap.

Who will ever
understand these people?

I will, Don Camillo.

I'm going around town
to see if they forgot anyone.

[Many families passed the night
camped on the dam. ]

[Dawn rose on a frozen,
foggy Sunday. ]

[The flood continued rising. ]

A flood doesn't mean
it's not Sunday.

Now you must understand...

...though you feel strong
as an ox, don't pull too hard...

...the water reopened the crack
and it's not solid up there.

Don't worry,
I'll do just right!

It's Mass.

Brothers and sisters.

I'm sorry
I cannot celebrate Holy Mass.

But I am with you
to lift a prayer to the sky.

It's not the first time
the river has invaded our home.

But one day the waters
will recede...

...and the sun will shine again.

And we will remember
the brotherhood...

...that united us
in this terrible hour.

And with the tenacity God has
given us we will struggle again...

...for the sun
to shine brighter...

...for the flowers
to be more beautiful...

...and for poverty
to disappear from our cities.

We will forget our discord...

...and when it's time to die
we will try to smile.

That is the way
to ease the road...

...for our town
to become a little paradise.

Go, brothers and sisters.

I will stay here
to greet the first sun...

...and for you to leave
with the voice of your bells... they ring the welcome sound
of reawakening.

May God go with you.


Hey! Hey!


(Thank you, Lord,
for receiving into Heaven... )

(... your unworthy servant.)

Don Camillo!
It's me, Peppone.

This individual is here, Lord?

He's an obsession.

You're everywhere...

I thought I was in heaven.
But with you there...

...that means
I was in purgatory.

If I get to heaven, I hope
I don't have to see you...

...but heaven is a big place.

Did you fish me out?

Yes, and I regret already.

Are you here too?

I decided not to die until
everything is back in place.

Isn't he speaking anymore?

It's the usual... Let's bring
him to the Red Cross.

Bring the stretcher over here!

Do you insist on staying?

Have I ever changed my mind?

Then we'll both stay.

- Are you the Mayor?
- Yes.

The Prefect is waiting.
No one is taking care...

...of your citizens.
I'll take you.

Duty calls, Mr. Mayor.

I should have left you
there floating.

- Do you know what this is?
- A nail!

When I return
you'll swallow it sideways.

If your clock keeps running
fast, I'll nail it everywhere.

If yours keeps up, I'll burn
the rest of your bell tower.

it's your fault it fell.

Priests don't scare me,
wet or dry.

- What do you mean?
- What do I mean?

This doesn't seem
the time to fight.

It's exactly ten o'clock.


I thought
it didn't exist anymore.

Will we go back home soon?

- Goodbye, Don Camillo.
- Goodbye. Farewell, son!

Goodbye, Don Camillo.
The sun is out today!

We'll see you Sunday at Mass!

I'm sorry to leave you alone.

I'd like to be there to help
if you fall back in the water.

So you could drown me...

You'll be bored to death
down there alone.

You'll have time
to smoke a good cigar.

Thank you.

It's the last one I have.
I'll have them bring you more.

Be careful and good luck!

You too, Mr. Mayor. Good luck
and kiss little Lenin for me!

I will!

Goodbye, my sons...
See you soon.

Come on, we're waiting for you.

Goodbye, Don Camillo!

Protect them, Lord.

Protect them and forgive me
for thinking I was in heaven.

It had some bad people,
but I was happy there anyway.

It's not time to rest yet,
Don Camillo.

You have a lot of work
to do now!

I'm at your command, Lord!

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