The Rental (2020) - full transcript

Two couples rent a vacation home for what should be a celebratory weekend get-away.


Oh my God.

It's beautiful.

Oh this is just what
I need right now.

And look at the
fucking coastline.

Oh, I want it now.

Well, it's available
this weekend.

Oh, maybe that's why.

Shit, is that per night?

Fuck it.

You need it.


Oh hey.

Hey, sorry am I interrupting?

No, to at all.
My baby.

What's up bro?

Hey, man nothing,

I was just dropping off
someone in the neighborhood,

thought I'd pop in, see
if you needed a ride home.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, we're just about finished.

Does she request you on the app

or can you go rogue?

I think we'll get away
with it, this time, yeah.

What you guys looking at?

This house on the coast,

we figured it might be fun

if the four of us took
a trip this weekend,

celebrate the closing
of seat funding.

It's gonna be a
shit ton of work,

so we figured it'll be nice
to take a little vacation

before we start.

Yeah, cool.

I'm just gonna grab my jacket.


Hey, I meant to text you,

congratulations, it's
a really big deal.

Thanks man.

Okay, let's hit it.

You all set?

All right, I love you bro, bro.

Love you more.



I can't believe I'm
actually looking forward

our a weekend away
with your brother.

I'd pretty much given up on him

but it really feels
like Mina woke him up.

I don't know.

He actually seems motivated,

he's working, he's
back in school.

I don't know if I'd
call two night classes,

back in school.

Well, she's definitely
a positive influence.

Tell me how that
relationship has any legs.

She's, you know, I mean.

She's the whole package.

and then you have my brother,

he's a barely
employed Lyft driver,

got kicked out of college,

served jail time for nearly
beating a guy to death,

outside of his frat house.

I'm just saying, I've
never seen him like this.

He really loves her, it's sweet.

Yeah, of course he loves her,

he hit the fucking jackpot.

Oh yeah, it's a juicy one.

Yeah, that's gross.
Look at that,

you want it?

No, I don't want it.

It's yours.
well, I don't want that,

it's yours now.

Go on, keep it.

You didn't just do that.

Let me see, let me
see your finger.

It's on my finger still.
Let me see your finger,

let me see it.

You fucking kidding me.


Dude, they said no pets.

Just chill, it's gonna be fine.

No, homeowners don't take

this shit lightly dude,

they'll turn us away.

Oh yeah, it'll be hysterical

when we drive across
the entire state

and have to turn right round.

[Josh] Look, we'll hide him

until the owners
gone, all right.

It's gonna be fine.

Give him some love.

What, no.
Give him a kiss.

You're gonna

make him insecure
man, seriously.

There it is.

Good boy, Reg.

This seems totally
normal, right?


Nothing that should
set off any red flags.

Except, not everyone
is a racist prick.

Mina, how many places
have you booked through?

Okay, well there you go.

Yeah, but she got
a five star rating.

How many places have we booked?



It's still more than one.

Oh, come on, it's the
same house, same dates,

her request gets denied

and yours gets
accepted an hour later.

Look, discrimination
obviously exists,

and the name Mina Mohamadi,

is about as Middle
Eastern, as it gets.

I'm just saying,
why jump to that

as the only possible

Yeah, no, you're right.

We should probably give, this
white guy we've never met,

the benefit of the doubt.

Give everybody the
benefit of the doubt,

is what I'm saying.

Yeah, no, that's groovy man,

peace and love.

Shit, are we here?

Looks like it.

Will you hide your dog.

You realize, if he
barks, we are fucked.

He won't make a peak.

Not bad.
So nice.

He's gotta be around
here somewhere.


Holy shit.

Oh, yeah, this will do.

Do you have the guys number?

Yes, here.

Oh, hey.

Y'all just decided to
let yourselves in, hah?

Sorry, I was just
trying to call you.

Yeah, I expected
you an hour ago.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, we just, we got
a bit of a late start

and then stopped for groceries.

You must be Taylor, I'm Charlie.

Yeah, that's me.

You own this place?

Why do you gotta
say it like that?

Oh, I didn't mean
anything by it.

Yeah, it's my brothers spot,

I just take care of it,

he's down in the Bay area,

he never uses it.

Well, we're hopefully on our way

to owning a second
home, we never use, too.

This is my wife Michelle,

that's my brother Josh

and my partner Mina,

my work partner, also happens
to be Josh's girlfriend.

How'd you get mixed
up with this family?

What do you mean?

Oh, no, I didn't
mean anything by it.

Come on, let me show
you rest of the house.

Wow, this piece of shit,

somehow exceeded
my expectations.

Yeah, no that's, fucking weird.

Can't believe we're
giving this guy our money.

- Babe.
- What?

Let's just, look
we already drove,

all the way out here all right,

let's just enjoy ourselves,

spend some time together

and be outta here soon, okay.

All right, set to
blank, turn that thing

and let me show you.

- Oh, hey.
- Hey.

Let me show you out back

and then I'll get
outta your hair.


Wow, it's beautiful.

Yeah, that's the thing, ocean.

The hot tub's over here.

Instructions are on the side.

There's a bathroom
through that door,

on the corner there,

towels, everything you need.

- Oh nice.
- Great.

Yeah, it's nice
getting in after dark,

the stars are insane out here.

Damn, I shoulda
brought the telescope.

I thought about it
and I totally forgot.

What do you need a
telescope in the city for?

Unless you're like a
peeping tom or something.

I got one you can borrow.

If you promise to
treat it right,

I'll bring it on over.

Oh, that's all right, I
don't wanna put you out.

No, that's no problem.

I shoulda had one here already.

That's my fault.

All right then, I'll
let you get to it.

There's a welcome pack
in the loft upstairs,

you got my phone
number, wifi info such,

I'm just up the road,

if you need anything.

Otherwise, follow the check
out procedures, when you go,

and have a good,
have a good weekend.

All right.

Really appreciate it, thank you.

All right.
Hey dude,

are you the one who does
the bookings for this place?

Yeah, I book this place.

I tried to rent this house,

for this exact period of time,

but my request was denied,

can you tell me why that is?

I don't know, a lot of people
try to rent this place,

I don't remember your request.
Yeah, babe.

It's just a little strange,

'cause my request was denied

but then Charlie, a white man,

put in an identical request,

an hour later and
his was accepted.

We really don't have to
get into this, right now.

Mina Mohamadi, do
you remember now?

If you don't like the house,

or have any other problems,

cancellation policy is listed
clearly on the website.

Outside of that, I
don't have anything else

to discuss with you.

We understand, thank you.


Wanna help me put
away the groceries?


It's a beautiful home,

hah, bro, bro?

Crack a bruskey or twosky,

gaze up at brorians belt.

Sip a little Pinot gris,

pop in a bromantic comedy.

Oh, Broseph Gordon-Levitt
all day, all night.

Smoke a J, take a long walk

along the brocean.

Yeah, get that sand
between your broes.

Prefect brome away from brome.

Okay, that's enough.

A walk does sound nice though.

I wasn't kidding about that.

After we put the stuff away,

you guys wanna check
out the property?


Oh shit, Michelle,
from way down town.

Come on.


Come on.

Come on.

What you doing boy?

God, that was good.

What the fuck?

Creepy door with an
electronic code, that's great.

Would have been extra
creepy if that worked.

So dumb.

Come on, they're waiting.
All right.

They can be kind
of intense, right.


Don't worry, it gets less weird.

That's comforting.

I'm constantly terrified,
she's gonna leave me.

Why would you say that?

She's just so fucking smart

and talented.

And, you know, I just
wanna be better for her

and I wanna be able to
challenge and inspire her

but, I feel like, she doesn't
even need that from me,

she's already
fulfilled in that way.

Makes any sense?

Yeah, absolutely.

Trust me, I hear
everything you're saying

and I think, what
she needs from you

is not for you to
occupy the same space

as her work partner,

that's all he is to her.

And I just think,

you need to be loving
and supportive,

goes a lot further
than you think.

All right, so, you're cool

with her occupying
such a huge space

in your husband's life?

I mean, no, fuck her.

But yeah, yeah,

they just have their
creative thing going on.

I'm glad he has someone
to share that with.

- Hey.
- I'm freezing.

You guys ready to turn back?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Whoa, look what we have here.

Someones trying to get
a five star rating.

Oh, ooh.

All right, I know we
don't like the guy

but I'm glad that we have
this for the weekend.


So, are you really
just accepting

that he's gonna come
and go as he pleases?

Well, you know, he did say,

he was gonna drop
it off, tonight.

Couldn't leave it
on the front porch?

You guys don't find
this creepy at all?


Done talking about it.

Let's have a good time.

Who wants a drink?


This looks incredible.

Yeah, it's beautiful.

So, what?

We'll just like head out,
first thing in the morning?

Yeah, it'll take
at least two hours

to get to the waterfall.

Charlie's been making fun of me

for buying a hydration pack

just for this hike.

It is the nerdiest
thing I've ever seen

but I love you and I
love that you plan ahead.

I get excited.

So, what about tonight?

I mean, I don't know what
kind of vibe we're going for

but, Michelle, don't you have
a little surprise for us?


I was kinda thinking
tomorrow maybe.

Just, let's just show them.

- Just get it.
- Okay.

What's going on?

What are you guys up to?

I don't know what's going on.

What are you up to?

Sneaky Michelle.


Oh my God.

Oh my God, I don't
think I've done this

since the night we met.

Where did you even get this?

Mina, he's told you the
story of how we met, right?

Yeah, of course, I've
been hearing for years

that you just get a little
ecstasy in this guy,

turns into a dancing queen.

There are pictures
from that night

where it just looks like,

we're full on fucking
on the dance floor.

So, shall we do some drugs?

Shit, you guys, I really
don't wanna be a downer

but I might bow out early.

It just, it was a long
shitty week at work

and I'm sadly fading kinda fast.

Okay, well, you know,
if you're not into it,

we don't have to do
it tonight, right?

Oh my God, no, no, no,

please do it, I'm just,

I know if I keep going,

there's no chance I'm alive
for this hike tomorrow.

Just save enough so we can all

get sufficiently fucked
up tomorrow night.

Yeah, just like a little bit.

A little bit.

A little bit.
A little bit.

All right, let's go, I got ya.

Tap out, tap out.
Josh, that's enough.

Tap out.

Yes, winner.


Because of the earth's rotation,

if it had hit a minute later,

it would've landed in the sea

and dinosaurs would still
be ruling our earth.

Do you think cave people

were afraid of asteroids?

Are you saying that 'cause
you think cave people

and dinosaurs lived together?

Oh no, I mean, I know
there was, you know,

a time after dinosaurs
before people.

How long between
dinosaurs going,

and homo sapiens.
You always do that,

I'm not taking your quiz.

No, come on bro, take a guess.

Fuck you.
65 million years.

Good, you win.

I'm getting another,
you want anything?

I'm fine baby, thank you.

You're good?

What about you Reg

you want anything?

You wanna take a look?

What are you doing?

Being one of those
big city peeping toms,

people are always talking about.

You see anything?

One house with it's lights on.

Oh yeah.

Are people doing it?

Oh shit.

Somebody was watching,

looking right back at us.



I'm dead serious, look.

Oh my God, is that Taylor?

Okay, the bid is over.

What the fuck is he doing?

- Shut up.
- No, I'm serious,

he's got the fuck, fuck.

Fuck you.

Never attempt to
outplay the player.

So glad we did this.

Me too.

It's gonna be a fun year right.


We finally fucking
did it, it's crazy.

I'm gonna go check on Josh.

Oh, hey.

Come back out.

Hey baby.

Don't be in here alone.

It's so comfortable.

No, come on, this
is our vacation.

We never get to
hang out like this.

I know baby,

I'm coming, I'm coming.

I'm coming.

Why'd you have to drink so much?

Told you to slow down.

Everything okay?

He's like out.

Well, I don't know about you

but I am getting
in this hot tub.

Oh no, I'm like annoyed now.

I just, yeah, maybe I do
wanna get in this hot tub.

I'm getting my suit and
I'll meet you back here.



Hydrate, hydrate.

How is it?

Oh my God, get in.

Oh fuck.


With the fog rolling in.

So nice.

You know what's really nice?

These jets on my back.

I want jets.

Let me get some.

Trade me.

Oh, this is unreal.

Can I tell you something?

You're getting us a
hot tub for the office?

I think you're brilliant.

Thank you.

You just make me so
much better at what I do

and you're funny and kind

and you're just fucking great,

and I'm just so
happy to know you

and work with you.

If you're gonna get
all lovey-dovey,

I feel the same way about you.

I feel like we have
a real partnership,

which I honestly didn't
think was possible.

I always feel like
people let me down.

You just keep, not letting
me down, it's weird.



Now, give me those jets back.


Share the jets?

Share the jets.

You getting some?



Reggie come here.


What the hell was that?

I don't know.

Maybe Reggie has the right idea,

maybe time for bed.

Goodnight Charlie.

The dancing queen lives.

Oh, barely.

You have fun?

Well, come on, we gotta go,

I don't wanna get stuck
out there, in the dark,

on the hike back.

Are you going?

Sitting here, trying to decide.

Come on, finish
eating, let's go.

I'm so tired, I don't
think I'll be much fun.


Nothing, it's just,

you know, I don't remember
much from last night,

but I do kind of recall,

someone giving me shit

about missing out on
fun vacation times.

You know, something about

how we never get to
hang out this way, or.

Call it even?

You know, I don't have to go,

I can stay here with you.

Can't ditch Michelle,

look how excited she is.

Well, Charlie and her
can have their own day.

Don't think that's happening.

I guess, I'm kinda stuck
with this one, aren't I?

I'm sorry, I'll make
it up to you, promise.

Can have a really fun
night when you get back.

All right.

I love you.

I love you baby.

Mina, Charlie let's go,

time to change.

You know what,

I think Mina's gonna
sit this one out.

No, really?
I'm hurting pretty bad.

All right, well, it's your loss.

Charlie come one,
let's get going.

No, don't give me that.

Come on, let's go.

I'm sorry.

Fine, well, you're
cooking tonight

and I'm getting fucked up.

Yeah, okay.

Josh, you ready?

Yeah, love you.

I love you.

Oh and Reggie's still
tied up out back,

get him later in
case Taylor pops by.

Yeah, I'll grab him, baby.

Thank you.

Are you okay?

Not really.

How you doing?

What are you thinking?

We're smarter than this.

It can never happen again.


I mean it.

Yeah, I'm with you.

I really do love your brother.

I know.

Anyway, she ended up getting
my number from Charlie

and she texted me the punchline

of this joke that she
had totally butchered,

from the night we met.

That's really cute.

What was the punchline?

Don't make me say it.

You know, you and Charlie,

you guys have like the best,
how did you meet, story.

It is a pretty good one.

Although, I can
think of one person

who thinks otherwise.

What do you mean, who?

Wait, you know that
when Charlie and I met,

he and Jen were still
together, right?


Wow, so, the ecstasy
night, that actually.

Yeah, he had a girlfriend.


I know, it was not ideal.

I randomly think
of her sometimes.

She was a nice person,

she didn't deserve that.

I wouldn't say she was
totally innocent either.

What do you mean?

I think she had a little of
that same thing going on,

with his previous girlfriend.

What, like he was with
someone when he met Jen?

Yeah, I think so,

I don't remember all the details

but there was this girl Zoe

and then the Jen thing
happened really fast,

a little bit too fast, you know.

No, I didn't know that.


Look man, I just meant,

you shouldn't feel bad
anybody Jen, you know.

It's fine.

I don't even know what
I'm talking about,

this was like 10 years ago.

It's okay, let's
just keep going.


They did pretty good.

You can keep
sleeping, I'll finish.


Tell me that's not a camera.

No fucking way.

I'm gonna call the cops.

Wait, wait.

What, where are you going?


We can't call the cops.
What, why?

It's all on camera.

If we report this,

then Michelle and Josh they
could find out everything.

So, what, we just let this
fucking racist pervert,

get away with it?

I don't know, I don't
know, let me think.

Ew, just thinking of
him jacking off to it.

I think, we pretend
like it didn't happen.

What are our other options?

I don't know, threaten him
to give us the footage.

I'm pretty sure threatening him

is the best way to ensure

that he shows Michelle
and Josh everything.

Fucking kill him.

Okay, clearly we
can't stay the night,

so, we just need to
think of a reason

to tell Josh and Michelle
why we're leaving early,

like, Taylor came by and
said some racist shit

or something like that.

You know how protective Josh is,

he wouldn't leave
without confronting him.

Yeah but, I'll deal with Josh.

No, no, no, no,
we start telling.

We'll figure it out.

We start telling more lies,

it just gets messy.

Oh, come on.

It's gonna be okay.

So, we do nothing,

is that what you're saying?

He can't show
anyone the footage,

or else he gets caught,

he's the only one who's
ever gonna see it.

We get through the night,

we leave first thing
in the morning,

never happened.

Hey, thought we almost
lost you guys out there.

Someone got tan and sexy.
Oh yeah?


Did you have fun?

Hey, missed you boo.

Is everything okay?


What's going on?

You know what, let me
get out of these clothes,

hop into the shower

and I will regale you with
the heartwarming tale,

that was our hike.

Oh, you're gonna take a shower?

Yeah, can't you smell me.

No, I don't know,

I just, I get turned
on by your mess.

Oh yeah.


What's going on?

What do you mean?

I don't know, are you okay?

Where you and Zoe broken up

when you started dating Jen?


Where's this coming from?


I don't remember exactly
how it played out

but yeah, there may
have been a situation

where we hung out
for the first time,

while I was breaking
up with Zoe.

So, when you met Jen,

you were definitely
still with Zoe?

I think so, you know,

but what is happening right now?

I was just thinking about us

and the circumstances in
which we got together,

and I thought it
was funny to hear

that you have a
pattern of doing this.

Okay, so, this is a
conversation you had

with Josh, I assume.

What exactly did my
fucking brother say?

Don't do that.

it tickles me to think that Josh

has been keeping such close tabs

on my dating history.

I just wonder why you
would've lied to me

about it at the time.

I don't think I lied to you,

I don't remember the details.

Whatever I said at the
time was probably true.

Migrate to the nesting beach.

Okay, no, we're not doing this.

This is not how
this trip is ending.

We're gonna do drugs,

we're gonna have fun.

Mina, let's do it.


But you guys should
totally do whatever,

don't let me stop you.

Actually, you know, I think,

I'm gonna sit this one out too.

No, get up, get up, we said.

Babe, what if we had
a more mellow night,

played some board
games or something?

You know what, go ahead

and waste your last night.

I thought we came here
to have a good time

and that's exactly
what I'm gonna do.

Where's the molly?

Don't tell me you
guys finished it

or I will fucking.

It's on the side, by the bar.

There's plenty left.

You sure you wanna do this?

This was the plan.

I went to bed early last night,

so I can do this tonight,

so, yes, I'm sure.




Hey, you guys, where's Reggie?

Baby, I'm so sorry.

I was just so out
of it this morning,

completely forgot.

What's going on?

Cool, good to know.

No, no, no, no, no.



Okay, he's gotta be
around here somewhere.

Josh, it's all right,

we'll find him.

Let's spread out.

What if he fell off
the side of the cliff?




Oh fuck, they lost the dog.






Hey Reg.

Come on Reg.


Any luck?

No, it's too dark,

we got no phones.

Hey, did you forget to turn off

the hot tub, last
night, it's broken?

I don't know, maybe.

Well, whatever, I called Taylor.

What, why?

Well because it's not working

and I would like it
to start working,

so I can get in it.

So, he's coming here right now?


Who's coming over right now?

Taylor's coming to
fix the hot tub.

Babe, I wish you'd told
me before you did that.

He's just gonna come and go,

what's the big deal?

I know, I just,

I just know that Mina
doesn't like the guy.

It's fine,

I'm fine.

It's fine, she's fine.

Hey, what if he took him?

What if who took, what?

What is Taylor came
by and saw Reggie?

You think Taylor took Reggie?


Well, I just don't think
he would agree to come by

and help me, if he was
holding your dog hostage.

I guess, we'll see.

What are you gonna
straight up ask him?


I'm pretty sure he's gonna know

that we snuck a
dog into his house,

if you ask him about it.

My fucking dog is missing, okay.

If he knows something,
I'm gonna find out.

He's here.


Hey, evening buddy.

Hey, where you at the
house, at all, today?

No, not today.

Yeah, I've been at
my place all day,

on the couch with my bottle.

Is that right?

That is correct.

Is that white girl here?

She called about the tub.

Did you take my dog?


Did you take my dog?

No, I heard what
you said partner,

I'm just trying to figure out

why you got a dog in
here, in the first place.

Why don't you just
answer the question?

No, didn't take your dog.

Hey, hi,

I called you.

Full disclosure, I'm on drugs,

I would just love to
get in that hot tub

as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you.

She probably shouldn't be
out there, alone with him.

Baby, what are you thinking?

I don't know what
to fucking think.

What can I do?

Let's just find Reggie,

get the fuck out
of here, all right.

What the?

All right, hold on.



Program was stuck
in cleaning mode,

should be good to go now.

Oh, thank you so much,

you're a lifesaver.

Well, enjoy your final night.

Thank you.

Stay with me, 'til it warms up.


Come here boy, Reg.




Hope you find your dog.

I got two of 'em myself.

That whole, no dogs policy,

is my brothers idea.

Don't worry, I'm not
gonna rat you out.

I know how to keep a secret.

Well, if there's
not anything else.

Actually, can I show you
one last thing, real quick?


Oh, let me guess,

it's that toilet hah?

Yeah, you gotta hold
that flusher down,

a lot longer than you think.

I just want you to know

that if you ever do
anything with that footage,

we go right to the cops.

Excuse me?

We know, okay.

Look, I don't really know
what's happening right now,

what are you doing?

Jesus, you gonna make me
actually fucking do this?


What the hell is that?

Dude, we fucking got you.

Look, I don't know what
scam you're trying to pull,

but you go ahead
and call the police.

Are you listening to me?

I didn't have nothing
to do with that shit.

I'm giving you a fucking out,

we could've turned
you in already.

You know what, how about I
call the police for you, hah?


No, that's not what I'm saying.

Hey, hey, hey.
That's not what I'm saying.


Stop, don't be stupid.
You motherfuckers.


Josh, stop.

Josh, that's enough.


That's enough.


hey, hey, hey, hey.

Come here.

He was about to call the cops

and I freaked out and it
just escalated, I'm sorry.

Fuck, fuck.

We're so fucked.

What are we gonna do?

What just happened?

You guys?

He was filming us.


I was taking a shower earlier

and I saw something weird,

like a camera,

but I didn't know for sure

and I just, I felt
really scared,

I didn't know what to do.

And while I was
dealing with that,

you guys got back to the place

and I was just gonna let it go.

I was hoping it wasn't real,

but then when Taylor came by,

I couldn't hold back

and I confronted him and.

It definitely was a camera.

And then Josh heard us fighting.

I fucked up.

I'm so sorry,

I should've just said
something to you,

I should've told you.

It's all right.

Oh my God, did you
find any others?

Yes, I'm fucking disgusted,
he was watching us,

but we have to
call an ambulance.

What are we gonna tell him?

He beat him to a pulp.

I'm sorry, Josh, there's
no way around it.

He was attacking
her when I came in.

I know, but it's all on camera.

Once they see that footage,

I don't think the
self defense argument

is gonna hold up.

He's a racist piece of shit

who was filming us in
the shower, all right.

I didn't do anything wrong.

Go ahead, call.

I'm gonna check on Taylor.

It wasn't your fault.

I was just trying to
protect you, you know.

I know.

Michelle wait.


He's not breathing.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Look, he was fine, just
a second ago, right,

I didn't even.

How did he even die from that?

What do we do?

What do you mean?

I mean, like, what do
we do, I don't know?

We have to call the police.

We can't do that.

It's different now.

Yeah, he's fucking dead.

Exactly, the second we call in,

they're sending Josh
straight back to jail.

They're not gonna
go easy on him.

Josh killed a man.

Are you grasping this?

This is actually happening.
I know, I know,

but I do not wanna
see my little brother

go to jail for the
rest of his life.

There's gotta be
something we can do.

Like what?

I don't know,

like what if it was an accident?


He had a shit ton of
alcohol in his system right?

Like, who's to say
he didn't just,

drunkenly stumble
over the cliff.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

He had a few too many

and he came to clean up
the place after we left,

and he slipped.

We are not having
his conversation.

Michelle called
him from her phone,

they can track that.

Right, but the call logs
don't actually prove

that we ever saw him.

I mean, there's a million
reasons she could've called him.

This is fucking crazy.

What about the footage,

it's all on tape.

I don't know, I guess we have
to get to rid of it somehow.

The camera was wireless.

Those things don't
have that much range,

the receiver's probably
somewhere in this house.


Babe this could work.

I'm not saying we
can't get away with it,

I'm saying I don't want
to get away with it.

We will take care of everything,

you wouldn't have to
be involved at all.

You're not listening to me,

I'm not gonna live
the rest of my life,

knowing that we killed some guy

and didn't do anything about it.


I just came to say,
we'll be outside.

I won't say anymore,

you had nothing to do with this.

I'm already guilty.

No you aren't,

you didn't do anything.

I didn't call the police.

If we get caught, I'm
an accomplice to murder,

just like you and Mina.

We can say you
weren't even here.

Just go, go do
what you need to do

so we can get outta here.

It'll be over soon, I promise.

This will never be over.

Okay, okay, you ready?



Okay on three, one, two, three.

What the fuck are you doing?

Josh, don't.

You crazy?

I killed him, all right.

I'm not letting you two go
to jail 'cause I fucked up,

just let me finish this.

Baby, it's not worth it.

It's okay.

All right, it's
okay, just let go.

Let go, it's all right.

Please be careful.

Go slow.

Shit, use your
light, mine's dead.


Are you okay?
You okay, J?

I'm okay.

See you in hell.


Are you okay?


Let's just find that
fucking footage.

Stop, what are you doing.


Stop the car.

Where are you going?

I know, I know.

The worst part is over.

Just one last, tiny thing.

I saw you.

You saw, what are
you talking about?

You and Mina.

Okay, listen, I fucked up,

that was a huge mistake,

it didn't mean anything.

Baby, please, I'm
so sorry, I'm so.

I can't even fucking
look at you, right now.

Baby please, I'm
sorry, let me explain,

let me explain please.

Will you look at me
please baby, please.


Okay, first off, where
did you find the footage?

Who are you?

Wait, wait, wait.

Hey, hey what just happened?

Where's she going?

She hit her limit

and she couldn't take anymore.

What does that mean?

Is she going to the cops?

No, she just had to go.

Wait, wait, wait,
is she coming back?

Hey, how are we
gonna get outta here?


Look, this is not okay,
Charlie, all right,

stop being so fucking calm.

Everything is fine.

Look, we just, we
stick to the plan,

we find the footage

and then we figure out
how to get outta here.


What the fuck?

Guys, Michelle's in trouble.

She's down the road,
I'll be right back.




Oh, thank God.

Jesus, boo, you scared
the shit out of me.

What do you see?

Just a bunch of boxes and junk.

It's gotta be here somewhere.

This is so fucked up.

Just help me look.

Are we sure we even know
what we're looking for?

A computer, hard drive,

router, anything.

Oh, Jesus.

What, what is it?

Oh, you don't wanna know.



Part of me expected to
find a control room,

a whole bunch of TV
monitors, something.

It's okay.

Let's just keep looking.

I'm such a fucking
piece of shit.

I don't know what the
fucks wrong with me.

You know, and I
dragged you into this.

No, you didn't.

We're gonna get through this.

I just need a minute here.

I'll be outside.



Are you okay?

Not really.

What are you thinking?

Hey, baby, can I
show you something.

Did you find it?

No, no, it's not that,

I just got this weird
text from Charlie.

What did he say?

Are you okay?

Not really.

What are you thinking?

We're smarter than this.

What is this?

I don't know.

It can never happen again.

I mean, this is you
and Charlie, right?

Yeah, I think so.

I mean, yes, but I don't.

What can never happen again?


In the recording, you said,
"That can never happen again."

What were you talking about?

What's going on?

How did Charlie get
this photo of you?

Why the fuck is he
sending this to me?

I don't know.

Don't look at that.

I'm sorry.


I'm gonna fucking
kill you Charlie.

You gonna send me this shit

and you're gonna hide?



Come on in.

There's a bathroom there,


There's a beautiful view.

Wifi, Cable.