The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019) - full transcript

Israel's Mossad agents attempt to rescue Ethiopian Jewish refugees in Sudan in 1979.

My country is once again broken.

Death is spreading.

The new government
is waging a war against the rebels.

The rivers again have turned red
with blood.

Thousands dead.

Millions disfigured,

dishonored, displaced.



Take only what you need.

Nothing heavy.

I looked by the river, by the road...

In the field?



We have to hurry!

We just heard
the trucks crossed the river.

We have to go now!

Come on!

I can't leave
without him! Please!




One ancient people
suffers among the rest.

The Jews of Ethiopia.

We, like all Ethiopians, are in danger.

But we alone are getting help.

Help from men

I have contacted.

Where is he?

Calm down.

He'll be here.

Men from Israel.

Men who do not look like us

but who share our same history.

Our same dream.

Our hope.

What the hell took so long?

One of the kids is still out there.

Go, go, go, go, go!


Go, go, go, go!

Over, over!

Push in, push in! Let's go.

Look out, here we go.



Let's go.

No, no!

You are crazy.

We leave no one behind.

We are making our way north,

hoping to fulfill the prophecy

to arrive in the land

promised to our fathers.

The Holy Land.

We have waited for 2,700 years.

We will arrive in Jerusalem,

the City of God...

one day.

No, don't do that.

Take her, take her, take her.



Are we in Jerusalem yet?

Not yet.

Not yet.


It will be light soon.

I heard the guards talking.

They think we are smugglers.

We need to get out of here.

Mr. Guy Thomas.

And you are?

I'm the reason you're out of there.

Walton Bowen, American.

- No shit.
- Yeah?

Cultural attaché, the embassy in Khartoum.

Oh. Well, you must have your hands full,

considering the flourishing
cultural scene in Sudan.

Not nearly as flourishing as you
with your anthropology studies, I'm sure.

We got a call from DC,
you gents had gotten yourselves

into a bit of a pickle.

Is that our stuff in the back of your car?

Yes, it is.

I'm sorry about the hasty packing,

but I know we have a flight
in less than five hours to London.

Where are you
off to after that, boys?

Looks like they're calling me back.
Are you gonna be okay?

Yes. I will bring more families.

We'll find a better way.

Hope you got my toothbrush, it's new.

- Home?
- Office.

You coming?


Nah, I'm going back home.


Back to the clinic.

What the hell are you talking about?

I'm done.


I love you, man.

You're a lucky guy.

But when the luck runs out, then...

you gotta have a plan,
and you never have one.


I'm out.

You're out?

I'm out.


Goodbye, my friend.


Ladies and gentlemen.

This afternoon,

historic documents

concluding the Treaty of Peace

between the Arab Republic of Egypt

and the State of Israel will be signed.

First, President Sadat...

Is he in?

- Wait, don't go in there.
- Thanks.

The Prime Minister is about to sign

the most important
peace accord in our lifetime

and he can't enjoy it because of
some remote tribe of our people

getting massacred on a continent
no one cares about.

Well, maybe you should let me do my job
instead of pulling me out.

Your job includes getting arrested?

Or is this just another

by-product of you being

reckless and totally out of control?


My god, Ari.

An enemy country
in a perpetual state of...

fucked-up-ness. What were you thinking?

I was thinking that hiding refugees

in a refugee camp
was a pretty brilliant idea.

And how do you propose
to get them out of there?

Still working on that.

This job pays in migraines.

You look like shit.

Thank you.

Smell like shit, too.
I was under for six weeks.

How's Sarah?

She left me.

Your life's a mess.

Well, maybe this is
a blessing in disguise, then.

What is? Are you taking me off this?

Exfil is going to come up
with some alternative plans

for the Ethiopians. Then we'll discuss
with the boss how best to move forward.

Ethan, don't do that.
You know those guys are morons,

they're gonna waste months
on plans that aren't viable.

Months that we don't have.
You gotta send me back.

Go home, take a shower,
spend some time with the family.

Fuck! No.


It's done, Ari.

You're not going anywhere.

Hey, it's Sarah.

I took Maya to my parents.

I... I can't do this anymore.

I left you some papers to sign.

Ethan! I have an idea.

It's four o'clock in the morning.

It's a really good idea.

Do you always sleep in a silk robe?

Don't oversell it.
If you try to bullshit him,

he'll see right through you.

Keep it simple.
Only facts, noassumptions.


Good to see you.


- Please.
- Thank you.

- Didn't we fire him?
- Twice.

The majority are coming in from
Gondar and Tigray right there,

but we can't land our planes
anywhere near there.


The Derg brought in
the Russians and Cubans.

It's limiting everyone's mobility.

The chance of landing a plane
without being noticed is non-existent.

The only way to get a substantial
number out is by sea.

Ethiopia's practically landlocked.

But Sudan isn't.

How long does it take to get
from Sudan to Sinai by boat?

- It takes three days...
- Just a... Hold on a sec.

Even if this could work,

you'd need a team of agents on the ground.

A team with international background.

How are you gonna keep our agents
that long inside an enemy state?

This is where it gets really good.

Red Sea Diving Resort.

It's a hotel built by an Italian company
in the early '70s.

Fifty kilometers north of Port Sudan.

The Italian company
abandoned it five years ago.

Now the Sudanese government
is looking to lease it, to boost tourism.

Ask the Defense Minister
if he can join us.

Let me get this straight.

You want Mossad,

the Israeli intelligence service,

to purchase an abandoned hotel

from the Sudanese government.

Lease, but yeah.

Abandoned because?

Because the area
where it's located is lawless.

It's controlled by the Hadandawa.

By the who?

It's a Bedouin tribe.

Translates, "The Lion Clan."

Known for cannibalizing their enemies.



No, that's...

Not anymore.
Now it's... human trafficking.

- Girls to Jedda, that sort of thing...
- This...

just gets better and better.

So, your idea, just to reiterate,

is to send a group of Jews

to a Muslim country,

to a place where they might
get eaten by Bedouins,

to run a fake hotel,

in order to rescue a group of black Jews

who might or might not

survive a 1,000-kilometer walk
across the desert,

to be smuggled out to sea
by Israeli Navy Seals

to an Israeli ship.

Disguised as a petroleum
service vessel, yeah.

That's ridiculous.

Is Natcor still operational?


What's Natcor?

It's a shore company in Switzerland
we use for large transactions.

How large?

Like leasing a hotel.

And her name was Sheba,

and she was the most
beautiful queen in the world.

And she traveled all the way from Africa
to visit Solomon in Jerusalem.

And they fell in love and they had a baby.

And that's why, thousands of years later,

part of our family's in Africa.

And that's why I have to help them.


Are you listening to me?

Hey... where am I?

You're at work.

Long flight.

Please don't do that. I'm working.

You need to land this aircraft, that's
the only reason I'm not breaking it.


You've gotta be kidding me.

What are you doing on this flight?

I'd like some tomato juice, please.

Which one?


PLO accountant.

I scanned his briefcase.


How's the ex? Kids?

Ex is in stable, asshole condition,
kids are perfect.

And you're okay leaving them
for an unknown amount of time?

If you give me good enough reason.

If we don't do something, no one will.

Where's Jake?

Try the decompression tank.

What brings the great Ari Levinson
all the way to Belize?

I have a unique mission to offer you.

But I'm not going to offer you anything
until you cover yourself up.

Come here.

I need someone with your expertise,
someone who can dive.

What do you know
about what's happening in Ethiopia?

It's another bloody genocide, but nobody
gives a shit because it's in Africa.

Well... your Prime Minister decided
to give a shit.

Hey, Max.

You fucked up my lunch, man.

Mr. Levinson?

How can I help you?

Aw, fuck me!

What the fuck?
What the fuck are you doing here?

What the fuck is he doing here?

Hey, hey, just...

Calm down.

I need to talk to you.

Five minutes.

Sorry, can you give...

It's a nice clinic you got.

- Save a lot of lives here?
- No.

But I don't take any lives either.

I know how to get 'em out, Sammy.

I got a plan.

And it's good.

Yeah, that's...

That's what you always say,
until everything goes to shit.

Right, just hear me out. You don't like
what I gotta say, I'm going.

Ari, Ari, Ari.

- Ari.
- What?

- You don't wanna hear the plan?
- Stop.

You don't wanna hear it?

You'd rather be here than in the field?

- Shh...
- Why?

You're the best field doctor I know.


I used to be.

Back when I had two good hands.

Hey, both hands tied behind your back,
you're still the best.

I need you on this one.

I can't do it without you.




Fine, I'll listen.

But only out of curiosity,
because I'm still gonna say no.


Angela Bluchel.

Born Dusseldorf,

May 5th, 1952. Only child.


- Uh...
- Don't hesitate.

You hesitate, you're dead.


Glashutte Landsterstrasse,
number 9.

Luca Morano.

Egidio Galbani Street, Rome.

I didn't ask for your address.
Don't offer information.

Parents' names.

Eduarda and Antonello Morano.

Elementary school.

- Deldago School.
- Delgado School.

- Delgado School.
- Sammy.

Name. Where are you from?

I'm Liam Anderson.

- Australia.
- First girlfriend.


- Tell me about her.
- Mary Rose.

Took my virginity and broke my heart.

We met at the University of Queensland
in Brisbane.

I was 19.

- Later died in a car accident.
- It's good.

Good work, Sammy. You're up.

I still think this is a stupid name

for someone from Malta. Why Malta?


When you learn a second language,
that's where you can be from.

Till then you're from Malta. No one knows
what people from Malta speak.

What do people speak in Malta?


See, no one knows, that's the point.


Hello, everybody,
my name's Irving Wilmington...

...and I'm from Malta.

You think this is funny?

Just for the record,

there's not one person in this group

that I would have chosen for this type
of mission. You're all too reckless.

I've gone against every instinct I know.

Broken every risk management rule
I believe in,

including sending a woman
to a Muslim country.

So let's be very clear.

This mission has no backup.

There's no exfil plan for you.

You're going in without guns,

or any other weapon.

If this goes wrong,

you'll all be hanging from cranes

in Khartoum.

- Passport, there's a problem.
- No, it's not...


That's just, you're not looking...

You have to look at the right page.

No, no, we should just...

Just explain to me what the issue is.

If you could just look at the third...
Look at the third page.

Why didn't you...?


Mr. Thomas.

Walton Bowen.

You're back.

I am.

Back to study ancient civilizations?

Can I offer you a ride somewhere?

No, no, I'm all set, thank you, though.
Good to see you.


- What should we do?
- Just get in the car.

- We can't leave him.
- Just get in the car.

There he is.

What did they want?


Welcome to Africa.

I want you to find out everything you can
about a company called Natcor.


This is beautiful.

President Nimeiry will be delighted.

He understands the benefits

of a thriving tourist economy

for the people of Sudan.

Well, we couldn't agree more.

The price is 500,000 dollars a year.

I thought we agreed on 250.

When we spoke on the phone
from the Embassy, we...

We agreed on 250.

The price...

...has always been 500.

What the hell is that?

I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

President Nimeiry has many enemies.

And now...

he has a few less.


350's our best offer.

We can write it down as 250 and...

you can take the rest and do something
beneficial for the people of Sudan.

You may not speak Arabic, Mr. Thomas.

But you do speak the local language.


Of course, this does not
include the staff salaries.

Fine, fine.

What staff?

Now that we have sealed the deal
like we do in the East,

let us celebrate

like you do in the West.

To the Red Sea Diving Resort.

It sure doesn't look like the brochure.

It needs a little TLC.


Oh, yeah?

What a dump.

This is paradise!

Well, hello, gorgeous.

This fish is fresh.

Hey, guys!

This paper is from this week.

Hey, yo, this fish is fresh!


Hey, guys, guys.



My name...

My name's Guy Thomas.

I'm the new owner of this hotel.

Max, lower that thing.

Come on.


Abu Hamid.


What the hell's going on?

I think we just met the local staff.

More and more families
are coming.

Many die along the way.

We try to give them enough
so that they don't starve.


the Mukhabarat is coming
almost every night.

Their new leader, Commander Abdel Ahmed,

is a very dangerous man.

You've been busy.


Hundred and forty here.

Sixty more on the other side of the camp.


What's going on? Why is she yelling?

She's saying that...

she left her home and...

I, I...

I left my beautiful home.

Because you promised,

you promised me to take me to Jerusalem.

My father

is died on the way.

My husband is missing.

My son is sick.

I've been living in this camp
for a month now.

We don't have nothing to eat.

What have you done to us? Huh?

You promised to take us to Jerusalem.

But you brought us to hell.

I don't know what you have
to do to take us out of here.

But do it.

Do it fast.

Friday's holy to Muslims,
so we'll have less

military on the street.

We need a dark night,
darkest Friday of the month.

When is that?

In two weeks.

Two weeks. Two weeks it is, then.
Kabede's going to get two trucks,

something inconspicuous that
we can park out front of the hotel.

We should do a dry run.

- Familiarize ourselves with the terrain.
- Jake, we gotta make sure

the Navy's on time.

- What if they can't be?
- Tell them they don't have a choice.

I said, we should do a dry run.

Max, you and Rachel go
with Kabede to get the trucks.

- Guess we're not doing a dry run.
- They're dying, Sammy.

They're sick, and they're starving.

And we're not gonna sit here and enjoy
Aziz's fucking cooking,

and working on our suntan
while they're out there suffering,

not if we can do something about it.

Yacht One, Yacht One. Over.


Yacht One. Over.


Yacht One from base. Over.

I hear you loud and clear, base.

Good to hear your voice.

They're on.


Leaving here in 12 minutes.

All right.


What did you tell 'em?

That we were scouting diving spots
and that we'd be back in the morning.


You expecting someone?

Roof. Now. Take the spear gun.

Ah! Not an easy place to find.

You need better signage, for sure.

Phew! Oh...

It's too hot not to open the windows, but

when you open, the dust just...

I don't know
what you're looking for...

but I don't think you're there.

Isn't this
the Red Sea Diving Resort?

It is,
but we are still under construction.

Well, we're still months away
from opening.

We just drove
eight hours from Khartoum

because of this.



Come, come.

Alles gut. Alles gut.


Well, you have to send them home.

We can't do that.

Yes, we can. We point them
in the direction of a real hotel.

Colonel Madibbo sent them here.

The last thing we need is to get
complaints about this place.

Fuck, we're an hour late.

So what do we do?

Check 'em in.

Give them rooms.

- Check them in?
- Yeah.

Are you crazy? This is a fake hotel.

So fake it.

Look, we all knew this could happen
at some point, right?

- We did?
- I didn't.

Our fake hotel just became a real one.

Get them rooms, get them situated,

do it fast. Please, guys.

- Passports, please.
- Danke.

I'll just make a photocopy
of these...

And I'll be back with the keys.

Okay, I'm here.

What do we know?

Nothing yet. They're on their way.

Of course it was Germans.

It had to be Germans,
it's always Germans.

Here we go.

Too bad he's not here.

We're two hours late.

Maybe they couldn't get out.

He got 'em out.

They're here.

- Kabede.
- Where were you?

- I was afraid you were caught.
- I'm sorry, I'll explain later.

Let's get them on the truck.

Come, come, come, yes, come.

Come, come.

No matter what happens,
no matter what you see...

No matter what you hear...

Keep quiet.


Hey, pal.

You're going home.

All right.

Yacht One, Yacht One,
taxis are on the way.

What the fuck is that?

A roadblock. We gotta turn around.

- What are you doing?
- Thinking.

Can you stop the truck and then think?

Guys, you seeing this?

Yeah, we see it. We're discussing.

Fuck! We can't fail
on our first operation.

Dying on our first operation
is an equally bad idea.

Did I ever mention a dry run?

Jake, full speed ahead.

You're fucking nuts.

Yacht One, what is the plan here?

Radio silence, lights out.

Did he just say radio silence?

Did he just say lights out?

Okay, we'll stop at the checkpoint
and talk our way out of it.

Yeah, maybe they won't notice the 174
Ethiopians in the back of the trucks.

We're driving through.


Sure, let's do it.

Hey, everybody.

Grab hold.

Grab hold of something. Hold on.

Grab something, yeah?

Hold on.

Yacht One,
status report, please.

What do you want me to say?

Yacht One for base.

Okay, then.

Yacht One for base.

What the hell is going on there?

Waverly over.

Yacht One for base.

Yacht One for base.

Hold on, hold on.


Yacht One, do you copy?

Yacht One, do you copy?

Yacht One?

Yacht One, do you copy?

Yacht One to base, we copy.

Yacht One,

what's your status?

Why was there radio silence?

There's a... battery failure.

Lesson learned.

Copy that.

Come on, come on.

Hold on!


Whoever saves one life saves
the world entire.

We just saved 174.

Hey, you okay?


Yeah, of course I'm okay.



It was a random checkpoint,

- dry run wouldn't have mattered.
- Hey, it's all good.

It's all good. We did it.

I'm having the time of my life.

You know, it may have been
a random checkpoint this time,

but thanks to you, the next one won't be.


Base is on the way home,

with the entire cargo.

See you in a few days.

Well done, chaps.

Well done, my friend. Well done, chaps.

You should have seen them.

They were so quiet.

Did I ever tell you my mother
was on The Exodus?

I thought she was from America.

My real mother.

After they took my father,

she boarded with the other survivors
and set with nothing.

Just clothes on her back and...

A little four-year-old boy.

They sailed for weeks.

Finally reached the promised land,
the Brits didn't let them in,

they turned them away.

Young British officer felt sorry for her.

Agreed to hide me.

She gave me up.

No, she saved you.

British officer met
an American volunteer and...

We moved to New York when I was seven.

New parents, new life.

Moved back to Israel the day I turned 18.

We're all just refugees, aren't we?

It all happened so fast...

You shot a full magazine, yes?

Yes, I'm sure I hit them.

The Hadandawa
kidnap our daughters,

and take them to be sex slaves in Jedda.

If you do not stop them,
there is no reason for you to exist.

I don't think
these were Hadandawa.

From where I was standing,
it looked like the driver...

was white.

♪ Illusion ♪

♪ Illusion ♪

♪ Searching for a destiny that's mine ♪

♪ There's another place, another time ♪

♪ Touching many hearts
along the way, yeah ♪

♪ Hoping that I'll never have to... ♪

What's with the matches?

It's the only way
to spread the tan evenly.

That's the stupidest thing I ever heard.

What's going on here?

Well, your brochure mentioned

the daily relaxing Tai Chi class.


Liam is doing laundry
because he lost a bet.

Angela went shopping after giving
a massage to a hairy Nazi.

And now I'm giving a diving tour,

which starts in exactly 12 minutes,

as per your fucking brochure.

Care to join?

What's up?

Turn around.


How can I help you?

There's been an incident last night,
and we wanted to make sure that all of you

in the hotel are safe.

What kinda incident?


They drove through one of
our roadblocks last night.

Nearly killed two of my soldiers.

I heard there's a smuggling problem
up and down the coast.

I hope no one was hurt.

I know they look like shit
but they run forever.

My soldiers shot the trucks.

So the trucks from last night
should have bullet holes in them.

There's no reason why your trucks
should have bullet holes, Mister...

Thomas. Guy Thomas.

And no.

No reason.

You're sure
you hit the trucks?

At least six times.

At least. Maybe more.


Back to the truck.

I hope you come visit us again real soon.

Let's go!

I almost shat in my wet suit.

Yeah, if that soldier hadn't been
too scared to admit he'd missed,

we'd all be locked up right now.

Come here.

What do you see?

Unsuspecting collateral damage.

Best cover we could ask for.

Imagine if the Germans hadn't been here
when Ahmed arrived.

You're kidding, right?

Real tourists?
Like, what, real people?

His point being that now real
people have already stayed at the hotel...

Which was a fuck-up.
So now he wants to make up for that

major fuck-up with
another major fuck-up, right?

This is why I was against this
in the beginning, but I agree with him,

the real tourists will actually make it
easier to operate because

- no one will ask questions...
- Come on.

...about a group of white people running
a deserted hotel in the middle of Sudan

if that hotel is no longer deserted.

I shouldn't have sanctioned
this operation to begin with.

I mean, real tourists, Ethan?
I mean, unb...

Can you imagine me telling
the Prime Minister

that our agency is operating a real hotel?

"Oh, by the way, Mr. Prime Minister,
our highly trained assassins

are now in the fucking
hospitality industry,

in fucking Sudan."

Never gonna happen.

Ethan, never.

♪ Dark in the city
Night is a wire ♪

♪ Steam in the subway
Earth is afire ♪

♪ Doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo ♪


♪ Woman you want me
Give me a sign... ♪

♪ Doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo ♪

♪ In touch with the ground ♪

♪ I'm on the hunt
I'm after you ♪

♪ Smell like I sound ♪

♪ I'm lost in a crowd ♪

♪ And I'm hungry like the wolf ♪

♪ Stalked in the forest
Too close to hide... ♪

Break out.


Move your shoulders.

And twist.

♪ High blood drumming on your skin
It's so tight ♪

♪ You feel my heat
I'm just a moment behind ♪

♪ In touch with the ground ♪

♪ I'm on the hunt
I'm after you ♪

♪ Scent and a sound ♪

♪ I'm lost and I'm found ♪

♪ And I'm hungry like the wolf ♪

♪ Hungry like the wolf ♪

♪ Straddle the line ♪

♪ Discord and rhyme ♪

♪ I'm after you ♪

♪ Mouth is alive ♪

♪ Juices like wine ♪

♪ I'm hungry like the wolf ♪


People have disappeared
from the camp.

I want to know where they are going
and who is taking them.

People have disappeared
from the camp.

I want to know where they are going
and who is taking them.


I know who you're looking for.

His name is Kabede.

Women will no longer
walk alone,

without a family member escorting them.

Women must wear the hijab at all times.


Not the alcohol.

...will no longer be sold

- in public places.
- Fuck!

There's been an incident in the south.
I think you need to see this.

There you are.

I was just talking about you

with our new guests.

Mr. Thomas, nice to see you again.

Now this is a surprise.

Well, I'm sure it is.

You're not an easy man to find.

I think I saw you nearly two years ago.

You were an anthropologist back then.

- Right, well, didn't pay the bills.
- Yeah.


the hawks are demanding
stricter Sharia law.

Nimeiry is increasingly paranoid.

If you ask me, this entire country
is a fucking tinder box.

Really? We don't really
feel that out here.

- No?
- No.

Well, State's sent cargo planes for us,

ready to evac in the event things
take a turn for the worse.

- Oh.
- And this refugee crisis, it's...

it's really not helping. You have entire

refugee neighborhoods just disappearing.

Into thin air.

The UN offers a stipend to the Sudanese

for every refugee they house,

so when people start
to disappear that's just...

...bad for business.


Only crisis we face is whether or not
we catch fresh lobster.

Just kidding.

Well, I just got back from Gedaref,

where the Mukhabarat had executed
another 30 people.

This is quite serious.

I'd like to stay and chat,
but I gotta get back to work.

- Sure.
- Okay.

Enjoy the...

Kabede Bimro, right?

Excuse me?


I just think it's such a funny name.



What's the CIA doing here?

- What did he want?
- I don't know.

- I think to warn us.
- Fuck!

He knows about Kabede.

We gotta go.

No, this is just so fucking stupid.

Tell Kabede it's too dangerous.
We'll pick it up in two weeks when we have

- a chance to assess the threat.
- We have 200 people...

We'll have 200 people less
if we fuck it up.

For fuck's sake, Sammy,
will you just trust me for once?

Well, if we're doing this,
we need to leave now.

What's it gonna be?

I need you
to do something for me, okay?

I need you to get on this truck.

It's your turn.

You're going home.

Ari, there are still hundreds
crossing the border every week.

- Thousands more in Ethiopia still.
- The Mukhabarat has your name.

They're after you.

- It's not about me, it's about them.
- They know

you're smuggling people out.

You're no good to anybody if you're dead.

You've done enough.


Enough is when all of us are in Jerusalem.


Come on.

Good, you got in?



- Yeah?
- Here.

This is for you. It's from your wife.

Guys, we have company.

Say again?

We have company.

Go, go, go, go, go, go!

What kind of company?

Shit, shit, shit.

Can you be more specific?

Military jeeps approaching from the north,

I see three, four jeeps.

Go, go, go, get on the Waverly.

Taking heavy fire.

What's your name, soldier?

- What's your name?
- David.

David, okay?

Stay with me, okay?
You're gonna be all right.

- Get my bag, it's in the truck.
- There's no time, there's no time.

- We gotta get him to the Waverly.
- Grab a leg!

Hey, hey, don't let go of this wound.

Keep the pressure on even if your hand
turns numb. You let go, he's dead.

Break, break, break, break.

All taxis are away.

Navy Seal's been hit. I repeat,
Navy Seal's been hit.

Have a medical team standing by.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Dozen or so targets have been identified.

Permission to engage.

No, do not engage!

If you engage, it's all over.
I'll handle it.

- What are you doing?
- Follow my lead.

Don't shoot, don't shoot.

My name is Guy Thomas
from the Red Sea Diving Resort.

We have tourists on night dive.

What are you doing?

Where's your commander?

They're being arrested.
Repeat, team leader's being arrested.

Permission to engage.

Our window is closing.

Come on, engage, engage, engage.

Do not engage. I repeat,
do not engage.

Get the cargo to base,
get the fuck out of there.

It's me, it's me, relax.

Taxis have reached base.

Cargo is safely on board.

Copy that.

Is there any news
on team leader?

We've been monitoring
radio transmissions in Khartoum.

Nothing new.

We're gonna get outta here.

It's gonna be okay.

Hey, hey, excuse me.

Excuse me.

I need to talk to your commander.


Fucking asshole.

You're the asshole, Ari.


I told you to cancel tonight's operation,
I told you. I told you

- it was too dangerous.
- You don't get to make that call.

No, I don't get to make that call,
only you get to make that call.

Is there something you wanna say?

Why did you bring me down here?

You act like we're best friends,

but you never listen to a word I say.

And I'm clearly not the best field doctor

around anymore.

Is it pity?

Yeah, it was pity.

You happy?

Now shut up.

- We'll get out of here if we stay calm.
- They're gonna find out who we are.

They're gonna go to the hotel if they're
not there already and they're gonna

kill every single one of them, Max, Jake,

- Rachel.
- Hey, stop using names.

- You don't know who's listening.
- You think this kind of work is romantic?

It's not romantic, it's practical.

There's a protocol.

You can't just

make shit up as you go along
and hope for the best.

I know that.

What we do is dangerous.

People get hurt sometimes.

Oh, I know!

Is that what this is about?

Your hand? Tangiers?

You know,
I was a surgeon before I met you,

and you dare come into my clinic,

and make a joke about me not saving lives.

What joke, when did I make a joke?

What joke?

It's not about my hand!

It's about you.

It's about you and me.

They're gonna torture us
and we're gonna die in here

and it's because your ego

won't accept any help from anybody else.

And no matter what you do,
I still fucking follow you around

like a little fucking dog!

I'm so stupid.

I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid,

I'm so stupid, I'm so...

I'm so...


Hey, hey, hey, stop, stop,

you're gonna get us killed. Don't.

I'm here to see Colonel Madibbo.

I don't have an appointment
but he knows me.

No on list.

No can meet.

Okay, uh...

If you open the gate
I will just drive through.

I will just drive through.


Angela Bluchel.

Angela Bluchel.

The general manager

of The Red Sea Diving Resort.

The Mudira Natcor.

Oh yes, of course, of course.

Sorry about that.

Um... would you like a Mr. Pibb?

It's a Coke, but tastes like cherry.

Who did this to you?

No, no, no, that's...

It's not, they didn't...

We did this.

To each other.

What do you mean?

We don't get along.

Crazy hawajas.

You're free to go.

You may go.


You're overdressed.

Let's talk, inside.


The soldier that was shot?

He lost too much blood.

How did this happen?

They mistook us for smugglers.

This whole thing's a bloody mistake.

It doesn't...

It doesn't really matter anymore.

You shutting us down?

You can't, Ethan.

This mission's a success,
we've got thousands of people out,

we have thousands more coming this way.

That's exactly why we have to stop now.

While it's still a success.

God, you're thinking about the politics.
Nothing's changed.

- The Sudanese don't know the missing...
- You could have died last night.

We were this close

to having an all-out war between

our Navy Seals and the Sudanese military.

You were arrested.

Again. They have a file on you.

My job here isn't finished.

Open your eyes.

Look what's happening in Khartoum.

They're arresting
and executing dissidents.

They're beating uncovered women
in the street.

They're expelling foreigners.

Textbook revolution. It's time to get out.

Please, Ethan, please.

I want you chaps home.

I don't need more bodies on my conscience.

Take a few days to organize.

And get the hell out of this
godforsaken place.

It's blood.

We need to get outta here.

No, no, it's me, it's me. It's Retta.

It's Retta.

Where's Kabede?

Holy shit! Sammy.

What happened? Did you get stabbed?

Can I take a look? Yeah?

I think he's punctured his lung.

Sit up, take the pressure off your chest.

How'd you get out?

I bribed the guard.

We gave everything we had.


Another group came.

Hundreds more.

They're hiding by the river.

We gotta get him to the hospital.
Help me move him.

No, we have to find another place,
another place for them to go.

The operation's over.

They pulled the plug.

We're gonna go back to Israel and regroup.
I'm so sorry, my hands are tied.

If you want to go, then leave.

But you will not take me with you.

And you will not stand in my way.

The mission isn't over for us, I promise.


This is not a mission for me.

This is my life.

My family.

You go.

I can't force you guys
to do this one. This is up to you.

You know the risks.

I'm in.

Can you give us a sec?

Whatever you want to do,
I'll back you up.

Fuck you.

You're right.

I'm an asshole.

I let my ego get in the way.

I get an idea, and I go with it.

I don't listen.

I take risks.

Sometimes it works,
sometimes people get hurt.

I'm sorry.

And if you wanna go home,

I'll back you up.


It seems your boss is back.


I will make sure
he comes right in to join us.

I will join you in welcoming him.

As you wish.


To what do we owe this pleasure?

I was just treating my men
to some of Abu Aziz's famous cooking.

- Great, let's not keep him waiting.
- Stop.


Yes, sir.

Stop the truck.
Check the back.

I just want to see what is in
the back of your truck.

What for?

It will please me.

It's empty, sir.

No one is in there.




Is there something I can help them find?

They are just doing their job.

What's good today?

We have fresh sea bass
and crab.

Look at me.

Pretend we are
talking about the food.

Do you ever see refugees, not guests,
brought into this hotel?

The whites,
do they sometimes leave at night?

Now and then,
not every night.

And when do they come back?

The next morning.

Be right back.

If I find out that
you're helping the whites...

do something illegal here...

I will hang you and your family.


Go help Aziz with the food.



It is done.

You have to go now.

You have to go.

Go. I'll stay.

This... this was,



Maybe I'll bring Abu Aziz
to come cook for me, hey?

Where are you from?

Don't do that.



Muhammad Qol.

Do you know why I love

Hadandawa women?

Because they are absolutely wild
in the sack.


Because they don't...

feel anything down there.

Their fathers cut them when they are

very young, so...

You have to be very rough
for them to feel anything at all.

I said don't!

Or what? Huh?


What is it that you are planning on doing
with that knife, Mr. Thomas?

Hopefully just eat my dinner.


I'm not hungry anymore.

They're gonna be back soon.

With numbers.

Especially when they figure out
they're one man short.

What do you mean? What did you do?


Buy me a day, make sure they're taken
care of but completely invisible.

Don't let the staff in here.

Max, Sammy, take the truck,
get the rest of the group.

You and I gotta call Ethan.

Didn't expect to see you again so soon.


Can I get you anything?


So, are you going to finally
tell me who you really are?

You know who I am.

I wish I had time to play games,
but I don't.


But I'd really like to hear it.

From you.


I'm the Israeli government.

Well fuckin' shalom.

Let's assume for a second
that I know something

about these disappearing refugees.



I theoretically

need your help getting about 400 of them

out of the country, immediately.

Oh. How would I do that?

You mentioned planes.

Here on the ground
in Khartoum, cargo planes.


Even if I could help you,


I don't have that kind of pull.

Honestly, the best I can do
is talk to my bosses.

Wait, wait, wait.

I don't know what this person's
gonna tell you. They may tell you

to throw me out of the building
or the country,

but I promise you,
what you do right now will be your legacy.

When you look back on this moment,
it will either fill you with great pride,

or great shame.

This is Walton.

We got a problem. There's no way
we're all going to fit in the two trucks.

Too many people.



Are you serious? A Sudanese tour bus?

Start loading them up. I gotta
grab something. I'll be right back.

Let's go.

Call everyone!


About eight more kilometers.

What is this place?


It's an old British airfield.

If it's still there.

What if it's not still there?

Oh, shit!

Hey, not to state the obvious,

but there's a tree
in the middle of the runway.

When are they supposed to be here?

I don't know, why?

We have company.
Nine kilometers away.

Should we get them back on the trucks?

No, there's still time.

Come on, Walton, you motherfucker.

What do we do?

Shit, come on.

We should get everyone back on the bus
and get the fuck out of here.

- Okay, fine, get everybody back inside.
- No, wait. Listen.


All right, come on.

Let's go. Stay together.

Ready when you are.

Thank you.

All right, let's go.

All right, get some of these people in,
let's go.

All the way to the back.

Front of the plane, keep moving.


All the way to the back.

Wait, wait, wait. Stop.
Stop. Marines, move them back.

Wait, why? Why?

This plane can carry 228 passengers.
How many people you got?

.We have 400, we'll sit in the aisle.
- No, they won't.

We can take 228,
and the rest have to find another way.

- Safety protocols, weight limitations.
- If you leave us, we will die.

All right, then you decide,
you decide who stays and who goes,

'cause I can't do it.

You choose who lives, who dies.

They're three kilometers out.

Better do it fast.

It's not that I don't want to,
there's no room on the plane.

Then we'll make room.

Back up, back up, back up.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on, come on, let's go.

Move to the front,
move to the front.

Come on, quick, quick, let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

That plane must not take off!
Whatever it takes!

Faster, faster, faster!

Seventy knots.

We're not gonna make it.

- We're not gonna make it.
- We're gonna make it!

Oh... shit!

I think we can breathe now.

Leave no one behind.

You're crazy, you know that?


There are thousands more, Ari.

I know.

We're gonna go back, okay?

I promise.

He kept his promise.

We did go back.

Again and again.

We left no one behind.

The Red Sea Diving Resort

was not truly a hotel.

But it embodied a higher truth.

Perhaps the highest.

When you see your brother

or your sister suffering,

you must not stay silent.

Do not remain still.

Go to their aid.

Help them.