The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper (1981) - full transcript

A speculation on the fate of the famous hijacker who parachuted with his ransom and disappeared in the mountains, has Cooper following a meticulous plan to disappear into anonymity despite the best efforts of a dogged cop.

On Wednesday,
November 24, 1971,

at 6:27 p.m.,
aboard flight 305

from Portland to Seattle,

the following event
actually took place.

What happened after that
is anybody's guess.

Seattle Center,
this is NPA flight 242.

Our friend has ordered us
to descend

from flight level 230
to 10,000 feet at 170 knots.


Do you know his intentions?

They are unclear.

We are flying direct
to Redmond VOR.

Intend to intercept
Victor 165er direct to Reno.

We have just been ordered
to lower our gear

and deploy rear exit hatch.

Roger. Repeat,
do you know his intentions?

Not at this point. Over.


Let's go.

Attention, all personnel.

There will be a short delay

of all incoming
and outgoing flights.

Please remain
inside the terminal.

Let's go.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.
Move, move, move!

I got it.

Cover that back ramp!

- Let's go! Slide, slide!
- Jump, jump!

- Jump! Jump!
- Has anybody seen him?

Get out! Whoa!

Come on, ma'am.

I'm still in here.

Don't forget me!

- Freeze!
- I'm still here.

All right, fella.
Just take it easy, all right?

He's not on the aircraft. He went
out the back door. He bailed out.

But you got a lady
in the can here,

and you got a bomb on the seat.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Bill Gruen,
General Indemnity Insurance,

and we're on the hook
for that 200 grand.

Now, I'd like to
put my hands down

and get this lady out of here.

What I suggest is you get
your bomb boys up here

and get 'em up fast, all right?

- Somebody please help me.
- Bomb squad!

What's your name in there?

- Denise.
- Denise?

It'll be just a few seconds

because things are
a little bit tense out here.

- Is that bomb gonna blow up?
- There it is.

- I certainly hope not.
- Please hurry.

Don't worry. We've already
notified your next of kin.

Amateur night. Easy.

Oh, God.

It's a goddamn joke.

Stereo wires, highway
flares, and Play-Doh.

Whoo-wee! Colder than
Muskogee out here tonight.

Well, ain't it?

I feel kinda toasty.

Gimme that.

Man, if you saw a deer,

you wouldn't know what
the hell to do with it.

Hell, I've seen
lots of deer tonight.

No, no.

How was your flight,
Mr. Cooper?

Well, I'll tell you,

the service wasn't too good,
and it was a little bit bumpy,

but four parachutes
and $200,000 in cash

ain't a bad trade
for two cans of Play-Doh

and some stereo wire,
you know what I mean?

Now, maintain discipline
at all times.

You look good.

Wanna start a revolution?

Who says you can't
take it with ya?

What do ya need, friend?

Bill Gruen from
General Indemnity Insurance.

My company represents
the airlines.

- Do you want the local police for that?
- For what?

I think we oughta close off

that whole northern
Oregon forest.

Deer hunting season
opens dawn tomorrow.

There'll be
10,000 hunters in there.

He's figured all the angles.

Why do you think he asked
you for four parachutes?

I don't know. Maybe if
he'd only asked for one,

we'd have given him
a Roman candle.

But I thought he might
make somebody jump with him,

so I said make sure
all four work.

I've answered that question
a million times now.

She said he was wearing
a "nothing" suit.

That isn't what
the other one said.

You don't know what
he looked like anyway.

He was cute, kind of.

Doesn't look like him
at all, not at all.

Sure, it does.

You're blind.

I saw him better.

Thanksgiving holiday,
the flight's fully booked,

but two-thirds of the people
don't show up for the plane.

That's too high.

- Phony reservations.
- No coincidence.

Are you an expert?
Nobody ever did this before.

Jesus, 200 grand.
Nobody got hurt.

Oh, hell.

Half your ideas are pure genius.

The rest are pure shit.

Chopper 1 to Command.

The brush is very thick.
Request permission

to follow logging roads
or the river. Over.

Command to Chopper 1,
stay on the trees.

We're still looking
for a parachute.

It might have a body hanging...

Going to make another pass
along the north fork.

How about an accent?
Regional or foreign?

No. I...
Nothing you'd notice.


Just a business suit.

You know, like a businessman.

- Mm-hmm.
- Except for the bracelet.

What do you mean a bracelet?

You mean he was
a transvestite hijacker?

Well, I... it was a bracelet.


Black wire.

Black wire?

Yeah, a black wire.

Anything like this?

That's it.
What is that?

Elephant hair.
Montagnard. Vietnamese.

What did he use
to cut the parachute cord

he tied you in the can with?

A knife from his boot.

That scared me.

When he said to get
into the lavatory,

I got right in.

That's when he said,

"Don't worry about a thing.

We've already notified
your next of kin."

"And they've already spent
the insurance money?"

That's my line.

Now, we're gonna need
your help, Denise,

to look at some pictures,
some classified material.

I have got to
get some sleep, okay?

- Maybe tomorrow I could...
- No, no, no. Now.

We're offering a reward.
10% of everything he took.



Meanwhile, in this country,

law officers continue
to search for a man

who is perhaps the cleverest

and certainly
the most audacious outlaw

in recent memory.

This is the second day

of the mysterious
and dramatic disappearance

of a man using
the alias "D.B. Cooper."

There are 3,000 armed men
scouring that forest now.

2,800 are would-be hunters

out for the opening
of the deer season.

So, careful, D.B.

What's going on here?

Can I see some identification?

Yes, sir, Lieutenant. Uh,
hunting license be all right?

That'll be fine.

You hunters keep
them guns down, please.

Nothing over here.

- See anything yet, Sarge?
- Nothing up here!

Come over here.
I wanna show you something.

This won't bite.

A bit of information
coming through

for you now, Mr. Gruen.



Okay, thank you.

You backorder that
50 dozen uniforms?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I did.



No way.


No. Unh-uh.

Cooper's a lot cuter
than these guys.

Not here!

Not here!



Jesus, I am sorry!

I... I mean, I thought you were...

Damn it!
Are you all right?

What the hell
you think you're doing?

Who me?
I was hunting.

Well, what're you hunting, us?

No, no. You see,
it's my first time

and, well, I just didn't
think there'd be people

all the way up here, you know?

I mean, you do know it's deer
hunting season, don't ya?

When? Now?

As of this morning.

You ought to be dressed.

Like this.

You know, I'd get the hell out
of these woods if I were you.

That's what I'm gonna do.

This is a damn dangerous place
to be, I'll tell you that.

- Remson.
- Who?

Don't worry. This guy never found
his way out of the jungle.

Dead, huh? Thought I wasn't
supposed to get any dead ones.

Nothing works anymore.
It's pretty discouraging.


Keep in mind a lot of
these pictures are old.

No. No.

No. No.

Wait a minute.
Go back a couple.

No. Yeah.

Sort of, yeah. Maybe.

Which is it?

Oh, I don't know.

You screwed up, Meade.

I know I did, sir.

I know you did.

You disappoint me, Meade.

You could be one
of the best I ever had.

Why in hell are you
so horseshit?

I'm not, sir.

Prove it.

How, sir?

Against me.

How, sir?

On the survival course.



- Uh!
- Not ready for me, you ain't!

You're easy, Meade!

You step slower,
you step dumb, you hear me?

You fought on the other side of
the war, it'd be over by now.

Oh, jeez!

- He's not expecting you.
- He's always expecting me.

I'm on the phone.

Look, Gruen's here.
I'll call you back.

- Christ, Bill.
- I want the Cooper case. I got a hunch.

Your hunches suck, Gruen.

Don't even ask me
to put you on this case.

I want you to put me
on this case.

I'll fire your ass first.

Well, why don't I just quit

and take my hunch with me?

Great. Terrific.

Quit. It'll save me
the embarrassment

of having to fire
the great Bill Gruen.

I mean, never again will I have
to explain to the reporters

about all the doors
you kicked in

when your hunches were wrong.

Make it easy on me.

Well, you wanna be a hero?

Tell me who it is

and I might just reconsider.

It's a trade secret, Hank.

If I tell you, then the whole
world will know about it.

- I don't work that way.
- You're full of shit, you know that?

Then why don't you call the New
York office and have them fire me?

- Have it your way.
- They'll be happy.

Yeah, Lily, get me
Mr. Thornhill in New York.

You're not gonna embarrass
me or the company.

Cooper's already done that.

Mr. Thornhill.

Yeah. How are ya?

I know who Cooper is.

Hello. Everything's
fine on this end.

We're in constant contact
with the FBI.

I know where he learned to jump.

We have a personnel
situation here

that I thought you
ought to be aware of.

I know who trained him.
I know where his father lives.

Yeah, it's about Bill Gruen.

I know where his wife lives,
I know how he thinks,

and I got a few ideas
about where he may be going.

Yeah, I understand
how you feel about it...

And I know you would love to
work in the New York office.

I'm going to use
Bill Gruen on a case.

- Afternoon, sir.
- Howdy.

Mind if we look your car over?

No, not at all.

Let me see some ID.

- What's the problem, Corporal?
- Just a check.

Your identification, please.

Well, he's all legal,
the tag and everything.

I bagged him this morning.

Kinda hate to go home so soon,
but he's a beauty, isn't he?

Mr. Johnson, would you mind
getting out of your vehicle?

Would you open up
this floor plate, please?

What's going on?

Would you open up
that floor plate, please,

Mr. Johnson?

Thank you,
Mr. Johnson.

You can go now.

Looks good.



On the local scene,

pickets blocked the entrance...

Let me have a hot dog
and a Coke, please.

- How're you doing?
- Just fine. How are you doing?

...D.B. Cooper.

Who is he?
Is he alive?

And if he is,
how did he disappear

from the face of the earth?

Give us a call at KHC.

Do you guys like deer meat?

Daddy, he's gonna
give us a deer.

He is?

Would you give me
a hand over here?

What's the catch?

No catch.
I don't need it.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- You guys need some help?
- I think we got it, thanks.

...on Interstate 80.

A white male answering
D.B. Cooper's description

has been sighted
from the air moving west...

Roger. Our ETA
is five minutes.

Can you hang on one second?


My wife likes the stuffing.

Hotter than a crotch, ain't it?

The word, El Capitan,
the word... is "wetback."

I got a piece of información

that's gonna make somebody
a very big hero around here.

And it is for sale, Mr. Remson?
Like everything else you own?

A man's gotta make a living.


You've been trying to figure out

where them illegals
cross that river

since Hitler
was a corporal, right?


Plane ticket to Wyoming...

and $500.

Too much.

This is a firm offer.
Let's not bullshit.

A plane ticket with 200.

Well, you ain't exactly Rebecca
Sunnybrook Farms there, pal.

We got a deal?

My man, Meade.

You're listening to
Wyoming's Big Sky Radio,

KJDB, Jackson Hole.

73 degrees.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Hannah Meade?

That's me.

Wanna help me with this thing?


It's right over there.

All right.

That's good right there.
That's good.

I'm up here
in the middle of nowhere

searching for your husband.

What kinda trouble
is he in this time?

None that I know of.

Did you say what your name is?

Gruen. Bill Gruen.

Bill Gruen wouldn't be
Sergeant Gruen, would it?

Not anymore, no.

God. Well, you
could've fooled me.

Steve, you wanna help with this?

Sergeant, give us a hand?


Oh, my back.

What do you mean
I could've fooled you?

Biggest son of a bitch on the face
of the earth according to Jimmy.

Is that what he said?

I wouldn't lie to you.

Well, people change.

Six months ago,
he was in Alaska.

After that, he was
on a boat somewhere.

I don't know where he is now.

I take it that you and Meade
aren't that close anymore.

No, he's just
a postcard to me now.

Mind if I talk to you
for a minute?


Mad River Excursions.

Listen, I'd like to rent one of them
boat trips down the river you got.

But I don't wanna be stuck
with no hairy old lumberjack,

if you know what I mean.
I'd kinda like to be

bouncing along with a slim,
beautiful, melon-breasted,

- long-legged woman...
- We have an opening Wednesday afternoon.

Baby, it's me. I'm back!

Okay. What's your name
and how many in your party...

No, no. There'll
be one in my party.

It's me, Meade,
your husband. I'm back.

Okay, so why don't you
leave your number

and we'll call you
and confirm in the morning.

Now, listen. Listen,
I want you to meet me

tonight at the sawmill
as soon as you can, okay?

Hannah? Hannah!

So, what if Jimmy were here?
Then what?

Oh, right. Well, you see, I
work for an insurance company

as a claims adjuster.

And we need stringers, right?

Uh, there's
flexible hours, good pay.

Here's my card.

I thought I might be able to throw
some money your husband's way.

Money doesn't
really interest him.

What does these days?

Same things that interest
me... adventure, good times.

Well, your minute's up.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ As I was out walking
one morning for pleasure ♪

♪ I spied a cowpuncher
a-riding alone ♪

♪ His hat was tossed back
and his spurs were a-jingling ♪

♪ And as he approached me,
he sang me this song ♪

♪ Yippee ti yi yo,
get along, little dogies... ♪

I'll tell you something,
that son of yours

has got balls like an elephant.

I'll give him that.

He expects me to drop
everything, come to papa...

In the middle of the night,
in the middle of nowhere.

Same old Jimmy.

Well, I got news for you.
This ain't the same old Hannah.

He's back again.

Oh, yeah.
He's like a bad meal.

Probably wants his rare
collection of bounced checks

and his six-month-old
phone messages.

Like I wanna see him
come crawling back here

with that shit-eating grin
on his face...

Everything's okay.

Like I didn't learn anything
the... the first time

or the second time.

Or the third time
or the fourth time.

Uh, when you
don't go to see him,

say hello to him for me,
will you?


Is Mrs. Meade in yet?

Hannah. Yeah, she's over
there shooting pool.

Could I have two beers, please?

Real thing right here.

That's a hell of a...
What is it, rainbow trout?

Jackson Hole cutthroat.

So's the guy with the smile.

Play some pool?

I got my hands full.

I don't like to gamble.
Somebody always loses.

Somebody always wins.

An insurance man that doesn't
believe in taking risks...

Never heard of such a thing.

That photo, was it
snapped around here?

In the middle of nowhere.

Meade's place, right?
Where he likes it.

What kind of insurance
does your company sell?

Fire and flood.
You name it, we've got it.

Why do you think D.B. Cooper
has become such a folk hero?

'Cause he made
a lot of money real fast.

- He beat the system.
- He beat the system.

- That's all it is. That's right.
- Nobody got hurt.

What do you think about this
D.B. Cooper phenomenon?

Do you think he'll be caught?

I think he has a good chance
of getting away with it.

Who do you think
D.B. Cooper really was?

It might've been a woman.

I think it's Howard Hughes.

I think he's a black man.

He's kinda like, um,
Butch Cassidy.

He's a hero.

That's some stunt
that guy pulled off.

It takes all kinds, I guess.

The person that turns him in
is gonna be a national hero.

The person that turns
him in oughta be shot.

Where he jumped, inside a week

they're gonna find him
hanging from a tree.

How much does it pay?

What? Is there a reward?

No, I mean the job
you were offering.

- Remember that?
- Oh.

Well, it's a little tricky.

Does Meade's dad
live around here, too?

Don't think he'd be
too interested, do you?

You never can tell these days.

No, I guess you just
really never can, can you?

Hey, Homer, come on over here.

Sit down?


You know who this is?

I seen you this
morning, didn't I?

Bill Gruen.
How are you?

Sergeant Bill Gruen.

Remember the guy that rode
Jimmy so hard in the Army?

I've heard some hellacious
stories about you.

You're quite
a legend around here.

Sit down.

I believe I will.

So what do you think?

I always figured he was bigger.

Well, I was.

So, what happened?

I don't know.
I shrunk.

Wanna loan me 20 bucks, Bill?

Twenty bucks, why?

I'll pay ya back.

Put up or shut up, cowboy.

Hey, wait a minute.
No way, no way.

Don't you wanna be
one of the boys?

I don't wanna be
one of the boys.

- We're talking Jackson Hole here, okay?
- Well, I'm not.

Hey, Eddie, Dwayne,
come on over here!

Homer here's gonna try to beat the
man who stopped Jimmy Meade cold,

and I got 20 bucks
says he can't.

- This is the guy.
- I heard a lot of things about you.

Do me a favor and keep this guy
busy for a while, will ya?

We know about you.

Come on, you can take him down.

How do you think I'm gonna do, old-timer?
What do you think?

- I'm going to lose.
- You're gonna win.

If he don't, I'm gonna whip you.


- Ready?
- Go!

Come on, Homer.

Come on. We always play
three out of five, don't we?

Oh, yeah. Right, yeah.
Three out of five.

Three out of five?


I lose.

I lose.
Thank you very much.

Hey, where you going?



What's this supposed to mean?

Great. You robbed
a liquor store.

Real proud of you, Jimmy.

Finally, you're a big success.

What is this? 20, 40...

Hey, I'm impressed.

Oh, you robbed a bank.

You know,
you're not that clever.

You were on
a quiz show, that's it.

You put on a funny hat
and milked a cow

while you guessed song titles?

Let's see now, what was
your area of expertise?

Uh, lousy postcards?

How about leaving
your wife, Meade?

Hey, is this all the money
you made in the last six months?

I'm real impressed.

You printed this,
you bastard, didn't you?

I'll probably have green ink
all over my hands.

Oh, God.

Who the hell do you think
you are, D.B. Coop...

Hannah, I did it.

What do you mean?

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Now... now, what do you
mean, "Oh, my God"?

Oh, Meade.
Oh, no, no.

Now, don't...
Don't say no, Hannah.

Don't... don't say no.
Say yes.

Okay, say yes.
Try it. It's easy.

Try it with your face. Just make
your mouth in kind of a yes.

It's easy. Go ahead and try it.
Yes, yes.

What do I have to do,
draw you a picture, baby?

I mean, this is it
for us, honey.

We can go anywhere we want.

We can do anything
we want, you know?

Just the two of us
high on the hog!

Are you trying to tell me
the only reason

you did this thing is for me?

Only you.

And the money.


So you think you can just buy me
back with a few 20-dollar bills?

A few? Hannah, I'm talking
about 10,00020-dollar bills.

I mean, what you've got
in your hands there,

that's just loose change.

I mean, you are talking tips,
and I am talking icebergs.

You know what you can do
with your loose change?

It's not that goddamn loose.

You know what?
I'll tell you something.

Sometimes I can't believe how
goddamn ungrateful you are.

- Ungrateful?
- Yeah, ungrateful!

Do you think I still need you?

Hell, Hannah, I don't...

I don't know if
you ever needed me.

But I know you still want me.

Don't you?

Okay. All right.
Well, that's the part I hate.

Maybe I do.

Okay, okay.
Now, that's a start.

That's a start, right?
Come on.

- No.
- Come on, baby.

- Oh, baby.
- No.

No, no. Don't...
don't... don't say no.

- No, no.
- Just say yes...

There have been a lot of starts

and a lot of finishes
and just no.

Hannah, listen to what
I'm trying to tell you.

It's a whole new ball game.
It's a whole new ball game.

This is good-bye,
Mr. Screw-up,

and, hello,
Mr. Responsibility.

All right, so you expect
me to just drop everything

and... and go off with you

and forget about all that
stuff that's ever happened?


Okay. You want...
You want me to beg?


Then I beg.
I will beg.

Okay. I will beg.

I will beg you, Hannah.
I'm begging you, baby.

Baby, come with me.
Remember all those times,

all those things
we wanted to do?

All those places
we wanted to go?

Little place we wanted
to have by ourselves?

We could be
all the way to the west

and all the way to the east.

Or you know what we could do?

We could get someplace
way down south.

Oh, honey, come with me,
will you, please?

Meade, the party's over!

- Oh, shit!
- Who's that?

Oh, God, it's Gruen.
He's been looking for you.

- Gruen?
- Yes.

Aw, shit.

All I want, Meade, is the money.

There's nowhere to go.
So let's talk.

You stay put
till I give the signal.

Then run for the truck
and get to my old man's house.

Why don't you stand up so
I can see who I'm talking to?

I'm more comfortable the way
things are, if you don't mind.

So let's keep this deal
simple now, what do you say?

What's your deal, Sergeant?

They get their money back, they
lose interest in who took it.

Follow what I'm saying here?


Be careful, huh?

I bring the money back,
they're gonna believe

D.B. Cooper's hanging
from a tree in the woods.

They don't need a body.

Too many square miles.

Case closed.

- Bullshit!
- All you can say is bullshit?

When I'm looking at you, yes!

You know what they oughta do?
They oughta hang your ass

from the tail section of a 727

and then fly that
stupid grin of yours

all around for public display.

Because I'll tell you
something, sonny boy,

you're an outlaw, and there's
no other word for it.

I ain't asking
for your approval.

I ain't asking
for your sympathy.

I mean, I just haven't
seen you in a while.

And I'm taking a chance
on getting my ass

blown to kingdom come
by being here.

So I would appreciate
a little bit

of friendliness
or some goddamn thing.

Jesus. Hannah,
you got too many brains

to run away
with a bum like this.

Maybe I don't.

I am not a bum, God damn it!

No, you're right, not anymore.

You'd be better off if you were.

Look, I just wanted
to say good-bye,

so forget it.

Oh, come on.
What is this?

I think we should talk.

Okay, we talk.

Go ahead, talk.
Talk fast. Go.

I want you to turn yourself in.

I'm walking through that door.

Why don't you just
go out the back door?

I wanna walk through this door!

Well, you're gonna
knock me down to do it!

Then I goddamn well
will knock you down!

The back door!

I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not moving.

You do want a pat on the head.

No, I don't.

Oh, yes, I do.

I was great, Dad.

I was really great.

Everything you taught me...

Logistics, timing,
and cover your ass.

Nobody got hurt.

And everybody in
this whole goddamn country

knows it wasn't some asshole
that pulled this one off.

I'm not impressed, you know?

You're still an outlaw.

Oh, so I'm an outlaw.

Say it a couple times,
it don't mean much.

Outlaw, outlaw, outlaw!

But I'm a very
successful outlaw.

You're acting like
a couple of 10-year-olds.

Now, come on,
let's get outta here.

Keep out of this.

This isn't something
a woman would understand.

Oh, really?

I know this is so exciting.

Can I watch big daddy soldier
and little boy soldier

beat each other up
because little boy soldier

has to use the front door?

I mean, the back door of the
big airplane was good enough.

And pretty soon,
Mr. Gruen... remember him?

- Gruen knows?
- Yeah.

Now, get out of my way.

God, you dumb jerks.

I'm not moving.

- Neither am I.
- Well, I am.

The sandbox isn't big
enough for the three of us.


I'm going out the back door.

I'll send you a postcard.

Some crazy son of a bitch
blew up your truck, eh, Meade?

But I'm sure the insurance
company will, uh...

Will buy the story.

That was my truck.

My company's
a whole different situation.

They don't care about stories,
they care about money.

Now, if I walk in with the cash,

they won't even ask
who D.B. Cooper is.

So why don't you go
right to the money?

You won't go to prison,
I get the glory.

I mean, I think
it's a great trade, right?

Drop the gun, Sergeant.

That's a stupid mistake, sir.

Yes, well, I've made a lot of
stupid mistakes in my lifetime.

My car's around the side.

Cover your ass, my ass.

- Next time.
- Sure.

Well, Sergeant, why don't we
go inside and have a drink?

I'm sure you've got a lot of
war stories I haven't heard.

Oh, I think you've
heard them all, sir.

Well, why don't you
try me anyway?

I don't want a drink,

and I don't think
you want to shoot me.

You think I won't use this?

Not since your son's
got away, no.

You know, Sergeant,

I can't get anybody
to do anything anymore.

I'm supposed to meet
Mr. and Mrs. Meade.

Jimmy Meade?

Where, here?

Here or somewhere
at their cabin.

It's very important.

- When?
- How about right now?

Now? Going to sleep now.

There's $100 in this
for you, Homer.

$100 ain't worth losing a whole
night's sleep for, Sergeant.

Well, all I'm here to do
is award him his inheritance.

Inheritance? Jimmy?


Geez. This thing feels
like a million bucks.

We could buy 10 boats with this.

Well, I'll tell you,
it's enough to buy a dream.

That's it right down there.

- All right, let's go.
- Come on, let's go.

All right. Let's get
this boy his money.

Meade sure can
buy the drinks now, huh?

You know that house we thought
about in the Pacific?

- Yeah.
- Palm trees,

a little isle
on the West Indies,

the Marianas?

Fiji? Samoa?

Come here.

- Let's use the motor.
- Take it easy, man. What's your hurry?

Come on, let's go.

Son of a bitch, that's Gruen.

Hey, Jimmy!
Got a surprise for you!

Hey, what's that crazy doing?

Where are we going?

Into the river.

With this thing?

Yes. Hang on tight.

And hold on to them bags there.

Jimmy? Hey!

You better not go
into that slide, man.

You'll get killed.

All right, let's get the
motor in and grab the oar.

- Let's go.
- No way, man.

- Let's go, Homer.
- No means no.

I'll give you $500 for the day.

Five hundred dollars?

Five hundred.

You got it.

You just bought yourself
a motor, too.

Okay, here we go.

Hang on, Hannah!

I'll tell you one thing, if
that waterfall don't drown 'em,

it'll scare 'em half to death.

Who's horseshit now, Gruen?

- Are you ready?
- Know what you're doing?

Hold on here.

- Hang on!
- Whoa!


You still with me?
Come on, man.

God damn him.

Watch where you're going!

I'm gonna kill Homer
when I see him!

Forget Homer! Look where
you're going, Meade!


Hang on!
Hang on to the money!

I'm trying!

- Go around!
- I'm trying, I'm trying!

Go around!

All right, I got it!
I got it!

Watch the side!

Let's go, Homer!

We'll get there faster.
We gotta stay alive now!

Homer, you're fired!

Quit yelling at him
and watch the rocks!

You're gonna have to bail!

Hang on to the money!

There's a rock on the left!


Grab my arm!

Grab the rope! Pull!

Pull, Homer!

Come on, let's go!

There's something up ahead there.
You see it?

Jesus, watch the rock!

- Hannah!
- I'm okay!

- You all right?
- Get the money.

Where'd they go?


- You okay?
- I'm all right. You all right?

- We made it, baby.
- Let's get outta here.

- We're good to go.
- Oh, God.

It's this way.

No, it's this way.

No, wait a minute.
Hang on.

How'd you ever find your
way out of that 727?

Oh. You'd be amazed how easy it is
after you take that first step.

Yep. It's this way.

Hold it.
Hold it, hold it.

You hear something?

Just the river.

No, no, something else.

- Yeah. Okay.
- Oh, God.

- Hey!
- Hey!

Hey, hang on a minute!

- Hang on a minute!
- Hey!

God damn it!

Hell, I can buy 20 of those.

Right now I'd settle for one.

How long do you think that
money's gonna last anyway?

Well, I worked it out
real careful,

and the way I figured is we got
about 10 years in fat city.

Ten years?

Your half, maybe.

Mine'll last maybe eight or
nine weeks if I'm lucky.

You got a point there. I think
I should have asked for more.

- Where you going?
- End of the line.

The hell it is.
Come on.

Look, man, around that bend

is a drop-off, okay?

It's 60 feet straight down.

You carry the raft around it
so you don't go over it.

Where the hell are they at?

They must've got out
somewhere up there.

You sure of that?

Them guys, man, they're gone.

Keys are in it.
What do you think?

Maybe he's off taking a piss
somewhere or something.

Probably is.

Get in.

- Ah!
- Ha ha ha!

Oh, my God!

Oh, God!

Can we get some heat on in here?
I'm freezing.

Oh, Lord, give me some heat.

- Oh!
- How the hell are you, buckaroo?

- What's going on? Who is this?
- This is Remson.

It's all right, Mrs. Cooper.
We're good buddies.

- Ain't that right, D.B.?
- You know this man?

When you're up to your neck in
some river you can't pronounce,

- it's real easy to make acquaintances.
- Acquaintances?

Good buddies fighting
the Yellow Peril

or Red Peril... some
kind of friggin' peril.

Did you tell
everybody everything?

You gotta understand
one thing, Mrs. Cooper,

when a man's crawling through
a goddamn swamp on his belly

and there's a million Chinamen

trying to shove a stick
of dynamite up his ass,

you start talking about things
that you might be doing.

Old Coop here
could do some talking,

ain't that right, D.B.?

I know all about you, too.

Well, I don't wanna
hear about it.

- Slow down.
- What's your deal?

My deal is we still
need each other, D.B.

Jimmy! Jimmy. Jimmy.

We gotta get into Mexico.
I own the border.

All I want is half the money

and I guarantee you safe
passage, do you hear me?

- Come on! God damn it!
- Jimmy!

Slow the hell down.
Slow the hell down, man!

Pull that trigger
and we are all dead, boy!

Shit, shit.

Seventy-five thou.
I'll deal with you.

- Oh, shit.
- Forty thou.

- Shut up!
- Hang on!

It would really make my day
if you were dead, Remson,

but I know you're not.

- What happened, Meade?
- Well, we hit a tree.

- Jesus.
- Can you move?

Huh? Ah ah ah ah.

Put your hand back, boy.

- Come on, let me help you up.
- What did you do to us?

You look just like I
did when you left me

in that Viet Cong rice paddy.

- I'm all right.
- Don't make me pull this trigger.

Oh, okay, buddy.
New deal now.

Twenty-five bills.
That's the final offer.

Oh, wait a minute.
Easy. Wait.

You're not gonna put me
in there, are you?

- Come on, I'll die in that thing.
- In you go, boy.

- Come on.
- Get in!

Wait a minute.
You're in luck now.

There's a new final offer
coming at you. Ready?

- Coming down on you.
- Best case 12.5.

Worst case 22 and some change.

Wait a minute. Can he breathe?
Does he have air?

- I hope not.
- Meade!

This is a terrible
situation, Meade.

You bet.


No! Wait, wait, Meade!
No, not the rear end, Meade!

No, Meade!
This is a Fleetwood, man.

Here, Remson. Try digging
yourself out of this one.

Let's get outta here.

All right, okay.

Joke's over, all right?

He's funny.
Hey, hey, guys, come on.



What happened?

Yo! Yo, hey!

Goddamn tree came out
of nowhere. Bang!

It's okay, it's cool. Could you
open the trunk for me, please?

What are you doing in there?

Hey. Hey, listen.

It's a free county, all right?
Just let me out, all right?

- Thank you so much.
- Oh, shit!

Wait a minute!

Remson, you no-good, lowlife,

mother-jumping snake dick.

What are you doing here?
I thought you were dead.

Dead? I got an
honorable discharge.

Yeah, from whose side, and
how much did it cost you?

That's a vicious rumor, Sarge.

- You know...
- Wait, wait.

Hey, Sarge, listen,
as one veteran to another,

I'm very disappointed
in your attitude toward me.

- What are you, a bounty hunter now?
- No.

- I'm a businessman.
- Yeah? You're scum.

Hey, come on, Sarge.

Come on, give me a break,
will you? What...

There's a lot of names
for what I do.

Are you... what, do you
want a price on that?

Which way did they go?
Which way did they go?


Let me ask you
something there, Sacajawea,

what kinda view
you think I got in here?

Hey, Bill. Okay,
you got a full house,

I got a pair of threes,
all right?

Listen, I've been
in better shape, man.

But I've been in a lot worse,
too, you know what I mean?

Hey, Bill, listen,
why don't we sit down

and... and start
with a clean slate, man?

We go back a long ways, Billy.

Yo! Hey, Sarge,

I'm allergic to pine trees
and spare tires, man.

You still there?

Yep. Cash and carry.

Come on, giddyap.
I wonder what it'd be like

to write a check
with money in the bank.

It's one of
my wildest fantasies.

Well, I tell you
something, babe,

I got 18 months of wild
fantasies about you.

- You know what I mean, baby?
- Same ol' Meade, huh?

Hey, it's not Meade,
it's Cooper.

- D.B. Cooper.
- Uh-huh.

It ain't Cooper.
It's Gruen!

Gruen? You know
what I got to say to him?

- Can't wait!
- I'm gonna say...

♪ Yippee ti yi yo,
get along, little dogies ♪

♪ It's your misfortune,
it's none of my own ♪


♪ Yippee ti yi yo,
get along, little dogies... ♪


♪ Black-roof country,
no gold pavements ♪

♪ Tired starlings

Anybody here?

♪ Silver horses Hello?

♪ Run down moonbeams Hi.

Know where I could buy a car?

Don't sell cars, man.

But I'd really like you
to have this.

I'd rather have a car.

I sell peace,
I sell brotherhood,

and I sell junk.

Ain't capitalism wonderful?

It's got its heavy moments,

Well, I'd like to stand here

and discuss
political theory with you,

but I'm in a pretty
big hurry to get outta here.

I've got some reds, some greens,

and some weird little rascals
get you down the mountain

day before yesterday.

Whose car is that?

Well, that's... that's ours.

- It's not for sale.
- Come on, how much?

You don't see where
I'm coming from, man.

That's not just a car,
that's a Ford Galaxy.

Oh, that's an
endangered species?

- As a matter of fact, it is.
- Yeah.

No amount of money
can change my mind.

I'll give you $500 for it.


♪ My friends never understood
my rough and rowdy ways ♪

♪ They think I'm the only fool
my daddy ever raised ♪

♪ But I'm gonna shine

♪ Shine, shine, see me shine ♪

♪ With a little luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ I like living easy
and I like being free ♪

♪ Living free and easy
brings out the best in me ♪

♪ Makes me shine

♪ Shine, shine, makes me shine ♪

♪ With a little bit of luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ Here's to the ones
who do believe ♪

♪ And disbelieve somehow

♪ I'd give a hundred dollars ♪

♪ Lord, if they
could only see me now ♪

♪ Shine, shine, shine, shine ♪

♪ With a little luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ See me shine

- Good afternoon.
- How are you?

- Good. How are you?
- Good.

You need something?

I was just looking at your
beautiful animals there.

What'd they cost you,
about a couple thousand each?

They're worth
a new trailer to me.

That much?

Yeah, they got great cow sense.

Look at their ears
and their eyes.

Yeah, their eyes. You're
right, they're terrific.

You're right, but I'm a
little more interested

in the couple
who was riding them.

They stolen?

Could be.

- Trade a car for 'em?
- They are stolen.

Maybe they aren't.
I don't know.

You're changing your story.

Look, lady, I'm looking
for two people.

- How you doing?
- How are you?

You kids used to have
another car, didn't you?

No, just the old pickup truck.

Oh, right. It was a
blue Ford, wasn't it?

No, sorta rust.


Which way did it go?

- That way.
- Thanks a lot.

The way I figure it is,

we got smooth sailing
from here to the hideout.

We'll pick up some supplies,

and then we can just
float our little white asses

into the land of milk and tacos.

Jesus, Meade.

That's a-right, that's a-right.

All right, now, you know what?

I saw this in a movie once.

Now give me a mean,
harsh look here.

Meaner. Mean!


See that?

See what's on
the back of that thing?

D.B. Cooper! Hang on!

Yeah, that's it!

Whoo! That's the one!

Ah ha ha!
I'm famous now.

I don't believe I ever saw
baking soda sold by the gram.

Oh, man.
Oh, I'm sorry, partner.

Some lowlife sold me
a bill of goods.

The rest of this stuff is strictly on
the level. It's primo, I promise you.

You're getting it
at dealer's cost.

This hunk of junk right here

is worth a lot more than
a pocketful of this bullshit.

Oh, hey, she's a classic,

and that's why I got
some good news for you.

You want to know what my
middle name happens to be?

What's your price?

- $700.
- $700?

You're abusing
my flexibility, mister.

Look at that windshield wiper.
That's shot to hell.

A man's gotta drive
in the rain, you know?

Where's the ornament
on this hood?

The tread situation on that
front tire is disgraceful.

You know I'm gonna have to
throw a bucket of paint on it

just to hide the rust.


Damn taillights are dinged out.

And this little picture here,
that's fallen off.

You gotta backorder that,
you know.

All right, all right. Four
hundred, and that's it.

Man, I don't know.

You're running a little
thin on chrome, ain't ya?

Well, if you stand back a
little bit, squint your eyes,

you'll never notice.

Just a little Bondo under there?

- Huh?
- Well, maybe a little.

Two hundred?

I'm gonna tell you
something, cowboy.

You've just been shot in
the ass full of luck.

I'm gonna give you $100
for this car.

Hundred dollars, huh?

Well, you caught me
a little short this week.

Put a little paper money
right there,

and you got a deal.

Here. Wait a minute.
There you are.

You drive a hard bargain,
I gotta tell you that.

A man don't use his head,

he might as well have
two assholes.

And I do.
Now, where's the keys?

Keys in the car.

Adios, pally.




My wheels!
You see who took my car?

Well, as a matter
of fact, I did.

Some sorry-looking mess

just drove down
the road with it.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Eat that, right there.

I want you to eat all of
that that's left over.

Go ahead.
Come on.

I could, but I don't want it.

You know what?

You look awfully good
with tostada on your face.

Listen, we gotta pull this thing over.
Come on.

We can't take a chance.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

Oh, I'm in heaven.

Now, wait a minute.

Oh! Ha ha!

I think I'm there!
I'm home!

Come on!


Hoo! Hot damn.
I'm gonna get me a possum.

Stay right where you are, honey.

Goddamn rodent!
Give me a break.

Hey, partner,
your truck's ready now.

Wake up, honey.

When you brought
that vehicle in here,

it was running rougher
than a broke dick dog.

Now it's running slick
as snot on a doorknob.

I thought all
it needed was water.

Well, it did,

but since I got
the only water hose

between Gilford and Gum City,

it's a bigger problem
than you might think.

Well, how much?

Now, hold on here, partner.

I took the liberty
of repairing some things

- about to go.
- How much?

Your brake pads weren't thick
enough to spread cheese on.

Your differential was dryer
than fish turds in a sandstorm.

Your distributor had more problems
than a hippopotamus with chapped lips.

What is this,
a gas station or a zoo?

A lot more.

Just tell us how much
it is, will you, please?



Here's 250.

Keep the change.

Truck's out back, and I
wanna tell you one thing.

It's running slicker
than owl shit now.

I'll bet it is.

Have a nice trip, buddy.

You know, I've been looking
for a good mechanic.

Well, you heard the man,
smoother than owl shit.

Smoother than owl shit, huh?

You looking for this, D.B.?

Remson, you greasy,
filthy chicken pecker.

Look who's holding
the gun now, asshole.

Move around.

A man gets a chance
to... get your hands up.

A man gets the chance
to do a lot of thinking...

...when he's
locked up in a trunk

alone with his thoughts.

And, D.B., it looks like I'm gonna
be taking all the money now,

because of the personal humiliation
involved, you understand?

Grab some sky there, toots.

Come on now, Remson, ol' buddy.

Oh, ol' buddy?
Oh, we're buddies now?

You told the woman we were acquaintances!
You remember that?

Don't insult me, man!

I'd say it's pretty tough
to insult you.

Oh, Hannah.
Oh, how could you...

Ow! Fuck!

Damn it!
Jesus Christ!

All right, let's go, Remson.
Come on.

Ow! What're you doing?

Oh, shit!
What're you doing?

Hey, come on, man.
Don't leave me like this.

Come on, buddy.
Get back here!

Meade, help me out here!

What can I do you for, partner?

I give up.
Where the hell am I?

Well, welcome to Alvarado.

You're damn near on
the outskirts of Tucson.

How far out would that be?

Well, I'd say about
a tank and a half of gas.

Well, how far is the border?

Well, now, that depends.

Now, you could snake
back to Highway 33,

cut over to 16 South,

and then sneak on across to 112.

- That's great.
- Of course,

you might like 605
to the interstate.

- And then there's...
- That's fine, fine.

Just fill her up, check the oil,

check the water, everything.

Oh, all righty.

Yeah, this is my kind
of car, all right.

Start running up
a tab right now.


Where in the hell are you?


Shit! God damn!

We're calling you off this
goose chase right now, Gruen.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

I'm doing everything
I can to find this guy.

You're doing everything
you can to bury me.

Don't you ever
think about me, Gruen?

Look, Hank, give me
a little more time!

I'm gonna nail his ass.

You're fired, hero.
Don't come home.

That'll be nine dollars
and two pennies.

Hey, I noticed your tires
ain't wearing too smooth.

Why, they're so thin,
they only got one side.

My tires are fine.

And your carburetor sounds
like it's got asthma.

It does.
Can I have my change?

God damn,
I seen enough 20s today

to burn a wet mule
in pouring down rain.

What do you mean by that?

Forget the pennies. Oh, a young
couple come through here

flashing 20s like
it was going out of style.

Long-legged broad.

Yeah? Did they say
where they were going?

Right yonder.

Mexico, huh?

How long ago was that?

I don't know.
What can I say?

You snooze, you lose.

That's right.
Take it easy.

It's a long road
that don't turn.

Same to you, pal.

Small world.

How'd you get out of the trunk?


You know which way
they might've gone?

You're damn right. I got a good
idea where he used to hide out,

but I'm not gonna tell you.

Fine, then walk.

Wait a minute.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You don't wanna deal?

What kind of deal?

What I'm saying is I'm not
gonna tell you what I know

if I don't feel like, you know,

we're on this thing together.

What kind of proposition
do you have in mind exactly?

Well, you wanna talk 50-50?
That sounds good to me.

Okay, hop in.
Let's go. Come on.

Start talking.

What're you doing?
Come on, man!

Come on, what are you doing?
Get back here, Gruen!

God damn it, I told you
what you wanted to know!

You ungrateful bastard!

I don't know, Meade.

Even if this thing was
overlooking the Mediterranean,

I don't think
I could call it a villa.

Oh, you'll get used to it.

I know.
That's what worries me.

One, two, three.



Oh, no.

You stay with the money.



Oh! Unh!

Aah! Meade!

Jimmy! Gruen's got the money.
He's over there.

I'll kill him.

- Take the truck!
- Flat tire!

Hey! Where you going
with that airplane?

Hey! It's grounded!

Hey! Come back here
with that airplane!

Jesus Christ, come back!

Shit! It's not
supposed to work!


I want that money back, Gruen!
It's mine!

Get out! Get out!

Hey, Sarge!

You're mine!

Shit. Come on, baby.
Don't fail me now.

Come on.

I'm gonna get you, Gruen!

You got my drift?

Come on, Gruen!

- You're crazy!
- I've got you!

Come on, now.
Come on. Come on.

Jesus Christ! Whoa!

Come on, don't quit.
Don't quit on me now.

Don't quit, don't quit!

Ah, what the hell.


Get outta here!
Get out!

Give me back my goddamn money!


How do you like
your new sunroof, Gruen?

Come on, come on.
Come on, God damn it!

That's it. Come on.

That's it.
All right, all right!



You okay?

Compared to what?

You're okay.

Still have your gun?


You wanna see it?


- You got yours?
- No.

How'd you know it was me?

Not too many people could
make a jump like that.

Half of them are in jail,
half are dead.

The other half are right here.

- That's right.
- Yeah.

So, what are you
gonna do with it?

With what?

The money.

Oh, yeah.

Well, I owe somebody
for a plane.

How about a car?

And a car.

You know, there's a real
good mechanic around here

who does miracles with 25 grand.

We're even.


Do you think all this
bullshit was worth it?


See you later.

You bet.

Ha ha!
Got you now, Meadesy!


♪ My friends never understood
my rough and rowdy ways ♪

♪ They think I'm the only fool
my daddy ever raised ♪

♪ But I'm gonna shine

♪ Shine, shine, see me shine ♪

♪ With a little luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ I like living easy
and I like being free ♪

♪ Living free and easy
brings out the best in me ♪

♪ It makes me shine

♪ Shine, shine, makes me shine ♪

♪ With a little luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ I don't need fancy ladies
wasting up my time ♪

♪ Give me tender loving care
and the one that's mine ♪

♪ Makes me shine

♪ Shine, shine, makes me shine ♪

♪ With a little bit of luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ Here's to the ones
who do believe ♪

♪ And disbelieve somehow

♪ I'd give a hundred dollars ♪

♪ Lord, if they
could only see me now ♪

♪ Shine, shine, shine, shine ♪

♪ With a little luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine

♪ See me shine

♪ Shine, shine, see me shine ♪

♪ With a little bit of luck
and a greenback dollar ♪

♪ You're gonna see me shine