The Prince of Pennsylvania (1988) - full transcript

There's nothing wrong with the Marshetta family that a little felony can't cure. Rupert doesn't want to follow in his father's blue-collar footsteps, so he and his quirky friend kidnap his father for ransom, only nobody wants him back.

Want a hair cut?

♪ This is my Father's world ♪

♪ And to my listening ears ♪

♪ All nature sings
And round me rings ♪

♪ The music of the spheres ♪

♪ This is my Father's world ♪

♪ I rest me in the thought ♪

Sit up straight.

Your oldest son
is a half an hour late.

He was three weeks
late being born.

I didn't think
it was funny then, either.

Now, it's time to dedicate
the newest member of our church.

Will Jack and Lois Sike
please come forward?

Will, you, Jack and you, Lois,

raise Cynthia according
to the Holy Scripture?

- I do.
- We will, Reverend.

Will you teach her to pray?

Oh, my God.
Love God.

And you will express
God's love...

This is not late anymore.

Let us pray.

These are for you.

Rupert! Sweet.
Thank you.


Nice to see you, Jack.

Nice to see you.

Oh, Reverend,
these are our neighbors,

Pam and Gary Marshetta.

Thanks for coming.

Nice sermon.

Let's see you back next Sunday.

Farewell, Rupert,
you little asshole.

Dad's been after me
to get my hair cut.

You're always flirting
with danger, aren't you?

Rupert, wait right there.
I want to talk to you a minute.

- I won't be home for supper.
- Good idea.

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Uh-huh ♪

♪ Oh, girl I would share ♪

♪ All the treasures ♪

♪ That we had ♪

♪ Within the past ♪

♪ Because I need you so ♪

Look, Carla, I'll come inside.

I'm not in a mood.

Why does it always
have to end up in a fight?

Just forget it, Joe.

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

It's not my fault, Carla.


Rupert Marshetta,
are you spying on me?

Should I be spying on you?

Well, you should be doing
something, God knows.

Hanging out here with
a bad influence like me.

Trooper Joe leave these behind?

Yeah. He left
a lot of things behind.

Little jinx, don't give me
a hard time today.

See, that's a little kinky.

Rupert, don't you have
any little friends

you can go and play with?

You like to spy on people
don't you, Rupert?

Nobody tells
the truth, that's why.

Look at my parents.

You're the only person
in the world I halfway trust.

Boy, are you skating
on thin ice.

Well, genius,
why did you quit school?

I had problems
relating to my peer group.

Why does everyone want me to do

do something, do something?

Because there is nothing here
somebody as smart as you.

You're here.

Besides, I'm the manager
of this place.

What more could I want?

I am the manager, aren't I?

Heh, sure.

For all there is to manage.

Oh, hey!

For you.

Saint Jude, patron shrine
of hopeless causes.

Well, he sure belongs here.

You are like some stray dog
I never should have fed.

If I throw a bucket of water
on you, you promise to go away?

I have to go work on that sign.


Hello, you've just broken
into my home.

You obviously have no respect
for private property.

My Doberman Jaws
will now tear you limb from...


Oh, Gary.

I'm going to my mother's
for a couple of hours.

There's lasagna, just
stick it in the microwave

for two minutes.


There's a salad in the fridge.

Don't you think it's weird, Pam,

to have your son live
in a garage?

Well, it's not weird for Rupert.

What the hell
is he doing here anyway?

He reads,
he works on his things.

I went to work when I was 11.

I was in Vietnam
when I was Rupert's age.

And you had hair in your balls

when you were 3 years old,

He's different from you.

He tries to be different
to hurt me.

You used to have a wild side.

Sometimes I feel
like I married Jimi Hendrix

and he turned into Oliver North.

Oliver North
is a great American, thank you.

There's an opening at the mine.

It's above ground,
it's not dangerous.

You promised me our boys would
never work in the coal mine.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry.

Dad, can we go?

Right away, son.
I don't know, Pam.

Vietnam straightened me out.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and another war will come along.

Sorry I'm late. My mother...

Don't talk about my mother.

Dude, I hated
being in that church today.

I thought lightning
was going to strike any minute,

or else the place was going
to open up and swallow me

straight to hell.

You don't have to worry
about that.

Oh, Jack, you're so sweet.

Wanna dance?


Horizontal dancing.

Pam? Pam?

Pam. Come on, Pam.

Daddy's coming.

Daddy's coming.

We wake you up?

Gonna have to get
a crib in here.

It's really creepy
having her here.

She's a good baby.
There we go. There we go.

The way she looks at me.

Oh, did you pee-pee?

Did you, pee-pee?
Heh, yes, you did. You did.

Do you remember when
we first came here, huh?

And after you went out
to pick me flowers

only you couldn't find
any flowers

so you brought me a rock?

Here we go.

You're daddy's girl,
aren't you? Yes, you are.

Yes, you are.

I talked to my friend Tina
in Florida.

Her husband
got job in construction.

You won't have to work
in the mine anymore.

Cost of living must be pretty
high down in Florida.

I'll get a job at Busch Gardens.

You know, in the Africa section,

I could sell those
little plastic elephants.

I'd have to send money
back to Lois.

If you bring your kids
that's supporting two families.

So I'll get two jobs.

Why does everything
have to be so fucked up?

Hey, come on, don't say
the F-word in front of my kid.

We do it in front of your kid.

That's a joke, Pam.



Now, if I divorce Gary
I don't get a thing.

After 18 years.

All comes down to money.

I love you.

Oh, Jack.

Oh, Jack.


Turn her around.

Who am I doing this for?
Me or you?


Hey, see that fight last night?

No, no, I didn't catch it.

Well, Shevilin's left hook
lost me 20 bucks.

Thomas, very stylish
haircut you have there.

Very MTV.

- Uh, Palagala.
- Hey, Chester.

Even I can see my name and
I'm reading upside down.


Hey, man.
How are you doing?


How's it going, handsome?

Fine, fine, Gary.

♪ Well, I left my home
In Jackson, Mississippi ♪

When you get drafted you
have to see a shrink, right?

Well, I remember one of
the questions he asked me was,

you're sitting on a beach

and in the water there
are two people drowning.

Now one of them
has a cure for cancer,

and the other is your own son.

Which one would you save?

How would you answer
that question, Rupert?

Take your time.

The guy with the cure
for cancer.

Think for a second, will you?

Your own flesh and blood.

What if I save my son
and he grew up and got cancer?

You can't just say
he's gonna get cancer.

You said he was drowning.

Well, goddamn it,
that's different!

Why? The probability of getting
cancer must be 10 times

greater than the probability
of drowning.

And if you throw in
the probability of two people

drowning in the same place
at the same time...


♪ I guess it was
A big mistake ♪

♪ To try to make a living
That way ♪

Are we going home?

No, we're not going
straight home today.

Here we are.

Come on, get out.

Daddy's old place.

God, It's been years since
I have been in that trailer.

Guess I ought to
clean it out someday.

Rupert, uh... Rupert.

If you suddenly
came into some money, um...

I don't know,
pick a figure random.

Say, uh, $50,000,
what would you do with it?

Am I being tested today
for something?

Answer me.

I'd buy the Twin Twister

I don't you near that place.

She runs a dope-smuggling
outfit from South America.

She does not.

Ah, your mother says
we're different.

Shit, I don't know.

This has been a test

of the Emergency
Marshetta System.

If there had been
an actual emergency

in Rupert Marshetta's life,

you would have been instruct...

Dad, don't feel so bad.

Roger's normal.

You got one out of two right.

You know, when
I was in the army, I, uh,

had this idea.

This little image in my head
when I thought about, uh,

you know, raising my own family.

Me, your mother,

would be the king and queen.

Our son would be the prince.

One day he'd be king.

Only, he'd have a lot more
than my old man ever gave me.

I don't want anything from you.

Strip money comes
and he's going to pap's land,

my land
for 200,000 dollars bucks.

What would you
do with that money?

Give it away?

No, sir.
It's too beautiful here.

I won't let them destroy
it for any price.

Get in the truck.


One, two, three.

Carlos twin twister

is beautiful.

Wait and see.

You're going to have turn
customers away.

Yeah, we're going to have
to beat them away with sticks.

When are you
going to let me stay over?

You are the smartest person
that I know.

Really, you don't know nothing.

If I had the money
dad's going to have,

I bet you would run
away with me.

Oh, now you think
you can buy my favors.

If I had money, I'll give you
everything you deserved.

Everything I deserved?

that's a frightening thought.

Get somebody down there.

- I'll call the engine company.
- Back off.

We got a fire.

- 604101 receiving poorly.
- Try again.

We copy.

No smoking.

Sorry, mam. You will have
to go around the back.

You guys keep that road clear.
Keep that open.

There were seven men
still in there.

I've said a million prays
for Jack and Gary too.

Dad and Jack Sike
were working together

when the fire started
in their section.

They have been down there
for about an hour.

Which one do you worried about?


Which one are you worried about?

What do you mean?


What do you mean?
What is your problem?

I don't have any problems.

All you've got a problem.
Not me. All of you.

We got one of them.

Who is it?

Oh, I can't look anything
to notice.

Hey, good to see you buddy.
How's it going?

Oh, Gary, are you all right?

Is Jack Sike behind you?

Here you go.

Was it bad, hon?

Were you scared?

Dad, are you okay?

Yeah, yeah,
I'm just, uh, just fine.

It was on the news.

Remember when I said
you could go into my tackle box?

Why don't you do that now, okay.

I've got the mumps.

It's okay, you got your shoes
on. Look, here's your jacket.

Come on.

I sure hope we all
going to get the mumps.

What do you want?

What do you want with me, huh?

Did I give you a house?

Do you have more than any
other couple on the street?

Did I give you a swimming pool?

I give you, I got cable TV.

I didn't want a swimming pool.

Did I give you a VCR?

I didn't want a VCR?

You wanted a VCR?

Nothing, man.
That's it.

No more. This whole family.

Rogers, my son.

- Rogers, my son.
- Rupert's your...

That's right.
And you are my wife

and Jack Sike is my best
friend, my best friend.


He thought he was going
to die down there,

he still afraid of fire
so he confessed at me.

I almost killed him.
I'm going to kill him.

Kill me.
I will.

- Kill me.
- God damn it. I wish I could.

You getting nothing one more
thing from me understand, huh?

God damn it.

I don't sell my old man's land.

No way. No money.

You walk away,
you walk away with nothing.

- I don't care.
- Agh.

- You care.
- I don't care.

- You care.
- No, I don't. I don't care.

You care.

You care.


Did he hit you?

♪ Serious side ♪

♪ You're as black
As the night ♪

♪ When you stare ♪

♪ Things that you say
Make your friends go away ♪

♪ Is it fair? ♪

♪ Everyone is laughin' ♪

♪ They're all fallin' down
Like cards ♪

♪ Me, I'm busy standing here ♪

♪ Waitin' for it all ♪

♪ Now won't you send
Your word to me ♪

♪ Send it while you can ♪

♪ I got a bad connection ♪

♪ And it's gettin'
Out of hand ♪

♪ And every story
That you heard ♪

♪ Comes bangin' at your door ♪

♪ At your door ♪

Nice moped, Rupert.

Want to go to the dance.
She'll be your date.

Wanna drag, fad?

You asshole.

Watch out.

Hey, slow down.


♪ Hey have you ever tried ♪

♪ Really reaching out
For the other side ♪

♪ I may be climbing
On rainbows ♪

♪ But listen, here goes ♪

Rupert Marshetta,
where have you been all year?

The Bahamas,
what does it look like?

Well, you can't come in here
unless you're dressed

from Dallas or Dynasty.

- Are you going to graduate?
- Graduate?

Oh, ahem.

These are some of my friends.

Excuse me. You can't come in
unless you dress

in Dallas or Dynasty.

They got food here.

Excuse me.

Leslie, let's you and I
dance now, okay.


Lots of people
think you're weird.

A lot of people
think the same about me.

We like Socrates.

We're not appreciated
in our time.

What a jerk.

What's that mean?

Well, nobody likes Socrates
because he spoke the truth.

They made him drink hemlock
for it, dork.

We offend the coming rebel
with our truth.

We are the truth.

I don't wanna dance anymore.

You got my dress all yucky.

Well, yuckiness is truth.

Rupert, can't you be normal
for three minutes?

♪ And if I chose the one ♪

♪ I'd like
To see me through ♪

We should call the cops.

- Uh.
- Huh-huh?

♪ And if I chose the one ♪

♪ I'd like
To help me through ♪

Rupert Marshetta,
you butt is about an inch away

from landing in jail.

Heh, Mr. Crane,

uh, I'm coming back to school

for all those great classes
you offer here,

like, enjoy a bullshit,
dance crap, uh...

- Hey, asshole.
- Hi.

Why don't you tell your friends
to get the hell out of here?

You tell them.



Hey, what...

Excuse me, sir.

I wonder if you would
like to let go off our friend.

Before we kill you.

Thank you.

Uh, I think that's a curfew,

Bye, everybody.
Let's keep in touch, okay.

Come on.

- There he is.
- Yeah.

It's okay.

- Carla?
- Ugh.

Is it okay?

- You were being tested.
- Serious.


Ahead of the class.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hm

- Heh.
- To the immediate class.

You know, I swim less.

You are not a tadpole anymore,
but you're not a dolphin either.

I can live here with you.


No, we can really fix it up.

Put in the sound system,
video games, what do you think?

I want a Jacuzzi.

- A Jacuzzi?
- Mm-hm.

Heh, nobody is stopping

for Jacuzzi.

Sure they would.
Yeah, picture this.

You've had a really
shit ass day at work,

you come home
to your old man, you say,

- "Dwaine.
- Dwaine.

Dwaine, I can really go
for Dip Top Cone and a Jacuzzi.

- Heh.
- Let's go to the twin twister."

- Oh, how about we recharge?
- Who cares, heh.

No, no, no.
We have to be practical.

- Hmm.
- We have to be practical.

Um, why don't we
put in a bowling alley?

- Oh, that's right.
- Or a swimming pool.

But it's only through
a good swimming

once in a year.

Well, we'll ice skate
on it in the winter.

Most of the time you're
in a fantasy world, Rupert.

Most of the time, you're stoned.

I got my reasons.

Name 12.

I have known Joe for years

from back home and his wife.

- Heh, Trooper?
- Heh, yeah.

Trooper Joe.

I had a baby with him,

a little girl.

Her name is Alexandra.

I was stupid, Rupert.

I'm poor.

So I gave Alexandra
to Trooper Joe's wife

to raise as their own

and I couldn't let her go

So they moved up here
and, um, then I followed them.

Well, let's go see her.
You show her to me.

Do you wanna know the best?

By the time I got here,

Trooper Joe
had divorced his bitch wife

and being the wimp that he is,
he gave her custody

and then she moved away
with my baby.

I haven't seen her
in almost a year.

Call Rupert, heh.

I don't know anybody

who hasn't screwed
themselves up.

You're the only one
I wanna know.

- Rupert?
- Shit.

You have some company
in there, Carla?

We are not open to the public.

What are you...

We didn't come here
for ice cream.

You never come here
for ice cream, do you, Joe?

Where's my son?

Some trouble over the high
school last night.

Heard you had something
to do with it, Rupert.

Must've been one of my
many imitators.

I'm staying here.

- You're coming home.
- Who says?

The person who feeds
and puts clothes on your back.

You want my clothes?
All right.


I'm just wondering, ugh

how long it's been
since the last inspection here.

Heh, inspected.

By the health department.

You wouldn't happen to have

one of those
inspection certificates.

It'd be interesting to get an
inspector down here

for a day. You know, there is
no telling what he might find.


you know as well as I do,

some people
in this community would stand up

and cheer to see you
put out of business.

They'd throw confetti.

Rupert, go home.

This is stupid.

Do you want me to lose my place?

I work here.

Not anymore, you're not.

Please just go home.

I hate this job.

Starting new job today.

We'll be the only two working
in the section now

until we get that motor fixed.

- Eat your lunch.
- I'm not hungry.

Well, I had trouble
eating down here the first week.

I got used to it, so will you.

Oh, my.

Our special tonight
is Cajun quiche.

Here you go.

Okay. I'll be back in a minute
to get your order.

My birthday I'd have lobster.

but I want the cheeseburger.

- Mom?
- It's your birthday.

Sit down.

Let's order.

Rupert, what are you doing here?

Christ's sakes, Pam, shut up.

I will not shut up.

I mean it, honey.
You want to end up like me?

If I were you I'd tell him

to take his goddamn coal mine
and shove it up his ass

and I'd ride out
the hell out of this goddamn

miserable little shithole.

Jesus Christ.

We're ready to order now.

Hand me that 15 inch crusher.

Carla, I know
how to fix everything.

What are you talking about?

Just hear me out.
That's all I ask.

This land
is worth a lot of money.

But my dad
is just sitting on it.

He won't sell it.

Well, suppose
someone had to sell it.

Suppose someone had to sell it
to pay a ransom.


Suppose we kidnap my father.

Kidnap your...

Okay, Rupert, even for you,

this is one of the most
lamebrain thing.

Carla, we can do it.

I'm alone with him underground
all the time.

And there's an old exit shaft

that comes out right
on the spot pretty.

I'll sneak him out
and we'll keep him here,

- tied up of course.
- Tied up of course.

We can't forget
that part of the plan.

The only thing
I haven't figured out

is how do I get him here.

Do I knock him out?
Do I hypnotize him?

Ugh, what's the matter?




We can knock out your dad
with some drugs.

Two Placidols ought to do it.

- Yeah.
- No, now, wait a minute.

Who is going to pay
to get your dad back?

- My mother.
- Heh.

Your mother hates your father.

Yeah. But she'd love
to sell his land.

Now wait a minute.

This is no good.
You know why?

You're planning on doing this

while you're both at work

So if you go to work together,
you gotta leave work together,

or else
you are the prime suspect,

buckaroo, right?


What are you doing?

I can make you
sound like him too.

Heh, oh, no,
I am not even stoned

and you're beginning
to make sense to me.

Look, my mom,
she works hard too, right?

So why is he in charge
of everything?

Because he's the king?

I'm calling a revolution.

Are you with you or against me?

Do you know what I could do
for my kid

with that kind of money?

Well, I'd also buy myself
one incredible red dress.

And I want you to write poetry.

Can you write poetry, Rupert?

I think that I shall never see

a poem as lovely as you mean.

Pie as tasty as your thigh,

- or smoke pot as free...
- Okay, okay, heh.

Will you help me, Carla?
Will you come away with me?

The question is can
a poor ex-hippie be saved?

I'll save you.
I love you.

Rupert, you really
are very sweet.

Will you help me?


You will?


- You will?
- No.

- You will, heh.
- No.

- Mwah, You will.
- No.

Rupert. Rupert, heh.

I don't wanna be a tadpole.

I wanna be a dolphin.

I want to be
a very rich, ugh, dolphin.

Hi, guys.

- How's it going, handsome?
- Fine.

- Hey, Chester.
- Rupert?

Hey, Tony is looking
for some men to work, uh,

midnight Christmas day.

Sign us up,
keep you out of trouble.

How's it going, handsome?

Hey, goodnight
and don't work too hard.

Tony is looking for some men
to work midnight Christmas day.

Sign us up,
keep you out of trouble.

♪ Brightly shone
The moonlight night ♪

♪ Though the frost was cruel ♪

♪ When a poor man came inside
Gathering winter fuel ♪

Joey, need a cleanup on five

for a broken jar of mayonnaise.

Excuse me, miss.

Do you know the difference
between jumbo olives

and super jumbo olives?

Oh, let me see.

Here, take two of these,
put them in his coffee.

- Two's enough?
- Honey, this ain't NutraSweet.

Christmas night will do shit.

We go in at midnight.

We'll practically be on our own.

Do you know what the sentence
is for kidnapping?

Maximum, um, life imprisonment.

Well, I'm already
doing that one.

I'm packing our lunches.

Well, wonders never cease.

Oh, and dad told me to tell you

he's going fishing
tomorrow morning

right after work.

- Mom?
- Hmm.

when you used to read my palms

when I was little.

You used to tell me my future.

Yeah, I did anything I could
to get you to go to sleep.

Oh, god, honey,
I used to look at your hand

and promise you the world,
didn't I?

Read them tonight, please,
for Christmas.

Hmm, let's see.

Strong straight fingers.
That's courage.

It says your prosperity
line looks

like you're gonna be
rich someday.

And your lifeline extends
all the way around.

Oh, but I never wanted you
to work in the coalmine.

I'm sorry, honey,
I can't forget.

Then I'll tell your future.

You're gonna be happy again.

I promise.

Bye, mom.

Bye, you weirdo son, you.

Tired, dad?


You don't feel tired at all.

No, I don't.

You look kind of tired.

I'm not tired, Rupert, okay.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Your sandwich has mustard in it.

No, you know, I think
we got our lunch bags mixed up.

Yeah, I got your thermos too.

Give me my thermos.

What's the difference?
We both drink our coffee black.

It's the principle of the thing.

I mean you have
your coffee thermos,

I have my coffee thermos.

It's very important to me
if we're going to work together

that we respect each other's

Thank you.

Here, your sandwich,
your Twinkie.

Look, you can keep the Twinkie.

I don't want your Twinkie.

How much of my coffee
did you drink?

About half.

Shit, I drink half of yours.

you've been smoking dope.

No, dad.

Heh, you know, I know we never
talk about these things.

But really, son,
you can be truthful with me.

I mean, I was in Nam.

I'm okay, dad. Okay.

I'm okay.


Just, uh, drink your coffee.


Far as we used to say
in the jungle,

may the good lord above
keep your heads in one piece.

All right.

What. Ugh.

- Dad?
- Huh?

How do you feel?

Strange, very strange.

I'm tired. I am very tired.

Just go to sleep.

Huh? Heh.



I know what's going on.

You do?

Yeah. When I was overseas
I smoked some opium.

I must be having a flashback.

Yeah, I thought
I was in a whorehouse in Saigon.

You are, dad.

- I am?
- Yeah.

And I'm here to take you home.

You wanna go home, don't you?

Heh. Hmm.

Here, come on.

Unh, put your arm
around my shoulder.



One more time.

- Okay, ugh.
- Oh.

Ling Ling.

- Ling Ling.
- Ling Ling.

- Ling Ling.
- Oh, Ling Ling.

- Mwah.
- Dad, don't do that.

Oh, Ling Ling. Ling Ling.

- Unh.
- Ling Ling.

Ling Ling. Ling Ling. Ugh.

I can't marry you, honey.

I got a wife
and a baby back home.

- Dad, stand here, okay.
- Hmm

Okay, let's go.

I don't look
like Gary Marshetta.

- Sure, you do.
- No.

Kind of.

Look, when we get in there
just keep moving, okay.


Don't let anyone
get close to you.


Check the machine.

How's it going, handsome?

Okay, what do you
after you turn in his lamp?

Go to the basket, get his stuff,

then we are gonna
get out of there.

Okay. Good luck.

- How is it going, Chester?
- Ah, Rupert.

- You are late this morning.
- Yeah, well, uh,

dad and I have a little problem
on our section four.

How is it going, handsome?

Marshetta, Garrett.

Don't you want your tag?

Tag, tag.

Okay, come on.

My arm.

Okay, Act calm but natural.


Oh, sorry about that, Ed.

I, uh, don't know
what made me do that.

We need to discuss this.


Oh, you're a dead man.


Goodnight, don't work too hard.

I don't plan on it.

Don't work too hard.

I said I don't plan on it.

Come here, Sparky.
Come here, Sparky.


Look at this, a tricky.

Mm. Come, fetch.

Goodnight, Rupert.

Let's go.

Happy New Year.

There's fishing tackles
in the back.

Make sure it looks like
you put up a fight.

- When do you call?
- Four o'clock.

Good luck.

Good luck yourself, Flipper.

Who are you?

What the hell you want with me?

What the hell is going on here?

What's this all about?


God damn it,
you can't kidnap me.

I'm a goddamn veteran.

Wait a goddamn minute.

Jack. Hey, is that you
Jack psycho buddy, huh?

Hey man, you, uh, flipped
out on me because of Pamela?

Heh, hey, don't worry man,
I'll forgive you.

Who the hell are you anyway?

I calm. I'll kill you,
you son of a bitch.

Come back here.
I'll kill you.

Come back here
you son of a bitch.

I'll rip your ugly face off.

Come back in here, goddamn.

Standing by.

Says the ransom call came in.

The family is deciding
how to proceed.

Things look pretty serious.

So what are you gonna do?

I'm not doing anything.

Ma, dad's been kidnapped.

I know it's a big shock
but you have to do something

to get him back.

Who wants him back?

Pam, Gary's in trouble.

This seems extremely
private to me.

Ma, what the hell
are you talking about?

This isn't real.

Come on, who'd kidnap
Gary Marshetta?

This is his revenge.

It was little war games,

we're the communist
and he's the Green Berets.

I knew he was
gonna do something.

Not like Gary
know how to do a payback.

So this is it.

He wants to get me all worried
and feeling sorry for him

and meanwhile he's in a bar
somewhere having a beer

and a good laugh.

Do you really think so?

I know so.

I'm not doing a thing.

He'll come home
when he's good and ready.

Ma, if you had the chance,

if you had some money,

you'd run away with him,
wouldn't you?

Yes, Rupert.
Yes, I would.

I kidnapped dad.

You're nuts.

- Pam, he's getting nuts.
- What?

I kidnapped dad.

He's not too far away
and, uh, he's kind of tied up.

See, I figured the lawyers
will let you sell his land

if you had a good reason.

This is a pretty good reason,
don't you think?

You are nuts.

Rupert Anthony Marshetta.

Then after you gave the money
to his kidnappers,

I mean me, I'd give
half of it back to you.

So you could take off with him.

Is dad all right?

Yeah, he's fine.


This is what we need, isn't it?

You're not thinking of going
along with this, are you?

Let me think.

Yeah, let her think.

I'd only want a piece of it.

I mean I'd give half
of it to Gary

just to be fair, all right?

I'll go along with that.

I vote no.

You don't vote in my revolution.

Ma, viva the revolution.

Why the hell not?

All right.
All right. Yeah!

Any decision?

And under the circumstances,
I'd do anything I could

to help you sell that land,
Mrs. Marshetta.

Hell lot by a piece of it myself
if it would help your husband.

I mean, I'm just a housewife.

I don't have anything my own.

I'm sorry.

It's just been hard.

Of course.

Would you like some white wine?

No, thank you.

It's a horrible situation.

But there is a problem

and I'm embarrassed
to be the one to tell you.

Oh, please don't be.

There's no land to sell.

Your husband sold that
piece of property last week.


Sold it for cash,
didn't want a cheque,

didn't want your bank to know.

Hard cold cash.

He sold the goddamn land.

You're hungry. Wake up.



Hey, Mr. Marshetta,
are you all right?

You got the keys of this cuffs,
huh? You better.

If you want to keep breathing,
you better.

All right.
Now roll here.

Come here and unlock these
chains, Mr. Trick or Treat

or I'll twist your friend's head
right off his neck.


Hello, dad.

Rupert, all right.

Hey, come on,
get me out of these chains, boy.

- Come on, son.
- Let her go, dad.

Let her go!

Hey, come on,
let's get out of here.

It's you. You bitch!

She kidnapped me, Rupert.
Shoot her.

She imprisoned me.
She abducted and imprisoned me.

She squirted Cheez-Whiz
in my face.

Dad, you don't understand.

Come on, Rupert,
let's get out of here.

- Wait outside.
- No, now, come on, it's over.

Wait outside!

Christ, she kidnapped
your old man.

You can't just let her walk out
of here like that.

I did it.

Rupert, make sense.

I planned it. I did it.

You did?

I did.

What for?

For the goddamn money
that's what for.

Get that gun out of my face.

What the hell you know
about guns anyway?

You sold the land.


They'll be here
with the bulldozers next week.

All the trees will be gone.

Where's the money?

Your mother?

She thought you were playing
a joke on her to scare her.

Scare back in love with me.

Do you think that's possible?

Where is the money?

Would you kill me for?

Sometimes I felt like
I could kill you.

There's something...
There's something else.

You know, If I had just

put that money in the bank
and share it with all of you,

your mother
would be gone right now.

She'd left.

I figured...

All this way...

I'd keep her.

Keep her prisoner.


Oh, what else do you call it
when you keep someone

against their will?


Hey, you're pretty smart, kid.

Dad, please,
I don't want to hurt you.

Tell me where the money is.

He sold the land
out from under us.

Good. It's over.
Come on, let's go.

You want to give up now
when we're so close.

Close to what? Jail?
You're standing there

with a goddamn shotgun
in your hand.

I cannot let him win,
not this time.

Rupert, I made one mistake
in my life

and I am still paying for it.

This feels just like
the same thing.

Now come on,
we'll get out of this.

Come on.

Don't do this, Rupert.


Told you I hate this job.

Well, guess your bail.

I'll give you a hint,

it's in the five-figure range.

If it was five bucks
and a smile, I couldn't make it.

What about Rupert?

We still can't find him
or his dad.

Carla, if you know where he is,

I can get to him,
I can try to help him.

He's young.
He just made a mistake.

Well, everybody makes mistakes.

Even you?

Yeah, even me.

Carla, sometimes
I can act like such a...

A butthead?


Joe. State boys
wanna search the Harmar Mine.

They think he might be hiding
in there with his daddy.

Okay. Right there.

Hey, wait a minute.

There's back entrance
to that mine.

"I was sent from the heaven
into my mother's arms,

sent by God to Earth
with all the babies' charms.

But that took a different route.

No shelter have I found.

Got a 30/30 in my hand,
heaven sent and a hell bound.

Like that?


It's a poem.

Dad, please, where is the money?

Where is it?
Just tell me where it is.

Let me have one of them Slim

Excuse me.

I have to take a leak.

Now the company
won't let us take a leak.


Yeah, I guess, they want
us to shit our own time.

Why don't they just take
the junks out

instead of keeping
them locked up?

Seems kind of...

The Port 'O' Jonny.

You hid it
in the Port 'O' Jonny.

Who would hide money
in a Port 'O' Jonny?

Let's find out.

You know, the damn thing
is nearly indestructible.

You know,
come a nuclear disaster.

There's gonna be
two things left,

cockroaches and this
goddamn portable shit.

Now, be careful
the flame doesn't get too high,

because if it does,
you have methane.

You better get out of there
just as fast as you can.

All right, now, let's go.

Watch your step, Carla.


You know,
if there's any gas in here

that little charge
just might set her off.

We'll have to take that chance.

Roof might come down.

Get a rip rolling
all the way out of here.

I angled the charges like
you do into a cold phase

so the explosion makes
a V blowing out, not up, right?

Heh, right.


I love you.

What's down here?

Little Genius, where are you?

Did you hear?


Joe, I don't know...

Yeah, this is great, Carla.




Little Genius!


Rupert, I'm over here!

Come on, you've got to
come out with us!

Where are you?

I'm in this tunnel
and it's kind of quiet...

There's rocks and...
I'm in a tunnel!

I found the money!

Rupert, the cops are after you.

We've got to get out of here.

Carla! Follow my voice!

I am!

I think.


Stop right where you are!

Come on. Come on.

Where'd he go?

There he is.

Hey, hotshot.

No, wait, hey, hang on!

- Help me, dad.
- Son.

You're under arrest.

- What in that lamp?
- Methane.

We've got about 60 seconds

before this whole place
blown to sky high.


Carla! Get out of here.

Move out.

- Dad, let me go.
- Can't, son.


This way.

Get on.

Please. Carla!



10-1, Unit 4, 10-1, Unit 4,

there are two persons
still missing.

Request you standby, over.

It's easier
down the station house

- to keep an eye on...
- No jail.

I'll keep him home.
Don't worry, I'll keep him.

It seems you'll get along
faster without that luggage.

Let me help you there.

I think there's
somebody you know.

You're not dead?

Well, they are
still looking for me.

Which when you think about it,

puts me in a very
interesting situation.

Little Genius
always wanted to run away.

Well, now I'm ready.

Go to Philadelphia to the east
New York to the north,

California to the west.

Rio de Janeiro?

Yeah, that's south.

How about Sacramento?

Sacramento, California?

That's where my little girl is.

Joe, cleaned out
the savings account,

he thinks maybe we can
talk some sense

to the former
Mrs. Trooper.

We could be a family, Rupert.

I think I'd rather be handcuffed
to a refrigerator.

Rupert. Look, I'm sorry.

I love Joe.
I do.

I love you too.
It's just not same.

I'm sorry. I'm sure
you've had your fill

of this sort of thing.

I think you should see your
little girl.

Sacramento and Joe, but I...

Not for me.

Can I at least give you a ride?

Tell you what I'm gonna do.

When I get to Sacramento,

I'm gonna put my name and
number in the phonebook, okay?



I hope someday
I meet your daughter.

Someday it would be my privilege
to introduce her to you.

Hey! Got a souvenir.



Where you going?

South America.

Maybe just Pittsburg.

I can't decide.

Where are your friends?

I lost them.

I'm on my own.

Like you.

Hey, don't you need
a passport or something

to go to South America?

Depends on how you go, I guess.

I don't think you need one
to go to Pittsburg.

You want a ride?

I suppose I could do that.

So what do you do, anyway?

I don't do anything anymore.

Well, what you used to do?

I used to be a prince.

♪ There's a road up ahead ♪

♪ And it's a long one ♪

♪ It's ridden
On the restless and young ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Sometimes you move
With no choice ♪

♪ To the call
Of wild crazy voices ♪

♪ And you start to feel like
A restless gone free ♪

♪ Well, as years go by, now
You finally see ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, well, the young ♪

♪ Leave their problems behind ♪

♪ It seems many got nothin'
But time, time ♪

♪ Yeah, and many pray,
About doin' what's right ♪

♪ They just run for the love
In the night ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Mm, mm, well, the young ♪

♪ Leave their problems behind ♪

♪ It seems many got nothin'
But time, time ♪

♪ Yeah, and many pray,
About doin' what's right ♪

♪ They just run for the love
In the night ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Mm, mm, in the night ♪

♪ Ain't this what dreams
Are made of ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪