The Pond (2021) - full transcript

Anthropology professor was kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. Someone or something is still interested in his work.

Good morning.

- You're it!
- No, you're it!

- Morning, sir.
- Morning, girls.

Where's Gabrielle?


I will bring her next time.

- Please do.
- We need her.

To play with us.

Here's your money.

How's work?

As usual.

You still won't tell me what
you're working on.


And I probably never will.

If I tell you, you too will
think I'm crazy.

You know that's not true.

You know you can trust me.

But I do think you're crazy

when you fall asleep in
less then a minute.


I'm sorry, I'm just a bit
curious that's all.

I know.

That's why you were my
favorite student

'cause of your curiosity.

Was that the
only reason?


Are you going to sleep now?




Hey, hey, hey, what's wrong?

I saw him, I saw him!

Calm down, honey.


What happened?

I saw him, it was the monster!

Calm down, Gaby, calm down.

Remember what I told you,
he is not here.

He can't be everywhere, right?

But he came to me and-

In your dreams.

But what did we say?

Who is in charge of
your dreamworld?

Who's the queen?


This is our world, not his.

- Our world, okay.
- Yes.


Now go back to bed.

If you see him tell him I'm
going to kick his ass

if he tries to scare you again,


All right, now go.

They called today.

Who called?

The faculty.

They wanted to know
how you were.

And what did you tell them?

That you're fine.

Do you think that we see the
entirety of everything

that's around us in a world?

What do you mean?

Well, we rely on our senses,

sight, hearing, taste, smell,

to experience the world,

but can we say with certainty

that there isn't more
to the world

than what we perceive
with our senses?

Just think about it,

what would it be like to
actually see music?

Now what if we haven't yet
developed senses

to perceive other
things around us?

What if we have lost them
a long time ago

to sense things, other things

beyond the scope of
our imagination?

You are ahead of our time.

I know that.

It's a cold morning, eh?

You're not cold?

Sorry to wake you up.

Leave my rope alone.

Uh, leave it alone.

I've told you hundreds of
times, it's mine, and mine only.

If you need it that bad
buy yourself one.

You're stupid.

You've always been stupid.

I don't even know what I'm
gonna do with you all day.

Well, well, good
morning to you.

Where's Gaby?

Did she come?

Uh, no, not today, soon.

Don't worry, tomorrow.

I promise.

See you, sir.

Hello, my friend.

Morning, Professor.

How are you feeling today?

Very well.

How are you?

Good, as always.

I received a call from the
faculty yesterday.

Yes, I told them to call you.

What can I do for you,

Well, you didn't answer my
calls yesterday,

so I wanted to
check out on you.

I'm sorry about that.

I, I was just too tired.

I was working all day
on my research.

And how is that going?

Good for now.

We will see.

You came there to rest.

You need to do so.

I came here to finish my work,

And when you finished,
will you come back?

I won't be coming back, sir.

All I need is to
figure this out.

I'm this close.

I, I can feel it.

It won't bring her back.

Excuse me?

Your wife.

She is dead, Professor.

Your research will not
bring her back.

Stop doing this and
come back to us.

Your students need you.

With all do respect, sir,
it was you that kicked me out.

I mean not you, but
the faculty did.

They did not kick you out.

They suspended you, Professor.

It's the same thing to me.

I don't care.

...kick you out.


Did you know that the
folding chess board

was invented by a
priest in 1125.

Since the church forbid
priests to play chess

he hide the board by
making it look

like two books lying next
to each other.

So it's a Devil's game.

If you believe in
him then yeah.

And what if all this
around us is a game

just like this one?

We're merely actors played on
the stage of life

and this world is an illusion.

No one really dies.

No one is really hurt.

You're getting better.

I'm not as good as you are,

but still I have my moves.

You're just so unpredictable.

Sometimes I think
you're cheating.

I'm not that good at chess.

No, you're not, but you might
be good at cheating.

I played chess every day
with my students,

picked up a lot of
moves from them.

Maybe you learned how
to cheat too.

If you think I'm a cheat

then why do you play
chess with me?

I'm trying to figure it out.

Ah, hello, my friend.

Did someone see my ax?

I can't work without my ax.

I haven't seen it.

Did you finish?


But now I can't find my fuckin'

I'll kill those thieves
if I find them.

This is actually really nice.

You could be a carpenter.

Carpenter, carpenter,

I didn't mean to offend you.

Those fuckin' kids took it.

I guarantee you,
I'll fuckin' kill them when I see them.

You should be more
careful with that ax.

Someone could get hurt.

So young, so frustrated.

Let him be.





Maybe next time, my friend.

You always say that.

Only when I win.

Well, it's time for me to go.

It was a pleasure
playing with you.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, see you tomorrow.

Maybe then I'll beat you.

Yeah, maybe.

The plants died again.

Maybe we're doing
something wrong.

Abby, but you've seen it.

Every plant Dad brings home
after a while just dies.

This time it won't happen,

We'll prove that it has nothing
to do with him, never had.

Hey, we'll get you another one.

We'll save it this time, okay?

You promise?

I promise.

Fucking hammer!

Fucking Christ, this is a
piece of shit!

Can't work like this!

Fuck you!

Fucking hammer!


Abby, I'm not really in
the mood for that.

Let me guess, you are tired.

Look, Abby, I'm, I'm,
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'll make it up to you,
I promise.

I know.

You know our plant died.

I don't know what's wrong
with those plants.

Me neither.

Doesn't make any sense.

At least she hasn't had one of
those nightmares last night.

She lost her mother,

don't let her lose her
father as well.

I know.

I'll take her with me tomorrow.

Please do.

Why is the toilet locked?

You okay, Gaby?


What do you think about her?

She's fine.

She was so happy today, I
don't know why.

You know she's doing her best,

Yeah, I know.

But she can't replace Mom.

No, but give her chance.

Go play.

I'll pick you up when I'm done.


We haven't seen you
for so long.

- I suppose.
- Maybe she has a new friend.

I don't.

Mony's jealous.

Here, I'll count for you.

One, two.

One, two.

Faster, faster, faster, faster!

I'm okay.

Do you like it?

Yeah, it's beautiful.

Does it die?

Everybody dies.

But this one doesn't.

Really, can I take it?

No, it's mine.

But there are a lot of
them in the woods.

You're eating too much
sugar my friend.


It accelerates my brain.

That's your plan to beat me.


I just like eating sugar.

Makes me think fast.

Okay, whatever makes you happy.


You know the pond
is artificial.

It was made by people so they
could go fishing.

Yeah, I know.

And there's some theory
about a crazy fish.

I don't like those
kind of theories.

Well, there may be some
truth in the story.

What about those crazy fish?

He swims vertically or upside
down when he's hunting.

In our pond?

Where else?

You should ask the old Boatman.

What about him?

Well, he loves fishing.

Do you think something's
wrong with him?

He doesn't speak.

I noticed.

And it has something to do
with the crazy fish.


A couple of years ago I, I
read an article

about a man and a cow.

A man lived in a village
and he had a cow.

It was everything to him.

Every day he would feed her,
brush her, speak to her.

And then the cow died.

He grieved.

He stopped speaking.

And then every evening he would
go to the stable and sleep.

He started eating straw and
drinking water from the bucket.

The man became a cow.

So he went mad.

No, not that kind of madness.

And what's this all got to do
with the Boatman?

He caught the crazy fish.

That kind of craziness.

And then fish got
back in the pond.

He never saw it again.

This really
makes sense.

You shouldn't laugh.

That was quick.

I must go find Gabrielle.

You let me win.

Shame on you.



Daddy, Daddy!

Gabrielle, where were you?

I was looking for you all
over the place.

I saw him, I saw him!

- Who?
- The monster here in the woods.

Gabrielle, there is no
monsters here or anywhere.

This has to stop.

But I saw him.

What were you doing
there anyway?

Don't go in the woods alone.

Why don't you believe me?

Mom would believe me.

What happened?

She got lost in the woods.

Oh my God.

Is she okay?

She's fine.

How was your day with
Luci and Mony?

She's talking to you, Gaby.


Eat your food.

I'm not hungry.

I wanna go to bed.

Okay, let's go.

I just wanted to find
a new plant.

One that won't die.

I know.

But daddy scared me.

He didn't believe me.

He's just worried, my love.

He's working too much,

and he's under a lot
of pressure.

So forgive him if he loses his
temper sometimes.

He loves you very much.

And I love you very much.

I love him too.

And you too.


Hi, Mony.

Can I wait with you?


You seem a bit
different lately.

Sorry, I think that's because
I'm a little distracted.

Have you been working too much?

I guess so.

What are you working on?

Well, I'm the pond keeper.

What do you keep?

Everything I guess.

I know how you feel.

Where's your sister?

I don't know.

I ran off, I get angry.

She thinks I'm selfish,
and it's true.

But it's because of her.

I inherit all of her old or
small clothes and ugly dolls.

You can buy new things.

It's too expensive.

We don't need to
spend more money.

Yeah, you're right.

But I'll tell you a secret.

I have stolen her
favorite doll.

A lot of things happened,

but it's all clear to me now.

There are symbols everywhere,

here, in the woods, in the
pond, even in my home.

This is why I think we are not
here by accident.

The system works
without our will.

The world is made of circles

and we are in the middle
of those circles.

And they are turning around,
and around,

and, and just stop.

When she died I, I
wanted to know why.

Why did she have to go?

I was looking for answers,
why her?

Why do we all have to go
through this immense pain?

Sorry, Professor.

Give me one moment.

Listen, I'm quite concerned
about something.

Has he ever told you anything
about the circles?


Then go and check it out.

Where are you going?

Stay here.

But where are you going?

I have to go up to
the university.

Lock the door.

You're such a idiot!

You're an idiot!


No, I'm not,
you're the psycho.

I'm not the the psycho.


Ah, ow!


You're so stupid.

No you're stupid!

You psycho!

- You're such a idiot!
- Stop it!

You're stupid, ow!

Hey girls!

I'm gonna get you!


What the hell are you doing?

Have you lost your minds?

Hey, these kids, eh.

What kids?

Luci and Mony.

Luci and Mony are at home,

What are you talking about?

No, but they were
just right here.

You must of seen them
run past here.

I must, I must be tired.

So much so you can't
play another game.

It seems so.

Hm, so you're rejecting me.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

Then it's time for a rematch.

Play tricks on you.

Come on.

I think its one-one, isn't it?

Timothy, 3:1-4.

But understand this, that
in the last days

there will come times
of difficulty.

For people will be
lovers of self,

lovers of money, proud,
arrogant, abusive,

disobedient to their parents,
ungrateful, unholy,

heartless, unappeasable,
slanderous, without self-control,

brutal, not loving good,
treacherous, reckless,

swollen with conceit,
lovers of pleasures

rather than lovers of God.

The darkness drops again,

but now I know that 20
centuries of stony sleep

were vexed to nightmare by
a rocking cradle,

and what rough beast,

its hour come round at last

slouches towards
Bethlehem to be born.

You're under the weather today,

I am.


Sorry, I can't play.


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
accelerate your stress levels.

What did you just say?

I didn't mean to accelerate
your stress levels.


The monster is here!


There's no one here.

It was just here.

Don't be scared.

It was probably just a mouse
stuck somewhere.

Daddy will open it and fix it
when he gets back, okay?


Let's change.

What the hell?

The Boattman, he caught it with
his bare hands.

He said, "Fish is
running out of time."

He's right.

At least about this one.

How is Gabrielle?

She's upset.

Did you go out today?

I was home all day.

What are you doing?


What's going on here?

Good day, Professor.



Who gave you the key?

Please, Professor.

Please, sit down.

I'll make us some tea.

Who gave you the key?

And why are you here?

Easy, Professor.

Sometimes in life
things just happen.

Things don't just happen.

And sometimes it's hard
to understand it.

I'm a scientist, please
spare me the lecture.

Ah, now you're a scientist.

Just get to the point.

Let's have some tea first.

I don't have time for
this bullshit.

I want to know what's going on.

Well, obviously I
figured it out.

What do you even mean?

You weren't cheating.

But it doesn't matter anymore.

You're upset 'cause I refused
to play last time.

I was a little sad,
but not upset.

I'm certainly not
that kind of man.

Okay, what kind of man are you?

You wanna play now?

Not anymore.

I was sitting by the pond,

waiting for you and they came
and brought me a letter.


What, what letter?

And I opened the letter and
inside there was nothing.

Not a word, just a small blue

addressed to me.

And we both know
what that means.

It sounds like a
mystery but it's not.

Obviously someone reported you.

It was you.

Frankly, I don't give a damn.

I was playing chess
with you every day

and you reported me.

Well, maybe you shouldn't
be playing chess

during working hours.

You're a real predator.

I've fought people like
you all my life.

And now you must leave.


I know what my job is, I don't
need you anymore.

I will never leave this cabin.

Then I will throw you out.

I won't be the first.


It's all clear now, Professor.

Is what clear?

Acceleration theories.

I don't understand.

Circles are narrowing, moving
toward the center.

Look I really need you to
trust me on this, okay?

Please, you're my only hope,

You're the only
person I can trust.

What about Abby?

I don't know, maybe she's
gone crazy too.


what if I told you that
we live in Hell already?


What hell are you
talking about?

Look, when my wife died I, I,
I was depressed.

I asked myself why did
she have to go?

Does it have something to
do with my life,

with Gabrielle's?

Why her?

Why not some killer?

It's 'cause we are
already in Hell.

I found proof.

Oh, did you?

Dante was explaining
how Hell works.

Not because he was
inspired about it

or he was fantasizing about
something he, he,

it was his description
of our mankind.

He was talking about this,

He knew.

Go on.

Listen, listen to me carefully,
acceleration is constant.

I found a frequency of it.

I figured it out.

Look at this scheme.

I'm sending it right now.

People are around me went
completely mad.

The stupid Chess Player
took my place.

You are far away, but
if you were here

you would see it for yourself.

Something happened,
someone reported me.

They're going to be
here any minute.

And I think, and I think
it's got something

to do with my research.

What the hell is
going on there?

Nobody's taking my work!

I'm the only one who
understand this place,

and the stupid crazy fish,
and the crazy girls,

and the crazy Boattman!

They're all crazy and they're
trying to make me crazy too

and steal my life!

I'm not sure I understand.

This is, this is...

The truth.

The place and the time.

The circle is turning
towards the center.

And the center is?

Here on this island.

What you're trying to say is,

that all your
research comes to you

being the center of the world.

My theory is that we are
in Hell already,

and that we are
descending more and more.

I know you will say that we
had more crimes,

more violence, and more wars.

That was confusing me too,

but Hell is not about the fact

that we are killing or
hating each other more.

Hell is that we are
slowly giving away.

We are not
controlling ourselves.

That it is very important,

because understanding that we
know this we can change.

That is our only hope.

You were my student and I gave
you my knowledge.

How did you come up with this

that the world
circles around you?

I don't understand, I
don't understand.

The, the events and the numbers
they all show clearly that.

Oh, you will understand, you
will understand definitely.

What do you mean?

You always thought you were
better than anyone else.

This idea could have been mine.

You're no better than me,
trust me.

I want to tell you I heard a
song in a dream.

When I heard the song I
realized that you were right.

The end is near.

What song?

I, what?

I don't understand.

Do not wake him up,
he is dreaming.

If he opens his eyes he will
not see us anymore.

If he wakes we will
cease to exist.

If we stop playing to him, he
will have nightmares.

If it may be so then the world
is still in Hell.

So be quiet, he's asleep.

So sing in silence
while he dreams.

He dreams of the world,

and the world dreams of him.

The silence of the noise.

The light of the darkness.

Eternal to the end.

Professor, what are you doing?



Do not wake
him up, he is dreaming.

If he opens his eyes he will
not see us anymore.

If he wakes up, we will
cease to exist.

If we stop playing to him, he
will have nightmares.

If so it may be so our world
will stay in Hell.

So be quiet, he is asleep.

Let's sing in silence
while he dreams.

He dreams of a world while the
world dreams of him.

In the silence of a noise, in
the darkness of a light,

eternal in the end.

You should go play with them.

I have something to finish.

Come, Gabrielle.

Play with us.

Abby, please don't
leave me here.

Please, take the masks off.

Come on, Gabrielle,

play with us.

Don't be so arrogant.




Where's my daughter?

I don't know.

You're the father.

You can stop playing games now,
just tell me where she is.

Oh, come on, like you care.

What's that supposed to mean?

Oh, darling,

I saw it.

She became scared of you.

I'm not sure she even
loves you anymore.

That is a lie.

You never even cared about her,

just like you never cared
about your wife.

Be quiet.

You can't fool me.

Remember when we met in your classroom.

The way you looked at my eyes,
my hair, my legs.

You forgot all about
your wife, did you?

That is not true.

I loved my wife,
and I love Gaby with all my heart.

I would do everything to
have my family back.

You know, when we met
the only thing

I saw in your eyes was
desire, not love.







Hey, girls.

Have you seen Gaby?

Come on, Gabrielle,
play with us.


Dad, come on.

Gaby, I want you to know how
much I love you.

Dad, what are you doing?

Come on.

You must face your fears.

They will disappear as if
they never existed.

Dad, please.


I'm sorry for everything.

Do you what checkmate means?

It means the king is dead.

It's a Persian word.

Shah met, they called it.

Why are you here?

Well, my friend,

I could ask you the
same question.

You all made me.

And who are we again?


What do you want from me?

Did you know that the phrase
the king is dead

came from France and it was
used by the son of a King

known as the Beloved and Mad.

He said, "The king is dead."

Long live the king.

Please, spare me.

I'm not crazy even if you
want me to be.


But we don't know that.

What are you trying to say?

What I'm trying to say is
that the king is dead

is an announcement that a
king has just died.

And long live the king, the
first of the heir,

who immediately takes
over the throne

upon the death of the
preceding ruler.

Funny how they took that
from a game of chess.

What do you want from me?

I just wanna play a game of
chess with you that's all.

What about them?

Well, they're all different.

We're all different.

You won't get my research.

What's so funny?

Humans, you all think
the same thing.

Oh, yeah, and what's that?

That you're special.

I mean you are, but not
in every story.

You remind me of my brother.

Oh, by the way it was him that
wanted your research not me.

He couldn't stand that you
found out about us.

And what about the rest of you?

Everyone gets what they wanted.

He got what he wanted.

He didn't get my research.

It's in safe hands.

My brother, no, no, he won't.

You're right about that,

but I wasn't talking about him.

Who are you talking about then?

About him.

The masked man.

If that's what you call him.

And what does he want?

This is not about you, friend.

Where's Gaby?

Every plant Dad brings home

after a while just dies.

This is about the successor.

The one who will act as
prophet for them all.

What are you talking about?

You created Hell by
believing in it.

And now is the perfect time
for him to come.

But there can't be.

Those who don't believe

in the Devil already
belong to him.

What do you mean?

But Daddy scared me.

He didn't believe me.

I saw him, I saw him!

The monster here in the woods!

Gabrielle, there is
no monsters.

He's already chosen his
successor, my friend,

thanks to you.



My friend, you lost this time.


Or should I say the
king is dead.

Long live the king.

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