The Plot to Assassinate Hitler (1955) - full transcript

A disillusioned Wehrmacht officer named Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

This film describes an important part

of the history of the German
resistance movement in 1943 and 1944.



This work is only half of a mission.

In a few years,

our whole group
will volunteer for the front.

To Wannsee!

Stop fighting or it'll soon be useless.


The Professor doesn't live here anymore?
- He died long ago, Count.

If you ask me officially:


But between us:

concentration camp.

Nonsense, dear Stauffenberg.

Believe your old
military academy teacher:

A soldier should keep out of politics!

It's a fundamental principle!


Are we simply puppets?

Only fit for fighting?

- Yes.

I know you trust me,
or we couldn't talk like this.

That's why I chose you as my orderly.

With Germany's position so hopeless
both at home and on the front,

something has to budge.
But when and how?



They start in the center
and spread out from there.

A play with symbolism.

I don't yet know who can be relied on
or if anyone here is active.


Forget vacation. Time is short.

Lights off!

Are you nuts?

Mr. Nessel?

Can I go up to my apartment?
Perhaps I could still save something.

I can't allow that, Ms. Klee.
Still too dangerous.

By coincidence,
a little bomb hit our house.

The attic is ruined
and in danger of collapsing.

Three raids in one night, not bad!

So what. They're done for.

They've suffered too many losses.

Right, Captain Lindner?

We're late.

We better not run into trouble.

We're not allowed out yet.

See? They've almost no reserves left.

What great night fighters, flak
and stuff we have!

Let's go. -Where are you off to?
The all-clear hasn't sounded.

Comrade Nessel.

I can't reveal everything.
Just one hint:

We're polishing the wonder weapon
to keep it from rusting

before the final victory.

A big trap.

And no discipline!

Don't worry about finding a place,
Ms. Klee.

Some people have whole storeys
and no right to them.

No, I'd never do that.

Right. You work for the High Command.

Why not move into my apartment?

My mother's gone, I'm going back East
and my apartment's empty.

How nice, Mr. Lindner.

It'll only be temporary.
My office will find me a new one soon.

Why? I'd welcome it
if someone looked after my place.



A bit uncomfortable, but my mother
moved to Bavaria and I'm never here.

We get next to no vacation.

We've lived in the same house for years
and hardly know each other.

You're an engineer?
- Yes, a civil engineer.

May I perhaps...

change a few things?

This is a 5 1/2 room apartment,
and 4 1/2 of the rooms are yours.

I only need the other one
once in a blue moon.

I'm leaving for Smolensk
tomorrow or the day after.

Army Group Center?
- Yes.

Does that work?
- I hope so. But you'd better go to bed.

I'll listen to the news first.
Good night.

And thanks!

Looking for something?
- I have an appointment with the boss.

It's all right, Karl.
He's an old customer.

- Evening.

Hard at work?

We can start now.

You're going to be assisting me.

They need banners for motivation.

Making banners, playing dumb, waiting...

How much longer will this go on
before they've picked us all up?

What'll become of the resistance
if we do nothing?

You fought on the Eastern Front.
Now you're fighting on another front.

You have to learn patience.

Everything takes time.
- Who's going to throw out the Nazis?

Only the army can do that.
Or do you want to use a bat?

I had an important conversation
with some officers today.

It might not be long...

You'll finally act?

Generals. With gold on their uniforms.
They're Adolf's henchmen.

Just you wait.

If the officers co-operate with us,

Hitler's clique will be finished.

We'll continue
our group work until then.

No individual action.

Or a concentration camp
will be waiting for us.

That was "London Calling"
with the news in German...

How does it feel
to be a guest in your own home?

Like being at home.

One can see a woman's hand already.

I wouldn't expect that
from a High Command employee.

You think it's despicable?
It'll weigh on your conscience?

Let's be clear. I'm not an informer.

But I fight on the front.

Germany's destiny is on the line
and moral support is important.

We need to know what we're fighting for.

Excuse me for being so frank.

Come in.

I've decided to leave.

So I can
arrive at the train station early.

Mr. Lindner? Come here. Please. Quickly.

Dr. Adler.

He didn't send bills to his patients
because he knew they were poor.

Let's take this guy, too.

Wake up! Get in the truck!


I've dropped my glasses.
I'm so shortsighted.

Not so theatrical.
You won't need them anyway.

The beasts!

They're an exception.

We at the front do nothing like that.
We're clean!

But you're fighting for it,
don't you see?


"Splinter groups," you say.

"Unorganized resistance clubs."

Then who are the people
filling up our concentration camps?


What do you think? Colonel?

I see no danger,
at least among the officers, General.

As long as we give them medals.

Yes, and manors
near the Russian border.


your incompetence perturbs me.

You're sleeping,

and endangering the Reich.

Retired General Ludwig Beck.

In 1938, in the Czech Republic,

he disobeyed the Führer's orders.

I have reports here
on a so-called "Wednesday Club."

Pretty harmless, huh?

We haven't been able
to infiltrate it yet.

But I can guarantee you
that the list is complete.

No, you can't!

You're clueless!

You don't even know
that the "Wednesday Club" meets secretly

on Thursdays,
Fridays and Saturdays

to discuss other subjects.

But I know it.


our files are too skimpy.

I want to know
what our friends are up to:

Reichwein, Mierendorff, Küfer,

and all the others.

And the gentlemen with red stripes
on their pants. And black robes.

I advise you

to get busy.

Let's pray for the innocent people

in concentration camps and prisons

who are suffering for resisting evil.

And for standing up
for those being prosecuted.

God, you have been
our eternal refuge for generations.

Since before
heaven and earth were created...

A tyrant's fortune
is the people's misfortune.

A bitter fact.

To summarize:

The war was lost before it began.

If Hitler were to somehow win the war,
Europe would be a concentration camp.

To prevent our total destruction,
we must strive for peace at all costs.

Only one man stands in our way:


You want to remove Hitler
in the middle of a war?

That would cause chaos.
- Can we take that risk?

We've discussed this for too long.

For years.

The stage is set.

We've won over a number of politicians
who are pursuing our same goal:

to remove Hitler

and to end the war.

Hear, hear.

Although my aim is a social monarchy...

A social monarchy, Mr. Goerdeler?
- Yes.

The working class
won't risk their lives for a monarchy.

What people want
is a social... socialist democracy.

That's just your view.

No, it's a fact, Dr. Goerdeler!
- Why are we arguing?

What's most important is to re-establish
ethics in political life.

A moral and religious power.
We lack that in Germany.

Let's not get lost in theories again.

The military situation
has been critical since Stalingrad.

What we need to do is act.

Right. Our generals have disappointed
the working-class resistance movement.

For years,
they've been waiting for us to act.

We need to do something now.
- A fair request, Mr. Küfer.

We are few in number, but we must
march towards a better future.

Events may move at breakneck speed,
but Germany needs something new:

a coexistence between East and West
according to our vision.

Well said, Count Stauffenberg.

the time for planning is over,

and the time for action has arrived.
- What we want...

is to abolish totalitarianism
and re-establish the rule of justice.

After a successful coup,

a provisional government will provide
for peace and security at home

and open peace talks immediately.

Will the enemy powers
recognize the provisional government?


Dohnanyi, Oster and Josef Müller
have prepared the grounds.

A cease-fire
can be arranged within days.




don't forget today's subject:
"Voltaire and the enlightenment."

Of course, General Beck. Good-bye.

Count Stauffenberg, I want
to introduce you to Mr. von Tresckow.

Count Stauffenberg?
Mr. von Tresckow, Army Group Center.

I couldn't wait to meet
the General Staff's new great hope.

I should be glad
to provide for a little hope here.

Stauffenberg will continue
your work on "Valkyrie."

Do you know our plan?
- All I know

is that Valkyrie is Hitler's
official plan against internal unrest.

Yes, but modified for our purposes.
Or rather: It will be modified.

I'm no longer on leave, but I know
this work will be in good hands.

You can rely on me. Nothing's
more important to me than this mission.


our proficient assistant, Ms. Klee,

will aid you.

Let's work in my apartment. It's safe.

"Our revolt consists of three parts:

firstly, the assasination..."

Or better yet:

"the ignition.


a news blackout for three hours
so the Führer's HQ can't contradict us.

- Wait. - Okay.

"Thirdly: In the meantime,

we'll seize power
in accordance with Valkyrie."

He's a bad-tempered man.

It's hardly reparable.

It was more of an accident.

"To seize the strategic points
in the capital, Berlin,

the following units will be mobilized:

the Döberitz infantry school,

the Wünsdorf tank school,

the Jüterbog artillery school,

and the reconnaissance tank division
from Krampnitz..."

Excuse me,

but what if a Nazi commander
refuses to co-operate?

When Hitler's dead,
that won't be a problem.

You'll have to convince them.
- No time for that.

Let's continue:
"Immediate disarmament of the SS..."

Come in!

Excuse me, Lieutenant.

My train leaves tomorrow.
The route was bombed.

Mr. Lindner, owner of this apartment.
Count Stauffenberg.


I've been given extra homework to do,
Mr. Lindner.

I came in just to let you know I'm home.

Good night.

We have to expect surprises like that.
Put that stuff away.


The High Command announces:

German U-boats sank Anglo-American
boats off the coast of West Africa,

six fully loaded cargo vessels.

Our submarines
returned to base with no losses.

I hope you'll like it here, Mr. Lindner.

Me, too.

Though I'd much rather be on the front.

For the medals?
- No, sir.

I want to be on the front
for the final victory.

That won't be too soon.

We'll meet again in the mess hall.

He's of no use to us.
- No.

I wonder
what impact the explosive will have.

Most important is the silent fuse.

One more minute.

I still think
shooting Hitler would be better.

Despite his bulletproof jacket.
- We can't get close enough to him.

No, it has to be a bomb.

This British booty will fit the bill.
- I hope so.

But how do we get it near him?

Careful. Three seconds.


What an explosion!

That's it!
- Yes. Let's have a look.

Keitel, that's impossible.

The military situation has changed.

Two new Russian tank corps
have been reported.

Does the Führer know that?

But my dear Keitel,

I can't do a pincer movement

if I'm lacking an attack division.

No, I had to transfer them to Rzhev
to save our skin there.

It's madness to sacrifice divisions
just to make the map look better.

The Russian Front...


The Führer?


The Führer.

Heil, my Führer.

I feel it's my duty
to ask for the attack to be cancelled.

German soldiers
will be sacrificed in vain.

I'm begging you. -Field Marshall,
the attack will be simple!

That's an order! Do you understand?

Yes, my Führer.

Attack as planned.

Our soldiers,

no matter what part
of the Eastern Front they're on,

are neither giving
nor receiving quarter.

The divisions

that have
already begun small offensives

will follow them up with large ones
in the coming weeks and months!

Our troops will go into battle

like into a crusade.

3rd Battalion reporting back:
one sergeant and ten men.

Commander Gertler?
- Dead, Colonel.

Captain Kadenbach?
- Dead.

Captain von Schlettow?
- Dead.

Little Schlappke from the 3rd Company?
- Hit by a grenade. Just beside me.


Report to Lieutenant Garbenberg.

The 2nd Tank Division
reports that the offensive failed.

Owing to strong enemy resistance
and unfavorable terrain,

most of the tanks
got stuck and had to be detonated.

Losses have been very high.

It requests permission to end its attack
and return to its original position.

Field Marshall,

this was to be expected.

In fewer than three days,
we've lost 18,000 men for nothing.

Plus all of our tanks.

What could I have done, Tresckow?

You know how he is.

Things look grim.

Why participate, Field Marshall?



Should I allow them to say:
"He backed out when things got tough?"

Field Marshall, 18,000 men

in 56 hours
for the fantasies of a crazy dilettante.

Tresckow, please control yourself!

You know the war is lost:
economically, politically, militarily...

These men
are being uselessly sacrificed.

We must end this.

But how?

As long as Hitler's alive,
our enemies won't declare peace.

What do you mean?

You're not thinking of...
assassinating him?

We need you, Field Marshall.
Help save what can be saved.

I refuse to consider such a suggestion!

Please note:

I shall remain loyal to the Führer,

come what may.

I'll erase this conversation
from my memory,

but be more careful in the future.

Lindner! Captain Lindner!

Lindner, what's the matter?

What's wrong?

Colonel, I request
an immediate transfer to the front.

No, no. What happened?

Bad news from home?

I've seen something terrible:

mass executions,

women and children, too...

because they were Jews.
- Where did you see this?

In Borisov.

Tell me everything in detail
so that I can tell the Field Marshall.

I can't.

I can't.

The Führer can't have known...

Perhaps not the details.
That's Himmler's job.

But the extermination order
came from Hitler.

This wasn't the first
and won't be the last mass grave.

Colonel, order me to the front.

You want to die a hero's death?

I can no longer
keep my oath to the Führer. I hate him.

Come here, Lindner.

Let's see eye to eye.

I'll send you to the front,

but not to the one you mean.

You'll assist
Count Stauffenberg in Berlin.


Mr. Tresckow sent us a new colleague.

May I introduce him to you?

Mr Lindner?

You've know him a while.

Would you...

consider him trustworthy? You know...

I'm sure
Mr. Lindner is a splendid officer.

Ms. Klee,

sensible and cautious.
If only they were all like that.

In the process of evolution,
Saul has become Paul.

I hope we'll work well together,
Ms. Klee.

As regards accommodation,

I have 5 1/2 rooms,
and 4 1/2 of them are yours.

Lindner has brought
splendid news from Tresckow.

Hitler is coming to Army Group Center.

Finally good news.

If Tresckow in Smolensk
and we in Berlin work well together,

we can save Germany.

Tresckow will take good care of you!

I don't know exactly...
- We can rely on Tresckow.

Must have taken quite a lot
to turn him against Hitler.

We'll take you home
and then inform Beck.

The home front welcomes you back.
Heil Hitler, Captain.

Good evening, Mr. Juhnke.

"Good evening?"

Things must be going really badly.

Working late, Comrade Nessel?


They told me
to secure Dr. Adler's effects.

It's now national property.
- "National property," sure.

I admire the Party members' initiative

and your devotion to duty of this kind.

Gentlemen, your arguments
largely coincide with my doubts.

But I'm bound by my oath to the Führer.
- Your oath? Is that what you said?

And what did Hitler do with his oath
to observe the Weimar Constitution?

Hardly an oath or treaty exists

that he hasn't broken.

Loyalty to an oath
is based on reciprocity.

How strange that you use that argument.

This man is leading
the army and Germany to disaster.

I'm enough of a soldier that oaths
are inviolable to me.

After all, Hitler is Supreme Commander.

General, I just found
a quote related to this topic.

Ernst Moritz Arndt.
"The Soldier's Catechism."

"You think that when you've taken
an oath of allegiance to a flag

that you blindly have to do everything
you're told, but that's not true.

Truly honorable soldiers know:

No violence or sovereign power
can compel a noble and free man

to act unjustly or ignobly.
Or to help others do so."

Very well said, Arndt was fantastic,

but he was a poet.

And also a historian.

And a patriot and freedom-fighter.

I have to go.

There's a lot of truth in that, General.

Much food for thought for an officer.

How would this
"change in the current situation"

look in practice?

Well, that's uncertain. We only discuss
fundamental questions here.

Of course.

May I visit you sometime?
- I'd be delighted.



I have important news from Tresckow:

The execution of Valkyrie is immanent.

Hitler is going to Army Group Center.

The High Command announces:

The Führer
is visiting his troops on the front.

It's time.

If we fail,

heaven help us.

The fate of a nation
in a few pounds of explosive.

We'll lose the war

and history will regard us as traitors.

Not after what our people
have suffered under Hitler.

Nothing is forgotten as quickly
as suffering and complicity.

Everything will be all right.
- Come on.

Mein Führer,

my division,
if you can still call it that,

has had no leave
for more than 18 months.

The morale and strength of the troops

won't stand such strain for ever.

The fate of Germany is at stake

and you talk of leave!

You'd better hurry to reach
the front today. Partisans don't sleep.

But the Führer's flying
back to Rastenburg. -Really?

It was announced he went to the front.

Mr. Frank, would you mind taking brandy
to Colonel Stieff in Rastenburg?

I lost a bet.
- Of course.

Excuse me.

Just before he boards the plane.

Colonel? -Yes?
- The parcel for Colonel Stieff.

The bottles.

The Führer
was very impressive again today.

Still no news.

Colonel Frank,
please come to the Führer.

It must've already happened.


The Führer's plane
has landed according to plan.

Excuse me? - The Führer...
- Thanks, I understood.

This is the death sentence for millions.

We must warn Berlin
and get the parcel back.

I'll take
the courier plane to Rastenburg.

This man's life must be charmed!

Come in.

Sir? A lieutenant
from Army Group Centre is here

to retrieve
the bottles for Colonel Stieff.

Why? I don't understand.

He says there was a mix-up.
Should I bring him in?

No time for that. Here, give it to him.

- Sorry, sir.

Are they broken?
- No, sir.

You're lucky.

Please come in!

Many happy returns!
- Thanks.

Flowers and a vase.

Thank you. Lovely.

With best wishes and these instructions:

"After the broadcast,
always switch to a German station."

How touching...
- And the instructions?

"After the broadcast..."

Where's the birthday girl?

This can't be true.
- Yes, it is.

Pure coincidence.

I looked out the window
and saw someone painting on the wall.

My name?
I wouldn't care to give my name.

I'm simply a comrade
who's conscious of her duty... What?

Yes, Lessing Strasse!

Yes, he's still at it!


I hate to disturb you,
but did you see a man run by?

Did you see a man, Erika?
- Me?

I always close my eyes.


In such a rush, Mr. Juhnke?


One must earn the final victory!

Whose car is that?
- Important visitors.

Off again?
- For cigarettes!

Heil Hitler, Pastor!

Is that the fellow?
- Yes, sir.



Eat dinner yet?

Have some bread with us, friend.


Not hungry?


A lack of fresh air, I suppose?
- Take off his handcuffs.

This is a man with civil courage
worthy of imitation.

A valiant man!

What we have here is enough

to make
martyrs of you and your friends.

That bothers me.

When a government
practices mass murder,

they'll always have
more martyrs than they care for.


You're frightening me.

Isn't that an unjust description

of our efforts
to keep the Nordic race pure?

All men are equal before God.
You'll learn that when facing death.

I don't like your tone.

I don't know...

Are you angry with me? I must've
gotten rid of a few of your friends.

All who suffer are my friends.

Especially those who you've persecuted.

You must have a lot of friends!

Your opinions
must stem from your profession.

They stem from civilized mankind.
He who denies them is no longer human.


Let's talk about you.

Who are your principals?

I want names.
- I'll give you only one name.

But you won't understand it:


Take him away.

You just wait.

Mr. Küfer is back at work!
Four years of Dachau weren't enough...

Get a commando together.
I want to see him myself.

Why did you come here, Juhnke?

We don't know who owns that car.

When I see a black car, I lose my head.

My nerves are weakening.

We're being hunted!

They're picking us off
one after the other.

And nobody is doing anything about it!

Borsigwalde, but be careful.
They love confiscating flyers there.

No worries.


Should I bring my friend from work
to the next meeting?

No, wait until you know him better.


Trains and subways.

And nothing for Prinz Albrecht Strasse?

Nobody move!

Put your hands up!

Very unhealthy working conditions.

You can't go on like this.

What do you think, Liebreich?

Mr. Küfer?

How are you?

"Wheels must roll for victory."


How do you like that?

Look out!

Kill that dog!

A lesson to learn from:

haste makes waste.

Get moving!

Going out?

I have to visit Mrs. Juhnke.

Isn't that dangerous?

We can't leave her alone now.

I've wanted
to talk to you for some time.

I'm worried about you.

Worried that things go wrong
and they learn you're involved.

You're a woman.

Once you've started down this road,

there's no turning back.

Neither for you.

Nor for me.

But I'm glad
someone's worried about me.

What's the matter?
Why aren't you asleep?

Why aren't you asleep?
- I'm afraid.

Nonsense! The alarm won't sound tonight.
It's bright already.

Did you turn over Juhnke?

"Turn over?" I won't tolerate this!

What do you think I am?

And Kersten, too, when you were drunk.

"I'll get you back..."
- Nonsense!

Trust me, Mr. Küfer.

Forget my uniform.


You don't remember anything at all?

I want to hear names, Küfer.


I didn't reveal anything last time.

And I won't this time, either.


You guys take over.
I'll be back in an hour.


I don't know why the Führer
didn't inform me about this personally.

Here it is. After all,
I command Germany's Reserve Army.

Anyway, you're flying
to the Führer's HQ tomorrow

and report on
the new Homeland Divisions.

Yes, General.

General, I've been ordered to go
to the Führer's HQ tomorrow.

The hour has come.
- Excellent!

But you can't be in two places at once,
Count Stauffenberg.

We need you
here in Berlin for Valkyrie.

But I'm the only person with a chance

of getting into the "Wolf's Lair."

Have a word with General Beck.

27 divisions of Army Group Center
wiped out on the Eastern Front.

That means the end.

And a catastrophe in Saint-Lô
in the West.

We're too late to stop this now.

Somebody's in the garden!

Dr. Goerdeler.
- Quiet!

The Gestapo is after me.
- Come inside, quick!

I don't want to expose anyone to danger.
- But what can we do?

Tell Mr. Beck

I'm going to Eberswalde.

It's Stauffenberg. Should I get him?
- No.

But this is important:
Tell him Küfer's been arrested. -What?


Goerdeler was in the garden.

There's a warrant out for his arrest.

They already have Küfer.
- Küfer?

One after the other.
The pressure's building.

Don't you see, General?
We have no other choice.

When will we have
another chance like this?

I implore you:

Give me permission to act,

and a path to peace will be open.

And what about you?


You run our whole organization,
including Valkyrie.

We appreciate your offer,
but it's impossible.

Anyone except you.
What do you think, Mr. Hoepner?

He's indispensable.

Will it be possible,

no, likely that you return to Berlin
after the assassination?

If you want,
I can be in Berlin three hours later.

To rescue Küfer.

You must.
Otherwise, you don't have my permission.

What day is it tomorrow?
- July 20.

I'd do anything to go with you.

There'll be enough victims.

And no way to protect them.

You can't even warn your best friend
without endangering everything.

Nonetheless, it's justified.

Even if one or two
innocent people are killed,

the lives of millions will be saved.

Should we let those millions perish?

Are passes always checked so strictly
here at the Führer's HQ?

Yes, for security reasons.

Your passes, please.

First take us to
the Chief of Communication. -Yes, sir.


It's an unfavorable day.

All communications
are being re-routed to Zossen.

The plan provides for the Führer's HQ
to be isolated for three hours.

We need that much for Valkyrie.
- I can't guarantee it today.

The situation
in Northern Ukraine is critical.

We can't protect attacks from the south.

Attacks in the north have gotten so bad
that we've had to pull our troops back.

The 8th Corps could be surrounded
and we can't afford that.

Count Stauffenberg!

I'm coming.

We should definitely examine

what reserves we can use and how much
of the Reserve Army is still available.

My Führer,
Colonel Stauffenberg is here to report.

No, I want to hear
about the rest of the front.

I'll make a quick phone call
and will be right back.

The situation east of Lemberg
is getting worse.

I'll leave this here.

We won't be able to prevent
the Russian divisions from uniting.

Our reserves are exhausted.
Army Group North is being wiped out.

That's their fault!

West of the Dvina,
Russian forces could break through.

They're meeting in Daugavpils.

Unless Army Group North
withdraws from Lake Peipus,

it'll be hard to avoid disaster.

Air reconnaissance has been useless.

The Russian fighter defense
has made it impossible.

Let them through!


Go! Drive away!

The conference barracks!

I can't allow anyone to pass.

I want to speak
to the camp commander.

No one can leave. Whose car is that?

Colonel Stauffenberg's...
- Shut that barrier!

Here's Colonel Stauffenberg at the East
Gate. Remember me?

Yes, they won't let me through,

but I'm in a hurry. General Fromm
is waiting for me at the airfield.

Thanks. You heard him, Sergeant.
I'm allowed through.

Sorry, sir,
but I must receive the order directly.

Call him yourself then,
but be quick about it!

Sergeant Müller speaking.

I wish to ask if Colonel Stauffenberg...

Yes, Major.

You may leave, sir.

Let him through!

Help us out!


Dreadful news.

Hitler's alive.

Block the lines.

And warn our friends in Berlin.
- Yes, sir.

Stop all transmissions!

Where the hell have you been?

An attempt on the Führer's life.


Reichsführer Himmler just called.

Send explosives specialists
to the Wolf's Lair.

Orders to arrest Colonel Stauffenberg.

Easy to recognize:
no right eye, no right arm.

He should be at Rangsdorf Airport
or High Command on Bendler Strasse.

Bring him here immediately.
And alive.


Can't you salute?

Gone crazy, huh?

Here's an urgent message
from the Führer's HQ

Have you requested confirmation?

Yes, General.

But we can't get through.

Maybe the SS can call with their lines.

Have you informed General Fromm?
- No, he's not in his quarters.

I'll do it myself, thanks.

Hitler's alive.

- What do we do now?

We have to decide. Time is precious.
- What about Stauffenberg?

That doesn't matter now.
We must implement Valkyrie.

This is a difficult decision.

I won't make it alone.

Can I have a car to Bendler Strasse?

Rangsdorf Airport,
Captain Pfeil speaking.

No, I don't know.

Sorry, but anyone can call us.

We don't take orders from the SS.

A car to Bendler Strasse? Of course.
- Thanks.

Where can I make a private call?

You haven't set the plan in motion?

Are you nuts?

Don't believe that. I saw it. He's dead.

Implement Valkyrie at once!

But we can get authorization
from the Reserve Army commander later.

We need to get our troops marching.
- Every minute counts.

Colonel Mertz, give the necessary orders
to set Valkyrie in motion.

Von Witzleben, von Hase and Beck
are to come here immediately.

Count Stauffenberg!
- Finally. -What happened?

No doubt about it. Hitler's dead.

Has Fromm signed Valkyrie?
- No, let's go see him now.

The colonel was in a hurry,
so I gave him a car.

Blithering idiot!
- I object to your tone.

the Führer has been assassinated.

Where did you get this information?
- From a reliable source.

I suggest Valkyrie be implemented.
- Valkyrie?

First I want confirmation
that the Führer's dead.

Communications have broken down.
- Keep trying!

We're wasting precious time.
- Give me the Führer's HQ It's urgent!

Why? Has internal disorder broken out?

The Führer's HQ?

Field Marshall Keitel, please.

No, this is Fromm speaking.


Field Marshall Keitel?

What's going on there? I just heard
the Führer was assassinated.


There was an attempt on his life,

but fortunately
the Führer was only slightly hurt.

The Führer's alive.

Keitel's lying.

General, I set off the bomb myself.

I saw the explosion. Hitler is dead!


Count Stauffenberg, your attempt failed.

Draw the consequences. Shoot yourself!

There are more important things to do.

Plan Valkyrie.
- No!

That's out of the question.

General, it has already started.
We foresaw this difficulty.

Is that correct, Olbricht?
Who gave the order?

I did, as Chief of Staff.

You're under arrest!

Send an order stopping the operation!

I can't do that if I'm under arrest.

Sign Valkyrie!

We must act! The fate of Germany
is being decided at this very moment.

So that's how it is.

Gentlemen, you're all under arrest.

You're mistaken.
The power is in our hands.

You're under arrest.

We anticipated this.

Promise to go to your quarters
and not to disrupt the course of events.

Captain Lindner will accompany you.

In these extremely dangerous times,
in order to maintain law and order,

the government
has taken over supreme command

and declared a state of emergency.
The following measures are to be taken:

The main communication centers
are to be militarily occupied.

The following people
are to be arrested immediately:

gauleiters, imperial lieutenants,
ministers, governors,

senior SS and police officials
and SS officers.

The concentration camps are
to be occupied and officers arrested.

Political prisoners are not to
demonstrate until after their release.

All Gestapo and SD buildings
are to be occupied.

Our executive powers
will no longer be exercised arbitrarily,

and we distance ourselves from
arbitrary acts performed in the past.

Signed: The Supreme Commander,
Field Marshall von Witzleben,

Colonel Stauffenberg.

Gentlemen, Valkyrie is underway.

Hitler is dead,
whether physically alive or not.

In case we're successful,
as Head of the Provisional Government,

I ask you to lead the army,
Field Marshall von Witzleben,

and you to lead the Reserve Army,
General Hoepner.

As early as 1938, we all agreed
to overthrow the Hitler regime.

At last we can put an end
to this unjust government.

Political appointees are to continue
performing their functions.

Commander Nuremberg here. We received
a strange message from Berlin...

Don't you knock anymore?

The order must be given:

Send a platoon
to occupy the radio stations

and a squad
to each amplifier station.

Occupy Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
Surround the government buildings.

Where's the execution order?
- Heil Hitler.

Where can I find
Colonel Stauffenberg?

I've been sent with an inquiry
by the Head of State Security.

I don't think he's here.
- Yes, he is.

But I must warn you
not to leave this building.

What's happening?
- I don't know, either.

Out you go!

Hurry up!


Paris? The general in command, please.



According to plan.

Well, things are unsettled here.
There's still resistance, but...

Sure, we'll keep you informed.

Everything's going superbly in Paris.

They've arrested
the entire SD, SS and police chiefs.

1200 of them!


this situation is very critical.

What do you suggest?

Your opinion?


And later, when everything's worked out,
you'll have big mouths.

A rising against the Führer.

So it's come...

to this!


Brigadier Schlenz and his men
have been arrested in Bendler Strasse.

Go on.
- And...

Go on!

The State Security building
has been surrounded by tanks.




Take over both assault troops.
- Yes, sir. Major?

Strange orders: surround the Ministry,
occupy the radio stations...

They're from Bendler Strasse.

I'm going to Mr. Goebbels now.

If I'm not back in 20 minutes...
- I'll fetch you.

Do you think I'm afraid of Goebbels?


You in Stettin have to understand:
The Reich is in danger!

From whom?

From Keitel?

All orders
from the Wolf's Lair are to be ignored.

The situation has changed.

Get off the line!

Is this
the commander of the military district?

It's useless.

If we in Berlin can't call the
Wolf's Lair, you in Vienna can't either.


I assure you Hitler is dead!
- Sir, I don't understand it.

I have Field Marshall Keitel on the line
and he says the exact opposite.

This order is from the Führer.

No, Valkyrie remains in operation.

It's your responsibility
to execute these orders.

Of course Hitler is dead.

What's happened to my calls
with Stuttgart and Kassel?

Quickly, please.

Keitel sounded convincing.
Perhaps Hitler's alive.

Everything is possible,
but we can't turn back now.

The radio stations aren't occupied yet?
- What's with my call to Nuremberg?

We're waiting for news, Field Marshall.

The preconditions aren't set,

so how can our operation succeed?

Gentlemen, I'm going on stand-by.

Another minute and I would've attacked.
- Nonsense.

We've been misinformed.

I spoke to the Führer himself.

From now on,
we're under his direct command.

Yes, Major.

And what about
the assault troops and radio stations?

Come with us and we'll clean things up!

Fall in.

Yes, Major.

Fall in!

Sergeant Major Wolters, we're leaving.

The lieutenant says
the guard battalion has withdrawn.

So we ourselves
have to guard this building.

You'll be in charge,
Lieutenant Colonel Wagner.

Yes, General.

Excuse me.

May I ask what kind of game this is?


For a while, we've been worried
about the direction of things.

The situation looked catastrophic.

And measures had to be taken
to avert that catastrophe.

These measures are now in action.

I ask you for your support.

Thanks, gentlemen.

Weird: "catastrophic," "measures..."

Maybe the Russians are at the gates.
- Nonsense. They can't fly.

It smells and looks like treason here.

We ought to fetch arms from Spandau.

Has the radio station been occupied?
- Not yet.

The commander talked to Goebbels and
the guards are now marching against us.

What a mess. This could get interesting.

Were they the only troops we have?
- No, but our most important ones.

The Potsdammers have to come!
Our situation looks critical.

Sargeant Brandes
with the arms from Spandau.

- Unload them.

Listen, Lindner.

For the worst case scenario:

Here's the list of all our contacts,
domestic and foreign.

It mustn't be found.

Of course. Should it be burned?

There may not be time.
You have to get it out of here.

Do things look bad?

Gentlemen, the watchword is:
"For or against Hitler."

If the answer is negative, arrest them.
If they resist, shoot them. Understood?

Yes, sir!
- Long live the Führer!

They're all capitulating to the Führer.

But we have Paris,
Stettin and Nuremberg.

And we won't capitulate, either!

As long as there's a glimmer of hope.

The fate of the German nation
is at stake.

We have no right to give up.

What's with the Potsdammers?
- No news.

What does General von Hase think?

We have to wait.

I don't know much
about military affairs,

but we have to act now.

We're losing precious time.

We'll wait five more minutes.
Then we'll move on our own.


The list.

Make sure you get through safely.

You know what's at stake.

Yes, General.

Ms. Klee, will you please join him.

Try to contact General von Tresckow

and tell him what has happened. Bluntly!

Something's wrong. Quick, in here!

It's urgent. Chief of Staff, 2nd Army.

Yes? Yes!

General, quick, Berlin!

Here's Tresckow.

Lindner? What do you have to report?


Beck withdrew Army Group Courland.
- Army Group North will be saved.

Go on, Lindner.



Not even the Potsdam reserve battalion?

I don't get it.
Has nothing gone right in Berlin?

You're misinforming people.
You're against the Führer.

Where is General Fromm?

Don't be upset, gentlemen.

I'll bring you to him.

Thanks. I'll find him myself.

In any case,
none of you will leave this room.

You neither!

Careful, Colonel!

Down the corridor! Arrest that man!

I have to hang up. I hear shots
and there's only a handful of us.

Yes. Over and out.

Search all rooms! Arrest them
and bring them to General Fromm!

This damned list.
- Don't leave.

This door's locked, Lieutenant.

Open up!

Or else we'll use grenades!

Open up!

What's going on in here?

Why did you lock the door?
- I was scared.

I heard shots. Get me out of here.

Very funny. We have other problems.

I can't stay here!
Why are they shooting?

Bring me to the street!
- No way.


take the next room.

To the stairwell then.
I'm afraid of being shot.

German officers don't shoot women,
certainly not pretty ones.

Fine. To the stairwell.

How did we fail?

Just bad luck?


Not just that.

But because we refused
to use our opponents' methods.

No one is to leave this room.

So, gentlemen.

Now I'll treat you like you treated me.

Lay down your arms.

You can't ask this of me,
your old commanding officer.

I'll take the consequences myself.

Please do so.

We went down the path

that we had to.


Even if we've only shown
that there's another Germany.

And you, gentlemen?

If you have any letters to write,

you may have a moment.


For or against Hitler?
- How dare you? Don't you see who I am?

Sorry, Captain.

Things are a bit confused.

You're a splendid chap. - Through
the lodge. The main gate's guarded.

General Hoepner

is to be taken to the military prison.

Are you ready, gentlemen?

Please hurry.

A court martial I just held
has sentenced four officers to death.


this colonel,

General Olbricht,

this colonel
whose name I don't remember,

and this lieutenant.

To be carried out immediately.

Now, gentlemen,

it's our turn.

It'll be a criminal court
like no other in history.

Heaven help him

who lets one of them escape.







Long live our sacred Germany!


I don't want to be exposed

to what's now coming.

We did what we could.

And such a noble and just cause

the sacrifice of our lives.

Tresckow can now appear
with a clear conscience before God.

God doesn't judge us
according to success.

He knows that your struggle
was a revolt of the conscience,

an attempt to overthrow tyranny

and to save the German people's honor.

And the war continued...
Cities were laid in ruins.

After July 20, 1944, more people died
on the fronts and in Germany

than in the five previous years
put together.

The German resistance fighters

wanted to stop this pointless
and bloody destruction.

Subtitling by SUBS Hamburg
Matthew Way