The Play of God (1997) - full transcript

The film directed by Jayaraj,is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Othello against the backdrop of the Hindu Theyyam performance.Suresh Gopi plays the role of Kannan Perumalayan, the equivalent to Othello. Lal plays Paniyan, the equivalent to Iago.Manju Warrier - Thamara, the Desdemona version and Biju Menon plays Kanthan, Cassio's version. The story revolves around Paniyan's attempt to create disputes in the relationship between kannan and kanthan for which he uses a forged affair between Thamara and Kanthan. . The film received national awards for best actor and director category

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The Play of God.

Presenting debut actors: Lal

Composition: Yesudas, Kaithapram

(Clown character enters)

Stand back.
Where's the master?

Master !

Master !


Did a fox get him?
- If so, fox will die of indigestion.

That's true, poor fox.


What the ears hear,
eyes dont see.

What do you want, Paniyan

Why the unnecessary

We are not deaf.

Was enquiring whether a fox
caught you for dinner, Master.

Dont hit me.
I'll catch your lesson.

Its not 'catch a lesson',
its 'learn a lesson'.

That's what I said.
'Catch your lesson'.

Not pronouncing right.
Say 'learn my lesson'.

Exactly, will
catch your lesson.

You really need
some fixing today.

Why dont you
ever learn?

What are you doing here ?
- Just having fun, master.

Why are you here?
- At the Big Fire...

What ?
- The Big Fire...

Then go there.
Why are you here ?

Alright, you go there,
I'll remain here.

- You're angry again. I'll
stay here, you go there.

You really need
a lesson today.

Watch, I'm going
to jump on the Big Fire.

If you're scared,
close your eyes.

This is too small a fire for me,
I feel too cold to jump.

Paniyan !

Did you know, Tamara eloped with

The Lord doesnt
know it yet.

Come fast, come soon.

Lets inform the Lord, come.

I even gave you the key to
my money chest.

Yet, you cheated
me like this.

How many times
must I tell you.

I never imagined
this would happen.

Told you a 100 times,
they're both in love.

And you replied that Tamara
hates Kannan.

Well, I hate Kannan now.

I will fix this, Lord.

Many people advised Kannan Perumalayan
to return land that belongs to me.

When people of Eka-land
told him that,

Do you know
what he replied ?

He already gave it
to Kanthan !

Because of Kannan, my due
was given to Kanthan instead.

Tell me Lord, do u
think I love him now?

If I was in your place,
I would've murdered him

I have hands
and legs too.

I can dance too. But to him,
I'm 'just Paniyan.

Clown who prepares the stage.

Just to remove evil's eye from
his Theechamundi character.

I too wish to play the main role
of Theechamundi one day.

Speak all you want.

After this, you will go back
to being Kannan's tail again.

Tiring because we
climbed Urali hill.

Shout loud. The Lord must
be asleep.

He's always asleep.
That's why she did this.

He's ignorant that his own
daughter left the house.

We had to cross these
hills to let him know!

Lord !

Lord !

Snug in his
house on a hill.





Why are you shouting ?

Something important.

Your daughter Tamara
has eloped.

She's sleeping in her room,
how dare you insult her.

You are blabbering after
getting drunk.

We walked here this cold night,
through rough terrain.

We must have a good
reason, dont you think?

And who are you ?

Son of younger lord
at Mannaat

Haven't we prohibited u
from coming here?

We wont give Tamara to you.

See, we're here late in the night.
We have a reason.

What's the reason?

We want to know..

Did Tamara marry Perumalayan
with your consent ?

If so, we're wrong.

If not, then you shouldnt have insulted
us when we came to help you.

Tamara's act is outrageous.

Eloped with someone with no
family or reputation.

It is wrong !
- Are you saying the truth?

Why dont you
check in her room.


Tell Lord to come to
Shadayanur junction.

In this case, I must act
like I'm on Perumalayan's side.

If I get a chance,
I'll backstab him.

But I must act like
his friend.

Bring the Lord and people
to Mallot. I'll be there.


The Lord spoke outrageous
things about you.

I could barely
tolerate it.

Be careful. These lords
wont hesitate to hurt you.

They'll hurt you
any way they can.

The ruler has also
heard the news.

Nobody will say I am
unsuitable for Tamara.

The ruler knows what race
my mind and body belongs to.

True. Still..

Be careful, Perumalayan.

Townsmen forget love and friendship
for their selfish interests.

Dont be afraid, Paniyan.

I did not 'steal' her
or anything.


Why didnt you go
to the stage?

Need to occupy it till
Perumalayan's role enters.

Stomach's not well.

Always the clown, you are.

Time to go
to the stage.

Do it
as you will.

The Lord's daughter..
- Yes, I heard too.


You all
go ahead.


Kantha, did you know?

Issue of
Perumalayan's marriage.

Heard in Pudiyannoor itself.
Everyone's talking about it.

Perumalayan is
that popular !

Oh its not
because of that.

Its because the girl
is daughter of the Lord.

Whoever he marries,
some people will talk like this.


Perumalayan shouldn't have.

Its not a mistake.
Its a manly brave act.

The main Goddess role
has begun. Come.


My daughter, who I
brought up, has run away.

Her life
is ruined.

What must I do,
oh Goddess?

Dont !

Right now, he is
Goddess herself.

Let his
role end.

No, dont go
there now.

Perumalayan, dont.

Kill him!

Do not move.

Where's my

What do you
have to say?

You have a better weapon than
swords to punish me with.

The authority of
being her guardian.

Bitch !

What black magic did
u cast to seduce her?

Tie him up !

No one

Whether you're on
my side or not.

This isn't the place
for violence.

Where must I reply
to your complaint, Lord?

Stop it.

Forgive me Lord.

There are diplomatic solutions
for any problem.

The ruler
has arrived.

Let him decide.

What has

My daughter...

She's gone.

Did she die?
- Yes.

Now she is
dead to me.

He cast black magic
to seduce her.

And he took
her away.

In this case, ...

...u have the right to
punish whoever did it.

Even if my son was behind it,
u may decide to punish.

Thank you, Ruler.

Here stands the
guilty one.

The popular one in town,
our Perumalayan.. Kannan.

Perumalayan, what do you have to say ?

He wont have

Oh Ruler, who stands
equal to God.

Oh masters.

Its true the Lord's daughter
is with me.

I have married
her, yes.

From the time I was
7 years old,...

..I've walked the path of fire
until today.

This world is huge...

..but I know nothing of it
beyond my Theyyam dance.

I dont know how to justify
the morality of my act.

But I do
know this:

Our love
is true.

I have not used any
black magic to win her.

My daughter is timid.

Would she love and marry someone
like him who induces fear?

Good one.

She cannot provoke everyone
and do this knowingly.


I've heard he's great
at black magic.

We cant act on
your rumours.

Do you have proof that
he seduced her by magic?

Perumalayan, is your
relationship real?

I request we bring
Tamara here.

Let her
say it.

After she says, you can
decide whether to punish me.

Where's Tamara?
- Kanthan..

Bring her please.

Tamara, the ruler
wants to see you.

Before she
comes here..

..let me confess everything I've done,
as if I speak to God.

Speak it.

Her father
did like me.

Lord would often invite me
to his house.

It was his hobby to
hear my sob stories.

About my family
who died of leprosy.

They thought I died, wrapped me
in a mat, threw me into the fire.

Before I was burnt, someone
pulled me out of the pyre.

Stories of when I started
playing the fire role.

How I climbed up and
down the large Meleri fire pile.

Once when playing the Theechamundi (fire role),
I was burnt in the fire..

I cried out to God.

And she came to me as a relief,
I saw her gazing from the window of Lord's house.

My burnt body and scarring stories
brought tears to her face.

After the stories, I realized her
heart was reaching out to me.

I could've spared
her those stories.

But I knew she yearned to
be with someone like me.

She loved me.

Moved by her empathy to my
life's sorrows, I too loved her.

This is the only
magic trick I used.

Enough. Dont take this
story lightly.

There comes Tamara,
let her say.

Please listen to what
she says, Ruler.

If she is even a little
guilty in this case,...

...may all the curses I directed at
Perumalayan fall on me instead !

Speak, girl, what's
the truth here?

Forgive me, Father.

I am indebted to u
for giving me life.

I shall always respect
u as my father.

To that extent, I shall
remain your daughter.

However, this man here
is my husband.

Recall how Mom obeyed u
more than her father?

I owe my husband
that amount of obedience.

May God protect you.
I have nothing more to say.

I dont want her
back anymore.

I'd rather adopt
another daughter.


I give her to you,

Ruler, I have nothing
more to say.

Let this go.

Perumalayan is truly
suitable for your daughter.

Bless them.

May you prosper.


She betrayed
her Father.

Beware, she may
betray you too.

What do I
do now?

Go and
sleep well.

I'd rather
commit suicide !


First, learn to
love yourself.

Would you rather die for one girl,
or marry 10 others ?

Tamara will not
last very long with Kannan.

Right now, they're in
honeymoon phase.

But soon you will see him
throw her out like rubbish.

So, save all the money you can.

Will you help me?

I told you I hate
Perumalayan !

Do you know which Theyyam that is ?
'The nameless role'.

But even the 'nameless' one's
name is famous now.

Yet I remain the clown,
the 'Paniyan'.

Dont worry Paniyan.

I'll give you as much
money as you want.

I want to see
Tamara once.

Perumalayan will head home
after the wedding celebration.

You head to the
farm beside it.

I'll tell Perumalayan
to go via the farm.

I'm doing this
for you.

Let her know you
are dirty rich!

Let's make it grander,
I'll get some guys to announce it!

You keep this much with you now.
Let's meet beside the farm.

you bitch.

You made me
a Paniyan.

I'll make u
a real joker.

A joker the world will
laugh at.

Watch out !

Brought a gift for you,

How do u
like it ?

Come closer,
my girl.


What's this one's name?
- Tamara.

Did you give her this name?

No.its the Lord's
nickname for her.

A true Tamara (Lotus) !

What a
beautiful girl !

Like seeing
the moon !

Bring some soot.

Soot.. where can I ?..

Get some from
the lamp, kid.


You are lucky to have
her, daughter.

He may not be
that handsome..

..but even the Gods dont
have a heart as big as him.

Where should
I put this?

Should I teach u
this too? Here.

Lets cast the
evil's eye away.

There will be
many cast your way.

Cherish this dream.
Take care of him well.

She had to let go of
her palace to come to your hut.

You shouldnt have discarded
them, son.

I dont have
a Mother.

Now I lost my
Father too.

Please consider me
ur daughter.

May you live long.

She plays the Goddess
role too.

Whatever she says,
will come true.

Get lost, you.

Labelling this old woman
a Goddess?

Step into the
house, children.

Sun rises in
that direction.

We must watch every
sunrise from now on.

My roles usually
go on till daylight.

So I usually only
catch the sunsets.

On days when Udupel-ma
is not around...

..I sit there, alone.

What do you think of
when watching the sunset?

About us.

That you'll be beside
me here, one day.

And that we walk
there, into the horizon.

The time right after
sunset is the best.

There's a sadness in my mind
and around this place.

My dead parents
and siblings...

..I imagine them standing beside
me, and I start crying.

Udupelamma also has
no one. Like me.

Her house is
beside that hill.

When she comes here,
I'm often relieved.

Its all like
a dream.

This place, house, and our love.

The townspeople can
talk or envy all they want.

I dont want to change
the beauty on this face

Did Perumalayan steal
the Lord's daughter, Udupelamma?

Ask him urself.

You'll get a nice scolding.
Just see her and leave, ok?

We dont want
ur opinions.

Her arms are
so soft.


I'll be back.

Why did you call?


No need to elaborate
more to them.

They're just happy
for us.

No need.

I dont like people
touching your hand.

He's just
a kid, no?

Maybe.. but
I dont like it..

Ok, then I wont go.

Happy ?

Walk faster.

Paniyan's wife, Cheerma.

Dont let Tamara be in
sunlight for long, Perumalayan.

She'll get tanned,
like my wife.

But Cheerma is fair.

Yea, remind him
that, Tamara.

In his eyes, everyone is dark.
That's the problem.

Right ?

Start cribbing already ? Alright,
my wife is the most beautiful, ok?

Ya, right.

Brought some snacks for you.
- Such a lot !

Now Cheerma will give
u company, Tamara.

Dont unlock her
mouth, hard to shut her up.

Better than your mouth,
its open even in sleep.

Come, Tamara

Where's Kanthan?
- Coming.

He's bringing a Mandaara-bed
(bed covered with orchid flowers).

Saw them at the junction.
The whole gang is there.

Master is leading them.


What is it ?
- Come.

Why did you stop there?

Why did you invite me for
Perumalayan's marriage celebration?

I cant cook birds/animals
and eat meat.

I'm a Lord (Brahmin)

This is why everyone says
Lord Unni is stupid.

Perumalayan's wife is also
daughter of a Lord.

Tamara, the one
this Lord Unni loves.

Its true what they say - when
you're in love, caste barriers dont matter.

What a great plan !

What benefit is it to u
if I get Tamara?

I do get benefits.

I want to keep Kanthan
away from Tamara.

What are you saying ?

After her fascination for Perumalayan's
sob stories dies down,...

..she will want someone else.

Who better than Kanthan
to bring her to her knees?

Since she's naive,
things will get easier.

Dont say rubbish.

Its not rubbish.

Kanthan has everything
that Perumalayan lacks.

He's young, good-looking...

Excellent singer. More than
enough to woo the Lord girl.

She wont go
astray like that.

I know her well.

No other girl in Eka-land
is as virtuous as her.

If she was virtuous,
why did she love Perumalayan ?

You saw them return
after the wedding.

Guess who's bringing the orchid-covered
bed for Perumalayan?

Its Kanthan.

Kanthan is even more qualified
in using black magic.. seduce women,
better than Perumalayan.

So what
can I do ?

We must break the bond
between Perumalayan and Kanthan.

How ?

When alcohol touches his tongue,
Kanthan's tone and behaviour changes.

Gets to partying and dancing.

Then its just a prod away.

Today's celebration will
go to shambles.

Since I'm with them,
I may not be able to do it.

But everyone would
recognize me.

Put on a beard
and moustache.

And a wig
and costume

No one except Perumalayan
will be in their wits by then.

Join in only after the
drinking and singing has begun.

I'll smoothly remove
Perumalayan from the scene.

Lord.. get ready for
the game.

After Perumalayan kicks
out Kanthan,...

Tamara has only one
person to go to.

This one.

Where were you?

When we reached Kekkammar
we realized we forgot to bring it.

What ?
- 'It'. Then we found a shop somehow.

Are you going to roast
and eat all these ?

Master, shouldnt you be advising
the kids against this?

What's in your hand?
- Its nothing.

This is a wedding celebration,
right ?

Partying should be
allowed today.

Kannan, are you going
to drink too ?

- Better not.

What, what did you
just advise?

That he can do
anything he wants.

We'll obey you girls only
when the sun rises in the west.

So shall we begin?
- Let us !

Where's the Master?
Master !

Master !

I hand over this
silk robe to you.

Guard it like treasure.

This is as valuable
as my life.

Its been passed on
through generations.

The only heirloom I have.

An old belief says that..

.. if we lose this, even
our relationship will fall apart.

Beside the Vannaathi river..

When the Moon gazes into the mirror..

Oh lady, who came out
pursuing her dream.

By the red-flower garden.

You, who threw out
your chest of pearls..

On Thiruvathira night..

you enter, like
Goddess Parvati.

Girl, this night, whom
do you seek ?

As a wed girl..

Why did you come to
the forest of flowers ?

You are the full moon's light,
out for its nightwalk.

Am I not in your dreams
filled with passion ?

Did you see it ?

Its ok, he did
it unknowingly.

What are you guys watching?
Continue the song.

Get away you !
- What, what's happening ?

He's hitting me !
- Dont you escape !

Get away from here.

Let him go, let him go.

Let him go.

Please help.

Perumalaya, he's
hitting the Master !

Perumalayan, please
come and help.

come fast.

Kanthan !

Leave him.
Stop it !

Let me go.

Stop it.

Perumalayan, I didnt
do anything.

Dont utter a word.

Someone's trying to
create trouble here.

Enough, stop it.

You're arrogant
enough to beat Master?

Perumalayan.. I..

I dont want
your justification.

I.. I didnt do
anything wrong.

Our master comes from a
lineage of Manakkadan masters.

You forgot
all that?

I.. Perumalayan.. I..

Its all clear
to me.

When townspeople said it,
I defended you.

But no more.

You shall not play
roles in Eka-land anymore.

If I hold any say over these forests,
I hereby decree..

Kanthan shall no longer
play the Theyyam here !

Perumalayan.. I..

Move away.

I will say it
only once.

You shall not..
play the Theyyam here any longer.



I lost everything.

How can I live without
playing the Theyyam anymore?

What are you guys
watching ? Leave !

Kanthan, be calm.
We'll find a solution to this.


Perumalayan never goes
back on his words.

But Perumalayan has lost out
to only one person.

That person can
influence Perumalayan.

Who is that ?
- Tamara.

When she tells him..

..the 'Lord of Fire' Perumalayan
will obey.

But.. I..

Nothing wrong in it.

Tomorrow, go tell her
your sorrows.

You didnt do it
on purpose, right?

It was just
an accident.

She'll speak
on your behalf.

And Perumalayan will
listen to her, too.

Your ban will
be lifted.

Are you sure
about this ?

I swear on my
Theyyam role.

The Perumalayan will listen
if she says.

I didnt think artists can give
such a good beating.

This too shall pass,
Lord Unni.

Scars take time to heal.
No pain, no gain.

This isnt magic.

Its plain human brilliance.

It never fails to work.

Our plan is moving
ahead, right ?

Kanthan beat
you up.

In return, we
got Kanthan banned

I dont
understand it.

Guess I'll end up returning to
Kodagu penniless.

Just because I trusted your words.
- True.

I deserve to hear this, eh?
For all that I had planned for you.

Kanthan's bond with
Perumalayan is broken.

Now Kanthan will
go after Tamara.

Requesting his
ban be lifted.

The more she requests it, the
worse his suspicions will get.

When his character's dark side
begins to show, she will hate him

She rejected her comfortable Lord house
without thinking of it.

Tamara will become so remorseful
of that decision.

And she will
turn to Lord Unni.

I dreamt for all
this to happen.

But now...

I wasn't accusing
you, Paniyan.

Calm down.
- No, I think I'll leave now.

I think I'll meet Perumalayan
and tell him the truth.

Poor Tamara.. let her
continue living with Perumalayan.

Paniyan, dont get so hurt.
Come here.

Let's end this friendship, Lord.

You'll lose your money, honour..
And you'll end up hurt.

I dont care
about all that.

Tired of all this.

How much money you need?
I'll give you.

No need.

Look at me.

My only wish is
to get Tamara.

But.. you suspected
me. I'm hurt.

I'll touch your feet in repentance.
- What are you doing ?

Here, keep this.

Paniyan strongly
suggested it to me.

Divine force acted through him,
sending me to you.

My mind feels free now,
like a forest cleared.

Paniyan is a nice man.
Always trying to help.

Ya right. He really only
looks after his own interests.

That's the real him.

There's a medic in Marutha
who can treat infertility.

For 2 years, I've been telling
we should go meet him.

How unpredictably
things are changing.

Sorrows enter amidst
our laughter.

All that feels like
some magical illusion to me.

Some bearded guy sneaks
behind me in that darkness.

Did he come to steal?
Or did he get the wrong guy somehow ?

Then it was
all shouting.

I dont
recollect anything.


Please request Perumalayan
to remove my ban.

If you say it, he wont refuse it.
I'm sure.

Sure. I'll remove his
anger today itself.

I interpret it comes from his
disgust towards your drinking.

He doesn't love
you any less.

Just because of disgust,
he alienated me to this extent ?

If he decides to give all
my rights and roles to someone else..

That wont happen.

I also want your previous
bond to be restored.

Cheerma is my witness.
I swear to you...

If it works out, what will
you give me for mediating ?

Bottle of liquor
might work.

Let me leave.

What ?

Isnt that Kanthan ?

(Tamara: wonder why he left soon)
- Perumalayan: Yes.

This doesn't
look good.

Why ?

Why did he run
on seeing you ?

What are
you implying ?

Hmm. Maybe
its nothing.

What ?
- Its nothing.

Hubby is coming.

I should leave.

Kannan Perumalayan's wife
now plays mediator to many.

For whom ?
- Kanthan.

It was an accident.

His face makes it obvious,
he isn't lying.

Let him first stop
drinking alcohol.

During the time we started
loving each other..

I used to have a
bad opinion of you.

Kanthan defended you, spoke highly of you,
and changed my opinion.

I am sad for him.

Lets see.

Did you want
to say something ?

No.. just that..

Felt like I should
be saying something.

Remember to say it
when I'm back.

This is my first play
after the wedding.

When I think of getting
onto the fire, a bit of fear..

Dont know why..
this is the first time.


Dont call back
a man set on his task.

Why are you flirting
around here now, Perumalayan

We have stops to make
before the play.

When you're in love, these
small things are such a joy.

You're getting
into the fire.

Be careful.

Dont be afraid, girl.

Please come,

What happened to you Paniyan?
- Nothing.

I've been
thinking stuff.

Is it about Cheerma ?

You know I never
think about myself.

I just dont want my loved
ones to be hurt.

Say, Perumalayan...

Did Tamara know
Kanthan earlier ?

It was Kanthan who helped
us with our relationship all along.

If not for him, I dont know whether
our relationship would have lasted.

I see. I thought they didnt
know each other earlier.

I see.

What is it Paniyan?
- Oh, nothing.

Its really nothing.
I'm just.. nah.

It cant
be possible.

No.. you're thinking
of something.

How can I speculate what's on my mind
wihout any evidence ?

I'm sure there's something
you're hiding.

Speak it, Paniyan.

Dont worry about
evidence now.

But how can I tell it
to your face.. no.

Is it about
Kanthan ?

Do you suspect
Kanthan of something ?

Suspect.. maybe..

Maybe I'm j
ust imagining it.

My mind is dirty,
thinks bad things.

So be it.

Just say it

Based on
what I know...

No.. its not appropriate..

Dont get me mad with
curiosity, Paniyan.

I cant bear it.

Whatever hell it is,
just open up and let it loose.

Ok I'll say it.

You do know I
love you, right.

I believe so.

Not just you,
but Tamara too.

Kanthan loves
me too.

Its what I believe.

Who can say what the truth is
or who is hiding behind lies.

When he gets drunk,
Kanthan loses control.

But when sober,
would he ever cheat me ?

No he wont. Until we find
evidence, you continue to trust in him

You dont trust Kanthan.

Its written
on your face.

If you're a good friend,
speak openly to me.

You wouldnt allow
me to be cheated.

I wont allow it !

But I dont want to
backbite another friend either.

That's why
I'm confused.

So I'm
being cheated !?

Its wrong of you to
hide it any longer.

If you do that,
you are my enemy.

Lets say a woman
cheats on her husband.

If your woman.. no I'm not
talking about Tamara here..

If the husband discovers it and kicks her out
of his life, the problem is solved.

But if he continues to love her
despite knowing what she's upto...

..then his heart is just hell.

What's the meaning of all this?
Tell me.

Tell me clearly.

No, Paniyan.

Before I suspect her,
I need tangible evidence.

Happy to hear that.

Atleast now I have a chance
to show my love and loyalty to you.

I cant say about
evidence now.

You.. be careful
about your wife.

Observe how she interacts
with Kanthan.

Just stay alert,
no need to suspect yet.

I know the behaviour
of women in Eka-land.

They hide unspeakable things
from their husbands.

Is this
your opinion ?

Remember what Tamara's father
cursed in front of the Rulers ?

"She betrayed her own father,
she may betray you too."

What nonsense
I'm saying here.

I just spoke out of
love for you.

Forgive me.

I'm indebted to
you forever.

I think I've caused
you grief, Perumalayan.

No, not at all.

Dont cause problems
because of what I said.

I meant.. keep your suspicions
hidden, but be alert.

I wont cause problems.

Kanthan is my
close friend.

If you make any issues..
you're looking so hurt.

No.. I'm fine.

I still believe
Tamara is loyal.

Live and let live. Think that,
and survive on.

I wonder,
would she do something like that ?

Exactly, that's the point.
Let me be frank.

She rejected proposals from so
many Lords, to be with you.

When she compares those handsome
choices against your face,..

..dont you think she
resents it ?


If you learn anything more,
let me know.

Tell Cheerma to
watch out, too.

Dont be hurt by
what I said.

Its good to remove the
ban on Kanthan. He is talented.

But if you keep the
ban for a while...

...we will know if only
Tamara who thinks this way.

We'll see if your girl
puts up a fight for Kanthan.

We can conclude many
things from that.

For now, just keep it
as a suspicion.

Assume Tamara is
completely loyal.

I beg you.

(Prayer to Goddess)

Why are you
looking dull ?

Why didnt you tell
me you had returned?

I have a headache.

Let me put some balm
on your forehead.

Does the color make
me look uglier ?

No, not at all.

How can you ever
love this face ?

I never found any
flaws with this face.

If ever, the more I see it,
the better it looks to me.

My fortune.

Tired of playing
the clown.

With your help, we can
remove all our problems.

What do you want
me to do ?

We may never get this
opportunity again.

Have you seen where
it is kept ?

If I get it, I can make all
our dreams happen.

You always say
I'm stupid.

So explain to this
stupid one, please.

What gains can you make
from just a silk robe ?

You needn't know details.

Each year brings Kannan's family
more and more progress.

Kannan's family fortune
has been like that.

No other family has made
steady progress up the ladder.

Each new son is born
with 10 new talents.

Dont we also wish for a
son who is talented ?

Dont I need a reprieve
from this clown role ?

Atleast for once, a
solo main role.

I want to play Theechamundi too.

Doesn't every artist wish for praise
and gifts from the Rulers ?

Dont you wish these things too ?

Right now, all that is
in your hands.

Only you can get that silk robe
by getting info from Tamara.

Maybe not forever. We'll
keep it just for one day.

Just one day.
What say ?

Do you remember
your mother ?


I have only seen a
damaged photo of hers.

Mother was beautiful.

You must have inherited
her beauty then.

I dont think I'm beautiful. But
Kannan keeps insisting otherwise.

Perumalayan is fortunate.

I believe I am the
fortunate one.

Frankly, I am so envious
of both your fortunes.

I've never been happy for
even one day after marriage.

I cant even become a Mother.

It will all turn out ok.

Just tie a cradle in Flower forest.
All my wishes come true when I do that.

Wait here a moment,
I'll be back.

Where are you going, I'll join you.
- No, nowhere.

I'll start the fire on the
stove and be back.


Where has she gone ?



Laughing ?

I feel terrible
doing this.

I cheated her.

Still, this laughter
makes up for it..

I know you'd do anything
to make me happy.


What rubbish you
told me yesterday.

I haven't slept well.
Not able to.

When eyes close, images of what you said
flash in front of my eyes.

Why did you do this
to me, Paniyan?

Why are you
overthinking this ?

I only said I had
a doubt.

Your 'doubt'.

Never come to me again.

You've trapped me in
a well I will drown in.

The spectators of Kaliyattam (play) and
the artists can all crave for her.

I would rather be
ignorant of it.

But now I am...

I've lost all my joy
and peace of mind.

To all my play roles..
To all the fires I have danced to...

I bid goodbye to you,
who made me great.

To the drumbeats who
gave me passion...

To the flutes who infused
God into me.

I am beginning to
separate from you.

The Gods shall no longer reside
on Perumalayan's fingers.

What, have you
gone mad ?

Yes, you made
me a madman.

You must prove to me
that my wife is an infidel.

I want tangible proof.

If you cant, I swear on the Gods,
I will kill you !

What have I...
- I dont want to hear it.

I want to see evidence.

Your allegations against her
are now burning me in fire.

So you must die.

May God help you, then.

I shall not play
any roles anymore.

I dont want to live
in a world of lies.

Sincerity and innocence are
no longer valued here.

Thank you for making me
understand that.

Friendship is a sin. I wont
befriend anyone anymore.


No need Perumalayan,
I'm done.

Paniyan, stop.

I agree, you are a
true friend.

Its ok.

"My wife is an infidel."

I must both believe it and
not believe it, at the same time.

I trust you, but
I need evidence.

You want evidence ?

I really need it.

I'll give you.

You want tangible evidence, right ?

I'll give it.

I have no peace of mind..

Why are you so depressed ? You're
a renowned singer Panicker.

You are healthy,
have a girl who loves you.

If I can't participate in
Theyyam, what use is marriage.

No girl can love a drunkard.
You are going to lose me! Beware

Are you 2 fighting?

If you touch liquor, it's off between us.
My parents can find me another groom.


Damayanti has a point, Kantha.
Poor her..

Lost everything.
Job.Peace of mind.

Now Damayanti too left me
-Dont worry. God wont forsake good people.


What is it, child?


So are you crying
for no reason?

If I tell you something,
will you scold me ?

Ofcourse not.
My child, tell me what happened.

I cant find it now. He gave it
to me the day I arrived here.

What are u
talking about?

That silk robe. I'd kept it safely.
Dont know how I lost it.

Did you search everywhere, child?
- Yes.

What do I tell
him now?

Dont need to tell him
for now. Go search, first

What's the secret?
-Cheerma, did you see the red silk robe?

It's missing for 2 days. I'm lucky Kannan hasn't asked me yet

What do I do now?
-Dont worry. It should be
around here somewhere.

He wouldn't remember
amidst preparations for the fest.

I cant lie to Kannan
-You needn't lie. Wait a few days.
I'll find it for you.

From where?
-From somewhere.
Be calm, Tamara.

We want to hold a mega fest in Vilapuram
Gods are enraged.

Epidemics returning to the village.
Crops and pets dying.

Love between humans has died as well
-It has been postponed for long.

I'd like to do a big one this year, and
continue an annual Kaliyattam (Play of God)

Perumalayan, can you lead this?

- Go ahead with it then.

We will make plans
and inform you of preparations.

Ur play is on December 10.
Its a grand Kaliyattam,
we want you to personally perform.

I have not performed
the big one yet, due to my caste.

Doesn't matter, you are up to it.
Moreover, during divination,
the Gods favored you.

So be it
- Alright. We take our leave.

Come with me.

Dont forget my word.
I will give you..

..real evidence before the big
play is over. I promise.

Oh God !
What have you done !

What's happened to Kannan?
-Dont know. First time I see him so angry.

Something troubling his mind.
Why else would he throw the token fee?

Yes, I agree.
- His mind must be pure
when performing the fire dance.

If not, the fire will burn his mind.
The heat will seep in.

They say even the performer's
wife must do fasting for him

I'm ready to do
any fasting for him.

Your willingness to fast
itself is enough, child.

Pray for his mind
to be alright.

Oh God.

I pray Paniyan is unable to
find evidence before Kaliyattam ends.


As high as Blue mountains,
and as low as the valley.

The roots of the native
Banyan tree grow.

In all coves where divine lamp is lit
Theyyam will mark its presence in February.

Forgive me.


I have begun
my fast..

Let the big performance
get over. I will love you.

More than I have
ever done before.

Long time since I dorned play robes.
This year, I'll also perform
the Theyyam. For you 2.

For both of you to
be happy always.

Why are u
2 so late?

Husband and wife
seem to be in love

Initial part is over.
The player will exit now.

Can Tamara sleep over
at Udupelamma's pavillion?

I think better not.
Udupelama is on fast.

Ruler suggested the Madam
can stay at the canteen.

I'll stay at Kannan's pavilion
- That's not allowed, Tamara

I am on fast, too.
You stay in canteen.

Come over to the
pavilion once in a while

I can ask Cheerma
to accompany you.

Where is Cheerma?
Gone to buy vermillion.

She's old, but in mood for
cosmetics now!
- I'll be back, just a minute

Come, lets go
to the pavilion.

Such an impulsive demon.
Sometimes he sleeps on the bed,
sometimes he burns it

Hey, reached early?
- Yes, last night itself.

I heard your bed's
near the kitchens.

I'll always be
near Kannan.

Who cares about
the fast?

Did you know Udupelamma is
playing a role this time ?

Yes, she's here. Come
- Let me pay first.



Where's your
'dear one' ?

Must be with Cheerma

Come with me.


Did you observe Tamara's eyes
when she came here?

Ya right.. as if you would
ever notice these things.

Her attention was elsewhere.

Didn't I tell u?
Look !

You wanted proof?
I'll give it to you.

Right here.
Before the big play ends.

Remember - my job is not really to
rescue you from an infidel woman.

I reminded him twice.
-That wont do.

You must insist. I'm quite depressed
being alienated from the play.

You have been cheating
me for so long.

Lord Unni. I was just
planning to meet up with you.

I've lost what I lost.

I'm going to end up
a complete loser here.

Lost my time.. my money. I now understand..
it was all in vain. I'll never get Tamara.

First learn to trust in yourself,
then question others.

This fire of doubt will
weaken you, Lord.

Clown !
- Get lost !

See? This is my state now.

I have several better
characters I can play.

Bhairavan of Naalankandam,
Aaroli Ruchittan.

Honestly speaking, even
the Villavaram role.

God is watching everything.

The role of Vilavram Bhagavathar
will find its way to me soon.

I get the feeling I'm
irrelevant here.

I'll end up bottom of the list.
- No, things have progressed.

Almost within arm's reach now!

All that's left is for me to grab her
and drop her in your lap.

You are bluffing.
- No.

Then let me hear it.
Come straight to the point.

You may decide
date and time.

Are you serious?

I'll go to Kodagu hills first.
And buy a pepper plantation for us.

And build a house.
-Good plan.

Dont remain here
with Tamara.

The Lord and Madam's marriage...
Kodagu Hills it is!

Here.. give this
to my Tamara.

This is the last time I
give courier service.

I cant be your messenger
always, ok?

You 2 are only bothered
about yourselves.

Always talking about romance
with each other.

Once you take her to Kodagu,
will you care about me?

You think I'd ever
forget you, Paniya?

Kantha, I've been
searching for you.

Whose camp is this?
- Ambupanickan.

His Theyyam is tomorrow.
Playing 'Bhairavan'.

Since I have no role,
I decided to do this.

I hear the big play
will be a big hit.

As Perumalayan said, in Eka-land
no one can match our troupe's fame.

You may feel
proud and happy.

But how long must I remain
useless like this.

I was all alone today.
No one to even speak to.

Damayanti is also

No one from
home either.

Mom considers me
her enemy.

This too shall pass.
Hold the goddess tightly in your heart.

Where'd you get this robe?
-Fell into my hands by luck!

Looks beautiful.
-Dont know where it came from.

When I awoke, the robe
was in my lap.

I'm not kidding, Paniya.

Feels like a dream.

Anyway, some relief for me
after this robe came to me.

Stopped drinking.

I'll give it to
Damayanti if she comes.

She'd be happy.


She'd be happy.


Around it, there.

Like that.
Wrap it around

About the lamp, I'd asked...
-Dont bother, they'll manage it

- Perumalayan

Wrap it close together.

What is it?
Did you have a red silk robe with u?

Not 'had', I
still have it.

Really? Correct that
to 'had', not 'have'.

What are you saying?
-Listen to me patiently.

Give me your word on that
- Tell me

That silk robe
is with Kanthan.

Saw it with my own eyes

Dont be weak.
I'm there for you.

I promise on Villavaram goddess,
I'll support you for anything.

I can understand
your situation

I myself felt so hurt when
I realized u're being cheated.

So I can guess the
pain you are undergoing.

Must kill him.

Yes, but dont do
anything to her.

Her too !
- If you kill him, she becomes yours.

She who cheats
must not live.

Ok, I'm with you.

I only regret I cant kill
both of them twice for you.

But it's not time yet. Must think
twice before making such decisions

This is not child's play. It's murder.
Not some cat or dog. Homicide.

I'm still not convinced.

The robe might
still be with her.

She must not
have given it.

You must have
imagined it.

She cannot
give it away.

I searched the house
fully before I came here.

Not sure where that
robe went.

How can I tell Kannan it is lost ?

For now, dont tell him

I believe it'll be found
before Kaliyattam is over.

I can bear losing
anything else...

Thank God he believes me blindly
-Does Perumalayan ever doubt u?

No, never

Doubt would not
enter even his dreams.

Here he comes.

I'm going to insist that
he allow Kanthan back.

I'll be indoors.

Your hands are wet.

Maybe because
I'm very happy.

You must observe a fast too.
Hot sweaty hands.

I'm donning a costume
and jumping into fire.

The Malayan's wife
must have purity too.

I am fasting too. Just
didn't inform you.

I'd done the same fasting
to get wed to you.

Be careful.

These are hands that
offered your heart to me.

Dont take excessive
freedom with it.


What about the
issue I asked you about ?

What ?

I told Kanthan today
that I'd make everything alright.

I am leaving
for the temple.

Oh, where is
that robe?

Robe.. er.. I think
it's at home.

Tell the truth.
Where is it?

It is most
valuable to me.

It is my life

U're changing the topic
to avoid my request.

Cant you take
Kanthan back ?

I ask you, where
is that robe !?

Cant you make things
alright for Kanthan?

Where is that robe ?

Seriously, I think it was your mistake.
-Oh God !

The Perumalayan doubts
u, Tamara.

I've never seen
him like this.

That robe is
magical or something.

Sad that I lost it.

What should I do ?

It's ok, child.

Maybe the robe was just
an excuse to get angry.

Male mind is not
as we think.

First, they love greedily. As days pass,
they grow tired and avoid us.

No Cheerma,
Kannan is not like that.

It is my mistake

I hope it's as you say.

Awaiting the Hero she was, fasting..
Chembarathy, beautiful as a peacock feather

Dawns passed, dusk passed..
She alone survived without food

Just to see the Hero
once more.

..she awaited in
pain and patience.


In the deep caverns
of Kudagu hills, he was.

7 obstacles, 17 hills
stood facing the Hero

After he crossed them, a conch was blown
- The Lord honored the Hero.

Many full-moons passed.

The storm blew away
the lamps of the school.

While Hero was seething in anger, Kudagan's
hands stabbed him behind his back.

My tears swelled up, flooded my mind city.
My cries were loud, my mind's fort broke down.

Hearing Hero's story, she burned in pain.
Chembarathy, as beautiful as a peacock feather.

Many dawns passed, her friends left her.
She decided to jump into the fire herself.

She flew like a bird,
close by the Hero's side.

So you haven't seen
anything suspicious?

Not only that,
I dont doubt her at all.

But you told me you saw
her with Kanthan?

I heard what they spoke. Nothing
inappropriate in that conversation.

But they spoke something
while you were away.

Nothing bad has happened.
I can vouch, Tamara's not an infidel.

If someone told you otherwise,
I curse him with destruction!

Honestly, u're lucky
to have got Tamara.


Ask her to come here.

Ettan, had you called ?

Let me see your eyes.
Look at my face.

What happened to you, Ettan?

I dont understand
what u're saying.

You look pale.

Who are you ?
- Your wife.

Promise me you haven't
cheated me.

I promise on the Goddess.

I could never do that.

But the gods have seen
your treachery.

No! What mistake are
you accusing me of?

Go. Go away from me.

Your eyes are watery.

Is it because of me ?

My girl, why are
you so beautiful ?

I'm burning
because of your beauty.

Oh Goddess, forgive me

You please forgive me.

Forgive me.

I still love you.

What trash he has
thought up!

Dont cry, child.

He must've
misunderstood somewhere.

You still trust him?

I have no one.

I can do nothing
but cry.

Tamara, are you crying?
What happened?

How can she not !? Perumalayan
has been blabbering a lot of nonsense

Perumalayan would normally
not do that...

Dont cry, child

She ran away from her
palace home for him.

So sad that she has
to hear such things.

I know I'm unlucky.

There's a limit to
doing nonsense.

Why should you bear everything
just because he's Perumalayan?

Dont cry !

What should I do to
change his mind?

I know he must be
having good intentions.

Please tell him I apologize for
errors I may have done.

Forgive him, child. I'll
change his mind, I promise !

Am I seeing and hearing
the truth, Paniya?

Would my Tamara
give that away?

Here he goes again !

You know, you cant visually see
this thing called virginity.

Imagine her lying alongside
Kanthan with that robe...

If something of that
sort happens...

I've heard and seen it.

Men like to boast of such
relationships, like their trophies.

What did he say ?

He.. and Tamara..

Perumalaya.. what happened.

What's happened?

This is the 2nd time. He fell
yesterday too. Maybe epilepsy.

No, I doubt it.
Come, let's pick him up

No need. He'll recover with
a little rest. Get some water.

No, I...
- Go, go now !

How are u?

What, are you sarcastic?
-No, I'm serious !

Now what if you had personally
witnessed all I described?

Was he speaking the truth?
-U're a man, dont be a wimp.

Many men are cheated
around the world like this.

I pity you. you still lay with
the woman who cheated you.

If I were in your position,
I would have taken measures.

U're right about all this.

Stay away from
here for a while.

When you were unconscious,
Kanthan had come here.

I've asked him to
return here.

You can eavesdrop,
while I talk.

I'll bring up 'the topic'
with him. Observe his expressions.

Observe while he describes..
how many times where..
when.. with your wife..

This shall be the evidence.

Dont attempt to
take revenge immediately.


But.. I want to kill him

There's time for that.
Dont do it now. Hide for now.


I'll ask Kanthan about Damayanti now.
He will speak happily.

The love-crazy Perumalayan will think
that we're talking about Tamara.

Where's Perumalayan?
- He left.

How's he now ?
He's fine. I told you its nothing.

Give me that.

So, what news on your
side, my Panicker boy.

When I hear 'Panicker',
I get reminded that..

..I lost that
post in the play.

Dont worry man. Keep behind
that Tamara.

She would've fixed this
for you long ago.

If you had told Damayanti...
poor girl, eh !

A girl who loves a man
so much ! Poor her.

We are deeply in love.

She came to me,
sometime ago.

Feel like seeing her,
wherever I go.

She followed me to the fair,
the other night.

Then we lied down on my
mat together. Didn't want to ask her to leave.

We hugged tight and slept

There's Damayanti.

Why did you come here?
- 'Why' ?

To see your whore! you gifted
me her silkrobe it seems.

Never thought u
were so cheap !

What are u
doing, Damayanti !

Go appease her, Panicker.

Damayanti, listen to
me first !

I dont want to hear anything.
Dont follow me now.

Stop, Damayanti. I know
nothing of this

Saw that ?
- Paniya..

How do I kill him ?

Saw how he laughed at
all his adultery ?

And, saw the robe? That
'precious gift' to your wife !

That was my evidence !

Yes. I saw it.

Oh Goddess !

Oh Goddess !

What should I do now ?

What mistake did I do ?

That I loved her more
than my own life ?

Or that I kept praying to
Gods, stepping on the embers..

..while my insides
were still burning ?

Tell me..u who have thrown
the seeds of epilepsy at me!

You who gave me
a heart of excessive love.

Tell me..
What do I do now?

Tonight I must
kill her.

Get me some poison.

You must not
kill with poison.

Strangle her while she's asleep.

Ok. That's the
just punishment.

I shall finish off
Kanthan tonight.

Here, promise me.

Tonight, I will kill Tamara.

Before that, you must
kill Kanthan.

I promise.
On my art, I promise.

I'm going for my act.
Felt like seeing you before that.

Can I come? I'll see
u from afar.

No need. you sleep.
Send Cheerma away.

I'll be alone.
-Dont worry.

Dont put out the lamps.
I'll return after my play.

Please wait.

Be careful when
stepping onto the fire.

I'll kill you ! you have been tricking me!

Stop fooling around !
- Shut up !
I'll kill you ! you have been tricking me!

Stop fooling around !
- Shut up !

I lost everything.
Now I will kill you...

Go ahead, kill! Would be an honor
to die at a lord's hand.

I lost my money, my Tamara..
You were cheating me, eh ?

I see you have
willpower now.

Good. Now I
truly respect you, lord !

All my maneuvering was
for this moment to come.

Hold onto this anger,
and you will win !

Meaning... ?

My efforts have not
reached completion yet.

Watch and see. Tonight you will
unite with Tamara.

How ?

Perumalayan and Tamara were
summoned to the palace.

Then I'll never get her..
- you will.

They will postpone their travel
only if some tragedy happens.

Kanthan is the best
route for that.

So.. tonight, lord,
u must kill Kanthan.

Me.. Kill.. Kanthan ?

That is your only route
to achieve what you need.

Kanthan will arrive with equipment to
dress up for his role tonight.

Before he enters the
temple, you must do it.

I'll be beside you.

Am I capable of this ?
- Yes you can.

Keep up this courage.
This anger you threw at me.

That's all. Go.

Tonight is your night ! Go !

You can.. for your Tamara !

I'm with you. Go !

Did you observe Perumalayan's
face? He seems at peace.

He said he would return
back after his play.

I was sad when he asked
me to let you leave tonight.

Let me leave !?
-Dont worry Cheerma.

He was lonely for 10 days.
Needs company. you may leave.

I still dont trust Perumalayan

Maybe he's impulsively stubborn
and angry due to excessive love. Its ok.

I prepared your bed.
Go sleep, Tamara.

What stupidities we imagine, eh !

If I die before you, will u
cover me with that robe?

What rubbish !

Just imagining it..lying dead
covered in that robe.

Do you know where I
first met him ?

When ?

Once, he was badly burnt in his play.
They carried him over to my house.

Poor fellow ! He
was burnt badly.

I sang to him to
soothe his pain.

That song keeps coming
to my lips tonight.

Why are you upset with me ?
Why this anger towards me?

I waited so long to see you once.
But you never came even once.

Didn't the fragrant breeze and moonlight
inform you of my heart's desire?

Why are you upset with me ?
Why this anger towards me?

Kajal lit up his eyes, a young boy
as he shifted his gaze to a mirror

He drew a circle of turmeric around his eyes
And they shone like lamps.

In the swing in my golden dream
your seat still remains empty.

The sound of his footsteps,
draw me to the door.

I tiptoe silently in the shadows,
waiting for him to call me.

But I do not see a boat at the river crossing.
It seems you decided not to ferry me.

Paniya.. you..

Help ! He's been murdered !
Help !

He's killing !

That's the reason.
I'm convinced of it.

Oh stars in the sky..
I dare not tell you the reason

I shall not
spill her blood.

Shall not land a scratch
on her body, softer than a snowflake.

She must die.
I shall put out this lamp.

I shall turn off
this light.

If my lantern goes out,
I can rekindle it.

But if I put out that beautiful
'lamp' there,I can never rekindle it !

If I pluck this silent rose flower,
I cannot give it life again.

Before the flower falls.. let me
enjoy its beauty. One final time.


Why.. you haven't..
changed your costume..


Did you pray today?
Yes. Why ?

If you want to beg forgiveness
for your sins, pray now.

What are you blabbering?
- Pray. Fast.

I cannot kill a life
that is unprepared to die.

Kill !? What happened to you ?

Yes. you heard right.
Pray for your sins.

I have only love towards you.
What mistake are you talking about?

That's exactly
why you will die.

What are you doing?

I'm scared.

You're shivering..
- Stay quiet.

My life.. the robe I gave you..
You gave to Kanthan.

I haven't done that !
Swear on the goddess !

I didn't give
him anything !

The Gods witnessed it.
I saw my robe in his hands.

I saw it !

But I never gave it to him !
I promise !

You may ask Kanthan.

He has already
agreed to it.

No.. he wouldn't !

His tongue shall
never wag again.

Paniyan has made sure.
So tell me.

Oh Goddess !

Etta.. dont kill me..


Dont.. Etta..

Tamara kutty!

- Who is it ?

Its me Cheerma.
Open the door.


Lord Unni was killed.
They say Kanthan did it.

Lord Unni ?
Killed Kanthan eh?

No.. Kanthan killed.
Lord Unni died !

So didn't he kill Kanthan ?

It's all gone wrong !
- Where's Tamara?

Killed her.

I killed her.

What madness you speak.

Tamara !

Tamara !


You must know of
her treachery, too.

You demon you.. you're insane !

She cheated on me !
- What rubbish !

You will rot in hell !
- She was Kanthan's whore.

Ask your husband.
He knows it all.

My husband ?
- Yes, Paniyan opened my eyes to it all.

My husband told Tamara cheated ??
- She even gave my robe to Kanthan.

Paniyan opened my eyes to it.
-May he get struck by lightning !

I'm the one who stole that robe.
Without Tamara's knowledge.

I did it on my husband's bidding.
Your 'friend' Paniyan !

Paniyan was saying truth.
- Lies ! It was all lies!

They were lies.. to make u
do this crime !


Tamara kutty.. never cheated..

She loved
u too much..

Dont kill...

Dont kill..

I shall not kill you. you dont even
deserve the kindness of death.

You must live on.. a piece of flesh
without limbs..

Forgive this God, please.
May you succeed.

Now my position..
belongs to you..

My Goddess..

Dont, Perumalaya !

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