The Planet of Junior Brown (1997) - full transcript

This is the story of an extremely obese, rather immature, yet very bright and talented young man, and of his world and the people in it... mostly homeless young adults... who refer to their lives and where they live as their individual "planets," and everyone else as "refugees." But there are problems in his world, where a talent for the piano has been reduced to playing Chopin on a piano that has had the strings cut by his mother out of frustration at his incessant practicing... the same mother who now requires him to be there to administer her insulin shots. Still, because he is a 'good boy', he plays on the soundless piano, and takes weekly lessons from a piano teacher so eccentric that she will only allow him to strum out the notes on her dining room table... until, like real planets when other bodies get too close, he finds himself pulled and moved in a different direction.

(machinery ticking)

(mysterious piano music)

- Spare some change, ma'am?

Merry Christmas,
thank you very much.

Spare some change, sir?

Spare some change, ma'am?

(mysterious music)

(machinery ticking)

- Junior?



(mysterious music)

Come and help your mother
with her medicines!

♪ Silent night

♪ Holy night

♪ All is calm

♪ And all is bright

♪ Round yon virgin

♪ Mother and child

♪ Holy infant

♪ So tender

♪ So mild

♪ Sleep

- Check it out.

One hallowed evening,

a 10th planet materialized
in the night sky,

lit up everything,
just like that.

How come no one else saw it?

I guess you gotta be
in the right sphere.

But now, this
misunderstood brother,

he saw it, he
jumped up and down,

pointing up to the sky,

trying to get people
to take notice.

But you know Homo sapiens.

People just walked on by.

I didn't see what this
misunderstood brother

was seeing at first,

but I found if you
look hard enough,

real hard, you might just see.

The closer we get to the
year of our Lord, 2K,

the more people are peepin'
on this 10th planet.



It feels like a world spinning,

like some celestial religion,

all because this
one young brother,

who incidentally
is like a prophet,

he is like a prophet,
in exile from humanity.

And when I inquired
as to his name,

he replied Junior
Brown. (laughs)

Behold, the Planet
of Junior Brown.


- Junior Brown.


But you still
didn't tell how come

it didn't cause disasters
for the other planets.

- Man, how come you always
gotta spoil shit, huh?

You know how long
me and Mr. Pool

worked on this thing?

- Yeah.

- [Junior] How come?

- Asteroids, alright?

Happy now?

- Where?

- Where?

There's 30 asteroids
balancing the orbit.

- Where?

I don't see no 30 asteroids.

- Yeah, and you
don't see any moon

around the Earth either, do you?

- Yeah, I meant to ask
you about that too.

And that Sun you made?

I mean, it's too small.

I mean, if the real
Sun were that size,

we'd all be frozen to death,

and there'd be no plants,
or insects, or nothing.

- Have you ever tried
to fit a 10th planet

into a nine planet solar system?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

It's a lot harder than it looks,

only Mr. Pool, me, and God
know how to do that shit.

- Yeah.

- I just didn't see no
30 asteroids, that's all.

- Yeah, well, use
your imagination, man.

I had enough trouble
stealing the motor

to run this whole thing.

(captivating jazz music)

- [Junior] Hey, I see them!

- Yeah, nice.

- Asteroids. (laughs)

30. (laughs)

(captivating jazz music)

(Junior laughs)

- Yes, that's
right, Junior Brown.

A whole mess of them.

Alright, that's it for today.

Come on.

School's out.

Be careful on your
way out, alright?

Don't let nobody see
you on your way out.

See you on Monday.

(bell rings)

(mysterious music)

- [Kid] Hey look,
it's Free Willy!

- [Other Kid] Yo, Fat Albert!

Hey, Oprah, how's the snacks?


(wind chimes rustling)

- [Mr. Pool] A 10th
planet materialized

in the night sky, lit
up just like that.

I found if you look hard enough,

real hard, you
just might see it.

- Man, what are you looking at?

(somber piano music)

- Yo, let's go in.

Derrick says come on.

Maybe they're sure that
Tanaka's not there.

(somber piano music)


- [Derrick] Come on in, it's
cool, the man's not here.

How you guys doing?

- Man, Junior was
fretting himself

all the way over here.

Thinking today was the day
you sold the baby grand.

- Oh yeah?

Well, Mr. and Mrs.
RSP over there

are certainly thinking it over,

but they're not gonna buy shit.

So you don't worry
about it, Junior, okay?

- She was playing Chopin
like it was Mozart.

She got the style all wrong.

- Hey, you know, I
would let you play it,

but you know, Tanaka.

- Yeah.

You know, Chopin
has more silences

between the notes.

- Yeah, he does.

You're right.

You know, nobody buys
pianos anymore, Junior?

You know, soon they're
gonna be extinct.

- I got one at home
like Fats Waller had,

but this one, it's
best for classical.

- This one, this
one's gotta be played

by somebody with
something to give.

- Derrick.

What did I tell
you about letting

these kids in the store?

- Well, I didn't see
any harm in it, sir.

- [Buddy] We were
just leaving anyway.

Come on, Junior.

(slow classical violin music)

- You know, I can tell
you like that girl, J.

But you gotta, you know,

talk before you touch, man.

You know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna hook you up.

I'm gonna hook you
up, Junior Brown.

Let's go, you're gonna be late

for your piano lesson
with Miss Peebs.

(slow classical violin music)

(car honks)

Yo, Junior!

- Hey, stupid!


Where are--

- Man, who you calling stupid?

- Get out!

- Who you calling monkey ass?

You can't see him walking here?

You don't see you just got hit

by a car, almost?


What are you, stupid?

(Junior hums)

Yo man.

You know what I was thinking?

I was thinking, maybe I'll
come with you to Miss Peebs,

check out your lesson.

So, what do you think?

- How many times
I gotta tell you?

Miss Peebs don't
like nobody coming up

to my lesson but me.

And what do you
always gotta follow me

around for anyhow?

- Man, one time I
won't be around,

and you're gonna get
your assed kicked, man.

You know what I should do?

I should let you travel
to the other side

of town by yourself,

see how you like that.

- I'd like it just fine.

Maybe then I'd get some
peace in my brains.

(Junior hums)

- Alright, man.

I'll meet you back down here

in like an hour and a half.

- [Junior] Yeah, okay.

- You want me to go
in the lobby with you?

- No.

Say, Buddy, I'm
gonna ask Miss Peebs

if you can come up to
my lesson next Friday,

so you can hear me
play if you want.

- Alright, cool.

- Alright.

(woman sobs)

(man laughs)

(woman sobs)


- [Miss Peebs] You can't have
your lesson today, Junior!

- Let me in, Miss Peebs.

- [Miss Peebs] Junior,
your instruction

has been canceled.

Now, I will talk to your
mother about reimbursement.

- But I have some new
music from the library,

a new piece of Prokofiev.

(woman sobs)

(ominous music)

Miss Peebs?

- [Miss Peebs] Why
can't you leave me be?

- Miss Peebs?

Miss Peebs?


- Oh, honestly, Junior.

You're like a dog sometimes.

Come on.


Which Prokofiev did you select?

- [Woman] And what about her?

That squeegee kid.

- [Man] Nah.

Nah, she's too young, too green.

Let's go see if the blonde

is still at her usual spot.

Get the money ready.

- [Woman] Cold enough for you?

- Is it cold enough for me?

Yes, it is.

Can you make it stop now?

My lips are falling off my face.

- [Man] (laughs) Maybe
someone should downsize

old man winter, huh?

- Yeah, maybe.

So, what are you
guys up to tonight?

- [Woman] Oh, we're
just out for a drive.

- [Man] Driving around.

- [Woman] And maybe
this can help.

Santa said put
this in your hand.

Take it.

- [Man] It's no
big deal, take it.

♪ It's like butter, baby

♪ It's like butter

♪ It's like butter, baby

- [Man] Yo, see you later, kid.

- Yeah, thanks.

How come you're always
spying on people, Buddy?


Who the hell are
you, 007 street kid?

- Who were those people?

- [Butter] They're friends.

- Friends, huh?

You gotta watch the
company you keep.


Why don't I come
check you later?

Let you know if we can
hang out on my planet.

- Going back up to your planet

so you can feel me up

like some undersexed teenager?

No way.

- I just want to hang
with you, that's all.

I thought we could, you
know, catch Jerry Springer.

- You don't have a TV, Buddy.

You don't even got electricity,

you can't see to read a
TV guide in your shit.

- Candles.

I got enough candles.

- Yo, Killer!

Wam youth, come here man.

Come here, I'm on patrol man,

looking for this
rat named Sweetpea,

you see him?

- Nah, man.

- Ay yo, you see Sweetpea?

- What'd he do?

- Yo, man.

Communicate with
officers of the law, man.

You know what I'm saying?

Gave them some intelligence

about one of our planets.

You didn't you hear about it?

Where you been, man?

Yo, man.

Babylon shot it up last night,

and now we have what,
refugees on the street?

Know what I'm saying?

Just the season, right?

- Yeah, man.

- Sha.

Hey, Butter.

- [Butter] Mhm?

- Let me borrow Killer
for a little bit.

- I thought you liked blue.

- Come on, man.

(fly buzzes)

- I'm sure you haven't
forgotten, Junior.

- Yes, ma'am.

- You do remember I had
to destroy the piano.

- Oh, that's not a problem.

I could sit right here--

- And beat out your
lessons on the table.

Very good, Junior, very good.

But first, I want
you to have some tea,

and then

I am going

to get you some fresh
baked Christmas cookies.

- Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

Miss Peebs?

- What is it, Junior?

- Maybe you'd like to tell

what really happened
to the piano?

- Be sure and wipe your fingers,

I don't want any
grease on my mahogany.

(loud buzzing)

- You see the streets?

It's like an undiscovered
country, man.

Nobody knows we're here.

Am I right?


So, listen.

You gotta remember one thing.

Now, a refugee comes
to you for help,

you do what?

- Help.

- Ah, see it there?

Help, right?

Now, look.

Somebody did that for me,
and who did it for you?

- You.

- Whoa, see?

- You schooled me good, Duckie.

- I school it right.

I got something to teach
you yet, Buddy Clark.

(finger tapping)

- Oh, the third sonata.

(fast paced piano music)

- Ay, yo.

We got a rat at 12 o'clock.

- Oh.

The game is afoot!

Yo, look over there, look, look!

(fast paced piano music)

(Miss Peebs hums)

- Now, remember.

Prokofiev, not Chopin, and...

(intense music)

- Certain rules to
the streets, son.

You just broke rule one.

In South Africa, they put a tire

around the offender's neck,

and put gasoline in it,

and burn him a new necklace.

Sounds reasonable, right?

Now, listen.

Babylon threaten to hang you

by your nipple ring
on a meat hook.

You tell them what?

- Nothing.

- Nothing.

But that's not what you did.

You tell them somethin'!


Come here.

You know something
about fire, don't you?

Light this bitch.

Light him.

- Please, Duckie.

Don't do this.

- Please, Duckie.

Go, light him, light him.

- [Sweetpea] Don't
do this, please!

- [Duckie] Light him!

- [Sweetpea] Don't do this!

(baby cries)

- Hold on.

He looks like a weenie roast.



I tell you what we're
gonna do, alright?

You're the wilderness
for 40 days

and 40 nights, right?

No contact at all.

When you repent, come
back to the fold,

all is forgiving in the world.


- That's cool.

Thank you, Duckie.

- Alright, alright with you?



Beat this piece of shit.

Oh, dat hurt!

(fast paced piano music)


(fast paced piano music)


- I want to play a real piano.

- I have told you so
many times, Junior.

You can't play the piano.

You were doing just fine.

So few students become
concert pianists,

only one in a thousand.

- I mainly want to learn
the theory and composition.

- Then you won't
have to practice

on my piano, will you?

That is a concert piano
for concert pianists!

I didn't mean that, Junior.

- Miss Peebs, do
you have some more

cookies in the oven?

Because I think I smell
something burning.

- Oh my God.

As a matter of fact, Junior,

I have a relative visiting

with me at the moment.

He's been here
for several weeks.

And I don't know what to do.

- I could get my pops to help.

- Shh.

You aren't to tell your father

or anyone else about this.

- Okay, I won't.

- He's not well.

He's not well.

I thought that I could
nurse him back to health,

but I don't have
what I need here.

And he's stubborn!

I mean, filthy and stubborn.

You can see for yourself.

And if there's one
thing I can't stand,

it is an intrusion.

What gave him the right to--

- Miss Peebs, I can help you.

- No.

I think it's best that you go.

I don't want you
cutting yourself

and getting an infection,

I am in no position to be sued.

- All I need is a
sponge or something.

- Shh.

He's hiding again.

- No.

No, no, no, no.

I think he went out
before I came in.

- You don't know him, do you?

- No.


(loud clang)

God damn you!

You filthy beast!


You will not get the best of me!

I will pulverize you!



- I think you got
him, Miss Peebs.

You got him.

- I think you better go now.

I'll give you a proper
lesson on Friday.

It'll all be settled then.

- Okay, okay, okay.

But I'm bringing
my friend Buddy.

- Junior, I've told you--

- Or I'm not coming.

- Fine.

Fine, but hurry, hurry!

(baby cries)

(woman laughs)

- Hm.

I spoke to Miss Peebs today,

she says you could come up

with me next Friday
to my lesson.

She's got someone
staying with her.

- Miss Peebs?

She got a man?

- He's a man.

But he's a relative.

Like, this relative
tried to break a piano,

or maybe make Miss Peebs do it.

Yeah, he made Miss Peebs do it.

He was so dirty and nasty.

Stank up the whole hallway.

I think he like,
busted his finger

when he was trying
to break the piano,

and he just shuffles
around scaring people.

- Did he scare you, Junior?

Let's get you out of here.

(somber piano music)

(melancholic music)

(mechanical ticking)

Hey, how come there's no
strings in your piano?

- It gets on my mom's nerves,

so she asked my dad
to cut them out.

- So, where's pops?

- Well, he was here, right?

But he had to go away,

like on some business, you know,

but he says if he can get away,

he'll be here on Saturday.

If he can get away.

(somber piano music)

- Junior?


What are you doing?

Come on in here and
get yourself clean.


None of your
foolishness, Junior.

- Sorry.

- You have to learn something

about sacrifice, Junior Brown.

You can't get through this
life without sacrifice.

(water splashes)

♪ Oh, holy night

- What time is dad coming?

- He said he'd be by
in time for breakfast.

- Who's gonna make me breakfast?

You or him?

- I'll make breakfast
for all of us.

- Is he gonna stay all day?

- That's what he said
when I called him.

- You'll see, you'll
see! (chuckles)

He'll stay all day.

We'll go to the piano store,

and we'll go have pizza,

and he'll stay all day
with us, we'll have fun.


- Aw.

Come on.

(choral singing)

(loud commotion)

- Do you guys know someone

we can stay with for the night?

- [Kid With Glasses] We
just heard about you, man.

We heard you were cool.

- So Buddy, we
can stay with you?

- Stay here?


(somber choral music)

- Yo.

Welcome among the
infidels, Killer.

What up, youth?

- Look, I'm on a
hit and run, Duckie.

I want to leave these
two immigrants with you.

- What's wrong with your planet?

What, no fire insurance or what?

- Man, I got no room.

- Bullshit.

- You gonna take them or not?

Been to two planets already.

There's no room at any of them.

You're the only one left.

- There's a natural
order to things seen.

The older ones teach
the younger ones.

Been like that
since, for eternity.

You know something?

I thought I taught
you everything,

but it looks like
one or two things

don't catch yet.


What's your name?

- I'm Lesley, this
is my brother Doug.

- Alright, look.

I'll go and provide economic
asylum for the youths, seen?

- Look.

Don't come back to
my planet, alright?

Duckie's gonna school you.

- But I wanna stay--

- Nah, I'm out.

Alright, peace, Duckie.

- Yeah.

(catchy music)

(phone rings)

- Hello?

Hi, Junior was wondering
what time you were...


He can't get away.

He tried.

No, no, no, I understand.

Right, right.

I'll tell him.

He's not coming, son.

Breakfast is on the table.

Get yourself dressed,
we'll go out,

we'll enjoy the day.

- What'd you make?

- Something special.

I'll go down and
get the laundry.

Go sit.

(whimsical piano music)

- Does that make you happy?

- I don't know.

- Then why do you persist?

- I can't help it,
I can't help it,

I like to eat, alright?

I'm sorry, Mom.

We can go to the piano store,

we don't have to wait on Dad.

I mean, he can come
with us next time.


- Next time.

Next time, you'll know what
his promises are worth.


We'll go to the piano shop,

and then we'll go
to the record store.

Junior, if you're as talented

as everyone says you
are, you'll manage.

And then we can
take in a matinee,

I hear there's a
great film downtown.

And then we can window shop,

just the two of us.

(calming music)

- I came to take you
away from all of this.

- Really?

Unless you're Tupac reborn,

you ain't got no
place to take me.

- Maybe.

Listen, you like
Schwarzenegger movies?

He has this new one where

him and that little dude

play two elves who
save Christmas.

Thought maybe we
could catch a matinee.

- Are you paying
for the popcorn?

- With extra Butter, baby.

- Dinner afterwards?

- I have the coupons right here.

Look, I'm just kidding.

You can choose the place.

- Okay!

(melancholic piano music)

- My mother's buying
sheet music from Derrick.

- I have an idea.

Why don't we go to my office,

and we can talk about
the service we offer

with the piano.

- He always wants me
to play for customers.

That's why he makes me
stay here all day long.

Apparently, he's having
trouble selling things one,

but I think he's got
it sold this time.

I've seen you play before.

You are the best piano
player I've ever seen.

You are Junior Brown.

- Yeah, Junior Brown.

- Too bad my father
won't let you play it.

No one is allowed except me,

and it always has to be Chopin.

I know I don't play
as well as you,

but most of them don't
really care anyways.

- No, you play it okay.

It's just a little like Mozart,

you have to let it breathe.

It's sort of like
crying, I mean,

I don't know if you cry but--

- I know what you mean.

- I have the new sheet
music, we can go.

- Okay.

- Say goodbye to your friend.

- Bye.

- Nice to meet you, Junior.

- Nice to meet you.

- Bye.


- See, I told you.

No one's better than Arnold

blowing away them grinches.


Merry Christmas, asshole.

So, why don't you
take off your coat

and stay a while?

- Where did you get
all this stuff anyway?

- Five finger discount.


It's your first
winter of discontent?

- Yeah.

How come you're always
wearing long sleeves?

Is it true you're all burned?

Are you a good
thief, Buddy Clark?

- I only steal what I need.

- Well, what's your next caper?

- Your heart.

I'm gonna steal your heart.

- You want to steal my heart?

You want to steal my heart, huh?

Well, that's gonna
be really hard.

- Why?

- You see, cause first of all,

you've got to tear all
the skin off my chest,

you gotta rip the muscles apart,

you have to shift the
lungs over to one side

after you've broken
open my ribs.

Only then could you
get at my heart.

You think you could do that?

- Yeah.

Take good care of it too.

Keep it in a little jar
over there beside my bed,

so I could, you know,

it'll be the first
thing I wake up and see.

- Right, you would too.

You sick bastard!

- Nah, really.

You can trust me with it.

- I don't trust you.

You're a man.

Men have dicks, I don't
trust dicks, okay?

They're always trying to get
into your mouth, or wherever.

- You trust mine.

- Bullshit.

You have a dick between
these legs, Buddy Clark?

Look at that, there it is.

Oh, it's already
getting hard too,

well I better get out of here

before you do something stupid

and try and stick it some place.

(somber music)

Let me go that easy, huh?

Aren't you gonna sit there?

You're not gonna
try and force me?

Knock me down?

Rape me?

What's wrong with
you, you sick bastard?

You think I can trust you?

You say you can pull my heart

out of my chest, huh?

Would you keep it?

(somber music)

- Okay, alright, check it out.

Now, the universe is
the same everywhere

in all directions.

Our solar system's
average, nothing special,

boring as solar systems go.

Now, the planet of Junior Brown

is no different than
any other planet,

only bigger.

Space, matter, time,
energy, gravitation,

cannot, my fellow Earthlings,

be measured alone,
but only in relation

to other elements, you
understand what I'm saying?

You are late for class.

- Sorry, my--

- Now, nevermind the
excuses, just have a seat,

I'm almost done here.

Everything dies,
all Earthly things.

Including your precious
little planet, Junior Brown.

That means no more
shopping trips to the mall,

that means no more
bungee jumping,

that means no more
quests for perfect abs.

All that shit dies.

And if you think that
there's a possibility

of travel to another galaxy,

you got another thing coming.

Because even at
the speed of light,

Andromeda, our nearest
galactic neighbors,

two million years away.

And the youngest star
in the Milky Way?

Well, when our
youngest star here

in the fabulous Milky
Way is extinguished,

so too are we.

God damn it.

Must be in the tracks.

- So, you have a nice weekend

with your pops, man?

- Yeah, that's got it.

God damn it!

- He buy you something else

you don't even need?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Go easy on him, Buddy.

- Whatever.

- Yeah, well, he
came on Saturday.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

But my mom made a big breakfast

for all of us, right?

And I had scrambled
eggs, and you know,

and toast, and bacon,

and my mom had like
yogurt, and wheat germ,

and grapefruit juice.

My pops just had
toast and coffee

like he always does.

Then we went to like,
this recital and...

♪ Girls in white dresses
with blue satin sashes ♪

♪ Snowflakes that stay on
my nose and eyelashes ♪

♪ Silver white winters
that melt into springs ♪

♪ These are a few of
my favorite things ♪

♪ When the dog

- And then afterwards
we went to the movies,

and my dad stayed
all day man, yeah.

Like all day.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- That's cool.

♪ My favorite things

♪ And then I don't feel so bad

- Come on, man.

I got a surprise for you.

- Surprise!

- So, any of you guys want
a beverage or something?

Snacks, you know?

- Buddy?

Can I talk to you in
the other room please?

- Yeah.

No, wait here, Junior.

I'll be back in a minute, aight?

- Yeah.

- I told my father I was gonna

see a movie with my friends.

I have to be back
by 9:30 though.

- Buddy goes to the
movies all the time.

- I go with my mom sometimes,

my dad never comes.

But sometimes he takes me to...

Taco Place.

I'm fat.

- I know.

Is Buddy there your best friend?

- Yeah.

Yeah, he's my best friend.

He's all alone in the world,

not like me and
my moms, you know,

cause he lost his
family in a fire

when he was a kid, right?

That's why he has like
these scars on his arms,

but I never look
at them because,

you know, he's never
ever once called me fat,

and I mean, Mr. Pool
said that people say

he started the fire,

but I don't think he did

because he never told me,

and he would've, right?

Because he's my best friend.

(Junior hums)

♪ Just tied up with string

♪ These are a few of
my favorite things ♪

- Oh my God, I can't believe

the shit they're singing.

♪ When I'm feeling sad

♪ I simply remember
my favorite things ♪

♪ And then I don't feel so bad


- I love that song.

- Yeah, me too.


- Have you ever kissed somebody?

- Well, what?

- You know...

♪ Junior Brown's
gonna get some ♪

♪ Junior Brown's
gonna get some ♪

- Buddy?

I have to go right now.

- Hey, don't worry
about it, Junior.

You're not the first, and
you won't be the last.

Women been complaining
about that for eternity.

Don't worry, man.

I'll see you tomorrow, aight?

- Yeah, okay.

(dog barks)

- FBI, son. (laughs)

Killer, what up, youth?

- Chillin' man,
what are you sayin'?

- I'm sending out a
personal invitation to you.

Seen, Killer, we got
this little function,

get together thing, right?

Down at the planet.

So, you know, why
don't you come by, man?

Have some egg nog and shit.

- I got Christmas
gifts to wrap and shit.

You know how it is.

- Hey, Buddy.

- Christmas gift?


Alright, well, if
you change your mind,

then just come by.


I always room at
the Inn, alright?

Know what I'm saying?

- Yeah.

- Aight.

Les, you like egg nog?


Come, man!

(somber music)

(fire blazes)

- What?


- I couldn't save her.

- Who?

- My sister.

I tried, I had a candle.

I put one candle,
it was only one.

I put it on the tree.

- It's okay.

- I tried to save her, but...

(somber music)

- Could you please
spare some change?

Spare some change, ma'am?

Thanks anyway.

Excuse me ma'am, could you
please spare some change?

You got a date?

- Dinner at Junior's tonight.

So, why did you
run this morning?

- I didn't run, Buddy.

I left, okay?

- Listen, why don't you
come check me later?

- No.

- Why don't you just
come back to the planet?

- No, Buddy.

Okay, yeah, whatever.

I'll see you later.

- See you later, aight?

- Okay.

(somber music)

Excuse me, could you
please spare some change?

- Merciful Father, thank you
for the food you provide,

we nourish and sanctify our
bodies in your holy name.


- Amen.

- [Buddy] Amen.

- Junior.

You may pass the sweet potatoes,

and the gravy.

Buddy Clark, begin by
passing the broccoli please.

I expect you like turkey wings?

The bony part?

- No thanks.

- Which do you prefer?

- I don't eat meat.

- I'll have what
he doesn't want.

- Junior.

I expect you're some
sort of black Muslim?

- I'm not Muslim,
I just don't enjoy

eating flesh, that's all.

- Nonsense.

Fowl is not flesh, it's
meat meant to be eaten.

We have plenty of meat here,

please feel free
to help yourself.

- I'd appreciate some water

if you have any.

- Goodness.

Of course.

I didn't think, since
Junior seldom has any

with his dinner.

Excuse me.

- I hate water. (chuckles)

- Here you go.

- Thank you.

- Welcome.


- Junior and I were
thinking of maybe

going to see a movie.

I'll have him home safe
if that's a problem.

- Oh, what is the
matter with me?

I forgot the salad.

- I'll have some salad, Mom.

- Yes.

Excuse me.


- Damn it, Mom!

Buddy, come and help me.

Hold her, hold her!


- Damn, your mom's a junky, man?

- Diabetic.

- What's in the needle?

- Glycogen.

She didn't watch
her sugar today.

Hold on, hold her head up!

Sorry, Momma.

I'm sorry.


(mysterious music)

Hey, don't forget.

You promised to
come to Miss Peebs

with me on Friday,
to my piano lesson.

I mean, you promised.

- Alight, I'll be there.

Tell your moms I said
thanks for dinner,

and I'm sorry she got sick.

- Yeah.

- Aight?

- Alright.

(siren blares)

(calming choral music)

- [Woman] Cold one
tonight, ain't it?

- Yeah.

I've seen colder though.

- [Woman] You
shouldn't be out here.

Why don't you come back
with us for a while?

It's warm.

Just for tonight?

- [Man] Just for tonight.

No pressure.

(calming choral music)


(somber piano music)


- Junior.

Junior, I'm going to go mad

listening to this racket
over and over again.

David, will you do something

about this God damn racket?

(somber piano music)

- [David] I gotta get going.

We gotta leave early,

take the kids to
see the in-laws.

Now, tell Junior I'll
try and come around

and see him before Christmas.

- Why don't you stay
and tell him yourself?

- [David] Here, I got
these for you and Junior.

Don't open them
before Christmas.

(somber piano music)

- Did you get her the same thing

in a different color
like last year?

(somber piano music)

- [David] I'll see you soon.

- He said that you shouldn't
open it before Christmas,

and that he'd try to come by

and visit before Christmas,

if he could get away.

Get up.

- I gotta go.

I'm gonna be late.

Buddy's waiting for me outside.

- But you haven't
finished your breakfast.

- I'm not really hungry.

Buddy said to thank you
for dinner last night,

and he's sorry you got
sick and everything.

- I'm just sorry he had
to see me in that state.

- Oh, it's not your fault, Mom.

I gotta go.

- Junior, give me a hug.

- Bye.

- When our youngest star here
in the fabulous Milky Way,

is extinguished, so too are we.

(wondrous music)

- [Man] Bingo!

Now who gave you this stuff?

- I didn't do
nothing, let me go!

- Who was it?

Who was it?

- Buddy!

- Don't make me sit in
the class today, Buddy!

I can't sit in the class today.

- You two!

With me now, let's go.

Let's go.

Now who's that kid outside?

Obviously you guys
know each other.

- What kid?

- What's your name, son?

- Just tell him your name.

- Junior.

- He's Junior Brown.

I'm Glenroy Clark.

- Junior, does your
mother pronounce her name

Junella or Juneela?

- Sir, you really don't
have to call Junior's mom.

She's sick, she's a diabetic.

- Glenroy, I'm gonna
ask you to step outside

for a minute, please.

- Buddy.

- [Buddy] Sir, you really
don't have to call.

- Outside!

- I want to go with you, Buddy.

- You can handle this, alright?

Look, I'll be right outside.

Don't worry about it, alright?

- I can't stay in here with him.

- You can handle it.

Don't worry, I'll be
right out there, okay?


- Okay.

- Good afternoon, Mrs. Brown.

This is Carl Roundtree,

calling from your
son's high school.

It appears that Junior
hasn't been to class

in just over two months,

and I'm wondering if
you're aware of this.

Please give me a call at
your earliest convenience.

Thank you.

(heavy breathing)

- Joyce.

Is Mr. Roundtree there?

He wants to see me.

- Oh, he's just finishing up.

I think he'll be right with you.

- Come on, Buddy,
come on back in.

Ah, Mr. Pool, I'm
glad you're here.

Give me a couple of minutes,

I'll be right with you.

- So, did he ask you
anything about Mr. Pool?

- No.

- [Mr. Pool] Fellas.

- Yeah, we're here.

- So, what did Mr.
Roundtree want?

- He wanted to know
why me and Junior

weren't in class all the time.

I told him some story.

But he called Junior's mom.

- Uh oh.

- [Buddy] So, what
did he ask you?

- He wanted to know how
come he could never find me

when a toilet needed cleaning.

Can you believe that?

I asked him, under my breath,

what are you doing snooping
around the boys room?


Looks like I'm gonna have
to dismantle the whole rig.

- You know this is the last time

we could ever come down here.

- Yeah.

- Junior?

You're to wash the
dishes this evening

after dinner, Junior.

I will call you when it's ready.

- Yo, what are you doing here?

You making this a habit?

- They took her, Buddy.

- Took who?

What are you talking about, man?

- Lesley, she's gone.

Duckie took her.

- You stay here, alright?

Yo man, you seen Duckie?

- [Kid] No.

- Alright.


So, you ever think
about going home?

- Home?

- I don't know.

- No.

I miss my bed, though.

You know?

I had the best bed.

When I was really little,

I used to wake up
every morning and,

I don't know, I'd go downstairs,

and crawl under
the kitchen table,

and eat sugar right
out of the bowl.

This one time my dad
was there... (chuckles)

You know what a
hard on looks like

when you're five years old?

It's as big as your arm.

I just went back
up to bed and...


I'm not going home.

I miss my bed, though.

- Look, I'm sorry.

- Junior?


I'm going to go crazy
if I keep hearing

this racket over and over again.

(loud creaking)

Junior, I want you to
know that I'll no longer

be subsidizing your drawing.

You've shown yourself
to be irresponsible

with what you choose
to commit to paper.

I will not have those
pictures in my house.

I don't care what you
see on the street,

or what your friend Buddy Clark

might put into your head.

I won't tolerate
that kind of filth,

do you understand me?

(mysterious music)








Get momma's medicine.



Oh, hurry, baby.


Oh, Junior.


- I'm going to a movie.

It's downtown, okay?

- Junior, don't
leave your mommy.


Don't leave me!

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.


(dramatic music)

- Yo man, you seen Duckie?

- I think you should
like, locs it.


What happen?


Hey ya'll, make some room, seen.

Our good pal Buddy Glenroy
Killer Clark is here.

Yo, come here man.

Yo, man.

Everywhere I go,
people telling me,

yo, Buddy's looking
for you, man.

Buddy's looking for me.

Yo, I said to myself, yo, why?

The bitch must want
more favors, right?

You didn't hear man?

Three strikes, you're out.


- Hi, Lesley.

- You know something, man?

Me and Les, man, we
were just chilling.

You know what I'm saying?

- Lesley.

Why don't you come stay
with me now, at my planet.

Come on, your brother's
waiting for you there.

Let's go, I changed
my mind, Les.

- Les is so young, man.

She doesn't even know
the first Cosby Show,

you know the
original Cosby Show?

Oh, shit.

I'm sorry, man.

That's right, your sister
was about her age, right?

Refugee comes to you for help,

what do you do?

Come on, don't
disappoint me Buddy,

what do you do, come on.

- Help.

- You help!

- Lessons learned, Duckie.

You schooled me good, man.

Come on, Lesley, let's go.

Let's go, Lesley.

- Yo, pass is pass.

Right, my brother?

You know what I'm
saying, Killer?

You don't mind if I still
call you Killer, right?


Yo, man.

I'm just here, you know,

celebrating the birth
of what's his name.


- Alright, Merry
Christmas, Duckie.

- There's always
room at the Inn.

Always room.

- [Derrick] This ain't
a good time, Junior.

You gotta go.

- Where's the piano?

It's gone.

He sold it?

He sold the piano?

- Yeah, listen.

You gotta get out of here, okay?

- He sold the piano,
where's Sandra?

- Look, Sandra's not here,

but you really gotta go.

Okay, Junior?

You gotta get outta here.

Listen, I'll talk
to later, okay?

Go on.

I'll talk to you later.


(ominous music)


(phone rings)

- Hello?

No, I haven't see
him, he's not here.


If he comes by, and
I doubt that he will,

I will certainly call
you and let you know.



(fast paced piano music)


Don't get it, Junior.

- But it's Buddy, though.

I thought you weren't coming.

- [Buddy] Sorry, Junior.

I'm here now.

- Come on in.

- Hi, I'm Buddy Clark.

- Let's just go in.

- He's here, Junior.

- I know.

- Can you feel him?

(classical piano music)

This is the first
piece you mastered.


You played it over, and over,

and over, and over--

- Again.

I'm going to go mad
if I keep hearing

this racket over,
and over again.

- Oh, you thought
it was so difficult.

It was easy.

(classical piano music)

- David, will you do something
about this God damn racket!

(emotional piano music)

♪ Silent night

♪ Holy night

(strings plucking)

- Why can't you help me
just a little bit, Junior?

Why can't you
learn to sacrifice?

- Why can't you help me, Junior?

Why can't you help me?

♪ Round yon virgin

♪ Mother and child

- No, no!

No, no!

(Junior screams)

He's in there, Buddy.

He's in there.

♪ Sleep in

- Can your friend help us?

- What?

What is it?

♪ Sleep

♪ In heavenly peace

♪ Sleep in heavenly peace

♪ Sleep

♪ In heavenly

♪ Peace

- Well, I went with him
over to Miss Peebs house,

and she started to play,

and he got more scared
than I ever seen him.

- So, what happened?

- They had this spot
covered up on the rug.

Her and Junior were
about to die over it.

He had to see what it was,

and when he did, he
almost fell apart.

All it was was a dead rat,

I saw it for myself,

it was just a dead rat.

- Alright, okay, Buddy.

We just need to get us a plan,

we need to get him some help,

we need to just take
him to the hospital.

- [Buddy] No.

We can't take him
to the hospital.

- [Mr. Pool] I don't
want to hurt Junior,

but he needs some
professional help.

- [Buddy] He's not
hurting anybody.

- [Mr. Pool] He
might hurt himself.

- No.

I'm not taking him
to the hospital.

They'll take one
good look at him,

and they'll never let him out.

They won't let him out.

- Just listen to me, Buddy.

We gotta get Junior some help.

- Hey, remember when
I told you my dad

came that Saturday morning

and stayed all day?

- Yeah.

- He never did come.

- I know, man.

Junior, remember that
fire when I was a kid?


- I know.

I know.

(somber music)

- Damn.

(lighthearted music)

So, this is your planet, huh?

(lighthearted music)

- Junior.

- [Junior] Huh?

- Junior.

- [Junior] Huh?

- Wake up.

Wake up, man.

I got a surprise for you.

- What kind of surprise?

- [Buddy] Don't worry
about it, let's go.

- Surprise!

If Chopin's gonna be played,

it oughta be played by
someone who knows how.

- Look, I know it's
a little early,

but Merry Christmas,
Junior Brown.

Well go ahead, Junior.

I still haven't
really heard you play.

(somber classical piano music)

(mysterious music)