The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - full transcript

Based on the novel written by Stephen Chbosky, this is about 15-year-old Charlie (Logan Lerman), an endearing and naive outsider, coping with first love (Emma Watson), the suicide of his best friend, and his own mental illness while struggling to find a group of people with whom he belongs. The introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors, Sam and Patrick, who welcome him to the real world.

♪ The only time I
feel good falling ♪

♪ Is when I'm falling
fast and hard for you ♪

♪ The last two digits
when I'm calling ♪

♪ Fade away but somehow
I'll get through ♪

♪ The only time I
feel good sinking ♪

♪ Is when I'm sinking
fast and deep for you ♪

♪ You caught me as
I was winking ♪

♪ Now I think my winking
days are through ♪

♪ Could it be another change ♪

♪ To come and rearrange? ♪

♪ Why can't she just
feel that way I do? ♪ ♪

Dear friend...

I am writing to you because she
said you listen and understand.

And didn't try to sleep with
that person at that party...

even though you could have.

Please, don't try to
figure out who I am.

I don't want you to do that.

I just need to know that
people like you exist.

Like, if you met
me you wouldn't...

think I was the weird kid who
spent time in the hospital.

And I wouldn't make you nervous.

I hope it's okay for
me to think that.

You see, I haven't really
talked to anyone...

outside of my family all summer.

But tomorrow is my first
day of high school ever.

And I need to turn
things around.

So I have a plan.

As I enter the school
for the first time...

I will visualize what
it will be like...

on the last day of
my senior year.

Unfortunately, I
counted and that's...

Hop, freshman toads! Hop!
Let's move it!

1,385 days from now.

We worked out all summer.
Rock hard.

Hey, you know what? Why
don't you guys get a room?

Just 1,385 days.

In the meantime, I'd hoped that my sister,
Candace, and her boyfriend, Derek...

would have let me eat lunch
with their Earth Club.

Seniors only.

What are you doing with
that plastic fork?

I don't wanna bring
back silverware.

Derek, you're Earth Club treasurer.
Come on!

When my sister said
"No," I thought...

maybe my old friend Susan would
wanna have lunch with me.

In middle school, Susan was
very fun to be around...

but now she doesn't like to
say "Hi" to me any more.

And then there's Brad Hays.

Before my older brother went to
play football for Penn State...

he and Brad played together...

so I thought maybe
he'd say "Hi" to me.

But Brad's a senior.

And I'm me. So who am I kidding?

On the bright side...

one senior decided to make fun of the
teacher instead of the freshmen.

He even drew on Mr. Callahan's
legendary goatee...

with a grease pencil.

The prick punch is not a toy.

I learned that back
in 'Nam in '68.

"Callahan," sergeant said...

"you put down that prick punch.

You go kill some gooks."

And you know what happened?

That prick punch killed my best
friend in a Saigon whorehouse.

I heard you were gonna
be in my class.

Are you proud to be a senior...

having to take freshman
shop, Patty-Cakes?

Look, my name is Patrick.

Either you call me Patrick
or you call me nothing.

Okay, Nothing.

I felt really bad for Patrick.

He wasn't doing the impersonation
to be mean or anything.

He was just trying to make
us freshmen feel better.

Nothing, why don't
you read first?

All right. "Chapter One."

Surviving your fascist
shop teacher...

"who needs to put kids
down to feel big."

Wow, this is useful, guys.
We should read on.

My last class of the day
is Advanced English...

and I'm really excited
to finally learn...

with the smartest
kids in the school.

Nice Trapper Keeper, faggot.

Believe it or not, she's gotten
straight A's since kindergarten.


I'm Mr. Anderson.

I'm gonna be your teacher
for freshman English.

This semester we're
gonna learn about...

Harper Lee's To
Kill a Mockingbird.

Genius book.

Now, who'd like to get out
of the first pop quiz?

I'm shocked. All right. Well,
you can skip the quiz...

if you tell me which author
invented the paperback book.


He was British.

He also invented the serial.

In fact, at the end of the third
chapter of his first novel...

he had a man hanging from a
cliff by his fingernails.

Hence the term "cliff hanger."


- Yeah?
- Shakespeare.

That's a great guess, but no.

Shakespeare didn't write novels.

Anybody else?

The author...

was Charles Dickens.

However, if you and I had
gone to a Shakespeare play...

it would have cost
us four pennies.

Can you imagine that?

We would have put those
pennies in a metal box.

The ushers would lock
it in the office.

And that's where
we get the term...

Cash register.

Office Max.

I'll give you a free
"A" on anything...

except the final term paper
if you get it right.

Box office.

You should learn to participate.

Why didn't you raise your hand?

They call you the
"teacher's pet"?

"Freak"? That kinda thing?

I used to get "spaz."

I mean, come on, "spaz"?

You know, I heard you had
a tough time last year.

But they say if you
make one friend...

on your first day,
you're doing okay.

Thank you, sir, but if
my English teacher...

is the only friend
I make today...

that would be sort
of depressing.

Yeah, I can see that.

Don't worry, Mr.
Anderson, I'm okay.


I would happily not take shop...

Hey, freshman toad.

Well, I have 1,384 days to go.

Just so I say it to someone...

high school is even worse
than middle school.

If my parents ask me about it...

I probably won't tell
them the truth...

because I don't want them...

to worry that I might
get bad again.

If my Aunt Helen were still
here, I could talk to her...

and I know she would

how I'm both happy and sad.

And I'm still trying to
figure out how that could be.

I just hope I make
a friend soon.

Love always, Charlie.

Charlie? Come on.

This chicken paprikash
is delicious.

Thank you, Derek. It's
Charlie's favourite.

He was a little nervous about starting
high school today, so I made it for him.

Feel a little silly about
being nervous now, Champ?

Yes, sir. I sure do.

I told you, just
give 'em a smile...

and be yourself.

- That's how you... Make
friends in the real world.

You're cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Freshman year is tough, but...

you really find yourself.

Thanks, Derek.

You could have been a
little nicer to Derek.

I'm sorry, the kid's a pussy.
I can't stand him.

I really hope you love
the mix tape I made.

I do.

- The cover is hand-painted.
- Wow.

Hey, Charlie, you want this?

Are you sure?

He gives me one every week.

Hey, babe.

This next one might be a little sad,
but it reminded me of your eyes.

♪ Sing me to sleep ♪

♪ I'm tired and I ♪

♪ I want to go to bed ♪

♪ Sing me to sleep ♪

Did you already do the term
paper on To Kill a Mockingbird?


Get him.

♪ Don't try to wake
me in the morning ♪

♪ 'Cause I will be gone ♪

♪ Don't feel bad for me ♪

♪ I want you to know ♪

♪ Deep in the cell of my heart ♪

♪ I will feel so glad to go ♪ ♪

Let's go, Devils!

Right. Come on, offence!

- Hey, Nothing.
- Hey, Nothing.

Suck it, virginity pledges.

Suck it.

You're in trouble now, Jaguars!

Hey, Patrick.

Hey. You're in my
shop class, right?

How's your clock coming?

My dad's building it for me.

Yeah. Mine looks like a boat.

You wanna sit over here or are
you waiting for your friends?

No, no, no, I'll sit.

Thanks for not calling
me Nothing by the way.

It's an endless nightmare.

And these assholes, they actually
think they're being original.

So do you like football?

Love it. Love football.

Maybe you know my brother then.

Hey, Sam.

Question. Could the bathrooms
here be more disgusting?

Yes. They call it
the men's room.

So I finally got hold of Bob.

Party tonight?

He's still trying to shag that
waitress from the Olive Garden.

He's never tossing that salad.

Come on!



Who's this?

This is-

Charlie Kelmeckis.


No shit? Your sister's dating
Ponytail Derek, isn't she?

- God.
- Is that what they call him?

Would you leave
Ponytail Derek alone?

You put the "ass" in
"class," Patrick.

I try. Sam, I try.

It's nice to meet you, Charlie.
I'm Sam.

What's the plan? Are we going
to Mary Elizabeth's tonight?


She got caught watering down her
parents' brandy with iced tea.

Let's just go to Kings.

All right. We're goin' to Kings
after the game if you wanna come.

Do you have a favourite band?

Well, I think The Smiths
are my favourite.

Are you kidding? I love The Smiths.
Best breakup band ever.

What's your favourite song?

"Asleep." It's from
Louder than Bombs.

I heard it on Ponytail
Derek's mix tape.

That works on so many levels.

I can make you guys
a copy if you want.

- What about Eides? You love Eides, right?
- Yeah, of course. They're great.

Not a band, Charlie.

It's a record store down town.

Things sound so much
better on vinyl.

You know, I used to be popular
before Sam got me some good music.

So you be careful. She'll
ruin your life forever.

That's okay.

- Hey, Nothing.
- Hey, Nothing.

Let it go! Jesus!

It's an antique joke. It's over.

So what are you gonna do when
you get outta this place?

Well, my Aunt Helen said
I should be a writer...

but I don't know what
I'd write about.

You could write about us.

Yeah! Call it Slut
and the Falcon.

Make us solve crimes.

You guys seem really
happy together.

How long have you been
boyfriend and girlfriend?

He's not my boyfriend.
He's my stepbrother.

My mom finally left
my worthless dad...

and married his nice dad
when we moved here.

But she's not bitter or anything.
Make no mistake.

Absolutely not. Charlie,
I'm not a bulimic.

- I'm a bulim-ist.
- I'm sorry, I don't know what that is.

She just really
believes in bulimia.

I love bulimia!

Hey. Thanks for paying, Charlie.

No problem. Thank you
guys for the ride.

Maybe I'll see you
around in school?

God, would you turn it down?
You're gonna make us deaf.

So be it. It's rock and roll.

Bye, Charlie!

- Bye, Charlie.
- Okay, bye.

Your mom says, "Don't go to
Columbia with Candace, Derek."

- Shh! Shut... "Don't
go to Columbia!"

Do you always want to
be a mama's boy, Derek?

I am not a mama's boy!

You are, because every single
time I go to your house...

Every single time!

Shut up, Candace!

You just stand there
like a little bitch dog.

No. Charlie-Charlie, just go.
I can handle it.

Just don't wake up Mom and Dad.

Hey! Look who's here.

Welcome home, Aunt Helen.

Aw! Look at you guys.

Dressed so nice.

Hey, Candace.

What are you doing?

Look, I egged him on.
You saw it.

He's never hit me before, and I promise
you, he will never hit me again.

Like Aunt Helen's boyfriends?

Charlie, this is Ponytail Derek.

I can handle him.

Do you trust me?

Please, don't tell Mom and Dad.

My God, they're
playing good music!

Holy shit. Holy shit! They are!
They're playing good music.

- Living room routine.
- Living room routine.

- Yes.
- Yes!

Excuse us. Excuse me. Pardon.


Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!

♪ Poor old Johnny Ray ♪

♪ Sounded sad upon the radio ♪

♪ Moved a million
hearts in mono ♪

♪ Our mothers cried ♪

- ♪ Sang along, who'd blame them?
♪ - ♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

♪ Too-rye-loo-rye,
Too-rye-loo-rye-ay ♪

♪ And we can sing just
like our fathers ♪

♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

- ♪ I swear♪ - ♪ What he means ♪

♪ At this moment you
mean everything ♪

♪ You in that dress My
thoughts, I confess ♪

♪ Verge on dirty ♪

♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

♪ Too-loo-rye-ay ♪

♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

♪ Too-loo-rye-ay ♪

♪ Now you're full grown
Now you have shown ♪

♪ Eileen ♪

♪ Come on, Eileen ♪

♪ These things they are real
and I know how you feel ♪

♪ Now I must say
more than ever ♪

♪ Things round here
have changed ♪

♪ I said, too-loo-rye
Too-loo-rye-ay ♪ ♪

God, it's freezing!

But you wore that toasty costume.
It's not like it's cute or original.

- You'd hope it would be warm.
- Yeah, piss off, Tennessee Tuxedo.

Are you sure it's
okay that I come?

Yeah, of course. Just remember,
Charlie, Bob's not paranoid.

He's sensitive.


That waitress from the Olive
Garden, she was such a tease.

Will you marry me?

Only with Patrick's blessing.


You are a hopeless stoner who
attends the culinary institute.

I'm gonna say "no" on that,
but nice try. Charlie.


So, Charlie. This is a party.

This is what fun looks like.

Are you ready to meet
some desperate women?

Here, have a seat.

Hey, ladies.

Meet Charlie.

- Hi.
- Meet ladies.

- Hey.
- Mary Elizabeth.

- Alice.
- Nice to meet you.

This is Charlie's
first party ever.

So I expect nice, meaningful,
heartfelt blow jobs from both of you.

Patrick, you're such a dick.
Where the hell did you go?

The dance was a little
boring, don't you think?

You are so selfish.

We looked everywhere for you.
You could have told someone.

Cry me a river.

How is it that you've got meaner
since becoming a Buddhist?

Just lucky, I guess.

No, you're doing something
wrong, I think.

Or something very right.

- Yeah, well... Hey!

Look who's here.

Is that Brad Hays?

Yeah. He comes here sometimes.

But he's a popular kid.

Then what are we?

Charlie! You look like
you could use a brownie.

Thank you.

I was so hungry at the dance.
I was gonna go to Kings...

but I didn't really
have any time.


Have you guys felt this carpet?

This carpet feels so darn good.

Charlie, Charlie, what do you
think about high school?

High school?


The cafeteria is called
the Nutrition Centre.

People wear their letter jackets
even when it's 98 degrees out.

And why do they give out letter
jackets to marching band?

It's not a sport.

We all know it.

This kid is crazy.

Mary Elizabeth, I think you're
really gonna regret that...

you know-haircut when you
look back at old photographs.

My God!

I'm really sorry. That sounded
like a compliment in my head.

My God!

Well, it's kinda true.

Shut up!

I can't even be mad at him.
Look at him.

Bob, did you get him stoned?

Come on, Sam, he likes
it, just look at him.

How do you feel, Charlie?

I just really want a milk shake.


You have such pretty brown eyes.

The kind of pretty that
deserves to make...

a big deal about itself
though, you know what I mean?

Okay, Charlie. Let me
make the milk shake.

What a great word. Milk shake.

It's like when you say your name
over and over again in the mirror...

and after a while
it sounds crazy.

So I'm guessing you've
never been high before?

No. No, no, no.

My best friend, Michael, his
dad was a big drinker...

so he hated all that stuff.

Parties too.

Well, where is Michael tonight?

He shot himself last May.

I kinda wished he'd left a note.
You know what I mean?

Where's the bathroom?

It's up the stairs.

Thanks, Sam.

You're so nice.





Who was that kid?

Relax. Relax. He's
a friend of mine.

Stay here.

I didn't see anything.

Yeah, I know you saw
something, but it's okay.

Okay, listen...

Brad doesn't want
anyone to know.


- Are you baked?
- Like a cake.

That's what Bob said.

And you can't have three on a match
because then they'd find us.

And everybody laughed but I
don't understand what's funny.

Okay, Charlie, listen.

I need you to promise...

that you're not gonna say anything
to anyone about me and Brad.

Okay? This has to be
our little secret.

Our little secret. Agreed.


Thank you.

We'll talk later.

I look forward to that big talk.

Can I have your cherry?

Isn't this the best
milk shake ever, Alice?

It's even better
than the first one.

Charlie just told me that his
best friend shot himself.

I don't think he
has any friends.

Hey, everyone!



raise your glasses to Charlie.

- What did I do?
- You didn't do anything.

We just wanna toast
to our new friend.

You see things.

And you understand.

You're a wallflower.

What is it? What's wrong?

I didn't think
anyone noticed me.

Well, we didn't think there
was anyone cool left to meet.

So come on, everyone.

To Charlie.

To Charlie.

Welcome to the Island
of Misfit Toys.

My God! What is this song?

Right? I have no idea.

Have you ever heard this before?


Patrick, we've gotta
go through the tunnel.

Sam, it's freezing.

Patrick, It's the perfect song.

No. Mama Patrick says "No."

Patrick. It's Sam. It's Sam
speaking to you right now.

I'm begging you to
do this for me.

I concede!

What is she doing?

Don't worry. She does
it all the time.

Turn it up!

You got it, your highness.

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪


I feel infinite.

♪ And nothing ♪

♪ Will drive them away ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪ ♪

Dear friend...

I'm sorry I haven't
written for a while...

but I've been trying
hard not to be a loser.

For example, I'm trying
to participate...

by listening to Sam's collection
of big rock ballads...

and thinking about love.

Sam says they're
kitschy and brilliant.

I completely agree.

I'm also writing essays and studying
extra books outside of class.

As it turns out, Mr.
Anderson is a writer.

He even had a play put
up in New York once...

which I think is
very impressive.

Great Gatsby?

He and his wife might go
back there after this year.

I know this is selfish, but
I really hope he doesn't.

My favourite time,
though, is lunch...

because I get to see
Sam and Patrick.

We spend the time working on
Mary Elizabeth's fanzine...

about music and The Rocky
Horror Picture Show.

It's called Punk Rocky.

Mary Elizabeth is
really interesting...

because she's a
Buddhist and a punk.

But somehow she always acts like my
father at the end of a long day.

Her best friend Alice
loves vampires...

and wants to go to film school.

She also steals jeans
from the mall.

I don't know why, because
her family is rich...

but I'm trying not
to be judgemental.

Especially since I know that they
were all there for Patrick last year.

Patrick never likes
to be serious...

so it took me a while
to get what happened.

When he was a junior, Patrick started
seeing Brad on the weekends in secret.

I guess it was hard, too...

because Brad had to get drunk
every time they fooled around.

Then Monday in school,
Brad would say...

"Man, I was so wasted I
don't remember a thing."

This went on for seven months.

When they finally did it,
Brad said he loved Patrick.

Then he started to cry.

No matter what Patrick did...

Brad kept saying that
his dad would kill him.

And saying that he
was going to hell.

Patrick was eventually able
to help Brad get sober.

I asked Patrick
if he felt sad...

that he still had to
keep it a secret.

And he said "No,"
because at least now...

Brad doesn't have to
get drunk to love him.

I think I understand,
because I really like Sam.

I asked my sister about her...

and she said that when
Sam was a freshman...

the upperclass men used to
get her drunk at parties.

I guess she had a reputation.

But I don't care.

I'd hate for her to judge me
based on what I used to be like.

So I've been making her a mix
tape so she'll know how I feel.


- C!
- C!

- Give me a K!
- K!

- Give me a Y!
- Y!

What's that spell?


I can't hear you!


One more time!


♪ Whatever happened to Fay Wray? ♪

She went ape-shit.

♪ That delicate ♪

♪ Satin-draped frame ♪

♪ As it clung to her thigh ♪

♪ How I started to cry ♪

♪ 'Cause I wanted to be
dressed just the same ♪

♪ Give yourself over ♪

♪ To absolute pleasure ♪

♪ Swim the warm waters ♪

♪ Of sins of the flesh ♪

♪ Erotic nightmares ♪

♪ Beyond any measure ♪

♪ And sensual daydreams ♪

♪ To treasure forever ♪

♪ Can't you just see it? ♪

♪ Whoa, ho, whoa ♪

♪ Don't dream it ♪

♪ Be it ♪ ♪

That picture is gorgeous, Craig.
What did you use?

I know. Thank you.

Colour film, but black and
white paper for printing.

Yeah. My professor
gave me an A...

but for all the wrong reasons.

Most of them are idiots.

You'll see what I mean
when you get to college.

How'd your S.A.T.'s
go, by the way?

11-50. I think
I'll get into NYU.

Yeah, I hope so.

1490. Harvard. Face.


Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

But I got my S.A.T.
results back.


You can take them
again, you know.

Yeah, it's just, if I'm going
to Penn State main campus...

I have to do much better.

I wish I would have
studied freshman year.

It's a bit of a mess.

I'll help you study
for the next one.

Will you?

Yeah. Of course.

Thanks, Charlie.

What's this?

It's just a mix tape.
No big deal.

My parents have a
good stereo, so...

It's all about that
night in the tunnel.

I couldn't find that song
that we were listening to...

but, you know, I'm still
searching for it, so yeah.

That's okay.

These are great.

Nick Drake.

The Shaggs.

You have really good
taste, Charlie.



Way better than
me as a freshman.

I used to listen to
the worst Top 40.

- No.
- Yeah, I did.

Then I heard this old song.

"Pearly Dewdrops' Drop."

And I thought someday I'd be at a
party in college or something...

and I'd look up and see this
person across the room.

And from that
moment, I'd know...

everything was going to be okay.

You know what I mean?


I hope it works out.

I don't know.

Craig would be a big step
up from her last boyfriend.

Yeah, no shit.

Who could forget Mr.
Car Wash Loser?

I just hope she can stop
playing dumb with these guys.

I keep telling her, "Don't
make yourself small."

Can't save anybody.

Excuse me.

Man, your mix is
morbidly sad, kid.

How about something a
little bit more upbeat?

Let's just see.

So Sam tells me you
wanna be a writer.


Don't you write poetry, Craig?

Poetry writes me. You know?

Let's get this party started.


That was fast.

You want another one?


All right.

Mr. Anderson?

Can I ask you something?


Why do nice people choose
the wrong people to date?

Are we talking about
anyone specific?


We accept the love
we think we deserve.

Can we make them know
that they deserve more?

We can try.

- Hey.
- Hey, Sam. Didn't see you come in.

How's it goin'?

You wanna start work on
probability and statistics?

Yeah. Sure.

Page 291 in your book.

And I ordered you
some breakfast.

The country breakfast.


Can I have 30 dollars?

Twenty dollars? What do
you need 10 dollars for?

Sam's doing Secret Santa.

It's her favourite thing in the world.

Have fun.



This was my favourite
book growing up.

This is my copy, but I
want you to have it.


Have a great Christmas break.

You, too, Mr. Anderson.

Terrible stain.

That's pretty good, Charlie.

You gotta be kidding me.

If you fail me, you
get me next semester.


C minus! Ladies and gentlemen,
I am below average!

- Below average!
- Below average!

Guys, 1210.


No more applications!
No more S.A.T.'s!

Thank you, Charlie!

All right. All right,
guys, I got...

Multiple pairs of bluejeans.

Wow, this is a
really tough one...

but I'm gonna have
to guess Alice.


Guys, a receipt!
She actually paid!

I'm so touched!

Where's Craig?

He went home to Connecticut.

But he'll be back
for New Year's Eve.

Sorry we won't be
seeing him tonight.

All right, big brother by three
weeks, who's your Secret Santa?

I'll tell you, Sam.

This one's tough.

I have received a harmonica...

a Magnetic Poetry set...

a book about Harvey Milk...

and a mix tape with the
song "Asleep" on it twice.

I mean, I have no idea.

This collection of
presents is so gay...

that I think I must have
given them to myself.

But despite that
distinct possibility...

I'm gonna have to go with...

Drum roll.



Beautifully done.

All right, Charlie.
It's your turn.


Okey dokey.

I have received socks,
pants, a shirt and a belt.

I was ordered to wear
them all tonight, so...

Guessing my Secret Santa
is Mary Elizabeth.

Now why do you say that?

You know, she bosses
people around sometimes.


- What the hell is wrong with you?
- Sorry.

You'll be surprised to know that
your Secret Santa is actually me.

Why all the clothes?

Well, all the great writers
used to wear great suits.

So your last present is on a
towel rack in the bathroom.

Delve into our facilities.

Emerge a star.


Will you hand these
out while I'm gone?

Wait a second.

There's only Secret Santa presents.
There's rules.

Mary Elizabeth, why are you
trying to eat Christmas?

Hand them out, Sam.

All right. Mary Elizabeth.
For you.




And this one's for me.

"Alice, I know you'll
get into NYU."

Forty dollars to print Punk
Rocky in colour next time.

He knows me.

He really knows me.

All right, Charlie.

Come on out.

Get out here, buddy.

Come on, Charlie. Charlie!

Don't be shy.

Come out, come out, wherever...


What a display of man
I have never seen!

Where are we going?

It's a surprise.

Is this your room?

So cool.


You got me a present?

After all your help on my
Penn State application?

Of course I did.

Open it!

I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything.

I'm really sorry we can't
be here for your birthday.

No, that's okay. I'm just sorry you
have to go back and visit your dad.

I'm in such a good mood I don't
think even he could ruin it.

I feel like I'm
finally doing good.

You are.

Well, what about you?

When I met you, you were
this scared freshman.

Now look at you in that suit.

You're like a sexy
English schoolboy.

I saw Mary Elizabeth
checking you out.



Worst kinda guys.

Never see you coming.

And parents love you.

That's, like...

extra danger.

Yeah, well, it hasn't
worked so far.

You've never had a girlfriend?

Not even like a second
grade Valentine?


Have you ever kissed a girl?


What about you?

Have I ever kissed a girl?

No, no. Your first kiss.

I was 11.

His name was Robert.

He used to come over to
the house all the time.

Was he your first boyfriend?

He was my...

He was my dad's boss.

You know, Charlie, I used to sleep
with guys who treated me like shit.

And get wasted all the time.

But now I feel like...

I have a chance. Like...

I can even get into
a real college.

It's true. You can do it.

You really think so?

My aunt had that same
thing done to her, too.

And she turned her life around.

She must have been great.

She was my favourite
person in the world.

Until now.


I know that you
know I like Craig.

But I want to forget about
that for a minute, okay?


I just wanna make sure that the
first person who kisses you...

loves you.



I love you, Charlie.

I love you, too.

I wanna do Secret Santa forever!

Have a good time at your mom's.

Thanks. And, listen, Charlie.

Because your birthday's
on Christmas Eve...

I figure you don't get
that many presents?

I thought you should
have my clock.

From the heart.

Thank you, Patrick.


Have a good one, guys.

I love you guys!


Look who's here.

- Come here, little sister.
- Hey, Chris.

Hey, honey.

Ma, you look so thin.

You. Look at you.


Come on, I got dinner ready.

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.

Let's eat.

Make a wish, honey.

Can you see it, Charlie?

The luminaria is a landing
strip for Santa Claus.

Why don't you keep an eye out for
him, and I will be right back, okay?

Going to get your
birthday present.


God, I miss Mom's cooking.

You have no idea how
good you have it.

I'm actually starting
to hate pizza.

So how you liking school?

Well, I'm no brainiac
like you or Candace.

I'm doing okay.

Okay? You're playing
in a bowl game.

How are you feeling, Charlie?


No, you know what I mean.

Is it bad tonight?


I'm not picturing
things any more.

Or if I do, I can
just shut it off.

Well, you know, Mom did say
that you have good friends now.

And maybe if it does
get bad again...

you can just talk to them. Yeah?


Especially Sam. She's great.

I'm gonna ask her
out at New Year's.

I think the time is right now.

- Body of Christ.
- Amen.

How long does this take to work?

Shovelin' snow?

I have to get this
driveway clean.

And then...

I'm going to congratulate
you on being happy.

'Cause you deserve it.

You said that an hour ago.

Was that tonight?

I just...

saw this tree, but
it was a dragon.

Then it was a tree again
and it just lied to me.

Okay, Charlie, don't freak out.
Give me this.

Calm down.

Look up.

Isn't it quiet?

Sam, do you think
if people knew...

how crazy you really were, no
one would ever talk to you?

All the time.

So you wanna wear these glasses?

They'll protect you.

10, 9, 8, 7...

6, 5, 4...

3, 2, 1!

It's gonna be our little secret.

Did your older friends
pressure you?

No one pressured me, Officer.

I would never do drugs. Never.

Then how did you happen to be passed out
on the ground at 6:00 in the morning?

Well, I, um-I-I
was really tired.

And I was feeling feverish...

so I went outside for a walk
just to get some cold air.

I started seeing things,
so I passed out.

You're seeing things
again, Charlie?

Not really.

Nice suit.

It was a Christmas present.

Did you have fun on your break?

More fun than you're gonna
have today, Sinatra.

Nice look, jag-off.

I've called him 30 times.

What are we supposed to do?
We're going on in 10 minutes.

- They said in health class-
- Hello?

They say that about L.S.D.
just to scare you.

- Are you sure? You know I've seen-
- Charlie, you're fine, man.

Guys, we have an emergency.

Craig has flaked
out on us again.

So I need a Rocky.


No. No way. No. I'm not...

There's people out there. No.

Charlie, take off your clothes.

♪ Then if anything grows ♪

♪ While you pose ♪

♪ I'll oil you up
and rub you down ♪

♪ Down, down, down ♪

♪ And that's just one small
fraction of the main attraction ♪

♪ You need a friendly hand ♪

♪ And I need action ♪

♪ Toucha toucha
toucha touch me ♪

♪ I wanna be dirty ♪

♪ Thrill me, chill
me, fulfill me ♪

♪ Creature of the night ♪

Maybe I can join the cast as
an alternate or something.

Well, we're filled up now...

but they're gonna need people
when we go to college.

We could put in a
good word for you.

That'd be great. Thanks.



Have you heard of the
Sadie Hawkins dance?

The one where the
girl asks the guy?

Obviously, it is
completely stupid.

And sexist. I mean, it's like
"Hey, thanks for the crumb."

And normally, I would just blow it off,
because school dances suck torture.

But, you know, it's
my last year and...

Would you maybe
wanna go with me?

You wanna go with me?

Yeah, I'm sick of macho guys.

Plus you looked really
cute in your costume.

So what do you say?

You must be Mary Elizabeth.


It's so nice to meet you.

You, too, Mrs. Kelmeckis.

Charlie tells me
you're a Buddhist.

- Please, come in.
- Okay.

A little closer together.

That looks nice.

Buddhist, I need you to
smile a little bit more.

There you go. Nice.



Are you having a good time?

Not really. How about you?

I mean, I don't know.

It's my first date, I don't
have much to compare it to.

You're doing fine.

Sorry Craig couldn't come.

Yeah. He said he didn't want to go
to some stupid high school dance.

I can't say I blame him really.

I don't know. If you
like it, he should come.

Thanks, Charlie.

Have a beautiful first date.

You deserve it.

I'll try not to make
you too jealous.

Now just let it breathe.


It sure is a nice house.


Don't you just love old music?


Good. 'Cause I made
you a mix of it.

I'd love to expose you
to great things like...

Billie Holiday and
foreign films.

This merlot is really fancy.

Yeah. My dad collects wine,
but he doesn't drink.

That's kinda weird, isn't it?

I guess. Where are your parents?

Their club's hosting a
cotillion or something racist.

They'll be gone all night.

Sure is a nice fire.


When I'm done being
a lobbyist...

I wanna move to a house
like this in Cape Cod.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?


Your heart is beating
really fast.

Is it?

Here. Feel.


Do you like me?

You know what I mean.

I think so.

Don't be nervous.


I didn't know how tonight
was gonna go, but...

It's really nice, isn't it?


I just can't believe it.

You, of all people.

I just can't believe
you're my boyfriend.

Shit! My parents! Shit!

- Here, zip this up.
- Okay. No, I got this.

Just zip it up like
a normal zipper!

It's stuck. It's just...

Thank you.

See you Monday.

Dear friend...

sorry I haven't written
for a while...

but things are a total disaster.

We're literally making
out and I'm in my bra...

Hello! And the front door
opens, it's my parents!

I probably should have
been honest about...

how I didn't want to go out with
Mary Elizabeth after Sadie's, but...

I really didn't want
to hurt her feelings.

You see, Mary Elizabeth is
a really nice person...

underneath the part of
her that hates everyone.


And since I heard that having a
girlfriend makes you happy...

I tried hard to love
her like I love Sam.

Can you believe it's almost
our 2-week anniversary?

Yeah, I know.

So I took her on double dates.

First foreign film.

Do you want butter
on your popcorn?

Vegans don't eat butter.

And I tried not to mind that
she loves to hold hands...

even when her hands are sweaty.

And I had to admit something
really upsetting, but...

I'm tired of touching her boobs.

I thought maybe if she would just
let me pick the make-out music...

once in a while, we
might have a chance.

And maybe if she didn't put down the
books that Mr. Anderson gives me.


I read this in 7th grade.

I would have called
it On Boring Pond.

Or if she would stop calling me the
minute I get home from school...

when I have absolutely nothing to talk
about other than the bus ride home.

Somehow she finds
new things to say.

That dairy just sits with you.

You know, it walks with you.

She's on the phone right now?

Charlie, you've gotta
break up with her.

I can do that?

For Christ's sake, I
need to use the phone.

I got you this book.

It's really how I
became a vegan.

I know I should
have been honest...

but I was getting so mad, it
was starting to scare me.

I mean the way they treat those-

I just wish I could have found
another way to break up.

Um, Mary Elizabeth,
can I talk to you...

Charlie, please don't interrupt.
You know I hate that.

In hindsight, I probably
could not have picked...

a worse way to be honest
with Mary Elizabeth.

Truth or dare?

Who are you talking to?

I dare you to kiss Alice.

Gird your loins, pro creator.

My God.

Mary Elizabeth, Samantha told me that
you got into Harvard. Congratulations.

Thank you. This one still
hasn't gotten me flowers.

But I forgive you.

Hey, don't worry about Penn State.
You're just wait-listed.


You guys are about to miss some
severely hot fag-on-goth action.


Get a room.

You're a monster.

My turn. Let's see.

Let's think. Charlie.


How's your first
relationship going?

It's so bad...

that I keep fantasizing that
one of us is dying of cancer.

So that I don't have
to break up with her.

Charlie? Truth or dare?



Okay, I dare you to kiss the
prettiest girl in the room...

on the lips.

And notice I charitably said
"girl" and not "person"...

because, let's face it, I'd
smoke all you bitches.

That's fucked up.

Mary Elizabeth.

I'm so sorry.

It was a mistake, I'm sorry.

Sam? Sam?

I really didn't mean anything by it.
I'm sorry.

What the hell is wrong with you?

I should go back and apologize.

Charlie, trust me, you don't
wanna go back in there.

I'm really sorry. I didn't
mean to do anything.

I know you didn't.

But, look-

I hate to be the one
to break this...

but there's history with
Mary Elizabeth and Sam.

Other guys and things that
have nothing to do with you.

It's best if you just
stay away for a while.


How long do you think?


Come on, get dressed. You're
gonna be late for Easter Mass.

I'll be there in a minute.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be
done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread...

and forgive us our trespasses...

as we forgive those who
trespass against us.

And lead us not into
temptation, but deliver us...

Mary Elizabeth, I've been listening
to the Billie Holiday CD every night.

It's too late, Charlie.

I know. I just feel really
bad about what I did.

I just get so messed up inside.

Like I'm not there or something.

Tell it to someone who cares.
Look, I know. I'm sorry.

Just we've all become
such good friends.

Good friends?

Do you mean the people that I've
known since kindergarten...

and you've known for six months?

Those good friends?

Yeah, I mean, I just don't wanna do
anything to ruin our relationship.

It's ruined. Okay?

So stop calling everyone.
Stop embarrassing yourself.

Okay, I will. Good...

- Something's wrong with me.
- Don't worry about it.

Hey, have you heard
from Patrick?

No, he told me to stay away.

You don't know.

Why? Why? What happened?

Brad's father caught
them together.

Some kids jumped
him outside the O.

No, it was some kids
from North Hills.

Did you see his face?

That's not what I heard.

Are you okay?

Not now, Charlie. I'm sorry.

Hey, Nothing.

Oops. Sorry, Nothing.

You gonna do anything?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about your
pet ape just tripped me.

Gonna say something?

- Why would I?
- You know why.

This is pathetic, man.
Your fixation on me.

Do you want your friends to know
how you got those bruises? Really?

I got jumped in a parking lot.

Where? Schenley Park?

Do you guys know
about Schenley Park?

- Do your friends know... I don't
know what kinda sick shit...

you're trying to pull, but you
better walk away right now.



Say hi to your dad for me.

Whatever, faggot.

- What did you just call me?
- Just called you a faggot.

Say that shit again!
Say that shit again!

It's Patrick!

Leave him alone!


Stop! Leave him! Stop!


Touch my friends again
and I'll blind you.



Thanks for stopping 'em.

Sure, Brad.

How you doing, Charlie?

I don't know.

I keep trying, but I can't
really remember what I did.

Do you want me to tell you?


You saved my brother.

That's what you did.

So you're not scared of me?


Can we be friends again?

Of course.

Come on.

Let's go be psychos together.

I'm dating Peter now.

He's in college with Craig.

He's opinionated. We have
intellectual debates.

You were very sweet but our
relationship was too one-sided.

I know this is hard for you.

I'm just glad that you're happy.


Hey, Craig, Sam will be down.

Oy vey. We're gonna
miss the movie.

Yeah, I'll go put some pep in her step.
Don't worry.


Hey. Do you wanna
get out of here?

Sure, Patrick.

I'll tell you
something, Charlie...

I feel good. You
know what I mean?

Maybe tomorrow I'll take you to
this karaoke place down town.

And this club off the Strip.
They don't card.

And the Schenley Park scene.

You have to see the Fruit
Loop at least one time.

My God. My life is officially
an after-school special.

Son of a bitch!

It really is.

It so is.

So, you ever hear the
one about Lily Miller?

I don't know.


I thought your brother would have told you.
It's a classic.


Okay, Lily comes here one
night with this guy Parker.

And this was to be the night that
they were gonna lose their virginity.

So she did it really proper.
She packed a picnic.

Stole a bottle of wine.

Everything was perfect and
they're just about to "do it."

When they realize they
forgot the condoms.

- So what do you think happened?
- I don't know.

They did it with one
of the sandwich bags.


That's disgusting!

Yes, it is.

Come on! Let's keep
the train rolling.

Suburban legend, Charlie.


There's this girl named
Second Base Stace.

And, well, she had
boobs in 4th grade.

Mosquito bites. Promising. Go.

And she let some of
the guys feel them.

- That's your suburban legend?
- Yeah.

- Did you at least cop a feel?
- No.

No. Of course not.
You went home...

listened to "Asleep,"
wrote a poem...

Fine. Okay. Your turn.

Yeah. I've got one.


there's this one guy.

Queer as a 3-dollar bill.

The guy's father doesn't
know about his son.

So he comes into the basement one night
when he's supposed to be out of town.

Catches his son
with another boy.

So he starts beating him.

But not like the slap kind.
Like, the real kind.

And the boyfriend says, "Stop.
You're killing him."

But the son just
yells, "Get out."

And eventually...

the boyfriend just did.

Why can't you save anybody?

I don't know.

Forget it.

I'm free now, right?

I could meet the love
of my life any second.

Things will be different
now and that's good.

I just need to meet a good guy.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

It's all right.

I've been spending a lot
of time with Patrick.

He begins every night
really excited.

He always says he feels free
and tonight is his destiny.

But after a while he runs out
of things to keep himself numb.

And Sam got her letter
from Penn State.

"We will require you to
take our summer session...

at the main campus immediately following
your high school graduation."

She got in, Charlie.

After that, all Patrick could talk about
was college and all their futures.

Alice did get into
NYU film school.

Patrick is going to the
University of Washington...

because he wants to be
near the music in Seattle.

But he wasn't going to leave without
organizing the best senior prank ever.

Sam is going away right
after graduation.

It all feels very exciting.

I just wish it were
happening to me.

Especially because, ever since I
blacked out in the cafeteria...

it's been getting worse.

And I can't turn
it off this time.

All right, guys, you wanna pass your
copies of Gatsby up to the front, please.

And I know it's the last day...

but if we could keep it to a
dull roar, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you.

Guy. Guys. Thank you
for such a great year.

I had a blast. I
hope you did, too.

And I hope you have a great time
this summer on your vacations.

Now who here is gonna read
for pleasure this summer?


Very good.

Have a good summer.

Last day.


So I know it's none of my
business, but have you decided?

Are you going to New York?


My wife and I like it here.

And I think I might be better
at teaching than writing.

You know, Charlie, I
was thinking that...

maybe I could still give
you books next year.

Yeah. Yeah.

I think you could write
one of them one day.

- Really?
- I do.

You're the best teacher
I've ever had.

Thank you.

10, nine, eight...

seven, six, five...

four, three, two, one.

Dear friend...

I wanted to tell you
about us running.

There was this beautiful sunset.

And just a few hours
before, everyone I love...

had their last day
of high school ever.

I was happy because
they were happy...

even though I counted
and I have...

1,095 days to go.

I kept imagining what school
would be like without them...

as they were all getting
ready for their prom.

My sister finally decided
to break up with Derek...

and go stag with her
girlfriends instead.

And then there was Sam.

I've looked at her picture
since that night.

I like to see how happy
she was before she knew.

They were in a hotel suite after
prom and the truth came out.

Basically Craig has been
cheating on Sam the whole time.

When I heard that...

I kept thinking about the
happy girl in these pictures.

'Cause she doesn't
have 1,095 days to go.

She made it.

This is her time.

And no one should be
able to take that away.


Charlie. Charlie's here.
Guys, group photo.

We should all take
a group photo.

Ooh! Get against the railing
and try to look suave.

Yep, this is the one. That's
gonna be a great angle.

At her going away party...

I wanted her to know about that
night we went through the tunnel.

And how for the first time...

I felt like I
belonged somewhere.

And tomorrow, she's leaving.

So I wanted to give
her a part of me.

Are these all your
books, Charlie?

Thanks for staying up with me.


My brother said Penn State has this
restaurant called Ye Olde College Diner.

You have to get a grilled
sticky on your first night.

It's a tradition.

That sounds like fun.


Pretty soon, you'll have a whole
new group of friends, you know.

You won't even think about
this place any more.

Yes, I will.

Had lunch with Craig today.


He said he was sorry and that I
was right to break up with him.

I'm driving away and
was feeling so small.

Just asking myself, "Why do
I and everyone I love..."

pick people who treat
us like we're nothing?"

We accept the love
we think we deserve.

Then why didn't you
ever ask me out?

I, um...

I just didn't think
that you wanted that.

Well, what did you want?

I just want you to be happy.

Don't you get it, Charlie?

I can't feel that.

It's really sweet and
everything, but...

You can't just sit there and put
everybody's lives ahead of yours...

and think that counts as love.

I don't want to be
somebody's crush.

I want people to
like the real me.

I know who you are, Sam.

I know I'm quiet.

And I know I should speak more.

But if you knew the things that
were in my head most of the time...

you'd know what it really meant.

How much we're alike...

and how we've been
through the same things.

And you're not small.

You're beautiful.

What's wrong, Charlie?


You know I'm gonna
call you all the time.

- We're gonna see each other in New York.
- All the time.

Come on, Sam.

What's wrong, Charlie?

Put your seat belt on.

We'll meet you there.

Don't wake your sister.

It'll be our little
secret, okay?

Look, Charlie,
she's fast asleep.

Don't wake your sister.

My fault.

It's all my fault.

It'll be our little secret.

Stop it.


Stop crying.

This'll be our little secret.

Candace. Your brother's
on the phone.


- Hey, Candace.
- Charlie?

Sam and Patrick left, and I can't
stop thinking about something.

Shh. What?


I killed Aunt Helen, didn't I?

She died getting my
birthday present...

so I guess I killed her, right?

I've tried to stop thinking
that, but I can't.

She keeps driving
away and dying.

Call the police and
send them to my house.

I can't stop her.
I'm crazy again.

No. Charlie, listen to me.

Mom and Dad are gonna be
home with Chris any second.

I'm just thinking...

what if I wanted her
to die, Candace?

What? Charlie?



I'm Dr. Burton.

Where am I?

Mayview Hospital.

You, - You have to let me go.
My dad can't afford it.

Don't worry about that.

No. I saw them when
I was little...

and I don't want to
be a Mayview kid.

Just tell me how to stop it.

Stop what?

Seeing it.

All their lives all the time.

How do you stop seeing it?

Seeing what, Charlie?

There is so much pain.

And I don't know how
to not notice it.

What's hurting you?

No, not me.

It's them. It's everyone.
It never stops.

Do you understand?

What about your Aunt Helen?

What about her?

Do you see her?


She had a terrible life.

God, what am I supposed to...

You said some things
about her in your sleep.

I don't care.

If you want to get better...

you have to.


She was insane.

I'm just sayin'.



You gonna let me help you here?


Do you remember anything
before you blacked out?

I remember leaving Sam's house.

I was walking home. And...

I was in the hospital
for a while.

I won't go into detail
about all of it.

But I will say there
were some very bad days.

And some unexpected
beautiful days.

The worst day was the time my
doctor told my mom and dad...

what Aunt Helen did to me.


I'm so sorry.

The best days were those
when I could have visitors.

My brother and sister
always came for those...

until Chris had to
go to training camp.

He's going to be first
string this year.

My sister told me she met a
nice guy at her summer job.

Here he is.

So I'll see you Thursday
at 6:00, right?

- Okay.
- You gonna hang in there?

My doctor said we can't
choose where we come from...

but we can choose where
we go from there.

I know it's not all
the answers...

but it was enough to start
putting these pieces together.

God bless this food we
are about to receive.

We thank you for this bounty...

in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, Amen.

- Amen.
- Amen.

How do you think the Penguins
are gonna do this year, Dad?

Goddamn Penguins.

Think they're allergic
to goddamn defence.

What do the players
call a puck again?

A biscuit.

Are you sure it's not
a "goddamn biscuit"?

You're cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Honey, I think we're
gonna have to do...

a little shopping for you
before you take off?

- Yeah, I need some books.
- Clothes, too.


Can Charlie come out and play?

The first night, we
had grilled stickies.

So good.

You have to visit in the fall.
We'll have some, okay?



Charlie has a breakdown
scheduled for October.

Well, can I tell you something?

I've been away for two months.

It's another world.

And it gets better.

And my room mate Katie has
the best taste in music.

I found the tunnel song.

Let's drive.

I don't know if I will have the
time to write any more letters...

because I might be too busy
trying to participate.

So, if this does end up
being the last letter...

I want you to know that I was in a bad
place before I started high school.

And you helped me.

Even if you didn't know
what I was talking about...

or know someone who's
gone through it.

You made me not feel alone.

Because I know there are people who
say all these things don't happen.

There are people who forget what it's
like to be 16 when they turn 17.

I know these will all
be stories someday.

And our pictures will
become old photographs.

And we'll all become
somebody's mom or dad.

But right now these
moments are not stories.

This is happening.

I am here.

And I am looking at her.

And she is so beautiful.

I can see it.

This one moment when you
know you're not a sad story.

You are alive.

You stand up and see the
lights on the buildings...

and everything that
makes you wonder.

And you're listening to
that song on that drive...

with the people you love
most in this world.

And in this moment, I swear...

we are infinite.

♪ I ♪

♪ I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ You will be queen ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Nothing will
keep us together ♪

♪ We can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I will be king ♪

♪ And you ♪

♪ You will be queen ♪

♪ Though nothing ♪

♪ Will drive them away ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ We can be us ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I can remember ♪

♪ I remember ♪

♪ Standing ♪

♪ By the wall ♪

♪ And the guards ♪

♪ Shot above our heads ♪

♪ Over our heads ♪

♪ And we kissed ♪

♪ As though nothing could fall ♪

♪ Nothing could fall ♪

♪ And the shame ♪

♪ Was on the other side ♪

♪ We can beat them ♪

♪ Forever and ever ♪

♪ Then we can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪

♪ We can be heroes ♪

♪ We're nothing ♪

♪ And nothing will help us ♪

♪ Maybe we're lying ♪

♪ Then you better not stay ♪

♪ But we could be safer ♪

♪ Just for one day ♪