The Perfect Girl (2017) - full transcript

Yeh Xin is a beautiful girl who focuses in criminal psychology research. One day, Xin's father flies to the USA for a month for a medical seminar. Their mansion is being renovated due to serious leakage. Surprisingly, several human bones and parts are dug out from the garden - While the investigation going, Xin accidentally finds hundreds of letters written by a girl named Bugzy, in her boyfriend's study room. Suspecting being cheated and being jealous; Xin begins to read the letters. She then discovers that other than Zhihuan, two other girls are also accidentally died because of Xin's boyfriend. Was it all murder? Who will survive and what will be left at the end? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I used to major
in Criminal Psychology in college.

I've lived overseas.

Do you know Lin Miao?

Yes, very well.

Why do you ask?

Why do you keep asking about him?

Why do you repeatedly start with
that same question?

I volunteered to do this
interrogation with you police.

What else do you remember from childhood?

After having heart surgery,

I've lost most of my memory.

What I remember from childhood

is that I liked a psychologist

called Dr. Alice.

Specialist, Dr. Alice

Why do you like her?

Why not?

If you can learn to understand

how to control someone,

wouldn't that be cool?

She once said this.

Trust your beliefs.

Trust your disguise.


and everything will come true.

Do you still remember things
from three years ago?

Repeat Offender Has Been Arrested

I had a surgery.

What happened a few days ago?

That day...




Are you awake?

It's okay. What's wrong?

We can't hide it anymore.

The police received a report
30 minutes ago.

How did this happen?

Because of the heavy rain
the past two days,

a dog dug out a bone from the garden.

Don't worry, I will handle this.

- I will approach her.
- No.

Or do you want to wait
till the entire garden

has been dug out before you deal with it?


Good morning!

Today, I'm going to introduce to you

my personal butler.

Let's see what he's up to.

Let's go.

This is absurd!


You are such a pervert.

I can't believe I'm making
breakfast for a pervert like you.


I'm a pervert? So what?


You like to tape others, right?

Fine, then I'll tape you instead!
Let me tape you.

Give it to me! Running off, are we?

Stop running.

Give it to me.


Let me tape you.

Stop! Give it to me!



Give it to me.

You're still shooting?

It's my turn to tape you.

Weren't you making breakfast?


I really love you.


I have to get going

or I'll be late.

This was in 2002.

A mass homicide took place

at an audition in Music College.

Because the entire audition
was videotaped,

we were able to see what happened.

Now, here's the question.

Can anyone tell me
what was the motive of Sun Kejie

to commit such a mass murder?

Why would he slaughter all those people?


Criminal Psychology Research Seminar

Has no one among you studied music before?

Is it John Cage?

Your reasons?

After 17 years of learning classical

and modern music theory,

he is still trying out in auditions.

He wasn't happy about it.

Young lady.

Please elaborate.

John Cage was an American pioneer
in composing classical music.

He emphasizes that any instrument,

or any compositions of sounds

can be viewed as music.

Cage is best known
for his composition 4'33".

In which the performers
do not play any notes at all.

Any sound made from the audience

all became elements into
completing this composition.

What has this got to do
with the mass murders?

As Sun Kejie began to perform,

he looked at the clock.

It was 4 p.m.

As Sun Kejie stopped performing,

he looked at the clock again.

It was exactly 4'04"33.

Because Sun Kejie
failed all his auditions.

And was also mocked for
classical music and modern music theory.

Stop right there.

Are you sure you're playing the violin?

I don't see your heart in this.

After 17 years of learning classical

and modern music theory...

Buddy, if you think
being handsome is enough

to pass this audition,

you should just go home.

He then decided
to teach those judges a lesson

by allowing them to participate
in the performance.

As a result, Sun Kejie regards

the screaming in the room
as the most perfect music.

What Sun Kejie committed

is what we call criminal behavior.

As to what we discussed

about his motives and the research
behind the cause of his criminal behavior

both belong to criminal psychology.

Studies of crimes
and related criminal behavior

as well as the science
of criminal cause or reasons

all belong in the category
of criminal psychology.

Simply put, it's about studying
the minds of people.

We, however, focus on...

studying the minds of criminals.

I believe that the human mind
can be dominated.

Hence, we are able to interpret.

And hence the existence
of the so-called abetted crimes.

This is a thesis topic
I have been working on lately.


There is a motive behind each crime.

Whether we deliberate
through the criminal's behavior

or through hidden behavior,

we can acquire clues for certain.

That's right. Hidden behavior.

Criminals subconsciously hide

their trails and identities.

Once you find those hidden clues,

it's as if you've already
found the perpetrator.

Hi, my name is Yeh Xin.

I know.

I watched you grow up
since you were little.

I also know your dad.

You know my dad?

Excuse me.

Lee Way

You were saying that you know my dad?

Excuse me.


What did you say?



Lee Way.

According to the police,

the human bones that were found

died approximately three years ago.

Check the record.

How is this possible?

Why would someone bury human bones
in our garden?

I don't know either.

I was informed by the newspaper office.

I got here as quickly as I could.

This is Dr. Alice.

I was at her seminar when I got your call.

That's why she came along.

Did you call your dad?

He is in an overseas medical seminar
and didn't answer my call.

He should contact me

as soon as he gets my messages.

All right.

Yeh Xin.

You look pale.

Why don't you have some rest?

- I'm worried about your heart...
- It's okay.

I take my pills on time.

Later, the police may ask you
for further information

to help with the investigation.

They might ask you for...


I understand.

I have become a potential suspect.

With the human bones
being found in our home,

my dad and I are the most
obvious suspects.

We can't go anywhere.

We haven't stayed in this villa
for quite some time.

Whatever information you need,
feel free to help yourself.

We've never come back after moving out

from this place three years ago.

The things we moved in during renovation
were hardly used.

Okay, thank you.

Interview with Crime Novelist Hsu Meizhi

Are you okay?


All these newspaper clippings

were collected by my dad.

My mom

was a popular crime novelist back then.

She was interviewed
by many magazines and newspapers.

Yeh Xin.

Are you okay?

Actually, my dad
seldom talks about my mom.

Maybe it's because she killed herself

over postpartum depression
after giving birth to me.

This caused my dad great pain.

I didn't know your mom committed suicide.

I thought her death

was due to a family history
of heart disease.


she was standing right here

in front of this big window.

Even without a smile on her face,

she still seemed laid back and elegant.

Just like those white roses
my dad used to buy for her

on a regular basis.


after her interview,

she committed suicide on the same day.

I was only eight months old back then.

Yeh Xin.

That year, she risked her life
in giving birth to me.

She didn't even care about
her own congenital heart disease.

She really loved my dad,

but why would she

do something like that?

Dr. Alice, you study criminal psychology.

You understand
what criminals are thinking.

Can you please tell me,

what people are thinking about
when they commit suicide?


looks like a hat.

It looks like someone was
passing by the window.

But the window was too high

so you can only remotely see
a person wearing a hat.

But why did someone circle the hat?


This is the photo taken by the forensics

after my mom committed suicide.

There weren't any fallen rose petals

on the table, nor on the carpet.

Even the vase has gone missing.

And according to the time
showing on the two photos,

there is only a difference
of approximately half an hour,

which means in between the leave
of the reporters

and the arrival of the forensics,

someone else came, cleaned up the petals,

and took away the vase.

And, that person, might very well be


So you suspect your mom did
not commit suicide?

Instead, she was murdered.


My dad was overseas participating
in a medical research seminar.

I had a fever.

The nanny took me
to the hospital for medical care.

A mother who risked her life
giving birth to a child,

despite feeling depressed
and wanting to give up on her life,

she would still make sure her child's
condition was stable

before committing suicide, right?

Sometimes, the truth that you see

is merely an illusion.

Maybe, there's an unknown story
yet to be discovered

between you and your parents.

And the bones dug out from the garden

are starting to reveal the truth.

The police says,

at the place where the first set
of bones were found,

a second set of bones has been found.


According to the investigation

based on the features
of the first set of bones

and comparison with the missing persons,

it may very well

be the missing college girl
from five years ago.

Xia Zhihuan.

The police also mentioned
that the bones from the eye sockets

significantly show traces of excavation.

It's highly possible
that while she was still alive,

or after she died, her eyes were dug out.

Her eyes were dug out?

I'm sorry.
I have other plans. I need to go.




- You...
- I really do have other plans.

I'll catch up with you later.


Xiao Xin.

There's something I need to tell you.

Before Xia Zhihuan went missing,

Lin Miao was the last person she dated.



What's wrong?

We need to stop the bleeding first, hurry!

Please wake up.

Mi Chu, attempted suicide.
Excessive bleeding.

Notify the operation room immediately.


How is she, doctor?

I didn't know Miao back then.

His ex-girlfriend committed suicide.

After being hospitalized,
she went into a coma.

After a week of rescue,
she was pronounced dead.

This is her diary.

She seems to have forgotten
about everything.

She doesn't remember anything?

No, nothing.

That's the best.

Don't let her know

and don't let her remember.

Not remembering anything
is the best right now.

For three months,

the police initially suspected
that Mi Chu did not commit suicide

and questioned him as a murder suspect.

Then, his parents passed away

one after another due to illnesses.

Lin Miao had a nervous breakdown,

was mentally unstable,

and was diagnosed with depression.

He started accepting therapy.

After that, we began dating, until now.

But for the past three years,

Miao has never mentioned a word
about Xia Zhihuan.


You're back.

Why didn't you tell me about Xia Zhihuan?

Do you think that I'm a suspect too?

How are you different
from the police then?


I care for you.

I'm just worried about you. That's all.

Why do the girls I date all end up dying?

Don't say that.

Mi Chu died.

Xia Zhihuan died.

Will you too, end up...


I think we should break up.

I don't want to drag you into this.


I trust that you didn't kill those girls.

I believe you're innocent.

I'm so confused right now.

Please stop.

Please leave me alone.

- Miao.
- Leave me alone.

I want to go home.


To: Bugzy

Bugzy, I think I'm sinful.

Otherwise, why would God
punish me like this?

Yudy died, Mi Chu died,

now even Zhihuan died!

It's me.

It must be me who got them killed.

If they didn't know me,

they wouldn't be dead.

Mi Chu, Xia Zhihuan, Yudy...

My goodness, who is Yudy?

Why did they all die?

What does Miao have to do
with all of them?

Also, who's Bugzy?

Xiao Yeh, I'm the future you.

The person you'll be in 24 hours.

You can call me Sinful Yeh.
I am you, the other you, the evil you.

After 24 hours, you shall commit suicide

and redeem your sins.

From you in 24 hours: Sinful Yeh


Who texted me?

Is this some sick prank?

Have you heard about mental disorders

or multiple personality disorders?

Of course.

Did you forget I studied
criminal psychology?

Forgetting is a human
self-protection mechanism.

It lets us escape the pain,

difficulties, and guilt
we encounter in life.

Freud once said

that excessive use of defense mechanisms

will result in denial
and result in mental illness

or result in maladjustment
of the personality.

In clinical practices,
there are many examples.

And many educated criminals

utilize these methods
to escape legal liability.

But no matter how reluctant

or dismayed I may be,

I will not allow something
like this to happen.

You've said so much.

Have a drink.

Don't worry.

I have ample time today.
We can do this slowly.


What are you looking at?

Xia Zhihuan.


was a very pretty girl.

Especially her eyes.

They were beautiful.

-Zhihuan and I met five years ago

at a summer camp.

We got along well with each other.

- And became close friends.
- Sit tight.


One day,

we found a letter in my mailbox,

the envelope titled,

"To Xia Zhihuan, confidential."

- Your letter.
- Thank you.

- I'm going to the bathroom.
- Okay.

After Zhihuan read the letter,

she ran out the door.

Later, as I was feeling really tired,

I fell asleep on the couch,

I waited until very late,

but she didn't come back.

Ever since then,

she never did come back,

and mysteriously disappeared.

So this morning,
you heard that the set of human bones

dug out from my house

resembled the characteristics
of Xia Zhihuan.

Is that what made you act so strange?

The police questioned me as a suspect.

Xia Zhihuan other than
being good friends with you here,

does she have other close friends?

Five years ago,

the police asked me the same question.

Zhihuan is an orphan.

She doesn't have any relatives.

Personality wise, she was pretty solitary.

She hardly had any friends.

So, that means...

Other than you,

Xia Zhihuan doesn't have
any other acquaintances.


There are only two possibilities
that could have killed her.

The first would be someone she knew.

But you say that's almost non-existent.

The other possibility would be

someone she didn't know killed her.

But why did that person
write her a letter?

To: Lin Miao

Letters from Bugzy?

Aunt Maylun and Wen
went to Guam for a holiday.

I hear that the sky is unbelievably blue.

Speaking of which, I recall Xia Zhihuan,
the girl you often mention these days.

I didn't think you'd meet such
a special girl at Summer Camp.

Aunt Maylun? Wen Yajing?

They're both Mom's best friends,

how does Bugzy know them?

Poor ventilation in the garage,

college girl Yudy inhales
too much carbon monoxide and dies.

College Girl Yudy
Commits Suicide in a Closed Garage

What are you looking at?

No, nothing much.

I got you a glass of juice.

I just remembered
I still have other things to do.

I'll catch up with you later.

Why did every girl
that's close to Lin Miao



why does Lin Miao tell Bugzy everything?

Does she know something?

To: Lin Miao


I'm sorry to bother you.

I'm looking for
the person staying over there.

The person staying there?

I've stayed here for quite some time.

Never have I seen anyone live there.

Sorry, please excuse me.

No one has ever stayed here before?

The girl who has been writing
to Miao for so many years,

doesn't she exist?

Then who wrote Miao all these mails?

Hey, wait.

What's this?

Gosh, who still writes letters these days?

Yes. He likes it that way.

Old school and a romantic.

But you wrote your name
in both the recipient and sender columns.

Who's ever going
to get a letter like this?

Really? How did I make that mistake?

I am the recipient,

I am also the sender.


- Miao.
- Leave me alone.

I want to go home.

To: Bugzy

To: Lin Miao

No, that's not it. That's impossible.

Lin Miao can't be Bugzy.

He wouldn't write a letter to himself.

Xiao Yeh, I'm the future you.

You who are kind will become
the funerary for the evil me.

Do you still remember Lin Miao
who I mentioned before?

Didn't I tell you that I don't know him?

Why do you keep mentioning him?

Or is he your friend

and you want to hook us up?

No, he is a patient of mine.

I see.

He has a habit.

He likes to write to himself.

Sending letters to himself?

In other words,

the recipient and the sender are
both the same person.

Then, he must have
multiple personality disorder.

Multiple personality disorder

is an illness between mental pathology

and psychology.

For those who have
multiple personality disorders,

the main personality will never know

whatever has been done
by the other personalities.


things really get out of hand,

let's file for forensic
psychological assessment.

As you know, all these years

she has gone through too much.

That can be done later.

The first thing right now is
to make Xiao Xin leave.

Otherwise, after she finds out

the truth about Lin Miao,
everything will be over.

Hey. Sorry for asking you to come

on such short notice.

That's okay.
I was also looking for you anyway.

This hat...

Picture of Dr. Alice
with the name: Hsu Meizhi

Did you know my mom?

Dr. Alice, born in 1965,
graduated from Ren Li University

You and my mom should be of the same age,

the same school,
and studied in the same year, right?

Are you her best friend?

I guess you can say that.

On the phone,

you said you were going to tell me

something about Lin Miao.

I'm going to be frank with you.

I was invited to participate in solving

the two human bones case
that was dug out from your home.

I went through the testimony
Lin Miao previously stated

and his file from the psychiatrist.

He doesn't remember anything
that he has previously done.

Even if someone else tells him
what he has done,

he feels like he didn't do any of it.


So, as Lin Miao's current girlfriend

and also a student majoring
in criminal psychology,

what genre of psychological illness
do you think it is

based on Lin Miao's current symptoms?

I believe Lin Miao is showing symptoms

of Multiple Personality Disorder.

As a result,

during his personality exchanges,

he does not remember

whatever has been done
by the other personality.


long have these symptoms been going on?

Maybe it's just the beginning.

Or maybe it has just been latent.

At this moment, we cannot confirm

the specific cause
or the time the exchanges take place.

Maybe it's intermittent

or temporary.

So what's the purpose
of telling me this today?

To remind you

that those who were injured in his case

were females that were closest to him.

I hope you know how to protect yourself.


You're back.


What are you doing?

I'm just burning some old letters.

I have no use for them anymore.

So I'm burning them.

College Girl Yudy
Commits Suicide in a Closed Garage

How did Yudy die?

How do you know about Yudy?


She was the first girl

I got to know in college.

I liked her a lot.

Everything was so perfect.

We were so happy.

I don't know why

that day after she got home...

Yudy: I'm so tired of living

Actually, about Mi Chu,

there was one thing

I never told you.

There's no way
Mi Chu could've committed suicide.

We've always been in love with each other.


an anonymous text said,

"I love you too."

At that moment,
I thought she was cheating on me.

I was so furious, so we got into a fight.

But shortly after I left,

I called her right away.

I wanted to get back together.

There's no way
she would've committed suicide

because of our argument.

If she didn't commit suicide,

then who could've killed her?

I don't know.

She was only
a regular college girl back then.

But I believe her death

is not as simple as it seems.


If you found out

whoever it was that killed Mi Chu

and found out who the killer was.

What would you do, then?

If I found out who the killer was,

I would do everything I can

to capture that person,

then kill him.

Xiao Yeh, I'm the future you.

The person you'll be in 18 hours,
Sinful Yeh.

After 18 hours,

the love of your life
will find out the truth.

He will never forgive you,
hate you forever,

and will never love you again!

From you in 18 hours: Sinful Yeh

To: Bugzy

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

You're the one who sent
Xia Zhihuan a letter.

Lured her out, then killed her, right?

You also killed Mi Chu and Yudy, right?

Do you know?

I did it because I love you.

I've loved you for a very long time.

Only after killing them

can I truly be with you!

I'm going to call the police.

- I'm going to call the police!
- No, you can't call the police.

You can't call the police.

I killed them for you.

We can forget about all of this.

I can give you all the love in the world.

I can make you happy.

I will never let anyone hurt you.


Please believe me.


Believe me, okay.

I beg you.

I didn't do it on purpose.

I really didn't mean it.

Why did you call the police?

Don't die.

I didn't do it on purpose.
I really didn't mean it!

Why did you call the police?

Don't die.

Please don't die!

Yeh Xin.

I really love you.

Yeh Xin!

Yeh Xin!

Yeh Xin!

Yeh Xin!

Xiao Xin...

Why did she want you to meet her?

We can't hide it anymore.

If this continues, it's not only Lin Miao.

Even you and I will be exposed.

That way,

Xiao Xin will only get hurt.

No secrets can last forever.

Xiao Xin will find out sooner or later.

You seriously want
to bet your chance this time?

Didn't you previously say

it's best to forget?

But if she doesn't remember now,

we can't prove she has
multiple personality disorder.

Four lives are at stake here.

And possibly even more.

If sentenced to death,
then everything will be too late.

Xiao Xin will fall apart.

What exactly

did you tell Yeh Xin.

It was about 30 years ago.

Your Aunt Maylun and I

with your dad's girlfriend at the time,

Wen Yajing,

were close friends.

So, in the beginning,

the woman my dad
originally fell in love with

was not my mom.

That summer,

your mom came to visit Aunt Maylun.

Then she met your dad.

You could say it was love at first sight

for both of them.

Your dad used to say your mom, Meizhi,

was like a white rose.

So elegant, poised, and generous.

Yajing, on the other hand,
was like a red rose.

So passionate and outgoing.

After twists and turns,

your dad still ended
up choosing your mom, Meizhi.

Yajing became very upset
and went overseas.

Did she ever stay in contact
with my dad afterward?

I don't know about that.

You might want to ask your dad, your mom,

or even your Aunt Maylun.

They should be clearer with the details.

May I also ask

if you know how to reach Aunt Maylun?

I'm afraid not.

We got divorced within a year
after our wedding.

Let me see...

The last time I saw her was
about three years ago.

She paid a special visit to the villa

you guys were staying at.

The number is not reachable.

Please leave a message.

How is this possible?

Miao is not answering at all.

He seems to have disappeared.

I remember the interview
with the magazine publishers.

It mentioned that the novel
Mom nearly finished

was called Love of the Roses.

This seems to be the original manuscript.

Maybe it was because Mom

felt the same about Wen Yajing,

so she wrote the story
about red and white roses.

I don't get it though.

How does Bugzy also know Wen Yajing

and Aunt Maylun?

Dad is back.

Xiao Yeh, I'm the future you.

The person you'll be in 15 hours,
Sinful Yeh.

After 15 hours, you will leave the world
with all of your sins and guilt.

This is the only way to be liberated.

From you in 15 hours: Sinful Yeh

Who the heck is doing this?

Who is it that keeps sending me messages?

What will happen

if the time's up?

Why does Dad have eye balls in his room?

Dr. Jee.

You've been my dad's assistant
for so many years.

Can you please tell me

what research has my dad

been working on these years?

All these years, the director

has been doing research

on how to help women stay young.

He has studied
a lot of historic information.

And has done many experiments clinically

and even dissected many female corpses.

Do you know what parts?

I mean, what does my dad need

for his experiments?

Mainly hair.

Facial skin.


and heart-related parts,
that sort of thing.

Zhihuan, especially her eyes,
was beautiful.

It's highly possible
that while she was still alive,

or after she died, her eyes were dug out.

- Make way!
- Yudy breathed in excessive gas.

Likely in a coma.

No vital signs were significant
upon arrival at the ER.

Please transfer to ICU.

They were not just related to Lin Miao.

They were all related to Dad as well.

Both Mi Chu and Yudy were sent
to the ER here

for medical attention.

Xiao Xin!

Can you please tell me

where my dad is now?

The director is operating
in surgery right now.

You are lying. I want to see my dad.

Hey, Xiao Xin!

The director is really
operating in surgery.

I have an urgent matter!

- Leave me alone!
- Xiao Xin!

Xiao Xin.

Long time no see.

You look pale.

Are you okay?

You don't remember me?

I'm Dr. White.

I helped with your heart
transplant surgery three years ago.

I've watched you
ever since you were little.

I had a heart transplant surgery?

You don't know?

You've been taking anti-rejection
medication every day,

don't you know?

Isn't it for controlling heart disease?

Yeh Xin!

Dr. Yeh.

Whatever you want to say,

let's wait until we go home.

Why did you lie to me?

I had such
a major heart transplant surgery,

why didn't you tell me?

You even kept it from me?

I lost my memory,

so you made me a new one.

After all, how much truth is actually left

in whatever you have told me?

What else are you keeping from me?

In your office,

why is it that you have a pair
of human eyes?


You know everything?

You've restored your memories?

It doesn't matter how I find out about it.

What matters is that I know now.


Please just tell me the truth.


you did not grow up overseas.

I knew it.

You grew up here.

But unfortunately,

you inherited heart disease

from your mother's side of the family.

Your life would be in danger

if you didn't have the surgery.

I can't believe you kept so much from me.

Because of the illness,

you hardly

interacted with people
at your age as a child.

You would hide and stay home reading.

Also, your appearance is a little...

A little...


Your head was stuck
in the birth canal during labor.

The doctor was worried
that you might suffocate.

So he used obstetrical forceps
to help you out.

But during the process,

your cranium and face got damaged.

You felt shame and withdrawn.

You never interacted with anyone

or said anything.

And then?

You loved listening to the radio.

I remember it was

when you were 15 years old.

Through the social friend
activity held by the radio,

you met a pen pal.

Lin Miao.

You exchanged letters
with him for eight full years.

And I could tell that

when you were writing letters to him,

those were your happiest moments.

So I am Bugzy.

That mysterious Bugzy is me.

No wonder both Aunt Maylun and Wen Yajing

were mentioned in the letters.

I know.

Lin Miao is the only person

you entrust yourself with.

You care for him way too much.

You simply could not live

without hearing from him and his letters.

Whenever Lin Miao mentions about

meeting other new girls in his letters,

it would bring you so much pain.

You would bang your head hard
against the wall.

And my heart ached so much

seeing you like that.

Is it because I felt I was ugly

so I never met Lin Miao in person?


You felt inferior.

Several times,
you almost committed suicide.

As a result, I...

You what?

So you killed people for me
regardless of the costs.

- Am I right?
- Yes!

For my daughter,
I am willing to do anything.

I killed every girl
that was related to Lin Miao

and transplanted

their prettiest parts onto you

to make you prettier.

So what about my heart?
My current heart belongs to...

Your heart was
transplanted three years ago.

The original owner of this heart

was Lin Miao's girlfriend,

Mi Chu.

Actually, Mi Chu did not die
due to her suicide.

- Dr. Yeh.
- She just happened

to be sent to my hospital.

Yeh Xin's heart condition is unstable.

Dr. Yeh, this is the information
of the patient waiting to have surgery.

If you did not accept heart
surgery back then,

the doctor said with certainty

that you would die in three days.

Organ Transplant Donation
Agreement by Mi Chu

But I wouldn't allow that to happen.

I wanted to see my daughter live.

Watch out for collision.
Don't loiter around

Who would have expected that

during the heart transplant surgery,

you would have major blood loss?

It resulted in cerebral hypoxia.

And caused your memory loss.

Having a heart transplant is
not a bad thing.

Why didn't you tell me?

After you were conscious again,

I realized you had lost your memory.

Yet we both felt

it would be better for you

to live under this circumstance.

That's why we decided

to keep everything from you.

That is also why we moved.

Dr. Alice said...

criminals subconsciously
hide their trails.

Lin Miao was always complimenting

Xia Zhihuan's beautiful eyes.

You told me

that you never wanted
to see her eyes again.


The bones from the eye sockets
significantly show traces of excavation.

It's possible
that while she was still alive,

or after she died, her eyes were dug out.

You murdered people

for me.

You even dug out their eyes...

This is insane.

You're a devil.


it's time for judgment day.

When I arrived at the office today,

I noticed the upper shelf
of the bookcase was open.

I knew then

that you must have discovered something.

I can't keep it from you anymore.

Don't worry.

I will turn myself in.

You will not be implicated at all.

This is insane...

You are insane...

You are insane!

Xiao Yeh, I'm the future you.

The person you'll be in 10 hours,
Sinful Yeh.

Tomorrow, the love of your life Lin Miao,

will find out you're the one who killed
the three girls closest to him.

Death is your only option.

From you in 10 hours: Sinful Yeh

I'm truly guilty.

I might not have killed anyone,

but those three girls died because of me.

How can I face Lin Miao after this?

To: Xiao Xin

Yeh Xin,

I'm leaving.

From now on, I won't be around anymore.

Take good care of yourself.

Take care of your heart condition.

Remember to take your
anti-rejection pills daily.


Here's your lunch.

Ever since you were young, you lost Mom.

I don't know when it started,

-that our relationship

became so distant.

I sincerely hope that you understand,

it's not because I don't love you.

It's just that there was so much
that I could not tell you.

Yeh Xin,

you must live on and live well.

I would do anything,


so that you may live a happy life.

On his way to the police station
to turn himself in,

Dad had a car accident.

He died on the spot.

He has left me for good.

And my dearest boyfriend, Lin Miao,

will never know the truth.

Dissociative Identity Disorder,

DID, also known as multiple personality.

They are mostly caused
by trauma during childhood.

Also, certain difficulties
that was hard to deal with,

Victims daze off and pull themselves

from the actual event.

A second personality emerges
to replace the original

in order to face various
circumstances at the time

and to deal with those
situations in its place.


Are you all right?

I often feel really tired being a woman.

You love someone with all of your heart,

but it ends up in tragedy.

Seeing this picture

reminds me of my mom.

She committed suicide

when I was still young.

Maybe, because of love,

she ended her own life.

Xiao Xin.

I know you want to be alone.

It will just take you one minute.

I just

want to give you something.

Your father gave this
to me three years ago.

Now, I feel

this needs to be returned to you.

August 23rd, 2009.

A cloudy day.

I think I've got nice fair skin too,

why does Miao constantly compliment Yudy?

Doesn't he know that girl

is nowhere close to being better than me?

I'm the only one
who truly understands Miao.

August 24th, 2009.

A cloudy day.

I can't stand how Miao is always
talking about Yudy anymore.

August 25th, 2009.

The weather is sunny.

Today, I stole some anesthetics

- from dad's hospital...
- Is this my diary?

I started her car

and closed the garage.

That's because Miao
keeps complimenting Yudy's fair skin.

I'm so tired of living.

I love you too.

Mi Chu, attempted suicide.
Excessive bleeding.

Notify the operation room immediately.


For my daughter,
I am willing to do anything.

I will turn myself in tomorrow.

You will not be implicated at all.

Dad turned himself in for me.

If I found out who the killer was,

I would do everything I can

to capture that person,

then kill him.


will never forgive me.

When you see this letter,

I will no longer be in this world.

Hopefully, you'll remember
the good things about me.

When you see this letter,
I will no longer be in this world!

There are water stains on my suicide note

because of my tears.

The water stains on Mom's testament

weren't tears.

The water stains were as
if they were splashed.

That should be spilled water.

Before that, there was a vase of roses.

If the vase was knocked over
and water spilled...

But why clean it up
after it's knocked over?

Why must the white roses
be thrown away as well?

Criminals subconsciously
hide their trails.

You shot my mom.

And knocked over the vase of white roses.

Then you stained the white roses

with my mom's blood.

That's why they were red.

You just couldn't leave them alone,

could you?

Dr. Alice.

Or should I call you

Wen Yajing?

Because Mom resembled white roses,

and you, red roses.

A criminal subconsciously
hides their trails.


the messages sent to my phone

were you too, right?

Your thesis is about abetted crimes.

You are trying to convince me
to commit suicide.

I believe that the human mind
can be dominated.

Hence, we are able to interpret.

And hence the existence
of the so-called abetted crimes.

Why would I do such a thing?

Because you killed Aunt Maylun.

The first set of bones found in my garden

is Aunt Maylun, isn't that right?

You killed her three years ago
when she visited,


Because she too,
like me, found out about the hat.

Did you kill my dad too?

Did you?

And then,

you didn't want me to find out.

So you used a fake diary
and some text messages

to instigate me to commit suicide?

Your dad...

He didn't die.

You're lying.

I don't believe you!

I'm calling the police.

Xiao Xin.

I didn't write the ending.

You did.

Because you feel guilty.

The diary is not fake either.

Aunt Maylun hasn't contacted Uncle Lee

for the past three years

because she got remarried.

I didn't help you with cosmetic surgery.

You didn't become pretty.

This is all

in your own imagination.

I don't believe you.

I don't believe you.

That's not me.

That can't be me.

Xiao Xin, you never dated Lin Miao.

He wasn't in love with you.

In fact...

In fact, you proclaimed your love for him.

But he rejected you.

By the way, Lin Miao has already died.

You've just been imagining him
this whole time.

You're lying.

This can't be true.

Let's see what he's up to. Let's go.

This is absurd!

Actually, you are Sinful Yeh.

It's your main personality.

You killed all the girls around Lin Miao.

But he still didn't accept you.

So you killed him too.

But then...

you couldn't deal with this outcome.

So you lost your memory.

This is her diary.

She seems to have forgotten
about everything.

Xiao Xin lost her memory

and doesn't remember anything?

You made up the perfect dream.

And imagined everything
with Lin Miao was true.

You really thought
you were dating Lin Miao.

I didn't do it on purpose.

Forgetting is a human
self-protection mechanism.

It lets us escape
the difficulties and guilt

we encounter in life.

It's not me.

The police have confirmed

that one of the sets of bones found
in the garden

is Lin Miao.

You killed him

and put him in a wooden box.

Why did they leave me?

Now it seems that everything is my fault.

Everybody is scared of me.

Nobody dares come near me.

Everyone treats me like a murder suspect.


You still have me,

I'm different from your ex-girlfriends.

I love you more than they do,

I promise.

I won't be like them
and suddenly leave you.

If you really love me,

later tonight,

come over to my place then.



Did you take all these photos?

And, this bracelet

belongs to you, right?

Mi Chu didn't commit suicide.

You killed her!

And Xia Zhihuan too.

You sent the letter to lure her out.

Then killed her, right?


You murderer.

Do you know?

I did it

because I love you.

I've loved you for a very long time.

Only after killing them

can I truly be with you!


This is insane.

- I'm going to call the police.
- No, you can't.

You can't call the police.

I killed them for you.

We can forget about all of this
and start over.

I can give you all the love.
I can make you happy.

I will never let anyone hurt you.

Please believe me.

Please believe me.

You're scary.

You're scary.

I really love you.

I really do love you.

You're scary.

I didn't do it on purpose.

I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose.

I'm sorry...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Don't die!




After my professional
psychiatric evaluation,

I can confirm that
Yeh Xin is mentally ill.

It is not suitable to charge her
under regular legislation.

I suggest to transfer her
to a psychiatric rehab center

for long-term observation instead.

She thinks her ugliness
was her mother's fault.

Therefore, she hates her.

The mother figure does not exist
at all in her mind.

Because she once saw a photo

of her mother, father,
and Wen Yajing at home,

she treated her mother's friend,
Wen Yajing,

who no longer is involved
with their current lives

as her own mother's image.

At that time, her mother was invited

to be a guest professor
in an American college.

Therefore, she lived overseas
for a long period of time.

Later on in her memories,
she only remembers

her mother solely as a renowned

Asian psychologist from overseas,
Dr. Alice,

and worshipped her.

You and my mom, should be of the same age,

the same school,
and studied in the same year, right?

I was in her class. Actually, I am her.

Yeh Xin also thinks her father
should be found guilty.

Because as a doctor,

her father failed to stop the tragedy

of craniofacial deformities
during midwifery.

Therefore, in her imagination,

her father died trying to save her.

You mentioned that you gave her medication

and provided counseling

for her identity integration.

Who is it that remains in her
right now then?

Xiao Yeh?

Or Yeh Xin?

Three years later

The doctor wants to see you.

In the past three years,

we've talked quite a few times.

Yet, every time,

you would show up
with a different identity.

There is always a name to that identity.

Can you please tell me

who I'm speaking to now?

That doesn't matter.

What matters is
how to leave this darn place.

I've stayed here long enough.

In fact, if you can assure

that your condition is improving,

you will soon be able to leave.

Doctor, I'm sorry.

I've done terrible things.

- Really terrible.
- Let me tell you.

I've seen her doing many bad things.

Screw you!

If you don't let me out now,
I will kill your entire family.

Now tell me. Who are you?

It's not your business.

You are not a professional doctor.

You can only rely on
your own determination

in order to leave this place.

Even if we commit crimes
again after being released,

there's nothing to worry about.

- Because there won't be a death sentence.
- There are

many incompetent judges nowadays.

How long do I have to stay here?

They have no brains at all.

According to the current law,

our sentence should not be this long.

-What you hear now
-When are you going to let me out?

are voices from other people in your head.

- They are controlling you.
- Hey! I'm warning you.

- They are not real.
- You'd better shut up.

I know who you are. You are one of us.

Come back!

When the heck can I get out?

-You don't know
-I'm really busy.

- because you are drunk?
- Talking doesn't solve anything.

Don't panic.

I'm very well. Can I go home now, please?

Can somebody take charge, please?
It's so messed up in here!

- Come back.
- Yeh is my last name,

- but I forgot...
- Tell me.

- Yeh who?
- Who are you?

- I want to go home.
- Climb up.

- Shut up!
- Shut up!

- Shut up!
- Shut up!

- Come back.
- Shut up!

- How long do I have to be locked in here?
- Tell me!


All of you shut up!

I'm here to help you.

If you keep messing around,

I can't help you even if I wanted to.

The only way to leave here

is through teamwork.

Let's continue.

Do not interrupt us.


All right, don't be scared.

Answer me slowly.

- Who are you?
- I am Yeh Xin.

Some people call me Xiao Xin.

Good to know you're back.

Xiao Xin.

Thank you, doctor.

It's good to be back.

This time, we may need more time.

Of course.

I understand.

Very well.


let's begin.

Xiao Xin, you look good today.

I'm sure you are aware of

the purpose of the evaluation today.

Once you pass these questions,

you may leave right away.

So I have some questions for you here.

First of all,

since you are leaving soon,

how do you feel?

I'm very touched.

Thank you for always taking
such good care of me,

Dr. Ann.