The Perfect David (2021) - full transcript

David is a young bodybuilder who obsessively trains to become his artist mother's muse. As he dedicates himself to further developing his physique, he goes through an identity crisis that will mark his destiny.

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I left the box in the fridge.

- David, do you hear what I'm saying?
- Yes, Mom.


Come on,
I have to hurry!

All right.

We have more work to do
on the shoulders.

...called those
who went to training much more often.

Because they have more...

- The training.
- Exactly. Yes!

That's why on Saturday
I couldn't play them all.

- What a sucker!
- Yes, I smoked it well.

- Hello, how are you?
- Hi.

- Hello, buddy!
- Hi...

Does anyone have the
math homework?

what are you traveling in?

You suck my dick
in a minute or two

or the ass-kicking
do you enjoy it more?


This is the selection!
Cock-sucking or ass-fucking.

- So I do not know. Neither of them!
- There isn't one. You have to choose!

Or you'll be gay
or macho!

I do not know...
If I had to choose between them...

...more like sucking.

- Come on! This is gay!
- Sick, perverted thing!

- Well, just suck, move your head!
- You're a fucking fag!

If someone is on your ass,
you rather enjoy sucking the cock!

This is when
you start with a slobber!

- What a bastard!
- David, which one would you choose?

- Hey, come on!
- Leave it alone...

Finally a really strong,
macho dude!

Which would you choose:
they will fuck you once, and your mother and grandmother will find out, or

they constantly cure,
but no one would know about it?

- One is better than the other!
- Which one do you choose, babe?


- What about Luisa?
- Nothing nothing!

For you already
Is your size XL?

- I mean your shirt.
- Ah..., yes.

we have a secret

Keep it straight.

You have to raise the
to the middle of your chest.

So, come on
one two Three,

four, five, six. The first series again.
Face forward!

Don't raise your arms so high.
Push your elbows forward.

Hold your breath up there, up there.
Keep it in!

One, two, three, four, hold on...
five, six, seven. And one last time!

Hands on hips!

Good, lift your chest up and
keep it that way!

One two three four five six.
And we repeat the first series!

Face the two biceps.
Don't raise your arms so much, okay.

The air keeps you in your chest, focus!
That's great.

You're in control, okay...

Opposite position opening.

Hands on hips,

Seven seconds, come on!
Three, four, five...

...six, seven.
That's great!



Did your mother approve of the date?

- October.
- Beginning or ending?


Then we have to pull it in,
tomorrow we will have a double training session.

- At seven?
- Seven o'clock...

Right on point.

- Hi Mom.
- Hi.

- So?
- What?

Have you worked on your shoulders?

Let's see!

That's what I thought
the difference is one centimeter.

- Is the one on the right bigger?
- No, the one on the left.

Let's check the biceps!

They're the same, though
they are not bigger!


See here?

Where the wings and chicken breast
are you meeting

You can cut it in half here.


Where bone and cartilage meet,
you can slice it here.

Very good.

Now separate the base from the leg.

turn it upside down
and cut through.

The breasts a little
are more complex.

You have to cut it first
the wings.

- What about the show?
- What's up with?

Lucas asked how
is the date still the same?

I already said that
clip his wing.

Come here!

Keep it!

Squeeze it!

Are you rested?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

I'm going with you today.

- Again?
- We're going together now.

Even alone
I can do it.

I'll wait for you downstairs.

- Mom!
- What is that?

let's get down
Lucas doesn't like that.


Take it easy, take it easy!


Pull it in!



seven come on
on the shoulder!

One more time, eight
will be good!

And nine!

A few more
Come on!

- Stop.
- I can not stand.

Take a shower!

That's great.
You gave it your all, Beast!

The dose and the time
you must comply!

- You can't take more than four a day.
- I understand.

Goodbye Beast,
See you tomorrow!

Take it
otherwise you won't be able to complete it!

Don't compare me to him!
That fucker is a pervert.

I think it's the girl's fault
the hen is naughty, she wanted to fuck him at all costs.

And you fall for it?

Chimi is a bitch.

So I do not know.
You should be more careful.

- Those whores are fucking hot.
- Well, I...

...and then I will make it so
Have a little party with Anita and Mica.

Mica stares at you,
are you coming

- I have to train!
- You're a bitch all the time!

Your mother from all this,
do you make money

I do not know.
I have no idea.

He should give it to you
your part.

Come some time
then you will leave earlier!

What a cunt she has!

You're really hot today!

Close your eyes, tight.
Don't blink!

It's about to dry.

This is it.
He stands in a definite position.

straight up
look ahead.


it's about

This is it!

Looks ahead,
the shoulders, confidently!

Great, side to side.
To the side and face.

Keep your eyes straight.

This is it.

looking ahead
straight back!

This is it.

This is it! Look ahead!

Watch the neck.
Come on!

Come on!

This is it.
Will be good!

Good, watch the neck
take care of it!

Everything depends on the shoulders.
Front and side.

Sergio, go to the other side.
To my beat.

Come on,
to work through!

Go ahead, looking ahead.
Don't look at that.

two more.



...and up.

Let's see, stretch!

Very good.

- I can go?
- Go.

- I'm not sure yet.
- What's wrong?

I do not know.

Juana, you have to speak at the most optimal moment,
when you want to stand up to him.

- It seems a bit strange lately.
- No wonder, he gives what he can.

Forgive me.


Where are you going?

- To meet my friends.
- Are girls going too?

in a couple.

- Remember, you can't drink alcohol.
- I know, mom.

- We're almost there.
- Yes. I know.

we're not going anywhere
we just get together.

Tomorrow at eight
alarm clock.

- Black...
- What?

Black looks better.

- Come on...
- Don't argue with the guy!

just kidding

Bad joke, just ask them.
You never ask us girls!

- It's not the same with you.
- Why?

Because you are always together
with others.

- Why...
- You are all unreliable.

- You drive me crazy.
- You are lesbians by nature.

- You're just fantasizing about this...
- If all guys were like you...

if you kiss me
you don't want to be a lesbian anymore.

He started by painting it.

This is a nice ship.
the best.

You are not complicating anything
for ships.

They are around here.

And after painting it,
maybe he will paint this too.

Who knows!

- I like the way it looks.
- Looks great.

I see you're trying to stir something up
with one of the girls.

it's really worth it.

Take care of the girl
because that dude is visibly excited for him.

If this chick would kiss me
I will cut off my tail!

Cut it in half, huh?

Come on guys!

- I can see it!
- They're fucking good, huh?

- Great!
- My cousin gave it to me.

- None of these are like that.
- Let me take a look!

they look good...

...premium stuff.


our hero!

Girls, girls!
Look here!

A huge round of applause for him!

- What's wrong?
- I do not know.

- You do not like me?
- Of course, you are very attractive, but I don't understand!

Well, let's get back to the guys,
it won't be a problem.

we don't make a big deal out of it!

- I'm sorry, mom!
- Shh...

Sit down!

put your hands up!

This is it...

Raise it.

Get your ass up.
Help! This is it!

Can you down?
Hold on to me!

Eat yourself up!

Come, be careful!

Hold on to me!

Let's go.

Step up.
Go slow!

By train

Watch your shoulder!

What's the problem? Let's repeat! Come on!

Come on!



Don't give up!

Movement, come on!

- Did you take the pills?
- Yes.

Well then?

I was at a party last night and
I went to bed late.

You can't drink alcohol
if you are taking this medicine.

if I don't want to?

You kill your mother.

ok do it like this
next time, then we'll see.

Let's do another series
then you can go.

- Come tomorrow.
- Tomorrow is Sunday!

come at eleven!

Let's start!

Let's get into it!

Last series, come on!

don't rush don't rush



Six..., come on and
two more!

Seven... and
one last time!

Come on!

Move, laziness!

Take those boxes off!

How do the pills make you feel?

Well, they make you stronger.
I can repeat the exercise several times.

Are you okay?


change your clothes
let's go!

Eat slower!

They burned the table,
I also put out two ashtrays, but to no avail!

- I have it too.
- Show me so I can see!

What would you choose...

you would fuck your mother like that
it has your father's head on it

or vice versa?

Then one of them would have the other's head on his body!

Your mother's body with your father's head and vice versa.

- You're sick.
- You are that! What would you rather choose?

- My mother, for sure.
- Body or head?

My mother's body
with my father's head!

Then your father would stare at you
when you poke your mother!

Out of your mind dude!

You couldn't fuck your mother
I'd rather fuck my father.

- You're right.
- You see?

- Then I will.
- You too, asshole?

Your mom is such a hot chick and you
do you still fuck your father?

Well, because for David
then he wouldn't stand up!

- What did you say?
- Are you sure that your tail will stand up?

Stop, David, stop!
Stop it, David!

You already beat me!

- It will bleed all over!
- All blood! He's bleeding!

Fucking beef!

Delete it!

- Let's take him to the school nurse!
- Let's go!

Put your phone away!

Ms. Galucci, Dávid,
what happened?


Something serious happened.

Only between children

Physical aggression that may result in expulsion,

I understand.

I'm suspending for two weeks.
I will make a final decision later.

please sign here.

He would love us
leave us alone, if I may ask?

what really happened


- Come on, tell me!
- Nothing, everything is fine.

Bye bye.
What's new?

- Are you crazy? Did you take those pills?
- What kind of pills?

Are you going to hit me too?

- Okay, calm down, let's go.
- I'm calm.

OK, come.
Peace of mind.

Do not move!

I'll... give you another injection,
and that's it!

- Good.
- I don't want his marks to show on you.

- Yes Yes.
- Good.

I brought it all to you.

Because in the last few days you have to administer it yourself,
then you don't have to depend on me.

- Will be good?
- Great.

- What did you tell them?
- What do you want?

What did you say?
Come on, tell me?

- Answer me!
- Leave me alone!

- Answer me!
- I only told Anita.

- Who else did he slap?
- I don't know, he didn't talk about it.

let go

I want to try it!

- What?
- That!

Talk to him!

come with me.

Listen carefully to me!

We will only do it once,

I'll give it to you first,
so pay close attention

because you have to submit the rest yourself,
in the meantime, it is forbidden to shoot in the same place twice.

Never inject twice in the same place.
We never irritate the same part of our body.

Do you understand? Good. Let's do it.
Stand up!

Turn around.

Pull up your leotard and
peace of mind.

Always disinfect the needle.

Peace of mind!

Relax, don't squeeze!
Peace of mind.



Hold on, it's almost over.
Almost done!


It's over now!

Good, hold on!

Massage in circular motions.

Massage it!

- How do you feel?
- Good.

You didn't have any pain?

Not bad.
I feel stronger than before.

Take off your shirt,
I will give you an injection.

Let's see,
what have you improved?!

The material works!

Relax on this site!

Peace of mind!

Peace of mind!

peace of mind
almost done!

Press it!

Why can't you drink enough fluids?

I can not.
I'm in the dehydration phase.

You need to drink fluids!

I have to go.

The opposite door opens outwards.
Shut up behind you.

Goodbye David.
Take care of yourself.

Come on, focus!
On it, that's...

Give it your all!

Don't relax!

All the way up!

Two, three... keep going!

Four five.
Repeat, two, three...

Move, move!
Up! Good.

Come on!

focus on that!

Pull it in!


very good!

Very good!

This is it!


Okay, relax.
Breathe deeply!

Excellent. Another series. Come on!
Give it your all!

Come on kid!
That's it, that's it!

Pay attention to the weights!

Make it clear!
Focus ahead, good!

That's great. Come on!
This is it!

Yes. Yes.
Movement, good!

Very good.
One more time!

Yes, this is the one.


Come on!

This is it!
Hold your breath!

Hold the pose!

That's right!

Hold your hips!

Keep it up!

Come on, give him air, come on!
Keep it in!


Single page position.
I'm showing off my bra, triceps.

From profile.


He turns around.

That way.

Continue turning back.

Keep! Keep!
Come on!

Stand like this, arms down
in the arch of the back.

I keep my hips, chest up,
broad shoulders. That's what it's all about!


From this position, I squeeze out and push forward.
Come on!

The chest again!

Hold the pose!

Hang on, hang on!

This is it!

Báratin looks towards the audience,
and smile!

I am full of happiness!

Come on!
Enjoy the moment!

That's great!
Repeat, facing the audience!


- What are you doing?
- Nothing, leave me alone!

You're exaggerating
you idiot!

I will not.
Didn't you see me do it?

- I'll give it to you!
- This is not the time.

Give me the syringe!

Good evening and God brought you!
Thank you for your participation.

We are happy to present it to you
Artist Juana Galucci's latest creations!

what did you do

You wanted this?
You wanted this?

Look at me!
Look at me!

- Hi.
- Did you come to the competition?

- Yes.
- Are you a competitor?

- No, no, just a spectator.
- Two hundred.

There you go, the wristbands.

Can I help you?

Go straight in!


I wanted to see
what will it be like

- It works, huh?
- Yes, I feel better now.


show me exactly!

Show off your biceps!

This is it,

push your elbows forward!


you could already use it!

- I don't know how involved I would be.
- You're in, otherwise you wouldn't be here!

- You came to see. Did you get your last dose?
- Yes.


Sergio came out too. Come with me.
Come, you belong with us!

Great, back to the audience,
and lift the chest. Keep it.

It's time!

Let's see!
Now frontally!

- Now he lifts me up and tightens every second!
- Yes...

- We are not wasting our time, you are a competitor, show what you can do!
- Yes, under any circumstances!

Don't improvise, just stand in front of them and

Just knock everyone out!

- Is it clear?
- Yes.

Then go!


He translated it
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