The Perez Family (1995) - full transcript

In an attempt to secure a sponsor, an unlikely group of Cuban refugees become a "family" as the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service gives families priority over others. In the process, a political prisoner who hasn't seen his wife for twenty years and a disaffected sugarcane cutter fall in love. An excitable brother and a lovestruck cop contribute to the general confusion. The inevitable humorous romantic entaglements ensue as a final confrontation is set up.










Kill me.

Fire, you son of a bitch.


Fidel Castro is emptying
his jails of political prisoners

and allowing them to flee Cuba.

President Carter
has granted asylum

to all the 110.000
Cuban refugees

that have reached
American shores.

The last boats departing
from area harbor near Havana

are heading towards Key West
in a steady flow.

He isn't coming tonight, Mama.


Remember 20 years ago?

I was three.

U.S. Immigration officials
say the refugees represent

a wide cross section
of Cuban society.

At a May Day rally,
Fidel Castro urged

one million cheering supporters
to denounce the marielitos...

I wonder which side of
the bed he'll sleep on.

I am waiting two months.

When I can go on the boatlift?


You don't want to go.

You have a good job
cutting sugar cane.

You are a whore, no?

You like it, eh?

I am like Cuba,

used by many,
conquered by no one.

A man like you change
uniform with each regime...

Batista, Fidel.

But I am siempre la isla.

What do you want in America

that I can't give you here?

I love Elvis Presley.

I dig rock 'n' roll.

I want to fuck

John Wayne.


When we get to Miami

I will have a gold compact

with little shells on top.

We go to United States.


Marielita soy, soy.

Hold my money.

I'm dreaming.

Florida. Florida.

I thought we were back
in Mariel.

No, senor. Look.

Key West.

Will my wife be here
to meet me?

How nice.
You have a wife.

That's good.

I didn't know I'd
be so old, senora.

My teeth are too poor
to kiss my wife.

No worry. You can
kiss your wife.

Carry my things, senor.

No! No!

Play Nothin' But a Hound Dog.


♪ Nothin' but a hound dog

♪ Nothin' but a hound dog

One bag, please.
Only one bag, please.

Courtesy of the American
Red Cross.


One bag, please.

Hey! Hey! One bag!

Your name?

Juan Raul Perez.

Political prisoner.
Your charge?

I set my sugar cane
fields on fire.

Instead of giving them
to him, to Fidel.

Marital status?


Your name?

Put down Dottie.

Dorita Evita Perez.

I don't like Dorita.

I hate Evita. Little Dora,
little Eva.

It's not a matter
of like or dislike.

I am a new woman here.

You came here
for political asylum.

You can change your name
some other time, okay?

I don't want
no political asylum.

I came here to get away
from political asylum.

I don't want no government.

Do you have any other
relatives here?

I mean, other than your wife?



If you want something done
in this life, ask a Perez.

There are so many of us.

My mother was a Perez.

They didn't ask me
anything about Carmela.

He didn't ask me nothing.


Very lucky that you're married.

Sponsors here don't want to
take spinsters or bachelors,

especially single ladies.

A sponsor?

We are getting a criminal
element from your Cuba.

Prostitutes, riffraff.

Easy disease.

Now, they're undesirable.

Now for sponsors,

large families
at the top of the list.

Single people

stuck in camps waiting,


simply waiting.

Ay, Dios mio.

Is it over?
The coast lift?

Yep. Thank God.

This morning
anyone named Perez?

Everyone named Perez.


I'm looking for Juan Perez.

Try 110.000 marielitos
in two months, my friend.

Half of them named Juan Perez.

Only one today.
Juan Perez.

Excuse me?

And his wife Dorita Perez.

Wife? No, no.
I'm looking for, uh...

I'll give you $20 to
stop making that noise!

It's free.

I'm looking for the Juan Perez

that's married
to my sister Carmela in Miami.

You positive this
Juan Perez has a wife?


I hire six boats to go
over to Mariel.

You know how much it cost me?

And for what?
Human garbage.

You're working
for Fidel, my friend.

Are you French?


Carmela, the radio.

I heard they closed
the boatlift. Did he come?

He's coming today.
I feel it.

You know how you get
those feelings?

I hope this is working.

Angel went to Key West.

He's supposed to call when
he's back with Juan Raul.

That's okay.
I'm just excited.



I'm so sorry.

The last boat arrived

and Juan Raul did not come.


I'm sorry.

I kept sending them bribes

to get him out of jail.


Don't cry, Carmelina.

Oh, no.

I'll take care of you.

Angel, no.



Do you really
have a wife in Miami?

When was the last time
you hear from her?

Two years ago.

I have a letter.

Nothing in two years?

No money, no nothing?

Ooh, your wife
could be dead, senor.

She could be
in a terrible accident

or married to somebody else.

She could be the wife
of a rich man.

She could be living
in Venezuela.

Are you sure your wife
is waiting for you?

Because I have a solution.


If your wife does not come,

you and I can pretend
to be married.

Perez y Perez.

Just for the richest sponsor.

When we're free, I help
you to find your wife.

I don't need your help, senora.

Carmela will come for me.

Good! Then you can
take me into your house

to pay me for my kindness.

Just until I find a job.

Don't worry. I take
very good care of you.

I explain your wife I
have no interest in you.

It is strictly survival.


That where John Wayne live.

Only 65 mile to John Wayne.

Oh, I go there tomorrow.

Welcome to the
Orange Bowl Football Stadium.

You are permitted
to leave the premises

between 8:00 a.m.
and 9:00 p.m.

After 9:00 p.m., is curfew.
But remember,

when you go out,
you are on your own.

If you do not return,
you will be deemed illegal.

So be careful.

Obey the rules of the United
States Immigration Service.

Welcome to freedom.

My God! They're going
to shoot us!

men are not los policias,

solamente security guarde

They are not going to fire.

Senora, stay behind me.

Juan, you are not in Cuba.

The police will not touch.

You must stop this.

The American will
think you crazy.

I have to get another husband.

They really ought
to debrief these people.

Senora, don't leave me.

I won't leave you.

Angel has completely lost
his paranoid little mind.

Show some respect
to your uncle.

He's just trying to protect
us with this crime wave.

This is the crime wave.

Buying a gun with
no serial numbers

and then giving it to your
own sister without a permit.


Why don't you
take the medicine?

The doctor says it will
make you feel a lot stronger.

He's right. I feel
a lot stronger.

Put the coffee back
on, Teresa, por favor.

Hello, Angel.

You didn't have
the door locked?

How many times have I told you

about the Mariel criminals?

Castro flushed
his toilets on us!

Forgot to flush one, Angel.

Forgot to send my husband.

Carmelina, as if I didn't
try everything!

I sent him bribes!

"As if I haven't
done everything!"

"Spent every damn dime
I had. And for what?"

"He doesn't
even thank me."

When is the last time

you even had
a letter from him, huh?

What do you expect,
a Hallmark card?

Get in the car.
I'll take you to the hospital.

Shut up! I'm your uncle!

Carmela, where's
the gun I gave you?

You have to keep it
where you can use it.

I threw it in the garbage.

- Are you crazy?
- Stop it, Angel!

What do you think you're doing?

My mother does not need a gun!

You don't have a man around
to protect you.

What happens when a marielito
comes through that door?

Oh, shit!
Were we that loud?

Hide the gun.
I'll take care of this.


In there.

Hi. Got a complaint.

Just want to make sure
everything's okay.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

I realize too late
the TV was too loud.

Very loud. Looks like it busted
a hole in your wall over there.


We're having some work done.

It's been that way for weeks.

Mind if we come in and look
around just a little bit?

It'll just take a minute.

Carmela Perez?

Yes, and this is
my daughter Teresa Perez.

She studies art history at FIU.

Why do you
wear a beeper, Miss Perez?

We were waiting for my
husband on the boatlift.

My brother gave it to me
in case I wasn't near a phone.


That is actually the truth,

and yes, I know.
The boatlift is over.

July '80. This prescription
was filled today.

Where are the Valium?

I put them down the sink.

She really did.

If I'm in pain,
I want to know it.

That's my philosophy exactly.

Forgive me, Mrs. Perez,
but I don't want to leave here

if you're in some kind
of situation with a man.

A man?

There's no man here.

There's no man here?



My name is John Pirelli.

I'm a federal agent.

Officer Rhoades here
is the cop.

I'm just doing some
research with the local force.

If you're in
any kind of trouble,

I want you to give
one of us a call.

Yes, of course.

But there was no trouble.

Okay. Sorry
to bother you.

You're a really good liar!


Maybe the most beautiful
liar I ever met.

Titi! What happened to you?


Why are you always wet, Flavia?

You're always in the shower.

You could have come in.
I was lonely.

Ohh. Painkillers
are worthless.

Oh, baby!


Oh, guess what?

I have been asked to sing

at the Varadero Festival.

Yes! They asked me,

at the Varadero Festival.

Dame un besito, titi.

Why is it always so messy here?

We could go
to your place sometime.

You know how much money
I spent on that condo?

I don't want to get it dirty.

That's why I take the shower.

You don't like things dirty.

You like things a little dirty.


- Testing, one, two...
- Stop it please.

I failed Carmela.

The only thing
my sister ever asked me for.

You know, Angel,

you used to be so much fun
until you got obsessed.

Okay. Go, go away.

Go to your clean condo.

I wish your
brother-in-law had come,

and then this whole thing
would be over.

It is over, titi.

He didn't come,

and he's never going to.

I'm sorry.

Juan Raul Perez
no longer exists.

Teresa, my daughter.

Teresa, mi linda.

I feel like I'm floating.

20 years ago,

I lay alone
in my bed each night.

In the morning,

my pillow would be
wet with tears.

Each day I put you

in the most beautiful
embroidered dresses

just in case there was a
day that he would come.

The waiting is familiar now.

It's become a friend.

It's like breathing.

It's part of my life.

He's never coming.

I should be happy.

I wanted Papi to
come, too, Mama.

When I was little, I wanted
it more than anything.

But also it's just good
to know finally

that he isn't coming.

I was not a prostitute.

If that's what you mean,
the paper are a lie.

It is saying,

"Agricultural worker."

230 is your number.

We get the sponsor today?

230 is your number.

For the sponsor,

large families are number one.

Any children?


No children.

- Any in-laws?
- No.

No in-laws.

I am going to have
to tell you what to do.

Get a job.
'Cause if you get a job,

you get a sponsor.

You are liking movies?


Cowboys and Indians.

Hey, psst, not
my kind of Indian.

Ah, John Wayne!

Do you know I'm going to
meet him? He live very near.

John Wayne is dead.

No. You are wrong.

You are thinking Elvis Presley.

Elvis is dead, yes,
but not John Wayne.


Big Joe, it's me.

Isn't your John Wayne dead?

Not John Wayne.

John Wayne is dead.

He's dead.

John Wayne is dead.

At first I thought...

Well, I knew Elvis was dead.

Elvis Presley's dead?

So many assassinations.

They told me I have
to find a job,

and there are only two
things I know how to do.

One is cut sugar cane,

and I cannot see any
sugar cane on this football...

The other thing,

I was saving it for John Wayne.

This is libertad. This prison!

When I will be free?

Juan, you really have a wife?


Carmela is my wife.

Why did she not come for you?

Senora, she doesn't
know I'm here.

I didn't tell her I was coming.

I sent her away
for the weekend,

and it turned into 20 years.

Okay. We are going
to Immigration,

and we are asking
them to find her.

Corre, senor.

This is our only chance.

Don't forget to tell them maybe
she don't live here no more.

And don't tell them
she's your wife.

Say she's your sister
or your cousin.

Don't put it up like that.

It looks nice.

I look like one of my workers
in the sugar cane fields.

What's wrong with that?

My teeth.

To come to Carmela like this.

Juan, you're very handsome.

You don't know what I was.

Juan, believe me, if your
wife loves you, she won't mind,

but don't hope too much.

Probably they don't
even find her.

Lip gloss, Rolex watches, aqui!

Ooh, mama.

Come over here.

I like the way you walk.

Hey, Perez.
That's my customer.

You Perez?

Me, too.

Dottie Perez.

Glad to know you.

You from Mariel?

- Yeah.
- Oye, mijo.

My husband and I
can use another Perez.

The bigger the family,
the quicker we get the job.

Thanks, mama, but I did
the sponsor, you know?

I'm finished with that.
I'm out.

Besides, I'm a lobo.

The wolf.

I'm better alone.

You smart to have
your own business, mijo.

How much for the nail polish?

50 cents,

and no family discounts, mama.

Did I ask you for a discount?

Hey, Perez, where's my money?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

What's a day? He or she?

Something to eat, man.

Aw, come on.

Son cosas, ve?

Save me, San Ignacio.

Lip gloss, nail polish,
right here.

Hey, baby, I missed you.

Felipe, my pal.

Where have you been,
Mr. Invisible?

Hey, Orlando, I been
trying to find you.

I'm getting the money together.

You know, man.
I been trying.

Really trying.

I'll tell you what,
you little fucking faggot.

I'm gonna give you 24 hours.

Oh, no.
See, it's like,

I need more time.
Please, man.

You're out of time.


Aw, come on, man.

Don't kill me.

Yay, Pepito.
Yay, Pepito.

Yay, Pepito.


Aqui esta El dinero.

Ah, gracias.

- My wife has come?
- Now, just follow me.

I didn't know
she would be here.

I was standing,
waiting in line.

I didn't know.

Ohh, look at this shirt.

Yay, Pepito.

Hey, presenting your wife.

Feel my hips. Money.

This woman is not my
wife. Where is my wife?

Shut up. You crazy?

This woman is not my wife!

Oye, loco.

You want me to find
another husband?

He's always looking down to me.

Before the revolution, he
was married to a princesa.



This is the best
security system money can buy.

You'll be completely safe now.

I am safe, Angel.

No, no, no.
Carmelina, no.

No one is safe.

I think of you here
in this house alone.

It's not a good world.

I shouldn't have
bought the condo.

No, no. Angel,
don't give up the condo.

You need your independence.

I would never forgive myself

if something happened to you.

You're the only family I have.

You're everything to me.

Mr. Diaz.

Mr. Diaz.

How many times have I told you

to put the grilles
on the window?

Put these grilles
on every window!

Now I'm in prison.


I dreamed I was in prison.

I lost all my teeth.

You dream about your manhood.

You fear you have
lost your virility.

I've not made love to my
wife for years and years.

Abuelita, tell me,

do you think she has gone
with another man?

Years and years is a long time.

Azucar. This polish
is some kind of sexy.

Tonight, abuelita.
Sexy American movie.

Ave maria purisima!

Oh, Santos.

If you were alive,

I would be inside of you
right now.


Que rico.

Dios mio.

It's a miracle.

Oh, God.
I'm still on duty.

I got to go.

We'll go
to your house.

Oh, God.


I'm still... I can't let
you off the premises.

Ohh... My hero.

My United States freedom hero.


If you want me,

I deserve a real bed.

I'll tell you what.

Friday, I'll get you
out of here.

I'll take you on a real date.

To a disco?

Right. Disco.

I've got to go.

Gate 14.


I remember in Colima
in October.

A thousand butterflies.

The breezes were sweet.

It was never as hot as this.

- Next year...
- Next year...

- In Havana.
- In Havana.

I just come from Cuba, senor.

Believe me, it's hot.

Look around you, my friend.

Cuba is here.

Senor, where is Coral Gables?

I'll get some
hierbabuena from the yard.

What happened, Mama?

He looked like the
beggars in Malecon

when I was a girl.

So sad and familiar.

He was casing the house, Mama.

He look familiar?

There was just
something about him,

reminded me of Havana.

Are you sure it wasn't
your husband, Mrs. Perez?

Oh, no. Not him.

Juan wore size nine.
These are size 11.

My mother's trying
very hard to put the memory

of my father behind her.

Poor guy was probably
looking for some yard work.

The world's
a pretty safe place,

all things considered.

I hate to see you sitting inside
all day with your doors locked.

You have to get out
a little more.

You should live a little.

Maybe I will.

Would you two like
some lemonade?

Another day.

Mom, you don't
offer cops lemonade.

Silencio, por favor.

It is August,

and Miami's football teams
have begun their practicing,

which means that you have
to get out tomorrow.

Families of three or more,
you stay here.

We are finding sponsors.

The rest of you will go
on I-95 to tent city

or will be transferred
to military bases.

I did not come here to live
on a tent in a highway.

This I can do in Cuba.

I can't...

Mr. Perez
on the football post.

Yes, you.

Get down.

Juan, go take him
to the shower right now.

General Armando Perez.

From now on, he's your father.

This man is not my father.

If he says so,
he's lying.

He don't say nothing.

He don't talk,
which is good for the sponsor.

Husband, wife,
grandfather, that's a family.

Not my family.

Vaya, Juan.
Go wash him.

I don't even know him.

I can't go in the men's shower.

He can't go in
the women's shower.

You wash him. He's your papi.

Dorita, I'm leaving.

What do you want from me?

All day I am going
and doing laundry,

finding relatives,

anything so they don't
take us to the military base.

And you think you're too
good to get your hands dirty.

All I'm asking you to
do is clean him up a little!

A little! A little!
A lit... Do it.

When we get the sponsor
and you're free,

I don't care what you do.

Senora, you are not kind.

Maybe not, but when
I'm not lying,

I'm honest.


Ay, this loca, she
thinks she owns me.

Be a man.

Well you can be
her husband now.

I'm going to find my wife.

Oye! Oye!

Wait here.

Don't forget about our date.

Let me guess.
Please. Please, please.

Your husband's...


After 20 years.

You must be very happy.

Now the sponsors are coming.

With only three members
in your family,

you are number 27.

But who knows?

Maybe your grandmother

will make a sudden
appearance. Huh?


I want you to get some
false teeth for a man

to save a marriage.

Very old, like me.

Value was about $20 gold.

Down payment.

Of course, abuelita.


Who is he?
Where's his family?

He's a Perez.
He has no family.

Oh, Felipe, my lost son.

You came back.

Don't die.


Okay, canine unit's
on its way over

to pick up the Doberman.

I'm so sorry for your trouble.

My brother Angel
is very protective.

Don't tell me...
Older brother?


I brought Angelito
over with my little girl.

You met Teresa.

My husband
stayed behind

to look after the sugar cane.

It's funny, you know...

This is all
I could salvage.

Would you like
some cafe Cubana?

Hey, we're in no rush,

are we, Officer Rhoades?

No, sir.
I'll go call in.


You do this every morning?


Today was the first day
of the rest of my life.

Had to start over myself
a few years ago.

Divorce. No kids.

I don't know.

You know, sometimes you
start out with this moral impulse.

You want to protect and
honor the things you believe in.

Work takes over.
10, 15 years down the line,

it fills up the whole horizon.

I mean, you can't see
anything else.

I guess family life doesn't
mix with my line of work.

Well, maybe
you won't always have

this line of work.

I was just thinking that.

Do you want me
to deactivate this thing?

I mean, you know,
it's very sensitive.

Oh, no, thank you.

It's just a couple of wires.

Come on. It'll take
five minutes.

Five minutes.

Well, there is something.

You tell your brother there's
such a thing as being too secure,

if you know what I mean.

If I were you, I'd go
buy yourself a little dog.

They're good company,

and they scare the hell
out of the bad guys.


Agent Pirelli.


Who is this boy?

Your son, Felipe.

It's a miracle.

I made a sacrifice
thanking Babalu Aye.

Dottie told me how he was
almost taken from her arms

when he was only
a little boy...

When you were still in prison.


You should be
grateful to los santos.


Where is the woman
of the house?

Ah. The Yankee
security guard.

Who could love such a woman?

She's so unrefined.

And she's crazy.

♪ Back from outer space

♪ I just walked in
to find you here

♪ With that sad look
upon your face

♪ I should have changed
that stupid lock

♪ I should have made you
leave your key

♪ If I'd have known
for just one second

♪ You'd be back
to bother me

♪ Go on, now, go,
walk out the door

♪ Just turn around now

♪ 'Cause you're
not welcome anymore

♪ Weren't you the one...

Oh, I'm so happy,
Steve Steverino.

Had enough?

Wanna go to my place?

I like the music.

How about another Cuba Libre?

Yes, yes, yes.

♪ I've got
all my life to live

♪ And I've got
all my love to give

♪ I'll survive,
I will survive

♪ Hey, hey

♪ It took all
the strength I had

♪ Not to fall apart...

I was never so free.

Would you like another one?

Oh, no, thanks.
I'm fine.

♪ I used to cry...

I don't usually do this,

go out with women
I meet on the job.

It's kind of
a personal rule of mine.

♪ I'm not that
chained-up little person

♪ Still in love
with you... ♪

What the hell?
Come on, one dance.

No, no.

Just one, come on.

♪ For someone
who's loving me

♪ Go on, now go,
walk out the door

♪ Just turn around now

♪ 'Cause you're
not welcome anymore

♪ Weren't you the one who
tried to break me with goodbye?

♪ You think I'd crumble?

♪ You think
I'd lay down and die?

♪ Oh, no, not I...

What a wonderful day!

Let's go.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Sorry.


Pero, I like the music.

I've got a radio.

♪ Oh, go on, now go,
walk out the door

♪ Just turn around now...

I'd better go home.

Are you sure?


I am Juan Raul Perez.

I am your father.

My father is dead.

So is mine.

For now,

you are the only son of myself

and my wife, Dottie Perez,

who is not here right now.

'Cause she's being
unfaithful to me.

Everybody's got a story.

this sector!

Line up!

Single males on the bus!

We are waiting here
for my wife.

Wait for her
on the bus. Go!

- No, I can't. My wife...
- Come on, let's go.

That's my son.

Come on. Hey!

That's my son!
Don't touch my son!

Security, some
support over here!

- What?
- My hero, wait.

What's wrong?

It's my first date in America,

and I don't want the date
to be finished so quick.


I took you to a club,

I bought you four drinks,
three bucks a pop.

Crash. What more
could you ask for?

I might have
a beer here, somewhere.

Shit, out of luck
on the beer, babe.

Oh, God!

You get what you want,

but don't I get
what I want, too?





I get it.


I'm slow, but I do get it.

Steve Steverino.

He finally gets it.

Is that enough?

It's what you're after, right?

Just tell me when.


What... Ah.

Oh, papi.

Where am I?

You are lying on a cot
in the Orange Bowl

in the United States,

and we're all here with you.

Your son and papi, too.

Dottie, you are beautiful.

You always know where
you are on this earth.

Welcome to the Church
of the Resurrection.

We are your sponsors.

Tomorrow, you will
begin your jobs.

Flowers, flowers!

Two roses.


Say hi to your wife
for me, okay?

You look like you're in the
mood to spend some money.

Wait for me, Dottie.

I'm going to go get
something to eat.


Uh, bread?


If we put all
our money together,

sometime we can get
our own flower shop.

Would you like that, mi vida?

I feel safe with you, Mama.


You're not sleeping there.

- Take the bed.
- No, no, no.

Don't be ridiculous.
Get in the bed.

I've forgotten all about beds.

I wonder which side
Carmela sleeps on.


Good morning, senor hard-on.


I was dreaming.

- Mmm.
- Oh, Jesus!

Your father is up in the tree!


I saw you watching!

Mrs. Perez, you cannot
come outside like that.

Tell her, Father.

Go in and get dressed!

Come down, papi.


Good morning, Father.
How are you?

I know, I know.
You're newly married.

And you might think you
don't need a lot of inspiration,

but let me tell you,

I got this bed
for my girlfriend,

and ever since, we dance the
mambo and merengue every night.

Look. This, my dear
lovers, is beauty.

Eh? Money can't
buy taste.


No, no, no. I can't have
you people hanging out here.

I'm very busy right now.
Nice, eh?

You've grown up.

I guess you don't recognize me.

No, I guess I don't,

and I don't have time
to play games right now.


Buy yourself some food
and don't come back.

It's Juan Raul,

your brother-in-law.

How did you know
my brother-in-law?

I am your brother-in-law.

Come into my office.

Enjoy, eh?

Sit tight.
I may need you.


Sit down.

What do you want?

I just want the truth, Angel.

Ah, the truth.

When did you get out?

A few days ago, I think.

Feels like a month.
So much has happened.

So, they let you out
of El Morro, huh?

I was not in El Morro.
I was in Calvario.

You knew that.
This is you, isn't it?

You are Angel Diaz, aren't you?

You were in Coral Gables
the other day.

So, Carmela does live there.

Is she okay?

And Teresa, is she all right?

My sister moved some time ago.

If you were Juan Perez,
you would know that.

What is it?

Has something happened?

Has Carmela remarried?

Is that why you
don't want to tell me?

Am I forgotten?

What gives you the right
to come in here

asking questions
about my family, huh?

Angel, just tell me the truth.

I'm prepared.


The truth is

you are not my brother-in-law.

Sit tight.
I'll be right back.

Call the police.
Got a burglar here

my brother-in-law.

I'm calling the police
right now, Mr. Diaz.

Stay away from Carmela!

Stay away from my sister,
or I'll kill you!


Maybe she hates me.

But she could be married
to someone else.

I must know, papi.

Is it possible
you called the police

and then forgot you called?

Why would I do
something like that?

Mrs. Perez,
someone called us.

Maybe you're lonesome.

I don't call police
when I feel lonely.

I have my daughter, Teresa.

I take classes at Miami Dade.

Batik, ceramics.
Last winter, scuba diving.

I love scuba.
You scuba dive?

So far, only in the deep end
at the college.

Come on. You got the keys
out there. You got the Caribbean.

Sometimes it's hard for me
to do the things I want to do.

I get nervous.

So nervous, you keep
calling the police.

why don't you go inside

and dust for prints
or something?


Seems like whenever I see you,

there's a dog chasing you

or somebody breaking
into your house.

Look, Carmela,

I know it didn't
work out too well

the other night,

and I don't want
to push or anything,

but I have
to go to D.C.

Just for a little while.

So, I just want you
to know that

I'm much better
on second dates.

So, maybe you can
call me sometime?


What do you say?

I'll think about it.

Don't make me wait.

You have a headache, titi?


What happened?
You want something?

My hair used to be so dark.

Now, it's gray like an old man.

I like your hair, mi amor.

Silver is very aristocratic.

Mama. I don't
want to sleep alone.

Can I sleep here with you?

I like it when you
call me Mama.

Come here.

On the floor.

Tomorrow, we put the mattress.

Thank you, Mama.

Maybe we can buy you
some new teeth.

We have enough.


You smell like flowers.

He hear us talk,
and he took the money

to buy you some false teeth.

Oh, wake up!
Good morning!

The boy took the money.
He run away.

He my son.
He don't steal from me.

In the land
of the blind,

you know,
the one-eyed man is king.

Felipe going to come soon,

and then you see.

Can't get your car started?

Uh, yeah,
want to help?

Nice car.

You know, I love
getting to the beach early.

Am I doing this right?


So, guess you're not
going to the beach, eh?

Let's go.

Enough, Angelito.
If I do this,

there will be no more
bars on the windows,

no alarms, no police,
no police dogs.


But, Carmelita, promise me,

promise me you carry this
everywhere at all times.

If you ever see
that marielito...


Promise me?

I promise.

You look beautiful.

Now, just pretend that's
the marielito criminal.

When I stop the car in front,

you go to the car
in back, okay?

You can do it.
Like this.

Don't you dare walk
like that for another man.

Come back here. I'll buy
all your flowers myself.

I could
never have a husband

so jealous like you.


You tempt me.

You want to take
them all? Gracias.

Idiot! The light is...

♪ Red

Cono, este marielito.

I'm going to find out
where this maricon lives.


Does a parasite
wear high heels?


He was just a little boy.

An angel.

I wish he really was our son.

Except he would be dead now.

We must not
martyr him, mi amor.

He was from the street,

mixed up with bad people.


He had no family.
He wanted change.

To be with us.



Maybe he was just looking
for somewhere to hide.

The truth is
so easily lost, Dorita.

If we lie to ourselves,

it opens the door
to a world of madness.

Why did we come
to this terrible country?

We must be strong, mi amor.

Your father.

What do you
see up there, papi?


That's the one.

You, imposter.

I came here to tell you

stay away from my sister,

or I'll have you
thrown in jail.

You were my jailer
in Cuba, Angelito.

Twenty years,
you keep me in prison.


Because of you.

In her letters,
Carmela tells me

of the money you sent.

A river of money.

I never saw it.

I write to her,
"Don't send bribes."

But no,

you must play the big man.

Twenty years.

Oh, we'll keep
Juan Raul in here

because Angel Diaz in Miami

sends so much money.


If you want my sister, Carmela,
why do you keep this whore?

Oh, Angel!

Ah, baby.

Not a word of this to Carmela.

Angel, no.

It would break her heart to see

what Juan Raul has become.

Let me out of the car.

I mean it, Angel.
Let me out!

I thought you knew
something about love.

Hey! Oh!

I am burning.

I am burning up.

It's so...

Felipe burning in hell.

I believe

hell is here on earth, Dottie.

Hell is waiting for the worst

to happen,

for the sound
of your own execution.

And it never comes.

Hell is waiting for
the best to happen.


And it never comes.

Never comes.
We're never safe.

Our only deliverance

is to stop waiting.

To expect nothing.

To love


without hoping for another.

Ah, Mrs. Perez?



My name is Dorita.

Can I talk to you a minute?

Last night, I talked
it over with Teresa,

the daughter.

This is very difficult
for me to ask.

Do you love Juan?

Will you give him up?

When I dream about coming here,

I never dream about Juan.

I want a man who is free.

The way I thought
the United States was free.

Inside of him free.

After so many years,

how could the gods have
planned it this way?


Angel thinks
I'm stupid and romantic

because I really, really think that
Carmela and Juan belong together.

She wait a long time for him.

Longer than I would
wait for a man.

At the Varadero
Festival tonight,

I'll be singing.

Then I will make
my surprise announcement.

A man and a wife who have not
seen each other in 20 years,

we are going to
unite them right here.

Don't tell Juan, okay?

We're not going to
tell Carmela anything.

You're so handsome.

What is it?

- Is it Felipe?
- Mmm.

I love you.

Never leave me.

I want to dance with you.



You look beautiful.

Back. Come on.

Oh, my God.

Excuse me.


Hey, Flavia!
I'm sorry! I love you!

Marielita soy.
Cubanita soy.

Juan Raul,

no matter what happens...

Dorita, no more waiting.



Juan Raul is here!

Hey! Carmela!

Look! It's Juan Raul!

Look at me!
Hey! Carmela!

It's him!

Look! There's Juan Raul!


Can't you see?


He's not the marielito!

There are two very
special people here tonight,

a husband and wife who haven't
seen each other in 20 years.

He's not the marielito!


Carmela, no!

Angel! Angel!


Titi! Titi!

I'm okay. I'm okay.

It's just my hand...

Call the doctor.


Ay yi.

Okay, family reunion.
Big smile.

You look so much
like my mother.

Oh, titi,
you were so brave.

Do you love me?

Um, listen, we just wanted
to thank you for everything.

All your kindness
to my father, I mean.

It was nothing...

If there's something
I can do for you...

I'll see you at the hospital.

The cops need to finalize
some release forms

before we can go, but I'll
take care of it. You two relax.

Maybe I should follow
Angelito to the hospital.

No. You guys take it easy.
Flavia's gone with him.

You have some
catching up to do.

Doesn't she look
like my mother?

She's always saying that.

Oh, it's the eyes.

So like your grandmother.

I want to know all about her.

I can't believe
he's really here.

In fact, I have a lot
of questions for you,

so, get ready, okay?

Talk to him, Mami.

You have been a good mother.

No. Teresa is good.

She's a good girl,
but she's an American.

Who could have imagined me
having an Americana for a daughter?

Does she remember me?

She says she remembers
dancing with you.

But time goes by.

It's hard
to remember everything.

Papi, just sign some
papers, and we can go.


I don't know.

An hour ago, my life was clear

for the first time in 20 years.

And now...

Just talk to him, Mami,

the way you talk to me.

I mean, whatever happens now,

we'll always be
the Perez family.

I imagined this moment
so many times,

but never like this.

But still,

I'm sorry I came
to you like this.

Oh, no. I'm so happy
you're alive.

I'm glad I didn't shoot you.

It would have been a
privilege to die in your arms.

I used to lie in the dark

assembling your face

like pieces of a puzzle.

You're so beautiful.

Exactly as I left you.

I was only a child,

younger than our Teresa is now.

Younger than Teresa?

Si. And you were
not much older.

Thank you.

For keeping
our family together.

But now I feel
so sad that a woman

so beautiful and so young

waited all this time.

For only me.

But you waited.


But it was no sacrifice for me.

In prison, you have no choice.

I didn't have
the courage to let go.

I felt you close to me

as if you were holding me.

And I couldn't let go of you

until you let go of me.

And then, one day,

I could no longer
remember your face.

I'm finished with dreaming.




You taste like
sugar cane juice.


Always, he's looking for Cuba.