The Parish (2019) - full transcript

Haunted by the death of her husband, Liz uproots her daughter and moves them to a small town, where the real nightmares begin.


I'm fine.

We'll be there soon.

That's what you
said in Portland.

Does it always rain here?

I don't know, honey.

Is that
the new house?


I like our old one.

Hi! Hi!

There's Sandra.

Oh, welcome!

Sorry, did we
keep you waiting?

Oh, not at all, not at all.

We just were doing
a little tidying up.

This must be Audrey!

Are you excited to move
into your new house?


Let's go ladies!


Out of the chariot,
into the castle!

Come on!
Hop to, let's go!

Come on, honey.

Welcome home!


I see the truck got here.

I just had them go by
your labeling instructions.

Very thorough, Liz.

I get it from my Mom.


The organizing gene.

Ugh, I could use
that in my office.

If you ever run
out of benefits...

Oh my God.

I can't believe that
I just said that.

- I am so sorry.
- It's okay.

Sandra, it's all right.

Hey, Audrey!

Did you know that I went
to college with your Mom?


You know, I am so
sorry about Jason...

And if there is anything
that I can do, I will be...

Thank you.

Of course.

Now let me show
you this kitchen.

And I can't wait til you see
the master bath upstairs.

It's remodeled, it's amazing!

Let's go!



Do I have to go
to school tomorrow?


Can't I stay home a day,

just to unpack and settle in?

You really shouldn't
miss anymore school, honey.

It's a brand new house
in a brand new town.

Just one day?

No "just one's."

We were lucky to get
you in at Saint Francis.

I hate it here.

How can you say that?

We just got here, literally,
like four hours ago.

Why can't we just live
with Grandma and Grandpa?

They always knew what to do.

Are you saying I don't?

Why child, I carried you in my
belly for nine whole months.


Yes, my uterus.

Babies don't gestate
in the stomach.


But the belly, see
that's a general

term for the whole area...

...where I carried you.

So that means that I know
you better than anybody else.

Which means that I know what
you need right this very minute

Fortune cookie.

Come on.

Wow, for me?

Oh thank you, Mother.

Just take it.

What is it?

I will meet a tall stranger.


I know, not even in town a day

and the fortune is already
trying to set me up on a date.

That's a lame fortune.

What about yours?

Hidden secrets will
be revealed to you.

Hmm. Like how to
cooperate with your Mother?

Or, who let that fart.


May I be excused?


Oh you little!

How do you make
it smell that bad?

Chinese food!

No, that does
not work that fast!

I'm gonna
go unpack my room.

It smells like rotten eggs!

You better not forget to
shower tonight young lady!

You smell like a thousand
miles of hard road!

And farts!

So nice to finally
meet you, Mrs. Charles.

Oh, you too, Mrs. Phillips.

And lovely to have you Audrey.


And that
is Mr. Stonewall's classroom.

He's expecting you.

Go ahead, honey.

I'll be back at
3:15 to pick you up.

You must be Audrey.


Thanks so much
for fitting her in.

Please join us.

I know it was
a last minute thing

and I really hated
having to pull

her out of her old school, but...

I understand.

We really
needed a change.

I don't mean to pry but,

would you like me to
set up an appointment

for Audrey with the
school counselor?


We're still talking through
some stuff at home, so.

I was gonna go over
and meet the pastor,

introduce myself.

Oh, terrific.

You're love Father
Felix, he's wonderful.


Just wanna get the
lay of the land first.

And don't worry about
Audrey, Mrs. Charles,

we'll take good care of her.


Come in, it's unlocked!

Hi, hi, happy housewarming!


I'm just making dinner!

I brought wine!

Ooh, thanks!

Liz, this place looks amazing.

You have unpacked so much.

Organizing gene, remember?



Audrey, you're quite
the little artist.

It's about my Dad.

Do you have time
for a glass or...

You know what, no...

I have a date...

Oh. - He is a doctor.
So fingers crossed.

I'm not gonna look
like this forever, so.

And you guys should have some...

...mother daughter time I think.

- Uh, okay.
- And then after,

Open the wine,
drink the whole bottle.

I'm gonna go find a husband.

Uh, uh, uh.

And then I will call you and
tell you every dirty detail.

- Okay.
- Okay, bye.

Have fun.


My drawing scared her.

Let me see.

I'm not finished.


Mr. Stonewall says we should
draw what we feel inside,

and that can help
when we feel sad.

Who's this next to you?

Caleb Douglas.

Is that a boy from school?

Yeah, he's new too.

Nobody talks to him either.

Well, I think that is sweet
of you to be his friend.

I think it's wonderful of you
to take him under your wing.

Especially when
you're a new kid too.


How long til dinner?

About five minutes.

You wanna get washed up?


Help me.

So, this guy working at
a grocery store, right?

He's in the produce aisle,
he's putting stuff away

and he feels this
tap on his shoulder,

there's this lady.

She says, "Hi,
where's the broccoli?"

And he's like, "Actually,
we're all out of broccoli,

"but we do have a new
shipment coming in tomorrow."

She's like, "Okay, great."

10 minutes later, "Excuse me."

Turns around, it's
the same lady.

She says, "Hi,
where's the broccoli?"

And he just kinda stares
at her for a little bit,

and then he says, "Actually,
we don't have anymore broccoli,

"but we will have a new
shipment coming in tomorrow."


10 minutes after that
he's still working.

Is there a punchline?

Yeah there is, it's coming.

And then she says, it's
the same lady again.

And she says, "Where's
the broccoli?"

And he's like, "Uh,
can you do me a favor,

"can you spell 'cat,'
like in catastrophe?"

She says, "C-A-T."

"Can you spell 'dog,'
like in dogmatic?"

She says, "D-O-G."

"Okay, can you spell
'fuck,' like in broccoli?"

And she says, "There's
no 'fuck' in broccoli.

"Like that's what I've been
trying to tell you lady!"

I love you.

I love you.

All right, we'll
see you tomorrow.


Hey honey.

Throw it back!

Is that Caleb
you're playing with?

He's not coming up.

Well he's probably
looking for that ball.

You want me to go get him?




Caleb, you okay?



Oh, I'm so sorry!

Did you see the little
boy who ran down here?

Do you know where he went?

Okay, if you could
just keep an eye out.


I couldn't find him honey.

We should go.


Oh, yeah, let's go.

Mrs. Charles.

Oh, Mr. Stonewall,
the kids ball,

it just, it went
down the basement.

I couldn't find Caleb,
but I told the janitor.

I was hoping we could
set up some time to meet?

Yeah, of course,
we'll come see you soon.

I have some time
after class on Friday.

Yeah, that should work.

So, Howard Stonewall is
Audrey's art teacher, right?


Why, you know him?

I mean, I sold him his house

and my son was in his class

and he's very smart
and very single...

And very young.

There's nothing
wrong with that.

Sandra, I am shocked at you.

I never thought I could
shock a Catholic girl.

Look at me.

Michael hated that art
therapy bullshit anyway.

But he never did anything
crazy like Audrey, so.

Yeah, well she's,

she's saying it's helping, so.

She's been through a lot.

How are you doing?



What do you want me to say?



It's just hard.

I wish I would've met him.

Me too.

Me too.

Have you met Father Felix yet?

Oh yeah.

I mean, it's on the agenda.


Ah, there she is!

You all set?


Is it that time?

No, no, no, no,
just finish your wine.

I just gotta check homework
and I'll be back out.

Oh, twist my arm.

Goodnight Audrey.


Have you seen Dad's dog tags?

Yeah, I'll go get 'em.

Don't mind if I do.




Dad... He's
really dead, right?

Yeah sweetie.

I would never joke about that.

And we certainly
wouldn't have moved away.

So, why can I
hear him sometimes?


Well some people believe
that our loved ones

can talk to us from heaven.

He talks to me.

Like he's in the
same room with me.

What does he say?

He tells me he loves us.

He tells me he's
sad we moved away.


And he told me not to
talk to the bad man anymore.



The janitor in
the school basement.

The one who took
our soccer ball.

When did you talk to him?

In the hallway yesterday.

He doesn't like kids very much.

Sister Beatrice says
he's harmless, but

I think there's
something wrong with him.

You listen to your Father,

you stay away from the
janitor, and the basement,

and Sister Beatrice
for that matter.



I love you sweetie.

I love you too.

What about our prayer?


Hail Mary,
full of grace,

our Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou among woman,

and blessed art the
fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of
God, pray for us sinners

now and at the hour
of our death, amen.

Heavenly Father,
thank you for this day

and the restful night to come.

We pray for...

My Dad.

Your Dad.

Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandma and Grandpa,
good, who else?

And Mr.
Stonewall, he's nice.

And Sandra, who helped
us find this lovely home.

Yes, and Sandra.

In the name of the
Father, and of the Son,

and of the Holy Spirit, amen.


Goodnight sweetie.

Goodnight, Mom.

Open or closed.

Closed is fine.


Mrs. Charles!

Mrs. Charles?


you have a minute?


I heard from Mr.
Stonewall yesterday

about the incident
at the basement.

Oh, there really
wasn't an incident.

But it's just that
we keep the exterior

basement door locked during
school hours for safety reasons.

And we can't allow parents
to go exploring unescorted.

But wait, hold on, let
me get this straight,

I wasn't exploring.

The kids soccer ball
went in the basement

and Caleb wasn't coming back up,

so I just went down
there to find him.

But that's impossible because
the door is always locked.

Look, Faye, the
door was wide open,

so I really don't
need a lecture.

And if you don't want people
going in the basement,

you should talk to that
walking mountain of a janitor

and make sure the door's locked
when the kids are playing.

Hey Mom.

Are you ready to go?

We done here?

But I'm
still not clear on...

Like I said, you want answers,

talk to your janitor.

Come on honey.

How was school?


What took you so long?

Excuse me?

How was your drive
from San Diego?

We've been expecting
you, Mrs. Charles.

I'm Felix Connolly,
Pastor at Saint Francis.

Welcome to our community.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, I'm not used to...

I'm not a stickler for
formality Mrs. Charles.

Well, in that
case, call me Liz.


Is there anything we can do
to help you get settled in?

Actually, there's one thing.

My husband,


he was

killed in Afghanistan.

I'm very sorry.


Okay, I uprooted my daughter

and moved a thousand miles away.

Feel like I've
forsaken my family

and I might be doing
emotional harm to my child.

Children are
very resilient, Liz.

I doubt you're doing
any permanent damage.

I'm also having
dreams about him.


They're nightmares really.

It's very common
among the bereaved.

Is it?

It's the mind

trying to make
sense of something

that can never make sense.

Does he say anything
in the dreams?

He tries.

I never hear him.

It's like I'm there with
him in the war zone.

Are you sure it's normal?

It's absolutely normal.

We can talk about it
tomorrow if you'd like.

I have 11 o'clock free.

You will come by the office?

Okay, sure.


Oh, I know this wasn't a
formal confession, but,

just to be safe.

Ego te absolvo.
In nomine Patris,

et Filii et Spiritus Sanctus



Who do you think you are?

Get the hell off my property!

Secrets must be kept.

Help them.

May I help you?

I need to talk
to Mrs. Phillips.

Mrs. Charles, did we
have an appointment?

Cut the shit Faye, I am
not in the mood this morning.

I wanna know what right
you think you have

sending school personnel
to my home to threaten me.

I don't know what you mean.

When was this?

This morning.

And who was there?

Sister Beatrice!

The Nun who harassed my daughter

when I went into the basement.

Sister Beatrice?

Don't pretend you don't know.

Look, I understand you not
wanting to face liability

if some accident occurred
when I was down there,

but it's your janitor who
left the door wide open!

That's right, I wanted
you to talk to Mr. Dobbs.

Gayle, would you call
Mr. Dobbs, please?

Mr. Dobbs to the
principal's office please.

Mrs. Charles,
let's discuss this.

I don't know what
there is to discuss.

Door was open, and I
certainly don't need

a visit from Mother Superior

to scare me into good behavior.

I've had enough swollen
knuckles to last me a lifetime.

- But Mrs. Charles, Liz,
- What?

said Sister Beatrice.

I don't know.

That's what Audrey
said her name was.

It's the slender Nun
with the severe face.

Probably describes all of them.

But here's the thing,
Saint Francis school does not

have any Nuns on staff or
priests for that matter.

Although we share
grounds with the church,

the school hasn't employed
clergy in over 50 years.

Well you should probably
let Sister Beatrice know that.

Mr. Dobbs, did you have
the exterior basement

door open any time
Tuesday afternoon?

No, it's been locked
since school started.

I use the interior access.

So, at no time...

I don't know who this is,

but I'm talking about
the other janitor.

The other janitor?

He's huge!

He's got greasy
hair and coveralls.

He was in the basement
when I went down there.

Mrs. Phillips?

That's all
Mr. Dobbs, thank you.

Sorry to take you
from your work.

All right.

Don't tell me.

Mr. Dobbs is our only janitor.

I went into the basement

because one of your
students was down there

and he wasn't coming back up.

I was concerned.

Did you even check on him?

Was he ever even found?

Not to my knowledge.

In fact, we don't have
a Caleb enrolled here.

Caleb Douglas.

Audrey said he was new

so he must be under your radar.

Mrs. Charles, I know every
single one of our students.

We don't have a Caleb
Douglas enrolled here.

This is ridiculous.


You know that was
before my time.

Well, according
to Mrs. Phillips,

Saint Francis hasn't
employed clergy for years,

but Audrey called
her Sister Beatrice.


And how's your daughter doing?

Don't start with me, Father.

My daughter did not
imagine that Nun,

or that janitor, or that
little boy anymore than I did!

Liz, when you've suffered
grief like you have,

it's not unusual to have
dreams, visual hallucinations.

It's your brain reacting
to trauma, that's all.

I thought you were supposed
to help me with my grief.

That's exactly what I'm doing.

Well the dreams
are bad enough,

I don't wanna feel anymore.

Well the dreams are
your subconscious way

of trying to make you feel.

When it comes to grief,
there's no way out but through.

Sooner or later,
you have to process.


What if this is
the way I process?

And what if this
Nun is a figment

of my traumatized imagination?

And why would my
daughter be hallucinating

the exact same thing?

You served?

Yeah, Desert Storm, tanker.

You're from back East, huh?

New Rochelle, born and raised.

Assigned here in '97.

Why here?

It's where they send
the trouble makers.

I don't know, luck
of the draw I guess.

It's a good community.

Can you do something
for me, Father?


Could you look through
the school records?

Just to see if
Beatrice is employed

anywhere in the Parish.

And same with the
little boy, Caleb?

Find out if he was
or is a student.

I just wanna verify
that these people exist,

so we can rule out that my
daughter and I are insane.


I'm pretty sure
you're not insane.

I'll be happy to do some digging

around on your behalf, yeah.

Thank you, Father.

Let me know when I get
to meet your daughter.

Well, if you're not
above a house call,

why don't you have
dinner with us tomorrow.

That sounds lovely.

How 'bout five?

That works.

All right.

Maybe I'll have some
more information

based on what I can dig up.

Take a business card.

My cellphone's on there
in case you need it.


Ooh, and email!

Well priests are a
lot more tech savvy

than when I was little.

We're getting there.

All right, tomorrow at five.


Thank you.

Hi love.


Do I
get a hug or what?

I missed you.

I miss you too.


No, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no, no!

No, don't!

Help them.


Are you okay?


Oh come here.

Come here, it's okay.

I just had a
nightmare, that's all.

About Dad?

Yeah, yeah about Dad.

He's still watching over us.

I can feel it.

So can I, honey.

So can I.

She's an extremely bright

and precocious young
lady, Mrs. Charles.

Great artist, and in
fact her vocab test

this first week had the
highest score in the class.

All correct, plus
the extra credit.

That's good to know.

But, you see, she's not very

sociable with the
other children.

While I admit it's great
she doesn't disrupt class

with a lot of talking,

well it's just a red
flag for me as a teacher.

She's always been an
introvert Mr. Stonewall.

Well, and that's absolutely
fine Mrs. Charles, I get it.

Being 12, being a military kid,

and going through the loss

that your family
has gone through.

I just hope we can
facilitate some help

for her, her fragile,
emotional state.

Your Mom lets
you read comic books?

Sure, why?

I have to sneak 'em.

That's too bad.

Which is your favorite?

I like a lot of alternative
stuff and Manga mostly.

"Torchlight Lullaby,"
"Glass Wings," "Bleach".

I don't know those.

Mine's "Batman".

Well, it's not "Batman"

but you can read
mine if you want.

No, that's okay.

The Sister doesn't like them.

I'll get punished.

She can't punish you.

It's after school, and
reading comics isn't sinful.

She's gonna punish me.

Don't be scared, Caleb.

Help me.

I'm not
gonna pretend that

we haven't been through
a kind of personal hell.

The move was rough.

On top of everything else.

It's probably gonna take
Audrey a little more

than a week to get settled in.

Oh, for sure.

I hope the drawing therapy
helps with her processing.

Yeah, the drawings,

they're a real dinner
time conversation starter,

let me tell ya.

And it's not like she
hasn't made any friends.

She's gotten pretty
close to that kid Caleb.

I'm not familiar with a Caleb.

Come on.

She's talking to him
on the bench right now.

I'm sorry, there doesn't
seem to be anyone with her.

Well he probably just left.

And on that note.

Do keep in touch,
Mrs. Charles.

If there's anything I can do

or you wanna talk
over coffee sometime.

Ah, thank you Mr. Stonewall,

but my dance card
is pretty full.

Oh, I wasn't...

I gotta go, dinner
won't cook itself.


You made it!

Oh, thank you.

I'm still cooking.

Well looks like you're
getting settled in.


This must be Audrey.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm Father Felix.

It's nice to meet you.

Are you here to
tell them to go away?

Tell who to go away, dear?

The angry people.

Audrey, gather
up your art stuff

and get changed for dinner.

Are these the angry people?

They don't want us here.

Well, we'll just have to
see about that, won't we?

I'll help you with the wine.

So, tanker huh?

What was that like?

If you don't mind
talking about it.

We rolled into Iraq,

we were like medieval
knights on horseback.

Endless line of armor,
far as the eye could see.

Hellbound for Babylon.

Well fires made the sky
pitch black all day.

Exploding vehicles lit it up

like cheap fireworks.

I guess we'd been
there maybe a week

when something came
out of the desert

and started stalking us.

Every night,

pacing back and forth
in front of the sentries

like some kind of beast.

IR, night vision,
nothing picked it up.

No tracks.

But we could feel it

moving in the shadows.

Making noise.

Like garbled voices
on the radio.

What was it?

It wasn't us.

It wasn't them.

It wasn't human.

I was as close to pure
evil as I've ever come.

And it followed me home.

Holy shit.

So I learned how
to defend myself.

You're gonna need more wine.

What did you find out?

There was in fact
a Sister Beatrice

employed at Saint
Francis school.

From 1945 to 1958.

So, why is she still
hanging out at the school?

Maybe she's looking for
directions to a graveyard.

She died in 1963.

She died?

At a psychiatric
hospital in Manhattan.

How is that possible?

If this is who you're seeing,

I think you're picking up
on some very old baggage.

Two young boys disappeared

near the school
in 1957, students.

A janitor was implicated
in their disappearance.

The school was
closed for two years.

Sister Beatrice was
transferred to a Diocese

clear across the country.

No bodies were ever found.

Was the janitor a big guy?

one word for it.

Andrew Hurst.

6'7" 350.

Had some kind of
behavioral disorder,

but I can't find his medical
records to see what it was.


This is the guy that
I saw in the basement.

Are you sure?

There's no
mistaking that face.

No charges were ever brought,

but Andrew was transferred

and committed to
Agnews State Hospital.

Where he died in 1970.

Is this your Nun?


Is this your
daughter's playmate?

Caleb Douglas.

Caleb Edgerton.

Douglas Edgerton.


These were taken a year
before they disappeared.

Congratulations Liz.

Within 48 hours of
moving to a new town,

you've managed to dredge up
a mystery from 60 years ago.

How does one gal get so lucky?

Hey, don't worry.

You won't face it alone.


I'm BFF's with a
spiritual Kung-Fu master.

I was gonna say, "If God be
for us who can be against us,"

but I like the Kung-Fu.

It's late, I've taken up
enough of your evening.

I should go.

You can keep those.

It was nice.

If not a bit traumatic.

What's next?

Well, why don't you
poke around online,

see if what I left you
leads you anywhere.

Got some contacts back East
looking into the records for me.

See if they come
up with anything.


Thank you Father.

Don't thank me yet.


dinner was lovely.


Dad says they don't like us.

Who doesn't like us?

Dad says Father Felix is
poking on a hornets nest!

We could've just left,

but now we have to
finish what we started!



You and Father Felix
drank a lot last night.

We had a
lot to talk about.

Sister Beatrice?

Among other things.

Like what?

It's complicated.


Are we going to
service tomorrow?



I'm gonna go draw.

Honey, you can draw down here.

Nah, I'll be back
down in a little bit.



You okay?

Just thinking.

About what?

I like Father Felix.


He's nice.


He reminds me of Grandpa.

Well he's a bit
younger than Grandpa.

I miss Grandma and Grandpa.

So do I.

I miss Dad.

So do I, honey.

I want to go home!

Audrey, stop it,
this is your home.

No it's not!

But Dad says we can't
go until we finish!

Finish what?

I don't know, but
I wanna go home!

I hate it here, I hate it!

That is enough young lady!

You do not get to speak
to your Mother like that!

I hate this house!

I wanna go home!

I'm sorry.

Maybe it wasn't fair of
me to move us up here.

Do we have to stay?

Honey, I'm doing
the best I can, okay?


Get ready for bed, please.

Audrey, wake up.

Caleb, Audrey, let's go!

Quickly, before
the Sister comes!

What do you want?

I need you to be strong.

I can't do this alone.

Yes you can.

Yes you can.

I need you.

I'm here.

No you're not.

Is Audrey okay?

She's sleeping, but
Beatrice was here,

and she held me
down and I couldn't,

I couldn't scream
and I couldn't move.

I think I am going crazy.

Shh, okay, it's all right.

I believe you.

I saw her at the church.

Okay, look.

Beatrice's Father was
a very important man.

Big church donor.

He couldn't have been more proud

when his daughter became a Nun.

That's when the rumors started.

The rumors about Sarah and Papa.


Beatrice's name before
she took her vows.

Sarah Hurst.

Mother of Andrew Hurst.

By her own Father.

That explains why Beatrice
was so adamant about defending

Andrew after the Edgerton
twins disappeared.

Andrew couldn't defend himself.

Why not?

Somebody cut out his tongue.

Beatrice and Andrew
both institutionalized.

She steals a tile knife
from a hospital janitor,

carves a sermon's worth of
Bible verses into her flesh,

kills an orderly.
Two days later she's

dead of a systemic infection.

God, she looks possessed.

They're all in some
kind of limbo, Liz.

Andrew was never baptized.

No last rites when he died.

By church rites,
he's a lost soul.

Edgerton twins
probably murdered,

probably buried in
unhallowed ground.

And Sarah.

I think she's become a
conduit for something darker.

Something much darker.

Hang on a second.

Audrey honey.

Audrey, are you okay?


She needs you.


She's gone.

Audrey's gone, I found this.


Let's go.


Stay, please.


Trust me!

Someone's been
telling our secrets.



Crux sacra mihi lux!
Non draco mihi dux!

Gaudeamus igitur.

Vade retro, Satana.

Drago sit nihi dux!


Be strong in the Lord,

in the strength of His might!

Put on the full armor of God,
that you may stand strong

against the schemes
of the evil one!

Drago non est raga!

Hold your tongue,

lest the agent of
God hold it for you!

For our struggle is not
against flesh and blood,

but against the rulers,

against the powers,

against the world forces
of this present darkness,

against the spiritual
forces of wickedness

in the heavenly


I know you didn't mean
to kill Caleb or Douglas,

it was your Mother!

She made you keep that secret,

she cut out your
tongue, didn't she?

Stand firm therefore

- and gird yourself with truth
- You don't have to do this.

You could
just let her go.

With the breastplate
of righteousness

and lifted high above all.

Let go of her.

- And shield her faith
- Yes, yes.

On which
you may extinguish

- all the flaming arrows-
- BEATRICE: Hold your tongue!

Silence, talk no more.

We know what you did!

Devil's spawn.

Telling secrets.

They're ours to keep!

For no one else to know!

No one to know!


See the cross of the Lord;

begone, ye hostile powers!

See the cross of the Lord;

begone, you hostile powers!

In Nomine
Patris, et Filii,

et Spiritus Sancti, Amen


- No!
- Amen!



Are they gone?

A 60-year-old murder?


Thank you for calling it in.

Father, I still need to
take your full statement.

I'll be right
with you, officer.

Of course.

Two skeletons.

Male, pre-teen,

in a crawl space
behind the altar.

Okay, yes.

Uh-huh, all right,
that sounds great.



Are you excited
for your road trip?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.


Looks like the couple
is still interested.

So win-win.


Thank you... for everything.

I don't wanna get emotional.

My makeup is...

I'll make sure the movers
do a great job, okay?


Keep in touch.

And you guys call me the
moment you get to San Diego.



Looks like you have a visitor.

Afternoon, Father.



the rumors are true.

Yeah, we're heading back.

You sure?

Yeah, it's good.

A wise man once told me,

"There's no way
out but through."

I'd rather live with
the ghosts I know.


This served me well.

I'd like you to have it, okay.

Are you sure?

You never can tell.

Say goodbye to Father Felix.

Goodbye Father.


Thank you.

Thank you.

You ready to go, honey?

Can I drive?

You're pushing it kid.

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