The Outlaws (2017) - full transcript

Based on real events, this crime action film depicts a Seoul detective's attempts to keep peace while two Chinese-Korean gangs battle over turf in the neighborhood.

Since 1990s, Chinese-Koreans
settled in garibong district in Seoul

and formed a Chinatown.

Chinese-Korean gangsters from
the same region created new gangs.

Many gangs of varying sizes
were active by 2004.

This film is based on 2004
'Chinese-Korean gang mop-up operation’

conducted by the Seoul police,
all name have been altered.

March, 2004
Chinatown, garibong district

ma dong-seok

have some dumplings,
chive dumpling for $1!

Have some dumplings,
chive dumpling for $1!
Yoon kye-sang

have some dumplings,
chive dumpling for $1!

- How much?
- This? It's $1.

Goddamn prick!

Son of a whore!
Let go of me!


Asshole! Asshole! Asshole!

- What's wrong with you?
- Stay out of this!

- Break it up.
- Fuck off!

That's enough!

- Son of a bitch!
- Do your best!

Come on, I'll kill you!

Let's settle this
once and for all!

- Come!
- Come at me!

Come here, cunt!

Yes, I know, yup, yup.

Excuse me, please.

My car's in the shop,
so I took a cab.

The pool hall by the new car wash?

Come here.


Give me that.

Nothing, buncha kids are fighting.

You, come here,
are you here for a show?

Sort this out.

I'm almost there.

I told you not to sell
knives here, didn't I?

- Here.
- Thank you.

- So you saw him around?
- Captain.

Move your damn ass.

- Who's this?
- I went to a wedding.

- Did you win?
- Not at all.

And so...

- In there.
- Okay.

- How was your blind date?
- The former model?

She's friggin’ hot!

A hand model,
only her hand was hot.

- You don't know shit.
- Hot is still hot.

Go fetch me something
to stop the bleeding!

What happened here?

He was followed in here
and got stabbed.

180cm tall, Navy jacket.

According to the owner,
he's a regular...

Is that Cologne?
What for?

Was he alone?

He had a companion,
but he took off.

It'll keep bleeding,
hold still please!

Wait, wait.

What is it?

He's with the venom gang.

Hey, where are you?

Venom gang.
Originally from rongjin, China
goddammit, get here in 10.

Hey, stop playing.

Boss, we're ready.

Venom gang boss
ahn sung-tae

boys, make sure
not to kill anyone.

Yes, boss.

We got hooligans.

- Lower your weapons.
- Drop them.

- Are you deaf?
- Lose them!

Son of a bitch!

What's this?

Sir, what's going on?

Drop them!
Right now!

Go inside, get back inside!

Starting a war in broad daylight?

Can we talk?

Your boys need some schooling.

I know your boy got stabbed
in the pool hall, who did it?

We're the victim here,
what's with you?

I'm here to figure out
who did that.

It's hullang from isu gang.

Who's that?
Why did he do it?

A gambling arcade here?

Look at those flags.

Snack bar

go get him, get him!

- Hurry!
- On it!


Kang Hong-seok

what is it?
Out of the way.


Isu gang: Formed by
yanbian Chinese-Koreans

isu gang: Formed by
yanbian Chinese-Koreans
what have we got here?

Who may you be?

Don't move,
I'll fucking kill you!

Where is he?
You, come here.

- Dammit!
- Come here, you bitch!

I don't believe this!

My friggin’ knees, shit.

Get up, come on.

You cocksucker!

Did you stab him with that?

Where is it?

Put that in here.

Son of a bitch!

What an idiot...


Why doesn't he listen?


Hey! Hey!

Breathe! Hey!

It's good to be in Seoul.

Boss, we should make money
and buy a building too.

That sounds good.

- Yang-tae, get him!
- Okay.

So damn far.

Hey! We're here,
get out.

- Don't kill me, please.
- We're here!

Get out! Now!

- Look around.
- Okay.

- Is this it?
- Yes it is.

Look at it properly
before I pull your eyes out!

It's the right place!


- No one's here.
- How could that be?

Buddy, give your boss a call.

- He's not answering.
- He's not?

Then who'll pay your $100k debt?

No, it's now $200k.

What? You said $100k!

Idiot, gotta add the travel cost.

Don't be like that,
we're compatriots.


We're compatriots apparently,
what should we do?

He hates compatriots
more than anything.

You play the compatriot card
for your debt?

Those who don't pay back
are the worst.

I'll pay you back,
please give me a discount...

I'm begging you.

Look at this bitch.

Alright, I'll give you a discount.

How's $10k per limb?

That'd be a discount of $40k,
totaling $160k, good?

- It's a steal!
- I'm so jealous.

Please don't kill me,
i can't die like this.

Listen to this guy!

Why should I kill you?

You can't die without
clearing your debt, got that?


- Let's give him a good deal.
- Right away.

Please, sir...

- Don't kill me...
- Hand out!

Bite down hard.

You missed,
that's a $5k discount.

Come on, hold him down.

- How could you miss?
- You try it then!

Hold still, don't move a muscle.

Do it properly.

Missed again!
Are you blind?

The outlaws

geumcheon police

here, drink one.

- What?
- Take it, drink.

Just speak your mind,
I'll be the mitigator.

Jang isu ordered this, right?

Why the hell did you
stab a man, asswipe?!

If you don't spill it here,
you're a dead man!

You attacked an officer,
you wanna take the fall?

Answer me.

Silent treatment, eh?

Here, take this.

- Byung-sik.
- Yes?

To the truth room.

To the truth room.

What's this?

It's yours.
Get up.

What's this for?

Come over here, this way.

What's going on?

Sit up straight, sit up.

What are you looking at?
I'll crack your skull.

- Byung-sik.
- Yes?

Get up, get up.

Let me ask you again.
Where were we?


Who filed the pool hall report?

The deputy came by earlier...

Asshole, so you sent it
without my sign-off?!

I'm sorry, he just took it...

I went easy on you
for writing reports quickly.

You wrote so much weird shit!

Why did you mention that
i came from a golf course?!

You're the death of me.

I'm sorry.

Pull your chair, make some room.

What's the matter?

The geezers are getting nervous
because of the gang activities.

I'm already busy as is.

Shouldn't you take care of this?
Do I have to get into it too?

Being a captain means shit.

Byung-sik, grab the camera,
field trip time.


A life full of shit.

- Afternoon, sir.
- Where's your boss?

He's not here, I'm serious!

Feeling my boob, eh?

Keep gambling, go on.

He's really not here.

- Who cooked this ramen then?
- Let's have a bite.

Dammit! Wasted a trip.

Well now, you were there?

Isu gang boss
jang isu

You didn't do what?
I didn't even say anything.

- He was acting on his own!
- Look at this bald fuck.



This is a Democratic country.

You're an illegal alien.
Come here.

Illegal, my ass.
I'm a legal resident.

Come here.


- Two.
- I don't believe this.


Wait! Please!

I told you not to cause stink,
I've fucking had it.

Shit, your twins are busted.

Come with me,
we got somewhere to go.

Stop eating.

Get on with it,
I'm a busy man! Go on!

You first.

Why me?
He started this.

So you stabbed a man for it,
start now.

He's got nothing to say.

If your boys keep coming around,
I'll fuck them up for good.

These guys are clueless.

- Byung-sik!
- Yes, boss?

We're cracking down
their shops today.

I'm sorry.

What an idiot.

If you're sorry,
kneel and beg, asshole.

- You fucking bitch!
- You're my fucking bitch.

- I'm sorry.
- Your turn.

With some sincerity.

I'm sorry.


- Byung-sik.
- Yes, boss?

That poroid, give me that.

It's called a polaroid.

Buddy, sit closer,

One more.

One, two, three!

So photogenic.

Take one each,

and whenever you're pissed off,
look at this and chill.

You're now family, you got that?

Why are you compatriots
so desperate to kill each other?

Become bffs, go to brunch,
and get hair done together.

I'm off.

Get out of here.

Useless dicks.

Let's go too.

It's too tight.

I heard you're bringing in
girls from China.

No, they come find me.

If you get caught,
I'll whip you, be careful.

Pick up the bill.

Yes, what is it?


Your compatriot's here.


Are you his boss?

Who are you?

Debt collector, of course.

Your boy took out a loan
and he's 3 months late.

Boss, I borrowed $30k
and he wants $200k.

Shut your mouth!

How much?

It's $200k,

but I took his wrist,
so it's $190k now.

That's not right.

You're doing god's work,
it's hardly enough.

That should do.

Do you know who I am?

I'm just here to collect,
why should I know that?

Is he nuts or what?

Who are you?


Son of a bitch!

Speak up, cocksucker!

Cut his arms and legs off.

Okay, what about the debt?

Collect, of course.


My boy...

Don't kill me, sir,
please don't kill me...


You got a debt to pay.

So, who'll pay his debt now?

- Evening, sir.
- Welcome!

Chunsik gang.
Garibong district Korean gang

Chunsik gang.
Garibong district Korean gang
- why's the elevator busted?
- We'll get on ti.

Why are you asking
a busy man to come?

Why're you so busy?

- Did you have dinner?
- Yes, yes.

- Sit down.
- Let go.

Give me some water.

Chunsik gang boss
hwang chunsik
people will mistaken you
for a model cop.

Don't open that!
I'm not drinking.

Did you sort the pool hall case
with the Chinese?

You want a report now?

Come on, I'm just a curious party.

Are you dating a Chinese girl?

What the shit?

Bro, this is your favorite,
the blue one.

- Blue, blue.
- That's not important.

Come on.

Take the cash.

My business is down.

You sure there's no problem?

It's nothing,
so don't poke around.

Those damn Chinese are knifing
in someone else's turf...

That's why you need to
stay out of it!

My throat's dry.

I'm counting on you,
let's have just 1 drink.

Hey, I'm still on the clock,
i can't drink!

- It's very blue, blue!
- I'll have it later.

I got places to go, I'm busy!

- You're making me sad.
- I'm gonna leave.

Come, line up.

Boss, let me introduce
the new girls.

Sure thing.

- Good evening.
- Hello there.

These 2 are new,
and our Ace, hearty.

Time moves fast.

It's already my clock out time.

- Let's move down.
- Sit down.

- At the head of the table.
- Do it right.

- You drink so well!
- It's nothing.

You don't get drunk?

A man must hold his drink,
this is nothing.

- He's a veal man!
- So veall

veal? Real man?

What do you do, baby?

You know, I'm businessman.

This way, please.

- Dude, I got a good look.
- This place is pumping!

Shit, baby!
It's bad!

Wake up, baby!

What? What? What?

We got cops outside, shit!

Cops? Why?
Why are they here?

My head...

I don't know, shit,
I'm fucked, you're fucked!

- Go outside!
- It's too early to swear...

- Go outside.
- Why are we fucked?

Any description?
Did you see his face?

I didn't get a good look at him.

They just ran out of here!

- So fucked! Let go!
- Very fucked much!

14 missed calls

I don't believe this!

- Put it on.
- I said I won't drink...

You idiot! You're late!
I was looking for youl!

Sir, when did you arrive?

- I was the first one here!
- I couldn't reach you!

- Salute!
- They made a real mess.

Shit, what's all this?


What happened?

3 Chinese-Koreans,
they cut off host's arm.

With an axe, no less.

Jesus Christ...

They're always causing shit
when we're on duty.

Gather everyone,
all the girls, and staff.


There were 3 of them...

I knew something was
off about them.

Have fun!

I was at the counter,
my girl came out running.


- What's up?
- What happened?

Those bastards...

- They hit you?
- Yeah, take a look.

Let's go.

- Which room?
- ♪1065.

Hold still, damm it.

Baby, that's enough!

Girls, go outside.

That's enough, stop.

You had so much fun, let's chat.

Fucking hoe, don't move.

How dare you, fucker!

Chinese bastard!

You thought this was a brothel!

You dirty horse fucking cunts!

Stand the fuck down!

I'll poke your eyes out!
Goddamn punk ass!

This guy's crazy.

Don't do it.

Don't do it, cocksucker!

Let's go, I'm bored.

You're wasted.

My apologies,
it's a good day for us.

We'll finish this drink,
and go on our way.

Chinese freaks, shut your mouth!

Son's of bitches.

Fucking numbnuts.


He's all yours

I'll kill you all!


Slimy bastard!

I've seen a lot of bad drunks,

they were different...

They didn't say where they're from,
or where they'll go?

One of the girls said,

they had Chinese accent,
she didn't understand much.

But she said they're from
gyeongsang province.

What the hell...

I was just at the hospital,
they messed him up.


I'll take care of it,
look the other way.

Are you a cop?
Stay out of this.

But he's like family!

I meant what I said.

I'll call if I need anything.


Come here.

Send our boys and look into it.

Right away.

What about the rest?

This is all,
we don't carry large amount.

Then go make some money,
the debt won't go away.

Don't forget why
i kept you alive.

- Got it?
- I'll do my best.

Where do you get your girls?

We pay a Chinese agency $10k
and they send us girls.

Any problems bringing them in?

They're on invitation visa,
so, not really.

Do everything that makes money.

Kill or chop limbs,
if there's demand.

Collect protection money.

Isu gang won't let it happen.


They're from yanbian,
arcade and karaoke's their turf.

Then we'll start from there.

I understand.

That was the lab, their prints
aren't in the database.

Probably smuggled in.

Hold on, stop!
What's this?

- Isn't that you?
- That's you!

Why were you there?

That's totally not me.

Look, the clothes aren't the same.

Bullshit, I recognized you
right away.

Of course not.

Look for the suspects, will you?

I found them,
but the quality's terrible.

- That's them?
- Yes.

Zoom into it.

This is the closest it'll go.

So proud of you.

You're a model cop
to all your juniors.

I don't know what you mean.

- Gather around.
- What's up?

Grease the boys
and find out who they are.

Got it.

Know your limits,
or don't get caught.

I'm on the edge lately.

Who is that?

Son of al

you gotta know something.

How should I know?

Then should I?

You don't know about
guys who smuggled in?

Why do you assume it's me?
I don't even go to bars.

Watch your goddamn attitude.

You ate one, get the bill.

They're gyeongsang boys,

if you don't catch them,
I'll take you in.

That's batshit insane.

Don't go insane,
just catch them.

- Sir, let's move.
- How much is it?

- $84 please.
- Pay him $84.

- What's fucking $84?
- I got some take-out too.

- 80, right?
- Yup, 80.


Come on, dude!
Pay the kid!

Here, $200.
Keep the rest.

Thank you.

See you, get out of my way.

If you take his money,
I'll kill you.

Here, this one's cold.

What a scumbag!

Look at their clothes!

What's with the gasoline tanks?

Afternoon, gentlemen.

You're like yellow chicks.

What's that?
Give me one.

Did you hear about
the bar incident?

- The one with the hand.
- Yes, boss.

It's no joke.

- The venom's dead.
- What the shit?

- Well...
- Changwon!

They're from changwon,
they took over his gang.

You sure about this?
Don't fuck around.

I'm sure, this is a premier tip.

Alright, fine.

Economy's tough lately...

Shut your face.

- Here, $300.
- Thank you.

And then?

- And what?
- That's all.

I told you everything.

Was there...
Anything else?

Get out.

Here, take this back.

- Dong-gyun.
- It's locked...

Then go out through this door!

Say it again.


No pictures please!
No pictures!

Boss, over here!

- Where?
- Move please!

- This is it?
- Secure the areal

it's all chopped up.

It was found like this?

Yes, the kids found it
while playing ball.

Did you call the forensics?

- Hong-seok!
- Yes?

- Forensics!
- They're coming.

They're taking pictures,
do your damn job!

Yes, sir.


This is bad,
it's no ordinary murder.

- Gather around.
- Yes, sir.


These assholes are going all-out,

we gotta get all the body parts
before anyone else do, okay?

Scour every inch of this area.

- Hong-seok, come here.
- Yes, boss.

- As for you,
- yes?

Go around and gather
these garbage bags

with patrol officers.

Yes, sir.

Boss, I think it's venom.

He's really dead.

What are you doing?!
This is a crime scene!

I'm sorry!

That truck! Hey!

Stop that garbage truck!
Go stop it!

The garbage truck!

What is it?

What's up?!

- Wait! Stop!
- Stop the truck!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Police, we need to
go through your garbage.


- Is this your route?
- Yeah.

Sorry about this,
it won't take long.

Sure thing.

I'm at the crime scene,
the body's dismembered.

- Stinks like hell...
- We got a garbage truck.

No, it's not from the truck,

body's not ided yet,
we only got an arm.

I'll call you back!

Found it.

- You got it?
- We got it, sir.

Brings the boys.


Big money.

Hit me! Big money!
Give me a hit!

This machine's fucked!
Took all my money!

What the fuck you looking at?!

Where are you?

What's going on?

You cunt, you're a scammer.

Give me my money back
before I smash these up.

Play nice and fuck off.

Say what?

Son of a bitch!

- Are you nuts?
- Yeah.

I'm nuts, got a problem?

- You're too loud.
- Sorry, boss.

Who are you?

Where's your boss?

Who the fuck's this?

You wanna go, is that it?

The boss inside wants you.


Aren't you...

Up to date on current affairs?

Look at this chump.

Make sure they don't run!

Yes, boss!

Who are you?


Welcome, indeed.

Sit down.

A handsome fella.

I heard you protect this place.

And the mahjong joint too.

You must be loaded.


I won't touch that one.

But I'm taking this place.

You must be out of your mind.

You're the axe guy
from the bar incident?

It's already going around?

You got a death wish?

- Boss!
- Where you going?

Rat fucking cunt!

What should we do
with the boys outside?

Pull that out,
you're a dead man.

What say you?

Don't come around here anymore.

Got it?


Let's go.

A real case for once,
not a knife fight like others.

Is this all?


We even searched landfills,
but nothing else.

These cuts here,
they're axe wounds?

Looks like it
but why so many stabs?

This cut was made
when he was alive.

The skin dries when it was
cut while there's blood flow.


Why during such a crucial period?

- What's crucial?
- You know...

I had a drink with
head of police affairs last week,

I'm ♪1 on the promotion list!

He told me to be
careful of everything.

Is that really important
right now?

I'm just saying,
because it's a big case.

Let's bring them in quick,
they're just 3 guys.

Easy for you to say.

Let's go eat.


Pathetic bastards.

Go wash up for once.

Give us some money, cap.

Put it under expenses.

My socks started rotting.

We're at expense cap.

Give the boy some money.

Oh my head...
It hurts...

Take care of it,
i left my wallet in the car.

Bullshit, I brought your wallet.

Conniving bastard...

He's loaded.

- Wait, my wallet!
- Credit card?

Wait, what's that?
That's mine!

Sons of bitches!
That's my gas money!

- Thank you, boss!
- Your wallet.

Give it back!
Give it!


We're taking over this area,
pay us $1k a month.

After paying rent
and expenses, I'm penniless.

So you won't pay up?

I got nothing to pay you,
money doesn't grow on trees!

Son of a bitch!
You wanna go?!

Are you nuts?

When did you turn into
a gangster?!

Pay up before I get violent,
got it?

Let go of me!
I can get violent too!

- Wanna go?!
- You bitch!

If you're penniless,
you should die.

Good work, buy yourself a drink.

Thank you, boss.

Good job.

Close up and come home.


Hey, get me a harbin beer.

I gotta close.

Does he treat you well?


You shouldn't have an attitude
to run a business.

Am I right?

I better curve your attitude.

Fine, I'll do it, let me go.

Yeah, it's me.

The Chinese-Korean gangsters
from changwon,

any updates on it?

I pulled up all reports on them,

but it might be useless
since they're smuggled in.

Who the hell are they?

They're called
black dragon gang,

they do anything
that makes money.

Got any photos of them?

A few security cam captures,
I'll send you those.

- Yeah, that'd be helpful.
- Understood.


My informant told me
they're infamous in changwon.

They lend money to
other Chinese-Koreans,

and they chopped limbs
if debt wasn't paid back.

That's insane.

But they're all compatriots.

I got baby skin,
but it's dry lately.

Rub some of this on me.

The triceps where I can't reach.

Should I go get some
venom gang boys?

Yeah, venom's Minion, get him.

They got some new recruits.

Then check for venom tattoos.

I understand.

- Want some eggs?
- Of course.


Hong-seok, want some eggs?

No, I'm fine.

I got a shell, asshole.

Peel it properly.

My apologies...

Why's the egg so dry?

It's boiled egg...


Why did you
transfer here anyway?

Others are begging to
work in the intelligence.

Serious crimes unit is
the heart of police.

Heart of police my ass.

- Smuggled in through busan
- 5 previous victims

- smuggled in through busan
- 5 previous victims
his degree's wasted here.

So, how do you like it?
It's no walk in the park?


This area is notorious.

Show your badge,
they just smirk.

They see a badge,
they start stabbing.

He's still green,
it's all about experience.

Eat it when it's cooked!

- It's okay, this is beef.
- That's lamb, idiot.

You got roundworms?

Eat slowly,
there's plenty of food.

Put some more in.

- Put more in.
- Smells good in here.

It's all yours

what would you like?


That again?



Don't look,
3 guys just walked in.

I feel it, they're the ones.

A plate of lamb skewers.

Right away.

Give us a large portion.


You like lamb?

Of course.

I don't like it.

We eat it everyday.

Want a drink too?



Where's the toilet?

- Dong-gyun, tail him.
- It's out back.

I'll follow him.

Don't do anything stupid,
just guard him.

- Pour me a drink.
- Sure.

Dong-gyun, approach.

Could I borrow your light?

I haven't seen you around,
where are you from?

You wanna fucking die?


Byung-sik, block the door.

So good.

Wong-oh, come here, boy.

- Bill, please!
- Coming!

Where in China?

- How much?
- $92, please.

Go inside there for a minute.


- Are you alright?
- Hong-seok!

- Hong-seok! Hong-seok!
- Byung-sik!

Call ambulance! Now!

Hong-seok, it's okay!

Move! Move!

Come here!

- Gone?
- He's gone.


I'm gonna kill those fuckers!

I told you to guard the door!

You thought fucking him
would get you something?

Don't leave home, got that?!

Asshole! You didn't do shit
as my husband!


Come at me!
I dare you!

Useless bastard!
What have you done for me?!

One lousy shop was all I got!


Stab me, go on.

Who is it?!

I live downstairs,
why're you so loud?!

Fuck off, asshole!


What the fuck?

Moving into my turf, eh?
You got brass balls.

But why did you boys kill venom?

- For not paying his debt...
- What debt?

His man Gil-su lost a lot
gambling in changwon.

So you chopped him up for that?

That's some next level shit.

Look here.

Where are they now?

I really don't know,
they're a suspicious bunch.

I don't know anything.

Right, why'd you know.

Fucking hell.


You're a disloyal prick,
you just accepted defeat.

Am I right?

Mr. hwang...

I'll kill him myself,

please give me a chance.

Just one chance.

Police hospital

which room?

- ♪533, over there.
- Here.

- Kang Hong-seok...
- It's a 6-patient room.

- Hong-seok!
- Boss!

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Hello there.

- Your fiancée?
- Yes, this is det. Ma.

- I heard so much about you.
- Likewise.

I'm sorry about everything.

What did the doctor say?

He wants me here for 2 weeks
for potential infection.

Give me that.

Our department will cover the bill,
so don't worry about that.

But we all chipped in too...

- Boss, it's...
- Be quiet.

No, we can't.

Please take it,
it's a small gesture.

Have some meals together.

I'm pissing blood
doing your work, idiot.

When will you come back?

I thought about it a lot,

I don't think
i can do this anymore...

I'm sorry.

Don't be, you idiot,
I'm sorry that you got hurt.

I'm so scared...

I tried to overcome it,
but I just can't...

Everyone feels the same,
they just pretend not to be.

After getting stabbed a few times,

I freak out
whenever I see knives.

Gonna go back to
the intelligence?

Yes, I'd like to do that.

Okay, I'll put in a word for you,

so get plenty of rest while at it.

It's okay, idiot!

Go inside.

Yo, byung-sik.

Black dragon boys are quiet.

I don't see any of them.


Keep an eye on jang isu's boys.

They'll make a move.

- Onit!
- Okay.

- Wong-oh!
- Yes?

Are you hurt?

Because of me last time...


I can't see where I got hurt...

You should go to the hospital.

Forget it, idiot,
get me some soya sauce.

Where you going?
I said soya sauce.

This is great for bruises.

What is it?
I don't want it.

Punk, go easy.

Easy, easy!

- You're being a baby!
- You prick...

- It's hot but it'll feel good.
- That hurts!

- You like this job?
- Yes.

- Did you meet mom?
- Yes, she's well.

That's enough.

Aren't you mad that she's
living with someone else?

None of my business,
she has her own life.

Good, that's one way
of putting it.

You're all grown up now.

I'm 15 already.


Then sit down, sit.

Since you're an adult,
have a drink.

You're making me drink?


Hey, come back!

- Have a drink!
- I don't want some.

Come here, now!

I'll give you something good.

Cashing out.

- You won big.
- No, I lost $100.

Welcome, boss.

Stupid, useless fucking dicks!

Who did this?!

Isu gang did this!


I'm gonna fuck them up!


Big boss said to stay low
for a while.

Shut your fucking hole.

Yes, he's on the move.

Stay close, you can't lose him.

Sir, we got visual on jang isu.

Heading to the market, okay.


Been well?

Fucking rats,
you fucked around in my turf.

Say what?

Son of a bitch!

Goddamn lunatic!

Hey, hey!

I caught those fucks!

I told you not to
cause problems!

Piss off!

- Piss the fuck off!
- Go away!


We've met at the diner,
come over here.

Drop the knife!
Lose it!

- Where did he go?
- Where is he?


Where is he?

Come out!

- Come out, asshole!
- Dude! There!

- Look at this chump!
- Get back up here!

- It's too high!
- You stay right there!

- Don't go anywhere!
- Don't move!

- Stop!
- Le't's move!


Boss, the cops got suk-rak.


We had a run-in with isu gang...

I'm sorry.

Look at this carefully.

This is you, right?

He said no.

- Blind baldy...
- Sit up straight!

- Lying sack of shit...
- It's totally you.

- Fucking rat...
- Hey, listen!

The boys you hang out with,

tell me where they are.

Then t'll ship you
back to China quietly.

He doesn't know.

- What should I do with him?
- You're something.

What did he just say?


- I'm a fucker?
- What a piece of work!

Wanna die?

Oh man, I'm so tired.

Sit him down.

He wants a lawyer.

Words alone aren't enough
for this prick.

Okay, boys, get him a lawyer.


I'll get you a lawyer.

Give me a sec.

I'm going out for a bit,
you're done for the day.

I can go?

You may leave, good work.

Grab him!

He wants a lawyer...

Yup, I heard you,
we'll take care of him.

This is tasey taser esq.,
say hello.

Take a picture without his top
and put him in the cage.


- Get up.
- Let's go!

See? Your Korean's good.

- Has he talked?
- He speaks Korean.

Just spill it,
we're wasting time.

Fatass fuck!
You fucking boar!

Should I chop you up too?!

Hold still, asshole!

- Boss, go easy.
- He still doesn't get it.

It's okay, you're good.

You're alright.

What the hell, buddy?

Can cops do this?


To killers like you,
we totally can.

What should I do with you?

Do you take me for an idiot?

He's biting his tongue!

- Open his mouth!
- Towel! Get a towel!

Stuff his mouth!

Enough with this tough guy act!

Let's congratulate
Mrs. yook bok-ja's 60th!

My lovely son,

thank you for allowing me
to live comfortably in Korea.

I love you!

Mr. jang, please come
and give her a piggyback!

- No way!
- Come on out!

You did well, I love you.

Let's all have some fun!

What a great day!
Everyone, get up!

Let's all dance!

Grab that bastard!

Son of a bitch!

Get that fucker!

Jang isu!

You bitch!

I told you to stay the fuck away!

Do you know who I am?!

I'm harbin's jang chen!
You fucking asshole!

This is a banquet hall
in garibong district, Seoul.

Caused this scene of chaos
by spraying a fire extinguisher.

A Chinese-Korean gangster
caused this scene of chaos
by spraying a fire extinguisher.

Then a man wielding an axe
attacked several party guests.

It was a fight between
2 rivals gangs.

Let's pack up.

They're going all-out.

What's the point
of serious crimes unit?

We're short-staffed,
and Hong-seok's out...

Is that why you couldn't
close this case?

- You know what I mean.
- Is that so?

I should've brought you
a full troop.

- We really are short on men...
- I see, it's all my fault.

No cooperation from
the shop owners too.

Why the hell not?

Even if we deport these fucks,
they'll come back with a new ID,

locals are scared of payback,
nothing we can do.

Did we ever need help
to work a case?

It's about arresting 2 fucks.

If you had the time to talk back,
go and find these bastards.

- Are we jerking off here?
- Go and find them!

What's with you two?

Cap, a word outside please?

- You stay put.
- Let go!


- Captain, be the better man.
- Pompous bastard!

He's too much...

Say what?

What did you just say?
You son of a bitch!


Jesus fuck...

- Be cool.
- Let go of me!

This unit's all fucked up.

Let go! Let go!

I'll calm him down.

What's with you?

Listen, do this properly
and you're a captain.

Honest to god,
I'll make it happen.

I don't care about that,

we'll get the bastards,
so don't nag the boys.

How was I nagging?

Can't a captain push them?

Are we jerking around?

They haven't gone home
in 2 weeks, look at them!

You and I've been doing this
for 15 years, you know better.

You think I like what I'm doing?

I get no support
but they breathe down my neck.

I got it, stop trying to
be their boss right now.

Go easy on the boys.

Promotion is least of
my worries now.

- Cap!
- What?!

The chief wants to see you.

You're so dead, see you.

He wants you too.

Why me?

- It's so much better.
- Yeah?

- Salute!
- Come in, sit.

You called me?

This is cpt. Kang
from Seoul Metro homicide.

They're heading up this case,
cpt. Jeon and det. Ma.


Why's homicide here?

Your suspect is on
China's most wanted list.

I got an official doc
from China yesterday.

His name is jang chen,

he was an enforcer
in a harbin gang.

- About 300 men...
- Harbin?

Why is he here then?

In 2000, his boss was arrested
and received death penalty,

and he smuggled in
via busan pier...

In any case,

this case is transferred
over to homicide, got it?

What? Why?

I got shit on by the commissioner!

At my age...

We're almost ready for a sweep,
and to hand it all over...

Should've done it earlier!

What have you done in 2 months?

Captain, you didn't brief him
on our operation?


- Oh yeah!
- That's why.

Chief, the thing is,

we were originally after 3 perps,
but their gang is bigger now.

We're trying to bring them in
with a mop-up op,

so we've been making
some preparations.

This guy's selling snake oil.

Buddy, be quiet.

It's your chance to be
on the front page.

- You think...
- Wait a minute.

- So, how many arrests?
- Well, about... 5 or 6...

- 25!
- Yeah, 25!

- At least 25!
- 25 or more!

What did you say to me...

It was hard wrangling them up,

the op is ripe for picking,
give us time to harvest!

If we don't catch them,
I'll quit the force.


Don't shout at me!

Sir, you heard him,
that prick said...


Look at this punk,
who are you calling prick?!

- What are you doing?!
- Let's calm down and talk.

- I'll show you what I got!
- Come here!

Be cool!

You bet your jobs on this!
Get them or you're done!

Okay, give us 10 days.

10 days it is,
starting countdown today!

Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!

- I never said I'd quit...
- Captain, let's have a word!

That's quite enough,
I'm sorry about this.

Let's shake on it,
shake and make up.

Tell your captain...

Coming to our home
and stirring shit up, eh?

What in the world?

Homicide captain has
jackshit for manners.

Looks like you won't
get the promotion.

It doesn't matter now.

But how will you
catch 25 gangsters?

We'll get them.

Talking is easy, huh?
Get them?

- Sure, you can get them.
- Sir.

- Thanks, bud.
- Here.

How's your face?

It's getting better.

You're free to come back.

Intelligence is boring,
sitting and typing all day.

I know a plastic surgeon,
call me if you need him.

He'll make you a new person.

If it's so good, you should go.

And you? Stretch my face
and you get you.

See you.

- Bye.
- Yeah.

100 guest rooms,
hostess bar in the basement.

Cafe on the ground floor.

Buffet restaurant on top.

They've been like that for 3 months.

They took over several others
by doing the same.

Mr. jang, if you get rid of them,
I'll pay you half a mil.

Have a great meal.

- Not coming?
- I'm not hungry.

When can you begin?

No need to delay it,
I'll start right away.

But my estimate's off.

What do you mean?

$500k is too little.

I need at least $1m.

A man should stick to his guns.

I won't change my mind,
the final price is $1m.

Do you take us for fools?

$500k is a lot,
others will do it for a lot less.

Mr. gwak, don't look at me
like that.

Got that?

I'll give you $100k advance.

Are you kidding?
I need $500k up front.

It's our first deal,
i need insurance.

Take care of hwang,
and I'll give you the rest.

Who's Mr. hwang?

He runs hostess bars
in garibong district.

I'm sure you know him,
you took his manager's hand.

That's why I wanted you.

Hurry up!

What the shit?

Boss! We gotta move!

Fucking bastards!

Get him!

I don't believe this...

Who the fuck were they?!

Fuck you!

You bastard!

Who ordered you?!


Just kill me, fucker!

Son of a bitch!

Stand up straight.

Goddammit, I told you to
stay the fuck out of this.


Where's hwang?

This is a bad time, leave us.

Does he take me
for a bitch dick?

Come again?

I'm not in the mood,
so leave us alone.


Fuck off.

Find 10 good men
and send them my way.


How dare you defy me?
I told you to stay put!

You tried to bury him
in broad daylight?!

Did you expect me to
stay down like a senile fuck?

He took my boy's hand!

So did you get him?

If you can't do it right,
then why bother?!

And what have you been doing?!

I'll fucking whip your shit!

You know what I'm like!

I'll find peace only when i
get him and take his hand.

Get 3 men to surrender tomorrow.

Say what?

One's going in for assult
and damaging public property.

And wear this stab proof vest.

Don't get stabbed to death.


You fucking wear it!

I did my best,
but he should go to an er.

Thank you, I'll pay you later.

I got it.

Take care.

You're hiding something from me.

What do you mean?

Get up.

On your feet.

Did your hubby mention anything?

He didn't say anything...

Fucking bitch!

There are 2 things
i don't tolerate:

Stealing from me
and lying to me.

For the last time,
what did he say?

I didn't know he'd do that,
that's the truth!

Who ordered him?!

Hwang's men came to
my home once.


Ladies and gentlemen,

we'll go over everything
in detail.

- One moment please.
- Be quiet.

- Attention, please!
- Clap!

Attention, please.

Thank you so much for
giving us your time today.

As you know, black dragon
is out of control.

I know they've caused
a ton of grievance.

That's why we plan to
arrest the entire gang,

but that requires
your cooperation.

Please, hear me out.

To be frank, we haven't ided
all of them and many are new,

so it's difficult for us
to keep track of them all.

So, if you could send us
even a tiny tip,

we'll mobilize and
arrest them all...

How do you expect us
to trust you?

We always get backstabbed.

What's the point?

Do you know what they're like?

One mistake and they'll stab us.

Gathering like this
makes me nervous.

That's why they're
asking us for help!

I'm leaving!


Why are you all so scared?

This is why you're
always victimized!

You little brat!
What'd you know!

Did I say something wrong?

These cops want to help,
but you scurry away!

Will you always stay as victims?

Will you continue to work
wearing stab proof vest?

I don't have money to buy one
and I have to work here!

I can't live like this!

Stabbings everyday,
a person can't live this way!

I've been doing this
for 15 years,

and if we leave them be,
we'll only have more victims.

They think they're above the law,
we gotta lock everyone up.

You're all my neighbors.

I'm a resident here,
you know that.

I'm trying to make this place
even a little safer,

so your cooperation is crucial.

They're dangerous, so stay away
and take their pictures.

Taking photos is the best way.

You didn't have to say anything.

Com here.

I recognize one, but 2 are new.

It doesn't have to be good.
Just one picture.

I see.

- Looked into hwang?
- Yes.

He comes to work
only on weekends.

I better kill them all.

- Anything else?
- No, boss.

- Collection?
- Not everything yet.

- Take care of it soon.
- Yes, boss.

You wanna close shop?
Pay up!

What's with you?!

Those bastards...

They take $500 to $1k.

They collect on different days.

I didn't want to pay him at first,
but he threatened to kill me.

The guys here were
with the venom gang.

They came to drink
at my shop often,

and they'd smash things up,
it's unbearable.

They come by everyaay
to collect,

they don't care
if we don't have money.

They're human trash.

They're collecting
eatlier and earlier.

If they keep this up,
we can't keep our shops.

The boss doesn’t come around,
just his minions come to collect.

- Usually $1k at a time.
- Yanbian gang's turf...

- From garibong district...
- They ransacked my shop...

They hangout at the arcade...

Black dragon gang boss jang chen

why're there so many?

They control the entire area,

one member takes over
as a manager,

and bring in his own men.

How many in total?

We counted 26 so far.

You were right on the money.

It'll take a few days
to get everyone.

We gotta get him in a day.

All of them in a day?

If the word gets out,
they'll flee.

No, we don't have the resources.

- Evening!
- What brings you here?

We need a precise plan...

Hong-seok, you're hot in a suit.


Divide into 2 teams.

I'm talking here...

When are you setting me up
with a date?

Sir, can I speak to you
for a moment?

Sure thing, come with me.

- Get some beer!
- Sure.

And jang chen... jang chen...

Why isn't anyone
listening to me?

Have a leg.

- I like bbq chicken better.
- There isn't any bbq...

- What is it?
- Well...

Chinese officers are
arriving next week.

Homicide will be ordered to
take the case with them.

And take our hands off?


It's a direct order
from the commissioner.

Your suspect will be repatriated.

- Okay, off you go.
- Bye.


What will happen to him
once he's sent back?

He'll be tried,
death penalty, at least.

Hey, stop!
You can't take him!

That's enough, it's all over.

This guy can't be sent back!

It's an order from the top!

These officers came
to take him back.

- Take him away!
- Out of the way!

- What's with you?
- Grab him!

That's enough, sir.

- Don't make this into a thing!
- Let go of me!

Fuck, I just wanna talk!

Come here.

Listen carefully.

If you tell me where jang is,
I'll put you in a Korean jail.

You can come out
in a few months.

If you go with them,
you'll get death penalty.

Think this through,
it's your last chance.

Bring him over.

Boss, what's done is done.

Hey! Hey!

Get in.

- Straight to the airport.
- Yes, sir.

You'll get a trial,
but you're finished.

So don't get an expensive lawyer.

If you got money to burn,
give them to me.

Stupid idiot.

Be careful.


The deal went south.

It's better this way,
they weren't trustworthy.

Why is it so hard
to find a distributor here?

What distributor?

Why do you ask?!

Perhaps I can be
of service to you.

What exactly can you do?

Anything you can imagine.

Take care.

Call me when it's ready.

Yes, I'll give you a call.

Let's move.

Quick, get in!

Did he bite?

They do look the part.

He's a real actor!

My heart was about to burst,
but I got it done!

Very good, be quiet.

- Did you do good?
- Of coursel

- a small token of appreciation.
- Thank you, sir!

- We didn't do it for this.
- Gonna count it here?

Yeah? Then I'll take it back.

What's with you?

You didn't do it for money.

- Keep your mouths shut.
- Of course.

It's so good!

Why aren't you eating?

Eat plenty.

So they let you go?

Yes, they don't get checked
when they enter Korea.

But why'd those officers
ask you?

They haven't found
a distributor yet.

Were they really officers?

I'm sure.

The Korean cops couldn't do shit.

You know those officers
smuggle shit on the side.

We can make a shitload.

You expect me to believe that?

- Yang-tae.
- Yes?

Get the axe.

This is a sample
from their shipment.

They have 100kg of it.

They can't sell it in China,
so they want to sell it here.

They want to meet you
to close the deal.

We don't have the manpower,
not even close.

- Not eating?
- Yes, understood.

- Seok-do, SWAT is no go.
- Then get the patrols.

- What's that? Show me.
- It's a list of perps.

- Copy and hand it out.
- Yes, sir.

Gather around!

Pick out as many
young guys as possible.

This can't leak
no matter the cost,

we have to get everyone
even if it takes all night.

Got it, sir!

- Read it over.
- Okay.

Dong-gyun can cover
siheung and ansan,

and I'll take garibong
and daerim.

- Vehicles?
- We got...

4 vans, 1 SUV,
divided into 3 units.

Incoming call!

- Stop! Be quiet!
- Quiet! Shush!

Hold on.

Answer it.


I talked to my boss.

Where should we meet?

Chuwol hostess bar
near daerim station at 9pm.

Understood, I'll see you then.


They'll be there.

It's on.

There's still a lot to prep,
let's get a move on!

- Good work, eat up!
- Thank you.

I should be coming here
to have fun.

Hurry up!

- Let's move!
- Moving!

- Evening, sir.
- Yo.

We reserved room ♪7.

- Your people are gone?
- Yes, they've evacuated.

We're getting jang tonight,
no mistakes!

- Understand, sir.
- Yes, boss.

I'm buying a round afterwards!

Don't get hurt,
and guard your positions.

- Who are you looking for?
- Thunder, dragon.

Thunder, dragon, you got guests!

Those bastards!

Come here!
Don't movel

son of a bitch!

I got you, asshole!

My arm's in!
My arm!

You gotta open up
when an arm is inside.

Stupid bitch!

Dude, I'm so nervous.

Me too.

- Anything?
- Nothing so far.

Intersection is clear.

Target inbound.


They're here.

We got 10 bogeys.

Where are the Chinese guests?

Yes, they're in ♪7.

They're going in.

Get ready.

Line up!

What's going on?

These are my boys,
i wanted to introduce you.

Evening, sir!

Where's jang chen?

Jang chen!

It's been a while.

Where's hwang?

You're all dead, assholes!

Mr. hwang!

Fucking rat...

Out of the way!


What a fucking lunatic!

Fucking bitch!

Stop! Stop!

Geumcheon police

ma seok-do...

Fucking hell...

Son of a bitch!

Ma seok-do!


You bitch!



- look at that...
- What's going on?

Die, bastard!

Wait a sec...

Give up the hotel,
or you're a dead man!

Stop right there!

- Someone should get him...
- What do we do?

We're looking into
his whereabouts...

This fucker's slippery...


Sir, I found jang chen.

Where are you?!

Garibong recycling center.

Don't get involved!
I'll be right there!

What is it?

What's up?!

Jang is at recycling center!

Yes, we got his location.
Yes, sir!

Recycling center!

Your call cannot be connected...

Bald ass fuck...

What happened?

Cops are ransacking everything.

We gotta go!

Police! Get out!

You fucking rat.

- Get out!
- Bastard!

You son of a bitch!

You son of a bitch!


Where's jang chen?

Hold him down.

- Go after him!
- Yes, sir!


Bring me a cup of water.

We're closed...


It's me, the hotel job's done.

I killed hwang.


I gotta fly out to China now,
get me my money.

I just did.

Confirm what, dammit!

Okay, where?

I'll see you there.

I want it in Chinese bills.

You go this way,
and you that way!

Search every inch!

We're at yanji diner intersection.

Where's this asshole?

- I'm busy, what!
- Boss.

Jang chen, that bastard.

- He works for gwak.
- Who the fuck is that?

Mr. gwak from siheung.

He's con man who's
building a hotel.

He got jang to destroy my shop.

He came to your shop?

Your call cannot be...

Mr. ma...

That fucker...

He told me to give up my hotel.

That bastard gwak...

- He was quiet for a while...
- I gotta go.


Sir! Hey!

What happened?!

What's going on?

Sir, are you alright?!

Hey! Goddammit!



Fucking hell!

Wong-oh, wake up!


Hold on, kiddo.

These men will
take care of you, okay?

- Mr. ma...
- I'm right here.

- China...
- What?

He's leaving for China.


I got it.

I'll catch him.

Get a move on!


Gwak that you mentioned,
where is this fucker?

Shit, I don't know!

He went out on a rampage
without telling us first.

I confirmed that
he attacked hwang's shop.

I'm on the way,
so have the money ready.

- I'm not paying him.
- What?

You take me for a fool?

How will you handle
the backlash?

I never intended to pay
that gangster.

Mr. gwak!

Get him!

Let go!

Let me go, you fuckers!

Mr. jang.

You can't just do whatever.

What's this?

Your money, $900k.

Are you trying to fuck me?!

How will you get on a plane
with cash?

You can withdrawal anywhere
with that.

I don't believe youl!

I'm serious!

If you're lying to me,
you're a dead man!

- Got that?
- I understand.

All done?


You wasted so much tissue,
you don't even pay tax.

You alone?

Yeah, I'm still single.

Too bad about that ticket,
you won't get to fly.


You fucking bitch!

You fucking bitch!

- What's going on?
- He's coming out.


Where's jang chen?

He's inside the washroom.

- Go check it out.
- Yes, sir!

Seok-do, you did good.

Right, sorry.

Throw this out for me.

I made a bit of a mess,
take care of it.

Don't worry,
I'll sort things out.

- Go to the er, okay?
- Okay.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah?

- Are you his boss?
- Yes, I am.

There was a lot of damage,
we'll need to claim it.

We're serious crimes unit,
we can do this later...

You must be so tired.

We'll need to claim damages,
may I get your ID?

Bro, did you sort things out?

Where are you?

Going home, of course.

I don't owe you anything now.

Fucking hell...

Kiddo, let's go get Mr. won.

Get out, get out.

Get the fuck out!

Wake the fucker in the back!

When did you smuggle in?

I'm hungry.

- When did you get in?
- Go sit over there.

I'm hungry.

Speak Korean, asshole!
I know you can speak it!

Go easy on him.


Go in that way, on the left.

- Keep going.
- Inside!

You, right.

- Your fucking head down!
- Left for you.

- Your head down!
- Good work.

Fuck off.

Shit, I'm starving...

- So many of you came...
- Captain!

Is it true that you wiped out
Chinese-Korean gangs?

Can we do this later?
At a press conference.

Wait! Did you arrest the boss?

The boss? Of course,
what's the point otherwise?

Hey, it's the chief.


Of course!
I told you we would!

We rounded up everyone!

About 307?

30 men! 30!

It's me we're talking about,
i get results, chief!

As soon as I got off,
our eyes met.

- I got into it right away.
- Afternoon, detectives!

- Hello there.
- Hello.

- He was scared shitless!
- What's with your eye?

There's blood sausage soup
or hangover soup.

- What'd you like?
- Hangover soup!

Me too.

Don't eat that,
you guys worked so hard.

I'm treating you all to
meat and booze today.

Thank you!

Then we should go to
gangnam and drink there!

No, we can just go this way.

- We gotta get real booze.
- Yeah, it's got private rooms...

Right here, follow me.

But that's lamb skewer...

There's no private room here.

Sure we do, please go inside.

They got room.

But no liquor...

We'll order some, go inside.

Let's order a small plate.

- Go inside, just eat!
- I knew this'd happen.

Got anything expensive?


The commissioner's asking for you!

What the hell's going on?

Geumcheon serious crimes unit
arrested 30 gangsters in 2004

written and directed by
kang yoon-sung