The Old Man & the Gun (2018) - full transcript

Based on the true story of Forrest Tucker and his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists that confounded authorities and enchanted the public. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Subtitles by explosiveskull

right, 1-10, this is Dispatch.

Do you copy?

This is 1-10. Go ahead.

What's your 20, 1-10?

All right, 1-10,
what's your 20?

We're right around
the corner, Marianne.

What do you need?

We've got a 4-1-5

at 68th South Corbine Street.

All units.
There's a 211 in progress.

American Bank.

Suspect is driving
a white sedan. I repeat.

Suspect is armed
and driving a white sedan.

1-10 en route.

We got a visual
on a white sedan

going south on Main.

Repeat. Going south on Main,

heading toward
the I-35 on-ramp.

We are in pursuit,
requesting backup.

You got a visual?

Adam, four seconds.

We'll catch up with him.

Dispatch, we found
our white sedan, over.

Are you requesting backup?

Uh, no sign of the suspect.

Just in case,
it's a blue car.

All units,
on north I-35 in pursuit.

Suspect now believed
to be driving

a blue four-door sedan.

Repeat. Blue four-door sedan.

State Highway Patrol's

10-4. All right.

Hey, excuse me.
Need some help?

No, I'm good. Well...

Damn thing started choking up
about a mile back.

I tried to make it
to the next exit

but it conked out.

Let me take a look.

Think it's the radiator?

It could be.

Is it shot?

I wouldn't be surprised.

You know anything
about cars?

Uh, no, not really.

So, where you headed?

Oh, nowhere, really.

- Just driving, huh?
- Hmm. Just driving.

Hey, I like
that truck of yours.

- Yeah. Me, too.
- Yeah?

I stole it.

Did you?


It was my husband's.


Where's he at?

Well, he's...

He's dead. That's...
That's where he's at.


Can I ask you your name?


- Jewel?
- Mm-hmm.

- That's your name?
- Yup.

Why? You don't believe me?

No, I believe you.
It's just, uh...

well, it does suit you.

Can say that.

So, what about you?
What's your name,

Mr. All-Dressed-Up
- In-A-Blue Suit?

I'm Bob.
I'm Bob Callahan.

So, where are you headed?


I've been on the road
for a while.

Doing what?

Oh, this and that.
I'm in sales.

Oh. Selling what?

As I said,
a little of this...

...little of that.

What are you looking for?

- So, you like horses?
- What?

- That thing you're...
- Oh! Yes! Yeah, I do.

So, you're a cowgirl
who likes stealing cars?

- What else am I missing?
- That's pretty much it.

I have three horses.
I live in the country.

- Three horses?
- I love to ride.

- Yeah.
- What are their names?

- The horses?
- Yeah.

Wiley, Clementine,
and Dorothy Jean.

Dorothy Jean?

Sounds like my kinda gal.
Dorothy Jean.

Do you ride?

Me? No.
No, never. Never have.

- But it's on my list.
- What list is that?

Things I want to do
but haven't done yet.

Well, you better hurry up.

Yeah, how come?

Anything else?

- No. No, I think we're good.
- No, thank you.

All right then.
Whenever you're ready.

Thank you. Sure.

No, no! You gave me a lift.
This is the least I can do.

- No, no, don't worry about it.
- Please, I insist.

Thank you.

So, uh, what did you say
you do? Sales?

- Yeah.
- Like door-to-door?

- Uh, no, no, no.
- Bible salesman?

No, definitely not. No.

I'm kidding.

Uh... can I tell you something?

I don't know
the first thing about sales.

- Oh.
- I just made it up.

Well, what do you do then?

Well, that's a secret.

- Oh, is it now?
- Yeah.

And why is that?

Well, because if I told you,

you probably wouldn't want
to see me again.

Who said
I was gonna see you again?

Would you?

This is...

- You're not serious, are you?
- I am.

- This is a joke.
- I'm serious.

- Oh, come on.
- No, joke. No, it's no joke.

Why would you
even tell me, then?

Well, I think
because I trust you.

You just met me.

Well, sometimes
you just know is all.

With me, you know?

Well, you're still
sitting here.

Well, that's because
I don't believe you.

And if I did believe you...

So, what'd be worse?

If I'm lying about this
or telling you the truth?

Prove it.

- Prove it?
- Yeah.

- You want me to prove it?
- Yeah.

What'll you do if I can?

I won't walk out that door.

No, I'm not gonna do it.

I didn't think so.

Not because I can't.

Because it's just
not my style.

- Not your style?
- Mnh-mnh.

- You have style?
- I do.

Well, uh, tell me
what that is then.

- My style?
- Yeah.

Okay, well,
let's take this place.

This place is not my style.

Say it was a bank.

And instead of that counter
up there,

that was really
a teller's window.

And that lady standing there

was the teller
behind the window.

And you just walk in,
real calm,

and you'd find yourself a spot

- and you'd sit down...
- Hold your horses!

...just like we're sitting here.

And you wait and you watch.

And that may take
a couple of hours,

might take
a couple of days, even.

But you wait.
It's gotta feel right.

The timing has to feel right.

And when it does feel right,
you make your move.

So you walk right up,
look her in the eye,

and you say,
"Ma'am, this is a robbery."

And you show her the gun,
like this.

You say, "I want you
to fill that bag

"with money,
hand it over to me.

"And don't do anything stupid
or foolish.

"I wouldn't want you
to get hurt.

"'Cause I like you.

"I like you a lot.

"As a matter of fact, I might
even be falling for you,

so don't go breaking
my heart now, okay."

So, she'd fill up
the bag with money.

She'd hand it over to me.

And I'd go out
just the way I came in,

real casual-like.

And she'd...

You tell me what she'd do?

Hey. I'm just
pulling your leg.

His hands were shaking.
That's what I kept noticing.

His hands were shaking
all over the place.

If he had pulled
that trigger,

I don't even think he could
have pulled the trigger,

he was so jacked up.

But if he had, I...

Nah. Nah. Nah.

You did the right thing.

How you feeling? You okay?

Hey. Hey, John! John!

I don't wanna make it
a big deal or nothing,

but we all pitched in

and got a little something
for you.

Oh, shit.
The big 4-0.

All downhill from here.


We have to put all of
them in because Daddy's here.

Happy birthday!

Oh, man! What is this?

- A surprise!
- Why didn't you tell me?

Because then it wouldn't
have been a surprise!

Cake for breakfast?

Birthday cake for breakfast?

whose idea was this?

Oh, it was their idea.

I tried telling them.

Dad's going to be cranky,

and he's not gonna want anyone
bringing up his age.

"Dear Mr. President..."

They said they didn't care.

"...I was sorry to hear
that you got shot,

and I'm happy to hear
that you're feeling better."

What about you?

It's your birthday.

I'm not saying a thing.

"I know
you probably can't tell me

"because it's a secret,

"but I bet there are
lots of them

"and wonder if you play hide
and seek with the visitors.

"I hope to visit some day
and think it would be fun.

"Thank you
for making America safe.

Yours truly, Abilene Hunt."

Car 22, do you copy?

Car 22, this is Dispatch.
Do you copy?

Babe, push that red button
and tell them, "10-4."


Say, "10-4, good buddy."

- 10-4, good buddy.
- Hey, I wanna do it!

Dude, tell her...
push the red button...

and say, "Dispatch,
this is Robbery 7."

Dispatch, this is Robbery 7.

Please stop messing around.

Say, "I gotta go...
10-2 real bad."

I gotta go 10-2 real bad.

Wait, what's 10-2?

All right,
you wanna wait in the car

or you wanna come in?

- Come in.
- Wait.

Can I have the keys
so I can listen to the radio?

Yeah. And write
a note to your teacher

because we're all
going to be late.

Got it.

Come on.

Come on, buddy! 10-2.
Let's go!

Who you praying to this time?

Our Lady of, uh...

Rare and Periodic Attendance.

So, it's your choice,
all right?

You gotta choose?


Okay, so then pick
whatever you want.

I mean, you liked baseball,
didn't you?

- Yeah.
- Okay, so pick baseball.

Just pick
whatever you want to pick.

That's... that's the most
important thing.

Do the thing
that you want to do.

But make sure that
you actually like it,

you know what I mean?

'Cause you're stuck with it.

Why are you looking
at me like that?

Do you like your job?

Uh, excuse me, sir.
Can I see the manager?

Well, that would be me.

What can I do for you
this morning?

Well, I'd like to ask
about a business loan.

Well, sure. I bet
we can help you with that.

Uh, what sort of business
are we talking about?


This kind.

Sit down.

Dad, I'm bored.

What do you want me to do?

So, how are you feeling today?

Not so good,
since you're asking.

Well, the day's still young.

I'm going
to give this to you.

And what I want you to do
is fill it with money.

You ever hear
about that frog

that went to the bank
right there?


A frog walked
into a bank one day.

And he walks right up to
the teller. "May I speak..."

Here they got a nameplate
and his name,

it says Mr. Paddywhack on it.

He walks up to him
and he says,

"Excuse me, Mr. Paddywhack.

"I'd like to talk to someone
about taking out a loan."

And Mr. Paddywhack looked
at him and he said...

"You can't get a loan.
You're just a frog."

And the frog says,
"That doesn't seem fair.

Would you go please speak
to your manager?"

So Mr. Paddywhack went back

and he talked to the manager
and he said...

"Sir, there's a frog out there

who's asking
about taking out a loan."

And his, uh, manager said,

"Well, does he have
any collateral?"

Collateral is something
you can, uh, get if you're...

hold on to to make sure that
people give their money back.

And he said,
"I don't know. I'll go ask."

And he sat down.

He goes back out to the frog
and he says,

"Do you have any collateral?"

And, uh, the frog took out this
little teeny, tiny glass pear,

and he puts it on the counter
and he said...

"That glass pear is all
I have in the world."

And then Mr. Paddywhack
takes it back

to his manager and he says...

So, we'll switch that
from checking to savings?

"Sir, this is all
the frog has in the world."

Thank you.

The manager
looks at him,

and he looks
at the little glass pear,

and he says...

He says, "It's a knick-knack,

Give the frog a loan."

- You get it?
- Yeah.

I'd like to make a deposit.

Excuse me,
ladies and gentlemen.

Please remain calm.

It is my duty to inform you...

that this bank
has just been robbed.

Step on it.

Now, everybody just...
Helen, I can handle this.

- Sir, you cannot leave.
- Sir! My daughter's in the car outside.

- The police are on their way.
- Listen... listen...

Okay. I am the...
I'm with the...

The police
will be here momentarily.

You're not listening
to what I'm telling you!

I'm with
the police department.

John? What the hell
are you doing here?

Did you see anybody funny

or something
that looked out of place?

So, how old exactly?

Oh, I'd say
he was about 50 or 60?

- Closer to 60?
- Yeah.

- Or 50?
- Yeah. Uh, 50 to 60.

Sound about right
to you, John?


So what happened?

Are you guys, okay?


You said he was armed?

Yes, he had a gun.

- You saw it?
- Yes!

- He pointed it at you?
- Well, I... Well, no!

But he said
he had one! And I...

- You did what he said.
- Yes!

- Because he said he had a gun.
- Yes. And also...

I mean, he was also
sort of a gentleman.

She don't speak
a lick of English.

And I don't know but one
or two words in Spanish,

both of which
I employ liberally and...

We seem to get along
just fine.

Bueno para ti.

What am I supposed
to say to that? Si?

Si. Absolutamente.

Oh, man. I know
when I'm being made fun of,

and I'm okay
with that because

I've got a good sense
of humor about myself, sir.

I've got a good sense
of humor about you, too.

Yeah, right. Get the hell out.

She wants me to take her...

...down to Buenos Aires.

- You ever been down there?
- Nope.

Well, apparently they've got
some really good poetry.

You're thinking of Chile.

What's the difference?

What about St. Louis?
You ever been to St. Louis?


I got an idea for
a pretty good score up there.

...19 high school
ROTC cadets from Lubbock.

The man put his charges to bed
at 9:30 on Friday,

put on his snow shoes, and
walked down the mountain to...

Is it on the news?

In local news today... bees!

Nope. Nobody cares.

Well, you care.

- Don't you?
- Trying to.

I can't figure out if I need
to try a whole lot harder

or if I should just quit.

So, you gonna quit
and do what?

I really don't know.
Something useful.

Something where I don't have
to clean up a mess

that keeps on making itself
every time I turn around.

Okay. You can quit.

Or you can try and catch 'em.

I didn't think
you'd ever actually call.

I didn't think you'd pick up.
So we're even.

- So, how's your truck?
- Oh, it's all fixed up.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. How about you?

You've been traveling
a lot, I guess?

Oh, yeah.

Selling a lot of Bibles?

Yeah. A whole lot.

You're looking at one
of the top five salesmen

in the area right here.

- Yeah?
- Yup.

I don't believe
a word you say.

Probably a good idea.

You aren't wearing
your hearing aid.


You're not wearing
your hearing aid!

I'm sorry, I can't hear ya.

You're not wearing your...


Hey. Got something for ya.

John Hunt!

John Hunt, where is he?
There he is.

Looks like your
rainy-day robber is at it again.

Laugh it up, Columbo.
What do you got?

Gene Dentler sent that over.
Said it made him think of you.

That's hilarious.

Don't you worry about it, man.

I've already got the AARP
on the case.

Hello. Gene.

Hey, Gene Dentler.
It's John Hunt here.

Tell me about this robbery.

Oh, you mean the old guy?

Yeah, same story. Small haul.
No prints, no MO, no nothing.

So you got no leads, huh?

What a fucking surprise.

Mainly on account
of nobody giving a shit.

It's just kind
of a funny story.

Yeah. Nothing funnier
than armed robbery.


Oh, you know,
speaking of funny...

here's where
it gets interesting.

I told my wife
about the whole deal.

And I guess
she tells her sister,

'cause the next day,
her sister calls me

and she told me about a thing
she read in the paper

that sounds real similar.

Old guy... with a gun.

Oh, yeah? What's your, uh,
your wife's sister's name?

Hello, Marge.
I'm calling about

this robbery you had
on June 8th.

Is that case still open?

Yes, ma'am. Would you fax it
to me? Thank you.

Now, what do you mean
when you say more than one?


Excuse me.

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

I'd like to open up
an account.

Oh, great. What type of account
do you have in mind?

This kind.

This kind.

This kind.

This enough for you?

Keep 'em coming,
please, Patty.

God! Can I get some help?

Okay, what we have here
is five states.

- 93 robberies.
- In two years.

And you think
it's all the same guys?

Hundred percent.

So, how do
the same three guys

get away with all that?

Well, they haven't
gotten away with it.

They just haven't
been caught yet.

So, what do you want to do?

- What do we want to do?
- Yeah.

We're going to catch 'em.

We're going to catch 'em.


Oh. You crying? Don't cry.

What are you crying for?

This is my first day.

Well, there's always
a first time

for everything, isn't there?

Chin up.


You're doing a great job.

And how would you
describe him?

Well, he was, uh...
he was very polite.

He seemed like
a nice enough fella.

- He was...
- Let me guess.

- Uh, he was a gentleman.
- Well, yeah.

But he was more...

- He just seemed happy.
- Happy?


Did he look like either
of these two guys here?

Yeah. Sorta. I gue...

He... he just seemed more...


Come on!

It looks terrible now

because I started
stripping the paper off

thinking I'd change it.

But then I found this
on the plaster...

and I couldn't bring myself
to cover it up.

I looked it up. That's the guy
that built this house.

He signed that
about 100 years ago,

and it's still there.

Wiley here,
I've had since he was born

and Clementine...

Clementine belonged
to our neighbors,

but she kept busting
through our fence.

So, we...

We finally just gave up
and bought her.

So... all this
belongs to you, huh?


- Wow.
- Me and the bank.


My kids keep telling me
to sell it,

but I love it too much.

They say
it's too expensive

or that it's too much for me
to handle on my own, but...

I say, well, come on out

and give me a hand, then.

I'm not going anywhere.

You're not married, are ya?

No... Me? No.

I was once though.
That was when I was young.

Got any kids?

I hope not.

- 75...
- Yeah.

- ...76...
- Yes.

- ...77...
- Yup.

Can I have a sip of your beer?

No. Go.

78, 79, 80.

Okay, what comes after 80?

- 81.
- 81.

Now that's a trail.
You see a trail?


But where's the trail lead?

The bad guy.

To the bad guy.

Now, where's
that bad guy going?

Can we get two more coffees
over here, please?

- How was the drive?
- Long.

- Long.
- Romantic.


He didn't like
my book-on-tape.

It's big.

Real big.

What I want to know is how
much they got in that truck.

I'd like to talk to somebody

about opening an IRA.

Hi. Can you cash this
for me please?

- Certainly.
- Thank you.

- Will that be all?
- Yeah.

I see all my friends
buying homes

and doing
these grown up things

that shouldn't have seemed
so big to me, but...

when I'd add everything up,

it just didn't make
any sense until...

Oh, until now,

and everything's
settled down...

Sir. Sir, your cash.

Oh. Thank you.

in their right place.

Oh, I'm a kid. My dad leaves.

And when I turned a teenager,
my, uh, mom remarried.

And she remarried
to a cop, so...

- A cop?
- Christ, I know.

I'm already doing petty crime
and that type of thing.

Anyway, the first thing
he does is

he changes all the locks
on the house.

And, uh, and he writes
a 30-page manifesto

about what's gonna happen
now that he's in charge.

And things that we have to do,
things we can no longer do,

that type of thing.

Well, anyways,
it's Christmastime.

I go out drinking,
I come home late.

The house is locked up
like a federal prison.


The only window available
to me is a high window,

and I get up
into the high window

and I get halfway through

and I start losing my balance

and I'm hanging on
to the Christmas tree.

And the balls are falling
and the tinsels are tinseling.

And I see through the tinsel,

I see my stepfather
in his whitey-tighties

in a combat position

with both hands
on his revolver,

and he's ready to squeeze
one off. And he says...

"Freeze! Freeze, sailor!"

He's never referred to me
as sailor before.

It was a first.

So I... Things got worse
from there and...

And that's why
I hate Christmas.

- Hello?
- Hey! It's me.

Oh, hello!

Is it too late for me to call?

No, it's...
it's not that late.

- So, what are you doing?
- Just sitting at home,

paying bills, procrastinating.

- Just waiting for me to call?
- Careful, now.

Where are you anyway?

Oh, somewhere in Oklahoma
or Missouri, I don't know.

It all seems the same to me.

So, you wanna come find me?

So, the vault.

- The vault and the truck.
- Hmm.

You really think
we can do it?

Yeah, I think
we can probably do it.

We can probably do
anything we set our minds to.

I'm just saying, it sounds
like we're showing off.

Well, let's show off then.

I'm so tired of doing
the same score

over and over again.

It's penny-ante bullshit.

I'm gonna be 67 years old.

My bones hurt.

Jesus Christ.

I'm gonna start thinking
about my future.

My future.

What are you thinking,

Do you think
we can pull it off?

- Yeah, probably.
- Probably?


You forget about Paterson?

Probably didn't get you
very far then.

Yeah, but that was then.
This is now.

And now,
I know what I'm doing.

Yeah, I know, too.

But I also know
what I'm capable of.

And these days, those are
two different things.

I don't have to calm down.

No, don't touch me.

I don't want to be cool.

Would you be quiet?

What is wrong
with my voice?

What do I need
to be quiet for?

You should take me home.
Your brother is...

He tried to grab my boobs!

What kind of man
lets his brother

try to touch someone's boobs?

He's 13...

...controlled but caused

heavy damage to the building
and its contents.

The arson inspectors say

there were several points
of instigation for the fire,

and foul play
has not been ruled out.

We now go to Dallas, Texas,

where police from
multiple states have traced

a series of dozens
of bank robberies

to a band of
highly skilled robbers.

Making this crime spree
even more unusual?

These suspects are
a little bit older

than your average criminals.

we figure them to be about

60 to 70 years old.

For that reason, we're calling
them "The Over the Hill Gang."

- Good name.
- Thank you.

We came up with that.

Folks from all around,

some from Albuquerque
and Little Rock

just putting
our heads together

and hoping to nab
these guys.

So, old men robbing banks,

it seems like
they'd be fairly conspicuous.

Any idea how they'd gotten
away with it for so long?

Well, no.

But frankly, they have
a whole lot more experience

robbing banks than we do
catching them.

Think you'll be
the one to catch 'em?

Uh, I think
that any of these fellas here

who put in long hours
and done some real hard work

would like to do the job.

But, yeah, I won't lie.

I'd love to slap the cuffs
on them myself.

I hope that happens.
I hope I get the chance.

Here's hoping time
doesn't catch up with them

before you do.

- Okay, thank you.
- Thanks, Detective.

- Thank you.
- Ted, back to you.

Hey, back already?

You see the news?


How's the weather?

Blue skies.


You gotta be kidding me.

So, you can take
a look on the tapes.

They just sweep right in,
lockstep with the guards.

It's like they were escorting
them to the vaults.


Detective Hunt?
We're this way.

Um. Yeah, so, most people didn't
even know what was going on.

- Is this John Hunt?
- Yeah.

You're the talk
of the town, Detective.

I gotta get
this straight. Okay.

First, you followed them
into the street, right?


And then you fired at them?

Yeah. Like I said, two times.

- Gold?
- Gold.


Well, what do you think
they're gonna do with gold?

You tell me. And they'd have
gotten away scot-free

except one of them stopped
to leave this.

That is one hell
of a souvenir.

They took off
one of my love handles.

You know, I never actually
finished medical school.

Come on.
Come on. Come on.

Don't tell me that, boy.

We have some breaking news

to tell you about right now.

Police are looking
for three suspects

who attempted to rob
First Nation's Bank...

How are you doing?

Huh? I'm all right.

We almost did it, didn't we?

No, we did do it.

What are we
looking for here?

Stop right there.
Stop it. Go back.

Wait till the guards go past.

No, no. It's there.
It's there.

You're moving forward.
Go back.

It's slow motion.
It takes a second.

You got to rewind it.

It's rewinding.

- You're going forward.
- There you go, see.

Come on, man. Just push...

You're not even...
you're pushing...

- It's this one. Stop! Stop!
- Go back to where it was.

Don't stop on an empty frame!
Stop on his face.

There! Right there.
Stop right there.

Look at that.

Is he smiling?

Must be thinkin' of you.

- Detective Hunt?
- Yeah.

Those the guys?


Hmm. Well, we're going
to need those tapes.

These tapes are my evidence.

Not any longer they're not.
It's a federal case now.

Thank you very much.

You know,
the Bureau was actually

put together
to catch guys like these.


There was Dillinger. Who else?

Well, Dillinger and a bunch
of other guys like him.

Point is,
you've done your part, John.

You did a good job.


Hard part's over.

Now's the part where
we bring this home.


Yeah? That could be.

You could bring this home.

Or it could be that
I puzzle things together.

I find that clue.

I crack the case.

And maybe you come
to me and you say,

"Thanks, John.
Let me shake your hand.

"You puzzled things together.
You cracked the case.

That's good work."

You remember something?



But they want
the same thing you want.

Yeah, that's true.

So, why don't they
just let you do it?

They think
that they can do it better.

Can they?


Can you get a tire iron, bud?

Maybe it's a good thing.

How's it a good thing?

Because they aren't
as good as you are.

So they won't catch him.

Well, thank you, babe.

And if it was your job,

you would definitely
catch him.

But that's why it's good
that you're not.

Because if you caught him,

you wouldn't get
to chase him anymore.

I like how you think.

That's that, isn't it?

I'll be seeing you boys.

Take care, Teddy.

Say, I...

Somethin' I've been meaning
to ask you and, uh...

You got a place across
the street from a cemetery.

For a reason?


No. Okay.


You really
never thought about it?

No, not really.

Okay. All right.

I'll see you next week.

And think
about laying low, okay.

- All right.
- Bye, Forrest.


Come on, John.
Don't look so sad, man.

We don't need
to waste our time

on a bunch
of old folks anyhow.

What's that?


You sure
you don't want to try?

Maybe next time.

Thought this was
on your list?

Oh, it still is.

Come on. Come on.

- So, do you miss him?
- Oh, sure.

But we got married
when we were young.

Like you did.

And then the kids came and...

Oh, you could kind of lose
track of yourself, you know.

At least I do.

And it's so easy to assume
that everything's fine.

That this is fine.
This is the way

things are supposed to be.

And so, you spend so much time
thinking you're happy,

and then one day you wake up
and you realize,

oh, maybe you aren't.

Maybe you never were
in the first place.

Maybe you don't
even know what that means.

Then something happens,
like you lose someone or...

even your kids grow up
and leave home,

and you think...

"What do I have left?"

So, yeah, I miss him.

And there's a part of me
that always will, but...

now I think,
now it's okay to be selfish.

'Cause you think about...

ten years from now,
where will you be?

What'll you be doing?

Now, whenever I close
the door, I think...

"Oh, at least this is
the last time

"I'll ever have
a chance to do

whatever that thing was?"

You know what I do
when the door closes?

- What's that?
- I jump out the window.

And look, if I ever wonder

what I'm doing
or where I'm going,

I just think of myself
as that little kid I was

when I was just about
this tall.

And I say, well...

now would he have been
proud of me?

And if the answer is no,

well, then I just
keep walking on through.

But if the answer is yes,
then I know I'm exactly

where I'm supposed to be.

So, is he proud of ya?
That little boy?

Oh, he's getting closer
every day.

But you're never exactly where
you're supposed to be, are ya?

I mean, 'cause if you are,
you're dead.

And a little 10-year-old you.

You know, he might have hopes
and dreams, but...

he doesn't understand time...

or the world like you do.


Think you gotta
keep on keeping on.

Just living your life.
Trying new things.

Just gotta...
keep on pushing.

Uh, ma'am, excuse me.

I would like to speak
to the manager.

Yes, that's me.
What can I do for you?

Okay, so you want
to take over the mortgage?

I do. I'd like to pay
for it all upfront.

Well, that can
certainly be done,

but she would need to come in
and sign over the...

Well, I'd like it
to be a surprise.

Oh, I see.

See, I give you the money...

and then she didn't necessarily
have to know about it.

Well, that's a heck
of a Christmas present.

So, you have a few options.

One is you could make
a gift to her.

The other is
she could come in

and sign the property
over to you.

No, no, no.
I don't want to do that.

I just want to pay
for it all

and not have her
necessarily know about it.

Well, she'll know
one way or another.

But what if I had
the money here?

- Right now?
- Yes.

- You have it?
- No, but what if I did?

She'd still need to come in

and sign off
on some paperwork.

I see.

I-It would be very easy.

Just a quick bit of paperwork.

Yeah. Just not
right now though.


Okay, well... thank you.

Thank you.

Is it all right
if I call you Dorothy?

You can call me Dot.

All right. I'm going
to record this conversation

- if that's all right with you.
- Okay.


why don't you just tell me
what you remember?

Okay. Um...


Wait, I'm sorry.
Hang on a second.

It's okay.

I don't usually do the...

You made it worse.

- There we go. All right. Yup.
- It's okay?

Sorry about that. So, uh...

- Should I start again?
- Yeah.

Okay. Um... Gosh.

Well, he and my mom
were only together

for two years, so...

I never met him
that I can recall.

By the time I was born,
he was...

already in prison.

My brother says that he...
he thinks

he can remember him
a little bit,

but I don't know
if he really does...

or if he just thinks
he does 'cause...

You know how it is.
You hear a story and...

you see a picture
and you kind of put

two and two together.

And we heard
all kinds of stories.

She told us all kinds
of stories about him.

And they didn't really
add up,

but we were just kids, so...

He was off sailing
the high seas one year and...

- I think he was off to war...
- Big stories.

- Yeah. Exactly.
- All right. Okay.

Didn't really make
any difference.

He was just dad and...

he was doing stuff and...

someday he was gonna
come back and see us.

And then, um...

...I think I was 15 and, uh...

I guess he was
gonna be paroled, so...

my mom, she sat us down
and told us the truth.

Just in case he came
looking for us, but...

Well, he never did, so...

And so he never called you?
He never wrote?

- Oh, no.
- Mm-hmm.

No. No, he didn't. Uh...

I guess for all I know,
he doesn't know I exist.

And he's a grandpa.

Yeah, I guess he is.

- What's his name?
- Oh, that's Robbie.

Robbie, sweetheart,
you want to say hi?

- No.
- No?

- Sorry.
- No, that's all right.

I got a boy
just about his age.

So, you think
you're gonna catch him?

Well, I hope so.

Well, if you do,
I don't wanna see him.

I don't wanna have to come in

and pick him out of...
what's it...

a lineup
or whatever it's called, okay.

No, that won't be necessary.

You know, I think
he should be locked up.

You know,
my momma told me that...

he always said...

"Oh, I'm a changed man now."

And then he would just get out

and he'd just do it
all over again.

And again and again.

Even after all that, you know,

she loved him
till the day she died.

How about this guy?

That's beautiful.

Oh, it's too much money.

What about something...

How about this one?

I love this piece.

- Would you like to try it on?
- I would.


Oh. Take your time.

What do you think?

Let's see it
in the light here.

Oh, I am so embarrassed!
I just walked right off.

I felt so... I'm so sorry!

Would you like me
to help you take it off?

No. Um...

I'll take it.

- How much?
- $249.99 with tax.

Yeah, I held on
to all of this stuff.

Back when I represented him...

I thought maybe I'd write
a book or something like that

or maybe even just tell
my grandkids about it.

It's such a great story.

Is that the man
you're looking for?

Yeah, I do believe it is.

Man, I remember
Forrest Tucker.

He was the real deal.

Holy smokes.

Age 13, bicycle theft.

That's getting an early start.

He spent
his whole life locked up.

Except for the times
that he broke out.

Sixteen successful escapes.

- Sixteen?
- Uh-huh.

That's some kind
of record, right?

A few years back, he broke out
of San Quentin in a boat...

he built out
of scrap wood and tarp

and who knows what else.

Painted the Marin County logo
on the side

and sailed
right on out of there.

You ever meet him,
he'll tell you all about it.

He'll tell you every detail
of every adventure he ever had.

And probably a few
that he didn't.

Maybe somebody
should have told him

to quit while he was ahead.

Well, you find something
you love.

I got put on his case when
he got caught in Montana

a few years back.

There was a chase...

which I learned
was not unusual at all.

Well, when they got
to the showdown,

the cops said
that he fired on them.

But he claimed that, uh,
he didn't even have a gun.

That it was just
his car backfiring.

I expect
that's probably half true.

He did always have
a gun on him,

but if you told me that
he had never fired that thing

once in his life,
I'd believe ya.

I remember
I sat down with him once

and I said, "Forrest...

"surely there's an easier way

for somebody in your position
to make a living."

And he looked at me
and he said, "Brother...

"I'm not talking about
making a living.

I'm just talking
about living."

Keep your
hands where I can see 'em!

Better not be crossed.

Hi, baby.


Did you find him?

Yeah, sorta.

What's that mean?


I figured out who he is.


He's a guy who is old...

but used to be young.

And he just loves
robbing banks.

- That's it?
- That's it.

Just like you're a guy
who's a cop...

who's gonna catch him.

Yeah. Something like that.

It's late.

- It's not that late, baby.
- The kids are asleep.

How asleep are they?

Oh, my goodness.

- Come on. Let's go out.
- What?

Let's go out.
Let's get a babysitter.

I have to work in the morning.

- So what?
- What?

- What is going on with you?
- I don't know.

Wait, shouldn't you be
calling somebody?

But shouldn't... No.
Telling who?

That you found him?

Tell who? Tell them?
I'm not telling anybody.

Tonight he's all mine.



You really just
drifted off into outer space.

Yeah. Hey, you wanna
get out of here?

Oh, we just ordered pie.

No, I mean
really get out of here.

Like take a trip somewhere.

- Like a vacation?
- Yeah.

Oh. I don't know, I...

You know, I've got the animals
to take care of and...

Yeah, but say that wasn't
a problem. Would you want to?




Didn't I see you on TV?

- Oh, maybe.
- No, I think so.

You were involved in that...
What were you call...

The Over The Hill Gang, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Did you catch them?

Not yet.

Hmm. You close?

Oh, we're getting there.

Excuse me. I don't want
to be rude here, but...

straighten this out
a little bit.

I was forced to learn how
to do this in Catholic school.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

There you go. Looking sharp.
You got a gal with you?

I got my wife with me, yeah.

Oh, this is great.

It's been my experience
that looking sharp

will take you a long,
long way.

Make you look like you know
what you're doing.

Even if you don't.


I know what I'm doing.


Forrest Tucker,
you are under arrest.

Step away from the car!

Put your hands up and
step away from the car now!

Don't do it!
Get out of the car!

Two cars south bound on...

FS-522 going south bound...


Please. My boy.


Pull over here.

Is he okay?


I understand.

Okay, well.
Hey, thanks for calling.

All right.

What happened?

Well, they caught him.

- They did?
- Yeah.

- Yup.
- How?

Oh, somebody talked.


Now what?

He'll go to prison.


That's too bad.

Yeah, I guess so.

I'm sorry
you didn't catch him.

I'm not.

The Over
the Hill Gang is no more.

Last night,
federal agents in Fort Worth

arrested the leader
of the group,

Forrest Silver Tucker.

Tucker, a native of Florida,

is best remembered in the
Bay area for engineering... of the most

innovative prison breaks
in San Quentin history.

That is just one
of a long list of escapes

and an even longer list
of crimes.

But after
a few years on the lam,

time has officially caught up
with this career criminal.

Also arrested,
fellow convict Teddy Green

whom Tucker met
in San Quentin.

A third member of the gang
is still at large,

but for the time being,
police say

The Over the Hill Gang
is officially retired.

Forrest Tucker,
you got a visitor.

You lied to me
about your name.

Well, I figured you knew.

That's what the detectives
asked me, if I knew.

If I even had
the slightest idea.

- Hmm, what'd you say?
- Said of course not.

I'm sorry.

Well, me too.

Here. I wrote something
for you.

What's this?

These are all the times
I broke out before.

You coming, Forrest?

Oh, I'm gonna finish up here.

I'll be with you in a minute.


What about this one?


kinda saving
the best for last.


maybe, uh...

maybe you should
just stay put.

Mudroom's right across
the hall if you need anything.


You can stay
as long as you want to.


I'm glad you called.

Well, I'm glad you picked up.

Then we'll go on.

Doesn't matter where.

Maybe we'll run over
to Arizona.

The roads are straight.

And we'll build a house.

Yeah, we'll build a house.

Because if I'm not grounded
pretty soon...

I'm going to go into orbit.

Jewel, wake up.

I need to go out for a bit.
Do you need anything?

No. How long
you gonna be gone?

Not long.



Hey, John.

Yeah, it is.

- Who's this?
- How's it going?

Forrest Tucker.

Is that you?

- I heard you got out.
- Yeah, I got out all right.

What happened? Did you
get tired of digging tunnels

and climbing fences?

Well, I thought so, but, uh...


Forrest, are you all right?

Yeah, I... I'm about to be.

Subtitles by explosiveskull